Thomas Sullivan
ACF Whistleblower



May 09 2016



Thomas F. Sullivan

Thomas Sullivan has some of the most impeccable credentials in the agency where he works.  His education and credentials far superior to his supervisors and most importantly, to the head of the ACF, Marrianne McMullen, a political appointee whose only qualification is that she was once a Foster Mother.

It's hard to tell if she was chosen to lead the ACF because of her ineptness or because of her corruption. Either way, she has used her position to not only allow predators who abuse, rape and traffic children, to be protected, while systematically, along with other agencies, purging themselves of anyone who would speak out or about the horrors these children endure.

Human Trafficking is hundreds, even thousands of times more profitable than drug trafficking. Drugs have to be grown, processed, distributed, but a Human Being can be sold over and over again until they die. Of all the Humans that are trafficked into slavery, abuse, porn and rape, none are more vulnerable nor more valuable than the children.

Marrianne McMullen has aligned and allied herself with agents, agencies and operators whose end goal is to put children beyond the reach of any investigators, or legal authorities that would defend or protect them. One of the biggest and most flagrant operations with whom she has allied, is Casey Family Programs and their related entities. Hundreds of billions of tax dollars as well as tax breaks flow through that agency despite their abysmal record of failing to protect children with their policies and practices. An organization that Harvard Professor, Elizabeth Bartholet has called a SCAM.

I'm building this page in order to be able to keep people updated on what he's going through at the ACF and there will be a second page that has his documents and documents that relate to him posted on it. I will link to these paes every time there is an update.

This page will look very different when it's fully assembled. It will have it's own blog updates. Images, etc. I'm thinking of making a series of panels... There's so much information to try and get into these pages, I'm thinking I should just make a whole new site to cover it. Be easier to organize.

Thanks for your patience.


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As of May 6, 2016 Thomas Sullivan was fired from the agency he served for 28 years.
The letter written by Marrianne McMullen and signed by Marrianne McMullen as justification for terminating him can be found here.


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