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Their Court Dates/Offenses




Zit Puppet 3rd Offense It is for driving drunk and driving without a license or on a suspended license --third offense.  Is this what you want representing the Tribe? 

There's more:  Multiple repeat offenses, bad checks, drugs, drunk...endless stupidity.

Previous Month's Court Date Yes, it would appear that the neighboring towns are a little tired of his antics as well.  This one from Eddy County.

More Zit Puppet Court Dates:

Court List too numerous (Remember: Brian Steven Pearson) another

Court 11/27/07

Court 7/30/07

Court 3/14/07

Court4/26/06 also, Court 4/27/06

Court 4/3/02

Court 11/05/99

Court 07/30/99

October 26, 2010 Update: Zit Puppet

He ended up going to jail for felony drunk driving, too many arrests to count, and served approx 8 mos and is now, once again, working with the Tribal Council. Felons are not allowed to serve on Tribal Council, but hey, if your mom is Tribal Chairwoman, you can be paid as a consultant and pretty much do what you want to do. He sits on the stage with the legitimate Tribal Councilors during General Assembly Meetings, and 'speaks to the people'--- most of whom, are outraged.

Chelsea Walking Eagle: 2010: Since she made national news for being stoned and the toddler she was supposed to be babysitting wandered out onto a busy highway, I did not update her on this page. I will, eventually. (I say that a lot. Time and energy folks! Time and Energy!)

Kaylee Walking Ego Driving without insurance.  That's okay.  She hits anyone, hurts anyone, someone else will pay.  Probably 'too poor' to buy insurance!  I put her on there because she is just so darn sweet! 

*Vern Lambert DUI Judge allows him to serve weekends and skip a couple of them (such as Ft. Totten Days and one other... He is now on probation.  I can see where he would be the guy they chose to render a 'legalese opinion' on things, since he had such recent exposure! His was Grand Forks. (Thank Gawd there is NOT a morals or behavior clause in the contracts for who is a Tribal Council Member and who runs the schools!) *Turns out that this is supposed to be "Jr" not the father.  But the court papers don't say that so I had no way of knowing.  Kid probably got his ethics and behaviors from his dad, anyways. Wonder if Vern Sr. is willing to sell this one to the Zit Puppet?


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