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A lot of new readers coming to the site everyday!  Just so you don't have to wade through tons of previous bloggery, I will start to put down the real names and the "Indian Names" with which I have tagged some of the Players. 

This page, like so many others, will be modified from time to time.  Check the date in the top left corner to see if anything more recent has been installed (or spelling errors corrected!)

Note also that the names are becoming more extensive so will probably have to put a table in to make it easier.  Have to wait for that until I get the time to set it up.  I willlet you know when it is in place.

James Yankton, Junior.  Aka: Junior, Paranoya Boya (PB), and with the emails coming in about how he craps himself frequently, the new name: Poopsie!  Short for "Poopsin Pantsalot": One of the murderers of Eddie Peltier (and others too numerous to name here)

Roger Yankton.  Aka "Weenie Boy" because he goes crying to his mama every time a woman he beats up stands up to him and takes him to court! embezzler, runs all the employment for the Rez (used to run the HUD Dept.) and is totally illiterate.  Has to have the Blog read to him. Murderer

Quentin Yankton. Aka "QBall"  apparently because he has only one and he is as bright as. A real prosecutor put him in prison for Rape, but he served time and got out and continues to rape.  Prefers children. Has run the HUD department for years, now in charge of all personnel on the rez and is completely illiterate, unable to spell even simple words. Murderer

Paulette Greywater.  Aka "Turdmother".  She has encouraged her children to commit murders to remove rivals or possible witnesses.  Shamelessly takes money and checks from funds to which she is not entitled.  Stood by and allowed her then 3 years old son (50 odd years ago) to be sodomized by her brother.  Might be why he turned out like he did.

Celeste Herman.  Aka "Pisster".  It was in her home that Eddie Peltier was stomped to death.  She hit him with a rock and stunned him so her brothers could finish him off.  Drunk full time, and pisses herself several times a day and usually won't change her clothes.  "Who can miss that Piss stain?" a writer once asked me. Apparently, no one. Murderer

Yankton Family.  Aka Turdclan.  For obvious reasons

Myra Pearson (Currently Tribal Chairwoman and most recently elected Board Chairperson of United Tribes Technical College-- go figure!) is The Naked Lawn Ornament because she has a history of passing out drunk, naked on the front lawns of various males usually the Turdclan.  She has birthed a few mutants of her own: 

Zit Puppet, aka Brian Pearson, the rapist (homosexual, drunk, incompetent) who is presently the Secretary Treasurer of the Tribe, handling millions of dollars a month, and he can't account for one cent of it.

Terry Morgan, a BIA Cop who has sex with as many underage girls as he can get his hands on, currently has 3 or more of them pregnant.  (His wife left him after the third?)

Naked Lawn Ornament may be getting a new Indian name pretty soon:  "Pink Flamingo" or "Lawn Star" or "Naked Starfish"  We are working on it.

Bobo The Dancing Poodle is the FBI guy that is the right hand enforcer for the Turdclan.  I can't remember his real name.  I could not spell the last name so had to give him an Indian Name.

He gives advance warnings to the criminals he protects, and lets them know when a raid is coming or gives them access to dossiers on individuals that are 'troublesome' to the Turdclan.  Has bank accounts off shore to serve him in comfort post retirement. 

Most of the FBIs that are posted on the rez are there to protect the criminal enterprises of those reservations.  Not to enforce Federal Law nor to protect the victims of these crimes. 

The few rare occasions when an FBI agent goes after the real criminals, they are removed from the posting or the assignment within hours and shipped off and away from the files.

Bobo has proved his loyalty to the Turdclan on many an occasion and Poopsie calls him "bro".

Badgers are the worthless BIA Cops on the Ft. Totten Rez.  I can't make up some of the antics they carry on. I can only shake my head, blog it, and wonder if they ever had any morals, dignity or integrity.

Seashelly  Shelly Lugar, Tribal Council Member who uses her position to get a man in bed with her that does not stay with her.  Gaelan Robertson, her b/f, is also known as a rapist and an embezzler.  He was booted out of the housing dept and Seashelly immediately hired him on as Administrator for the Rec Department, despite his lack of qualifications and she gave him a salary nearly $25 above anyone else's in that department.  The stealing he does from that department is bad enough.  However, it also gives him access to very young children, girls in particular, whose parents enroll them in Rec programs.  Recently released on bail (Oct 07) for raping an underage girl, he plans on leaving the area with Seashelly's help. Check the blog for further postings.

She also used department and Tribal Funds to purchase for him a brand new SUV to entice him back to the sheets after he had gone on a 3 week drinking and whoring binge.  Several women and young girls have claimed rape against Gaelan, and Seashelly manages to trade off the charges with her influence on the TC (they must cover for one another or risk being ousted more easily) or by paying off the complaints.  Either the complaint goes away quietly with money, or the victim is brutally victimized by the Tribal Council and threatened with being exiled, on a moment's notice, from their homes on the rez.  Banishment is one of the most abused injustices used by the TC.

OBERON Players

Petesky is Pete Hager.  Owner of the Oberon Bar, aka the Oh Oh Bar

O'Town is Oberon.  Oberon is a town that is named after one of the moons (I kid you not!) that orbits Uranus.  In this case I figure that Uranus and Ft. Totten/Spirit Lake Rez are too close to call! 

Cheez Whiz Wang is State Attorney James Wang.  So deeply involved is this man in the goings on with the self-appointed O'Town Council and their illegal dealings; and as deep into (more specifically) Petesky's dealings; and (not so deeply, according to her) into Carmen Hager, Aka Carmen Longie's, dealings.

Carmen Hager is the Niece to Pete Hager

Karen Anderson: One of Petesky's playmates.  Presently, she is claiming to have terminal cancer and even cut off all her long blond hair and puts on a hat and looks pitiful when she goes to various functions. However, she is spry as ever when she thinks no one is looking.

Nevada Thumb: A sweet young Thang with Long Blond hair, currently maneuvering into the position(s) formerly tucked away with Karen and using the same tactics as Karen used all those years ago when she was the Other Woman in Petesky's marriage.  Pete's wife, now ex, got tired of it all and left him.  Nevada now moves into the position of amorous ambitionist.


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