Social Services Scandals

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Laws Regarding Child Abuse & Neglect

Law Defined  Jurisdiction Chart 

Duty To Report Suspected Child Abuse Section, 13031

Dr. Tilus: Letter of Grave Concern  ACF Contact INFO   Dennis Meier   Letter To Editor 08/24/12  

Correspondence Sullivan/Tribe   Laws Regarding Reporting of Crimes against Children  

Sullivan 2008 Conference  Consequences of Abuse  Kristi Wishinski   Tara Mullhauser's Response

Letter from Anthony Longie   DOI Letter of Deficiencies 04/20/12

ACF Reports Series  

Promoting A Safe Healthy Environment (slides/movie. You have to pause to read it. )

3rd Mandated Report ACF   4th Mandated Report ACF    5th Mandated Report ACF 

6th Mandated Report ACF  7th Mandated Report ACF  8th Mandated Report ACF  

9th Mandated Report ACF    10th Mandated Report ACF  

11th Mandated Report ACF   12th Mandated Report    13th Mandated Report 

2010 Power Point Regarding Urgent Need in Indian Country Abuse Cases

Correspondence Between Thomas Sullivan & his Superiors & Others

I have to gather various documents and locate them here so some will appear out of chronological order until I can redo the entire thing. Who would have "thunk" it would such a long string of communications over the years just to try and get attention on the horrors being done to children on reservations?  Check back weekly for updates/additions. -Cat

April 2015 (and ongoing)

Detailed account summary by Thomas Sullivan of the failures of ACF to properly or legally address the issues of crimes against children on Spirit Lake Nation Reservation and the ongoing abuses and harassments inflicted upon him by his Superiors.  I hope that he is laying the foundation for a lawsuit that will penalize both civilly and criminally, those responsible for preventing investigations.

August 8, 2014

Sullivan to McMullen  Letter dated August 8, 2014, requesting responses to Unanswered Questions of previous correspondence (2 mos prior) detailing again, charges of corruption, cover-up, and the ongoing abuse of children because of the neglect, incompetent or corrupt (go for the trifecta) within the ACF, BIA, DOJ, IHS and McMullen's and Sheldon's accessory to most of those charges, primary to the remaining charges.

July 2014

Letter to Marrianne McMullen--Re Congressional Subcomittee Hearings July 1, 2014

June 2014

Gina Jackson Departure from ACF directly into a position that was created specifically for her by Casey Family Programs.

Response Sullivan to McDonald regarding his false statements to Subcommittee June 25, 2014

Indian Affairs Subcommittee Witness/Panel Lists June 2014


Correspondence Regarding Issues of Concern

Dear Myra Letter & Addendum from Social Worker, Sister Joanne Streifel to Myra Pearson who was Tribal Chair at the time.  Myra never responded.

Dear Carol Olson Letter from Roger Yankton to Carol Olson asking for more time to 'get things in order'.

Dear Roger: Letter from Yvette LaRocque, BIA (HQ in Maryland)

Dept Of Interior Memorandum of Deficiencies in Social Services

Judge Patrick Lee throwing out the Petition and the Appeal of Cheryl GoodIron. Typically this would be only on the General Documents page, but in this case it happened at the height of the Child Abuse Scandal and Judge Lee (in my opinion) was illegally throwing out the petitions against Roger Yankton to protect some interest that as of this writing, is not clear. Either that, or he is the most incompetent judge on the bench. That would be going some.




Scandals aside, these are the incompetent and criminal practices that put children, all ages, at risk. This is the cause of addictions and suicides on the rez

I wish it were possible for me to post every heartbreaking story I get from families abused by the Tribal Council and Social Services and their insane Judges and Court system in this website. But I can't.

Letter of Grave Concern Dr. Tilus, after 5 years of trying to work within the insanity of the Tribal Councils and regulations and bogus court system, broke protocol to speak out.

Letter to Editor, August 24, 2012 regarding the child abuse, lack of Federal Support and outrage over the incompetent Marcus Babbit, sent by the BIA to do, who knows what? He certainly doesn't! Letter signed/co-signed by Molly McDonald, Sister JoAnne Streifel, Betty Jo Krenz

Sullivan's Remarks to Conference 2008

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Sullivan's Paper on Cause & Consequences of Child Sexual abuse


Laws Governing Mandatory Reporting of Child abuse Here


Correspondence between ACF Director and All  Involved Agencies

     Politcal Ballet:   August 2013 

Document collated from emails. 17 pages in it's entirety... emails begin on page 6.

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13th Mandated report. Issued March 29th. (Had to copy paste the text as the original would not post)

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12th Mandated Report February 23, 2013 It was issued February 23, 2013, but is undated. (oversight).


11th Mandated Report January 17th, 2013.

10th Mandated Report  January 2, 2013 detailing the court's plans to return to a sexually abusive home, young children who have previously been raped by the same father who will now have complete custody over them.  I guess they are 'just the right age', eh?


9th Mandated Report December 28, 2012, detailing yet another instance, this time of a questionable removal of an infant from her home, but leaving older children in place, in what looks like a retribution against the mother for standing up for her relative in a case of reporting domestic abuse.  If you report domestic abuse, or your relative supports your statement, that relative will have their infant taken from them and given away to whomever they want to give that child to, and you will not be given any informaiton, nor will you be allowed to speak in the Kangaroo courts.

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8th Mandated Report  December 20, 2012, detailing ongoing Child Sexual abuse, corruption and abuse by BIA


7th Mandated Report November 4th, 2012 Addressed to all agencies.


6th Mandated Report October 29, 2012 23 pages long so take a deep breath, print and pass it around to everyone you know. Addressed to all agencies

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Correspondence between Roger Yankton, Chairman of SLN, who seems mystified by anyone thinking there were any significant issues with the children and is more concerned with shutting down any scrutiny that might show children being harmed, than he is with actually taking steps to remove children from harm.

Letter from Yankton to Sullivan  I did notice some familiar 'word patterns' in the letter. I'm guessing who writes this stuff for Whistle Weenie as he is functionally illiterate. I am comparing it to other more recent letters I have received.

Thomas Sullivan's Smackdown response to Whistle Weenie. This correspondence from Sullivan becomes the 5th Mandated Report.

Fourth Mandated Report, August 14, 2012 "My purpose in submitting this Fourth Mandated Report is to request that you as US Attorney for the state of North Dakota immediately initiate an investigation of the conduct of Ms. Carol Olson, former Secretary of the North Dakota Department of Human Services, and Ms. Tara Muhlhauser, Child Welfare Director for the North Dakota Department of Human Services for the purpose of determining whether they should be charged with child endangerment."

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Tara Mullhauser's unbelievably unconcerned response to Fourth Mandated Report

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Third Mandated Report, August 9, 2012 Issued by Thomas Sullivan (*Updated August 16, 2012. Five Paragraphs added to original report as additional information came in. )

(Excerpted from July 10, 2012 Blog)

The repeated and determined attempt to white-wash what most of us would perceive as pure evil, is in full force.  The Mandated Reports are being ignored, literally, not responded to.

I promised you that if I got my hands on one of those, I would post it here. Here is the 12-Page letter originally sent by Thomas Sullivan to Sue Settles in the BIA. I also have Purdon's Response. In fact, I have a series of correspondence between those who are trying to pass this hot potato and the one man in government, so far as I can see, demanding someone take responsibility.

All Correspondence herein, amounts to about 29 pages printed. Worth a read.

What precipitated all of this? Another dead child. A 2-month old. While everyone who should have been responsible turned away and said "not my table", a baby died. More children are in danger. I suggest you have a bucket handy, this is about as foul as it can get when it comes to reporting child abuse, neglect, rape, murder, and reading how Tim Purdon especially, patting himself on the back, after reading the detailed report of abuse, neglect & murder of children, gave me the heaves. He is unfit or incompetent or both. And he's not the only one. Our Tax Dollars are paying these people to ignore the very crimes and conditions, that repulsed the entire nation when lesser was found at Penn State.

Sullivan to Sue Settles, BIA, June 14, 2012  (11 Pages)

Purdon to Sullivan June 19, 2012 (1 Pg)

Sullivan to Sue Settles, BIA June 20, 2012 (1 pg)

Settles to Sullivan, June 20, 2012 (2 pg)

Sullivan to Settles, June 29, 2012 (12 pgs) Redacted names. Bucket required.

Sullivan to Settles July 8, 2012  (2 pgs)

If this was Penn State, and these children were white, or belonged to families other than the Rez, would these officials, and I am talking about Attorney General Tim Purdon, would they be so dismissive? Would they be instead, shining up their reputation as if somehow, that makes ignoring the urgency of this situation, somehow, ok? 


April 20, 2012 11-page Letter from Department of Interior Reporting a series of ongoing deficiencies with Tribal Social Services. As of the most recent posting, February 2013, not one of these deficiencies has been corrected.

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Letter from Anthony Longie (Shelly Lugar's new boyfriend) (Shelly previously spent tons of Tribal Money protecting her other boyfriend, Mark, from charges of rape, even spending tribal funds to pay for his lawyer after Mark and a couple of his friend's tied up her teenage daughter and raped her for hours.. that Shelly). Anthony, who really can't complete a sentence most times, seems to come to the rescue of Molly McDonald's 'reputation' in this letter.  Hard to figure out what he's trying to accomplish: Getting rid of the attorney, so that they can get rid of Roger? Roger is in a turf battle with the previous tribal council (and the present) to see who can get away with the most corruption. Sort of like "Mafia Wars", Indian style. Anywho, in the letter, Ant names who all is in the room and who is speaking on a phone call. I will put up the audio of that call when I can get it properly converted, but the letter is pretty accurate. Then again, so were the comments about Molly, being OFF HER ROCKER.

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Kristy Wishinsky Hoaglund Rap Sheet & Court Orders As a felon with a history of drug use and child neglect and abuse, Kristy Wishinsky never should have been allowed to work with children, much less in charge of their care and security in Social Services.  And yet, she was.

NOTE: DOCUMENT LINK for Dennis Meier posting TEMPORARILY DISABLED. I got this document in a rush and did not have time to go through and redact certain information that pertains to privacy. I will do that now and then make the document available again when I am done. 

Updated Sunday, January 8, 2012 4:54 PM redactions completed. Link available

Dennis Meier, spankedy by the State for abominable behaviors, disgusting, criminal behaviors from when he worked for Lake Region Human Services. Less than a week after this letter went out, he was hired, by Kevin, to work for Social Services for the Tribe. No background or even license checks.  It's the crony system.  And children are being hurt, neglected, raped and murdered because NO ONE is looking out for them. It's a 21 page download. 8 MB. I have not had time to convert it from JPG pdf to document pdf. My apologies!

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Contact every newspaper and TV Station in your area. I don't care what State you live in. Talk to them. Tell your story. Even if they don't do anything with it now, they will very soon.

Here is the key Federal Agency for you to contact:

Thomas F. Sullivan

Regional Administrator, Region VIII (Denver)
Administration for Children and Families
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Adm. for Children and Families
Denver Regional Office
999 18th Street
South Terrace, Suite 499
Denver , Colorado 80202

Phone#: 303-844-3100
Main Fax#: 303-844-1188
Head Start Toll Free: 1-866-204-4117

Thomas F. Sullivan, Regional Administrator
Phone: 303-844-1129 email:


Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE)
Daphne Risch, OCSE Regional Program Manager,

Phone: 303-844-1132 mailto:


Child Welfare (CW) and Child & Family Services (CFS)
Marilyn Kennerson, CW & CFS Regional Program Manager Child Welfare

Phone: 303-844-1164 email:


Head Start & Early Head Start: Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, & Utah and Wyoming

Ross Weaver, Regional Head Start Program Manager:
Phone: 303-844-1146 email:

Debbie Hedin, Head Start Area Manager:
Phone: 303-844-1154 email:


Office of Grants Management

Jeff Newton, Regional Grants Management Officer:
Phone: 303-844-1149 email:


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Here's a whole page on Human Trafficking, and baby selling, children being sold, is Human Trafficking. Report it here:  There are several links to different aspects of Human Trafficking. National Human Trafficking Resource Center:1.888.3737.888

Here is the list of which regions are covered by which specific ACF Offices.

BOSTON: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont

NEW YORK: New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands

PHILADELPHIA: Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia

ATLANTA: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee

CHICAGO: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin

DALLAS: Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas

KANSAS CITY: Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska

DENVER: Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming

SAN FRANCISCO: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, American Samoa, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Guam, Marshall Islands, and Republic of Palau

SEATTLE: Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington

ACF Mailing Address

Administration for Children and Families
370 L'Enfant Promenade, S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20447


Other Agencies Connected

Critical Phone Numbers

Child Abuse Childhelp's National Child Abuse Hotline
800-4-A-CHILD (800-422-4453)
Child Care Child Care Aware 1-800-424-2246

Domestic Violence
National Domestic Violence Hotline
1-800-799-SAFE (800-799-7233) TDD 1-800-787-3224
Missing and Exploited Children
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678)
Runaway Youth National Runaway Switchboard 1-800-621-4000

National Human Trafficking Resource Center 1-888-3737-888


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