Restless Spirit: The Murder of Eddie Peltier
A True Story
Cat West
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This is the second poem I have received from the same person that is writing in the spirit of Eddie Peltier. 

Poetry is one of the doors to the Universe.  Others are math, music, art, dancing... as you read this you will feel the shift inside yourself.  That is how you know something greater is at work.---Cat


There ís a time to be born and the time to die

my life had meaning.

you took it away

The time for killing and a time for healing

you may have killed, yet i know i been in your dreams.

healing wont come.

The time for sorrow and the time for joy

in sorrow was my family, joy knowing your time is come!!

The time for mourning and the time for dancing

they mourned knowing i was gone..but now they shall dance, for all will soon be revealed..i know i watch you  day by day

The time for finding and the time for losing

time 0yate kin knows and all you built lost.

The time for silence and the time for talk

 No words can speak louder then the truth.

fear does.

The  silence is coming to an end soon..know this!!

The time for love and the time for hate.

i know i will see my loved ones will meet

others at hell's gate

the fear you caused, you will  feel . 

The time to pray  i hear your praying for those who speak the truth about you.

murderers are not heard in heaven.  Who you prayin too?? 

The time to forgive.

i forgive you for what you done.

Time is come .

No more do i sleep in silence                

not forgotten by you


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