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I will probably do another essay on Prayers and Praying at a later time.  Think on this one for awhile.~ Cat


Prayers and Praying

We are always praying.  Even if we don't think we are praying, we are praying. 


Most people don't know the difference between a prayer to the Creator/God or a Christmas list to Santa Claus.

They pray for all the things they want.

They pray for how they want things to be and that usually involves controlling others or tampering with their Free Will.  "Make so-in-so do this" or "Make so-in-so want this..."  things of that sort. 

Any time you pray to tamper with the Free Will of a person, or to challenge the wisdom of the Creator by forcing your will onto others and how YOU think it should be, you are praying on the Black Road.  No good can come of this.  Especially, not to you.

FOUR things about Prayer:

 1. All prayers are Heard

  2. All prayers are answered

   3. All prayers require that you do your part.



When we pray to overcome adversity or evil, we are not magically transported to a place where these do not exist.  Rather, we are presented with the opportunity to do our part to bring about the changes we pray for. 

This is where most fall down.  They are presented with an opportunity to stand up and fight for what they know is right, and they back off.  They say they don't want to be involved. 

You cannot pray for something and then NOT be involved!  If you pray for it, you must be willing to trust in the one you pray to that if you do your part, the other part, the greater part, will be done!

Anytime we tell people that we would do this or that "if things were different..." we are making a small prayer. 

I knew a good woman who worked in the Health Dept for her tribe.  She had a lot of responsibility.  There was another woman there who was working as a counselor and doing great harm to the people in that she took all their wrenching information of molest and abuse and used it against them and also to gain political clout through extortion.  Everyone knew about this!  It was no secret.

The Good Woman prayed for this other woman to be removed so that she could not continue to hurt the people.  Over and over again this Good Woman prayed, and prayed hard. 

Then one day, the Good Woman was presented with exactly what she needed to stop this other woman from hurting the people.  She had information and a profound incident of behavior that would have immediately jerked this other woman's credentials to practice!

The Good Woman did nothing.  But she did complain. 

There was yet another incident immediately thereafter and a young girl nearly died because of the Bad Woman, and the Good Woman did nothing.

The Bad Woman did yet another blatantly abusive, highly destructive and the most arrogant of things and the Good Woman did nothing.

I spoke to the Good Woman and told her that she had prayed for this for over a year and now there were three incidents that she could act on and achieve the best possible outcome of her prayers.  She turned her back on me.  I shouted to her that she alone had this information and She ALONE  had to act on it.  I again reminded her that this was her prayer. 

The Good Woman did nothing.  That was a long time ago.  The Good Woman complains to others still about how the Bad Woman had hurt so many people.  The Bad Woman eventually left the area, but only because she had gained greater power by virtue of her connections with Government Power Players. 

Now she has this ability to hurt even more people. 

The Good Woman did nothing.  Her prayers were  essentially, a list of complaints.

She, like so many others, felt it was only important to make the right prayers, not to take responsibility for how they played out. 

She told me over and over that she did not want to become "involved".  She was involved.  We are all involved. 

So, if you think your prayers are not being answered, maybe that is because there is a stack of responses that you have not yet taken into your own life.  Maybe just a backlog of sorts. 

Take a good look of what you pray for and how you pray.  The Creator/God does not change.  We are here to make the changes within ourselves.  The challenges both small and great that are on our path are there to measure us.  When we fail to rise to the challenge, we give up.  When we give up, we fail. 

When we fail, we like to blame others. 

Look again.



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