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Normally, if I don't know the source of material, I do not post it.  I generally do not reveal the source, but for my own reasons, I like to know who sends me stuff.  I will post information without saying where I got it, but not unless I know where it came from.

This is something exceptional. 

This incredibly beautiful poem arrived in the mail and is not signed.  It was sent as if it came directly from Eddie himself.  If the author wishes to take credit I will oblige.  This poem captures the essence of Restless Spirit.  It is as if someone knows how I got onto this case and what is behind my involvement.  Eddie's Spirit is alive in the land and again stirring in those who know the truth and have been silent for oh too long!  

Let's just say it came from Eddie.

Thank you! ~ Cat




They came to me in the silence of the night;
  thinking i was in silence of a dream;
I only prayed i would live .

to see my mother
I  Come back in tears,
O memory of hope, love of Un finished years.
O how i dream sweet, too bitter-sweet.

    I Was awakenend  in Paradise,
Where souls brim-full of love abide and meet;
    Where thirsting longing eyes
        Watch the slow door close
tears came to my eyes

then he said my son all will be revealed!!
Yet i come to you in dreams, that I may live
    My very life again though cold in death;
Come back to you in dreams, that I may give
    Pulse for pulse, breath for breath:
  Speak truth, i watch over you daily

As long ago, knowing my life was not in vain.I had a full life ahead of me  but they came in the silence of the night .takin my life.i wonder why at times.  but 
Remember me .that I am gone away for just a little while

          Gone far away into the silent land;
          When you can no more hold me by the hand,
Nor I half turn to go. yet turning wanting stay.
Remember me  day by day

          i tell you of a future that i had plann'd:
          Only remember me; you understand
that my life had a plan.
Yet if you should forget me for a while
          And afterwards remember, do not grieve:
          For if the darkness and corruption should be known
        that my life was not in vain.

Better by far you should know  and smile
Than that you should remember and be sad.
I know someday you'll find out the truth!
but till then do not fear them.  
know the i was a son,whose mother and father loved very much.
family will stay strong afterwards remember me .
do not grieve      
just know that all will someday be revealed....your son .your best friend..your brother..uncle..nephew. eddie  



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