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Murdered & Missing

Allen Gourd    


  If you have knowledge of any case connected to the rez, or people from the rez, where either they are murdered or missing, and their cases are unsolved, contact me with your case and as much information as you can come up with. Pictures are also helpful. Describe circumstances, etc. I will post in here.

Allen Gourd

Wind up the Way Back Machine. We are going back to 1969... and we are going to California. Allen Gourd went missing from a town called Hawaiian Gardens, a suburb of Los Angeles, north of Orange County. He was a Spirit Lake boy out in the Wild Wild West, and was last seen getting into a convertible with two girls and saying he would be back later.

No one knows who the two girls in the convertible were. No one knows where they went. All we know is that Allen, "Alley", never returned to his sister's house again. He never contacted anyone in his family. And he never contacted his closest friends again. Just --gone.

Allen was 5'10" - 5'11". He was very slender build. He had short hair and and Indian Nose (with a hook) and high cheekbones. In the summertime, his complexion was 'walnut'. He never wore cowboy boots, and preferred loafers.


His family on the rez was moving to have him declared dead so they could just wrap up that part of their lives. I don't know if he has been declared dead or not.

No one seems to be looking for him. Well, it has been a very, very long time.

If anyone has any photos of Allan, please scan them and email them to me so I can put them on here.

If anyone out in California, along the coast, remembers seeing a happy looking Indian man riding in a convertible with two girls, possibly headed to Topanga Canyon, Malibu, Woodstock or wherever, get in touch.

Everyone leaves behind people that care what happened to them. Someone knows. Someone always knows.  Always.


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