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The Moron Squad: In their Own Words

Hey, anyone can write.  Even if they are wrong, they can write!

I share these because they are too rich to keep to myself.





Why do I like these letters?

Well, aside from the sheer entertainment value, and sometimes the puzzle of trying to figure out what they are saying (lack of education is critical in these letters.  It shows how far the future has sunk in some families!), and their eagerness to kick my ass, which of course would make them smarter, and right (in their kinked up little world), I especially like it because it shows me that I am indeed, drawing blood on the opposition.  They must be bleeding for these bimbos to come out trying to clean up the problem for them! 

Another thing in common with the Moron Squad Contenders is that it is usually an emotionally and intellectually stunted female, mental age between 11 and 14 that writes this stuff.  They are the only ones brave enough?  And dumb enough?

I am putting in their email links so you can, if you like, join them and tell them what a great job they did here.  If you don't agree with them, just leave them be.  They obviously have enough and serious problems of their own and don't even know it.

Like I say:  Keep them cards and letters coming!~ Cat

Thanksgiving 2010

This one is really brave. Says he looked it up. Ok, let's see! BTW, just because it gives the name on here doesn't mean it is that person. I have a lot of wimps out there that give someone else's name, and are really cowards. So, just because this one says they are someone, don't believe it unless you know them personally.

They also gave a phone number, which I will not post because I have also seen it where these snivlers give someone else's phone number, hoping to cause problems.

But, if what they say is true, and he is whom he says he is, and he IS indeed a first hand witness to what happened... police need to interview him.

Oh, and while you are at it, throw in a drug test.

You will see my responses in here as well.


HAha cat
post my letters LOL.! trust me i can yyou in trouble with the law and
i already looked it up if you post my letters without my
permission they will trace you and will get you as fedral haha
i already know you think i am young whatever
Post my letters see what happens

Subject: Re: Cat
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2010 19:09:27 +0000

I'm going to post all your letters. All of them.

From: illiase joshua <>
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2010 08:03:47 -0800
To: cat west<>
Subject: RE: Cat

haha, Cat and your saying i am on drugs. HAHA.!! your funny
bitch please i am fucking younger then you if you dont believe then
i will tell you my name and you can fucking u/a me and drug test me
cause i aint no druggie you prolly are lol.! Why would someone want to be
writing about the rez.!! LOL.!! you.! And if you keep saying i am a druggie.! FUCK i will
give you my name and my cell phone number and house phone number so you can fucking drug test me
and i spozz i can give you my name now haha
I am Illiase Joshua. I am 16 and i go to school at fwhs.
And i was there when he got ran over.! DUMB BITCH.!!
and my cell number is 701XXXXXXXX
Call me when you want to drug test me .! LOL.
some people just judge lilke that haha
And i am talking about you,.! Maybe you should get a life
instead of writing about others haha.!

Subject: Re: Cat
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2010 16:44:42 -0800

 Both Love Bug's mom and IRIS made mistakes. Both of them. The price was horrific. 

I want people to look at his mother, and at Iris as Human Beings. People who made mistakes and who paid a high price for it, Bug's mom more than anyone else. 

No one exercising good judgment allows a toddler to cross the road by himself. She was impaired. 
We have all made mistakes. Most of us get away with it because nothing bad happens. And then, there are some who get the worst possible consequence. 

If you think his mom did not make any mistakes then you are saying that it's ok for little ones to cross the street by themselves and this is going to happen again, again and again. YOU need to learn something from the mistakes of others.  

If this was ONLY Iris's fault I would be all over her and her alone... but I want people to understand HOW it happened so that it won't happen again.  YOU just want to blame one person. 

It's hard. I know it's hard. And it hurts like nothing else can. 
But you wrote to me. You sent me the picture, you wanted it posted. Now you say you just want to forget it? Honey, get clean, get educated and grow up. I know you have more to offer this world than just your stoned stupidity. 

I'm serious. Some day you will be clean and you will look back at this and remember it was a chance for you to wake up and make things different out there or choose to just learn nothing and complain. I hope you choose wisely. I guarantee that if you do not, the opportunity will come again and again and again. Each time, it will come harder. 

Take care and be well.

On Nov 22, 2010, at 3:38 PM, illiase joshua wrote:

Cat, Or watever the hell your name is. 
I read the blog you wrote about Dustin why dont we leave his name out of it.
And you made it sound like his mom wanted him to get run over. Thats bowlshit 
your fake you really dont know what really happen so get over it. That was long time ago okay
just put it to rest we all know that she wont get arrested cause her DADDY is a tribal cop.!!
But watch what you write cause love bug's mom didnt want it to happen and it wasnt her 
mistake it was iris's 

The irony is that the writer contacted me because they wanted me to post about Dustin and get justice for him. Typically, they only want to blame one person. As immature as the writer is, they may well be a kid in Four Winds. I have no way of knowing. I have seen adults in their 50's and 60's with this same level of immaturity and lashing out.

It's as if the Full Moon brings the Stupid out to Play in the field of memes.


Halloween 2007

Oddly enough, this writer captioned itself as "Jane Doe".  Yup, just like those unidentified bodies in the morgue!

This, my friends, encapsulates the moron mentality that is so prevalent out there on the rez.  This is the kind of logic and verbal puke you get from someone who has (addmittedly) done all these drugs and been present at the scene of the crimes.  Gee, now we know that Riley Smith, the toad that ran that old man down and ran off, had an accomplice. 

As usual, this little moron, real brave with the mouth, afraid to give it's real name or any name.

And the question naturally arises that if that writer is so convinced that my posting the drinking and drugging won't change anything, why so upset?  And if it is true (and probably is) that the bebo pages are getting way more hits, and this is something it is proud of, why not a big ol' Thank You.

Honey, the pictures speak for themselves.  It's not gossip, it's pathetic, disgusting and y'all so proud of it, you memorialize it.  Well, now the rest of the world knows what you do.  Proud?

Read on boys and girls.  I didn't edit a thing. I do stand corrected that if Cameron was smoking pot and not meth, wow, big difference.  And the writer not smart enough to see that I had already corrected the name on the photo from Willy to Cameron.  The writer makes sure Cameron gets the credit for the dope smoking. 

Here's the email address  That too, may be fake.  Too scaredy to use a real name, and probably too scared of the cat to use a real email address.  I can only guess at how proud this little twerp's mam would be if only she knew!

Hey Cat!
Well at least thats what you say your name is anyways.
im sure you get this ALL THE TIME but you are pretty PATHETIC.
do you not have a life or something that you have to sit behind your little desk
all day and night and write about our reservation.
what is your problem with our reservation?
yeah EVERYONE knows how this reservation is so why do have to write about it
on the internet? its NOT going to change anything.
you sit there at your little desk and complain and bitch about the underage drinking and the drugs,
like your so damn perfect. Cmon now, you act like you never had a drop of alcohol or did any
kind of drug! im sure you have because NO ONE is that perfect.
and im pretty sure that you attened a party where there were underage kids.
if anyones a hypocrite, its YOU!!!
what made you want to start a website like this anyways?
im sure it has to be a very good reason for you to hate on a whole entire reservation?
ya everyone reads your damn website because they want to know what lies are being said about them
and you know what? your also increasing the views on bebo pages also, your page aint the only one.
just stop with the gossip because first off, what we do is NONE of your business and second,
what you write isnt going to change anything, so your wasting your time!
and IF you happen to write back dont write anything about underage kids drinking or anything like
that because i already know.
everyone drinks, whether there old enough or not, ITS LIFE SWEETY, MOVE ON...
if your going to gossip soo damn much, get your facts straight and make sure there the right ones
because that picture you have of cameron black whom you thought was william herman, was false
its wasnt meth, it was marijuana, i should know i was there when it was taken, along with most of the
pictures you have of all those teens drinking.
and i was there the day riley hit that man and i can tell you right now
he did NOT go to the marina to wash off the blood and hair
hmm... i wonder why? oh ya, thats because there wasnt blood or hair on his truck
so get the facts right before you make a complete fool of yourself, not that you already have
and stop preaching, no ones listening.
and another thing, parents cant control what there kids do
ya they can punish them or ground them or whatever
its not going to stop them.
what made you do all this anyways?
jealousy, hatred...
once you think about it, your the PATHETIC one

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On 14-Sep-07, at 12:34 PM, Spirit Laker

Better check your deep freeze (In-Box), I hear it's full of BULL SHIT!

Riley was drunk and made a terrible mistake YES, so you say anyway. Pretty sure everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law!. Since I know who Riley is, I have prayed for him, the victim (whom I hear is recovering, considering), also for both of thier families and I would like to see Justice served. From what i know of him, Riley is a good young man. I have never heard of him being in trouble before this incident and never heard of him being arrested prior to this. Now when I say your in-box is full of BS, I mean Riley was not at the Marina washing off his truck! If you knew some of the people that you write about, like Riley, you would be able to get your facts straight. So I'll help you out of this one and remember everyone is innocent until proven guilty. If his truck had blood or other evidence on it, why would he wash his truck off at the marina????? Now like I said IF YOU KNEW something about the people you write about, you would know that his Grandmother lives 1/4 mile from the Marina!! I know right, pretty funny rol.....! What was he supposedly using to wash his truck off, they have no hose, or car wash available? There is a lake there, but I'm pretty sure someone would have reported that someone drove their truck into the lake. Now with all that said, it's obvious we don't know all the true facts in this case.

Please stop the Float him off the Rez business. Everyone has a right to be heard and given a chance to prove their innocense. Just because Riley's great-uncle was married (divorced since the early 80's) to a Yankton lady over twenty-some ago, dosen't make him part of that family. Geez, thinking about it they may have already been divorced by the time Riley was born!

Like I said earlier, I want to see Justice served. EVEN if that means Riley will go to jail, everyone must pay for their actions. Its obvious you Hate or should I say Dislike the Yanktons you shouldn't have to hate on everyone they may be related to, including long ago in-laws.

Anyway, write me back if you want. Bye.

My Response to SpiritLaker:

YUP, you fulla yourself there!

I guess because you KNOW him that makes what he does okay and no penalties, right? But other people out there, do nothing wrong and get floated off, and you say nothing? Oh yeah, you are a real shining example!
Riley had a hard life? Wow, he must be the only one? That's a great excuse to drive drunk, hit an old man and try to get away with it? You defend that behavior you get that behavior.

I say everyone should be treated equally out there. If Riley is not floated off, and he should be because he is NOT enrolled, then no one who is enrolled should be floated off for just because they don't belong to the right crowd.

YOU and others like YOU are the reason that so much suffering goes on out there. YOU defend those who commit the crimes because they are your friends?

I say only that JUSTICE should be equal.

Court of Law? Where? Tribal Court? Oh you are so funny! I see you are afraid to sign your real name. Perhaps you are also a coward?

Yes, yes, that is what you are. If you really believed it, you would sign your name. I think you know, already, where you stand in the eyes of your community.

Pray for Riley. Pray for everyone. But your prayers are NOT a free pass for hit and run. Regardless of whether he has been caught at any criminal activity before or not, HIT AND RUN is a rather big starting point. You don't get a free pass because it is your first offense.

What he did was despicable and cowardly. That was a human being he ran down. That was the blood of a human being that he was washing off at the marina. But, I guess to you, some human beings worth more than others, eh? Don't excuse his behavior by his 'hard' life.

The only bullshit I see here, is all over you.

No one said he was using a hose. Nice try.

If you don't want him floated off and YOU want him to have a fair hearing then demand a fair hearing for EVERYONE that has been floated off! THAT is the point of it all, but you too stupid to see that? Or you don't give a flip about anyone but yourself?

If you make the rules FAIR to EVERYONE and APPLY them fairly to everyone, then Riley and the others can defend themselves. But to use those rules to rob people, float them off without a hearing, and protect others, well, that makes the rest of the community upset. Rightly so!

You want to protect Riley? Protect his rights? Make it fair for him? Make it fair for everyone.
But you would have to give a crap about other people and fair play, which apparently, you don't. Oh yeah, lucky to have you in the community. Let me guess: Blanket Indian?

Where were you when that family with the small children and the baby were floated off in the middle of winter? They had to live in their car for a week around Christmas! You say nothing? You not pray for them? They had no hearing. They had no way to defend themselves. They had 45 minutes to clear out. But apparently, that did not upset you at all.

You want fair treatment for Riley? I don't think so. Fair is a term that applies to everyone being treated equally. If he were to be treated equally, under the past behaviors of your Tribal Council, he would have been floated off before he was guilty of anything. I think what you want is for him to be treated special and different.

What you need to do is take the side of everyone who was wrongfully floated off out there over the years and demand a fair and even process. For everyone.
Now, go back to your blanket and stop whining. You're drawing flies with your bullshit.


NOTE:  I find it so funny that the writer thinks that washing the car off at his Grandmother's house is somehow really different than washing it off at the marina.  He was trying to hide his crime.  He left an old man in the road to die and only thought of himself.  Somehow, whether he was washing off the blood at the marina or at granny's doesn't seem to be a big difference here.

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April 24, 2007

This one tripped in under the name of LeDawn Bluesky: (I have no way of knowing if that is really her name) Here is the email she sent from: LeDawn BlueSky (and don't write to me and tell me someone stole your email and it was not you.  If you are dumb enough to share your email with people that use you like that, you need to get a lot smarter before you can come after me.)

"Lonna Jackson will not be a good chairperson either. This person could not make it to work when she was in office before. Also, she cannot keep a job. She was fired from the casino for attendance. This person likes to drink allot. She would be the same a Mark Lufkins. We need people who will be role models for our young people. We need someone with an education representing us Lonna is not educated. She cannot speak clear or with intelligence.
This person does not have morals either. Lonna has no self respect. She takes out anyone even married men. We don't need that in our community. And not to forget she can lie.
Please, look more into Lonna before recommending her in our tribal council."

Where do I begin on that one?  Geez! Like Myra is the pinnacle of moral righteousness?  (Let me count the ways---NOT!)  You have a choice between someone who has stolen millions from the tribe and you need to break that chain of the incumbents.  The only other viable person now, after the runoff, is Lonna Jackson.  Once she is in, you can petition her out if she fails because she won't be as established and networked as Myra is. 

I love that whole letter!  Like you didn't know you had to fight fire with fire in this election because fire is all you have?  Can't find someone worse than Myra at this point, but I guess you can just picture the writer, as I did, with her pinky up as she sips her perfect cuppa tea, offering nothing, but not willing to make any kind of change.

So, for Ms. Bluesky (IF that is really who she is) she prefers the mother of Zit Puppet and Terry Morgan.  A woman that lies and steals and robs the children of their IAA accounts, and the elderly of their fuel for the winter, and lines her own pockets with millions of dollars in funds that were supposed to go to the people.  I guess she thinks that voting for Myra is taking the high road? 

One wonders, since she has such "high and mighty" standards, why she herself did not run?

I dunno.  I just cracked up over that letter.  "Look more into Lonna before recommending her in our tribal council."  Yeah, well, I don't see that she has stolen more than 20 Million Dollars lately, so if you ask me, picking the lesser of the two evils is the only step in the right direction anyone can take.

Pry Myra out of there with a crowbar if you have to.  And if that crowbar happens to be Lonna, then use her! 

Remember, you are just starting to clean up that mess out there.  You have to get them out, and then you have to petition out those that fail.  But if you leave the incumbants in, you cannot get them out because they support each other and round up enough drunks in their areas to vote crooked.

Put a new one in there and breathe down their necks and make sure they do it right or you yank them out with a petition. Anymore really righteous types want to tell me why Lonna should not be in there?  Can you make it sound any worse than what Myra has done and continues to do? I doubt it!-Cat

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The Diaper Mouth Chronicles

I clean these up much as possible.  I think we all know the words, but rather than filthy up the site, I do a little maintenance.  Her lack of education, poor spelling is of course, testimony to her IQ which is probably the same as her shoe size!

March 5, 2006

hey there you f crazy ass person you nevermind you mind your own f biz.
you f freak you know nothing about carl so why you sayin stuff i wish i knew who you were i find you and i would f beat the f out of you sense you know everything you freakin weirdo!! what the fs your problem think about what your sayin about tony mcdonald asif you talk about him after he passed away whats wrong with you f crazy are what if you have something to say to me you email be back its you f lunitic boy i bet if ppl found out who you were your ass would go down the way you write about ppl in here you wouldnt last long if ppl found out who you were so i hope i hear back from you you f a f crazy ass person

March 8, 2006

no actually i aint upset iam just tellin you you should mind your own f biz. what the f wrong with you i think i know who might be behind this you f weirdo! f freak!! f loser!! f phyco your freaky you think you know everything i dont think so if you knows so much why dont you want ppl to know who you are well actually if they did know they probly beat the shit out of you thats for sure!!!!


(As you can see by her "eloquence" her idea of being right or doing the right thing rests entirely on swearing, guessing and then if possible, beating the crap out of someone.  So, whoever wins the fight is in the Right, eh?  Sounds like she was auditioning for The Jerry Springer show!)

March 12, 2006

Subject line: WHATEVER!!!!! ASIF!!!! HAHAHA!!!

whatever!!! okay you dont know nothing about me. So why you trynna say that iam stupid and shit your the one thats stupid! you must be miserable with your own life you half to talk about everyone else on this reservation i mean come on now how childish is that now how do you know if the Walking Eagle's are thieves you dont have proof if you have proof maybe. To tell you the truth iam only 17 yrs old. and please you like to talk some shit and come on now Carl does his job he helps out his ppl in his district he does his job to me and to my family we say that Carls the best i mean we dont go talkin about him and about what he does well hes off work thats his biz he doesnt need anybody talkin about him and ppl trynna get up in his biz they should worry about themselves thats why i said you must me miserable in your own life you half to do this s to talk about everyone id say that if ppl had to find out who you were you wouldnt last long they would probly beat the s out of you and please iam happy with my life i love my life iam happy but i dont go talkin about everyone else come on now GET A LIFE!! sometimes when i read the stuff you write about on here f i just laugh my ass of sometimes you can really tell some good ones exspecially when you start writing about Carl when you say he has another account f i laughed about that hahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahaha!!!! f! whatever Mrs. KNOW IT ALL!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! your funny so what else you gonna write on here know huh? huh? hahahaha f i cant wait to see what you half to say now sense iam being called SUGARMOUTH!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA now thats a good one f that just makes me laugh hahahaha f well okay now CAT WEST now thats all i half to say


(Gee, yeah, what makes me think she is stupid?  I dunno, kids, but let's see if these skills can get her a job in this world!   But yet she continues, in her own desperate way, to reach out..)

March 22, 2006


you think you f know everything, I dont think so...ok you just like to f talk alot of shiiiiiiiit about everybody. You dont know nothing and let me ask you something, why do you always talk about Barbara and Carl on here why do you always say stuff about Barbara I see that woman around shes a kind person and shes friendly why do you half to be tellin people about her dont you think these ppl around here are noisey enough. An besides some of that stuff your puttin on here about her aint even true about the Bypass. An shit what the f wrong with you. F retard you think your puttin the truth on here about her you dont even know whats goin on either do i but the way you talk you think you know everything!!!!!!!!!!!! an then the way you talk about Carl like hes really a bad guy yes he did bad to his wife but then dont you think he'll suffer for it when the world ends. So why dont you quit talkin about Barbara and Carl i mean you wouldnt like it if they talked about you but anyways about James thats bad what you put about him on there thats just f up dont you think? think about that!!!!! but anyways the end now...........

(Note:  Barb was scheduled for a bypass but refused because she didn't think she would live through it.  Her heart so badly damaged now, she has aged a dozen years in just a few months.  Despite her lack of character and scruples, I do pray that she gets that bypass.  I want her and the rest of them healthy enough to be arrested when the time comes!)

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March 23, 2006


whatever okay!! you think you know everything and guess what??

(And Diaper Mouth is not alone.  Aparrently, a whole subtribe of poop speakers dwells in the midst of the Ft. Totten, Spirit Lake Nations!  I will try to get these posted as soon as they come in from here on out.  They are emerging one at a time.  So far, there are two that I know of.)

These next few letters are from Margaret Eagle (she calls herself in her email) and as you can see, the first letter was written when she was just starting to get drunk.  The next when she was getting the buzz, and the third, when she was just short of passing out and puking on herself, which, from what I have heard about her, is what she does for "recreation". So, who needs to get a life here?  Why Not her!  She has a life and it comes in a 2-4 or a 4-0 or just a sixer of Mike's Hard Lemonade!  I am sure she will write again and tell me what her preferences in booze are. Want to get the facts straight, right?

Margaret Eagle, if this is her, is really named Margaret Belisle and goes by the name Megs.  Not sure which of the Margs this one is.  Could be the mother or the daughter.  One was once married to a Medicine Man out of Minnesota that was 30-40 years older than her and he dumped her! Okay, so now she is hanging out with the Champion stock of the Inbred Indians.  Big whoop-de-do!)

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May 31, 2006 2:44 PM

You can email this person at:

u are such a loser!!!!!!!

May 31, 2006, 2:52 PM


(Not sure why she would say I am "scared" of anyone.  Not like I am hiding, or using a name that is not legally mine.  Read on.  Apparently, she was getting drunker and braver as the afternoon wore on.)

May 31, 2006 6:32 PM

Hey you big mouth bastard why the hell dont u find out the facts to all of your little pathetic ass stories. You must be very scared to tell people who you really are you little wimp. U dont really know to much about anything you are just writing the shit all these other pathetic people write to you and tell you. The Yankton family just laughs at your sorry ass stories i know this for a fact because i was there when they read it and they tell each other what was said and they just joke about it. If you know that all of your stuff is true why dont you do something about it instead of writing all of this bunk ass stuff. The part about Michael Meade that is all false I was there at the party he was at. Kalum wasnt even there Trent was sleeping the whole time and michael was drunk to the point to where he could of drove his self into the lake. You were not there so just drop that subject and let him rest in peace. Why are you such a a l you pathetic little sorry ass excuse for a human being. Why the hell dont you move away from the rez if this place is so corrupt and if you dont live here stay away then you wont have to worry about the corruptness that is going on around here mind your own f business you a l ball s little freak.

(Interesting:  If this is any clue as to what kind of people Mike Meade partied with, no wonder it ended badly!  Can you imagine letting someone you care about take off in that condition?  And no one from the party calling the next day to see if he made it okay??

And does anyone here or there believe that Kalum would not be there at his house at one of the biggest drug fests of the season, and also that his roomie, Trent, would be "asleep the whole time"?  What?  They just leave the door open and a party happened without them being there or "knowing anything about it."?  Oh yeah, I am so convinced "nothing happened" now!)

June 2, 2006

Ha! Ha! I see u got my letter, and I find you quite amusing! I did not say I am friends with the Yanktons I just know everything your writing about them is bullshit and out of jealousy. Yup and you have yourself a good one too!!!

(Since she is alluding to NOT being friends with them, I am left with assuming she is family? Or a wannabe Yankton?  Who else would be in their kitchens, with them when they print out, read and discuss my website?  Certainly not strangers!  Note:  After I said that, she quit writing. )


June 13, 2006

On 13-Jun-06, at 8:22 PM, (name withheld) wrote:
okay okay so i see your talking about my relative daylon on your web site here well just to let you know befor you post anything find out the TRUTH okay "he got busted with only a FEW amount of roaches as in WEED" he had NO other drugs on him an to be exact it was on a FRIDAY NIGHT another thing TRISTIAN is her name. she did not get arrested she was not at the hotel at that time. FYI daylon as you call him does not associate with his so called father, never has never will. His mother raised him with no help what so ever from his so called father!!! and another thing he as never had a court record. find someone else to talk about. Like your subject the yankton!!!

My response:

Well, not having a court record does not mean he is not engaging in criminal activities.

I am not surprised his mother had to raise him alone. A lot of men on that rez are losers and they are irresponsible. Sperm donors. Women have to learn to be more choosey before they bed down with what feels good at the moment. That tradition is still going strong out there, from all I have seen.

He thanks his mother for her hard work in raising him, single handedly, by buying drugs? Doing drugs? Or is a small amount okay? She must be so proud of him!

It was more than a small amount. But having people in the right places gets all that weedled down to just a bit here or a bit there. A Felony gets broke into tiny pieces and becomes a misdemeanor. (Then, Poof, goes away.. Like those dandelion puffs.)

I had heard about the Friday thing with all the K-9s and such at the casino. I thought this was a separate bust.

I said that I was not sure if Tristian (Trista) had got busted and would check on that. You cleared that up.

Now, there he is, doing drugs, big or small, with his baby daughter in the room with him. He may turn out to be the same kind of father he had.

Unless you are trying to convince me that this is the first time he ever did any drugs, you get no sympathy from me.

Yanktons are poison. Your relatives who buy drugs from them are keeping them in business and spreading that poison.

Doing drugs in front of or even while you are caring for your young child is a horrible thing. A selfish, immature thing.

How do you think a "little" drug problem becomes a "Big" drug problem? It starts by "just doin' it for the "funavit." Doing it to fit in. Doing it because you are bored. Doing it because you are bummed out. Doing it because everyone else is doing it. Do you think that people who are hopelessly addicted just showed up one day, hopelessly addicted? Fine yesterday, addicted today? Life shot to pieces?

No, they start off just one step at a time. By the time a guy is doing drugs, or in possession of drugs while his child is with him, in the same room no less, he is well on his way down that bumpy road. You think that is OK? Maybe the standard for Ok or not Ok is different in the home where you were raised. For me, it is not okay, period. Getting busted kinda proves it is a problem, or do you not see that part yet? If not, it will, I guarantee you, be a much bigger problem in the future.

"Oh," they weep, "How ever did this happen?? He never used to be that way..." Yup, fine yesterday, addicted today. Who coulda seen that one coming?Don't worry. I am sure that Uncle Bent will fix it up so that it is nothing. He is making the same mistakes his daddy made when he was a cop.

I hope Daylon's family is thoroughly embarrassed by his behavior. I hope he is thoroughly ashamed of his behavior. I hope that he figures out how he did this to himself and gets himself right side up before that little daughter or any other children he may have, grow up and see him as a drug dad.

The truth is that he got busted at the casino with drugs. The day may have been wrong, and Tristian's name not spelled right, but the truth is that he got busted in possession of drugs.

You stand up and shout like that is okay? You support his drug use? You think it is just his biz? Wrong. Wrong and more Wrong.

Drug use is everyone's problem. Drugs and alcohol are killing that whole generation and the upcoming one. It is a community concern. A little drug use is NOT okay.

I will post this letter in the moron squad. I will not post your email address because I can see you are just pissed off, but not trying to threaten anyone and you kept your language clean.

Ask yourself this: Had he not been using drugs, had drugs on him, would he have been busted for drugs? Or would that night have been just another night?  It was, after all, drugs that made it so special, was it not?

People who read this will be thrilled to know it was just a little amount of roaches and weed. Yeah, that casino is known for just a little bit of everything, and this will be really believable.

The Yanktons only committed a few murders. Only embezzled a few million dollars, here and there. Not like any of this makes one a bad person.
Well, you have to start somewhere, don't you? Let's start with a little bit of roaches and weed!

Trust me, there was more than that. You know it and I know it.
Hey, ask Bent if he can get this down to a parking fine, will ya? What's the point of having a cop, a Capt. no less, in the family, if he can't "protect" that family name, right?

Remember how the Yanktons sort of did the same thing?
You want me to listen to you? You want me to respect you? Your family? Be accountable! And walk the right way in this world and stop excusing your "small" crimes, in front of the children. It sets the worst possible example. Clean up your act and you clean up your name.

Until then, figure that when it happens, I will be there, watching with a hundred eyes and share what is visible.

The problem with the rez is not the murders alone. It is the entire sickness of that place that picks and chooses when it will be okay to do drugs, okay to rape and molest, okay to steal, rape, kill.

Drugs are killing the kids out there. Alcohol is killing the kids out there. For you to stand there and defend any of it, makes you part of the problem.

Let's say it was a "little" drugs. What is the difference?
No record? You know, James Jr. and Roger, Celeste, the rest of them, they don't have a record either. I guess you are all equally clean?

Daylon could do better and be better. But he chooses to have drugs in his life. And he chooses to have them in his daughter's life. I think it is not me you should be lecturing. I did not cause this embarrassment to you, Daylon, his drugs and his dealers brought that one to your door. I just narrate.
But thanks for the note!


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June 18, 2006

Diaper Mouth Returns!

She could not stand the thought of anyone not paying attention to her so here she goes again.  Once again, I had to clean it up.  This is not an audition for the Jerry Springer show, y'know!

But, if Jerry is watching, and needs one of these, she can be reached at:  I know she would love to hear from other like minded individuals.  This is as close as she has ever come to "fame".  Sad, isn't it?


there MISS KNOW IT ALL!!!! you make me laugh! your so funny about all the s you say and NO!! i didnt go out of the country i was always here but then i just had better s to do then write to your ass!! but now you really tick me off you just gone far enough i just wish who you were i mean you say you use your real name on here well whats your first and last name then f you like to talk about everybody what about you theres nothing wrong with you. you talk about everybody like theres nothing wrong with you your so......WEIRD but anyway thats all i half to say for now you stupid bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah yes, in all her glory!  I guess she takes each posting personally, eh?  Might be striking too close to home for that one?  Or, she just needs attention.

Not sure here, but can anyone really understand what she is saying?  I took out some of the swear words, but still can't make sense of her yammering. 

Does she NOT understand that I am using my real name?  She is asking for my first and last name.  Okay, First name: Cat.  Last Name: West. 

Hope that clears it up for the poor dear! (Really speaks to how she was raised, doesn't it.)

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June 22, 2006

This little gem comes from someone calling themself: Selina Horse. You can reach her at:  It sounds totally made up.  I mean, if this is true, God help the children! (and Jake).  This HAS to be made up!


I am writing becuz i dont like what you are saying about the guy that was caught with drugs and had his daughter in the room-SO WHAT ITS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! That guy only had a little bit of drugs on him, what the hell I do drugs and I am a foster parent. Plus I beat the hell out of my man Jake and he's soo stupid he'll never leave me. I have complete control over him.
Quite talking about the yanktons they are all good friends of mine. You don't know them personally so quite it!! If you knew the yankton boys and how good they are in bed-you sure would shut your mouth.
I really don't care if you post this, cause no one can touch me or will dare to, cause I will go to anyone who will listen and start rumors about them. That is what i have been doing about you, you bitch!! i finally got an email so i could write to you and i will keep writing to you, til i shut you up.


Note: Apparently this is a real person and she is really this stupid. For more on Selena Horse and her connection to a murder, see: Dion Horse Murder.

Or, if the June 06 blog is in retirement go to Previous Blogs and Blog 9 June 25, 06 posting.


More: June 26, 2006 blog posting has additional info: Here's the leader:

Well, more info on the Selina letter in the moron squad:  People are saying that she is this way, but that she is more mentally retarded and would not be able to construct a letter.  So, someone, very cowardly, is using her name as an email to write to me.  Or, someone is using her email to write to me.  Let's see, going to the rolodex of "Cowards on the Rez" I see we have one family, mainly, to choose from. 


You can find more on this in the 9th blog, June 26, 2006  I guess the real killers are not going to be happy that this has reopened!  I have a great list of suspects.  Don't worry, Coyote Boy won't have to lift a finger.  I will pry it out from under his sweaty fat paws!   (*Riii-p!)

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July 5, 2006


But the email is to a lame chickipoo who can be reached at: using someone else's name.

Always amusing that people try to tell me I am not using my real name, and then call me a coward for it, and then write to me either from someone else's email or use someone else's name!

Sometimes I think that all I have to do is post the Moron Squad page and the world would know for a fact, how much trouble the Future holds for the rez.

See moms?  Dads?  You leave your kids alone while you go out to Bingo and your children turn into cowardly applicants for the Moron Squad!  This one has even told all her friends to come and read her confused little missive!

Now, I am no fan of Chuck Trottier, but I can guarantee you, he did not write this letter!  ~Cat

Read on:

Hey there CAT WEST! How' it goin? over up this way is alright on this beautiful fourth of July night! I'm writn' to you just because i want you to stop talkn' S H Y T about everyone on this Rez! God is it so sickening reading all this stuff on your pages about everyone on this Damn' Rez! If you ask me i think you have no life and you have to but into everyone else's lifes! God you remind me of such a little kid! If you are so brave why don't you tell everyone who CAT WEST really is...... CHARLES A. TROTTIER, FROM THE WEST SIDE OF THE RESERVATION~!~

She then writes (as IF I need her permission): "YEA PUT THAT ONE IN YOUR MORON SQUAD"

My response was simple (Sweets to the Sweet?):

And how are those auditions for the Jerry Springer show going for ya?


I then hear from the Real "Felicia" from another address and she says it is not her.  Would I take her name off?  Yuppers!  Name is off.  But her friends are not her friends.  This one, in fact, is an even bigger coward than I had originally thought.

I hope the REAL Felicia is taking a better look at the people she thinks are her friends.

I then hear from the person who wrote the original letter:

HEy can you take that name off of there this isn't Felicia St.Pierre! HA HA I got into her account and used her name! so can you take her name off of there? She's going to get mad if she finds out her name is on here i just want to say this isnt Felicia lol. this is someone from st. michaels. thanx!

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July 17, 2006

This Bozo calls himself Rancher, but does not sign his name.

what a vivid imagination you have!! the way you write; one would think you are right here on the reservation, hmm. you are so intelligent about keeping your identity hidden. let's see your picture on the home page of this infamous web site!! our people call it the 'rez globe', just like a rag mag but on the internet. it's wonderful to know that you are so worried about the well being of our people; but do you really just sit back and smile to see the responses you get? i think you are quite the comedian! i laugh every time someone talks about this website. they must be pretty bored with nothing better to do than read your fictional happenings on our rez. it seems you are just a critic with no real life audience; just web surfers searching for a laugh. if any of your so called true stories of rape, murder, incest, etc. were true; there would be legal action taken upon those you are accusing? we are all not as stupid as you portray us to be; we do have other things to listen to, read and see other than your internet soap opera!! come on let's see what you look like? we want to put a face with your fname; I dare ya!! all famous authors, sports casters, new writers have their pictures with their news; even dear abby had her picture with her column. if you are so sure of your self and facts in this web site; put you money where your face is....


So apparently, he needs to see my picture and that will help him to believe what I am writing?  Does that even begin to make sense?

Kinda creepy these anonymous dude types wanting my photo (*shudder)

(We notice that he not only doesn't send HIS photo with the email, but he also does not sign his letter, so I guess, by his standards, that makes him a bigger coward than what he is accusing me?

There would be legal action if crimes were being committed?  Oh, right!  Yes!  The infallibility of the Pope, the FBI and the Tribal Police! Nice to have a religion, eh?

"put you money where your face is...." well, he can't spell and now he wants money in my face? 

I guess that when he sobers up, he will realize that he has just become part of the entertainment!  Well, to be fair, he might not be drunk, just stupid.

My identity is NOT hidden!  I sign my right and legal and born with name to each piece! Y'know, I am getting tired of saying that one.  People are either blind, stupid or both if they call signing my work with my real name "hiding".  There are some out there beyond repair.

Oh! Even Better!  He wrote from a fake email address!  I guess he was more scared than I realized! 

Pete?  Izzat YOU? AwoooAAH-Yip yip Yip!  Coyote got you!

It's got to be Pete.  He is the only one I know that is that scared right now! Probably emailed this off and wet himself at the same time!

Unless---there is somene out there even MORE scared than Pete... A-Whooooo-yaaaa!


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