Mike Meade, Jr.

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If we allow our hopes and our dreams to be stolen from us, we lose them completely.

If we fight for our right to have hopes and dreams,

No one can take from us what is ours.

Remember how good it felt to say, "WE" and "Our" when your team was carrying you to a new level of pride and recognition.  The collective heart of knowing all things were possible made you  each and all, stronger.

Now, in memory of your youngest warrior, stand tall and protect what is rightfully yours and let no one take it from you without a battle. 

Don't let the odds against you make you quit before you get into the game!

Be what you were when he was with you, and his life was not wasted and his death not in vain. ~~CW

Money Mike  

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He thought he was gonna live forever... So did we all