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Hmm, I'm tempted to call these 'lynx' just to stay in the 'cat' mode!

Free Peltier Now

Some good blogs out there. Here's one I ran into recently: Free Peltier Now They discuss, at length, more than any of the other Free Peltier sites that I have seen, the facts around Criminal Prosecutorial misconduct. They tie several of Lynn Crook's cases together in a way that shows a disturbing pattern of misconduct.

All the cases were around the same period as Eddie's Murder & Trial and involved the same players on the FBI, DOJ and the same Judge. Oh yeah, they all were members of the same Fraternal Organization.

Older Than America

Boarding School Legacy- Healing

Brainwashing and Boarding Schools:
Undoing the Shameful Legacy
A must: Boarding Schools Brainwashing  A lot of info in there, fairly current.

Fly Again Leonard Peltier (music)

Redbone Wounded Knee (video)

Interview Redbone ( 2004 ) (video)

Custer had it coming (video)

Redbone - Come and Get Your Love (live) (Video)

Redbone - Indian Reservation (video)

Buffalo Calf Road Woman A legend. The only woman to fight at the Little Big Horn. It is said that she was the one who delivered the fatal blow to Custer.

Johnny Cash Song "God's Gonna Cut You Down" with an excellent video depicting Residential Schools both in US and in Canada.  I especially love the lines:  "Let you run for a long long while...long tongued liars... and then I will cut you down." 

Blood Quantum Video- Floyd Red Crow Westerman speaks These videos are online and some take you to the Myspace web site which may be blocked on some computers.  However, regardless of how well I speak to tell you about things such as genocide of the Indian People and the fallacy of Blood Quantum, hearing from someone like this man, I think puts it in a way that it cannot be denied.  Racism as a tool of the government to oppress Indians, and even getting them to do the dirty work on themselves, needs to be understood and eliminated.

The Hanging of 38 Indians and the Mdewakanton Treaty Floyd Red Crow Westerman tells of the Indian uprising and how it came to be.  People don't realize because we are socially naive, the deplorable history and the gross mistreatment of Indian People by government.  Atrocities, were common place, and acceptable to the government as a way of 'keeping them in line', not unlike the Nazi tactics on down the road.  People were betrayed by the casual breaking of treaties, and when they went, in the middle of winter to get their food supplies, as specified by the treaty, the supervisor laughed at their hunger and told said: "Let them eat grass".  The collective rage that he inspired by starving and mistreating the people in his care on the rez, which was euphemistic for 'Concentration Camp', led to his murder and the slaughter of hundreds of whites, both soldiers and families. 

However, there were Indians who fought to protect the settlers, many had intermarried, and as in all wars, rage is the worst compass to follow.  The slaughter of innocents, in this blind rage, although it can be understood how it happened, also prompted groups of Indians who felt the anger, the rage was misdirected. 

Those Indians who protected the settlers were recognized and a reward treaty for their help was put in place.  (More on that later).

Those who took part in the uprising, were marched, men, women and children, regardless of innocence, in the winter, to Minneapolis.  Lutheran women poured boiling water on them as they passed beneath their windows in the streets.  It was considered in the ignorance of the times, "the thing to do."

Lincoln was being pressured to hang all 350 of the men, but in the end, he only signed for 38 of them to be hanged.  Being a strong Christian, the details of the atrocities done to the Indians was not weighted in his decision.  However, he did put it off until the day after Christmas.

IF you can get to the video, you will see comments, many of which are also misdirected.  Floyd Red Crow Westerman does not say it was the "White People" that did this.  He says it was "Government".  Keep that in mind.  We must come together as people to right the wrongs of Government and create a better life for all of us.  Going racist against Indians or Whites, or against ourselves, solves nothing, but perpetuates the inability to make clear judgments and take proactive actions to save ourselves.

I apologize for the lengthy description.  Like I said, most of the myspace stuff is not accessible to many computers and the kids need to know this stuff.

Mdewankanton Tribe Go visit this site.  Now, remember, there was this treaty that put aside both money and lands for the 'friendly Indians' from the uprising mentioned above.  However, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, back in April (I think) did a story on how the people who are presently claiming to be the legitimate descendants of the friendly tribes, are in fact, imposters.  Stanley R. Crooks (wonder if he is related to Lynn Crooks?) who put in the claim and established the tribe, is in fact, NOT an Indian!  He is a total fraud who has manufactured, deliberately and fraudulently, his entire history.  That has been proven.

The legitimate heirs to this tribe are currently engaged in a court battle to claim their rightful place.  The government is well aware that Crooks and many of the others have no legitimate claim to the millions of dollars per month that they receive, and yet, they allow him to continue and even give him additional funds to fight the legitimate heirs in court!

He also is head of the Indian Gaming Association, which the Senate is holding hearings on in order to deregulate even further, so that the criminals running these operations can continue to reap millions of dollars, and have to share only a fraction of a percentage of that, and then, only if they want to!

The government is knowingly funding criminal enterprises and Byron Dorgan, Senator from ND, is head of that committee. 

Everyone, Indian or otherwise, should be alarmed at this.  Everyone should take a good look at where this money is going and what other criminal enterprises are being funded through this system.

Everyone should write to Dorgan The Organ (see contacts pages) and let him know you do NOT approve.


Montana Meth Project Powerful ads depicting the consequences of meth use and manufacture.  I have been told by those who have been there, that they are addicted before they exhale and that meth immediately eats them from the inside out, body, mind and spirit. The ads depict that. 


First Nations FilmsFIRST NATIONS FILMS - Programs for, by and about First Nations people. Bringing our stories to life! Since 1998, our exclusive award-winning television broadcast programs are distributed to schools, libraries, universities and other individuals and institutions throughout the world. Specializing in the inception, creation and distribution of films about native peoples of Canada and the USA. View and buy films at our website.


Litefoot Okay, for those of you who do not know who Litefoot is, this is the site to find out.  He has been on a grueling tour to reach as many reservations and bands (in Canada, we call them 'bands') as is humanly possible, with his show: Reach the Rez.

Aimed primarily at the young people, he does rap, and gives talks to inspire youth to make their lives count for something.  Immediately, he engages the crowd, whether they be a handful or 20,000, on a personal level. 

He could easily have just taken his success as a grass dancer, actor and singer and taken comfort for himself and his family, but he chose to hit the road, drive relentlessly from rez to rez to put on the show, engage the dialogue and leave it better than it was when he found it.

I would recommend this for all youth, at a community level.  However, for Indian Youth, it is truly inspiring.

Suggested Viewing: Smoke Signals, Dreamkeeper, Thunderheart, Dance Me Outside.

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