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Here you will find some of your faves from blogs past!  There will also be some constants here.  Why?  Because some of you really like to relive some particular moments (Like the FBI raiding SMC) and also because some of you only like to look at the pictures! 

Where possbile, contributor's are attributed.  Here are also some photos that are variations of the same theme or person mentioned in the website.

Eddie Eddie with title Eddie's Grave Bufallo ProfilePhoto by Cat West © All Rights

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Richard La Fuente
Richard LaFuente serving time for the murder committed by the Yanktons and their friends.
Billy FoxBilly Fox stood up in court and spoke the truth. The judge called him a liar and threw him in prison for not sticking to the script. RIP, Billy! You had the courage and your reward is peace.

Buffalo at Sully's HillBuffalo Sully's Hill, Ft. Totten, ND.

The Genetically pure herd now replaced with lesser stock.

Photo © Restless Spirit All Rights Reserved


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image in windowPhoto by Cat West

© All Rights

Mike GoodMike Good


Beaten to death outside Oberon Bar 1999

Joe PetersonJoe Peterson killed in crash after adult sponsored drinking party at Tammy Yankton's.  Tribal Police not investigating.  

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spirit serpent on road to casino

Spirit Serpent seen on road leading to Spirit Lake Casino (Yes, it is a rendering, not a photo!)

FBI Raid on SMC PlantFBI Raided the SMC Plant at gunpoint.  Took over 16 hours. No reporters showed up. Event minimized even though fraud was found.  Several Multi-million $ contracts awarded shortly thereafter and again recently.  Plant makes armor for our soldiers in Iraq.    

Corrupt Justice Department

stickyDennis Fisher, AKA "Sticky Fingers" has an almost lifelong career as a shoplifter.  We're not talking candy bars here: He picks big ticket items.  He was one of the Prosecutors who helped to frame the 11 innocent men in the Eddie Peltier Murder.  He got his taste for power when, as a Chicago Sun Times Reporter during the Leonard Peltier trial, he used his "journalist" disguise to get information from defendants friends, and then fed that information directly to Lynn Crooks (USAG) and Paul Benson (The judge).  Originally thrown out of the USAG job after his third arrest for shoplifting, he was miraculously able to buy into a reputable law firm in Moorhead, and then take it over, completely.  Through that office he ran very shady dealings with mafia types (racetrack scandal) and used his connections with the USAG office to get advantage in dealings. 

Caught this most recent time, shoplifting (for a second time that month) in a Sporting Goods Store, he squealed like little girl, fought and clawed.  Later, while handcuffed in a holding room, he tried to ditch the evidence. As of this writing (October 2nd, 2008) his license to practice law has been 'suspended'.  I think, by now, clearly, it should be permanently revoked.

Below, you will find many of his closest friends.


Always at the bottom of theQBall the Screwball page:

  and he deteriorates..

Sex Offender 05 with glasses same moron, no glasses  

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Weenie Boy
Weenie Boy


Poopsie & the MissusPoopsie and the Missus
(She won the fly catching contest)


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