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So many Issues surrounding the turmoil and corruption in and around Ft. Totten/Spirit Lake Nation  are ongoing.  People being harassed, information being concealed.  I have several documents here and will start putting some of them on this site.

I am also putting documents on this site that are current or recent so the reader can see what kind of bizarre, nay, SURREAL environment is being created by those with power or authority.

Those who question corruption, criminal activity in their community are targeted without regard to law because those who are the pointers on the harassment are wearing badges or sit in a nice cozy State Attorney's Office, or on Tribal Council and bend the law to their own shape and form without fear of consequence or review.

When the authorities involve themselves in criminal activity, it requires a special investigator, special prosecutor and a task force to weed out the corruption.

I post the documents "AS IS" and you can decide for yourselves if they are valid, authentic, of concern, or require further action or investigation.

Zeroes This is where you will find court appearances because of bad behavior by some of the people who are familiar to this blog. 

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This link will direct you to another site: "Incident At Devils Lake" which has lots of factual information on it regarding Eddie's Murder and the sham of a trial put on by the Federal Government to Convict 11 Innocent men.  You will also find there, a 5 minute trailer on what this case is about. I urge you to watch it and donate if you can, to help make this happen. 

Recently, Todd Trotter, the Film Maker, has put up links to ALL the Trial Transcripts. Yes, those things really happened in a court of law. Those things were said. It will blow your mind. It will make you angry. And you will know why I have been onto this thing since 1997, and why those who see it, Such as Michael Hall of Texas Monthly who has written 4 Articles (one in the New York Times) and Todd Trotter, are determined to get this story out there.

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Tim Giago, an Oglala Lakota, was born, raised and educated on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. He was a Nieman Fellow at Harvard in the Class of 1991. He was inducted into the South Dakota Newspaper Hall of Fame in 2007. He can be reached at

Excellent piece, originally posted in, posted here, with permission on Jan 14, 2013 blog.


Social Services:

Letter from Anthony Longie (Shelly Lugar's new boyfriend) (Shelly previously spent tons of Tribal Money protecting her other boyfriend, Mark, from charges of rape, even spending tribal funds to pay for his lawyer after Mark and a couple of his friend's tied up her teenage daughter and raped her for hours.. that Shelly). Anthony, who really can't complete a sentence most times, seems to come to the rescue of Molly McDonald's 'reputation' in this letter.  Hard to figure out what he's trying to accomplish: Getting rid of the attorney, so that they can get rid of Roger? Roger is in a turf battle with the previous tribal council (and the present) to see who can get away with the most corruption. Sort of like "Mafia Wars", Indian style. Anywho, in the letter, Ant names who all is in the room and who is speaking on a phone call. I will put up the audio of that call when I can get it properly converted, but the letter is pretty accurate. Then again, so were the comments about Molly, being OFF HER ROCKER.

Kristy Wishinsky Hoaglund Rap Sheet & Court Orders

NOTE: DOCUMENT LINK for Dennis Meier posting TEMPORARILY DISABLED. I got this document in a rush and did not have time to go through and redact certain information that pertains to privacy. I will do that now and then make the document available again when I am done. 

Updated Sunday, January 8, 2012 4:54 PM redactions completed. Link available

Dennis Meier, spankedy by the State for abominable behaviors, disgusting, criminal behaviors from when he worked for Lake Region Human Services. Less than a week after this letter went out, he was hired, by Kevin, to work for Social Services for the Tribe. No background or even license checks.  It's the crony system.  And children are being hurt, neglected, raped and murdered because NO ONE is looking out for them. It's a 21 page download. 8 MB. I have not had time to convert it from JPG pdf to document pdf. My apologies!

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Dept of Interior Letter To Naked Lawn Ornament  (1.1MB) The letter tells her, directly, that her funny math for voiding the petitions against herself and her son, was unacceptable. Regardless of Vern Lambert's lame attempt at 'legalese', in his letter supporting her illegal voter count requirment, she was in violation back in 2007. Also, her claiming a 4-year term at that time, was in violation.

She has been serving illegally, essentially, this entire last term.


Updated June 18, 2012

Here is the Tribal Council's idea of distributing the Cobell Settlement Funds. Notice, you don't get a dime. They already have plans for it. The intention was for every enrolled person to get a check, but they ignore that.

Cobell Update: 41 Tribes get payouts. Spirit Lake says nothing to their members.

Cobell Ruling UPDATE February 20, 2011

Contact: 1 800 961-6109 for information on how to apply for your share of this ruling. OR, Go to

This ruling came down without a peep on the media. But it changes, drastically, how Indians can now own their own property, and the resources contained theirin, thereunder, and thereupon. No longer can Oil Companies and other corporations rip off Indians and claim it's 'just too complicated to pay them' or that they have paid the tribal council, go get your money from them.  This ruling, fundamentally changes how much control Indians individually and collectively, have control over their lands.

Fore MORE Info See Cobell

Severance Pay

Proof that the Tribal Council has been treating the Tribal Funds as their own "Personal Piggy Bank". Resolution A05-09-099, in May of 09, voted to give themselves major huge bonuses if they were ever voted out of office, recalled, or resigned or retired. They decided to make that bonus contingent on time in office: $5K per year! So, when you do finally vote them out, NLO and Walking Chicken should get close to $100K! 

Considering there is never quite enough money to meet the needs of the Elders, and the kids who won scholarships and grants seem not to be getting their checks, and anyone that asks for money for heating fuel in the middle of winter are yelled at because "There ISN'T ENOUGH MONEY!!!" voting to give themselves a 'parting gift' seems a tad out of line, doesn't it? It gets worse. The only two signatures required appear to be Myra and Susie Fox. Susie, never elected to anything, seems to have a lot of power! Oh, that's right, she was 'standing in for Zit Puppet' who was doing serious time for multiple drunk driving arrests, booze to minors arrests, controlled substances arrests, controlled substances plus minors...

So, apparently, if they want money, they hold a little private, close-the-door meeting and they write it up to look legal--- but it is not.

Perhaps the new members to the Tribal Council can now 'vote this out'. And since it was not legal to begin with, take the money back that has been given to the losers of the last election.

Sorry the file is so large, but I did what I could with it. Not as clear and crisp as I like them, but you get the picture.

Myra has been robbing you for years. She knows she's on her way out. She wants a huge chunk of YOUR money---for losing.  Plan ahead?

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Fuel Scandal April 2012 Must read: Stealing fuel that was intended for low income homes for heating/cooking during winter, these creeps get less than a slap on the wrist. It cost more to file the paperwork than it costs the guilty to pay the fine, waltz out of Judge Erickson's courtroom.  People went cold, children got sick, for lack of heating and they get treated like it is a joke. This is why USAG Tim Purdon is a joke, and so is his worthless Assistant AG, Janice Morely.  For those who don't know, Justin, after being fired for stealing fuel, was, a year later, illegally reinstated and given back pay. Brooke has returned to her job (with back pay) running the commodities (Food Assistance) for the Tribe. I wonder how much she steals from there? We know it would not be worth it to investigate, prosecute or try them in Erickson's court. He and Judge  Christopherson (spelling?), are the 'go to' judges for all the connected criminals on the rez.

Fuel Scandal April 2011

So far, Five people have been arrested and indicted in the Fuel Assistance Program which is Federally funded and designated for the poorest on the rez to be able to have heating and cooking fuel for their homes. Most who were qualified did not receive any fuel assistance and either went cold, or had to give up food or medicine money in order to heat their homes during the brutal North Dakota winters.

Of the Five Indicted, two are current Tribal Council Members, very wealthy, by any standard. I will post more as more happens.

Story from Grand Forks Herald

Carl Walking Eagle Indictment  Includes his wife, Barbara

Justin Yankton Indictment Includes his Common-Law Wife, Brooke Black

Patti Robertson, aka, Pattie Cavenaugh Indictment  She ran the program.

There will be more, if anyone even bothers to look. Many more.

The Indictments thus far:

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AYP Scores  The Tribe failed miserably under Erich Longie's & Wayne Trottier's direction.

Concerned Parent writes a letter addressing an issue that should be of concern as to how the School is conducting detention class. They do nothing, but sleep.  Interesting to note here, that Wayne Trottier, who ignores all requests for meeting when the Tribal Council, or anyone else for that matter, calls them, called a meeting on this-- to complain about the parent complaining about the school! He wanted to have her floated off the rez! He dragged in a couple of other administrators with him, to make it look like he had support. However, since the Tribal Council did not know what the meeting was about, they asked. Soon as his 'supporting cast' realized how they were being used, the got up and walked out.

Employment Stats This shows the tribe is down to 57% unemployed. No wonder the kids feel like they have no future with their own tribe. The school doesn't care, and only the corrupt run the jobs. That should be changing now. Let's see. These are some of the reasons so much futility blankets the community.

Now, Get a look at how Erich Longie sees himself: Heroically Arrogant. Arrogance, he maintains, is a key Indian "Quality". He, apparently, has more than most! Gobsmackingly bizarre!

And now, for a look at how Wayne Trottier, the guy who wants to have a woman lose her home for saying her daughter should be "educated" in school, not 'sleep'... gets that Stellar Board of Education to not only give him a raise, but to extend his contract for 2 more years... and, give him a severance pay deal that blows the mind completely!

The kids, the parents and the whole community deserves much better than these bozos. Or, are you happy with them being overpaid, overcompensated, given sweetheart deals and feeling like they deserve it because they are 'Arrogant'? You tell me.


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Rapists/Sex Offenders

Note: There are too many sex offenders on the rez to list them all here.

Joel Redfox, Tribal Councilor, refuses to step down and refuses to register as a Sex Offender. But here's the Proof: Sexual Assault, Pleads Guilty I don't know the details. I don't know if it was RAPE, or weenie wagging, but it was a sex offense. He needs to explain it to The Good People of Spirit Lake.

Looks like Galen Jerry Roberts was found GUILTY on rape. Here's the document that describes the ruling. Looks like 10 yrs or better? Seashelly, Tribal Councilwoman who has spent $$$ of Tribal funds to support her romance with Galen, and to pay for all his legal expenses, is wailing in court over her lover being found guilty. It was her 17 yr. old niece that he was convicted of raping, by force.  She shed not one tear for her niece. Whattagal!

Lemon Longie, AKA, Alfred Leon Longie was found guilty on one of the counts of raping his step children, and a hung jury on the other counts. He gets a retrial on January 20th, 2009 (*Inauguration date, btw).  Guess the Turdclan has to bribe/intimidate a whole new jury to try and get him off on the next trial.

If convicted on all counts, he goes away for a very long time. Turdclan fears he will talk to cut himself a better deal. If he talks, they all go down.

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TC Financial Statement July16 07 Jaw Dropping stupidity.  I have several other sheets from this time, for all the districts and will get them posted as well.  Do the math and figure out how much money they have stolen and are using for themselves.  Absent from ALL their financial records (such as they are) are:  Any mention of Casino earnings or costs; and there is NO CPA certification on any of these sheets.  In fact, so informal they only designate 'Walt' at the bottom.  Yet the Feds, with help from Dorgan the Organ continue to shovel millions of taxpayer dollars into these scams and schemes.  Who's paying?  WE are!

TC Meetings  Notes on Tribal Council Meetings. Laughable at times.

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Myra and the Regulators Hang on kids, the file is 5.7 Megs.  It's Myra (Naked Lawn Ornament) Testifying before congress regarding the Feds attempts to regulate gaming in Indian Country.  You know, making sure the games are straight, the books are straight, the money is accounted for, the complaints are listened to... She and the huge body of tribes she is representing, are opposed to those regulations. 

She had 5 minutes to speak, she took ten, they told her to wrap it up.

All these tribes know that the corruption in their gaming is the best part about being 'sovereign' (aside from getting away with crimes of across the spectrum).  That a lot of their power to bribe officials and run their own criminal enterprises will be at risk if the Feds have authority to regulate the casinos, like ALL the casinos outside of Indian Country are regulated.

Don't mistake giving the people an option to file a complaint with the Feds, (as opposed to having to file with the tribe, who then ignores it, retaliates against the whistle blowers) with interfering with, or impinging on the rights of Indians.  It will give you more control because you can hold those in power accountable, directly to the feds.

This Congressional Hearing took place at the end of June, 07.

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Spirit Lake Constitution & By Laws  Remember: They cannot change this without you all voting on it.

American Indian Civil Rights The whole booklet, presently, is 100 pages, including cover, table of contents and two blank pages at the back.  That publication is over 7 MB big and I have not yet found the hours needed to convert it to a smaller file.  However, these few pages here, in this link (11 pages) with highlighter, arrows, etc, contain information relevant to voting and exclusions.  Take a peek.  Anyone that requires the entire handbood, can email me and I will put it as an attachment.  Hotmail accounts and such, probably won't allow for such a huge attachment, however.

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Vern Lambert, sycophant  I suppose we can officially call him "Pimp Daddy" nowadays.  His son was raped by ZitPuppet and ol' Vern tried to get ZP arrested.  Failing at that, he decided to join 'em, as they say.  He was involved in the scandal some years back where Headstart Funds were embezzled.  He denies any wrong doing, but stealing from the most vulnerable children on the rez seems to be how the Turdclan and their helpers, 'sycophant' in this case, do things.  vern has been director of Education for some time, and again, without qualifications from what I hear.  For some reason he is also a lawyer???? He renders his 'legalese' opinion on the recall petition in the letter on this link.  Clearly, he states facts that are wobbly in that they seem to fluctuate wildly based on mood swings of the Zit Puppet and his hand puppets.

Not sure if he was paid a fee for this, but paying outrageous fees for needless or silly work is one way the TC and The Turd Clan pay off their friends.  One can see by this letter that Pimp Daddy has bent over to show how much he supports Zit Puppet.  I wonder, did he lick them before he joined them?

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Crystal Meth This is a powerful powerpoint document that shows in very brief but accurate terms, exactly what Crystal Meth is, what it does, how it works and disspells any sense of "glamour" you might have in your little pin heads about how "cool" it would be to try it.  This is the drug that is destroying your community, your future, our nation.  Everyone needs to view this.  Find a way to get it viewed. And, feel free to pass it on. I did.

Wind River Meth/Drug Busts A tribal Judge in Wind River got busted for drug use and sales.  Read all about it!

Mexican Gangs Target Indian Reservations because they know that corrupt Tribal Councils, Cops and Judges will protect them.  Several areas named here.  Ironically, they got busted and are on the run.  I think NLO knows them -- personally!  Just guessing, mind you.

Myra's Sex Offender Boyfriend You can find more about him on the ND Sex Offender list.  He is a high risk offender.  She has allowed him a plum job as the Medical Emergencies Response Director.  He has also run the FEMA office out there.  There are people more qualified, and without a criminal record, but they are not allowed to work in those positions.  They are highly paid positions reserved only for the very "special" friends of the Turdclan. 

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Zit Puppet Pouts

Zit Puppet Pouts This is so funny!  Zit Puppet now officially qualifies as a Drama Queen!  False charges?  Yeah right! He had no clue petitions were on him?  Then why was he threatening everyone that was signing it?  Oh yeah, people believe this boy...NOT! 

And, notified the media? Hah!  Would that be K-Boo-Hoo?  Legendary Stupidity at large!

If you have trouble opening the Zit Puppet document on that link, try this one.

Zit Puppet Court Hearings for Drunk, Drugs, Driving Offenses, Multiple Offenses, Giving False Statements to Police... too many to list here, so just a smattering.  As you can see, it goes back years and continues to this day.  Yet, never arrested on the rez? Gee, I wonder why? (*POP!)

You can type in his name "Brian Steven Pearson" in the North Dakota Courts website and it will fill pages.  He has offenses as recently as February of 08, And doubtless more in March.

Further, he has been cited for writing bad checks.  (Secretary-Treasurer???) And also he is now in trouble for not paying the fines he was supposed to pay.  Why is his sorry pimpled ass NOT in jail?  Check with the Senator's office and see if he knows! Hah! 

Court List too numerous (Remember: Brian Steven Pearson) another

Court 11/27/07

Court 7/30/07

Court 3/14/07

Court 4/26/06 also, Court 4/27/06

Court 4/3/02

Court 11/05/99

Court 07/30/99

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Audit Related Documents

CPA Letter This is right up there with Enron and Worldcom in it's corruption and scandal.  If the US Government doesn't move on this, it means they are aware of it and a party to it.  Everyone needs to send a copy to their Representatives and Senators in Congress.  Everyone in North Dakota also needs to send this to the Attorney General, Treasurer, Auditor. 

CPA 12 15 09

CPA 12 20 06

Rez Resolution 1 Jan 14 07

Rez Resolution 2 (No Date)

Native American Civil Rights

Native American Civil Rights Handbook This Document is 8MB to Download. I could not break it up, so be patient. It is the 1972 booklet, which essentially, through conditions & hardships imposed on individual Indian Persons, makes impossible for them to address abuses by their own leadership and which favors highly, those who have authority/power, essentially immunizing them from investigation.

Financial Documents

Ronin More loans Here is where you can see the money laundering methods: They borrow money, from people who then owe them money and no one pays back to anyone, anything.  They mangle the information in a maze of borrower, lender, agreements that zig zag all over the map thinking you won't follow them.  Question is:  If they have so much money and are doing so well, why are they borrowing money and then not able to pay it back? Document in PDF format.

Ronin Financial Statement Issued 6/30/07

Myra & the $3 Million Dollar Debenture

Carl Walking Eagle Stock Purchases

Carl Walking Eagle Stock Purchases 2

Carl Walking Eagle shares(ronin)

Myra & Ronin

Ronin Takes over Casino

Ronin IPO

Ronin Press Release(losses)

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Recall Petitions

2012 Recall Petition against Roger. "Illegally" (in my opinion) thrown out by corrupt/incompetent (or both) Judge Patrick Lee.

Recall 2013

All documents related to the attempts to recall Tribal Officials

Recall Petition on Roger Yankton, Chairman, June 27, 2013

Roger attempting an injunction against the recall, filed and ruled upon on Saturday no less, June 28, 2013 *Note: It's a huge file 11+ MB and is 9 Pages long. Best to print it right online. (I could not whittle it down any further than what it is now)


Petition To Recall Brian Pearson that one is pdf

Petition To Recall Brian Pearson-The-Rapist that one is a Word doc.

Casino Specific Documents

Mary Nicholson's Contract Not bad for a woman with limited education and no qualifications!

Oberon Documents

Oberon Council & Wang  Just another case, back a couple of mos or so (sorry I did not get around to posting it sooner!) wherein James Wang, State Attorney, feels compelled to stand in behalf of the Self-Appointed, corrupt and inept Town Council of Oberon, to bully a citizen out of his right to attend meetings.  Wang knows the allegations were all false.  But honesty was the first sacrifice he made on the altar of greed and corruption, long time ago!

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Oberon Style Why is the State Atty getting involved in common civil actions?

Refusal of Order for Protection - Stensland It would seem Judge Richard Geiger holds the victims of harassment to a much higher standard than most judges!  One wonders if James Wang (State Attorney) had a hand in this as well?

Exclusion This shows how arbitrary the practice of "excluding" someone from the rez can be.  This woman and her sister own the land and pay taxes on it, yet were thrown off the rez without a fair hearing and without the required signatures.  What are their options at this point? None.  The Tribal Council makes up the laws as they go along.  They ignore their own laws when it suits them. As you can see, it is the Mother-son tag team of Myra and Brian in their glory. Given what you know about them both, especially in view of recent developments, perhaps it would be the human thing to do to get this Exclusion reversed and allow these people back onto their own property?

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Miscellaneous Documents (Typical or Representative of Indian Country Processes)

Black Mesa If we can find a way to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and come together to help one another, the Truth will come out for all Indian Peoples.

Royalties Mismanaged This doesn't begin to cover the fraud and theft of monies that should have been paid, for more than 50 years, to various tribes and to individual Indian People who have had their property resources stolen from them (Oil, water, minerals extracted and not compensating or fair paying 'Royalties' to the individuals and tribes entitled).  Oil companies, by far the worst offenders. 

People living in grinding poverty while millions of dollars are literally, stolen out from under them by Big Corporations, who often use the corrupt Tribal Councils to facilitate the fraud, often paying those 'leaders' a pittance, in order to rob those who have no voice. 

HOW this was allowed to happen needs to be thoroughly and criminally investigated.  ALL of those responsible need to be brought to justice. 

Aside from all that, the interest alone, on all this money, is staggering.  Friends of mine have died after waiting decades to be paid what they were owed.  They died poor.  Dirt Poor.

All the while, Big Oil, for instance, rakes in Billions and Billions every month in profits, for oil they never paid for, all the while raising prices at the pumps to gouge every American who must drive to survive. 

If you think we aren't all Indians or becoming Indians, think again. 


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