Restless Spirit: The Murder of Eddie Peltier
A True Story
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Every story has an ending. Your life is a sum total of everything you have done. It all counts. It all adds up. Every time you commit a crime, regardless of who you think knows, and regardless of whether or not you “get away with it,” it all counts. From the moment we are born our life is beginning to end.


This life is not the end of the story. This life is just the beginning of the beginning of the bigger picture, the greater story. This lifetime may in fact just be a blink of the eye in eternity, but what you do here and what you don’t do here, counts. You pay and you gain in the next world according to how you conduct yourself in this world. You always knew there had to be more to life than what you have seen and done so far. And there is: MUCH MORE.


Some who make a pretense at finding religion after they have been caught are missing the point. Putting on a show like that may fool a few gullible types, but do you really think declaring you are “Saved” means you ARE saved? God forgiving you is not the same as receiving God’s Blessing. God forgiving you only comes to help you forgive yourself.

To forgive yourself is not to “excuse” or rationalize your offenses. To “forgive” yourself is to freely give yourself over to the full realization (experience) of what you have done. The full realization is too powerful and overwhelming for the cowardly and they go mad.

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When they die “unforgiven” in this way, the road they travel grows ever darker and more perilous. The only light to guide them comes from the prayers and the forgiveness of those they have offended in this world.

If you keep the secrets that allow people to hurt other people or if you keep silent when the truth you know and have witnessed would free an innocent person or convict a guilty one; that counts against you. You have, by silence, offended.  Your silence puts you in the greatest peril.



When we pass on from this life, some sooner than others, we don’t just start with a clean slate: Our journey continues along the path we have chosen in this life. This is why it is so important, and such an urge towards the end of our time, to “make things right”. We sense that we must find PEACE here, before we continue the journey on the other side of this world. If we don’t find peace here, in the short time we have, we won’t find it there and that is a long, long time!

Better to deal the consequences here, in the short term than to wallow in them there, forever. The choices we make here determine whether or not we have PEACE on our journey.

Those who have chosen to live in silence and allow the misery to go on around them will dwell in that misery and worse, for a very long time. No matter how long they live, they are terrified to make the journey to the next world. Afraid to die, afraid of what they have, literally, done to themselves!

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Those who would pray to harm another person create for themselves a dark, murky world of fear and suffering for themselves and their loved ones in this world and the next. For the loss of a human being is the loss of all the good that person would have brought to this world.

Bad Medicine works on fear and fear alone. By creating fear for others through bullying and intimidation you create a Medicine that will follow you on the next journey. Every prayer goes to you as well as from you.

By overcoming fear to do the right thing, you dis-empower the bullies and their bad medicine turns on them immediately and their own fear is multiplied. Where you were afraid of them, they become afraid of everyone. Truth is, they always were afraid or they never would have attacked and bullied anyone to begin with.

They say the gates of hell are inscribed with the words: “What Might Have Been.” All that is lost by direct and deliberate action of another person in the commission or keeping of a crime creates a darkness into which those who foolishly abide by code of silence will find they wander ever deeper. By the time life is over and done with, a greater darkness and suffering will follow.

It could have all been so different had we only made the right choices while we still had the chance. Rectifying a wrong, breaking the silence, is a right choice. It too adds up.

It does not have to be the way that it is now. Acts of Courage and sacrifice for the sake of Truth and what is Right will gain you much light and assistance in the greater Journey to come.

We all reap what we sow. The good you do will also stick with you, make you stronger and bring more light when you need it most.

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We are all human beings and as Human Beings we are, by design, flawed. You need not kill a saint to be guilty of and pay the price of murder, in is world and the next. Anyone that commits murder stands in defiance of God. Just because God does not strike you dead on the spot does not mean you got away unnoticed.

God has all of eternity to deal retribution and the longer it takes for you to own up to what you have done, the more you and those you love will suffer. If you love no one and nothing, you belong to oblivion: an eternity of loneliness. Needless suffering!

You are given time, not as a sign you “got away with it”, but rather it is time to rectify your error. Failing that, time to contemplate the longer journey ahead. Take advantage of the opportunity to answer in this world before you have to answer, in full, in the next world.

One cannot justify the taking of a life by murder. One cannot justify raping and molesting children. One cannot justify keeping silent while an innocent person languishes in prison for a crime they did not commit. All of these are part of the same crimes and all of these count. They all add up.


Those who have found the courage to come forward and to speak up choose a path of light and that light will guide them through the dark times in this world and in the next. Those who by their silence and their lies enable the bullies, thugs and murderers to walk freely among us, will have no light to guide them in this world or in the next unless they find the courage to bring the light to their path.

The only way that a community can be bullied is to allow it, to enable it. Every community outnumbers those who abuse them. All anyone has to do is to stand up. The first one to stand up will be a target, but they will also be feared. The more people stand up to support the people that are standing up, the more they can all help themselves in this world and the next.

I cannot do this for you. This you must do for yourselves. For yourselves, for your children, and your grandchildren. Stand up for yourself at every turn in the path. Or lie down in the mud and watch yourself be ground down and your children with you. This is a choice.

I guarantee that when you find the courage as a community, you will begin, at long last, to heal as a community.

When you really think about it, this world is not for us, it is for us to give to our children. If you don’t like what you were given, do better by your children. Leave more for them than you took for yourself.

Speak up NOW, while you still can. The time to act is NOW.
We are all connected in this life. We are all related and what affects one of us affects all of us. You are important even if you don’t realize your importance. What you do matters. What you do counts.

One thing is for true and certain in this life:

Nothing gets better by good people doing nothing.

Mitakuye Oyasin!



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