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Welcome to the new home of Restless Spirit, The Murder of Eddie Peltier: A True Story. 

Things have been a bit more streamlined here and I have much more room to move around and add images and better dynamics. 

The purpose of this site is not just to harass the murderers and their organization, but to inspire those who are living under their tyranny and abuse to stand up for themselves. 

A government sponsored program of abuse and corruption has plagued the Indian Nations since the beginning.  Some of us think we know all about that, but we only know the tip of that iceberg. 

What lies below is a seething systemic pollution and corruption that winds through corporate ivory towers, the Great Halls of Justice and into the bowels of our legislature.   And, in some way, it affects each of us in our own homes, our daily lives.  We just don't know it.

Indian Country, as the government now calls it, is truly run by a different set of rules and standards than the rest of this democracy.  Right in the heart of our democracy is a third world system that terrorizes, abuses and neglects entire communities; small nations within a larger nation.

There is much to be gained by keeping us all in ignorance and unaware of these goings on.  Our apathy, lack of awareness and worst of all the dime novel stereo-typing of what an Indian is, makes it easy for land to be stolen, resources raided without compensation by the biggest corporations in the world, and large groups of people who suffer from this, kept out of the public eye.

The government deliberately chooses to support the thuggery and corruption in Indian Country because their biggest contributors, the ones that keep them in power, prosper more and pay less.

The Justice Department itself is rife with corruption on matters concerning Indian Country.  Our "most noble" of institutions has dark corners where large evil thrives.

The stench never seems to bother those who are supposed to be protecting us all. Doors close, documents become hidden, sealed, destroyed.  Funding is unquestioned and unaudited, for decades on end.  Wheels are greased, palms too, and a wink and a nod from those who control it all, to those who keep the secrets safe.

If anyone asks: "What's that smell?" They are glibly chided and guided, detoured down some other hallway where those unanswered questions become forgotten.

Look around those corners sometime,  peer behind those closed doors and see what I have seen.  It will grab hold of you and not let you rest until you have wrestled it into the light of day and for all to see. 

Turn away if you can, I can not.  Nor can so many who have ventured into this unprotected territory.  We know what we know.  We have seen what we have seen.  A voice needs to speak out.  The voices of many must join.

For that reason and many others, I have embarked on bringing just one small corner of this evil into the light.  It is up to all of us, not just those living under the thumb of that evil, to get involved and make a difference. 

If we fail to do that, we must accept that in every aspect of our good lives, we are no better than the oppressors, the murderers, rapists, molesters and embezzlers that our tax dollars and our apathy keep in power, not just on the Ft. Totten/Spirit Lake Reservation, but in every corner of Indian Country.

Until we all see, and until we all become involved, this evil will only continue.

Once we have seen this, each of us, we must choose.  We are involved.   Either we are proactive and demand remedy, or we sit on the sidelines and observe; our silence condoning the evil. 

No one can say: "I don't want to get involved," for we are already, all of us, involved, we just don't know it.  What we do or don't do once we are aware is what determines the outcome of this story.  And it is OUR story. 

In good conscience, good people cannot abide these things be done in their name, nor in the sight of the Creator. 



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