Restless Spirit: The Murder of Eddie Peltier
A True Story
Cat West

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Children in a mad race to the Graveyard

Their parents wrapped in cold blankets of denial

Only thistles grow from worthless tears shed

What is alive today, Tomorrow's Dead



Thistles 1  Thistles 2

RobtokeBeer Bong Babescass drive high and diecar dope coolthem againgirlznitwitgroupgirls

get baby stoned

dana Yankton, drunk again

Haley Yankton Drunk again

more drunk girls

Rissa drunk again

  Rob Takes a Toke  

Holly & Scott




LaShanda Walking Eagle

  Quote from Leonard Peltier:"Wrong medicine is being offered to our youth, commonly called alcohol and drugs. It is up to each one of us, to get involved and make a difference in a positive way. It is time to give back to our children. I encourage each of you to take it upon yourself to stand up and find someway to help our youth. The youth of the world are in jeopardy; let us not rob future generations of their future."        


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