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    Still Restless 

     Change is coming. We have more to talk about. 

    Meanwhile, I have to relearn how to build a website. A lot has changed in the past decade. A lot has stayed the same. 

    Expect the old pages to disappear, the nav bar to go wonky until I can get this thing back into shape. And keep it from meandering all over the place. 

      Here We Go Again

    Here We Go Again *Looks Around, sees the dust channeling in through dirty windows. Fires up the shop vac.* That’s me in here. It’s been awhile. The place needs some work. A LOT of work. 

    Ya miss me? *laughs* Well, I haven’t stopped thinking of you all. A lot of you are gone now, but not forgotten. The good and the bad. (And the Ugly. < That’s obligatory add-on). A lot have passed on due to cancer, COVID, Addiction, Accidents, Old Age, Alcohol, and of course, the reason for this blog, Murder. Murder, wrongful imprisonment, and the bad guys getting away with it all. Why? Because the “Justice” system has flaws, big ones. And, in Indian Country, those flaws are outright corruption.

    We’re going back into looking at the Murders, and one inparticular, although I know there are many more, and we’ll do what we can to expose those, but the one I’m focused on now, will be Gilbert Fasset’s murder, and how, again, just like Eddie Peltier’s murder, they got away with it by falsely accusing an innocent man: Werner Kunkel.

    There are no angels in this and the reason is, we are all human. We all make mistakes. Some even do bad things. But no one deserves to be murdered, mutilated, and no innocent person deserves to be left to rot in prison for a crime they had no part in.

    There are a few of you out there who were itching for this Blog to fire back up. One stupid, probably drunk daughter of a corrupt official actually tried to start a fight with me and I told her to go ask her daddy if he wanted me to re-engage, exposing his corruption and all that I have on him from the previous Blog.

    Never heard from her again. Gee, I wonder why. She wasn’t alone, it’s happened a few times since I let the old blog fade away. You’d think they’d be grateful that drum went quiet. But apparently, their kids have a lot to learn. Maybe in this next series, they will learn something their families had buried, and then I dug up, because of them smarting off. I dunno. We’ll see.

    One great email I got recently asked me if I would start up the blog again saying: “It didn’t do any good, but we really enjoyed reading about what was going on, and people talking about it”.

    I laughed so hard! How can I resist? It was one of the purest comments I have ever received.

    For an update on how things went quiet on the previous blog: Everyone knows who murdered Eddie. Everyone knows that family and their connections to the murders, the corruption and have figured it out. Richard LaFuente was freed from prison, literally thrown out abruptly, just days after they denied his parole.

    They told him to pack his stuff and get out. They wouldn’t let family or the press meet him at the gate. In fact, they had marshals out there, to keep both family and the press from even being on the same side of the highway as the prison when Richard walked out.

    They were harassing everyone who was waiting for him on the public sidewalk, on the opposite side of the road! I guess they were that annoyed with people, important people, common people, media people, asking and writing about him. They knew he was innocent. They just couldn’t take the pressure anymore.

    He still needs to be exonerated, but that’s up to others and up to him now that he’s out. So, I’m up to “no good” again.

    I’ll get to those windows later. Got to build a whole new website. I’ll try to make it orderly this time. We’ll talk about a lot of things. None of it will do any good, but people will read it, talk about it and ask questions. And the drumbeat just might reach farther, further, deeper, wider than some people want. Maybe they’ll get uncomfortable wondering what you know, what you told, and who heard you.

    You know where to find me. ~Cat