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    The Origin of this blog and it's transformation into shining a greater light onto the abuse and corruption that runs rampant in Indian Country. The culprits are in every level of government. They are what ails us all, regardless of where we live, or who we are. Judging from events at the national & state levels, We Are ALL Indians Now. This is about them, and this is about us––ALL of us.

    Eddie Peltier/ Richard LaFuente

    Justice/ Freedom

    Richard LaFuente served almost 30 years for a crime he did not commit, while the real killers roamed free, and still do, to this day.

    Nothing "Just" Happens

    Everything we suffer now, all the suffering we see now, has roots in our untold history.  We can't know what we weren't taught unless we are willing to open our minds to the simple logic that "Nothing JUST happens."

    The greatest injustices have fallen upon Indigenous People the world over, and upon minorities in our very midst.  Unless we are willing to take on and hold accountable those who commit these injustices and those who profit from them as well as those who created the system that makes ongoing injustice "routine", we will never know Peace in our lifetime, anywhere in this world.

    It's time to QUESTION AUTHORITY and hold accountable those in power and those who benefit from a system designed by "leaders" to be unfair, unjust, and costly to all of us. This is not happening to "other" people, it is happening to People. WE ARE PEOPLE.

    Those in power will always aim our anger at someone else, even less powerful. Until we see others as equal to ourself, we will never know the true power of Unity, nor the Peace of living in a Just World.

    Introduction: The same corrupt system that wrongly accused, convicted and imprisoned eleven innocent young men is the same system, with many of the exact same players, who are currently profiting from rampant sexual abuse of children on Spirit Lake Nation Reservation in North Dakota, as well as most if not all reservations in Indian Country, and beyond.

    This Blog is documenting ongoing events at all levels of government. Events on the rez itself, often require someone to speak up and speak out, but since those who do are often abused, assaulted, threatened and intimidated by the abusers in authority, this blog is their voice.

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    November 11, 2019
    Past Was Prelude   Print (6)

    The Looking Glass, if you will, has been traversed. We’re there.

    Remember, waaaaay back when I was trying to explain how it was to live on the rez, where corruption literally ran every aspect of a person’s life? (Go way back to before I went on a 3 year, some odd, hiatus) and the comparison was if your town was completely run by the mob; the mayor, the cops, and you had nowhere to bring any complaints about corruption, because those in charge, were all corrupt. 

    To further exacerbate the scene, I told you to imagine that even the judges were corrupt, and only there to serve the mob that installed them. Where would you go? What would you do? How would you survive?  By the way, I was pointing out that so many judges in tribal courts were either not qualified by any standard other than a connection to the Tribal Chairperson, and maybe a high school diploma. Not anyone you’d think of as suitable, right?

    I explained that these were the circumstances that so many on this rez and so many others, were surviving under.  It’s why you don’t call the police. It’s why the tribal courts gave children back to their rapists, even took them away from safe homes, just to punish those who dared speak out and against the corruption.

    I also, repeatedly warned, and I know this got ignored, scoffed at and laughed at, that if we didn’t fix the corruption in Indian Country by fixing the corruption at the State and Federal levels that not only enabled and protected it, but enforced it, that it would be a trial run to set precedence on what we were willing to accept happening to ‘them’, which would end up as so many other corrupt practices do, spreading out to beyond the reservation only, and we’d all find ourselves suffering under the same conditions, soon enough.

     “We’re all Indians now,” I’d say.  I could see the ooze of corruption seeping out from every level, spilling onto our villages, towns, cities and suburbs, even then.  Am I psychic? Or did I just see that corruption, evil, nasty corruption, always needs to feed and it feeds on people who can’t or won’t fight back, and I saw we weren’t fighting back. We were standing on the sidelines, watching. It was happening to them, not us.

    Well, have you seen the judges that McConnell and the Republicans are stacking the courts with? Several have literally been ruled by the Bar Association in DC, as “Unfit, unqualified” and yet, because they hold the promise of protecting the corrupt from consequences, they are being put on the Bench for Lifetime Appointments.

    Judges on the Supreme Court that they would not allow the FBI to investigate. They want the corruption.  Why do you think that is? What was the results of trials held before corrupt, inept, unqualified, unfit judges in Indian Country?

    And with ICE freely storming into people’s houses, without permission, dragging people off to detention with no cause, just on the presumption that they (because they are not white) are illegal immigrants, having arrested and detained American Citizens several times, not allowing even a phone call, much less an appearance before a judge, and not accepting Identity Papers… just how miserable do you think they can make your life if they decide to do so?

    ICE is not screening out rapists, thieves, or other bad actors when they hire. They want abusers. They want to incapacitate us from being able to defend ourselves or even to make a complaint.

    When a judge literally has a child in diapers appear without their parents, without an attorney, to plead their Immigration Case, their Asylum Case, and then rules against them, what caliber of judges do we have already? So, seeing a judge is just a formality, and one that can be dispensed with.

    Without legitimate courts we don’t have security. We have authoritarian rule.

    Without legitimate courts, the police are free to do whatever they want and are not held accountable. It’s happening and it’s spreading, just as fast as the Republicans can get these jerks on the bench.

    We have a man in the White House who literally withheld financial aid from one of our most needed allies, because he wanted to pressure him, the President of Ukraine, into cooking up a fake story about Joe Biden, in order to give him (Button Dick) an advantage in the 2020 election.  Meanwhile, the very things he was trying cook into an accusation about Joe Biden, he and his friends were also trying to do for themselves: To get in on a deal to run the energy business of Ukraine. Rudy Giuliani has enough mob connections to fill every job.

    If you still find Button Dick entertaining, or worse, if you believe anything he’s saying, this is not for you. People just as stupid if not stupider than you, voted him in, and he’s bankrupted them, deported them, betrayed them. He’s betrayed our country, our economy is on the verge of collapse, and our allies no longer trust nor respect us.  This is exactly what Russia wants: To defeat the USA without firing a shot. He’s their man.

    It was our diversity that made our economy strong. It was the corruption in the system that kept wages down, and taxes higher for the middle class than for the billionaires. But they made you mad at immigrants, and you bought it.

    It was our allies that made us strong, in fact, made us a formidable force in the world. It was our NATO Allies that came to our side after 9/11 and fought alongside of us, and took heavy losses for doing it. In all the years that NATO has existed, this is the first and only time it was ever called upon to fight in a war next to anyone, and it was USA that called for help.  Now, the next attack won’t have anyone leaping to our aid. Why should they?

    We have become the Shithole Country he’s accused other countries of being.  

    Remember that: Everything he accuses others of doing, are things he is actually guilty of doing.

    Everything he takes credit for, is the work someone else did.  He lies so much, (it’s in the 10’s of thousands of documented lies now) I’ve lost track.  He’s going around taking credit for passing a law that supports Veterans, that was actually passed in 2014 by Obama. It’s not a mistake, it’s a lie. He repeatedly makes false claims that he knows are false, but he likes that his supporters are too dumb to care. He’s there to entertain them, enrich himself, and destroy the greatest country on earth as a favor to Vladimer Putin, and the Oligarchs (Need a Band Name?) to whom he is deeply indebted, to the tune of billions of dollars.

    If you don’t mind being sold out, stay stupid.

    But if you can see what is happening and you know that even if you are white, and you voted for him, you don’t have immunity from the consequences, you may want to do something about it. You may want to become more politically educated and involved.  You may want to take real steps to protecting what’s left, fixing what’s been broken, and making sure that the people we elect are held accountable, from council to president, accountable to you, me, us.

    If you don’t want to wake up someday and find someone you loved or cared about was brutally murdered and the murderers were allowed to terrorize your community for decades, and keep on killing, running drugs, etc, with no consequences, then maybe you should take corruption seriously. 

    Here’s a note: We can’t save ourselves until we tackle the corruption that has been built into the system that we have ignored and left on auto pilot for too many hundreds of years, with a government run, bought and paid for by billionaires and the Corporations that bleed us of our labor and don’t pay taxes.

    It all boils down to the Corporations and the hoarders of wealth. They don’t pay fair royalties for the common resources they extract, and in some cases, pay nothing. Oil  & Mining companies not only don’t pay royalties, our generous government gives them billions of dollars (they don’t even ask for) as ‘incentive’ to be more successful.  That’s our Oil, our Timbers, our minerals being sucked and scraped out of the ground, but it’s all their profits.

    That Pipeline is already leaking. And it’s been leaking for months. It hasn’t stopped leaking. It’s killing the aquifer, the biggest aquifer in the USA, right there in the heartland, its gooey, black, stinking filth oozing into every level of water strata, and spreading across the land.

    We were warned. But there it is. Those who fought to protect their lands and waters, and by default, our access to clean water, were beaten, assaulted, thrown into prisons and given hundreds of years of sentences while neither the oil companies nor the Pipeline Company will serve a single day behind bars, and their fines will be a pittance, and that’s why corrupt judges are a problem. 

    When it comes to your farm that can’t be irrigated, your water that can’t be drunk, cooked in, bathed in, and you decide to take legal action, what judges do you think you’ll get? They’re gonna be there for 30-40 years. That oily water will reach most of you by then. You think those judges, those unqualified, unfit judges are going to be your friends? You think they’re gonna protect you? Or care that you’ve suffered losses?  (Coyote laugh).

    Just a reminder. Today is Remembrance Day/Veterans’ Day. Button Dick, Jr. “wrote” a book (he didn’t write, none of them write their books) and he talks about how the first time he and his family visited Arlington Cemetery after his dad took office, and how it hit him, seeing all those graves of the Men who had died in our wars, reminded him of how much he and his family had sacrificed to help his father succeed.

    Yes. You think they care about you? Your sacrifices? Your losses?  they see your suffering and your sacrifices as so much less than their own.

    That’s what you get when you vote for a mobster. That’s what corruption is. It’s all about them. You are just a joke that cheers the lies at rallies.

    Corruption is spreading at an alarming rate. Indians have lived with it since Contact. They know how to survive and it ain’t pretty. Do you? I doubt it. It’s spreading above ground, throughout our system in the same way that crap is spreading from the pipeline into our aquifers. More than one pipeline is leaking, have been leaking, for decades.

    The corruption, the pipelines… it’s as though there’s a race above ground and below, for us to be overtaken by the darkest, most vile, most evil elements of unbridled corruption in the pursuit of power and wealth.  

    We watched it happen in Indian Country. Now, we get a front row seat.  Are we just gonna watch? Like it’s some show? Or are we going to gear up and do what has to be done to start setting this right?

    Remember: It’s not done until it’s ALL done. As long as corruption is allowed to thrive in Indian Country, as long as there is no justice in Indian Country, that corruption is not gone, it’s just pooling up, waiting to poison us all, again.

    We are through the looking glass, as they say. Many of us can’t recognize that it is us, because the mirror is a fun-house mirror, and we keep thinking it’s happening to ‘them’ (points), but realize it’s actually our distorted reflection we are seeing and that’s who we are pointing at. This is us. What’s become of us.  What’s left of us.

    Our system is supposed to ensure that we don’t resort to violence. In order for that to be true, we have to trust that there is Justice. That part is breaking down. It’s not too late, but we are peering into the abyss.  Start looking around. We need alliances, not further division by Race, gender, religion, or any of that crap stuff that works so well on the reactionary types.

    Corruption fears strength. There is strength in unity. Find a way.

    You know where to find me




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    November 4, 2019
    Great White Savior Syndrome -– Print (15)

    Yeah. It’s a thing.

    Things are bad, really bad on the rez, on every rez, all throughout Indian Country. Some of the best, very best people in the world live and struggle every day on the rez. They love their people, they love their tribe, they love their culture, but they are being drowned in hopelessness and apathy, corruption and bullying, with no way out.

    There are people who become aware of this and want to help. Who wouldn’t? The problem arises, or compounds if you will, when the person(s) wanting to ‘help fix this’ have no idea what is broken or how it got broken, and just assume that those suffering and struggling within that vortex, don’t know how to fix it. That it is in fact, their fault. That they did this to themselves. Victim blaming works.

    Spoiler: They do know. You have to actually listen to them and understand the system, how it was designed, by whom, for what purposes, to know what part you, me or anyone from the outside can do, should do, or what our role is to play in all this.

    Indian People did not break this system. Nor did they build it. Save yourself a lot of scorn and embarrassment of trying to “Whitesplain” it to them, or to anyone.

    The system was designed as a part of an overall program of genocide. It remains an ongoing genocide. Hitler based his genocide of Jewish People, on the design, structure and architecture of the Reservation System in the USAGenocide, mass murder, the slaughter of innocents, the stealing of properties, breaking (literally) every treaty by the government that wrote those treaties, and rendering the people who survive as without Rights, without recourse, without standing in the lands that were and remain theirs, is how you design a system that feeds only on corruption.

    That corruption, ultimately, is rooted in greed. That greed is what feeds some of our most massive resource extraction corporations: Oil, Water, Timber, Precious Metals, (all mining, in fact).  Those corporations became more wealthy, more powerful and they in essence controlled the government and the Congress that makes the laws that protects their power, prevents them from being investigated for their crimes, issues paltry fines for their massive transgressions…

    Those same corporations lobby for and gain more loopholes and tax breaks for themselves, every single year. They pay no taxes, most of them, and in the case of Oil Companies, one of the most profitable of all Corporations, for some reason our Federal government feels they must give them an additional $80-300B of our tax dollars in the form of ‘grants’, to ‘encourage them to do more and better’. 

    I repeat: Corporation that makes over a trillion dollars in profit, at home and abroad, pays little or no taxes, gets billions as an “incentive” without even asking for it, applying for it, while alternative clean energy businesses receive a fraction of their operating costs, or nothing at all, and have to jump through a series of hoops in order to even apply. 

    The goal, obviously, is to prevent alternative clean energy from taking away our need for the most toxic , most damaging forms of energy.  Alternative energy, would if subsidized even a fraction of what BIG OIL is currently, would make it more affordable in our lives, and make us as a nation, more energy independent, our air, water, land less polluted, less toxic. 

    Meanwhile, we’re paying Oil Companies to pollute, spill, and do further harm with no consequences or accountability.  (Wait until you get to the part about the Pipeline spill)

    NOTE: If we became less reliant on Big Oil, those wars in the Middle East would become less worth fighting.  Currently, Trump has abandoned our greatest allies, the Kurds, smeared them as being “worse than ISIS”, and instead, deployed troops to guard the oilfields. Oil, btw, that we will not get, but which Russia will pump out. Who’s he working for? Not us. Not our Allies. Not our best interests. But you be you, over there, in the red hat, snorting.

    Rapid Transit is an orphan because it would diminish our need for Oil. Other countries have highspeed rail and have had it for decades. We remain 100 years behind, not because we don’t have the technology, but because Oil Companies want us enslaved.  

    The Iraq wars, both of them, were started for the Oil Companies. The lies that got us into those wars, IMO, should be considered a high crime. But it’s clear now: Abandoning our allies, who lost over 11,000 of their soldiers fighting on our behalf, then we go protect the oil fields so Russia and Saudi Arabia can have it is how stupid we are at this point. Don’t worry, we haven’t hit bottom. It’s coming.

    Key to this misery, key to this costing us tens of trillions of dollars with no end in sight, is keeping us dependent on Oil Companies, and not holding oil companies accountable for the damages they do and not taxing them on the profits they make.

    Oil Companies ripped off every tribe in Indian Country, for decades (and they still are), by not paying for the royalties they owed for the oil they removed from their lands.

    Nobody fought for the Indians except the Indians and they had to fight using their own money against a mega corporation with billions of our dollars in their pockets, and it took decades. Indians won. Over ten years ago! 

    But not a dime has reached any of the members of any tribe, which remain with many of their people, in grinding poverty.  A few in luxury, with little ‘in between’. Choices you make determine if you eat healthy food, can go out and dance, have a roof over your head that doesn’t leak, have heat in the winter, etc., and that depends on who you are friends with that hold power. That’s it.

    WE, and by “WE”, I mean White Government, White Systemic Racism, allowed this.  Now, our men and women are dying over there, oil companies reaping all the rewards.  So, you think letting the Oil Companies get away with the abuses in Indian Country were worth it? Can you not connect the dots to your own suffering by virtue of the policies and practices of our Federal and State governments?

    Keeping the general population stupid, unenlightened of what actually goes on, feeding us glossy ads promoting their “green-ness”, and “clean-ness” is part of that. Our buying into it is the bigger part.

    That’s just one company, one product.


    The Lies That Blind Us

    We buy into the lies that blind us because we want to.  In some ways, we know that we have to, or we will have to face all the lies we were sold and bought into, for generations. 

    The history we were taught in school, was false. It left out our betrayals, our theft, our slaughters of the innocent. It starts with those school plays about “The First Thanksgiving”.  Folks, that is totally made up. It never happened. Most of what we were taught was so altered, so warped, they were more fiction than fact. Heroes were fabricated where incompetent jerks really stood. This fiction is what shaped our notion of who we are. It’s going to be shattering to face the lies as lies. Not everyone will have the strength or fortitude to comprehend it. 

    We are raised on a constant stream of propaganda, we accept it as if it is fact, and when actual facts step in to correct the misconceptions, people by nature, not wanting to feel like the fool for believing the propaganda, the lies, the myths, will fight like hell, threaten violence to anyone, everyone bringing facts that crush their beliefs.

    They summon a level of anger that they think makes them powerful, in order to maintain their hold on the lies that made them feel superior.  In this way, anything that argues for Equality is seen as a threat to those whose only confidence comes from feeling superior. 

    Those people seldom look in a mirror in a comparative frame of mind. They see what they want to see, what they must see, in order to feel “safe” in their puddle of ignorance.

    That’s the beauty of lies. It weakens the person being fed lies so that they can’t accept anything that isn’t a lie. We adapt to the poison even as it is killing us. We fear not having the lies because without them, we’d feel naked in our crimes.

    We are taught that the Quakers fled England and came here to practice freedom of religion. Nope. We were not established as colonies for Freedom of anything. That may be why the Quakers came here, but it was not the predicate for the Colonies.

    Explorers, on behalf of kingdoms, found abundant resources here. England, France, Germany, all vied for colonizing the region for two purposes only: Trading in goods, and expanding their empires. Period.

    Exporting furs, gold, rare in Europe, abundant on Turtle Island, and claiming that massive territory for the Kings & Queens who sponsored the voyages. The Church wanted to spread their influence to every corner because if any territory was not claimed by their religion, the future could see rebellion against their doctrine. Must brainwash everyone, everywhere.  Rule the World.

    The Vatican did not get all that wealth from nothing, they got it from robbing the poor, the peasants, the Indigenous People in lands near and far.

    Columbus wanted glory and wealth, but he had to be financed by a kingdom (queendom if you will), and that wouldn’t happen without the Church getting a piece of it. The Church had as much if not more wealth than the kingdoms they co-existed with. Ever since Charlemagne, the Popes have been the defacto Kingmakers. You can not be Royalty without their blessing. For that, you must pay and you must play.

    The Church had to make a ‘moral claim’ and to do that, they had to condemn the Indigenous People as ‘Savages’, and therefore Not Human, to justify both the Church and the Kingdoms’ claims to their lands. Atrocities followed. Crimes against Humanity were in fact, a chosen method of the Church. Some “god”, eh? 

    So powerful, every atrocity was allowed, no one questioned any of it. Power was in being able to rob, torture, maim, kill humans for not believing in your power.

    Call it “God”. They still do. Questions are still seen as blasphemy. Power so great it cannot stand up to the questions of a small child.

    The slaughter, torture, abuses of First Nations People was epic, and it remains ongoing. People blame Columbus for all that. I blame the Church. Columbus did nothing to protect the Indigenous People, but the Church has never stopped torturing and killing them and then blaming them for the poverty inflicted on them by those the Church protects.

    No school will teach our children about the genocide of Indian People. The content is too brutal. All the way up into the 70’s residential schools were punishing Indians and trying to destroy their family, cultural bonds, sense of self, dignity and to break the spirits of every child in their care. We feed them stories of Pilgrims and First Thanksgiving instead. Those broken bodies in unmarked graves? Don’t ask.

    Churches and their abuses didn’t come to light until this century, and the mea culpa parades began… but I suspect they admit their guilt without admitting or allowing the details of that guilt to surface in the minds of the Public.  We would overthrow the Churches, toss them out like vermin, if the Public actually knew and understood the depths and duration of the abuse under the pretense of “saving souls”.

    The casual rape, abuse, beatings of children, thousands and hundreds thousands of them who were killed in residential schools or died trying to escape back to home, thousands of miles away, did not see a single nun or priest punished.  Not even ONE.


    What Price?

    Churches pay compensation. How do you compensate for killing children? Why are you allowed to exist as an object of moral light, given that you obtained your power by cruelty, rape, murder and theft of children? You have to prove what they did to you, and that’s near impossible because the church kept those records, destroyed those records. What do you have to prove that at the age of 7 you were sexually abused by priests and nuns?

    We allowed this. Those who knew, kept us from hearing about it. Those who didn’t know, and that’s most of us, became apathetic accomplices. Our silence, our support for the government and the churches that instigated this abuse, was us supporting it. We should be angry at the government and the Church, but instead, we attack the victims, and tell them that their distress is of their own making. We see ridicule of their culture and tell them to get over it.

    For any of us to now stand up and say: “Let me tell YOU how to fix YOUR problem” is wrong. It’s us wrapping ourselves in a cape of savior, without us even looking at the root of the problem, the corruption, and the system that protects that corruption. Our part in that system.

    You want to save Indian People? Save yourself first. Start weeding out, exposing and unraveling the corruption.  Expose those who gained their wealth and power through the systematic series of wrongs done to both Indigenous People and to Black People. 

    Just because the corrupt have kept power and their families have become powerful, doesn’t mean we owe it to them to protect them.  I don’t care how much charity they donate to, they do it for tax write offs and good PR so that the unwashed masses (we) won’t rise up and dispossess them from their mansions and estates.

    NOTE: Jeffrey Epstein walked among them, was lauded by them, and they knew of the accusations, many participated. When he was brought down by the strength of his victims, not by our government which never protected the victims, he was murdered in his cell. 

    You hear people say “Eat the Rich”, but what you don’t realize is that if they feel they will be exposed, they will eat their own to protect themselves. Someone with more power than Epstein ordered him silenced. If you let the story end by believing he committed suicide while the autopsy shows the many broken bones in his neck were indicative of murder, then you choose to fed lies. You prefer lies. Lies are easier to swallow. You’ve swallowed too many already. He was a bad guy, so who cares who had him killed? HINT: Bigger, Badder Guys.

    Back To The Beginning

    From Inception, our country was founded on theft, corporate greed, and betrayal. We can’t change history, but we can change the future by learning a more accurate version of what actually transpired back in the day, and what is going on today.

    We are paying the price, we just don’t know it. Our soldiers are dying over there, over here, and living on the streets. We are paying in ways we don’t know how to calculate, but we should learn if we want to save ourselves.

    The difference between us and everyone on every rez? People on the Rez KNOW of the betrayals, and the costs of corruption.  They live it every day.  It’s happening to us and has been for generations, but in a slower, more insidious pace, allowing us to believe the lies, and to lie to ourselves. “Here are the lies you must eat. If we are not here to feed them to you, here are the ingredients and the recipe for you to make your own, and to consume them, and to feed them to your children.”

    Present Day

    All we have to do, is begin to stop lying to ourselves. If we pursue corruption, root it out at every level, we will fix ourselves, and guess what? We’ll find that these tribes suddenly have more control over their own destiny, and can root out the tribal corruption because there will be no State, Federal system to protect the corrupt in their midst.

    If we disempower corruption, we save our country. If we protect corruption, we fail to protect ourselves. It’s becoming more obvious all the time.

    I’ve spent decades painting the wrongs in one reservation, Spirit Lake Nation, centered around the epitome of corruption: The Murder of Eddie Peltier, and the cover up that betrayed the entire tribe, with the frame up of 11 innocent young men for a crime they had no part in.  All the while it was obvious that the guilty got away with this because the Federal and State government was corrupt and assisted the guilty at the expense of the innocent.

    That system remains intact. It’s time to unravel it. It’s time to expose it. Because it’s not just one Tribe, it’s the entirety of Indian Country. It’s not just Indian Country, it’s everywhere. Every-f’g-where.

    Paint a picture as you will of any tribe, anywhere, and show the broken, the suffering and the violence, but know they didn’t get that way on their own. We. Did.That.To.Them.

    Ignorance saves no one. Want to ‘save the Indians’? Look in the mirror. 

    Know this one thing above all else as you see the stereo types of Indians portrayed as either violent, abusive addicts & alcoholics; or as Noble, stoic, types: Throughout our history, since Contact, despite the ongoing genocide, despite the ignorance and lies that covered the crimes of Corporations and Federal, State Governments, Indians still stand. They are not gone. They have survived the worst that Humans can do to other Humans.

    What you see that is broken, we broke that. We owe that person, that family, that community, our assistance. 

    Who have I met on reservations and from different tribes? The best. The strongest. The bravest Humans who have, like our allies, risked and lost their lives to try and get the Truth out there, and we OWE them.  

    No one is without flaws. No one is without some shameful episode in their own family. But know that stepping forward and out of that to tell the truth is an act of courage few can grasp because so few have ever summoned the strength on that level, ever. Honor that. It matters that you recognize it.

    Start listening to them tell their own stories. Listen. That’s the very least you and I can do. Listen.

    The next thing we can do is defend them and their lands from the continuing damage of exploitive Corporations. Protect their Rights to Protect their Lands and to Protect their future. Their future is OUR future. Their present is our Future. Don’t fix them, fix US!

    When you realize that two women who protested, peacefully and unarmed, the pipeline that is a threat to their tribal lands, just received sentences of over 100 years each, you must KNOW the system is broken. 

    That pipeline has now ruptured, spilling millions of gallons of bitumen into the aquifer the protesters were trying to protect. That aquifer is the largest single source of drinking water for the entire Midwest. The protesters get 100+ year sentences, but those who literally just killed the water supply for 15 states will get a fine. They will fight that fine. For years. No one will go to jail because of what they did. Only those who tried to save us will do time in prison.

    We are told it’s only 383,000 gallons.  As if that in itself is not a huge warning. But the truth is that the oil companies never tell the truth about their spills. It takes much longer for the truth to come out. They are gauging the amount based on what is visible on the surface…. But bitumen does not float. What is on the surface is a fraction of what is in fact, below the ground, seeping into every cranny of that aquifer. In the case of oil spills, it’s what you don’t see, that will kill you. For that oil to rise to the surface requires 100’s even a thousands of times more oil (bitumen) beneath it. 

    There is no technology available to clean up oil spills completely, and none to clean up bitumen at all.

    Those Oil Company execs, their Koch Brothers, will be courted by republicans and some democrats, because their money is power. They should be shamed, shunned and jailed, but they will be sought out instead, as political kingmakers.

    The super wealthy will be able to move away, protect their families. Maybe move to another country. The rest of us will be trapped in communities where cancers and other diseases will sharply rise; where animals will sicken & die, where crops will fail, and the government will pretend they don’t know why.

    Decades from now, when the truth comes out, the wealthiest who profited off of this misery that will last until the end of time, will declare there was no way to foresee the pipeline’s failure… except, there was, because of the failure of the other pipeline, at the border of North and South Dakota… that also spilled millions of gallons of oil years before… and has never been cleaned up.

    Bulldozers violated court orders and tore through sacred burial grounds, no problem. The laws don’t apply to corporations.  Corporations got local racist police enforcement to attack the protesters with water cannons, LRADs, tear gas, and the military to sweep them out of their camps. Tactics were brutal. Vicious. It takes a special kind of ugly Human to want to do that, or to obey orders to do that.

    Two women protesters, I remind you, drew sentences of over 100 years for trying to prevent the damage that is now in process. Oil Companies and the Pipeline companies only take profits, they don’t shoulder responsibility. Who should be in jail? People defending their own lands? Or those poisoning it?

    They did this damage in Indian Country, but that aquifer feeds 15 states. You think you’re not going to be affected? You think your kids won’t get sick from cancers and diseases that can’t be cured? You think the government is going to protect YOU?

    Farms and ranches in those states provide most of our meats, grains and sugars. Breadbasket. Help yourself!

    This happened in the heart of the USA. The Heart has now been poisoned. Ooopsie.

    But, will you protest? No. You were told that those raggedy ass Indians were standing in the way of “Progress”, and you believed that. You cheered when they got brought down.

    You can’t admit it, but I will tell you, you signed your own death warrant with your racism. Maybe you’ll get old and die because you’re already half-way there, but it won’t be long before children in the Midwest are considered middle-aged at 10, because so many will die before they reach 20.

    Meanwhile, their hospital bills are going to bankrupt you. But don’t worry, you’ll get mad at the people who tried to prevent it, and you’ll get mad at the people trying to fix it if they ever get the chance, because your anger has been misdirected for so long, you act out where you are pointed, instead of where the source of your misery rests so comfortably, at the dinners and secret fundraisers of your Republican Party.

    Democrats don’t take money from Big Oil.  Don’t try to point out the small donors who are laborers in the industry, they are not the multi-billion dollar dark money PACs.  They are not the FAT CATS. The Republican SCOTUS with a warped reading of our Constitution, rendered us all helpless with their Citizens United Ruling that said Corporations were entitled to free speech, and if we limited how much money they could donate to a candidate or party, we were hurting their free speech.

    Those same justices now hobnob with the very captains of industry who have cases pending against them in Supreme Court. Openly consorting with one party, and you. Expect a fair ruling? If I could, I’d laugh.

    Money is speech. How much do you have?

    Corporations are people when it comes to politics, but they remain shielded from responsibility when it comes to the damage they do in pursuit of those profits. That’s your “Conservative” Judges. They protect corporations over people. Now, drink to that, but not the water.

    Conservatives have brainwashed you, through talk radio (which they own) and FOX media, which they own, that your anger should be directed at anyone that tries to stop them. And you’ve gone along with it all this time. All (98%).  media is owned by 6 Major Corporations, all owned & run by Conservative White Men. Media that is independent goes begging for your dollars. The poison is free. The Truth is starving.

    Unable to admit you were lied to and that your votes have created the damage being done and the worst that is coming, you’ll put on your red hat, fire up your flat bed and parade through town with your Trump signs and declare yourself too stupid to care what comes next.

    Turns out that “MAGA” is a Nigerian word for “stupid, easily fooled, idiot.” Who knew?

    Have you seen the votes of your senators and your congressmen? Have you taken a good look at who is buying them?

    Stay divided, stay weakened, stay misdirected in your anger. That’s how Russia wants us. Every Republican has failed to show up at the hearings despite being on the committees, because they don’t want to hear the truth, because that will make it harder for them to defend the criminal who’s being impeached.

    They literally have to stay ignorant, and convince you that they are being denied access, when in fact, they refuse to attend those very hearings. They’re too stupid and too lazy to get a real job. They just have to make sure they keep you stupid enough to keep voting for them so they can keep protecting criminals who are killing your kids.

    “The First Step To Solving a Problem is To Admit there’s a Problem.”

    They’re clowns. They have buzzwords to trigger you. And you’re too proud to admit you’ve been lied to. You believe them because you want to. You’re afraid not to, even as your children drink poisoned water. Even as crops will be watered, and livestock watered… it will spread throughout the land above as it spreads throughout the aquifers below. It can’t be stopped. You can’t move away from it. And you can’t admit it.

    You can’t even take the first step. You’re that weak. Just the way they want you. If you loved anyone, especially your family, you’d find a way. You’d find the courage. You’d take that first step.

    But you’re too weak. You’d direct your anger in the right direction, to the source of your misery, those who lied to you all these years. (But you crave that poison. You even have favorites who deliver it. You’re addicted to the poison).

    You’d find a way to organize and take political action to begin the long road of rectifying the injustices you never realized would end up at your door. (But you can’t because you spent your whole life believing *they* were takers, they were lazy, they were your enemy… you couldn’t see them as they are, or even as they could be, because you were taught to believe you were better than they…so that made them the enemy you feared, while the real danger pretended to be your friend, your ally, your voice in government…

    How do you change course? How do you stop drinking the poison? You know you’ll lose friends over this. Friends who still drink the poison and can only be around others who reinforce that it’s good to drink that poison… because they feel so powerful when they drink that poison. Powerful when in the crowd where everyone is drunk on that poison…

    The Truth will set you free, but you’ll have to find and make new friends. Your old ones only want the poison.  You become their enemy. “You think you’re too good for us?”  “You think you’re better than us?” and “Who do you think you are, anyway?”

    To that last one, you should answer: “I’m not sure, but I’m going to find out. I’m real sure I’m not this poison drinker anymore.”

    Geez, that sounds like a form of rehab where the client has to learn to stand up for themselves, care enough about themselves to make the kinds of changes that save their lives: Give up alcohol, drugs, and not be around those who partake in those poisons… but in this case, it’s the lie about what Conservatism really is, and what the people fighting for you really are.

    Our nation needs rehab. But the dealers are running it. Vote them out. Vote for Justice, not greed. Vote for truth, not ignorance. Show them who you are. Show yourself. Show your children. Give them a chance. The Chance you never had.

    Not The Same

    Both Parties are not the same. Repeat: They are not the same. One has to lie to you about what is going on. The other has to show you the truth in a way that makes you understand it and not be afraid of it. One makes you feel powerful when you are drunk on it, and with a lot of other raging idiots also drunk on it, and the other shows you the damage being done and the hard work that has to be done to stop it.

    The Truth is scary, but it’s our only way out of this mess. It’s the only way to hold accountable those who have done the real damage. Get mad when you are lied to. Get mad that those lies were just to make you blind angry at all the wrong people.

    Get mad at the liars. And then do something about it. Vote them out. And get involved in the process of your government. Don’t just vote and think you’re done…stay educated and active. Show up for townhalls, and ask questions, and expect the truth. Hold the elected accountable.

    Oh, our national debt has gone up another $3 trillion dollars since last April. Just thought you’d like to know.  Those tax cuts to billionaires are costing us.  McConnell says to pay for it, he has to get Medicare and Social Security cut down to nothing. The poor must pay for the rich. That’s how Conservatives work these past 40 years. But they tell you they’re saving babies, cutting taxes. It just costs you more. You get mad at Dems, right? LOL. Shake your fists at the elderly? The sick? Yeah, that’s the power! *Coyote rolls in the dead leaves, laughing*

    They wave their hand in front of your face, say “Boo!” and steal your wallet, but tell you that it was the ghost that took it. Didn’t you hear the “Boo”?  The “Boo!” was the important part. Aren’t you paying attention? Now, back to our story…

    Duck & Cover?

    There is no drill for little kids to practice to avoid the deadly effects of poisoned water. They will drink it, they will bathe in it, and their clothes will be washed in it. Their food will be raised in in. Bullets, sponsored by the NRA (funded by Russia), and poisoned water sponsored by Big Oil and the Pipeline. Yeah, Progress. Lots and lots of progress. Those silly protesters! Trying to stop progress.

    Congrats North Dakota. You got your Pipeline. Your judges sure are showing those protesters whose boss!  Broken Treaties were just the beginning. It’s not just Indians anymore. Its you, me, our kids and grandkids.

    We are not the heroes that we think we were or are. We are the ones who have benefited from the wrongs done to righteous, honest people. We benefited from not being the victims, even though now, with the wars from Viet Nam to the Middle East, we are losing our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters to enrich Oil and Mining Resource Extraction Corporations, who have wrapped their greed in the American Flag, and portrayed us as heroes, just so we can’t see that we too, are being robbed of our future, our families. That cape covers our eyes. Cute, eh?

    Racism has been used to keep us from seeing each other as we are, keeping us divided by ignorance, and keeping us in bite-size pieces so they can more easily manipulate us.  The brainwashing by FOX on our friends and relatives has created a mistrust and widened the divide.  

    Playing on our sense of helplessness to make us feel we must have AR-15 weapons or we are powerless, is how they keep us powerless. It’s how they keep our children terrorized.

    I went to school learning “Duck and Cover” in case the A-Bomb came to my town. Children in preschool are learning to hide in terror of a mass shooter coming into their school. 

    The A-Bomb never got dropped on my town. I was never traumatized by that.  But children are terrorized every day by the news of another mass shooting, while those who want to keep us fearful tell us that we must allow everyone, even those whom we know are a threat to our safety or their own, to have an AR-15. 

    They cover that by saying that if they take away a gun that was not designed for domestic use, but rather for the battlefield, that hunters will lose their guns, citizens will lose their side arms, because the AR-15 is somehow, all guns. People unskilled in simple logic, buy into this because it’s said with a straight face.

    Stupid people buy into this. People who were made stupid by curriculum that lied to them since childhood and a Network run by a corporation that pays no taxes, needs to take more of our money so they can get richer and more powerful. They dread that someday we will wise up. 

    The drone from FOX is reinforced by those in the Republican Party who echo it, and by media who only focuses on the Wingers who still support Trump, as if theirs is the only opinion that matters. It isn’t. It never was. He lost the popular vote, and his presidency is illegitimate and he knows it. That’s why he’s trying to blackmail Ukraine into smearing his political opponent. He needs to cheat to win. It’s how he ‘won’ last time, while losing by more than 3 Million votes.

    Republicans know this. But they only want power. They play to every lie you’ve ever been told. They play to every fear you’ve ever had regarding someone not white as you. They divide us by gender saying women are less important than pregnancy. Women are only incubators. Weaken women, you weaken society.

    Cheyenne Proverb: “A nation is not conquered until the hearts of its women are on the ground. Then it’s finished; no matter how brave its warriors or how strong their weapons.” 

    And that is why they keep trying to disempower women, to reduce them to incubators. Women die, the powerful shrug. The hearts of our women ….

    It’s why women were raped, and why women are still raped, and women are blamed for their own rapes while men are excused as somehow not responsible for their own crimes or their own behavior.  To weaken society because a weak society, one that blames victims for the crimes committed against them, one that uses racism to justify crimes against entire groups, one that overlooks or minimizes crimes of the powerful be they corporations, Churches, police, or any government agency, is a weakened society and is easily controlled.

    You want to save Indians? You want to be a hero? Pick a spot and start from there. But don’t expect you’ll succeed at fixing anyone’s life but your own. Because that is where it has to start.

    Listen to their stories. Listen to their lives. See the injustices past and present and work to undo those injustices. Or not.

    But don’t come to me and ask what you can do for them. They don’t want anything done for them. All they want is Justice. That’s all anyone wants. When we get real Justice, we get real balance, we get Peace. In Peace we can prosper. Without it, we can only scrape and hope.

    The corruption we enjoy, that we benefit from, is killing us as a nation. Either we continue to support it, or we draw the line, change our course, and fix US. We don’t need to ‘fix Indians’, we need to fix our system, our racist, genocidal system. We need to educate ourselves. We need to listen.


    There’s a lot of places to start.

    What’s stopping you?
    You know where to find me.


    Reading List:

    The Mueller Report, Secret Memos, Buzzfeed. << Very reliable. 

    "Uprooted", the 1950's Plan to erase Indians APM Reports. Comes with video

    Trump Jr., now tied to to Banker Behind Russian Money Laundering Scheme. Ties up a lot of loose ends.

    The Difference between a Ball Game and a Political Rally. From Twitter

    Want to know who profits from those Economic Zone Tax Breaks and why it isn't you?

    Federal Deficit Increast to $985 Billion (Note: Federal Debt increased by $3 T in the last 7 months. That's a different barrel of monkeying around with our money.



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