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The ongoing events and behaviors of those who murdered Eddie (and others)  on the Fort Totten Reservation, North Dakota.  How the ongoing criminal enterprise continues to flourish unabated and without a single response from the Justice Department.  Well, not surprising on that!  They would have to investigate themselves and how some of their elite were directly involved and have prospered from the corruption that exists, protected and funded by US Tax Dollars.

Even if you don't live on the Rez, it's your money, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.  You owe it to yourself to peek in once in awhile and see what you are paying for.

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This gives me more room to add more pages, photos, images, graphics, cartoons... (I could go on and on, but I won't) and I can make more dynamic pages including a "string board" (Police Investigators will know what that is) which will show who's who in the Rez Zoo.  There will be more features, more pages and a more comprehensive site in general. 

All the pages are not yet hooked up, but as they fill out, I will post a note here and you can go and see for yourself.  Some of your old favorites will be back, including Weenie Boy's page, Q-Ball the Screwball and a few new ones like the Moron Squad, featuring "Diaper Mouth".

April 23, 2006

Wow, hard to know where to begin.  Let's see, we left off with Turdmother and her gang finding religion.  Yup, they became solid church goers-- for about 2 weeks.  I guess all that bathing and getting cleaned up was a bit much for them.  Putting on the show that no one believed anyways.  So, why bother?

Or, maybe they found that they could not buy their way out of hell?  But if anyone could buy their way out of Purgatory or wherever, it would be them, right?  They do have a whole lot more money coming in now that they have given Q-Ball the position of Director of the Sioux Sewers (sounds almost like the beginning to a Bad Rap Beat, doesn't it?).

All those jokes about Q-Ball having to work in the sewer ("Mama? Is that YOU?") turned out that once again he won't have to do any work at all.  Give him the title, the family accesses the money and it all rolls downhill from there. 

Yes, the woman they fired, from what I understand, was Mary Trottier's sister.  She missed one day and bang, the rapist, child molester, murderer gets the job and all that money!  (Gee's Mary, couldn't you pull some ... strings and keep your family up?  Or, had she fallen out of grace with you?)

Government grants for infrastructure run in the millions of $$$ y'all.  Now, that family has secured those funds to pass through their sweaty fingers before any of it gets to where it is supposed to go.  That is, if ANY of it gets to where it is supposed to go!

Keepers of the Keys and the Treasures of the Kingdom

Regardless what you may think of them, they have now locked down the rez completely.  Financially, criminally, everything is theirs first. They own you. They can buy any judge, prosecutor or FBI Agent they need. All theirs to do with what they will.  How's that feel?

The Yanktons now control ALL the employment on the rez, the Casino, including the money drops, the HUD funding, Sioux Manufacturing.. well, Carl McKay controls that, but he's just like family to them, keeps them out of jail, fronts up the shell companies for them to hide their money (your money) and they all rub it in your face every chance they get.  They control all the money, and the warrants, and the FBI Poodles (one of whom recently rebelled, so I hear, but he will either get back in line or be transferred to someplace where the payoffs are not as hefty.)

And of course, their drug operation continues to thrive without concern.  Drug deals from 3 states go down in the Casino Parking lot and meeting rooms. (I hear one of Q-Ball's boys does the same.)

Meth is killing your future, but these guys are getting rich from it here and now.  It is they who bring that poison into your pond and your children and grandchildren that drink from that water.  Had enough suicides?  Let me know when you have had enough.  I'll be able to tell because you will be standing up like Human Beings, against what you know is wrong. And you will be supporting those who stand up for you in your community.  Until then, the beat goes on... and on.

I hear they all got brand new big ass cars again!  Well, of course, time to celebrate Q-Ball's new job! (And loosen up all that drug money!)

Can that boy even read?  Well, probably not and better that way because this blog would piss him off, but worse, he might see how much of that money the others are getting while he sits in the cork seat (He's the one that gets popped if there's an audit).

Don't worry, they never audit anything out there.  That's another thing Carl McKay took care of.  Made sure the tribe never incorporated.  That way, even if they do get caught stealing, you can't make them give it back and they won't go to jail.

What else lately?  Well let's look at PB (Paranoya Boya) and see what he has been up to lately:

That $55,000 unsecured loan that the tribe is on the hook for is paying off for him.  He was over $6,000 in arrears in his payments, but he's not worried.  Why not?  Because the tribe has to make good on his default! 

Way to go Tribal Council!  Anyone else think they should have a huge no worries "loan" (wink, wink) that the tribe signs for, take it up with them at the next General Assembly.  If those dirt bags are entitled to it, so are you all, right?  I'm right! I know I'm right!

Paranoid, Camera Fan

James and Carl McKay have installed cameras in the Blue Building in every office!  Yes, they want to be able to peer over your shoulder (and ladies, button up and don't wiggle too much because they do that zoom thing when they want a thrill).

What some people don't know is that James has the over ride on the cameras so that he can view them regardless of whether he is at home, at the Casino, or in the building! 

He is spying on ALL of you because he is afraid of ALL of you!

Probably has GPS on your cars undercarriages, and maybe cameras in your homes, basements, bathrooms...  Who knows what it will take for him to feel safe. 

I mean these guys have everything, control everything, but they are afraid of everyone!  Looks like Hell hath a head start on that whole disgusting herd of swine. 

And what are you doing?  Sitting around, waiting for them to die off?  You think that is going to make it better?  Hah!  Meanwhile, your children are dying and what is walking around is wrapped up in so much apathy that when they fall down, no one will be surprised. 

Are you keeping warm in those blankets of denial?  Is that the Indian Way? You allow them, your own kind, to do you in like that while you do nothing?

The price you pay for doing nothing is a walking kind of death.  You live in fear and you are ashamed that you are afraid.  Lift up your heads and look at them.  They are afraid of you.  So, who holds the power?

Oh, there is so much more!

By the way, they have banned my email address from some of the servers at the casino, schools and blue building... so if you don't get a response, you can figure it out as to why. 

They are really afraid of ME!  Little ol' me!  Why?  Because I speak up. 

Imagine the whollop it would carry if YOU did the same thing?

Well, for now, I keep writing, you keep reading and this whole thing becomes a story you follow.  Someone should tell you to look around, it is your life.

Until Next Time...


April 25, 2006

By Hanging

Sad to say that a young woman hung herself this morning. Michelle Littlewind. She was one of a set of triplets. I am hearing that one of her sibling trips also hung themself recently.  This makes for the 3rd suicide in that family in the last 8 years.

Her mother's name is Marsha Littlewind (Marsha's mother was sister to Turdmother) and her dad is Kenneth Thompson, and they have not been together for awhile.

Apparently, Turdmother raised Marsha, and we can just guess what she was subjected to behind those closed doors, and what happened to her children when they were also there. 

Suicide is just giving up.  Don't make it easy on them!  Don't give up!  Fight for your right to have a decent life! Suicide solves nothing.  Whatever you fear and whatever is hurting you on this side will be even worse on the other side and you will have less to fight with because only while you are alive do you have FREE WILL! 

Whatever is here, on this mortal side, will someday be gone.  But, if you commit suicide, it will be with you for eternity!  Please, everyone who is thinking this is the best way out, the only way out, or that everyone will be better off without you, think again and again.  This life was a gift from the Creator and all that ails us during this time is for us to find our strength, our faith and our resolve. 

By taking your own life, you throw down the most precious gift from the Creator and you become more lost than words can convey.

Find a way to fight for your life.  Find a way to stand up for yourself. What you have to offer others later in life is what you have learned at this point in your life.

You can be the one to make a difference in the lives of those who are not yet knowing who you  are, and those who are not yet born.

Take your own life and you take that away from all of them and they will not be able to pass it on, in turn, to others.

It is the same as murder, only worse.  Murderers take away all that not only from the person they kill and from their families and loved ones, but from the future as well.  What waits for murderers is bad enough.  What waits for suicides is far worse!


You can begin by going to the service for Michelle.  Pray for her spirit to find peace.  And when you see that loathesome family, the one guided by Turdmother, turn your backs on them.  This is THEIR doing!  They damage those children. Rape them, molest them, and if those children tell, they are shunned, ridiculed in the community and given no support.  They feel worthless all their lives because they have been robbed.  This is but one result of the Turdmother and the rest of her clan's handywork.

Shun them for it is their evil that brings this kind of grief upon your community and into your very homes.

Or, you can suck up to them like so many of you have been, and realize that by doing so, you make it okay for them to keep on eating your future alive.  At some point you must, for the sake of your children, stop letting these vampires feed on you physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually.  Only you can stop this. 

I am just the messenger.


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April 26, 2006

Pissed Off!

Well, stuff is still coming in faster than I can get it posted! Heard about this one a few days ago, but figure you could all use a laugh about now. 

I really am going to have to post that family tree (stump) page so you can all follow along, but in brief: Angela, aka "Angie" is James "Paranoya Boya's" daughter.  The same one he molested, raped when she was about 12 (or younger).  When she was 14 she filed charges against him but Dennis Fisher, then US Attorney, forced the Social worker to drop the charges and sent her home to daddy.

Well, that was way back then.  She sure is Daddy's girl nowadays!  She had at least one, maybe more children by dear ol' dad who likes to keep the "F" in Family and appreciates all the meat that is within reach of his slimy fat fingers.

Somewhere along the line, ol' Angie got lucky and married Ryan Leaf.  Ryan became useful to the Yanktons since he was the only one in the family not using drugs.  He became the designated pisser and took all the drug urine tests for Quentin, and others, so that they could pass.

Poor bastard almost dehydrated one week from so much demand!

But, he was "family" and just doing his part.

A few weeks ago, he was running the honey wagon (as we call the turd pumpers up in Canada), running the hose, and Q-Ball was right behind him giving him orders!

But, Q-Ball was family and Ryan tolerated it.  That is, until he found out that Q-Ball was given the position of Director of the Sioux Sewer Systems (sorry, but I still giggle when I say that one outloud).  And, he immediately hired his own sons or nephews, (like there is a difference, eh?) and put them all over Ryan. 

Ryan then got fired from the Casino.  (Geez Ryan, you may as well send me those pictures now!)

And, Ryan was tired of Angie's crap too. Tired of the whole "F'ing" family.  I guess Ryan has had enough.  He was out in Warwick last week when all of it finally made him lose it. 

He was in a bar, minding his own beeswax, shootin' pool with a couple of his buds, when Angie and her half-wit baby sister, Wendy walked into the bar just to pick a fight with him.  I guess he finally saw the pattern and just snapped.

He got into his truck and started ramming Wendy's new car until the cops came.  He then led them on a high speed chase and got away from them. (Question here:  Was Bentley lead on that pursuit?  He tends to give up early in the game).

Anyways, surprise, surprise, he shows up at Angie's house and starts ramming her brand new car until it wasn't a car anymore! 

So, without Ryan to take the piss tests, who's going to cover for the family?

I guess that will cost more, but I hear tell that it can be arranged with a wink, a nod and a $50 bill in the right hands.

I wish I could have been there to see those brand new cars get mashed up like whirled peas!  You know how them Yanktons love to drive around in their brandy new vehicles, the ones they can afford because they are stealing so much from the tribe!

Oh, and another really funny thing:  I dunno, just kind of ironic if you look at it a certain way.  No one sees PB.  He locks himself in his office.  He hides when he is at home.  He did however make an unusual statement to Turdmother last week and apparently he has said it a few times.  He hates my website.  He dreads the new postings.  He says "It's like trying to fight a ghost." 

Well, dummy, maybe that is the bigger part of your problem!

Turdmother just stared at him.  She can't believe her family is falling apart at the seams like it is.  Well, look what it is made of!

Okay, y'all have a chuckle I have more postings to get ready.

Looks like the Good People of Spirit Lake are getting restless.  The spectators are coming onto the field and making a noise. 

I like that.

You want to add anything to any of this, you know where to find me!

I am just a messenger!



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April 26, 2006


Michael Meade, age 17 was last seen at a party on the 15th of April and has not been seen since.  People think it is odd that he was not reported as missing until yesterday. 

Now the whole tribe is out looking for him.  I would like to help.  Send me a photo of this young man and I will post a page for it and contact phone numbers where you want the information to go and email addresses to where you want messages sent.

However, I strongly caution against y'all allowing the Yanktons or their felon friends lead this search in any way.  Do not pass information through them.  Go directly to the police with any information or evidence or suspicions you might have.

As we have seen in the past, when the criminals are put in charge of the investigation, they tend to lose evidence, mislay witnesses and and beat up and threaten anyone that tells on them.  This is what they did in Eddie's murder, in Sam Jackson's murder, in Alfred Littlewind's murder, and others.

Do not report anything to the Devil's Lake PD as they have a few murderers close to the clan working their ranks.

In this case, take all your info to the Tribal Police and send me a copy of anything you tell or give to them and I will make sure it does NOT get lost!

If the Yanktons are too interested in being helpful, as in taking care of evidence or information, you may want to focus your investigation on them.  Old habits die hard with them.  And it has always worked in the past.


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April 28, 06

Another unhappy ending

Condolences to Mike Meade's family and loved ones.  His body was found this morning, inside his vehicle, which had run off the road and into the Lake.  Everyone had been hoping he was just running off to stay in another town for a few days and that he would return, safe and sound.  It was not meant to be.

Check your local papers for any upcoming services you may wish to attend and give support to his family at this saddest hour any parent can ever endure.  "The Forever Hour" it is called.  From that time on, they are never the same.

I hope that the investigation into his death is thoroughly investigated and that the reports are made public so that we may all learn what went wrong and maybe we won't be having that Lake taking so many lives, especially the very young, in the future.



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May 2, 2006

Just Add Water

The circumstances surrounding the death of Mike Meade, Jr. need to be fully investigated, by an outside agency for a number of reasons:

1. The Tribal Police are unlikely to render any results that would be disapproved of by the Yanktons and their cronies.  Carl McKay holds too much power over the court and the police and subsequently any investigation that would or would not go on. 

In fact, if they don't like you, they can oust you from the police dept. Or they can oust any family member from any job, welfare, commodities or housing.  They can even, and they have done this before, float you off the rez.

Do you really think you can get an unbiased investigation under those circumstances???

2.  With the Yankton Family virtually controlling every aspect of finance and job security on the rez, from housing, to food, to jobs and the Tribal Council lacks the will to over rule them, and that one of their relatives is key to the events that led up to Mike Meade Jr.'s death, an unbiased investigation is at best, unlikely.

3. No one that is associated with, related to anyone on the rez, in this case, should be running this investigation and controlling the information that "leaks" out.

4.  If this was an accident, and a mere coincidence that yet another Yankton is involved with yet another death, another run into the deadly Spirit Lake, if that is even remotely possible, no one will believe it because of the lack of objectivity, and because of a previous history of failed death investigations. 

5.  A thorough, special investigation by outsiders unrelated and not beholdin' to the Yanktons would be the only way to bring any kind of assurance that this either was or was not an accident.

The innocent will suffer or the guilty will go free.  It is time for that to stop.

6. Rumors are flying and rumors are no way to run an investigation.  Nor can an investigation be run by anyone who is afraid to go up against either the Yanktons and their power, or the community and their resentments.

Worst of all, if an investigator seeks to close the case without investigating because it is "easier" that way will only do more damage and foment more resentment in the community.

The community can demand this kind of outside assistance from the government. But it takes a willingness to stand up and say, "We have to do this right."

Is Mike worth it?  Is anyone? Or shall we just continue on down this dirty road to oblivion?

We all have our opinions, and you know I have mine, but we will never know for sure without demanding that this, and perhaps a few other sloppy investigations, be reviewed by the unbiased eye.  IF, that is, one can be found.

Those who know the truth about what happened at that party, and whether or not there was a chase and who did what, had better speak up and tell the truth or we will have even more unrest in the wake of this tragedy.

Demand what is best. You have seen over and over again what happens when you stand by and do nothing.  What happens when good people don't get involved.  Yet one more tragic opportunity has presented itself.

Stand up.  For crying outloud! STAND UP!

Or don't.  I am sure more tragedies will present themselves in the near future. In fact, you can count on it.

May 7, 2006

Memorial page to Mike Meade, Jr. is now posted.  Takes a bit to open, so be patient if you do not have high speed connection.  Go to URL

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May 9, 2006

Mary! Mary!

Y'know, I just love doing that!  There are a few Mary's out there in deep, some I have written about and some I have not.  So, writing that header must make all of them jump, especially Chuck's wife, thinking, "Is it me this time?"  No, Mary Greene-Trottier, it is NOT you ~ this time!

Once again, it is (drum roll here...) Mary Nicholson!  (But don't sweat, the second part of this issue, will make Mary's stealing over $200K from the casino drop look like peanuts!)

I hear Tribal Council Chairwoman, Myra Pearson, is under attack.  Why?  Because she won't approve Mary Nicholson contract with the casino.  That contract calls for Mary to get $140K per year in salary and additionally, another 15% bonus each quarter!   And, just to make the job worth having, never mind that woman has NO qualifications other than her under the desk work with James, if she is fired or quits for any or even no reason, she can continue to draw that same paycheck and bonuses for an additional 2 years!

Wow, your Tribal Council is really looking out for their friends!  Myra, apparently, is not cooperating and they want to go after her for that.

Now, WHY do we need to give Mary N alllll that money?  And such a sweeeet contract?  Well, simple!  It will protect the casino (from bad publicity? The Truth? a Federal Investigation?) because Mary, caught on tape, lifted more than $200K from the Drop Count at the casino!  They don't want to prosecute her, they just want her to pay it back... with YOUR money!  A sweet contract like that would mean she would be able to carry on!

She and her husband, so I hear, already own two Subway Sandwich shops.  One in Devils Lake, the other in Rolla.  I guess it is hard to make ends meet, eh, Mary, Mary?

Oh, if you don't give her this contract there could be real trouble... for the bad boys of the Casino.  There might even be a Federal Investigation.  You know the Gaming Commission would start looking into this because they would have to.  What they find will lead to more and more mismanagement and outright criminal activities which would, in turn, lead to some arrests and some BIG changes at the casino.

So, as long as you want to protect the casino, which is another way of saying, you want to protect the stronghold of the corruption and criminal activities of the Yanktons and their cronies, do what they say!

But, if you realize that you need to clean it up, stand up and do it!  Contact the gaming commission yourself if you must.  Contact the US Attorney General's Office in Fargo, if you must!  His name is Drew Wrigley.  He is a lazy bastard, but he can be forced to do his job IF YOU MAKE HIM.  Write him a letter, and send me a copy.  I will follow up.  Be sure and sign your name.


Now, what can make Mary's thieving and incompetence pale?  How about $4.5 MILLION? Yes, your Tribal Council convinced you that they had a plan to "diversify" investments and talked you into or didn't, depending on how you look at it, investing $4.5 MILL YUN Buckaroonies into a company that would be environmentally sweet.  Remember "Nature's Way"? 

Awwww!  Poor Carl Walking Eagle!  Turns out this was a scam!  The Tribe (that's you all) got taken!  There is no such company!  All the money is gone!  Ooopsie!

All you got for it was, and this I find so very funny, shows they have a sense of humor those thieves who run your lives out there, 2 truckloads of toilet paper!  Well, I would think that finding out you had been conned out of $4.5Million would lead to you all needing that much TP, because that is a real S*** load!

That money was for all of you, but it would appear that it was stolen from you by deception (again).  That was for the tribe, not the crooks!  So, what has your Tribal Council done to recover this money?  What? Nothing? You have to be s****ing me!

That is a large enough amount that you MUST report it (again, try Drew Wrigley's office) (see if he can "wriggle out of" this one!) and insist that a Federal Investigation be taken up and the criminals be brought up on charges! 

If your Tribal Council is just shrugging their shoulders and looking really sad about this, have the investigation go first into all their financial dealings!  And their offshore accounts.  I hear Carl McKay is really good at setting those up, in case you want to know where "missing money" seems to disappear to.

Also, because your Tribe is NOT Incorporated, you can sue them as individuals as well as collectively and force them to pay up! 

But, you would have to want to do more than sit around and complain.  You would actually have to do something.  Get together and do something.  Write a letter and do something... (See contact page for the USAGs contact information. Write to him and force him to do his job!)

Wow, that would cut into your Bingo time, wouldn't it? 

Let's see, your children are dying young: by suicide, accident and at the hands of another, your finances are being raided at a high rate of speed, your community is owned and operated by murderers, rapists, thieves, embezzlers, molesters, incompetence and cronyism as well as profound nepotism, and you don't think you should "get involved"? yet? 

Don't look at me, that's not where I live! 

Who, pray tell, do you think is going to fly in with a red cape and do this simple but courageous work for you if you don't stand up for yourselves?

Not me! 

I am just the messenger.


PS:  If you think any part of this report is inaccurate, you know where to write to me.

May 10, 2006

Gift Ideas?

Just what DO you give to a woman who has stolen everything?  A woman who has raised molestors, thieves, embezzlers, rapists and murderers?  I suggest some rolls of toilet paper!  There are $4.5 Million worth somewhere around there, and a little bow, a few candles... perfect!  Happy Birthday Turdmother!  Hell is not ready for you yet!  But not to worry, I'm not done with you yet!


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May 12, 2006

Job Opportunities- Qualified need not apply

Well  Good People of Fort Totten/Spirit Lake Reservation, looks like there will likely be an opening in the top spots at the casino.  Looks like Mary Nicholson may not recover from that little theft/embezzlement issue.   Yanktons want to avoid her getting arrested or going to trial because she just might talk and tell of what she knows and what really goes on in that snake pit of corruption, the fortress of solidarity, your casino. 

They might still be able to push through her outrageous salary package, so she can pay back the tribe, with their own money!  Ask yourself:  "What would happen to me, or anyone else if they got caught lifting a few (hundred thousand) dollars?"  Well, as you can clearly see, it depends on who you are.

You either get fired and go to jail, or you get a huge raise, big bonuses, and a couple of years to enjoy it all, work or not.  You might want to bring this up at one of the meetings upcoming.  Then again, you might want to go to Bingo and not have to bother thinking about any of it.  Let those who do want to make changes for the better get all worked up and then fall down because all you good people can't be bothered.  It has worked so far, right?

Well, who will be up for the position if Mary N vacates? (with or without that money, your money, is up to you).  Who will fill her fat little shoes?  Well, Jackie Yankton would be a nice fit.  Knows everyone. Is related at least twice over to every member of her goon ball family.  Not like a qualified person would even stand a chance at getting the job when there is family to do it, right?

Here's how it will work:  Jackie will apply for Shift Supervisor.  No one will pay attention.  Paul Matheny, whom you have heard almost nothing about, will be put into the empty slot of General Manager.  He will think he is flying high and in with the big boys... for about 28 days or so... and then he will quietly  and quickly resign, get a small package, and the position will be filled permanently by Jackie.

Paul, who has been filling the position now that Mary can't be bothered with showing up to steal money, thinks he is the NEW GUY In Charge.  Look around Paul, you are way more expendable than you realize!  I think you are going to suddenly want to "spend more time with my family, and so, with regret, I have to leave the position..."  or something like that.

Maybe you can go to work for Q-Ball at the Sanitation dept.  He's not qualified, can barely read, but wow, does he make a lot of money!  Got himself a raise already! 

Oh, and Celeste, I understand that people at the college where you are in charge of Daycare are probably a little concerned that you are related to murderers and are one yourself?  That your brothers love having access to all them children, especially since they, especially Q-Ball, enjoy kiddie porn and molesting the little ones?  Is that becoming an itty bitty problemo for you?  Hmmm... Well, you just pick up a big ol' rock and go hit someone on the head with it.  That should make them all be quiet, right?  Now, did you lie outright?  Or you just forget to mention those priors and your family history to the good and trusting people that hired you?

They do know that you are drunk all the time, right?  That not an hour goes by you don't have a little something?  But you can explain that that is the only way you can make Eddie's Ghost quiet in your head, right?  I am sure they will understand. 

Anyone have a different opinion on how this story runs?  You know where to find me!  Have a nice weekend, y'all!


May 13, 2006,

Clueless in Spirit Lake

Y'know, there are a few things you all need to pull out of the fog out there:

  1. The $200K (probably more like 300, but who's counting?) Mary N lifted from the casino drop count.  Someone needs to also find out how long she has been stealing and how much.  A real audit by an outside agency with government authority would be the way to go. I would not trust Christ Bocheck (however you spell his name) to do it.  I am sure much of it is in his accounts now, as was in his predeccessors' before him.  Use the contact page to write a letter to the USAG's office.  You can, you know, force him to do his job.

  2. The $4.5 MILLION that  was stolen from you back when Skip Longie was in charge of robbing you, that has to be brought back.  You must report that to the USAG's office!  If you don't, there will never be an investigation, and all you have to show for the money you were swindled out of is two semi truck loads of toiliet paper! (Remember: Mothers' Day Tomorrow! Turdmother might appreciate a little giftie poo!)

    IF the council members and Carl McKay had no criminal involvement in this theft, why was it not reported to the government?  They stole your money! And they are still stealing and you are all still protecting them by NOT doing anything.

  3. Your children and grandchildren are dying young: Murdered, drug addicted, suicide and that is not enough? Your money, the money for your health (the dialysis funds, over $300K) your housing, your old age goes into the pockets of criminals and you do nothing? Millions of dollars gets swiped under your noses and you do nothing? Wow, is it fun being a victim? You could do something, but you find excuses not to. What do you think is around the next corner? Rescue? By whom?

Don't make me laugh! Don't make me cry! Why should the world care about people who don't care enough about themselves to stand up?

I know, I know.  You stand up, you stand alone.  You get knocked down and everyone just watches. Pathetic.  Who is next?

What really frustrates me at this end is that YOU can do something!  You just won't!

Back in the DAY, as they say, Indians did what needed to be done.  They didn't ask for the outcome in advance.  They didn't all sit around and say, "well, if you can promise me that me and my family won't be hurt..."

If murder, drug addiction, theft and abuse don't hurt, then keep on keepin' on!

But if you want something better for the children and grandchildren, YOU have to be the one to stand up.  I don't care if you stand alone or not.  At least stand up, or die on your back, whimpering  and complaining.

Happy Mothers' Day, y'all.  Think of the future and look where you are going.

I am here to help you, not to do it for you.


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May 16, 2006

Begging for Bucks

So, now that we know for a fact that $4.5 Million of your money went bye bye.. (pockets of the corrupt), $200K and more just walked right out of the casino in Mary Nicholson's hot little hands, that $364K that was supposed to be for dialysis treatments just "vanished", now there is going to be a fund raiser! 

Yes!  This Saturday, according the the Rez Radio, a fund raiser will be held to raise funds for the Elderly!  Turdmother is elderly.  No doubt this is more on her behalf than anyone else's.

Seems like the more you shovel money into their hot little hands, the more they want--MORE! 

AND now, fund raising?  A fund  raiser? And, who will keep track of all that money, pray tell?   Whose fat little checking account will get a big woody on this one?

I guess it proves that there is no limit to how low some people can go.  (Limbo music playing loudly in the background).  If you truly wanted to take care of your elderly, or your children, or yourselves, you would make those crooks give it back!

Are you all so afraid to speak up?  What does it have to cost you?  Another dead son or daughter? Probably!  Apparently, millions of dollars stolen from you and the 2 truck loads of toilet paper (no kidding!) you got for your "trust" in the crooks was not insulting enough.  Your children being killed means what?  Just "go along to get along?"

By all means!  Have a fund raiser!  And pretend you are doing a good thing.

Or, do the right thing and stand up.  Your choice.  You keep getting these signs, not sure which one will be big enough for you.   But, apparently, there is more suffering to come because you just ain't had enough and you continue, with your silence, to protect those who poison your existence. 

You are not staying silent because you are protecting your families.  You are staying silent because it is "easier" that way.  If you wanted to protect your families, you would rid yourselves of these monsters instead of re-electing them. You would speak up and turn them in, say what you know. 

What has your silence bought for you so far?  I see nothing but misery from this side of the sunflowers.  Misery, dust and bugs.  Have a great summer y'all!  And don't forget to "raise more money" so you can "take care of your elders."  Wow, sounds so Indian doesn't it? 

Hmmph! Maybe to outside ears, but not to mine. 

When do you think it will get better?

"I know! I know!" (Kid in the back of the class jumps up and down waving their hand frantically) "It will get better when someone else does the work, not us!"

That's right!  Give that child a gold star! They've got that Denial Song down to a T.

"Someone else."  Think about it.  What does it make YOU ALL if someone else does the hard part for you?  Can you live with that?  And, do you call this whimpering, fearful existence you whine about so much, "living"?

Where's the Indians when you really need one?

B-1.  (get it?)


May 18, 2006

Small Fry

Looks like USAG, Drew Wrigley knows about the sexual crimes on the rez. 

According to the Journal, (May 17) Fulton Joseph Merrick, Jr.. of Ft. Totten was sentenced for sexual abuse of a minor.  A  young girl of 16.  Less than 2 years of prison time and fines of less than $3K and all will be forgotten, right?

Well, nice to see this USAG knows where to find the pervs if he wants to.  Now, see if you can get his attention on the Bigger Fish: The Yankton family (not just Merrick, who is one of the small fry of their clan) and their rape, molest, incest, murder and drug dealing along with the outright theft of millions of dollars. 

Oh? What's that I hear?  (Leaning in, hand cupped to ear).  "Someone will do it."

Hmmm... you don't get it yet do you?  "Someone" is YOU!  And "Someone" is still waiting for someone ELSE to do it.  (Long, sad sigh).

I guess the "Fund Raiser" this  Saturday will make up for ALL the stolen money.  Better to beg than to actually stand up and speak out, eh?  Indians sure are different these days!  I don't think your Grandfathers would recognize you.

If you really feel like doing anything, go to the  contact page and contact Drew Wrigley, USAG yourself!  (Yeah, yeah, "Someone" will do it.  I'd sure like to see a child named "Someone", sometime!)

Addicted to Losing

Hey, who's going to BINGO tonight?  Or should I ask:

  • Who is leaving their children home alone tonight?
  • Who is using money for gambling, rather than for proper food and clothes for their children and grandchildren tonight?
  • Who is leaving the oldest in charge? You realize that makes them the parent in your place? You rob them of their childhood when you abdicate responsibility for addiction. (Bingo is addiction.  Check your wallet.  You have money there and you have "MY BINGO MONEY", right?)
  • Who is justifying all this by saying that it is the only fun they have in this world?

Here's a novel IDEA:  Stay home! Be with your kids! Listen to their laughing or their problems or their fighting and help them to sort it out.  Be a parent.

All you Bingo addicts are erasing yourselves from your children and grandchildren's lives.  THAT is readily apparent to anyone that actually looks at it.

Your children are being robbed of their childhood.  Children are being molested when you are not there to prevent it.  Children are being abused by people in positions of power and authority.  You aren't there even when you are there, because you abdicate your responsibility over and over again.

You give away your power and authority every day you let the Yanktons and their clan run your lives.  Every time you drive away to go "play" Bingo.  Every time you spend money on Bingo that would better serve improving your home life for you and your family.

Your children have no one to turn to.

Gee, you come home one day and they are grown up, lazy, drunk, addicted, gone, or even dead.  You get mad and treat them like the enemy.  You are strangers in your own families. How did that happen? You want people to feel sorry for you because your children are so disrespectful?

Can't you see?  That is exactly how your raised them!  Told them Bingo was more valuable than time with them! What you do is more important than what you say. 

Talk is cheap. Talk like an Indian, walk like an ADDICT, and which footsteps do you think they will follow?

Let me guess: Denial, Bingo, Denial.  Over the months and years, it does, like any other addiction, do damage.  By the time you see it, as one woman I know learned the hard way, all her children were drunk and fighting, and some of her grandchildren and she had to call the cops and have them ALL taken to jail!

But she was at Bingo the very next night.  Nice to know that the "important" things in life remain constant, eh?

So, how was Bingo?  Did you win?


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May 23, 2006

Penny for your thoughts?

A week ago, or so, Turdmother was in the casino playing the penny slots.  Just was just feeding tons of $50 bills into that thing!  Now, for a woman who is supposed to be on a pension, that is mighty brave, yes?  Maybe it was all that birthday money she got from those turd children of  "urine", eh, Turdymom?

Of course, she could afford to be generous with the penny slots.  God was napping, right? 

Last Sunday, however was different.  They knew God was watching cuz they wuz in Church!  Gave a $10 donation, her, the old man and Celeste.  That comes to about $3.331/3 cents each.  Well, I am sure God is rich enough!  Doesn't need ALL her money, now does he? She?

Gimme back my cookie!  On second thought...

And the three of them went to mass and received Holy Communion!  Now, for those of you unfamiliar with the sacrament, you have to first go to confession and confess ALLLLL your sins, do a few Hail Marys, Our Fathers, Acts of Contrition, blah blah blah before you are considered "clean enough to receive the body and blood of Christ"  That be the sacremental wine and the wafer. 

Not sure how they do it these days, but that is about the gist of it.

So, imagine how curly the hair must be on the priest(s) that took those confessions!  Theft, incest, rape, murder, and lies, lies, lies!  (shudder!)

I don't think there are enough beads on the Rosary to carry that load of cleaning.  Better throw in some Lysol and a lawyer.

Or, maybe they neglected those "itty bitty little ol' missteps"?  Just went up and took the cookie and the wine anyway? 

Or, maybe they thought that was snack time and you know how Celeste is about wine, beer, gin, whiskey, beer, beer, more beer... maybe she just needed a pick me up on a Sunday afternoon?

God is going to want that cookie back!  Then again, considering the mouth it has been in, all them mouths, go ahead and keep it. 

And No, Celeste, just because you did not choke, burst into flames and let out a big fart when you received communion, doesn't mean God is not watching, doesn't know. 

This is just another insult to the spirit side of existence. 

Did you all go home and giggle that you had "Pulled another one over on God! Yes we did!" and high five yourselves in the car?

Well Turdmommy, maybe  you think God is not watching.  But you KNOW I am! 

Thanks for the giggles!  Happy Communion, y'all!

Celeste, forget about having a priest come over and exorcise your house.  Eddie ain't goin' nowhere until this is done and no priest can change that. 

Hey PB!  Does Joe Tiona, aka "Walks With His Medicine", know about your family throwing over the Black Road for Catholicism?  I know he is not at the top of his game any longer, but I bet this really frosts him you giving all that money to God instead of him!  He might get mad and turn you into a frog.  Wait, that would be a step up for you.  Stay as you are.

Turdmommy, think you can buy your way into heaven?  You could not even buy your way into a roll of pennies!

Wheee heww wee!  Thank you for the laughs, I have needed one and that one was a good one!


PS  I want to start a pool as to which you think will 'splode first:  Mt. St. Helen's in Washington State, or PB.  I hear he barely can waddle without breaking a sweat that soaks him to the boner.

Does Vegas know?  We could get really good odds on this one!

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May 25, 2006

The police doing their job?

I'm not sure how the job description for most police departments reads, but enforcer for drug dealers hardly seems like it would be legal... in the real world. 

Then again, on the rez, things are surreal. 

I got this letter:  (You all can tell me if this happened or not.  I am using it because it is typical of what I am hearing from out there, on a weekly basis.)

 "I was told there was a fight last night in the ghetto housing. Over drugs!!!

Chico Diaz took on Kalum, Huck Cavanaugh and Joe Teel Jr because he owed Kalum some money for drugs and Kalum gets his drugs from Joe Teel then I guess Kalum called the cops."

So, let's do a little refresher course, shall we?  Kalum Yankton is clearly dealing meth on the rez.  It is his only source of income.  You know it, I know it, the cops know it.  This is not a secret. 

One of his "customers" didn't pay up.  So he calls the police?  Wonder how this will play in court?  Or will it be looked at the through those foggy lenses and declared "disturbing the peace."?  Everyone will go to jail except, of course, the drug dealer and his buds.

Now, remember this little group?  Remember Kalum?  This is the same bunch (relatively speaking) that was with Mike Meade, Jr. just before he "disappeared" and was found two weeks later, dead. Remember?  Big ol' party at Kalum  and his buds' home? Fight breaks out,  cops (Bentley) called; "no violence" is noted on the report (yeah, right!); Mike Meade Jr. leaves?  The story varies from there.  But they are still working on "everyone getting on the same page as to how Kalum's car sustained front end damage" afterall, "we don't want it to look like he chased Mike Meade, Jr., rammed him and pushed him into the Lake, now do we?"

You know, "probably an accident"?  Just like the other two people who went into the lake, coincidentally involved with the same family, were also "just unfortunate accidents"?  Mere coincidence you get all the same people involved in exactly the same "accident" 3 times in the past 18 mos., right?

Speaking of which, has anyone asked why it is taking so long to get the autopsy report on Mike Meade, Jr.?  Was there something wrong? Gee, I can't imagine!

Bentley Grey Bear was very quick to dismiss ANY possibility that this was anything other than an unfortunate "accident", even before there was an investigation.  Bentley, you are real good at your job!  People starting to figure out what your job is yet?

So, as the police are being used to enforce payment from drug customers to Kalum Yankton and his buds, your hopes and dreams crashing into the Lake, business as usual on the rez.  I am sure it is all forgotten by now and you really don't want to hear about it.  Kinda stirs those "unhappy" feelings inside, yes?

If all this is okay with you then do nothing. 

If you want this to stop, hit the contact button on this page and go to where it says you can write to, or phone the U S Attorney's office in Fargo or Bismarck. 

If you don't complain, now and often, they will say they thought everything was just hunky-dunky-dory out there and the Yanktons and their miscreant off spring are good and decent people. 

I mean, they must be good people, right?  They go to church, get their cookie and wine, right? Must be good folks!

I know, Bentley is upset that I won't let this go.  I keep making it look like he is not doing his job.  Wrong Bentley!  I am not making it look like you are not doing your job; I am telling people what your job is.  They were under the mistaken idea that you were supposed to put the bad guys in jail. 

And some people, the ones who knew your daddy, thought maybe you were not supporting and protecting the Yanktons and their criminal enterprise.  They need to be disabused of that idea, the sooner the better. 

Now that we have cleared that all up, for you and for them, you can get on with the job of being what you are.  And, by the way, I have to ask this one; How DO you look at yourself in the mirror these days?  Tell me what you see?

Aw!  Did mommy get upset that I am not being nice to her big brave boy?

You, Bentley, are the biggest disappointment I have seen thus far. 

Lie to me, one thing.  Lie about me, something else all together.  But what you are doing to keep the Yanktons safe from prying eyes is an absolute disgrace. Proud now? Don't worry,  I keep your secrets.  They aren't worth telling and from what I hear, they aren't secrets. 

Then again, you have been lying to yourself for years.  Got you a good job, eh?

Think your daddy is looking from the spirit side of this and smiling on you? 

Think again!

Well, you know where to reach me.  Bentley, phone if you got the grapes. 



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May 26, 2006


I just heard from a reader that is upset that I even remotely suggest that Mike Meade, Jr. was perhaps chased, beaten or whatever, causing his death. 

The letter was well-written and I will share it with y'all in here.  (Note: If a letter is signed, I take it more seriusly.  I don't post signatures and I make some changes to make the writer unidentifiable, unless they wish to be named and found.  An unsigned letter, like this one, is a bit suspicious to me. I have to take it with a grain of salt.)

I am not disrespecting you in any way, but it hurts to see what you write in regards to Michael Meade.

Give michael some respect and leave him out of your blogs. He was a fantastic person, he didn't do drugs, nor was he involved in drugs in any way. He was not an alcoholic, he was a typical kid who loved to play sports and hang with his girlfriend and his friends.

His autopsy report stated that he drowned, I seen him the day they brought him back from the autopsy, he had no brusing to indicate he was beat up. He was not assaulted in any way, and the police reports all stated that no one followed him when he left the party and the friends I talked to that were there stated the same. He was just plain over intoxicated to drive home and made a bad choice to hang out with his friends at a party and drink and drive.

Michael accidently backed into the car when he was leaving the party. And from what we were told the car belonged to some pow wow singers who lived out of town. I love reading your site, but it hurts to see things about innocent young people. please do not take any offense, i just dont like to see Michael's name. He was very very close to my family.

Let him rest in peace. Keep up your good blogs about the bad people of the rez!

First,  I did not say he was involved with drugs, nor did I say he was an alcoholic.

And I agree that he was a fantastic person!  Look how the whole community turned out when they were finally, after two weeks, told that he was missing!

Of course he "drowned".  His car went into the lake. 

And, as far as seeing bruises, let me clue you in:  Bruising, peri-mortem, as they say, does not show up on a drowned person until they have been out of the water for days.  It can, however, be seen with special lights & lenses.  Sometimes the bruising will take more than a week or two to actually show on the skin.  Reason being that the blood flow has stopped.  Colder the water, the longer it takes.  You cannot rule out him being assaulted without the details.  I am asking for the details.

As far as the police reports stating "there was no violence", think about it.  Kalum and Trent are notorious for violence at their parties, and other social activities.  If the cops were called and then lamely ask "any violence" everyone will shake their heads "no" because to indicate violence would require the police to enter the premises and investigate.  Hmmm.. drug dealer's home, what do you think they would find out there?  Hmmm.  Of course they say NO!

And Bentley's reports are no better than toilet paper, far as I am concerned.  He quit being a cop long ago and now gets paid for looking the other way when the Yanktons commit crimes. 

Weird how you say it was a Pow Wow Dancer's car that got hit.  Because, and this one is probably a coincidence, Kalum also had repairs from a collision done to his vehicle around the same time.  Oh well, just coincidence?   It could be.  Not kidding here, it could be! 

Okay, all his friends say no one chased him.  Good.  This will be the same good friends who saw he was A: Too intoxicated to drive right (backed into a pow wow dancer's car) and B: When he never showed up again, said nothing because they were not concerned about his well being and whether he made it to where he was going or not?   Sound like good friends to you?  Waiting 2 weeks? 

I know Bentley had the report of him not showing up or being found for over 8 days before he decided to let the rest of the community in on it, and I have to ask why the delay on that one, but maybe he was busy? 

Everyone just kept silent? What was that about? What or whom were they protecting?  I mean, they are good friends, right?

Never saw the autopsy report so don't know if young Mike Meade Jr. had too much alcohol or not. 

But he left in a hurry and he left alone.  Sound okay so far?

Remember: When Eddie was murdered, his good friends were forced to lie in order to protect themselves.  Those that knew the truth were too scared to speak up.  I just know a pattern when I see one.

Maybe this was all just innocent, and the party at Kalum and Trent's house was for once, all innocent and all.  (Yeah, right!)...

But if he were my friend, I would want to know everything and I sure as shootin' would NOT believe any police report by Bentley Grey Bear!  I would not believe that this party at a druggie's house was just an innocent get-together that had no violence when the typical party for that house, those people ends up with someone getting the crap beat out of them. 

Yankton family has a hard time dealing with rivals for attention.  I could easily see where this could have gotten ugly for Mike. 

I could be wrong, but until all the facts are known, we just won't know, will we?

If it helps you to sleep better at night, just ignore who these people are, what they do.  Don't ask the question: Did they do it again?

I am just asking the question:  Did they do it again?

And not sure I would want any of those "friends" at that party watching out for my well-being or safety!  Party on, dudes! Rahhh!

This article will end this blog.  I will begin a new blog next week.  This one will go into the "previous blogs" section.  If there is a lot more discussion of Mike Meade, Jr., I will open up a separate page for that and y'all can have at one another. 

I am not saying one way or the other here.  I am just saying that the circumstances are suspicious and I have seen this one too many times to just let it go without mentioning.

As far as I am seeing, we will never know on this one.  We have enough Restless Spirits out there, this one is not mine to deal with. Far as I am concerned, he belongs to you all.  Is he at peace? Or is he stirring?  Like I said, not mine to deal with.





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