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Eddie PeltierHere's the only picture I have (presently) of Eddie Peltier.
This was scanned from a portrait in a frame and the color is not the best. I am going to be working on setting the colors right and seeing if I can get the reflections corrected.
But just so you will know that this was a young, vibrant and healthy, very good-looking man who was killed by a group of paranoid morons who didn't want him interfering in their ongoing (to this day!) criminal enterprises.

Jerome Eddie Peltier

March 2, 1959

August 29, 1983

The innocent were framed and sent to jail, but the guilty will have to answer someday for what they all did that night.


Q-balls nightmares come and go.  From time to time, when they are all around the table drinking beer and playing games, someone clinks a beer bottle.. just to let them know, he is watching them and their days are numbered.  Q-ball sees the ghost, Roger hears the whispers, Celeste can't get the smell of blood out of her hands. 

Pauline knows that she has raised a nest of snakes and that as she gets older and older, they will bite her.

Her grandson has already robbed and beaten her twice.  H was arrested and she bailed him out immediately.  Afraid he would trade his inside information on the family for his freedom!

They used to walk through the rez and the casino like they owned it and everyone on it.  Now they hold their heads down, and James hides in his office.  He is the phantom.  He does not want anyone to see him. He is afraid that it shows on him.

So, when they tell you that this is all a bunch of lies and gossip, look a little longer into their eyes.  You will see the scared, pathetic little weasels they are, trying to squirm away from the question.

Feel free to write to me and ask me.  Others have. 




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February 9, 2006

Well, I have been quiet for awhile, but none-the-less, I have been busy.

Information continues to pour in.  The one everyone should be concerned about is the "missing" $367,000 that was given to the tribe for health issues and for some reason, has not been accounted for! 

Let's see, who is driving a new car?  Who is taking more trips to Vegas?

Who is buying so much new stuff you have to wonder if they have won the lottery?

There is more where that comes from! 

I have written a letter to the USAG regarding the corruption on the rez.  I have offered to provide documents that prove RICO (Racketeering, Influence and ongoing Criminal Organization) charges that should be investigated.  But of course, no response as of yet.  Gee, I wonder why??? 

No worries!  I have only taken the steps in the order they are supposed to be taken so that I can take this higher and further up.   I did put in that letter that everyone will be exposed:  "Those who did the right thing, those who did the wrong thing.. and those who did nothing." 

Doing nothing when you are aware that criminal activity has taken place or is ongoing carries penalties of its own.  I am merely giving those who are charged with the responsibility of protecting the innocent, or enforcing the law, the opportunity to actually do it right.  After they fail to do the right thing, the consequences fall and that is completely out of my hands.

Not like they didn't know, eh?

Reports of Junior's paranoia about this site have come in from multiple sources.  Here is how stupid he is:

He thought I was posting the web site from INSIDE the casino!  He had his FBI Poodle boys investigate who I was or was not! 

All he had to do was click on the link so many of you have clicked on and he would know!

Hey, even Roger (Weenie Boy) has taken the time to write to me!  Thanks WB! 

Tribal Council members have written to me.. and cc'd other Tribal Council members!  So, now they are all on the update list!  Do they love to hear from me?  You betcha!

Oh, Paranoia Boya continues:  Apparently, and this has to be so funny, I don't know how people don't bust up laughing; when he wants to say something important in his office, he whispers!!!!  No one else is around, and he has it swept for bugs, and he whispers!!! He did that the other night and I thought I would bust a gut!  The person he was "whispering" to got this cold chill and realized PB is derailing faster than the whistle can blow!

Whispering?  What are you afraid of?  A bug?  Here, I will make it easier for you:  That buzzing sound is NOT a mosquito, not a fly.  Nope, it is my teeny tiny camera, microphone bot! Yup!  After you smash it, get out your microscope and look it over to be sure you got the right one!

All you who have pity on the dumb bastard send him a magnifying glass!

Oh, and if you wonder why his office smells like it does and why he has so many wipes in the trash, it is because of what he does while viewing inappropriate "zooms" from the surveillance cameras. 

Geez PB!  If you are so paranoid, at least keep it zipped in the office, will ya?


That is all for right now, more to come. Note that I am in the process of converting all the old blogs to PDF formats so that they are easier to print and store.

WB, that will make it easier for you to print and archive.  ...And to read at your leisure!


Keep them cards and letters coming!



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February 13, 2006

Okay, apparently some of you are still not catching on.   I will explain to you so that you understand it better and can deal with the proper information.

Regarding the firings at the casino awhile back:

Junior, now known as Paranoia Boya or PB for short, brought Kevin in and showed him all the video and audio tapes he had on those people.  He told Kevin to fire them.  Kevin looked at the evidence and had no choice but to fire them.

That was his job as Human Resources.  Had he ignored the video and other surveillance information presented by PB, he would have been NOT doing his job.

Okay, so those people got fired and they complained to PB and to WB (weenie boy) and suddenly, PB is their champion! 

AND they believe him!  Wow! That kind of stupidity just rings all the right bells, doesn't it?  PB is laughing at you, stepping on you and you are groveling to him?  You deserve what you get on that one kids.  I can't help you there!

Of course, he fired, and apparently wrongfully so, Kevin and made it look like all these firings were Kevin's idea.  They were not.  Got it?

A woman named Lisa, apparently conspired with another woman to "get Kevin" so that after he was fired  one of them would be able to get Kevin's job. 

Now, considering that Lisa has no standards (proof is that she is at the sexual beck and call of PB) and is uneducated, she is just another pawn of PB's to help create chaos on the rez and people not know who to trust.  It is simple:  If they are sleeping with PB or related to him in any way, or are the best friends of that family, DON'T Trust them!

By the way, "other woman", how much dirty work have you done?  Did you think, really think there was anything in it for YOU?  That you got used by a woman who gets used frequently (unless the Cialis prescription runs out) puts you somewhere under the bottom of the scum pile.

PB only trusts people that are stupider than he is.  Not a bright man to begin with, that speaks volumes to the consequences of unhealthy lifestyles of so many on the rez these past 3 generations or so!

The rest of you, just sit quiet and pretend there is nothing you can do about any of this.  Denial works like magic, doesn't it?

Now, a wrongful termination such as the case of Kevin Dauphineas's leads to big legal bills for the casino because they spend a lot of time and money trying to make it look right when it is not.

They will end up paying, because eventually, when this goes to court they won't have a leg to stand on.  They will have to pay big bucks!  That is money that SHOULD be going to the community, but once again, is being used to clean up the crap mess that family has created.

All those lawyer and investigator bills?  They keep adding up.  Whom do you think will pay for all that?  Same people as pay for all of the Yankton's crap.. YOU! 

Apparently, none of you has told the Tribal Council that you are unhappy with how they are allowing all this to go on and cost you money.  Well, some of you have told them, but not enough.  When it comes time to vote, you stay home and complain.  In essence, you are doing this to yourselves and to your community. 

Jerks like this cannot do this on their own.  All they need to run this criminal enterprise is for good people to do nothing.  I guess, you know who you are, right?

Moving on..

Turd Mother has her standards?

Well, there was an incident recently where Flo Peltier was shaking hands with the elders and Turdmother was inline for her due respect and when Flo came to her, Turdmother withdrew her hand and said she didn't think she should shake Flo's hand because she had heard a rumor that Flo was planning to beat her up.

Y'know, that kinda makes me shake my head in disbelief.  Turdmother and her brood have murdered several people on the rez, including Flo's brother, Eddie Peltier. 

Yet, Turdmother controls who gets what on the rez.  She has her grandchildren qualify for charity and welfare and such when the same standards don't seem to apply to families and children who actually do live on the rez!

She continues to hold herself up as the pillar of the community and has the nerve to stand in line with the Elders as a woman of respect?

And then refuses to shake hands with the woman whose brother's murder she helped clean up???  Like Turdmother is somehow BETTER???

Note to Flo:  Turdmother's hands are so covered with blood and crap you would be wise to have standards of your own and not touch anything that vile and filthy!

I don't know who puts food into Turdmother's mouth, but if she uses those hands to feed herself, she must be all black and sick inside, like an outhouse!


That's all for now.. keep them cards and letters comin'!


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February 15, 2006

The "Burning Question"

While many of us celebrate Valentine's Day in our own way, some with loved ones, friends, family.. there are those who especially like to spend it with family.  Any excuse to drink and make plans for future recreation..

Such as it was for Roger and his loving family.  In answer to your burning question, Weenie Boy,  if you start the fire you will NOT get away with it. 

I know you have alibis all prearranged and everyone is supposed to say exactly what you tell them to say, and your mommy will back you up.  But NO, if you start that fire you will be caught.  I am not the only one listening.  I am not the only one watching.

Now, go find another more legal way to get over your fear of people telling the truth about you. 

Note to Paranoia Boya's wife, Cathy:  Think about it:  You are married to a man who cheats on you regularly, continues to commit incest,  has fathered many of his own grandchildren, has murdered and helped to cover up the murders of at least 5 people that you know of, and who uses his position at the casino to garner nasty zooms from the surveillance cameras for his own amusement (because you are just not enough for him) and who talks about you like you are crap on his shoe when he wants to bed Lisa; so why do you keep sticking up for him?  Defending him? 

Oh, I see, it is because you like the lifestyle, eh?  You know, if you had aimed just a tad higher in your life's ambitions, there would not be so much dog crap on your head. 

But, you think he is a treasure, so much for the blind eye, eh?

Look around you, what do you see?

Back to you, Roger, just put that gasoline in your car.  And, tampering with the gas lines?  Not a good idea either.  And your friend, the one who described how to make it look like an electrical short, not as smart as he thinks he is.  Smarter than you, but not very.


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February 17, 2006

Praying Mantis?

Apparently, there was a funeral recently.  Turdmother, who continues to see herself as a pillar of the community, got up to offer a prayer... that went on and on.. and ONNNNNNN!  (Yawn!) 

The Father of the Parish had to cut her off!  I guess he was afraid that lightning would strike and burn them all if that witch had been allowed to continue, ad nauseam, until she had fouled the air completely.

So, why do people still speak to her?  And those of you who do speak to her, why do you not question the behaviors of her and her children? 

Each time you allow this woman to represent you, to speak at your gatherings and tell her lies, you are saying that you honor the family and her for all their corruption, abuse, rapes and murders. 

If you are going to talk to her, hold her accountable for her behaviors!

Are you afraid of her? 

Is living in that kind of fear really working out well for you and your family?

Apparently, being able to hold you all in fear is working out well for them!

Next time there is a murder, a suicide, a rape, a burglary, ask yourself what you could have done to challenge those who drive the criminal cartel in your community.  Is it worth it to just keep silent?

Quick!  Turdmother is coming!  Everyone smile and hold out your hand to shake!  What an honor!!!

Wake up or perish in your denial.

Anyone disagree with this?  You know where to write to me!


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February 18, 2006

What is Hell? 

Hell is when you have to bury your child.  No worse pain than that.  Guaranteed.  The Peltiers knew that one.  Their son, Eddie murdered and all those people who lied to help the murderers get away with it.

Now, another thing I know about how it works for those with Indian Blood.  The Grandfathers, as the guardians of the spirits and the Helpers to the Creator are called, have a way of teaching us in this life and in this world before we go on to the next.

We are allowed to make mistakes, even hurt others, but we cannot continue to pretend that our wrongs are right.  We cannot continue to offend God by allowing our lies and actions to hurt the innocent.

We are given many chances to right the wrongs we do in this world.  And then we run out of chances. 

The Grandfathers teach us by taking away from us that which we love the most. 

As I have said before, it is not that bad things can't happen to good people; they do happen.  But when it happens to good people, there is a compassion and a caring that comes to them from those whom they have known all these years.

But when bad things happen to bad people; those who continue with the lies and the cover up, those people know and it shows on them, that they are being taught the hardest lessons in the hardest ways.. and they have brought this on themselves. 

At first, people feel compassion for someone say, whose son froze to death less than 100 yards from home.  But then, after a short while, people start to remember that the person suffering the pain of such burning grief was someone who betrayed the innocent, maybe even sold their daughter into the abyss of lies and deceit to cover the murder and help the murderers. 

People who suffer in this way know that this is just the beginning. 

One man may have a son crippled for life from a stray bullet.  An otherwise vital young man with his whole life ahead of him now confined to a wheelchair and in need of regular changing.  All those hopes and dreams withered in an instant.

Another man, a man of god let's say, who betrayed all that was holy for the most evil of work and evil of men he has ever known, now suffers the loss of his treasure. 

And there is more to come.

Ignore the messenger and pay the price, higher and higher each time. 

The Creator sees everything and knows each of us inside and out.  Those who do the right thing; those who do the wrong thing and those who do nothing.

Continue to be friends and allies with the murderers and rapists you know who they are and watch as each and every one of you learns what the payment is to be made at the end of the day. 

The evil prayers of the Yanktons to protect them from the consequences of their actions leave only those who protect them in this world to pay the price first.

In the end, they will stand alone, and scared and you will all stand around them and see them as they are, an anathema among you.

Their circle will grow smaller and weaker.  Their minds will break like a dropped glass. 

But until that time, those of you who do the wrong thing and those of you who do nothing, each are in line for a burning grief, a hell on this earth greater than the sum of your fears.

Look around you .  What and whom do you love more than anything else in this world?  Hold that tight to you for it is not yours to keep, but on loan from the Creator who knows your heart, your mind, and your wicked ways.

We will all lose something in this world.  But it is HOW we lose it that marks us as good or evil for all to see.

Tony knows what I am talking about.  Did you think God would NOT answer?

Mary, not too late for you.  But getting later all the time.

Kelly, are you holding the next number for tragedy in your pocket?

Celeste, Eddie is not just outside looking in when you drink, he is often right behind you. 

Those feathers, prayers and fetishes in your house are mere trinkets against the consequences of what you have done.

The only way to come out of this with anything left is to redeem yourselves.  All of you, by coming clean and telling the truth to anyone that will listen. 

The consequences continue until everyone learns.

Until everyone knows.

Until the Truth is acknowledged.

It didn't have to be this way, but you continue down the path of darkness and cry that is is all a lie.  Tell the truth and find the light that will guide you from this point until your name is called.

Tragedy and irony.  Exquisite from the hands of the Grandfathers. 

Everyone step aside and no one wish any evil upon any person, no matter who they are or what they have done.  The consequences that come to them are far more precise than anything any mortal could design.

Tony McDonald, you are an object of pity in the eyes of those who know the truth and know what you have done. 

Now this.


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March 06, 2006

Carl Walking Eagle $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Well, it has been busy around here!  Information coming in faster than I can put it all together.

I hear there are two "good looking" FBI agents on the rez who are NOT Paranoya Boya's Poodles.  (I know that is not the spelling of Paranoia, but I like it.)

These two agents are looking into the mishandling of HUD funds and other things associated with Housing. 

They are looking at Carl Walking Eagle right now.  Looking real close!  They will also be looking into Pete Belgarde and Weenie Boy's previous embezzlements and "conversion" of funds.

Now, there is that substantial amount of money that was recently granted to the tribe for Dialysis:  $387,000 that went into someone's pocket, or should I say "Check Book" without ever being used for one tribal member's medical needs!

Now, this MAY be a coinky-dink, but Carl has over $400,000 in his personal checking account. 

I dunno, maybe he is a good "saver" and puts all of his $600-800/week paycheck into the bank. 

But if that is true, there is another problem.  Josey What's-her-name  (I have it here in these notes somewheres!). Got it!  McKay, Josey McKay... used to be married to Weenie Boy.  Geez!  Talk about sloppy seconds!

Now, Josey is the out-in-the-open girlfriend of Carl, who is married to Barb.

Barb gets left behind while Carl goes off romping with Josey.  He comes home with hickeys all over his chest (Yuck!).  Why Barb puts up with this, I have no clue.  I don't think she even knows about the $400K in his OTHER checking account. 


Carl had been using Tribal Funds to pay his electric bills.  A couple of the honest members of the Tribal Council found out and had that stopped.

Carl was then on the Valentine's Day Weekend last month, supposed to go to a ceremony in South Dakota.  He never showed up.  He and Josey detoured to a little hide-away hotel (a No Tell MO tell) in Valentine, NEBRASKA!  Isn't that romantic? 

And while he and Josey were doing the Valentine's Day thing in luxury, on the Tribal Expense Account, the lights were being shut off at home and Barb was left sitting in the cold and the dark.. and it was cold!

My thinking is that if Barb knew about the other account, she would have bought herself something nice, like electricity!

Now, Carl says he is not keeping all that money for himself.  He is merely holding onto it "for some friends".  Right.  Well, maybe true.  He could have "accidentally" deposited that mountain of money into his own account without realizing it.  I mean, you and I would do the same thing, right????


Of course, Carl thought he had covered his tracks by having a room reserved at the Rosebud Casino in Rockford, but he never showed up, like I say, it was a fun weekend for that overgrown moron!

Barb, why do you put up with this guy?  He will only drag you down!

Oh, and if that FBI Poodle guy, Chris asks anyone anything, don't answer.  He only reports to PB and WB.  The other Poodle Boy that works for those two, I don't have his name yet, but I will, is equally a waste of time.

How do I know that?  Because the Bureau, after a few well placed words in their In Boxes, sent out the two new guys.  And they are being watched by yet two others, and this seems to go even one level deeper. 

So I am not sure who the bad guys are and the good guys are in the FBI at this point, but I am sure that the ones who are looking into the embezzlement will either make a case and start busting this thing open, or end up being on the payroll for the Turd Family. 

If it turns out to be the latter, the house of cards will fall anyways because there are becoming too many palms to grease to keep this thing rolling.

Now, who are they going to send in to look at the Turd Family's meth operation? 

Weenie Boy's Secretary, Anna McKay, keeps an eye on everything and everyone when Roger is not there.  She listens and then tells.

Also, the conference rooms at the Casino, are totally bugged by Paranoya Boya.  That is why when issues regarding him come up in meetings, he is able to barge into the room and raise a stink!

Hold your meetings elsewhere.  Another town be smarter.

Don't think the rooms aren't bugged also.  That is likely where they get a lot of their Homemade porn.  Unsuspecting guests may very well be starring in their entertainment as you read this!

Wow! There is so much more to write about. 

Hey, FBI guys, contact me.  You know how, I know you do!  I have enough information and documents to bring down this whole house of cards!  But watch your backs, because not everyone with a badge is a good guy.  In fact, you may be all alone on this one.

Note to Bentley:  Remember who you are.

Note to Tony MacDonald: Remember how when you started praying against people when you had the pulpit back in the late 70's?  Remember how your son was killed then?  You know, I am the only person alive who would set that record straight, but you have chosen to work against me and to use your daughter to keep those other murderers safe.  You lost another son because of your actions.   You brought all this on yourself. 

But there is still a chance that you can at least partially redeem yourself, and that is to get out of my way and let me do my work.  Unbind your daughter from the stinking evil that you have put her in and let her move  on.

Only then will your misery begin to end.  Until then, it keeps on coming, and by your own hand!  It wasn't me that locked your boy out on that freezing cold night. 

Note to Carl Walking Eagle:

The time has come for you to answer for what you have done.  Your "friends" will cut your throat and leave you to twist in the wind over this thing, saying they had no idea you were stealing these funds.  No idea!


There is more to write, but time is not there.  I will try to get more out next week.

Any questions?


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March 9, 2006


Oh this is soooo rich!  I had to share this with y'all!  At the General Assembly on the 7th, (Wait, is everyone sitting down?  Preferably on a toilet, because you are going to pee yourself laughing when you read this!  Or worse!)  Okay, at this General Assembly Meeting Turd Mother got up and wanted to start an audit on Former Council Member Vincent Greyhorn, who she says  might have taken allllll that money!

Vincent, who was more trusting than bright, when he was on the council could easily have signed whatever was put in front of him which might lead to money going someplace it shouldn't have... but look at where the money ended up!  THAT is what a true Forensic Audit will tell!

Carl, ironically enough, was in support of the audit! 

Thank you both for bringing down your own house of cards!

Geez Carl, don't you know you can't burn a paper trail?  That money being in your account, and who knows how much more will lead.. duh!  BACK to your sorry ass!

How is that repair job going on your house, by the way Carl?  The one you are using the funds for the elderly to help yourself? 

Barb, I hear that you frequent the casino and play only in the High Stakes Room.  Is that how you get past Carl's infidelities?  And I am hearing that those are more on the "weird" side than on the straight and narrow, if you get my drift. 

And I have to tell you all that I got a flurry of letters from a young bimbo I have to call "Sugarmouth".  She is upset and wants me to mind my own business!

Now, questions is, is she related to Carl?  The Turd Family? Or is she just sleeping with them?  Or, both?

Hey Sugarmouth!  Can't wait to see your next   sputtering and spitting love note!

Sorry to see that yet another generation is headed down the same dead end of sex, drugs and brain damage as so many have before her. 

Well, tis all for now.  DO write and let me know how you like all this!

NOTE TO ROGER:  All those years ago, when I saw you in the Bingo Hall, I had a flash of you being in handcuffs.  I figure you are the first to be arrested.  I even saw the shirt you were wearing at the time. 

Funny, for some reason, I got that same flash again a couple of days ago.  Now, I think I know why!

Until next time....



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March 12, 2006

Sugarmouth strikes again!  Naming Ceremony to change the name to "Diaper Mouth"

I know that some of you who have been receiving copies of the emails I get from the imbecile I call "Sugarmouth" are laughing your asses off.  I am strongly considering publishing all her (or his) letters so we can vote one who this person really is.  Some of you have said it is probably one of Carl Walking Eagle's kids, and some have said it sounds like Roger pretending to be a young girl.  Roger can't really read, and has to have someone read for him, so that might be what is going on, but who knows?  Several of you think it is Josey McKay trying to recapture her lost youth and using her grandchild's name.  I don't know who it is, but I do know that they are pathetic.   ....And for now, my entertainment!

She (Let's call it a "she" for now until we know what it really is, okay?) wants to know how I know she is stupid.  Hmmmm... well let's see, she thinks that if you and your family can gang up on someone and beat the shit out of them for telling the truth, it makes you the "smartest" person around. 

Mostly the first two letters were so badly spelled and not spell-checked that only a major dyslexic could read through it without laughing. 

Apparently, it doesn't like to be called "Sugarmouth" so I will change that to yet another Indian name:  "Diaper Mouth."  Considering the language used, probably not too far off!

Using the pseudo name "McKayla Turtle", Diaper Mouth is too chicken to use his or her real name.  Interesting that it might be someone named McKay???  I dunno.  Maybe I should start looking in that direction?

Thank you Diaper Mouth!  I never would have thought to look at any of the McKays without your sloppy insistence! 

Meanwhile, parents and teachers should be discussing how violence and bullying only creates an uglier world for everyone.  And how only a real education can make you better off in this world.

Again, I thank those who have had the courage to speak up and tell the truth.  I urge those who are looking for a positive role model in their lives to look at the quiet few who are raising their family with dignity.

Turdmother gets up at those General Assembly Meetings and has the nerve to say she is doing it for the people???  You know the truth and the real difference between the lies that spill out of her foul, rancid mouth and those that are spoken by the few who are brave enough to stand up to her and her gang of thieves, rapists, murderers. 

Tell her to sit down.  Tell her to shut up.

She has robbed all of you!  Robbed your elders, and your children so that she could have "power".  She has not got long.  Soon she will have to face her maker and all that she truly is will lay in a stinking heap as the gates of Hell swing open and she is shoveled in like so much  crap into the incinerator!  I wonder if Tony MacDonald will weep at her funeral too?  I know he will miss her!  She has protected him from answering for the crimes he has committed.  She just cannot protect him from the Creator delivering the consequences.  And there is more to come.  (Right, Mary?)

And to the young women of that rez who feel they have to be tough and ugly in order to feel safe, you have my pity. Especially the person whom I have come to know as Diaper Mouth.

Smarten up people!  This won't get better unless you find a spine and stand up for yourself and your children!  Sitting back just reading this for entertainment doesn't make you safe.  The sidelines is where most of the damage occurs.  Look at your children and think about their future. 

Now, do something to make it better!

Until next time...



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March 13, 2006:  Mortality

Well Turdmother can play the grieving widow now.  The father of the Turd clan passed on. 

(I have a small correction here:  The man who passed away was NOT Turdmother's current husband.  Apparently, James Sr. could do little or nothing to guide his son's away from Pauline's evil path.  Apologies to the friends and family of James Sr.  Must have been a living hell to have his name carried by such a slob as James, Jr.)  (Just the same, that won't stop Pauline from playing the center stage!)

One by one, they will all have to answer for what they have done. 

We all will. 

Those who have done the wrong thing, those who have done the right thing, and those who have done nothing to help.

Turdmother loves to be the center of attention.  I turn my back.


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March 15, 2006  Funeral and a show

Well, looks like Turdmother cannot wait to take center stage!  She went to the wake of Lynn Alberts last night and proceeded to stare down Edith Peltier and a few other people. 

Someone tell that piece of crap that is NOT appropriate behavior?  When she was confronted about her obvious poor manners and disrespect she feigned in a weak little voice that she was only there to invite people to her "husband's" service tomorrow.   Right. 

I told you she would want to play the tragic widow!   And she apparently can't wait to put on that show!  Wasn't there to comfort the grieving family, but to bring her event to the fore.  Tacky, stupid, disrespectful.

Now, so you know, James Yankton Sr's service is in St. Michael, tomorrow.

A few of you have written and said he was a good man who did not know his sons were murderers.  Sorry, but he did know.  He was not a part of that murder but he knew and he did nothing.  He knew about all the murders.

Denial is a heavy blanket wrapped around most folks out there.  They just don't want to know if someone they care about or who carries their name is a monster.  And the beat goes on.

So, go, watch the show, let me know how much the woman who has not been married to him for over 20 years (in fact, married to someone else) plays her part as the grieving widow.  Sign my name to the guest book.  It's like I am already there.  While you are at it, sign one for Eddie Peltier.

Afterall, we are invited, are we not?

I wonder if she will be asking people to attend her funeral in the not too distant future.  Then again, how many people can stand around a toilet and watch her be flushed into the sewer of her own greed, arrogance and corruption?  

I wonder if the funeral notices will be handed out with a little paper band that says: "Sanitized for your protection."? 

I couldn't make this stuff up, you all are living in it.

Not a peep from Diaper Mouth.  Gee, that bastard in your belly giving you contractions already?

Until next time...


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March 17, 2006

Coming Clean Before it is too late?

Much to talk about here.  Funeral for James Yankton Sr., is today at 10 AM so most of you have already seen the big show.  Like snakes all in one pot, eh?

Apparently, Barb Walking Eagle had a heart attack and is in Grand Forks ICU.  This leaves it wide open for Carl to be with Josey with no nagging wife, ya think?

It might have upstaged the Tragic Widow Show the Turdmother and her Clan were planning, but so be it.  Can't have everything you want in this life, now can you?

Take a look around, when it comes, it comes fast and painful.  Barb had a chance to come clean with what she knew, and she started to, but then backed off.  Now, it is probably too late for her.

There are more of you out there who have been protecting and covering for the evil in your midst.  Your time will also arrive.  Will you be clean and ready to go?  Or will you still be wrapped in the dirty blankets of greed, denial, fear and the grossest part of it being that you KNOW what happened, and those of you who were there, have a price to pay. 

When Carl Walking Eagle and Carl McKay are not there to keep the wheels greased and the FBI Poodles at bay, many more will fall. 

And you know that Turdmother and her clan have used you all to wipe their butts and make them look clean.  You carry that filth with them and for them.

Your day is coming too.  Will you be clean? Will you be able to go in peace? Or will you melt into a puddle of sewage at the feet of The Creator?  What "Power" and what "Prayer" will you call on at that time to redeem your soul and free your spirit?  Without the Truth being given the light, you deny yourselves the peace of exiting this world CLEAN.

Jeannie, you have a lot to say.  Put it in writing and send it to me.  You already have a sense of your time coming to an end.  You don't have that many chances left to tell the Truth. 

I know how afraid you and the others are.  I know because I can smell it from here.



PS: Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Don't let anything interfere with your addiction to drinking and bingo!  Party on, Fools!


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March 22, 2006

Death and a Paycheck

Wow! Big Funeral for James Yankton Sr!  Daddy to the Turd Clan, well, to most of them.  Big family!  Only DNA can tell who fathered who, but a lot of what you saw out there was not from branches of the family tree, but rather the product of incest twisting in on itself.  Barely a branch to be seen!

Oh yeah, a lot of "love" to go around.  I hear that the pallbearers, including Tony Mac who was designated as "special pallbearer" were paid $150 each!  Take a look at the list in the paper of who all was considered a Pall Bearer.  One way to get a good showing at a funeral is to pay em off! 

Of course it was Tribal money! 

It is my understanding that when any enrolled member dies, the family is given $300.  However, not far down the road, many of them are told to give it back. 

I doubt if that will happen in this case.  Nice big Mass being said.  Anyone know how much it costs to buy a MASS?  Big Buckaroonies my friends!

Bet they could hardly wait for him to die so they could once again dive in with both hands to the coffers.  Thought I was going to say "coffins" didn't ya? 

You know that stacks of money are held in the vault at the Blue Building, right?  Can you guess who just walks in there and helps himself to stacks of banded bucks and walks out without filling out any paperwork?   C'mon!  Give me your best guess!

Well, here's a hint:  His wife is in Grand Forks Hospital having undergone a Triple Bypass.  Wow, he is dedicated!  He goes to see her once in awhile and makes Josey (mistress) wait in the car!  What a guy!

Oh, and I hear Cathy (Paranoya Boya's wife) is all bent out of shape because she is in the blog!  Wow, Cath, nice to know that some things just cross the line with you and you get upset! 

I would have thought that James and Roger (PB and WB) murdering your brother (oh yeah, just ran him right off the road after beating and kicking the crap out of him, sure looks like an accident to me...NOT) I would have thought THAT would have you upset. 

Apparently not because you went and married one of them and had a bunch of kids they could all molest.   None of that seemed to have even blipped your radar, but being mentioned in this blog, oh my!  Now THAT is something that is just plain wrong!

I was wondering what your dear chubby hubby was ranting and raving about.  I thought it was because people not in his pocket were jotting down license plate numbers at the funeral.  Maybe I was wrong. 

He was yelling at his Poodle Boys (FBI Poodles, more precisely) to "Fix it! Or Else!" 

Now I know what that was about.  Gee, if I have said anything that would in anyway upset you... I am really sorry.  Go and take some more drugs, or help yourself to Tribal funds.  I know that will make you feel better.  

Oh, nice cars you and your family drive.  Sure, it is okay that the Tribe pays for all of them.  Pays for the gas, the repairs, all the doodads.  You are special!

Well tis all for now.  Keep them cards and letters coming.

Oh, and PB, give up that light blue jacket.. and the sheepskin leather coat, you will never fit into them again. 

And remember: I know about the C'Anupa you stole way back when.  I know what it has done to you.  And you thought you were "protecting" yourself! 

Ooops!  I hear laughter!  That is my cue to leave you all for now. 

Try and keep a lid on it until I get back, okay?  Bentley will help you. 


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March 27, 2006

Finding Religion

Okay, this has to be a quickie because I am way behind in my work.

First, for all you fans of Diaper Mouth, she has agreed to me posting her letters and her email address so you can all write to her if you like, support her point of view if you want.  Or, just ignore her as everyone else is doing.

That will be in a later posting.

Also, for yet another moron who thinks this blog should only be about Eddie's "ghost" and not say anything about the people who murdered him nor their friends and family who support and protect them, get a life!

The funniest part of these emails is that they use the word "Shiiiiit" so often (hence "diaper mouth") and say I need to come out of hiding and tell these people what I think of them to their faces. 

Okay.  I am not in hiding, I use my real name, and I am telling these people, by name, what I think of them. 

Ironically, these people who want to "Kick my Ass!" do not use their real names, and some don't even use their own emails!  So, who is the coward here? Who is "hiding"?

And, going out and ganging up on someone who speaks the truth is your way of proving YOU are RIGHT?  Wow, things are worse out there than I thought!

But now for the good part:  The Yankton Family, so I have heard, have found religion!  Yup! They are now dressing up and attending church!  I guess they think they can bribe God now that the Devil has not protected them from the Truth?

I bet they hope they can look all sweet and saintly sitting in those pews.  Bet they will even hold a Bible in their hands and look really pure!

Please, send me a picture of this if you have it!  I will POST it!

I wonder if they think the Church will give them a pass on all their black prayers and evil deeds?  And do they think they can buy their way into heaven?  Or, better yet, buy their way out of Hell?

Maybe, juuuuust maybe one of them will be moved by the Holy Spirit!  I would expect that would be their greatest undoing yet!

I am just the messenger, they are their own enemy.

This Church thing has not been verified yet, and it may not last long, but I thought you could all use a laugh. 

You know where to find me!


PS  Brenda, watch your back, you have become expendible and will be used as the fall guy on the money thing.  That means you cannot be around to tell a different story or to defend yourself.  Watch your back!

And if you think your 20 years of keeping Roger's secrets, and of partying with the devils you know will save you, think again: Eddie was their friend too and it was at their party they planned to do him in and made it happen. 

Maybe you will take a pass on that next invitation?

Or, are you in a big hurry to see David again?

If they can make it look like an accident or suicide, that is their best option.  If they just make you disappear, say you absconded with the funds, it will be a little trickier, but it can be done.

I am not kidding, girl, watch your back!

PPS: I heard that  Barb Walking Eagle stepped out of the Hospital and back into the High Stakes Room at the Casino.  She still needs that  triple bypass surgery.  She has a couple of stents put in her heart to keep the valves open. Maybe that is all she wants.  Not a healthy life, but a slower death?

Don't ignore the warnings your doctors gave you, woman! Save your life! Who is going to help your children if Carl ends up in Jail and you are dead?

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March 29, 2006

Pushing her luck...

Well, yes, it was serious afterall, now wasn't it?  Barb Walking Eagle had another heart attack last night and is in Grand Forks Hospital and now it cannot be denied, she needs that 3x bypass!

It may be too late for her.  She may have waited too long to clear her conscience and come clean about everything she knows about the Yanktons, the Tribal Council and her husband. 

Let it be said now and you all understand, she brought this attention on herself when she tried to go after the council members who quit paying her utility bills and she was left in the dark while Carl cavorted with Josey in Valentine, Nebraska on Valentine's Day.  A case of misdirected anger if ever there was one, and she got burned.  Never open a door unless you are prepared to walk through it, or to allow the light to come shine on you!

Those of you who seek to undo the good work of a few among you with the courage to see what is wrong and make it right, will undo yourself instead.

That Blanket of Denial where you all hide and cover your eyes, close your ears so that you don't have to know what your family and friends are doing, is growing thinner and smaller now. 

More of you will see what you don't want to see and know what you don't want to know. Blast me if you want, but it will not stop the light from burning through.

And, before I get another letter from the moron who says:"Barb and Carl are good people", please remember that by supporting those who are corrupt, you lose your own moral compass.  Those who support the corrupt who keep the secrets of the murderers, rapists, and child molestors among you, and who embezzle and outright steal the money that is meant for everyone in your community, remember that same stink sticks to you.

So, make sure you know the definition of "good people" before you try to lecture me for exposing this ugliness in our midst.

Funerals are sad, are they not? Imagine if you will that you are Eddie's family and that you know he was murdered and the guilty not only walk around free, but they rule the place like their own kingdom.

An innocent man remains incarcerated because so many of you good people do nothing, and allow this to be.

Worse, you call the vipers that writhe in that pit of stink, your "friends".  What, pray tell, was the price of your soul?

Turdmother feels her time is coming.  Hospitalized, and scared, she will soon face up to all that she has wrought in her time here in this world.

When her funeral comes, make sure that as you read her obit, add the words: "Sanitized for YOUR Protection" sashed across it!

And when you cowards write your expletive loaded letters to me and call me a coward and tell me to come out from hiding and tell these people to their faces what I think of them...

...And you do this with anonymous names, no signatures, and fake email addresses, understand that you have, in your own actions, by your own doing, defined cowardice!

I am telling these people, by name, what I think of them. I am using my real  name and my real email address. 

Oddly enough, I enjoy those letters the most because they let me know that I am having an effect on the evil in our midst. 

So, like I say: Keep them cards and letters coming!

You no like this? You know where to find me!


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April 7, 2006

I have a little surprise for you!  It won't be ready until a little bit after Easter, but I think you will all like it.  Well, not ALL of my readers will like it.  There will be more angry goofballs out there when they see what I have done, but that is okay with me.  I hope they write.  It is the best entertainment one can garner from a job like this:  Having the moron squad put pen to paper and blast me for revealing the day to day lives of rapists, murderers, thieves, embezzelers and molestors.

I especially like the really bad spelling, the swear words and the diagnosis that I am just "jealous" because these good people have money and power.

Oh yeah, especially those letters!  I would really want to be them!  Who wouldn't?  They live the high life, off government funds that are supposed to be for the whole tribe (not just their inbred version of family).  They get to drive brand new cars all the time, and go to the bars and play pull tabs for $1000 - 1500 a night, every night!!  Yes, on their meager salaries, they know how to budget and make ends meet!

Do hit the keyboard with them booger stained fingers of yours and let me know how wrong I am to expose these people for what they are doing.

Meanwhile, I am hard at work putting together a nice little surprise for you all.

I have been wanting to do this for years, and many of you have wanted me to do this so be patient juuuuuust a little longer and it will happen!

Spring is in the air.  Don't you just feel like doing something?  I do!

And yes, there is still streamloads of information coming in and I don't have time nor room for it just yet.  But  never fear!

Oh, and isn't it ironic that after all the trouble James and Rodger went through to get my site banned from allt he schools, casinos, and colleges as well as from universities has made it even more popular?

People actually have to work to get to this thing!  And they print it out and share it! 

So, all those porno spam letters you sent Weenie Boy and Paranoya Boya, that spoofed my email address so you could get the site blocked, looks like you failed! Oh, and if anyone ever investigates where those emails originated from?  You could be in more hot water! Yes, had you not sent kiddie porn in them, you might have escaped notice, but you wet for what you know best, didn't you? 

I just wonder who's children you used for that vile crap.  I sure hope it was not any of your neighbor's kids.  I sure HOPE you did not use Cathy Yankton's access to all them kids to do anything that might upset their parents!

But then again, they know all about your family, the rapes, the incest and the child molest and they allow your family to run the daycare, so who is to say they were victims too? 

Good thing you have a Tribal Council that does exactly what you tell them, eh?  Or you would never have access to all that money, all them babies,  and do whatever you want with any of them, right?

Wow, you all must be so proud to have that family running your lives!

No wonder so many of you speak up!  It is a wonder that more of you don't.  You think this will just go away on its own?  It only gets worse.  The more you let it, the more you do nothing, the worse it gets. 

Okay, you know where to find me.  I have to get back to work now.  A lot to do between now and the middle of April!


April 20, 06 ---- Just a few more days... you gonna like this one! Okay, by now you have figured out that the big surprise is the NEW and improved WEBSITE!  Going to be a lot more fun to rock and roll with room to grow and do more dynamic pages.--Cat


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