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Eddie's GraveThe ongoing events and behaviors of those who murdered Eddie (and others)  on the Fort Totten Eddie Peltier ArmyReservation, North Dakota.  How the ongoing criminal enterprise continues to flourish unabated and without a single response from the Justice Department.  Well, not surprising on that!  They would have to investigate themselves and how some of their elite were directly involved and have prospered from the corruption that exists, protected and funded by US Tax Dollars.

Even if you don't live on the Rez, it's your money, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.  You owe it to yourself to peek in once in awhile and see what you are paying for

Welcome to the new web site for Restless Spirit: The Murder of Eddie Peltier!

This gives me more room to add more pages, photos, images, graphics, cartoons. Eventually, I can add more pages including a "string board" (Police Investigators will know what that is) which will show who's who in the Rez Zoo.  There will be more features, more pages and a more comprehensive site in general.

All the pages are not yet hooked up, but as they fill out, I will post a note here and you can go and see for yourself. 

New (2nd) Contact page is hooked up.  You can find information on contacting the Parole Board to Free Richard, HERE


Texas Monthly Magazine has done a feature on this case.  Read the October Issue, available at newsstands now.  OR, go to the online version.  Michael Hall went to the rez and saw for himself.

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December 1, 2006-- Printer Version

No Ho-Home For The Holidays

Looks like the Christmas Spirit is on the Tribal Council!  First they try to bribe you with your own money (more on that later.  Apparently, they didn't give you the right math and you are all do substantially more than what they said you were), and then they try to get you to give it back to them, but the people spoke, and the people were heard.

By the way, that paltry $1159.94 that they say you should be getting?  Do read below as it is seriously way more than that!

The other thing that has been ongoing, of course, was the petition to get Lois out.  Well, Lois, Myra, the rest of them want to send a message to anyone that would ever consider removing them from power, regardless of how much they steal from the Tribe.

It all started when Anthony DeLorme was asked to quit his very lucrative job outside of the tribe and come and work for the tribe because "your people need you!" 

He was then asked to use his skills to write a grant (one that Bernice Juarez could not comprehend, much less write and get a percentage of!) that would enable the tribe to get $10 Million for highway/road repairs.  It would be his company that would do the work so he was careful to dot every 'i' and cross every 't' and check his budget carefully.

He did that.  His reward for doing that was that the Tribe got the money.  However, soon as it was time to begin the work, Lois and Shelly and Myra connived to relieve him from his due payment, and to keep the grant money for themselves.

First they start the lie that he was dealing outside of the contract and promising new vehicles to subcontractors for kickbacks... none of which was true.  (Ironically, Shelly and Lois' friends got new trucks, but I am sure that is just a coinky-dink).

Note:  It is always important to discredit the people you are cheating in advance so that people won't stop you from robbing them. An all too common tactic employed by the TC.

Without a hearing, without any due process whatsoever, they relieved Tony Delorme of his contract and threatened him.  Since they could not prove any of their allegations, and since in fact it appeared more that allegations against those "ladies" and their corruption was much closer to the surface, a petition was started to remove Lois from her position.

The petition went around.  Many were afraid to sign, even though they had horror stories of their own about mistreatment by her abuse of authority, and power. None-the-less, it got signed.  It was turned in and Brian the Rapist arbitrarily knocked off signatures to make it appear to not qualify. 

Nice to have a rapist in charge of keeping the power that keeps him out of jail in place, eh?

So the petition went around again.  And it was turned in right around Thanks giving.

Okay, let's digress back a few months.  Tony Delorme, who had decided that since he was going to be in a long fight to get what he was due, that instead of wasting his time sitting around and moping, he would apply himself constructively and pursued his education.

While he was in school, he heard from Lois, and her clique that they had made a mistake and they wanted him back.  They needed him to do the work and the people of the tribe needed him. 

He was about to fall for it.  It was mentioned to him to get it in writing.  Apparently, Lois was not willing to commit her commitment to writing.  With good reason.  She did not want him back, but the Tribal Council NEEDED to have him back.

They were undergoing an audit at the time.  They were unable to provide receipts, proper books, any kind of justification for money spent, loans given, that sort of thing.  They had failed previous audits and this one was not going to make them look any better.

I guess they figured that they could drop Tony DeLorme in the middle of it and make him look like the fall guy, or perhaps he could make at least $10 Million of it look legit.  I don't know for sure either way or if they had yet another totally bogus motive for trying to woo him back into the snake pit.

He said he would first finish his education.  He is very close to getting his degree.

Well, true to form, never say "No" to those bitches!  They appropriated his house in his absence!

Now, when he returns home, he will have no home to return to!

Hey, ladies!  I think the Tribe can be real proud of your actions.  Pure retaliation with a big heaping helping of greed and spite on the side. 

Who you planning to serve up next?

I think the good people of the tribe need to force them to return his home to him.  I think that the good people of the tribe need to force them out of office and allow those who have been cheated and denied by them, a fair shot at life on the rez.

Wait until you see the numbers! A few million here, a few million there, after awhile, people start to wonder if you guys aren't stealing form them! Hah!  My question is this:  How greedy and mean-spirited will you have to get before you are not only booted out, but investigated for embezzlement, theft, fraud, and other abuses?  (Rape, murder, theft by fraud, fraud against the Federal government...) 

How about everyone demand a good house-cleaning?  Boot them all out and demand the Federal Government install a Conservator, auditor and manager until you can have proper elections again?

Numbers Tell the Story

$9,700,000.00  Casino's payment to the tribe off of $38 Million (give or take a few million)


$2,100,000.00 Social Impact  Payment



$4,400,000.00 Tribe's claim of EDF funds allocated from Casino.


$3,200,000.00 Lost in Space Money

$2,000,000.00 Money given to TC from SMC $7,000,000.00 for their "daily operations" deficit that Lori McKay claims they are in.(Just how much money can you stuff into your pockets every day???)  Gee, McKay... now that name rings a bell...  Further, if they are that lousy at running business, why are they still in charge?

And these figures are "conservative", but if you follow just those numbers you get $5 Million that the TC has stolen from the people at this time. 

Personally, I think it is upwards of 6x that amount. 

Hey, your money, everyone's tax dollars, homes, health, education, old age pensions, drugs, kiddie porn, money laundering.. they do what they want with all of it. 

Nice of them to toss a few scraps on the floor and watch everyone scramble for it, eh?

I say you can change all this.  I say they know now that you will stand up to them.  Don't quit! Don't slack off! Keep after them until each and every one of them is out of power and into jail, where they belong!

That is YOUR money they are walking around with.  YOUR children's' money. 

Take Your Power Back

It is time that the community stand together.  Don't let them hurt one without all of you demanding due course and fair play.  Each and every one of you must demand it for all of the community. 

Regardless of old feuds, petty differences, or bad feelings you may have towards one another, you must unite in this to save yourselves.  You don't have to like a person to work with them or stand with them to do what is right for the whole community.

They have kept you divided long enough and they have abused you all because you were unable to join together. 

You saw and you heard and you felt how powerful it was to stand up to them in the Special Meeting.  Their plants in the crowd got up and said their lines, but you didn't buy into it.  YOU have the power.  You have always had the power.  It is just that for so long, you forgot it was yours.

Take it back!

And work with your family and work with your neighbors.  Sit and talk about things that have caused differences.  Agree to disagree, apologize for offenses and accept apologies.  Create understanding and respect.

Those are the highest ideals of Indian Ways.  Start being Indians again.  Real Ones.  You feel it rise up in your blood when you do it right. 

It is a good feeling, isn't it?  You all strode out of that meeting, taller, straighter, more your true selves than you had been probably in your whole life! 

It is in you to do this right.  You are able.  They are afraid of you on every level.  Hold them accountable.  They serve you they do not rule you. 

Take it back!

Healing Must Begin

Homes where there is addiction, neglect and abuse must be helped.  Denial does not help. Denial does not help your friends, your family, your children or your neighbors. 

Everything has a cause and a beginning.  For now, work on the healing, and when strong enough, revisit the root causes and remove them from your lives so that they do not poison the next generation.

We owe that much to those who follow in our footsteps.  We owe that to the children of the future.  We owe that to the Indian in everyone one of us.


Shelly and Lois are having their meetings on Saturday.  (Orange you glad I was not talking about AA or NA?? LOL!). 

Lois is having her meeting in the St. Michael's Rec Center.  I hear that Q-ball, who is not on council, btw, drops in and has some food and leaves.  I think everyone should drop by, help themselves to the food, and sit in.

Just a thought.  I don't know where Shelly is having her meeting.  But like I say, they serve YOU ALL and nothing they do should be withheld from your oversight.

You know where to find me!


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December 2, 2006--Printed Version

Snack & Sip

Not sure if Lois knows how this is supposed to work, this Holy Communion thing.

Because the cookie doesn't 'splode into flames on her tongue does not mean she fooled God.  Because she can swallow the wine without choking, doesn't mean that she has fooled God.

Appropriating Tony Delorme's home, without due process or even any kind of notice, is illegal.  Ronnie Lohnes is now the proud owner of Tony's former home and sanctuary.  Geez!  The place didn't even get a chance to cool down before it was handed over!

There are plenty of houses available.  There must be because Shelley and Lois and most of the in-crowd there, have homes that are "extras" for each of them and their families!  Why take away the only thing that a man has that is his, while he is away getting the education to bring back to make things better on the rez?

The message is clear:  Go and get a better education, stay away!  We only want those living here that are afraid of education, unable to get an education, and are not going to challenge anything we do--- because they lack the education!

Plus, there is alll that money that the TC has outright stolen, in cold hard cash, from the vaults and by fraud.  Millions of dollars that could easily buy a home for everyone that needs one and also upgrade, repair and renovate the rest of the homes on the rez!

But they are being punitive.  They need to have Tony Delorme gone because he wrote the grant that garnered millions of dollars in road money from the government, and they don't want him around to dispute their numbers.  They don't want him around to tell you how that money was received and how MUCH of it is gone.  Millions, my friends.  Millions.

They can't risk him being a part of the community, showing up at the meetings and telling you the truth.  Plus, they need for him to be gone because they have failed their audit (again) and they want to point the finger at an absent "former" member. 

Hey, the Government "falls" for it every time!  Well, not that they believe it, but they just want someone in that den of thieves to say something, regardless of how stupid it makes Indians seem (unable to run their own money, always being fooled by other Indians) and they can close their books on these crimes without ever investigating.

So, which is worse?  Stealing a man's home around Christmas, or making sure that they can perpetuate the myth of Indians being stupid and robbing each other and their community? 

All this while the TC plays the part of the victim of your crimes!!!

So, go to Mass tomorrow.  Everyone watch as Lois and Shelley put their hands together in supplication and receive Holy Communion!  Hey, if it doesn't blow up in the Turdclans maws, she should be able to get away with it as well!

I 2 I

Going to have to put a new section on this site.  I 2 I as in Indian to Indian and Eye to Eye.  A place where I can post your messages directly from you to your community, and a place where I can post messages and writings from other Indians in other places that apply to Indians everywhere.

The good thing about this is that a lot of people who are not Indians will read it also, and they will learn something too!

We are all in this together so it is important, I think that we see I 2 I.

You can nickname it 121 if you want, as in One person to another...

I will let you know when it is ready. (Geez!  Look at this pile of papers I have to file!  Be awhile!)

Not The Big Fish

Is anyone besides me wondering why the investigation into the pedophilia ring out there has come to a screaming halt?  That is Bobo at his best. 

Bobo writes Home:

Heya Bro!

Guess whut? They dun put me in charge of the entire investigation into the kidde porn out here!

We wuz all nervous that because the complaint orignate-orgin, o-rig-a...oh fergit it, I can't spell them big words. It started from a place in Span! Yup, and it went thru the big office, up in Washi--Wa--, well, where the bosses are, we wuz all afeared that we would be caught!

Gud thin they told me about the problem.  I wuz able to wurn my frenz to git rid of their servers and computrs.  Too bad cuz they was still brannew! But we gots all kinz of money an kin do whut we wants.

Had to git our frend, Cartier to take the bust on this one.  Utherwiz, the bosses would have been suspishus!

Itz all taken care of. We will git our frenz to seal the evidenz, and lose it, an whut ever it takes.

Hey, dem judges, bankers, ranchers all got some pitchers of they own, an we got evidenz on them.  If my frenz go down (some do, ya know! Hahaha) we can take down former and curren FBIs, USAGs, SIs, Judges, State Attorneees and politishuns!

We are not worried eny more so you don't have to wurry nun 'bout me.

Good thin they put me in charge!

Take care bro, an, uh, how's my little nees doin' these days?  I know people that kin get her into sho biz. 

Big muny in that! You thin about it, k?

Your smarter brother,


Well, I guess the USAG on this thing has no clue how she is being set up to fail on this one.  Too bad she is not a member of this power club.  She could have had the case of the century, bigger than any mafia don! 

Well, if she was a member of the Power Club, she would not be trying to figure out who else is involved.  Boy, will she be surprised when Cartier suddenly pleads guilty (around Feb 18) and all the evidence is sealed and there is no further investigation.

You see, Cartier was only the tip of the iceberg, but by no means the top of the heap. 

She might be the only one around those hallowed halls that doesn't have a clue as to what is really going on in Indian Country these days! 

Probably a fine USAG, but they are setting her up to fail and take the blame for "bumbling" this case.  It is already in process. 

No one involved can risk her getting a glimpse of how big this thing is and how many other crimes are connected to it, nor how many millions of dollars are invested, every year, to keep this criminal organization safe from prying eyes.

Media Blind

Here's a clue folks:  This was the biggest kiddie porn bust in the US to date, but you didn't even get a whiff of it on the national news!  Local papers is about all there was.  But it never left the borders of North Dakota. 

Given that Dateline does all these Perverted Justice Investigations, and given that this also came over their wire service, you think they might actually want to look? 

Nope.  Because what happens in Indian Country, stays in Indian Country.  You know what they say if you contact them and try to get them to look at a story, even of this magnitude?  "It's only Indians."

So, I say, those of you with pen and paper, or email, write to them and ask why they are not doing something on this story.  Ask them if the biggest bust in US history is something they think the viewers might want to know about.

Do tell me what they tell you.  That is, IF they respond!

Evil Spirits

What walks around, struts around, rules your community are those whose spirits are so defiled, so filthy and vile, that they poison all who come near them.  They poison your children and their children. 

They violate everything you would consider sacred.  They laugh at your pain and now they want to prove to you that, any time they want, without due process or even warning, they can take your home away from you. 

This while they stuff banded stacks of hundred dollar bills into their own pockets.  Of course the government looks the other way! This Evil has corrupted every Gatekeeper in the system, and the system is out to protect itself from the Truth, or even the consequences of the Truth of their deep involvement all these many years. 

It is not a conspiracy, it is a system.  The Gatekeepers are corrupt.

You must not rely on them to do the work of setting you free.  You must find a way to overcome petty jealousies, old feuds and disagreements, and come together to save yourselves, your children and their children from being trampled under these Evil Spirits and their vile intentions for you all. 

The System will not save you.  Only you, by all of you coming together, can save yourselves.  And when you do that, the System, their corrupt Gatekeepers all, will fall down and what is right and good will rise up in their place.

Fail to act, fail to stand up, and you will continue to watch as the children die or their innocence is violated and their hope is crushed. 

We have lost too many already.  How many more will it take before this is done?

Christmas List

God does not do this to us.  God gave us Free Will and God allows the consequences to fall where our actions and inactions lead them to fall.  Do not expect that by prayer alone, you will find intervention. 

Prayer is a covenant between you, God, Creator and the Grandfathers and Angels, that this work be done.  It is with guidance and assistance that you do what you must do. 

Merely putting in your request but doing nothing of your part means you think that God/Creator is Santa Claus and you are expecting your wish list to be gifted to you for nothing.

Prayer (I have written a section on it here) must be more than words to yield the outcome you are praying for.  All any of us can do is our part.  We pray to gain strength, insight and guidance as to what our part is and to allow us to do it.

Christmas is coming, but so is a lot of other stuff.  So get ready.  Get strong and stand together to remove this black and vile stain from the community and rejuvenate your spirit and save your children.

You know where to find me!


PS: Check out Weenie Boy’s page! I have a photo of him wearing his favorite hat!

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December 5, 2006 -- Printer Version

Rat King

I was watching 30 Rock the other night.  Not sure why, but apparently it was timered so it came on.  I was busy so I ignored most of it.  But something caught my ear.  They were doing a bit around an old urban legend of Rat Kings. 

I had not heard of Rat King or Rat Row as they are sometimes called, in decades!  It is supposed to be that a cluster of rats, usually fairly young, get clustered up from the cold, and they get their tails fused together.  They cannot separate.  They continue to grow together, and if the females give birth, those are either consumed or they, from being so tightly mixed in with the Rat King, become a part of it. 

Occasionally, one dies and it is dragged around by the others until is it chewed off of the "Rat King"

Graphic descriptions of how this wad of ingrown rats has to move together, cover for each other, and how none can try to get free because if they do, the rest of them, who don't want the pain, will kill them, drag their corpse around for awhile and then chew it off.

Gross, I know.  I don't think such things are possible in the rat world.  Always someone says they have seen one, or they know a friend who is an exterminator who has seen one, but personally, I don't think they exist in the rat world.

However, it is the perfect description for the Turdclan and how they have, over the years, enmeshed so many in their criminal activities, judges, USAGs, FBIs, police and other officials, that they now must all protect the Rat King in order that they can, such as it is, survive another day themselves. 

Take that kiddie porn bust out in O'Town, if you will.  Does anyone living in, on, near the rez really think that Cartier was the big fish in that thing?  Sure, someone had to take the fall, but putting BoBo the Dancing Poodle (Boecker) in charge of the investigation assured the Rat King that they would not be touched, nor even looked at. 

He would like to dismiss this website as just another urban legend, but I think he knows that it is becoming all too visible these days, that his life has become so entwined with the slimy, evil, godless Turdclan, that he can no longer get free.  He has joined all of the above, and a few well-heeled politicians, who are now, no matter what, in a fight for their survival as part of the Rat King.

I think that if anyone is curious enough, they can look at what is being presented here, and what is available in court records, and know that the Rat King does exist, and it is real... and it is running the rez.

Remember how they moved in a cluster, surrounding each other at Ft. Totten Days?  Remember how you all said it looked so weird.  Well, given the description of a Rat King, it would have to move just like that In a cluster.

They say the only way to get rid of a Rat King is to kill it.  I say that the only way to get rid of this Rat King that pisses and craps on everyone out there, is to stand up to it, speak out against it, stand together and watch it turn on itself. 

Next time someone asks me if the legend of the Rat King is true or not, I will have to tell them that I, one time, long time ago, saw one myself and watched it grow bigger and meaner over time.  I watched it devour a community.

I can also tell them that I watched a community stand together for what is right and good in each one of them, and defeat the Rat King, and bring down the King Rats.

That they did it because they had to.  It had become too big to ignore.  It had eaten too many children, and starved them all of peace and comfort. 

The outcome remains to be seen.  But I know how it can be.

The Eagles are returning, surely a sign that your spirits are awakening!

Do what is right, and stand with those who also do what is right.  It is the only way to save yourself  -- by helping others.

What They Search For

People come to this site, more and more every day, looking for something.  I read their searches and I see that the questions most often being searched out are: 

  • The Murder of Dion Horse
  • Eddie Peltier
  • Oberon Bar Killings
  • Ned Mitzel murder
  • Indians
  • Laws governing Indians
  • Casino murders

Not necessarily in that order, but I find it interesting.

That reminds me, the one about Ned Mitzel:  I became interested in the Mike Good murder way back when I was surfing the FBI's rezmurs site.  They used to have one up.  It had over 2K unsolved murders of Indians on it. 

I went to various chat rooms and bulletin boards and looked at some of them.  Then someone alerted me to the fact that the FBI had rendered all but 12 of these murders as "solved".  Yup, they wiped the slate clean!  They labeled them as "overdoses, suicides, accidental deaths, alcohol related, etc."

This incensed many of the friends and relatives of these people.  Questions were raised about how a man could shoot himself in the head, with three different guns, and be declared a suicide when there were no weapons on or near him?

Then they mentioned Mike Good's murder.  How it had been ruled a "suicide" and "accidental" and that he had done this to himself in his home.  This one fired up someone out there who was really upset.  They posted that Mike did not live in that trailer, no one did.  That it was a cover up.

Another writer wrote that "They hunted him down like a dog and murdered him and then dragged his body into the trailer and burned it."  I have no idea who that person was that wrote it, but the information coming in is starting to connect the dots on this one. 

The police reports states that Loretta Stensland reported that Pete Hager had told her that he had witnessed Mike get beat up outside his bar, "Boy, they are going to be real surprised when they find out who murdered Mike!" he had declared to her, before it was even determined that Mike had been murdered.  In fact, they were still putting out the fire!

He further told her that he had witnessed Mike being beat up by his brother and others and that they dragged him into their vehicle and sped off. 

Then he told her, and this is where the contradictions began to raise flags, that he later saw Mike, covered in blood, wandering around.  That he then got Ned Mitzel and the two of them went looking for Mike, searching every driveway and doorway, with the spotlight on Mitzel's squad car.

He said he never found him.  I am beginning to wonder about that.

However, in his statement to investigators, Pete Hager denied having said or seen anything!  Said he absolutely did NOT go looking for Mike!

Then, in a video recorded session of the town council meeting, (and you have to see these to believe they actually conduct business this way!) (btw: The Oberon Town Council is self-appointed, not elected.  Think about that one!)

Anyways, Pete, who appears to be mentally ungluing at the corners was pretty much being babysat by Ned Mitzel.  Pete would, with no segue or provocation, start talking about murders! 

He talked about Eddie's murder being at Celeste Herman's house (He should know, he was there!) and he talks about Mike Good being murdered.  Ned comes into frame here, and tries to calm Pete down "We don't talk about that right now," he warns Pete.  But Pete will not be shut up.  He tries to accuse the Stenslands of being involved in the murder!

And then he states that he knows because he and Ned went looking for Mike that night, in the squad car, shining the light in all the doorways and bushes...

And I remembered that posting on the bulletin board a few years back: 
"They Hunted him down like a dog and killed him..."

Now given that Pete said one thing to Loretta while the fire was being put out, then later denied it, and then, to make himself look good (I think that was what he was trying to do.  Hard to say, but he is so stupid he thought that by putting himself at the scene he would appear "smart" *shaking my head in pure disbelief!), anyways, to make himself look, whatever, he states that they went looking for Mike, at a town council meeting!  And Ned Mitzel, no brighter than Pete, says: "Yes, that's right, we did." 

Question marks pop up all over this picture.  And given that Pete and the rest of the town council wanted to burn that trailer for a month before it was burned (which makes no sense considering it had been sold and was going to be taken off site in a few more days), and Pete being giddy (best as I can describe it) when he talked about the murder, and Ned trying to get him to not say too much...

Oddly enough, the Stenslands, who were only there to try and purchase another lot in town, stunned by these bizarre outbursts asked "What do these murders have to do with this Town Council Meeting?"

To my utter shock and disbelief, every single one of them, the Mayor, the secretary/book keeper, Ned, Pete and the others all chimed in and said: "Everything!  It's why we are here!"

Yup, another Rat King!  Smaller, but just as deadly and just as ugly.

I hear there is a new Sheriff in Town next month.  Might be some interesting changes go down.  I expect more fires before that happens.  There is a whole lot of evidence to be destroyed!

Christmas Is Coming

Demand that Tony DeLorme get his home back!  Demand that the TC use the money they have stuffed in their own pockets to pay for the homes that are needed out there.  I see Beasley has been on the list for a new home since August.  That means she applied in July or sooner. 

So, Beez, how long you been planning to leave the marriage and move closer to your boyfriend?  Does Lisa suspect anything yet?  Or have you got her convinced that you love her too much to ever betray her?

You know, this will only turn out bad for all of you, this road of deception leads only to a worse ending than telling the truth ever could!

You know where to find me!


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December 6, 2006--Printer Version

Christmas Lists

So, these district meetings are essentially a vehicle for the Turdclan to tell the TC what they want, how they want it and when.  TC ignores your wishes, due process, or even moral common sense and bow deep to the Turdclan.

Item:  Turdmother has made up her Christmas List.  She has the names of people she wants disenrolled, preferably before Christmas so she can keep their bonuses for herself. 

She calls them trouble makers and they need to be removed now!  Not the rapists in her own family, not the thieves and embezzlers, and not those who deal drugs.  Those are all fine and dandy and can stay long as they want. 

Troublemakers, according to Turdmother, are those who step up, stand up and speak up against the evil that she and her family continue to spray the tribe with.

Not only was she behind Tony DeLorme losing his home, it was her idea to give it to Ronnie Lohnes, who happens to be married to Mary MacDonald, the dispatcher. 

See?  It pays to do whatever the Turdclan says to do!  Mary was sold to them for sex and porn when she was only 8, sold to them to lie and put an innocent man in prison when she was 15, and now, sells herself to continue protecting those who she knows are murderers, rapists, drug dealers. 

She has a permanent job and now, she has the home of a man whose family stood up to the Turdclan and the Tribal Council.

So, just soze you knows, Turdmother and her inbred brood are continuing to make up their Xmas lists.  I wonder whose name is on it? 

Those District Council meetings are run strictly for the benefit of the Turdclan.  I say you all should give yourselves a Christmas present and oust every single one of them!

IF you allow them to do this, you are all in line for the heartbreak to come.  You must act now and demand that Tony Delorme be fully reinstated and his home returned to him and all of his goods.  Plus, the TC must pay for damages, and for what they have stolen. 

It is what you would want the community to do for you, is it not?  Then do it for yourself by doing it now!

Check back later, probably be more on here. 

(12 hours later)...

Snow Storm

Sorry for the delay. Snow.  Snowstorm.  Never trust the weatherman.  Said it would not snow, but we all looked at the skies and smelled it in the air, a snowstorm was on the way.  So, lots of shoveling.  Ironic that one has to shovel to the shed to get the snow blower out! 

But we were ready because, despite assurances from those who are supposed to be in charge of such things, we knew what was coming.

Crap Storm

Well, looks like the thugs on the Tribal Council have made it clear that they will retaliate against one and all to reaffirm their absolute power over the "pee-ons" as RJ likes to call them.

RJ, Son of Weenie Boy, and just as ugly and adenoidally stupid, is in charge of running the water department for the tribe.  He has no education, is drunk, stoned, abusive and never shows up for work.  Can't pass a drug test without paying extra...

Well, the commissioners allowed the one person who was doing the job out there to be fired, and the TC has managed to stall and thwart any hearing on that firing... and with her absence, of course nothing is being done properly and of course, great chunks of money are disappearing like bunnies in a magic act... so they fired RJ.

RJ whined, just like Weenie Boy, to the Turdmother, who met with Shelley and Lois at one of those District Council meetings (the common people are not allowed in nor do they have a say, but Turdmom, she gets her way!) and suddenly, the whole board of commissioners is FIRED!  RJ is reinstated (and got a raise to boot! What the hey, it's Christmas!  He deserves more, right?) and now, people are just barely beginning to see that maybe Myra and the rest of them ARE CROOKS! 

One seems to be holding out hope that Myra will "wake up and come to her senses and see that she is hurting the people..."  (*sputter, cough, choke).

Further, I hear that those who work for the tribe are only getting two days off for Christmas and New Years this year.  Usually, they get a whole week, but Myra is showing how pissed off she is with them for challenging her now so she is being punitive.

Further still, Turdmother has handed over a list of people she wants disenrolled before Christmas. 

And yes, another murder is being plotted and another fall guy has already been picked.  I have warned all who should be warned on this, not much more I can do.

All I can say is: You shoulda seen this one coming!  I don't care how reassuring the Tribal Council has been to you all individually, clearly you should have seen that they would do whatever they want to do, legal or illegal, and they don't care who they hurt. 

Consider this your Christmas Present from them!

(Really, you shoulda seen this one coming, or at least smelled it!)

Calling All Morons!

Those of you who still have doubts about what I have been telling you for years about these criminals, do be sure and drop me a line.  The Moron Squad has been stagnant for awhile now.

Although, I still have to post Tracy Charbonneau's letter on there.  The one where she blasts Loretta Stensland and calls her "evil" and worse names.  The one where she defends her friends who went and tried to intimidate her at her home awhile back.

One would have to ask Tracy who side she is on?  Loretta had a brother murdered by the Turdclan and she has worked to help get the truth out about the murder of Eddie Peltier.

Given that Tracy's dad was framed and served time in prison for the murder the turdclan committed, one would think that Tracy would not be so willing to make one of the few people brave enough to stand up to them, the object of her scorn!

So, Tracy, whose side are you on?  Your daddy might want to know where you stand and who it is you are standing with these days. 

More Crap Storms Predicted

Now that the Tribal Council has clearly drawn the line to so many of you, ask yourself how much longer you can keep quiet?  How much longer can you protect their criminal activity?

You know they will do it to you eventually.  Keeping quiet did not save anyone on the Water Commission Board.  It won't save any of you either.

Book Bender

Looks like the TC has brought back Walt Hollifield to help juggle the books again.  He taught them how to do it a long time ago, and he is there to clean it up for them again.  He knows how to forge receipts and documents to 'make it look good', and the government doesn't want to look unless they are forced to, so he will be worth every dime they pay him.  I hear he will get over $2Million.  Only $180K in checks, the rest in cash. 

Well, nice to see that the TC allows some to have a nice Christmas! 

Who is next?

You know where to find me.


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December 8, 2006--Print Version

Defining Oberon

Just by chance, I got the idea to google "Oberon".  Learn something new every day!  Oberon is the name of one of the moons that circles Uranus.  I kid you not!

It is defined  in a lot of places, but here are the first two links:  Planet Moon and Circling Uranus.

"The surface shows little evidence of internal activity other than some unknown dark material that apparently covers the floors of many craters."

In many ways, that seems to be an apt description of O'Town.  They are doing dark things under the surface but don't want you to look into it.  They want you only to look at the surface and see a sleepy little farm/ranch town.

I would define Uranus, in this case as Ft.Totten/ Spirit Lake Rez.  It fits.  The criminal element in both are symbiotically connected to one another and influence one another.

And true to definition, as I have scratched the surface of Oberon, I have seen some really dark material ooze out.

More Cheez Whiz

For instance: Cheez Whiz Wang, who seemingly cannot pursue the murder investigation into Mike Good's murder (and he called it murder: "This is one murder that will never be solved," he is quoted as saying) but he can, for some unknown reason, lash out with lies against the Highway Commission and is now, (hope you are sitting down, preferably on the toilet because you will crap when you read this) pursuing the Former Mayer of Minnewaukan for "theft" of a truck! 

Yup, the truck was a 1985 surplus vehicle valued at $500 (after the Mayor put in labor to get it running) and then he gave the vehicle back to the city and they sold it for $500.

But to Cheez Whiz Wang, this is the crime of the century!  He is pursuing "felony" charges against the former mayor!  Felony?  I thought the "theft" would have to be over $1500 to qualify as a "Felony".  I could be wrong.  But given that the truck was not running to begin with, and that the mayor had work done on it to make it worth selling and worth buying, not sure why Cheez Whiz is so red-in-the-face angry about this and determined to pursue the man.

In so doing, he looks like a major mental case.  And, it would appear that crime is so low in Oberon and Minnewaukan that this would be, to the Office of the State Attorney, a really big deal.  I mean, a press release on this???

Okay, so that means that the Mike Good Murder will have to wait to be investigated because Cheez Whiz has bigger fish to fry?  A case that should have never been filed in the first place, so I question any judge's character and competency that does not laugh this out of court. 

Does this mean that the biggest Child Porn case in the Country, the villain located in O'Town (circling your...) is not something to which his office would be concerned with?  No press release?  No additional investigation?

You know, it would be easy for him to go a lot deeper into that kiddie porn case in O'Town.  He is so very, very tight with the very same people that make all this possible. 

But, instead, he pursues the former Mayor of Minnewaukan, for some personal spite, and literally, makes a federal case out of absolutely nothing.

Well, Good Citizens of North Dakota, your tax dollars at work!  Bet you feel much safer in your beds at night now, don't you? 

Your State Attorney will get around to investigating murder, rape, child porn and drug dealing just as soon as he gets these really big cases off of his desk.

You can wait, right?

Cheez Whiz, what will you do next?  Charge the weatherman with a felony for dumping snow on your very expensive home?

Speaking of Uranus

The Tribal Council is steadfast in its firing of the Water Commission Board and reinstatement of RJ (son of Weenie Boy).  They are steadfast in taking away Tony DeLorme's home and giving it to Mary MacDonald, without due process or even a warning.

These heartless thieves, rapists, worthless rags of human flesh need to be investigated by a Congressional Task Force.  Of course, a real investigation will take down a lot of High Rollers who have been bought off or blackmailed into letting them run a criminal syndicate (with Tax payers $$$$) all these many years. 

One wonders if there is integrity anywhere in government or the Justice Department as they continue to look the other way and allow the suffering, the denial of Constitutional Rights and the poisoning of generation after generation, both on the rez and off the rez, just so they don't have to cross any powerful people in positions of authority and control of billions of dollars.

I say to the Good People of Fort Totten/Spirit Lake that you must stand together to rid yourselves of this corruption and morbidity.  You must do it legally, with no violence.  You must stand together and not quit until your voices are heard and the remedy is in place. 

Where one is denied a home and due process, you must all demand rectification or none of you is safe when it comes your turn.

One can see Uranus from anywhere on the rez.  Know what I mean, Jelly Bean?

Healing Process

There can be no healing until there is a will to stand up against the tyranny.

Healing is a long process and it involves a lot of deep searching within yourself to find your true self. One has to go through a lot of pain and crap to find it, but it is worth it when you realize that you do have value and worth and your life counts for something in this world.

"Culture" is just a word that means nothing if you are blind to the poisonous swamp you are in and the toxic politics that drain the life out of your communities. 

Don't tell me about your Culture and "The Indian Way" when all you are doing is using those as catch phrases to avoid facing or dealing with the corruption that touches each and every life out there. 

Rid the community of corruption and put the criminals behind bars and then we can talk about Culture and Indian Way all you want.

What you have been doing, up until now, has failed and failed and failed.  You need to work together, as a community to undo what has been done to you by those you have allowed, all this time, to lead you and bleed you.

Then, only then, after this work is done, will it be safe to heal and to work on the business of healing.

The Eagles are returning and the Spirit is on the rise.  Don't stop now.  Continue to gather and to organize, plan and to act. 

You will always have morons among you.  They are the excuse the cowardly need to turn their back on the work that needs to be done. 

Listen to your own self, even if that means that there are people in your family that will get angry at you for stepping out and speaking out.  If they don't support you in your work to help and to heal, you need not support them in their bid to escape, lie and run. 

But it is your choice.

It has always been your choice.  Now that you know that, you are accountable.

You know where to find me.


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December 12, 2006  -- Printer Version

Calling All Cars! 

Let's review: Oberon circles Uranus

911 Calls to Sheriff Ned Mitzel go unanswered for days... (Rape, threats, assaults) Don't worry, we have Ms (He must be a 'Ms' because he can't seem to find his bag of marbles) Mitzel's "reason" for not responding later in the show..

Anyhow, still circling your..

So, imagine my shock and surprise when Loretta Stensland phones me up and tells me that "something big must be going on in O'Town because three cop cars are buzzing around, and no one ever sees that!" and then she wondered aloud, "I wonder if someone important died?"

With a little prodding, just because I had to know, I encouraged her to go out and find out what was going on.  Like I said, cops don't show up when Brian Pearson is raping someone outside the OhOh Bar; and he can't respond to a call when two tweaky type bimbos push their way into Loretta's kitchen to threaten her, so this had to be big, right?

Twenty minutes later, I hear what it was.  Loretta laughing so hard, she can barely get through it.  One of the deputies told her that there was a town council meeting going on and they (town council) thought Stenslands were going to show up! 

Considering there was nothing on the agenda for them to show up for, and since nothing is recorded accurately or even truthfully from those clubhouse meetings, why would anyone showing up, (as is the right of any citizen, mind you) be cause for the police to be called out in force? 

What number did Petesky dial to get that kind of response?  We know it was not 911!

And since all the rest of the Stensland family was not even in the State, hard to imagine that these three squad cars were roaming in formation, just in case?  For those of you who don't know, Loretta and her husband are pretty much stay at home types. 

However, they did show up at a couple of previous Town Council meetings in an attempt to purchase land which the Town Council doesn't want to sell to Indians, and they video taped the whole meeting each time.

Their presence at these Town Council meetings seems to unglue Petesky, who starts to faunch around, tense up and start talking about Eddie's murder and Mike Good's murder, and how him and Ned Mitzel went looking for Mike that night "shining the searchlight in every doorway.."  ("Yes," Ned says gently in the background, "that's right, we did.")

Petesky continues to mumble and mambo about the murders.   Ned tries to calm him down, like a good babysitter, not let him say things that might spark an investigation on down the road...

And I kid you not, this stuff springs out of Petesky like an over heated pot of pasta water!  He starts rattling off about murders when the topic is land purchase, and getting the playground equipment for the kids. 

So, Petesky must have been pretty edgy Monday Night, and Ms Mitzel not able to keep him quiet about the things "we don't talk about in front of other people", because 2 deputies and Ms. Mitzel herself showed up like a posse (it rhymes with Petesky's other nickname for Mitzel).

Not Without My Cheez Whiz Wang!

Ned had contacted Loretta earlier in the day to ask about the bimbos that pushed their way into her kitchen that Saturday morning, waaay back when.  I guess he not only doesn't respond to 911s, he also does not read the reports. 

Then he adds (and this is why he probably needs a babysitter of his own) that Cheez Whiz Wang was out of town for two weeks, and he doesn't do anything unless it clears first with Whiz Wang, or something to that effect. 

Imagine that!  A sheriff that won't respond to a 911 call unless he can clear it with Cheez Whiz Wang first?  And what does Cheez Whiz Wang have to do with it?  Are there perhaps things he knows are going on that he does NOT want responded to?

Clearly, a man operating with too many marbles lost already; both upper and lower marbles seem to be AWOL in his conduct.

A Little Extra Christmas Money

Well, the good thing for the outgoing Sheriff and the iffy deputies he rolls with is that by pretending to have an emergency call out, they can get a little extra pay to fatten up that Christmas bonus the Town Council voted on in the meeting (which won't make it to the press or the minutes, just like most of the stuff that goes on there never sees print).

A new sheriff is going to take office in January.  He is going to clean house.  Hire all new deputies. 

Pete is all depressed about this.  Someone not on the payroll having a badge and a gun, and the authority to use it, and the integrity to make it right.. wow, talk about your Nightmare Before Christmas!

I think the Deputies are going to be relieved.  Even Deputy Dawg who ran and lost by miles, despite the influx of funds to his campaign that at the very least raised some eyebrows.  The deputies will no longer have to pretend to be law enforcement.  They can turn in their badges, their guns and Petesky will no longer have them on a dog leash, so life for them should be a little more .. well, real?  Well, less humiliating, at any rate.

And now that the divorce is final and Petesky's ex gets almost nothing of the money he has kept hidden from her, Petesky once again takes over the bar as his own.  Like he was ever NOT the owner, except for that paper trick between him and Karen.

Oh yeah, remember how Karen's son was going to get the bar when she died? Apparently not.  Pete was never going to let that happen. 

Oh yeah, and the death scene, the whole cancer thing is going to fade into the sunset and be forgotten.  Karen can tell people that she beat it!  People will want to believe that because they don't want to feel like they have been had.


What they don't know about Karen, but will eventually see, is that her family carries a defective genetic disorder that makes them all pathological liars.  Wow, maybe we should have a fund raiser for her and her relatives! I have heard from one of them, and trust me, she's infected with the defect!

So, with Oberon continuing to circle Uranus, and that black stuff oozing up through the crust just enough to remind you that there is still a lot of dark work going on underneath it all, we leave this erstwhile sleepy farm town.

We rise higher and higher into the night sky and we can see over there, the town council meeting breaking up, and the fearful, nay, "terrified" self-appointed town council members returning to their abodes.. and in the distance, squad cars rolling silently back to their stalls.


You know where to find me!


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December 14, 2006 -- Printer Version

Conspiracy? Or System?

People are often slow to wake up.  And why should they?  We have every distraction available to the Human Race to make it easy for us to look the other way, for decades, even centuries, and ignore the plight of those to whom we cannot relate. 

Poverty is at an all-time high, so many do not feel they can afford to be generous with time, money or effort.  Just making ends meet becomes more difficult everyday, and then the price of gas goes up and everything costs more.

Education has been on the decline since the middle of last century.  Students are more and more not taught how to learn, but rather, how to recite the inaccuracies of the curriculum as if they were the right answers. 

Natural curiosity is stamped out by about 3rd grade, and vices become available at about the same time, to numb the pain of a world that doesn't make sense and a system that punishes anyone that questions it.

Parents are driven harder and harder to just make ends meet.  Cutbacks, euphemized as "downsizing", as if we are losing excess lard, lead to more pressure, longer hours and less attainable goals for the working household. The whole time, those at the top of these slave piles reap ever larger, obscenely out of line, financial rewards; even those who take prosperous companies into ruin receive pay, bonuses and severance packages that rival God's  paycheck. 

There is no time left for the "family values" that are mindlessly drummed up by politicians with no intention of making life better for the average man and woman; and who cares less for the average family than they do for the appreciation of their well-heeled corporate handlers.

We are all made to feel like we are failing, and in that grey light, that we have nothing to offer one another, much less anything to contribute to the cause of righting a system we know almost nothing about.

A system so corrupt, by design, that billions of our dollars go into supporting the most corrupt and abusive regimes within our own borders, solely for the benefit of Corporate moguls whose business it is to extract the maximum amount of resources from our lands and pay as little as they can get away with, often nothing to those they rob in Indian Country.

They keep those in power that keep them in unbridled wealth.  Power and Politics divide us up by race, income, religion and creed until we are poisoned in our own soup.  Our healing, rising up and becoming visible is a threat to their comfort.  We must be willing to risk our comfort and security to gain a better life for the generations to come. We must be willing to shine the light of awareness into these dark places of the system and ourselves, before we have a chance at overcoming the enemy within and gaining a greater prosperity for the Nation within a nation.

Once the heart is healed, the body rejuvenates.  Indian Country is the heart of the Turtle.  We are blessed with the Old Ways that can heal and allow us to live in the comfort of a newer and better world. We have the medicines for mind and body, spirit and life  everlasting.  We just are afraid to know it.

We are programmed, if you will, by stereo-typing as two-dimensional as a cartoon, those who are ground under the heels of this system, every day and every night, by images of fear rendered by years of educational brainwashing that leaves each one of us only feeling safe if the Indians are kept from regaining any power in the system that rules them.

Distractions and addictions keep us busy spinning our wheels and going nowhere in our own lives.  Indians? Who cares?

What makes a country great, especially the USA, is its resources.  The key to keeping the entire nation insecure and fearful, is for the people to have no working knowledge of how those resources are controlled; who profits and who suffers from unfair practices enforced by a governmental system that seeks only two things: To enrich itself by allowing resource extraction giants to access without fair accounting or payment, those resources (Oil, timber, minerals, fish, lands, water and Uranium); and to keep the people who live on those resources disempowered by abuse, addiction and by supporting those who will keep their own people down, using criminal tactics and methods; by force of the FBI and Military if necessary.

What could be a great nation, if we dare look, is an economical train wreck being driven by those who seek more and more power for themselves and their financial dynasties; at the cost of our humanity. 

Although it is Indian People that are being abused and annihilated both spiritually and physically in this slow-mo genocide, it is truly all of us that are being stripped of our rights and our sense of nation in the process.

This is not a conspiracy that takes us down this path of darkness and abuse; it is a system corrupt at the core and it can be fixed. 

A conspiracy is kept secret and is hard to define. This corrupt system shakes itself to pieces when viewed by the light of awareness. Unlike a conspiracy, which supports itself; a corrupt system requires that the victims are accomplices to their own misery.

No Visible Leadership

What history proved time and time again was that oppressed people, when they find their voice, can raise themselves and their nation to a higher level of understanding and unity. 

Gandhi overcame the most powerful nation on earth by peaceful means.  He proved it could be done and it was done.

The Black Communities in the US united under the leadership of several inspired, brilliant visionary types and they raised themselves up and our nation was on a higher plain and continues to become a better nation of neighbors to this day because of that inspired leadership which continues in those who continue to lead.

Chicanos, the Mexican workers who were so badly mistreated in the 50's and 60's, had a remarkable leader in Caesar Chavez, and they became visible to the nation and have gained ground, and again, our nation has grown stronger because of it.

All those leaders were true leaders of the people.  They spoke to all people in their goal to reach equality for all people.  They understood that just talking among themselves, or in staying separated from the rest of the nation, would only lead to their downfall and keep them all from having the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and goals in life.

They risked their lives for the common good.  They died because of it.

It would have been easier for them to just get by, to ignore the common cry of their own communities.  They could have kept what comfort they had and left it to someone else; but they did not.

They became the visible leadership for their race, their cause, and they were playing against all odds in order to break down those barriers.  Even among their own people were those who tried to keep them down, knock them down, but they stood for what was so clearly Right and Good until everyone, their own people and their nations as a whole, could see and understand.

It was when they reached the point that they were not just seen, but understood, that others joined in, other communities stepped up to support them, that things changed.

What is lacking in Indian Country, and it is why there continues to be no progress and the resources continue to be raided, and the children lost and the nation unaware and uncaring; is visible leadership.

Those who attain position and authority within their own communities are supported only if they misuse that position and power.  There is no incentive for Indian People to unite, clean house, and improve their situation as a whole, because each is so isolated, and turned against one another, that social suicide is aggressively consuming each community.

Racism towards Indian People by those ignorant of the truth can be remedied by educational means and curiosity.  People talking to one another.

Racism within each community, tribe against tribe, blood quantum genocide, and jealousy, keep anyone from rising above the noxious gases to send a common voice. 

Who among each community is willing to stand up?  Who is willing to support them?  Who, among all the communities is willing to take the risks and abuses of standing for change, will become the visible leadership that can carry Indian People into the visual range of this country, much less other countries?

Who among Indian People is willing to risk their own personal comfort to take the lead, dedicate their life to the greater purpose?

Such inspiration should be cultivated in the homes, in the schools and in their own communities.  It should be the fire that burns in the belly of the young who will rise up to make their people proud, our nation recognize and acknowledge. 

But they can't do that.  Drugs, lies, jealousy, racism, and low self-esteem must all be overcome first.  The rapes, murders, molestation and incest must be pushed aside and a path cleared so that those who would have the fire and bring the light can rise up.


Generations of abuse, neglect and oppression have rendered a self-destructive order of existence among those who live on or off the rez.  People do really stupid things long past the time when common sense should have taken hold. 

There are no supported visible examples to follow for change and each one who works to overcome the ignorance and poverty and comes back with an education and a desire to help their people, are viewed with suspicion and jealousy and are  run off by those who seek to keep the iron hand over those they can continue to bleed of hope, life and dreams.

But there are those in the community who strive to overcome the adversity and raise their children with dignity. They need to be seen as the model for the whole community to learn from, rather than shoved to the side as anachronisms. They are proof that it is possible.

I tell you of individuals who are being wrongly mistreated by those in power.  You say you don't want to get involved.  And then it comes your turn, and those around you say they don't want to get involved.

And then when groups of people are denied their jobs, their rights to due process, they look around and even though you all know about it, I hear the refrain: "I try to stay out of those things."

Comfort is at a premium.  Comfort in this case, is only temporary safety, for surely there will come the hand that takes from your family, your life and you are then left without comfort and without allies among your own community.

What you allow is what you deserve. 

What is happening to you is wrong.  But unless you are willing to stop it, and until you are willing to stand up for those being mistreated and demand their rights be honored, you can expect nothing different when it is your turn.

Crying to me can only break my heart in that you have too late realized that there is no real comfort when you allow and support the evil that rules every aspect of your life to continue without opposition.

No one is coming to save you.  They don't even know you exist because you have no visible leadership; no voice to the world that surrounds you.

But someone is already there, with you.  That someone is you.

So remember the prophecies: 

"A lot of people are going to suffer" = and that means all of us: the good and the bad are going to suffer because the consequences are equal.

"Until Nations come together."  = This is not impossible.  If it was impossible the answer would have been a simple: 'Forever'.  It is the hardest battle ever waged, but it can be done. It must be done. It requires all of us stepping outside of our anger, prejudices and jealousies to unite for the common good.

"Someone is coming."  That someone is you.  It is in each of you as you read this and each of you as you continue to draw a breath and walk this land.  The eagles are returning because your spirit is returning.

They are the symbol sent by The Creator to show you who you are inside, regardless of what you have done in the past, you cannot help but feel uplifted in spirit when you look at them and they look at you. 

That feeling that tightens up inside you, from your belly to your neck is your spirit getting stronger.  It feels both cold and warm at the same time and gives your walk more Grace.

Rid yourself of the poisons you have allowed to come in: the drugs, the abuse, the jealousy and the ignorance.  Understand your addictions and find the road to sobriety.

Your friends, if they are truly your friends, will support your healing.  If they do not, they were never your friends, only accomplices in your suicide.  Know that you are worth more and that you can have better, once you find your spirit and your sobriety. 

Great leaders do not come from outside; they come from the inside.  They rise from the same swamp of oppression that took them down or took away their self-esteem. 

They find themselves, their true self and they rise.

It is in each and every man woman and child in Indian Country to do this.

Comfort will come another day, after the work is done, and there is Peace on the journey.

You know where to find me.





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