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Write to me if you have any thoughts you'd like to share, information you want me to have or a correction to any information you see here.  I respond to all emails.  CAT  NOTE: I reserve the right to NOT respond to whack jobs that waste my time.

Eddie's GraveThe ongoing events and behaviors of those who murdered Eddie (and others)  on the Fort Totten Eddie Peltier ArmyReservation, North Dakota.  How the ongoing criminal enterprise continues to flourish unabated and without a single response from the Justice Department.  Well, not surprising on that!  They would have to investigate themselves and how some of their elite were directly involved and have prospered from the corruption that exists, protected and funded by US Tax Dollars.

Even if you don't live on the Rez, it's your money, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.  You owe it to yourself to peek in once in awhile and see what you are paying for

Welcome to the new web site for Restless Spirit: The Murder of Eddie Peltier!

This gives me more room to add more pages, photos, images, graphics, cartoons. Eventually, I can add more pages including a "string board" (Police Investigators will know what that is) which will show who's who in the Rez Zoo.  There will be more features, more pages and a more comprehensive site in general.

All the pages are not yet hooked up, but as they fill out, I will post a note here and you can go and see for yourself. 

New (2nd) Contact page is hooked up.  You can find information on contacting the Parole Board to Free Richard, HERE


Texas Monthly Magazine has done a feature on this case.  Read the October Issue, available at newsstands now.  OR, go to the online version.  Michael Hall went to the rez and saw for himself.

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November 15, 2006-- Printable version

Discomfort and Denial

I hear from those so deep in denial I know they can see the Pyramids when they, IF they, ever surface.

Beasley's Offspring, who was raised by her daddy, and not by Beasley (and should know better), claims that Beasley is just "Lucky" and that is why she wins those draws at the casino.  She cannot see how anyone can rig a drawing out of a barrel!  Wow, and I bet she still thinks that rabbit-out-of-the-hat trick is on the level also! 

Then she speaks for the dead by saying that her Uncle who was a "good friend" of Eddie's would not like me using his name to say bad things about other people. 

Hmmm?  I guess Eddie would not want me to say anything bad about the people that murdered him?  Okay, The Turdclan are just wonderful, sweet, nice people.  They can kill whomever they like, rape whomever they want, small defenseless children especially, and get away with it all because they are "good people."

And, here's an even sadder part: Beasley has been telling this little moron that I am the reason she misses her ball games!  I am trying to get her onto a talk show!  (*shaking head in total disbelief!)  Apparently, whatever it is that Beasley is doing, she wants to lie about it to her daughter and make her believe she is not showing up because of me?

I have answered those insipid letters from Kayla too many times and she still thinks her mom is telling her the truth.  What really strikes me is that she sends these letters, never once mentions the current topic, which has not been her mother in ages, but the current topic being that fire and the events surrounding it. 

I see no concern in her for anyone except herself and her baseball games which her mom, apparently misses and that is more important than the fire, than the woman who risked her life and is now in serious/critical condition in a hospital.  That is of no matter to Kayla, but defending her mom and her auntie Lisa Marie and how they carry on, is all she can think about!

Such selfish, self-centered thinking is obscene under these circumstances.  So distracted by her own petty problems, she gets angry at anyone who mentions greater issues! 

Where does one begin to unscramble such scrambled logic?  I am pretty sure that Eddie would not mind my going after, relentlessly, those who murdered him and those who support them.  I really think that Eddie is NOT OKAY with the fact that they murdered him and got away with it. 

If you think otherwise, you know, that he is okay with being murdered by the Turdlings, you let me know, ya hear?

She goes on to say that I should be beat up for the things I say.  I hear this from a lot of tweakers and morons out there.  They don't like the truth, they don't like to hear that murderers are their family, their friends and they want to shut up or intimidate anyone who would speak up. 

Not sure where in Indian Culture it says that if you can beat a person up it makes you right.  But apparently, after generations of abuse by authority, that is the common culture perception around there. 

Silence is key to keeping comfort in the denial.  "I'll neh-verrr tellll!"  (there's that voice again!).

Silence protects no one except those who do the evil in your community.  They need you to be afraid to speak up or stand up for them them feel comfortable enough to continue doing it. 

Many of you would like this blog to quit so that they can have that comfort and you can resume your eyes-closed denial.  You can resume your addictions in comfort and be surprised every time when there are consequences. 

Consequences so inevitable they could easily be avoided if you were not so busy trying to hide from the obvious truth.

Drinking and smoking in the house, for instance, to take our latest example, is unhealthy for your children.  Screw the kids' health, it's your house and do what you want! 

Now, smoking while sleepy or drunk can easily lead to a fire.  Well, it was such a shock and horror when, guess what, the couch caught fire! 

Yes, the consequences of stupidity and arrogance, especially where children are concerned, renders the most horrifying results. 

The courageous aunty of that young girl, who did what no man on the scene had the stones to do, and ran into those flames with no regard for her own safety, to save that little girl tells me that there is courage out there.  Courage of the highest order!

She came out with that child, and she was on fire! She did it for the love of her family.  She did it as should be the protective instinct of any adult towards any child or family member.

Everyone I know is praying for her recovery.  You need to see someone like her, with her courage, walking around to remind you all that the better part of all of us is what we sacrifice for the sake of the children.

Comfort is a small sacrifice, but so few willing to make it.  So many will pay the consequences because of that.

Each time the message is ignored, it comes back harder and louder until it comes in such a way that no denial can cover it.  I tell you now and you know it is true, that if the evil that endangers the children of your community is not brought to justice and removed from your midst, the next message will be many times worse than this one was and I fear, not enough of you willing to sacrifice your comfort or your safety to save the children.

The loss will be staggering and continuous.  This is not a curse and this is not "punishment" from God.  This is the logical outcome of profound and deep denial of the obvious.

It does not have to happen.  But who among you are willing to take the action to ensure that Justice prevails?  Who among you will stand by those who are standing up for you?

Too many, so far, circling around to protect the evil in your midst.  And they are protected.  But the consequences will keep coming until one by one, each of those who protect and give comfort and support to that evil, have paid the price of misguided loyalty. 

Who will be next?  How many?  My Spidey Sense tells me it will be the worst any of us have seen.  I ask those who are planning this to stop and think: Ask yourselves this question: "How will bringing this much more grief to this many people make anything in my life better?" 

Those who will do such things are damaged and ignored.  Denial creates monsters in the quiet places where no one wants to look. 

Discomfort x Many

And while you are getting angry about this blog, the narration of your dysfunction and the evil that creates more evil and consumes your children like snack food, one after the other, remember that Eddie was brutally murdered by those who run your community. 

An innocent man waits in prison for you to wake up and do the right thing in the right way.  Another man also served 14 years for this murder.  14 years and 24 years of "discomfort" the likes of which you cannot imagine in your denial.  

Think of them all and what has been done to your community by those who committed this murder and blamed it on your neighbors, family or friends.  Think about their discomfort instead of your own!  Think about living in a small prison cell, not seeing your children grow up, losing your family and not being able to attend their funerals, being bullied by the system, told when to eat, when to bathe when to go outside and when to come in, every day of your life.  Think about this and then tell me how I am making your life "uncomfortable" by reminding you of what has been done and is ongoing.  I really want to hear whining!

Who should pay for this?  Your children? Or the ones that brought it on.  It is your decision. Every day it is your decision.

It is not this blog that is hurting people out there, it is the Turdclan and their rampant evil.  It is those who protect them from Justice and those who victimize the innocent that are the source of your discomfort.

Being discomforted is the first sign that the denial is breaking down.  I take your discomfort as a good sign.


Those who are doing the work of standing up and supporting the overthrow of evil, those who are sending me information and documents, often at greater risk to their personal safety and comfort, and especially to those who risk it all to save and protect the children, my hat is off to you!  You are up against the greatest odds, and yet you will not be silenced. 

That is the Indian Way, is it not?  We need more Indians.

Good News

I have from time to time, as it is reported to me, posted the good news about what is going on out there.  The Thank You Ceremony for Paul Yankton, Jr. and his father's name was the most recent event I posted. 

I agree that this blog could use more "uplifting" postings from time to time, so feel free, especially those of you who complain that I never say anything good about the community, to send me notices of events upcoming or events held and awards given.  I will be thrilled to post those!

But so far, the good news has been thin because those of you who complain about the bad news never send any good news!  So, that is easy enough for you to fix: email it.

If I get enough, I will post a calendar of events page and everyone can keep track.

Pray for the children.

You know where to find me.


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November 16, 2006-- Printable Version

What Dreams Will Come To Children

I hear from Indian Communities from just about every walk, that it has been foretold that "The Old Ways will come back through the dreams of the Children".  I believe that is so.  Children are more closely connected to the spirit and the Creator than are we distracted adults. 

The Old Ways are of Healing and of Understanding and of Knowing.  Good Medicine for a tired, often confused and lost nations such as wander the earth right now. 

But I am disturbed by the attitude of so many in Indian Communities, regarding these same children that are supposed to have the dreams and visions that will help us all. 

That they are not cared for, not protected and put at risk by addiction, negligence, ignorance and abuse. 

What dreams will come to the children who are afraid to go to sleep?  Who are mistreated and ignored?  Whose mothers and fathers have no hope of a decent living because corrupt governments and Tribal Councils rob them at every turn and deny them their fair share? 

If we are to have those dreams gifted to us, we must protect the bringers of those gifts.  We must protect the children. 

The Children must be allowed to grow up in homes more harmonious and capable.  Homes where families are not under siege by gluttonous politicians and their cohorts.  Homes where children can grow and thrive is our only chance of those dreams coming through. 

But so many I have talked to in different aspects of Indian government seem to dismiss the need to clean up the corruption.  They complain, mostly about their job and how stressful it is, but they won't make a move to change things for the better. 

Those who are supposed to be helping the children and their families/ the families and their children, are themselves working in an atmosphere of fear and toxic politics. 

Who will protect the children and when will we start?

What dreams will come to the children who live in fear taught to them by the very people supposed to protect them?

Not To Offend

I hear over and over again that friends and family are worried for their young ones because their mothers or fathers are addicted, or drive drunk or are abusive, but they say nothing to their friends about their behavior, nothing to their families about their behavior because they don't know of a healthy way to confront the issues that worry them. 

And they don't want to be accused of "offending" or hurting the feelings of that person who is a danger to their own child. 

Because no one takes a step, bad things happen to those children.  The ones that survive grow up as lost and confused, bitter, angry and reactive as the environment that raised them.

Low self-esteem is a legacy that grows with each generation. 

What dreams will come?


Some of the morons that so heartily support the Turdclan have decided to twist the messages of this blog as Indian Bashing.  Pay close attention:  This is not Indian Bashing.  This is pointing out, pointedly, the murderers, rapists and thieves; the Molesters and embezzlers that are killing and hurting Indians every day. 

It is my love for all people that drives what I say in here.  Knowing that good people, especially Indian People, can, when they stand up for themselves and for what is right, break the cycle of violence, addiction and molestation.

It is not "bashing" to point out that these things are far too common and avoidable. 

The Blanket of Denial that those who purvey the evil upon the community and connected to nearby communities, and even far away cities and towns, would like for you to stay under, is killing you.  Each time a child is abused, molested or senselessly killed, the future gets dimmer and darker for us all.

The Evil that keeps a stranglehold on the community is in fear that you, one by one, will come to the point that you cannot deny the damage being done and you will rise up and remove them from your midst and they will lose all power over you and be held accountable.  They tremble when you do not tremble.  They cower when you laugh at their lies.  The Evil is afraid of you and wants you to go back to being afraid of them. 

They want you to not hear the message over and over, what is happening and must be stopped.  They want you to think they are protecting you from me. They want you to react as if I was the one creating hurt and pain. It is the Turdclan that is doing the evil and creating the hardship and pain in your community. They want you to hear no voice except theirs. They don’t even want you to hear your own voice!

They know that what I am saying about them is true. They know that if you believe it and you act on it, they will be held accountable. They want you to think that the suffering that is ongoing in your community is NOT their doing. But it is their doing.

See The Possibilities

They don’t want you to see the connection between their corruption and the bad things that happen to the Spirit Lake Reservation. They don’t want you to begin to think about how much more you could have, how much better your life could be if they had not robbed you, raped the children, murdered and continue, to this day, to do those things.

Ask yourself: “How much better would my life be? How much better would all of our lives be, if these corrupt people, this evil was not controlling every aspect of our daily lives?

How different would life be here if we had hope and our children had a chance to live their dreams?

They don’t want you thinking of the possibilities. They want you to protect them. They want you to think that they protect you from everyone else.
You know better. You all know better.

Keeping Silent

They hold small and large crimes of the past over your heads.  People who would otherwise not close their eyes and look away, do so because there is something in their past that would, should it surface, make them look bad in the eyes of their families and their communities. 

Each of these little crimes or big, are kept as "insurance" against you speaking out or standing up.  It may be something they have on you or something they have on a family member. 

Something they threaten to bring out and expose if you ever hold them accountable.

They also hold your jobs as hostage for your insured silence. 

I say stand up.  Do not fear being held accountable. 

This world is not about being perfect and never making mistakes.  This world is about redemption and finding the courage to seize it by owning up to who you were, but acknowledging how far you have come.

Until you seize redemption, you cannot truly stand up or claim the growth and changes you have accomplished.

Until you lose your fear, you can only gain more fear.

What dreams will come to the children surrounded by a community that lives in fear and denial?

Truth and Reconciliation

South Africa had one of the most corrupt, abusive apartheid regimes on the planet.  They were so bad that they were condemned  by every nation on the planet for their policies and practices. 

The All White Government fell without a war.  It crumbled like stale bread.  In its place, the majority took over.  The Black Communities in the nation that had for so many decades suffered under the relentless brutality of apartheid, gained all power. 

What did they do?  Did they retaliate as most people thought they would?  Did they raise their weapons and go through the neighborhoods and upend their former oppressors? Did they show "whitey" what it was like to live in fear and terror? Did they seek revenge?

They did not.

They knew that it would be repeating the very same evil that had for so long darkened the land and blighted the human spirit. 

They formed committees for Truth and Reconciliation. 

They brought those charged with offenses to a gathering that included those whom they had greatly offended and they spoke to one another.  The survivors told of the horrors and the pain that had been done to them.  The perpetrators acknowledged what they had done, and how wrong it was.  They both spoke in vivid, gut wrenching detail of the acts, deeds, abuses.

It brought both sides to weeping, sobbing, understanding and forgiving. 

It continues to this day in some places. 

Remarkably, it has brought a calm, a peace and a prosperity to a country that would otherwise continue to be embroiled in anger, fear, retribution and the evil that had once held sway would have continued to feed off all souls fear and anger.

Peace, understanding, prosperity. 

What dreams will come to the children that live in such places?

The Old Ways of Healing, Understanding, Acceptance.

There can be such things in Indian Country.

The dreams of children are waiting for us all to do the right thing.

You know where to find me.

November 17, 2006-- Printable Version

Party Favors

I hear that today is Poopsie's b'day and KABU, operated by very good friends of the Turdclan, are broadcasting best wishes for the murderer all day!  Well, let me add mine:

Hey Poopsie!  Enjoy your birthday!  It may be the last one you have on the outside!

Naked Boy  I hear they are doing a show on Russell Turcotte's murder a couple years back.  Y'know, for some reason, Brian Pearson comes to mind as a suspect on this one.  Something about who it was, how it was and Brian's M.O....  perhaps the authorities will give him a little bit of a look on this one.  Rape is Brian's style and murder, well, that is a family tradition!

Event Horizon

It is a term that means that something has become inevitable.  That there is no turning back.  "The Point of No Return", in essence.  The Turdclan, without realizing it, has reached The Event Horizon.

That might explain that "funny feeling" so many of them felt last week.  It has happened.  I will not tell you (just yet) what it is, but it has happened and the downfall, although always a certainty, is now on a collision course with the Turdfamily and there is nowhere to run.

I have another letter for the moron squad.  It is not there yet, but you will get a kick out of it.  I believe it is written by the second female that had gone to Loretta Stensland's the other morning to threaten her.  The writer signs it "Tracy Charbonneau" but I have no way of knowing if that is really her.  If she has been acting wonky this past week, figure it was her.  If not, chances are, another coward was using her name instead of their own.  There is a lot of that out there!

Whoever wrote the letter gave away more than they know.  Oh, and their claim about Loretta being broken-hearted and vengeful because a long time ago Weenie Boy dumped her; well that has everyone who knows either of them laughing themselves into fits!  Roger would have to have been, what? 9? 10 years old at the time??? 

How incredibly stupid can these morons be?  Well, I guess that is why we call it the Moron Squad!  I will let you know when I get it posted.  You can see for yourselves.

Oh yeah, and she really believes that Karen Anderson is really sick this time!  Oh, all you people who have donated at the fund raisers for her "cancer" treatment, God Bless you all!  However, it is not cancer, but rather cosmetic surgery she is saving up for.  You know, take some of that wear and tear off of the old girl!  Like taking dents off of a sports car that has been rough ridden off road for too long!  It can be done, but it is expensive!

Tell me when and where the next "fundraiser" is and I will post it here.  If you have money to burn like that, you are all best parted from it.

Well, it is a busy time here so this blog be a brief one. 

Remember: Look real close at Brian Pearson in this Russell Turcotte murder.  I hear he is packing to get out of town because a psychic is there and might just find him. 

Oh yeah, go a few miles away, that will make it harder to see you!

You know where to find me!


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November 20, 2006 --Prinable Version

Not Going Away

This website is NOT going away.  If you feel that the information about any incident (as I state at the very top of this page) is needing correction, you must send that to me.  I rely, best as I can, on what people out there tell me.

I received several letters regarding the fire.  Some from long-time sources, others from people I had not heard from before.  All said the same thing. 

Now I hear from yet another person that I have never heard from saying that the fire entry was incorrect:  That Raven did not rescue anyone out there and she is not in the hospital.   So, is that part true or not true? 

Don't complain about the accuracy if you don't do anything to correct it.  So, since the writer seemed credible, we need to know: Did Raven rescue the older child?  Is she or isn't she in the hospital?  

Still, hearing from a lot of you who say that the child is being blamed for playing with matches.  I cannot stomach that.  If it is true, it is the rarest of things because a child playing with matches would, if they were supervised at all, be noticed right there in the middle of the front room.  A child being ignored, however, might not. 

And too many out there who neglect or abuse their children, choose to blame the child when tragedies happen.  Hearing from that moron who was saying that Chubby had suffered enough and that I should leave her alone after she drove drunk and killed that baby and then tried to flee the scene, is just plain wrong. 

In fact, Chubby was belly up to the bar in less than 12 hours after that incident!  So, easy to see that taking responsibility out there by these types, is impossible. 

I am sure that if she could have (and who knows? Maybe she tried) she would have blamed the baby for driving the car that wrecked!

Tell you what: Maybe when Bentley is finished "investigating" this fire, he will share the information with the community that pays his salary.  Maybe not. 

We all know what a hot shot investigator he is.  Still no word on Mike Meade's death?  Well, I am sure he is working on it! Hope this fire investigation doesn't go as slowly as that one!  But, it is plain that there are questions out there and the community wants to know.

And, I am sure that Bent is well-qualified to be an arson investigator.  I am sure that Poopsie and Roger personally approve of that and can vouch for his credentials.  Yup, he's a hotshot alright!

Difficult as it may be, my efforts here are to hold those accountable that cause death and tragedies.  My main focus is on the entire Turdclan because they are serial killers and they get away with it.  They are still doing it and still getting away with it. Turdclan and their friends, such as Pete Hager who is turning into a real liability these days, eh boys?

I dunno, but that should bother you all.  Apparently, however, what bothers some of you more is my writing about it.  Some say this should only be about Eddie's murder.  Why?  Would letting go of your fearful denial all at once be too much of a shock to the system? Probably.  You have had decades to think about it, and avoid it.  Now, lately, the consequences of such mass denial cannot be avoided. 

What you do not protect will perish.  That includes the children.

What you protect will thrive: It should be the children you are protecting, but in this case, it is the Turdclan and they do thrive!  And they rub your noses in it all the time: Brand new cars, at your expense.  They don't even pay for their own gas or insurance! They get all the jobs, even the ones they are not fit to hold.

Lori Brown officially took over as GM of the Casino.  Her lack of credentials makes the Casino officially out of compliance with the gaming regulations.  Meanwhile, Nicholson continues to draw full pay, bonuses, perks for the next two years or longer!

Hey, she is a good an loyal friend of the Turdclan and that is all that is required for her to have such a plum job! Anyone who says otherwise is "evil"!

Well, according to the Moron squadrons latest missives, that is what they are.

Murder and More Murder

The same people that murdered Eddie, murdered before and have murdered since and they will again.  Wouldn't exposing that be helpful?  Wouldn't getting people from outside the rez involved in that be helpful?  Plain obvious that there are not enough inside to do the work.  Anyone who stands up is considered a threat to the whole community's denial machine, and they are threatened and harassed when they should be protected and supported. 

Please, those of you who think it is just fine that these murderers continue to kill and get away with it, do let me hear your thoughts on this.  I want to know how you justify their behaviors.  Just threatening me or calling me names because I hold them accountable for all of what they do or bring about on the community, isn't exactly clear thinking on the part of the moron squadron that is in constant if not terminal denial.

Those of you who are good friends with this evil family I call the Turdclan, save your breath.  I don't consider your loyalty to the corruption, the murderers and those who rob the community blind, those who get away with rape and child rape as "Quality Character Traits."  It just proves that you can be bought off with a job or a few beers, or free bingo for a month.  That is between you and God and I really don't have time for you.

The threats are ongoing, the crimes are ongoing,  Children are dying.  At some point in all this, people have got to wake up and see which people are most often at the center of this stuff and who gets to have their crimes covered up and never be held accountable.

Those of you who complain about the accuracy are a bit misguided in your anger.  It is not me that is causing this grief.  The grief is not whether the blog got it exactly right or not.  The grief is that another child is dead, needlessly.  And that members of the Turdclan instead of taking responsibility for their actions, are acting like victims so that you feel sorry for them!

Like I said, if you see something that is inaccurate, speak up.  But if you come in with mindless drunken rage, don't expect I can take you seriously. 

Blaming the child for the fire might make it easier for some of you to continue conversing with Bobby Lou.  Seeing Bobby Lou as the "innocent victim of her child's recklessness" might make it easier for you to overlook what led to that fire and since it was a child that is being blamed, might stop you from asking the real hard questions.  But it is the wrong thing to do.

Wrong especially for that little girl who is being blamed for something she did not do.  I am assuming it was the most likely culprit rather than the least likely here.  Why?  Because of who she is related to and how they have done business in the past.

How they get away with murder and killing their children.  Oh, and better yet, having you (some, but not all) feel so sorry for them! 

That community has, for far too long, been in the throes of denial.  More than anything, I hear that the complaint is that you want it all to go away.

Nothing goes away until the guilty are brought to justice. Want this to "go away?" Do your part.  Start by waking up.  Start by seeing the Turdclan as they are.

Bribing You With Your Own Money

I am told that the next General Assembly Meeting is on December 7th.  Of course, they will probably change that.  The deal is that they are planning to "surprise" everyone with HUGE Social Impact Checks this time.  Some checks into the thousands of dollars.  They want you to see them as "generous".  They want you to not vote to remove Lois Leban and to not sign petitions against Brian the Rapist or any of the rest of them. 

To accomplish this, they are giving back to you some of the money they would normally steal from you and keep for themselves.  You are being, essentially, bribed with your own money.  Let me know how that works for y'all!

I also hear that they only distribute these checks to people that attend the meetings and that the sick and infirm, those who are out of town or otherwise unable to get to the meetings, get nothing.  I hope that is not true!  Let me know if that is really how they do business.  It would not surprise me.  But I need to know.

Remember: Last year's check was about $317.  That was, from what I have seen, less than 1/15th of what each of you was entitled to.  But, they control the books, so you will never really know, now will you?

You know where to find me.


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November 21, 2006-- Printable Version

Fire! Fire! Whom do We FIRE???

Reports are streaming in about that fire.  Talk about a major (but typical for the rez) case of misdirected anger!  Fire the Firemen???  We'll get back to that one in a minute.

The fire happened, just as I was told, initially.  Only it gets worse.  Not only was mama out partying all night, but left the kids alone.  Raven is in the hospital but is recovering from the serious burns.  She did try to save that little one.

Turns out that the family and relatives were drinking and neglecting the kids.  Remember: Absent by addiction.  After the fire, all the of them lined up at Lois's office and got their $100 checks! Off to bingo with that money and Mark Fassett, the baby's daddy, was seen in a bar up in Sheyenne two hours later (I guess it took that long to get and cash the check) drinking as if nothing had ever happened. 

The adults who were drinking and neglecting the kids want to blame the firemen who showed up for the fire and the death!  Way to dodge accountability there family and relatives!  Lois was yelling at them too, threatening to fire them.

Let's look at who the two are that she wants to float off the rez:  Comer and Darrel.  They are "volunteers" on the weekend because the Tribe doesn't have the money to pay to keep the firehouse manned 24/7!  So fire the volunteers?

Your Money Their LIfestyle

But wait!  There is money to swing those lavish Vegas and Florida and other points of call "conferences" where all the Tribal Council gets to take their girlfriends and boyfriends; fly first class, (only the best will do-whacka-do!) and stay at the best suites in the hotels!  Money for that, but not for the Fire Department?

Money for Poopsie and the Turdclan's turdlings to have nice new cars, pay for their gas and insurance; but not a dime for the Fire Department?

Oh yeah, Fire the Fire Department!  That makes a whole lot of sense!

And slashing Comer's tires?  Well, that will teach him to show up and try to help, as a volunteer! 

How about you direct, constructively, some of that righteous rage at the people responsible?  The party family who allowed their neglect turn to tragedy?  The Tribal Council that will pay Mary Nicholson hundreds of thousands of dollars for no work for the next two years running; but not a dime to the Fire Department? 

Maybe those people should be held accountable? Ya think? 

This doesn't require violence.  It requires courage.  Petition these thieves out of office NOW.  Or wait until the next child dies of neglect, or your house burns down because there is not enough money to pay the Firemen or put gas in the tank or water to put out the fire. 

This misdirected anger is really unhealthy.  And really stupid.  Continue to support the Tribal Council; continue to look the other way at the corruption that is literally, putting everyone at risk, and you guarantee that the next tragedy will be sooner, rather than later.

Blaming the firemen, especially those who volunteered because the corrupt Tribal Council splurges on themselves, ignoring the health, safety and welfare of the community, is just about as stupid as I have seen so far.  I know, I will see worse, no doubt.

Let me know when you are tired of suffering and ready to stand up for yourself.  Oh, and misplaced sympathy?  Looks like the dead baby's family is a parade unto itself on that one.  Let's all send them our condolences, although I know they would prefer cash so they can drink it up.

While you morons are at it, take up a collection to buy Comer a new set of tires.  It is the least you can do. 

I had no idea that the Tribal Council had cut funding to the Fire Department like that.  Apparently, neither did you, nor did you care enough to look at what they are doing.

You see how by this misdirected anger; this unwillingness to hold accountable those who are in control of your lives, you leave it wide open for more and more tragedies, unnecessary tragedies, to happen? 

Do you get it? 

And those of you who write and say I am hateful because I point out what is happening, how and why it is happening, save it this time.  You are far too involved in denial to even want to see what is happening.

Keep hiding, but get out of the way so that the good people of Ft. Totten/Spirit Lake can do the work of cleaning up this mess you all like to call "home".

Lois stomping around and yelling and threatening hoping you won't look at her and the rest of them for what they have done to your community.  If more gas for the engine and more water for the truck would have saved that child, this death is ON THEM as much as it is on the parents who would rather drink and party and then blame the children.

While you are at it, give Mark Lufkin and his new bride a big warm welcome when they come home from their honeymoon in Vegas.  You paid for it. 

Vote his greedy ass out along with the rest of them.  Or, like I said, you can wait. You know what is coming when you wait.  It has visited you twice lately, and it will come again.

I think you know who all you have to "fire" and I think it is about time, don't you?

You know where to find me.


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November 22, 2006 -- Printable Version

Here Come The Turkeys!

In honor of Turkey Day, previously known as Thanksgiving Holiday, here are some real turkeys for your consideration:

For O'Town-Cheez Whiz Wang

State Attorney for Benson County, James Wang, aka Cheez Whiz Wang, who ran unopposed in the most recent elections, had 82 write-in votes against him.  That means that at least 82 people out of 1500 or so voters, know what he is up to and want him out. 

What we do know about Cheez Whiz is that he is very tightly tied in with Pete Hager (seen at his office more frequently than the cleaning lady) and Pete Hagers Hags (Carmen Hager, Karen Anderson, Dorothy Comer).  And with outgoing Ned Mitzel, the Sheriff who could not seem to respond to any, not a single one, of the 911 calls that went out regarding criminal assaults or other criminal activity in progress at the Oh Oh Bar; and who stood by Pete Hager and allowed him to publicly threaten the lives of members of the Stensland family and refused to respond to any 911 calls from that household regarding intruders. 

Now, it would appear that Cheez Whiz, who up until lately, had managed to enjoy his quiet ties to these nefarious types, and they enjoyed complete access to his authority to nullify their DUI's or help them to victimize people they were harassing in the community, has become a bit unstrung by the recent episodes of Pete Hager shooting his mouth off about things to which he had testified (to the contrary) in court in the Eddie Peltier case.

Now, it is known that if Pete goes down (and he is definitely going down!) he will take everyone with him, including Cheez Whiz Wang.  This puts Cheez Whiz in the position of covering up piles of crap faster than he can zip his pants. 

The pace is exhausting to Cheez Whiz and the strain is beginning to show.

Enter the latest hair-brained tactics he is employing of randomly and without warrant, harassing and slandering County Commissioners, and anyone, including the former Mayor of Minnewauken, Mike Avery (sp?) that ever dared to ask or request information from his office that he felt could expose him or his "friends" to investigation. 

By having to cover up for so many criminal types, and to do so in so many corners, has made Cheez Whiz "jumpy".  He knows that if any one of those morons go down, he goes down with them.

What once seemed like the top of the heap to Cheez Whiz, now becomes a crumbling pile of crap that he has to frantically maintain the integrity of, in order to appear to have integrity of his own. 

Expect more ambush articles and press releases from Mr. Wang's Office that slander and libel Commissioners and Citizens alike, in his futile efforts to distract Law Enforcement Agencies from looking more closely into his doings and his cronies. 

Tribal Council Wants Tribal Newspaper

I think it would be a great idea! However, since it would be controlled and funded 100% by the Tribal Council, how much truth can you expect? The last Tribal Newspaper was shut down by Skip Longie.  Freedom of Speech? Freedom of the Press? Where in the heck do you think you are living, anyways?

Meanwhile, this blog will have to continue to do.  Contributors will continue to remain anonymous and occasionally I will get it wrong.  But hey, I am doing the best I can here, right?

Imagine, if you can, a time when you can have a real newspaper, real reporters, no family favoritism, and real in-depth examinations of the issues that affect your daily lives... I could retire this blog and be a happy, happy woman!

Connect The Dots-Fire Department

Not sure where to begin on this one.  It was not that long ago that there was a conference for firefighters held in Montana.  A couple of people from the Ft. Totten FD attended -- badly.:  Little Joe and Darcy Longie.

Apparently, getting drunk, and one got caught having stolen 4WD ATVs and wrecked them (Little Joe and April Longie's son) and needing to be bailed out of jail.  That took $10,000.  Apparently, that money came out of the funds for the FD.  Apparently, because Little Joe Alberts took it, and since he is so tight with Shelly, Lois and Myra, he never had to pay it back.

After he was fired from the FD (sexual misconduct) he was immediately hired in as the Emergency Director for the Tribe.

Also, that Little Joe when he was a cop, along with another cop, raped some very young pre-teen girls.  One of whom testified against him in court and he served time and got some mistreatment of his own while in prison.

So, you have opportunities here to see where the money goes, and it is not to where the community needs it.  It goes to those the Turdclan want to keep in power and position.  Remember: Little Joe Alberts was a jailer at the time of Eddie's murder and the other murders and they need him to stay happy.

But the next house to burn down may be yours, so maybe you need to start looking at what happened as a warning of what will come if you don't do something about it now.  If you don't protect yourself by becoming pro active, you cannot whine later that you are a victim.  You are a victim by choice.

Further, why is it that Little Joe does not appear on the Sex Offenders Registry? Why does Lemon Longie not appear on the Sex Offenders Registry? This needs to be done.  The misconduct (a euphemism for rape, child rape and molest) is encouraged by people turning a blind eye.

Then I am hearing that Shelley and Lois are maneuvering to get Little Joe back his old job of being in charge of the Fire Hall!!!  Why?  They need to be robbed again?  Not enough fire related tragedies yet? Felons get top jobs? I guess the answer must be "yes". 

And The Last Turkey, But Not By Far The Least:

The Tribal Council has announced that it found an account that it didn't know was there and they found a whole lot of money in it!  RIIIIIGHT!! 

And, being the "generous" souls they are, will be distributing it to the community enrolled members --- Not -- So -  Fast my fine feathered friends:

They are also asking for you to decline the payment so that they can then put allll that money towards the social programs that are sorely in need of funding and have been doing without for soooo long.

Yes, the same programs they robbed before, even the same people that robbed you before, want YOU to think of YOUR community and do the right thing and  (*drum roll, wait for it...) Give it back to them to put into their own pockets!

Too many obvious questions arise from this:  What kind of audits and auditors all these years were able to "miss" such a huge chunk of change? And how did they "miss" this only recently discovered account?

Where did the money come from?

And why-O, Why-O would you trust the same people you know are robbing you, to now use the money to help the community?

They are setting you all up so that either way you will lose.  If you give the funds back to them, they steal it again and you have only yourselves to blame.  Trust me, no program will be funded any further than it takes to employ their own, shut the program down and leave their buddies with golden severance packages!

But, if you refuse to give them back the money and these programs go un funded, they will say that YOU are the blame for not putting the money where it should have gone!

Oh yeah, gonna be a nice meeting that one!  Do keep me posted.

Turkey Shoot

So there you have it.  Cheez Whiz going into nutso rages at Commissioners trying to distract from his own criminal connections and practices;

Tribal Council wants a newspaper, but don't want any real reporting, only want to hire "friendlies" who will make them look good;

The Fire Hall with a history of corruption, (what else doe you expect when felons are in charge?) which left it so crippled it could not properly respond to a fire where a life was lost; and the current Fire Hall Director (or whatever you call him) taking the heat for what the previous (Little Joe Alberts) did to the program...And Myra ranting around actually using the tragedy of that child's death to try and return the Felon to the top job again;

And last but not least, the TC "Mysteriously" finding huge sums of money (It's a MIRACLE!) which they now want to bribe you with so you won't vote them out; or con you out of so they can steal from you more easily.

Send your candidates for "Turkey of the Year" to me and we will do this again for the Christmas Holidays.

And, since we have all become such good friends over the years, feel free to send me photos and text of events you want posted.  I will make a community calendar on here if we get enough to make it worthwhile.

Not kidding: Birth and death announcements, anniversaries, road closures, sales and fund raisers, or campaign literature for anyone running for office.  Yeah, like the TC will submit an ad! 

Current Tribal Council members, their families and friends, will be required to pay a $200 fee for any submissions they want posted.  Money to go to The Innocence Project (see the contact page) earmarked for Richard LaFuente's defense fund. 

Everyone else, free of charge. Acknowledgement from the Innocence Project that a donation has been made will be required before any paid postings will be put onto this site. 


All Postings will be moderated. Payment does not guarantee your posting, if found to be objectionable, will be posted.

Hey, you know everyone reads this!

(Hah-Hah-haaah! Laughing all the way..)

Enjoy your Turkeys!

You know where to find me.


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November 27, 2006 --Printable Version

A Little Thunder Music, Please

I have been told that the petition went better and stronger this last time (the one to get Lois Leban out) and that the men of the community have stepped up and done their part.  I commend you all.

Now, show them you mean it.  Vote her out.  And vote out Brian Pearson while you are at it.  The following two letters will show you that as far as the TC is concerned, you are all just a joke and they can do what they want.  I think you need to show them why you wear pants!

Letter #1:

Referring to Myra going to reinstate Little Joe Alberts to run the Fire Hall again despite his record for Sexual Abuse, complaints by other men in the hall of his inappropriate (grabbing their crotches) behaviors, and his stealing, excuse me, borrowing $10K to get himself and Darcy Longie out of jail in Montana after they went on a drunken spree and stole then wrecked some ATVs:

But Myra will make sure he gets back to the Fire Dept, and with all the funds he needs, watch this happen "As the Reservation Turns". One minute we broke to the hilt, and the next a favor a is done with all the trimmings. That's is how it goes. And we all know Lois is still hiding two houses in the woods way in back of her place, cause Jacob never got his house YET. and hunters saw them.

Letter #2 Regarding Brian Pearson (rapist) who takes whatever money he wants, when he wants to give to whomever he wants:

Howz about this good one: Brain Pearson was in the bar last night Sat.25 at Webs, with William Herman, Tara Yankton, and Clairenda Alex, all of them are his cousins that love to kiss ass with him.

But any way Brian was talking and stated "all these people are kissing my ass cause I am the one who will give them their money for Christmas, just think I can turn them away or help them, which is my choice."

William drank pop, was the dd driver. And yes I know why Tara Yankton is kissing butt, its because she rigs the drawings at the casino, hey I know, its the only way she keeps people her friends

Now, do you get it?  Do you respect them?  They plain as day do not respect you!

Pickpocket Politics

And remember:  The upcoming General Assembly Meeting is where they plan to buy you off with the money they stole from you.  Well a fraction of it at any rate.  And they are going to ask you to do the right thing and instead, decline the money and put it into programs (which they have already robbed many times over) which the community sorely needs.

Translation:  It's not robbery if you give the money to them.  It's a "gift" from all of you to each of them.  Do be generous!

It is like they pick your pocket, steal your wallet, then take you out to dinner with the money they stole from you -- and then ask you to pick up the tab!

Let me know how that one goes!  Are you all as dumb as they think you are?

I think not. I see the men are stepping up.  Might be a few keepers in there. 

Indian Time

I have an email that was sent to me by one of the people who lives close to the tribes on the West Coast and Rivers area in my province.

It is worth a read. 

Subject: The Globe and Mail, An Interesting Article!
FORT McMURRAY — The man with the PowerPoint presentation is miffed.

He is speaking to a large aboriginal conference and some of the attendees, including a few who hold high office, have straggled in.

“ I can't stand people who are late,” he says into the microphone.

“ Indian Time doesn't cut it.”

Some giggle, but no one is quite sure how far he is going to go. Just sit back and listen:

“ My first rule for success is ‘Show up on time.' My No. 2 rule for success is follow Rule No. 1.”

“ If your life sucks, it's because you suck.”

“ Quit your sniffling.”

“ Join the real world — go to school or get a job.”

“ Get off of welfare. Get off your butt.”

He pauses, seeming to gauge whether he dare, then does. “People often say to me, ‘How you doin'?' Geez — I'm working with Indians — what do you think?”

Now they are openly laughing ... applauding. Clarence Louie is everything that was advertised — and more. “Our ancestors worked for a living,” he says. “So should you.”

He is, fortunately, aboriginal himself. If someone else stood up and said these things — the white columnist standing there with his mouth open, for example — “You'd be seen as a racist.” Instead, Chief Clarence Louie is seen, increasingly, as one of the most interesting and innovative native leaders in the country — even though he avoids national politics.

He has come here to Fort McMurray because the aboriginal community needs, desperately, to start talking about economic development and what all this multibillion-dollar oil madness might mean, for good and for bad.

Clarence Louie is chief — and CEO — of the Osoyoos Band in British Columbia's South Okanagan. He is 44 years old, though he looks like he would have been an infant when he began his remarkable 20-year-run as chief. He took a band that had been declared bankrupt and taken over by Indian Affairs and he has turned in into an inspiration.

In 2000, the band set a goal of becoming self-sufficient in five years. They're there.

The Osoyoos, 432 strong, own, among other things, a vineyard, a winery, a golf course and a tourist resort, and they are partners in the Baldy Mountain ski development. They have more businesses per capita than any first nation in Canada.

There are not only enough jobs for everyone, there are so many jobs being created that there are now members of 13 other tribal communities working for the Osoyoos. The little band contributes $40-million a year to the area economy.

Chief Louie is tough. He is as proud of the fact that his band fires its own people as well as hires them. He has his mottos pasted throughout the “Rez.” He believes there is “no such thing as consensus,” that there will always be those who disagree. And, he says, he is milquetoast compared to his own mother when it comes to how today's lazy aboriginal youth, almost exclusively male, should be dealt with.

“ Rent a plane,” she told him, “and fly them all to Iraq. Dump 'em off and all the ones who make it back are keepers. Right on, Mom.”

The message he has brought here to the Chipewyan, Dene and Cree who live around the oil sands is equally direct: Get involved, create jobs — and meaningful jobs, not just “window dressing” for the oil companies. “The biggest employer,” he says, “shouldn't be the band office.”

He also says the time has come to “get over it.” No more whining about 100-year-old failed experiments. No foolishly looking to the Queen to protect rights.

Louie says aboriginals here and along the Mackenzie Valley should not look at any sharing in development as “rocking-chair money” but as investment opportunity to create sustainable businesses. He wants them to move beyond entry-level jobs to real jobs they “earn” — all the way to the boardrooms. He wants to see “business manners” develop: showing up on time, working extra hours. The business lunch, he says, should be “drive through,” and then right back at it.

“ You're going to lose your language and culture faster in poverty than you will in economic development,” he says to those who say he is ignoring tradition.

Tough talk, at times shocking talk given the audience, but on this day in this community, they took it — and, judging by the response, they loved it.

“ Eighty per cent like what I have to say,” Louie says, “Twenty per cent don't. I always say to the 20 per cent, ‘Get over it.

Chances are you're never going to see me again and I'm never going to see you again. Get some counselling.'”

The first step, he says, is all about leadership. He prides himself on being “a stay-home chief who looks after the potholes in his own backyard” and wastes no time “running around fighting 100-year-old battles.

“ The biggest challenge will be how you treat your own people.
“ Blaming government? That time is over.”


Sounds like it is time to be an Indian again.  A REAL one!

You know where to find me.  I think you are beginning to find yourself!


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November 28, 2006-- Printable Version

Where Porn is King or "the King of Porn"

Aw, too bad this is coming so near the end of this blog.  You will have to tell your friends to go back to the previous blog to read it if they miss it.

I heard that there was like the "hugest bust ever for kiddie porn" out there in Oberon in June or May.  Not sure when. 

Steven Bruce Cartier, who I hear is a neighbor to Chuckles and Mary in Oberon.  In fact, I hear that Cartier is living with or married to *Nancy Carolyn Greene, who happens to be Mary Trottier's sister.  *Correction on Name

Millions of horrid images found on his computers.  The case, of course should be looked at as the tip of the iceberg.. but it won't.

Bobo the Dancing Poodle is running the operation.  There would be no bust had not the police in Spain pointed out what we all know has been going on on the rez for decades.  Spain had to phone it in!

But, it will go no further than Mr. Cartier and I will tell you why.  If he gives up any of his buddies, and it leads to Poopsie and the Turdclan (who have been making money off of kiddie porn for more than 20 years), Poopsie has sworn he will take down everyone with him. 

That means: Pete Hager, Chuck, some former FBI Poodles, a USAG or two or three, a State Attorney, a few judges, some of whom are sitting yet, and a federal Judge or two. 

Not going to allow that to happen, now are they?  Bobo has allowed Poopsie in at every turn on this one.  Actually, may have let him in a lot earlier than people realize. 

I was told back early in May that suddenly, for no reason that anyone could understand, the casino suddenly pulled the plugs on all its computers, hauled them out in a big orange Tribal truck, and got new ones!

"It looked like big stuff going too," this one source told me.  "Big computer stuff.  All stacked in the back of that truck, Roger was driving, and away it went!" 

Now, looking back at that, it had to be the servers/mainframe from the casino!  Poopsie's private stash.  (and you thought a million images were a lot! Hah! you hit the dog but missed the Freight Train!)

So, while prosecutors are trying to put the pieces together, things will continue to fall apart, dead end, brick walls, silent treatment.

They will wonder why.  Poopsie and the Poodle will look very surprised, but they will shrug their shoulders, deny they were careless, and the case will begin to fall apart where it should have been just starting to come together.

Cartier pled "Not Guilty" and was originally allowed to go home with a monitoring device.  A few more charges were laid and his bail was revoked.  Hey, can't say that judge didn't do all they could to get him let loose!

Jennifer Puhl, the USAG on this one, will be mystified as it takes all these quirky turns and not one other culprit from the hood shows up on the docket.

(Snap!) Well, she's in for an even bigger surprise when in February a deal is cut, without her approval or even her knowledge, wherein Mr. C pleads guilty to much lesser charges and receives less than a slap on the wrist.  That's the plan, Stan.  Maybe they will change it a little here and there now that I have exposed it, but that is, in the end, how it will be.

Evidence will disappear, be sealed, and certain informants, well, they start out as key players but zip up their corruption suits and magically become "informants" will have immunity and their testimony be sealed.  Poopsie can do that one.  If he has to do anything.  Meanwhile, they are keeping him in the loop as "a professional courtesy because Mr. James Yankton has been so helpful to us in past cases" or something like that. 

Chuckles is hoping no one is talking about those porn parties he used to have back in the day.  Probably still going on, but back in the 80's he was your go-to-guy for porn, any kind of porn.  He was never judgmental, just mental.

Pete Hager has dropped the imbecile act because he has been assured they won't come after him now.  (Good thing too, because he can bring them all down same as Poopsie can).

Pete Hager Has Questions

And they seem to be put to patrons at his bar.  He was asking a group of customers if they had any information on Patty Lambert.  Where did she work?  What was her job? Who is her boss???

Now, why in the world would he want to get information on her?  And unless those patrons came in as Jr. Detectives, complete with shiny nametags, why would he be asking them?

They want to know.

I want to know.

Apparently, Patty could care less.

Hey, Petesky! If it is that important to ya, just ask her yourself. Or send some drugged up finger puppets to her house to intimidate her and find out. Oh yeah, last time that did not work so well. Maybe the daughter will be even tougher? Better not risk it.

Interchangeable Perverts/Pedophiles

It seems that Cartier's job with the tribe was that of Emergency Medical Services Manager.  A month after his arrest, they replaced him with Little Joe Alberts!

It's like he never left?

Golden Eagle Flies Again! Splat!

You must be kidding! They are going to fire up the defunct Golden Eagle scam again?  Only this time in Devil's Lake?  What? Away from my prying eyes?  You think? Well, it was the best way to transport drugs from Thailand directly into the community in shipments of cell phones, why not do it again?  I hear Carl Walking Eagle needs the money and is afraid to be seen digging in his own back yard.  He could do it again.  Easy.  Probably get the same politicians to come in for photo ops, too!

Something about a lawsuit? Since Golden Eagle was tribal council owned, how do they sue themselves? Sure, why didn't I think of that! Whoever loses has to pay the winner! It's Pinball Politics!  They take your money, bounce it here or there, give you points, take away on penalties and by the time the lights have stopped a-flashing and the bells have stopped a-ringing in your ears, you are again left with nothing! Well, less than what you had before, but wow, the Tribe was (pinch your finger and thumb together) thiiis close to making real jobs on that deal! (Snap!)

Stood UP And Were Counted

Looks like y'all forced a special meeting to make sure that money from the mystery account, went into your pockets and not the Tribal Council's vacation fund.  Good on all of you!

But you still must show up at the General Assembly Meeting in December to make sure they don't reverse it with another vote.

I hear Turdmom was railing on and on about different funds she has robbed before, needing to be replenished. 

Hey, if the Tribal Council wants to put money back into those programs, let them go dig up Carl Walking Eagle's back yard and get a million or two!  Won't take but half a day!

Or, is that yet another mystery account that will somehow "surface" when they think they can play Pickpocket Politics with you again?

Keep me posted.  I will do the same for you!

You know where to find me!



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