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Eddie's GraveThe ongoing events and behaviors of those who murdered Eddie (and others)  on the Fort Totten Eddie Peltier ArmyReservation, North Dakota.  How the ongoing criminal enterprise continues to flourish unabated and without a single response from the Justice Department.  Well, not surprising on that!  They would have to investigate themselves and how some of their elite were directly involved and have prospered from the corruption that exists, protected and funded by US Tax Dollars.

Even if you don't live on the Rez, it's your money, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.  You owe it to yourself to peek in once in awhile and see what you are paying for

Welcome to the new web site for Restless Spirit: The Murder of Eddie Peltier!

This gives me more room to add more pages, photos, images, graphics, cartoons. Eventually, I can add more pages including a "string board" (Police Investigators will know what that is) which will show who's who in the Rez Zoo.  There will be more features, more pages and a more comprehensive site in general.

All the pages are not yet hooked up, but as they fill out, I will post a note here and you can go and see for yourself. 

New (2nd) Contact page is hooked up.  You can find information on contacting the Parole Board to Free Richard, HERE


Texas Monthly Magazine has done a feature on this case.  Read the October Issue, available at newsstands now.  OR, go to the online version.  Michael Hall went to the rez and saw for himself.

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Friday the 13th

Unlucky For Some

Sorry, just couldn't resist!  Just learned that Lois has installed her best friend, Lori Brown as the NEW GM for the Casino!  Lori brings with her years of experience as... Lois' best friend!  What?  You were expecting experience or education in the field of gaming? HAH!

Myra likes the idea because friends who control all the money are great friends to have!

Paul Matheney, who had been doing a good job as the interim GM was not given a chance. 

Wacky Jackie will continue to draw overpayment as a GM in Training (*Pop) and let the good times roll!

The casino, which you were all being robbed out of millions in revenue before, is now not even pretending to do anything legal or law abiding.

Guests who have complained in the past of ill-treatment by the arrogant and the unqualified; those who have complained of mistreatment and even abuse at the hands of Turdclan, can now book their gambling excursions--elsewhere.

If you thought morale was low before, just wait until Lori takes the wheel!

This officially puts the casino into that swirl around the porcelain bowl.

It is, however, a good maneuver to get Carl Walking Eagle out of the picture. 

And the rest of you who thought that your loyalty and hard work under the thumb of the Turdclan would pay off, you can now see exactly HOW you are being paid off!

Now, anyone want to make a complaint to the State Gaming Commission?  Or just whine to one another?

(And y'all thought it could not get worse?)

And for those of you who think that this latest move is Rock Bottom, think again.  Tis but a preview of things to come!

You still want to keep Myra, Brian the Rapist, Lois and Shelley in place?  They make it all possible! 

Ahhh!  I see before me a sea of shrugging shoulders.  As I expected.

Can't Touch This

Brian laughs at those of you who complain about the rapes and the assaults.  He laughs that no one will ever investigate or arrest him nor any other member of his family because they will, without a doubt, bring everyone down with them.

Yup, all of you who have "owed a favor" to the Turdclan for not investigating your crimes, large and small, can sit back in silence and watch how your cowardice allows for the rapes, the beatings and the murders, both past and present as well as the future.

They can rape and kill their own children without so much as a pair of handcuffs dangling before their eyes.  Laugh at you, they do, they do!  Continue to keep your silence, tremble in fear, all you big brave warrior men! No wonder the fire is going out!

Big Brave Indian Men, too scared to hold these monsters accountable because so many of you have done the same thing to your children!  Those who have not committed crimes against their own children have members of their families who have.  No one steps out of line to speak out against the evil that consumes you more and more every day, because you have misplaced loyalty to your family under the heading of "loyalty to the predators". 

You get what you deserve on this.  Cowardice is its own reward and you are getting plenty.

So, they take what they want, when they want, from all of you and you sit there and do nothing. 

Oh yeah, a few of you get angry with me for pointing out the obvious. 

I would not have to do this if you would do what you know is right.

Fewer Options

As they are laughing at you, the Turdclan, they are also in fear of you.  They have systematically left you with fewer and fewer options.  Some of you are thinking that your only option is to off them.  As if murder will keep your secrets safe?  Think about it.  Murder is the second greatest sin, second only to suicide.  How does a greater evil bring healing to a community that has so horribly lost its way?

Don't kill them.  Stand up to them.  It is what you have to do if you are to redeem yourself, and to make any possibility in the future that your children and their children will have a chance to survive. 

You are all too focused on your own comfort level to see what you need to see.  Look down the road, as I have, and see how doing the right thing will make it better but how doing the worst thing will only make it worse.

And while you are looking, see how doing nothing will continue to eat your young before they have a chance in this world.

Now, go tell one another what you know about being Indian.  Go tell one another about the Indian Way.  Don't tell me because I will only laugh at you!

Winter coming early and hard this year.  Get ready, more sadness to come.

Black Road Backfire

Looks like Weenie Boy, covered with ugly bleeding sores on his legs and arms is experiencing what happens when Black Road Medicine backfires. 

The hair he had in his glove that time to try and control that woman, fell out and was swept away.  He suffered a little bit then.  But apparently has learned nothing. 

Now, the Grandfathers have taken away some of his most recent Black Road dabbling and left him with the consequences.

That smell you get when you are near him is his own flesh, rotting off of his body.  The evil he has fed off of, is now feeding off of him.  It is going up his back, his butt, and his neck and belly now.  His arms and legs are already covered in stinking sores that no doctor can cure.

That prednisone will only make him hungrier and fatter, but it will not stop the gnawing on his flesh.

Poopsie has some backfire problems of his own.  And they are also getting worse.  That which consumes him works from the inside out.

Well, there ya go!  Happy Friday the 13th!

You know where to find me.


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October 18, 2006

Tuning up the Competition

I read that on Thursday the 12th that 18 people got busted.  It was a "year-long drug buying operation..." and they netted 18 people and (*drum roll, cymbal crash) $36K worth of drugs, etc!

Wow, they did a year-long operation and netted less than what Kalum sneezes?  Less than what Petesky shoves up his butt?  Less than what RJ (Weenie Boy's Boy) pisses?

How did they manage to find so little?  What this amounts to, good citizens of  Devils Lake and Ramsey County, and all the ships at sea... was a tuning up of the competition so that the big boys don't have to worry about those little guys who might take a nickel out of their haul from time to time.

One would have to be blindfolded and led around by Kalum or Poopsie himself, in order to miss the much bigger fish flopping around in that pond of meth and coke!

I guess they had to be really careful not to trip over the problem children out there.  Boy! That would have been sooo embarassing! "Sorry Turdclan! Had to arrest 90% of your family.  We kept tripping over them while we were trying to NOT investigate them!"

Bring out the dark glasses and the white canes!  The new official uniform for DEA in Devil's Lake and Ramsey County, and Benson County, for that matter.

Unbelievable!  One cannot throw a rock and not hit a major drug operation near the Oh Oh Bar or on the Rez, and yet, who knows how much money was wasted on this laughable bust!

But, it is election time and since so many of the incumbents need to A) appear as if they are doing the job and B) need to protect their largest contributors, I guess that one got exactly what one would expect.

Let me guess:  Most of these cases will be thrown out of court? Pled down to a misdemeanor? 

Your tax dollars at work!

Silent Partner

Jerry Cavenaugh seems to have made a very good investment recently.  Who knows how he got the idea to buy the land that is right smack in the path of the new roads, but somehow, probably a "vision" he was able to buy the land for next to nothing and once the road starts to cut through, will make tons of money!

You don't think he has friends in high places, now do you?  Perhaps a silent partner or two with whom to share the windfall profits?

Shell Game, Casino Style

Mystic Lake likes helping out Poopsie and the boys, every chance they get.  And, if Poopsie and Myra and Lois can manage to get the Spirit Lake Casino shut down for non-compliance (and appointing Lori Brown will put them out of compliance), then all the gamblers will have to funnel over to Mystic Lake Casino.

So, no wonder Mystic Lake was being so generous with giving money to the tribe for those airbase homes.

So, the Tribal Council received the homes for free; obtained grant money from HUD and one other government agency to move the homes and to build crawl spaces and hook-ups for the homes; AND they got money from Mystic Lake.

If you do the math, all this money comes to over $15K per crawl space and hook up, before the Mystic Lake money comes in. 

It's a bit of a shell game.  They take the individual amounts of money, put them into the general fund (all grant money now goes into the General fund and the District Funds---which makes auditing much more complex).  They declare only the smallest amount of funds, and seek out matching funds from other players, in this case, Mystic Lake. 

Mystic Lake gives, say $2-4K per and the Tribe then says they will "match" that with the funds that were already given to them (lesser amount), so it appears that there is no grant money, no government money, only District Funds.

They then get a bargain basement price on building the Crawl spaces and installing the electrical and sewer hook-ups.  Figure: Total of $5,850 per home.

Plus, they pay themselves from yet another grant, the inflated rate for moving the homes, and pay the contractor about half of that.

Now, we are all still playing with grant money here, but it appears to be "District Funds" so now they send out notices to those who received the "free homes" that they owe the Tribe $7K each!  Of course, the family and friends of those in power who got homes they were not entitled to, pay nothing.

Meanwhile, those who received the free homes find their paychecks being docked!  Others are threatened with debt and foreclosure.

All this gives the Tribal Council and their partners at Mystic Lake more opportunities to grow their money.

1.) They use grant money: They use less than half of the grant money to move and install the homes.  A profit of 50% of that grant money is now in their pockets.

2.) They bill those who got the homes 50% more than what it cost to move and install those homes (so far, they have little better than doubled the money they received.

3.) By declaring the loan from Mystic Lake to Spirit Lake, a large sum of cash goes out the door and the business partners in the Mystic Lake Casino cannot stop it.

4.) When that money comes back to the players from Mystic Lake, the corporate partners will not have any idea it has come back in because there will be no way to track it.  The loan will be declared in default, and one Indian will forgive the default of the other Indian and that money is in the pockets and the corporate types who thought they had a handle on these casinos will see they are being robbed blind and can do nothing about it.

And, because it costs so much to audit and investigate this scheme, the business partners can just shut up and take the hit. 

Of course, the carrot for them, is that they will more than make up for it when the Spirit Lake Casino is shut down.  That carrot on that stick will elude them for some time to come because both endeavors may end up in the same soup of audit and investigation.

Okay, now, you have been following the $, where do you think it is?  Pick a shell. Nope, not there, Not there either.  Hmmm.. not under the third one.  Better check the pockets of the players, one more time.

Yes, there is more.  Lots more.  But I don't have time to go into all of it right now.

Here's a Preview

  • Carl Walking Eagle is being pushed out.  Much of the missing money and such will be blamed on him.  Well, gee Carl, you knew they would need a fall guy!  Affidavits are already being written that say this and that person saw you walk into the vault and just load up on cash. You're Toast!  That means: You go quietly and wait for them to play that Ace in your hole.
  • SMC Plant is losing orders, and there is a lot of in-fighting going on between Carl McKay and the others, as those piles of banded currency disappear faster than they can cool on the table.
  • Poopsie made a late night trip to Vegas last week.  Not sure if he was hiring a hit man or checking to see if he could get someone else to hire one for him.

    I know he would like to off me, but probably will have to settle for Pete Hager, now that he has seen the video and knows Pete won't keep his mouth shut.  Yup, I am a problem for him and his Turdclan, but Pete, now there's a real threat! Remember Pete: You were supposed to be a "Silent" partner!
  • Mary Nicholson is leaving the casino but will continue to draw full pay and benefits, including bonuses for another 2 years.  (See contract in documents page)

Well, tis all for now.  LIke I said: There is so much more!  But my time is limited.  I will be back to the daily grind after the 23rd. Hey, wouldn't want to miss Halloween!

You know where to find me!


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October 19, 2006

Blue Boys in Blue

Tension in the cop shop.  It would appear that Myra is making moves to get rid of all the Tribal Police that are not enrolled members.  This way, the only qualification for carrying a gun and a badge around there is that you be enrolled.  Not much different than how it is presently.  But, it gives Myra and Brian more leverage (as if they didn't have enough as it is!) to get rid of anyone that investigates any crimes committed by her or her family. 

They can, as they have in the past, arbitrarily float them off the rez, dis enroll them, you name it.

So, Badgers.  Who's your daddy now?

You know where to find me!  Documents, statements, that sort of thing, all welcome. 

Imagine, if you will, Brian strutting around more than he already is, raping your children, well, the boys anyway, and you don't even dare phone it in?

The other upside for Myra is that she can bring her other baby boy, Terry Morgan (who has been writing to me under a forged email address because he is afraid of an answer), back home. 

He can then rape any of the young girls he likes, and again, no investigation, no consequences.

Chubby and the rest of them can kill all their babies and no one give them so much as a parking ticket to pay.

Heavy Lifting

Think it might be high time for y'all out there to get rid of a Tribal Council that only thinks about its collective dick? 

Or, is that pen still too heavy for you to lift?

Petition too heavy for you to carry around?  Hey, not like you haven't been warned, many, many times before.. "Bad things gonna happen.  A lot of people gonna suffer."  Let me know when you have had enough.  Don't wait until the curve is completely missed and you are going under.  I can't really help you then.  You be too heavy to lift out of the cold icy waters of Devils Lake.


Oh yeah, I still get some really stupid emails from wanna be thugs.  Takes days to figure out their lousy spelling errors.  They think that the more stupid they sound, the more people will fear them.  Like saying that they are so dumb they are dangerous.  But how? To whom?

Here’s a hint: You know how a joke is not as funny if you have to stop and explain it? Same thing with threats. You want to intimidate someone, you have to at least make it easier for them to read it. Some of those spelling errors were comical as ever! People who laugh at you are probably not going to be intimidated by you. Then again, maybe you were trying to be a comedian? Okay, but again, proper spelling might help you out there as well.

Can you see this type of brain damage going to support their family later on in life?  Getting a job? 

When asked what their qualifications are they can make threats, proclaim they are too stupid to care, give a few gang signs, light up a blunt, and then give that real sexy half lidded nod that says it all. They can hand out biz cards that proclaim: "I'm on welfare because I don't care." 

Mything Culture

They can start living down to the stereo type now.  Take a look, a good look at your new Indian Culture.  What you live is your culture.  What you talk about but don't live becomes myth. 

Makes you really myth the way things were, doesn't it?

Maybe you should buy the kids guns and ski masks instead of school supplies.  I mean, why waste money on things you know better than to expect? Give them what you know they will use. It would be more honest, far less hypocritical of you. 

The New Cool

Being stupid is the new "cool"?  Only on the rez! 

Stop sending your kids to school.  You have shown them over and over again that those who are the biggest bullies, those who are willing to murder, rape and steal, are the leaders of your community.  You can't expect them to learn anything different if you don't give them anything different to learn.

One Simple Treasure

Children learn what they live.  Look at how they live!  Well, okay, when you get back from Bingo, you can look at how they live. I wouldn't want to ruin your one pleasure in life.  But tell me this: When did your children stop being important enough to fight for? To be a good example to? When did they stop being the Treasure you valued most? Or were they ever?

Must have happened a long time ago because so many of them are heading for that curve at high speed. 

I think they should build the funeral homes next to the Bingo Halls.  That way you don't have to be upset about death and dying for more than a few minutes.  You can walk from the Funeral Home to the Bingo Hall.  Who knows?  You might be a winner this time!

You know where to find me.


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October 20, 2006

Beasely's Bingo Orphanage

Oh this is priceless!  I got a letter from a total nutjobber who was threatening me that something bad  would happen to me if I didn't stop writing this website.  The writer also demanded that I stop calling and calling her mom asking for information..

I had NO idea who the little whacko was until I passed the letter around and people all said the same thing:  "Beasely's Daughter", a young thing, already a mamma herself.

"When my mom goes to Bingo," she says triumphantly, "she uses her own money!"

Yes, and I am sure she earned every penny of it working at a job that was given to her even though she was not in any way shape or form, qualified for it.  So, essentially, it's the Tribe's money and taking it this way is little better than stealing, far as I am concerned. Bingo money could have made a difference if it was invested in education. Then again, maybe not.

But, you can see how a Bingo Mom or Dad could lead a child to grow up with their values all mixed up.  (Bingo Orphan Syndrome.) 

This same child that knows the Yanktons burned her home back in '86 because Beasely did the right thing in coming forward and saying that she had been forced to lie (this was back in the day when she was trying to turn over a new leaf and have an honest life) ended up having Poopsie follow through on his threat to  burn their house down, even though there were young ones in there; some of them, his own. 

Of course, no investigation because the FBI Poodle back then thought Poopsie was a hero.

So, the people this Bingo Orphan sees as her heroes today, are the same people that tried to kill her parents and her siblings 20 years ago!

So, I guess that in order to be on little Orphan Annie's good side, I will have to do something very destructive to her family, and then she will stand by me like she stands by the Turdclan.

Oh, she also declares them as "too old to be killing anyone anymore anyways" so that is why she wants me to drop the whole web site.  (Nice to know that they lose the urge to murder as they get older.  Child logic.)  (A symptom of B.O.S.)

Kids who grow up with parents gone to Bingo every night or most nights; and parents who gamble money needed for home and family on Bingo every night can easily end up with children so screwed up they don't know what is right and what is wrong.  Values lose their shine and end up shaped into a perfect hypocrite, logic scattered to the wind. 

Children learn what they live.  So, anyone that is real disappointed on how their kids turned out drunk, addicted, lazy, useless; expect the feeling is mutual.  When you call them names, you call yourself their teacher.

And, yes, I did phone your momma, but that was months ago and I asked her to talk to the reporter from Texas.  She said she would, but then she got a month of free Bingo from her sister and Poopsie and changed her mind. (Pure coincidence?)

She said it was because she was afraid of them and what they might do to her kids.  (And then she made sure that all her daughters, including the 15 yr. old, got a job at the casino! Way to keep 'em safe, Beezer! The 15 yr. old later went out of the casino and got a normal job.  I guess having a perv in a diaper grabbing her every night was a bit much?)

I never phoned her again.  Anyone that can be bought for Bingo is what she is.

I vote that the Tribal Council fund an orphanage for the children whose parents are addicted to Bingo.  Name it: Beasely's Bingo Orphanage, in honor of the prime example of what can happen when children are abandoned, orphaned, by Bingo.

Of course, Beez, I never would have thought of this if that little whacko that had to raise herself wondering why her momma thought Bingo was more important than she was, hadn't written that off the wall letter, threatening me. (She get that from you?  I hear you sic Weenie Boy on your enemies, like Pete Hager these days.  My, my, my!  How comfy and cozy you are with the people you know murdered Eddie, forced you to commit perjury and then burned down your home! No wonder your daughter all messed up like she is!)

And, Beezer, are you really telling her that I call you and call you and call you?  Maybe you should, for once, tell her the truth about at least that one thing.  Or, is your mind really that far gone and you think that is me on the other end of the line?  I can't do anything about those voices in your head, girl.  But I do think that everyone is staring at you.

You know where to find me.


October 23, 2006 Printed Version


I like to call them "isms" because they fall into a variety of short categories that are collectively, sayings or understandings, but individually, they are "isms"

It has been a very busy, very good week out here and I pray it has been the same for y'all. 

Lettuce begin: (Sorry, my mood is in clown mode at the moment!)

The Most Dangerous Job in the World

The most dangerous job in the world today is the one of fighting corruption.

Corruption benefits those who are in power and diminishes those who are ruled over and run over.

It is happening everywhere in the world, not just that little speck on the map known as "the rez". 

But there are people doing it.  They know they will be killed, but they are doing the job regardless of the risk.  What I hear from them is that the job is more important to be undertaken than is the life of any one individual, no matter how great. 

It is their hope that after they are mowed down, someone else will pick up the torch and carry on; and one after that one is knocked down, and so on, until the job is done and the community, the world, is safer for their children and grandchildren.

This, I believe, is truly the spark of humanity that our spirit imbues into each life along with courage and redemption, the willingness to do what needs to be done to make it better.

The Easiest Job In The World feeling sorry for ourselves.  It must be because so many of us are so good at it!  Some with more help towards self pity than others.  I have met, in my lifetime, very wealthy people who had good health, good income, healthy children and lots of friends.  But they found, every day, something on which to feed their dissatisfaction.  They worried about everything and nothing.

I sensed in them: Poverty.

Others I have met, some with financial wealth, others with week-to-week survival incomes, and even some who  were on the street, working to make a safe place for a few hours of rest, who could talk of nothing else except the things that made them happy in this world, things that made them laugh and good friends they had around them. 

They did not take the easy job.  They took the better job.  They worked every day to appreciate and give thanks for their lives, such as it was, and I sense in them: Wealth. 

Gaining Ground

I have also met those who so easily could have thrown a pity parade for themselves but chose not to.  People who have survived brutality and abandonment, addiction and abuse.

Even though their nightmares continue, they spend their life's energy doing what they can to help others, not because they are worse off than them, but because they know that none of us can survive anything, big or small, without each other. 

They bring a light with them.  They do not claim perfection, but they understand the damage done on all levels and they reach out for the hand that will grab onto theirs and together, they walk the road of redemption.

I sense in them: A life of Purpose.


I believe that is key here and everywhere.  None of us was ever perfect.  We came to this heavy world to stumble, fall, make mistakes, to forgive and to be forgiven.  And, along the way, to help one another in any way that can be done without doing it for them.  I have always believed that Redemption is the reason we were all born on this world. 

To find ourselves, understand ourselves; to seek out others and to understand them as best we can without being them.  To look back at our imperfect steps and missteps and learn to forgive ourselves, let go and move on with a lighter load so we can help one another.

We are truly on the path to Redemption when we can look at our load and realize that we had help in building it, but we also have help in carrying it, and that we can also, with help, let it go.

But Redemption is not accomplished if we think that it is all someone else's fault and seek only blame.

It is a load we must all carry together, regardless of where on this blue marble we reside or have been, we all have to help one another or we can never help ourselves.

Zooming Out

I have kept a lot of focus on the Ft. Totten/Spirit Lake Nation Community and now there are many of you who say you are beginning to understand it better.  Those of you who live on the rez, but more important to me, those who live around it, or far away from it, are beginning to see that we all have some work to do to help dispel the darkness in the heart of our nation.

I talk about the Blanket of Denial and how that keeps the community as a whole in suffering, unable to identify the issues that must be dealt with for any healing to emerge and the children to be saved.

Let us now talk about the Blanket of Denial that covers our nation, ocean to ocean, as a whole, and how as we allow one group of people no escape, no recourse and no alliances, we all share the burden and the consequences to come will be felt by all of us, regardless of where or how we live.

The Creator put us all together here for the simple understanding that we are more alike than different.  We are all worthy and we all must help each other.  No one is immune from the consequences of allowing the evils of corruption to consume any community.

We owe it to ourselves and our children and their children to learn to understand, be aware, and become part of the rebuilding of the Road to Redemption.

There is more to come now.  And keep in mind as I speak often directly of the corruption and evil deeds of those who dominate and oppress the community of Spirit Lake Nations, that we all had a part in making it possible and we have, all of us, a responsibility to them and to ourselves, to deal with it.

The topics will deal with:


Residential Schools


and the Non Persons laws that our government has used against Indian People, and in turn, against all of us by making us a party to their abuses.

Old Ways vs Modern Indians

I am not advocating that we all go back to living in Teepees and roam in a nomadic lifestyle again.  I am not saying that the modern age has not given us tools to help ourselves more.

I am saying that there are Old Ways which do not interfere with modern times and lifestyles and that having them visible and understandable to their children and their relatives is a healthy thing. 

A community so abandoned and out of balance, consuming itself with anger, resentment and self-pity is as much our doing as it is those who had a more direct hand in these things. 

It doesn't matter if you live in L.A. or New York; the Prairies or on the Rez; this is not an isolated, anomalous situation.  This is the heart of our nation and we must look at healing ourselves and helping others to heal through redemption.

There are so many valuable and needed teachings that come directly from the Old Ways, that the more we understand it is there and it has value, the more it can reach out and heal a part of our hearts.  We don't have to believe in it, or follow it; we just have to respect that there are ways, old ways, that the Creator gave to the people of this land to preserve and heal them on their journey to redemption in this world.

To deny anyone that aspect of their life is to deny all of us that chosen aspect in our own lives. 

There are modern teachings, new art, new songs, new dances, new creative writings and new thinking coming from all communities in this nation. Our Nation.

Indians are no different.  Teachers, doctors, lawyers, engineers, musicians, actors, writers, artists and poets all live in this place.  All that they can offer to this world is being stifled in their  own communities as well as by a government actively supporting their oppression and an apathetic media pool that only wants to believe the stereo-typical characterizations.

I say to us all that if we allow this oppression to smother the light that struggles on the rez, the loss is not just that one community withers or becomes extinct; it is that we all lose that part of ourselves to the disease of apathy and contempt.

Ask yourself this question: Which finger or toe would you willingly allow an infection to take away from you?

Now, ask yourself: What part of your humanity, your spirit, your worthiness in the eyes of Creator/God, are you willing to sacrifice for the sake of apathy?

If we don't all become involved and see what part we all have played in this slo-mo holocaust, and what roles we continue to play; this darkness will, after it consumes what is there, will be hungry for what is ours. 

To whom will we turn when it is our turn?

Travel Light

We do not need to go to foreign lands to point the finger at corruption, oppression, government sponsored evils.  We need only look at the heartland of our nation and see what we have done out of ignorance and fear.  Worse, what has been done in our name out of greed; cold, cruel, mindless corruption.

If we can turn it around there, we can turn it around everywhere we live.

If we want to feel good as a nation again, we must include everyone and not exclude any of our brothers or sisters.  Our strength is in our numbers and our understanding.

Pack light, we are not going far, and we have much to do.

(Wow! I should go to ceremony more often!)

You know where to find me.


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October 24, 2006--Printable Version


I hear that Chubby is in jail in Grand Forks and her family goes down to "support her every weekend".  I have not seen any proof that she is not just hiding out.  If she IS in jail, and on charges relating to her killing her baby while driving drunk, it is only because the community, you all, voiced your outrage over what was done and what was not done.

I also hear that Lemon is in jail in Fargo, on charges relating to his raping the 6-year-old girl who is in a wheelchair.  But I hear that the family is moving all mountains and pulling all strings connected to the genitalia of people in high places to have the case dismissed for lack of evidence (and lack of investigation).  Sounds right.  Let's make sure Lemon gets a fair shake on this.  Forget about the child, and the other children her and those he will hurt when he gets out and has access. 

Oh Oh Again

Looks like some very heavy hitters with big $$$ are intervening on behalf of Deputy Dawg in the Oberon elections.  I hear that huge 4'x8' signs on his side are popping up all over the landscape, like weeds. 

Now, the questions abound!  Where, as a mere deputy in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, did he make enough money to pay for such huge and very expensive signs?  And so many of them?

Where does such money come from?

OR: Who has a lot of money to burn and is in such fear that the new guy, one with no ties whatsoever to the criminal elements in Oberon, might get in and ruin their lives by uncovering their crimes?

If you did not know before how much the criminal element has taken from you, and how much they want to keep you down, those signs are a sure sign that they are very, very afraid that the new guy will get in and clean house.

This may be even bigger and even worse than ever I realized in my wildest dreams! 

Voters of Oberon, you have this one chance to save yourselves and you must do it at the ballot box. 

Now, what Deputy Dawg and his wealthy, secret alliances do about it, remains to be seen.  I suspect that they will vandalize their own signs to try to convince you they are the "Underdawg"!

Just remember:  There are some heavy hitters out there that don't want you to have real law enforcement. 

Personally, I think the new guy has real integrity and real courage to stand up to all of this.  I think it would do every decent man and woman right to stand with him.

Let me know how that turns out.

State Sandwich

I still don't understand how the State Attorney, Cheez Whiz Wang, can inject himself into local matters, personal or civil matters as he has done.  He has interceded, in the most obvious of ways, on behalf of Pete Hager as an individual.  Even going so far as to deny a citizen of Oberon the right to attend Council meetings!

If he can get away with this once, he can do it to any and all of you. More reason to get the right vote out, wouldn't you say?

Or be gobbled up by the corruption both local and State.  Up to you all.

Back To The Future

I said we would talk about certain topics and we shall.  There may not always be room to go into them in-depth, but they will be discussed in this blog.

One of the things we must look at while we are looking at the horrendous corruption and abuse that takes place on the rez (many rezes, mind you) is "why".  Why is it so hard to get people to stop allowing this? Why is it so hard to get people to stand up.

Well, I will explain some of that to you.  And keep in mind that we are only touching on the topics, slicing only through the surface here.  It is up to those readers who want to know more to go out and research more.  It is all available in this day and age, but you do have to do the work of looking for it.

Before Contact

This sort of situation such as exists in so many corrupt reservations, would not have endured, much less thrived as they have.

Those were not "idyllic" times, mind you, but there were checks and balances that kept the greater good foremost.

Back in the day, there were rivalries, wars, counting coup, and bad blood between people.  No one was perfect. 

But neither could any one person or family carry on the corrupt practices.  They would have been dealt with in any number of ways.  They would have been shunned, run off or put into severe penalties, some of which could have included death. 

Indians, back in the day, knew they needed for the whole tribe to be strong and healthy in order to survive.  Their leaders were not "bosses", but rather, they were the ones who made sure everyone had food, shelter and that the community assets were evenly shared so that no one went hungry or without during times of crisis or need.

No one person ever "ruled" over the others.  Elders had their say, warriors had their say, all were listened to and the collective wisdom from all of that was used to make the decisions and choose a course.

Even differences with other Tribes were settled in ways that made for the common good.  When the Tribes made peace with one another, their word was never broken. 

After Contact

The governments and the Churches wanted the wealth of the "new lands" and to justify just taking it, many declared that since the Original People did not have the same system of government and worship as did the Europeans, that they were to be considered as nothing more than savages and "mere beasts" and the lands were declared "empty" and they moved in.

The settlers, many of them who came to the "new lands" came because they were not happy with the government that ruled them in Europe.  Many of them found common ground with the Original Peoples they met.  There were differences, but there were also friendships.

A new way of living was being presented to these settlers and they were, many of them, grateful. 

This became a threat to the long-term plans and aspirations of the powerful in Europe.  They dispatched more of the military and church types to "conquer" the "savages" and thus began the PR campaign of the penny novels in Europe that fed the following waves of settlers, horror stories of atrocities and barbaric "savages".

More waves of settlers arrived with preconceived ideas of fighting to rid the land of the "savages" and becoming heroes, and wealthy for doing so. 

People were not educated in those days and confronted with what was totally new to them, originally, they were curious and learned.  But those who followed who had been "programmed" by fiction aimed at supporting the conquest ideal, from their first step onto the new lands, to fear and loathe.

The kings and queens and the church paid the historians to write and detail events, and historians found that they were not allowed to write everything.  Many had their manuscripts burned when they returned, because they were not telling the story the way the powerful needed for it to be told.

What we have today, for the most part, are very few clues as to how it really was, and piles and piles of fictional accounts, slanted and biased to the extreme and we are missing the true parts that would make us all more human, more able to understand what happened and why.

The one thing above all that the Original People were NOT prepared for was the breaking of Treaties.  Treaties made in good faith on the part of the Indians turned out to be mere trickery on the part of government.

How can any conflict end if the Treaty is a lie? A peace based on deception is an anathema to all people and in the Eye of God. This is where the evil began.


Since the early 1800s in many parts of North America, Indians were considered "non-persons" and the powers that be set out to "civilize" and to "assimilate" them by any means necessary, no matter how wrong, how brutal or how damaging.  We will touch on the practice of "Residential Schools" later.

Further, in order to keep the people from holding the government to their word given in Treaties, the government instituted a rule by surrogate over the Indian Peoples. 

Originally, these were corrupt and abusive Generals and their families who lived in the forts and controlled every aspect of daily life for the Indians: Their food, water, blankets, clothing, resources were withheld to subdue those who would hold to account, those responsible for their suffering.

Many military families gained prominence and wealth in this manner.  But word was leaking out about the methods  and the abuses. 

Good men who were appalled at the actions of those employed by government made comment and as Statesmen, in government, opposed the practices as morally corrupt and wrong. 

They paid a price and have all but disappeared from the pages of history.

In order to"keep 'em down on the reservation" as the saying went, there had to be a way of keeping outsiders from seeing what was going on. 

As the Fort Systems began to close up, the government chose among the tribes, individuals to take over and "run things".  These were not people chosen by their own people, but rather dubious types who had taken the ways of the government, and enjoyed the fruits of their ambitions by being rewarded with assets, commodities, and privileges as well as the power to share or withhold from their allies or opposition, the basic needs of life.

If the tribe rebelled, the government brought in soldiers to enforce the rule of these puppet governments.  Cheaper and easier to keep one corrupt group in power than to deal fairly with the whole community.

They just want it "quiet" on the reservations.  They don't want anyone to get too curious or look too closely at what is going on.

It happened as recently as the 70's and 80's on the Pineridge Rez where Dickie Wilson and his Goons robbed, abused and killed at will while the FBI and the US Government turned a blind eye and a deaf ear. 

Murders were ruled as suicides, accidents, natural causes, whatever it took to not look, was done. 

When the people could take no more and staged a protest, they were branded as "renegades" "war party" and the US Government bore down with tanks, assault rifles, snipers and their biggest weapon yet: Cutting off the outside world from the information and facts.  The media was kept in the dark, miles away. "For their own safety"--- yeah, right!

Nowadays, they keep the media blind by apathy. “It’s only Indians, and no one cares about Indians.” “That is so last century!” The media is beholdin’ to sponsors who have lobbyists in the halls of government, like termites, eating away at our foundation, but out of sight of the average citizen. The media would have to step out of line and risk everything from sponsor abandonment to FCC sanctions on any mild infractions, if they were to show an active interest in Indian Country.

Now, they are trying to do the same thing to the Good People of the Spirit Lake Nation.  Ambitious politicians and their cronies make truckloads of money from the corruption on the rez.  They keep the corrupt in power and continue to turn a blind eye, deaf ear to the valid complaints of those trapped in that pit.

The drug dealing, child porn, porn, money laundering, rapes and murders are ignored because major $$$ go into the war chests of the powerful. 

The people suffer indignities, abuses and threats from an organized crime family that would rival the Mafia. 

IF good people of the US KNEW that their millions and millions of tax dollars were going to support an Organized Crime Syndicate, such as the Mafia or other Cartels, there would be Hero US Attorneys and State Attorneys who would pursue these people and break their organizations and make their mark in history for doing so.

But, because the crimes are seated in Indian Country, nothing is done. Worse than nothing, the criminal elements have the full support of the FBI and the State Attorney as well as Senators, Congressmen and the US Attorney says "All's well" in Indian Country. 

If a complaint rises to the level that one of these government types asks the obvious question: "What is going on down there?", the FBI "looks into it" by asking their field office in Minneapolis to "look into it" and they in turn ask their Grand Forks Office to "look into it" and they ask Bobo the Dancing Poodle and he asks Poopsie and Poopsie says there is no problem.

In this case: Poop rolls up hill.

Can you conceive of how the FBI or other law enforcement individuals would be perceived if they asked John Gotti if anything need to be investigated about his doings?  And then that information being reported as the reason no one needs to worry about looking into his activities? What is the difference here?

You know where to find me.


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October 25, 2006---Printable Version

Cheez Whiz Wang Run Amok

Let's see, Cheez Whiz Wang is running unopposed in the upcoming election, but he seems to be competing with someone, none-the-less.  For some reason, he has injected himself into the weird, much too weird case where Bob Stensland, on a baseless, nay! Outright fraudulent claim that he was menacing one of Petesky's finger puppets, has now escalated that into forcing a judge to rule that Bob could not attend any Council Meetings for 2 years.  Now, council meetings were not even a part of the fraudulent charges against him, so how did that get a ruling that no one had ever heard of before?

Cheez Whiz Wang!  Anyone ever hear of a State Attorney injecting himself into a restraining order that had nothing to do with him or his office before??? Anyone? Anyone?

I have to tell you folks out there in North Dakota, this clown is clearly off balance and is making it so that the STATE can be sued for his abuses!  You might want to consider the liability of all that on down the line before you put a check mark next to his name. 

In fact, probably a good idea to get a recall petition on the go now, so that you can pull the plug on that froggy boy real quick!  Maybe put an add in the paper for a qualified person to take the office in his place.

Further, I am reading in the "Official Newspaper of Benson County" that he has, without investigation nor audit, fired off a 10 page letter condemning the Benson County Commissioners for exceeding their budget for the year 2006.

No one has a clue, he must have been on glue, to get the numbers he bandied about! 

Turns out, he never had the audit, never followed any kind of common sense protocol, like "ask them", just flew into a rage, babbling off numbers that came from ...glue?

The Commissioners, apparently, have their accounts in order and are not only not over budget, but have a profit at this point and are mystified as to why he was attacking them.

I'm not.  I have my suspicions about what is going on in the empty jar he calls his head.  I think he is trying to get the County Commissioners ousted from their posts so that a few things can take place:

A.) He can move to get or appoint his friends to those positions

B.) He can prevent them from looking into a few things that he has done on behalf of Pete Hager and friends; including shutting down any possibility that someone will reopen the investigation into Mike Good's murder a few years ago. (I hear that makes them really jumpy!  This Halloween, go up to Pete's door, Karen's door, or Cheez Whiz Wang's door and don't say "boo!"  Say: "Mike Good!" and watch them go nuts!)

C.) There is a lot of money in the County budget that Cheez Whiz's friends would like to get their slimy hands on.  By falsely accusing the current commissioners of wrong doing, cronies can go in, rob the place and say it was the other "previous" commissioners, and without copies of the records (which the new guys will destroy), who can prove otherwise?

Clearly, the man has lost his mind.  He is so froggy, he doesn't know which pile of flies to jump on first. Pete pulls the string and Froggy jumps! Too bad no one figured out what to do when blunders like this expose the dirty underbelly of the State Attorney's Office.

If I am wrong, and Cheez Whiz Wang had a real plan (just misplaced it), tell me and I can post that. Better he look like a crook than insanely stupid, right?

I am wondering if perhaps Mr. Whiz Wang has stayed too long in Methylvania for his own good?

Sam Jackson Murder

I heard from a writer who wants more information on Sam Jackson's murder.  I can't respond to you because your email address bounced as "no such account." Write again and do it right.  I have information you can use.

You know where to find me.


October 27, 2006


SUNDAY, 29th AT 1 PM

Odd that they would schedule it on a Sunday, but there it is!  Start looking around now so you know where they will have it. 

Have they posted notices for everyone in plenty of time so that everyone can attend?  Probably not.  Well, you heard it hear!

Sorry so slow on the news, been busy around the house and property. 

I will end this blog and then start a new one.  So, good bye from Blog 18 and look for Blog 19!

You know where to find me!


PS: Your don't need a printable version on this one, do you?


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