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Eddie's GraveThe ongoing events and behaviors of those who murdered Eddie (and others)  on the Fort Totten Eddie Peltier ArmyReservation, North Dakota.  How the ongoing criminal enterprise continues to flourish unabated and without a single response from the Justice Department.  Well, not surprising on that!  They would have to investigate themselves and how some of their elite were directly involved and have prospered from the corruption that exists, protected and funded by US Tax Dollars.

Even if you don't live on the Rez, it's your money, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.  You owe it to yourself to peek in once in awhile and see what you are paying for

Welcome to the new web site for Restless Spirit: The Murder of Eddie Peltier!

This gives me more room to add more pages, photos, images, graphics, cartoons. Eventually, I can add more pages including a "string board" (Police Investigators will know what that is) which will show who's who in the Rez Zoo.  There will be more features, more pages and a more comprehensive site in general.

All the pages are not yet hooked up, but as they fill out, I will post a note here and you can go and see for yourself. 

New (2nd) Contact page is hooked up.  You can find information on contacting the Parole Board to Free Richard, HERE


Texas Monthly Magazine has done a feature on this case.  Read the October Issue, available at newsstands now.  OR, go to the online version.  Michael Hall went to the rez and saw for himself.

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October 3,2006

Sevened Out

I see that the illustrious Tribal Secretary, Brian Pearson, The Rapist, can't stay sober more than 10 minutes.  Good thing you don't have rules on the rez that apply to Tribal Council!  Good thing the laws are only for those who are not well-connected to the power train!  Or The Rapist would have been suspended for more than a few hours, floated off the rez, investigated, oh yes, and jailed!

Only by being part of that Turdclan can you seven out over and over again and no one takes the dice away from you. 

It's your future he is playing games with.  Who's next?


Not sure who the accounting firm of Brady and Martz Associates is working for, but if they were any kind of real CPA's like it says on their web site, by now they would have found tons of erroneous and falsified documents, accounting fraud, embezzlement and noticed that several documents are missing from the audit they are doing for the Tribe. 

Not even the most creative of accountants can make that pile smell anything like anything other than what it is! 

Now, are they there to help the Tribal Council to conceal their deeds? Or to root them out and report to the government?  We'll have to wait and see.  Two words for you boys and girls at Brady and Martz:  "Arthur Anderson". 

Meanwhile, funds have been shuffled from account to account to make it look like each account has the funds in there that they are supposed to.  Pathetic shell game.  Let's see if they get away with it or not!

Manslaughter vs. Outstanding Tickets

Those of you who think that Chubby Shaw has paid the price for driving drunk and killing her baby, might be interested to know that when she was taken to lock-up (and was only in there for a couple of hours) it was not on the charge of driving while drunk, manslaughter for killing her baby, but rather "for outstanding unpaid tickets"  Yup, pay the fine, walk out, get drunk and stay that way.  Nice to just have dead babies made to "go away", isn't it? 

Meth is the Money Maker

Not only is Kalum making money off of selling poison to your children, but the Tribal Council has applied for funding to fight the epidemic of meth addiction in their community!  Oh? You thought that money would go into prevention or rehab?  More and tougher laws?  Sorry, just going where most of the grant money goes these days kids, into the pockets of your Turdclan and their cronies. 

Yes, fighting meth is a nobel and worthy cause.  However, since Kalum deals so openly, and has never been investigated (how many have been beaten up? How many have died?) one would think that the first step to getting meth out of the community would be to stop overlooking the fact that a major dealer lives in your midst! 

Have him arrested, floated off the rez.  That would be a start.  But, is anyone willing to start?  How about the cop that lives across the street from him?  Any chance he could do anything? 

How about the community coming together and demanding that he be arrested, floated off the rez?   Anyone? Anyone?  It's your children he is killing.  Your grandchildren.  Are they worth standing up for?  Yes? No?

Well, with funding coming in to help the Indians fight these drug epidemics, and being used to fund more new cars, snow mobiles (winter is coming) and high living for the Turdclan, one would think that the general population would at some point be moved to action.  Speaking up is a good start.

Meanwhile, the Turdclan and their spawn make more and more money off of both Meth, and the Government's naive belief that they will use the money to help the people. 

I dunno.  If it were me, my town, I think I would be making it known that I am upset with how these things are going.  Most of y'all out there, however, you just mind your manners and don't say anything until the next funeral. 

Cowardly Types

Strikes me as really stupid that I hear from people who feel they have something to say, but won't put their real name to it.  One woman who has been writing to me claiming to be Justine Littleghost.  Even said that was her real name.  Sounded stupid enough to be one of them.  She went back and forth and all over the map, couldn't make up her mind, and said that Chubby killing her baby was just gossip, then says it was true but not her fault because she was drunk... I would post the letter in the moron squad, but it was so rambling, almost incoherent, full of the weirdest twisted logic and assumptions I have seen this side of a Funny Farm.  Very defensive of the Yanktons and their crimes; but is also willing to overlook their murder of Eddie, or the others because Eddie's family has some skeletons in their closet too. 

Then, realizing she had crossed her self out too many times, in this last letter, claims that she is NOT Justine Littleghost.  Okay, someone should go speak to Justine Littleghost and tell her that some coward out there is using her name to write some of the dumbest stuff I have ever seen come across my email. 

Justine should be informed that some coward out there, unwilling to use their name, has performed the ultimate in cowardice and used the legitimate name of someone out there (JLG) to vent their spleen. 

Justine should be aware that this person might also be writing bad checks in her name, making crank calls in her name,  or whatever.  I find that cowards will do anything and not care who gets the blame.

Oh, and when you are talking to Justine Littleghost about this, tell me if her face goes pale.

Gee, I really wonder whom the real author of those moronic diatribes is... NOT!

Pisster's Swift Hand of Death

The article in Texas Monthly Magazine (DO read this one!) tells about how so many people have seen Pisster so drunk, crying about how she killed Eddie that night, and how she hit him with a beer bottle... But the part she really can't bring herself to tell anyone, no matter how drunk she gets, is the incident with the rock. 

You want to tell them, Pissy?  Or shall I?  Well, looks like it falls to me.

After they had beaten Eddie to pieces with the baseball bat and dragged his bleeding body out to the porch while they decided what to do next, Celeste, uh, Pisster was told to go out and make sure he wasn't moving.  They gave her that mission to give her some focus and get her out of the house because she was shrieking and whimpering so much. 

She grabbed a rock about the size of a can of beer and approached his lifeless body.  She thought she saw him move.  She brought that rock down with a shriek and hit him in the skull one more time.

And then again, and again.

Poopsie came out to see what she was doing and pulled her off.  "He was moving!" she said, pointing at the pile of blood and bone on the porch.

That was when they decided to put his corpse in the Blazer and drive over to Morris Azure's card game where they knew they could find Turdmother and she would know what to do.

The rest you already know.

Nowadays, that murderous woman is in charge of the safety and well-being of the little ones!  She runs the daycare! Her and the rest of the Turdclan.  Incest, child rape and murder, in my way of thinking, would NOT qualify them to be around, much less around little children. 

I hear that Poopsie has her so jacked up on meds she is close to OD'ing several times a month.  That she is not allowed to go anywhere without an escort because she starts talking.  Talking about that night.  But that she manages to sneak past their watchful eyes (they pass out drunk or become too involved in porn to pay attention to her) and next thing you know, she is at the Oh Oh Bar, or at Web's, drunk on her ass, moaning about the murder. 

Only Poopsie comes to pick her up soon as he realizes she is missing.  Not sure why the others don't pick her up.  Maybe because he has the plastic in his truck for her to sit on.

Hey Pisster!  I don't care what anyone says about you! You Rock!

You know where to find me.


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October 4, 2006

We depart for a moment from our regular blogcast to share a fable of our times. We will resume our regularly scheduled programming soon enough! ~Cat

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Mouse Story...

A mouse looked through the crack in the wall to see the farmer and his wife open a package. "What food might this contain?" The mouse wondered - he was devastated to discover it was a mousetrap.

Retreating to the farmyard, the mouse proclaimed the warning. "There is a mousetrap in the house! There is a mousetrap in the house!" The chicken clucked and scratched, raised her head and said, "Mr. Mouse, I can tell this is a grave concern to you but it is of no consequence to me. I cannot be bothered by it."

The mouse turned to the pig and told him, "There is a mousetrap in the house! There is a mousetrap in the house!" The pig sympathized, but said, "I am so very sorry, Mr. Mouse,
But there is nothing I can do about it but pray. Be assured you are in my prayers."

The mouse turned to the cow and said, "There is a mousetrap in the house! There is a mousetrap in the house!" The cow said, "Wow, Mr. Mouse. I'm sorry for you, but it's no skin off my nose."

So, the mouse returned to the house, head down and dejected, to face the farmer's mousetrap-- ALONE.

That very night a sound was heard throughout the house -- like the sound of a mousetrap catching its prey. The farmer's wife rushed to see what was caught. In the darkness, she did not see it was a venomous snake whose tail the trap had caught. The snake bit the farmer's wife. The farmer rushed her to the hospital and she returned home with a fever.

Everyone knows you treat a fever with fresh chicken soup, so the farmer took his hatchet to the farmyard for the soup's main ingredient.

But his wife's sickness continued, so friends and neighbors came to sit with her around the clock. To feed them, the farmer butchered the pig. The farmer's wife did not get well; she died.

So many people came for her funeral; the farmer had the cow slaughtered to provide enough meat for all of them. The mouse looked upon it all from his crack in the wall with great sadness.

So, the next time you hear someone is facing a problem and think it doesn't concern you,
REMEMBER --When one of us is threatened, we are all at risk. We are all involved in this journey called life. We must keep an eye out for one another and make an extra effort to encourage one another.

PS: Seems to me that the farmer and his wife would have done better by far if they had brought a CAT into the solution! Hahah!  Oh, that will get some of you real good, eh?


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October 5, 2006

What Will It Take?

One reader wrote to me, again listing all the flaws in the trial and the investigation (Sissy Big Track having just had major surgery could not have run the marathon, up and down the hill, through the woods, back again; there being NO INDIANS in the Jury Pool, and several other glaring miscarriages of justice, violations of the Constitution, etc, etc) and asked me what it would take to finally get a new investigation and a new trial.

Well, I think it is like the message said back in the day when all were asking the question out loud "when will this be resolved?"

The answer (we can all say it together by now because we have said it and heard it so many times):

"A lot of bad things gonna happen.  A lot of people gonna suffer.  It won't end until Nations come together."

Getting the corrupt Tribal Council members out and installing people of good moral character (and we all know they are out there) would be a first step to changing the future.  A Tribal Council can reopen any case they want. Period. 

The reason the Turdclan has held such a death grip on the community is that they cannot take the risk that good people will get in and do just that. 

They live in fear that the community will have its fill of their crap and say "enough" and throw out those who would impede the healing.

That is why the rules don't apply to Brian Pearson, for one.  With two accusations of Rape against him he should not be allowed to carry on without there being an investigation.  He should have been arrested on the complaint.  But Myra needs him to back up her votes and the Turdclan needs her to keep their positions solid.

Lois is needed because she will give money away like it is nothing to her family and they are part of her family.  The rest of you can go and scratch dirt and hope to find what you need to get you through the day.

Lois' family gets money for drinking, gambling, whatever they want. 

So, when the question is asked of me, "What will it take to get a new trial?" I know what it will take, and I will say it again:  "It will take you all to stop taking it, and start standing up to it." 

It can't be just one or two of you, it has to be the greater number of you.

Small Change

The other problem is that everyone I talk to wants it to change out there.  Everyone is sick of the corruption, the drug dealing, the rapes, the beatings and the useless badgers.  Everyone has a horror story of one sort or another to tell, but everyone wants to sit back and watch as someone else steps out in front to do the work for them.

Talk is cheap, so I hear.  But I can tell you that complaints and whimpering and whining aren't even worth small change if the complainer is unwilling to make even a small change in their lifestyle, or to turn their destructive logic around and become more aware and accountable in their own lives.

Some things don't cost a dime but people are unwilling to grow up and realize where they made or are making the same mistakes that were made over and over before, leading to a worse and worse outcome in each generation.

Giving up racist talk, racist thinking, especially against your own community, seems like shoveling a sand dune.  People want the right to disrespect other Human Beings simply because it makes them feel like they are better than somebody. 

They keep themselves divided from the rest of the community, the community becomes more and more fractured.  And it is the stupidest, most wasteful, use of time, energy, or life force that exists on this planet.  Ultimately, racism raises no one above anyone, but diminishes us all by its toxicity.

Find a way of being proud of who you are without putting someone else down for being who they are. 

To listen to the racist crap out there, one would think that God only made one or two "right individuals" and the rest were all mistakes.  Until you can look at one another as Human Beings, you cannot look at yourself as a worthy person.  I guess racism will have to serve you in the meantime, but I find it tragically stupid.

Ask The Right Question

I have strived most of my life by finding the right question.  I have found that more often than not, asking the right question will get a person farther, and further than having all the right answers.

I figure that the reward you get for asking the right question is you get the next question.

By asking the right questions, you open your mind to many, many right answers.  Your horizon broadens and you find more and more options and opportunities.  The mind grows by curiosity.  Curiosity travels best in the right question.

Once you learn the art of asking the right question, you already have the answers. 

It works.  Try it.

Outgoing Tide

I am watching, often with great sadness, as the young people of the community shut down their options and deny themselves the opportunities of a better, more fulfilling life.  They do it because that is what has been modeled to them and they don't know what else to do.

By the time they are ten, most of the young are filled up with rage, anger, grief and confusion.  Rules are not rules, boundaries don't exist.  Those who have been violated learn to not value themselves and to keep their mouth shut because there is no rescue, no recourse. 

They turn more and more easily to the drugs and the alcohol and the more dangerous behaviors.  Sure, they have all been to funerals of their friends by the time they are in high school.  Everyone knows or is related to someone that had something really bad happen to them and nothing was done about it.

Drugs, alcohol, dangerous behaviors; sure they can all kill you.  But at least you have a few laughs before you go, right? 

They know it will kill them, but they do it anyway.  They don't have any real thought of having a future. The rate of suicides is climbing. 

Young girls having babies get caught up in an endless cycle of too much responsibility and no real model to base their behaviors on as an adult or a parent.  The fathers of these babies seldom take the responsibilities to heart and make the necessary sacrifices that will give their child a chance at a better life. 

Children and animals are both neglected on the rez in a common way.  They are cute when they are new and little, and too much trouble and responsibility as they grow.  Stray dogs, stray kids.

Parents are always in shock that their son or daughter got involved with drugs or alcohol or dangerous behaviors.  Really shocked when their little darlings bring them news of a baby on the way.  They wonder how this could happen!  They go to Bingo so they can have some time to forget about it.

Boys learn that swinging on the women is okay.  She makes you mad you beat her.  In fact, everyone who gets into fights, men, women, boys and girls, it is for them an opportunity, not to solve the problems, we all know that it solves nothing, but rather a chance to physically vent, take out the anger, the confusion, the grief that has been storing up all these many years with no relief.

Misdirected anger creates more anger, creates more grief.

I watch the young people with their dope, their alcohol, their meth induced paranoia like I would watch the outgoing tide.  What comes back from that, and what washes up on our shores, are the broken pieces of what could have been.

So, what will it take to put the Restless Spirit to rest?  All the Restless Spirits to find Peace?

Change.  But you have to want it and you can only do it in yourself. But that is what it will take.

Apparently, the Grandfathers think it is possible.  They did not say that peace and resolution would never come.  They said: "When Nations come together."

It has to start somewhere. 

It has to start in each of us.

You know where to find me.


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October 6, 2006


Well, someone will have to read this to Weenie Boy, as he has the literacy skill level of a 4 year old.  Despite that, he is the one that says who can have what job around there.  The really good people who have worked hard in their jobs, despite the unfairness, and the constant threats, harassment, and such, they get no respect from Management. 

The Casino has the once a month draw and spin where one lucky employee will get a few extra bucks.  Doesn't matter if they worked harder than anyone else or not, or even if they show up for work on time or at all.  All names go into the bowl and one name is drawn and the wheel is spun.  Fair is fair, right? (*Pop!)

SMC plant employees, same thing.  Fair or not, somebody gets something.

But those who work at trying to make the government work out there, those who do the bookkeeping, the intake apps, the day-to-day grind stuff get nothing but abuse.  Recently, because these good people have to work along side of some of the laziest and non qualified types who never seem to be able to put in a full day, much less a full week for their pay, everyone had their payday moved to Fridays.  No advances, no exceptions.  (Well, the exceptions are really hush hush right now, but they will be found out soon enough!)

Tribal Council, however, can draw their pay anytime, ahead of time, months ahead of time.  No questions asked.  They have unlimited access to funds.  I think the audit is about done out there now so Roger, Carl Walking Eagle, Carl McKay, Poopsie and a few others, can go back to taking bag loads of money out of the vault again.

But still, the people who take the heat in this system, do the real work, get nothing.  How about a little recognition for those who actually make it look like a functional government?  How about bonuses for them? How about certificates that recognize the employees who have been there, 5 years, 10 years and more?  How about a little recognition?  How about some respect?

Hmmph!  Didn't think so!  If you start showing recognition for people who are doing their jobs, the people in general might actually get an idea that there are good people in your operation out there.  Might even consider supporting one of them for Tribal Council?  Yeah, best you keep them down and dis them, threaten them. 

Can't take the risk that good people might get some consideration.  Could start a whole ugly ball of wax rolling.  People start thinking they are worth more than abuse.  Who knows?  Could ruin the whole corrupt mentality out there. 

Right now, the people that seem to be looked up to are the ones who can bully and thieve the most. 

Better not start this consideration thing rolling.  Could lead to changes.

But, just dream for a moment, all of you.  One less abuse out there.  What could it possibly mean?  We'll never know as long as the corrupt stay in power.  They are supported by your apathy and feed on your fear.  I say, starve them out!

Looking for Something?

I check my stats daily.  I like to see who is looking at the site, and what they are looking for.  I am finding some interesting things.  Military commands are looking at the site pretty regularly.  The US Senate has frequent flyer miles throughout my site. 

A couple of shell companies in Florida, California and Nebraska, walk through there.  Since they are mostly criminal concealment types, money laundering types, I am wondering why they would be interested in my site?  Could it be that the people they do business with on the rez are making them suspicious? Nervous?  Hard to say.

I am also finding more people asking for Weenie Boy's page, Qball's page and specifically requesting any information about James Yankton murders.  Plural. 

Now, more and more are looking into the meth questions from my site. 

I suspect that people in different parts of the country, the world, and in government miiiiight be catching on here. 

Usually I find that when there are specific requests about the key killers, there is something going on.  A new business connection they are trying to make, a loan they are trying to hustle, or a partnership from the past that is being investigated.  Hmm?  Maybe that is it.  Yeah, that is probably it.

Rape, A Family Feeding Frenzy

Something odd.  Lemon Longie, half-bro of the Turdboys, used to be on the ND Sex Offenders List.  Somehow, last year, he fell off of that.  That list, from what I understand, is for life. 

Now I hear that he has raped again.  This time a 12 year old little girl.  One that is in a wheelchair.  Usually, I wait for three people to confirm this sort of thing from out there, but given Lemon's family, his deviant history, his arrest record and his resistance to any kind of behavioral therapy, I have little doubt that this is true.  If it is false, so be it.  But the community needs to be aware and reminded of this man and what he does.

It has a familiar ring to it, though, doesn't it?  Rape, Turdclan, no consequence.  Which harmonizes  perfectly with drug dealing, no consequence, kill your baby, no consequence...

Gee, I wonder why kids out there have this dim view of themselves and their future?  I wonder why they think drinking and drugging are social skills?

Sad Aspiration?

Unbelievable that the twit that was writing to me using the name Justine Littleghost was all upset with me because I had not posted her ramblings on the moron squad!  Most of what she was saying was how everyone is picking on the Yanktons, Chubby said that killing her baby was just gossip, and then she proceeded to just slander people out there who had nothing to do with Eddie's murder, saying that I should go after them for their behaviors and leave the Yanktons alone!

Apparently, she thought that the Moron Squad was:

A) A place to freely slander people in the community

B) Would be a real achievement to be posted on it.  Make her life worth something

C) All of the above!

Not sure what upsets her most right now: That I refuse her letters (had to put in an auto response because she was unbalanced, obsessed, and a waste of my time) or that her letters don't reach the rather low bar for Moron Squad posting!

She keeps going back to the page looking for her mark in this world!  Never thought that being posted on the Moron Squad would be the only validation a person could get in this world, but apparently, to some, it is a life goal!

Never thought I would say this about that page, but apparently, there are some out there who cannot meet the standard.  Now that is baaaad!

You know where to find me!


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October 7, 2006

Parade of Outrages

Lemon Longie, so I hear, was FBI'd down to Grand Forks.  It may look like the FBI Poodle has finally found a rape that he cannot ignore, that of a 12 year old little girl, in a wheel chair, unable to defend herself, but not so fast.

Remember when we all thought that Chubby Shaw, when she was taken to Grand Forks right after she killed her baby (driving drunk), how we all thought it was an arrest based on Drunk Driving? Manslaughter?  Turns out that was only a show.  She was only arrested for outstanding tickets, paid a fine and was released.  Nothing said about drunk driving or a dead baby.

So, how are we going to know that Lemon is actually being charged/investigated for rape?  Almost impossible to tell.  We can assume that, but we will never know for sure until it is publicly announced by someone in authority.

When that happens, we need to ask that person how it is that a sex offender, a well-known sex offender, was able to get himself removed from the ND Sex Offender web site, thus making it possible for him to cohabit with a woman who had young children?

And, what is the mother's responsibility in all this?  Anyone ask her why she allowed that man, that monster, to be around her children?  Or is she claiming to be a victim here, and we can all boo-hoo for her too?

Let's count the rapists and molesters in that family, shall we?  Poopsie, raped his own daughters, even had a child or two by them, Weenie Boy who raped his nieces, one nephew for sure, possibly others, Qball who has raped boys, girls, women and a guy too drunk to defend himself..

Which brings us back to Brian Pearson, QBall's son, who seems to be able to rape at will with nary a blink from law enforcement.  Two counts of rape against him and two counts of statutory rape -- all males, by the way, Brian shrieks in like a banshee if he is too close to any female other than his mommy.  Hmm, I guess rape is okay for y'all out there, but nice to know that there is a level of outrage that actually gets to the point of Lemon being hauled away... unless, of course, Bobo the Dancing Poodle was just putting on another show, taking him to Grand Forks for some outstanding parking tickets or such..

I wonder, had you all not become involved in the outrage over this thing, would anything have been done?  Probably not. 

You know, that Prosecutor's job has been open for awhile.  Hard to find someone with the stomach to put up with this grief, but having a spine is not necessarily conducive to being hired into the Club.

How many other women, children, boys, men, will pay this kind of outrage tax while the Turdmonsters continue to rub your noses in it?

Brian, drunk again tonight.  Or, did you all miss that one?  Going to let the Grandfathers take care of this one?  It won't be pretty.  They don't like cleaning up your messes.  That Tribal Council, that is YOUR mess.  I would not want them angry with me, if you know what I mean.  They may take care of Brian, and y'all at the same time.  Worth the sacrifice?

Home Suite Home!

I see Lois Leban has taken two of those Air base homes for her sons!  I thought those homes were only to be given to those who needed them that had limited income and had children?  None of her two lazy ass boys has any children!

I hear ya!  I hear the complaints.  I hear the whining.  So, where's the petition?  Anyone signing?  (Sorry, had to rhyme!)

And you do know that those homes were "given" to the Tribe, not sold.  And also, you know that there was a huge wad of grant money that went towards the crawl spaces that were installed for the homes to sit on.  Grant money means it is not a loan, but money that the government GAVE to the Tribe for this purpose.  Money they don't have to pay back. 

You also know that they had the proposal written for more than twice as many homes and crawl spaces than what they actually built, right? 

So far, the Tribal Council has made, by defrauding the grant money, over $400K!

And, to put a cherry ontop, Lois gives two trailers to her worthless sons, while many of you, with greater need, and children, can just go whistle!  You do know how to whistle, don't you?  You just put your lips together...

Wonder how many other ways they can find to make money off of those trailers and crawl spaces.  Gee, think they might charge you for the work they got paid for already?  Nooo! 

They would never do that!  It would be so illegal! Collecting from the government, only proceeding with half the work the government paid for, and then charging you for the product of that work?  Ah! Why double dip when you can triple dip! Rob the government and rob the community! It's so brilliant!  I hope they have run this one past those high priced attorneys they keep out there in Colorado. 

The ones you are paying for.

I wonder if the Auditors would find that a bit shady? The Senators who sign for that grant money? Wonder if they are getting a tad nervous about how this might reflect on them?  Oh my!  Yet another scandal! 

Be just my luck that the government, the FBI, HUD and all the rest of them will get wind of this and investigate like they should.  Ruin my whole year's worth of blog jokes.

Well, it's a chance I am willing to take.  They have looked the other way so long their necks have a permanent twist.  Everything they say comes out like a tornado.  Don't think our elected representatives will bite the corrupt hands that feed their war chests. 

And we all know the community won't sign a petition to get them out.  Looks like the vampires will continue to suck every last drop o' blood out of you suckers. 

Need a pen?

What's That Smell?

Just complaining is useless.  Without action, your complaints just foul the air a little more.

Oh, I know.  You don't want to do the right thing, or get involved because you have children.  Well, here's a question for you:  Whom do you think is going to be left with the mess your inaction leaves behind?

How much worse it will be when your children have children?  Don't tell me you are not afraid, but you are only worried because you have children.  You are afraid and that is what you have to get over before you can expect anything in your life to get any better.

You are not only not fighting for what is right in your community, you are leaving your children without any of the values, tools or examples they would need to be able to fight for themselves.  You are modeling hypocrisy and cowardice. That is your legacy?

You've been sitting around, most of you, for over 23 years, waiting for someone else to come along and expose the truth about what happened to Eddie that night.  Haven't stood up to support those brave souls who stood up and told the truth, either.  You just let them get beat down. 

Now you are just waiting to see what happens.  Won't even sign a petition against the monsters that make your lives a living hell.  Whassa maddah?  Pen too heavy for ya?

If you literally, will not lift a finger to save yourself, what can you expect? 

And, while you who are waiting and complaining sit there and make excuses, do something practical with your spare time:  Plan the funerals for your children and grandchildren.   This evil in your midst is feeding them the poison of drugs and racism, you are feeding them apathy, and their self-esteem is vaporizing right under your noses.

Let me know when you can smell it enough that you want to help yourself to rid this from your community. 

I hear there is an excellent funeral home in Grand Forks.  Should be able to get a family discount if you tell them where you are from.

You know where to find me.


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October 9, 2006

Open Season

That was the title of an email I have received, so I thought I would print it, as is:

Good Morning,
The general opinion is every woman, child, & man is at risk to be a rape victim during this time of Myra's leadership. Some people feel because she allowed her sons to commit sex crimes without any investigation or criminal justice she has encouraged sex crimes for the yanktons whom have her full support. The other part in this is the other tribal council members let her get away with this and are just as responsible for the sex crimes being committed. The total tribal population are is risk for sex crimes. So tell every woman & man not to be passed out and for every child to hide.

O'Town Oh No!

I could probably do a total page on Methylvania and never run out of topics, thanks to the antics of just a handful.

There will be a new sheriff in town.  One good guy is running, and his opposition is Deputy Dawg. 

Remember: "The definition of Insanity," Albert Einstein said, "is doing the exact same thing, over and over, the same way, and expecting a different outcome."

Well, you don't have to be an Einstein to figure out that Deputy Dawg is not much more than the butt child of Ned Mitzel and Pete Hager, and electing him will mean that the only changes you will see will be the town getting worse and worse off. 

More unanswered calls that involve crimes around the Oh Oh Bar.  For instance: That night that Brian Pearson was raping a man, more than one house hold phoned the Sheriff's Office to report someone was squealing tires and driving erratically and dangerously.  Fearing that yet another child was going to be killed by a drunk driver that night, several people, still reeling from the last dead baby, phoned in.  No one showed up, no one even got a call back.  It was too close to the bar and that is in a Law Free Zone.

Within half an hour, people heard a man screaming for his life and phoned that in as well, but still, no response.  It was up to people themselves to do the Human Thing and go and stop the brutality. 

And, Deputy Dawg, instead of being elected as your new Sheriff, should be fired and run out of town on a rail -- with nails!

You have a chance in O'Town to clean up Methylvania and make it a good place to live.  I suggest you all get out and vote.  I also suggest that you have outside scrutiny on the ballot box.  Those not qualified to watch over your votes would be anyone associated with the murder of Mike Good, Eddie Peltier, Sam Jackson, or the rape of men and women and children. 

Also not qualified: Cheese Whiz Wang, who has his hands dirty in the criminal activities of that bar and that area, all the way up to his ear lobes!

Planning For The Funeral?

Petesky, after trying on several weird disguises that fooled no one, has to now plan for the disappearance of Karen.  The man has used too much of the meth that he traffics out there, and so, any idle plans he has, are generally spoken out loud.  At the same time he is blurting these things out, he is surprised that people can "hear him thinking"!

Okay, y'all caught on to Karen's fake cancer scheme, right?  I mean, after the second or third time of this, and the same "miracle" healing (Trust me, God doesn't love her that much!) and the fact that just about everyone in her family has pulled this scam in that same small town, at least 4 times before over the years, we have to look at the next step in her career as a schemer dreamer.

Or, we can just listen in as Petesky spills like a rusty bucket! 

Her son, Elvis (Peterson) Jr., "will inherit the bar from her as soon as she is dead." Not "when" mind you, but 'as soon as'.  Well, how is Petesky going to run things if he does not have a hand puppet sex toy as his front?  I don't know but I can guess!  Well, there is also the possibility that Elvis Jr. swings both ways and will comply, but I don't think that is what "The Plan" is based on.

As Petesky goes all over town, proclaiming this impending inheritance, he is also planning for Karen to meet an untimely demise.  In his cartoon mind, he has come to view her as a threat.  He has even asked her if she was writing to me!  I mean, how else would I know so much about him?  (Well, same as everyone out there, I just have to look, listen and smell the meth cooking).

So, now it is time to start "planning" Karen's exit, stage left, and the cancer thing, if it were real, would have been handy, but would have to have been speeded up considerably.  Not being real, we are left with: accident and suicide.

Here's the kicker:  As soon as she is dead, Petesky plans to raise suspicions about her murder by pointing the finger at (drum roll, cymbal crash!) Elvis Jr.!

Well, he is the heir apparent, right?

Meanwhile, as the investigation drags on or Elvis disappears and it is assumed that he is hiding out (check the basement of the Oh Oh Bar with a cadaver dog), someone will have to run that bar!  And who is more qualified than (slide whistle) Petesky!

The Methylvania Chronicles Continue

...We find our slimy bartender, manager, owner, silent partner tearlessly sobbing away at the loss of his one and only love, looking for sympathy on the sweet young shoulder of (I can't name her because she is disgusted by him) a sweet young thing that he thinks he can 'charm' onto his greasy mattress. 

He is so sure that he can convince her (trust me, he can't) but just in case, he plans to make it look like she has been secretly pursuing him (he is already dropping hints, making Karen suspicious, that way the story is already getting out there) and if she proves uncooperative, this mere child of the 80's, he can always point the finger of suspicion towards her.. making her life a living hell.

It gets a little murky here because he will have to then figure out a way to back track and make a connection between Sweet Young Thing and Elvis Jr. in order to keep suspicion completely off of himself. 

Well, regardless of how many twists and turns this murder, disappearance and investigation (if there is one) would take, and no matter how many lies and alibis would have to be invented, paid for, edited and re sold, it could be done. 

The Yanktons and their cronies in Law Enforcement did it back in 83, and Pete was right there for much of the plot rewriting and planning, so he remembers enough on how to do it.  Could tie up O Town and it's finances longer than most of us will be alive.

Gee, Karen, Elvis Jr., hope I didn't ruin your plans of a faked death (Karen would be disguised as a younger woman (surgery, change of hair color.. like that will fool anyone!) and Elvis would have part of the Drug Trade, Counterfeit Money and Money Laundering Pie that Petesky bakes daily out there.  Karen, don't buy that condo in Vegas just yet, 'Kay hun?

And yes, I know you thought you had Petesky all smoothed over on that Mike Good thing (which he now regrets ever telling you his part in it), but seriously, you should consider your own safety and well-being real soon.

Plan B Never As Good As Plan A?

Most of Petesky's plan pivots on the head of a pinhead: He needs to have Dep Dawg elected.  Campaigning for him as we read this!

None of these "awful thoughts" would have set foot in Petesky's paranoid, very spongy brain had the town bought into any one of his "disguises."  He was planning to "disappear in plain sight" to get the heat off of him. 

House of Cards

Well, Petesky going nutso at that Town Council meeting and spilling some of what he knew about Eddie's murder being at Celeste Herman's (Pisster's) house.  While he was trying to undermine Beasely in order to undermine her in-laws, he said way too much. 

And, immediately, Beasley, who is firmly in the embrace of the Turdclan once again, phoned Poopsie to tell him all about it (and now they have the video to prove it), has started more than one house of cards tumbling down.

His drug trafficking partners are upset with him, and now that the Tuesday Night Bingo for Drug Dealers has been exposed (the operation has now moved to Petesky's house, where he knows Karen won't rat him out!), and his not giving Cheese Whiz Wang all the information he needed to run a proper interference on the Mike Good murder, all this has not only threatened several houses of cards, but has allowed a light to shine on people who were only comfortable behind the curtain.

The 'Network' is uneasy in 5 states and in the hallowed halls of government. Should have kept your bad breath mouth shut. Card houses are swaying and collapsing all over as former partners move to find other sources.

Now, everyone wants you gone!

Bowing Out

So, to get away from all his problems, Petesky, with Dorothy Comer's theatrical assistance, tried out a few disguises.  Those all got laughed out of town.

So now, he needs yet another "diversion of the eye" as illusionists sometimes call their sleight of hand.

He needs perhaps another mystery to consume the average curiosity.  Karen's death or disappearance would be one, but only if there was a sturdy fall guy to chase around, leaving him to tend to the bar and the basement business without scrutiny. Ergo, make sure everyone knows that Elvis, Jr. will inherit. 

Take a Bow, Petesky, this is your dumbest plan ever!

And Karen, best you sleep in a safer place!

And you thought that by keeping your mouth shut you would have it all?  Hah!  The only way Petesky can feel safe is if your mouth is shut, permanently! Really bright woman, aren't you?

History Repeats Itself

A note to Beasley: I know you feel real powerful now that you are in the slimy embrace of the very people you know murdered Eddie and the others.  The very people that threatened you and forced you to lie under oath. The very people that burned out your house when you spoke the truth.

I know you have given Roger "permission" to beat the crap out of Petesky. 

But I have to ask: How stupid are you???

All that was needed, far as the Turdclan could see, was to ruin your credibility and they have succeeded at that.  They are going to have you signing papers declaring you lied when you were telling the truth and telling the truth when you were lying. 

And then, to keep the story from doing another hairpin turn on them, they are going to eliminate you as a threat.  Signing those pieces of paper won't make you safe.  You will be signing your own death warrant.

Enjoy it while you can; the free bingo, the "lucky" wins at the casino drawings, and the slimy embrace of the Turdclan.  Take a deep breath, smell the evil that bought you, body and soul.

Wear Something Pretty

I can't help you now.  You are toast.

Hopefully, this part of the blog will make it too dangerous for them to do you in, right away.  It is all I can offer at this point.  Have you picked out how you want to be dressed for your funeral?  Give Poopsie or Weenie Boy a bump, I am sure they will give you enough money to "go buy yerself sump'n purdy".

Voting Counts

Well, looks like the People of O Town have their work cut out for them.  Best they elect someone that will make a healthy difference. And once he is in office, this new guy, stand by him.   Maybe together, you can clean up that black vortex that is sucking the life out of your community.

It's your town and you can make it better.

And those of you in the Spirit Lake Nation, grow a spine and start now with the work you have turned away from all these many years. 

Or not.

You know where to find me.


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October 10, 2006

Get a Bucket

Even more vile than previously reported, Lemon Longie did not rape a 12 yr. old girl in a wheelchair--she was a 6 year old!

He also got his 14 yr. old drunk, molested her, and they have (him and whomever he cohabits with) neglected all the kids and the kids are being taken away from them.

Tell me:  Does it have to get this bad? Does it have to happen this often before anything is done?  These children that endure these obscenities are YOUR future!    Are you going to condemn them when they turn to drugs, alcohol, destructive behaviors when they get older?  Are they "damaged goods" and you going to turn up your nose at them? 

Or can you see that this is being allowed to happen, over and over again, in your community and it is your future that is being crumpled up like toilet paper and being thrown into the weeds?

That Lemon Longie was allowed to remove himself from the ND Sex Offender list is a clear sign that people in  high places are corrupt. Your children, your future, the price paid. 

That there is nowhere to go to find rescue or refuge when this happens, over and over again-- until it is so vile, so retching, that something must be done? 

IF you cared about your children, all of you, you would stand up and make the changes. 

Again I say, to those of you who won't do the right thing because you don't want your family mad at you for breaking the silence, speaking out: You are not protecting your family, you are protecting predators that defile your family.

And to those of you who won't step up because you don't want your children to suffer from the wrath of the corrupt, the evil, and the bullies that run your lives: I say you are showing them that denial, hiding, cowardice is what a person of the Spirit Lake Nation is supposed to be.

I am particularly disgusted by those who say they are keeping quiet because of their children.  Like a bully who runs and hides behind his mama's skirts when confronted with their actions; holding up your children as a shield and an excuse for your cowardice is revolting. 

If you have children of your own, or children that you care about, ThAT is the VERY reason you should be standing up and fighting!  Stop using them as your excuse for turning away when you clearly know it is your name being called. 

And don't boo hoo to me when your children end up addicted, drunk, dead or in jail because you gave them nothing to form their strengths and character, except your fears and your excuses. 

Get me a bucket.  I am going to barf!

Paying Off

Looks like Lois has used those trailers to pay off those who support her! She has given them to her cousins, sons, and used Tribal funds to pay off their debts! 

Those of you who will not sign the petition when asked, congratulations!  I hope you find real comfort in your cowardice!  Let me guess: You don't want to let them know YOU don't support them?  You are, my friend, letting us all know that you DO support them! 

You are saying that you support their corruption, greed, abuses and crimes.

This is not a case where your inaction brings no consequence.  This is clearly where you have an opportunity to do the right thing and are choosing not to.

We all see it.  Do you think The Grandfathers are pleased?  Do you pray to the Creator and ask The Grandfathers to ease your suffering?  Do you not understand that a prayer is a covenant and that the response to your prayers is not something magically happening that will remove your suffering, but rather, that the opportunity to help yourself will be presented to you and you must seize it and do your part?

I hear so many prayers, like letters to Santa Clause, asking for this and that.  And when the answer is presented to them in the form of opportunity, they turn away.

Stop praying if you think you are asking Santa for things you will not do for yourself! 

Stop complaining if you have no intention of doing your small part in making it better for yourself, your family, your community.

Leave the air more clear for those who are doing their part, holding their covenant with the Creator/God and the Grandfathers.

Go find a hollow tree to crawl into and cry.  The children are suffering, and there is more to come because you are cowards.

Those brave souls who step up, step out there, are doing all the work while you only complain.  Is that the Indian Way?

7 Fires

Those of you who are familiar with the 7 Council Fires of the Sioux Nation know that the Spirit Lake Nation's fire is the weakest of them all.  That it is in danger of being extinguished forever.

To ask for help from outside yourself and do nothing with yourself will only drain the other fires.  Your weakness, unfortunately, is doing just that .

Time for the Keepers of those other Sacred Fires to do what they need to do to save themselves.  I ask that they come to your fire, one last time, and ask you to do your part, bring what is needed to rebuild your fire, and to help you by standing with you, watching over you, and adding their strength to yours. One last time.

If they do this, and your Fire regenerates, all will benefit.  If they do this and you do not do your part, the 7 will become 6 and one by one, as vigilance fades and politics blow like a cold wind through the Circle, one by one, the fires will each  go out, and the People will be no more on this earth.

If they do not do this, do not lend their vigilance, their strength to their brothers and sisters of the Spirit Lake Nation, then the process of extinction will be speeded up.  They will close their circle, become smaller, turn their backs on their brothers and sisters.  In the same way, the Grandfathers will turn their backs on them.

Either we all heal together, or we all perish one by one. Fire by Fire will be drowned and The People will see too late that the future for all The People rested in the Strong helping the weak to become stronger; The Children being protected by courage, not eaten by cowardice.

Why, my friends, Brothers and Sisters, do you think we are here?

You know where to find me.


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October 11, 2006

What's She Worth To Ya?

Very disturbing news coming in yesterday.  They say that Lemon received a whole 10 days for his crime of raping that 6 yr. old child, the one in the wheelchair. 

If this is true, it means that the community has allowed it.  By silence condoned the actions so vile it sickens those who read it.  Your Tribal Court system clearly in the hands of the unholy.  Clearly the puppet of the Turdclan.

I need to know exactly what "sentence" has been handed to the man who has committed such heinous  acts upon so vulnerable a child.  I want to know if this is true, this joke of a sentence.

I have to ask you all, what, if anything, is that child worth to you? Allowing this to happen marks us all, and giving no consequence to the atrocity, marks us all deeper. 

She is truly helpless to defend herself, or even speak for herself, and you big brave men turn your back and say:"It's not my fight"?  You big brave men, only good to beat up your woman? You big brave men let that family, and every member of it, rule you?  This is what they are. 

What are you?

And let me know when you think it's bad enough that you might, juuuust might step forward, pick up a heavy pen and sign your name to a petition to oust them all?  Pen still too heavy for ya?  Feeling "helpless" are ya?

How can any of you big brave men look one another in the eye when you know that doing nothing allowed this to happen, and that doing nothing about it is allowing for worse to come. You can't look anyone in the eye, now can you.

I ask again: What's she worth to your dignity as a Human Being?

"Bad things gonna happen..." 


So far in the past 2 years, there have been notable bookmark events that should have moved you all to action.  But all you did was feel sorry for yourself. 

We have one dead basketball hero

A dead ex-girlfriend

A dead baby

A raped 6 year old in a wheelchair.

There's more, but these are the low lights.  These are the rocks you can't sweep under your rugs; the thorns in your Blankets of Denial.  Tell me of your discomfort!

Tell me how well you know your culture!  These things are happening so often, THEY are now a part of your culture!

Now, tell me about how you pray and pray for the Truth to come out! The truth is out. The truth is you don't care about anyone in your community except yourself.  Sadly, if you cared more about yourself, dignity would be on your list of things to maintain. 

But seems like that is less and less apparent as these dark days roll around. 

Dignity. Wow, wonder what that would feel like!

Stay tuned to the Pity Party, there is more to come. 

Talk to your ancestors.  Tell them how hard you have it; how misunderstood you are; how you don't get it, this whole "dignity" thing.

This time, for me it is not a question of whether to laugh or cry.  It is simple disgust. 

Those of you who support the Turdclan or their Power Puppets because you got a home from them, you got money for beer from them, your son was not arrested because Poopsie hid the tape of their crimes....

Innocence Lost?

You who have jobs you know you don't deserve, making money you don't earn, tell me y'all: Does it still feel good to ya?  Go shake their hands, show them you don't care what they do to the children.

Someday, it will be your children this darkness claims. 

The children are the only innocent among you and you do nothing to protect them. Nothing to bring Justice against those who prey on them.

Still say it is not your fight?  I suppose you think that child should fight this on her own?

Your innocence is not lost.  It was sold like a cheap bag of rags.

You know where to find me.


October 12, 2006


I will be posting infrequently for the next two weeks.  Meetings (Yea!), and incoming guests for the fall festivities.

I will continue to respond to all emails, except for that one psycho who can't seem to make sense in any direction! If she emails, they will just bounce back to her. She can be real proud she is related to baby killers, child rapists, etc. so I think she will be too busy making up denials and excuses and trying to redirect peoples' attention away from the ongoing murders, corruption, etc. of her family, onto others.  Gee, wonder how she will spin Lemon Longie's latest "conquest"? (*Sorry, just thinking about what he has done and how the Turdclan is maneuvering to get him off with just a fine, makes me throw up a little)

If anything stunning shows up, I will let you know!

Do keep me posted on when meetings are held and I will post them for the general public so everyone knows when there is a meeting and show up real early so Myra can't shut the doors on them again!

I'm busy here; you be busy there!

Keep those cards and letters coming!

You know where to find me.




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