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The ongoing events and behaviors of those who murdered Eddie (and others)  on the Fort Totten Reservation, North Dakota.  How the ongoing criminal enterprise continues to flourish unabated and without a single response from the Justice Department.  Well, not surprising on that!  They would have to investigate themselves and how some of their elite were directly involved and have prospered from the corruption that exists, protected and funded by US Tax Dollars.

Even if you don't live on the Rez, it's your money, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.  You owe it to yourself to peek in once in awhile and see what you are paying for


Welcome to the new web site for Restless Spirit: The Murder of Eddie Peltier!

This gives me more room to add more pages, photos, images, graphics, cartoons. Eventually, I can add more pages including a "string board" (Police Investigators will know what that is) which will show who's who in the Rez Zoo.  There will be more features, more pages and a more comprehensive site in general. 

All the pages are not yet hooked up, but as they fill out, I will post a note here and you can go and see for yourself. 
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September 1, 2006


I just got a letter stating that Carmen Old Rock did not have a party that night that the baby was killed by her drunken mommy (Chubs Shaw).  That Carmen doesn't even know who Chubs Shaw is. 

Hmmm?  Well you all sort that out amongst yourselves.  Chubs was drunk and either driving to (or thought she was driving to) that house and that party... or that is just what was said to cover up where she was really going to or from. 

Whom do we ask?  Well, let's ask Chubs herself!  Probably find her bellied up to the trough in the Oh Oh Bar soon enough.  I hear there are flowers planted around the place now to make it either look more respectable or to serve as a memorial to that dead baby and the more to come. 

Yes, flowers are nice.  But they don't fool anyone.

So was there a party at Carmen Old Rock's that night?  Some say yes, some say no.  The important thing in all this is that Chubs did not care enough about her baby to not drive drunk.  And we know where all the liquor comes from. 

I vote that she was heading to (wherever) but that she was coming from the Oh Oh Bar. 

How sad would the Turdclan be if Chubs had managed to kill someone else's child that night?  This time, it was just one of their own.  That child in a much better place and out of reach of the Turdclan for Eternity, I say!

So, if Carmen says no party and doesn't know Chubs, go with that.  Anyone want to debate this one further?  You know where to find me. You also know where to find Chubs!


Anyone else like to drive drunk with their babies in the car?  Maybe do drugs with your kids around you?  Take a gooood look at what you are doing.  I don't feel sorry for you when they are killed by your neglect and stupidity.  I feel sorry for them struggling to survive your addictions and selfishness.

Knock Knock

Who's there?  Oh My!  More people than ever want to sign and resign that petition!  When they start showing up at your door to re do the work, you KNOW they want that bag outta there!

Do keep your eyes and ears tuned to see when and where that vote to boot her ass out is happenin'. 

Wow!  Can we fly Donald Trump in to say: "You're Fi-yad!"?

Canoe Hopping

Turdclan originally was ready to put all their support behind the petition when the scam to bilk both taxpayers and the tribe out of the $10 MILLION Doll-ahs looked like it was going to fall through and the Tribal Council would have to reinstate the contractor to have the roads finished (winter coming fast, roads going bad even faster). 

As is typical of that clan, when one of their scams start to go south on them, they jump canoes and try to act as if they were always on the side of "right". (*Sploosh!)

Weenie Boy standing up to say "Me and my family stand with Tony (the contractor who was being slandered and fired without cause) ..but apparently, Tony and HIS family wanted nothing to do with the Turdclan and declined their "support" publicly, on the spot.

Lois could not believe her ears when she heard the splash, because only an hour earlier WB had promised her that "Don't worry, we'll stick with you on this one"... and she was in shock when she saw him jump out of her canoe and wade over to the contractor's side, (Here! Let me help you paddle to victory!) And, in double shock when the support was refused! (*Ker-Sploosh!)

Try as he could, to make it look like he was with them, they would have none of Weenie Boy.  (A warm spot in the water where WB was standing, a slight yellowish tinge gives away the event)

Well, guess Weenie Boy could not get into that canoe so he turned around and waded (he can't swim) back to Lois's canoe and he and his family are giving her their full support! (What's that smell?)

That translates to:  They are spending your money to make her look good.  Some of you can be bought for a nickel here and there.  Most of you cannot and will not!

Now, they are just all wet.  And that canoe of Lois's is sinking because it is full of Turds!

I guess there are people out there who are losing their fear and getting some backbone.  Oooh!  Turdy Clan hate that they do they do!

Okay, back to my canning.  You all get back to yours!

You know where to find me!


PS: The countdown clock will keep ticking.  I want you all to remember what you were doing, hearing and seeing during the days that followed Eddie's murder. 

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September 4, 2006

Trade One Devil for Another?

Interesting to see who is showing up as potential candidates to replace the corrupt Tribal Council Members as they are one by one, pried out of their strongholds.

I hear Skip Longie and Pete Belgarde are considering running.  I think they should--- Right outta town!

Pete Belgarde, who was part of the original plan to murder Eddie Peltier, is beholdin' to the Turdclan, and holdin' their secrets close to his black heart.  Remember:  The original plan was to make it look like a Hit and Run and Pete was supposed to come a runnin' and say he heard this or that squealing at that early morning hour when he was feeding his horses and that he went to investigate and saw Richard LaFuente's vehicle (which he would only be able to describe by tail lights so it would not look suspicious or "too detailed") and the investigation would naturally turn in that direction.

However, since the Hit and Run scenario which was so poorly staged and re-staged (as all you witnessed who drove by the scene as the gang was trying to figure out where and how to position Eddie's body) that it fooled no one. 

Pete, unaware that the plan was not going to work came running up to the police investigators on the scene, (Highway Patrol among them) and started to give the "details" and of course being a Po-LICE Officer, would have credibility. 

Biggest problem with all that was that Pete lived miles from the scene!  He could not hear a bomb drop, much less "tires squealing" like he said.  Also, he did not know that Eddie would have to be that beat up and cleaned up and that Plan B (which had never been discussed with him as it was being formed on the spot when the Highway Patrol was not buying Plan A) was being used instead.

So, yeah, put him in office!  You get what you deserve if you let that happen!

Skip Longie already did his damage when he was on the council.  He set up a lot of what we have now.  He did nothing to right the wrongs, but he did hand out a few more cash payments to people, so go ahead, you get what you deserve again.  Both of them will, if they get in, move all heaven and earth and your money to make sure the criminal enterprises continue to thrive with the protection of the Tribal Council!

Come on!  You can do better than that!  Find someone that is honest, talk to them and support them.  Try voting for fairness and honesty this time, rather than for the lesser or greater evil.

And yes, it will be work for all of you to keep them honest and accountable. But if you don't do that work, your children, their children, will have it even worse because you know where this is going in a hand-basket!

And, if you find someone that is qualified, honest and capable, and  you are willing to support them, so will I and this blog.

Designed For Corruption

That is how the US Government has every rez set up.  Designed to fail.

You are not alone in what has been done to you and your community.  You need only look a little bit south to Standing Rock and you see the same thing going on. 

Indians have fewer rights than the average American Citizen.  The US Government uses the BIA (which has not been thoroughly audited since the 60's, mind you!) to enforce the hand of corruption that holds you down and terrorizes your communities. 

The fact that Federal Funds are used to fund projects and programs means that those programs and their administrators should render acceptable audits and be subject to Federal Oversight and answerable to complaints at a Federal level, and contain methods of redress and accountability. 

However, for some reason, the US Government wants to not apply those rules, using the Sovereignty Issue as a cop out.  However, Sovereignty does not mean that at all!  Using Federal Funds to run a criminal empire and for the BIA to allow this to go on and the FBI to support it is a total twisting of the intentions of the laws. 

The BIA and the FBI are told that they are there to support the Tribal Council and those in Authority, over the rights of the individuals whom they are supposed to serve!  The individuals have no protection, no redress and nowhere to go.

They are left without recourse of any kind, while the US Government looks the other way, with some in positions of power and authority wagging their hands behind their backs waiting for the pay offs that keep them happy.

Federal money means Federal Oversight.  Period.  We need to campaign to get these wrongs addressed and to NOT allow the courts to wash their hands of these issues so blithely.

No other "minority" in this country has ever had to struggle just to have the right to struggle!  The US Government has been answerable to all in every case and changes have been able to succeed, except where First Nations, Indians, and the Rez are concerned. 

I have a few quotes here regarding a case in Standing Rock: It involves a woman who was a counselor to battered spouses on the Standing Rock rez.  That program, when she was running it, brought in a lot of money, and rescued and assisted over 1,000 people a year who were being assaulted by their mates.  The Tribal Council, as corrupt as yours, a Spineless Tribal Judge and the BIA with a mandate to support whatever illegal action was coming to them as direct orders, conspired to remove this woman and take over the operation, which immediately shut down because no one was qualified to run it.  The money was used to party, and battered women and children on that rez have nowhere to go.

The US Government Supports the corruption. 

Here are a few quotes from the articles I was reading:

Native American Press
Ojibwe News
March 29 2001
Interview by Clara NiiSka

“When tribes hide behind ‘rights of self-government,’ when they deny membership to qualified individuals … when tribal courts don’t provide impartial justice, when the benefits of membership are doled out according to political or personal considerations: then this is a system that is rotten to the core, and will ultimately fail.”---Atty Randy Thompson

Thompson added, “The federal government has allowed the BIA to become an agency that acts in the best interests of tribal government. I would argue that their trust responsibility is to individual Indian people, not to the tribal government.”

Also stated in that article was that there was nothing more feared by Tribal Councils than an honest person on the rez.

Remember the FBI Raid on the SMC Plant?  The biggest raid since WACO and yet not a word on National news media!  Not a peep!  Yet we can watch cutsie stuff like a housecat chase a bear up a tree, every 10 minutes.  Or, more recently, a creepy guy dragged back to the US from Thailand.  It was obvious from the start that he had nothing to do with the JonBennet Ramsey Case, but those people who call themselves "journalists" pursued the fiction for the sole purpose of getting ratings.

People wanted to look at the freak of nature over and over again.

Well, people also want to know what is going on.  Flooding the media with fluff and tripe is not doing the work of journalism.  Rather it is a carnival of puke and puff in order to sell you the car, the soap, the products. 

Not allowing people to even know that there is a huge criminal organization operating on the rez, a lot of rezzez, and ignoring the obvious signs that something criminal is going on, is just how the corrupt in government want to keep it.  Indian People are invisible. 

You need to become visible.  You need to clean up the crime, the drugs and the criminal activity on your lands.  You need to come together as brothers and sisters, neighbors and nations to make these changes happen.

You can do it, THEY KNOW you can do it.  That is why they want to keep you invisible!  They want you to not trust one another.  They want racism, the kind that puts blood of one tribe against another, "half breed" and such to predicate your thinking towards one another. 

They fear that if you lose prejudice, you can come together and undo the evil that holds you down, all these many generations!

Everyone wants change, but no one wants to make the change part of them or their lives.  That simply won't work. 

Change starts here, inside, with you. Each of you.  Each of us needs to change in order to have change.

Once we do that, the laws of nature help to create the momentum of change around us. It is awkward, uncomfortable as is any kind of real growth, but it is worth it.  It is the ONLY WAY these things will every change.

You can make government accountable, protect your rights as a community and as individuals. 

Clean up your act, get an education, demand recourse for the wrongs committed upon you and others in your community. 

Do NOT be silent.

Do NOT be violent.

Stand UP! And support those who are standing up for you.

More to come. I have been busy in all directions lately.  Something really good coming really soon!  And not by me!

Take care all, and be well!

You know where to find me!


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September 5, 2006


The Blame Game

I hear that Raybert Littlewind, Jr. and Randal De La Paz ended up being blamed for the break-in at Golden Eagle Wireless (now Varsity Bags--- Riiiight!).  Again, no proof, but if you threaten people enough to them to lie or admit anything.  Works almost every time, right?  One guy already has a job at the casino, so I guess be falsely accused has an upside.

Location, Location, Location

Looks like Chubs Shaw is denying everything to everyone.  Not the driver, not drunk, not her baby.  And with Uncle Poopsie on the Law and Order Committee (we spoke about this last year) no charges filed, no investigation required.  Dead babies don't mean nuthin', eh?  Sokay, I am sure she will have another and another.  Not like LIFE means anything.  But not being held accountable? Priceless!

Oh, and it was not Carmen Old Rock's house, it was the other, Carmen Littlewind's house. OR it was as Louie DuBois (DU Boyz).  But again, doesn't matter because it won't be investigated.

She tried also to leave the scene.  After all, that is how the Turdclan does it.  She didn't even tell the police there was a baby in the car!  Well, save yourself first, fat momma, and don't you cry to me that you miss your child!

Busted AGAIN, Free AGAIN

August 18, 2006

Ryan Yankton, 25 was busted for meth paraphernalia in his vehicle.  Big surprise.  Also busted for driving under suspension and no driver's license.  "Thass sokay, the rules and the laws only apply to others,  Ossifer."  Makes that family proud!

Not Afraid of Me?

Just ask the Turdclan if they are afraid of me. They will laugh and tell you "NO."  Believe them.  They are not afraid of me.  It is what brings me that is the stuff of their waking nightmares.  I can be killed, but what I am doing cannot be stopped.  Nope, they are not afraid of me, but they are very, very afraid!

You can make their worst fears come true!  You can take away their power, positions, and force the government to take action against them.  You have already, many of you, started to stand up, take steps and it is rattling their cages like thunder in the middle of the noonday sun! 

Afraid of me?  Not a chance!  But do, from time to time, page me at the casino and watch them go pale!

Clock Talk

By now, according to the clock on the top of the web site, Celeste Herman's house was totally dismantled and buried.  Even the pavement, which never had a crack in it, was dug up and hauled off.  Blood everywhere.  Wash it off, it still comes back.  Demolish the house and haul it off, and still, some times even before it gets dark, there is the whiff of blood mixed with beer and stale cigarette smoke that rises up around those murderers and their helpers. 

A smell like any other stale smoke and beer smell, but then it gets stronger, and has that tinge of blood in it, like a fresh kill.  And then it just gets worse from there.

That smell mixes with their fear and you can smell them coming in your direction, or sniff it on the air and you know that they and the evil they carry just walked upwind from where you are standing.  The smell is different on them.  Aside from being mixed with urine or worse (depending on Pisster or Poopsie's presence), it has a more sickening odor. 

They hope they can mask that odor, and they hope you won't notice and know it is them.  But you do.  Many of you too polite to mention it or hold your nose in front of them, but you do when they walk away.  They know you smell them. 

The odor of fear surrounds them all these days and it is getting worse.  (Stop checking your armpits, Weenie Boy!  That is not where it is coming from!)

If you pass by their house or their car, drop a bar of soap or a roll of toilet paper as a "present".  I think they will know what it means.

Also, to those of you who want to know what I look like, ask Poopsie, he has at least 12 pictures of me.  I guess he was trying to use Black Road Medicine on them to get to me, so they might be a little icky.  But you can see clearly from those photos, who I am and what I look like. 

Don't be bothering your neighbors and for crying out loud, leave Chuckles Trottier alone!  That man has a lot to answer for in this life and being me or even helping me would be too close to him getting on the road to redemption!  It ain't a gonna happen, kids!  I will deal with him in my own good time.  Or the Creator will.  Yes, let's leave that one to the Creator, shall we?

Calling me Chuck Trottier really hurts my feelings.  Makes me cry. Boo hoo! There, happy now? LOL!

Well, lots more to catch up on.  More photos to put on the gallery page.  I will let you know when I get them done, one by one!

Until then, you know where to find me!


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September 6, 2006

OH OH! Camera Shy?

Looks like Petesky, aka "Dirty Pete" (my hat's off to the columnist who called him that first!) could not keep up the crazy act.  Too much make-up, too much wardrobe, and the old man and crazy person and or blind person, just was not the chick magnet he thought it would be in the beginning. 

Besides, some of his drug runnin' buds thought he might be narking on them.  But he isn't.  He is too busy narking on Poopsie and the Turdclan and naming names as to who was at that party that night.  The one at Celeste's house. The one where Eddie was murdered.

Not sure, Poopsie, why he has it in for you, but he does.  Is it like a business thing?  Your criminal activity demanding too much of a cut from his criminal activity? He won't shut up about it.

Oh, and those cameras outside the Oh Oh Bar?  Those are there to warn the bartenders who are serving the underage minors in case a civic-minded citizen should be approaching, or in case a real cop is showing up.  Probably puts that Tuesday Night Bingo thing on a safe warning notice too, eh?  Hmmm? Makes you wonder, doesn't it? 

Yup, if you are planning a raid on the Oh Oh Bar, better find a way to get around them there cameras!  Wow!  If no one is looking, or caring, they'll serve you right in your car!  Wonder how that baby got killed again? Duh!

Jeannie, Jeannie Bo-Beany, Banana-fanna Mo-eeny...

Aw Geez woman!  You look terrible these days!  Drag a comb through it, will ya?  Stand out in the rain sometime and wash it off sort of, will ya?

I hear you are playing the name game again.  You got ideas as to who Cat West realleeeee is.  Well, ask your bed buddy, Poopsie, to show you the pictures.  He has photos of me and he knows exactly who I am.  I think that considering that you did your part in lying about finding Eddie's body on the road (not mentioning that you and the boys dumped it there) should earn you a peek at the photo gallery.  

That is me there, sitting at that table with Chuckles and Mary Wide Legs.  Oh, and that one there, that is me trying to fit two quarters into a 50¢ slot machine.  I'm really not very bright, as you can see.  Or I don't gamble much.  Nothing to be a-feared of.  Nothing at all.

Remember last time how you were stomping around about getting my website banned?  That was, what, two years ago?  How'd that turn out for ya? 

I still remember you having to get your relative to print out the site and bring it over to you so you could read it. You telling her to not let anyone see her bringing it to you was priceless!

Ban it, read it, make up your mind you silly ugly thing you!

So, you can't make up your mind, because you don't have one?  Or you lost it when you were on the highway that night, as they were arranging Eddie's corpse on the pavement and you were screaming at the top of your lungs.  The whole world heard that one.  I thought QBall was going to strangle you and make it a two fer!

Well, you know where to find me!


Late Edition:

Sewer Rat Celebrates 55th!

QBall the sewer rat had a birthday yesterday.  Weenie Boy called it in to KABU today.  Wow!  What do you get a guy who molests little children? Sodomizes and rapes?  Well, the "Get out of Jail Free Cards" from his family are great! 

How about you all give him something really special?  How about a roll of toilet paper? Bars of soap? A mandatory check up at the clinic for all the diseases he is carrying around and spreading to his victims?

I think they give those out as Gift Certificates and you can put one in a card to him easily enough.

Wow!  Put it out to KABU!  You can tell that family is proud!  That he is so very special to them all!

Okay, a Barf Bag is also an appropriate gift. 

Wonder who's child he is molesting for fun and games tonight?  Yours? One of the family? Or just some stranger's child left in a car outside the Oh Oh Bar?  They are all up for grabs!

Okay, back to the party hats and "favors".

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September 7, 2006

Real Class Act

(*Shaking my head in total disgust) I guess the Oh Oh Bar not famous enough, now comes Brian Pearson, representing the Ft. Totten Tribe, apparently caught raping a man out back of the bar, the man screaming his head off in agony.

Now, Brian would have you believe he "paid" the man for the act, but I don't believe it.  Brian never pays for sex, he even said so.  (Thought I was not listening?) Brian has to do this sort of thing to show he has power.  He is feeling a bit impotent (limp) since he could not get the website knocked down.  So, go rape someone, Bri, you'll feel a lot better!  And show your community what it is you and your family bring to represent the rez.

This being a case of rape, should be investigated and tried in a real court. 

But it won't. Again, having family on the Law and Order Committee makes all the difference between being held accountable and getting away with murder. Those of you who call them friend and smile when they are near, better check it out next time you are near a mirror.  Some of this is going to get on you, and you too, will stink.

At best, at theeee very best, regardless of criminal or not, this behavior makes y'all a the Ft. Totten and Spirit Lake Rez look like you allow people with this kind of behavior to run your lives and your community.  (Feces run the rez? Up to you all to change that.)

Time to boot him out. Period. Take his Mama with him.

Dead Babies Don't Count

Oh yeah, and Chubs?  Apparently enrolling in LIttle Hoop, with her other child in tow, looking for all the world like a good mama.  No investigation into her drunk driving, the crash that killed her baby, nothing happens to her because she is a member of that royal family.

You had enough of them yet?  Let me know!

They can assault, rape, kill anyone and not be held accountable.  In fact, they strut around and rub your noses in it all the time.

Had Enough? Up to you!

You just take it?  Or do you want to stand up and demand justice and honesty?  Demand your government, the US Government get involved, and not by poodle proxy, but real investigators out of State, who are not in the back pocket of the drug dealing murderers and rapists who are running your lives now.

It can be done, y'know.  But it is hard work.  Lots and lots of hard work.  But you can hold your heads up high while you are doing it, and after it is done, you leave your children and their children a real chance at life, and you save your culture at the same time.

Names are starting to surface.  People other people think might make good leaders.  I would like to hear from these people themselves if they don't mind writing to Cat West. 

If a good person runs, you better all get behind them and help them get in, and clean up the mess.  Or you will never get anyone with decency and morals to take on the challenge of cleaning it up.

Government Funding of a Criminal Enterprise

More than $30 MILLION DOLLARS a Year (and I am being conservative here) comes from the Feds every year to your tribe.  Plus the money that the casino makes before the cash is ripped off by the people who have control over that.

(Remind me to tell you about how they did it when the casino was first in Tokio.  The hat over the camera trick while Carl Walking Eagle stuffed handfuls of hundreds into his pockets).

Enough money to build each one of you a decent home, fix your roads, provide top level health care and home care, and educate every child through college, as well as take care of your seniors with dignity and respect. 

Get the evil out, get the drug business out, get the alcohol out and start healing that community before there is nothing left worth keeping.

None of that money is ever accounted for. 

Ask An Honest, God Loving Woman

And there is other money that comes in from grants.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time come in and disappear without accounting.  Millions on some grants. 

Bernice, I understand, is writing grants like crazy these days.  Ask her how much is being garnered for the tribe, and for what projects and where that money is going.  She is a decent and honest woman, from what I have been hearing and would not protect liars, thieves, murderers and rapists.  Ask her!  The dollar amounts will astound you!

If she won't talk, I am sure you can quote some scripture to her that will remind her of where her light is supposed to shine. 

If she has gone to the dark side, I would like to know about it.  The Turdclan has a way of buying off people they think could bring them down.  Sometimes it is Free Bingo for a month, or a job they are not qualified for; or it is the way they make it profitable to sell your soul.  If Bernice has been tiptoeing on the Black Road paved with money, I will pray for her to return to her Christian light.

Until then I burn the Sweet grass, the Sage and pray for us all!

You know where to find me!


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September 8, 2006

Time Machine Is In The Shop

I know, I know, that last entry barely qualified for yesterday's date.  I was very late at posting and I humbly apologize.  But it wasn't my fault (Here is where I shift the blame). You see, I only recently discovered, thanks to your emails, that the Time Machine or Wayback Machine as I like to call it, needed to go into the shop for repairs.

I thought that after our last tour in the bus, you all got out at the present time, like you were supposed to do, but NOooo!  Some of you smart asses had to hide behind the seats and take the buggy out for a joyride on your own.  Now, look what you've done! 

The Chronozabber is all confabulated, and the wind-up key is missing.  (Cough it up if you are the one that stole it!).

How do I know you bozos did this?  Easy! I am getting emails saying that you and you and you, saw me in Paul's!  Hah!  Been almost a decade since I have been near the place so obviously, either you have realleeee good eyes and can see into the past, OR, you took the Time Machine out for a Joyride with your friends. 

Now, it's got to go in the shop and I don't know if it will ever run right again! (*heavy sigh).

I was going to make extra money for school supplies by renting it out to the Gnomes and Cheerleaders for their back-to-school fundraiser, but that won't happen now!

By the way, what was I wearing when you saw me?  Remember what I was buying?

So, all of you (and you know who you are) who say you saw me in Paul's recently, line up and empty your pockets!  I want my wind-up key back, now!

"I'm Not Cat West"

I think that would be a great T-Shirt!  You could sell at least 30 of them to the people I know of that have been accused of being me!  Figure they would sell like hot cakes out on the rez.  Use the money in one of your fund raisers for the money you need for your elders.  The money that was stolen by the Turdclan.  (Yes, they took the fundraiser nickels and dimes too!).

Be nice if you included on that T-Shirt: "But I read the Blog".


If you want to see the Turdclan and Dirty Pete lose their collective criminal mind--- "I AM CAT WEST" Would be a great shirt!  May as well, they want you to think about me, rather than  what it is they did way back when.  How they murdered all those people, one at a time, and got off because they also investigated their own crimes! They don't want you to think about what they are doing nowadays.  They want to distract you.

Enough of you in those shirts, and they would be surrounded! Wait, they already are surrounded! That is why they are so twitchy lately.  Or they are copying Bent's facial tics. (Getting bad, is it?)

Guessing Games

Another reason they want to go around "guessing" who I am (and I am not kidding, they KNOW who I am, they just don't have a recent snapshot of me to give to their hit man) is so that I will put a pic of me on the site.  That should make it easier for the biker dude they tried to hire, to find me and kill me, right?  Or the tweak they promised free meth for life (which would be about 10 minutes) if he did the deed?  All they need is a recent pic.

Tell you what, Poopsie, get Bobo the Dancing Poodle to get his FBI heavyweights to age enhance the photos of me that you already have.  That should do it!

Nope, this is not about me, kids.  This is your story.  I'm just the one telling what you tell me.

Girl Fights

Ladies, and I speak to you young ladies that are going back to school especially, although this applies to any of you who have that girl fight mentality, I want you to think about it for a minute.

I know that it is a back-to-school tradition to get into at least one hair pulling, teeth bashing, kicking and screaming fight with another female over some guy (or whatever), but stop and think about this for a sec, 'kay?

What guy wants to be with a woman just because she can kick the ass of any other woman that would be interested in him?  It is HIM you can't trust, right? Let it go! Get one that has some standards!

How many of you guys, after your woman has gotten into one of these scraps, and is all torn up, bloody, missing a few more teeth, hair all yanked out by the roots, finds this picture of pugilistic punishment, "attractive"? 

Ladies, if that is what he is looking for, let him crawl around in some gutter and find it.

No man is worth fighting over.  If he was, you wouldn't have to.  Get it?

The other big "reason" for fighting, "friendships".  Your best friend just betrayed you or is not your best friend anymore.  So, bloodying it up with her will make it all special again?

Show some class this year.  Someone wants to fight you, tell them they have to find another way to get their rocks off, but it won't be on you.

Your man strays away, he stays away.  Trust me, there are more out there!

And Gentlemen, yes, you, the little wimps who sneak around and cheat and then duck and cover and let the girls slug it out; YOU too, should get some standards and hold yourself to them. 

If she has to be drunk to be with you, you probably are not that attractive.  Vice-versa, if you have to be ripped out of your gourd to feel "comfortable" with her, you are probably NOT that attractive! 

Go do something with your life that makes you special and then pick and choose.  Alla yaz! And for crying out loud, show some class!

Fighting by slugging it out, over something really stupid, (like a guy you have to kick to make him stay) just not worth it! You, with a black eye, broken nose and half scalped, not attractive, got it?

I know, I know, I am messing with tradition here.  Some of you have mothers, even grandmothers who still get out there and mix it up.  All that proves is who is stronger. Who is faster.  Not who is right. 

Don't Meth Around

Those of you who are not yet tweaked out on meth, leave it alone.  You don't solve your life's problems by creating problems you can't solve.  Adding to the misery out there, the violence, the stealing, the mistrust, the suicides and the murders, is drugs. 

Taking drugs is like telling the big bad world out there: "You can't knock me down because I already knocked me down!"  Stupid!

And if "everyone is doing it and I won't have any friends if I don't do it too" is your logic, rethink it.  Those people who don't trust you unless you can prove you are as stupid as they are, as self destructive as they are, are NOT your friends.  They are your company on a bus to nowhere.

You can get somewhere in this world. You can do something really special with your life. But you have to have a life and you have to make your life worth living and you can't do that without an education, clean and sober, and the time it takes to find your way in this big bad world.

You'll find it's not so bad after all, once you have yourself right side up and on your way.

Until then, it's touch and go for some of you.

Okay, everyone off the Wayback Machine.  We are at the shop now and this thing has to get fixed.

Remember this is your first stop: September 2006.  Don't push any buttons and don't mess with the levers. 

We'll play again soon, I promise ya!

Until then, you know where to find me!

~Cat (okay, who stole the keys?)

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September 9, 2006

Baby Killer

Those of you who thought that there was no truth to what I was saying about the Turdclan need to take a look at how they cover their own crimes.  Chubs Shaw just killed her baby, an infant no less, by driving drunk. 

She tried to flee the scene and said there was no one in the car with her.  The baby, meanwhile, was crushed beneath the car.

Any charges? No! Any investigation? Don't make me laugh!

Bentley Bat Signal There's the Bat Signal to the left.  See if Bentley thinks this needs to be investigated, or if he thinks people should just leave them poor Turdlettes alone!

Killing her own child, driving drunk, trying to flee the scene, and now able to walk around, pretend that nothing at all has happened (and nothing ever will!) because that is the kind of power those criminals hold over you all. 

They can, by the same set of rules, kill your children and not have a care in the world nor worry about it.

Those of you who think Bentley is a descent and honest man, ask yourself why he is doing nothing about a dead baby.  Better yet, ask him.  The answer will be very interesting, I promise you!

Those of you who thought the Turdclan was being wrongly accused of being wicked in this website, can see for yourself how their only interest is not in the good of the community, nor even the welfare of the Indians.  Rather it is just pure power and control to make sure that no one ever holds them accountable. Not even when they kill their own helpless babies.

Proof, if you ask me, that they can kill your babies too.  Let me know when a human life is worth you standing on your feet and saying something about it.

Warriors Wanted

You don't have anyone to come in and do the job of rescuing you; of enforcing the laws; nor of even caring about you.  You have to come together, all of you, to make this change. 

You have to want change and be willing to make changes, big ones, in your own life, the way you carry yourself, and the way you treat one another. 

You can't just look at one another and say "He or she needs to change this or that..." You have to look at your own self and make changes.  Be accountable and hold others accountable! Takes integrity to do that.

You can't point the finger everywhere, but when it comes to your family, your blood, your kith and kin, minimalize and ignore it, deny it and defy it.

People tell me to "go after the real criminals, like the yanktons!" and leave the rest of them alone.  Well, it doesn't work that way.  Each of you is, by silence or by sin and denial, supporting them in their criminal enterprises. 

Your son or daughter, brother or sister does drugs, they are supporting the evil.

The Gutless Silence

When, after murdering Eddie Peltier, Poopsie first showed up at Morris Azure's home where his mother and other family members were gambling, he was covered in blood.  So was Q-Ball who was with him.  Everyone there saw it.  Everyone there KNEW it.

But no one said a word.  Why?  Because it was not a small friendly game of cards going on there. No, it was high stakes and it had been going on for years! Poopsie, with his badge, threatened that if anyone said anything to anyone, he could arrest them all on felony charges!

Many of them watched as he dragged Eddie's bloodied, beaten corpse around to the other house where he gave the daddy beer and told the daughters that they had to clean him up, re-dress him and keep their mouths shut.  They could have the beer "after" they had finished the chore!

All those people! They saw, they knew.  Some puked so hard they almost could not get up again. But they all stayed silent. 

They were doing something illegal, and after all, not like they could bring Eddie back to life... (I have heard just about all of that rationale I intend to). 

So, in order to save their own skin, they all became accomplices, accessories after the fact, to murder.  To this day, they keep their silence.  Protecting what? Whom? Look at how their families have suffered and will continue to suffer.

Look at how many of them can only drink and drink and drink, but still they can't drown their guilt!

They know and they could talk, but they would rather not grow a backbone.  Their silence follows them to the grave, and their guilt follows them for eternity.

They walk among you as neighbor, family and friends.  That misery that walks with them, they earned. Don't feel sorry for them, pity them! Pity is as close to hate as I can get.  Pity, to me means that there is nothing I can do to help that person and they are lost. Pity them.

So you see? Commit just "a little" crime, and you are an easy target for the evil that surrounds you. Just feeding off a little poison sickens you, your spirit and your loved ones.

And now, look how many of your children and their children think this is how life is supposed to be lived! 

Some of your are very disturbed that I continue to hold you responsible for your silence as accessories to evil.  I am not the one you have to worry about.  It is your day, and your time coming and you will be held to account, in full, for your part. Even if your part was just keeping silent.

Allowing an innocent man to serve his life in prison for a crime you know the Turdclan committed makes you guilty.

And they continue to kill. Even their own, the innocent babies that suddenly don't count as anything anymore, should tell you all what it is you are protecting with your silence.

You can change this.  But you need to act.

You need to speak up.

You need to stand up.

You need to come together, as brothers and sisters, neighbors and nations, and find the warrior spirit and the wisdom that once made you strong, and be strong again.

It is there, in you.  It is each of you.

Someone is coming! Someone is YOU!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

You know where to find me.


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September 10, 2006

"Don't say a wo-o-o-ord!"

At the risk of wearing out the Bent Signal, I have to ask you Bent, ol' Buddy, ol' Pal, how did that feel?  A few weeks ago you called a man who lives out of State and just batted the breeze with him.  Made up some lame excuses as to why you can't be a real cop. Chatted about this and that. 

But you neglected to tell him that his nephew had been beaten, almost to death, by three individuals, one of whom beat him with a pipe, the others used some other weapons.  All the while, his girlfriend (who was annoyed with him) was directing them to hit him again and again... hospitalized and he may never be the same again.  But not a peep from you to the Uncle you were talking to.

Not a single word about a nephew that had been seriously assaulted.  You are real man these days, aren't ya!Bent Signal

You KNEW, but you said nothing!  He had to find out from a relative when he made his phone calls to home. 

Couldn't bring yourself to tell him? I don't get you, Bent.  Don't get you at all.

So, how did that feel?

What do you think he thinks of you now?

Tell you what; why don't you give him a call again, just bat the breeze with him and tell him all your problems.  I hear he is a good listener. 

Your daddy be so proud!

Up and Down

I hear that the rapes and assaults are way up on the rez these days.  The Turdclan can do whatever they want, and no one bothers to bother them.  They make the laws up as they go along.  All the "law enforcement" (*Pop!) just goes along, too!  FBI Poodles, BIA not worth the tin on the badges.  Any real cops would not have a job.  Some of you say you are waiting for things to get better so you can act like real cops! Gee, how's that workin' for y'all?

Waiting.. sounds so passive.

I hear the morale at the casino has been way down for over a year.  Qualified people are passed over for jobs while whoever is willing to be "willing" gets the position for assuming the position.  Customers are complaining, and they are being ignored by management that is only there to put the hat over the camera while the money is being lifted off the Drop.

Banned Again!

Wello Wello, Oh Well!  More and more of the businesses and offices on the rez are banning my site.  They don't want you to know what is going on there.  They don't want you to remember the promises made that were then snatched out from under you.

The clinic, Russell MacDonald got the site banned there.  Let's take a good look at that clinic, shall we?  Remember how BIIIIG this was going to be?  And a huge dental clinic attached over here, and a big wing for long-term care over there, and all these offices. 

They showed you all these purdy drawings of how it was going to be!  They even poured the foundation for a much bigger building than what y'all have now.  Got a whole lot of money to do it.

But, by the time they all got their cut of the booty, lined their pockets, there was not enough left to build much more than a shed!  And that dental clinic?  A shabby little trailer over there!

And the long term care wing?? Hahahahah! It's invisible!

But they don't want you to look at the obvious crimes.  The money stolen, daily; The murders, rapes and beatings; the corruption.  They think that by banning this web site they can prevent you from knowing, and from coming together to make the changes necessary.

They only want you to hear what they tell you; the lies.  They don't want you to have a voice. They want you beaten down again, afraid to speak, afraid to ask questions.

They are terrified that if you do stand up, they, all of them, will be investigated and go to jail for their crimes. 

Of course, they like to play "dumb Indian" when the auditors come around.  They destroy paperwork and say that the previous holder of that position robbed them and all the paperwork is gone; shrug their shoulders, push their lower lip up and look helpless and stupid.

They get away with it every time because the government says: "Oops! Can't investigate now, cuz they done destroyed all the evi-dents. Guess we have to let them get away with it."

And they shrug their shoulders, push their lip, look impotent and stupid.

Demanding quarterly audits by outside firms that have CPA in their credits and signed by them, would make all that change.

But, that is change for the time when you all have made the changes.

Meanwhile, they ban the site, hoping to put you all back under your blankets.

They hate it when someone keeps turning over the rocks they have been hiding under. 

Go away world! Don't look here! We can do what we want because Indians have no rights and the government supports the thuggery.  A wink and a nod and they are back at it again.

By the way, it is illegal to ban this site from your internet access at home.  It is also illegal to ban this site, period.  They don't own those servers.  They are public.  So, you need to contact the ISPs and tell them that banning this site is a violation and that you will sue them.

Trust me, they don't want to be siouxed!  An attorney can get you tons of money if they don't give you access.

It will cost them more than what they are being paid, under the table, to suppress this information.

All of Us

Oh yes, boys and girls!  OUR TAX DOLLARS at work! Enforcing corruption on the Rez.  On more than one rez! Hundreds of millions of dollars go into supporting criminal syndicates on Federal Lands, every year! Out of sight, out of mind!

Time to start getting the Government involved.  THEY are accountable only if you hold them accountable.  It affects everyone's lives.  Not just those who are living under the tyranny on the rez.

Time to start writing those letters.

Write to the Federal and the STATE, because they are all involved. I don't care who is paying them, they can be fired by YOU!

Until next time!

You know where to find me.


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September 12, 2006

Oh Oh! Expect another "Miracle"

Wow, where to begin! Let's see, Karen, who is supposed to be the owner (*Pop!) of the Oh Oh Bar in O Town, has claimed to have cancer and only six months to live. I understand that this announcement was even made at the Four Winds School!  (Well, why not?  They serve the underage, don't they?). 

I say, "expect a miracle cure" boys and girls (of age and under) because this is not the first time she has claimed to have cancer and only less than a month to live.  She does it just about anytime she wants to have a pity party thrown in her honor.  She did it a few years back when she was going through a divorce from a man named Elvis.  Yes, he too, was leaving the building.

And, apparently, before that she claimed to have been diagnosed with cancer, only a few months to live...  each time, it's a "miracle" Hallelujah! She suddenly, without explanation, no longer has cancer!

Of course, no diagnosis has ever been verified on this on again, off again "cancer".  Hey, she might really have it this time, whose to say? (*Pop!)  She might even be planning to fake her own death and build a new identity for herself, except she is waaay too stupid to carry that off for long.

So, I wonder who she has crossed lately that she A.) Needs to be put on the Pity Pot so people won't hurt her feelings; B.) She might be in danger from both the bad guys she helps Pete to deal with (emphasis on  "DEAL") or C.) Need to get away from the long arm of the Law which will no doubt, have a lot of questions for her when a real Sheriff takes over the town and starts looking into the goings on at the Oh Oh Bar and with their cohorts in Town Council. D.) She is about to go into the Witness Protection Program (Witpro for you aficionados of "Eraser")

Cry Wolf

She could really have cancer.  I don't really know.  But I do know that she has cried Cancer wolf too many times in the past to be believed now.  Gee, any fund raisers planned? 

Ow Ow!

Looks like the rape that Brian Pearson committed out back of the Oh Oh Bar won't be investigated.  The victim, a male, tried to file charges and was generally laughed at and ridiculed. What's the point now?

Strange Bedfellows

People are asking why it is that Dirty Pete is going after Poopsie and accusing him (rightly so) of murdering Eddie Peltier.  Pete and Poopsie were so tight at one time, they could share, almost 40-60, the proceeds from the drug trade and money laundering as well as other criminal enterprises.  What caused the rift between the blood brothers?

Well, greed, for one.  Poopsie taking a bigger and bigger cut, cutting Dirty Pete out of the proceeds, and forming alliances more around his family than his "friends".  Dirty Pete got his feelings hurt. 

Both want to take over the entire enterprise.  It is worth millions.  Dirty Pete can't get his hands on the Government funds without help from inside the tribe and Poopsie can't buy the bar outright without it actually looking bad and making it more difficult for his FBI Poodles to protect him (and themselves) from prying eyes within the Justice Department.

But, there is a way.  Brian, the rapist, who is related by blood to the Turdclan and whose mama is the Tribal Chairwoman, can purchase the bar and have all that for himself. 

He has promised Pete that if he gets control of the bar, he will pay him royalties from the enterprise, and include a large cut from his take of Federal Funds.  They would be "partners".

And, if for some reason Poopsie and the clan go down for the murders, Brian, who was not involved in them, would be in perfect position to take over the Tribal Council and Pete could expect to get a larger cut of the pie.

It Gets Weirder

Poopsie now is threatening Dirty Pete with a lawsuit.  Defamation of Character, but it won't go anywhere because actually, with what Pete has, he can prove what he is saying.  IF he gets total immunity from any "residual" crimes he might have committed, in exchange for his turning State's Witness.  "Star Witness" as the former USAG, Lynn Crooks liked to call his slugs and snails who said whatever he wanted just to keep him from pouring salt on them.

Now, Poopsie and Pete are at each others throats.  No one realizes that Brian played a game on both of them called: "Let's You and Him Fight".  Of course, things being said publicly, can't be taken back.  All sides are hoping that what was said will be forgotten over time. 

The two of them will be backslapping one another again, and divvying up the proceeds, just like in the good ol' days!

Not So Fast

Brian is, if nothing else (and there is plenty to choose from here), wants it all.  He wants to rule the rez.  He has stated, publicly, that he wants to turn it into a gay haven!  People thought he was kidding, but he was not.  He wants to make it legal for people to come and have same sex marriages.  In order to do that, they have to be members of the tribe and there is a way he plans on making that possible. 

Ironic in that so many have been floated off the rez for complaining of abuses, criminal activity and worse.  But now he wants the Gay Community at large to come and support him and his tribe.  "Think of all the money they will bring into the Tribe!" he said. 

Brian, I think the Gay Community has standards and this would not be on their agenda.  Not sure what made you think that being gay would automagically make them willing to support the largest criminal enterprise in the US, but I think you owe them all an apology.  Especially the part about "how much money they could bring to you." 

He would set himself up as Chairman for life. 

Is he nuts? You bet!  And he is supported in his efforts by his mother, Myra, who is wanting to be the mother of a powerful man. 

Playing Both Sides Against One Each Other

Is what he is doing behind the scenes.  Family trusts him, Dirty Pete trusts him and both think that he is on their side as they plot the undoing of each other.

Now, all he has to do is give a little more information to Dirty Pete about the murder... and give Uncle Poopsie a little more information on the Oh Oh Bar and the Tuesday Night Bingo Project (where drugs are distributed to those who have "reserved" seats at the tables and are called in first). 

Brian, from time to time, sends me emails trying to pretend he is someone else. I know when the emails come from him, because they are covered in sweat and stink. I guess he will try to use anyone to make his plan work.

Meanwhile, Poopsie is protecting him from investigation for rape.  Wow, one thing I will say for old Funny Bunny Bri, he is smarter than all of them put together and his plan might just work!

If it does, it will be because he got the people he is undermining to defend him.  And he got you all to vote for him! 

More or Less

Y'know, there comes a time, even in the life of a Turdclanner, that enough is enough.  Keeping the criminals in power so that no one can say you are related to criminals is not making you happy in this world, it is surrounding you with a paranoia beyond stress.  Less and less, people are believing your family.  More and more they are seeing how your family really is: They can rape, embezzle, murder, kill their own babies, and no one even investigates because they hold the power.

Being family, you deny it, you vote for family even though you know (because many of you were molested by them) what they really are.  Think that makes you a good person? 

Okay, Blog is too heavy to open now, so I have to start a new one.  Look for number 15 in your future!

You know where to find me!




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