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Eddie in the Army

HeadstoneThe ongoing events and behaviors of those who murdered Eddie (and others)  on the Fort Totten Reservation, North Dakota.  How the ongoing criminal enterprise continues to flourish unabated and without a single response from the Justice Department.  Well, not surprising on that!  They would have to investigate themselves and how some of their elite were directly involved and have prospered from the corruption that exists, protected and funded by US Tax Dollars.

Even if you don't live on the Rez, it's your money, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.  You owe it to yourself to peek in once in awhile and see what you are paying for.

Welcome to the new web site for Restless Spirit: The Murder of Eddie Peltier!

This gives me more room to add more pages, photos, images, graphics, cartoons. Eventually, I can add more pages including a "string board" (Police Investigators will know what that is) which will show who's who in the Rez Zoo.  There will be more features, more pages and a more comprehensive site in general. 

All the pages are not yet hooked up, but as they fill out, I will post a note here and you can go and see for yourself. 

July 20, 2006

Going out of Business Sale?

It's a fresh new blog! Number 11, but who's counting?

Today's entry brought to you by:  Orange Wrap!  Sorry folks, just a little inside joke.  Like the guy who got $200 for picking up a package that was all money!  How smart is that?  I mean he had over 20K in his hands and he didn't even know it!

Well onto other money matters.

Looks like Lois is getting a bit nervous.  That petition is gaining strength.  She knows that when  the vote comes, she will be, like a bad slide to home, OUTTA THERE!

So, she is having a fire sale, sorta, from what I am hearing.  Her nephew wants $20 for drinking money, she cuts him a $100 check.  Well, why not, she has been giving her cousin drinking money every week.  But for the elderly who need help she really can't give them the time of day!

IF all this is true, and the rest of what I am hearing and seeing on this one, Lois is having a Fire Sale on checks!  Only family and friends need to apply. 

And this has worked so well for so long, how did she know it was all going south on her?  Well, she is learning, as so many before her have already learned, she is the fall guy. 

She deserves to be booted out, don't get me wrong. But she thought she was bullet-proof where she was.  Do what the Yanktons want, help them rob the people and you are in for good!  Turdymom shows up to get her checks, you just ask her how much she wants and you give it to her.  What could possibly go wrong?

Well, it works like this:  Poopsie has an amazing way of conning people.  He gets them to do his dirty work, and when it is all going smoothly, they are tight as butter on bread.  But when it looks like a scheme is going to hit bottom, Poopsie knows how to bail.

He quickly changes sides, and is then willing to stand with those you have wronged!  He will take you down, himself, personally, and continue to appear as if he is the most righteous, most powerful man on the rez. 

Soon as the $10Million scheme to defraud the government of funds hit the fan and someone fought back, he knew it was going to be a loser for him and the family if he didn't hurry up and jump ship, dog paddle (he floats like a buoy!) over to the other canoes, drags himself up and declares himself their champion!

When Weenie Boy stood up and said that he and his family were standing with the guy who got backstabbed by Lois and Shelly Lugar, Lois had her first glimpse of being all alone in this one.

Well, who can blame the boys for wanting to look all bright and shiny!  Right after the SMC Raid, Poopsie was over at the Blue Building, looking oh-so-very Law-enforcement-ish, chatting with about a half dozen FBIs.  He thinks he knows where Carl McKay stashed this or that information, and this or that money...(Oh yeah, he needs Carl to be neutralized in a hurry.  Carl can and will sink him in a big way.  All of them!)  Kind of funny when you think about it. 

They needed Carl because Carl had all the brains.  Carl even devised the playbook (read on, you'll see it) that they use to set people up and knock them over when they become a liability or are no longer all that much fun to be around.

Carl McKay being brought down by those he must now bring down before they make him take  the noose.  It has been suggested that Carl McKay is "suicidal".  That should cover it when they find him swinging from the rafters, or winning the lucky bullet in Russian Roulette.  Those rumors are around to make it not necessary to investigate any further. 

I wonder if Carl has heard those rumors yet?  That was one of his, well, partly his, partly Hellekson's, idea to make murder look like suicide or accident.  Start rumors about them being "suicidal", "unhappy," and "troubled" lately.  Well, Cheese Whiz Carl! That suits you to a "T"!

Oh yeah, Carl, you better say your prayers because that boy sank your ship after it was boarded and gutted in "THE RAID!"  (No, it was a "drill", or was it "unhappy ex employees?"  I remember now!  It was the "Quality Control Team, just checking on a few teensy details..."  Nothing to worry about, right?)  Meanwhile, they are narking on you, setting you up to take the fall, and making you appear to be ready to do yourself in.  That is the Trifecta! And you are riding all three horses, my slimy little weasel!

So, that load of information and documents you have on that family, now is your only chance to spill on them.  They have been crapping on you since day 1 after the raid.  In fact, in was only in progress 2 hours before Poopsie, with Bobo's help, got through to the top guys and told them he could help them because He had been suspicious of you all the time, and he had been investigating (on the side) your activities.

Oh yeah trying to make Mark Lufkins look like the King Pin?  That was Poopsie's idea.  Mark is going along with it because he thinks it makes him look "thmart".

(*Shaking my head in dazzled admiration that this same play book is used over and over again and people don't catch on. )

That book has been used so many times, it has pages falling out of it.  Here's one now:

Step 1:  Find someone dumb enough and desperate enough to do as I say.

Step 2: Get them to do all the illegal stuff (even if I am the one telling them to do it- who's gonna believe them?)

Step 3: Get as many people mad at the fall guy as possible.

Step 4: When it looks like the scheme is collapsing and aforesaid fall guy will be tattling on me, switch sides.  Damage fall guys credibility so that when they point to me (Poopsie), and say it was all my idea, my doing, no one will believe them.

Step 4, part II:  Tell Fall Guy to sit tight and let you handle it.  That you support them all the way. Behind them 100%.  Not to worry... (Look realleee sincere when you say that)

Step 5:  Offer assistance and become involved in the action against the fall guy.  This keeps people believing and keeps that credibility thing all shined up.

Step 6: Denounce aforesaid fall guy as lazy, inept, sleeping with who or whatever.  Say you were only trying to give a fallen person a chance to get on their feet and they took advantage of you..

We passed Step 4 a couple of weeks ago.  Got thrown out of the canoe of the people he was trying to sink, then tried to look like he was saving them.  (Must now dog paddle to shore and wait to see what else will go wrong.  Check in Oberon and see if Pete has done something else stupid...Oh crap!)

Another Step 4 is coming up.  Poopsie waddles down the hallway to the Safe Place.  His thoughts over ride the squishy noise in his pants.

Time to discredit Pete so that no one will believe him when he starts vomiting up all the details of the other murders and of Eddie's murder... Poopsie retreats to his Fortress of Solitude to "think on it" awhile longer.  And to change his man diapers.

Well, for all those who have been down that bumpy dirty road that Lois and soon Shelley Lugar will be going down, ain't it kinda fun to watch them fall for the same set up as you all did? 

Time's up, Lois.  A lot of hands will be up in the air, waving bye  bye to you!

Who's next?



July 21, 2006

Sticky Stuff, now she is stuck with it

To fill you in more on Lois and Shelley Lugar and why you need to sign that petition that is going around:

The way they work, as I explained in the previous blog, they get funding based on a proposal that is issued by a legitimate contractor. They then dump that contractor, split the money up amongst their friends, and the work never gets done and the government never does a real audit to find out what happened.

Okay, the $10Million that was awarded for the road projects is now in the hands of the TC and they are gleefully rubbing their little insect forelegs together anticipating how they will enjoy your money!

But first they have to get rid of the contractor who made the proposal.  In this case, Lois, with no proof, and with no investigation, started the lies going around.  This should make it easier for the community to accept a contractor being dumped, right?

Lois needs to spin a web of lies to make it look right but she got caught on her own sticky stuff. Now she can't get loose from it!

Well, this lie was are really stupid one.  She is saying that Tony, the guy who wrote the proposal and set up the grant, got a new truck from a contractor.

That is illegal!  No contractor in the State or any other state would do that because they would lose their licenses, and go to jail!

IF LOIS had any proof of any of that, trust me, their would be State Police as well as FBI all over this thing.  And I don't mean Bobo the Poodle, FBI, I mean the real guys who do real work! 

And the State, people higher up than Wang, would be all over this thing!  People would already be arrested. 

She has no proof because it never happened.  But it is the lies and the amount of damage she puts people through just so she can rob you all.

Again, I say, if there were any proof of such an illegal deal, she would, by law, be obligated to inform all the authorities and not allowed to act on her own!

If you believe her lies, you are part of the problem.  I am telling you this so you know you have to question what you are told when the sources of it are so corrupt.

Sign the Petition that is going around and you take the first step in preventing it from happening to you or to your family, next!

Because Tony is fighting this thing, he is probably going to be saving the Tribe $$$Millions because the money will have to go to the projects it was intended to go to.  The greedy little stink bugs that are running your TC need to be put out of power, all of them.

And all their friends and family that they have given key jobs to, must be thrown out.

Just think:  If someone had fought back when the other millions of dollars was being ripped off from you by this corrupt pit of snakes, maybe your elders would not have to beg at fund raisers to get a nickel or two, your children would be safer, education would be better, and the people with diabetes and who need dialysis could get it. 

All that money, millions of dollars gone, and now they want this money too?  Don't let them take it!  Put a stop to it.

Sign your name.

Any reprisals?  Go after those who take it out on those who have signed.  There should be 2 petitions a week going around to dump these guys.  Let them start worrying about what you can do to them, for once!

Cheese Whiz, Lois!  What kind of a moron are you? Oh, I know: A lazy one.  You cut a check for your nephew and cousin to go drinking this weekend? Yes? Just give them cash out of the drawer?  Whatever works for you.

Problem with seeing over the smell of it

People who are surrounded by corruption, ruled by corruption and then partake in corruption think it is okay and that they will never be caught.  How can one determine who's turd is who's?  Well, it is a pile right now, and Lois has for too long been adding hers to the load.

She thinks that because there are bigger thieves than her doing bigger deals than she, that she can fly under the radar.  Well, $10Milion would have put you in their league, but now you got caught and they, so far, are distancing themselves from you like strangers moving away from a fart storm.

There was no way to screw that contractor out of the deal legally.  So when she was given the brilliant idea by Weenie Boy to make that accusation, she should have stopped and asked herself:  Wait! Why is HE not doing this one himself?

But she didn't ask.  She just was so caught up in the momentum of taking and stealing, she never thought to ask.  Now she is the one that falls down.

Weenie Boy didn't want to take the fall and knew it was going to go sideways if Tony stood up to the lies.  That was why he so eagerly jumped in at the meeting to say that he "and my whole family" was supporting Tony!

But Tony's family stated clearly that they wanted none of him nor his Turdclan family and their "support". 

Now the Turdy Boys cannot get into this to sabotage it, nor can they get a piece of it.  And when Lois points directly at them as having the idea and telling her to spread those lies, she might be believed. 

Had Tony accepted the Turdclan's help, Lois would be further discredited as "vindictive" because he (Weenie) stood against her.

Now they all go down on this one.

Speaking of which...

Heads UP!

Lisa Greywater's Hubby, Merle Ironhawk, is having a few problems of his own these days.  He has kindly been looking the other way while Lisa gets that Lewinsky thing going with Poopsie (Scuse me, had to barf.  Where was I? Oh yes, I remember), now it looks like some of the stuff that is being done by some of those who are supposed to be fighting fires, is putting the whole place at risk. 

I mean, government vehicles in Bismarck making drug deals.  Merle was caught red-handed (sounds so Indian, yes?) and then got off.  Want to know how he got off? 

Well, check him for wires.  He has been narking you all out for a long time.  Even making up lies to tell the cops to keep them off his back.

All that so that he can come home to sloppy seconds from Lisa? 

Send a bunch of mouthwash over to their house.  You will probably be preventing several diseases from breaking out.

But remember this:  If Merle or the others use government vehicles to conduct drug trafficking, the Tribe could lose not only those vehicles, but have to pay for the defense of those who put you all at risk. 

Oh, and Comer?  Remember, you are non-Indian and you are expendable to them.  They are setting you up to take the fall on a few things.  Heads Up!


PS: I have heard all the jokes about Lisa "getting ahead" in life, "Heading for" diseases and "Head over this way," being the code message to her from Poopsie when he thinks he has one to share. Spare me the rest of them, please!  (Or, maybe I should put a page on the best of them?)


July 23, 2006

Oh Oh!  Big Trouble with Little Stupid

Well, what most of you may or may not know is that Oberon, just outside of Ft. Totten, home to about 70 people, is vying for the title of Crime Central.

Town meetings are a joke, sheriff is iffy in all directions, and apparently, the town council doesn't comply with any formalities such as taking minutes or recording them appropriately.  In fact, the minutes they publish actually slander people in the community who "annoy them" by bringing up subjects like people going into the bar and leaving small children in cars for hours at a time, frequently; the necessity for having law enforcement patrol the area to prevent this from becoming a tragedy...

So, apparently, they have have gone after the Stenslands.  I wonder what it was about those topics that sent Pete Hager over the top?

And why did a woman who is a hand puppet (take that anyway you like) to Pete Hager, file a false police report against the Stensland's son?

Further, why was a restraining order issued against him for something that he never had anything to do with and on top of all that, why was a warrant issued for his arrest without an investigation? 

A simple investigation would have proved that Sharon Anderson-Gatlin was lying.  The charge she was making against Bob Stensland (him driving recklessly and kicking up rocks on her windshield, forcing her to the ditch..yadda yadda yadda) was entirely fabricated because B. Stensland was nowhere near town on or around that time, and he can prove it.

But instead of investigating, State Attorney, James Wang got involved to ring up charges, gain an arrest warrant and have the man arrested when he came home from a long haul trip!

Now, A State Attorney on what would be, if it was legit, a simple misdemeanor?  And I have to ask, why is Mr. Wang so overly protective of Pete Hager and his friends?  Perhaps a peek at his Income Tax Returns by a Task Force might spell out the solution and clear it all up for us.  Surely, he is not so dumb that he is doing Pete's hatchet work for free, is he? 

The documents included in this PDF are so sideways, that it is scary.  Some really creepy people are protecting a criminal enterprise and some really heavy hitters at the government level are getting involved in ways that boggle  the mind.

I question the legality, the intent of Mr. Wang, Ned Mitzel, and challenge the State Attorney General and the US Attorney General's offices to investigate Mr. Wang's connections with those involved in criminal conduct and harassment.

Pete Hager, who has threatened the Stenslands, many times, is bullet proof.  When Loretta Stensland took her request for a restraining order against him to the courthouse, in front of Lana K. Johnson, clerk of the court, she (Johnson) stated "I don't know if this will go through."

Sure enough, one of Ned Mitzel's Pupputies hand carried the request to Loretta's Door and told her not to raise hell at town meetings, not to go to town meetings and town meetings are no place to bring up crimes.  Of course, when she asked "where would be a good place to report crimes?" he had no response.

"Most of the allegations," the refusal reads, " are at best conclusive and not factually specific.  The facts that are specified do not constitute acts of a disorderly nature and are likely constitutionally protected."

Okay, so the very vague and untrue statements made against Bob Stensland are worthy of a restraining order. 

The same allegations, essentially made against Pete Hager, are "likely constitutionally protected?" 

What, if anything does that have to do with not allowing him within a certain distance from Loretta Stensland?  He is harassing and threatening her, but he is safe to do this?

All of this stands on its head.  So was the Judge who signed the document that was altered. 

Any doubt that Pete Hager put Ms. Anderson-Gatlin up to her crap?  Well, she was in the court house with Mr. Hager, acting like the poor and elderly, which is a far cry from the raunchy tank top mama she plays on construction sites, complete with cigarette dangling from her lip. 

Yes, any doubts that Pete is puppeteering this whole harassment? 

But one would have to wonder why.  And wonder why the Sheriff is so opposed to having law enforcement provide extra patrols around the bar area, which is where a lot of crime seems to begin and or end up, from what I have seen.

So, Pete, why do you not want anyone patrolling outside your establishment?  Why is the town meeting no place to discuss issues of crime control? Why are good people being harassed and threatened?

Oh, and Mitzel, Wang, y'all better look into the penalties for tampering with an official document.  I think you have put yourselves out into the light without realizing it.  You don't think the Judge is going to cop to signing an altered document like that, now do you?  He might be smarter than you two.  Then again, might not.

One would have to ask whose payroll Mr. Wang is on that he so fervently, and unwisely acts as the legal muscle to protect whatever it is that Petesky is doing at the Oh Oh Bar!

You all know where to reach me.  I will post your responses. 

Cheese Whiz Wang!  You were not even on my radar until you bungled this one!

Here's looking at you!



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July 24, 2006

Breakfast of Champions!

A couple of days ago (22nd) Lois held a morning meeting only letting in her supporters.  The idea was to explain (to the choir) why she did what she did and how what she did (wait for it, wait for it...) was "for the good of the tribe"!  Yes, the same refrain used over and over again by Turdmother, is now Lois's mantra!

At the meeting she had a breakfast served.

But this seems to have boomeranged on her because people were not allowed in unless they were known supporters!  She really didn't want anyone to question anything she was doing.  Like: "which one of your relatives dips into the accounts for the elderly to get spending cash?"

She didn't want any of that coming up. 

But someone did casually ask "How much is all this costing?" meaning the breakfast, and was given the cold shoulder.  Oh yes! People noticed!  Now, she has fewer supporters than she did to begin with.

Those who were not allowed in, definitely have a much clearer idea of which way they will go at the meeting when there is a call for a show of hands!

Be a sea of upraised hands waving bye-bye to Lois, and that is just the start.  People are starting to actually wake up, become much more aware and enlightened and are throwing off the heavy blankets of denial to walk in the light and bring in fresh air to their lives!

Turning up the Heat, Turning Over Rocks

Oh yes, gonna be a real hot summer!

The periphery around the Turdclan is crumbling.  They are desperately trying to jump into other canoes to see if they can get support by offering payoffs, or actually giving people what they are and have  been entitled too all along!  Financial help with urgent matters, housing, employment.  Bribing the community with their own money!

First they steal it, then they let you have a little of it back.

Now, with Pete Hager in Oberon drawing both heat and light into his operation, and James Wang turning up under overturned rocks, what was once a smooth operation for the contraband that makes them all wealthy, is now singing the toesies of the high and mighty.

Worry lines have turned to panic lines on some faces.  Garish, tension carved grins do nothing to reassure anyone that all is well and that they have it all under control.

Poodles need more treats because they too sense the end of the Gravy Train is at hand and they need a cushion to soften the fall from Grace.

Paranoia is the byword amongst the once all mighty thugs that have for so long used everything and everyone. 

Expect they will bring out their first weapon of choice on this one. Rumors and lies to pit you one against the other so that you cannot bring yourself to an alliance with someone you think has disrespected you or your family.

I say, regardless of what is said, talk it out amongst yourselves.  Find a way to see the real truth.  Stop being so reactionary on one another.  Come to terms about your disagreements and put aside your feuds and grievances when it comes time for you to all stand together to help rid your community of the vermin that has infested your lives.

They won't expect that.  They will want you to react in ways oppositional to one another so they can keep you divided and conquered.

Think about it, divided you all lose.  United, you all win.  Work to make the other person feel better about themselves rather than worse and watch what happens. 

And, if all else fails, just stay focused on the greater matter, the more over-riding question at hand:  "How do we get this organized crime out of our leadership and retake control over our communities?"

An Effective Deterrent to Malicious Gossip

When someone calls me over and wants to whisper in my ear something he or she heard about someone else, I tell them:  "Wait, before you say a word, be ready to stand by your talk.  I will go to the person you are talking about, tell them what you said and tell them that you said it and ask for their side."

That put me out of a lot of the gossip circles in my communities.  And because of that, I got more real information, and had more time and energy to do the more constructive things in my life!

So, when he or she comes up with: "You want to hear a good one?"  You know what to tell them!

Whale to Fry!

Because you have bigger fish to fry!

The reason I tell you all to put aside the small personal stuff is because the larger issues require you all to come together in order to heal and set your community on its feet. 

You have no idea how much power you all have if you stand together.  Been ages since you have all stood, shoulder to shoulder. 

But it was not that long ago, you started to remember. Let's say we all learn constructively, rather than be taught by tragedy, or the loss of another child. 

The lesson is that we learn to come together, stand upright on our own, and hold accountable those who govern.  One way or another, we will learn.  I prefer it to be of our own free will, rather than at some funeral.

There is so much of your money goes wasted and misspent on those who disrespect you in every way, and who are, absolutely, stealing from you!  But because of the corruption, nepotism and cronyism, they are safe and secure with their paychecks, perks, bonuses and expense accounts while so many of you suffer in the 40%+ unemployment percentile.

Weenie Boy, who cannot even read, yes, is a full-fledged illiterate, is in charge of who gets what jobs.  Bad enough that, but he is never at his desk, in his office and doesn't return calls.  But he collects his checks, bonuses, and expense account money regardless that he is in the casino, playing, during working hours, week after week!

Jerry Lenoir, son to Paulette Lenoir (Yankton) was the one chasing that Littlewind girl when her vehicle went into the icy water of the Lake.  The next week, he was promoted into the Bureau of  Law Enforcement.  Just how do you feel about that?

I told you, the Turdclan knows how to deal with people that don't want to deal with them!  They kill them. And they get away with it. That girl broke up with Jerry, so he can't have her, no one can. Give him a badge, a gun and a promotion?

Can you see how this looks to the outside world that thinks this is nutso?

Jerry is the one that goes and bails out his brothers when they are jailed for drugs or drunk driving.  Get a discount, do ya Jer? I think his family has the most frequent flyer miles for the bondsman! Wow, sounds like an upstanding example of high moral and solid integrity to me!  Just the person I want enforcing the laws in my community!

Their drug connections in Seattle, (Pot, Crystal Meth, whatever you want) are a solid source of income.  Scratch them off the 40%+!

The following, in Red, is retracted:  The source stands behind it, but I cannot get enough support to keep it.  Read "Bloggy Boo-Boo" 7/25/06

Okay, nuff for now.  I was going to mention April Longie (St Pierre) and how she covered for Carl Walking Eagle, Mark Lufkin and the Turd Clan when she was Finance Director for many years.  Now, she covers up the financial shenanigans (feeling Irish, I yam!) at the casino. 

In return, she gets whatever she wants.  Her son, Darcy Longie is well looked after by that upstanding top cop, Bentley sings-like-a-coyote Grey Bear!  Ah-WOOoooo-wah! Yup! Yup! Yup! 

Okay Bent, what are you getting out of this arrangement?  You can tell me! Please, don't let my imagination go down that road by itself! A guided tour would be nice.  On second thought, I don't want to lose my breakfast.  Keep it to yourself.

I hear it is not just Darcy, but April's brother also as one of the big time drug dealers on the rez that enjoys such rarified immunity.  Hmmm? Is April really worth it?


Well, the petition is gathering momentum and signatures.  Look for it, sign it and you are taking the first steps to helping yourself and your community get out from under the tyranny of corruption.

Or don't sign it.  What is another $10Million the Tribe gets ripped off for going to matter anyways?

One last note:

Remember how awhile back it was reported in the newspaper that Poopsie had received a loan for $55K an the Tribal Council co-signed for it with no collateral?   You do know that he defaulted on that loan immediately and you all paid it up for him, right?  He hates to have to pay for anything.  All that money he steals and he doesn't even use it to pay for his own bills?  You have to do that on top of everything else?

I see we have new gas guzzlers for the kids.  Wow, and I wonder how they can afford that??? No, actually, I don't.  And now, neither do you.

You know where to find me!



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July 25, 2006

Red Handed

Clarence Green was caught, red handed, handing "Confidential" information: Official Government documents to a contractor/ Engineering Firm

These documents were for the $10 million dollar contract and were Project specific: Quantities and Qualities for the actual figures! example: x amount of dollars for cubic yards.. this is confidential info.

No wonder the roads department is left with the crumbs! Remember: There are witnesses who saw this breach of confidentiality!

This is out right illegal known as, Bid Rigging. Clarence and his nephew, Rod Cavanaugh have done this in the past.

Turn, Turn, Turn

Rod (Supt. of Ft.Totten agency) Cavanaugh gave an official sub-inquiry of allocated funds to his uncle Clarence so he could then in turn-turn around and give these specific and particular numbers to additional contractors!

Moreover, his niece Noreen Cavanaugh is the Tribal Tax Director whom gives out Tribal business license's to contractor's. Keep in mind that she also denies these license's.  Those who are not in the loop of this good ole boy system, don't stand a chance.  It is not long before they are blown out.

Well, any doubts about whether or not Lois and the rest of them ought to go?  This requires a federal investigation.  No Poodles, Please!

Best of all, from here, I can see that Poopsie has every room in every building bugged, so he can't say he didn't know about this, right?

And Lois nowhere to "Protect the Tribe"??? How did this one get past her? Gee, maybe because she is part of the "process" of making sure the bid stays with the people they like to play with?

The Taste of Power

Oh, and Myra, when questioned about some issues she is not too comfortable with, apparently muses out loud that "maybe more people need to be excluded".  Makes that little sucking sound like she is tasting someone else being floated off the rez.

If you don't get it by now, boys and girls, the Sandbox is fulla bulla and you need to get control of this. You need to clean it up.

Open air criminal activity such as bid rigging and threatening to dispossess or exclude people who question the criminals, is a sign that your vigilance has to be stepped up and your pro active self needs to get busy.

All these separate incidents and events have a common thread:  They keep the corrupt in power, and they keep the community in ruins.

More Cheese Whiz Wang

State Attorney, James Wang seems puzzled as to why some higher ups would come in and raid (little bitty raid) his office, taking all the files on the Michael Good Murder. 

Well, perhaps it goes along with my question as to why the State Attorney is acting as private council and legal enforcer for a bar owner with questionable income and associations. 

Cheese Whiz Wang! (I love saying that!) Did you think that no one would notice?

Deja Vu to You Too!

Kinda brings to mind back in the day when Dennis Fisher, US Attorney, Dennis Fisher, acted as (wait for it...) private council for the Yanktons and their cronies while they were out murdering Eddie, raping their children and oh yeah, embezzling from the HUD funds.

I hope the good people of North Dakota realize that they are paying your (Whiz Wang) salary so that you can act as the legal muscle for Pete Hager.

I still have to ask: What are you getting out of this, exactly? 

You know where to find me!



Bloggy BooBoo?


There is some question arising about the Sunday blog regarding April, Darcy and Bentley.

I am double checking my sources on this one and will let you know if there is a retraction in the works.  It happens.  Not often, but it happens. 

Okay, looks like I have to retract that posting about Bentley, April and her son, Darcy.  The source stands behind it, but I cannot get verification and am hearing otherwise from sources also credible.  They are saying that this is not quite right.

Yes, he throws parties, but that they are BYOs whatever.

My apologies this time to Bentley Grey Bear, April St. Pierre and her Son Darcy.  Still not clear on her brother yet, so let's throw his unnamed part in this pile too.

If we revisit this in the future, it will be with more support, and documentation.

No one is perfect and some things can easily be misconstrued.  My sources do their best and have the best intentions, but if I can't put it on real solid, I can't do it.  And since it is MY NAME on this stuff, I have to be responsible for it.

We will revisit this if necessary, but frankly, unless it is really backed up, we aren't going to this one again.

Again, apologies. -Cat



July 26, 2008

Wedding Bell Black and Blues

As many of you are now aware, there was a wedding last week and the reception held on the weekend.  Who got married? Jackie Yankton's son, Jarred.  Not sure if it is spelled Jarrid, or as I have it.  I like "Jarred" as in-a-jar".

Well, the reception was on Friday, at the KC hall or whatever you call that.  But there was an after party at Jackie Yankton's. 

Place all done up with Christmas lights, drunks all over the place, Gawk (Scott Yankton- with a name like Gawk not sure I can improve on it with an Indian Name, but will give it a try at some time in the future) was making an ass out of himself. 

But the fun part came when a huge commotion was heard under the canopy and there was Jarred, choking the light bulbs out of his half - brother, Peter Young!  Apparently, Peter was sitting down when Jarred went at him so his legs were kicking up in the air and Jarred was just ready to kill him.

It got pulled apart before any real damage could be done. I figure Peter was probably without oxygen to his brain for 1/2 hour but without a brain there can be no damage, right? 

Anyway's, pulled that goat pie apart and Peter got hauled off to bed, and Jarred left his own party. 

Wow, does that family know how to party!  What did he say that jarred Jarred so much?  A little something about the Bride's history? Who knows? Who cares!

Someone should look into how much that whole wedding, reception and after hours party cost because you know the Tribe paid for it.

Getting Her Cut - Keeping it Greene

Lois, that fine upstanding "Doing it for the benefit of the Tribe" type that she is has requisitioned the equipment and is having Clarence Greene, cut and mow her property.  He is doing this so that she and her husband can book Hunters in for the season and make big bucks!

Wow!  Hunting with an Indian! That will draw them in!  Give 'em little coonskin caps, or a real feather or something?

So, since this is being done for her personal benefit, someone should check and see who is picking up the tab for it.  Gee, could it be coming out of Tribal Funds?

While you are at it, see if there was any Tribal License issued last time she did this.  You and I, we would have to apply, but she might not because she is so special. Anyone find the licenses?  Let me know.  I want to know if she is even bothering to make it look legal.

Not enough money to help a man out whose house burned to the ground, nor the elderly to meet expenses for the month -heating, a/c, medical, or transportation to medical services.  Not enough money for any of that, but plenty to pay the wages of Clarence Greene who is apparently doing this, using the Tribe's equipment, without charging her?  Who is paying whom in this deal?  It is all coming out of your pocket, just thought you might want to ask that question at one of those next "breakfast meetings" she throws.

Whatever you do, don't ask how much it costs because that might make you lose your breakfast!

And she is making sure people don't have reason to sign the petition now.  Long overdue loans are being made, one guy was able to finally get a door so he won't sign now.  I guess if you give out enough chewing gum, people, like children, quiet down.  That is, until the next time, and they need you to help them get past the corruption! 

The time is now.  If you wait until you think it will be a better time, you are mistaken.  Deal with it now or live with the consequences of allowing it to continue.  Stop by Lois's office.  I hear she won't yell at you now, and she has *chewing gum to give away!

Meanwhile, go check out Lois's property.  Looks really nice from here.

10:22 PM *The Gum thing:  Okay, I didn't mean "Free gum" as in people who are attending a wake.  It is a political term used to mean that you give people something to chew on and they won't complain.  "Their mouths are moving so they are happy, but no sound is coming out of them." A cheap way to buy people off.

I means she would be handing out some cheap treats to keep people from signing the petition.   What the heck.  Maybe she will just take a few lucky families to the Casino! That would be a better treat than gum, anyways, right?


Tweekers, Theft, Sheriff Mitzel is  No Show

Well, Loretta Stensland is shaking her head in disbelief lately. We blogged earlier about her not being able to obtain a restraining order against Pete Hager who has threatened her repeatedly. 

District Court Judge, Richard Reiger thinks that is just fine.  Is he appointed? Or elected?  Anyone know?

The Pupputy that brought her the decline of her request told her, aside from telling her to not make trouble at meetings, and to not attend meetings, "You afraid of Pete Hager?  I think you could handle him.  He's older than you and means you no harm.  He's a nice guy."

(Give that man a broom handle horsy!)

Well, onward, we know there is no law enforcement in Oberon.  But, what you didn't know is that Sheriff Ned Mitzel did follow Loretta Stensland out to the hills where she was visiting a friend in a remote farm, nothing else around for miles, but there was Ned, tailing her, making himself known.  I wonder if he put in for overtime on that one?

Then, Monday Bob Stensland's vehicle gets stolen.  Here is where it gets, I kid you not, so stupid it is hard to track without falling over laughing:

They know who stole it.  Some Tweeker guy named Welch.  L.P. King hung around to let everyone know that he wasn't part of it. I know, question marks popping up like prairie dogs all over the place on this one.

He was the one who called and later showed back up bringing the car to Bob's like he just out of the blue found it! I would say this one smells fishy, but it would be a disservice to dead fish everywhere.

The Oh Oh Bar was also "magically" broken into on the same day. Again, L.P. (Lost Planet?) King shows up and tells Loretta about this and how he is so concerned about the car being stolen...(Popping up again).

When one of Loretta's family asked him about it, he became adamant in stating that Joey Thumb had nothing to do with it. (?????) Oookaay, no one had mentioned Joey Thumb until this point so it was a non sequitur of the 3rd magnitude.  It was as if he was given a script and told, "whatever you do don't let them think Joey Thumb was involved."

Now, two crimes in one day, one would think that a Sheriff or a Pupputy would show up.  But no.  Not a shadow!  Probably another scary woman he can be following out in the middle of nowhere, but crime? Not Ned Mitzel!  Much too busy for that!

Benson County was called finally, about the car. Still no Law Enforcement came.  They did however phone back and say they had mentioned it to the Devil's Lake PD.  ??? (Prairie Dogs all over the place now, and we are not, I remind you, NOT in a sitcom!  This is really happening in a real place!)

(Note:  Terry Pratchett and the Disc World series could have been written here, if not for the fact they were written elsewhere.  TP fans out there will know what I mean!)

I used to think  of Oberon as Mayberry on acid.  But now, I think it is more Mayberry on Meth.  That is the drug of choice going around out there and it is the underground economy of the place.  It is what buys off people in high places. I do mean "High".

The sheriff (ever look at the word "Sheriff"?  I had to remember to spell it with 1 R and 2 f's by saying "Sheriff is "iffy") shows up late in the afternoon.  Does he go to the bar? Does he check the surveillance tapes? Does he inquire about the stolen and then returned vehicle? No.

No, he goes to Dorothy Comer's residence!  Wow, was she robbed too????  Or was he telling her to give back whatever she took?  Or was he asking her if it was a real robbery or just fun and games for his friends?

So Calum, you and your friends steal cars, take them to your buddy's place in Belcourt, sell them, and they go to that hiding place in Warwick on Hwy 20.  So why did you give the car back?

What was the intention in stealing it?  Was something installed in it? Perhaps Bob should have it looked over real careful.  Who knows what you morons are up to.  All I know is "Joey Thumb had nothing to do with it."

Where is Ned Mitzel right now?  Well, if there is a crime being committed he is busy elsewhere.  Probably tailing Loretta Stensland around the back country to see if she is a threat to anyone.  Or just because he thinks he is a scary guy. 

Headless Ned, you would be scary if you were not so outright stupid!

And you laughing about that time the grow op caught fire and you had that woman hide all those plants across the street in her house before you called the fire department, that is so funny!  You should tell that one to a judge sometime.  I think your pal, Richard would get a belly laugh out of that one too!  You, him, Pete, you can all have a hoot on that one.  You too Dorothy. You all know what grow op and what fire I am talking about, right?  Was there an insurance claim filed on that?

Well, we leave  Methylvania now.  We come back to our sane lives, with jobs, home, kids, vacations, mortgage payments.  We go to sleep and dream of a place in the middle of the Good Ol' USA, that is so far removed from the laws of logic, I am surprised it does not float and turn colors!

(Yes, LP, you done a good job convincing all that Joey Thumb had nothing to do with it.  You can quit reciting your lines now. )

Turdmother likes to say that whatever happens in family (or is done by family) stays in the family.  Oberon's Sheriff and buddy  boy barkeep would like to adopt the same policy. 

You all would like it to stay a secret, but it is way too funny and I really have to share!  After all, Taxpayer dollars are paying for all of it.  I think we should get to know you all just a little better, don't you?

You know where to find me,


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July 27, 2006


If you are going to write to me, and you want a serious response, you have to use a real email address.  Using a fake email address only makes me realize you are a coward, probably lying, and not worth my time.

At best, your letter will only end up on the Moron Squad.  If you are big enough and brave enough to write a letter, why are you so afraid of a response?

Skeleton Crew

Awhile back, perhaps 3 years ago, a skeleton showed up on an old mattress spring at a dump site, out by mission.  This was reported to the police.  Was there ever an investigation as to who this was?  How this happened? Or even who did it?

Perhaps the police were short-handed back then and only had a Skeleton Crew and not enough time?

Perhaps it has been solved and no one knows.  I would be interested in knowing who it was, what happened and who did it.  Wouldn't you?

Just seems like there are bodies showing up from time to time, but no answers.


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July 27, 2006

Indians Count

Don't worry, we will revisit the question of the skeleton found a few years ago out in the Mish (Mission area) at another time. 

What I would like to point out to those who are not in or from the rez something that people out there have lived with for generations:  The idea that "indians don't count".

Over 45 years ago, Johnny Marshall ( I think that is his name) went missing and was never heard from again.  He had been to a drinking party, left, never seen again.  His Social Security checks continued to be cashed until someone, about 6 mos or longer later got suspicious and found that he had not been found. 

But it was never investigated.  People cashing the checks were never investigated.  Like he didn't count.

If that were an isolated incident, so what?  But it happens too often on too many reservations in the country. 

The Federal Government, ultimately, is responsible for all investigations into criminal activities or suspicious activities on the rez, any rez.  They don't pursue it, no one does.

People on the rez grow up, generation after generation knowing that in the eyes of the Federal Government, they don't count.  So, what is an Indian life worth? 

Federal Stereo Typing At Its Finest

The raid on the SMC Plant, for all its firepower and what it could mean to the entire country and the war effort, got no airplay whatsoever in any media, aside from a tiny slice in the local network affiliate news, one time.  Why was CNN and the other Top Dogs in the industry unaware of what happened?  Because  Indians don't count. 

They don't know where we are alike and where we are different from one another, them or in general. 

The raid, for as righteous as I feel it was and what it can uncover, was conducted with the most obscene amount of overkill I have seen since Custer raided a sleeping village while the men were away!

Snipers in the woods? Guns drawn?  At whom?  for what? Yes, it was necessary to go in in force and take what they took.  But ask yourself this question:  When they raided Enron, hundreds of billions of dollars worth of fraud, they gave them almost 6 months warning, allowed them to shred several tons of documents and went in, finally, in suits and no one had a gun pointed at them. The question is this:  Why, when it is Indians, it is always at the point of a gun, with a big show, like there is going to be flaming arrows?

Flashing back to when Melvin Grey Bear was handcuffed and arrested during the Eddie Peltier Murder Investigation, back when Poopsie had all the power and his buddy Hellekson had all the connections, and at worst, the charge was "witness tampering", which by the way, was not true (People had been seeking out Melvin to tell what they knew about what happened at Celeste's house the night Eddie was murdered).  Poopsie didn't like that because people knew it was him and his family involved.  They had to get Melvin Grey Bear away from the rez and neutralize him.  Keep people from talking to him.

They shoved Melvin into a squad car, left in a convoy, and all along the roadway were armed agents, guns drawn, rifles pointed, just in case that mild man tried to what? Make a break for it?

It was another unnecessary show of force which costs the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in O/T and specialty expenses.  But it was used to reinforce the stereo type that Indians are volatile and dangerous to the rest of the country!

Of course, Melvin said, when they got to the station, the guys were apologizing for all of it.  They knew he was not a threat on any level.  They un cuffed him, brought him coffee, let him walk around.

So, why does the government have to appear all powerful in these showy displays of idiocy, yet claim total impotence when it comes to investigating crimes against Indians?

How embarrassing to be an FBI Special Agent or Sniper with your scope set on some guy just going to work on an assembly line!  I have to ask, was  your adrenalin pumping?  Or were you shaking your head in disbelief?  How do you write up those kinds of 302s?

No wonder you don't want the mainstream media to notice what you are doing in Indian Country!

Next time, try this:  Treat Indians like they are people.  Let your fear level subside to something "normal".  Get that Level Red down to Orange, or Yellow.  Mellow out, clowns!  You will live longer!

Now, For the Pay Day JackPot!

Everyone, and I do mean everyone, should get a contract like Mary Nicholson!  She doesn't show up to work, she gets paid.  She doesn't show up at meetings, she gets paid.  She quits or gets fired, she gets paid!  Not just paid, but perks, bennies, and bonuses!

And SHE alone has final say over any dispute, arbitrated or not!  She has the final word!  You have to contact her to get her to investigate herself.  Wow!  What a great country!

Read it for yourself! Mary's Contract.  For Mary Nicholson Ketterling it is...Pay Day Every Day!

Like? No like?  You know where to find me! Cat

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July 29, 2006

Another Voice

This came in my email tonight.  It makes sense to me.  It also lets me know that many of you get the point of this blog, entirely. I am installing it, without the writer's name for a number of reasons.  One, retaliation by the corrupt, and two, this being the bigger one, I have heard this from so many of you, this person putting it so well, I feel it is the common voice of reason in the midst of all that is wrong in the community. Consider this many voices from one.

Get this out, you reach more people than KABU!
Folks need to remember we hold the power of change, and we can change things so people don't have to be martyrs.

We can form fair committees to address issues in a timely manner so innocent people can continue to make a living. That speaking out against criminals and corruption won't cost them their jobs.

We can stop the victimization of our people by council members, we can take the felons off boards that decide things. Felons can not manage their own life; why put our people in their dirty hands?

We can stop the corruption and the violence against our people.
We spirit lake Indians need to show our spirit, no more felons like Vern Lambert double playing the jobs at water resource.

Right now the felons are in control, that needs to change.

True and respected elders need to say the prayers for us.

Education is a good thing, we need to hire people with knowledge and areas of expertise instead of withholding jobs from them because they speak the truth.

When people speak out against child molestation (when it is true) they help the community to stop it and prevent it and to heal.

Stop being fearful and ashamed to speak the truth because you might lose your job.

Stop letting murderers control every top paying job on the rez, we all know there are people in jobs who are there by favor and favor alone.

It used to be a good thing to work every day and do a good job. Now its politics; They punch in and leave for the day as long as someone remembers to punch you out again at the end of the day.

The wrong are parading their sins proudly and we say nothing.

When we say nothing we remain nothing.

If we want fairness we need to take back what a few have taken from us and give everyone a chance to thrive.

Stop letting Joey give homes to one family! We have handicapped who need homes too. The ones with two homes are healthy, they choose to stay home, there is work if you truly want it.


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July 31, 2006

Upcoming: Things to Do

Things here are like they are just about anywhere this time of year.  A lot of outdoor stuff needs to be done around my place (it looks like an abandoned, maybe even "haunted" sprawling property right now!)

There is harvesting, picking, canning to do for winter. 

A friend who is a really good hunter is coming in a couple of weeks and we  might be able to lay in some game for the winter! I need to make room for that process!

Also, I am getting requests for more information pages:  The site map is way overdue, and the documents page is only recently getting started.  And yes, I need a links page.

Right now I can tell you that if you go to the miscellaneous page, you will find links to documents, images, and to other sites.  The goal is to get the links page done, the site map done (which will be a work in progress so "done" seems almost euphemistic!)

I am getting more information regarding the skeleton that was reported as found in Devil's Heart ( I think that is in the Mish, but let me know if that is wrong). What was and more importantly, what was not done with it. (I was stunned) Amazing how something like that gets covered up and locked away so quickly!

And, just to let you all know, that previous posting: Another Voice, will be reprinted on the August Blog because so many of you are writing to me and telling me how "Whoever he or she is, they took the words right out of my mouth!"  So I would say that is very relevant for right now.

I am also working on  a "fictional" piece to describe the hereafter, with and without redemption.

I also have to build a new file for the information that has come in the past 3 months.  Presently, it is a series of stacks around my work area.

So much comes in each week, sometimes each day, that picking and sorting which of it gets entered into the blog is getting more difficult!

I want this site to be informative and timely, but sometimes I have not enough space to put it all in and some of it has to go for awhile longer, in the "waiting" room!

If there is any piece that you want more detailed information on, now is the time to request it.

See you in August! ~ Cat





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