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    The Origin of this blog and it's transformation into shining a greater light onto the abuse and corruption that runs rampant in Indian Country. The culprits are in every level of government. They are what ails us all, regardless of where we live, or who we are. Judging from events at the national & state levels, We Are ALL Indians Now. This is about them, and this is about us––ALL of us.

    Eddie Peltier/ Richard LaFuente

    Justice/ Freedom

    Richard LaFuente served almost 30 years for a crime he did not commit, while the real killers roamed free, and still do, to this day.

    Nothing "Just" Happens

    Everything we suffer now, all the suffering we see now, has roots in our untold history.  We can't know what we weren't taught unless we are willing to open our minds to the simple logic that "Nothing JUST happens."

    The greatest injustices have fallen upon Indigenous People the world over, and upon minorities in our very midst.  Unless we are willing to take on and hold accountable those who commit these injustices and those who profit from them as well as those who created the system that makes ongoing injustice "routine", we will never know Peace in our lifetime, anywhere in this world.

    It's time to QUESTION AUTHORITY and hold accountable those in power and those who benefit from a system designed by "leaders" to be unfair, unjust, and costly to all of us. This is not happening to "other" people, it is happening to People. WE ARE PEOPLE.

    Those in power will always aim our anger at someone else, even less powerful. Until we see others as equal to ourself, we will never know the true power of Unity, nor the Peace of living in a Just World.

    Introduction: The same corrupt system that wrongly accused, convicted and imprisoned eleven innocent young men is the same system, with many of the exact same players, who are currently profiting from rampant sexual abuse of children on Spirit Lake Nation Reservation in North Dakota, as well as most if not all reservations in Indian Country, and beyond.

    This Blog is documenting ongoing events at all levels of government. Events on the rez itself, often require someone to speak up and speak out, but since those who do are often abused, assaulted, threatened and intimidated by the abusers in authority, this blog is their voice.

     I ignore morons but the rest of you can reach me at: Cat West Email



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    October  28, 2019
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    Climate Crisis is upon us. Floods, storms, and fires. Corruption and Greed have thrown the planet into such imbalance, that I can guarantee you, we won’t begin to be able to set it back on track in my lifetime, nor yours.  

    The warnings were scoffed at, mocked, and those who pointed out the imminent danger, the logical consequences, were publicly derided and shouted down.  Now, here we are and the greedy, the corrupt are shouting over the blizzards, pretending the sea level is not rising as they wade through downtown Miami, and cough the alphabet in smoke choked West Coast, that we need to give them more leeway, fewer regulations, and more money because they know what’s best.  

    Read “BLOWOUT”  by Rachel Maddow if you want to see how the Oil Companies literally carved up our country and our world, destroying the environments as they grew bigger and more powerful, buying up governments from Mayors to Presidencies. Mostly, they just bought Senators and Congressmen and governors, those who make the laws, and who, for some unknown logic, give hundreds of billions of our tax dollars to the most profitable, least accountable resource extraction companies on the planet. It’s given to them. It’s not loaned.

    That’s part of it. And that part would never have happened if we had known what was happening, who was doing it and who was helping them. But, since they all wore suits, and owned enough media to silence any discussion, and could throw big bashes… they were not the looking like what we thought evil would look like.

    We literally have stereo-typed Evil to resemble people of Color and Black People, and Good to look as Pale Face as we can get. Stereo typing works against societies, and nations, and now, the world. We have to learn to recognize evil.

    We have to learn to question what we are being told by those in media and in positions of authority. We have to get smarter and track the sources of their statements of fact.

    “Bring Receipts” is how we talk about it now. You say you will do this or that, show us where you have done this or that. You’re saying this will help the middle-class? Show me how, exactly. If I find that it will more benefit the super wealthy, then I will question your motivations.

    If your plans are to give me and Joe over there, an extra $3 a week while giving the Mercers (who owe over $7 BILLION in back taxes) an extra $500 Million and wipe out his debt, I’m gonna want to challenge you. I’m going to want to see voters educated on what is really in store.

    Everyone who bought into the MAGA slogan? You’re too dumb to fix, so I’m not talking to you here. You can go back to figuring out how you’re going to make it through the winter now that manufacturing jobs are at the lowest since 2007, and the markets for our goods are choked to death on tariffs.  You bought into a slogan from a man that shits on a golden toilet (and had a gold toilet on his private jet), has gone bankrupt 6 times, never paid his bills (still owes every venue in the country a total of over $1Million in unpaid security costs, some from his 2016 campaign) and only made his money through criminal syndication, and you thought he cared about you? I can’t help you.  He refused to show his tax returns, and he name-calls like a 10-year old.  And now, we are in disgrace, throughout the world.

    That same immature, criminal in the White House, who was golfing during the raid that killed the latest greatest ISIS figurehead, staged a photo op to make it look like he and the generals and aides, were watching as it went down. He.Was.At.His.Golf.Course. He invents scenes that never happened. All to make himself look tough.

    Remember: This is the man who literally betrayed our greatest allies in Syria, the Kurds, and in so doing, freed around 200 hardened ISIS Fighters. They are now loose in this world. But please, pretend he had anything to do with killing the ugly guy with the beard. Don’t count the 200 that are now on the loose and able to strike at every country and re-establish their caliphate.

    Republicans know they can’t win unless they cheat. That weird Russian duo of Igor and Lev, turns out, were connected to the elections of Ron DeSantis in Florida, in a highly questionable vote count, as well as others, including Pete Sessions in Texas, and are now claiming they were working for Trump, so they expect Executive Immunity. Absurd. But reporters will play it up as if somehow it’s normal.

    Republicans refuse to fund the system that protects voter integrity and prevents hacking. In fact, Trump killed the program and McConnell refuses to fund it or any iteration of it that would protect us from voting machines that, I kid you not, flip votes.  Republican run legislatures have made it a point to only buy the voting machines that can be hacked.  Ever wonder why? Do you feel the need to protect yourself from this corruption? Do you question why they want to steal your vote?  Or do you just go along like everything is fine because white men in suits tell you they are harmless?

    Do you join in on the name calling of Democrats who are trying to save this country from corruption and disgrace? What does that make you? Don’t say “brave” because you know, we all know, you aren’t brave.

    We’re not dead yet. There’s still some life in us. But Republicans are all in on destroying our National Security, our standing in the world, our economy, and taking from us every shred of dignity we ever had in being Americans.

    The world is on fire, it’s drowning, and the lies remain the same. Our country is being destroyed by one political party, and their lies remain the same. 

    Are you going to save yourself? You can’t do it alone. You have to form alliances with those working to help fix all that is broken and being broken. We have to unite, or we perish. But we can’t unite if the most important thing to you is pretending that the lies are the truth and the truth are the lies; the Evil are the good people and the good people are Evil, because that level of ignorance and blindness is how we got here. It’s important that you open your eyes and see, where *HERE* is.  It’s in the middle of a sinking, burning, drowning, fracturing Turtle Island, cut off from allies because we have betrayed them all.

    And don’t think it can’t get worse. It’s getting worse by the day.

    Your Reading List will follow: (Web version) Pay close attention to “Thread Reader App”, as it contains documents regarding Trump’s tax returns & finances and what it reveals about his ‘business’.  How his fortune was built on questionable loans from Deutsche Bank, co-signed by Russian Oligarchs.

    One more thing about DB: Justice Kennedy who abruptly quit his seat on Supreme Court so Trump could appoint Kavenaugh (Kavenaugh never explained how he could afford to live hundreds of thousands of dollars over his income every year, nor who suddenly paid off all his debts (over half a million that we know of) the week before he was confirmed to the Supreme Court; … where was I? Oh yeah, Justice Kennedy. His son was in charge of the department at DB that made those billions in loans to Trump… highly suspicious given that literally, no other bank in the world would loan him a dime because of his multiple bankruptcies… so, yeah, read through that one write up, buy a NYT if you have to, but for the luvva Pete, WAKE UP! Start asking questions. Start demanding receipts!

    Also, since you’ve asked: I do the reading list because there is too much to keep track of in each week’s posting.

    BTW: Eddie’s still restless. He’s still around. He’s not done.
    You know where to find me.



    Reading List:

    Thread Reader App, Taxes, Cosigners. Taken from NYT

    Federal Deficit increases 26% CNBC: << Reliable financial reporting (Note: Obama had lowered it by 50%, for all you Fiscal Conservatives out there.

    Criminal Arrests of Border Agents, via Share Blue, very well sourced.  Reminder, thousands of babies in cages, torn from their parents arms in an act of cruelty for the sake of cruelty.

    Veterans' Affairs blames Whistleblower hired by Trump. Wall Street Journal.  The guy hired by Trump was making it easier to attack those who reported wrongdoing and incompetence.

    By the way, Trump was taxing Gold Star Family benefits at 12%, but decided they should pay 37%. Someone has to pay for those  tax breaks to billionaires... why not the families of fallen soldiers?

    Washington Post: ND Senator (Oley this time) shares fake propagandain order to play on racist feelings towards an elected official. Dishonesty, racism, outright lies is how your Republican Party Plays. This kind of lie is what gets people killed.

    Daily Mail (British) Fired VA Secretary reveals how he had to phone Trump's friend, several times a day ... because VA Services are a joke to the guy who faked Bone Spurs to avoid military service.

    Snopes: Christian Non profit under scrutiny over government foster care contracts.Selling kids is very profitable. Snopes is most reliable source for fact checking stories, in case you didn't already know.

    Bloomberg: Oleg Deripaska ilinked firm raided... Because the Russian Oligarch that recently had sanctions removed by McConnell, a possible co-signer on those Deutsche Bank loans to Trump, has no legit businesses.


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    October 21, 2019
    Cramer, Cramer, Cramer… oooh boy   -- Print (7)

    Cramer is so busy throwing himself under the bus these days…

    I long for the time I thought he was ONE Republican that had values, cared about children, the laws… but wow, was I ever fooled!  The minute he jumped up on that stage to support Trump, I saw who and what he really was.

    I’m not sure what he thought he personally would get out of all this, aside from a Senate Seat that he has done nothing to improve the reputation of.

    He knows what Trump is. He has always known what Trump is. But for some reason he figured that was the train he was going to jump on… and ride over the cliff. BRIDGE OUT AHEAD!

    The latest & greatest move was his declaring the most blatant act of corruption, Trump awarding the G7 Contract to his own flea-bite hotel; Doral, Miami, in the summer, despite all the Health Code violations and one well documented lawsuit because of bedbugs (if you know about bedbugs, you know they infest entire buildings so there had to be many more) and Miami, that time of year is brutally uncomfortable… was also a flagrant violation of the emoluments clause in the Constitution.  I know, there’ve been so many violations of just that one clause, it’s hard to keep count. 

    Despite Trump awarding himself this contract, which would require at least $100 Million in Taxpayer funds to begin to bring it up to standards for such an event, upgrades that would coincidentally, increase the value of the resort, and put millions in the pocket of Trump, the Security concerns were going to be impossible to address, given the location.

    But there was Cramer, Kevin Cramer, Kevvy Boy… going on TV and stating how ‘bold, refreshing… and brilliant’ he thought this move was, by the most corrupt president ever to sit in the Oval.  Essentially: “It’s a crime, but look how wonderfully it’s being executed!”

    So, Cramer, out in the open, affirms the beauty of crimes being practiced that violate the Constitution, and which have no practical value except to enrich Trump, whose properties are floundering, all over the world, at the expense of taxpayers and World Leaders, all of whom have, over the course of this presidency, lost all respect for our once great nation.

    And Cramer, like the teacher’s pet, over-anxious to be seen as the one approving of what most decent people see as appalling, did it for nothing.  Trump got so much pushback, he changed his mind. Who knows where the next venue of choice will be? Another Trump property that needs millions in basic repairs & upgrades?  Typically, events of this sort are held at Camp David.

    Wherever it is, you can bet, and I will bet, Cramer will be out there in his finest, most enthusiastic Teacher’s Pet form, supporting it.

    Teacher’s Pet? Naw, that won’t cut it. “Fascist’s Pet”, that works for me.

    Cramer, whom I thought cared about children, as his one saving grace, has never once spoken against the tearing of children away from their parents at the Border. A practice that is still ongoing. These children are not cared for. They get sick and die. They are traumatized and the harm being done to them on that level alone, will last a lifetime. The children who are being trafficked and raped, well, Cramer can’t see or hear those children, so they don’t count.

    That’s your Senator, North Dakota. Ain’t he somethin’? You vote Republican, you vote for this. I don’t care what level it is at, the Republican Party, from the ground up, is corrupt, and in lockstep with crimes being committed, our allies being betrayed, and our money being squandered.  Don’t tell me you are ‘saving babies’, I’ve seen what they allow to happen to babies and children. I’ve seen them profit from it. So have you.

    Not sure how stupid the people of North Dakota are, but I have a feeling we’re gonna find out if they value the Constitution or prefer fascism in the next election. We’ll find out if they are fine with corruption, child trafficking and Concentration camps, and the brutality of ignoring basic Human Rights.  It will be in who you vote for from Mayor to President. If they are Republican, you know who and what you are.


    The trick with all of this is that it didn’t happen overnight nor with one election. The Russians have been buying and corrupting key players for a very long time. Trump couldn’t do what he does if it wasn’t for a system of political support, throughout government, that would allow it.

    We know that Russia hacked into and interfered in the 2016 elections. We know they accessed both the Voter Registration servers, and the voting machines in all 50 states. We put sanctions on them for it.  But now, through the magic of Trump, he has quietly given the green light to Russia working within our systems, our entire cyber security system, and calling it a good thing.

    The very system they accessed that gave them control not only over our votes for president, but for every elected official, is now rolling out the welcome mat for them to more easily do it again. Without Russian interference, hacking and otherwise, Republicans can’t win and they know that. So this is okay with all of them.

    William Sessions, who was the Head of the FBI from 1987 (appointed by Pappy Bush) until he was fired by Clinton in 1993, turns out to have some very interesting investments.  As head of the FBI, he knew Russia was trying to infiltrate our government, our economy, etc.  He KNEW it.

    Yet, whatever it was that got him fired, which was unusual because most FBI Chiefs serve 10 years, was never really brought out into the open.

    But now we see his son, Pete Sessions, who had been the Congressman for Texas, (was defeated and is running again) was involved in taking Russian money for his campaign, and that is against the law. And yes, he knew the source of the money (now he wants to give it back, so that, like a bank robber, getting caught, he erase his crime by returning the money­­––– doesn’t work that way, Petey Boy) says that he never acted on what the Russians, KNOWN MOBSTER RUSSIANS, in case there was any doubt, wanted him to do—except that his voting record shows he did in fact, do what they wanted him to do. That’s why they gave him over $3Million Dollars.

    Turns out, Daddy Sessions lobbied on behalf of Putin and his Oligarchs, to defeat the Global Magnitsky Act.  The Magnitsky Act imposes sanctions on Russia’s Oligarchs who killed a Russian Attorney (threw him out of a high rise window after beating him up) who was exposing their corruption, embezzlement of Russian monies, bribery, etc., which he had uncovered while defending his client who was  falsely accused of corruption because he wouldn’t accommodate the mobsters in positions of power in Russian Government. Putin.

    So, Daddy Sessions, the once great head of the most powerful investigation agency in the world, sold out to the most corrupt government in the world, and along the way, his son also decided he wanted some of that Pie as well.

    So, it makes me wonder if Cramer wants a piece of that pie, or if his face is full of it already. What price is the going price for selling out your Country these days? I have a feeling we won’t know until it’s too late.

    We’ve also seen Russian Mob Money influencing governor’s races.

    One of the Sanctioned companies is one owned by Oleg Deripraska. Aluminum is his stock and trade. He got the exclusive rights to make aluminum in Russia as long as he gives a cut to the mob boss, Vladimir Putin. They stole the aluminum mills from a guy who wouldn’t play ball, and handed it over to Oleg.

    Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader, the guy who makes up rules of his own such as not allowing Obama to pick a SCOTUS judge because he only had 18 months left to his second term (utter bs, folks), and who refused to allow Obama’s picks for Federal judges to be confirmed despite there being a shortage on the Federal Benches of over 500 vacancies, throughout both of Obama’s terms, decided to go into business with Oleg Deripraska on a $400 Million Aluminum factory in Kentucky! Yay! Jobs! Working for the Russian Mobsters!... only thing is, taxpayers would be funding the majority of the money and Oleg would be skimming off the majority of the money, and Kentuckians would be reaping the toxic wastes from the mills because Mobsters don’t clean up pollution they create.

    So, effectively, McConnell made a back door to neuter the sanctions on Deripaska.  And now, Deripaska is being indicted… for even more crimes. Here. In the USA. 

    That, my friends, is a really strong indication that the Republican Party, entirely, is in bed with Russian Mobsters, from top to bottom.  Do you think this will turn out well for your state? For the Nation?

    And these Republican Senators and Congressmen just leaping up to support every aspect of this corruption, is this not an embarrassment to you as an American? That they are taking foreign money, and have been for a very long time, does this not concern you?

    Congratulations Kentucky! You are now economically tied to an indicted Russian Oligarch, Mobster!

    Okay, Let’s Smack a “Democrat”

    Democrats run a very open tent. Too open, if you ask me. But take a look at Tulsi Gabbard. Her claim to fame is that she served in the Armed Forces overseas.  But she was raised in a very destructive cult, has lobbied for, supported some of the most vile authoritarian governments, like Syria’s Assad, praising him, literally praising him for how strong he was, on the day he was slaughtering his own people using White Phosphorous chemical warfare, on civilians, and again praising Egypt’s Sissi on the day he executed 800 protesters, and Modi… all of them. 

    She always slams and only slams Democrats, and yet, she’s running as a Democrat for the Presidency!  She has been endorsed by the KKK, Proud Boys, and Russia Today. She goes on White Supremacist radio/tv/podcast shows to bash Dems, and to yuck it up with those she considers like-minded.

    A Hit Dog Hollers

    Well, Hillary made a statement that a woman was being groomed as a Russian Asset, running for President this time around… she never said Tulsi’s name, but Tulsi done lost her mind! She went on these racist shows and screamed that Hillary was calling her out.

    Remember: Hillary never said her name, only that a woman candidate was a Russian Asset.  The funny thing is, none of the other women running thought it was about them.

    Throw a rock,” the saying goes, “and the dog that hollers is the one you hit.”  Apparently, the words: “Russian Asset” hit Tulsi right on the nose.  She wants to bring the Democratic Party more inline with Authoritarian Regimes, with whom she is very friendly and to whom she is very helpful.

    BTW, Andrew Yang jumped to her defense saying that she can’t be criticized because she’s a veteran.  Reminder: Timothy McVeigh was a decorated veteran. Andrew Yang makes some very sweeping policy statements… but can’t back them up with either facts or plans.  He’s a lightweight with absurd pie-in-the-sky promises that have not the slightest foundation whatsoever. The Stupid he is catering to, will vote for Republicans.

    Nobody is condemning her for her service, but rather for her lies, racism, bigotry. Anybody who uses their service in the military as a shield to protect them from criticism for their statements of hatred toward other groups, or their actions against marginalized groups, has defiled their time in the service.

    Another one who jumped to Tulsi’s defense was Beto O’Rourke. Now, we can all look at him a little closer, can’t we? Is he that naïve? Or does he have too many points in common with the woman who thinks Russian Mobsters deserve to do business in the USA?  Bye-Bye Beto.

    Pete Buttigiege, biggest phony to hit the big time. Fired the Black Chief of Police in his town and replaced him, and every high-ranking Cop of Color, with a White man. Then he says, when complaints of the new Chief came in, that he was, as Mayor, not allowed to fire him. (Makes heads spin).  He gives speeches and holds fundraisers with the Illinois DA that tried to hide the Lacquan MacDonald murder by police: Unarmed. 17 bullets in his back, the cop standing over his body and delivering 3 more shots as he lay there on the ground… yeah, that’s the guy Buttigieg wants support from. Yes, he knew who he was. It made the news, especially in his region.

    Marrianne Williamson… I dunno where to begin or end on that one. She promises us a ride on her unicorn, the one that only craps rainbows. Anyone taking her seriously I lose all respect for.

    Don’t ever say I don’t know some rotten Democrats. I do. I’d go after Bernie the Fraud Sanders here, but he’s never been a Democrat, despite running as one in 2016. And no, he never marched in any Civil Rights march. Ever.

    Wow, the Reading list at the end of this (Website only), is going to be lit.

    How Much Will Be Uncovered

    Meanwhile – as corruption is exploding out into the open, at all levels of government, I can’t help but wonder how much will be uncovered? How far back will they go?  Will they stop connecting the dots when they think they have enough? Or will they realize that we have to dig up every tumor of corruption, all the way back to the systemic abuse and racism that thrives in Indian Country, and which inflicts itself on every member of every tribe in every community?

    Jack Abramoff made national news on his bribery scandal… yet, no one looked at his partners, or those whom he was in business with and their connections and how they would prosper. A scandal that huge, stopped at just the one guy. Nobody questioned it.

    Steven Bruce Cartier, caught with the most child rape/abuse imagery and videos and actually at the time was declared as the most prolific collector of child porn in the world, (also made some videos of his own, raping children from Spirit Lake Nation and surrounding area) and who worked directly with six prominent Child Predator Felons on the Rez, and yet, the investigation started with and ended with him and him alone.  Ever wonder why?

    Somebody was very invested, very connected to several others in high places, that they could prosecute such a high profile case (the biggest in the entire world at the time) and it never touched another person.  Child predators don’t operate at that scale, alone. They operate in Rings. But someone in those Rings was able to touch someone or several someones in high places and cover their tracks.

    Both Abramoff and Cartier took their convictions, served time and never said a word. Not a single word.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ve been in deep, deep shit for a very long time. Amazed that we are just beginning to see any of it.  It’s really going to stink. And, digging our way out of it is going to take monumental effort and energy. We can’t even begin to dig our way out if we keep electing the most corrupt, the most obviously corrupt.  We have to do our own research.

    People suffer in Indian Country every single day, to a level no one not living in it can begin to fathom. It’s because of corruption forced upon them from the ground to the Presidency, and in every direction out from there. It’s not just the poverty, but the fear, the hopelessness and the constant anger and mistrust.

    If we don’t want to go down that road as a nation, we have to fix that road and get rid of every obstacle and pothole. Because what thrives in Indian Country, does not stay in Indian Country. It never did. The time for accountability is now. Everywhere and at every level. We can’t ignore those tumors because we think they don’t affect our body politic and our body electric. If we are going to tolerate systemic racism and abuse, if we are going to maintain a level of false history that paints us as white, male, heroic, we are already defeated, now and in the future.

    With Truth we can find Justice. With Justice we can find Healing and Peace. But without Justice for All, there is only the time it takes to bring us to our knees, collectively, at the hands of Oligarchs, Mobsters, and every corrupt mechanism that puts them in power and keeps them in power.

    You know where to find me.


    Reading List:

    Rich Corporations, not Mom & Pop Farmers benefited... LA Times:Spoiler: Chuck Grassley is one of them

    Oleg Deripaska Linked Firm was raided...Bloomberg News

    Trump ignored Syria Options that could have kept Russia at Bay.... Newsweek

    Trump's Tweets Moving the Stock Market, to Someone's Benefit: Vanity Fair

    Trump's Tax Documents look suspiciously like a pattern of fraud: Pro Publica << one of the best

    Tribal Map of North America

    At Least 50 Trump Electors were Illegitimate: Alternet << Very reliable, well-sourced

    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Linked to Arrested Giuliani Henchman, Lev Parnas in video: Raw Story<< Another real reliable source



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    October 14, 2019
    The World Is Screaming 
    Print (7)

    It’s hard to sleep at night, especially now, because the World is screaming.
    I try to wake up by going to sleep and dreaming.

    You may think you have it hard, you may think you have it really bad,
    But everywhere I turn, broken promises, broken bodies, drowning in the depths of sad,
    You know grief far deeper than I do,
     But those over there, know it deeper than you.

    The betrayals planned out, played out
    Helped by everyone who thought they should not get involved and just stayed out.

    They left the vulnerable to suffer, to hunger and to fear night
    They left the corrupt to claim only they were right.

    The whole world is screaming, and I can’t get my sleep
    We have mountains to climb, and we’re getting tired while they’re getting more steep.

    I wish I had the prayers that would bring Peace, but Peace only comes when Justice is played.
    We allowed greed and injustice, and this is the bed we’ve made.

    No Allies, No Friends

    Our country, the one that fought so hard and so long to represent all that was good and decent in this crazy world; the one that worked so hard to bring equality out of our imperfections, took a wrong turn a long time ago; in the beginning and many times along the way.

    We held up an ideal, a torch in the hand of Lady Liberty, a Beacon to the world of our intentions, and we were followed, we were believed and we were trusted, and we made allies and we became stronger and stronger…

    But those flaws from the inception, and along the way, that we let slip by, the flaws that created and enforced racism and bigotry, while honoring the greedy, the cruel and the dishonest as if they were ‘bold’ or ‘brash’ or somehow smarter than the rest of us because they didn’t play by the rules, when in fact they were breaking the laws… those flaws.

    Those were our weaknesses, our cancer, and they thrived in the dark hallways, backroom deals and corporate funded gatherings that bought and paid for politicians who would do as they were told, has brought us to where we are today: Without allies because we have betrayed those who fought beside us, and betrayed them without warning.

    The allies have all been betrayed, and those who are being slaughtered now in Syria, are a message to any present or future allies we might hope to have: The USA has no honor.

    Don’t blame Trump for this. He couldn’t do any of it if he had not been protected all the way, in every violation of every crime he committed, by party that spawned him.  Republicans built him to be their figurehead and to do everything they wanted him to do: Tax cuts for the super wealthy, while taxes for those under $100K have gone up. Tariffs that drive up our costs for goods imported, and drive away any foreign markets for our goods.

    The Republican leaders will, if you stick a red hot poker in their butts, get up and say they are ‘disappointed’ in how Trump has betrayed our allies…but they won’t lift a finger to stop him. In fact, they need him around to give them one more tax break, despite having driven up the debt and deficits to record highs, they want one more for the super wealthy, and they want a few more things: They want to be able to have lending institutions rip you off with hidden fees and unexpected jumps in interest rates; they want those fake schools that ripped off people seeking higher education, but got nothing, to go without punishment and to not have to pay back the students who took out loans, at extremely high rates, and in fact, they want those loans to be enforced, despite the schools closing…

    They want to build a wall. A f’g wall. A wall that will satisfy the monster that wants to leave his mark on this country, by erecting an edifice to hate and bigotry.  A wall he claims no one can climb, but which has been climbed many times as a demonstration, by both an eight-year old girl, who climbed it in less than 3 minutes, and a man who was juggling at the time.

    Walls were effective back in the day before airplanes. After mankind took to the air, walls were only good for gardens, and back yards.  People who come here illegally come by airplane and boat and they overstay their visas. Like his first wife and his present wife, both of whom lied on their applications.  Hypocrisy is king.

    FOX News wants to throw around the term “Regicide” or “Coup, when the topic of impeachment comes up.  For those who don’t know: Regicide is the murder of a King and a coup is a violent overthrow of a government by the military. Impeachment is the Constitutional method for holding the President accountable. It is the Senate that will hold the trial. Impeachment just gathers the evidence of High Crimes and Misdemeanors.  He is not a King, and the Military have not overthrown him, nor will they.

    Speaking of our Military, Trump has decided that he will send our military not to defend our country or our interests, but to fight the enemies of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He said that they are paying for everything. They are not. They have $100 Million to Ivanka Trump for some bullshit women’s organization she is claiming to operate in their country, but which does not exist.   The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or KSA for short, will not be paying for our soldiers. They will not be paying their 50¢/hr wages, nor for their medical care, nor the benefits to their families and spouses when they are killed over there, but they gave Ivanka Trump $100 Million Dollars.

    Meanwhile, the Kurds, who are the ones who fought ISIS on our behalf, and who lost over 11,000 of their soldiers fighting the wars for us where we lost 6 of our servicemen, have been betrayed without warning, and are being slaughtered by Turkey, with Russian assistance.  Trump has been golfing during all of this. He’s always golfing. Over 234 days of golfing.  People are being slaughtered by the thousands, and he goes golfing.

    Everyone shocked? Surprised? “Disappointed”?  Where did you think a man spouting hate, lies, bigotry would take us? Where did you think that a party addicted to Russian money would take us? Republicans have suddenly started to run for cover now that their exposure in these Russian Money scandals is becoming known.

    Pete Sessions, in Texas took over $3M dollars from the Russians (same ones as got arrested last week) and he took several meetings with them, but he didn’t act on anything they asked… so he says, but he did.  So now, as he’s running for Senate again, he says he’ll give the money back.

    Excuse me? Give the money back? Really? He knew it was illegal campaign donations, but he took the money for years.  It’s like getting caught committing the crime and then saying you’ll give the money back, and somehow that will make it ok? 

    Example: You rob a bank, several times, for a period of years. You get away with it. You keep doing it. Suddenly, someone involved in your bank robbing gang gets caught, your name comes up, “Aw shucks, I’ll give the money back.” That doesn’t work. You commit the crime you can’t uncommit the crime by giving the money back.

    All the crimes and corruption we are seeing play out right now, will bring our country to its knees. You’re going to find out how much of it ties back to Indian Country, and the crimes and corruption that every level of government was involved in, and got away with, because no one was looking, and no one cared because it was only happening to Indians… and we had, through the magic window of entertainment and media, stereo-typed First Nations people into a cartoon version of who they really were.

    Jack Abramoff was connected to these same nexus plexus of Russians and the Mob. Remember that part.

    We didn’t want to think about it because it would mean we were taught a false history and we owed Justice to those we betrayed at the beginning.  We stereo-typed Black People to the point that police now just point and shoot, ask questions never, and get away with it if the victim is Black.  We’ve stereo typed Brown people into the most ridiculous caricatures, that we should be ashamed for being so stupid as to not laugh them off the stage for saying such fantastical, untrue, racist things.  But instead of pushing back on the lies, talk shows and news program panels, allowed them air time, over and over again, as if what they were saying had some merit.

    To further the brainwashing, the sheer stupidity, these panels consist not of experts in the fields being discussed, but of “opinionators” who have extremely unqualified credentials (read: No Credentials, no expertise, just strong opinions), to get up there and make noise, nothing backed up with facts, all to dilute the information, confuse people.  Someone who is an expert on a region of the world, is opposed on panel by someone who has no expertise, and who will shout them down, and then the viewing public is left to ‘decide’.  Let’s see: Facts versus bullshit, lies, and both are treated as if equal… I dunno, what do you think Merv? *Shrug*

    Presently, FOX News is erasing Rudy Giuliani as ever having been Trump’s attorney. Trump is acting like he barely knew the guy, and also knew nothing of the Russian born guys who were just arrested. Up pops several pictures of events with Trump and his spawn, dining with those same to Russian Born Criminals, being invited to White House State Dinners, his family partying with them… but suddenly he doesn’t know who they are and is not sure he ever knew Rudy Tooty Giuliani.  

    One woman on an opinion panel discussing this situation said “MAGA stands for MAKE ATTORNEYS GET ATTORNEYS”  And it’s true. All of Trump’s attorneys have had to get attorneys to defend themselves against the corruption they got involved in, and some of those attorneys to the attorneys have had to get attorneys.
    Not joking.

    We were warned that if we tried to impeach Trump, he would start a war to distract the nation from his corruption, and many think that he is destroying the Syrian Kurdish arrangement, to do that, exactly.

    In the process of allowing Turkey to bomb, kill, slaughter our Kurdish Allies, more than 10,000 ISIS prisoners have escaped.  We will be attacked. When we are attacked, he will claim we can’t have elections because he has to fight to save us, from the monsters he has unleashed.   And there are enough idiots out there to vote for him and attend his rallies, that people will think they have no choice but to support him.

    He wants us to be attacked so we will be afraid and confused and won’t know what to do. Why else would he destroy our greatest allies and allow for our greatest enemies to escape?

    He doesn’t make sense when he speaks. He lies when he speaks. He uses all the built in flaws of ignorance, racism, bigotry and misogyny to divide this nation and stir up his base.

    His base is really small and it’s shrinking. Why any vet would ever support him is beyond me.

    You might think that since the election, the only interviews done by any media are of Trump Voters, when in fact they were the smaller number, that only Trump Voters exist.  Media never looked for Hillary voters.  They’d go into Democratic areas and search high and low until they found one or two Trump voters and those would be the ones they’d interview and do the write up.  It’s a very misleading method. It’s akin to propaganda. It’s part and parcel of assisting propaganda to work.  It is as if the 3 Million more people who voted for Hillary, somehow, never existed.

    Ask yourself: “Have I read any magazine, newspaper pieces about Hillary voters and how they feel about how things are going? Have I seen any in-depth tv shows following anyone who voted for Hillary?” No. You haven’t. They don’t exist. 

    Now, how many interviews and shows have you seen, read, that featured the Trump voters and their opinions on how things are going? Lost count? Me too.

    We are being destroyed from within by the same people who created Nixon’s debacle (Roger Stone has a tattoo of Richard Nixon, on his back). Paul Manafort was there, and a few others. They’ve been a part of the inner workings of every Republican Administration since Nixon. A few newer guys, even worse in their lies and corruption, have been added this time around, but the nexus plexus remains firmly in place.

    Democrats will come in and clean up the mess. Republicans will claim that Democrats are wasting your money and raising taxes and taking your guns.

    Democrats are the ones who fix the economy, Republicans always scrape it for the wealthiest.
    It will be more than just a little expensive to clean up this mess. It will cost more. The wealthy who pay less in taxes now than at any time in history, will have to pay more. The middle class and the poor will have to pay less because we are the demographic that has to spend what we make, where we live: Food, rent, utilities… and we build the economy from the ground up, not from the top down.

    The Top Tier does not ‘create jobs’.  The working class creates the wealth that makes the top tier wealthy. Without labor, there is no wealth by which the wealthy can underpay labor.

    Guns? Do you need an AR-15 type assault weapon designed for war? It’s only used for killing as many people as possible in as short a period of time. You don’t hunt with them. No hunter would respect you if you tried.  Those guns will be turned in (bought back), and will not be sold to civilians again.  It will cut down the number of mass shootings. Loosening the gun laws has only increased the carnage. We’re better than that.  There will also be laws in place that will remove guns from people who are a danger to themselves or to others.  We don’t need more death.

    Will it end all murders? No. No law ends all crimes. If it’s all or nothing in your logic, then no laws apply, ever. Why make murder illegal if only murderers will kill people? Why make burglary or theft against the law if you can’t stop all burglars?  If you learn to think, you are less likely to be steered by these nonsensical memes and Social Media plays that make no sense.

    Stop arguing with your co-workers and relatives. If they can’t use logic, you can’t play with them.

    Meanwhile, the Kurds are being slaughtered. Mothers & fathers are carrying their dead children because they can’t leave them behind and they have no way to bury them.  The terror is unfathomable.  We did this. Our country did this. Our illegitimate president did this in our name and we can’t fix this without investing generations to repair our wrongs. We need to make an apology tour around the world.

    We need to fix what was wrong with our system from the beginning. Because, if we don’t, we’ll fail again, even worse.

    Don’t think it won’t happen, it is happening now. It will happen again. Defy racism, bigotry, misogyny. You’ll find you personally are stronger for it. You will begin to respect yourself. You will realize that seeking and pursuing Justice for others, is the only way we can find Peace and Prosperity, Strength and Respect personally and throughout the world.  The world knows our flaws. They have always known our hypocrisy. Admitting it is not weakness, it’s the first step to fixing it.  Justice is key. Injustice at any level, to anyone, weakens us all. Justice should be our mission in this world.

    We owe a lot. We will not be able to pay off our debts until we acknowledge our debts. 

    Carrot & Stick

    Reminder: Both Democrats and Republicans got hacked by Russians in 2016. We saw what they exposed on Democrats: Leon Panetta’s Risotto  recipe was overplayed as crime of the century, the emails from Hillary, if you read them, revealed a woman who genuinely cared about the people she was working for. She cared about the injured, the sick, the struggling. Media just rolled their eyes but they never read her emails aloud, because it revealed her as a warm hearted Human and that destroyed the stereo type they had been cultivating of her for 20 years.

    But they never exposed the Republican emails and texts. They kept those quiet so they could dangle them over the heads of any Republican who would dare defy them. Carrot and Stick.  Here’s a bunch of Russian Money for your campaign, if you play ball with us. Here’s what we can expose of your private life, your corruption, if you don’t. Which would you choose?

    This is why, even as our greatest allies are being slaughtered, and as other allies are taking note that we are not worth our word on anything, Republicans do nothing. They still defend and remain loyal to 45.

    Lindsey Graham is carrying a petition around to his fellow Republican Senators, asking them to sign that they will not impeach Trump no matter what the House investigation reveals. They’re loyalty to Trump, not to the Constitution.  Party over Country. And it’s blatant.  And they are signing it. That’s some carrot or some stick, iddnit?

    Yeah, proudly tell me you aren’t going to vote because you can’t vote for a Republican or you’re too confused. That’s how we got here. That’s why the world is screaming. You just can’t hear it.

    You know where to find me.


    Reading List:

    Alan Dershowitz and the Wheel of Pain Columbia Journalism Review

    Pete Sessions is "Congressman 1" in Indictment of Rudy Giuliani Associates  Texas Tribune

    The FBI Lost Our Son, Wall Street Journal (behind a Paywall but gives you an inside view of how FBI fails those who trust it the most

    Arizona Elected Official indicted in Human Trafficking (Of course he's a Republican)

    Anglican Church Apologizes to Victims, Star Tribune.

    Ron Johnson says he was blocked by Trump from telling Ukraine that the Aid was on the way.  Journal Sentinal





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    October 7, 2019

    Corruption & Greed, Over and Over Again -- Print (3)

    This theme will never quit. Our country was founded on corruption: The wealthiest having the rights, the poorest having no rights, the slaves doing all the work and the Indians being robbed of everything. 

    I pointed it out, for years and years, how corrupt things were in Indian Country, and how good & decent people were forced to suffer a system that deprived them at every turn, of a chance at life.

    Children are raised in violent communities; families suffer generations of addictions, sexual abuse and violence as well as grinding poverty, while the wealthiest among them seem to get more and more of everything, and no one can really account for it.

    They didn’t do this to themselves. This was inflicted upon them as a way to control the resources wealthy corporations wanted to extract from their lands.  Mining, drilling, dumping of toxic wastes, medical wastes, heavy metals waste, and radioactive wastes is common. 

    What is rare is clean water, decent buildings, good roads, enough heat in winter, and programs run by the qualified.  Money designated for agencies such as housing or suicide, or water treatment, going to the least qualified but politically connected is how taxpayers lose millions and in fact billions of dollars in Indian Country, while those in need of basic services, get nothing but more grief.   

    Their leaders make deals with murderers, and corporations that destroy the environment, clean up nothing, leave a trail of destruction, while pocketing profits and not paying taxes, …. And now, you don’t know if I’m still talking about Indian Country or the Entire Country, do you?

    The destruction is planned. If you destroy people’s only means of survival, whether it be slaughtering the buffalo or bankrupting the family farms, the beneficiaries are always the wealthy and wealthiest who divide up the spoils for themselves and use their accumulated wealth to buy the government that serves them while hurting everyone else.

    Stand up to the bullies, and you stand alone in Indian Country. You risk everything. Or you sit down and try to get by, watching it get worse and worse every year.  We have a chance now to unite and save our democracy, but it comes at a price: We must go back to rectify the flaws in the system that thrived on dividing us through racism, misogyny, bigotry and ignorance.

    We can take to the streets. We already have and we will again.  We will elect better representatives and flush out all the corrupt.  We will rebuild, and it will take generations, our standing in the world, and our economy.

    And it will all be for nothing unless we actively hold accountable those we elect at every level of government: From Dog Catcher to President and every level in between.

    One more thing: Reparations.  We must put in place a system to rectify and repay those from whom the wealth of this nation was stolen.  We must restructure our relationship with Treaty Lands that will drastically change who has control over those lands and cities.  It can be done. It just won’t be simple or easy.

    The “R” Word

    The other part is reparations for the system of racism that literally stole people, stole children, stole labors and properties of people and enforced a system of Jim Crow mostly in the South, but in every aspect of every community throughout the land.

    You cringe. I feel it from here. “That will cost billions and billions….!”  Yes, yes it will.  We have trillions of dollars we spend on Military, and trillions more that are not taxed because wealthy billionaires hide it offshore.  We’ll start with those two and then work our way throughout the system.

    Not just a cash payment, but a system that favors and lifts up those who were denied, for generations, a chance at equal education, equal employment, housing, property ownership, business building, etc.

    Too complicated? I think not. We managed for hundreds of years to have special laws and rules to keep people of Color, especially Black People down; rules that only applied to them, from curfews to redlining and other forms of discrimination.  We can instead make rules that, for the next 7 generations, give advantage to those whom we robbed for 400 years.  We’re a nation of smart people, and we can do this.

    And, when we do, there will be big ugly tears from those who feel they are being discriminated against, simply because to them, equality is oppression. Tough.  The advantages of Reparations is a gift to us all. It will raise up the standard of living in every community. More businesses, more goods, more taxes paid, more services rendered, more infrastructure maintained.

    Right now, it’s a battle to get anyone to care that children in Indian Country don’t have proper
    food, their water is contaminated, and their homes are substandard.

    Those who have benefited over generations of unearned inherited wealth stolen from the labors of slaves and the stolen lands and resources of First Nations, won’t be poor, but they won’t be able to continue unearned wealth accumulation at the expense of The Red Man, The Brown Man, The Black Man.

    Who, Me?

    Me? I’m hoping our school systems and the curriculum will drastically improve.  Better methods of teaching, cultural curriculum included, multiple languages offered (The US remains one of the most ignorant nations when it comes to understanding or speaking even a second language. It’s one of the things other countries find laughable about our country.

    True History. Get curriculum lined up with facts. This whole White, Male, Christian centric crap we have been fed for generations, left us completely unprepared for the fascist takeover presently in process.  We must teach in our schools where we made mistakes, where we were the bad guys, and make it possible for our society to move into the future, unhobbled by fables of fantastic White Male Christians that never existed.  Fables have crippled us, and have enabled our Corporate Overlords to more easily manipulate us against one another.

    We should be standing up for one another, not fighting to defend the mindless, corrupt rantings of a man who shits in a Gold toilet. He is not one of us.

    We need, desperately, to learn and understand the value of Science in our society. Science is what will help us to save ourselves as this Climate Crisis overtakes us (because we didn’t listen to science in the 70’s, as they tried to warn us).  Denial only serves those corporations who are getting richer and richer by depleting our resources, damaging our environment.

    We have so much work to do. We have so much damage to UNDO.  We need to find our Humanity and our courage.  Our strength will come from Unity.

    Most of all, we must stop fooling ourselves. We’re in a world of crap, and we have politicians telling us it’s roses.  We must hold our government accountable. We must hold the Press accountable. 

    It’s time to stop making celebrities out of serpents. It’s time to find the kind of values that will make us stronger.  They don’t come in packages of racism, bigotry, sexism, misogyny.  Ignorance is not a good look. It got us here, and it broke us along the way.

    You know where to find me.




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