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    The Origin of this blog and it's transformation into shining a greater light onto the abuse and corruption that runs rampant in Indian Country. The culprits are in every level of government. They are what ails us all, regardless of where we live, or who we are. Judging from events at the national & state levels, We Are ALL Indians Now. This is about them, and this is about us––ALL of us.

    Eddie Peltier/ Richard LaFuente

    Justice/ Freedom

    Richard LaFuente served almost 30 years for a crime he did not commit, while the real killers roamed free, and still do, to this day.

    Nothing "Just" Happens

    Everything we suffer now, all the suffering we see now, has roots in our untold history.  We can't know what we weren't taught unless we are willing to open our minds to the simple logic that "Nothing JUST happens."

    The greatest injustices have fallen upon Indigenous People the world over, and upon minorities in our very midst.  Unless we are willing to take on and hold accountable those who commit these injustices and those who profit from them as well as those who created the system that makes ongoing injustice "routine", we will never know Peace in our lifetime, anywhere in this world.

    It's time to QUESTION AUTHORITY and hold accountable those in power and those who benefit from a system designed by "leaders" to be unfair, unjust, and costly to all of us. This is not happening to "other" people, it is happening to People. WE ARE PEOPLE.

    Those in power will always aim our anger at someone else, even less powerful. Until we see others as equal to ourself, we will never know the true power of Unity, nor the Peace of living in a Just World.

    Introduction: The same corrupt system that wrongly accused, convicted and imprisoned eleven innocent young men is the same system, with many of the exact same players, who are currently profiting from rampant sexual abuse of children on Spirit Lake Nation Reservation in North Dakota, as well as most if not all reservations in Indian Country, and beyond.

    This Blog is documenting ongoing events at all levels of government. Events on the rez itself, often require someone to speak up and speak out, but since those who do are often abused, assaulted, threatened and intimidated by the abusers in authority, this blog is their voice.

     I ignore morons but the rest of you can reach me at: Cat West Email



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    September 30, 2019 ––  Print (3)
    Look Out Below!

    So, here we are. The plane is on fire and the pilot done lost his mind. His crew is acting like everything is fine, but they seem to be disappearing, one by one. If you look out the windows on the Starboard side, you’ll see little parachutes of those who have abandoned the mad king, and you’ll see more taking dives whose chutes haven’t opened up yet.  They won’t open until the cord is pulled. But they’ve been brainwashed into not pulling the cord.

    This brief trip into Corruption Land, where everyone is in it for themselves, and all they had to do was to praise the Mad King, publicly and privately, on the regular, was a heady adventure. Billions were scooped up, never to be seen again, and never to be accounted for.

    Americans were left to perish after natural disasters, because they had two strikes against them: 1.) They didn’t allow the Mad King, while he was just a simple money launderer for the Russian Mob, to build one of his ostentatious Hotels in their country because of his history of defaulting on payments and not paying his workers nor his taxes, as well as the sources of his financing were sketchier than a page of shorthand by a blind stenographer.  Strike 2.) They were Brown People. The Mad King, in his orange spray tan, which he uses to mask the sickly greyness of his own hide, is racist to his core. His daddy was once arrested at a KKK Rally, and MK himself was sued many times for discrimination in how he ran his businesses.

    “Businesses”, I kid. Criminal Enterprise.  It’s a form of business I suppose.

    He is not an aberration in politics. In fact, he is the ideal that the Republican. Party has been striving for, for decades.  A man so dumb and so uncaring about the harm being done, but who will just sign anything put in front of him by the Republican Leaders.  Grover Norquist, who is one of the driving forces behind the Conservative movement, just wants to cut taxes­­­––– not YOUR taxes, not mine, but the millionaires and billionaires.  But of course, they say “cutting taxes” and idiots vote for them because they don’t want details. Grover had this idea, he says, when he was twelve-years old. Yup. Taxes are bad. They build roads, provide for our military, common defense, protect our environment, give us National Parks (Don’t worry, all those are going away too), and send us to the Moon and back.  

    Taxes also provide services in times of Natural Disasters…. But, who needs any of that, right? The super wealthy, the greediest of the greedy,  think the poors should pay more so they can pay less.  Remember when the Republicans passed a bill that said that the fuel and maintenance of private jets was tax deductible? Yup, we’re paying for their luxury flights. But that’s okay with you, right?

    You don’t need your schools to supply  kids with books, materials, or for those schools even to have safe buildings or heat, right?  Taxes are bad. So, Conservatives worked for decades to purge out of their party, anyone who could foresee any drawbacks to their greed.  You cheered them on at their rallies, right?

    Grover Norquist, who never had a thought beyond age twelve, is one of your heroes, right?  Here he is, yukking it up with the idiots among you, saying that we don’t need a president to lead us, just to have enough digits to sign the bills we put in front of him. Behold. February 2012

    And here we are today.  A man so corrupt and so greedy, he is the perfect embodiment of everything the Republicans have been building for decades. A man so dumb he doesn’t read and wouldn’t be able to pronounce half the words if he did read them, just signs what Republicans tell him to sign.

    He puts extremists on the Judicial Bench, for life and the Republican Senate waves them all through. The most incompetent have never tried a case in court, never filed a brief, never had a client… Judges for life, because they are too stupid to care about the damage they do, and this has been the goal of the Republican Party.

    During Obama’s terms, they refused to fill more than a handful of seats on the Federal Bench because they wanted a philosophy of extreme conservatism to rule the courts all across the land. More than 1500 seats remained empty because of Republican Obstruction. They even refused to meet with Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee, making up some lie that it was not acceptable to have a POTUS in their last year (18 mos, in this case) name a Supreme Court Justice. This lie they maintained, despite it being disproven in about 20 previous cases. They wanted Extremely Conservative Justices on that Bench, and they waited until Trump was in office and started planting them.

    So, here we are, in that plane that was going to crash and burn, regardless because the man at the helm doesn’t know how to fly and would not listen to anyone that did know how to fly. He throws a fit if he is not praised. He regularly opens meetings with his staff or cabinet, by having them each in turn, praise and thank him.  He was corrupt before he got into office, and he has become more corrupt while in office.

    Our National Parks and Federal Lands are being stripped of their protections. He’s put corporate lobbyists in charge of every agency that is supposed to regulate how those corporations can pollute, or how they can cheat their employees.

    The Republicans during their run of both houses during the first part of this term, passed laws repealing the laws that had been passed to prevent banks and Mortgage/Lending Institutions from ripping off borrowers. They literally put back in place, all the elements that caused the last huge economic crash during the George W Bush Administration. 

    Oh yeah, it’s gonna crash. So is this plane. And your friends and family who continue to support this criminal? They’re traitors.  So are you if you don’t stand up now. It’s not just Trump. He will be removed from office. But the Republican Party? They will build another one. Vote them all out.

    Or not. Have you seen how government fails people in Indian Country? Billions of our Tax Dollars go into the Tribes, but people still live in substandard shacks while those in power live extremely well, travel First Class and get thousands of dollars to play with at the tables when they hold conferences at casinos. Why do they hold so many conferences at casinos?

    People in those tribes suffer. Good people suffer. They have little or no say over the bullies that run those tribes. Bullies that are extremely well connected to local, State, and Federal Governments.  Bullies that don’t fear being held accountable for the harm they do, the laws they break, even selling out their own people. 

    Same is true of the greater governments: State and Federal. We get rid of Trump, we get rid of The Republican Party, and if we don’t want to see this movie again, we have to take a serious in-depth look a the system that made it possible to murder people and get away with it; to traffic children and get rich from it. To cripple communities with drugs and get wealthy from it.

    See? You can’t tell what part is talking to White Society and what part is talking about Indian Country, can you.  We are all Indians now.  If we don’t find to save each other, regardless of race, religion or any other form of bigotry, we shall surely be on this ride again.

    Ooops, looks like the wing is on fire. Gotta go!

    You know where to find me.




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    September 23, 2019

    The Doors Print Version (6)

    Break on through to the other side…” ­––Jim Morrison on Lead.

    Doors, doors, and more doors. Mordor, Place where Evil roots power. ––Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  Hodor ­­–– Game of Thrones.

    Doors open. Doors shut. But there is always you on one side, something or someone else on the other side. Always. Even if it is emptiness, or great happiness. Things you have stolen, or sacrifices you have made for others. It’s all behind the doors.

    The doors are always there, whether you see them or not. There is power in being able to open a door, or to close a door.  But no door is ever sealed. Eventually, every door will be opened, and we must deal with what comes from the other side.  A sealed door is still a door.  Even if you brick it up, plaster it … it will always be a door, and that means it will open.

    We come through a door when we are born. We pass through many doors during our lifetime. We pass through a door when we depart this world. There are so many more doors that await us, and they too, will all be opened and we must deal with what comes at us through those doors.

    Our bodies wear out. Our egos expire, but our spirits endure.

    Science tells us that we can neither create nor destroy matter. That matter and energy exchange properties between each other in a constant cycle of matter converting to energy; energy inhabiting matter. Energy being released from matter…

    Our spirits are a form of energy. They propel us through our lifetime. They go with us when we depart. While we are here, we are mostly ego, and in our own way. When ego expires, the spirit is free. But not until it goes through the doors.

    The doors transform whatever goes through them. Just as you ‘feel’ different in each room of your house, busy in the kitchen, restful in the bedroom, cleansing in the shower… etc… different, even if subtly.

    Sometimes extremely. Oh, what goes on behind closed doors? There is good and there is evil. There is plotting to harm and planning to help, all behind doors. Be careful to whom you open your doors, in your home, in your life, in your prayers.

    Light the sage and Sweet Grass, use your Bear Root and begin smudging. We’re going in.

    The West Door

    “Ancestors of the West, you are Color Black, Home to the Thunder Beings, Thunderbird… You bring sudden and great changes…”

    We begin our journey, our ceremony, by inviting in the Ancestors of the West. They are the most powerful. They bring the most destructive forces to tear down existing edifices of corruption and wrong doing, in order for us to rebuild something better from the ruins and the rubble.

    They hear our prayers.  They fight, literally & figuratively, the strongest and most evil beasts that dwell and affect/afflict our dimension. They are not polite. The scars of those battles are their footprints all over Turtle Island and the world.

    They are stirring now because the world is in peril from the damage Humans have allowed. The world is in peril because of corruption and greed.  Humans hurting other humans has caused this imbalance.  So, the battle is political as well as physical. 

    The West calls for the strongest and bravest, the smartest and the most compassionate in each of us, to rise up and face the monsters that need fighting. They do not fight our battles FOR us, they fight our battles WITH us.  If you are just sitting back, watching, saying nothing, doing nothing, you are of no value to this battle. There is no Safe Place to hide when Thunder Beings roam.

    The North Door

    “Ancestors of the North, You are Color White, Place of Stamina and Endurance, of Healing and Information…”

    We are wounded from the damage done. We are wounded from the imbalance. We are sickened from the proceeds of corruption and the damage done to our environment and to our minds.  To heal, we will need help. We will need information. What we do with that information will determine if we can heal. Do we keep the information to ourselves and allow others to suffer? Or do we do what must be done, regardless of how it is portrayed by the corrupt and the ignorant?

    Do we comfort the victims?  Or do we blame them? The Healing and Information of the North is for us to use to help ourselves and others, to heal.  Do we fear that if we share we won’t have more than someone else?  It never used to be that way.  We used to share because we saw others had less than we did.  We kept the balance. We walked in balance. Now, we stagger.  We are wounded.

    The East Door

    Ancestors of the East, you are Color Yellow, Place of Wisdom, Learning. You are where Grandfather Sun, Grandmother Moon begin their long journey across the sky...”

    All things, from the beginning, had a beginning.  They say the Sun is older than us, and the Moon is younger.. They walk together and mark the time for us, the seasons for us, and bring us light even in our darkest days and nights.  The East represents learning. Every new day is a day to learn something new.

    If we learn about things that are destructive, or that have been putting us more and more out of balance, we can begin to understand how we got to this point and we can learn what we must do to bring back the balance.  Bringing back the balance will require we take down corruption, greed and the tools of deception that enable and protect it.

    The East Door will open, and things will be revealed that are hard for us to look at. But we must not turn away, for the things revealed, terrifying as they might be, ugly as they might be, will also be revealed alongside of the steps we must take to overcome the damage done, and to change our path for our future generations, who will inherit from us, the best and worst, the most and least of what we have done.

    The East Door will reveal to us our own imperfections, our flaws… and teach us how to use what we have learned from our mistakes to help others.  No mistake is wasted unless it is repeated without learning.

    We were never intended to be perfect. We should never expect perfection from ourselves nor others. We came here to learn, to love and to gain understanding. That only comes through imperfection and our acceptance of our mortality.

    The South Door

    Ancestors of the South, you are color Red, place where the Ancestors dwell….”

    The sweat faced the West, as is our custom. There was a troubled, besieged young man in the sweat. Terrible things had been put upon him… and we were asked to cleanse him and pray for him, and so we did…  and before the Fourth Door could be opened, the South Door Flew open and we could see the Old Ones, standing in a golden glowing light, reach through that flaming opening,  and past us, to wrestle what was on that young man, and take it with them as it shrieked, and suddenly the door closed. “Mitakuye  Oyasin!” and the West Door was opened. The young man will never be okay in this world, but that which had straddled him, and was using him to cause great harm around him, was gone.

    Never had the South Door opened before.

    The Doors Open when they must.

    Our Ancestors reach through to guide us, and to protect us, where and when they can.  But so many, having seen or experienced the extraordinary, expect it all the time. That is not how this works. That is not how any of this works.

    The strongest Ancestors on the that side, became that way by making their lives count while they were on this side.  We may not know all their names, but we know they earned their strength on that side by fighting against evil on this side; by having and showing compassion on this side; by raising respect and holding integrity on this side.

    Make your life count while you are on this side. It matters not if you get the credit, although recognition would be nice, especially when it comes to teaching the future generations how to overcome adversity, but what you build in yourself here, surely follows you to the other side.

    If you only care for yourself and what you can take from this world, then you will be a weakling on the other side, and have to wait a very long time to walk this world again, and make better of yourself.

    A person can be born into this world with every handicap and disability, but how they struggle to make their existence a purpose is what gives them strength on the other side.

    A person can be born with every advantage and spend their whole life uncaring for others, bullying and stealing from others, and they will, when their time comes, cross over into the darkness they built while they were here. 

    You may think your life has no value, but it does. Your life affects everyone around you. Make that effect one of respect and compassion, for those are the strengths you’ll need if you are ever to reach through the South Door, to help those who have come long after you are gone.

    The South Door opening as it did is a reminder: We are not alone. We are not the First. We are not the Last and we are not the Only. We are ALL Related.

    Also, it is a reminder that all the Doors open. Presently, in these turbulent times, Mother Earth quaking, the slaughter of innocents the World over, clearly, the West Door is opening, and there will be battles between Good and Evil in this world, such as the stories of legends gone by.  When that time comes, there will be an accounting: Who is on the side of Good? Who is on the side of Evil? The battles will be fierce. Where you fight and for whom and what you fight will mark you, and the Thunder Beings will not be fooled by false piety. They cannot be bought with money nor gold.

    What will be left of this world will be abandoned for the Next World. We will be fewer. We will be terrified. We will begin again.  All that is here now will be lost. The time will be of our choosing. As we allow corruption, greed and deception to rule over us, as we aid and abet false prophets who take the stage, stand at the pulpit, or wrap themselves in flags… we draw nearer to the battle that will be the end of this world. 

    The more we stand up against what is Evil and stand up FOR what is Good in this world, the stronger we become, the more we quieten the Door of the West… behind which the Beings are readying to come and wreak havoc upon havoc, and bring order through annihilation.  They hear us, but they don’t listen to us. They see us, but they do not follow us.

    The Children Are Awake

    The Children are marching in our streets, led by a child of great courage and wisdom. “And a Child shall Lead them.” I heard that somewhere. So did you.

    The Door of the North is Open. What is happening is seen and known. The information that was concealed from us can be hidden no longer. We see it. We know it. To pretend otherwise is foolish on our part.  

    The Children marching, all over the world. It means more than what you know. It means they have discovered their strength in unity. It means they cannot go back, they will not believe lies, they will not be controlled by greed, corruption or violence.

    Already the children acting together, for this purpose, are changing this world. We may stand a chance now, if we do all within our power to support them and to protect them.  We must do our part or we will perish.

    Last year, Greta Thunberg, then just 15 years old, sat alone on the steps of Parliament in Sweden, holding her sign :School Strike for Climate.  She was ignored for three weeks. Even her parents tried to dissuade her. On the third week, a handful of other children joined her. On this last Friday, more than One Million People, mostly children, marched for Climate Crisis to be resolved. 

    Last year, she was alone, on the steps. A quiet, introverted child with a sign. This year, she has spoken at United Nations, and in front of The Congress of the United States, and met with the heads of State of several countries. She’s just getting started.

    You can do something. You can support a greater cause. You can support another person who is fighting the good fight. You are not powerless.

    You know where to find me.


    Reading  List:

    Check your voter Registration. Make sure you are registered and that you haven't 'been removed'. Vote. Org

    Congressman Hides in Elevator to avoid Vets.Spoiler: He's a vet and makes a big deal of his service, but doesn't want to answer as to how and why he's screwing over both active duty and  vets for Trump's Wall.  (BTW: That wall is great idea as long as you believe we should drain our economy into it. Meanwhile, drugs come in by Ship, Airplane, and at ports of entry. The myth that refugees are hauling bales of drugs and that the Wall will protect us, is utter bs.

    She's not alone anymore: Greta Thunberg in tweets, with links

    Homestead: $700K per day to run this empty facility. Meanwhile, humans are packed like cattle in pens, and private prisons such as this one, are making millions of dollars a day to hurt them or neglect them entirely.

    Newsweek: ICE doesn't want you to be mad at  their agents who are hurting people, kidnapping children,  neglecting children, trafficking in children. They're just 'following orders".  Same line as the Nazis used at the  Nuremberg trials.



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    September 16, 2019

    Beautiful Building on A Bad Foundation  - Print  (11)

    I’ve been watching a lot of Home Repair programs on TV.

    Construction of anything you want to last, much less be permanent, all comes down to the “foundation”.  You can build a gorgeous house, many rooms, marbled entryways… but if it is built on a crooked foundation, you have to keep making adjustments, or the errors at the base will eventually topple the building itself.

    The United States was built on what appears to be a great foundation, with the Constitution that declares all men equal and allows for modification through amendments over time, to ‘adjust’… so the Founders knew that the base itself, was probably full of imperfections. The Constitution is the Framework, not the foundation, of our country.  In fact, we often speak of the Founding Fathers (because they wouldn’t allow Founding Mothers to have any credit) as “Framers of our Constitution”)

    The founding of the USA is different from the Constitution. The founding was based on Colonization. Colonization, contrary to those lovely Thanksgiving Indians and Pilgrims stories we were fed throughout school, was based on Trade, not “Freedom of Religion”.

    If you think about it, the whole “We hate Quakers so much we’re giving them a ship, a crew, and sending them to a country to open up the trading posts for us,” doesn’t really make sense.  But what does make sense is that explorers, adventurers and traders who had been coming here for over 100 years, and shipping back exotic furs, tobacco, etc., needed a more solid, stable base to secure their products & payments went smoothly.  Enter the Colonists, in their own way, extremists, seeking a better life and greater riches. They came for the MONEY, not for the religion.

    They didn’t all make it. They were expendable. It was their leaders who were important. They remained sponsored by the Crown to make these treacherous journeys, to create settlements and to govern them in a way that benefited England.

    There was Just One Problem—

    It appears this great “New (to me) World” was in fact, already occupied. Indians already lived here for thousands of years, and had their own ‘settlements’ and territories, and trading routes.

    Some were cooperative and helpful in dealing with the traders, but the settlers, that was a whole nutha ball of bees.  Imagine you own a market at the corner, and some new people show up to buy your goods. 

    They often cheat you out of their true value, but you’ve come a long way to meet them at your market place, and they’ve come a long way… some pay better than others, so it is sort of a wash.

    Then you wake up one day, and they’ve brought their families in, and moved them into your store.  They’ve literally taken over your trading posts, and brought their destructive animals with them, along with their wives, children… and they’ve claimed what is yours, as theirs and will no longer allow you to run your own store.  Call them Colonists.

    They are entitled to all of your resources because they claim their Church gave them the rights. Wait, what’s a “Church”?  Oh? You don’t know? That proves that it’s ours not yours!  If you try to take back what was yours for thousands of years, you are declared “Hostile”.

    Hostile? You bet! They’ve already declared you savages because you don’t wear buckles on your shoes and hats. In fact, you don’t wear shoes and hats, so that means you have no body shame and that means you’re godless and that means we have a right to your lands! (I don’t make the rules, the Church does, and I will kill you if you try to stop me, because you’re a “Savage”.)

    Fast Forward

    That’s the short version.  What followed is genocide, a holocaust that is still in play to this day. Lands were stolen, treaties were broken (Every.Single.One).  And it got worse.

    Ships arrived, with Human Cargo. Slavery. This New World was ripe for resource exploitation and the very wealthy were very firmly invested in taking all they could, but without the physical strength and endurance needed to work the lands and cater to their sensitive and elite lifestyles. They took the lands for nothing, now, they would take the hardest physical labors for nothing.

    Indians were forced into Concentration Camps we called “Reserves”,  “Reservations” and they were denied access to hunting and most of their gathering, and they were no longer allowed to migrate to their summer/winter territories.  Government sponsored the slaughter of millions of buffalo, and laid waste to their carcasses so that Indians would have no resources for food, clothing, implements.  They literally starved them to death in those ‘reservations’.

    FACT: Hitler modeled his Cocentration Camps and Death Camps on the USA model of Reservation System. Fact: Trump’s “Detention Centers” are in fact Concentration Camps by every definition, modeled on Hitler’s use of our use of Reservation system. Full Circle jerk on the Racism.

    FACT: They are now talking about mass institutionalizing people they deem mentally defective, again, modeled on Hitler style Concentration Camps. The requisites for being rounded up and incarcerated are pretty vague.  (Why not? They’ve gotten away with these atrocities so far)  *UPDATE: Now they want to round up the Homeless, put them in concentration  camps.

    Slaves were not just labored and beaten, raped and their families torn apart as members were sold without the slightest consideration for them as Human Beings.  Indian Lands were stolen, Indians were slaughtered, starved, raped, and every treaty broken.

    If the premise for migrating to Turtle Island was in fact, about God, none of these things would have happened. The Church was just as exploitive of people as were the Kings and Queens of Europe. America was created because of the wealth it promised to those who would and could take it.

    Kings & Queens claimed to rule by Divine Right. The Churches claimed to be able to Know the Mind of God (ergo, who was deigned Divine), and together, the Churches and the Royals broke Civilizations into tiny warring factions, as it was their quickest means to gain empire and surest means to keep it for themselves.  I digress.

    You See What We Built On?

    The entire premise, the very foundation if you will, upon which this country was founded, was in fact Genocide, and Slavery.  We had to treat the then current inhabitants as “Less than Human” and the Human Cargo as “Product”, not Human, in order to create a system that created great wealth for powerful men who ran wealthy businesses: Plantations, Railroads, Mines, Timber, etc. 

    Literally, the very foundation of the USA was built on murder and theft, kidnapping, and genocide.

    The Constitution is beautiful. A remarkable statement of altruistic values that would, if employed as intended, make the USA a Nation among Nations, to be heralded as a Beacon unto the world--- but you have to believe it, and follow it, including amending it to do things like abolish slavery.

    The only thing missing from that Great Paper was “Justice”.  There was no reparation for the lies, the stealing, the murders, the kidnapping, the forced labors of Human Beings. In fact, not everyone had “Rights”. Those had to be fought for and clarified through amendments.

    The wealth that was established in those glory days, survives in the same families to this day. Those who were robbed of their birthright, their inheritance, their culture, their homes, remain in the caste system America never admits to building, as the lower classes.

    The lower classes work harder, are paid less, are cheated by the wealthy, and called lazy, while the wealthy bloodlines take more, demand more, and live a life they claim they earned. (Stealing is not “earning”. Driving slaves is not “working”)

    The Problem Remains

    This is not a screed on “Socialism” vs “Capitalism”, this is a simple, plain language truth-telling about the Foundation we built on, and how it had so many flaws in it that have been exploited for the wealthiest, the most powerful, for the duration, and is now threatening to topple the lopsided structure that rests upon it, straining the architecture of the framework established to hold it in place.

    What we can do to remedy this, and strengthen our foundation is this:  Tell the Truth. Teach the Truth in Schools.  Enough of this White Male Centric sanitizing of History that creates a sense of a superior race, when in fact, there is no such thing.

    The Frail White Male

    Nor do we need a ‘Superior Race’.  If we have to keep telling ourselves that we have superior genetics, we betray our own insecurity by having a need to pretend we are more, by race, than another Human Being.

    Our greatest victories, overcoming evil, defeating Nazi Germany was made possible because they needed the premise of superiority in order to do the evil they were doing, and the evil they were doing, they knew was wrong, and it weakened them because it betrayed them as frail and insecure.

    It gave allies a common bond of Unity which multiplied our strength, our sense of righteousness and belonging.  We were horrified at the abuses that were committed by the Nazis. They literally had to abuse, rape, mutilate, torture and kill people in order to feel they were more than what they were.  Equality to them was “weakness”, whereas equality was to the allies, our greatest strength.

    The Nazis and Fascists functioned on the adrenalin of Hate, mindless Hate… and they had to demonstrate that daily… and it exhausted them, weakened them, and it is what brought them down.  Hate is the most draining of all emotions because it isolates you from others, and it creates an increasing need to ‘prove’ you are who you say you are, while at the same time creating doubts in your mind and those around you, as to whether you are in fact, dedicated enough to the hate.

    Hate needs lies to be consumed daily, or it begins to weaken the resolve. Lies require a lot of energy (and upkeep), and one has to close off common sense, the gift that keeps us from sticking our fingers into the fire… yes, Hate makes people prove themselves by burning themselves… “How Stupid are you? Prove it!” *Man burns his hand or arm or whatever (it changes depending…) “You’re one of us! You’ve proved your stupidity! You’re willingness to self-inflict damage! Here’s your ‘White Superiority’ symbol!”  … It’s exhausting.

    In order to buy into White Supremacy, you have to convince yourself over and over, daily, of lies, most of which are contradicted by the Truth that is in plain sight of you, your family, everyone around you.  You need to maintain a level of anger that is toxic, and exhausting.

    And, you have to ignore history. That part is made easier by the curriculum presented, that was written and directed by White Men who had power and whose fragile egos demanded they compensate for their sense of inferiority, by promoting a false narrative, at every stage, of our True History.

    Replacement Optics

    The French Foreign Legion played a huge part in our defeat of the Nazis and Fascists in World War II.  But when it came time for the parades, parades that would be broadcast all over the world, there were not enough White Soldiers to please the media moguls who were doing the filming of these parades and marketing them throughout Europe and the USA.

    There were so many men of color, that the ranks could not march without the overall appearance being “diverse”.  Given that our history was being recorded for posterity, and that History was premised on White Male Centric heroism, the military, in cooperation with the media, literally filled the ranks with actors – not necessarily paid actors, just white men willing to put on a uniform and march in a parade celebrating heroism and courage.

    It was important that we defeat the Evil of the Nazis, but it was just as important that we maintain the Evil of White Male Superiority over all others.

    We literally began our own undoing as we were celebrating the downfall of a regime premised on the exact same thing.  We were falsifying our own history, for posterity.

    Sort of like having a false front on a building to make it appear to be something greater than it is.

    Nor did we allow credit for women who also fought, also flew missions, also were at the front lines serving as soldiers, nurses, spies, etc. Many did not even get a pension from the military they served because women, like Indians, like Slaves,  were not to be given credit for any of their work if there was a way that that credit could be given to a White Male.

    The Neighborhood

    So, here’s our house, built with a great framework, but set unfortunately, on a shabby foundation of lies.  And here we are, trying desperately to brace up the walls, plaster over the cracks, repair the windows that are cracking, all without repairing the foundation of lies by removing the layers of lies and replacing it with the Truth, with the Facts.  We are keeping ourselves dumb and making ourselves dumber by failing to educate ourselves and our children, to what the Truth is.

    If we know what the Truth is, we can begin to make repairs and fix it. It will take generations. We can also do ourselves a greater service in our own best interests by learning the true histories of other nations, how they evolved, and what they have accomplished.  We can look at nations that have suffered through the indignities of allowing racism and hate to rule over them, breaking them into shamed fragments of their lesser selves, and how they acknowledged their wrongs.  By so doing, they became stronger, more respected and prosperous.

    We have not even begun. We are still in the phase of lying to ourselves to maintain a sense of superiority that never existed, while denying ourselves a greater prosperity of respect and strength in unity.

    And now, as I watch through the window of the TV, the Internet and Social Media, I see we are at war with the Truth, and that there is Greed recruiting the gullible into following a path of Hate, which only leads to one outcome, and it is the end of us if we don’t stand up and fight back.

    We can’t fight back if we don’t know the Truth. Knowing the Truth, the ugly Truth as well as the beautiful truth, will make us stronger and more powerful than we have ever been. In that strength, with that power, we will have no need of fear mongering, of mindless hate, of useless greed. We will be able to overcome the damage being done by Trump and Putin and his entire band of Republican sell outs, if we find a way to unite in Truth, and understand that our survival depends on our Unity and Unity can only be achieved if we have a foundation of Acknowledging mistakes, of making amends, and of strengthening one another.

    Hate won’t stand a chance, unless we are too weak to even look and see what is going on and who is benefiting from it.

    Greed, Corruption, Collapse

    The climate has not been unbalanced by Indigenous People, and governments were not corrupted by their citizens.  Very wealthy, powerful bloodlines who thrived in their greed and exploited the resources without compensation, who pay no taxes, and who hold disregard for the damage they do to the environment, have created corrupted governments susceptible to bribery, and the destruction has collapsed rule of law in those places most exploited by resource extraction companies, leading to gangs running government, and people fleeing for their lives.

    We allowed our corporations to exploit foreign lands to create their wealth. We allowed slave labor in foreign lands, to bring us the cheap goods, that created the wealthiest families on earth.  We allow ourselves to be exploited by voting for people who raise taxes on us, while giving billionaires literally, a trillion dollars in tax breaks, that they now demand we pay for by cutting our Social Security, Medicare, and taking away our healthcare.  We have more respect for billionaires who exploit us, than we do for ourselves, or our family’s well-being.

    They control the narrative in media: Newspapers, TV, Books, Movies, Radio. All the Gates of Information including text books, are controlled by six very WHITE Corporations. There used to be hundreds, now there are only six.  The Truth will not keep them in power. But it will free the rest of us.

    Once we are free, and we can see the damage being done by the resource extraction companies that destroy lands and waters of people, destroy governments of smaller nations and replacing them the chaos of criminal syndicates, we can stop them. We can start to fix what was broken by them, but allowed by us.

    Once we understand the True History, we can begin to end the wars that enrich the weapons manufacturers.  The wars we may have to fight, we will win. But not if we continue to keep ourselves blind to the truth because of our discomfort in what it may reveal.  Fear of Truth is our greatest weakness at this point. 

    We have to see ourselves not as a Superior Race, but as a Human Race.  Anyone that promotes Hate of other Humans is feeding you the lie that will turn your bones to soup.  Evil is not a strength, Greed is not a strength; they are our greatest failings, our biggest weak points. They make us easy to bring down.  

    If you can be made to believe the lie of your own Superiority, you can be manipulated into anything, and that is your greatest weakness. It’s what they prey on. The suck the marrow out of you by feeding you lies, and you let them because you think you need it. You don’t. You never did. Stand up for yourself. If they reject you for telling the truth, you never belonged with them.

     You were always stronger, and they were afraid of you. You just didn’t know it. The Truth is your sword and it will cut them down.  And that’s why they demanded you never think for yourself, you never question their lies, you never look too closely at the flaws in their premise.

    Hate withers without accomplices. If you are an accomplice to Hate, know that you are the most expendable cog in their machine. Your value resides solely in your sacrifice of your dignity and your Humanity in their endeavor.

    We can begin to bring Justice to our Nation. We can build on Justice and create a nation of Peace and Prosperity only dreamt of by the Framers of our Constitution.  Justice, Peace & Prosperity are the pillars we need to build around.  Greed won’t survive it. Exploitation won’t survive it.  But, until we have the Truth, we can’t truly have Justice. Without Justice we can have no real trust in our government, and that is the weakness we suffer from at this time: That cancer has come to the surface and is eating away at everything we thought we were in this world.  Ignoring it won’t save us. Supporting the very toxins that caused it, won’t save us. Hate won’t save us.

    Truth is the First Step toward Justice. Justice is the foundation of Peace. Peace is the Foundation of Prosperity. We have to stop robbing ourselves. We have to stop allowing greedy men in Congress stop robbing us as a nation. We have to stop lying, cheating politicians who count on gerrymandering, voter suppression and easily hacked voting systems from ruling over us and stealing our sense of equality and Peace. (DEMAND HAND MARKED PAPER BALLOTS, not barcodes that cannot be read by humans).

    Take away the tools of the oppressors by demanding Fair Elections.  Can you trust a government that was not elected fairly?  We need government to work, fairly, honestly for ALL of us. By creating a distrust in government using broken elections, the oppressors create chaos and division between us, that keeps us weak, unable to remove them.

    A Reminder: Trump did not Win the Last Election, he won a corrupt Electoral College. A handful of White Men, whose names you do not know, cast the ballots that overthrew the popular election.  Hillary had 3 Million more votes. She had more votes than any. White Man, ever. But History wants a White Man, so, that parade was cancelled, and a White Man put in place of the real fighter, a woman who Putin could not control, and in fact he feared her.

    Now, we have broken our own laws and installed Concentration Camps of horror and death, in our name, under our flag, that kidnaps children, traffics them, kills them because their hearts don’t beat in the bodies of women they need to control. Killing children is nothing to them. Torturing Humans is nothing to them. Kidnapping is nothing to them.

    Reminder: It is not against any laws to seek asylum, refugee status, anywhere in the USA, regardless of whether you enter at a point of entry or not. Period. Those who are harassing and arresting and incarcerating these desperate people are breaking multiple laws. And the laws they break to cage them, are serious laws. So are the laws that would be broken if they caged you. But as you can see, the laws mean nothing to this administration.  Keep voting Republicans into office, keep watching it get worse.   Or admit you’ve been lied to by the party which is now full on Nazis and racists, greed and child traffickers, and vote in a way that will start to bring this country back on track. As it is now, we have generations of work to undo the damage done and being done.

    You see? We have literally returned to the foundation that was so flawed, so broken to begin with, and we’re watching our house collapse on us because we allow it.  Judges have demanded these atrocities be stopped, but judges are just for decoration in a Fascist Society. They have no real meaning. There is no real Justice because those committing these atrocities will never be held accountable–– unless we vote out their protectors, enablers, and retake our country in a direction of Light and Truth, leaving behind the Darkness of Evil, Greed and Hatred.

    UPDATE: Trump Administration is not just planning for arbitrary incarceration of people he and his henchmen deem “Mentally Ill”, but also anyone they deem as homeless, jobless, and there will be no allowances for natural disasters. You lose your home, for any reason, you go to a work camp. No trials, just incarceration, slave labor.  The private prisons corporations that gave millions to Republicans, and especially to Trump Campaign and to his bizarre inaugural fund which has still not been accounted for.   So, whatever you do, don’t seek treatment for depression, anxiety, grief, or other more serious but manageable issues; don’t try to get better and have a productive life… they will hunt you down and make some corporation much, much richer.  They will pay for caging you by taking away Social Security and Medicare, and your healthcare. They’ve said as much. McConnell said that if they.  Get a majority in both houses again, they will wipe out Social Security and Medicare so they can give billionaires another $2.T (Trillion, boys & girls. Trillions)in tax breaks.  Gotta love republicans! (You think I’m kidding? Google it.)


    Farmers must love the tariffs that destroyed their markets. Remember the Grain embargo of ’82? It took decades to rebuild our global markets. This is far worse and the damage will last far longer. (Go ahead, vote for the guy who bankrupted your farm, then gave you a pittance of a handout and thinks you should thank him.)

    If Republicans in the Senate had been working for you instead of the crazy pants man in the White House, they could have stopped this before the damage was done.  (Looking at you, Kevin Cramer, ND) But, it’s not like Republicans care. They don’t.  They get elected, they take a hammer to the piggy banks of every working man & woman, and then shame you for being poor and not saving enough.

    Remember: The government forced Indians into camps, took away every means of them supporting themselves, stole their lands; gave them worthless scraps of food, and then mocked & derided them as lazy. 

    They’re doing the same to the farmers now. The hardest working lifestyle we have, and they’re ruining them.  How long before a bunch of bankrupt farmers end up in camps? Remember: You’re worth $700+ dollars per day per person to those private prison companies. Republicans are passing laws (trying to) that will mean it’s illegal to investigate the conditions of these camps. (They just need to get both houses and keep the presidency. Who says they don’t have plans?)  Who’s next?

    If you still think both parties are the same, you are being willfully blind. I can’t help you and you are no help to anyone, especially yourself.

    The Framework is workable and good. The Foundation needs a hard looking at and a lot of work to repair and build properly.  And those who broke the laws must be charged. We can only have Peace if we have Justice.  It’s not just a slogan, it’s a fact.

    Equality only feels like oppression to the very weak, the very fragile, the very insecure.

    So, what are we? 

    I’m all out of metaphors. The facts keep rolling in. It’s time to wake up, stand up, and speak up. It’s time to get involved.  We’re being fire-hosed with corruption and lies, designed to make us so overwhelmed, so angry we give up.


    You know where to find me.


    Reading List

    Ice Doesn't want you to be mad at the agents. The Nazis in Uniform don't want to be held accountable. Newsweek

    Canada--Mounties raped, abused BC Aboriginal Girls -- National Post

    Trump screwed up the Iran Deal by tearing it up, now wants to pay Iran $16B to return to it. Daily Beast  << Very reliable, well-sourced

    Tracking Trump's  Conflicts of Interest -- Sunlight Foundation  < Most reliable research on all politicians. Bookmark it!

    And --- Just for funsies Christopher Walken, Dancin' Fat Boy Slim, Weapon of Choice -- You Tube



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    We Are All Related

    Idolizing  --Print (4)

    We are all related. We need to remember, however, how to relate to others and how to relate to ourselves. We need to remember how to relate to Mother Earth, and the Family that Mother Earth is related to: The winds, the waters, above and below; and to the Sun and Moon, and our cousins beyond our seeing, but not beyond our knowing. 

    It’s a powerful thing.  It also ignored. We are led to believe that there are people above us and people beneath us. That we are either not good enough to belong, or too good to relate to others.

    Our society has been bent to White European Fails system. A system that has failed to protect people and the environment, but instead protects wealth and the power of wealth.  We can’t relate to that, but we are always pushed to try to relate to the unrelatable.

    I would have never dreamt that I’d live in a time of comical tragedy wherein people who have accomplished nothing have become wealthy simply by their celebrity of doing nothing.  Or worse, by their celebrity of doing selfish or bad things. 

    “Social Media Influencers” is about the emptiest of pursuits I can think of, and yet, it’s a real thing.  It’s a commercialization of appearance, vacuousness, ignorance and outright stupidity.  People are literally Famous for being Famous, while people with talent, people who are courageous, people who work their whole lives to help others, are considered less important or unimportant entirely.

    It didn’t used to be this way. It doesn’t have to be this way. We can turn our attention, our energies and our efforts towards better things, better people and find ourselves relatable again.

    Journalism in the mainstream is failing us more than it is informing us.  Major outlets in print and TV pursue ‘access’ to powerful people rather than accuracy of the information they relay. They are essentially, megaphones, stenographers, for all those who mislead us. 

    They repeat what is said, regardless of how absurd, contrary to known facts, and pat themselves on the back for being the one to be able to do so. Even as our country is murdering itself on the World stage.  Reporters don’t report, they repeat. We should call them Repeaters.  They only serve to reinforce lies, and not facts. They don’t do research, they do puff pastry.  Ummm! Tasty!  What was that?

    Poverty is Artificial

    Poverty is created by Greed and promoted by greedy people, who work in greedy corporations. They use all the amenities that our taxes pay for: Roads, waterways, water, sewer, Fire, Police and military, but they pay little or no taxes because they are too wealthy to pay taxes.

    Somehow, not carrying their share of the burden despite them benefiting unequally from those amenities, becomes a point of pride with them, and for those who have access to them who report on their wealth rather than their greed.

    And they demand that the rest of us pay more of what little we earn, in order to support the systems that keep and protect them.   They even get government hand-outs in the billions of dollars (Example: Oil Companies get $80-300 Billion in grants from the Federal Government, despite making their highest profits of close to a trillion dollars a year. Do Oil Companies ‘need’ that? No. And it’s not just Oil Companies: GE pays no taxes, year after year.) 

    And for some reason they are all touted as ‘successes’ and as ‘leaders of society’ when they are nothing more than the robbers, stealing from us all.  Now they are coming after our Social Security, Medicare, and retirement savings. They got huge tax breaks, and the debt ballooned because of that, so now, shame on us greedy pensioners for wanting the funds we paid into for all those decades, Mitch McConnell and his gang are hell bent on taking that away from us because “someone has to pay”, but not the wealthy.

    Social Safety Nets such as SNAP, which feeds poor families, often times our Veterans, and welfare for the needy, are seen as ‘evil’ and as being a ‘drag on society’, despite their share of Federal dollars being a mere fraction of what the Oil Companies get (as a reward for exploiting our common resources and keeping it all for themselves). 

    The Poor are seen as the problem, not the Greedy.  And that is the problem. But no one is addressing that.  Journalists will go out and ‘examine poverty’ and what they deem ‘the root causes’ of poverty, but they will never look at the greedy who are in fact the cause of all that ails our society.

    Anyone who attempts to point out the inequity is labeled “Socialist!” And the word “Socialist” is tied to “Communist” and they are two different things.  Just a note here: Communism was never Communism, as defined, but rather, a system of corruption that rather than shared the wealth, robbed the poor of their property and their labors, because the power held by the leaders was absolute and absolute power (say it with me) corrupts absolutely.

    Socialism is what taxes are. We share the infrastructure, the agencies, the police departments, fire departments, schools, water, sewer, management of dump sites, management of disasters… that’s not paid for by each individual, we could never afford that, so we pool our funds (taxes) to pay for, run & manage those things.

    Socialism is also Social Security and Medicare. We all pay into it for decades, and those of us who survive to the age & stage where we qualify for it, benefit from the accumulated interests those funds gained over time, and from the greater pool of contributors than just us.  It’s why we don’t have Gramma and Grampa in the gutter, begging for food.

    But the Greedy want to take that all away from us as well.  Republicans have always (since Nixon) tried to break those systems because the very wealthy whom they serve, benefit the most from not having to contribute, and from the disparity between their increasing wealth and the increasing poverty which creates a desperation in society that allows them to exploit our labors.

    But journalism reports on Poverty as if Poverty is the problem that ails society, rather than on the Greed that creates the poverty and the desperation.

    Fashionable Stupidity

    Sarah Palin made ignorance fashionable. The anger towards anyone that pointed out she was lying, or that she was wrong, was striking. She was the embodiment of Republican Ideal Woman: Ignorant, beautiful, amusing, abusive and above all, arrogant.  So the party promoted her despite her having no experience beyond being the governor of Alaska, which she operated like a little kingdom, attacking any law enforcement that cited her family for breaking the laws, even trying to get the head of the State Patrol fired because he wouldn’t nullify a ticket.

    The virtues the Republican party claimed to stand for went out the window. She riled up the racism in her crowds with her rhetoric.  It was her rallies that first “penned reporters, like livestock” and they weren’t allowed to leave their ‘area’ to interview anyone because she had made it dangerous for them, insulting them as “Lame Stream Media”… and the press, instead of pushing back on this, ate it up.  Fast forward to current day, and you have the President of the USA declaring the media as “The Enemy of The People” exactly as Hitler did when he rose to power.  And they eat it up!  They work to please him rather than to expose him.

    They’d rather have a President they can call “Accessible” than one they can call truthful. And if they report anything other than what he wants them to say, they find they have no access.  And here we are.

    He clownishly tries to cover for the fact that he thought Alabama was on the East Coast, above Georgia, by literally defacing an official weather forecast map with a Sharpie, to make it appear as if Hurricane Dorian would have hit Alabama.  He’s the president of a country and he doesn’t even know which states are where. Fashionable Stupidity has reached zenith.  And while we are following that, he’s taking billions away from our military infrastructure, readiness, and basics, to fund his Wall. A Wall. Because walls were a great impediment to invaders in the 13th Century.

    He’s not doing that to protect us. He’s doing it so he can say he kept his promise to build a wall. A promise based on ignorance and stupidity.  His promise to have Mexico pay for it, is all but forgotten.

    Meanwhile, the agencies and instruments that did protect us from invasions, drug dealers, Human trafficking across our borders, is being dismantled, defunded. Does that make sense? No. Does that hurt people? Yes. Does it hurt property, and the environment? Yes. Are people at the border angry over this? Yes. Will they vote for Trump? Probably. Why? Because they have been brainwashed for decades that Democrats are the enemies of all they need in life.

    A baseless assumption, contrary to all the facts, and yet, promoted as if a reflex, throughout political discourse, making us all a little more stupid, more susceptible, more vulnerable to everything that hurts us, while at the same time, unable to understand basic steps needed to protect ourselves and to prosper collectively by being able to relate to others, to our environment, and to all that surrounds us and that would give us greater strength, greater justice and greater peace.

    Heroes should be people who do courageous things to help other people, not people who do outlandish things to make themselves richer; not people who steal from others, deal in bad faith, to make themselves richer.  Maybe we should learn a few things from the Indians we tried to assimilate into our values.  Clearly, our values are killing us as a nation.

    All My Relations

    You know where to find me.


    PS, My email has been down for a month, but I will catch up with you all when it is repaired.


    Reading List
    A woman's greatest enemy? Not making time for herself

    The 1619 Project-- A reading Guide (It's time we as a nation start acknowleding Slavery built this country)

    Migrant Children being given to Betsy DeVos Organization  ---(Check the links and sources on this story and decide for yourself.  Baby Stealing, Baby Trafficking is Evil. )

    Trump Changing the Rules at the last minute to strand the Bahamian Refugees  (A twitter thread with a video)

    Air Force Leaders order Investigation---Trump using Military Expenditures to prop up an airport that is key to his failing resort in Scotland, hundreds of millions of dollars? Perhaps even more.  My Guess: The Top Brass are hip deep in profiteering off of this as well.


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    Restless Spirit
    September 3, 2019

    What We’ve Become Print (6)

    They’re killing the kids. The inhumane conditions they are subjecting these desperate immigrants to, is horrendous and downright evil.  No way to wash their hands after they use the bathroom, no showers, uncooked frozen food, crowded into pens that frankly, if we saw dogs, cats or chickens treated this way, there would be a nation uproar.

    The kids are getting sick, and so are the adults. But they are not being provided medical care or even decent quarantine. Being thrown into a dark cell, made to sleep on the cold concrete floor with no blanket as ‘punishment’ for getting sick, is as good as it gets.

    Our Federal Government, without a single Republican standing up against any of this, is not just letting the children die, they are creating the “Hot Zone” environment that allows the sickness to spread and spread quickly.  They refuse to immunize the immigrants, despite the vaccines costing mere pennies, and despite the fact that these private prisons are receiving from our tax dollars, over $720-800+ per day, per person to stuff them in these hell holes.

    Here’s what happens when you don’t immunize and you don’t give proper nutrition, and you don’t allow hygiene of any sort: You get diseases that spread and mutate. We will have the worst flu outbreak, the worst mumps outbreaks, and now, apparently, polio is starting to take hold, while not a single republican votes against or takes a stand against this barbaric cruelty.

    The people who work around these sick people will also get sick. The flu shots they have will be worthless once these viruses mutate, over and over again. It takes 8-18 months to create a flu vaccine that will handle the latest strain that goes around… and that’s in the best of circumstances where you are not literally creating these ‘hot zones’. 

    The agents will then either get sick, or carry these diseases home to their families, their communities.  All because the White House is constantly thinking of greater and greater cruelties to inflict upon the most desperate, vulnerable people at our borders, and while they’re at it, make billions in profits for themselves by investing in, getting paid by, these very same private prison companies.  

    Kevin Cramer, Senator Kevin Cramer, whom I thought cared about children is as corrupt and cruel as the rest of them.  North Dakota, you need to speak to him. Loudly and often.

    Young girls and women are not given any feminine hygiene products and are forced to bleed through their clothes.  $720-$800 per day not enough profit, Cramer? This is done to force not just infection and worse on these women, but to humiliate them.  Humiliation was key to Adolph Hitler’s Death Camps and Concentration Camps. Don’t tell me we are not following the. Nazi Templates here. 

    By the way, the new logo at the end of the Trump Pence campaign video is a lion… the exact same lion logo that represented a White Power Organization that has been tied to violence, shootings and killings.  Not ONE Republican has said a word. About now, all they say is that they were unaware, didn’t see, didn’t here, didn’t know… and will have to get back to you on this when they have time.  Yes, their out is to tell you they are blind, deaf and very stupid, and way too busy (not passing any legislation) to be bothered by any questions about their Nazi Party Policies & Practices.

    Now, we also know that the children they are kidnapping at the Border are being sold. Trafficked. You see, they all go through Betsy DeVos’s Tax Exempt Adoption Agency, which pays her millions.  That’s why they don’t fill out paperwork and try to reunify these kids with their parents.  They take the ones they think they can get top dollar for, and market them out. Through and agency that has no oversight. None.

    You want to know who else is looking the other way as these abuses are being done to Children and Families? The ACF.  Administration for Children & Families is supposed to protect and oversee the care and treatment of every child in the system.

    They have been failing for decades, and it is on purpose. The trafficking of Humans is more profitable than the trafficking of drugs. The trafficking of Children is the most lucrative of all the crimes we know of.

    When these abuses were happening in Indian Country, to children who were Indian Children, only ONE MAN in that agency ever spoke up and took a stand against it: Tom Sullivan.  He was harassed, threatened and finally fired for speaking out.  The agency could have functioned so much better, made children so much safer, but those who ran it had other priorities, all political, all very profitable.  They got rid of Tom Sullivan.

    The irony (hypocrisy?) of it all was that they tried to paint him as “racist against Indians”,  and said all his claims were false. The woman they installed as Deputy in that agency, a woman named Duran, testified that everything he said, every mandated report he filed against the abuses of children in Indian Country, were lies. All Lies. Her answers were all lies.

    She claimed at the end of her testimony that because she was part Indian (we have no idea if that is a true statement) she was better qualified than anyone to know if abuses were happening in Indian Country and she never filed a single Mandated Report, despite child rape, and even child murders and suicides being reported weekly to her agency. Not a single Mandated Report.

    Now we can see that that Agency has no intention of protecting these children whom they are by law, duty bound to protect.  They’ve allowed this to go on and on and on, and not a peep from any of them. That tells me they fired the only one in that entire agency that cared about what happened to children.

    And here we are. Children being tortured, dying from diseases while in custody, that they acquired while in custody.  Prior to this administration and their planned cruelty, no child had died in custody at the Border for over 10 years. Now, a Hot Zone is fermenting. Diseases that can travel on the wind and even slight breezes, will be coming to a town near you.  People will be traveling to, from and through those areas, and it will spread like wildfire. 

    Republicans don’t care. They don’t care now that their President & Vice President stamp their campaign videos with a logo taken from White Supremacy Organizations.  This is who you are now. This is what our country is seen as now.

    This could have been prevented decades ago, but it was not important because the only victims were Indian Children, abused, raped, stolen, sold, disappeared. Now, it’s the children of Immigrants. Immigrants are being treated like prisoners.

    Immigrants who are naturalized citizens are being threatened that their citizenship will be stripped from them if they use any public services at anytime.  Immigrants who came here for medical treatment are being told to get out. You have 33 days to remove yourself or you will be removed. They are literally saying that to people whose children will die within days if not weeks if they are removed from treatment.  Hurting Children is the fun part for the Nazi Party.

    Children too sick to show up in Immigration Court will be thrown out of the country. How very Christian of you all.

    You think they will stop at hurting Immigrant Children? You thought they would stop at hurting Indian Children, and you were wrong about that.

    They’ve thrown Veterans out of the country. Veterans who served multiple tours in the Mid-East endless Wars that a previous Republican President started because “The War Would Pay for Itself,” “Be over in 6 months of less,” “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED”, etc., those men & women are fighting for our flag, and instead of returning home and getting the citizenship they were promised, they’re thrown out of the country.  Spouses of our active duty soldiers, are deported while their spouse is literally, fighting in that desert.

    And now, the president who thinks he’s a king and can change laws by decree, is decreeing that these immigrants, these asylum seekers, will be held indefinitely (at $720-800+ dollars per day per person) and that they will forbid any oversight into their whereabouts, their condition, their treatment. 

    Bear in mind that they have falsely arrested American Citizens and held them for days, weeks and months, refusing to believe their documentation and proof. Now, factor in how they can do that to anyone they want, make you disappear, and make it illegal for anyone to find you.  Still feel safe?

    That Chicken Processing Plant that got raided in Missouri? The owners of the plant had just lost a $5M lawsuit for sexual assault, abuse, and wage thefts… so, they just called ICE to come in and sweep them all out. 720 people all at once—no hearing, no warrant, OUT!  Turns out that more than half of them were in fact US Citizens.  But that’s okay. They’re out of job now. The very next day the company held a Job Fair and replaced them.  And as soon as anyone complains about dangerous conditions, sexual harassment, abuse, wage theft--- another call to ICE and the owners don’t have to pay a dime in lawsuits or wages owed.  You want it, hire a lawyer and go to court to get it. When and if you win, they will appeal it. You get nothing for years. 

    What’s that? You can’t afford a lawyer? Even better. Kiss it good-bye.  The bullies are in charge. The Nazis are in charge. You have no rights. You don’t want your rights anyways. If you did, you wouldn’t let them be taken away from others. 

    But you did. And now, each day a new horror. America will live in shame for generations for allowing this, for becoming this.  Look in the mirror.  Convince yourself there’s nothing you can do about it. Now, go out and vote for the Nazi Party again. You did last time.  You’re too proud to admit it was a mistake. Your pride is more valuable than… children?


    Reading List: (Items I’ve been reading lately) Always check sources & links contained in these pieces.

    Betsy DeVos Tax Exempt Organization Profiting off of Migrant children (check the links contained in this piece and decide for yourself)

    Kentucky Principal who tried to ban books, busted for child porn– Raw Story (a reliable source)

    Decatur Doctor who had been reported for sexual assault for over 10 yrs. Finally busted. – Alabama News (probably reliable)

    Christian Couple who ran religious boarding school, busted for Human Trafficking –Deadstate is fairly reliable and contains solid sources.

    The theme here is that people, just because they are in a position of trust and have a ‘good reputation’ doesn’t necessarily mean they are not engaging in illegal, abusive behaviors towards those who are vulnerable to them. Teachers, doctors, and those very good Christian types, are not automagically the most trustworthy. 

    If your child says something, listen. Don’t shut them down.  If a child is acting out, there’s a reason for it. Don’t buy anyone’s disqualifying story about a child saying “They always lie” … maybe they do, but chances are, they are being discredited in advance so no one will investigate when they disclose crimes.  We have to start protecting children in a whole different way. We have to change the system that ignores them and empowers those who abuse them, and those who profit from that abuse.

    There will be horror stories coming out of these Concentration Camps.  Believe them. All of them. 

    We got into this evil mess because Children were the easiest to abuse, the least likely to be believed, and no one cared when it was just happening to Indian Children.  The experiment has succeeded and they can do it to anyone they want.

    They can do it to women, they can do it to anyone they want because we dismiss very quickly, any claim of abuse.  We silence those who blow the whistle. We attack those who defend the most vulnerable.   This won’t get better until we, ALL of us, demand a clean system, an accountable system, run by qualified people, not by political appointees, big campaign donors, etc.

    Here we are today. Nothing Just Happens. This was all set in motion a very long time ago. It was easy because we believed the color of our skin made us either superior to those of different races, or that we were entitled to abuse them because they were less than us.  By “we” I mean the US Government, both the elected and the permanently burrowed in.

    We have more damage to repair, not just the damage currently being done by the man who wants to be called “King” who presently sits in the Oval Office, nor by those in his party who never actively stand against him, despite the very passionate speeches they make before they run out the door. They never vote against anything he wants. They have enabled all of this, protected all of this, and if you can’t see the difference between the two parties, it’s because you don’t want to.

    People fought and died for the Right To Vote, and in our country, we can’t stir up even 50% of eligible voters to defend our democracy.  We allow voter suppression in all its forms in the Southern States and States run by Republican governors and legislators: Machines that flip votes to opposite party, unreadable bar code ballots (anyone here fluent in barcode? Me neither), illegally changing polling places, accidentally losing hundreds of thousands of ballots in close elections, only one voting machine for more than 6000 voters in one district while the White District has 10 machines for every 2000 voters, (and that’s why you see elderly Black Voters lined up for hours, waiting for machines, many of which break down, so they have to cast “provisional ballots by the thousands” which are not counted because you have to return within 72 hours and state your ballot is your ballot, again, standing in line for hours (No chairs allowed. People not allowed to give out bottled water on hot days or bring folding chairs for the elderly)… so many ways to cut out votes, so for those of us who can, by virture of our pale faces, waltz in and vote, really have no excuse for not voting.

    People fought and died for the Right To Vote. It should be Mandatory. << Opinion

    Do Better.

    You know where to find me.








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