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    The Origin of this blog and it's transformation into shining a greater light onto the abuse and corruption that runs rampant in Indian Country. The culprits are in every level of government. They are what ails us all, regardless of where we live, or who we are. Judging from events at the national & state levels, We Are ALL Indians Now. This is about them, and this is about us––ALL of us.

    Eddie Peltier/ Richard LaFuente

    Justice/ Freedom

    Richard LaFuente served almost 30 years for a crime he did not commit, while the real killers roamed free, and still do, to this day.

    Nothing "Just" Happens

    Everything we suffer now, all the suffering we see now, has roots in our untold history.  We can't know what we weren't taught unless we are willing to open our minds to the simple logic that "Nothing JUST happens."

    The greatest injustices have fallen upon Indigenous People the world over, and upon minorities in our very midst.  Unless we are willing to take on and hold accountable those who commit these injustices and those who profit from them as well as those who created the system that makes ongoing injustice "routine", we will never know Peace in our lifetime, anywhere in this world.

    It's time to QUESTION AUTHORITY and hold accountable those in power and those who benefit from a system designed by "leaders" to be unfair, unjust, and costly to all of us. This is not happening to "other" people, it is happening to People. WE ARE PEOPLE.

    Those in power will always aim our anger at someone else, even less powerful. Until we see others as equal to ourself, we will never know the true power of Unity, nor the Peace of living in a Just World.

    Introduction: The same corrupt system that wrongly accused, convicted and imprisoned eleven innocent young men is the same system, with many of the exact same players, who are currently profiting from rampant sexual abuse of children on Spirit Lake Nation Reservation in North Dakota, as well as most if not all reservations in Indian Country, and beyond.

    This Blog is documenting ongoing events at all levels of government. Events on the rez itself, often require someone to speak up and speak out, but since those who do are often abused, assaulted, threatened and intimidated by the abusers in authority, this blog is their voice.

     I ignore morons but the rest of you can reach me at: Cat West Email



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    Restless Spirit
    The Value of Your Life

    August 26, 2019 Printer (3)

    All I can tell you is that your life has more meaning for others than it does for you, and for that reason, you must above all else, make your life count for something.  Don’t waste it on self-pity, “why me” or the envy of others you think have it better than you. They don’t have your mission and you don’t have theirs.

    The one thing that creates the greatest sense of joy, worth and lasting happiness in any person, is when they do something for someone else. If it is someone you know, great. But the more you do acts that benefit others, people whom you may never meet in this world, the greater that sense of joy.  There is no drug that can compare. None.

    Every person you touch will in turn, touch a thousand others, and so forth. Make sure that your touch is kindness. The world needs more kindness.

    I wish that I could tell you more. Maybe someday I will. But by then, you’ll already know, for yourself, all of this and much, much more.

    These are the Dark Times and we are the Warriors of Unity and Light. None of us is greater than the other, but all are greater for one another. Each Light counts.  Even after we pass, the light we brought endures.

    Our strength is shared, it is never just our own. Unity is strength. Truth is light. As Humans, as mortals, this is our Power. And it cannot be defeated.

    Make It Count

    The greatest value any life can hold, is to others whom you encounter.  If you are the one that knows CPR, or how to administer Naloxone, or how to do the Heimlich Maneuver, or even basic First Aid, you are the one that will someday help. Someone else to survive an incident. 

    But there’s far more you can do between now and your Red Cape Moment. You can learn to speak up, speak out, support, join in, and make your spirit heard, your voice in itself, is of value to others.

    In general, we have no idea, not even the basic concept of the value of our lives because we are so disconnected from this world, and from one another. It is a form of isolation that breeds fear, suspicion and cowardice. We don’t think we have value. We don’t know in fact our true value. It never really shows unless we have interacted in some way that brings it out.  It’s the treasure most hidden from others. Worst of all, most hidden from ourselves.

    Our greatest pain in this world is our isolation.  We can overcome that with the sure and certain knowledge that in fact, we are not alone, we are connected on every level, with every other Human Being and with every living thing in this world. Further, we can find our spirit is connected to the past, present and the future, and we are but a bead on that thread, in that design.  Our absence would be noticed as a mistake.


    It’s not about perfection. It never was. Perfection is an artificial ideal. It’s about Practice. We are all practicing to be better Human Beings. Nothing changes the Past. Everything Alters the Future.

    Show me someone who has never made a mistake and I will show you someone who never lived, never loved, and who is empty inside.  I will show you someone who is fearful.

    One of the greatest compliments I ever received in my entire life was when I was in my 20’s. A friend looked at me and said: “I know how you do so much of what you do! You’re not afraid to make a mistake!”  It was true. The fear of making a mistake never stopped me from doing what I thought or knew was right.  Being Human is what gave me a right to make mistakes.

    Because I was not afraid to make mistakes, I was able to jump in when no one else would, and save the life of a man who was badly injured on a remote stretch of road, on a rainy night, and keep him alive and conscious until we could get him to an ambulance which had to be dispatched from a remote town, and we met midway on the highway.  It was a 45 minute slow ride through a rainstorm on a Greyhound bus, with some of the passengers cooperating and doing their part, while others who knew less or nothing, tried to interfere (because he had watched a TV episode or some such) and other passengers complaining that we never should have stopped for the overturned van in the first place. 

    If I had not had the confidence that what I was doing was needed and right, I might have given in to the noise around me, and that man would be dead. He had a life threatening head wound, if you’re wondering. 

    I never saw that man nor his cousin again. Never heard from them. I just know that what I did, at that time, at that place, was important to him, to them and to his life.  You can’t plan these things. You have to step up in the moment. You have to hold your ground. You have to not fear judgment of others.  It will never be perfect, but it is always important. Your life doesn’t have to be perfect to be important.


    Remember this about our country and how it was founded. It was founded on Stolen Lands, Broken Treaties and Forced Labor.  The foundational wealth of most of the richest families, is derived from that founding.

    We owe it to one another to start telling the Truth about how this country came to be, and how ignorance of these foundational flaws have led us inevitably to where we are today.  We have to see where leaving this unchecked is leading us tomorrow.

    We need now, more than ever, to reconnect to one another, to the lands, to the other beads on this thread to make us collectively, something more balanced, more beautiful and with real meaning to our society.

    Recognizing the wrongs will not make us weaker; ignoring them has.  Replacing the Truth with White Male Centric mythology has blinded us for generations. Now, we reap that whirlwind.

    The Meaning Of Life

    For those who’ve always wondered but were afraid to ask: The meaning of life is not in what we take from it, but rather what we give. Our only purpose in being here is to be here for someone else, or for many others.

    Every time you fulfill that purpose, you will feel a sense of completeness, and of connection that is more powerful than anything synthetic or material that this world or anyone in it, can give you.  

    You don’t know who, when or where, but you will know in that moment if you pass or fail.

    You know where to find me.




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    August 19, 2019

    Dead or Alive, Suicide Or Murder?  Print (6)

    Welp, Epstein is dead. Anyone surprised? I’ll explore a few conspiracy theories and we can all put on our thinking hats.

    Epstein was an international Child Trafficker & Money Launderer.  Epstein’s pals were among the most powerful in the world, including Trump, whom he partied with to the extreme, and frequently (and despite Trump’s claims that he hasn’t spoken to him in years, Epstein was part of the fund-raising, money end of his election as evidenced by Kelly Ann Conway (emphasis on the “CON”) doing selfies with his private pilot throughout the campaign. 

    He was friends with MBS, the 33-yr old leader of Saudi Arabia who imprisoned his entire family in order to secure the throne for himself, executed a few of them, and who took the time to plan a torture, murder & dismemberment of Jamal Kashoggi, a journalist for the Washington Post who was apparently onto the money laundering trail of Trump, Putin and others. We refer to MBS as “Bonesaw” hereon out because of the gruesome brutality that he actually listened to on the phone, as it was taking place.  (Bonesaw and Trump are still really tight and Trump is giving him Nuclear Science so he too, can build bombs and rockets and become an even greater threat to the world.)

    Epstein and Putin were pals.

    Epstein and Bill Clinton were pals. Although, strangely enough, despite the decades of digging for dirt on the Clintons, and Epstein being the Chupacabra of Child Trafficking, there is (so far) not a single tie in of Clinton to any Child trafficking/molestation.

    That is entirely possible in that the very wealthy, especially if they are criminals who are not yet investigated and indicted, give themselves an air of authenticity by hob nobbing with the rich & famous, and the Clintons were in that category. So was Bill Gates. As were others that are tied to Epstein but only on a financial fund raising level.  Believe me, if there was anything there or even anything that could be made up as their, Republicans would have found it and done it years ago.

    My theory on Epstein goes like this:

    Despite his vast wealth he was barely educated. His wealth had to come primarily from criminal endeavors: Blackmail, extortion, influence peddling, money laundering and Child Trafficking. That all made him useful to much bigger entities such as Princes, Presidents, Kings, etc., as well as the heads of global corporations.

    He was useful to them as a go-between, a facilitator. In exchange, they gave him money. He’d line up the marks, get compromising pics and vids of them with underage girls and boys, and then use that to blackmail them directly, or to have them extorted into doing the bidding of other, more directly concerned individuals.

    This gave him a lot of connections and made it easier and easier for him to move into circles where there were men who could be compromised. But he was not the key player. He was being financed by bigger, wealthier, more corrupt individuals who were using him as their recruiter/scout/and go-between.

    He was even connected to Mossad, the Israeli super star arm of the spy/military. Mossad could be used to carry out assassinations or spying on others on behalf of Epstein or his benefactors.

    He was a very powerful man but only as long as he held his value as a go-between.  Once he got investigated and jailed, he was no longer of any value to men much more powerful than himself, but he was also on several levels, a threat to exposing them.

    He was facing a very long time in prison. He was not a tough guy. These blowhards who exploit children never are. Bullies always crumble when they can’t get others to do their wet work for them.  He was not getting out of prison. He could, if he was very helpful to the prosecution and to investigators, get a more comfortable prison arrangement… a sort of witness protection arrangement, but that was really all he had to trade for his life.

    He knew that if he talked, the powerful men whom he’d served, would hunt him down and kill him. He knew that if he didn’t talk, they’d hunt him down and kill him to make sure he couldn’t talk. He was of no value to them. (Hey! I thought we were friends!)

    Any hope of that went out the window when the warrants on his properties were served and his safes were opened—and prosecutors no longer needed his testimony against others… they had it—on video and other documents. Names, dates, times, victims, ages, places… all of it.

    But there’s more. There’s always more.

    But maybe the prosecutors don’t want more? Maybe they have people above them that they need to protect? (Remember: Steven Bruce Cartier in North Dakota was caught with what was, until Epstein’s safe was opened, the largest cache of child pornography in the world. Millions of images, thousands of videos, and no one gets that much in a collection by themselves. They always trade with others just like them. And even though Cartier was known to be working directly with convicted sex offenders, rapists, child rapists on the rez (at least 4 of them who were themselves convicted of those offenses) the prosecutor, the USAG at the time, didn’t seem to want to investigate that network at all. Just him. Given that many of those registered sex offenders were part of the Yankton Family, direct relations or by marriage or worked in their businesses, and James Yankton always said that if the government ever took him down, he’d take everyone with him, I can see why the USAG decided to not connect any of the red, flashing dots in that case.

    So, I wonder what accomplices will be connected to in the Epstein case? A USAG in Florida was already bought off, scared off or whatever, in the first go round ten years ago. Let’s see what happens now.

    So, back to the Dead Guy in the Cell. Suicide? I don’t think so. We’re talking about a narcissist who still had a lot of strings to pull, or thought he had, and who figured he could engineer an escape with help from his friends (Remember: Mossad?) and really had no grasp of how they weren’t going to protect him now that he could no longer serve them.

    Did I mention that it had been 20 years in that facility without a suicide? A place deemed secure enough for the 9/11 conspirators and where El Chapo currently resides?

    Supposedly, he made a suicide attempt a few weeks earlier… which he complained to his attorneys was not a suicide but an attempted murder.

    Worms like Epstein don’t commit suicide. Even with the safes being opened and the properties being investigated, he still had plenty that he had buried. (Cement truck to the island story was a clue he was hiding stuff, not destroying it).

    The circumstances of his death are curious: Suicide Watch requires several steps before you can be removed from suicide watch. One of those steps in a few visits to the shrink, which he apparently didn’t have. But for some reason, the Warden took him off of SW? Check the warden’s bank account and see if he shows up on any videos recently uncovered.

    Both guards fell asleep and falsified their logs? While guarding the most high-profile prisoner to ever be housed at their facility? (Check them too. Also, give polygraphs).

    Other prisoners say they heard shrieking coming from Epstein’s cell. The Coroner said several bones were broken (not just the hyoid bone) in his neck, and that is not something common to suicide by hanging, but is very common with homicide by strangulation.

    And the cameras were malfunctioning at the time. Seriously? Are you kidding me?

    Some were saying that his death was an elaborate ruse to get him out of prison by faking his death and replacing him with either another man, or by carrying him out on the stretcher and putting a substitute body in the hands of the coroner. Ok. That can be done. The pictures of him being carried out of the prison on the stretcher are iffy at best. The documentation of the EMT’s being called out is apparently, missing key and basic details. The body was carried out head first, (EMT’s never do that with a dead body because the guy at the front of the stretcher has to watch where he is going, and the guy at the back would keep the body on the stretcher in case it started to shift, the heavier part being the upper torso) so maybe he was alive? 

    Nice, but I don’t think so because that’s an elaborate escape plan and it’s completely of no use to anyone around him. They’d need to want to save him to protect themselves, and by being alive, he remained a threat. So, I’m not buying that version. But it was fun to ponder, yes?

    I think he is dead and I think he was murdered and I will tell you why. Not just the Coroner’s report about the neck bones. But because of two things:

    One: William Barr jumped out and gave a conclusion while the body was still warm and had not been examined by the coroner. Barr likes to jump out in front and try to steer the narrative. He had a 3 week jump on the Mueller Report saying it completely exonerated Trump when in fact there are at least 18 incidents that tied Trump to crimes.  

    Also, no USAG has any business giving a conclusion. That’s up to the Coroners. If he felt he had to say something it would have to be limited to the available facts: “Jeffrey Epstein (a close personal friend of Barr’s by the way, did I fail to mention that earlier? My bad) was found dead in his cell this morning at such and such time. We have no further information and are waiting on the Coroner’s Report.” That’s it. Nothing more. But he came out and declared it was suicide.

    There’s another interesting piece for you to ponder: A full hour before anyone supposedly knew Epstein was dead, Buzzfeed carried the story that he was found dead in his cell. That’s almost like the killer himself or themselves, wanted to be sure that those above him knew he was no longer a living, breathing threat to them.

    There was no way he was going to get out of this alive. He knew it and he was terrified. His attorneys spent 8 hours a day with him in the conference room because he said he was afraid to return to his cell.  And now, his attorneys, at least two of them, have themselves, hired criminal defense attorneys.

    There’s a lot of that in the Trump circle of criminals. The criminal attorneys end up hiring criminal attorneys to protect themselves. I’ve never seen that happen on this large of a scale before. Prior to this, the only attorney I knew of that hired a criminal attorney himself, was a guy who was stealing from his clients. This is way up there. WAY up there.

    One more connection to ponder in Epstein’s circle of friends and accomplices: Jack Abramoff was one of his connections. The guy who went to prison for fraud, involving defrauding tribes regarding his lobbying for them to qualify for casinos. Abramoff is another one of those guys who committed a complex series of crimes, crimes that could only be practiced with the help of others, many of them much higher up in the system, but only he was investigated as a money launderer. Money launderers don’t work alone. They have people they launder money for. But Abramoff went down on his own. Again, a prosecution that could have unraveled a network of corruption, and maybe uncovered this snake pit of Child Trafficking, was for no valid reason, limited to just one player, and he was just the go-between.

    No place is child trafficking more easily practiced than in Indian Country. But, as you can see, there are extremely powerful people in that playground, and they run it.

    You’d be amazed at how much that we are appalled by today, comes back to Indian Country and the corrupt system that runs it, profits from it and keeps the Big Dogs out of the light.


    Knock, Knock. This Is Not A Joke

    Private prisons are bringing in billions for their Board of Directors. ICE is filling them up and it takes months of court battles to just force them to give their prisoners, children who have committed no crimes, soap, water, food. They still don’t have room to lie down. They’re still being trafficked. Suddenly, thousands of kids who were in Homestead Prison and one other, overnight, went missing and no one knows where they are.

    But keeping those prisons full is important. There is more profit in private prisons and the slave labor they produce, as well as the children they can traffic. Y’all were okay with it when it was just Black & Brown bodies. Then the desperate Immigrants… but you know that profits always have to increase right? Guess who they’re coming after next? You.

    Trump keeps floating these ideas out there, previewing them until we accept them as normal. His latest preview is that they are going to round up all the mentally ill and lock them up. Yes, just like Hitler. Just like what Putin does in Russia. In Russia, political dissidents are considered Mentally Ill and are dragged out of their homes or work or off the streets and imprisoned in “Psychiatric” prisons. There they are tortured and sometimes killed.  They have no rights. They have no recourse. 

    You think it won’t happen to you? Did you ever think you’d see your government kidnapping babies en mass and putting them in prisons, onto cold floors and letting them starve or die? You still feel safe, do ya?

    Mentally Ill. Think about it: Depression, anxiety, bi-polar, autism… people who are the most vulnerable and the most likely to experience violence, will themselves be locked up. And the diagnosis won’t come from medical professionals. It will come for the agents at the door. Knock, Knock.

    Back To The Dead Guy

    Epstein is dead. I’d bet on it. He was murdered. I’d bet on that too. Wanna know what else I’d bet on? He’s not the last one they bump off. This is how the mob runs things. This is how they shut it down and clean up their messes. Always more bodies. Always iffy circumstances.

    Place your bets. That wheel is still spinning.

    Suggested Reading:

    Migrant Children Molested in Care. ICE Doesn't Care  (ICE Twice They kidnap them and molest them, or don’t care that the agency they hand them over to, rapes them)

    Tribal Chair (Crow Creek Sioux) Indicted for Embezzlement.  (What if he talks about other Tribal Chairs who embezzled millions more than he ever did?) (NLO)

    Epstein’s Death was on 4Chan (a racist rag site) before authorities announced it. So, what connections do the racists have with people who would know?

    Forced Sterilization of 272,000 Indigenous Women  Tell me again how Racism is just a harmless ‘difference of opinion’.

    You know where to find me.





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    August 11, 2019

    Who Are We?
      Print Version

    Back in the day when I began this blogging and reporting over 20 years ago, my writing was aimed mostly at those living on or near the Rez, any rez, but particularly Spirit Lake Nation in North Dakota.

    It centered on the Murder of Eddie Peltier but it went deeper by exploring those who actually were involved in the murder, involved in framing the 11 innocent young men who ended up serving time for the murder they had no knowledge of, and the history of corruption from the top levels of Federal and State governments and agencies, as well as the dysfunctional, often fraudulent leadership of that tribe as well as other tribes. 

    I kept pointing out that this was relevant to all of us, regardless of where we live, because this was made possible only by the corruption throughout the system, and that system governs us all.  That essentially, just because you don’t live on the rez, don’t think the abuses happening to them can’t happen to all of us.

    Indian Country has been, from its inception, the place where the worst experiments against Humanity were lab tested.  Examples: Broken Treaties, where the government broke every treaty, but only the Indians suffered as a consequence. Where resources were stolen, from properties and belongings to the timber, the minerals, the water and the oil & gas, all of which made a few corporations, and even a fewer heads of those corporations, extremely wealthy, while Indians remained the ones who were robbed. No recourse.

    Indians had their children literally, stolen from them for the one purpose of separating them from their strong family connections, and shaming them out of their culture, language, sense of identity.  Residential schools took them as young as three years old. Their hair was cut, their clothes were burned, they were beaten if they spoke their own names instead of their “White Names” gifted to them by the schools, and beaten to the point of maiming or killing, if they got caught speaking their own language.

    A language, btw, that saved the asses of our soldiers in WWII, because none of the enemies could break the language of the Navajo Code Talkers.  And it was decades before they were even recognized for their heroic efforts.  They literally, each Code Talker, Wind Talker, had a ‘buddy’ soldier with them who had orders to shoot & kill them if they were at risk of being captured.  And yet, despite being abused by government for generations, they volunteered to save the very country that never respected them.

    But I digress.

    The point I made over and over about the corruption on the rez, and how it led to the murder of Eddie Peltier and the bizarre, extreme framing of the innocent to protect the real murderers, was that this can affect all of us. 

    The corruption itself, is the nexus of all this. Billions of our Tax Dollars go into Indian Country and its program and agencies, every year, for decades.  Little or none of that money ever goes to the programs or to the people it’s supposed to be on behalf of.  And it’s never audited. There is never an accounting for a dime of how money is spent in Indian Country.

    Where does that money go? A lot of it goes into the pockets of the corrupt leadership on the rez, but that’s really just a fraction.  Most of it goes to the Corporates who run programs (Casey Family, for one) that are supposed to be protecting children, but somehow, it keeps failing, and children keep dying in their program.  But, one statistic they never are required to keep is the number of children killed or who die in their programs. Nor are they required to keep track or count of how many children are raped, injured while in their program.

    Casey Family is run by the same family that owns UPS. Casey Family also gets government grants to run these same programs in every State.  They fail repeatedly, but. They are counted as a success because the failures are never counted, tracked, or audited. They make Billions. They got away with it by establishing their incompetence and greed in Indian Country. Now, they are everywhere.

    Something happens to you and your children end up in the system, chances are, Casey Family will be the ones directing where they go, whose homes or institutions they go to, and Casey will take the majority of the money for their “administrative expenses” and your kid will be lucky to get out alive.

    You’re paying tax dollars that could go to better things such as infrastructure, health care, schools, Fire Departments, or even to the actual care of these children in a safe, nurturing environment.

    We’re paying for people to get rich off of abusing, neglecting children.  Look where we are today.

    And if you wonder why the politicians are sitting on their hands, it’s because they are getting campaign donations, and other perks from the people making their fortunes on this. They won’t bite the hand that feeds them.  They won’t even raise their voice to bark at them.  

    Ten years ago, a few stories came out about how thousands of unaccompanied minors were coming across the border and instead of being housed and tracked, they were literally being put into the hands of Human Traffickers, child rapists, and not being united with family members who live legally in the US. 

    Who are these people making money off of these government “mistakes” and programs? They are among the elites. They have memberships at country clubs. They have private jets. They can walk into any elected politician’s office without an appointment and take all the time they want to discuss what they want them to do.

    They pick the weakest politicians to promote. Weak in character, lacking in common sense or critical thinking, dumb as a rock, but who is ‘telegenic’ so that the posters, and videos will look good. Politicians under that leathery cape are indebted to their sponsors, and they do what they are told.  They are weak in character, and especially the men, are susceptible to the more lurid forms of bribery, which leads to another form of control:  Blackmail. (See Jeffrey Epstein and his collection of videos of older men raping underage girls.

    These weak politicians are so busy protecting themselves and each other, that they really don’t have time to fix the ails of this or any other nation.  The corruption compounds.

    Who are the weak ones? They’re easy to spot. They won’t stand up to the abuses by this currently installed president.  They run away if you ask them what they are doing about the illegal family separations and the inhumane conditions people and children are being kept in: Cages, no water (drink from the toilet), no way to wash their hands or bathe, no change of clothes for weeks or months, uncooked frozen foods, bread & bologna for every meal, and not enough room to lie down. Sleep standing up. Who would’ve thought being able to lie down on the hard floor would be a luxury?

    Courts have ordered the administration to stop the family separations. The courts have been ignored.  The children are trafficked out. First to the cages where the above conditions and worse exist, where their corporate owners are paid over $22K per month per person, to literally, cage them with no dignity. They don’t keep paperwork on these kids. They destroy and literally shred paperwork that would identify the families these kids belong to. And when the kids are moved out, no one knows where they went. We don’t know if they are alive or dead.

    Back when all this abuse, trafficking and the shredding of documents was taking place in Spirit Lake Nation, no one spoke up or did a thing. Those who reported it were harassed, threatened, assaulted.  You think it’s different now? Why would it be? It worked.  It’s highly profitable.

    And it has reinforced precedence. You don’t think about that because you weren’t taught that in school. Anything that is practiced in Indian Country, and especially anything that is ruled by Federal Courts to be legal, without appeal or challenge, is considered Precedent. Indian Country is Federal Land and Federal Land laws and policies are accepted throughout the country as legal by virtue of Precedence alone.  And they are heavily invested in this because it enriches and protects those who make the most money from abuse.

    So, Indian Kids were stolen, abused, murdered, and their communities suffer the legacy of those abuses.  Now, as a commercial enterprise, private companies are freely and deeply profiting from the same practices on an even larger scale.

    Destroying the paperwork on these kids would be considered a crime, except for the precedence that proves it’s acceptable. Precedence set in Indian Country.

    Forfeiture Laws were first experimented on in Indian Country. Then, under the guise of breaking the grip of drug dealers, they were moved into the States, and the result is that whomever is in power from the Sheriff on up, can stop any car for any reason, and steal their cash, their property, even impound their vehicle, with no crime ever being proven.  There are some highways in Texas where tourists fall into that trap daily.  Women are extorted for sex to ‘let them go this time’, and one woman had no money, no property, so they took the crucifix necklace off her neck because it was worth a few dollars. She was never charged with a crime and could not afford, as most can’t afford, to challenge the forfeiture in court.

    One DA, years ago, in Texas, would seize cars of anyone she wanted on the hunch that they might have marijuana in it… and even seized a house that the car was parked in the driveway of because under forfeiture laws, she could… and when her own son was busted in her driveway, with dealing literally kilos of marijuana, she declined to pursue forfeiture. And she got away with it.  The laws are completely arbitrary, and very profitable. And, apparently, fun for the cops.

    Not only are the agents at the border and elsewhere, abusing these people and violating Human Rights, but now, by order of the President, Border Agents can on their own, decide who is a citizen and who is not. They can also use deadly force without accountability. People with all the proper documents; birth certificates, passports, but the wrong color of skin… thrown into one of those cages or forced out of the country they are citizens of, and all without a day in court, and without any recourse.

    You think this won’t affect you? What if you and the mayor of your town or a member of your country club doesn’t like you (but maybe likes your wife or your small business) and they file a report saying you are here illegally.  You think that under the right circumstances, you won’t be suddenly without your rights, dignity or legal recourse?  Think again. This is getting bigger, spreading across more lines.

    Now, imagine you’re a minimum wage worker and you and your fellow workers were being terribly mistreated by the company you work for.  You summon all your reserves, and y’all find a lawyer and you sue your employer, and you win. You win a multi-million dollar settlement and the company can’t mistreat you any more…

    And then ICE moves in and raids your work places and throws everyone in cages, and strands your kids and families with no help, no support, literally putting your little kids out on the street… 780 of you.  But the company that hired you isn’t even investigated.

    Say you are an American Citizen and you even have paperwork and can prove it… but they keep you overnight anyway. Your kids are terrorized. You don’t even get a single phone call, which a real criminal would get. No one knows where you are.

    That just happened. That raid ICE is so proud of. They’re not arresting “bad Hombres”, that would be real work. They’re swooping in and scooping people up with no warning and no warrants. It’s illegal, but they keep doing it. They had to release 400 people. That means 400 illegal arrests.  They don’t follow process, procedures or even the law. They are not enforcing the law, they are using their badges to cause terror, harm and hurt as many kids as they can.

    ICE used to go after gangsters, drug dealers, etc., but now they just go after the most vulnerable people working their asses off making minimum wage doing the most vile, disgusting jobs that only they will do.

    Looks like the company that got raided won’t have to worry about that multi-million dollar settlement they lost just earlier in the week. That raid conveniently solved their problem.

    The majority of people arrested were legal citizens.

    Are you a legal citizen? Do you think that this can’t happen to you? Do you carry enough documentation on you to prove you are a citizen at all times? Doesn’t matter. They arrested and caged a 15-yr old boy who was a citizen despite him carrying proof of his citizenship. He was caged for weeks. Inadequate food, no bathing, no toothbrushing, no room to lie down.

    He can sue, but the agents that declared his authentic documents as fakes on the spot, won’t pay. The private prison that mistreated him made $800/day off of him and they don’t have to pay. The guards that tormented him won’t pay. The authorities that denied him a phone call won’t pay. Taxpayers will pay. Your tax dollars will go to pay for the crimes committed against him. You okay with that?  Now, look at the most recent 400 cases… they all have actionable cases against the government. Who’s gonna pay? *Laughing, pointing to you*

    How many cases do you think have occurred in the duration?

    It’s going to take a long time for those cases to wind through court systems. Those people who won their case against their employer won’t see a dime of that money for years. Now they have to try and find more work in the meantime. And their children will be terrified every time they walk out that door.

    Bystanders Are Next

    Now, something to think about. By giving these monsters a badge, gun, authority to arrest on false charges, deny phone calls to let anyone know where you are, the government is setting it up to where it can be done to anyone. 

    Say that someone owes you a lot of money. Or someone wants to buy your property but you don’t want to sell. Someone wants to buy your business but you don’t want to sell.  If they know the right people, your nightmare is just beginning.  Your life will be upside down for a decade.  Nothing can help you even if you manage to last long enough to fight it in court.  You’ll be innocent. You’ll be right, but you’ll lose everything. They might even offer you a plea deal but that will only absolve them of any responsibility, but it might get you out of jail sooner.

    Power is an awesome weapon.  It gets wielded like this all the time in Indian Country.  It has for decades. It was fine with everyone when it was only Indians. Fine with everyone now that it’s only Mexicans.  How many more steps until this is at your door? Look around. By the time they take everyone down and they get to you, there won’t be anyone left to help you fight for your rights.

    My suggestion to you now, all of you, is that you put aside the racism you’ve been carrying around. It’s going to be your undoing. It weakens you. You think it makes you stronger, but it doesn’t.  Hate doesn’t make anyone anything but weaker.  

    You better find a way to get involved, become active, be supportive, make a contribution to groups and organizations who are fighting this spreading evil before it comes to your door.

    The water is getting higher. You better be a hella swimmer, or find a boat that will let you onboard.  (Pssst!  I should probably tell you, no one is that good a swimmer.) 

    Meanwhile, your taxes will be paying for the people who are being abused: $800 per day per person, or the lawsuits that will follow for all the wrongful arrests, all the rapes and violations of Rights that are mounting up as you read this. If you’re really unlucky, you’ll also be paying for legal representation to fight to clear your own name.  You might, in view of all this, realize how much more economic sense it makes to stand and fight now, and to stand with and support those who are fighting.  Being a bystander is the most dangerous position to be in right now. Once they know you won’t fight for anyone, they know you can’t fight for yourself and no one will fight for you.  Feels kinda lonely, doesn’t it?

    The Future Follows the Tracks Already Laid

    So, why am I writing about this instead of solely focusing on the Murder of Eddie Peltier? Because I want you all to know I am writing to you all, because we are all Indians now.  We are all losing our rights, our security, and our collective character as a nation because we never did anything to stop it when it happened to ‘them’. 

    We laid those tracks. The System Runs on those tracks. We built that system. Hell, we own the whole railroad! 

    Being Railroaded is a process practiced in Indian Country. Once they perfected it, they took it on the road… and now it’s happening where we can all see it.  And they can see us doing nothing to stop them. They have no fear of us. They have no reason to stop what they are doing. What are you waiting for? You think the Nazis will protect YOU?

    What happened in Indian Country is a harbinger. What happened to them, and what continues to happen to them, is coming closer and closer to you, me, all of us.  

    I don’t know how you justified the criminal and corrupt abuses that were allowed to flourish in Indian Country. I don’t know how you didn’t care about the billions of dollars that went into the pockets of everyone except the people that were supposed to be helped by it.

    I guess they were the wrong color. The history as taught in our schools has failed us all with generations of White Male Centric mythology that bares little or no resemblance to our true history. By overplaying the value of White Men and underplaying people of any other color, we have lost any sense of cohesion and unity in our society.

    We literally function on the most racist presumptions of who and what White people are and what everyone else is. Nazis are marching in our streets and we have concentration camps, some especially to warehouse children kidnapped from their parents by border agents on steroids who refer to them as sub-humans.

    Reminder: It was Black Women mathematicians that got our astronauts to the moon. We never knew any of that until “Hidden Figures” came out in movie form.

    We never knew about the Code Talkers until recently.

    Thousands of accomplishments that have moved us forward into prosperity as a nation, were in fact made solely by or equally contributed to by everyone of other races, religions, genders etc.

    It appears that as a nation, too many would rather sacrifice truth to maintain their racism and their false sense of superiority, even as their golden idol bankrupts our nation, humiliates us on the global stage, and weakens us economically, militarily and in every way. White Egos are the most fragile, the most fearful and the most dangerous.

    Supporting the racism, being too weak willed to call out corruption and crimes, does what for us as a country? Have you seen the Rez lately? People living under extreme, even grinding poverty while their leaders wallow in wealth and comfort. People struggling every day to avoid or overcome the legacy of violence and abuse and addiction gifted from our Federal government via the Residential Schools system, and now child trafficking..

    And you think you’re special and you’ll be among the chosen few who will not be robbed, humiliated, denied legal recourse or basic rights?  You rolling those dice every day you don’t stand up, every day you don’t challenge the abuses you see happening to others; every day you pretend that the corruption that enriches the few isn’t robbing you, is my friend, you being an accomplice to your own suffering, your own robbery.

    You know what the system looks like because you’ve seen it happening to too many for too long. That system is made more powerful by your silence. That system will come for you, your job, your pension, your healthcare and your children…. It’s already rolling in that direction.

    If you think politics is a sport, I can’t help you. If you think both parties are the same, I can’t help you. You’re stupid. No one can help you.

    Listen to who is speaking out. Listen to who is standing up against the abuses and the corruption. Listen to those who have real plans, not just loud complaints. Anyone can be a loudmouth. We have one in the White House right now.

    It takes intelligence, courage and strength to drive out evil. It also takes something called “unity”.  Unity means finding those who have the same values as you, and those values should be basic: To be able to raise your family in peace, marry whom you love, travel without fear of being arrested or robbed by authorities on arbitrary non-criminal reasons; to be able to work for a livable wage; to be able to pursue prosperity in your labors and efforts without having your work stolen.  

    Most people don’t realize how much we have in common. We want to be safe in our homes. We want our children to be healthy and safe. We want our communities to be safe.  We don’t want Nazis with tiki torches marching in our streets, terrifying our neighbors, shooting up our public places.

    We may not all look alike, worship alike, or even have the same mother tongue, but we are not enemies unless we allow people weaker than us, with no character, people who lie about who they are, what they do, rise to power and tell us who to fear, who to hate because of reasons that have nothing to do with anything: Race, creed, religion, gender. 

    Find Unity, you find Strength. Hate only unifies a shrinking demographic, and weakens us as individuals, as communities and as a society in a nation. Hate is not strength. It is the refuge of the weakest and the most corrupt.  We look stupid and weak when we support it. We are.

    Unity is what Evil Fears. Get involved. Speak up. Burn those stupid Red Hats if you decide it was a mistake. Wear that stupid Red Hat if you want people to see you as Stupid, Racist, Hateful and unconcerned with the fate of your neighbors. Makes it easier to spot you.

    The shame of what we have already allowed to happen, both historically and currently, is something we must address and soon. Or it will rise up and metastasize again, destroy us entirely.

    Get smarter. You’ll have to let go of any untruths you held, but you’ll be stronger for it.

    Pick a side: Either you actively fight evil, or you stand silent. Silence is a side that is waiting its turn to die.

    Indian Country and Slavery were the original sins of our founding. We need to fix these things. We need to address the wrongs in a way that makes it so they don’t recur. We have a lot of wrongs to make up for, but I think that as a nation, we are worth it.

    You know where to find me.


    PS: Jeffrey Epstein is dead. Boy o Boy o boy, does that open up a line of discussion. We’ll touch on that later. Keep your ears open. Keep your eyes open. And ask the right questions.




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    Note: This posting was written the day before the shootings. We’ll discuss them and their aftermath in a future posting. Who knows how many more shootings will happen this week?

    August 5, 2019

    Random  Print (6)


    No particular theme to this posting. It’s August. It’s hot, muggy, and evenings on the porch are watching Nighthawks dive into mosquito swarms by the river.  We need more bats.

    Ladies, and this includes the very young ladies, let’s set out some clear rules for the road.  No man, no male, no one is entitled to abuse you. You didn’t “ask” for it by the way you dress, where you work, how you walk, how you talk, who you hang out with.  You don’t have to police every aspect of your life to make sure you’re ‘not giving the wrong signal’ to anyone.  Anyone tells you you’re ‘signaling’, tell them to BACK OFF. 

    Gentleman, and this includes the very YOUNG gentlemen out there: You are not entitled to any girl or woman’s attention or affection just because: She’s standing near you, sitting near you, knows someone you know, fell asleep or passed out at a party because she was tired, drank too much, or was drugged.

    She doesn’t owe you anything. She doesn’t have to accept a date with you just because;

    She’s not married
    She’s not going steady with anyone
    Her boyfriend is out of town
    She’s your co-worker
    She’s a classmate
    You like her
    You want her
    You feel entitled.
    She ‘has a reputation’. Chances are, that reputation was created by a guy she turned down and he can’t admit he struck out.

    You aren’t entitled to sex with anyone just because:

    You went on a date
    Spent coin on a movie, concert or hamburger (I don’t care how much you spent, not entitled, get it?)

    Parents: Raise your children to be respectful of themselves and others.
    Especially, raise your sons to not be rapists. Raping does not make them “Real Men”, it makes them rapists.  Rapists lack self-esteem and that creates every personality defect they can exhibit under that defect: Bullying, lying, inability to care for others, including their own families who become mere props in their image, without any real bonding.

    Look at Jeffrey Epstein. Supposedly untouchable for his crimes of money laundering, child rape, child trafficking. But his victims kept standing up to him, even with the system wouldn’t listen. Even when the system was stacked against them because he was so ‘connected’ to other powerful men in governments all over the world, and in businesses and especially in money laundering banks. There’s Deutsche Bank again!

    But Mr. All Powerful Untouchable is nothing. He’s weak and he’s scared. He’s scared of his victims telling on him and even more scared that they are believed.  The Truth brings down those who built their power on abuse.

    I especially like the desperation in everyone that knew him, did business with him, and who were raping little girls (and boys?) along with him. They thought they’d never get caught. They thought their status as Big Man would protect them.

    If you want. Laughs on this, read up on Alan Dershowitz’s claims of Innocence because he never indulged… okay, so he ‘got a massage once… but it was from a fat, middle-aged Russian woman (because sure, Epstein was very fond of old, fat, Russian women?)…. And maybe he got a massage by one of the younger girls… but he kept his underwear on..” And down it goes from there to where he is now trying to say that if a girl is old enough to have her periods, she’s old enough to be his sexual partner… and it’s not “rape” if she didn’t fight back…” He won’t shut up.

    The Truth never changes. Lies get weaker and weaker. Seeing the Truth changes these Big Bad Powerful Men into simpering, trembling slugs in fetal curl on the floor. That’s what they always were. Take away the lie, nothing is left but the Truth.

    I know that was really generalized, but it’s a basic framework to go on. 

    Men have been running things for too long and making a massive mess of it all.  Women have had to comply with rules that govern every aspect of their life from their appearance to healthcare, to mannerisms, and hairstyles. 

    Men have been assumed capable and competent and entitled while women have to prove their perfection daily.  The anger has built up and we’ve hit the tipping point for Civilization.

    Now Do Race

    No one deserves credit for being born Rich, White, Tall. Get that? You had nothing to do with whom your parents are, what your genetics are. That was given by nature. It doesn’t make you smarter, wiser, funnier, stronger, and it doesn’t make you entitled.

    Your religion doesn’t make you better than anyone, anywhere, for any reason.  You do not get to rule over others based on your race, religion, gender, wealth etc.

    It’s now becoming apparent to educators that the curriculum in our schools, from pre-K on up, is out of balance to the extreme of promoting the White Centric view of everything.  Especially of History.

    Is now a good time to mention that Jesus wasn’t White? Look where he was born, folks. He was a dark-skinned Jew.  Those paintings in your Sunday School books, those statues you pray to? All of them are wrong. It was a basic way of planting in your subconscious the notion that all greatness comes from Whiteness. It does not. It never has.

    Hate is more than fashionable right now, it’s becoming an epidemic driven by stupidity. The stupidity is spread by the well of ignorance we are taught to drink from: The curriculum in schools is White Centric. The newscasters on TV are overwhelmingly White despite there being over 50% “Other” races in our society.

    We can’t even see what’s wrong because it’s not presented to us until social media (its own 9 circles of Hell) brings us podcasts and events that put information out there without the White Centric filter of TV, Newspapers or Hate Radio.  Trouble is, most lack the education of Critical Thinking to sort their ways through the maze of social media, which can, if you pursue your biases (as most of us will) only reinforce whatever beliefs you already have.

    TV used to have to be honest. But those laws were done away with during Reagan, Bush 1 and Bush the Lesser.  But people are still trained that by reflex, if it’s shown or said on TV, it must be True, or ok to use (See Lawsuits on Round-up, Just For Men, etc., and know where advertising has killed you, cost our country billions, made a few corporate types veddy, veddy rich.).

    The same with the Internet. “I saw it somewhere on the internet, so it must be true.” Is both a joke and a sad truth in itself. Discussions become arguments because either both are wrong and neither wants to change their position, or one is factual and the other digs in and refuses to consider new information because somehow, admitting you were wrong, or misled, makes you feel more foolish than maintaining a level of belief in a disproven pile of ignorance.  Balled up fists, squinty eyes, nothing will be accomplished here.

    Men have been running the world by brute force, and it’s ruining what would otherwise be a paradise for all of us. Greed has become a force that makes it ok to drive us apart from one another, so the greedy are never held accountable.

    Farmers who voted for Trump are losing their shit because of his reckless tariffs and general ignorance on policies and trade. But they think he’s going to ‘make it up to them’ by giving them a hand-out to ‘make up for it’. (That’s already a pattern of abuse: Abuse, hurt, buy flowers, stay together. Abuse again, hurt again…flowers).

    They think they’ll be paid for their losses. They won’t. Most of that money is going to the very wealthiest corporate farmers, and to foreign farm owners who literally have lost nothing. They get the big payouts.

    You little guys with your MAGA Hats will be lucky if you get $20K. You’ll be mad, but you don’t want to look like a fool, so you’ll find a way to blame Democrats for the damage done by the Republicans. It’s been a pattern for 60 years.

    Democrats always lower the Debt and Deficit, invest more in schools, infrastructure, social programs that keep our economy and our society above the waterline.  Republicans come in and point to the Debt/Deficit as if it is too high (even though it is lower than under Republican Administrations) get you to yell and shout (because you were never taught basic economics) and they throw the stupidest arguments out there as bumper stickers, slogans:

    “If I have to balance my household budget, you should have to balance the government budget!” and …

    “I ran a successful business and became a billionaire, so I can run this country and make it rich!” 

    Utter bullshit. For one: Your household budget doesn’t have to factor in taking care of every household in the country, providing education, healthcare and police, fire services for an entire community as well as budgeting for hurricanes, wildfires, wars etc. Your budget is not connected to the economies of every community as well as every nation you do business with.

    Second Bullshit: Business are run differently than households. Most of these ‘self-made’ billionaires are nothing of the sort. They either inherited their money, ripped people off (bankrupted vendors), and most of them depended on government hand outs to off set their losses or to boost their holdings.

    Big Pharma and Big Oil are among the biggest Corporate Welfare recipients in the country. They literally take billions from our taxes, and pay little or no taxes of their own. What they get are ‘grants’. Billions.

    Big Pharma literally uses our education and our prison systems to create and test drugs.  Our universities do the research, Big Pharma says ‘we’ll take that, and here’s a million dollars for a new lab’ while they then make billions and billions off of that research.  Most drugs are tested on prisoners and college students. They sign away their rights to sue for adverse effects.  No risks taken by Pharma. Prisoners often aren’t even aware they are part of the experiments. They have even fewer rights to object without retaliation, and no rights to sue.

    But the farmers who get ripped off will find a way to not look foolish, by misdirecting their anger at the Democrats. Go to a Hate Fest Rally near you. It’s mostly White and it’s mostly really stupid people—except those exploiting the anger.  Boy oh boy, are some people too easy!


    Now, go do some research outside of the limited White Centric Curriculum used to dumb you down. Look at the real foundings of this nation: Lands stolen, Treaties broken, People kidnapped and dragged over here in chains, in the bottoms of boats. 

    Look at who the real heroes are: Those who fought injustice. Those who made our greatest accomplishments possible. They were women. They were People of Color. And they have been excluded from our learning. Why? Would those White Male Heroes that were so often wrongly credited with their work, look less heroic if we realized that “you know what? Everyone has made a contribution to what we have now”?  And what will happen when we realize how much we have been lied to, misled and steered away from basic factual truths?

    We will be angry for sure because we’ll realize how much it has held us back as a nation; how weak it has made us as a fractured society; how much it has robbed us all of our Peace and Justice. We will feel foolish for not realizing it sooner.

    But who will we be angry at? Those who misled us and kept us divided in ignorance to exploit us, take our resources for their own greed? Or will we find someone that is a different race, gender, religion and just take it out on them?

    We’ve been misled by churches, schools, and corporate media. Now, it is the Republican Party that is doubling down on all things wrong, and rage. The world looks at us as if we have lost our minds.

    We make choices based on our beliefs. When our beliefs are based on lies, we make all the wrong choices and can’t understand why things only get worse.  We can change that. Or we can remain foolish.

    I say, we have never really had our own minds. But it is about time we did.  Anyone that divides us on race, ethnicity, religion, gender etc., is poisoning us to keep us fractured and weak. We are either going to break apart into helpless fragments of rage, or we are going to start to come together as equals, and demand justice, equality, equity and realize that it will take time to undo what has been done, but that it will make all of us better, healthier, happier and less susceptible to the raging stupidity that now floods media as if stupidity and hate are themselves, ‘entertaining’. 

    You know where to find me.



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