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    The Origin of this blog and it's transformation into shining a greater light onto the abuse and corruption that runs rampant in Indian Country. The culprits are in every level of government. They are what ails us all, regardless of where we live, or who we are. Judging from events at the national & state levels, We Are ALL Indians Now. This is about them, and this is about us––ALL of us.

    Eddie Peltier/ Richard LaFuente

    Justice/ Freedom

    Richard LaFuente served almost 30 years for a crime he did not commit, while the real killers roamed free, and still do, to this day.

    Nothing "Just" Happens

    Everything we suffer now, all the suffering we see now, has roots in our untold history.  We can't know what we weren't taught unless we are willing to open our minds to the simple logic that "Nothing JUST happens."

    The greatest injustices have fallen upon Indigenous People the world over, and upon minorities in our very midst.  Unless we are willing to take on and hold accountable those who commit these injustices and those who profit from them as well as those who created the system that makes ongoing injustice "routine", we will never know Peace in our lifetime, anywhere in this world.

    It's time to QUESTION AUTHORITY and hold accountable those in power and those who benefit from a system designed by "leaders" to be unfair, unjust, and costly to all of us. This is not happening to "other" people, it is happening to People. WE ARE PEOPLE.

    Those in power will always aim our anger at someone else, even less powerful. Until we see others as equal to ourself, we will never know the true power of Unity, nor the Peace of living in a Just World.

    Introduction: The same corrupt system that wrongly accused, convicted and imprisoned eleven innocent young men is the same system, with many of the exact same players, who are currently profiting from rampant sexual abuse of children on Spirit Lake Nation Reservation in North Dakota, as well as most if not all reservations in Indian Country, and beyond.

    This Blog is documenting ongoing events at all levels of government. Events on the rez itself, often require someone to speak up and speak out, but since those who do are often abused, assaulted, threatened and intimidated by the abusers in authority, this blog is their voice.

     I ignore morons but the rest of you can reach me at: Cat West Email


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    July 29, 2019

    Wealth Built on Theft   Printer (6)

    Stealing from Indians has been key, since the beginning, for building wealth and power, within government, corporations and within families.  Especially families that claim “Old Money” and who turn up their noses at “Nouveau Riche” (new wealth).

    Stealing the lands gave government power. Forcing Human Beings to live within the confines of a ‘reservation’ and not allowing them to own weapons (lest they become hostile), meant that they could not hunt to feed themselves. It made them dependent on their ‘keepers’ who rationed food to them, much of which was tainted, spoiled, inedible. 

    Not being allowed off the reservation to hunt, fish or gather, created a form of Concentration Camp that was later emulated by Hitler in his Concentration camps and his Death Camps. He acknowledged he got the idea from American government, on how to implement it, enforce it and use it to his advantage. 

    Everyone that entered Hitler’s camps were stripped of their belongings, even wedding rings, all their clothing, and of course – their rights.  I know, if I had not said “Hitler’s Camps” you all woulda thought I was talking about Trump’s Border Camps, right? Same same.  Concentration Camps had gone out of style after we defeated the Nazis in Germany back in 1948… and he’s bringing it back. Whadda guy! (*Vendor barks at the stadium crowd: “Git yer Red Hats! Red Hats! Git yer Red Hats!”)

    Face it folks, We ARE the BAD Guys in the world right now. We’ve aligned ourselves with the worst Authoritarian Rulers and knee-capped our allies: The ones that took our side in WWI, WWII and every ill-thought out debacle in the Middle East. They put their Blood and Treasure on the line with us, and now, we spit in their faces.  Hello Putin! *Big Smile* and “Love Letters” to Kim Jung Un.  This is how the World sees us now.

    But, I digress. Sort of. How did we become this monstrous clown shadow of our former respectable selves?  I will suggest it was always there, like a cancer that we ignored in all it’s forms: Racism, Misogyny, Bigotry and key to making it all metastasize, IGNORANCE.

    Indians got moved from one patch of land to another. Each time something of value, something that could build wealth was found to be on that patch, they were removed and re-moved to yet a different patch, something that appeared at first look, to contain nothing of any value.

    If the land contained valuable timbers, or fishing waters–– moved. If valuable minerals were discovered –– moved.  And each time, some resource extraction corporation with good connections to Federal and/or State government was allowed in to exploit those resources for their own wealth accumulation, which they in turn shared with people in power or seeking power, by virtue of “campaign donations” and outright bribes.  

    When the Railroad decided they wanted to cut through Indian Country, disrupting the migration of buffalo and other wild life, government and corporations designed a twofer.

    They would hire “hunters” who did nothing more than slaughter and lay waste to vast herds of buffalo, which had been the main source of survival and prosperity for tribes, and that would further impoverish those tribes, leaving them more dependent on government ‘charity’.

    Government Charity, since it’s made to sound as if those receiving bare necessities are ‘takers’ works this way: “Federal/State government strips you of every means to survive, takes your wealth for themselves, steals your lands, and then doles out a pittance, while pushing the stereotype that you are lazy, stupid, savage, unclean, and worst of all, a TAKER.  You are portrayed as the burden to others.

    A man comes in, takes over your house, dumps your food to spoil, kills your dog, won’t let you leave, and then tells everyone you are one stopping them from having more for themselves.  Your neighbors resent you, spit on you, look the other way while your children are taken from you. Try to explain or protest the Injustice and you are mocked in the Press.  That’s essentially how this works.

    Oops! Oil!

    Some of the worthless patches of land that Indians were herded onto, turned out to not be so worthless.  Oil. Lots and lots of oil.  Being on Federal Lands, as all Indian Country is, the BLM and BIA had final say over who could pump oil and who could bid on it and all that stuff. See? Even when it is YOUR land by Treaty, you have no real say over it.

    The oil in the ground, many in the tribes were told, would make them wealthy beyond their dreams. That would please the government who could not “unburden” themselves of the obligations for things like housing, medical, education, infrastructure. Win-Win, right?

    But, having the tribes economically independent of the government would create a profound imbalance in the Mediocre White Man Narrative.  Corporations, partnered with government to remove the oil from the land and then to compensate the Tribes, or in cases where Individual Tribal Members owned their own patches of land, compensate them directly with a monthly check, a royalty on the resources being extracted. Sadly, it was more the Honor System as no one in the Tribes and especially those individual owners, had no way to know if the calculation were correct or not.

    At first, the checks came in fat, sassy and on time. People were happy. But it wasn’t long before the checks began to dwindle, down from thousands of dollars to mere pennies in some cases, and you never knew when or if a check was coming. 

    I know a family that was promised big checks as their property was dead center of a massive strike.  Papers were signed, but the deal never went through. Next report said that there was no oil under their property. But right next to their fence line, literally a few feet, were drilling rigs. Supposedly they were drilling on that property, not my friend’s property.  They were ‘slant drilling’, directly under the fence line, robbing one family, saying they had a right to the oil because papers were signed but didn’t have to pay for it because the drill wasn’t on their land.

    The poverty was grinding. No checks, no audits, just outright robbery.

    One woman fought the oil companies. In 2009 she got a massive settlement for the tribes, $3 Billion. Sounds like a lot, but it was a fraction of what they were owed. And, after the government handled the settlement, the BIA and the BLM, nobody I know received a dime. 

    Even when it’s your money, they take it away from you. That was just one settlement. There were a few others under the Obama Administration. He ordered his Department of Justice to settle all the cases that had been languishing in the courts for decades.

    The government paid the settlements, not the Oil Companies. Even when they are guilty and they lose in court, we pay.

    Now, examine someand how they made their billions: Old Money, The Koch Brothers. Remember that because of the wealth they stole, the resources they exploited and the people who suffered, the Kochs have accumulated enough wealth to buy the Congress they want, and they buy the curriculum and the professors at Universities who will teach what they want taught and they won’t teach what would be ‘offensive’ to the Kochs, like Climate Change, which has currently escalated to Climate Crisis.

    Shorter version: Steal the resources (mostly from the Indians) and use your wealth to get the government as your accomplice, pay no taxes, government pays your settlements, rob the rest of us.  

    You think it’s only happening to “them” but it’s really happening to all of us.

    Now, For The Kids

    Human Trafficking is more lucrative than drug trafficking. Child trafficking is more lucrative than trafficking teenagers or adults. That’s a fact.

    We have agencies that are supposed to protect children from neglect or exploitation, but they don’t really do much of a job at it.  The heads of these agencies are political appointees, not merit assignments.  We’ve seen how the ACF literally treated Mandated Reports as a threat to their existence.

    Children at the Border are being stolen from their parents, tormented, neglected in ways that if we saw animals being treated that way, we’d report them and expect massive police presence to free them and get them to safety.  But it continues. It’s ignored by the ACF, HHS, and mocked by Republicans.  At over $20,000 per child, per month, paid to a corporation who bought influence with the Republican Administration, there’s money to be made. Further, by deliberately shredding the paperwork on these kids, reunification with their families is near impossible.  The kids are given to an agency, one run by Betsy DeVos, who then assigns them to adoptive parents.

    DeVos’s adoption agency is private, and for some reason, that means there is less oversight on how these adoptions are handled. Look up what it costs to adopt a child. Hundreds of thousands of dollars for a child is not uncommon. And we have no idea who is adopting them. Pedophiles? Why not? They seem to be very popular these days. At least six pedophiles are connected to Donald Trump, so far. Good friends!

    But, that’s “their” kids, right? Never happen to your family? Think again.  A school district in Pennsylvania is sending home letters to parents saying that if they fail to pay their children’s cafeteria bills, in full, their children will be removed and put into Foster Care. Yeah, for less than $20, your children can be taken from you and put into a system where you can’t find them.

    They feel pretty confident that the government will support them in their efforts to take your children away from you. Bet now you’re wishing maybe you had looked a little closer at the precedents being set in Indian Country where children were being stolen, neglected and sold to unqualified adopters. Paperwork Shredded. Precedent established. If it happens on Federal land, or in Federal Court, it becomes precedent, and that means it can happen everywhere.

    Children were removed from good and safe Foster families and placed with sexual predators and the reasons were always MONEY.

    Now, see if a $20 lunch bill is in your future. You know what’s next? Parking fines. Traffic tickets. Overdue car rentals. Your kids are up for grabs now. Our kids are up for grabs. And the government is not on your side.

    Close Call? The Child Protective Services says they would never do this. They would never remove a child for an unpaid bill. But that’s not the premise which the school threatened to have them turned in.

    The premise would be neglect. And they would have to respond. And the parents would no doubt have to get an attorney to defend themselves. If parents can’t afford $20 or more a week for a lunch bill, how much will they be able to afford the attorney and court costs?

    That a Federal Agency, a school (Betsy DeVos runs the Department of Education) would feel comfortable in making this threat, in writing, on official letterhead, means this is what they WANT to do.  It means they plan to.

    I dunno. How short of a line is it from removing children from refugees and selling them on the open market, to removing children over a lunch bill and putting them into the system… when Betsy DeVos stands to profit? I’m exaggerating. I hope I’m exaggerating.  Then again, I never thought we’d see actual concentration camps manned by our own gestapo, in our country.  I never thought I’d see Nazis parading out in the open. Nazis descended from the men and women who fought the Nazis in WWII.  It’s a strange world, isn’t it?

    Hold your children close.  This was just a test. But so was everything in Indian Country. It’s just happening everywhere now. Hold ‘em close.  


    Take Away Their Rights

    Trump just empowered ICE and CBP to take anyone off the street, and if they can’t prove that they are citizens, or that they have been in the country legally for two years, they can be deported on the spot. No hearing. No lawyer. Nothing.

    Ask yourself, “what kind of paperwork would I have to carry to prove I am a citizen and that I have been here for two years?”

    Doesn’t matter. They can snag you out of your house, your car, or your job. You present your ID and they can tear it up and say you never offered it. What will you do? Demand your rights? From whom? You won’t see a judge, get a phone call, and no attorney. Your word against theirs.

    You think this is to expedite throwing people out of the country? Sure! Why not? Take away THEIR Rights… but in so doing, your Rights are also gone. You have no way to prove who you are if they destroy your papers. They’re already shredding paperwork on children to deny parents their rights. Shredding official documents is the rule, the rule applies to you as well.

    You see? Rights protect ALL of us, or they protect none of us. Your neighbor got a grudge against you? Phones ICE? Or even bribes a few CBP buddies to get rid of you, you’re gone. You say something that upset the local sheriff? Mayor? Governor? Buh-bye.

    So, if you are OK with them losing their rights, it means you are okay with everyone losing their rights.

    See how that works?

    Stealing Your Vote
    This just in. Those voting machines  Ivanka got the trademark on (she now controls the software used, and gets paid every time you cast a vote) are on their way to the USA. Hand-marked Paper Ballots are the only way to ensure your vote is not altered. We’re more like Russia every day, eh?

    Nobody can fix this mess for us, except for us, each of us, getting involved.  Get informed, get involved. Stand up.  The other thing you have to do is to get organized. Strength in unity.

    You know where to find me.









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    July 22, 2019

    And You, And You, And You…

    Print (13)

    (Expect random Capitalization for emphasis.) (Also, This is not my best work, but with the firehose of horrors coming at all of us from the White House these days, getting it all down in an orderly way, so even Red Hat Morons can understand how screwed they are, takes a tad more talent than I have. So, Let us stumble bumble through these briars and pull out the stickers on the other side, k?) Oh, and this is a long one.

    As long as the ‘bad stuff’ is only happening to “them” you’re okay with it? Whom do you think “them” is?

    I read a complaint that there were no objections to Indigenous Children being rounded up, removed from their parents, some as young as 3-yrs old, and forced into soul-stripping Residential Schools, to be damaged psychologically, physically and socially. 

    Somehow, today’s outcry over the horrors at the Border that are being inflicted on families, and especially the brutal torment acted upon little kids, is hypocritical on the part of the public at large.  Maybe. But maybe there’s a bigger failing on the part of those tasked with informing us, and maybe we should hold them more accountable?

    It is by every measure hypocritical to cry out now about children being torn away from their families and forced to endure unspeakable neglect and abuse while never uttering dissent when it was Indian Children being kidnapped by the government and forced to endure the same and worse, all in the quest to strip them of their identity, their language, their culture and to make them resent their own skin and their own kin.


    The public was never informed.  The Press,  refused to cover, investigate or report on what was happening in Indian Country. Both back in the Day and in the current time. The Public At Large was never informed. And the Residential Schools were, as the Reservations were, in isolated, more remote areas not easily traveled to by the Public at Large.

    The Press might send in a reporter nowadays, and ask mediocre questions, take notes and write up a piece now and then, but the sheer depth of each issue will never be realized. You can’t just send someone in who was raised on the stereo-typing of a race and expect to get either trust or depth into an article.

    Why? Because none of us were ever taught True History in our schools.  We were never taught about Broken Treaties, intentional infliction of diseases (Smallpox, for one) the stealing of lands, resources, food, territories and the breakdown of communities that had a hierarchy and protocol for thousands of years, that maintained a level of equality and equity among member,  and replaced it with a corruptible version of White Man’s government where Wisdom has no value, but power is paraded, and equality is replaced with subjugation. 

    The Press can’t grasp any of that because they are corporate and everything is viewed through a Mediocre White Man’s prism.

    Major News outlets don’t hire People of Color into influential positions so coverage of anything to do with Race are again, edited through that same flawed prism. 

    Even fewer First Nations journalists are hired much less listened to, by any major media outlets. The prism of information is even more shattered for that reason.

    Many times in this blog I warned that the abuses in Indian Country, the Corruption that permeated every level of government and government interaction, a precedent of sorts that proved how much abuse and corruption would be tolerated, could lead to only one destination: All of us. 

    Finding they could get away with breaking promises, treaties and taking away the Rights of First Nations, and that it was tolerated by the rest of our nation, meant we had no cause to complain when it began to happen to us.  First Nations, People of Color and Immigrants, for over a hundred years have been the bellwether of what was to come to the rest of us.

    And now it has come.  And we refuse to see it. The very people robbing us, giving our money to the very wealthy who pay little or no taxes, while we live paycheck to paycheck, was cheered by morons in Red Hats. Morons who later learned that that ‘tax cut’ was not for them. That their monthly deductible was lowered on their paychecks, but their taxes never went down. In fact, taxes on the poor and middle class went up, and that lowered deductible just made the payout at the end, a bigger, fatter, bitter pill.  The billionaires, however, got hundreds of millions more in their pockets. 

    Same GOP that did that to all of us, also spiked the National Debt way up to over a Trillion again. Obama had gotten it cut almost in half. But he never got credit for any of the good that he did because he, being a Black Man, was the socially accepted target for all the blame.  It was acceptable. Racism does that. It makes whole communities more stupid and more poor and more determined to keep electing people who keep them poor.

    Obamacare was hated by the Republican Voters. But the ACA, Affordable Care Act that made it possible for them to be able to have Insurance they could afford, see a doctor when they needed to, not have to pay more for pre-existing conditions (such as being a woman, having cancer, having ever broken any bone, acne, or a cold anytime in your life—yes, all of that counted as “pre-existing” conditions)… they liked that. They were too stupid, willfully ignorant, blinded by their racism to realize that the Republicans who whipped up that anger against Obamacare were in fact trying to take away the ACA, because they are one the same. More than 70 times Republicans voted to kill “Obamacare” and y’all kept voting them in.

    Well, now we have the most corrupt White House and  an Attorney General that sees his job not to protect the American People, but to please the Orangutan in the Oval Office, and the corrupt Republican Senate which refused to confirm judges (only a handful got through) during Obama’s term, now have confirmed hundreds of judges, many unqualified for any position because they never tried a case, never wrote a legal brief, but they are very pro Republican, and they now sit on the Federal Bench for LIFETIME appointments, and they are hearing the cases that will destroy the ACA, while our AG refuses to even defend it in court. 

    Trump wants it gone. There is no Republican plan to replace it with anything better. If there was, they would have told you what it was, in detail, in the past 10 years while they were fighting to undo your access to affordable insurance. 

    Trump’s family, however, is getting into the insurance business. The Junk Insurance. You pay for it, it covers nothing.  They get rich.  And you keep voting for them? How stupid are you? FOX NEWS Stupid?

    That is just one example of willful stupidity that is part of the ongoing destruction. Racism has always made it easy to whip people into a self-destructive frenzy.  And here we are, real close to the edge, the ground crumbling beneath our feet, and Republicans pushing us over the edge, turning us against one another so they can continue to rob us blind.

    The Press just wants you to think of politics as silly. And they portray it as a horserace where they give you a narrative that never speaks to the issues: Poverty, low wages, health care, infrastructure,

    National Security (the arms and legs of which are currently being ripped off, making us more vulnerable while you think building a Wall is the answer) (Dismantling the Department that kept us safe from Chemical and Biological Attacks means we are now helpless when an attack happens) The logic behind this dismantling of our National Security apparatus is to make us vulnerable to an attack, and then Trump can declare Marshall Law, and void all elections. Think I’m kidding? You’ve already bet your Health Insurance on it and lost.

    Refusing to make our elections voter secure, in fact, only using machines that are easily hacked, not using paper ballots that can be read by humans, puts us in the hands of those who don’t have our best interests in mind.  How and why did Ivanka Trump get the trademark/marketing rights to Voter Machines? Sure, they’re in China… but where do you think they’ll be next?

    The Press never gave us the information on Trump during the elections. They knew of his lifelong connections to the KKK, To the Mobs, and his many bankruptcies. But they played him up as “Novel” “Bold” “Refreshing” “Entertaining” and a “Billionaire” when there is actually no evidence of him ever being worth more than a few million.  They did that because there was a woman running for president who was more qualified than he was at every level.  They wanted to make it a ‘close race’ so they played up his antics as entertainment and dogged her relentlessly on nothing burgers. The Emails were not lost or erased. Colin Powell had erased all of his messages, emails but no one said a word because he was a Republican. She kept hers, because she knew they were of value for historic records.

    Y’all think she used email for Confidential information? Not once. You think Top Security was breached because of Emails? Wrong again.

    How it works: All of our ambassadors, and any staff that deals with foreign countries communicates confidential or security information via CABLE. CABLES Folks, and you never heard the Press clarify any of that for you, did you. They let you think she was a Security Risk.

    Well, look who that got us. A man who insults our allies, hugs Putin and Kim Jung Un, and who thinks authoritarians have the right ideas for ruling a country. The Press let you down.

    Why? Because 98% of all media: Books, newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, Movie Companies, are all owned by 6 Corporations, and they set the narrative. They are all run by very wealthy, mediocre White Men who want to keep their power, never answer for their crimes. They are happy to misinform and to not inform us at all.  Just like in the old days of the Dime Novels. Did I mention they also own 100% of the Education Publications? Our curriculum is dictated by those same Mediocre White Men.

    The Press, back in the day, was limited by topics that were local to towns and to people who looked like the journalists: White, Male, Mediocre.  They pursued issues that interested them. They were not interested in the plight of Indigenous People and that was due to a succession of racist policies that were embedded in our racist system of government:

    Short Version:
    Black People were property, subhuman, not to be trusted. Their stories held no value.

    Indians were Enemies, conquered by superior White Race, savages, godless and on par with Black People, or lower.

    Thank your Penny & Dime Novels and Novellas for most of that. They created a fictional view of the Land and the People (all the People), in order to make their uneducated stories palatable for consumption and earn them a living.

    We have come no further in 350 years. The same tactics work on us that worked on us then.  Our schools will not present material that is counter to the White Man as Hero narrative. We will never learn the Truth --- unless--- unless we drop our baseless racism and get to know people who are our neighbors and fellow citizens. Talk to them, but more important, listen to them. We can find our strength only in UNITY.

    Corporations run by White Men dictate the narrative. They always have. They only show you what is going on in Other Communities when violence breaks out. They never show you the causes of it. They never show you the build-up of despair, corruption, and the violence that has been endured by those communities, perpetrated by those in positions of power. 

    You form your views on those snippets that are presented to you. You have been played as a fool your entire life.

    So, the Press back in the day was not about to investigate and inform the Public about atrocities committed upon Non-White People (whose value was only in being the opposite of Good White Christian Men).  So, no. There was no outcry from the Public at Large on the Residential Schools. Even to this day as mass graves are uncovered on sites of abandoned residential schools. Tiny bodies, broken, thrown away like trash. Even now, that. Doesn’t get reported. It might lead to people looking into the causes, and getting angry that they were never told this was in fact, going on, everywhere, just out of sight, out of Press.

    I wonder if it would have made a difference back in those days if some brave journalist had stepped out of the safety of the narrative prescribed by #MediocreWhiteGovenment << use that as a hashtag>> and had reported the abuse, the horrors, the damage being done and the future violence and destruction that would wreak on our society. 

    Sadly, I think it would not. People called themselves ‘Settlers’ but were in fact, complicit in the theft of Treaty Lands. They were poor, many were ignorant, and they came to take what they could get so they could survive.  The Poor and Ignorant are always the best accomplices to Injustices perpetuated by powerful people.  

    In order to live with their part in the Injustice, they have to maintain a proscribed level of Ignorance, otherwise, compassion, empathy and clarity would kick in and they would feel both anger and shame at the injustices and cruelty. Those are difficult emotions to cope with. Ignorance was easier to maintain and institute.

    The Press back in those days would have found little or no audience for their wares had they made their journalism a mission of awareness and informing on a higher level of Truth. Migration West might have been slowed, or even stifled entirely, if people’s consciousness had been raised. 

    Safe to say that our “Sea to Shining Sea” was accomplished through criminally protected migration, theft of lands.  It was reinforced by a slo-mo genocide that continues unto this very day on so many levels:  Schools erase any mention of broken treaties, and the People robbed of their heritage, their culture and their Rights.  Indians are only portrayed as impediments to progress, and White Man is portrayed as entitled, by any means necessary, to overcome that ‘impediment.”

    Stereo-type keeps the White Supremacy Narrative in place. It’s a lie, but it’s the narrative that is adhered to. 

    This country, literally built on the backs of Slaves, people stolen from their homelands, brutally transported under conditions that sickened and killed great numbers of them, has set up a system of Jim Crow that remains to this day. 

    Occasionally, a story is printed that gets close to the Truth, the substance, not just the surface, and then that story dies an orphan.

    Recognize terms like “Uppidity” and such? That’s when People of Color (POC) ‘step out of line’ and try to make something of themselves.  Educating a Slave to even learn to Read & Write, was punishable by jail, whipping or death for any White Person, and for the Slave. Education is POWER and the more you can keep Education out of the reach of those you control, the more you can control those people.

    Code Words for Races, Misogyny: Uppity, Dark, shrill, lazy, Warpath, Drumbeat, Ball Buster, Race Card, Woman Card, cute, tired, skirt, and “Articulate” as a compliment because a POC speaks in clear language. Articulate as in “Surprise! We have an Educated one talkin’ to us!” So, when you hear someone being referenced as ‘articulate’ it’s to make it seem as if a POC with education is an exception to the rule. The Press thinks it’s clever in coding its bias, but it’s not.


    In Common

    There is a natural curiosity born into each of us. A hunger for Education. A yearning to learn more and to express our place in this existence through the arts: Music, Poetry, literature, Dance, Art itself. That Freedom of Expression is itself “Freeing”.  It Frees the Mind and the Spirit to reach more, do more, know more. The Arts are the vehicle that both drives our curiosity with inspiration and reveals to us our most in common aspirations and feelings. It unifies us. It makes us feel we belong, we have a shared purpose and value.

    The defunding of the Arts and Music in Schools while upping the funding for sports, is a way of continuing the notion that only labor in service of the wealthy is of value.

    “Look at alllll that money those top level sports stars make!” (They might get uppity)
    But don’t look at the Billions more being made by those who OWN them. 
    And while you’re at it, don’t look at the billions of our tax dollars that go into the building of their Stadiums, on which they pay no taxes, and upon which they get millions more in grants… for ‘entertaining’ us… Don’t look.


    People are excluded to deny them prosperity and Freedom.

    Whenever there is a possibility that excluded people of any race can lead to them unifying and creating their own system of wealth, possibly exceeding our established houses, those systems are brutally eradicated, as in Black Wall Street. You really have to read about it  It’s a piece of history that is never, ever even mentioned in our schools.  Mostly because it goes against the narrative of Blacks as “lazy, inept, uneducated” and “needing the White Man to allow them to survive.”

    Now, back to the Reservation—More Code Words

     Where every form of corruption is the law that rules over the communities. Corruption that comes from the top down. From the Top of the Federal and State governments, down.  It’s been enforced, reinforced, in a way that is cruel, damaging and insidious.  And, because Reservations remain pretty much locked into remote areas, subject to stereo-type narratives that portray everyone in them as the same:

    All corrupt. All Noble. All Savages. All Drunks. All Pow-Wow. All Casino. Non-tax-paying (not true, any of these things), but steadily reinforced over and over again by the White Journalism that allowed Child stealing Residential Schools to go unreported in the first place.

    If there had been social media back in the day, where people could learn things outside of their own bubble, their own personal experience… learn things that were counter to the narrative that served Mediocre White Men… how different would it be for us ALL, as a Nation today?

    For Instance: Today we are JUST NOW learning about Child Trafficking in a clearer sense. We are learning about it because the victims that are not broken beyond repair, marginalized by a narrative that disbelieves any horrors retold by children, and because the Victims are mostly White Girls who are now White Women.

    We’re learning about how Police, State and Federal Officials aided and abetted the ongoing Human Trafficking of Jeffrey Epstein, fully knowing what he was doing to those kids—for decades. (TBF: There were those fighting that systemic protection of a pedophile, but the system itself is constructed to protect the powerful, not the Victims.)

    We are learning more, going deeper, and are more and more repulsed.

    But nothing he is doing is unique to him alone. This system that protected him all these decades was in place long before he was even born. He merely tapped into it for his own protection.

    This system was in place on the Plantations, in the Residential Schools, and it remains in place to this very day.

    The agencies that are supposed to protect children have always had sincere, dedicated people who worked to protect children… but those people were never allowed to rise to the top. The top was always reserved for those who would allow, encourage and protect the abusers.

    We watched it happen as those who reported abuses were harassed, threatened, fired, smeared, and punished by the heads of those agencies, because they were a threat to upper ranks whose authority, power and status were predicated on allowing abuse, trafficking and worse.

    Do you really think those ongoing horrors could not have been stopped by the most powerful government on the planet? Of course they could!

    Investigations were stopped, sabotaged and agencies worked to protect the abusers so that the abusers would in turn, reward them with money, status and power.

    It was a journalist for the Miami Herald that uncovered the extent of Jeffrey Epstein’s Human Trafficking. A journalist with less authority, power and means than the Federal Government, did the work, exposed the Truth … and look at the people under threat of being exposed: The wealthiest, most powerful men and families on the planet!

    Meanwhile, HHS continues to claim that the children and the adults in those dog pens at the Border, are doing just fine. That any harm coming to them is their own fault for being refugees.

    “Send them BACK!” is the latest gleeful chant from people voting for people who will take away their affordable health care, raise their taxes, destroy their schools, towns and infrastructure, water, sewer… but they get to terrify desperate refugees, and to harass non-white citizens so that’s all worth it to them. How about you? Worth it?

    Money is pouring into private companies that are charging upwards of $220 per day, per person. And they have no room to lie down to sleep, no showers, rotten food, must drink out of toilets, women bleeding through their clothing for months because they are not allowed basic hygiene. Women giving birth shackled, their fetuses miscarried through neglect and abuse, their babies taken from them at birth… children suffering and dying. Men and women in uniform, laughing, raping, denying them basic human needs. Power.

    The damage began and was acceptable during the very beginnings of our Great Nation. Lands were stolen. People were stolen. Corruption and Greed were the source of power. They still are.

    We have to take a good look at what is happening today and realize this: It’s not NEW. It’s just visible now, and we can see it.

    If we still think this is happening to “other” people, it isn’t. They can grab anyone off the street under the pretense that they think you are illegal.

    They can take your identity documents and pretend they never existed. As an “Illegal” you will be denied access to an attorney, a phone call, or even basic dignity. They can do that because they are declaring that “illegals” are not entitled to any of these, and the assumption that you are illegal will absolve them of any consequences for mistreating or even killing you. You will be disappeared. If they get caught, it’s your word against theirs. That’s what should be scaring the hell out of you, not desperate people fleeing violence and starvation.

    They are setting PRECEDENT by abusing Refugees and claiming they have no rights.

    Disagree with them and YOU can be next. They don’t keep track of anyone. They move you around at will, anywhere in the Country. No one can find you. You, not THEM. You become THEM. And You, and You, and You… everyone not connected to the corrupt and powerful, will be at risk. EVERYONE.

    It’s how the system protects itself. Republicans are fine with this. They are dismantling all the levers of Democracy that kept us safe. They are using Voting Machines that flip votes and which cannot be accurately recorded as your vote. They are refusing to fund Voter Security Measures.

    They gave $1.5 Trillion in tax breaks to the wealthiest but refuse to fund the 9/11 First Responders’ Medical needs. Remember how Republicans all declared themselves as the only champions of  9/11 ? I do.  Remember how that is their predication for Hating All Muslims? I do. But the truth is that they don’t care. They never did. They never will. Republican Senators from Kentucky were annoyed they had to listen to 9/11 First Responders beg for health care… so they voted to block it.  Take away matts and blankets from kids? Power? Nah, Child’s play. Stopping the Bill that would fund 9/11 First Responders Health care, Real Power. You can’t shame them. They know you are too stupid to vote them out of office. Your voice no longer counts. It never really did.

    You think they care about these people they are caging? These children that are dying from abuse and neglect and sickness in those cage facilities that are making billions of dollars in profit every month? They don’t. They want more and more money for those profiteers, but basic Human Needs are a luxury they will not fund nor enforce.

    You think you are safe because you have Medicare and Social Security? They’re coming after that too! I remember when W first tried to take the Social Security fund out of Government Control, which had a 2% overhead cost for running it, and hand it over to a private equity fund that was the biggest investor in Enron –– and then Enron, along with their accomplices in Arthur Anderson (the MOST RESPECTED Accounting Firm in North America at the time) both collapsed when it was exposed as a fraud.

    Had that Republican president succeeded in handing over the entire Social Security fund (over $2T at the time), the embezzlers and their accomplices would have banked all our money into their offshore accounts (which they did with what they had) and we would neve have seen a dime of it.

    Those tax cuts for the Billionaires that were supposed to pay for themselves? Spiked the Debt and the deficit, and now, because of that, McConnell has announced he’s coming to cut both Social Security and Medicare   You didn’t think the Billionaires would be asked to pay anything, did you? This is what you get with Republicans in Power. You get Robbed. And you cheer them on because they play to your bigotry, your racism and your misogyny. Can you really afford all that worthless Hate Baggage? Can you really afford that willful ignorance? You’re next. They’re coming straight for you.

    They will take your Medicare and Social Security, which has a surplus funding of more than $2Trillion and declare they have balanced the budget. If you want your medicare or social security back, you’ll have to ask the private investment company, most likely a hedge fund, to give it back. They’ll lose it on the stock market, but it will have been fun thinking you were going to be safe, won’t it?

    Democrats build the safety net, Republicans tear it apart and put it in their pockets. You cheer them on because they call it something else: They call it ‘welfare’, ‘socialism’, and the people who rely on it as ‘takers’.  A sea of stupid cheers them on at every rally. The lies don’t matter, the Truth doesn’t matter.  Our stupidity is breaking us into bite size pieces, and our enemies are laughing.

    If W had had his way and put Social Security entirely into Enron Investments, how long before Gramma & Grampa were out on the streets? Probably 2 weeks.  But Enron and Arthur Anderson were big supporters of W and the Republican Party.  Corrupt, but rich.

    We didn’t dodge that bullet folks, we merely got lucky when they misfired because they got exposed so quickly.

    Think I’m kidding? That’s because you’re not paying attention. You’re not being informed by journalists that would rather depict a Dem Primary as “infighting” (a term they only use for Dems, while using the term “Primary” when 17 of the most insipid Republicans ran in a primary where they were literally name calling and measuring their dicks against each other).

    I’ll get you started, but you have to start researching this stuff for yourself:  VOX has links. Read the sources so you know what is being told is true or not. I read the part about them doing x amount through eliminating waste, fraud and abuse, but have no faith in the agencies headed by Trump Cronies. Look at the big farm payout of $38M to two  Brazillian Crooks who suffered no l osses due to Trump’s Tariff Follies.  He’s not hiring “The Best”. Trust him at your peril. Vote for him or anyone that supports his agenda and you hurt yourself and everyone around you.

    Prefer Japanese corruption taking our  Farm Bailout Money Sure! Here ya go! Everything he does is a payoff to his corrupt friends and business partners. Everything. Republicans get richer and richer, you and you, and you and you and I, get to pay for it. They’re laughing and jerking off to the porn they enjoy. We’re struggling paycheck to paycheck.

    You thought Children were Sacred to Republicans? Hahaha! Fooled you!
    You thought 9/11 was the ultimate battle cry for Patriotism? Fooled you again!
    You think Republicans won’t take away your Social Security and Medicare?  They will if you let them. They will if you elect them.

    Don’t cry to me if you ever wore a Red Hat. You didn’t know better because you didn’t want to know better because you liked the narrative of White Superiority. 

    They keep you poor and un-educated/misinformed so you remain poor, and so you blindly follow every lie they tell you. You believe it because you can’t bear the thought that you have been lied to your whole life and tricked into hating or mistrusting people who were not white like you, not your religion.  You decided it was better for women to be brood mares and have no say over their own health. You decided you were safe within that bubble. You admired the men who kept you in that bubble.

    You cling to your racism as if it will save you. It is what is sinking you. You cling to your misogyny because you are so insecure that if a woman is equal, has equal rights, it somehow diminishes your agency to deny her, abuse her, mistreat her, underpay her. Somehow, just knowing you can do that to someone, anyone, makes you feel safe.

    But it’s killing you with a fear you can’t even describe, but which makes you angry at the thought of a woman not bending to your will, not accepting you as superior. It’s made you fragile.  But those are the most common psychological levers that are used against you. Your baseless fear that if someone is not under you, they’re over you. That if they have rights, you lose your right to hurt them, take from them, deny them.

    It’s not that we are being broken; it’s that we have already been broken, and the pieces barely held together with fear and anger.  I say it’s time we became whole people, unafraid of equality. I know that is where we will find our greatest strength. Our only regret will be that we didn’t perceive all this sooner. Generations sooner. The power will return to us, all of us, as People.

    The Fall From Great Heights

    Welp, Jeffrey Epstein made friends and alliances with all those powerful men. He bribed, blackmailed and kept records. It’s all going to come down. Bubbles will burst everywhere. We will get even more insight into how ugly the Halls of Power have been, wallowing in corruption, perversion, and the abuse of the most vulnerable.  We will learn all of it, or as much as we are allowed to see, and it will be too much.

    Remember this one thing as all of that gets uncovered and stinks up every politician and agency that abetted him: He’s only ONE of many. You KNOW there are more out there. You KNOW they are ALL connected to powerful people in governments and business.

    Because THAT my friends, is how it’s always been.

    Up To Us

    To change it, we have to become involved. We have to hold the guilty accountable. We have to hold the PRESS accountable to inform us, not distract us. We have to support ETHICAL Press, Ethical Politicians.

    Anger should be with clarity, not confusion.  The man who ran into Ping-Pong Comet Pizza with an assault rifle to “free the babies that were being tortured in the basement” had no idea that no such child abuse was going on, and that NO STORE in that local area had a BASEMENT.  He almost shot up and killed a bunch of people because he was blind angry, based on a lie.  Ethical Media would never have allowed that. But even that lie is still swimming and fouling the waters out there.

    The notion that babies are ‘killed at birth!’ is absurd, but it’s a lie that is being repeated by Fake FOX and other bizarre media. Stochastic violence that results from those lies, is real.  

    I can’t believe how stupid people have to be to actually believe any of that, but there’s a desperation to discredit women on any level, and to deny us the basic health care and choices over our own bodies. There are no laws governing the bodies of men. None.

    We can’t just “have” government. We have to HAVE Government that is not Corrupt.  It’s easier to break things than to fix them, or even to build them in the first place.

    A lot is being broken right now, and it’s going to cost us for generations to fix. And while it’s costing us and we’re fixing it, Republicans will claim that we are being taxed too high and that we have to give up Social Security and Medicare so that Billionaires can keep even more for themselves. It’s how they’ve done it. It’s how they are doing it. It’s always worked for them in the past. It’s why you vote for them. It’s why you wear your Red Hat.

    You want to know who believes the most destructive lies? Easy. They’re wearing Red Hats. Easy to spot. Easy to avoid.

    You know where to find me.






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    July 15, 2015

    The End Game   Printer (8)

    Reminder: When you think of Nazi Germany, and the horrors that they represented, you think of Death Camps, and the millions of deaths they were responsible for.  But what is important is that you remember how they began and how they ended.

    If you wanna know how it works, look into Indian country and how it worked (and still is working), there. If you wanna to know what’s next, read up on what happened to Germany.

    They didn’t begin with concentration camps and death camps. They began with racism and bigotry and of labeling entire segments of our Human Race as “Vermin” and “Insects”, which was necessary to dehumanize them. They had to dehumanize them to make it acceptable to mistreat them.  To steal from them. To deny them. Basic Human Rights and dignity. And finally, to make it acceptable to rape, torture, kill them. 

    They began with radical racial hatreds shouted in beerhalls and at small gatherings. Media, mostly newspapers at the time, thought of them as clownish and entertaining, and interesting. They didn’t condemn their hate speech, they sold papers.  Even the New York Times touted the “Human Interest” stories about Hitler, and they normalized him.  There was a huge Nazi Party in the USA, and they marched down our avenues, spouting the same rhetoric, and inflammatory slurs against anyone that wasn’t White, and anyone that was Jewish. KKK & Nazis were one the same in every aspect.

    It was in fact, the Media that made Adolf Hitler, popular.

    It was the late 1930’s to mid 1940’s where he was seen as ‘bold’, ‘novel’… when in fact he was nothing more than an impotent bully with one testicle, whose hunger for power could never be satisfied.

    Bullies are, every one of them in fact, the most insecure people on the planet. They constantly need reassurance, credit for accomplishments that they never deserved, and to be able to test their strength, they have to be able to hurt people and get away with it.  They always need to be hurting the vulnerable, or it doesn’t work for them.

    Bullies always pick on the most vulnerable.  In school, they always target the weakest, most vulnerable classmate.  They make a sport out of dehumanizing them, and they encourage their entourage to attack while they sit back and watch.  There’s always an entourage. People with no direction of their own. People who need to please the meanest person in the room so that they can be safe from the abuse.

    Hitler shoved people into ghettos. His police, the SS, were his entourage. They loved having the authority to abuse people, the most vulnerable people. It made them feel ‘strong’.  They were pleasing the meanest person in the room. They competed for ways to create more suffering, just to please him and feed his appetite.  From the Ghettos to the cattle cars to the Death Camps, it became easier and easier.

     No one stopped them. A few tried, but mostly, people wanted to steer clear so they would not be next… but they were next.

    But this could not go on forever. An alliance formed of other nations, to oppose Germany and Hitler. The downfall was hard fought. But none-the-less, it came.  And when the defeat arrived it stripped Germany to the bone.  Their money was worthless. Photos of people hauling wheelbarrows of Deutche Marks to try and buy a loaf of bread.  The infrastructure failed, the water systems collapsed. There was no work and there was no pay.

    People got sick, people got hungry, people died. No one would help them because there was no one left to help them. They had destroyed their own communities, weakened their own resources in a hysteria of Hatred, whipped up over and over again by Hate Rallies and Media that promoted that Hate. 

    The hangover after that binge of deplorable era, went deep into the body of Germany and the identity of every German Person the world over.

    Villagers and townspeople surrounding the Death Camps were marched through those camps to see for themselves the horrors they had ignored, even as the ashes from the pits burning the bodies were aflame, day and night for more than a year, and the stench when the wind shifted was unbearable… to them, it was okay because it was not “Real Humans” they were doing this to, it was Vermin, Insects, Rapists… and every hateful slur they could recite.  It was fine.  Many of them had relatives that worked at the camps. They were just normal people, following orders, herding people to executions, stripping them of clothing, stealing even their hair and the gold in their teeth, and it was fine because they were… whatever racist slur…. Until they had to march through the camps and see for themselves what had been done in their name, under their flag, with their consent and support.

    Then they were horrified. Their country was impoverished because the top echelons had raided all the resources, all the treasures and hidden it for themselves.  The world was not anxious to lift Germany back up because no one in the world could utter their name without spitting.

    This went on for decades.  Germany struggled for decades to clean itself of the stains of Nazis and their party and their politics of genocide, their policy of hatred.  They built memorials to those who were killed, and there are streets where you walk down and you see the names of  persons carved into the stones on the sides of buildings and garden walls, and storefronts. These names are to remind people of who were mistreated and abused, robbed of everything, and murdered.  These names came from the meticulous records the Nazis kept of each and every one of their victims. It was, this record keeping of theirs was, their mark against Humanity, and to them it was of their success in ‘cleansing’.

    Germany suffered for 3 generations before they earned the respect of other nations.  They had to atone in every way possible for the wrongs committed in their name, under their flag, by their leaders.

    Surprise. Many of them were Christians. They read their Bibles while on duty at those camps. It made them feel ‘forgiven’ and superior.  Their Faith excused their crimes against their brethren, and they found solace in the words that made them feel superior or chosen.

    Déjà Vu

    He started off as a clown, spouting racist ideology.  He dehumanized people coming across our borders as Rapists, Vermin, Takers, Drug Dealers… and he latched onto the chant of “Build The Wall!”  Media treated him as “bold” and “refreshing”  and they could not get enough of him. He had no workable policies. He could not support a single claim he made with any facts, and he made up lies so fast, no one could keep track.  But he was their Media Darling. He sold their papers, and he boosted their shows’ ratings, just by being outrageous, mean-spirited and racist.

    Media never vetted him. His series of bankruptcies, and his level of debt, his criminal connections, and his unsavory sexual aggression towards women unwilling to accommodate him, should have made him an anathema to journalists and media, but it made him their darling. They marveled at how he could do all these ugly things and everyone just let him! They acted as if it was not themselves who were making it a strength to be abusive, name calling, lying.  Media never vetted him, never called him out.

    They did however hound Hillary for using a private server, which as it turns out, every Secretary of State before her had done, only they destroyed their correspondence, she preserved hers. Media played it up as if she was giving out our national secrets, when they knew that was not the case. Confidential and Security information never went by email. It has always gone by CABLE.  Her adherence to Security Protocols was without blemish. But they hounded her. Because hounding the woman pleased the bully, and they wanted to please the bully so they could get closer, and they could have his trust, and he would give them stories that would sell their papers, bring viewers into their shows. 

    Had they once explored his criminal past and current criminal activities, they could have, as journalists, spared our country the horrors that are ongoing in our name, under our flag, to this very day.  But they didn’t. And they won’t. They are too big to acknowledge their own failures and how that is part of what greased the rails for this shit show.

    The Hysteria gave them a high of sorts. It still does, but like any drug, it wears off faster and faster and the horrors they face, their own complicity is too much, so they dive into that pool of hatred, over and over again, thinking it will somehow immunize them from both the hatred and their own involvement. It won’t

    They won’t even call out his disastrous tariffs!  You know how tariffs work? Simple: You add a cost to what you import. That means that the person selling to you will sell you less, and it will cost you more. YOU pay the tariffs, they don’t.

    And China, our biggest trading partner, has decided to buy goods from elsewhere.  They’re buying soybeans and Wheat from Russia! They’re growing their own soybeans and will be exporting those to other countries that used to buy from us.

    That $16B he wants to hand out to farmers? What a joke! Hundreds of millions went to a criminal operation in Argentina.  Two criminal brothers who had no losses, scooped millions of our tax dollars because their Republican friends in Congress made it happen. 

    And where did he come up with the number of $16B?  He asked a friend of his (Another Cabinet Member) to come up with a number as to what the best sales were to China, and then that would be the number he would give to Farmers (farmers are actually getting a pittance) so he could say they had their best year. 

    Turns out, in 2014, farmers sold $29B to China, but no one in his Cabinet knows how to access basic statistics that are available and part of how their agencies and departments should be run.

    He just makes shit up, and media quotes him without pushback, without even trying to inform their readers or viewers or listeners, that the things he is saying are lies, ignorance and damaging our credibility the world over.  He doesn’t even care to hire someone to look up the actual numbers. It’s all a “show” to him.  And media plays along.

    Get Yer Red Hots!

    A vendor calls out at the ball park, tosses hotdogs, peanuts to buyers in the stands. “Git yer Red Hots!”

    Hate Sells. Ignorance is “Entertaining”.  And behind all that shitshow, people who are desperate to escape terror and starvation in their own country, are being treated like Vermin, Insects, and treated worse than animals.  Their children are stolen from them the minute they have contact with the Border Patrol.

    And here’s the kicker: Those kids get sick? They’re thrown into a room so cold, with no blankets, no beds, no running water. Some of those kids are just 3 years old. We only hear about a few of them dying. You know there’s more. Men and Women are caged like cattle and told to drink out of the toilet. Not allowed to shower, brush their teeth, have clean clothes, for months on end. The stench is overwhelming. They’re asking for asylum, we’re taking their children, their dignity and laughing in their face.

    A group of boys 8-15 yrs old, complained that the water had so much chlorine in it, it was making them sick. Eating Frozen Dinners that weren’t even cooked, was making them sick. Their Keepers (not Guards, Keepers, because they are dehumanized so they must be treated like animals) took away their mats and their blankets. 

    How DARE they complain about mistreatment! There’s so much more mistreatment that can be dealt!

    If we saw a picture of dogs or cats stacked in these cells the way these people are, we’d be outraged.  Republicans are not outraged. They say it’s just fine. That they did this to themselves.  They fail to mention that Private Prison Companies (who donated heavily to their campaigns, and to the inauguration) are getting $22 THOUSAND DOLLARS A MONTH PER PERSON.  Republicans who caused this crisis, now yell that Democrats must give MORE of our TAX Dollars to those private prison companies…

    No money for our veterans, our roads, our schools, our water & sewer systems, but a huge tax break for billionaires spiked our debt and deficit by more than 22% in the first six months, so money is tight. And they’ll have to come after our Social Security and Medicare “to make ends meet…” but $16B for farmers? No problemo!  Billions and billions more for Private Prisons who torture, abuse, and kidnap children and then make money trafficking those children? No problemo!

    Look at your neighbors. See those Red Hats? Those are the modern-day Swastikas. You have to wear one to belong. For him to smile upon you when he gathers the True Believers at his Hate Rallies.  ‘GIT YER RED HATS!’.

    The Border Patrol had to be forced by the Court to allow pediatricians in to see the children. The babies. The sickest and the most vulnerable. They had to be forced by a judge. They went to court to fight it. 

    Want to know why? It’s not for lack of money. I mean, at $22K per month, per child, they can afford doctors. (And drinking water, and toothbrushes and soap for that matter, and decent food… but we know that’s not where the money is going, don’t we?) It’s because if doctors show up, it creates a record of that child: Name, birthdate, sex, and where they are from.  The CBP and ICE have deliberately destroyed the records of everyone who crosses the border, and especially the children.  It’s easier to traffic children if you don’t have any possibility of a record of who they are, where they came from, their name or who their parents are, doesn’t exist.

    They literally shredded documents. (Gee, where did I hear of that before? Spirit Lake? HHS? The same HHS that is allowing this? Hmmm…)

    They never intended to reunite any of these children with their parents. And now, Doctors are going to enter these hell holes, and that’s going to cause even bigger problems for the modern-day Nazi Regime because Doctors keep records.  Doctors first responsibility is to their patients, not to the Republican Party, not to the Government.

    Most of these guards, and I’m guessing, are Christians. I’ll even bet many of those guards have their bibles with them and they read them on their breaks.  It’s comforting to them. It gives them a sense of forgiveness.

    We think we know the depth of the horrors in these camps. We don’t. By the time we learn, there will be ICE and CBP Officers shedding their uniforms, maybe even changing their names, but they will have nowhere to go.

    That bully they are in worship of, and whose atrocities are ordered for them to carry out, doesn’t care about them.  They are as useless to him as those people they treat like vermin, are to them.  They’re just high on the fumes of Hate right now. But that will pass–– like a steamroller, over each of them.

    Hate is the message that sells the papers, brings viewers to the shows and glues listeners to their radios.  Hate is easy. It’s highly profitable for networks and media moguls. But Hate is going to leave us in ruins.  We will have nowhere to go.

    Red Hats don’t care. Until it’s their farm, their job, their suffering. And then, they’ll be looking to blame everyone that isn’t a Red Hat. They’ll focus their Hate in any direction because Hate is their only power.  It’s really all they ever had. They’ve always walked among us. It’s just now, as the Gates of Hell are open wide, that they feel confident enough to show us who they really are.

    And who are we? We excuse their racism, bigotry, hatred as “just a difference of Opinion” are part of that enabling. We make them feel safe in their slime.  They feel welcome in our homes, our businesses and in our public spaces.  We don’t want to hurt their feelings or confront them about their hate.  Our silence is our complicity. Our silence gives them permission.

    Look around. The stench of the camps will find us when the wind shifts. And it is shifting.  The NRA who tells us we have to have the most powerful weapons of war in our homes or we aren’t safe, and that any safety features on any gun is an insult to our rights, is declaring bankruptcy because of their own corruption.  Harvey Weinberg, the most powerful predator in Television and Movies, is being brought down by his victims. Other powerful men whom people thought were untouchable by the law, have been brought down by their victims.  

    And now, Jeffrey Epstein is facing charges after skating out on Child Trafficking charges by a corrupt USAG in Florida over a decade ago. The trove of CD’s and documents linking him to child rape, and most likely, to blackmail of very powerful men all over the globe, will take down people who will have nowhere to hide and whose fortunes and families will come crashing down to earth from those lofty high Ivory Towers…. And that’s just from his home in NY.  He has homes all over the world, and all over the country. There’s more. Lots more. The Victims are speaking up.

    The winds are shifting. All that is being done will be exposed. Those who do these horrible things, whether for their own pleasure, or just following orders, will be called to answer. Every Red Hat will wonder if it’s safe for them to wear their regalia in public. They’ll wonder who are their real friends and who they can trust.  Their paranoia, the same that fueled their hate to begin with, their ignorance that made Hate acceptable, may not be enough to sustain them. Many will pretend they were ‘never that into it’ to begin with.

    Trust me. They wear the Hat, they are into the HATE. I for one, will have no sympathy. Will you?

    The winds are shifting. The stench is unmistakable. Our Flag is flying over these camps. Our flag is being used to cover the crimes of people in High Places. This is on US. The USA. Every single one of us.

    This is ours from now until we can claw our way back into the good graces of decent nations the world over.  That will take decades of us having to prove we are not evil. Decades.

    The criminal structure that made all this destruction possible, is itself crumbling towards the center at a rate that is sending alarms ringing in some very high places.  Our hundreds of years of allowing crimes to pass, of using racism to rule, of using misogyny to oppress, has created this harvest of horrors. We are, as the line goes, Reaping the Whirlwind.  No one will be unscathed.  We were warned. We didn’t listen. We saw it happen before, we thought it wouldn’t happen to us.

    Maybe we can build a better nation out of what is left after this scourge passes. Maybe it will only take decades of scraping, crawling, begging to be restored in the Decency Column of Nations.

    Remember: It’s easy to destroy, it takes effort to build and monumental effort to repair what is destroyed or damaged. You may want to review your reflexive slurs on different races, religions, gender, and examine your biases. You may want to dump all that dead weight because it will only hold you back and we have a very steep mountain to climb. It’s up to you if you want to carry a Red Hat an all that baggage of Hate they bring. Personally, I have no use for any of ‘em.

    Have you noticed? The cost of a loaf of bread has gone way up. Got Wheelbarrow?

    Indian Country was just a practice run, to see how much racism, cruelty, corruption we would abide. What they got away with in Indian Country was a lot. The destruction of lives, generation after generation. Now, it’s coming closer. Can you see the smoke? Can you smell the burning? You will. I guarantee that you will.

    You know where to find me.




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    July 8, 2019

    Remember To Forget  Print (7)

    We are programmed to forget anything that connects us to one another. We are shown in ways subtle and overt, that “we are better than THEM”.  Them, of course, being anyone that doesn’t look like US. 

    We are divided by religions, race, gender, ethnicity, occupation…

    We are fed constant insecurities based on this premise.  Bombarded daily, hourly in fact, with advertisements for things we want but can’t afford, from basics to luxuries. (We could have all of these things if it wasn’t for THEM!)

    I have some bad news for everyone on or about to be on Social Security:  It needs new workers every day to keep it solvent.  It’s based on a mathematical algorithm that feeds & grows on new workers coming in.  By cutting off immigrants, who by the way, pay into Social Security and State, Local, Federal Taxes, but who don’t qualify for refunds, we are cutting off a huge source of our own tax base. That means, WE pay more because THEY are not here.

    Trump’s team cut out the part of the report that showed immigrants have a net positive on our economy.  They did that to keep in place the misconception that immigrants are “takers.”

    Let me tell you about asylum seekers and refugees in general: They are the hardest workers, and the most loyal Americans we have. They don’t come here expecting FREE anything, except a chance to make a better life for themselves and their children. (We ALL want to make a better life for ourselves and our children, right? So, they’re not so different after all).  Where they come from, there is no welfare. They don’t expect it. They come here to WORK.

    Don’t tell me they are taking our jobs. They aren’t, unless you and your family are crawling on hands and knees in the fields, picking radishes for minimum wage, they are doing the jobs no one else will do or can do.  Agriculture is suffering right now because of a lack of field workers. Oh yeah, and the ‘tariffs’ our “stable genius” installed.  Tariffs that destroyed decades of trade relationships built up by our farmers and the buyers of their harvests in China, Japan, and other countries. Tariffs that raise the cost of everything we buy.  

    But, there are a lot of Red Hats out there celebrating the tariffs and the lack of workers to keep our farms and businesses running.  A lot of those Red Hats are on Social Security.  Boy, are they in for a surprise when the deficits start mounting up and the cuts start coming in.  You don’t think for a minute that the billionaires will lose their tax breaks just so the elderly, the disabled, and our veterans can survive, do you?

    Let me tell you where these refugees come from. They come from countries where the USA interfered in their government, assassinating their leaders because they weren’t “Pro USA” enough (Meaning that they didn’t want to allow Resource extraction Corporations, Oil, Gas, Mining, to come in, destroy their environment, poison their rivers, kill their villagers, and keep all the profits for themselves). We created and installed Pro USA Leadership in their place, 60 years ago, and ever since.

    Governments founded on corporate corruption really don’t function well for the people they govern.  They’re not designed to. They are designed to cater to only the very wealthiest, and everything falls apart because there is no repair, no investment, no consideration for the people, or their environment.

    Gangs roam freely, and the environment collapses.  It doesn’t happen overnight, but it happens, and it keeps happening until the land no longer grows food, and the gangs kill, maim, rape, and traffic with no fear of Justice.

    We killed their country. They have nothing else. Chevron, Exxon, all the Oil & Gas, All the Mining Billionaires, Koch Brothers, etc., bled them dry, and now they come here, just trying to survive, and we treat them like they are the bad guys. 

    Imagine how different the world would be if we jailed the people that did the damage, instead of those who are the victims of it? There would be less environmental havoc, more stability in the world, and refugees would be fewer.  But there would also be fewer billionaires.  Imagine: How would billionaires survive if they only had one or two billion dollars? Poor things!

    The other thing that happens at this end of the scale, is the damage being done here, to us, the consumer side of this equation. We are made to feel desperate for fossil fuels instead of allowed to enjoy renewables. Our tax dollars go into supporting Oil & Gas, $80-300 BILLION of our tax dollars go into the very industry that is crawling with billionaires who pay no taxes! But if $10M is invested in a company that forwards Solar, Wind, Geothermal, or Tidal technologies, there is a scream that goes up from Red Hat Television, all the way through Red Hat Congress Critters, about the WASTE! 

    Banshees wail until it is stopped!  Other countries are advancing on these technologies at a pace that will make them self-sufficient in a decade. Meanwhile, we continue to kill our lands, our waters, our aquifers, and our air, extracting a product that makes billionaires richer, and for which the end market internationally, is shrinking, leaving only us to buy it. 

    Those tax cuts for billionaires raised both our National Debt and our Deficit by trillions of dollars. Our infrastructure is crumbling: Sewers, water supplies, bridges, dams, and our roads, all turning to crap because we can’t afford to fix any of it. (We could if we didn’t keep giving the greatest portion of our wealth to the already wealthy).

    The jobs that would be created by investing in infrastructure alone, would raise up our quality of life.  The Middle Class would flourish. Our schools, hospitals, and the sciences would again put us in the lead of the World, instead of 85th, 40th, and 30th place, which is approximately where we sit now and have for the past 40 years.  (And you thought we were Number One?)

    Now, let me explain how we allow ourselves to be abused, robbed and deprived. We are told and we believe, it is to protect us from THEM. The OTHER people who do look like us, share our language, our religion, and who want to take all this from us. Reminder: It’s not THEM taking it from us, it’s the BILLIONAIRES who rob both THEM and US.

    Our country was founded, we are told, on Religious Freedom. That is a lie. The whole Pilgrims thing is a lie.  Our country was founded on the exploitation of resources that were found by fur traders and miners who came to what we call the Americas.

    Our country was built on two premises: Stolen Lands from the Indians (Every Treaty was broken by our government. Not a single Treaty was ever broken by any Tribe) and on the backs of Slaves.  Slaves were abducted, beaten, drowned, sold like property to the wealthiest families who were claiming for themselves, the lands, waters, resources.

    The family fortunes they built were not from their own labors, but upon the backs of Black Human Beings who labored and died on lands stolen from Indians.

    But we bury those facts in every curriculum taught in every school. We can’t see that how we are so far off the rails now is because we never course corrected from our criminal beginnings.

    Any navigator will tell you that if you go off course by a fraction of a degree, over the long run you will not only not arrive where you think you should be, but in a totally different location, in this case, circumstances, than what you are prepared for.

    We’ve been off course for a very long time. Patching it up with different variations of the same lies that began this nightmare, won’t save us. Protecting Billionaires won’t save us. Making Billionaires richer won’t save us.  Believing that refugees are the enemy, when in fact they are the victims of our policies and practices, won’t save us.

    Pretending we are the greatest nation on Earth, won’t save us. Only the Truth can save us. Only the clarity of Truth can show us the path ahead and what wreckage is behind us, so we can choose how to save ourselves, and not keep making the same blunders over and over again.

    But only our Ignorance can keep hurting us. Only our Ignorance can make us hate people or think of them as less than Human, less in their being than each of us. Ignorance is fed by rhetoric, jingoistic calls to make wars.  Only Ignorance can make us believe & defend atrocious treatment of Human Beings, thinking there is something good for us in allowing that. There isn’t. It only empowers the same people that are hurting us.

    All those Red Hat farmers that voted for Trump? What were they thinking? Hate. They were thinking HATE. He offered nothing but HATE. Now, they face bankruptcy. He promises them $16B to ‘bail them out’.  A fraction of the income that has been lost to his tariffs.  And, what about next year? What about the next decade? Those tariffs come off, it will take decades to rebuild our markets overseas.  And, what trading partners would ever trust us again?

    Another thing about that $16B.  Nobody questioned where it would come from. No one said “We can’t afford that!” But when Schools, Veterans, HealthCare needed even a fraction of that, boy, did those Red Hats on TV, in Congress, and in every café scream and sneer that we could NOT afford that! Apparently, when it is to appease his base, we can not only afford it, but never question it. That’s this year. There’s a hard decade coming. Maybe two.

    We have a lot of hard work to do to fix everything that has been broken. Trump didn’t break it all by himself. Every Republican in office, from the School Boards to the State legislatures, to the Federal Government, laid out the Red Carpet for him as part of their master plan, decades in the making. Every common sense Conservative was screamed out of office by the clownish Tea Party, (Taxed Enough Already) who remain silent on $16B here, $300B there, spiking Deficits and Skyrocketing Debt—but that name was catchy: “Tea Party”. Child’s play. Simplistic Rhetoric that made you think they had your back. Now, they’re taking the shirt off of your back.

    Not one Republican has spoken against Trump’s insulting and breaking of our alliances in this world. The very alliances that made us strong. Not one has raised an eyebrow of his embrace of Russian, North Korea and his praise of every murderous authoritarian dictator.

    Our vets, the ones who fought the Nazis, now watch them March in our streets, and they watch the police march with them, and chant with them. This is happening right now.

    But the Red Hats are really your friends, right? You don’t want to upset them, do you? Because if they get mad…

    Not one of those Red Hats in government will save you. Nor will they save this country. They got there to be enforcers for the very corruption that is killing you, me, all of us. They won’t even speak out against the horrific abuses at the border. Abuses, by the way, that are making the Private Prison Industry, who donated handsomely to Trump’s campaign and to Republican Campaigns, costing us $22K per person, per month. They won’t let them bathe, they tell them to drink out of the toilet like dogs, no toothbrushes, tooth paste, no feminine hygiene products for the women and girls, uncooked frozen food, and not enough of it. Sick babies being put in freezing cold cells, alone, no beds, no blankets.. $22K per month, per person. Who is getting all that money? Republican Donors.

    We could handle refugees with compassion. We could even support them in our communities for a fraction of what we are paying to torture them in these secret prisons. (Yes, we know about some of these prisons, but not all of them. And they’re building on Military bases now so that no one can inspect them and report). 

    But it’s okay to treat people like this, right? We don’t need immigrants, right?

    You have to remember to forget all of this if you want to keep on with your daily life and pretend it’s okay. It’s not okay. It’s getting worse. You elected people who not only do nothing to prevent the horrors and the damage, but who, like good little Red Hats everywhere, put their efforts into blocking any legislation or efforts to make things better. And they are proud of that.

    Keep wearing those Red Hats. We need to see you, know who you are and what you stand for. It is the modern day, American version of the Swastika. You feel powerful when you wear it, don’t you? Like you belong? You can only feel like you belong if you can make others feel like they don’t belong, right?

    What’s that you say? You can’t afford a doctor? Your baby is sick? Thank the Red Hats. They vote against better Health Care, less costly Health Care, and they are never going to bring down the skyrocketing costs of your prescriptions because the billionaires that own Big Pharma are their donors! They work for them, not you.

    Oh NO! You and your neighbors have to auction off your farms? You say you can’t get out of debt and you can’t sell your crops? Real shame, that. Don’t worry. Big Agro is coming in to scoop up all your bankrupt farms for pennies on the acre, like they did the last time the economy sank farmers who were suiciding because they couldn’t pay back predatory loans.

    Did I mention? Predatory Loan Corporations are big donors to the Red Hats. Sorry about your farm, your house, your car. How are you going to get to your minimum wage jobs now?

    Let’s see… *taps fingers on table while contemplating a cup of coffee in the diner*… who can we blame?  I know! Muslims! Immigrants! Women who refuse to carry their rapist’s baby! Yeah! Them! THEM. THEM.

    The best part about being a dedicated Red Hat? You only have to watch FOX News. You never have to question anything you are told. When things continue to get bad or worse, you can always misdirect your anger at the very people who you should be allies with.  You can blame the very people who built everything your Red Hats have destroyed.

    You can blame the Indians whose lands were stolen when they stand up against the corporations that continue to steal and foul their lands.  You can blame the Black Man for being Black. You can blame the Immigrant because you are ignorant, and ignorance is your safe space.

    You can blame everyone and everything except yourself.

    You never have to question those who own you. You never have to even know who owns you. We are a completely different kind of slave these days. We are eagerly compliant with those who rule over us.

    But if one stands out. If one stands up. If one says This is WRONG! The light begins to seep in. If we are not careful, we might begin to see. We might begin to remember.  We might begin to know.  We might begin to see those Red Hats differently than we did in our fever to embrace the corruption, the racism, the misogyny. That was our ticket into this Circle of Hell.

    Look at those who wear those Red Hats. Now, look at yourself. Are you really like them? Is that really who you are?

    It’s a big step. The taking off of the Hat, the unpinning of the Swastika, the letting go of the Hate that led you around by the snout all this time. You might have to make some real changes in your life. But that’s up to you. You’ll either live as a coward or start to stand up like a fully-spined member of the Human Race.

    Soon, it will be too late for you. It’s already been too late for many.  There’s a lot of damage done, and it will take time, effort and a lot of accountability to turn this around. It won’t happen over night. It will take decades of aware participation.  You’re going to have to get involved at some level or other. You’re going to have to say: “This is wrong,” or “This isn’t right,” or even look ahead at where this is all leading and realize: “I don’t want to go there.”

    Willful blindness at this point, is really all the Red Hats have going for them. I’m surprised they are not literally running into walls and tripping over their own feet.

    Knowledge is a powerful thing. The Truth will guide you. But you have reach for it.

    I know this has upset many of you. That’s ok. I know you know how to forget. There’s a Hat for that. It signals to the world, and to those around you, that you’d rather live in Ignorance and Hate, that to do your part to make this a better world.  It’s fun, right? 

    Just have to remember to forget that you are a Human Being, and so are they. Think of Red Hats as “Brain Erasers”.

    We didn’t have room for “How To See The Future” lessons here, in this posting. Or, did we?

    You know where to find me.





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    July 1, 2019

    Teachings Printer (7)

    I am going to teach you something really cool, really scary. I’m going to teach you how to see the Future.  You will foresee the coming of events both great and horrific, joyful and heart-wrenching.  I will teach it to you, and once you learn it, you won’t be able to unlearn it. You won’t be able to look away, no matter how terrifying it is for you, no matter how much it makes you grieve in advance, for what will be lost.

    Once I teach it to you, you can use it any way you choose, but be warned, it will never let you go. You will never have a moment’s peace until every future is fulfilled, and every prophecy is spoken so that future generations will have both goals and warnings.

    I will teach you in such a way that you cannot help but to learn. Once you begin, you won’t be able to stop.

    Know this one thing for certain: The future cannot be changed unless you apply and break every law of Time and Space, and the hardest laws of all: Those based in pure ignorance and greed.

    It cannot be taught all at once in these simple blog posts, but it can be taught a bit at a time. Most of the learning you will do on your own. I will merely tell you how to learn, and the rest will be on you.

    Oh, and one more thing: You already know how to do this. We all do. We were all born with the ability and the sight, it’s just that most of us had it beaten out of us, programmed out of us, by those who want to control us by keeping us blind to the one sense that was given to us to guide us along in this world, and every other world we connect to.

    You already know. Remember that. You already know.


    Note: From time to time I will slide in a random nugget of Truth that is counter to what you, we, all of us have been brainwashed into believing.  Examine these and you will see that each is a stepping stone to the unbinding of our future from the lies of our past. Perhaps I should call them “The Unblinding”, as they will make it easier to see not just the lies and the truth, but give us clues as to why they were hammered into us by those who seek to control us, and all that is rightfully ours. They may relate or not, to the topic surrounding them. But they need to stand out in your mind.

    You may want to debate their veracity. Feel free. In fact, BE FREE!


    Beginner Level

    Let’s start with anything, any event, any day, anywhere.  Example: Car Crash.  I know. Severe, but it does serve our purposes here.

    Let’s say you’re sitting on your front porch, minding your own business, and right in front of you, a speeding car fails the curve, crashes into a tree.  If you think that “Just Happened” right out of the Blue, you’d be lying to yourself. 

    The car came from somewhere, was headed somewhere and driven by somebody. It didn’t just happen. An entire series of events, many that can be traced back – way back, or even just to an hour earlier, could have predicted that car, that driver, would crash.   The only real guesswork would be “exactly where”, and that could probably be worked out with mathletes and chalkboards.

    The factors are: The condition of the car, the condition of the driver, road conditions, distractions, mind-set… and maybe weather.

    If someone is angry, gets into their car, tears out blindly, chances are they aren’t paying attention, they’re self-centered, self-pity mode, and will logically have a bad outcome.

    That’s a vague prophecy, but one that will more than likely unfold in a predictable series of events.

    Now, say that driver is drunk, has an argument going on with a passenger, and is not focused on the road. BAM!  Even more precisely predictable.

    But you don’t know any of that because it doesn’t directly involve you. But once you see the crash, the first thing your mind tries to do is figure out “HOW IT HAPPENED”.

    “HOW DID IT HAPPEN” is a natural, second nature response to something unexpected. We engage in that ‘fact finding’ to both inform ourselves of events and circumstances that lead up to the tragedy, and to hopefully be forewarned in the future so that we are not directly involved in such a tragedy. 

    Entire agencies are built on sorting out events, especially disasters, so they don’t keep happening. Plane crashes are reassembled in detail, so we learn something about how NOT TO FALL OUT OF THE SKY. 

    It serves us to learn from the past so we can predict outcomes in the future:

    This, this, and then this, led to this.

    Therefore: When we see this or this, we know something will go wrong and we can avoid that by not repeating the same series and kinds of errors that went so badly last time.

    The installation of Seatbelts was predicated on the studies that proved you had a better chance of surviving an accident if you were not shot like a missile through the front windshield.  Turned out to be a correct prediction. Vehicular deaths plummeted after the laws became mandatory.

    First, before these safety features we have today were designed and installed, the past had to be studied. Events that led up to the tragedy had to be studied and means to mitigate them had to be theorized and studied, and where possible, prevented in the future.

    We can also predict now, that if these Safety Features are thwarted, disabled, disregarded, eventually, there will be a tragedy, a crisis––PEOPLE WILL BE HURT, Property will be damaged, Lives will be ruined.

    We can predict that because we already know how those things happened in the past.

    The PAST is always the best predictor of the FUTURE.

    (Don’t worry, after I remind you of these obvious examples, there will be teaching that will reveal to you all, the future that awaits each of you.)

    DISCLAIMER:  I do not control your future, and for the most part, neither do you. Do you still want to know? You can quit here and now and not continue. But if you do, you won’t know what to expect and therefore you can’t be as prepared as you need to be to deal with it when it happens.

    The Unblinding: Poverty is not caused by laziness. Poverty is caused by Greed. The poorer a person is, the harder they work to just survive. The lie has been drilled into us that poverty equals laziness, so that we will not seek equity nor equality for those whose suffering is greater than our own. We see it as their fault, their critical flaw. We see them as ‘taking from us’, when the truth is that those who gain the most from our labors, work the least of us, and take the greatest portions for themselves.

    Now, you are beginning to understand one of the mechanisms for foretelling the future: Understanding the Past.  To understand the past, we must be able to see it as it really was. The clearer we can see it, the more truthfully we can reveal it, the more clear the outcome will be seen, and the better we can learn to avoid the same outcome, if we choose.

    Nothing just ‘blinks into existence’, everything has a start point, and points of interaction that predict subsequent choices/options and from there, inevitable outcomes/results.

    For instance: If we ignore all the causes of vehicle tragedies: Drinking, drugging, safety belts, airbags, good tires, air bags, brakes etc., each of those will contribute to the likelihood of a crash, sooner and sooner as each choice is made, or each factor put into effect.

    In other words: Put a ripped out his gourd drunk behind the wheel of a vehicle with no brakes, not wearing a seatbelt, speeding down a twisting mountain road, what is the outcome most likely to be? Anyone? Buehler? (Feel free to raise your hand if you think you know the answer)

    See? You already are getting the knack for predicting the future, or at least “Future Outcomes”.

    We haven’t even come to the “instincts” part, where the future seems to reveal itself in a flash. That’s for the more Advanced Cass.

    We’ll get to that in a later chapter.

    For now, your assignment is to look at history. Not the crap you were taught in school. That’s all predicated on the White Man as Hero.  Do some real research. Look at what you find and compare that to what you were taught.  Now, ask yourself “WHY” you weren’t taught the truth about events in history. (Note: The answer to “WHY”, when you uncover it, will anger you and it will break your heart)

    You’ll see it was to make you accept the present day corruption.  The lands that were stolen. The people that were abducted from their homelands and forced into slavery, all in service of an elite class that wanted all the resources for themselves, but were unwilling to do the real work.

    If you think this was only practiced in the USA, or only during the periods of discovery, think again. They were in practice before that and the practice was everywhere. They remain in practice to this day, everywhere.

    Now, look at how those people whose lands were stolen, and all the resources on those lands exploited for trillions in wealth to the elite class.  They give us the non-stop narrative of Indians being the “dishonest” ones. Indians never broke a single Treaty. Not one. Their way of life, their very survival was taken from them, and they were forced onto reservations, and they are painted as ‘savages’, and as “godless”, and as lazy, drunken, stupid…

    But look what has been done to those lands that have been stolen. The once clean waters are poisoned. The once abundant fish and wild life, are scarce, and the environment is so out of balance that whole species of animals are going extinct, and even the weather has become so extreme it’s flooding and burning at the same time.  Because the people who stole it were greedy and stupid and didn’t know how to steward it. (Define “Stupid”)

    The slaves that built most of the wealth in this country are depicted as “lazy” and “aggressive”. Lazy? They literally built this country by lifting every brick on their backs while their White overlords rode around with a whip. (Define “Lazy”).

    So, that is the basic division tactic employed in an extremely racist system that teaches White Ethnocentric narratives as “history”. 

    Now, you have an idea on HOW we were divided. Perhaps you can figure out the WHY as in “Whom does it serve?” Let me know when you figure that one out.

    The Future is visible. It’s standing right in front of your eyes. You just can’t see it yet. But you will.

    Small reminder: Hitler got the idea for his Concentration Camps and Death Camps from US. He studied the USA’s use of the Reservation System and liked how it worked.

    We now have kids in cages. Kids dying in those cages. Twenty kids with head lice being forced to share 2 combs, and then being ‘punished’ when one of those combs went missing, by having all their bedding taken away, forced to sleep on cement floors. 

    The paperwork on these kids has been destroyed by the agency in charge of tracking them. That is done in order to facilitate trafficking, the selling of these kids. Kids that were abducted from their asylum-seeking parents at our borders.

    The parents did not violate any laws by seeking asylum. For the Record, crossing our borders at anyplace that is not a designated Port of Entry is a misdemeanor, on par with a traffic ticket.  ICE and CBP are closing the Ports of Entry and forcing more people to cross illegally, so they can arrest them and take their kids from them.

    Now, you think it’s ok to take away children for a misdemeanor? How long before you get a parking ticket and the powers that be decide they can take your kids from you?  You think it can’t happen to you?

    I remind you that ACF, HHS and DHS were all alerted to the ACF/BIA shredding paperwork on Children in Indian Country, and those children being trafficked. “Fell through the Cracks” is their favorite mea culpa when they are confronted.

    There are no cracks. If there were cracks, how little do you think of a child that you would let them ‘fall through’ over and over again, until they show up beaten to death?  “Falling through the cracks” is what they say when more than 119 reports to CPS are ignored and the child is murdered or tortured to death.

    They do that all over the country. ACF has never been held accountable. ACF are in fact, one of the agencies that are supposed to be protecting and caring for the children at the border. But there were no consequences when they shredded documents in Indian Country.  There are no consequences for any of these agencies doing the exact same thing, at the Border, now.

    If you had been around when these things were reported and  you saw that there were no consequences to those who violated protocols and broke the laws then, you could have predicted that what is happening today would be the most likely outcome from that. (Listen: Can you hear the sound of squealing tires?)

    A man is arrested and jailed for providing food, water, blankets and shelter to desperate people crossing the desert.  CBP & ICE Agents go find despots of water, food left for desperate people crossing the desert, and they laugh as they kick them over.  A twenty-two-year old woman with a toddler, an infant and a young child were found dead in that same desert. Remember: The man who tried to save them is in jail, facing charges. The agents are laughing. Is this what we are as a society? Is this what YOU are?

    The only goal of these agencies is to fill up the For Profit Prison Camps so that those who run them, including John Kelly who designed the system of family separation for profit, can become more wealthy.  Makes you feel all proud to be an American, duddnit?

    In fact, if you realize that only the Whistleblowers were fired, harassed, threatened, you would have known that these horrors happening today, were the ONLY logical outcome.

    And, if you think this is the end of it, think again. There are no consequences. There are no restraints. There’s billions of dollars in profit to be made off of trafficking these children.  What do you think is next?

    This concludes your lesson for today. Your next lesson on foretelling future events and outcomes will follow.

    It’s most important that you remember that there were people who tried to warn us all. But we were too blind to see it. We were too happy to believe that those who sold us Hate and Racism would not do anything to hurt us, only ‘them’.

    Unless you are a multi-billionaire, I have news for you: We are ‘them’.  If we can’t stop them from doing this to them, we can’t stop them from doing it to us.  Rest assured. They are doing it to us.

    Try not to get any parking tickets while you’re out there. We’ve seen the consequences that can be dealt to people who commit misdemeanors of lesser consequence. The Greedy are just waiting to pounce. There are no consequences for them. Only for the rest of us.

    What they are doing to these poor people is a warning to the rest of us, to subconsciously keep us in line and not question their actions, not threaten their greed, or we could be next.

    Unblind yourself, if you’re not afraid to see. Your fear of what you will see, what you will learn, will not save you. Only the Truth can serve you. The lies serve the Greedy.

    You know where to find me.



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