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    The Origin of this blog and it's transformation into shining a greater light onto the abuse and corruption that runs rampant in Indian Country. The culprits are in every level of government. They are what ails us all, regardless of where we live, or who we are. Judging from events at the national & state levels, We Are ALL Indians Now. This is about them, and this is about us––ALL of us.

    Eddie Peltier/ Richard LaFuente

    Justice/ Freedom

    Richard LaFuente served almost 30 years for a crime he did not commit, while the real killers roamed free, and still do, to this day.

    Nothing "Just" Happens

    Everything we suffer now, all the suffering we see now, has roots in our untold history.  We can't know what we weren't taught unless we are willing to open our minds to the simple logic that "Nothing JUST happens."

    The greatest injustices have fallen upon Indigenous People the world over, and upon minorities in our very midst.  Unless we are willing to take on and hold accountable those who commit these injustices and those who profit from them as well as those who created the system that makes ongoing injustice "routine", we will never know Peace in our lifetime, anywhere in this world.

    It's time to QUESTION AUTHORITY and hold accountable those in power and those who benefit from a system designed by "leaders" to be unfair, unjust, and costly to all of us. This is not happening to "other" people, it is happening to People. WE ARE PEOPLE.

    Those in power will always aim our anger at someone else, even less powerful. Until we see others as equal to ourself, we will never know the true power of Unity, nor the Peace of living in a Just World.

    Introduction: The same corrupt system that wrongly accused, convicted and imprisoned eleven innocent young men is the same system, with many of the exact same players, who are currently profiting from rampant sexual abuse of children on Spirit Lake Nation Reservation in North Dakota, as well as most if not all reservations in Indian Country, and beyond.

    This Blog is documenting ongoing events at all levels of government. Events on the rez itself, often require someone to speak up and speak out, but since those who do are often abused, assaulted, threatened and intimidated by the abusers in authority, this blog is their voice.

     I ignore morons but the rest of you can reach me at: Cat West Email


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    June 24, 2019

    This One Is Hard To Write

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    There is a growing outcry against the inhumane treatment of children in the border camps, Concentration Camps. (Note: Concentration Camps is the proper term. The Death Camps the Nazis built, was where the ovens and gas chambers were. We are very close to that already)

    The New Yorker has written the most gut-wrenching piece on this to date. Read it if you can.

    But if you can’t read the entire article, get a gleaning of what it’s about by reading this one paragraph:

    “Oh, I know what I wanted to tell you. This is important. So, on Wednesday, we received reports from children of a lice outbreak in one of the cells where there were about twenty-five children, and what they told us is that six of the children were found to have lice. And they were given a lice shampoo, and the other children were given two combs and told to share those two lice combs, two lice combs, and to brush their hair with the same combs, which is something you never do with a lice outbreak. And then what happened was one of the combs was lost and Border Patrol agents got so mad they took away the children’s’ blankets and mats. They weren’t allowed to sleep on the beds, and they had to sleep on the floor Wednesday night as punishment for losing the comb. So you had a whole cell full of kids who had beds and mats at one point, not for everybody, but for most of them, who were forced to sleep on the cement. “

    H/T @kylegriffin1 on twitter

    A Reminder: Anne Frank didn’t die in the gas chambers, she died of Typhus, a disease spread by lice.

    Also note: Reports of children being forced to drink from toilets, share cups, etc. This is cruelty. This is crimes against Humanity and it is getting worse. 

    Also note that these Concentration Camp operators are being paid $22K per month per child. For $22K you could house that child and their entire family for a year in a community and raise up the economy of that community. Multiply it by the more than 200 thousand children that are estimated to be in these camps. We don’t even know how many camps there are. That’s a secret. We don’t know how many are dying in these camps because they are not allowed to report it.  The paperwork on these children was deliberately destroyed so that they could not be tracked.

    And, the abuse, neglect and torture of the adults is worse.

    Reminder: DHS is supposed to be responsible for all these children in their care. These are the same agencies that harassed and smeared Tom Sullivan when he blew the whistle on their incompetence and neglect that was killing and abusing children in Indian Country. They finally fired him, so there is no one in DHS now to report to or about any of this. It’s a joke to them. Kids are warehoused, trafficked out, and remain untrackable for the most part.

    Kids Are dying

    Kids are left to wallow in their own filth, drink from toilets, sleep on cement floors, and the lights are kept on full time, which is one of the means of torture that were used on prisoners in Abu Ghrab, and we as a nation were appalled.

    John Kelly is the one that designed this system for separating children from their parents as a point of cruelty, for the sake of cruelty, when he oversaw DHS. Kiersten Nielson carried out those orders with enthusiasm and utter contempt for the safety of the children.

    John Kelly went on to be Chief of Staff, resigned recently, and is now a top member of the Board of Directors that runs these concentration camps. He’s profiting off of the cruelty.

    The Justice Department even sent one of their attorneys to argue before a court that the government was not required to allow these children to have soap, to bathe, to brush their teeth or to have blankets. She argued that.

    The Atlantic did an excellent write up of the Flores Decision that makes what our government is doing now, not just inhumane, but illegal. Sadly, we have to define both.

    Her name is Sarah Fabian. She is the same woman who refused to make an emergency visit to the camps when word got out of the deplorable conditions therein, because she had a dog sitting gig in Colorado that weekend. A Dog Sitting Gig, while children suffered and died on her watch. Dog sitting.

    She is a career attorney in DOJ. She is not an appointee. She could have refused to make this argument, but frankly, I think she’s enjoying it.

    Older kids are being handed toddlers and infants and asked: “Who wants to take care of this one?” by the guards. They are not given proper food for them, clothing, or diapers. The children are the ones caring for the littlest ones. The guards take away their blankets, and that’s how this is being run.

    Had DHS been investigated when Tom Sullivan and others made complaints, we would not have this mess, this abomination. If the Inspector General had investigated the well-documented complaints of incompetency, and the harm being done to children in care in Indian Country, we would have been shocked and appalled then.
    Now? Now it’s much worse and it’s going to stain The United States for generations to come. Nobody is investigating the private agencies that are selling off these children, without their parents’ knowledge, to homes that are not vetted.  Same as it happened in Indian Country.

    There was ample evidence back in ‘ 08, ‘10, ’14 and on up, but it was all covered up by massive Federal Corruption that was by all appearances, just waiting for someone like Trump to give it the green light to be as cruel and inhumane as possible.

    Mike Pence is arguing that they can’t afford to supply soap and toothbrushes and blankets for these children because the Dems won’t give them the money they are asking for to expand their operations.  They are holding the kids as hostages for the ransom of more money to build that vanity wall that is a 14th Century solution to 21st Century problems.   

    Over $1Billion worth of drugs was just busted on a container ship in Philly Harbor. Drugs come in by our ports, not by mule overland.

    Desperate people fleeing murder & rape, starvation in their own countries, come to our borders seeking asylum.  They come from countries we destroyed with our CIA Operations that assassinated or exiled democratically elected leaders that were not doormats for our corporate resource extractors.  The mining, gas, oil industries then took over and destroyed their government, their environment, their economy.

    Gangs took over where government failed, and the citizens were, for 3 generations now, caught in the cross fire. Children are abducted, raped, killed on the regular, to intimidate the general population to comply with their demands.

    That is who is coming to our borders. People who want to live. Refugees. And we show them the maximum amount of cruelty.

    You didn’t care when it was only happening to Indian Children. It’s still happening to them. Their deaths don’t even count. Their rapes go uninvestigated.  And now, we have desperate people, who have violated NO LAWS, seeking asylum and being tortured in the worst ways possible.

    We should be out in the streets, like they did in Hong Kong, stopping everything until this atrocity is exposed and stopped and those responsible are in jail, not attending cocktail parties at Trump Resorts.

    How bad does it have to get? Do you think your children are safe? Does that make it okay? And for how long?

    Hundreds of thousands of kids are being tortured and will never fully recover. There will be survivors. What do you think they’ll do when they get the chance?

    Closing our eyes won’t save us. Speaking out is not enough. We need to take action. We need to demand action. We need to demand that our media report the Truth, and not just ‘both sides’ as if both are equal. They are not.

    Children being tortured. In our name. And we are making very wealthy, those who do this.

    All the worst we have seen throughout the world, has been modeled on the wrongs committed in Indian Country.  Hitler himself, said that he got the idea for Concentration Camps from the USA employment of Reservations, which were open air concentration camps where the people were deprived and starved. 

    We built this. All of it.  Had we listened to and supported the whistleblowers instead of harassing & firing them, our country would not be in this wreckage today. But, we’d have to care about heartbeats of the living, breathing children, not just fetal heartbeats.

    Four attorneys got into one of the facilities and found atrocious conditions and children so sick they had to be rushed to hospital. All being neglected, even the tiny two-year old whose eyes had rolled back into her head.  Most of the camps refuse to allow any inspections. We have no idea how many are sick, how sick, dying or dead because of this massive scale child abuse.

    If we saw dogs and cats caged in their own filth like this, we’d have police out there rescuing them, and frog marching their abusers out in handcuffs. But these are merely children. Not as important, I suppose.

    Your conservative news sources, your Right Wing Media, will not tell you this. You’ll cheer them on. That’s what you’ve become. And we see you.

    You know where to find me.



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    June 17, 2019

    History Is Hidden  Printer (7)

    We are taught the most superficial parts of history, leaving us with vast chasms of ignorance that gets perpetuated, generation after generation.  We are destined to not only repeat the worst mistakes and recreate the worst sufferings of Human Kind, but to make it even worse, each time.

    Brief History of the Dark Ages

    We know that the Dark Ages, so named because of the ignorance of that time, were a time that we eventually, tediously, crawled out from under and became “enlightened’. The “Renaissance” produced Leonarda Da Vinci and other great artists and scholars.

    But what we are not taught is that Great Minds were feared by the ruling elite and that they had to hide much of their teachings in coded messages to avoid being thrown into dungeons. The “Age of Enlightenment” was still overseen by those who benefited from the suffering of those kept in poverty, ignorance and without any political power.  The Church and the Kings and Emperors were the ones who worked to bring the Darkness and to keep the Light from finding us, and from us finding the light.

    What we aren’t taught in schools, and what is seldom covered by any history course, is that the Dark Ages befell Europe and Europe only.  The North of Africa where the Moors and Islam ruled, was advancing in math, science, medicines and the arts, Physics, Astronomy and infrastructure (Think Aqueducts, plumbing, roadways, Architecture.  Yes, my friends, we use Arabic Numerals in our day-to-day lives because of those people, those nations that were not dominated by brutal Christianity, which only enriched the Popes, the Priests and the Kings.

    The Chinese, The Hindustani (Now known as India) also were making great strides in the same fields.  All of them were producing more poetry, more music, and more art than was the entirety of Europe during that same period.

    The New Age

    And yet, we live in a time when we think of European stock as being the best, the most advanced… when the truth is, we are barely catching up to what was accomplished more than 1500 years ago. 

    We don’t know that part of history in this world and we assume only our part shines.  And, because we don’t know it exists, we don’t seek out what we could learn from it.

    European Culture still assumes itself as the dominant culture when in reality, it never was. 

    Settlers came from Europe, where their rivers were too foul to wade through, much less swim in or bathe in or drink from, because they used their waterways as sewers and to carry their garbage away from their streets.

    Who’s The Savage?

    They came to Turtle Island and were astonished at the abundance of fish in the oceans, rivers and streams.  The lands were fertile because they had not been over used and burned out.  They immediately set about using the rivers as sewers, farming the lands in destructive ways, destroying the forests, and mindlessly slaughtering the abundance of game.  All while perceiving the Indians as “Savages”.

    Who Built This?

    History was written and taught to our generations where only White Men were seen as heroes. White Men “built” the prosperity of the South. The Truth is far from it. The lands were stolen, the treaties broken, and it was on the backs of Black Men, Women, Children that that the prosperity was built. Essentially: Theft, Lies, Kidnapping, Forced Labor.

    Somehow, in all of this, Indians are portrayed as untrustworthy, ignorant and lazy. The Black Man is portrayed as a menace, to be feared.

    We are taught wrong.

    World War II history, until recently, ignored the heroism of anyone except the White Man. The fact that both the Japanese and the Germans were breaking our codes faster than we could invent them, left our troops, our Airforce and our Navy, in increasingly greater peril.

    It was the Code Talkers that saved us. It was the Code-Talkers whose language could not be understood or broken by outsiders. It was the Code-Talkers who, despite generations of residential school designed to kill everything Indian in them and replace it with the inferior European model and likeness, had retained their language, even though they were beaten, or killed if they were caught speaking it.  It was them, their language, which was forbidden for them to speak, that saved our military from greater and greater defeats.

    But we didn’t hear about them in school. I doubt that history books to this day, that are used in undergrad curriculum, has a single word about Code Talkers. 

    What more is hidden from us? What more is kept from us so that we continue to flounder in the darkness of our own perpetual Dark Ages?

    Economic Mythology

    Even the economic crashes of recent History: The Great Depression that crashed our economy at the end of the 1920’s was caused mostly by “Margin Buying” on the stock market. It was where people could buy stocks they thought would go UP, but instead of paying full price, they only had to pay around a dime to the dollar of its value.

    The very wealthy became very greedy. Greed was cheap. The only problem was when those inflated stocks quit going UP, they came down, and people owed many times over what they could afford. Fortunes were wiped out as fast as the ticker tapes could spit out the results.

    Those who jumped out of the windows in the financial districts were not the poor who had been being robbed by the brokers who chased the prices of common goods and farm products up and down the scale, it was the millionaires who were down to their last million and could not see any way to survive.  The Rich are very weak like that.

    Around that same time, we got the inevitable Dust Bowl, a climate crisis that was made thousands of times worse by ignorance in farming. The lands were burnt out.  Great exodus of poverty shoved people too broke to eat, or farm, and who had their farms foreclosed on by the banks because they could no longer pay for the exorbitant loans, “The Great Unwashed Hordes” as they were called, migrating West in search of something, anything, better. Many, too many, did not survive.

    It was GREED that was engineered into the system that brought it down.

    The crashing of the economy had a domino effect on the rest of the world. It got ugly everywhere.

    In 2007, we had the beginnings of a second Global Market Crash for the same reasons. Greed. Republicans barking for “Smaller Government” put into play, a system that would inevitably  come down upon us all. They did it by removing the guardrails, “REGULATIONS” that had been put in place to prevent what had happened in the 20’s and 30’s from happening again.

    All this was happening at a level that most people do not understand. Most people don’t deal in Stock Market personally. Hedge Fund Managers were the worst. They still are. They were selling junk stocks, penny stocks, and then ‘pumping and dumping’, stranding investors with worthless stocks.

    Mortgage Companies were pushing buyers into loans they could not afford and on terms they could not understand. They did it because they wanted to pump up their loans portfolios, which they then bundled into bigger collections of loans, and packaged good loans with bad (weak) loans, and sold those through Hedge Funds, to unsuspecting investors who assumed, like the borrowers, that most of the loans were made in good faith and would pay off.  They had no idea that the junk loans were most if not all of the bundles they bought from Hedge Fund Operators.

    No one knew how many weak, fragile loans; loans with spiking balloon payments that could not be met, were packaged into each bundle. Eventually, as the prices of real estate escalated, and the buying frenzy became blood in the water, crazed sharks everywhere, the bundled loans began to crash, and crash and crash.  More blood, more foreclosures. There came a foreclosing frenzy. Even people who owned their own homes outright, paid off, found themselves battling with mortgage companies claiming loans that did not exist. Many lost their homes because they were too old to fight a system so corrupt, no one could keep up with it.

    People lost their homes.  Neighborhoods lost all their value because having one bank foreclosure on your street is bad for the value of your home. Having 10, 20, or more, was death to your home’s value.  People walked away from homes, large and small because the worth of their homes was less than their monthly payments. More defaulted loans increased the spiral of debts and crashing markets. That’s what Deregulation does. That’s what “having a government so small you can drown it in a bathtub“  does. It hurts people it’s supposed to protect.

    During that 2008 Election, with the markets crashing, threatening a global domino slide like last time, I remember Obama working with a team to bring it under control. John McCain wanted to suspend his campaign (he frequently wanted to suspend his campaign because frankly, having Palin and her vocal fry ignorance as a running mate, was killing him in a campaign that should have been a cakewalk for him). 

    Obama called for a summit of leaders, elected, and in the financial Industry, to work out a plan to stop the crashing of our economy. McCain had no plan and frankly, no clue on how to work us out of this looming disaster. He was playing poker on his cell phone during these meetings and offered nothing. (In case you’re wondering, W went on vacation while this was happening.)

    Obama won the election, and Congress, (Democrats alone) put together plans and regulations to fix the problem. Republicans refused to agree to vote on any plans that included financial bailouts for homeowners, and those parts were often stripped out of legislation that passed.

    McConnell and Boehner held a meeting at a Mexican Restaurant,  the night of the inauguration that included all the top Republican Leadership that swore an oath to their members that they would obstruct everything Obama tried to pass  Even if it hurt the country for them to do so, they were committed to destroy the Democratic President so they could take power again.

    The banks got bailed out, but the homeowners didn’t.  GOP obstructed help to homeowners, and blamed the Dems for that part. And neither Cable TV, nor any Mainstream Media, pushed back on that lie. The Dems were saving the country, saving the economy, and being blamed for the crash that was caused by 8 years of Republicans deregulating the Financial Services Industry.

    To this day, they want to blame Democrats, and especially Obama, for the damage done by Republicans, and especially Conservatives. But the Gates of Media are owned by Conservatives, and they won’t even let you near the truth.

    Keeping us in the dark keeps them in power and keeps them rich. Using the darkness to mislead us, scare us and keep us from doing what is best for us, keep us even from saving ourselves, is key to them staying in power.

    The Republicans are just useful puppets in all this. Yes, they amass incredible wealth which they don’t explain to anyone, but those who buy them are in fact, the ones who hold all the keys to all the Gates and keep us in the dark.

    First thing Trump did when he got into office, was to roll back, eliminate as many of the regulations as he could. Not just on the financial industry, which is setting us up for another crash, even worse than the one in 2007, or even the scalding impoverishment of middle class that happened in the late 1920’s.  But also on environment.  Climate Crisis is advancing on us more rapidly than ever before.  Look around.

    Tarfifs that hurt trade are by design hurting our economy. Farmers will lose their farms and they will be bought up for pennies on the dollar by mega corporations. Your neighbors won’t be “farmers” they’ll be ‘workers’ and they’ll be paid whatever the mega corporations want to pay them.  You will not know the faces of anyone that owns the farmlands.  Well, you wanted “change” right? Bad to worse is a form of “Change”.

    Regulations are being eliminated that prevented industry from dumping coal ash, toxins, poisons and assorted manufacturing wastes into our lakes, rivers and streams. Who are you going to be buying your water from? And how much will it cost you? Plan ahead.

    The exploitation is just beginning. All your Right To Life Candidates are silent on the family separations, and the billions of tax dollars going into the pockets of private prison companies that run them.  Pregnant women are forced to undergo medical exams while shackled. They are forced to give birth while shackled. Their newborns are taken away from them and trafficked, again, at a very high price.  Children, dying in these dog pounds they call Detention Camps. Children who already have a heartbeat.  Silence. Utter, absolute silence.

    If you believe anyone running as a Pro Life Candidate, you are wallowing in intentional ignorance and nothing I say will wake you up. I won’t waste my time on you. But I will tell you this: We see you. We see all of you.

    Forced to Look At What They Refused to See

    Another note from History.  After the Allies defeated Germany, and opened the gates of the Concentration Camps, they forced German Citizens, from all the neighboring towns, to walk through them and witness the horrors that were committed on their behalf. Horrors that they ignored because they were Good Nazis. They were marched past the open pit graves, and they saw the bodies piled up, and the smell of death, the stench of disease sickened them.

    Germany learned from this horrible stain on their history.

    The USA, on the other hand, is letting Nazis march in our streets, and the police are marching with them. 

    We’re on our way, folks.  And if we knew more about True History, we’d see that cliff we’re heading for, and turn around in our tracks and put a stop to all of it.  Presently, it appears that at some point, we shall be forced to walk through the horrors, tortures and deaths we allowed to happen, by our Silence. Silence. Saves. No. One. Not them. Not us. Silence only makes it worse.  Every Elected Republican is Silent. You vote for them, you vote for this, and worse.

    But we’re happy in our ignorance. Racism makes us feel superior to other races, races that descended from greater civilizations than the Europeans ever built, and races that literally, by their sweat and blood, built the wealth of the greediest, least human of all of us,  that now feeds on us all, robbing us of any chance of clawing our way out from under the darkness of our self-imposed New Dark Age. 

    Again, it’s not happening everywhere, but it is happening because of us, and the people we’ve put in power that only know greed, and fear, and they use that to control us at our most base level.

    I keep thinking we are better than this. I know so many who are. I’ve seen the best in the people most oppressed by generations of policies imposed on them.  I’ve seen it in Indian Country and I’ve seen it in the neighborhoods of my Black Friends, My Mexican Friends and my Asian Friends, throughout my entire life.  I know what we have in common. I know we all what is best for our communities and for our children, and I know that it is most often kept out of reach, and that everyone but the villains, are blamed for what ails us.

    No one can prove they, by their skin color or nationality, is better than any other Human Being on this planet. Europeans are still playing catch up to the rest of the enlightened People in this world.  All nations are currently under siege by the greediest and most powerful.

    If we allow the Darkness to fall this time, no one will survive.  Hong Kong is having massive, weeks-long, peaceful demonstrations to prevent a single unjust law from eroding what precious little freedoms they have.  I bet you don’t know anything about it. Because if you did, you’d understand the power of Unity, and how we can use it to save ourselves.

    I’ve told you what it is. Now, get off your ass and go look for it. Start finding what you need to know. Verify that it is true, and then decide what you will do with your foray into the light. Will you seek more light? Or will you withdraw into the darkness once again, in a fetal curl that won’t keep you, your children or any of us safe.

    It’s not up to “them”, it’s up to US All.

    You know where to find me.





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    June 10, 2019

    The Future is Wounded 
    Printer (5)

    Reading an article in Frontline, PBS I am again shocked, sickened and angered beyond words.

    When Indian Children are put into abusive environments, it is not an accident. It is part of the plan. A plan that runs throughout the system. By “throughout” I mean at every level of government. EVERY. LEVEL.

    When the environment at home is dangerous to them by abuse or neglect, that is because of systemic corruption that creates generation upon generation of abuse as a legacy. It didn’t start with the Residential Schools that abducted children as young as 3 years old and beat, abused, even raped them and killed them, all in the name of robbing them of their identity. Their names were changed. Their hair was cut and they were not allowed to speak their own language, even to one another.

    The abuse started with every broken treaty. Which Treaty was broken?  All of them. Every single one. The buffalo were slaughtered to starve Indians.  They were not allowed to hunt for hides nor food. They were left cold, hungry and beaten, all in order to rob them of their lands and the resources of those lands.

    It continues to this day. The racism runs up and down the ladders of authority and is reinforced like the echo of footsteps, down every marbled hallway of the Capitols of both State and Nation.

    When Indian Children are removed from abusive or neglectful homes, they are too often put into even worse situations such as the Frontline, PBS story tells of a young girl, put into a detention center “to protect her”, and who was raped by a janitor that worked there.

    She reported it. It was investigated and found she was telling the truth. Within days, the janitor was allowed to resume his old job. She tried to commit suicide when she saw there was no rescue. She wasn’t his first victim. She wasn’t his last. Those who report sexual abuse are removed from their positions. Those who commit sexual abuse are allowed to remain for decades. See the problem?

    This was not the first nor the only charge against him. This was his routine. Don’t tell me that the institution couldn’t find anyone else to push a broom or dunk a mop. No. They want the abusers there. It is to break the spirit of the children so that they grow into the stereotype of addicts, alcoholics and themselves abusers.

    There is so much money in that! The Federal and State governments literally shovel money at these destructive, abusive businesses while at the same time making the safe Foster Homes struggle to make ends meet, and healthcare and counseling for the children in their care, as inaccessible as possible.

    This makes it easier for those who traffic in children that are connected to high places.  It makes it harder for the children to recover or ever to be safe in their own homes and their own beds.

    As adults, if anyone speaks on their behalf, tries to render healing or care, they are viewed as suspect in the system.  Those who do open up, especially to counselors or psychiatrists, are never sure there will be safety.

    If the counselor or psychiatrist advocates for them, it upsets the power structure on the rez, any rez, because it puts the light on those who are the abusers, and they are the ones in power, authority, and connected to Senators, Representatives, Mayors, etc. Most of all, they are connected to Law Enforcement. The BIA, local sheriffs, Tribal Police, all have a stake in keeping the corrupt from consequences.

    The system did not become corrupt, it was designed to be corrupt from the very outset.

    Instead of helping a family living in squalor because there’s a leaky roof, mold on the walls, the plumbing is broken and the electrical is a hazard, all that money that comes from HUD goes first into the pockets of the corrupt. If you look at the billions of tax dollars that have gone into Tribal Housing over the past decade, every single home should be a mansion. The conditions are instead, on par with the slums of Haiti in too many cases.

    If a social work reports the living conditions, the house is not repaired, nothing is fixed, but the children are removed. Where they are taken and to whom they are given, is too often even worse.

    These children grow into addiction often before their tenth birthday. They experience sexual violence on a level we can’t imagine. And when they die, it doesn’t even make the local papers. An 11-yr old girl died last year, as a Foster Child, living in a household known to be drug infested, sexually violent.  It never even made the papers.

    Fast Forward

    I’ve been telling you that private companies have been profiting off of child trafficking. The removal of children from their parents, for mostly no cause. Instead of spending $3,000 to fix the roof, the electrical, the plumbing in a home, they condemn the parenting and spend more than $5K per month per child to Foster them, and the foster parents don’t see but a fraction, often not a dime of this money that is “for the children”.

    Here now, today, the plan has been perfected. Children are, even those still nursing or brand new infants, being torn from their parents arms and put into concentration camps. They call them “Detention Camps” but the children are treated like criminals, tortured mentally, physically and sexually assaulted by men and women who are paid to ‘care for them’.

    The designer of the whole “Family Separation” Policy was Kelly. Former Chief of Staff for Trump. Prior to that, he was the head of Homeland Security, and he drew up, and enforced this policy.

    Children were ripped away from their parents and parents and children were put in separate concentration camps. Pregnant women were forced to give birth while shackled. Their babies taken from them immediately.

    Looking at the horror of this we must also factor in the profit that is being made by these companies. $800- 2K per child PER DAY. Depending on the ‘child’s needs’, such as medicines, which they are often denied, handicaps which are neglected. But the government bills for them anyway.

    There are currently over 100,000 children in these camps, and as many or more adults in other camps. That’s a hefty profit considering these kids are kept in dog kennels, not given enough food or water. It would be far cheaper to put the whole family up in a Four Star Hotel than it is to keep them in these concentration camps.

    The hiring practices for these ICE Agents don’t even involve background checks. They’ve hired sexual predators and not even blinked.

    And, now, John Kelly, who designed this system, has “joined the Board of Directors for Caliburn International. He is now directly putting money in his pocket, a LOT of money, for the trafficking, abuse, detention and rape of these children.

    This could have been prevented if anyone had listened to Tom Sullivan back in ’08, ’10, ’12, up until he was fired for being a Whistleblower. If the ACF and DHS had been held accountable for their practices in Indian Country, we would not have this horror today. Every level of Law Enforcement, from Tribal Police, BIA, FBI, and the local Sheriff’s departments, failed to investigate. For decades, they simply ignore reports. Looked the other way.

    Example: Tim Purdon, as USAG of ND, failed to prosecute all rapes of children or women on Spirit Lake Nation except one. The rapist in that case, was from off the reservation and not connected to anyone with power or authority. The Victim was 14. He made a big deal about that. But for months and until he was gone, he ignored the rapes of all the children & women, and especially of a 13-yr old girl who was raped on her birthday by Jackie Yankton’s 30 odd something son. Tim Purdon said “There’s two sides to every rape story.”  Tim Purdon was finally called to account, in a congressional hearing that no one was allowed to know about. He resigned the following day. …AND went to work for a prestigious law firm that does what? *Lean in* Defends Tribal authorities from criminal charges. Always money to be made in protecting the abusers. It’s downright lucrative.


    The cruelty is the point.

    I hope people start to get upset at the cruelty. If not the cruelty, perhaps the hundreds of millions of dollars a day that are being squandered into the pockets of cronies, our TAX DOLLARS will raise some ire.

    By the time they build the ovens, it will be too late.

    Not a single Republican Elected Official has spoken up against this cruelty. Kevin Cramer, whom I thought was a champion of children, especially opposed to cruelty to children, has not made a peep about this.

    I’m sure he’ll be re-elected. He’s a republican. They’ll shout something about “Open Borders!” which is a problem created by inhumane policies and practices of Trump White House, and for profit. He’ll shout about “Abortion!” Because “Pro Life” means women can’t have health care, rape victims, even as young as 10, must be forced to carry to term a baby by a pregnancy their bodies can’t deal with, and once that child is born… no help. Pro Life if they were pro life, would be protecting the children that are alive, not forcing women to be incubators. 

    Again, I remind you, abortion is not a casual decision. It is to save the health of the woman.  Late term abortions are incredibly dangerous times for women because by that time, it is a child that was wanted, most likely planned for and eagerly awaited, nursery painted, crib put together…and then something goes terribly wrong, and the woman’s life is in jeopardy.

    Please, stop listening to the conservative radio crap. They’re killing women. They’re denying Human Caused climate change and you’re paying the price and your children will pay the price. Or keep listening and believe that the “Moon is part of Mars.” (There is no explanation for this. He’s an idiot. He is only convincing to other idiots.)

    They’re saying incredibly stupid things such as “abortion up to the point of birth”… no such thing exists. “Abortion after birth” is ludicrous enough I thought no one would argue it, but here we are! Women have miscarriages. Putting them in jail is cruel. My friends who have suffered miscarriages remain to this day, devastated at their loss. Can’t imagine the cruelty of locking them in a cell because they failed to carry to term.

    Abortion existed for hundreds of years before it was made safe and legal. Women died horribly. Making it illegal again, or inaccessible, won’t stop abortions from happening, it will only stop them from being safe, and women and young girls will die.  If you don’t want an abortion, don’t get one. The wealthy always could access abortion, and they always will. It’s the poor women who are not allowed health care.

    But those people you are electing because they’ll punish women, are in fact hurting children, every day, in the worst possible ways. The cruelty is the point. The only way to hold Republicans accountable is to vote them out. They don’t listen to anything else.

    They don’t listen to the reports of children dying in detention camps. Children being stolen and sold.

    Hitler and the Nazis scarred Germany’s reputation for 80 years. We now have Nazis marching in our streets, and police marching with them. We have the children in camps separated from their parents in other camps.

    By the time they build the ovens….

    You know where to find me.





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    June 3, 2019

    Gimme Shelter
     (Print 4)

    The Rez. If you only know what you read here, or what you read in the papers –– which only happens if there’s an arrest, you’ll think that violence, abuse, addiction and corruption are all that abides in that place down at the end of that long, dusty road.

    It isn’t. There are people fighting that corruption from the inside, at personal risk few on the outside can even begin to fathom.  There are people fighting the assault on the Spirit of the people who suffer from abuse, addiction and grief. They carry the medicines of their culture along with the stories, legends, songs, dances, craftworks that allow the spirit to find joy and peace, even for a brief time.  It’s enough to make people see there can be a better life, and to strive for it.

    One thing I have found that runs through all the people I have met and talked with is a common love of their people.  The young want to go to school, to learn the trades and skills they can bring back to their community, to help make it better.  Sadly, they are pretty much run off by the corrupt who can only thrive through oppression.

    The Federal, State, and County governments are of no real help. They only listen to the ‘leaders’ and not to those who file complaints of rape, abuse, theft, corruption by those leaders. If you want to make a complaint, you must make it to the predator and if they decide to report on themselves, they’ll take it to a government official. Yeah, that’s one reason why it doesn’t get better out there.

    It’s the most convenient “out” for government to say “You have to go through channels” or we don’t have to listen.  It’s worked for over a hundred years, just like that, so that’s why it doesn’t get better.

    Up until recently, when Meth and worse have poisoned the community, created more thefts and violence, it was not uncommon for people in that community to leave their doors unlocked when they were home or gone so that if someone got stuck for any reason on those way-out-there roads, they could come in and rest, get warm if it was snowing, use the phone to call for help.

    The thought of leaving one of their own out there, alone, especially at night or in the cold, with no shelter, was unthinkable.  It’s only been the last few years that some of those to whom I have kept in touch with, have started locking their doors… even when they are at home.

    That’s the level of violence that damages a community. The kind where they have to protect themselves from everyone, the criminal and non-criminal alike, instead of being the shelter for someone who made a wrong turn, who had a flat in the middle of the night, or whose vehicle had a breakdown of some sort.  There is no shelter.  

    That saddens me. People go missing in the storms, and their friends and family search everywhere for them, only to have to wait until the thaw…

    Mistakes, even minor ones, on the Rez, have steeper consequences than any place else.

    Kids doing what kids everywhere do, are less apt to survive. 

    Drug abuse creates criminals. Big Pharma creates Drugs and so far, no consequences or even serious investigations. The Sackler Family, Purdue Pharma, all make drugs they know are addictive, misrepresent them to Doctors and the public, and pay no consequences. They’re wealth is enormous. Drug addiction kills communities, not just addicts.

    No Respect

    Before European Contact, the waters ran clean in Turtle Island. The lands were fertile. There were enough resources to feed, clothe everyone. The air was clean. At the same time, for over a hundred years prior, the waters in Europe were filled with diseases & sewage, the air was filled with ash from coal fires, and the lands were poorly farmed, leaving the soil barren.

    Nothing was learned from the mistakes that were literally killing the environment in Europe. Nothing was learned from the practices that led to diseases, plagues and wars.  That ignorance was brought to Turtle Island.  Colonists saw pristine rivers & lakes and again, used them for sewers. The fertile soils were eroded, and abundant fish & wild life were decimated by greed and waste. 

    And here we are today. Water unfit to drink or bathe in is being sold to families in Flint, Michigan and to cities all across the land. The government is literally poisoning people through the water, and then billing them excessively for not only that water, but for the daily allotment of bottled water which citizens themselves must hand carry to their homes, and now, the city is foreclosing on families that have outstanding water bills, some as little as $200, and taking away their homes.  All this because of greed.

    Employee wages have stagnated at unlivable levels for decades while profits have risen, bonuses for managers and administrators have skyrocketed, the wealthy have seen their taxes drop to a fraction of what is paid by the middle class and even less than what the poor pay in taxes; a trend that started with Ronald Reagan and which has come to this day where underpaid teachers are buying basic supplies for students, many of whom cannot even afford to buy their lunches and are poverty shamed at the lunch counters in schools across America.
    Students with outstanding lunch tabs are refused their diplomas until those hundreds or thousands of dollars are paid. With no diploma, no job. No way to pay. Greed creates spirals of poverty and crime.  Survival becomes a daily battle. Self-respect and dignity are unaffordable to most.

    And while fighting for the basics: Food, education, potable water…. The Resource Extraction Moguls move in and demand that the resources, which belong to all of us (so we are told), be given to them so they can sell back to us at unaffordable prices. Timber companies strip the lands, erosions follow. Species of animals and plants go extinct. 

    Oil companies take our burial grounds and bulldoze them against court orders that mean nothing to them. They abuse, cripple and kill protesters that dare to speak up, stand up or get in their way.  Remember: They say the pipelines are safe. They are not. They all leak. Every single one of them. “Leak” itself is a euphemism. Many gusher out and spoil the lands and the waters for generations. They are never cleaned up because there is no way to clean up oil spills. The poisons remain. The waters and the lands become dead zones. 

    And remember: The Oil and Pipeline Corporations decided to move the pipelines to Indian Lands because they didn’t want to upset the White People’s Cities they had originally planned to go through. 

    Also; the people in those big cities didn’t have to march, protest, get hit with projectiles, water cannons or tear gassed like the Water Protectors trying to protect their own lands (by Treaty) did.  No. They just grumbled a little that if and when the spill comes, it would hurt them. So, the decision was made, without consultation, to just take from Indians again because that’s how it’s always been done.

    There is no respect for the lands, the waters, nor the people. Only for profits and for those who raid our resources, there’s plenty of profits.

    Oddly enough, it is only those who do the damage that get the respect of government, media and the wealthy.

    What’s happening now, the entire Nation being taken over by authoritarian tactitions and their accomplices in the Republican Party, is a sign that we are, all of us, regardless of color, of no value to those in power. They want, they take.  We allowed it to happen for generations in Indian Country, and now it’s been perfected to us against all of us.

    And for those who maintain that a man who shits into a golden toilet is a “Man of the People”, all I can tell you is, if you are not made of GOLD, he has no use for you. If you were made of gold, he’d shit on you anyway. He is being enabled by the weakest, most corrupt political party that ever existed.

    They have perfected manipulating you into thinking they are the ones saving you. They never have. They never will.

    Take a closer look at what they have done and what they are doing. Look at who is benefiting and who is suffering. If you can’t do that, you are of no value in this battle. Get out of the way.


    And when this battle is done, we will have to look at where it all began. It was not this year. It was not the last election. It all began in Indian Country where the tactics of abuse and apathy were perfected upon the American People.

    There will be a lot of damage to clean up. It will cost us more than we know. The damages have been ongoing for generations. We must fix that which has been broken and exploited.

    We must also engage in the learning and teaching of True History. No more “White Man as Hero” bullshit. We have to look at where fictional history warped our sense of who we are and what we can do. We have to become Human Beings and treat everyone as our Brothers and Sisters.

    There must be consequences to wealth and power gained by theft and deception. If we can’t find ways to make it right again, there is no point in fighting for anything.

    You know where to find me.




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