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    The Origin of this blog and it's transformation into shining a greater light onto the abuse and corruption that runs rampant in Indian Country. The culprits are in every level of government. They are what ails us all, regardless of where we live, or who we are. Judging from events at the national & state levels, We Are ALL Indians Now. This is about them, and this is about us––ALL of us.

    Eddie Peltier/ Richard LaFuente

    Justice/ Freedom

    Richard LaFuente served almost 30 years for a crime he did not commit, while the real killers roamed free, and still do, to this day.

    Incident at Devils Lake

    Documentary covering the Murder of Eddie Peltier & the framing of 11 innocent men

    Introduction: The same corrupt system that wrongly accused, convicted and imprisoned eleven innocent young men is the same system, with many of the exact same players, who are currently profiting from rampant sexual abuse of children on Spirit Lake Nation Reservation in North Dakota, as well as most if not all reservations in Indian Country, and beyond.

    This Blog is documenting ongoing events at all levels of government. Events on the rez itself, often require someone to speak up and speak out, but since those who do are often abused, assaulted, threatened and intimidated by the abusers in authority, this blog is their voice.

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    May 27, 2019
    Living Under A Corrupt System


    Remember how I always warned that if we didn’t deal with the corruption that was enabled at the Federal and State levels that installed, nurtured and protected corruption in Indian Country, we’d find ourselves, all of us, living under the same system of corruption, only worse? I titled more than one posting as “We’re All Indians Now”.

    The example I use is Spirit Lake Nation in North Dakota. The murders, the child trafficking, drug trafficking, and the bogus BIA Land transactions that make an inside few extremely wealthy, while robbing the majority of those who live on the rez, is a fortified system of oppression, and government has been happy to both look the other way, and to reinforce the corruption, put down any dissent. Most of all, corruption protects the worst criminals in our midst, and puts the most atrocious, despicable people into positions of power and authority.

    The Turd Clan is prime example in this. They are stupid. They are vicious. They were ignorant. They were bullies. They are murderers. Poopsie, so-named because he literally craps all over himself. The man reeks of crap and people can’t stand to be in the same room as him. He doesn’t clean up. It’s literally a complete lack of control. And that is almost karmic as he has been out of control in so many ways, so now, this.

    And, he’s not alone. Word has come that his little bro, Q-Ball is now walking around with loaded diapers all the time as well. Complete loss of control. If he yells, he shits. If he hits a speed bump, he loads his diapers. If he smacks his woman around, he craps himself.

    It’s embarrassing to say the least. But worse, the people who continue to cover for their crimes. Can you imagine? Being afraid to speak the truth about the crimes committed by two ugly men who crap all over themselves. Literally.

    Now, look at what is leading our Country. A man with low intellect, who is enabled by the most corrupt party, the Republican Party, as he ruins our economy, alienates our allies and hands our secrets and sources over to Vladimer Putin as quickly as he can.

    The man can’t even dress properly. Look at his pants. Ever notice how sometimes his pants seem way too long for him? It’s because he had them tailored when he was wearing those lifts in his shoes. When he’s not wearing the lifts, his cuffs drag on the ground.

    He has arbitrarily tariffed our trade partners. Suddenly, our farmers can’t sell their crops to China. Farmers will go broke. We will see more ‘farmer suicides’ again, as we did the last time a Republican crashed our economy. Manufacturing jobs are vanishing before our eyes. We’ve lost car manufacturing, Harley Davidson moved out of country, and washing machines, other appliances, are price anywhere from 15-40% higher because of the tariffs. Consumers pay the tariffs, not the countries that have them imposed against them.

    Corruption got him into office and corruption keeps him in office. Just like in Indian Country.

    Take his “Wall”. $1.7B went into one mile of wall. ONE MILE. He’s taking money away from TSA that is supposed to protect our airports, taken funds out of Veteran’s Benefits, taken all the money out of every cyber security agency… to build a wall. The most Medieval , least effective system of border protection, but which he wants to install as a symbol of his rule.

    Cyber security was completely defunded. This while our power grids have already been probed and attacked by foreign hackers. Imagine the chaos of another country being able to control our power grid, while he admires his wall?

    Farmers now have to have hand-outs from the Federal Government in order to stay afloat. Farmers; the most fiercely independent of all the trades, now has to go hat-in-hand or lose it all and be buried in a mountain of debt. 

    Republicans support Trump on all of this. And y’all in the Midwest continue to vote for republicans. I don’t get it. It’s like you want someone that will destroy the entire nation as long as you can be racist and blame immigrants, people of color, people of different religions. Is it really worth it?

    Kevin Cramer is right in the thick of this. Fisher Industries, (Twitter Link to Story) who are very big donors to the Republican Party, especially in North Dakota, is being promoted by both Trump and Cramer, to get the contract to build the wall. They want to bypass the bidding process. We already know that Trump and his cronies don’t blink at the price tag of $1.7B per mile, and Fisher Industries can do what they want if they get the contract, given that there is no competition allowed.

    *Note: I used a Twitter link for the summary. The story can be googled anywhere, but WaPo has this one and it’s often behind a paywall.

    Also, Trump has put in a special request: French Doors I’m not kidding. I wish I was kidding, but I’m not.

    That’s our tax dollars, boys and girls. Our money. And why Fisher? Because they donated to Cramer’s campaign. You want to get a multi-billion dollar contract? Give thousands of dollars to a Republican. The return on your ‘investment’ is out of this world!

    Payment for the Wall is also coming from the funds that were set aside for the Gold Star Families. Trump especially hates them. They are the surviving family members, mostly children, whose father or mother was killed fighting the wars in the Mideast. A war started by Republican presidents, George Sr. & George Junior. Remember Rumsfeld & Cheney? “The war will be over in six months tops—and it will pay for itself.”

    Trump is now trying to start another war with Iran. Iran can fight back and it will be much more costly in blood and treasure if he gets his way. Trump violated the agreement that kept Iran from developing nuclear weapons. He then repeatedly threatened to attack Iran. Now he says they are threatening to make war on us. They are not. They are promising to defend themselves if we attack them. And they will.

    Why another war? Why not? There is no profit in Peace. The Military Industrial Complex, mainly the weapons manufacturers, make no money during Peace. They make hundreds of billions during wars. And they make big donations to buy elections when they are making that kind of money, or if they can get a president to make sure there are endless wars for them to profit from. That money they make? OUR TAX DOLLARS.

    Allowing corporations to pollute our air, ground and water also increases profits. That in turn, increases donations to that particular political party. Pollution is profitable. The people suffer, but that’s how that works.

    Random Thought: The Opiod addictions all started in the Doctors’ offices. It is the Sackler family that designed the addiction system, made billions off of it, but will get a small fine and serve no jail time for killing our loved ones. Their wealth has given them great status. There is so much profit in creating suffering. It’s why there is so much suffering. The people who run the system get rich off of it.

    The same GOP that was outraged over a blow job when Clinton was in office, couldn’t care less about the immorality, the outrageous profiting from the Presidency; the Intelligence Agencies being attacked to weaken us against Russia and other hostile nations, nor in the suffering of farmers, the loss of good paying manufacturing jobs, the deterioration of our roads, bridges, highways and the big target on our power grid. They can’t be bothered.

    They have put children in cages. Trafficked children. Kidnapped children. Violated international laws on refugees, trade and any number of international embarrassments generated by the buffoon in the White House.

    The Rez has the Turd Clan. The Country has Trump. The same corrupt system enables, nurtures and protects all of it. We are all Indians now, and it’s going to get worse.

    Keep voting Republican. Act like you have no choice. People on the rez have almost no choice because the system is so corrupt. But the rest of the country has a choice. We know Republicans are corrupt. We know they are weak. We know they are amoral.

    And when they bring up that Abortion Trope to make you feel like if you don’t vote for them you are ‘killing babies”, think about those kids in cages, kids being trafficked, kids dying because they refuse to give them medical assistance, kids suffering from lead and other toxins in their water, all the ‘babies’ they are happy to drop bombs on for profit, and all the children suffering because being poor in one of the richest nations in the world, means billionaires get tax breaks so schools can’t afford to give school lunches to hungry kids… ask yourself who cares about real living, breathing children.

    I’m going to include a piece written by Pastor Dave Barnhart of St. Junia, UMC:

    “The unborn” are a convenient group of people to advocate for. They never make demands of you; they are morally uncomplicated, unlike the incarcerated, addicted or the chronically poor; they don’t resent your condescension or complain that you are not politically correct; unlike widows, they don’t ask you to question the patriarchy; unlike orphans, they don’t need money, education, childcare; unlike aliens, they don’t bring all that racial, cultural and religious baggage that you dislike; they allow you to feel good about yourself without any work at creating or maintaining relationships; and when they are born, you can forget about them, because they cease to be unborn…You can love the unborn and advocate for them without substantially challenging your own wealth, power, or privilege, without re-imagining social structures, apologizing or making reparations to anyone. They are, in short, the perfect people to love if you want to claim you love Jesus but actually dislike people who breathe.

    Prisoners? Immigrants? The sick? The poor? Widows? Orphans? All the groups that are specifically mentioned in the Bible? They all get thrown under the bus for the unborn.”.
    -Dave Barnhart

    What kind of country do you want to live in? Oppressing women by taking away their bodily autonomy is pure oppression

    Abortion became legal because women were dying, dying horribly from illegal abortions. After it became legal and birth control became available, the number of abortions dropped steeply. And the septic wards of hospitals, where women died from lack of legal access to abortion, closed down.  

    Abortion didn’t begin with Roe v Wade; Deaths from abortion ended with Roe v Wade. Killing women doesn’t save babies. Pregnancy is already the most dangerous situation for women. Making it more dangerous is the work of monsters.

    One in four pregnancies end in miscarriages. Criminalizing miscarriages, which states have already done, punishes women for the sake of punishing women.

    No abortion is casually sought. It’s a difficult decision under the best of circumstances. Late term abortions occur to save the life of the mother. Late term abortions are of pregnancies that were wanted. Most already had a name picked out, the nursery painted & furnished… plans for the future… and then something goes terribly wrong.

    And these monstrous people want to shout and shame women seeking to save their own lives.

    Children born to single mothers are often living in poverty. The women can’t afford child care, so they are shamed for accepting welfare. They can’t improve their education, nor afford to get good education for their children. Welfare benefits are looked at as shameful. Women who are raped are blamed for their rapes. Worse, their rapists get shared custody.

    Most men, and many women, have no clue what pregnancy does to a woman’s body. Ohio is now proudly forcing a girl who was raped, incest, to carry her pregnancy to term. We already know how the system will treat her and her children afterwards.

    Corporate welfare is in the hundreds of billions of dollars. Welfare for the poor is a fraction of that. Our priorities are upside down. We are crapping all over ourselves.

    And now, with farmers getting tens of billions of dollars in hand outs, will we shame them? Keep in mind most won’t get enough to sustain themselves. However, a meat packing corporation that is owned by two criminals in  Brazil, brothers, who are not even allowed to travel out of their own country, received over $62M of our tax money as part of this bail out, already. This in spite of the fact that they have suffered ZERO losses due to the tariffs.

    Yup, it SHORE PAYS to be friends with the most corrupt political party our country can elect. (I know how to spell “SURE” but I had to snap my suspenders with my thumbs on that one).

    So, if you like living under a corrupt system, keep voting for Republicans. Democrats aren’t perfect, but at least they can be held accountable. They can be gotten out of office and their leadership imposes penalties on them for corruption or bad behavior. Republicans are just free-wheelin’ & stealin’ with both hands, as fast as they can.

    How y’all vote tells me how stupid you are. You’ve seen how they behave once they are in office. You’ve seen how much it’s cost you. If you think you can blame anyone else for what they’ve done to you, if you think you can blame immigrants, the poor, Muslims, Jews, Refugees, then, nothing I can say will fix what’s broken inside of you.

    Corruption is easy. Breaking things is easy. Neglecting things is easy. Fixing them takes hard work, integrity, and it’s expensive. But not as expensive as corruption.

    The Rez is dominated by a corrupt criminal family. That family is protected by every level of government that is supposed to be on the side of Law and Justice, but which are corrupt. Look how it runs.

    The USA is run by a corrupt criminal family. That family is protected by every level of government that is supposed to be on the side of Law and Justice, but which are corrupt. Here we go!

    Keep an eye on Trump’s pants. It won’t be long before he marches his entire cabinet out to the microphones to testify at how he isn’t crapping himself.

    French Doors. On a border wall. French Doors.

    You know where to find me.


    PS: Soon, depending on how much information comes in, I’ll have a piece on Andrea Yankton. Her Indian Name (given to her by real Indians) is “Ass Eyes” as in “All them Yanktons have Ass Eyes”.




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    May 20, 2019
    The Willful Blindness of Ignorance

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    I am reminded of the Bad Ol’ Days, daily. Because True History is not taught to us, we are unprepared to confront the wrongs of our past, the reality of our present and worst of all, the downfall of our future. Ignorance, especially the kind inflicted on generations through false narrative history, is a blinding of generations.

    Blinded generations may be able to stumble around the familiar territory, clutching onto the coats of others who are also blind, but it leaves us weaker with each generation. It makes those who are in power more able to manipulate us against our common benefit and to the detriment of us all.

    Racism is a form of ignorance. It is inflicted. Inflicted by the Greedy and the Powerful so that they can make us mistrust one another, remain divided and thus they can stay in power.

    We are not taught History as a True and Living thing, we are given a narrative that ignores most of the driving factors of events, and events are shaped into a form that benefits the narrator’s benefactors.

    I was taught that America was “settled” by the English and the basis was Religious Freedom. That is a false narrative. We were colonized in order to expand a greedy Empire. More than a hundred years prior to the Mayflower landing at Plymouth Rock, it was fur traders and treasure seekers who were becoming wealthy through trading the goods they bought, or stole in some cases, and carried to the Old World.

    Empires feed on wealth. They take all the wealth for their leaders and leave little to none for us peasants. When there comes an opportunity to expand the Empire by colonization, a conspiracy between Empires and the Religions that give them authority, exists wherein they were duty bound to expand the realm and further, absolved of any abuses, regardless of how horrific & egregious. Just make a nice donation to the Church. POOF! All Clean! Your soul may now enter Heaven and Jesus will be none-the-wiser.

    Random Thought: How ornate does a Church have to be before their Christ will feel welcome within?

    Church and State work together to oppress their citizens and believers. It’s happening today. Look at the Evangelicals supporting everything Trump does. He’s pulling babies away from their mothers, putting them in cages, feeding them crap, letting them get sick and die, using tinfoil to blanket them and paying private contractors $800 & up, per day, per person. Somebody’s making a lot of money off of that scam!

    There’s also the little problem of trafficking these children. They’re being funneled through a Christian Adoption Agency run by Betsy DeVos. She is able as a religious organization, to farm these kids out to anyone she wants, for any price she wants and not only does she not have to account for them, she gets a tax break because of her religion.

    Kidnapping for fun and profit. Child trafficking at an extreme rate. Border Guards and Agents with no background checks. Reports of child rapes being covered up. Evil is in its heyday on our dime.

    Sound familiar? How are they getting away with it? Because the ACF is pretty much onboard with every aspect of child abuse as long as it’s happening to the most vulnerable children which means, children in Indian Country (see previous blog, Tom Sullivan’s report), refugees, and children of color.

    No one is going to look. We’re told they are ‘invaders’. Nothing racist about calling people desperate to escape the violence in their own countries, violence created by our decades of policies towards those countries, “Invaders”. Makes it easier to ignore them, denigrate them and hold ourselves blameless. Evangelicals are all onboard with this. Just ask them.

    The horrors at the Border are nothing new, just expanded on. They were first practiced in Indian Country under the reservation system. A system later copied by Hitler for his Concentration Camps. The ACF got rid of everyone in their leadership who would have addressed this issue and taken action. Now, they just shrug. Babies are being stolen, trafficked, and neglected or killed for no reason other than to profit some corporation with connections to power. Shrug.

    Note: The abuses that happen in Indian Country and are allowed to continue, actually set precedent for the abuses beyond Indian Country. Can’t stop it one place if you practice it in another.

    Slavery built the wealth in the USA. Again, kidnapping was a business. Human Beings were “Cargo”. If a slave ship was threatened with boarding by another vessel, the Human Beings they had chained up in the holds were dragged topside and thrown overboard. Monetary loss, but no jail time.

    We aren’t taught that in our schools. We’re taught how beautiful plantations were.

    The stealing of children from parents was a common practice with Slavery. You see? It’s always been profitable. Nothing has changed.

    The Emancipation Act that freed the slaves had a teensy-weensy loophole: Since no man could be forced to labor against his will and without fair compensation, plantations were going to fall apart. The loophole that prevented that, the one that says “…except those who are imprisoned for crimes…” (Not defining those crimes), gave us the famous Chain Gangs.

    Chain gangs labored on plantations, “farms”, on roads and to this day, they work for pennies a day while the companies contracting them out pay no benefits, but take in millions of dollars for their labors. Slavery still creates wealth in the Land of the Free…

    They don’t just do heavy labor, they also do corporate labor. They are customer service reps for airlines, credit card companies, etc. Do you really know who you’re talking to when you dial that 800 number?

    A man can’t pay his exorbitant ticket for a broken tail light because he was arrested for having a broken tail light. (Don’t worry, he’s Black. A White Man can get away with way more without fear of being locked up). Man can’t pay his fine, he gets thrown in jail. Can’t pay his bail? Stays in jail. Meanwhile, his car is impounded or sold and when and if he gets out, he has no way to get to work. Doesn’t matter; he lost his job. Vicious Cycles take planning to create. Once in place, they are self-perpetuating.

    That’s him fighting the fires, working the chain gangs, assisting your customer service needs.

    No prison should ever be for profit. It only leads to corruption. He won’t be able to get a job when he’s out because he’ll have no vehicle, but a nice shiny criminal record and tons more debt by the time he gets out.

    Racism is reinforced by our media, hourly. We can literally walk among people and assume things about them that are completely untrue, but which are ‘commonly held beliefs’:

    Welfare. They must be on welfare. Truth is, more White People are on Social Assistance than are any other demographic.

    Their religion is one of HATE: Read the Koran for yourself. It mentions Jesus and Mary more than the Christian Bible does.

    I’m saying, take the time to actually investigate your own biases and prejudices. Chances are, they will fall apart on any close examination. That’s a lot of baggage you can drop from your life at anytime, and be a better, happier person for it. Perhaps a little ashamed you held thoseunfounded beliefs (and dozens and dozens of other assumptions), but you’ll get over that as you carry on in a healthier frame of mind.

    Another basic assumption enforced by a racist system is that Black People are by nature, violent. No one is by nature, violent.

    But look at all those riots!

    Okay. But are you willing to look at the systemic, constant oppression that led to those riots? They all started out as peaceful protests. The police moved in, as they always do, and instead of keeping it peaceful, they brought the violence (Dogs, Firehoses, Tear Gas… stuff they do to this day when protests happen, to make them violent).

    You can tell the cause of the violence when you see who dresses for violence. The protesters carry posters, bang their drums, put their fists in the air and shout.

    The police come with tanks, helmets, face shields, cover their badges so they can’t be held accountable, rubber bullets, tear gas cannisters they fire directly at people, close range…

    Did I mention that police get extra pay for Dangerous Ops? Make a peaceful protest a dangerous riot, and you can buy that boat you’ve always wanted.

    Media covers the protests as ‘riots’ without ever saying who brought the violence. The interviews and narratives during and after are always the Police and their representatives. You only get their side. Reporters do that. They’re lousy at their jobs, most of them.

    People have no idea the level of violence and abuse inflicted upon communities of color, for decades and generations. They only hear the word ‘violence’ and “riots” when the police make it so. They do that so you don’t hear what it is that is really happening.

    Recently, a series of interviews from 40 years ago have surfaced. Interviews about Black Communities, Black Leaders and Violence. The interviews were done by Swedish Media. Never heard until now, when Danny Glover put them together as a documentary. The Black Power Mixtape” is something I encourage everyone to watch. And when you get to the Angela Davis one, be sitting down. She never raises her voice, but the impact will slay you.

    Now, everything you never realized about True and Recent History will change how you see what’s ongoing today.

    You can apply it, because the same system, the same tactics have been in use for a hundred or more years, easily, to everything you think you knew about Indian Country, Native Americans, and the system that exploits their resources, oppresses them, and steals their children.

    If we learn to listen instead of assume, we might in our lifetime, begin to learn True History. Once we grasp the True History that led us to where we are today, maybe we can begin to fix things. At least we’ll have a better idea on what is broken, how it got broken, and what we can do, together, to fix it.

    Or we can stay blindly, blissfully happy in our own racism infused bubble and be shocked and surprised, horrified at events as they unfold, with no clue as to how it was allowed to happen. Nothing Just Happens. Everything has an “Origin Story”, a point of beginning, a track that it was put on. An asteroid collision can be predicted, on Jupiter. But, for some reason, we can see how we got into this mess? Or we don’t want to? Willful blindness to what is going on under our noses, at our expense is because we are afraid to look for what we might find back there. We don’t want to believe True History. We prefer the shiny, glorious false one. But it’s killing us.

    We can either see it coming, and protect ourselves, or never see it coming and it will destroy us as a nation.

    It’s Memorial Day next Monday. Too bad we can only recite what we’ve been taught. And, from what I have seen, especially with Nazis marching in our streets, too many have forgotten even that. That we fought the Nazis and the Fascists in that war that we are “Remembering” today. They’re being elected. We just call them “Republicans” now, but that’s what they really are.

    And the willfully blind refuse to see, even that.

    Oh looky over there! Furniture & Appliance Sales! Bargains Galore! I’m sorry what was this holiday for?

    You know where to find me.




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    May 13, 2019

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    Because We Allowed It

    First, I need for you to read Tom Sullivan’s write up:

    Did you read it? The WHOLE Thing?

    No? Go back and read it. I’ll wait.

    10 minutes pass… 15 minutes… (as long as it takes)

    There, now you know what I will be talking about and referring to throughout this posting.

    We are a nation in crisis today. It didn’t “just happen” because nothing like this just “comes out of the blue”. It’s a well-worn path that’s been being paved and carved for decades, with our tax dollars.

    The wealthy got more tax breaks. Our schools declined for lack of funding. Infrastructure was not maintained.

    Our standing in education dropped to 35th in the entire world, and our bridges started collapsing.

    I pick those two because they are symbolic of our neglect. The children who are literally our future, are less and less able to compete in the world. Our prisons are being filled to capacity almost before they are finished being built. We spend more on prisons than we do on education. We actually have a name for it: Prison Industrial Complex.

    The roads we all depend on for commerce, for travel, are in worse and worse shape every year. Symbolically, we have failed the children and broken the roads that were supposed to lead to our future.

    There are more examples, but these serve the purposes of this posting. The schools did not collapse overnight. They were robbed for decades as money we put in for education got siphoned away by Charter Schools, which it turns out, don’t have to meet the same standards and inspections that Public Schools do. We are literally paying for Private Schools and most people have no means to send their children to those private schools. The money had to come from somewhere. It came from Public Schools.

    Teachers’ salaries bottomed out. Teachers work two or more jobs to afford to live. Teachers also use their own money, out of their own pockets, to buy the school supplies for their students: Books, paper, pencils, some art supplies…

    Children that can’t afford to buy lunch are food shamed by Districts who have practices such as throwing a tray full of food into the trash to embarrass the child in front of other children, or feeding them jelly sandwiches instead of hot meals.

    We cannot afford money feed hungry children, but we can afford to raise the National Debt by over $2 Trillion dollars to give Billionaire’s even more tax breaks. How DARE those hungry children exist!

    I ask you: Who needs the money more? Billionaires? Or a system that insures no child in this country goes hungry? Taxing the rich doesn’t cripple them, but it helps the rest of us get up onto our feet.

    A lot of these kids, because their parents can’t afford it, despite working full-time (or not) don’t get regular meals at home. Districts, because of tax cuts, decided to no longer subsidize hot lunches for kids, so the meals are beyond the affordability of too many kids. Now, a school district is withholding diplomas from graduates until their lunch bills are paid in full. Without a diploma, they can’t move on and get a job. See how a cycle is perpetuated?

    The same Republican Representatives and Senators who give themselves raises 2-3 times a year or more, plus expenses, plus healthcare plans that WE pay for, also have refused to raise the minimum wage to a livable wage, for decades.

    The Poor don’t need money, they’d just spend it on silly stuff like Food, Medicine, Housing, clothes… only the super wealthy know how to use money. (There have been speeches in the Well of Congress to say precisely that, as they were, in that same week, giving themselves more and more on raises.)

    And they have continued to try to take Affordable Healthcare away from every citizen by voting more than 60 times to overturn the ACA, aka “Obama Care”. Unable to do it through legislation, they decided to take it to Federal Court and the Attorney General has turned his back on every citizen by declaring he will not defend the ACA in court.

    They want you poor, they want you sick, and they want you uneducated so you are weaker and more broken and more unable to fight for yourself, or your children. Soon, we will all be better able to understand Authoritarian Rule through Domination, and our lives will be as difficult and as oppressed as are the lives of everyone living on the reservations or bound by their system.

    Poverty is created by an imbalance between those who do the work and those who hold power. Nowhere is this more evident than on the Rez.

    Poverty is created by an imbalance between those who do the work and those who hold power. Nowhere is this more evident than on the Rez.

    If working more and working harder made anyone richer, then the people working two, three jobs, often back breaking jobs, would be the wealthiest among us. That is simply not the case.

    Back to the Schools shaming poor kids: It’s worth mentioning here that no one on these School Boards ever misses a meal. In fact, they get raises pretty regularly.

    When there are cuts to revenues because the wealthy want to pay less, it is the most vulnerable among us that gets the brunt of that beat down. Kids.

    We’ve become inured to the suffering of children. We’ve learned to look the other way.

    It’s kind of a barometer of how much abuse we will tolerate. Children are sacred. We say it over and over… and we do nothing to save them. Anyone who tries, pays the price. Read Sullivan’s piece… It was written as an Official Report in 2012. Seven years ago. Do you think we’d have kids in cages today if we had a functioning DHS or ACF?

    Why do you think they purged out anyone that pointed out massive epidemics of child abuse, especially on the reservations?

    Reservations have always been the testing grounds for what laws can be broken, how much abuse can be inflicted on people, and all the while, the country as a whole, ignores it.

    It’s all connected. It’s all connected by corruption. It was all fixable years ago, but they didn’t even try because trafficking in children is very, very lucrative. Ask Kevin Dauphinais about his massive Hunka Ceremony where he moved 40 children into the hands of ‘adopters’, with no paper work, but declaring that as a Medicine Man, he could authorize a Hunka Ceremony, without their parents present, and because he was the Director of Social Services at the time, he would have to file a complaint against himself and to himself. He got away with it, and so did Kristi Wishinsky. Corruption is very profitable.

    Getting away with child trafficking is even easier than getting away with murder. Eddie’s murderers never saw the inside of a jail. Corruption. In fact, they were able to frame and convict 11 innocent young men, all of whom served time, two of whom served more than 20 years for the crimes committed by the very people put in charge of investigating the murders.

    Corruption is lucrative. They’re all addicts and raging drunks, and they live high off the hog, while staying high. Corruption.

    We allowed it then and there.

    And we’re allowing it now, at our Border. And it’s more lucrative than ever. Those kids are ripped away from their parents, kept in cages, sleeping on the floor, sometimes in rooms called “refrigerators” because they are so cold, the guards wear heavy coats while the refugees have only the concrete floor and a tinfoil blanket.

    Cruelty is the point. Parents are not allowed to hug or to hold their children, even infants, even if they are sick. Siblings are not allowed to hug or hold each other. Sexual abuse is reported to the abusers. Cruelty makes sure you know who has the power. We allow this.

    Parents walked over a thousand miles, with their children, facing terrors and hardships none of us can even imagine, looking for refuge from conditions in their homeland that were and are, every circle of Hell, only to have their children snatched from their arms and placed in cages, and often moved to different cities in different states than their parents.

    Everything they brought with them, toilet paper, toothbrushes, identity papers, are taken from them. Any change of clothes, taken from them. Even the toys, taken from the children. They have NOTHING.

    No paper trail. But now the parents are being told they have to pay $800 for DNA testing so they can prove that the children are theirs. That’s the joke, right? “We steal your children, every shred of belongings and then demand you pay $800 to prove you are some child’s parent, a child you may never see again, because they are not DNA testing the children they have trafficked.

    This is not an aberration of one political party, this was the mission of the GOP since Reagan. Not one GOP Senator or Congressman will stand up to Trump. He is the one they have been paving the way for, for decades.

    Every member of GOP is a coward. Every Single One of them. Kevin Cramer is the biggest disappointment. I thought he cared about kids. I was so wrong.

    Bear in mind that recently, in two mass shootings, one in a synagogue, one in a school, a 60-year old woman rushed the gunman to save the lives of others, and in the other, an 18-year old boy rushed the shooter, to save others. Both died for their bravery. They literally faced a shooter, and acted. Not one GOP member will so much as stand up to the NRA. Cowards. They won’t stand up for children, they won’t stand up for you or me. Cowards.

    Children are farmed out to homes and there is no paperwork, no paper trail to try and follow up and reunite them with their parents. See the pattern? Oh, and the companies that run these camps? They get $800 or more per day per child. The child gets a piece of bread and a tinfoil blanket. Our tax dollars are making some of these monsters very, very wealthy.

    Some former White House officials are aware of how profitable this is. They’ve invested in these companies. Corruption is very profitable.  It's out in the open now. No pretense. They are daring us to stop them. They know that You won't vote for Democrats because "SOCIALISM!".  You know, health care, education, infrastructure, protection from predatory loan practices, holding corporations accountable for the harm they do.  That's supposed to scare you into staying with them as they rob you blind and take away what little you have and then demand you pay more so Billionaires can pay even less.

    This didn’t happen overnight. Most every atrocity happening today was road-tested in Indian Country. They tested us. How much would we allow? Would we raise our voices? Would we take action, demand accountability for the abuses and corruption we were shown? No? Ok, now there’s more and worse, and it’s coming to our towns, our doors. We allowed it. They are secure in their power. Dems are the enemy, right? WE ALLOWED THIS.

    We didn’t stop it when the innocent were framed and convicted for Eddie’s murder. And no one in authority has been held accountable for their part in any of this. Not the killers, not the FBI Agents, not the BIA, not the Attorney General, not the judge. The test proved: “Laws Don’t Matter”. Or, do they? Will we step up? Will we do what is necessary? Will we do it for the wrongly convicted? Will we do it for the children? Will we do it for ourselves?

    We didn’t stop it when the kids were being (and still are) trafficked without paperwork. No one has been held accountable. Reports are still ignored. Whistleblowers are still harassed, threatened and removed. We are allowing it, to this very day. Kids on the rez, kids at the Border. Kids in homes where abuse is known, and ignored, despite multiple reports. Very profitable.

    And the very agencies that are supposed to be protecting these children have had a lot of practice at being corrupt, ignoring reports of horrific suffering, sexual abuse, and torture. They’re good at it now.

    Reread Sullivan’s report.

    That was 2012. And here we are. Drowning in it.

    You know where to find me.




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    May 6, 2019

    You Are Not Broken

    You know they’re comin’ when you hear the drummin’…
    They’re all around you…you sense their presence…
    You are in your darkest times, swallowed up by pain & sorrow…
    You don’t … you can’t even … tomorrow

    You know they’re comin’ when you hear the drummin’…
    You feel a slight breeze, a slight weakness in the knees…
    You’re afraid to ask Afraid you aren’t up to the task

    Am I worth it? Will they judge me? Will they know me?
    Show me! Show me! I’m afraid to look. I close my eyes, but I only see clearer. They’re gathering, coming nearer.

    And then they speak to me, from inside of me, all around me
    The words that are spoken: YOU ARE NOT BROKEN!

    I feel the strength I never knew I had, I breathe in from this world I exhale from the pain I carry.

    Say a word, even just one that you can remember,
    From the language of your ancestors, and they remember you as you remember them

    In this perfect circle of all we can be, all we’ve ever been.

    “I am not BROKEN”
    MEAN IT!

    The drum that beats within us all, (lub-dub, lub-dub) is our connection across time And distance,

    You ARE NOT broken, your heart breaks, you are in pain, but you are not broken.

    This darkness that chases you is nothing that you called, It comes from a world of fearful men, greedy men, ignorant men all.

    They want to blame you for their weaknesses, so they can take more. They poisoned your childhood, and blamed you for surviving as a child would.

    They want to take it all.

    But you remember who you are, in those brief, fleeting moments when your spirit looks around and sees what really is: You are not lost, you ae always found. It’s not unfamiliar territory. You know where you are. Even more important, you know where you want to be. Walk in that direction.

    Close your eyes to this world of lies And beat that drum a steady rhythm
    Say that prayer, or just that word you remember
    And you and they are here, you are with ‘em.
    You are in pain, and you can heal.
    You are not perfect, but you are real.

    What you overcome adds to us all, you are WHO WE NEED TO BE HERE To remind us that despite the pain, the anguish, the sorrow, you are worthy, and so are each of us.

    Addictions come from Pain & Shame. Those are things inflicted upon you, not anything you have chosen. Remember who you are. Speak even one word of your language, and you draw your ancestors nearer, their strength becomes yours.

    Addictions try to undo you. The battles are epic both within and without. Actions under the influence hurt the ones you love You abandon yourself in self-pity and justification. You feel you are of no worth. (You are wrong)

    Because you know that’s not who you are.
    You are not broken.
    You are in Pain
    Pain will blind you But I am here to remind you
    You are not broken.

    Say it. Mean it.
    The Past cannot be changed.
    The Future always can.

    The Ancestors did not leave you.
    They are your strength and your will.
    They don’t come to the sound of the drum from anywhere far away.
    They come from the place where you are, who you are, your DNA.

    We can struggle over and over, but we cannot fail unless we give up on ourselves.
    True History has never been taught, although it’s often told, handed down, survivor to the next.
    The Day is coming, I promise you, the Truth will be revealed.

    Those who practice evil and Black Road, will be the first to suffer the worst.

    And those who were blinded by the lies, mislead by the greed, will crave with a new hunger for the truth.

    Each of you, each of us, carries a part of that Truth within ourselves.

    You have an election. They are always rigged in favor of those who do the most abuses. They always bully & intimidate, bribe and cheat to take the power for themselves.

    But you can, each of you, in that one small but extremely significant act of defiance, vote for the one that you know is most worthy and strong, and you can vote for that person not because they are perfect, because no one is, but because they have overcome enough in their time to understand your struggles.

    Someone may change your vote or steal your vote, but they have to step into a dark place to do that. You, YOU will always know that you did the right thing, regardless of how it turned out. Each step towards the light of Truth makes you stronger. It makes your children see how it is done. It reminds them, and all who know you, see you, that it can be done.

    Doing the Right Thing counts in this world. It intimidates the Darkness and those who inflict it upon you. Most of all, it reminds you: You Are Not Broken.

    It reminds them that despite all that they have done to undo you, YOU ARE NOT BROKEN.

    You know where to find me.



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