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The Origin of this blog and it's transformation into shining a greater light onto the abuse and corruption that runs rampant in Indian Country

Eddie Peltier/ Richard LaFuente

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Richard LaFuente served almost 30 years for a crime he did not commit, while the real killers roamed free, and still do, to this day.

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From Betty Jo Krenz:

I want you all to imagine for a moment that you have to leave your house with your children and nothing more than what you can carry in a backpack. You have about five minutes to pack and you are going to start your life over in a non-abusive home. You cannot take your kids’ toys or all of your favorite blankets.
You get to a Safe House and you, for the first time in a long time, can just breathe…

That is how most families come to Robin’s House. They appreciate a warm, safe home, but personal needs are still needed. We still need diapers and personal hygiene products, and groceries. And I believe it is important to let the kids feel at home with toys.

I am a thrift store shopper for children’s books and toys. If you feel you can help in any way please donate to Robin’s House and help me make Robin’s dream come true and the families be comfortable

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Introduction: The same corrupt system that wrongly accused, convicted and imprisoned eleven innocent young men is the same system, with many of the exact same players, who are currently profiting from rampant sexual abuse of children on Spirit Lake Nation Reservation in North Dakota, as well as most if not all reservations in Indian Country, and beyond.

This Blog is documenting ongoing events at all levels of government. Events on the rez itself, often require someone to speak up and speak out, but since those who do are often abused, assaulted, threatened and intimidated by the abusers in authority, this blog is their voice.

 I ignore morons but the rest of you can reach me at: Cat West Email


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May 30, 2016
Hooped ----
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I give up. North Dakota is hooped. Hooped is a term we use here instead of the ‘F’ word. Your choice for Congressman is either a completely corrupt Democrat who already has sex scandals brewing, complete with his nudie texts to a judge, whose marriage he broke up--- or a Republican, who tonight was on the stage introducing Donald Trump.

Trump, the guy with multiple bankruptcies, under investigation for his Trump University Scam, (possibly others) and who has offended every ally we have in the known world… a man who sincerely knows nothing about government and who wants to ‘hire’ a Vice President who’ll ‘do all the jobs Trump doesn’t want to do’ In other words, the hard stuff.

Sorry if you have so many ignorant rednecks out there that you can’t bring yourself to vote for anything but a man who would make the USA a laughing stock because you don’t want to vote for the most qualified candidate, Hillary, that has ever run for the job in the past 50 years, but you are part of the problem.

And with Cramer endorsing Trump, I just can’t get behind him anymore or take him seriously. He’s the only rep I have seen do any work towards saving the children, but with this move I have become completely cynical on him.

So, vote for whichever you want, neither will do you much good, unless Hillary is the winner, in which case, vote for Cramer because he won’t be supporting Trump in the White House and can do less damage.

I just wish Dems had put up a better, more qualified candidate for Congress. I’ve been waiting on that in North Dakota for 20 years now. Let me know how it turns out. I count on nothing.

You have to decide which devil to dance with. I don’t envy you one bit.

Hit & Run

A little boy from Newtown, I’m told about age 3 to 5 yrs. , was visiting with relatives in St. Michaels when he was mowed down by a drunk driver. She then fled the scene, but everyone recognized her and her vehicle.

Folks, this has to stop. I don’t know how, but it has to stop. If the Tribal Council was not so corrupt for the past 30 years, maybe the millions of dollars it gets from government grants could build decent homes, schools and clinics and yes, even rehab.

Maybe there would be less drunk/stoned/drugged out of their minds driving on the rez if the BIA had cops that were willing to arrest family and friends and Tribal Courts that would prosecute them instead of a wink and a nod, turning a blind eye.

People would be less apt to do this if they thought there were laws and rules to be enforced. But the rez is run like a private club, where those who belong to certain circles get away with drug dealing, drunk driving, stealing, embezzling, human trafficking, baby selling, and murder.

So, as tragic as this latest dead child is, and as heartless as it is for the driver to run like a coward while the child lay dying, it is alas, typical.

Those who try to make rules and laws apply in their community are not supported by those in power or authority higher up the chain, especially at the Federal Level.

The Federal level is all about putting on a show, not fixing anything. It’s about protecting their political alliances and having a source of unaudited funds to flow into their bank accounts and campaigns.

There’s a whole lot of back scratching going on between Federal Agents, Politicians and Tribal power brokers, throughout Indian Country. And then a child is hit and run and it isn’t even news.

In that mire of lawlessness you will find every vice and every human flaw you can think of. You will also find, as I have, the bravest, most compassionate, hardest working people who are, despite all that is ugly and broken, to save their families, save their communities, save their culture. You never hear of them because if you knew their names, you’d be attending their funerals. The Good People are the ones in danger on the rez. The Good People and the Children.

Not Broken

I used to think the system was broken. I realize now that it’s not broken, but it is over run with corruption. The system just needs more sunlight and people with integrity need to be supported as they work through the muck and mire to make it better for everyone.

Your support of Robin’s House, the safe house for women and children seeking refuge from abusive relationships, is a huge step in that direction. I can’t tell you adequately how much every donation of money, supplies or air miles or whatever you come up with, I can’t tell you how it uplifts and encourages those who are putting so much of their lives into helping ease the pain and suffering.

The air miles also help with trips to move people out of the area, or to get our people to hearings in Congress. Hearings that can fight bad laws, create better laws. Hearings that can tell the stories of those who cannot speak for themselves, or whose battles have left them gone from this world.

The Spirit of The People is not broken. It’s rising up. Each of us doing our part, big or small, is connecting to that light that gets brighter and that source that makes us stronger.

Politics and Government are not perfect. Far from it. Sometimes you get to choose between good choices, sometimes a bad and a good choice, sometimes, between a rock and a hard place. But we stay involved, and we become more involved.

We are the antidote to the cancer of corruption. Those who pull away because they can’t find the perfection they require, help no one. The pursuit of perfection is how we abandon ourselves and our communities, by rejecting everything that’s only a little better because it’s not good enough.

We have to choose how we engage. Do we arrive at the battles emptyhanded because we couldn’t get the exact right rock, sword weapon we wanted? Or do we arrive with marbles, rocks, a few broken knives, some string, and build what we need from what we gathered on this journey?

Those who choose not to fight because they think this is not their battle, shut up. No one wants to hear from you and your selfishness. We have work to do.

It’s Not Your Life

One last word on drinking and drugging and other destructive behaviors. I understand addictions. They are a sickness. I don’t think addicts should be arrested for being addicted. I think they should be helped and healed and allowed to become a constructive part of their communities.

But if you are drinking and drugging and arguing “It’s my life and I can do what I want!” to anyone that tries to tell you it’s a problem, you’re wrong. Everything you do affects everyone around you, just the way everything those you grew up around did, affected you. It’s how we’re designed.

Don’t do this stuff and don’t hurt yourself without realizing that it is affecting others.

That woman who hit and ran killing that little boy while she was drunk or drugged, affected his life and she didn’t even know him.

We all need each other in this life. We do. We have got to find a way to help each other to heal, and to be stronger, and we can only do that if we can support those who are making the efforts to heal themselves and those who are helping others to heal.

It’s where we begin or where we end, depending on whether we think we do or don’t matter to those closest to us and to those we have never met.

We matter. You matter. Addiction is not your fault, nor is it something you can fix on your own. You didn’t get hooked on your own, you had those around you leading you to it. You can’t get well on your own, you need those who will help bring you to it.

And then you have to drink from that well. There is life in that water. It flows through all of us.

It’s not your life, it’s our life. You have gifts you will never know about and we will never share if you don’t survive and thrive in this world. What you have learned to overcome is of greater value than you can realize until you use your experiences to lead others out of their darkest days and into the light.

Nothing is wasted.

The more you survive, the more you know and the stronger you are. The more you overcome, the stronger you are and the more you know and you are needed in this world, more than you will ever know, because without you, those bridges won’t be built, that light won’t shine and so many others will not find their way because the chain of life is broken.

You are a part of the chain that connects us all to each other, and which connects us to this world, all that is good and bad in it. It’s up to you to choose your giving and that only comes by you first choosing to survive and then choosing to heal and then finding and following that flicker of light, that spark of fire, that leads you to your greater strengths.

Take whatever time you need to grieve in this life. Embrace the sorrow for that is proof that you are connected to the best part of this world: Love. Without powerful love there is no grief. Those who cannot grieve, cannot find that light and will never know the powerful connection to greater forces therein.

Forgive me, I babble.

You know where to find me.


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May 23, 2016
Let’s Pretend We Care
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It would appear that the Thompson Reuters article by Ellen Wulfhurst on the 17th of this month rattled the cages of those who have been doing everything they can to pretend that child abuse, child rape, child trafficking did not in fact exist on the rez.

Suddenly, this video drops from the office of the illustrious Heidi Heitkamp: Watch video, then note the following:

1. She seems surprised that these awful things are going on.

2. She’s very, very angry

3. She reads directly from the article in a scolding fashion to Mr. Tracy Toulou who is Director of the Office of Tribal Justice in D.C.

4. Later in the video she apologizes to him for being mean to him because he’s just the guy who happens to be there. (Forget that he has failed at his job since Day One).

5. She asks rhetorical questions which he never answers.

6. Towards the end she talks about all these crimes against these children as something she’s been aware of since her time as State Attorney General for North Dakota “This is not a New Issue for us.”

The generations of abuse, sexual abuse, child trafficking, Human Trafficking are all the core causes of addiction and violence on the rez. When that was pointed out to her in the 13 Mandated Reports her response was to seek funding for more “Cultural Programs such as language and Dancing”, never once even uttering publicly (that I’ve ever heard) the words “Child Abuse”. Her solution to all that ailed Indian Country was to ignore the reports by one of the most respected Directors of the ACF who had decades of first-hand experience in Indian country, and to offer up as a solution, more of our tax dollars for “Cultural Teaching” as if, as effing IF!

Suddenly, with the Thompson Reuters article hitting home (and apparently breaking the thin walls of her bubble) she’s the angry warrior woman protecting Indian Children by scolding the man from the Justice Department who never had to answer a question, or if he did, she left it out of the video.

It was purely a show. She’s been on the wrong side of this and it shows. People know. People have been watching her. This act was nothing more than posing as something she is not.

She is close friends politically and socially with those who conspired to label Thomas Sullivan a “Racist” and get him fired. Fired because he had become a thorn in the side of the ACF, the BIA, HHS, IHS, and the DOJ and FBI (while we’re at it) because he sent them all, directly, those 13 Mandated Reports and they didn’t like it.

But now, a newspaper article comes out that says exactly the same things, and suddenly, instead of recommending more funding for “Cultural” learning in Indian Country (Because children who have been raped since infancy really feel a lot better if they can speak some words in their tribal language, or can attend more pow wows), she is putting on her fierce face, her angry face.

It’s like putting a mask on a melon. It convinces only those who cannot see or who have never looked.

You would think that if this is her position now, that it conflicts with her earlier position that anyone mentioning these horrors was a ‘trouble maker’ and needed to be removed. You’d be right.

This video, which by the way does not appear on her YouTube page, only on her FB page so that no one not following her on FaceBook will even know it exists, and it is nothing but a show.

How do you like them apples, Melon Head?

She’s Safe

An election is coming up. She can’t afford to lose her seat. She’s pretty safe. The Dems won’t primary her (but they should) and the GOP has no one to run against her that isn’t batshit crazy.

All GOP have to support the Fascist, Donald Trump. They all have to or they lose support from their party. The GOP is so weak that a chronic liar, morally bankrupt, multiple business bankruptcy failures King has defeated 17 of what was left of their party. He didn’t win because he was the strongest or the best or the brightest. He won because the GOP has systematically run off anyone that was not more extreme, more committed to ignorance, more willing to attack people who are different in any way so that no one would notice they have the poorest record of any congress in history.

Our bridges are falling down, road and infrastructure (sewer lines, water lines, electrical grid) is crumbling; and they decide we should all be afraid of transgenders in our public bathrooms.

Here’s a clue: Transgenders have been in our public bathrooms for almost 50 years and there has never been an incident where one has attacked anyone. But they pass laws at State Levels and try to pass them at Federal Levels to make sure that people who have never been a public risk are demonized for having to pee.

Who needs bridges? Safe Roads? Safe drinking water? Apparently, not us.

Zika is a threat to hundreds of thousands of babies this summer alone, and they refuse to hold a vote to authorize funds to fight it and protect those unborn babies they all want to be forced to term. Ebola was a national panic for the GOP and it affected fewer than 4 people and only one died. Zika will affect hundreds of thousands of babies with life-long disabilities, which means we will have to spend even more money to care for them, provide for their needs… or just throw them out into the street as if their lives are nothing.

Yet the GOP has voted more than 60 times to take away the Affordable Care Act which has, for the first time, lowered the uninsured rate in our nation to the lowest it has ever been, down from the all-time high of over 45 Million people.

They want to take away your protection from Insurance gouging, and call it FREEDOM!

Yeah, that’s how Trump won his primary: They had done only damage to the country and have no ideas on how to fix any of it. Neither does he, but he bellows better than they do and that was key to his rise. That and all the media following him around reporting every word without once pushing back on even the most outrageous of his lies. Do tell me about the “Liberal Media” I could use a laugh.

So, Melon Head is safe, for now. But she wants everyone to forget how she enabled these abusers and predators for years. She knows that the dam is about to break and more and more stories of horrors are going to flood out there and people are going to want to know who could have done something and why didn’t they.

There are questions she doesn’t want to be asked because she is on the record denying the problem existed or saying that fixing it was as simple as investing in cultural programs.

Her legacy is crap. It’s already starting to stink. No matter how much she waves her hands or how fierce she raises her voice, the smell will stick to her.

The horrors in Indian Country are not new. Thomas Sullivan tried for decades to get them dealt with as both a criminal issue and by defining the needs and concerns that would have to be dealt with to begin the healing.

Heidi has no clue about the healing. She has no clue about how to stop or even begin to stop the crimes against children because she doesn’t give a crap about the kids.

She’s uncomfortable right now because she’s got a lot of connections to Big Oil and other businesses that flourish in her state, and which have turned a blind eye to the abuses: Drugs, Human Trafficking, Child Trafficking, because it was more cost effective to allow the corruption than to stop it.

None of these horrors are new. None of them were unknowns. They were ignored. They were allowed. The predators were protected because of their connections to people in power. It’s been the shadow economy and too many, high and low, have profited from it.

Sadly, too many, high and low, have lost their jobs, their health and their lives for trying to go against the current of corruption.

And in the shadows, there are screams from children and there is silence on the part of those who should have protected them but who personally profited or benefited from allowing it to happen.

Maybe, as long as Heidi poses as the angry one, she’ll never be questioned, never be investigated. Now, for now, she’s safe.

Message To Kevin Cramer

We need you to keep your seat for a number of reasons. One is that you are the only politician I have seen who has actively stood up for the children and tried to do something. The second reason is that the Democratic Party is not as forgiving as the GOP on scoundrels or scandals. We consider them an embarrassment and we boot them out of the party (would love to see Heitkamp drummed out for her part in all this, but one step at a time), and Chase Iron Eyes already has scandal, infidelity and naked selfies out there and after Anthony Wiener, I just don’t want another dick broadcasting out there, no matter how small.

I want you to reconsider your position on Transgender Youth and what they are going through. I know it is the popular thing to pick a subset of a group and demonize them so that voters will ‘unite against a common enemy’, but I think you are better than that.

These kids are not ‘confused’ and they are not changing their minds from day-to-day as to what their gender is. They are profoundly aware of who and what they are and the torment of being locked in a body that goes counter to all that drives many to suicide. They know from a very young age, as young as two or three that they are in the wrong body.

It’s a real thing. Talk to some medical professionals who can give you the science on this and the medical reasoning behind it. I think you are a compassionate man and that if you knew how this pointless targeting and demonizing of transgender youth was, and how damaging it was to them, their families and their futures, you wouldn’t say the things you’ve said.

I know there is a party line that you are not supposed to cross, and right now the demonizing of these kids is the party’s deflection from massive failures to accomplish anything in congress despite their gerrymandering and voter suppression tactics that insure they will retain majority for a long time.

You know the ACA has helped millions of people and your party has failed to vote on important issues such as funding relief for Flint Michigan so that the leaded water problem can be resolved, refused to fund the fight against Zika, has cut funding for children, schools, veterans and worse… but has found the time to vote more than 60 times to take away ACA.

The demonizing of transgender men, women, boys and girls is a tragic, pathetic and cynical ploy to try and keep people fearful of people around them so that we can’t come together to resolve the important and necessary issues of our time.

It sickens me to know that you hold views that support such an ignorant, mean-spirited attack on people who have hurt no one but who themselves are in great pain.

I will continue to support you in this election because your opponent is a scoundrel who has worked to make Indian Children less able to be protected and called it ‘Culture’. Because your opponent is a liar and a cheat.

But I beg you to get some real learning on this one issue. Don’t just parrot the party line on this. It’s too important. And it is a distraction from bigger issues.

Bigger issues like investigating the crimes against children. We need people to unite together to do that. It’s that big. It’s that important. We don’t want to divide people by demonizing people for who they are when they have hurt no one. We want to collectively go as a force against the greatest and most real evil out there.

We need you in that fight. We need you on our side. We need to to acknowledge the difference between people who are different and people who are criminals and corrupt.

Kevin, I am asking you to fight the bigger fight. To stop picking on those who are already being victimized.

Don’t make it any harder for me or anyone else to support you.

You know where to find me.


PS: Apparently another child was run over on the St. Michael’s Road. The driver then fled the scene but everyone saw him, knew who he was. It takes a special kind of coward to run over and kill a child and then run away.


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May 19, 2016
The Truth Never Changes  ---
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Truth is the Rock that Fools break themselves upon. They fling themselves, again and again, trying to break it, to shape it into something less, something more like themselves. In the End, all they can do is reveal themselves. The Truth never changes.

The Truth is this: Children are being abused, raped, trafficked, sold, traded and it’s being covered up by the Department of Justice at the highest levels and at the lowest levels.

What we have been reporting on in Spirit Lake Nation is happening throughout Indian Country and more and more, the same network that protects predators, whether it be for political gain or financial, the same system that has been hurting children, crippling the communities in Indian Country, are reaching far beyond Indian Country into the communities of every town, city, village, big or small, throughout the land.

The 13 Mandated Reports were made and they revealed and documented horrific child abuse that was ongoing. Abuse where known child abusers, predators were given unlimited access to infants, toddlers, young teens.

That was the Truth. They tried to cover it up. Timothy Purdon, then USAG in North Dakota revealed himself when he lied to reporters that all the reports had been thoroughly investigated and found to be ‘false’.

Everyone involved with those reports knew they had not been investigated because not a single witness or reporter or victim had been interviewed. Within a few weeks of Purdon issuing that statement, a toddler, a few weeks shy of her third birthday, was brutally killed at the hands of her grandmother, while living in a house where a serial rapist, registered sex offender lived with the family.

That child was one of the children in the report. She and her twin sister had been removed from their protective Foster Care family only a couple of months earlier. They had been placed in Foster Care because of the clear and present danger their home environment presented, and because of their neglect and abuse, had been hospitalized for weeks.

The Foster Family grieved her death and her broken body was placed in a tiny casket while two tribes argued over who could get the funeral money for her (The family that murdered her got the cash), and no one paid for the funeral. The little gown she was laid to rest in was donated by the funeral home. Not a single family member showed up for the funeral, despite all of them getting their ‘funeral money’.

This didn’t faze Purdon in the least. Nor did it compel him or any of the other agencies to begin actual investigations into the 13 Mandated Reports. They just kept trying to say the Truth was something completely different, and every time they did, they revealed themselves more and more.

More children in that report were hurt. Reports of rape by a then 13 yr old girl by a 38 yr old man were treated as ‘consensual’ and she was taken away and put in detention, while he shrugged it off. Purdon’s statement at the time about “There’s always two sides to a rape story,” revealed that under that expensive suit and pressed shirt lived a slimy, sweaty monster who refused to even investigate provable, profound cases of rape and abuse.

Presently, a teenage girl who has been forced to live with a serial sex offender (the same registered sex offender that lived in the house where the toddler was brutally murdered) was told when she reported being raped that the BIA would maybe investigate it after the holidays (This was October, two years ago). It still has not been investigated, and she has nowhere to turn. If the FBI and the DOJ and the BIA ignore the reports of rape, and reporting it just gets you more abuse, you stop trying after awhile.

What is happening to her is because Timothy Purdon, as USAG, refused to investigate her rapes, despite the efforts of counselors, and despite the efforts of Thomas Sullivan who was then Director of ACF Div 8.

Thomas Sullivan and his reports, his refusing to be silent, finally got him fired this year. He was one of the highest credentialed, most degreed people ever to work for the ACF, which by the way, is headed by a woman who has only political connections, and absolutely no credentials in Social Work, Child Development or anything else you would think would be a minimum requirement for a job that high up that manages a budget of over $82 BILLION Dollars a year.

$82 Billion a year can buy you a lot of power in politics and in business. It can garner you some very powerful friends. The only problem with that set up is that is is fragile. Very, very fragile. There’s a lot of moving pieces that have to be kept in place and kept out of the prying eyes of the public and away from investigations.


It would be simple if it were all only in those high places, behind those opaque walls, but it isn’t. It’s built upon a foundation of sleaze and slime. Those sleaze and that slime, they need to be kept safe also. If they get arrested or investigated, they are weak and they will roll over, and over and over again on those higher up.

That’s why it’s important that when there is a huge child porn bust, such as Steven Bruce Cartier caught with the largest cache of Child rape images and videos on the planet, at that time, the USAG’s office at the time (Purdon’s Predecessor) stopped the investigation at him. They looked no further despite it being impossible he could have gotten all those images himself, and despite the fact that he worked on the rez with six level 3 registered sex offenders.

That investigation had to stop at him. Whatever he said or would reveal about anyone else had to be silenced. And it was. That was 2007. Did you ever wonder? Now, looking at it in the rear view mirror, don’t you think it’s obvious?

As long as it was confined to Indian Country, they could keep it quiet. If they had investigated, they would have found connections to other communities, other tribes, other states and other countries. That would cause that gelatinous base they’ve built their tower of power on, to shift and shake and maybe fall down.

You’ll never hear from Steven Bruce Cartier again. No one will ever speak to him. They have that domino locked securely away.

Politics is Fragile
Wiener Mobile Crashes & Burns

Ahhh! Yes, tis the season! You know I am a die-hard Democrat right? You’d think that I’d put all my faith in the Democratic Party to be the one of virtue and campaign for only Democrats to be seated. But in North Dakota, no. I’ll explain.

I’m kind of an idealist. I’m pragmatic in that I know there has to be compromise to get progress, so clearly I am not a purist. But I have standards. Most of the sex scandals have been on the GOP side. When they happen on the GOP side, they tend to be forgiven. Such as Vitter being a client of the DC Madam, and having a dirty diaper fetish (it was gross), but he was protected by GOP power elites (every vote counts) and even managed to be re-elected to congress despite the revelations.

One that is very, very memorable on the Democratic Party Side of the Aisle was that loudmouth firebrand Anthony Wiener of New York. Quickly he rose to prominence and even married into a very politically well-connected family. While his wife was pregnant with their first child, he was sending pictures of his junk to other women, and even got them posted on Twitter.

He denied and denied, but the truth came out. Props to the Democratic House Leader at the time, Nancy Pelosi for tolerating none of it and along with other party elites, pushed him into resigning before the week was out. We are less tolerant of perverts and deviants on our side of the aisle. I’ll give us that much. He was a full on disgrace.

He tried to make a comeback, but failed miserably. I believe that had he been a Republican he would have been protected and re-elected in the same way that Vitter was.

One thing the Democratic Party cannot afford is another Anthony Wiener scandal, or any wiener scandal at all.

So imagine my surprise when I learned that not only was Chase Iron Eyes going to run for the Congressional Seat currently held by Kevin Cramer (The ONLY politician from North Dakota to do ANYTHING to protect the children and demand investigations), but that he, despite the open secret of his having affairs and texting nude selfies (face included. Got to have that ‘look’, y’know) to current and ex-girlfriends (clean out your contacts folder, that won’t happen so often).

Like Anthony Wiener, he is a married man and he has children. He’s just a little drunk on fame and power as was one of his many paramours, Tribal Court Judge Ruth Hopkins, whose marriage took a crap because of her affair with Chase Iron Eyes.

Imagine even more surprise when I learned that he was running as a DEMOCRAT! And that Heidi Heitkamp was firmly supporting him.

Ew, that last sentence sounds filthy for some reason, doesn’t it?

It’s as if Heitkamp doesn’t care if the Democratic Party, currently in the minority, takes another kick in the morals by her bringing in such a flawed candidate.

And you thought his criminal past was going to be the problem? His nude selfies are everywhere. But that’s the one she picked out of the litter to be her pet.

He’s very involved in the writing of the laws that will make it impossible and illegal to investigate child rape, child abuse, child trafficking on the rez or anywhere in the country if any tribe anywhere, claims that child as having Native Blood, with or without documentation. Yeah, it’s a real law and they are pushing it and Heitkamp is pushing it and that’s why she’s in bed with (Politically speaking) (I hope) someone as creepy as Chase Iron Eyes.

If I were North Dakota, I’d get out and vote no matter what, for Kevin Cramer. I’d also vote against Heitkamp. If she’s willing to promote a known philanderer as a quality candidate, Junk Selfies and all, what else is she tangled up in?

And don’t tell me she didn’t know. She would have to claim profound stupidity at this point, and make it so believable you wouldn’t be able to vote for her on that alone.

You Tube

She’s made a video now, of her testifying in Congress for funding for a program to help Indian Children. She talks about how she’s been studying this since she was the Attorney General for North Dakota. She lists the ailments of these kids as ‘depression, and low graduation rates, high suicide’ but she leaves out the violence and the sexual assaults as causes that need to be addressed.

I found it almost startling that in her opening statement she mentions how complex these problems are and how she wants to have real professionals get in there and start making fixes… funny because when a real professional, Thomas Sullivan, tried to get her to listen, she refused.

She literally refused all the information he had for her and refused to meet with him. She also refused to meet with Social Workers and others working in Social Services but suddenly she wants us to believe she’s the champion of these poor suffering Indian Children.

Her statement, along with her well-rehearsed facial expressions of concern when added up in total are a very emotional nothing burger. There’s no excuse for her continuing after all these decades, to pretend rampant child abuse, violence and child trafficking/trading/swapping for drugs or cash is not itself at the very heart of what ails Indian Country and every community therein.

She wants us to focus on those tribes that have ‘done it right’. The shining successes. She doesn’t want us looking at Child abuse on any reservation, and especially not on the reservations she’s calling ‘successes’.

You stop child abuse by arresting the abusers. You stop child abuse by investigating the reports of child abuse. Not by protecting the predators, harassing the whistleblowers and ignoring the reports. It should be obvious, no?

Her idea of professionals? Casey Family Programs. The ones declared by Harvard Proffessor Elizabeth Bartholet as running a scam, a sham and that their program policies were at the root of Social Services failures to protect children all across the land!

Well, them and of course, Chase Iron Eyes.

Back to His Tube

By the way, the naked selfies he sent out were really nothing to brag about. I’d post them but I’d have to put a dot on them and that dot itself would be misleading. Know what I mean?

Pro Tip: If you’re a married man, with children and you’re having an affair (or two or three or more) don’t send out naked selfies. And especially don’t send out naked selfies where someone has to Look Twice to see that yes, yes you were naked and there it is, that little tiny thing… that’s it! Gonna have to call him “Looks Twice” now, except that’s actually a respected name. Maybe Looks Tiny? I dunno. It’s been ages since I’ve given out any Indian names.

Maybe he should try to hide for awhile. Him and Heidi should try to hide for awhile. The Democratic Party really doesn’t need this kind of shit again. Wiener was a surprise and disappointment. Looks Tiny is a known scandal waiting to take a seat and embarrass the whole party—again.

Back To That Rock They Keep Trying to Break

Meanwhile, despite all the best efforts of those who have so much to hide, the horrors of what is happening to these kids while Heitkamp and the ACF, BIA and the rest of them pretend they don’t know, is being revealed as people come forward and tell their stories and lawsuits are being filed.

You will find the following two stories very compelling.

FOX NEWS ran a story. Interesting that those trying to protect the abusers are employing the deflection tactics and screaming victim of racism when in fact, the only reason they have been able to allow the crimes against Indian Children to continue and escalate is by declaring Indian Children as “other than” full citizens by virtue of their race. Using Race to systematically, legally deny Human Beings their rights and protections under the law, is the very definition of racism.


Thompson Reuters Foundation News Gets more directly to the heart of why child abuse, trafficking, rape is so prevalent. There’s big money in it. It goes on and along with the Oil Fields where crimes are protected by the turning of a blind-eye because… well, money is more powerful than basic Human Morals in most cases.

And it’s that way because the system has been in place for so long, and is so well established, and entrenched that if someone was to report it, to whom would they report it? Who ISN’T involved?

We know that by the time it gets to the USAG’s office, well, we’ve seen what happens there enough to know by now, haven’t we?

The Truth is being revealed. The more they try to hide it, the more they try to pretend it’s not there, the more they fling themselves against it the more they are revealed.

Not everyone is as self-revealing as Chase Iron Eyes, mind you… but they are by what they do, what they say and who they harass and who they fire when they try to hide behind more and more lies, that Rock of Truth does not change. It just gets more and more revealed.

It’s election season. Get involved. Vote for the person who has proven their character. Get those who have made this worse and lied to you OUT of Office. They’re hurting the children. They’re protecting the predators and they are using hundreds of Billions or our Tax Dollars to do it.

You know where to find me



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May 16, 2016
Thank You
----Printer Version (4)

Sometimes I think I have to remember all the good that is happening because of the good work being done by some of the bravest people I know of. They’re in there, risking careers, their lives and everything that makes them secure in this world--- and none of them has to. They do it for the love of Human Beings and because of what is inside them that drives them.

I think it is the same thing that drives perfect strangers to risk their own lives to jump into the raging waters to save people being swept away in floods, or pull someone out of a burning car, or to intercede when there’s violence against a victim.

There is so much good in Human Beings and I see it everyday, and in so many ways and I just have to stop and remember.

Everyone who has been giving me information about crimes and corruption on the rez or in other governments, and those who just share stories of people they know, whether it be joy or sorrow, anger or grief, Thank YOU!

And those of you who have made donations to Robin’s House on the GoFundme Page and in person… Thank you!

You see there is only a little over a thousand dollars in that fund. That doesn’t look like a lot, but I know the source of some of those funds and it’s the world. And every dollar makes a difference. Every.Single. Dollar.

And there are those who donated Toys, or clothes or diapers or food or furniture and yes, even AIR MILES! You have no idea how much your donation mattered and made a difference and how timely it was. You have no idea! So Thank YOU!

Thank you for restoring my faith in my fellow man, daily. I could not do this for the past 20 years if not for you, and who and what you are; your strengths, your caring, your humanity and your willingness to share and to care.

Not Over 

The process continues. We remain in it. We remain committed to it. It was outrageous that Marrianne McMullen got to play investigator and judge and jury in ruling against Thomas Sullivan, terminating his employment with ACF after 28+ years. It is clear to all that she was retaliating because he is a whistleblower and his reports were illegally interfered with by her personally, and by those under her supervision who followed her orders and her lead to silence Thomas Sullivan.

Her agency along with her partners in other agencies worked tirelessly to bury the 13 Mandated Reports and prevent them from ever being investigated because the corruption pointed straight to the political string holders that make everything in politics and government happen.

The other thing they did to Thomas Sullivan was to smear his reputation in order to make themselves more immune from scrutiny. But scrutiny will continue. I fully expect the heat upon that agency and all the other agencies, will increase, rather than decrease because of these actions taken by McMullen and her minions.

The ever evolving scandal in Great Britain and their hundreds of thousands of children who were abused, raped, even murdered while their government agencies and affiliated law enforcement, charities and churches all conspired to silence their whistle blowers, did not go away with careers ruined or ended, reputations battered and besmirched. It grew and it grew, and it festered and finally when it did burst, because they always do burst, it’s stinking up every agency, every police force, the media, the churches and the charities who all conspired to keep it silenced.

Families are living with those fallen from Grace, and their names spat at the feet of their children and grandchildren where once Pillars of political Power once played among the gods.

It burst because it was evil. Everyone in it was evil. Everyone knew that everyone who conspired with them was weak, selfish and could not be trusted, but had to be trusted, and sure enough… once the dominoes started to fall, and the trails back to every chamber of government began to rattle… the Truth was being told, and told and told… and it was being heard and seen, and believed.

A conspiracy of the nature we are dealing with here, Stateside, is not so different.

A cadre of creeps wallowing in their perversions relying on people as creepy or creepier than they are, to protect them and keep the truth from being told. The Truth when it is told will shake the foundations in the Houses of the Holy, and the snakes, when they escape, will do everything in their power to save themselves.

You can string together all the stories of kiddie porn busts; teachers, CIA, FBI, Military Top Brass, Churches, police chiefs, and think they are all separate, unconnected incidents.

Or you can start to see a pattern forming of who knew, when they knew and why in each of these cases, where we absolutely know these individuals did not operate alone, the investigations stopped with them and went no further.

Someone has to stop the investigations from going further. Someone has to stop the dominoes from falling. Someone has to have a lot of political clout, connections and a lot to lose, a lot to protect in order to be able to do that.

A theft ring does not operate alone. Drug rings and cartels do not operate alone. Human Traffickers do not operate alone. They all have protection from higher up. The more lucrative the operation, the higher up and the more powerful the connections.

There is no operation more lucrative than Human Trafficking and within that is a subset that is the most lucrative of all: The selling of children.

When you have someone in Marrianne McMullen’s position working to prevent reports from being investigated, you have a sense of how high up this goes and how deep into those dark chambers where the real power is wielded, this all goes.

Just like in Great Britain and their scandal, those here who do the work of silencing the reporters, of smearing the reputations of those who work to reveal the problems and get them remedied, then you can see that they reveal themselves by what they do to stop us from knowing what is going on and who is doing it.

You may think that Spirit Lake is just a single situation of very bad luck, bad government, but step back from that map – zoom out and look at the whole map and you will see a network is revealed because there is no reason for the ACF and every other agency to attack a man who is revealing only what happens on one reservation unless it is provable and it will lead to every other reservation and beyond to every agency that deals with children.

If it was only Spirit Lake, the problem would have been easier to resolve than to cover up, but they chose to cover it up. They chose at the top of every agency, including the DOJ, to cover it up. That tells you how widespread, and gives you an idea how deep this runs.

What’s going on here, Stateside, will make what happened and what is being revealed in Great Britain look like a day at the beach. I guarantee it.

Zoom out from that map a little more and spin that globe. Now you can get an idea of how far it reaches. Not only into every community here, but everywhere where a child can be snatched, stolen, sold and resold.


And in this snake pit, sometimes right in the heart of it, are people unsung, names unknown, who are working, risking their lives, putting their families at risk, to expose the evil that surrounds them. You may never know their names. They’re not doing this for fame or fortune. They’re doing it because in them is that spark of goodness, of decency and of compassion. They’re doing it because they can’t become a part of it.

They’re doing it because they are like you. If it was you, and you were there, you too, would do everything you could, small or large, to bring the light and keep the snakes from taking one more child into that abyss.

Each of us does what we can. Each of us is a messenger, a warrior, a helper or a healer. In all of us, I’m talking to those reading this right now, is the spark of a messenger, a healer, a helper and a warrior. What each of us does, adds to what all the others are doing.

You may think your part is too small to count, that your contribution is too minor to make a difference, but every act of courage or kindness, compassion or generosity, adds to the light, and brings together more sparks and brighter lights.

We are all in this together. You and I, all of us.

We are all connected. And those who feed on the darkness, they fear us. They fear our even knowing who they are or what they are doing and what they have done. They fear us and it shows.

Every spark makes them wince. Every donation to the cause makes them just a little more uncomfortable and feel a little less secure because it means People Care.

They want you not to care. They want you to be so distracted and absorbed by your own struggles that you never even notice what they are doing and that you never notice those who have great courage in opposing them, revealing them and standing up to them.

It’s overwhelming sometimes. I look at what’s ahead and I cannot see an end. But I look at the past and I see so much has happened, so many more are involved. I am reenergized. I see sparks. I see Humanity. I see what is good and decent and I see that is what connects more of us than them. More and more of us. Every day. Every dollar, every toy, every air mile contribution just adds to that.

There are people in the belly of this beast that we owe everything to. Send your prayers or whatever in your life you believe in that connects us to one another on a greater plain, to those amazing, courageous people. Count yourself, on any small act of kindness and decency, among us.

We are all related.

You know where to find me.




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May 9, 2016
Tom Sullivan Is Fired  ---
Printer Version

Marrianne McMullen, unable to force Tom Sullivan to resign despite the past few years of non-stop harassment and retaliation, has taken the final step in terminating his employment. I have attached the letter she sent to him and will also link it on his page. And in Here

What this means is that they have slandered him, libeled him and smeared him and now he has no choice except to clear his name and his reputation in the field.

Marrianne McMullen, I remind you, has absolutely no credentials in the field except that she was once Foster Mother. No education, no certifications, and she is the judge and jury that directed the harassment and retaliation against Sullivan and now, with no proof that he has done anything wrong, literally no proof except that which she herself has contrived, she has terminated him.


Just like the escalating scandal in Great Britain that is widening in scope, depth and breadth every month as new revelations regarding who in government and law enforcement were aware of the rampant child abuse and not only did nothing to stop it, but harassed, intimidated and retaliated against victims and those who reported the abuse; and just as in Great Britain there were so called charities and religious organizations involved in the abuse, rape, murder and trafficking of children, people who stood up were fired in similar fashion by their administrators just as Tom Sullivan is now terminated by McMullen.

Just like those scandals, most of which did not break until the key lynchpin, Jimmy Savile, a prominent, popular celebrity who was well-connected to every level of government, every charity that supposedly was there to benefit children but which it turned out was there to collect huge sums of donations and government funding while subjecting children to the perversions of Savile, his cronies and their pals high up in government, right up to Buckingham Palace, so we have a webwork of scam charities and government agencies all invested in NOT disclosing or allowing to be disclosed, their utter failure to protect children by the tens of thousands.

Indeed, not until the Refugee Children scandal broke last month did anyone realize how many children were ‘disappeared without records’ into the hands of slavers, pedophile rings and worse, by the 10’s of thousands, all of which were supposed to be protected and documented and followed up by the ACF (McMullen and her crew) but which, because they have worked at protecting the exact same system as that in Great Britain and for the exact same reasons, ACF of course failed to protect those children and tens of thousands more.

They could have had this all under control by the time the refugee children had arrived had they but heeded Thomas Sullivan’s disclosures and whistleblowing years earlier, and made corrections which would have protected American kids from the ongoing abuses and neglect by the system, and that would have guaranteed that these massive ‘failures’ by ACF in the case of Refugee Children never would have occurred.

But instead of addressing clear and evidenced, well documented Mandated Reports issued by Thomas Sullivan, they immediately embarked on a mission to silence him.  Guess what McMullen sees as the 'real problem'?

Yeah, that fixed it.

As shocking as it is to have thousands of kids go missing from the unaccompanied minors demographic (as detailed in the February 15, 2016 Blog posting), realize that it happened that way because it was absolutely set up to happen that way and Thomas Sullivan’s efforts to rectify the utter failures within the ACF were met with heavy handed retaliation against him rather than any kind of remedial action or plan on the part of ACF honchos.

There’s more than $80 Billion that goes through McMullen’s agency every year. How much of that goes into those dark places where political influence can be bought with the suffering of children? I’d like to know, but I’m sure I’ll be sickened when I find out.

Note: Some of the newspaper articles linked in blog postings that are more than 30 days old can either become dead links or due to the linked publication changing their postings, other articles entirely. Let me know if you need any articles that are defunct links and I will send you printer copies.

The Scandal in Great Britain over the Jimmy Savile pedophile ring is not that it existed, but that it was not the only one and that so many people charged with the care and protection of children by agency or charity, were themselves involved in directly participating and procuring the children to satisfy the ugliest of perversions known to Human Beings, or they were directly involved in covering up the crimes against children.

It’s being exposed more and more over there. And the ACF scandal over here, and everyone involved (decades of involvement) along the same lines is also slowly coming to light.

It is as if what went on there followed a pattern that was copied over here, in the States. One echoes the other.

Penn State Not Over

Even as we were horrified by Jerry Sandusky’s raping of little boys, the government that prosecuted him tried to convince us that no one else was involved. Now comes the revelation that several of the coaching staff had personally witnessed children being raped and had done nothing to stop it or report it. Penn State brought in millions of dollars from their football sports department. They had tremendous political influence. They still do.

The story became that only one coaching staff was aware of the rape of one child. That was false. Also, that Joe Paterno had been kept in the dark about all this evil. He was not.

Penn State’s Insurance settled a case from 1976 where Joe Paterno was named as knowing about the rape of one or more little boys and he kept it quiet.

So, Coaching Staff, several not just one. And those involved with that charity, the Second Mile, and Joe Paterno… it just keeps peeling, like an onion.

The stories get buried in back pages so that those who are close to the power and influence of major College Sports, especially politicians, don’t risk anyone looking too closely and connecting the dots.

Ray Gricar was a USAG investigating those abuses and he disappeared and was never found. His boss, Tom Corbett immediately put out the scenario that Gricar was a weird person, possibly meeting someone for a homosexual rendezvous that went badly… why would he do that?

Corbett then became Governor of Pennsylvania with the help of ---- Penn State Big Name Influencers such as Sandusky and Paterno. Whatever you do, don’t look too closely and don’t connect the dots, especially if you work in any government agency, you might get harassed, retaliated against and fired.

Or, you too, might disappear, and your reputation be smeared so that no one looks for you.

I guess Tom Sullivan being fired, his reputation smeared is all that can be done to him for now, but that’s because too many of us are watching, and reporting.

All this because he dared to issue 13 Mandated reports on the corruption and child abuse on Spirit Lake Reservation. Twenty-Eight Years of hi caliber service to the agency, possibly the most qualified in the entire agency, silenced by a woman who has a lot of political clout (which is how despite her lack of qualifications she was able to get the position that she has) and because of her, thousands of children, nay, tens of thousands of children, are unaccounted for, and many reports come in of them being handed over to known child traffickers.

Instead of dealing with that problem, she puts all her effort into retaliating against Sullivan for daring to speak up. Or as she puts it: Not being sufficiently respectful of those whom she had convened a meeting to praise. Go figure.

By the way, those three remaining escapees, anyone even looking for them?

You know where to find me.


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 May 2, 2016
Hush Hush! Bang! Bang! --- Printer Version  (5)

Around April 10th or so, there was an attempted murder at the Housing Office. Scott Jetty was required to take a piss test, so he brought in a nice clean sample. But for some reason, either because he didn’t also bring the extra $50 or because Chuck Trotter was not doing the drug testing, one or both, he was told ‘No, you take the test here. Now.’

Of course he was not going to pass the piss test and he knew it. Jerry Robertson stood firm on how the test was to be done. A fight broke out and Scott beat up Jerry, kicking him when he was down and then left.

He came back with a deer rifle and started shooting. That emptied the building.

It’s been near impossible to get proper information on this because Myra, aka NLO, put a lid on it for some reason. No news reports, nothing. So all I’ve been able to get was bits and pieces.

Everyone scattered and ran for their cars to get out of there while Scott was shooting... apparently a bad shot, and we can be grateful for that. Jerry Robertson was not able to get away on his own for some reason and was seen holding onto the hood of a car as it went down the road.

But for some reason, all this had to be kept vewy, vewy quiet. *Wabbits*


Looks like the Tribal Police made a traffic stop at around 3 AM for some reason, just the other night, and the car had to be towed in. Cliff Reeves does the towing for the tribe so he hooked it up and away they went.

Turns out, there was an infant in the car that no one saw. I guess the driver didn’t think to remark on it and I doubt, being on the rez, there was a carrier seat for the baby.

It wasn’t discovered until the next morning when Cliff’s son went out to unhook the car and saw a tiny hand. Let’s all be grateful that it wasn’t one of those cold winter’s nights, or a super hot night, or the baby didn’t somehow choke to death!

Did anyone report that child as missing that night? Apparently not. Or if they did, Tribal Police were not interested.

Dodged the bullet on that one.

(Let me know if that In-Forum Link doesn’t work for you. I snagged it off my twitter timeline.)

Loose Ends

Anyone know if those escapees were ever found? Or are half or more of them still on the loose? Who at the Tribal Jail gave them a hand in that escape? Anyone care?

Old & Young Impacted

Something that’s a little trickier to follow because it’s designed both to deceive and to remain hidden is the UPS-Casey Family Programs scandal.

UPS is owned by the Casey Family. They make billions of dollars and they are the creators and chief benefactors AND top beneficiaries of Casey Family Programs. CFP has been investigated by a Harvard Professor and found to be a scam, a mega billion dollar scam upon both government: UPS gets sky high tax breaks for donating to their own CFP program, and CFP in turn gets hundreds of millions of dollars every year from Government Grants, and they invest most of the funds they get back into UPS (Tax Free) as ‘revenue investment’.

Their program, Casey Family Programs, is run by people whose goal is to keep children with their abusers, demonizing Foster Parents who try to protect children from returning to abusive environments. They are the ones driving the ICWA/NICWA plan that gives tribal courts, renown for their corruption, all say over EVERY CHILD in the country that is in care, while making it illegal to investigate any and all reports of child abuse and child rape that occurs to those children while under the rule of Tribes.

Children are in care not because mean old Fosters want to rob them of their culture, they are in care because they were neglected to the point of hospitalization or they were raped by family members and need recovery.

The whole ICWA/NICWA scheme is painted as ‘Bringing Our Children Home’ regardless of how little connection to any tribe by any documentation or blood quantum, and solely at the discretion of the tribe pursuing them. They just don’t want any children over the age of 12 to be ‘reunited’ with their ‘tribes’ or ‘brought home’ for some reason. Think about that.

CFP has incestuously traded personnel and staff with every agency involved. BIA, HHS, IHS, BIA, ACF, etc… and they make sure they are right next to top politicians at every level.

Ok, that little ‘refresher’ on CFP and reminder about UPS was because of a recent article regarding a ruling (May 7th) that will directly affect UPS.


“During its Q1 earnings call, UPS told investors that if Treasury approves the CSPF plan to cut benefits, the company would have to take a charge of approximately $3.2 to $3.8 billion. As part of a collective bargaining agreement with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters when UPS withdrew from the fund in 2007, the company agreed to provide supplemental benefits to any remaining members in the event that certain benefits were lawfully reduced”

UPS was allowed to withdraw from the Union Pension plan covering existing pensioners back in 2007 by some legal bargaining and wrangling that somehow laid the pension obligations onto some vehicle called Central States Pension Fund, which now sees looming insolvency and is looking to cut benefits which will leave UPS with the obligation they never thought would come back to haunt them, where they had agreed to top up the pensions if the Pension Fund were ever allowed to legally cut benefits.

That’s going to impact UPS to the tune of $3.5 Billion (not sure over how long a period of time).

They will have to make up that money from other revenue streams and my guess is that they will further drain funds from the alphabet soup agencies listed earlier, leaving even less funds for local and State agencies to even attempt to protect children in their jurisdictions.

That’s perfect for CFP. They can screw retirees, take funds away from local and State agencies thus crippling their ability to fight the insanity of ICWA/NICWA, and claim the money they are spending because of it is a write-off.

Read Harvard Professor Elizabeth Bartholet’s explosive essay on Casey Family Programs (and all programs based on the same model)

Buckle Up

As we have seen with the ever growing scandal in South Dakota, the GEAR UP debacle, all money, whether it’s a few hundred thousand or millions of dollars, in government grants to Indian Country are never followed up by any agency to check for corruption, thus leading to corruption of most of the people connected to those projects, including in South Dakota, School Board Members, Top State agency heads, many of whom are now, only NOW being investigated for obvious conflicts of interest and obscene pay scales for little or no work, while the students that the program was supposed to be ‘helping’ saw no help at all.

Also coming out of South Dakota is Chase Iron Eyes, running as a Democrat trying to unseat Kevin Cramer, a Republican.

Want to guess what project he was working on with Ruth Hopkins, the woman he had an affair with (which he denies but she has proven by posting their texts and the naked selfies he sent to her of himself in the locker room)?

He’s pushing the ICWA/NICWA roll out. Yes, that’s the project that brought them together. If I’m wrong, tell me. I’d like to know which project you both have in common that blew up Hopkins’ marriage, and she’s been pushing this NICWA for over a year now.

So Chase is from South Dakota, has a felony conviction which he did not disclose, has an affair which he continues to lie about, and he wants to unseat Kevin Cramer who is the ONLY politician I have seen that is working to PROTECT The children and prevent them from being returned to their rapists, and to those who have neglected them.

Guess who I am supporting, again, this election? Yeah. I know. I’m a die-hard Democrat but I will not under any circumstances stand idly by and watch these slick, well-funded friends of Casey Family Programs groups undo what little progress has been made, nor make it so that the children have to be returned, which has proved fatal to many of the children already.

We’ll never know how many children are being raped and abused or who are tortured and killed once they are returned to their abusers because CFP, like GEAR UP, is not required to keep any statistics on anything negative—like dead babies, raped children, etc.

Chase Iron Eyes is very convincing. He’ll speak with that noble Indian tone in his voice and talk about his culture, and about the wrongs of the past when children were stolen from their families and forced into boarding schools to ‘kill the Indian but save the child’ … and the stories are horrific and true and brutal beyond anything anyone will ever fully comprehend.

And that is what destroyed much of the family and community structure in tribes. Seven Generations or more of Boarding schools is a stain and a shame on both government and on the churches that profited from it all.

We need to teach True History to our children and grow our society into one that recognizes and makes amends for such horrors, but we cannot make amends by subjecting tiny children to a system that forbids them from being heard when they disclose abuse, rape or which allows them to be trafficked and sold with no way to trace them and for it to be illegal for any individual or agency to investigate their abuses.

CFP is really pushing for Chase Iron Eyes to be the one to take Cramer’s seat. I urge everyone in North Dakota to vote for Kevin Cramer and to support his candidacy and keep him in place.

As much as I want Dems to take over the Senate and The House, I urge North Dakota to vote for Kevin Cramer and if Heidi Heitkamp is running again, throw her ass out. If another Dem is not going to primary her, then vote in a Republican that Cramer will support. I trust him.

I will differ with him on practically every issue, but these kids don’t’ get a second chance or a next election. Their lives and what becomes of them directly affects each of us as they are, by definition, the future.

Do you want the future to be one where the most damaged continue to do more damage? Or one where those who are able to heal and recover, can function and create safer communities for all of us?

That’s how I see this election.

Sometimes you can dodge a bullet. Sometimes you gotta prevent evil from being able to aim a gun at you to begin with.

Your vote is possibly the one thing you can do that will have the most impact on what happens to those children. Your vote. Register and vote. Don’t let some phony charmer take away the only representative that has stood up and fought for those kids.

Chase Iron Eyes is charming. Just ask Ruth Hopkins. He destroys anyone that trusts him. That’s his game

You know where to find me.



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