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The Origin of this blog and it's transformation into shining a greater light onto the abuse and corruption that runs rampant in Indian Country

Eddie Peltier/ Richard LaFuente

Justice/ Freedom

Richard LaFuente served almost 30 years for a crime he did not commit, while the real killers roamed free, and still do, to this day.

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Incident at Devils Lake

Documentary covering the Murder of Eddie Peltier & the framing of 11 innocent men

Robin Poor Bear & her two children

Kind Hearted Woman

One woman's family journey to recovery from abuse, and her quest to help break the cycle of abuse that is a legacy of many families.
Robin Poor Bear 1977-2015

Now Tax deductible 501(c)3 status.

From Betty Jo Krenz:

I want you all to imagine for a moment that you have to leave your house with your children and nothing more than what you can carry in a backpack. You have about five minutes to pack and you are going to start your life over in a non-abusive home. You cannot take your kids’ toys or all of your favorite blankets.
You get to a Safe House and you, for the first time in a long time, can just breathe…

That is how most families come to Robin’s House. They appreciate a warm, safe home, but personal needs are still needed. We still need diapers and personal hygiene products, and groceries. And I believe it is important to let the kids feel at home with toys.

I am a thrift store shopper for children’s books and toys. If you feel you can help in any way please donate to Robin’s House and help me make Robin’s dream come true and the families be comfortable

Love in All Directions
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Introduction: The same corrupt system that wrongly accused, convicted and imprisoned eleven innocent young men is the same system, with many of the exact same players, who are currently profiting from rampant sexual abuse of children on Spirit Lake Nation Reservation in North Dakota, as well as most if not all reservations in Indian Country, and beyond.

This Blog is documenting ongoing events at all levels of government. Events on the rez itself, often require someone to speak up and speak out, but since those who do are often abused, assaulted, threatened and intimidated by the abusers in authority, this blog is their voice.

 I ignore morons but the rest of you can reach me at: Cat West Email


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April 25, 2016
One Bead Is Not a Pattern, But…
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Several beads make a pattern. You can see it when they are strung together, sewn together, and that’s what we have to look at. Sometimes a pattern, just starting to form looks like it could be anything, or it could be nothing. But it’s fascinating to watch, isn’t it? Slow, but interesting work. You’d have to be super close to hear the beads traveling on the thread, the needle puncturing the fabric, or the beads coming to rest next to one another on the loom… click, tick, shh! Click, tick, shh!

So, when I hear of multiple incidents happening at the same time, I’m assuming it’s not a coincidence, or that if it is, … nah, it’s not. I just can’t fix the needle or thread but there is definitely a pattern emerging.

Landscapes, Escapes

Seems that the Tribal Jail, run by the BIA had a massive escape last week. Six prisoners escaped--- and no one alerted the community. Wouldn’t even give out the names until media pried it out of them with dental tools and a pen.

Three have been recaptured. I’m told that one of the escapees, one still on the loose is Mogan or Morgan Whitetail who raped a 3 year old, his grand-daughter no less. That means someone is helping keep a child rapist hidden and protected on the rez.

It also means that the BIA is either completely incompetent or completely complicit. How does one lose 6 prisoners all at once and not notice and then not warn the community where their victims reside, that they are loose?

Are we to expect them to do even the most basic manhunt? Or just wait until they are reported (over and over) wandering the roads?

There was also another escape, but this time from Devil’s Lake Jail. Kenneth Eagleman. I don’t know what he was in for, but yes, Indians got loose everywhere.

It would seem like there’s a pattern here… but I think the mass escape is a pattern, possibly designed to mask the escape of a child rapist (whom I suspect is not among the friends he thinks he is, but rather among people who will kill him to silence him, make it look like an accident or suicide or ‘natural causes’) and the other, the one from DL Jail was just a broken bead. Hard to say unless they all have something in common. Let me know if you see it.

The BIA has too many sloppy ends to clean up, high and low, near and far, on the ongoing mess with Child Trafficking. That’s why I suspect that Whitetail won’t be found alive, but his carcass will show up and that’s supposed to do two things: End any possibility that he will disclose other people involved, and send a chilling message to others that they better keep their mouths shut.

Can’t murder him in Jail (despite all the deaths that occur in that jail) because people were starting to notice. So, have an escape, a mass escape (How Do You Hide a Hippopotamus? In a Herd of Hippopotami) Just a thought. If I were him, right now? I’d wish I was back in jail, or someplace where whomever kills me would at least be questioned later.

But again, the community was not told anything so, let them get mad that people have come up with their own ideas about what is going on.

Let me help you geniuses at the BIA: Check the visitors’ list, check their relatives and check their phone calls. They didn’t do this on their own. They had help. Now, check your agents… yeah, there’s a good chance one or more slipped them the keys. No one was over powered. No one reported them missing for hours and hours and hours… *click, tick, shh!*

Great News

For those who have been following the progress of Robin’s House, a safe house for those escaping abuse, addiction, They have achieved 501(c)3 Status. Now, your contributions, donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE and that means there can be fundraisers and drives to raise more money for the house and to keep the program running. It is already serving those who have been able to get in. More is always needed.

I have to say that the generosity of the community and of people who hear about it, near and far, has been one of the most heartwarming of all that I have heard in all this time I have been doing this blog.

I want to encourage those of you looking for tax deductions, that this is one of the most excellent, feel good about yourself places to put it. Sacred Journey Lodge is now in full operation. There is a button (heart shaped) for donations.

Remember: You can write off your donations now. Small or large. My thanks to the team of amazing people who put this together. My thanks to each and every one of you (some of whom I know personally) who have donated and will be donating.

Politics Is Loco

Looks like Chase Iron Eyes is running for Congress. Oh boy! Wait. Looks like he didn’t disclose a felony conviction in his past, but he’s over it and so should you be. Also, he’s turned over a new leaf and a new life and is an honorable man now… except for the affair(s) he’s had where apparently one woman posted all about it (since her marriage was ruined by it) along with nude photos he sexted to her on her phone.

Of course he denied it. Then he said he never met her, then it came out that he’d worked with her and her husband for years… So the story gradually changes, but a pattern emerges. She was a tribal judge at SLN so that may be why they canned her, among perhaps several other good reasons, to clean up his record and discredit anyone that could say otherwise, in advance.

Both of them very involved in the pushing of the extreme ICWA/NICWA Laws that would put every child in care vulnerable to every tribal court in the country. Oh the power of being able to take children from safe homes and put them… where no one can investigate if they are ok or not, even if they disclose abuse, rape, or worse.

Yeah, getting that passed is worth billions of dollars on up the line so I guess the affair had to be swept under the rug and that leaves him looking all clean and shiny, and it only slightly tarnishes that wild-ass woman judge he was having the affair with and sexting to.

That’s the caliber of people pushing this. People who only think of themselves, abuse their positions of power & authority, and who lie to everyone about everything.

But they need YOU to put them in key positions in government so they can…

I’m sure he speaks eloquently. Apparently, he’s quite a charmer. His wife still believes him, despite the photos, the Tumblr postings and the other ruined marriage.

Or she doesn’t believe him and they’ve worked it out (which would be to her credit, not his, in my opinion).

But he remains a man with a past who has lied about his present and who promises you his best in the future. Up to you if you buy it based solely on his being a Tribal Icon of some sort. You’ve had enough disappointments and let downs, maybe you want to take a chance on Chase or maybe you want to take a pass. Let me know. I’m seriously curious as to how this will turn out.

Character is an issue in elections. No one is perfect. But there are some imperfections coupled with a criminal history that maybe, just maybe, might be forming a pattern you can foresee. *click, tick, shh!*

You know where to find me.



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April 18, 2016
Because Government Loves Crooks ---
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Remember way back when, in 2013 when Bonita Morin covering for her brother, Andrew Morin, who was then the tribe’s Fish and Game Officer, stole a brand new generator worth over $10K and tried to sell it for a couple of hundred dollars to cover his gambling debts? The guy he tried to sell it to, turned him in. Federal charges were being filed against him, but Bonita, using her authority wrote him a note saying he had permission to steal the equipment and sell it for pennies on the dollar.

Of course, she lost her job for doing that. I’m not sure how much they found that he had stolen and she had covered up for him over the years, but clearly, this was not his first trip, nor hers, down that crooked path.

And with all that hanging over her head, Cindy Lindquist, our ever famous President of the tribe’s community college, immediately hired Bonita, whom I understand is a relative, and she’s been gainfully employed ever since. No word on the notes she’s written.

As a side note, Cindy Lindquist recently applied to become president of UND. Her application was about 3 months late (giving you an idea of how she pays attention to details) but she figured she could get points just for claiming to be Indian. Seriously, LOOK at the woman. Look at who her father and mother are. Look at the fabulously stupid stories she has told about her past. (I’m especially fond of the one where she and her brother are hauling all their pots and pans in pillow cases, following the buffalo hunt…it’s a riot)

Well, looks like Bonita has once again tapped into the gravy train. This whole ICWA/NICWA scam being proposed by the puppets of the Casey Family Programs will need someone to oversee it at the tribal level and make sure everything is okie dokey Artichokie --- Bonita Morin is the one.

Millions of dollars going into this thing and they put a woman who has conspired to embezzle, steal and perjure herself in a key position.

What could possibly go wrong?

For a review of the Bonita/Andrew Brother Sister criminal act of 2013 you may review RS Blog 125– I linked to the episode but reviewing the old blogs will give you a window into what you can expect in the future. It’s in Old Blog format so won’t work that well on tiny screens. That was the printer version of the episode. THIS is the entire 125 web version.

Remember: There are no consequences for the criminals that are well-connected by family, politically and by tribal agency. That makes corruption rampant.

Further, those at the State and Federal levels who also conspire to protect the criminal activities also fear no consequences. So, who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters?

It’s a giant piggy bank. You and I put our tax dollars in, they get to roll around in it, play with it, hurt children with it and use it to fight anyone that would dare report their corruption. It’s a perfect crime in progress.

What happens on the rez, doesn’t stay on the rez. They’ve been abusing, raping and trafficking those children for decades and now they are coming for all the children they can get their hands on.

Double Homicide

Anyone know the back story on why Thundershield allegedly killed the two DeMarce men? Bemidji Pioneer is running the story.


I am told that Myra, NLO, wants to quit the Chairmanship of the tribe because it’s in financial ruin. The millions she stole last time she was in charge and her pervert son was Secty-Treasurer I guess she thought all that money magically replenished during the subsequent chairmanships of her lover, Roger Yankton and his cousin, Russell MacDonald (I have no idea if she also slept with Russell or had any kids by him, but most of the men in that famiy have, one or both) (funny how we use the word ‘slept with’ when we mean “sex”).

Don’t hold her accountable for her past. She was a raging drunk at the time. The boys would have their fun with her and then throw her out on the front lawn, naked, hence she got the moniker “Naked Lawn Ornament” or NLO as we call her.

The Turdclan has been very supportive of NLO and vice-versa. They use their influence to ‘persuade’ people to vote for her, or for politicians to not look into what she did with millions of dollars. I’m sure there was no blackmail or extortion and that she got everything on her own merits. *Tongue firmly in cheek* Having State and Federal Agencies protect child predators has certain perks from time to time, doesn’t it?

I’m sure that with the millions being channeled in via the ICWA/NICWA scams she’ll change her mind and stay on. That is unless she’s been out-manuevered by Cindy Lindquist and can’t get her hands on any of the cash for herself.

It’s so difficult these days to pick a winner in the Corruption Derby.  The losers, the children, too many to count at this point.

Either way, with Bonita Morin being the one to supervise where the money goes, I’m sure everything will be in the right hands, no problem.

With the Federal government refusing to hold anyone accountable and refusing to heed any of the warnings and reports from whistleblowers, expect that having Bonita Morin in a key position is only the tip of the corrupt iceberg, floating like a giant turd across the nation.

Hey, Bonita! Say hi to Andrew for me.

You know where to find me.



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April 11, 2016
Counting Children --- Printer Version (7)

Programming Note: You can visit and bookmark the new page that is in progress that will carry most of the ACF/Thomas Sullivan and other Whistle Blowers episodes. It’s only barely started and needs a lot of work, but I want the Blog itself to get back to the local level of reporting more and more. There is so much going on!

There’s a movement afoot to snag children out of Foster Care and place them into ‘tribal approved’ homes, and to do this with no warning to the Foster families or to the children.

The idea behind the ICWA/NICWA laws is to remove any child, regardless of how little or how remotely they are related to any tribe anywhere, and regardless of what even their biological parents want for them, and place them into homes of complete strangers, and those strangers do not necessarily have to have any Native Blood at all, but the premise is to place children in culturally appropriate homes.

Further, there is no oversight on how those who have custody of those children treat them. There are no investigations into abuse, rape, or trafficking. ICWA/NICWA prevents that

Most of these children were originally removed from their ‘culturally appropriate’ homes to begin with because of extreme neglect, repeated abuse, and sexual abuse.

Foster families have nourished these children back from the brink, and many of these homes also have enrolled the children into classes and groups where they can learn about their heritage, practice language and dances and all the culturally appropriate things that would add to their lives.

The deliberate shock and traumatizing of these children is intentional. It is to make them feel helpless and disconnected from the only families they have ever known, the only safety or security they have ever known. Immediately, this sets up the Stockholm Syndrome for survival.

To say that Foster Families that love and nourish and care for these children are doing harm because they were only supposed to be temporary, is wrong.

What the children needed when they were originally removed from abusive, neglectful homes, was love and security. You can’t fake that. They needed stability and to feel safe. To take that away from them, without warning, is cruel.

The premise of ICWA/NICWA being that children are being ‘stolen’ from tribes. That is not true. Tribes are the ones tearing up and shredding records of abuse, and even

their birth certificates so that they cannot be enrolled in schools or receive any kind of government help when they become adults.

They become ‘enrolled’ and as a member of the tribe, that tribe then gets increased funding by head count. Even more if the child has special needs, and no one supervises or oversees how those funds are spent.

Which is like the housing funds that go to every tribe every quarter, and yet most live in absolute squalor, defective homes, no funds to fix them because the tribal leaders have spent it on other things. Also, by not fixing the homes, they continue to be a source of ‘need for additional revenue’ and Federal Government continues to pour more funds into it, again, without auditing or caring to look to see how the money is being spent.

The same for the children. They are money. Nothing more.

How do I know this? Because many of the Foster Families who have cared for these children and given them a sense of home, family and belonging for years, have never received any funding from the tribes for their care despite government funds being poured into the system to care for children in Foster Care. The money was spent on other things, and went into other bank accounts. *wink, wink*

The original reasons these children had to be removed in the first place and placed in Foster Care was that they were in danger. No one is ‘stealing’ children from the tribes. The Tribes themselves are creating a system where hundreds of children go ‘missing’ and no one is allowed to look for them.

They were rescued from extreme neglect, abuse and even rape and torture, by Foster Families. Those pushing ICWA/NICWA extremes portray Foster Families as evil, and that is just wrong.
No one is saying: “Wow, in order to make things better for these children, we should absolutely be cleaning up the rampant corruption and sexual abuse on the rez!” No one except whistleblowers, and they are viewed by those running this scheme, as the enemy.

No one from Federal or State Government is saying: We have to investigate where this money is going and why the housing remains putrid, the schools falling apart, and the children in danger. No one is supporting anyone in or out of the tribes that try to put a stop to the drug dealing, the embezzlements, and the assaults.

The Good People who love their families, love their tribes, their people, their lands, are being shoved aside and robbed by the corruption that starts at the top and is supported by every Federal Agency that is supposed to be protecting the children, but which instead protects the massive corruption and uses their authority to oppress anyone that would rally for change and improvement.

Rarely do we get any leaders in any tribes that can or want to stand up to the corruption and abuse. Those who do seldom find any support and always find that the Federal Government will do everything in its power to remove them.

Politicians play neatly into this as they don’t have to actually see the results of their turning their backs on those who complain. They only speak with ‘leaders’ and of those ‘leaders’ only those who politically support them. Remember: No one is looking at where millions of dollars goes every month. No one.

Good People within tribes who try to make changes, rarely find any allies in any government agency. Those whom they find, they treasure and they honor. Thomas Sullivan has been so honored for his relentless work to help those who want to make communities, tribes, regions safer for their children.

Tom Sullivan has been honored by those who know that he risks being outcast by his own agency for daring to do the work of building, healing and repairing broken systems in child and family care.

Tom Sullivan is the only one in the agencies that wants to make life safer and healthier for the children on the rez. THAT is how to decrease and eventually stop the line of children having to seek safety and support from outside of the rez, you heal the communities first.

But those who want ICWA/NICWA to control children care nothing about the safety and the healing and strengthening of these children. They don’t even discuss it. Children are to them, property. And they are valuable property in that they are worth Federal Dollars.

And with no one looking at who is taking care of the children (except the tribal judges whose standards are dictated by Tribal Leaders; leaders who themselves are often involved in massive corruption, drug running, human trafficking) and no one looking at where billions more in Federal Funding is going, there is no plan to make the communities and the homes safer and more healthy for the children.

These children may not even be from the tribes where they are parachuted in. Any tribe anywhere can claim any child that is in the system, regardless of the lack of documentation that would prove that child belongs to that tribe. Any child in the system.

Worse, any child within the tribe can be taken from their own parents, regardless of whether the parents have done anything wrong, and removed to another home, near or far, without the parents being able to do anything to get them back.

Imagine the mayor or your town being able to come and snatch your children from you without you having any recourse or even being able to know where they are? Imagine the kind of power that would hold over your head and over everyone in your community. Would you stand up to the corruption? Would you call out those whom you know are breaking the law if they are connected to those leaders who have that kind of power? Would you risk losing your children for standing up?

What kind of ‘improvement’ would this lead to in any community, much less those as remote as reservations? Would that make the corrupt more powerful? Absolutely!

And would that increased corruption and decreased access to assistance make people more helpless? Absolutely.

And yet, that is the course being pursued by those championing ICWA/NICWA and politicians are given this rosy story of “Bringing our children back to their culture”. Have you seen the rez? Have you seen ‘culture’? You think the Pow Wow is ‘culture’? You think the ceremonial dances they do for your visits are what the children are being taught?

Do you think that once all the children are back, (and that will be children whose families have no connection to any tribe for generations), they will then be treated with dignity and respect?

How can you think that a policy that gleefully tells of snatching kids out of schools and taking them hundreds of miles away with no warning, has any consideration for the safety and well-being of that child?

Politicians see only the ceremonial welcome dances. They are praised by the man at the microphone. They know nothing of True History. They know nothing of how the government created massive family dysfunction and how that is now a legacy of abuse and neglect and futility. They think they can fix everything and make it all right by throwing vulnerable children into chaos, darkness, confusion and terror to ‘fix them’.

It’s easy to wash Federal Hands of any responsibility to the children or to the community through ICWA/NICWA. Just make it a law that no one can question or investigate child abuse, neglect or trafficking if it takes place on the reservation or through leadership policies on reservations. (Think of the money we’ll save on police reports!).

The hard work, the necessary work, would be to start fixing the communities. Start weeding out the corruption instead of feeding it. That means weeding it out of the agencies that have themselves become so corrupt that tribal governments that aren’t corrupt stand no chance of thriving.

We have to fix this at the Federal and State Levels. We can’t just start allowing these children to be stolen and thrown into chaos and corruption with no chance to transition or to reconnect with those who cared for them.

We have to make the children SAFE first. That means follow up. That means eyes-on follow up. Not just some self evaluation by a tribal agency that itself has no oversight and is corrupt.

Thomas Sullivan has worked with tribes and other communities to make children safer, and the communities more whole, and healthy. But despite the honors from those tribes who have benefited from his involvement, and the progress he has made, he is considered the enemy.

The ACF is moving every lever it has to get him fired. They are even calling him a Racist.

His background is so multi-cultural he can truthfully claim to the the United Nations of families.

He is a threat because he doesn’t want the Federal Government to install permanent corruption and permanent predatory practices upon tribes or their children.

Don’t kid yourself: the most lucrative of all the Black Market schemes is Human Trafficking and of that, Children are the biggest money makers. Having the power to sell or rent children to anyone without anyone being able to investigate or stop you, is a huge deal.

Behind all of this is the Casey Family Programs. They have become so entwined with government corruption that removing them and everyone affiliated with them would leave most of the agencies as mere shells. They have infected all of the agencies and their program is a scam.

They are the reason that we see over and over again, nationally and locally, horror stories of children being abused, tortured, enslaved and murdered and nothing in the agencies that allowed it, changing.

ICWA/NICWA is their brain child. Their premise is that children are better off with their abusers, rapists families than they are if removed to a safe haven, nurturing home. They keep no records on how many children are re-abused, murdered or died of neglect as the result of their policies being practiced. No records of any of their failures, despite the shocking headlines in states where their policies are followed by mandate of law. No records. No accountability.

But Thomas Sullivan is the enemy?

There’s the sweep it under the rug and call if fixed, kinda way, and there’s the get in there and do the hard work and work with the communities and fix it kinda way. One way keeps the children safe, remaining in their own communities, going to school with their friends. One way allows them to flourish.

The other way just rips them out of the only safe homes they’ve ever known. It makes them property, not people. It makes some very key people powerful, while disempowering the very children they pretend to be saving.

There are some very big, very important people who do not want investigations to expose their involvement in the sexual abuse and trafficking of children. By making laws that literally make it illegal for any agency to investigate the abuses, ever, they assure themselves of safe passage through history, and avoid both disgrace and prison time.

What’s happening in Great Britain, all that is being exposed there, is because media began, after decades of ignoring both the symptoms and core evil of rampant child abuse at every level of government, with major media being complicit, and Scotland Yard compromised, media began to take seriously the thousands of reports and stories of horror and abuse as told by witnesses and survivors.

The ICWA/NICWA legislation is a barrier to anyone, no police agency and no media, can ever investigate any story or report of abuse or child rape without those who are in charge of the rez allowing it.

Whom do you think such legislation protects? Certainly not the children. Now, tell your Elected Representatives at every level: Local, State, Federal, you want them to address this directly.

Hold them accountable. Keep after them until these rocks are turned over and all that dwells underneath are exposed, at every level of government.

The Children were not placed in Foster Care on or off the rez because someone wanted to steal the children and kill First Nations culture. They were removed because they were in horrifically dangerous circumstances of neglect and abuse and the tribal government had failed to make the community safer, or the home healthier.

No one is taking children to steal them. No one is taking children from poor but loving homes. Children are being removed because of danger. Many are hospitalized and remain damaged because of the neglect or abuse.

ICWA/NICWA is seeking only to claim children, not to protect them. If the tribes could protect them they would not have been in Foster Care to begin with. Returning them to the Tribes, or in many cases kidnapping them to place them with tribes they have never been a part of, does nothing to make it safer for those children and that is the nightmare being legislated right now.

Contact your elected Senators and Representatives and tell them that the children need safety first, and cultural reclamation after the crime and abuse and corruption has been provably diminished by removing those who are, by their corruption, a danger to their own communities.

Tell them to learn what is really happening in those communities, not from the leaders and the shows, but by listening to the whistleblowers.

The Children are counting on you. The children count. Every child deserves a safe, secure home where they are valued for the treasure that they are, and not as property, not as a check from the government, and not as something that can be sold and re-sold.

Making laws that make it illegal to investigate when a child is raped, abused or neglected is not how you ‘reclaim native culture’. Rooting out the corruption is how you reclaim both Native Culture and make the children safe in their homes. Investigating the reports of abuse and rape is how you begin to make them safe.

Demand legislation that makes the children safe, not turn them into property.

You know where to find me.



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April 2, 2016
Chaos Notes
  Printer Version (5)

Sorry for the absence. I’ve been traveling. I also mucked up my computer and had to wipe it out and start all over again, rebuilding everything and not everything came back.

I’m going to be building a page for Thomas Sullivan to deal with the ordeal he’s being put through by the government he works for. As a Whistleblower, especially one reporting felonies committed by other government agents and agencies, he’s supposed to be protected. But instead, he’s being retaliated upon, relentlessly.

His supervisors are among the least qualified in their field, and the head of the ACF, Marrianne McMullen has absolutely no qualifications except that she was once a Foster Mother. Apparently, that’s good enough to put her in charge of an $82Billion budget, for the agency, in a field, where she has zero education and absolutely no understanding about Children or Families, the laws that are supposed to protect them, or the protocols for dealing with reports.

There are some very huge movements behind the harassment and retaliation against Thomas Sullivan and other Whistle Blowers. Not just the naked political corruption involved, but something even darker brewing behind closed doors.

It is complex and it is horrifying. I will do my best to lay out all the elements and how they are connected together by agency and organization. It’s no longer just about Indian Children, it’s about a well-contrived plot to put literally, all children in danger.

Child trafficking is the most lucrative of all the sins for sale in the Black Market. Those who have profited from Child Porn, Child Trafficking on a very large scale are devising through their government connections, a means to put every child within their grasp, while simultaneously making both impossible and a FELONY to attempt to investigate any crimes against those children.

If you go to the Archives in the navbar above, and click on the “enhanced” version of the last blog, you will see a collection of articles that lay out the surface dysfunction of the ACF and Child Protection Agencies. You will see what looks like ‘incompetence’ and obvious crimes against children that have allowed children to suffer torture and eventual murder or worse. You’ll see it’s not just here or there, but all over the country.

This is not an accident. Not only are these ‘defects’ not being fixed, they are being made worse and made permanent and there is a reason for that: Children, especially foster children are the easiest targets, and they have no voice, no lobby and no representation in government or in court.

The one article where a judge declares that children as young as 4-yrs old “are capable of representing themselves in court” that alone, should shock you. I’m hoping you will see that as extreme as the documents are that I am posting and will be posting, are in fact reality. I not only trust my sources, but I protect them. Things are being revealed, such as a plot to make every child, even those who are adopted already and up to the age of 12, ‘take able’ by Tribal Courts in any state, regardless of documentation, status, or bloodline.

There is a plan being worked on and it’s real. They plan to be able to take children away with absolutely no notice to the child or the parent. They have targeted 2000 children from infancy to age 12 that they are going to swoop in and remove. They will take them from their schools. They’ll go to school that day and never return home and it will take weeks for the Foster or Adopted parents to even know what has happened to them.

They will be placed with whomever the Big Bosses in Indian Country want to place them. Regardless of whether it is in a home of a relative, or a home that has any connection to Native American Bloodline. The Tribal Bosses will be deciding, based on their own personal lists of approved homes, where these children will go.

There are no standards for those new homes. There is no government oversight of those new homes. The children will be stolen and placed and no one will be allowed to look.

Shocking? Yes. Two or even five years ago, I would not believe it is possible. But if you look at the systematic terrorizing of Whistle Blowers who are reporting felony child abuse, and the years of those reports being actively ignored from every Agency, Department of Justice, on down, and the smearing of reputations against those who have the highest integrity and qualifications, you really have to ask ‘why?’.

It has to be something very large, very organized and very threatened by anyone that would dare report the abuses. And so it is.

And it is the only explanation for the years long threats, intimidation, harassment, retaliation against the whistleblowers.

The Cherokee Nation is one of the biggest movers behind all this. They don’t care about Blood Quantum, and they say that every child has some native blood in them and that alone qualifies them to abduct that child from their only known home and spirit them away to whomever they choose and no one is allowed to question them.

I’d like to think this was not happening. But like I said, it’s been years of literally watching as the FBI, DOJ and every agency involved has used every authority and all their power to abuse the reporters and whistleblowers while protecting the worst child predators by simply refusing to investigate.

Why else would Tim Purdon, as AUSAG declare that a 13 yr old girl raped by a 38 year old man (on the night of her 13th Birthday) as ‘consensual sex’? That girl was given gonorrhea by the rapist. He was never put in jail. She was put in an institution and her mother was arrested for reporting it.

It’s clear that these are not ‘one off’ instances. These are not ‘falling through the cracks’: These are deliberate government protection of predators, and if you can find any other reason for it that makes sense, given that it is happening all over the country, then, please, let me know.

It’s not a shortage of funding. They’ve spent thousands of man hours harassing those who report child rape.

A very disturbing report has come through this past week. I’ll give you what I got on it. From what you have read on this site and in the papers and heard about over the past decade, it starts to fall into place, those puzzle pieces about who is behind this and why they are doing it.

Just remember: If you deal in drugs, you have to keep going out and getting more drugs to sell. If you traffic in Humans, you can resell that same Human Being over and over again with no overhead. Of all the Humans for sale, the highest price is paid for children. Over and over again.



After speaking at a BIA comments session on the new ICWA Guidelines, I was approached later that evening in the hotel by a group of chairmen from various tribes who also had spoken that day. Since we had opposing views, and I am simply an enrolled member of a tribe, not a tribal official, these men attempted to persuade me that my viewpoint on the new guidelines was incorrect. I pretended to have little knowledge and proceeded to ask them many questions.

They enjoyed the conversation, and when they learned of my background in child psychology and my more than decade-long experience with ICWA as a foster guardian, they proceeded to offer me a job to "help them write the law and practices for a 'Unified Tribal Children's Court.'" The goal was to create consistency across tribes for fair hearings and legal education. The motive for creating such a court stemmed from their anger over the final SCOTUS ruling in the Baby Veronica case.

As the conversation continued, they further explained that the new BIA Guidelines are worded precisely to support their "Taking Our Children Back Initiative."

The group, who represented a number of tribes, all agreed to this point:

“Originally every child in this country was Native, so we should have jurisdiction over every child.” One chairman continued to talk, stating

that all of the tribes from Arkansas through the midwest are working together with Cherokee Nation on this initiative, and Assistant Attorney General for the Cherokee Nation, Chrissi Nimmo, is taking the lead.

They explained that the Cherokee Nation has hired a team of attorneys who have already chosen the first batch of 2,000 adoptions and foster children who have already been placed for permanency.

They intend to take jurisdiction over them as soon as the guidelines are put in place. He said, “Kids will go to school one day and they won’t have a clue. We are going to pick them up. They will be placed with the families we have standing by for placement. We are taking all of our children back."

As I understood it, they plan to strategically pick up hundreds of kids in one day using their jurisdiction card and place them in their tribal homes. When I asked for clarification about the "approved" tribal homes, he stated that they are not all tribal, actually many are non-Indian homes that have been licensed with the tribe. The kids they are targeting include those who have been in placement for up to 12 years and have known no other family.

He continued to explain that once they have taken the kids, the children never have a chance to go back to the families they already know, so it is important that the plan be kept secret until it is implemented. Arrogantly he said, "This is our country and everyone of these kids is ours." The larger plan and intent is to take over the entire child welfare system. One of the other men present was trying to get this man to keep quiet about the details. I continued to seem confused, and I did not disagree with their plan so that I could keep them talking and get more details. I acted as if I was interested in the job offer, so he continued to talk.

After this encounter, I started to understand what I had heard Chrissi Ross Nimmo speak of earlier that day during the comments session. I heard her address the BIA and explain that the Cherokee Nation is actively recruiting foster and adoptive families to be ready and standing by for when they take back “their" children. I also heard her reference the team of attorneys the Cherokee Nation has on staff to work specifically on this initiative.

I follow closely as a tribal member and parent the actions which involve my children. Everything they said lines up with the actions taken by the “The Five Civilized Tribes” which consists of a “partnership” that originally began as the Cherokee, Muskogee, Chickasaw, Seminole and Choctaw and now encompasses over 30 tribes. The Five Civilized Tribes are enrolling through descendant lineage and taking government funding and jurisdiction of children. If they succeed, thousands and thousands of lives will be effected.

End Of Report

This would explain why the BIA spent weeks shredding files at Spirit Lake Reservation when they sent in the Strike Team to deal with the explosive reports of Child rape. Those children whose files were shredded have no record in the system now. No one even knows who they are or where they are or what was done to them.

It explains why the DOJ, AUG, HHS, IHS, ACF all have no interest in protecting those children or stopping the abuse. There is a bigger movement afoot and it is coming for the children. Not just the children on the rez, but all the children.

Noting that there was nothing in those reports regarding the safety or well-being of those children. (I will be posting the reports this week, so keep checking back). Nothing in those reports about the trauma this will cause those children, nor the damage it will do to them.

They are gleeful about being able to just swoop in and take them and no one can stop them. It sickens me to the core.

Again, if you look at what happened in England that was only in the past few years exposed, it was over a hundred years of child abuses, the government, the churches, and the ‘charitable organizations’ and even Scotland Yard, all complicit in facilitating and covering up the abuses. Look at the damage done.

Why did they all do it? Why do you think they did it? Why do you think it’s being done here? Answer: Same Reasons.

Again I remind those who watch National Geographic Programs and how appalled we are that any ancient civilizations would sacrifice their children to their ‘gods’. Is what we are letting happen to our children any different? I could argue that what is happening to our children is by far, much much worse.

You know where to find me.


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