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Eddie Peltier, Richard LaFuenteI do my best to deliver factual information. The "Documents" pages are there for you to look and see for yourself. An innocent man is in prison for crimes committed by the corrupt, who run the reservation the way a criminal organization would run a city if they had all levels of government supporting and protecting them.

There are many more Good People in Spirit Lake than there are corrupt, evil people there. It is the system that is corrupt, evil and I expose here all that I can.

I can be reached at this email:  Contact Cat  . I respond to most of my emails, however, I reserve the right to not rspond to whack jobs. I keep all information confidential. For those who wish to attack, you'll either be ignored, or, if you are really clever, you'll end up on the Moron Squad page.  Some insults are more entertaining than others. I share with the class.

For those interested: The 13th Mandated Report is out. No government Agency has yet to properly reply to any of them.







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December 30, 2013
That Was The Year That Was
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I probably should have been doing this every year, but this time I figured I should do a ‘Look Back At 13’ kind of review blog.


January: We learned Bentley GreyBear is an abusive jerk. We also learned he is a rapist. We also learned that the FBI and the BIA already knew all that about him, and they protected him.

We watched as the Tribal Council kept the focus of attention on the outrage of the Fighting Sioux Logo, and would not speak about the horrific abuse of the children in care of Tribal Social services.

Media was more than happy to play along, most of the year.

We started looking even more intensely at the corruption in Tribal Social Services, and further up the food chain, and towards the end of the year we saw how blatantly the BIA, the FBI, the USAG in ND and DC as well as the HHS, IHS, and the top brass at the ACF all conspired to silence those who make the reports of child abuse, child rape, and overtly move to protect the predators while harassing both the victims and those who make the reports or support the victims.

Towards the end, we started to learn that this is a multi-billion dollar per year system of corruption that repeats the pattern we have seen in Spirit Lake Nation, all over the country. 

We learned that George Sheldon, who was appointed to the second to the top position in ACF, after a horrific record of failure as the head of DCF in Florida wherein 2009, fully more than ½ of the children murdered while in the care of Social Services Agencies in the USA, were killed in Florida.

That meant that 49 other states, combined, had fewer child deaths.  Further, that year, in 2009, there were no child murders in the care of Social Services in California.

Upon examining the email threads between Thomas Sullivan and his superiors at ACF, we found an almost childish mockery on the part of Sullivan’s Superiors as they found ever more creative ways to stop him from investigating the abuses and child rapes on SLN.

We saw the governor’s office involved as Scott Davis, his ‘Indian in the Cabinet’, also joined into the sport of thwarting Thomas Sullivan from doing his job.

What has become more and more clear throughout this past year is that the health and safety of the children on Spirit Lake Nation means nothing to those who are in the highest positions and who used their positions at all levels, to protect one of the most abusive and corrupt agencies, who in turn protect the most abusive and corrupt individuals, who in turn, maintain unfettered access to millions of dollars in government funding, which is never audited and never ‘followed’ to see if it even went to where it was designated because when they do find it has been ‘embezzled’ or goes missing, they have a ‘crime’ on their hands and they avoid dealing with the crime of embezzlement or child rape or even child abuse, even if it requires going to extremes.

You might ask yourself, even when it becomes obvious that this is going on, “what could possibly be the benefit for any and all of them by doing this?”

And then you get into a real seamy side of politics, donations, favors owed, and ambitions that blind men and women who present themselves to the world as noble and good, when in fact, they are bought and paid for. Their careers assured not by the caliber of their work in these agencies, but by their political connections, their ability to fund raise, and get elected to high offices, men and women who in turn owe them payback.  This leads to those powerfully elected, to make appointments which lead to greater appointments, higher paychecks, bigger bonuses, more access to more power.

It’s a vortex that grows stronger and darker the closer to the center you get.  We will examine more of this dynamic in 2014 as we continue to explore the players, the mechanisms and the consequences to us as individuals and to our society as a whole, as we deteriorate into more insecurity, more violence, more manufactured outrage to distract us from real issues, real problems and real crimes.

You will not see any elected politician, any USAG, any FBI agent say: “Child Rape is a crime.”  Because if they say that, they have to then investigate the thousands of crimes reported to them every month from all the reservations.

They address it as an “issue” or a “problem” or a ‘tragedy’ or even a ‘crisis’ but they will not say the word “crime,” because crimes have to be investigated and criminals have to be brought to justice and when it comes to SLN, the criminals are too closely connected to the politicians and their appointees in powerful positions.

It’s a house of cards, a chain of dominoes, whatever you want to call it, that if they start ‘rocking that boat’, it all starts coming undone.  The criminals who have been being protected can easily, turn on those who are protecting them and bring them down too.  Those dirty secrets, sweet dirty deals, all have trails, and some have the evidence they need to keep those who should be arresting them, in line.

There must be some powerful ugly secrets tying down Timid Purdon.  With over 50 cases of child rape reported every month, from Spirit Lake Nation,  for the past three years he has been USAG in North Dakota, he has only brought 2 to trial.  None of them are connected to the worst abusers, nor the tribal political power brokers.

And he is not alone.  Not a single reporter has asked him if child rape is a crime. No one has made him say the words: “Child rape is a crime”.  It’s kind of an unspoken agreement that turns into a dance.

And while they are dancing, more children are raped, and more children are murdered, and more politicians advance their careers.  George Sheldon is hoping to become the next AG of Florida. He abruptly quit his post at ACF, after assuring everyone in the BIA and the USAG’s office that he forbade Thomas Sullivan from saying they were not doing their job because they were refusing to investigate any of the 13 Mandated reports issued by Thomas Sullivan.

Even as children mentioned in those reports have been murdered… they act as if ‘it’s a tragedy’ or ‘an issue’ or ‘troublesome’… but they won’t admit that their failure to do their job resulted in Baby Laurynn’s murder.  In fact, Purdon brought her killer to trial and did not charge her with murder.  He couldn’t. If he had, he could have also been indicted as an accessory before the fact because he was aware of the dangerous situation that child and her twin had been placed in, and he said it was a lie.

So, Purdon could not lay a charge of murder on the woman who beat, stomped, threw that baby in the ravine, and then bathed her lifeless body and pretended she died of SIDS.

Case Closed.

They want you to forget about the 13 Mandated Reports. They want to silence Thomas Sullivan. They want Betty Jo Krenz to shut up and quit speaking out. They want you to forget… until the next dead child…

They want that when you see a violent American Indian Youth who commits a crime, you think ‘he chose to be that way’… they don’t want you to see what happened to him all his life, that cut off all his options, leaving only the violence that was dealt upon him to be how he learned to survive, as he became older, bigger, stronger and more violent himself.

They want that when you see an Native American woman, turning tricks on the street for drugs, that you condemn her for her ‘life choices’. 

When she becomes violent or neglectful of her own children, they want you to think she chose to be that way.

They don’t want you to see that they, all of them, the Tribal Councils, Social Services, the BIA, FBI, ACF, HHS, IHS, all of them, created this and unleashed it upon us all as we buy bigger stronger locks, security systems, more guns, and wake up at the slightest noise in or near our homes.

They allow this to happen to the children. They protect the predators. They protect the embezzlers, and thieves… and they create more criminals, more violence and we are left to fend for ourselves against everything from shop lifters, to thugs and rapists, murderers, and thieves.  Because they are not doing their jobs, we are not as safe as we could be, and our sense of security is only supported with security systems, and weapons at our expense.

And now I must tell you this other truth: what happens in Indian Country, is happening throughout the system, nation-wide, unabated.

Indian Children are not safe, and no child is safe. The system is there only to generate money, political power, and cultivate career climbing for the ambitious who will, in what can only be pure evil, feed children to the predators for as long as it takes, and silence anyone that dares to speak the truth about this evil that feeds them all, with our tax dollars paying their way, all the way.

Spirit Lake Nation is just a tiny snowball on the tip of the iceberg. But the most powerful people in all these powerful agencies want you to think they are both doing everything they can, but for some reason, nothing changes, except to get worse, draw more money into the vortex, and create more political feeding frenzy, as careers are praised, despite the horrific results of incompetence or criminal conspiracy. It has to be one or the other, there is no third reason.

When nothing was done, despite all the ‘Strike Team’ and other impressive political play words, in that one reservation, I knew they were all only doing a political dance, and playing patty cake with the media, who lobbed softballs in their general direction, not willing to lose access to those powerful people by offending them with the simple question: “Is child rape a crime?” Or the logical follow up: “Why have the 13 Mandated Reports not been investigated?”

Watching felons, and felony child abusers hold positions as ‘Social Workers’, and watching people like Mark LittleOwl, renown for his stalking and abusing women from a trail of restraining orders and convictions against him, all magically disappear from his criminal history during his brief incompetent tenure as Directors of Tribal Social Services, having taken over from Kevin Brownshield, who had no degree, no qualifications, and who had sex with most of the women he worked with, which explains how some of them got their jobs, and all those millions of dollars that went missing from the program…

… and then Mark LittleOwl, newly scrubbed criminal history and all, went and beat up his ex-wife and for some reason, the prosecutor could only get him for ‘stealing her phone’, despite police reports and testimony, finally losing his job, only to be replaced by a sick-minded Paul Hutchinson who took sport in trying to force children who had been horrifically raped and abused to return to the custody of their abuser, and who gleefully fabricated charges against a woman who protected those children from their father, finally lost his job and was replaced by the level of inexperience and incompetence that is laughable in Robert O’Keefe, who had never even worked as a social worker, but only recently graduated from college with his MSW.  I wonder if he is in fact, Board Certified?

O’Keefe continues to conspire with the BIA Liaison Agent, as corrupt as the BIA agent who was fired before him, to smear the reputation of that woman, fabricate crimes against her to ‘teach her a lesson’.

That’s what they do with their power and authority. They abuse it. They neglect and abuse the children in their care. And then, when the murder is not one that can pass for natural causes, or SIDS, they all vow to “see what went wrong and fix it so that this never happens again…”

They say that, and they look serious faced. It’s all an act. They could have prevented Baby Laurynn’s murder, and several other murders, by simply doing their job.  Instead, they weighed the political advantages and the financial gains of not doing their job, and that little girl was murdered.  That’s how all these children are murdered. It’s how all these children are raped. It’s how all these children are robbed.

So far, it’s paying off politically with praise, promotion and huge campaign donations.

It is my aim in 2014 to make them all a lot less comfortable, and all of you a lot more informed and willing to step up and demand that this be fixed.

That all this be investigated, no matter what the cost (we spent millions chasing manufactured outrage over Benghazi, we can investigate the rape and murders of Indian Children, and the other children, here at home, can we not?) and that investigation be pushed high and low, near and far, deep and wide into every agency, every political office, every politically connected organization and foundation that has connections to those who have committed these crimes, and those who made these crimes inevitable.

We owe it to the children of yesterday, today and tomorrow. We owe it to our own future security, sense of Justice and personal safety to make this happen now.

The politicians and the foundations are all accepting your donations, and the donations of major corporations, all of whom expect a favor or two in return.  In fact, they expect, as do the other king makers and big fund raisers, political donors whose money is never questioned as to where it came from, they all expect a lifetime of return for their ‘investment’ into each of these seats of power. 

So far, it has worked out great for the politicians and their friends. How has it been working out for you?

Lock your doors, even in the middle of the day. Feel ‘safe’, do ya?

You know where to find me.


NOTE: Blog will be returning after January 12th, 2014. I'm taking a little time. I will still receive emails. I will still respond.



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December 23, 2013 --- Printer Version (3)
Christmas Comes Early, Wrapped in Karma

One need not believe in Karma to understand the concept.  More commonly known as “What goes around, comes around”, and I like to add “Bites you in the ass.”

Let’s cut right to it, shall we? Jean Robertson, “The Pride of Spirit Lake”, one of the degenerate Social Workers employed by Tribal Social Services has all her high friends in low places… and apparently, a few in high places.  All of whom will be making as much distance between themselves and her “Prideness” in short order. (In fact, the word has already gone round, so she may as well carry the plague at this point.

Jean and her friend, Ann Wadsworth, love to sit around and bash Betty Jo Krenz, smear her name and reputation, and condemn her efforts to get rescue and relief to the children most at risk on Spirit Lake Nation Reservation.

She herself, has done nothing to help a single child be removed from a single predator out there, so her job is pretty much assured.  Well, maybe not. We’ll see.

She’s so bad when she kicks back, doing her drugs, drinking with her friends, confident that no one will ever question her lack of ethics, or drug test her. 

Karmic Whiplash victim Jean RobertsonShe’s become very, very bold. Robert O’Keefe, never having worked as a Social Worker, only recently getting his degree was placed, green and wet, as the Director of Social Services.  Perfect.  He wouldn’t know how to run a case, much less an entire office.  Tribal Council only requires that whomever runs that department be corrupt or stupid or both, so as to not rock the boat--- know what I mean, Jelly Bean?

So now this from the invincible Ms. Robertson, via her other addiction: Facebook. She wants pity.  I say she’s just pathetic, but you decide.

Let’s start with Saturday’s Post:

She’s had a rough two weeks. Don’t judge HER?  Seriously?

Gee, I wonder what she needs these prayers for? People don’t normally ask for prayers over plumbing problems.  But, the produce guy smiled at her… Can’t you just see her  lower lip trembling with a flicker of hope?

She who bashes the woman who is striving against all odds to get rescue to children, wants you to not judge her? Her relentless smear campaigns against Betty Jo Krenz, and she wants you to not judge her? Well, let’s see where this is going, shall we?

She gives us another tantalizing hint in her FB postings.  Remember: ‘Don’t Judge her,’  *snarfle*. And you can barely make it out in the original, but 10 people ‘liked’ that post. I like it more than they do.

The following post I really like. It’s really sad.



Jean Robertson Must answer to God? Or the Law? She has to go to ‘Confession’, but she scared. (sad face).  I wonder if she went to confession after smearing Betty Jo? Or did she enjoy that so much that she didn’t feel it was a sin? Or even wrong?

I know her pals in Tribal Council were giving her ‘likes’ on those. Big smiles when they saw her. She’s on the same team you know. “Hurt the Children” and “Thwart the Investigations into Child Rape”… those teams.

So, she’s headed to confession… all skeered an’ all… and she’s done something that will allow her to keep her ‘work experience’ (ignoring the dangers to children is definitely ‘work experience’), she’ll be able to keep her ‘degree’… but ‘God’ will judge her by her good heart? Kind soul? Does she see who she’s talking about?

She has no choice but to face it and answer to God?

Ummm… not quite. She’s going to have to answer to the LAW.  You see, Ms. Robertson, “The Pride of Spirit Lake”, got busted big time, for drugs.

Yeah, she thought she was safe, in Devils Lake, among her friends… but her friends are not her friends.  And now, she has to find a way to cut a deal… She has to find one or more to roll over on, and ‘trade’ her way out of this.  Don’t “judge” her. She’d gotten away with it for so long, she had no clue it would ever catch up with her.

So now she is sad, so very sad. She feels sorry for herself. She is the victim of frozen plumbing, and ex husband that doesn’t feel sorry for her (she has to pay him), the Produce Guy gave her a smile… but he probably doesn’t know about the drug bust, (I’m just guessing… and giggling).

So, let’s see if Mr. O’Keefe knows what to do when a Social Worker in his employ, under his ‘Direction’ is busted for drugs, shall we? Anyone want to place a bet that she was at work Friday (busted on Thursday), and will be at work this week as well?

He kind of needs her to back him up when he’s making false charges against a Foster Parent, to ‘Teach her a lesson’, and I’m sure she’s covered for his incompetence, with glee…

But remember: Don’t judge her. *sniffle* .

Geez, Ann Wadsworth, you sure know how to pick your pals, don’t you?

It’s a little early, but wow, that was like a Christmas Present for me.  I love to watch the Karmic wrecking ball sneak up on someone as slimy and worthless as Jean Robertson.

I feel sorry for her kids, but then again, I would have anyway. Look who they have for a mother and what she is.

I won’t waste any sympathy on the likes of Jean Robertson.  My sympathy goes to the children who are struggling to survive being forced to live with rapists because people like Jean Robertson could not care less what happens to them.

Even when they are murdered, she remains unmoved, unchanged, unconcerned. Her only concern ever, is for herself. Her own comforts.

Yeah, next time she goes to confession, spill that one on the Padre. Who knows? Maybe he’s one of those priests who thinks children are playthings.  Maybe she’ll get lucky that way.  Or maybe she won’t say anything because she doesn’t think anything she does is wrong, no matter who she hurts.

Seems the only time she develops a sense of religion, or the shadow of remorse, is when she’s busted with enough drugs to send her up the river so long, all her friends will forget her name.

She bonded out. The only charge appears to be ‘driving without insurance’.

Two things on that: One, that’s an infraction and you are not arrested for it, you are fined.  She had to bond out. Something more serious than what she’s telling you is what happened. You may want to reread this blog a few times as her story changes.

Meanwhile, think of those kids. The ones she leaves in the hands of registered sex offenders. Think about them, if you must feel bad for anyone.

Ms. Robertson deserves nothing but karmic whiplash, over and over again.

You know where to find me.




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December 19, 2013
Most Incompetent or Most Corrupt?
  --- Printer Version (10)

I see Thomas Sullivan has sent out another long, detailed letter to Marrianne McMullen.  I’m sure she will ignore this one as she did the 13 Mandated Reports.

But for our own information, here it is:

Link to original (10)


December 19, 2013

In my First Mandated Report of suspected Child Abuse on the Spirit Lake Reservation in North Dakota, filed more than 18 months ago, I wrote, “The children of the Spirit Lake Reservation are being subjected to actual abuse or the threat of such abuse due to the actions and inactions of adults who have responsibility to protect them from such abuse.  These adults include their parents, neighbors, community leaders, Tribal program staff and directors, Tribal Council members, federal and state program leaders who have been notified and allowed the following conditions to persist. Thus, due to their inaction and excuses in some cases they have played an active role in fostering the development of conditions here.”

My fervent hope was that such a Report would lead to the development of a broad-based collaborative effort of tribal, state and federal agencies working with Spirit Lake community members as well as the private sector for the purpose of addressing the specific issues I had identified as well as all others that would emerge as we moved these Spirit Lake children to safety.

A collaborative effort did emerge not for the purpose I had expected but in defense of the status quo. That collaboration has devoted its’ energies against those of us who have spoken up about the problems at Spirit Lake. My sources and I have been subjected to an unremitting campaign of lies and threats. We have been treated as pariahs, outcasts, unfit to be heard or seen in polite society, fair game for whatever outrageous lies our opponents wish to spin. Those responsible for this campaign have tried to remain anonymous, relying on the spoken word in most cases, but some few have had the courage to emerge from the shadows and reveal themselves

All of our allegations have been in writing submitted through formal channels. The lies and threats have been, in most cases, made verbally and have been dropped into conversations so as to poison the minds of those who know little about conditions in Indian Country or Spirit Lake and who are too busy/lazy to dig into the facts of this case. These lies and threats have been calculated in every case to minimize the impact of the detailed factual Reports we have placed on the record. In practically every case when a source of these false statements has been publicly identified, I have written to them requesting a copy of their documentation of my “errors” so that I might correct the public record. None have been provided even though up to 16 months have elapsed since those requests were first made. This is quite surprising since I have made these written requests to the former TSS Director, BIA spokeswoman Darling, former Tribal Chair Yankton, US Attorney Purdon, former ACF Acting Assistant Secretary Sheldon and ACF Deputy Assistant Secretary for External Affairs Mcmullen.

Why should I risk my well-known reputation for integrity and accomplishment built over more than 45 years of service in the public and private sectors by lying about conditions at Spirit Lake?

I am deeply committed to seeing the unspeakable child abuse at Spirit Lake stopped. That is my only motivation.

As a result of these efforts to minimize the impact of our reports more than 100 American Indian children at Spirit Lake remain in the full time care and custody of sexual predators, available to be raped daily.

Who, among you, wants that crime to continue?

If you want it to stop, why are you establishing committees and study groups, delaying the movement of these children to safety for years?

If you want to stop it, just stop it!

There are an extraordinary number of contradictory statements made by those who oppose our efforts to assist the children of Spirit Lake to get into safe homes. There are essentially two types of contradiction in the following 9 examples.  First, where two senior leaders of an agency or of different agencies take positions that are diametrically opposed to one another (Items # 1 and 4 fall into this category).  Second, when agency leadership claims in broad general terms that everything has been solved and, by the way, many of those allegations were just exaggerations and an enrolled member or other informed citizen objects and factually challenges these claims (Items #2, 3 and 5-9 fall into this second category). The following brief examples outline these nine contradictions:

  1. On October 11, 2012 Acting Assistant Secretary Sheldon was in Denver for a brief visit to the Region. He spent a great deal of time telling me that I was being too hard on all those involved with the  Spirit Lake Tribal Social Services program and that he had been assured by the Washington, DC leaders of the BIA and the Children’s Bureau that great progress had been made since I filed my first report, four months earlier. During that conversation, I responded to Mr. Sheldon’s claims with half a dozen examples of egregious systemic failures at Spirit Lake in the two weeks prior to his visit where children were being endangered by placing them in the care and custody of abusive parents or foster parents. He was unmoved by my examples that came directly from my sources living and working on Spirit Lake.

On November 5, 2012, less than 4 weeks after that discussion with Mr. Sheldon, then Spirit Lake Tribal Chair Roger Yankton was asked, during a General Assembly, by an enrolled member of the Spirit Lake Nation, “Are there any lies in Mr. Sullivan’s Reports?” Mr. Yankton’s response was, “No, there are none.” He was then asked, “Do you have any proof that the conditions those children are living in and which are cited by Mr. Sullivan have improved?” Mr. Yankton’s response to this question was, “No, there has been no change.” Chairman Yankton’s statements were made almost five full months after I started filing my Mandated Reports, after seven of my Reports had been submitted. These seven Reports contained 90 – 95% of an unduplicated count of the factual allegations I have made.

I reported this exchange at the General Assembly to Mr. Sheldon but never received any word from him indicating he had changed his mind from what he had expressed on October 11, 2012. To most readers, however, the contradiction should be obvious.

  1.  In the November 4, 2012 issue, the Fargo Forum quoted BIA spokeswoman, Nedra Darling as saying, “The BIA is working hard to ….protect the youngest and most vulnerable members of Indian Country.”

How does that statement square with Spirit Lake Tribal Chairman Yankton’s statement one day later that he knew of no change in the conditions about which I had been complaining in my Reports during the prior five months?

A recent article from the October 28, 2013 issue of the Grand Forks Herald is even more damning of the BIA’s failures at Spirit Lake, “Lolly Diaz, a former member of the Spirit Lake social services board said there is little evidence of improvement since the BIA took the lead on child protection and foster placement. ‘Nothing has changed from putting it over to the BIA’, Diaz said. ‘There really isn’t any difference in my opinion. They’re on a revolving door basis’, she added, referring to BIA staff brought in to help. ‘We don’t have anybody permanent here.’

In the last few days the following situation has been brought to my attention by a former TSS staff member who lives in close proximity to the Spirit Lake Reservation: a 13 year old little girl is staying with her grandmother approximately 80% of the time. Another relative an adult male also lives with the grandmother. This male is a registered, violent sex offender. The conduct of the 13 year old has been regressing and she has apparently told her non-custodial father that she is being sexually abused by this registered sex offender. The father has gone to BIA, TSS, Tribal Court and the Tribal Chair to complain about his daughter’s placement. He has been told by the BIA that it will be at least 30 days before they can even initiate an investigation. 

How many of us would be satisfied with Ms. Darling’s “working hard” when we understood it really meant at least a 30 day delay before any action would be taken to protect our 13 year old little girl from a vicious sexual predator?

  1. Ms. Darling in her November 4, 2012 comments to the press is quoted as saying, “The BIA maintains standards of professionalism and public safety…..” and “the highest levels of integrity and accountability of its employees.”

Despite these claims the BIA ignored the domestic violence of their senior criminal investigator at Spirit Lake for more than a year even though during this time he mercilessly beat his wife on several occasions. Each of these occasions was public, known all across the Reservation and known to the former BIA Superintendent as well as to his Deputy (the current BIA superintendent). None of these people did anything to protect this defenseless woman from these beatings.  When a friend of mine placed the victim’s affidavit into the hands of the number 2 person in BIA Law Enforcement in Washington, DC, BIA still did nothing.

How do these actions up and down the chain of command in BIA contribute to the “highest levels of integrity and accountability of its employees”?

  1. Acting Assistant Secretary Sheldon in his April 15, 2013 letters praised both the BIA and DOJ for their efforts to address the situation at Spirit Lake and essentially condemned me for incorporating my “… own personal views” and that “those views might be misinterpreted or misreported as those of the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) or the Department of Health and Human Services.” Mr. Sheldon went on, “after evaluating your reports, the Department does not share your view that the Bureau of Indian Affairs or the United States Attorney’s Office have (sic) been derelict in their duties….. We know that improvements have been made.”

In mid-August, 2013, you, Ms. Mcmullen, in a telephone conversation with one of my sources, Ms. Betty Jo Krenz, who was complaining about ACF’s refusal to allow me to attend a meeting in Bismarck, ND later that week said, “I don’t understand what could be gained by another meeting. We’ve been in meetings at Spirit Lake for two years and have seen little or no progress.” When I asked for a clarification four months ago, in late August, 2013, of the contradiction between these two positions, I was greeted with total silence.

When I asked both the Acting Assistant Secretary and you, Ms. McMullen for the factual basis for those April 15 letters, I have been stonewalled. Nothing has been provided. Perhaps that is because there is no factual basis for those conclusions. Given the facts on the record, however, most readers will agree there is a basic contradiction between what you said in August to Ms. Krenz and the letters, Acting Assistant Secretary Sheldon sent to me, Ms. Settles and Mr. Purdon on April 15, 2013, a contradiction that ACF leadership seems unwilling or unable to explain, despite my continuing requests for an explanation.

  1. On June 19, 2012 in response to my First Mandated Report, Mr. Purdon, the US Attorney for North Dakota wrote, “the United States Attorney’s Office in North Dakota shares your concern for the safety of Native children as can be seen in our strong track record of prosecuting and convicting the hands-on perpetrators of abuse and neglect on the reservations in North Dakota.” When I read those words I was impressed and hopeful

Hopeful, that is, until I reviewed the record of charges filed, indictments sought, plea deals made, trials and convictions for child sexual abuse originating from the Spirit Lake Reservation and could find only 2 cases in the last 25 months. I have been told that in most recent years there have been on average 50 cases of child sexual abuse per year reported, investigated and confirmed by child protection workers on Spirit Lake and referred to the FBI or US Attorney’s office for criminal investigation and prosecution.

That dismal record of only two cases of child sexual abuse from Spirit Lake in a 25 month period can be explained best, I believe, by the alleged rape of a 12 year old little girl who had just turned 13 on September 29, 2012, who was home alone when a 38 year old male friend of her mother’s stopped by and raped her. (This account of what happened to this little girl was provided by an enrolled member of the Spirit Lake Nation.) She called the police who, when they responded were given the alleged rapist’s name, address and physical description. BIA police did not take a rape kit. BIA police did not question the suspect for three weeks at which time he told them that, “She wanted to have sex with me. What was I supposed to do?” It was bad enough that the BIA police swallowed this line but so did the FBI and US Attorney Purdon. When statutory rape occurs in this manner with such an age discrepancy and these are the standards applied to determine whether to prosecute or not, it is remarkable that any child sexual abuse cases made it into Court during the last 25 months.

On February 27, 2013 US Attorney Purdon made the following statement, as told to me by an enrolled member of the Spirit Lake Nation who attended that Hearing, in a public meeting on the Spirit Lake Reservation, “Many of Sullivan’s allegations are just false.” Since he had never communicated such a view to me or to my sources, I immediately, that day, requested by email that he give me the courtesy of identifying which of my allegations were, in his words, “just false”. Now almost ten months later I await the documentation of his otherwise slanderous, self-serving characterization of my Reports.

  1. Both the BIA and US Attorney claim in many public statements that every allegation I have surfaced has been investigated. When I use the term “investigated” here, I assume this means that interviews with complainants and witnesses have been conducted, evidence has been gathered, reports filed with an appropriate supervisor and a determination made, based on that record, whether to recommend further legal action. I also assume that records of each investigation would be available for review by an appropriate independent, properly qualified reviewer. 

I have listed below ten possible crimes reported to the BIA and US Attorney which, if they have been investigated, that has been done privately without the benefit of interviewing those who were responsible for filing those complaints.

Why has there been no investigation of my 14 month old complaint filed against FBI Special Agent Cima?

Why has there been no investigation of the 15 month old charges of Domestic Violence against BIA’s Senior Criminal Investigator at Spirit Lake by his wife?

Why has there been no investigation into the destruction of the Incident Report completed by the CI’s wife in the Devils Lake Mercy Hospital Emergency Room after a particularly vicious beating at the CI’s hands in mid-August, 2012 by the former Director of the Spirit Lake Victim Assistance Program?

Why has there been no investigation of the complete and total failure of the state, FBI and BIA to investigate charges that were credibly brought several years ago against each of these entities?

Why has there been no investigation into the withholding of critically needed intensive rehabilitative services from several Spirit Lake children who have been sexually abused and severely beaten? If the purpose of preventing these children from gaining access to this therapy is to prevent the names of their predators who damaged these children from being revealed to professionals who have a legal obligation to make this information known to law enforcement, is this obstruction of justice? If it is, the entire leadership of the BIA Strike team should be indicted.

Why has there been no investigation into the Spirit Lake school system’s retaliatory actions against two mandated reporters – firing one and giving the other a letter of reprimand, simply because they were attempting to help a young child having difficulties in his foster home placement?

The Tribal Elder who observed two little boys engaging in anal sex in her yard called police immediately when she observed this behavior. No one in law enforcement took her statement. She tried to tell her story at the February 27, 2013 Hearing but she was shushed by US Attorney Purdon, the BIA leadership and all those on the platform. The US Attorney did say publicly he would speak to her privately after the Hearing concluded. He did not. Nor did anyone from his office take her statement. Why has there been no investigation into this complete failure of law enforcement in this particular case at Spirit Lake?

One day later, on February 28, 2013, these same two boys were observed by two little girls engaging in oral sex on a Spirit Lake School Bus. The little girls reported this to the bus driver, their teachers and the school principal. All of these supposedly responsible people said and did nothing about this incident. None of them filed a Form 960 as required. Why has there been no investigation into the failures of these adults to fulfill their responsibilities? What else are they failing to do?

Why has there been no investigation of the decision to place a four month old, previously meth-addicted infant in the unsupervised full time care and custody of her meth-addicted mother. The mother had been required to complete a lengthy drug treatment program with periodic, unannounced testing to make sure she was still not using. She never completed that treatment program and refused to take any tests during it. Despite these facts this infant was returned to her full time care and custody by the Tribal Court.

Why has there been no investigation of the unexplained removal of a child from her mother’s home without cause in December, 2012, the perjured, sworn testimony of the BIA Social Worker self-identified as Gabrielle who swore that she had sought kinship care but could not find any kin willing to take this child. This child’s aunt is Ms. Molly McDonald, former Tribal Judge and one of my sources, and her grandfather is Leander McDonald, current Tribal Chair. Neither was contacted by this or any other BIA social worker. When this child was finally returned in April, 2013 her mother was told that she was prohibited from speaking to her aunt, my source, Ms. Molly McDonald. Why is the BIA resorting to such tactics? Is there some fear that the truth might emerge?

All of the information in these accounts of possible criminal activity which has not been investigated at Spirit Lake have been provided by sources who are enrolled members or former employees with close ties to a large number of enrolled residents of Spirit Lake.

The bias reflected in all of these non-investigations at Spirit Lake may well rise to the standard set by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in their decision in the Oravec case. 

  1.  On June 27, 2013, a meeting was convened in Bismarck, ND in the offices of Scott Davis, Indian Affairs Commissioner for the state of North Dakota. The meeting was attended by Mr. Davis, congressional staff from the offices of the two senators and one representative and a delegation of enrolled members from the Spirit Lake Nation, including several Elders, former Tribal Judges, a former Tribal Chair and several former Council members.

During the meeting Mr. Davis made several derogatory remarks about me and the Reports I had been filing. Mr. Davis has never made any attempt to me to speak with me or to discuss my Reports with me.

Ms. Molly McDonald, a former Spirit Lake Tribal Judge challenged Mr. Davis on his derogatory remarks about me. She said, “I have never met Tom Sullivan but he is the only fed we trust. After more than five years of complaining about conditions at Spirit Lake to tribal, state and federal government officials who did nothing in response to our complaints, he is the only one who returned our calls. What is in his reports are our stories told to him by us, faithfully recorded and reported by him. Tom Sullivan is the only one we trust in government at any level.” I am not aware of any response from Mr. Davis to Ms. McDonald.

Mr. Davis is a good example of those who have libeled and slandered me. They have never met me and apparently have not read my on-line bio available at the ACF Region 8 web site. Clearly most have done little more than skim thru my 13 Reports about Spirit Lake, if they have done even that. None have sought me out to discuss the basis for my strongly held opinions about the unacceptable treatment of so many Native American children at Spirit Lake. For many, like Mr. Davis, those children seem to be an after-thought.

  1. I believe the highest obligation for every adult, whether working for government or not, who is aware of this situation is to insure the safety of those children who were abruptly removed from safe, off-reservation placements and returned to on-reservation placements in many cases to the full-time care and custody of known sex offenders where they were available to be raped daily as well as those children placed in unsafe homes in the care of addicts and abusers as a result of decisions made by BIA, TSS and Tribal Court.

The leadership of my agency has instructed me that my belief that the safety of those children is paramount in this matter does not reflect the policy position of either my agency or my department. Despite my request for the Agency’s and Department’s policy in these circumstances, no one in that leadership has provided any information on what that is.

From what my sources and I have experienced during the last 18 months the highest priority of the state, the FBI, BIA as well as other federal agencies has been to silence us, to label us as liars, as incompetents not qualified to identify the abuse of a child, to minimize the seriousness of this situation with their fabricated, self-serving claims. Among those claims are, “It’s a new problem.”; “This problem arose because the Tribe lost the person responsible for filing their forms.”; “If those whistleblowers would shut up everything would be fine.”; “Everything is fine.”; “They are making great progress.”; “You are expecting too much progress too quickly.”; “They are working hard.”; “it’s all fixed.”; “We’re doing a great job for kids.”; “You are not a subject matter expert.”

None of these claims were true when spoken. None are true now.

If that self-serving approach were held by those who served on the Grand Jury that indicted Jerry Sandusky on 45 counts of child sexual abuse, there would have been no indictments. It would have been decided that none of the witnesses against Sandusky were credible because Jerry would have told the Grand Jury all of those witnesses were lying and they would have believed him.

Are the children of State College, PA more deserving of protection from child rape than the American Indian children of Spirit Lake, ND? If not, why the lengthy delay in rescuing the children of Spirit Lake from their rapists?

It appears that every agency involved with Spirit Lake has elected to follow a path that leaves young, defenseless children in the full-time care and custody of addicts and sexual predators rather than getting these children into safe homes as quickly as possible. In doing this, these agencies and their actions track the same path followed by the leadership of both Penn State and the Catholic Church when these organizations sought to protect their institution’s reputation by covering up the rape of children. I believe such an approach is wrong, disastrous for those children and with the capacity to do significant long term damage to the reputation of the agencies involved.

If your son or daughter were in the full time care and custody of known addicts and rapists and had been for more than a year, would you agree with those public agencies which wished to study the issue to determine what course of action to follow, knowing the study would take another year? Or would you demand that your children be removed immediately from the care and custody of addicts and rapists and that those same addicts and rapists be indicted for their crimes?

  1. Almost a month ago a good friend and supporter of mine sent me an email recounting a conversation she had just had with a congressional staff member by the name of Kenneth Martin who works for the Senate Indian Affairs Committee. Apparently, Mr. Martin had a quite strong reaction when my name came up during their meeting. I understand Mr. Martin to have said, “He no longer has that job.” “It would be illegal to prohibit him from filing Mandated Reports.” “Mr. Sullivan is a liar and that would be proven in a hearing.”

Mr. Martin has never attempted to speak with me. He has never sent me any written inquiries about my Reports. If he has copies of them, I doubt that he has spent much time in reviewing them. I can only assume his comments were driven by prior conversations with Washington, DC staff from BIA, DOJ or my own agency. Wherever they come from, he has made slanderous statements about me.

I still work for ACF as Regional Administrator in Denver..

I also believe prohibiting me from filing Mandated Reports is an illegal act.  I trust he has initiated a congressional oversight investigation into this matter to determine whether there is a factual basis to proceed to indictments.

I would be pleased to appear before the US Senate Indian Affairs Committee if I were subpoenaed, placed under oath and asked to answer any questions about conditions at Spirit Lake. Then we would know who the real liars are.

Thomas F. Sullivan                                                                                                                                      Regional Administrator, ACF, Denver


You know where to find me.




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December 16, 2013  ---Printer Version (8)
Shifting Shape

Everyone I have talked to so far, that was at the big Song and Dance put on by the Attorney General, agrees it was a worthless exercise of desperation on the part of government agencies to shift the crime of child rape into the realm of “Problem” and “Issue”, so that people won’t recognize it as a “Crime”.

If they can shift it into the more vague, undefined realm of ‘issue’ or ‘problem’ they can put on their serious faces and say they are ‘working’ on it; ‘studying it’, and they can self-promote their ‘foundations’ and ‘orgs’, which will also access additional government funds, while remaining tax exempt, and networking with political power brokers, who can connect them higher up, which will give them access to more of these same kind of song & dance committees, which will raise their profile, … get them more money….

‘Round and ‘round it goes… it never stops until everyone knows. Meanwhile, children are being raped. Law enforcement hides their hands behind their backs, looks up at the ceiling, and whistles an aimless tune, ignoring the report of a level 3 sex offender’s victim, who is now forced to continue living with that sex offender, being told that this won’t even begin to be ‘investigated’ for at least another 30 days… likely longer….

They have to make you stop talking about the child rapes on the rez as a ‘crime’… they hold these events, put on their celebrities, and their slick sales talkers, hit the media, both print and TV and radio… “Issue, problem, study”

But we can stop this song and dance. We can call in, write in, comment in and call it what it is: “Child Rape is a Crime”.

Further, government agents or agencies that refuse to act on rescuing that child immediately, are committing a crime merely by their delay.  At this point, we can call them “accessories to child rape”, both after the fact and ongoing, since the rapes continue during their delays.

They hope that by delaying the rescue, the victim will be terrorized into silence or better yet, recanting, so that Timothy Purdon can again clear his board and say: “not cooperating”, ‘recanted’… even though a medical examination would prove the rapes have been occurring.

Now, you have to ask them ‘why’ they refuse to act on any of the 13 Mandated Reports, or upon the victim’s reports since then. We have to, when we speak about these things, call them what they are: “Rape”, “Child Rape”, and a “Crime”.

We cannot buy into that slick song and dance presentation and let them get away with shaping something as horrid as Child Rape as ‘an issue’ or ‘problem’.

It is a crime and they are responsible for allowing it to continue. THEY are breaking the law. 

Remember how the BIA and Tribal Social Services, along with Tribal Chair Russ McDonald falsely claimed there were 960’s on Marva Tollefson to “teach you a lesson”… the “lesson” being to keep her mouth shut about the rapes and abuse committed by those both in high places and connected to those in high places.

These Federal Agencies and Tribal Agencies abuse their power over the people they are supposed to be protecting.  They act like a criminal syndicate more than a legitimate government agency. 

One Hand Washes The Other

No one in the USAG’s office, and no one in Heidi Heitkamp’s little $2Million “Committee” will allow the terms “Child Rape” or “Crime” to be used.  Nor will they speak to anyone that points to the BIA’s behavior as being corrupt, or even as ‘failing’. 

And the BIA won’t let anyone say that the USAG has failed, or been complicit in allowing these horrific crimes against children to go uninvestigated.  They protect each other.  They do not protect the children.

They are hard at work right now trying to get the laws changed so that they don’t have to protect the children. Just change the terminology, shift it around a little bit.

And when the next child is murdered, they will be appalled. “Hearts and prayers are with…” and “…looking into this…could not foresee… making sure it never happens again…. “

And when another young person or even a child commits suicide because there is no rescue…only more rape and abuse… let’s call that one… “natural causes”.

The Solution to Crime

To Create More Crime

From Out of the Shadows

Because we, those of us who know about these crimes and care about the victims and the community involved won’t let government at any level slide by on this, we have forced a ‘stirring in the Force’, if you will.

They cannot pretend it’s not happening. They cannot pretend it’s not that bad. They have to answer or appear to respond to public pressure to ‘do something!’.  So, they put on this ‘show’ and hope that it will appease all of us, especially all of you who have been phoning, emailing, writing, demanding action.

Their action is both meaningless and very telling. It forces those who are behind the scenes, in the shadows so-to-speak, to push out onto the stage, puppets that wriggle and dance, to make it appear as if there is ‘action’.

If you don’t buy it, they will have to dance a little harder, sing a little louder and try to drown you out. “ISSUE!” “PROBLEM!” “COMMITTEE!” “STUDY!”

And we yell back: “CRIME!”

You see, if they admit it is a crime, they are stuck. Really stuck. 

Why wasn’t it investigated before? If they say it was, how badly incompetent were those who investigated that they could not, would not bring charges against those who were raping children?

Should they be allowed to hold office if they are at that level of incompetence? Should they be allowed to hold a law license if they allowed crimes of that nature to continue? Could giving the criminals and the corrupt who benefited from these crimes more money be seen as yet another level of crime?

They have all become complicit in these crimes by trying to cover up the crimes by not calling Child Rape a crime.  They are all trying to stop the investigation into Child Rape.

When you noticed, they waited to see if you would ‘move on to the next shiny object’ and be distracted.  When that didn’t work, they made incredulous statements, but the facts got in the way and they were being revealed so they started shuffling paper, pushing smoke and mirrors out to the front… and still, you were not fooled.

So now, this laughable show where they refuse to allow anyone that has identified the crime, the victims, or the perpetrators to law enforcement, are allowed near their stage.  They don’t want you to see those who have identified the crime and who will call it a crime.

They only want people involved who are so far away from caring about it, they will never be a ‘threat’ to the criminal structure in place.  That structure, its beams and bulwarks, is where those shadows stir and do not want to be seen.  They’ll threaten to bring down the entire structure should one of them be snagged by ankle and dragged out into the light to answer for their actions/inactions.

Ask them, since they like to say they have been ‘working on this for years’… ask them:

Make them answer. They won’t. But make them answer anyway. The more you make them answer, the more they have to say, and eventually, they will run out of songs, dance, shuffle, smoke and mirrors, and stand before you, as they are: Accomplices who have been using political office as their base of operations for decades.

Remember: George Sheldon ‘solved the problem of child abuse’ when he was Director of DCF in Florida, by making it illegal for social workers to investigate the crimes against children, regardless of how seriously they were being abused or raped, neglect or worse. 

Social workers were not allowed to investigate histories of abuse related to any child or incident. Each incident had to be treated as if there had been no incident or series of incidents preceding it.

The Social Workers had to get the abuser to ‘promise to never do it again’. 

And when that promise was made, before the bruises, burns, scratches or internal bleeding had healed on the children, those files were closed.

If it happened again, it was a new file, a new case, and no previous history would be allowed to be investigated. 

More than half the children who died in the nation in 2009, while in government care, more than half, were in Florida, and George Sheldon was responsible for enabling their abusers, rapists and murderers while forcing his social workers to say nothing, do nothing.

For that, he received high praise from Marrianne McMullen and hired to work as the Assistant Undersecretary to her at the head of the ACF in Washington, DC.  He failed up in a spectacular way, even as the horrific murders of the children in Florida were making headlines… no one touched him, and he was entirely responsible for there being no safe way, no rescue, no relief for those kids.

Before he abruptly left the ACF he gave an illegal order to Thomas Sullivan forbidding him from acting in his official capacity as Director of ACF, Division VIII, to make another mandated report.  Most expressly so because Sullivan went to the core of the problem identifying the BIA as being unwilling to do their job.  He had the proof to back that up.

Sullivan was muzzled. Not even allowed to attend meetings and conferences specifically relating to the child rapes on Spirit Lake.  He is not allowed to discuss his findings. His superiors will not even respond to his inquiries.

Sullivan’s credentials out match those of his superiors. They are where they are as the result of political payoffs, cronyism, not by credentialed qualifications or years of service in the field.

They are there for political reasons. He is in his job because he cares about people, and he cares about crimes against children.  Sullivan, like the rest of us, sees a direct correlation between the crimes against children and the violence against the community by those children when they are no longer children. 

To break the cycle, we must first protect the children. If you want a safer future, you have to make the present safer for the children.  More and more, people are seeing that connection.

So, when Tim Purdon, Eric Holder, Heidi Heitkamp refuse to act to protect the children, they are refusing to make your future, and the future of your children safer. They are contributing to making it more dangerous, more fearful, more costly, more heartbreaking.

If we allow them to get away with this, we deserve the fear, terror, grief we get in the future.  

Remember when you hear about some strong arm robbery, rape, kidnapping, assault or whatever it is that makes us buy stronger locks, and warn our children, that the person committing that crime was once a child, beaten, raped, robbed and those who knew about it, protected those who were preying on him or her.

Will you remember how you tried to change that? Or will you remember that you were waiting for others to do it because you didn’t want to take the time to write an email or make a phone call?

They’re Only Safe When They Are In The Shadows

The shadows lurking in the beams, girders, bulwarks and corners have sent their puppets out to dance around this thing and distract us from what it is and where it is.

If those puppets fail, they’ll send out more, and more, and they will all fail. Eventually, if we give them no rest and we keep shining the light into those places where they are hiding and we start looking at who they really are, and we can force them into the light where we can see, really see who they are, who they are connected to and what they have done.

It won’t be pretty. There will be some major disillusionment as those whom we thought were champions, turned out to be hollow armor, just part of the show.  But nothing will ever change if we don’t make it change.

We make it change by not accepting their shape shifting, their lies, their massaging the message to make it softer, more acceptable. It’s more acceptable to wait for “issues, problems” to be ‘studied’ or ‘worked on’.

Who among us can say we will accept or tolerate their stalling around while the crime of child rape is being committed and they know who is doing it and they know who is getting hurt?

Make them call it a crime. Make them investigate it as a crime. If it brings the whole house down, so be it. It means the house was rotten and vile to begin with.

Once we bring this down, we can, together, rebuild a better house, with cleaner beams, girders and no shadows lurking in the corners, grabbing our children, poisoning our future.

You may think you have not had any effect because ‘nothing has changed’.  But in reality, you have made them very uncomfortable, and forced them to start wriggling and squirming, and putting on puppet shows where serpents dance, while they applaud themselves and one another.

Fold your arms. Do not applaud. Make them look you in the eye. Tell them you know. Tell them you know “Child Rape is a Crime.”

The laws are clear. They are just not being enforced.  Force them to enforce the laws or step out of the way while others step in who will enforce the laws against Child Rape.

Sandusky was small potatoes.  He was a vile, cruel, perverted man. And he could not have gotten away with it for decades without powerful political assistance.  But he was the only one to go down for this crime. None of those who covered for him, enabled him or prevented investigations has ever been looked at. But you know they are there. He could not have done any of this without them protecting him.

Now you see who is protecting the predators by reading the names and the emails of those who have used everything in their power to prevent Thomas Sullivan from pursuing reports and investigations into child rape.

You’ve seen George Sheldon’s record and you know he is slime on a stick. You’ve seen Tim Purdon refuse to investigate any cases of child rape on Spirit Lake Rez.  You’ve seen media give him softball interviews without follow up questions.

Don’t wait for someone else to push this. You push it. You call, you write, you confront (civilly), every time you know he is at an event. Demand answers. From him, from Heitkamp… ask her what she expects her ‘study’ will accomplish in the three years? Ask her how many children will be raped in that three years while she’s ‘studying’ it. Ask her if Child Rape is a crime. If she says “yes” (she won’t) then ask her why she has not pursued criminal investigations or forcing the USAG to investigate.

For some reason, all these government agencies don’t want to protect the children, and they go so far as to silence anyone who would make a report of child rape: be it Mr. Sullivan or a 13-year old girl, forced to endure frequent rapes by a level three sex offender while law enforcement refuses to even begin to investigate for another 30 days or more.

Are Indian Children ‘meat’ to feed to perverted predators while politicians prance around? Boo the dance. Boo the dancers. Don’t quit until you get real answers.

Drive their puppets out of office, and drive the shadows out into the light.  We must see who and what, all this time has been hurting these children and making our futures, our present, more fearful, less secure.

What we will find is the mess that has been wrecking our lives, our sense of safety and well-being, and they have been some of the most politically powerful, or connected to the most politically powerful people… and we will have to pursue them all, run them out of every high place and corner, and reclaim this world for the good and decent Human Beings we are. 

We can’t do that, or even begin to do that if we don’t start with the children we know are being hurt and the predators we know are hurting them.  But first we must remove from power, those who are protecting the predators.  Once they are disempowered, removed, we can begin to turn this around.

We have seen the BIA, HHS, USAG and ACF all close ranks to silence the report makers and the victims. They revealed themselves when they did that. We have to recognize what we are seeing in those powerfully connected people: Evil.

Some call it ‘weakness’, but Evil cannot exist without extremely weak people in powerful positions.

We must drag them into the light by calling it what it is: a Crime. We must drag Evil into the light where it will perish as it is revealed, unable to sustain its strength when the truth is known and the truth is spoken and the truth is believed.

Know the Truth. Speak the Truth. Believe the Truth. It is our greatest strength and it resides in each of us. Collectively, we are so powerful that the shadows fear us. We know they fear us. We have seen their puppets and that serpents dance. 

Individually we can make them uncomfortable. Collectively, we make them dance.

You know where to find me.




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December 13,  2013--- Printer Version (5)
The “Experts” on the Committee
: Carnival of the Clueless, The Won't & The Self-Promoters

One of the people that Mr. Listenbee was so proud of in his praise for his Committee (Advisory Committee of the Attorney General’s Task Force On American Indian/Alaska Native Children Exposed to Violence or “ACAGTFAIANCETV”, or BS for short) was Joanne Shenandoah, PhD, Iroquois. 

So, I decided to look into who this Best of the Best “Experts in the Field of Child Abuse” Mr. LIstenbee was so high on, and what I found is astoundingly, profoundly, a fraud upon the Taxpayers, and a cruel joke on any child in Spirit Lake ‘waiting’ for relief or rescue from being raped.

Ms. Shenandoah, PhD notwithstanding, is a performer. In fact, most of the people on the Committee are or must be purely a joke.  Her biggy is that she performed (sang) for the Dalai Lama.  How does that qualify anyone as an expert in the field of Child abuse? She’s listed as a ‘Composer/Singer’.  Is she going to sing to the rape victims? Sing about their abuse?

She is the Co-Chair of this ‘Committee’ of clowns.

Another member of the committee is Chaske Spencer. Teen heartthrob from the Twilight series. He’s an Actor. He’s not an expert in Child abuse.  He has his own organization that he is promoting: “Shift”.  He’s here to market, not to rescue children from rapists.

Byron Dorgan who has made a fortune as a Senator.  He ignored the corruption and child abuse the entire time he was representing North Dakota. Here he is, again!  What does he bring to the table that he did not bring to the table years ago?  He works for “Think Tank”. “Think Tank” is code for “political marketing strategies”. How to convince the masses to vote for your guy based on promises your guy never intends to keep.

Eric Broderick, DDS, MPH, Rear Admiral…Former Deputy Administrator of the Substance Abuse, Mental Health Services Administration… Ok, fine. How many Mandated Reports has he filed? This is not a ‘mental health issue’, this is the ongoing, unrelenting CRIME of child rape. It’s a crime, not a ‘problem’ to be studied.

At least he’s not a teen heartthrob or a singer/composer who can cry on cue.

Anita Fineday  JD, MPA, Managing Director, Indian Child Welfare Program, White Earth Band of Ojibwe, formerly Chief Judge for White Earth Tribal Nation, *Casey Family Programs (*we’ll revisit Casey Family Programs in a later blog. They seem to show up in a lot of places where children are dying in government care, but change nothing) and how’s her record on Child abuse in White Earth? All cleaned up now? No? So, what is she bringing?

She’s got a JD, that Juris Doctorate. She knows the law. Since she’s been on this fancy schmancy committee how long will it take her to figure out that Child Rape, placing children with Level Three Sex Offenders, Refusing to investigate Mandated Reports, are all ‘CRIMES’?  Will she demand a raid on the tribe? Raid Tribal Social Services? Call in SWAT to remove the rape victims? Or, does she also sing and dance?

Jefferson Keel (Chickasaw Nation), Bronze Star “V” for Valor recipient (Viet Nam) (How old is this guy?) He has a Bachelor’s Degree and a Masters Degree, but they don’t say what it in. For all I know, it’s ‘Music’.  He has three children and eight grandchildren. How does ANY of that qualify him as an expert on Child Rape? Child Trafficking?

So far, all I am seeing is that Indians are thrown onto this committee regardless of qualifications in the field of Law and Child Rape, Child Abuse, Child Trafficking.  I see no success stories from any of them, or even their involvement in any issues involving these crimes.

It gets a little better with Ron Whitner, JD, (Squaxin Island Tribe). He has a list of qualifications/degrees all in LAW. And in Tribal Law. Okay, now we are getting somewhere, what does he think is the LAW regarding Mandated Reports of crimes against children?  At what point after receiving information that children are being placed in abusive, violent homes does he think they should actually be investigated and the children rescued?  At what point after getting a report of a child being raped by an adult, does he think the adult should be arrested? Or does he agree with Tim Purdon that a girl who just turned 13 and was raped by a 38-year old man is probably more responsible than the man. (Reminder: She was incarcerated, he’s still laughing & raping). I’m sure that with his wall full of degrees in law, he understands the protocol that is clearly mapped out by the BIA/IHS in 2012 stating that Child abuse (and yes, rape is ‘abuse’) is the jurisdiction of the Federal Government.

I would be very interested in knowing how Mr. Whitner has been filled in on the particular issues that have been the root reason why the USAG has been forced to put on this Carnival of Song and Dance. And, if he is not filled in, perhaps he should take it upon his most educated self to research any and all of the 13 Mandated Reports. 

Take your Time Mr. Whitner. Children being raped, abused, beaten and we know who they are, where they are and the reports have been in for over a year now.  No new reports because Mr. George Sheldon, before abruptly departing his post as Undersecretary at ACF, forbade Thomas Sullivan from officially doing his job or talking to anyone in the Media, or in the Senate, or the Congress.  Perhaps Mr. Whitner, with the Tsunami of parchment on his wall, can figure out how many crimes are being committed by forbidding the filing of reports by a Mandated Reporter.

So far, he, and the rest of this comical cast, have done nothing. They have been paid for their work on this committee and they have done all they can to define this as a ‘problem’ that requires a lot of head scratching, and marketing, and enterprise… but it is not a ‘problem’, and marketing and enterprise never stopped any child from being raped.  It’s a CRIME.

The first duty of any Committee should be to ‘Define the Mission’. So far, no one on that commission has uttered the word “Crime”, or even “Child rape”. To them, it is not a ‘Crime’, it’s an “issue” or a “problem”, or “complex”…

If they identify it as a crime, they have to pursue a criminal investigation and that brings in a whole lot of stink and ugly and all those politicians and their friends in Foundations and Orgs that raise money by exploiting American Indians, their lands and resources, will find their unholy alliances with pedophiles and those who protect pedophiles, exposed. Their ‘successful careers’ might be seen in a very different light.

And all those Spokesmodels for ‘marketing, enterprise and opportunity’ who have found a way to cash in and increase their bottom lines by hitching onto this committee should be ashamed of themselves.  

Most deplorable in all of this is the Fraud put upon the entire nation by USAG Eric Holder in putting together a traveling roadshow complete with clowns, whose only qualifications are their Native names, heritage, and celebrity status.  I suspect more than a few are very strong political operatives and this sweet committee deal where no real qualifications in the area of crimes against children are required, no understanding of the laws themselves, are more of a political payoff to cronies than anything else.

They are being paid and spending our tax dollars to convince us that they are trying to solve this problem but that it eludes them. They want to study it. They want to praise themselves for their great works… they want to do everything and anything except have the pedophiles arrested, or the children rescued.  It is an outrage.

This Committee of the ‘Best of the Best’ should come to town with calliope music, jugglers and they should all come out of the clown car in costume.

There are billions of dollars that go into Indian Country that are known to go directly into the hands of the corrupt.  Instead of arresting the corrupt, they give them more money.  Instead of arresting them for child trafficking or failing to arrest the rapists, they send in committees to look at ALL of it as if nothing can be done to rescue one child until they have reached a unanimous consensus on how to rescue ALL the children and fix the whole thing--- without ever once calling it a “CRIME”.

So, the children wait, and wait and wait. They are raped, they are beaten, they are trafficked, they are murdered. They suicide, they become addicts. They become violent themselves.  But USAG Eric Holder can’t bring himself to call Child Rape a “Crime”. He’s established a committee of song and dance to convince us all that it is not a crime. It’s a marketing problem.

When you have nothing but political cronies, celebrity self-promoters with no real world experience in Child Trafficking, you are not trying to solve anything. You’re cynically hoping to fog the stage with so much smoke and stink that people will just give up and walk away.

You can read the entire cast of characters and their credentials here.   When you come to the celebrities, get mad that they would self-promote on this. Children are being raped and they take the opportunity to promote their foundations, organizations, workshops, etc.

When you see the ones who have degrees in law, ask why they are not demanding arrests for the crime of child rape.  Keep asking. It’s important that Eric Holder and his inept Carnival of Clowns not get away with perpetrating this fraud upon the nation.

Updated Info On George Sheldon

You simply must read this article.

You can connect the dots, but don’t worry, I’ll help you:

George Sheldon, before he was tapped to become Assistant Undersecretary of ACF, had one of the most horrific records for failure as Director of Florida’s DCF, where in 2009, under the policy changes he made and installed, fully more than half of the child deaths of children in government care, came from Florida. Think about that: 49 other states, totaled, were less than the number of deaths in Florida.

Some of the deaths were too horrific to imagine. A little girl tortured, burned, beaten, stuffed in a bucket, gasoline, set on fire… this after multiple/ repeated reports of her abuse.

What was the policy he instituted for the State? “Make the abuser ‘promise’ not to do it again. Then close the case.” I kid you not. Regardless of whether it was sexual abuse, torture, or what, DCF would close the case if the parent promised not to do it again.

Further, he also mandated that the social workers could not look at any history of abuse, or environment of abuse, or even the condition of the victim, but only look at the specific, that one time (regardless of how many previous times) incident of abuse.  And if the abuser promised not to do it again, close the file, walk away.

That is how he dealt with Child Abuse in Florida. His successor followed right in his tracks. And, when the 40th child was murdered while in DCF care (closed files) between January and July, Wilkins abruptly quit his post.

George Sheldon jumped in and quit his post as Assistant Undersecretary to run for Florida Attorney General.  As Attorney General, he can block investigations, even destroy files that might lead back to him and his regime from 2009 or earlier. 

With Florida having the highest number of child deaths and the most insane ‘rules’ for investigating which make it impossible to investigate crimes against children, someone might notice and someone might start an investigation. It’s important that he get in there and block what he can, hide or destroy anything that will lead back to him.

How did he get to be the Director of DCF in the first place? Another political payoff?

When are we going to start hiring people who are qualified rather than making political payoffs to donors, fundraisers and cronies? Children are being raped and murdered and all we get is politicians praising those who make it possible, inevitable and protected practices.

We can start by demanding that the real “Experts” on the crimes against children on the rez are the people who have been, in their professional capacity, reporting it and demanding action.

We need people bold enough to call it what it is: A Crime.

It’s not a “Problem”.  Not “An Issue”.  It’s a Crime and there are laws and there are protocols and they are not being followed by the very people who should be enforcing those laws. 

Instead, we get a teen heartthrob and a woman who can cry on cue. We get political cronies, and people who should know better and act upon this, but refuse to.

Our future is more violent, less secure, more expensive because the present it a living nightmare for children who cannot escape their rapists, and a government that makes a joke out of the whole thing.

Am I the only one angry about this?


You know where to find me.




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December 12, 2013 --- Printer Version (5)
Pride & Serpents’ Dance

So, they had the big Conference in Bismarck and all the ‘important’ people acknowledged and thanked one another and told everyone what a great job they were doing… blah, blah, blah…

It wasn’t until half way through the Mutual Admiration Society ordeal where everything was talked about except the fact that nothing has yet to be done to curb the sexual violence against women and children on the rez, and at the lunch break when Betty Jo Krenz received an email notice that she would not be allowed to speak at the event. 

They had too many other people and unfortunately….. yes, ‘unfortunately’.  You and I know that no one in the entire State of North Dakota has done more to bring to the attention of law enforcement and the government the fact that there are children being deliberately placed in the care of registered sex offenders.  She is the one that has the facts and can absolutely pinpoint the problem as being an unwillingness on the part of anyone and everyone in law enforcement to arrest a single level three sex offender who is currently raping children.

They don’t want to hear that.  They want to say that in the more than two years that this has been reported to them, they have made committees, done studies, will be issuing reports, suggestions on what to do.

Let me know when they figure out that what they are supposed to do is arrest the rapists, and rescue the children.  That is what the law says. The law also says they are supposed to investigate the crimes, not create committees, and do studies.

Children are being raped and murdered and they want to do studies? Is rape against the law? Is raping children against the law? Where’s the complication? What needs to be studied?

Clearly, the serpents are being forced out from under their rocks and into the light of day.  So they pretend with their dance as they move around but never get near the actual crime of child rape, that they are ‘busy’ doing something.

They talk about ‘experts in the field of child abuse’… hmmm… so do the ‘experts’ have an opinion on whether those who rape children should be arrested?  Do those ‘experts’ have an opinion on whether children who are being raped should be forced to live with their rapists?  Well, no, not yet. They are ‘studying’ that.

They do want to talk about more funding and more business opportunities. Yes, because adding more money and more business to a community that suffers under the oppression of rampant corruption and child abuse is how you get pedophiles to stop raping children?  Show me where that has worked before, please.

To men like Scott Davis, the solution to rampant child abuse is more business opportunity… he belongs to a foundation that promotes that as the solution to everything.  Get more government money, fail, don’t touch the problem of corruption, fail, and then get more government money.

People like Scott Davis are only there to bleed money out of the government, using any crisis to springboard into that direction, regardless of whether it is inappropriate or even illogical.  It’s about money.

Putting more money into corruption does what, exactly?

Dance, serpents Dance!  Dance as far away from the ugliness of the crimes as you can… tell people you’re working really hard… experts in the field… bringing together… more money  *Slow Clap*

Listen to Listenbee

Chris Berg hit it out of the park again on his show in his interview with Robert Listenbee, Administrator of the Office of Juvenile Delinquency & Prevention.  That man Listenbee is amazing! He dances like no other snake on the field. I was in awe. He is both an ‘expert on Child Abuse with more than 30 yrs experience’ and ‘relatively new to government having only been involved in this committee, project for the last 9 months.’  “Arrived March 25, 2013”. See? “New”.

So, he is both the man to listen to and the guy not willing to be held accountable for anything because he’s ‘new’.  Two snakes in one!

So, there’s this national problem of child abuse on the reservations. He won’t say it’s ‘rampant’, but he will say that 60% of the children have been exposed to violence. (Not rampant?) He won’t use the term “Sexual Abuse”.

So, we have a national problem but he doesn’t see the national government agencies such as the BIA or the USAG as being anywhere near the problem dynamics so he won’t discuss them.  Excuse me? The two agencies that have failed miserably and created and enabled the sexual abuse of children to spiral into over 60%, but he’s not going to discuss them because they are not part of what he is ‘studying’ in his committee? The very agencies that have caused the problems in ND, and elsewhere are not factored into the study? Why not? Have they no obligation to enforce the laws against child rape?

“This is not an investigation of the BIA or the US Attorney Generals in these areas….”

Apparently, it is also not an investigation into the pedophiles and registered sex offenders who have children in their custody and control.  Nor is it an investigation into the corruption in Tribal Social Services, nor is it even an investigation into the 13 Mandated Reports that have yet to fulfill protocol by those to whom they were submitted in the past two years.

Exactly what IS Mr. Listenbee, the “expert” in the field of child abuse with 30 years experience (doing what?), exactly what is he ‘investigating’ or studying? What numbers is he looking at? Numbers don’t have faces. They’re easy. It’s math. And here’s the best part: While he is ‘studying’ this in his ‘committee’ along with the ‘best experts in the country’, more children are being raped, and children who have reported being raped, are still being raped because he’s doing a ‘study’.

He hit all of the key words or talking points that actually say nothing: “We have brought together some of the best experts in the nation and it is the responsibility of this task force, which is an independent Federal Advisory Committee, to examine the problem and how to provide Bold Recommendations to the Attorney General on how to address this problem, … recommend really strong solutions…long term solutions… also looking at short term solutions…also looking at low hanging fruit, things that can be addressed immediately…”

So, here’s some ‘low hanging fruit for ya, Mr. Listenbee: There is right now, a report made that a Level 3 Sex Offender is raping a 13 yr. Old girl. You’ve got that report. Now, show us what ‘immediately addressing’ that ‘problem’ is like?

It’s not a ‘problem’--- it’s a crime. It’s even defined in the criminal code. And there is a protocol for whose obligation it is, exactly who has jurisdiction, and it is the Federal Government.

Yes, yes, he would ‘like to’ fix these specific cases… he just won’t even look in that direction.

When he was asked about how all this sexual abuse of children on the rez came to the attention of the Federal Government, he danced around that as well. He has all these experts and they have been studying this for quite some time. He won’t say who they are or for how long, but I can guarantee you that none of his ‘experts in the field’ are those who have made the reports. Not one of the people he has consulted is Thomas Sullivan, Betty Jo Krenz, Dr. Tilus, Sister JoAnne Streifel… because they know EXACTLY what is going on and what needs to be done.

Dance, baby, dance! You’re the expert with over 30 years experience. Tell us what you do when you get a report of a child being raped by a Level 3 Sex Offender? And he dances away, slithering offstage, big smile… he thinks he’s fooled the entire audience.

The other interview that Chris Berg conducted was with former Senator Byron Dorgan, who has found a way to make a buck or two off of this by also starting a ‘foundation’.  Yes, more “foundations”, more “.orgs” – great way to tap into more government dollars and tax exemptions… but what exactly has he done for the children who are being raped? Given them ‘jobs’, ‘enterprise’? What, exactly?  Or is he also claiming to be ‘new’?

Berg asked Dorgan if he would talk to Thomas Sullivan and Dorgan said: “Sure—if he’s there,” knowing full well that Mr. Sullivan is not allowed to perform any of the functions of his job, and is in fact, forbidden by his superiors from issuing any further Mandated Reports of sexual abuse. He is to “dial 911”, remember?

So, there you have it, all the serpents on the stage, wiggling and wriggling and undulating to the talking points that say nothing, talking to no one who has directly reported these abuses, ‘studying’, and blah, blah, blah.

They all want to help, but they are too busy trying to cover it up. If that doesn’t work, you can bet your life they might, just might start to actually look into enforcing the law, investigating the corruption that makes this not only child abuse, but child porn and child trafficking… but right now, they are not concerned with that. They have a show and they are taking it on the road.

Those who know what they are talking about are not allowed to speak.  That’s how this is working so far.

A Committee to Study the Study

The funniest thing to come out of Mr. Listenbee’s mouth in his interview was this:

“December 12, 2012, a report to the Attorney General on Violence shows 60% of children are exposed to violence…” (not rampant?) 

“As a direct result of that report, the Attorney General made it clear that this was a priority for him….” (It’s been a year, he’s the top cop, make an arrest already?)

“One of the top recommendations of that report was an establishment of a task force to investigate…”

Well, it has taken them a year to report on the report and now they have another ‘task force’ whose mission is to not investigate actual crimes, but to study the study issued by the first Task Force Committee.”

Yeah, it’s a “priority” all right.  Taking out the trash on Thursday nights is a higher priority. Covering up for the BIA and a ND AG that has done nothing for two years in Spirit Lake is another priority. 

Words like “Priority,” “Task Force,” “Committee,” “Study,” “Recommendations” and “Bold”, have all lost their meaning somewhere in a stinking room where a child is being raped for the past two years while the best experts in the country dance, dance and dance… and our tax dollars are paying for this show. So enjoy!

You know where to find me.


Afternote: This from Robin PoorBear who also attended the meeting on Monday.

My name is "Kind Hearted Woman" Robin Poor Bear of the Spirit Lake Nation in North Dakota.

By the time you even read this testimony hundreds of thousands Native American Children will have been sexually violated, or dead by either their own hands, or others. As you already know and have read time and time again the violence in Indian Country.

Now that is unacceptable.  

Continue to read, write reports and hold more hearings for the next year because I would be very interested in calculating the number of Native American Children who have to suffer while this process is complete.

I would also wonder what the amount of U. S. dollars were spent for travel, per diem, and all other expenses that come with hosting these hearings. Not just for the panel, but the entire audiences who have to travel to these hearings.

How much of our children’s blood are you willing to wipe off your hands before things really change and our children can feel protected ?






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*December 9, 2013
What Does The Law Say?
---Printer Version (6)

The Law says that people who work for the government or any institution in any capacity that has contact with children, must report any suspected child abuse or sexual assault on a child—or they can be fined or sent to prison. They are “Mandated Reporters”.

The law also says that the reports have to be followed up on by contacting the person who made the report and investigating the incidents and reporting their findings.

That means, whomever receives the reports, law enforcement, or the superiors to the person making the mandated reports, must, by law, follow through, expediently.

Not only has that not been done, quite the opposite has been done. In fact, George Sheldon violated the law by not just ignoring the reports that came in, but by forbidding Thomas Sullivan from filing any further mandated reports in his capacity as Director of ACF, Region VIII. He instructed Mr. Sullivan, if he received information of a child rape, or children living in homes of sexual offenders to “Dial 911.”

Mr. Sullivan’s reports included the fact that the BIA and the USAG had refused to follow up on the reports. This was clear because those reports had been addressed to the BIA and to the USAG Timothy Purdon, and there had been no response from either of them except from Mr. Purdon who did not respond directly, but chose to say in an interview with a newspaper that Mr. Sullivan’s Mandated Reports were mostly false information.

Mr. Sheldon directed Mr. Sullivan to phone the BIA and the USAG with any information he had, but he is not allowed to use official letterhead so the reports are not official, just ‘personal opinions’, and as such, they can be ignored by both of those agencies.

A reminder: Mr. Sheldon, as Director of Florida’s DCF, had the highest mortality rate of children in the nation, more than half, in 2009, just prior to his rise to the position of Assistant Undersecretary of ACF.

See how politics works? More than half the children killed in 50 states come from your state, and you get promoted to carry those same policies to the entire nation. And then you get to prevent anyone that makes Mandated Reports that might be stepping on the toes of your political allies, from doing their job.

Mr. Sheldon is presently running, after abruptly resigning from his post as Assistant Undersecretary, to run for Florida’s Attorney General. Just think of the investigations into crimes against children that he will be able to prevent from ever beginning once he is in that position.

*The Song And Dance

Monday, (tomorrow, if you got the early edition) Senator Heitkamp’s Song and Dance Show begins: (Correction: Heitkamp didn’t call this meeting, Eric Holder did. So we wait for her dance to begin)

Attorney General’s Advisory Committee on American Indian/Alaska Native Children Exposed to Violence Hearing #1: December 9, 2013 - Bismarck, North Dakota
Theme: American Indian Children Exposed to Violence in the Home Bismarck Ramkota Best Western - Lamborn Room

The link is here for the full agenda.

It goes from 8:30AM to 6:00 PM with the only input by the public, “oral testimony” by those who have jumped through the hoops and submitted their request to speak early enough, and who may or may not be allowed to speak, only during the very last half-hour.

You know, after all of those ‘important people’ have done their song and dance, not mentioning child rape and the abuses of the BIA and the lack of response by the USAG even once; and after each invited guest has thanked and praised the other guests profusely, unable to claim even one child on Spirit Lake has been rescued after more than 2 years of Mandated Reports; and After Heidi talks about how ground-breaking her study is going to be…

After all of that, and of course, those who should be listening to the public testimony will have already started to leave because they really don’t want to hear it anyway. They have ‘important’ business elsewhere to attend to… and besides, if it is anything like the farce put on by Tim Purdon last time on the rez, there is no intention by anyone sitting on that dais, to do anything about anything except put more money into the hands of the corrupt who are the cause of the abuses in the first place.

They have no intention of rectifying the corruption, or of rescuing any of the children KNOWN to be in the hands of registered sex offenders.

So, the “Important people” will have left by the time those who actually live or work on the rez have anything to say.
Betty Jo Krenz plans to speak. She will show up and she will sit through the entire thing, not knowing until the very end if they will even allow her to speak. Nothing she has to say is considered relevant to anyone at that hearing.

But, Heitkamp did get a couple of million dollars to do her study, so I guess we get to see the dance.
Personally, I’d be amazed if a single one of them, Ms. Heitkamp included, had the balls to stick around and hear what Betty Jo Krenz has to say. They’ve done everything in their power to ignore her up until now.

Remember: Baby Laurynn would be alive today had either the BIA or Tim Purdon bothered to act on the Mandated Reports according to the law.

One of the highlights of the event will be a video of Eric Holder praising Timothy Purdon for his great work in Indian Country. Holder knows better. He knows there are 50+ child rapes reported on that rez every year and Purdon has not brought one to trial until two weeks ago. He has the worst stats of any USAG, and that in Political Land is grounds for High Praise and the promise of greater things to come in the Future.

It worked for George Sheldon. He went from Florida DCF Director straight to the Assistant Undersecretary of ACF up in Washington, DC by stepping over the dead bodies of children in the worst record in the nation. He now has the full support of the Democratic Party in his bid to become Florida Attorney General.

There is no down side to letting children be raped, abused, murdered. There is only political success. There is no upside to demanding these children be treated, according to the law, and kept safe. Only more harassment, ridicule, threats, intimidation, and being called a liar.

But we can’t be silent. Even if they walk out and don’t want to listen, we must do all we can, individually and collectively, to rectify this horrifically corrupt, inept, politically bound up system.

Children are being raped, and politicians are giving speeches about how much good work they are doing. They just can’t point to a single case where they have arrested a sex offender for the rape of the children, put into their hands by Tribal Social Services, and left there by the BIA, IHS, ACF and Timothy Purdon.

They’ll talk about paperwork, and funding, and training… but they won’t mention child rape or rescue.
The most important and true thing you will hear at that hearing on Monday will be spoken by Betty Jo Krenz and a handful of others. But those who should be hearing it, and answering for it, will have already left the building.

You contact them. You remind them. You tell them what they missed.

They can bring in their Indian Spiritual Leaders, smudge and do the Indian Prayers all they want. It doesn’t make them anything more than paid lackeys of a corrupt system if they refuse to listen, and refuse to act.

It’s just theatrics. Our tax dollars pay for it. They intend to change nothing for any single child.

Imagine being that child who has reported being raped, and being told that there will be a 3-year study to see what can be done about that.

There are laws already in place. Good ones. Make those responsible act according to those laws. Make them do their jobs.

Other Avenues

I am including a letter sent out by Elizabeth Morris on her blog, CAICW. She is another person, battling the monster of child abuse on in Indian Country, and up against the same corrupt system, courts and spineless politicians.

This can’t be done by her, or me, or Betty Jo, or any of us. It has to be done by all of us. We all have to get involved and we all have to push our elected officials to do their jobs, and to call for investigations into the corruption, missing millions of dollars, that disappear into the BIA and the USAG’s unwillingness to rescue a single child from registered sex offenders on the Spirit Lake Rez.

We all must get involved. Call, phone, fax, email, or stand out in front of their offices with signs… do something. Those kids being raped, abused and beaten can’t fight this system. We have to all fight for them.

There are good, courageous, decent people in Spirit Lake Nation and they need all of us to fight with them and for the cause of justice for the children.

This isn’t a matter of sovereignty. The guidelines put out by the BIA and the IHS clearly state that felonies are the jurisdiction of the Federal Courts, not the tribal courts. Child rape is clearly a felony.

Further, by the Federal government abdicating their responsibility and giving over to Tribal Court higher authority, despite the requirements for being a Tribal Judge are minimal education “High School Diploma or GED” and that they are appointed at the pleasure of the Tribal Chairman, and can be fired on the spot at the whim of the Tribal Chairman, one cannot expect either justice nor fair play in any Tribal Courtroom, especially where the victim has to go up against the family member of the Tribal Chairman or one of his/her political allies.

Serve Yourself

And, to add to this farce, SLN has just made it a policy that anyone wishing to pursue a case in tribal court, whether it is for any violence committed against them, or some minor infraction, the victim must be the one to serve notice in person, on their abuser, rapist, or thief. “To save money.” Yeah, right.

I guess the BIA Cops are too busy ignoring child rape, to find the time in their busy schedules to serve summonses. Make the victims do it. Awesome.

See The Evil

Elizabeth Fadden, much more charitable in her view of the corrupt than am I. She thinks the USAG, the BIA and the rest of them are not Evil, just that the problem is so huge they don’t think they can do anything about it.

I say they are evil. They are deliberately attacking those who are trying to rectify these horrors. They may not ‘be evil’ but they are putting all their effort into protecting the worst evils on the planet: The rape of children, the trafficking of children, the murder of children.

In fact, they refuse to act because they are beholden to those who are committing this evil. They are politically tied or hogtied to them and they went there intentionally, because they wanted to rise through the ranks.

They were rewarded for protecting evil. They hope to reap greater rewards for protecting evil. They heap false praise on one another, in that political massage parlor of public events.

We are not beholden to the evil. We are not tied to the political sewer. We can make demands and we can be heard.
If you doubt that, think on this: The only reason they are having these ‘hearings’ is because our numbers have grown and we are forcing them to acknowledge a problem they pretend is not theirs to fix.

These hearings are just a sideways dance, but we have forced them out of their comfort zone. We have forced them to pretend they are doing something. Last year, they were sure this would all go away. Last year they reprimanded Dr. Tilus and rescinded his promotion, reprimanded him… harassed him… and then, because we were all seeing it, speaking out on it, they were forced to rescind their reprimand, and to give him his promotion and transfer.

They thought this would go away.

It won’t. We can’t let it. Our future, in the lives of those broken children, is at stake.

You know where to find me.


After Note: A reader sent me the online read of a piece in the Bismarck Tribune by Lloyd Omdahl, political Scientist and former ND Lieutenant Governor.

It’s a good read. But you see, even he only focuses on the need for more money, and not a word about corruption that has paralyzed the community for decades. Yes, it will take more money. But until the corruption is addressed, head on, and that requires taking on everyone in the political spheres that have enabled, supported and participated in the corruption that is now costing children their innocence, their future, their health and their lives--- until that is addressed, we will only be pouring more tax dollars into an ever widening black hole of corruption that sees no consequences, only greater profits, from the most sickening, evil we as Humans can allow to be done our children.

Everyone is afraid to address or even speak the word “Corruption”, or even hint that there are real crimes being committed. Everyone wants to sanitize this to where it is a paperwork problem, a training problem, and a money problem.

It’s a crime. The sooner we come to grips with that, the sooner we call it by what it is, the sooner it can begin to be fixed and the community can begin to heal. The sooner we can all begin to heal.

The Good People of Spirit Lake who are struggling against all of this corruption, evil and the Human Wreckage created by political ballet dancing around the facts without ever touching them, the Good People deserve to speak the truth and to have the truth told without all the shine, polish and talk that has been expended on this massive stinking turd.

It's like trying to rid ourselves of organized crime by first giving more money to the Mafia.




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December 5, 2013---Printer Version (2)
Are They Listening? Will They Hear?

Below is the information to inform you about the meeting the US Dept Of Justice is holding with regards to violence in the home, violence on Native American Children.

At the bottom, I will put the link where you can sign up to attend, and to submit a written statement of your own.

Typically, in the dead of winter here, this event is being held at a distance and at a time that is going to be difficult for those most affected by the issues they are discussing, to attend. 

Further, it comes out, not in the front page of any media nor on the local TV Stations, AFTER it is too late for you to sign up to give a spoken statement to the assembled.

They do this because they don’t want those most affected to actually show up. They do this because they want it to be mostly a dance of the political sort where terms are tossed around amongst the suits and pearls, mostly those who already know each other, and it can then be said “They tried”.

My advice? Go. Go and take as many people as you can with you. Show up and make them actually look at your Indian Faces.  Non-Indians who have been following this should also show up and make it known to those on the dais that YOU also are watching and listening and are VERY interested in exactly what their plan is for the interim between this event and October 2014 when they plan to tell us all what they conclude on it.

What, in the meantime, are these children who are forced to live with pedophiles, abusers and registered sex offenders, supposed to do? Ask them if they have any sense of ‘urgency’ over the epidemic of child rape, abuse and corruption involved at every level from Tribal Social Services on up to the Governor’s Office and throughout the BIA and HHS, IHS, and the USAG Office in ND. Ask them if they have any sense of urgency about any of this.

Ask Heidi Heitkamp why she has not discussed any of the Mandated Reports issued by Thomas Sullivan, with Mr. Sullivan.  Ask WHY ALL 13 of the Mandated Reports have been ignored. You can confirm they have been ignored because none of the protocols for follow-up/investigation have been followed.  Ask, why not?

Ask them why this was not publicized more widely and more timely.

Go. Have good manners. Make this work for you.

Take notes. Take pictures. Tell me what you learn.


Link to the FORM:



U.S. Department of Justice officials will meet in Bismarck to hold a public hearing on the impact of being exposed to violence on Native American children.


The Advisory Committee of the Attorney General's Task Force on American Indian and Alaska Native Children Exposed to Violence will hold its first meeting at 8:15 a.m. Monday at the Best Western Ramkota Hotel, 800 S.Third St.


Attorney General Eric Holder announced in November the formation of a task force to deal with the issues facing Native American children exposed to violence. The task force is made up of a federal working group — which includes officials with the Department of Justice, the Department of Interior, and the Department of Health and Human Services — and an advisory committee of experts in the field.


The advisory committee is chaired by former Sen. Byron Dorgan, D-N.D., and Joanne Shenandoah, Iroquois, composer and musical artist. Other members of the advisory committee include practitioners, child and family advocates, academic experts, and licensed clinicians.


The advisory committee plans to submit a report to the attorney general by Oct. 31, 2014.


The Monday hearing in Bismarck is one of four such hearings planned for the advisory committee. Others will be in Phoenix, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and Anchorage, Alaska. The theme of the Bismarck hearing is “American Indian Children Exposed to Violence in the Home.”


The topics to be discussed include domestic violence, sexual abuse and programs for children exposed to violence in the home. Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D., is slated to speak during introductions.


The hearings are open to the public. While the deadline has passed to request providing oral testimony to the committee, written testimony on the topic still can be submitted at Public testimony is scheduled to begin at 4:15 p.m.


You know where to find me.




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December 3, 2013 ----Printer Version (8)
Stopping The Investigations

I may have jumped the gun on Eric Holder and Virginia Seitz yesterday. I am dyslexic and can reverse words and their placements and miss entire words all together. It’s happened before.

The word I was missing (and there were a few) was “Guidelines”. I’ve attached the memo so you can see for yourself what it was about. The pertinent parts highlighted. In brief:

“…As currently drafted, the Guidelines indicate that the VCAA's reporting obligation falls only on covered professionals who work "on federal land or in a federally operated (or contracted) facility in which children are cared for or reside." (Emphasis added.) The Guidelines further suggest that covered professionals need only report "child abuse on federal lands or in federally operated (or contract) facilities." (Emphasis added.) We recommended to OJP that it delete the italicized phrases from the Guidelines. These minor amendments would harmonize the Guidelines with our reading of the statute…”

And that means the guidelines (not the ‘law’ as I erroneously stated in the previous blog posting) would read:

“…As currently drafted, the Guidelines indicate that the VCAA's reporting obligation falls only on covered professionals who work "on federal land or in a federally operated (or contracted) facility in which children are cared for or reside." (Emphasis added.) The Guidelines further suggest that covered professionals need only report "child abuse on federal lands or in federally operated (or contract) facilities." (Emphasis added.) We recommended to OJP that it delete the italicized phrases from the Guidelines. These minor amendments would harmonize the Guidelines with our reading of the statute…”

Get that? “Professionals who work on federal land or in a federally operated (or contracted) facility need only report child abuse.” It doesn’t matter if the abuse happened or was reported on Federal jurisdiction or not. If they are a Federal employee, they are mandated to report.

Now, that came out April 3, 2012. Fast Forward to George Sheldon’s trio of letters sent out April 13, 2013. In the letter to Thomas Sullivan, he forbids him from making official reports, calling his reports, all of which are based on provable facts, his ‘opinion’ and that ‘his opinion’ is not the opinion of the ACF.

“…This is particularly troubling because, after evaluating your reports, the Department does not share your views that the Bureau of lndian Affairs or the United States Attorney's Office have been derelict in their duties.”

This despite the evidence that both the BIA and the USAG in the person of Timothy Purdon, have failed to investigate a single reported incident of child rape in those mandated reports. That in fact, the BIA instead of arresting the 38-yr old rapist who raped a girl a few days after she turned 13, they incarcerated the 13-yr old girl and the rapist was never investigated. (He claimed to be her victim) “She wanted it.”

If that sounds like the BIA is doing their job, please, please tell me what planet you live on. Further, Timothy Purdon, without investigating a single case reported in those 13 Mandated reports, publicly stated that Thomas Sullivan’s reports were full of lies.

So, I would say that declaring the BIA and the USAG as derelict in their duties was provably accurate.
Further, in that same letter from Mr. Sheldon to Mr. Sullivan, Sheldon forbids him from doing his job in any official capacity:

“While you remain free to make statements or express your views on such matters in your personal capacity, you should make clear to the recipient or audience that your statement, report, or communication is being made solely in your personal capacity and not in your role as Regional Director or as a representative or spokesperson for ACF or the Department. Likewise, you should not use Agency letterhead or Agency communications systems (e.g., Agency e-mail, phones, faxes, etc.) to communicate your personal views.”

Get that? Reports based on facts, supported by the facts are considered ‘personal opinion’ and Mr. Sullivan is not allowed to make reports referring to those aspects as either direct or contributing factors, using any of the official letterhead. In other words: “Shut Up” and “Don’t do your job.”

And, if Mr. Sullivan does hear of a child in danger, he is to …

“We share your concern for the children at the Spirit Lake Reservation. We understand that the BIA Law Enforcement, Ft. Totten, has established a 24-hour hotline for crime reporting at 701- 766-4231. We·also understand that the BIA Social Services, Ft., Totten, is available during normalbusinesshoursat701-766-2100. We encourage you to report cases of abuse and neglect to them as well as to call 911 for urgent police responses. Your reports should contain as much detail as possible, including time, dates, locations, and witnesses contact information if available. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Marrianne McMullen, Deputy Assistant Secretary for External Affairs at (202) 401-9216.”

He is supposed to phone 911. He is to phone the Tribal Social Services day or hotline phone… neither of which has ever been reliable. Even during working hours, the phone will ring endlessly with no answer on either the ‘hotline’ or the office hours phone.

People report to him because they could not get a response from Tribal Social Services or the BIA. Or, in the case of the 13-yr old rape victim, the BIA incarcerated her and let the rapist walk taking his word for it that ‘she took advantage of him while he was drunk.’ By the time the reports reach Mr. Sullivan, it is far too late to call 911.
Making anyone try to get a response from the corrupt and inept Tribal Social Services office is just sadistic.

The ‘details’ and ‘Contact’ information has always been available to be investigated but no one in the investigative capacity bothered to contact the abuse reporters. That’s the problem. They refuse to investigate, and then they claim that there is no ‘proof’. If you ignore and refuse to investigate, it is simple to say there is no ‘evidence’ as all the evidence, has been ignored. That’s how that works.

As for the ‘dates, times, locations’ of the abuses, be serious. Children are homed with as many as three registered sex offenders in the home, and you want specific dates and times of the offenses? Do they keep logs?

Sex offenders being given custody of small children, is the Candy Shop of horrors. Can we assume, comfortably, that unless we have exact dates and times of these offenses, that they are in fact NOT happening?

Why have sex offenders register if they are not considered a danger to the children in their own homes? This is the Through the Looking Glass kind of oddball logic that guides the ACF.

They’re about funding, and money, and prestige and political patty-cake, and about spring-boarding to greater political offices. They care nothing about the children if their neglect of the children on Spirit Lake are any indication.

I remind you all that under George Sheldon, Florida’s DCF had fully more than half the reported deaths in the Entire Nation in 2009. It took 49 other states cumulatively to even come close.

Why he was hired into ACF is a wonder to me. Unless the ACF is as corrupt as the BIA, and it is just now starting to show. Mr. Sheldon is now running for Florida Attorney General. Feel free to visit his FB page and ask him about his letters. This one to USAG Timothy Purdon & Sue Settles of the BIA

“As you know, our Regional Administrator Thomas Sullivan, located in Denver, Colorado, has questioned the conduct and commitment of your agencies in investigating and addressing suspected child abuse. Please know that Mr. Sullivan's views do not represent those of ACF, and he was speaking only in his personal, not official, capacity. As the attached communication sent to Mr. Sullivan today indicates, we have instructed Mr. Sullivan that he is not speaking for ACF on these matters. To that end, we have instructed him that he may not use ACF letterhead or any other official communication systems (e.g., his work email) to convey his personal views.

We recognize the utmost importance of reporting allegations of abuse and neglect to the appropriate authorities. To that end, we have informed Mr. Sullivan that any allegations he makes should be done in his personal capacity, and have encouraged him to make use of the crime reporting hotline established by BIA Law Enforcement, Fort Totten, and BIA Social Services, Fort Totten. If allegations come to ACF's attention through the ongoing work of our Children's Bureau, the office with programmatic responsibility for the child protection system, any official reports will be made by the Regional Program Manager of the Children's Bureau; the Commissioner for the Administration for Children, Youth and Families; or my office.”

Catch that? Mr. Sullivan can only report these incidents as a private person, not in his official capacity as Director of ACF Region VIII. Everyone in Purdon’s Office and the BIA lets out a huge sigh of relief. The only person in ACF that was actually doing their job is no longer allowed to do their job. They’re safe. For now…

Mr. Thomas Sullivan's Bio for those who think he's just 'flinging it & winging it' out there.

And while he shovels admonishments on Mr. Sullivan for daring to identify the problem, the crisis and the legal remedies needed, he heaps praise upon those who in the BIA and Timothy Purdon as USAG, ND for their ‘great work’ in fixing this problem.

….I appreciate the seriousness with which both of your agencies have responded to allegations of child abuse there, as well as your willingness to brief us on your investigations and efforts. …”

Astonishing, considering that a mere two months later, due to the negligence of both the BIA and the dereliction of Mr. Purdon, baby Laurynn was murdered at the hands of her assigned guardian. Hers was one of the lives Mr. Sullivan and those making the reports, was concerned and trying to save. He gets admonishments, but Sue Settles of the BIA and Timothy Purdon, get high praise indeed, as Mr. Sheldon informs them that he has admonished Mr. Sullivan (so they don’t have to worry about any more of those pesky Mandated Reports ruining their day).

The BIA doesn’t even follow it’s own protocols for investigating. One wonders if the agency is anything more than a vehicle to transfer money from Taxpayers to corrupt tribal officials and to corporations doing business with them, and from there back into the coffers of political campaigns and foundations in a vicious circle of money laundering that whirs on without interruption as children are being raped, beaten, starved, neglected, murdered and trafficked.

Twin Twisters

If Spirit Lake is any indication as to the level of ‘seriousness’ the BIA, the USAG or the ACF and the rest of the alphabet players, take in dealing with child abuse and child rape, we are, as a nation, in deep, deep trouble. How deep will only be evident as the survivors of the neglect, abuse and rapes mature into addicts, violent offenders and rapists themselves and the cycle continues, twinned to the Federal and State spinning money into corruption and back into their own pockets again.

In case you are wondering how violent offenders, desperate addicts, sex offenders, rapists, and child abusers ‘got that way’, you are watching it happen in real time, in Spirit Lake Nation.

It’s happening all over the country. Just a sampling of recent stories:
Child Welfare in the News

AZ: 6,000 suspected child abuse cases in Arizona not investigated:

CA: For Roger Mahony, clergy abuse cases were a threat to agenda

Los Angeles Times - December 02, 2013

He became the leader of America's largest archdiocese at the very moment the church was being forced to confront clergy molestation. Because he was just 49 when he took office, he was in power for the entire arc of the abuse crisis. Long after peers had retired or died, Mahony was around to face the public's wrath. Because of the unique way abuse lawsuits played out in California, his files on molesters became public while in most other corners of the church, they remain under lock and key.

CO: Child abuse climbs in Pueblo

Pueblo Chieftan - December 02, 2013

The Pueblo Child Advocacy Center has seen a spike in child abuse cases this year, the majority involving sexual assault. According to center statistics, 205 sex abuse cases have been fielded this year, up from 142 last year.

KS: Kansas coalition pressing conservative agenda
Topeka Capital-Journal - November 29, 2013

Craig Gabel, president of Wichita-based Kansans for Liberty, said coalition members were prepared to fight for restraint of the Kansas Department for Children and Families' capacity to remove children from biological parents. The agency's mission should be to "preserve families, not protect children," the coalition's policy statement said, and failure by the department to reach family reunification targets should result in state funding cuts.

MO: Christian sports camp faces lawsuits claiming sex abuse by former director
Kansas City Star - December 01, 2013

Kanakuk Kamps, a Branson-based Christian sports camp network that draws thousands of youths every summer - many from the Kansas City area - is facing two lawsuits alleging sexual abuse by a former director.

NC: Child abuse laws go into effect (Includes video)
News 14 - December 01, 2013

Dozens of new laws passed during the last session of North Carolina's General Assembly went into effect Sunday, with several of them designed to help protect the state's children.

NC: County hires attorneys to speak out for foster parents  <<Another annoying pop up. If you can get around that, the story is pretty well worth reading.
Gaston Gazette - November 29, 2013

State legislators in July established a two-year, ombudsman pilot program in Gaston County in response to concerns raised last year by local foster parents. In North Carolina, foster parents are service providers who have no legal rights. Privacy laws often cause them to be left out of the loop when social service officials and the court system deliberate where and why foster children should be placed or relocated.

OH: Colleges reach out to foster youth
Journal-News - December 02, 2013

Local colleges and universities are doing more to support students who have aged out of the foster care system - a population they say is the most at-risk of being homeless, dropping out and needing public assistance for much of their lives.

OK: Help for foster parents
Pryor Daily Times - November 30, 2013

"It started with a group of us foster parents who built up a stash of supplies that we would pass within the group," said Deatherage of essential child care items like diapers, cribs and clothing. "Right now the donations we accept are either passed to a family already in need or stored at my home until someone needs the items," she said. "I would love nothing more than to have a building filled wall-to-wall with supplies so that every single one of our children would have exactly what they need the moment they are taken into custody. And, more importantly, that no child is turned away because of a lack of items needed to care for that child."

This link was aggravating because of the pop up window>>> SC: Former Charleston County Department of Social Services director sues agency for $4.5 million
Post & Courier - November 25, 2013

The former Charleston County director of the Department of Social Services is suing the state agency, the agency head and three former coworkers, alleging that he was wrongfully fired this fall, court records show. In the same lawsuit, Frank Oakley is also suing the department for defamation, violation of the South Carolina Whistleblower Law and civil conspiracy.

WV: Child Advocacy Center, commission discuss funding
The Journal - December 02, 2013

The Child Advocacy Center provides services for children and families when there is a report of child abuse. It is an investigative tool for law enforcement and Child Protective Services, coordinating with them to help solve cases. The CAC also coordinates with the prosecuting attorney's office, providing case management for child abuse cases.

US: Proposed Bill Commands Increased Attention to Education of Foster, Homeless Youths
Chronicle of Social Change - December 02, 2013

A group of senators have introduced legislation that seeks to increase access to higher education for youths in the foster care system or who have experienced homelessness. The Higher Education Access and Success for Homeless and Foster Youth Act is aimed at improving the financial aid process for such youths by amending the Higher Education Act of 1965.

US: Parents' use of the Internet for adoptions can be dangerous
Indianapolis Star - December 01, 2013

On the plus side, websites such as Facebook, Craigslist, Adoptimist and Parent Profiles allow families to find each other without using traditional - and costly - adoption agencies or attorneys. On the down side, the Internet offers few guarantees to either side in the adoption process. Parents who want to find a good home for their child don't know for sure who is on the other end of an online conversation. And it offers more opportunities for scam artists, and people who would sell their child to the highest bidder.

If we don’t make this world safer for the children, it won’t be safe for any of us, anywhere. Children who survive constant abuse & violence mature into adults who re-enact that abuse and violence on others: adults and children. They become addicts and they suicide. They commit crimes of rage, including rape and murder.

Early intervention is key. Not when they are teenagers already damaged and headed down all the wrong roads, but when they are children we know are in crisis, or forced to live with abusers, pedophiles and registered sex-offenders while the Federal and State Agencies ignore the reports, harass and fire the whistle-blowers who have identified the problems and crimes.

If we fire those who identify the problem, how can we ever expect to fix the problem? Isn’t the message: “Corruption is King” getting through loud and clear? You think the children who live under this abuse don’t hear this?

If we want a safer future with less crime, we can only start by protecting the children today who otherwise will become the criminals and the drain on our economy in the future if we do nothing.

If you don’t want to do it for the children now, do it for your own peace of mind in the future. Do it to save money. Do it to end the cycle of corruption and abuse. End the cycle of corrupt government agencies and abused children, and we will have a better world.

Or buy more locks & alarms for your doors, file more reports on robberies and home invasions, rapes, assaults and kidnappings.

When you see a drug addict or alcoholic passed out on the sidewalk or in the alley, or you see a prostitute leaning into a car, think about it: That is a survivor of the abuses that today, George Sheldon, Marrianne McMullen, Sue Settles, the entire BIA and USAG as well as HHS and IHS, are all working to prevent from being investigated.

The Children’s Bureau has had this for over a year. Not a single report of abuse has been filed by them or investigated by them, on Spirit Lake Reservation. Not a single one. That agency drains over $8 Billion in tax dollars to fund it every single year. Not a single report/investigation.

Demand action. Demand investigations. Demand those who have been stifling the reports be investigated and removed from their jobs. They are paid too much and doing far too little. In fact, they have given comfort and cover to the very predators that hurt the children today. Those children, if they survive, will be our nightmares and broken hearts tomorrow.

This is OUR Government. This is OUR work to do.

Don’t ever quit.

You know where to find me.




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December 2, 2013---Printer Version(4)
What’s The Problem?

You and I, we see a crime being committed and we phone the police. We expect that the crime will be investigated.  We do not expect that the police and every agency they are connected to, will in fact, ignore the crime, ignore the victims, and begin a campaign of harassment and intimidation upon us. Least of all, do we expect that the police and the predators would be supporting each other, publicly and privately, while the children remain raped, beaten and abused.

That would simply not make sense.

But that is exactly what has happened in Spirit Lake Nation Rez.  As professionals in all levels of contact with victims began reporting horrific child rapes, abuse, beatings and neglect, not only were their reports ignored but they were and still are, being ridiculed and the reporters have been harassed, their reputations smeared, and threats, intimidation tactics used against them from the Tribal Police to the FBI, from the BIA and the ACF Administrators to the Office of the Attorney General and his designated USAGs at every level, in North Dakota.

As a result, those who have pointed out the problems and the crimes have been removed, and those committing the crimes, creating more problems, have been reinforced, enabled, supported by the very agencies that we would expect would have investigated them and thrown several of them into prison by now.

Further, not a single child has been rescued, not a single dime of millions of dollars that have gone ‘missing’ has been recovered or even looked for.

The “Problem” for the BIA, FBI, DOJ, ACF appears to not be the children being raped, abused, trafficked or murdered. Nor does it appear to be the millions of dollars that go missing. The problem seems to be “People Reporting the Crimes.”

This goes all the way up to the White House level, and it has for decades.

The BIA has done nothing to rescue or even investigate a single report of children living with registered sex offenders.  The BIA and their ‘Strike Force’ was only keyed in on silencing the reports, not acting on any of them.

Their ‘success’ has been measured by how much they can keep reports out of the news, off the media and out of sight of the people who would demand justice and that the situation be rectified.

Tim Purdon has only investigated a single, ONE, case of child rape originating on the rez, in all these years, and not a single other case of child rape or rape, despite there being over 50 reported, that’s about one a week, every year.  Untold numbers are not reported because, obviously, the reports are not investigated, the victims are harassed, ridiculed and threatened by law enforcement agencies all the way up to the FBI and USAG offices.

The ACF’s Marrianne McMullen, in her email to Thomas Sullivan stated that for the past year or more, all these cases of child abuse have been handed over to the Children’s Bureau, an $8 Billion/year government funded agency that has also, not investigated a single case.

So, in the past year we have everyone above Thomas Sullivan at the ACF trying to shut him up and finally taking away his jurisdiction to make Mandated Reports by saying all of this is now in the hands of the Children’s Bureau and has been for over a year.

They admonish Mr. Sullivan for his efforts.

We have the BIA, rife with corruption and incompetence, being lauded and praised by George Sheldon for their ‘great work in making the children of Spirit Lake safer’… when there is not only no proof that a single child has been rescued, and in fact, babies have died and been murdered who were listed in those Mandated Reports, without their circumstances being investigated despite alarm bells going off about how much real danger they were in.

Mr. Sheldon, the same day he shuts down Thomas Sullivan’s efforts to make reports, not only praises the BIA, but also Tim Purdon for his great works on that reservation.

What planet recognizes and praises those who have failed their jobs and in fact have violated the laws concerning the reporting of child abuse, specifically Section 13031 of title 42, a provision in the Victims of Child Abuse Act of 1990 (“VCAA” or “Act”), while condemning the one person in their organization that has been doing his job and seeking rescue for these children, from their abusers and registered sex offenders?

And now, because this law is actually on the books and all those involved in the cover up, the lack of response, the lack of rescue or investigation are in fact criminally liable, there is an effort from very high up the food chain, the Office of Legal Counsel (OLC), to rewrite the law to make it so that these agencies need neither acknowledge any reports of violence against children in Indian Country, but also not hold any responsibility for reporting or acting on reports of children being abused anywhere in Federal Jurisdiction, or even in programs or dwellings provided by or funded by the Federal Government.

That’s how they ‘solve’ “The Problem”, they rewrite the laws to make it so that they are no longer responsible for enforcing the laws and they are no longer criminally responsible for not enforcing the laws.

One problem: The VCAA was a law written, passed and enacted by Congress. Only Congress can change those laws. The OLC is not a legislative branch of government and as such, have no power to rewrite the laws to suit their own political hand washing circle.

Further, the law states:

“Finally, in section 226(g)(1) of the VCAA, codified as amended at 18 U.S.C. § 2258, Congress criminalized the failure to report child abuse as mandated by 42 U.S.C. § 13031. The criminal provision states:  (Section 13031)


A person who, while engaged in a professional capacity or activity described in subsection (b) of section 226 of the Victims of Child Abuse Act of 1990 [42 U.S.C. § 13031] on Federal land or in a federally operated (or contracted) facility, learns of facts that give reason to suspect that a child has suffered an incident of child abuse, as defined in subsection (c) of that section, and fails to make a timely report as required by subsection (a) of that section, shall be fined un-der this title or imprisoned not more than 1 year or both. “


That means, by law, those who failed to report or act on those reports in accordance with the law, have in fact, criminally broken that law and can be imprisoned.  That means that everyone who received those Mandated Reports and failed to act in a timely manner (Jurisdictions specified in the IHS/BIA Jurisdiction Chart) a simple, 7 page, straight forward delineation of who/which agency/branch of government has jurisdiction over which crimes.


Accordingly, everyone from the predators, to Timothy Purdon, Sue Settles and now Virginia A. Seitz, Assistant Attorney General, Office of Legal Counsel for her part in attempting to cover up the crimes of everyone who has ignored and failed to act in their capacity as law enforcement, investigator, or Agent of the US Government (BIA, FBI, USAG, IHS, etc.) or to excuse them from their responsibilities in these cases, should be investigated for crimes and could be convicted, fined and imprisoned. Given that Eric Holder himself signed off on this, cuff him too.


That may, just MAY explain the desperation on the part of those in these agencies who have been attacking both the victims and the reporters of the crimes against the victims.  They face criminal charges themselves, and they are all politically tied to the corruption at one level or another.


Now, of course, we can include all those at the Children’s Bureau who have, especially for the past year or more, according to Marrianne McMullen of the ACF, had this in their wheelhouse, as criminally neglecting their duties and subject to investigation, fine, incarceration.


As a side note to all of this, we go back to the fire at Cavenaugh’s where the news crew was jumped and forced to delete their video while simply filming a fire, the fire crew putting it out.


I have a letter written months ago to the BIA regarding the fact that three of the firemen were suspected of using marijuana on the job, and evidence to corroborate that was gathered by a BIA police officer.


That report was also ignored. I suspect that may be yet another reason the Fire Department and the BIA officer on hand were afraid to have the event video-taped. It clearly showed one or all three of those firemen still on the job.


It’s a minor thing in the bigger picture of corruption and crime out there, but it shows the level or desperation and violence to prevent even one tiny domino from tipping over, leading to another and another.


Further up the food chain, we have the most politically powerful individuals appointed in government, and some of the elected, using every lever at their disposal to prevent a single investigation into the crimes reported on the Mandated Reports. 


You’d think their garage was on fire, wouldn’t you?


The ‘Problem’ you see, is not the crimes, but those who report them.


You know where to find me.






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