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Eddie Peltier, Richard LaFuenteI do my best to deliver factual information. The "Documents" pages are there for you to look and see for yourself. An innocent man is in prison for crimes committed by the corrupt, who run the reservation the way a criminal organization would run a city if they had all levels of government supporting and protecting them.

There are many more Good People in Spirit Lake than there are corrupt, evil people there. It is the system that is corrupt, evil and I expose here all that I can.

I can be reached at this email:  Contact Cat  . I respond to most of my emails, however, I reserve the right to not rspond to whack jobs. I keep all information confidential. For those who wish to attack, you'll either be ignored, or, if you are really clever, you'll end up on the Moron Squad page.  Some insults are more entertaining than others. I share with the class.

For those interested: The 13th Mandated Report is out. No government Agency has yet to properly reply to any of them.





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November 29, 2013 --- Printer Version (4)
Dancing With Coyotes

Chris Berg’s POV show on Valley News Tuesday night, did an interview with Tex “Red Tipped Arrow” Hall from Three Affiliated and Molly McDonald, sister to Chairman Russ McDonald of Spirit Lake Nation.  Chris, as always, did his homework and had some history to draw on to ask pertinent questions for discussion.

Mainly, the overall question was, if I may paraphrase here: “How did the once greatest nation that thrived for thousands of years, become so ‘dependent’ and what can be done to change that?”

That’s a big bite of question for such a brief interview segment and I thought both guests did a very good job of it, as far as it went.

Tex Hall is rightfully thrilled that the Oil Boom has created so many good paying jobs and says that is what is getting them on their feet now.  I’d like to look further into his claim about thousands of businesses springing up on his reservation as a result of that oil boom, but I’m sure there are plenty.

Tex spoke in a condensed history format (as one needs to do in small time frames) about how the reservation and residential school policies did great harm to the people, and how treaties were not honored.

Today we see a suicide rate on the rez that is more than 10x greater than in other parts of society. We see massive addiction, violence and the elephant in the room that no one talked about: Corruption.

Tex is right that this oil boom is of great economic benefit to his tribes right now.  But, in my opinion, the oil boom is not the answer to the addictions, suicides and violence.

Oil Booms go bust, over and over again. Right now, China is the main customer for our oil. And this fracked oil is dirty, sour oil.  China is experiencing the worst air pollution in their history.  They are also the most innovated and industrious nation on the planet and they are already moving towards greater efficiency and more alternative sources of energy, way ahead of the USA and the Western world.

There will come a time when China no longer needs nor wants our oil. Then what? Other countries are also converting to alternative sources: Wind, Solar, geothermal, etc., and if we are smart, we will also convert to renewable, cleaner sources.

So, when this oil Boom goes Bust, then what? It will be like the Buffalo disappearing again, only the land that is left will be worthless, the water will not be fit to drink and no rivers will have fish in them.  Then what? What will be left?

We need long term vision for recovery, and it has to be diversified, not entirely dependent on a single industry.  Further, all this prosperity does nothing to heal the community if corruption is not dealt with.

You can have corruption in poverty. You can have corruption with enterprise. Nothing changes for the people if they don’t have a legal system they can count on and one that is answerable to them.

Right now, the Tribal government and tribal legal systems are a joke. The State and Federal governments not only do not investigate corruption, they attack anyone that brings it to their attention. They enable more and more corruption by protecting the predators, pouring more money, millions and millions of dollars, into the already corrupt hands of those who should long ago have been arrested.

Autonomy is not the answer because there is no oversight in place to give people recourse if their government is corrupt.

What is needed more than enterprise in Indian Country right now, is Justice.  Hold criminals accountable. Hold corrupt police accountable. Hold incompetent, corrupt judges and leaders accountable.  Most of all, hold rapists and child rapists accountable on a criminal level.

You can bring all the prosperity and enterprise you want to the tribes, but if those who rape the babies are allowed to strut around and gloat, with no fear of being arrested or serving time, you continue to break people before they even have a chance at life.

If you bring in more economic wealth, and leave it in the control of those who have been stealing from both the government and from the people in their tribe, you only give more power and more influence and more wealth to the corrupt, and that does nothing to help the people heal from addictions and violence.

As long as there is no justice, the corrupt will rule by violence.  As long as violence is the only thing that matters or has an effect, then violence is all there will be to resolve every issue from a broken heart to a rape, from a burglary to an embezzlement.  People will only have violence as leverage and it will become more and more violent.

Violence can go against victims and oppressors. Violence can and does most often, go against ‘self’. People get angry and have no way to resolve it. They become alcoholics, addicts and abusers themselves.  Many, far too many, suicide.

Until we start having meaningful conversations about the violence and the corruption, we are just dancing with coyotes that promise us everything, but instead, take everything from us, and then blame us for what we have lost.

We cannot keep insisting that reparations to Native Americans be called “Hand Outs” as that is demeaning and it implies ‘laziness’.  If someone steals from you your house, your lands, your cattle and then ‘hands you a tiny check every month’ that is only a fraction of what you need to live and survive, would you call that a ‘hand out’?

There is an ever-growing debt to Native Americans that can never be paid in full.  When the question is put to the viewers of whether or not government should keep paying Native Americans, the question itself is wrong.

First of all, you can pay for 100 generations so little each time that the damage only grows.  Second of all, and this may be more important, you have to look at the root of the debt owed to Native Americans:

Their lands were stolen and treaties were broken, payments were as promised.  The lands that were stolen from them were gifted to corporations upon which a few well-connected families built their fortunes through the corporations they formed.

Those corporations thrive to this day, in obscene profits made from these lands. Further, the Oil Companies for instance, have obscene profits every quarter and bilk each of us at the pumps, and for our heating oil, all the while lobbying against alternative energy start up companies that would in fact, wean us off the product sell at 10x the price so they suck our wallets dry.  On top of that, our government hands them more than $8 BILLION in ‘grant’ money, that never has to be paid back. 

We who want our roads fixed, or better schools, or decent healthcare, or better funding to get those in poverty OUT of poverty, have to fight a self-righteous congress to get even a fraction of that.  The same congress that just cut off millions of people, many of them disabled vets, from Food Stamps, gives themselves raises, and hands out billions of dollars to corporations that don’t need them, except to fatten up their already bloated profits.

Why don’t we ask those corporations to start paying back for the lands and the resources from those lands that were stolen from Native Americans? We never do!

We always see the question presented as “You taxpayers want to keep giving ‘handouts’ to Native Americans?” Of course the majority say NO! They had nothing to do with the lands being stolen and they have never profited from it and they are already up against the wall financially because of the sky high fuel costs and our sky high taxes which go into the pockets of the wealthiest corporations with little or nothing in return to us, among other things.  Like Tex, I have to talk in condensed meter here because each statement comes with a history that would hit everyone like a punch to the gut.

The question is always presented as if there is no other party liable or owing.  We see it as ‘them against us’ kind of a battle and we duke it out. Meanwhile, those corporations who were gifted the stolen lands to begin with and whose fortunes were founded in that theft, are never asked to pay back a dime, and we even give them bigger and bigger tax breaks.  To this day, they steal from ‘them’ and ‘us’.

Giving them bigger tax breaks means we, you and I, have to make up the difference. We have to carry the load so the rich don’t have to.  And then we are asked if WE want to pay more to Native Americans? And we see the term “Government Handouts” used only with them and with the poor, but never ever used for the wealthy who get the lion share of ‘Government Handouts’?

It’s time we realize who we all are and that we are all in this together. We have a big problem to solve and we have to come together and look at where the real liabilities do lie and what we can do about it.

We have to come together and demand Justice in every community if we want to see crime rates go down. I’m not talking the Political buzz word of “Law and Order” which is crap and crap flakes term for busting the little guy with a joint and giving him ten years while the JP Morgans ruin the economic structure and get $4 Trillion dollars tax free to fix it, which they then use to buy up even more banks and own even more of the economy, while illegally throwing people out of their homes, even homes never mortgaged through them, homes never in arrears on their payments… Real Justice would see those criminals in prison, not the guy with a joint or the medical marijuana user in a wheelchair.

Real Justice for us won’t come until we demand and secure real justice in Indian Country.  We can start in Spirit Lake. We know who the rapists are. We know who the violent are. We know who the drug dealers are. Some of them are on Tribal Council!

If there is no Justice in Indian Country, there is no Justice anywhere and we cannot expect it if we are not willing to step up and demand it where we see it is needed for others.

Justice is not something some get and some don’t. It has to be something we all get or no one can expect it.

We can’t turn away and say: “Not our problem, that’s them over there.” Because Justice is the life blood of any prosperous nation. Justice is the key to less violence and more healing. Justice is how we recover from addictions. Justice heals a nation and a healthy nation will prosper in any circumstance because we work together to make sure everyone is treated fairly.

If we stand by and allow injustice, child rape, violence, corruption to run one reservation, it runs all reservations. If it runs all reservations, someone is making a huge profit from it and those “someones” are the ones making our laws, policies and contracts.  And you expect a fair deal? Or have you given up on that but you don’t know why?

We have this imbalance, this discomfort, this ‘disease’ of injustice and it’s time we diagnosed it and treated it, with RESPECT for one another.  Together we can see the real face of the problems and work together to resolve them instead of see-sawing back & forth amongst ourselves, pointing the finger of blame while the real culprits watch in amusement, as they get richer and more powerful.

Anything else is just dancing with coyotes, howling, making noise, changing nothing except finding ourselves worse off and wondering how it happened.

You know where to find me.




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November 27, 2013   ---Printer Version (2)
Just Tribal Court

Why don’t we do it in the rez?”  Apologies to the Beatles for having their tune (“Why Don’t We Do It In The Road?”) tripping through my grey matter as I delve into this matter.

Tribal Court, apparently, is the safest place for a sexual predator, domestic abuser, child rapist to be. 

What happens in Tribal Court, never makes it to any report, anywhere, anytime.

Take the case of Arliss Krulish, a three-time violent child abuser.  How does she still have her RN license?  Because Tribal Court never enters any criminal convictions into the Federal or State Databases, that’s why.

If you are hiring someone Native or Not, who had raped, beaten, or stolen and been charged in Tribal Court, and you do a background check on them, it will never show up. 

You have to know which rez they offended on, what date they offended, what date they were convicted, and then pay a hefty fee to even get the report.  And there are some tribes that no matter what you ask, will reveal nothing.

What happens in Tribal Court--- stays there.

You think you are doing due diligence when you are hiring a worker for your Day Care Business? Here’s the thing: Until she was convicted for the murder of Baby Laurynn, Hope Whiteshield could have applied at any Daycare or school off the rez, in any capacity, and none of her previous 8 convictions for child abuse would have ever shown up.

I know Timid Purdon likes it that way. Hear no Evil, See no Evil, Arrest no Evil.  He’s not alone.  This is throughout the United States and it’s territories. It’s a way of allowing the corrupt, and the abusive to thrive feeding off the taxpayer tit, indulging in crimes against children, or domestic abuse, or even robbery and rape, with complete impunity.

Felonies are supposed to be the jurisdiction of Federal Court. Child abuse is considered a felony, as is rape, and thefts in the first or second degree is considered a felony--- and they all should be in Federal Court, but for some reason, Tribal Courts have quietly snagged that piece of the judicial pie, and used it to make it easier on felons  to not be in the database as felons.

It also makes it easier for Child rapists, rapists, to stay off the radar also.  They don’t have to register as sex offenders.

You could have hired one or more right now. They could be Native, they could be White, they could be anything. If they committed their crimes on the rez, they’re home free.

That’s why we have Arliss Krulish, convicted three times of violent Child Abuse, still able to keep her RN license.  She uses it to deal pills, but that also won’t show up on any background check. You would have to go to Spirit Lake Tribal Court to get that information, and depending on who is her friend or not, you may not get it, even then.

To the average employer, for them to find out if their employees or potential hires have a criminal record, felony style, cloaked by any Tribal Court, they would have to petition and inquire of every single tribal court in the country, pay a fee, and even then may not get the critical information they need.

Now you know why so many sexual abusers are on the rez. It is their safe haven in many ways.  Tribal cops are often abusers themselves so they won’t arrest or investigate; Tim Purdon and his posse prefer to look the other direction, and will even ridicule or harass anyone that actually reports crimes of violence or child rape; and if all that fails and they end up being tried in tribal court, conviction or not, it will never ever show up on any record anywhere, and they never have to register as sex offenders.

These flaws were built into the system, not by accident. They were fairly recent ‘adjustments’ to reporting that all happened right around the time the ICWA was made into law, and again when the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was passed with so many restrictions it actually made it impossible for any woman beaten on any reservation by Native or non-native offenders, to find justice.

So, hired any new workers lately? Are you bonded for any crimes they commit? Who’s minding your kids while you are at work?

You know where to find me.


PS Soon as you all send me your notes from the GA and the District Meetings, I will post the info and share with the class.




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*November 26, 2013 ---Printer Version (3)
Unrighteous Firing

Robert Old Rock was abruptly fired from his job as Director of Early Childhood Tracking last week. I did a little research and found that he was the one that replaced Arliss Krulish, who should never, because of her history of child abuse (beat her own daughter so badly, she was hospitalized) and because she is a known pill seller on and off the rez, had held that position for a few years before she was fired for ‘incompetence’.

She had left the books in such a mess, funding was at risk. Robert assembled a good team and got the books in good order and had the program back on track and then was abruptly fired.

He was told, with no chance to appeal, that it was because of his Juvenile Record. Now, what is important about this is that his Juvenile Record, as with all Juvenile records, was sealed. It is illegal to use any juvenile conviction against someone seeking a position as an adult who otherwise meets all of the qualifications.

Further, he was also abruptly dropped by the Election Board for the same reason, and that also was illegal. He had been previously cleared by the USAG, Janice Morley, in his FBI Background check.

However, remember, Clarice Brownshield was also running for that Ft. Totten seat at the time. She has more than one relative on the Election Board. They violated the law to make her return to the Tribal Council a sure thing.

Still on the vendetta, angry that Robert had run for “her” seat, she pushed Tribal Council to fire him for crimes committed as a youth, and to not allow him any warning or chance to appeal. I’d sue the crap out of the Tribal Council if it were me.

Clearly, Russ McDonald and Joel, who is once again playing Blanket Bingo with Clarice, and a few others, despite Natalie’s jealous nature, prefer that they have as many corrupt and weak Tribal Councilors as possible, in order to keep things under wraps, prevent investigations into child rapes and corruption.

Further, to my astonishment, I am hearing that they are replacing Robert in Early Childhood Tracking with- Arliss Krulish! *Update: Arliss was offered Piggy Cavenaugh’s old job, not Robert’s. For some reason, she turned it down, opting for an even more interesting job.  She should not be allowed to work with vulnerable children or adults, ever. She is a violent abuser.  She is also  Chairman Russ McDonald’s personal friend. Stay tuned.

The corrupt and the incompetent continue to rebuild their chains and connections despite the best efforts of a few dedicated and honest people.

So, the question remains: If Robert was illegally kicked off the Election Ballot because of an infraction as a youth, why is Joel Redfox, who has convictions for both sexual assault and drugs, in this decade, as an adult, allowed to be on Tribal Council?

I understand that it was through the pressure and humiliation of being exposed as weak and enabling of sexual predators that Chairman McDonald finally removed RedFox from the Tribal Social Services oversight (that took way too long!) but he keeps him as ‘Vice Chair’. Why is he even allowed on Council?

You can ask that question yourself at the

GA meeting this week:Blue Bldg Conference Room
Tuesday Nov 26, 2013 @5:00 pm. (Today!)

The agenda is:

Social Services

—Demand to know why Marva and her kids are being ‘taught a lesson’ for standing up to a predator. Ask why the lies against her, perpetrated by previous Director Hutchinson, and now O’Keefe, as well as Marty LeBeau are allowed to smear her and why, since Chairman McDonald knows these are lies, does he stand by them?

---Demand to know why none of the 13 Mandated Reports issued by Thomas Sullivan have led to a single arrest of a single Child Predator/Registered Sex Offender?

---Demand to know why not ONE of those Reports has ever been investigated. If anyone says they have been, they are lying. WE have proof. Not one reporter, witness or victim has been interviewed by anyone in law enforcement and the law states that all three shall be and immediately. It’s been 2 years now.

Remember: Baby Laurynn would not have been murdered if those reports had been investigated.
I would suggest that the tribe give up Social Services and the millions of dollars a year that it brings to the very few, and hand it over to the county, where there is more follow up on cases and reports.
It’s not a matter of sovereignty, it’s a matter of protecting the children and the battered women from the politically connected and the inept who harass, threaten and intimidate them. If you want to resolve the rampant abuse of children, hand it over to a responsible entity that can and will prosecute abusers.

Social Impact Payment:

Ask that the books on the Casino be made public so you can see how much is coming in, how much is going out and who is getting the lion’s share of this. It certainly is not you.

General Update:

Ask if it was legal to prevent Robert Old Rock from running in an election where the FBI had cleared his background check and Clarice’s family on the Election Board decided to go their own way.

Ask if someone who pleads “GUILTY” to Sexual Assault should be allowed on Tribal Council if a youth record is enough to prevent someone from running for office or holding a Directorship.

Demand to know why RUSS, who has known about all of this for all this time, has refused to act on the issue of Joel’s criminal record, and why he allowed a sealed Juvenile Record to be used illegally against Old Rock.

The reason this matters to you is this: It leaves the Tribe wide open for a huge law suit by Old Rock or his Estate. It also leaves the tribe wide open for a law suit by anyone who has been mistreated by Social Services.

Sovereignty will not save the Tribe in the case of criminal conduct.

There is also a Mission District Meeting:

Mission Rec Center, Wednesday, Nov 27, 2013, 5PM

Woodlake District Meeting
Saturday, November 30, 2013 (no time available).

No Ft. Totten District Meetings are scheduled. Of course not. That’s Clarice’s District.

Sorry I got this out so late. I am wrestling with new software.

You know where to find me.



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November 25, 2013---Printer Version (9)
What’s In A Word?

Thomas Sullivan, ACFThomas Sullivan, a man of impeccable credentials, degrees, and over 40 years of service in his career, is the target at all levels of government, for a relentless campaign of harassment and smears against his reputation and integrity.

As the Director of ACF Region 8, he is the only person in the Federal Government to actively pursue the reporting of child rape, abuse and trafficking that is occurring, daily, on Spirit Lake Reservation with more than 100 at risk.

They are ‘at risk’ because they are homed with Registered Sex Offenders, child rapists, abusers, drug addicts, extreme neglect and extreme violence.

For some reason, which they are keeping to themselves, all of his superiors, all the way up to Kathleen Sebelius, the Entire hierarchy of the BIA, as well as Governor Dalrymple of North Dakota, via his “Indian in the Cabinet”, Scott Davis, along with USAG Tim Purdon who has seen violence against women and children skyrocket under his watch (but that didn’t stop Eric Holder from heaping praise on him, specifically for his ‘great work in Indian Country’, this past week) are determined to dismiss every single Mandated Report, 13 in total, that Mr. Sullivan has issued, without investigating a single one.

Indian Country is a multi-Billion Dollar a month engine, rife with corruption, violence and abuse, but also tied to every single politician who are then tied by large direct or party donations, to the most corrupt, violent, vile people in Indian Country.

Collectively, they all own each other. The politicians are afraid to disrupt the money train, be it through government funds or corporate payoffs, and they need to keep the profits from that corruption flowing in order for everyone to ‘stay happy’.

The corrupt, have free run to do whatever they want without any fear that any government agency, including the Department of Justice, will ever indict them because they own them, and they can make or break their political careers with both funding, and by exposing their connections to the corruption, should they step out of line.

It is the only explanation for the extremes that these supposed politicians and their appointees go to, to prevent anyone from investigating these escalating numbers of child rape, violence against women and children, or even the massive corruption that steals millions of tax payer dollars, every year, from that one reservation alone.

Tim Purdon has only tried one child rapist in the last three years, when there are over 50 cases reported every year, and far more occurring, but which are actively discouraged, through violence or economic intimidation, from reporting.
The person he put on trial may or may not be connected to any of the politically powerful families on or off the rez. I wonder what kind of a deal was made behind the scenes? Why did it take two years?

That man is one who had previously murdered his own child, and even with a stack of reports on him for violence and abuse, Kevin Dauphinais Brownshield, the Director of Tribal Social Services at the time, and over the objections of every social worker (all of whom had degrees, which Kevin never did), returned children to that man’s custody, over and over again… until this child was murdered.

Now that he is out of prison, he raped a girl under the age of 13. So, why is it that this is Purdon’s only rape case connected to Spirit Lake? Is it because the rapist doesn’t actually live on the rez that he was ‘arrestable’? The girl lived on the rez. Was her family somehow more powerful than those in government who spend their political capital protecting the rapists?

Oh the praise Eric Holder heaped upon Tim Purdon. Still, with no evidence of anything except his determination to protect predators, harass, threaten, intimidate victims and Mandated Reporters, I have to wonder, and so should we all, just what was it that Eric Holder was praising in Purdon?

How deep into this White House, and those that preceded it, does this corruption, child trafficking, have its tentacles?

One Hand Washes The Other

To Tim Purdon, Eric Holder, and all the rest of them, as long as they don’t have to see the faces of the children that are being raped and abused, assaulted and murdered, they are safe from being touched by their own corruption that allows this.

Even after a child is murdered, I, and other bloggers get flack for posting their pictures. “Child Privacy Laws, to Protect The Children”? I don’t think so. I think it is to protect those who allowed it, participated and profited from it. Protect them from seeing any of these victims of rape and violence as ‘Human Beings’.

Since every single agency, all of them, are violating the law by not investigating these mandated reports, we can assume they are all directly connected to the corruption and they form a conspiracy that protects the criminal operations--- all of them, from drug manufacturing and sales, to the trafficking in children, and support it all with government funds shoveled in to cover crimes, corruption and child rape.

There is no other reason for those who are in government to be protecting predators, child traffickers, child rapists, and thieves.

The Mafia Dons were famous for bribing and corrupting government and police officials. They paid them off, allowed them to indulge in illegal treats from drugs to prostitutes, to child pornography, illegal gambling, great ‘discounts’ on cars, homes, jewelry, etc. The police, judges, government agents would then protect them from investigations or indictments.

They had to, or they would be outed for accepting bribes, payoffs, etc. As long as the Mafia was protected, the corrupted agents and officers were also protected. “One hand washes the other,” is one of their more famous sayings with regards to that.

At this point, so many political and judicial hands have been washing the hands of the corrupt, that everything they touch turns to fecal matter. They think we can’t see it? They think we can’t smell it?

Let them try to explain their inaction on Spirit Lake. Let them explain their harassment and intimidation of victims and Mandated reporters any other way. They stink, and they know it.

Simple Math For Simple Minded

There is no other reason for these agencies, all of them, especially the BIA, to harass, libel, slander and smear a woman who only protected the children in her care. Read the documentation here: Octobr 3rd Meeting Summary Notes, Letter to Russ McDonald , November 8 meeting.

First telling her that there was a 960 filed on her, but not showing it to her. Months go by. They insist, all of the, Tribal Chairmen, BIA Liaison Agent, Tribal Social Services Director—all of the swear they have seen and read this 960 accusing her of allowing children to attend a Thanksgiving Dinner with pedophiles while she was in the hospital in May, for minor heart procedures.

Given that Thanksgiving was not for 6 more months in the future, it was a hella claim and easily a lie. But they all insisted that is why they took the kids away.

More months go by. Marva demands proof of this 960 and is told by the BIA Agent that there never was one, that it was a lie ‘to teach you a lesson’.

Think about that. “To teach you a lesson”? For what? For standing up to the Tribal Chairman’s relative who was raping his own children? That was her crime? Protecting the children? Is this how the BIA conducts itself? Threatening and harassing, intimidating and punishing the innocent to ‘teach them a lesson’? What IS the BIA, anyway? Hallway Bullies?
Thugs in the hood? Enforcers for those running the biggest money laundering scheme on the planet?

And what is their problem with simple math? Their initial claim, put forward by Paul Hutchinson (now fired) was clearly a
false claim as Thanksgiving does not occur in May and Marva never allowed her children to be around pedophiles.

I guess they knew that would make them look bad, but there was too much of a paper trail for them to say there was no 960 on her because their making a false claim in a 960 is a crime, and their lying about having charged her is also a crime. But that bad calendar math was not going to fly.

So then, as you can see by this document the letter signed by BIA Acting Liaison Agent, Marty LeBeau, that he read the 960 which he claims now accused her of having her house raided by the FBI where they found illegal guns in her house, guns that were used in a robbery!

First it is the future prediction that she allowed children to have Thanksgiving (in the future) with pedophiles, while she was in the hospital in May, 2012)

There is also a simple math problem with this document as well. It is dated October 4th, 2012 and claims that on October 5, 2012 Marty LeBeau Personally saw the 960 against her, claiming a phantom FBI Raid, the fictional illegal guns and the vague reference to a robbery…

Get it? A letter dated a day before the claim contained in the body of that letter.

When people are lying, and they get caught, they panic and make simple mistakes, over and over again. Math seems to be the weakness for the BIA and Tribal Social Services Directors and the BIA. (Makes it easier to steal millions of dollars of Federal Funds, doesn’t it? )

They can’t seem to keep a calendar straight.

Now, about the lies contained in that maybe-existing-maybe-not-existing 960 that the letter writer claims to have seen with his own eyes… it would have been so easy to disprove the charge by asking the FBI for their records.

And I’m sure the FBI would have complied by inventing a false document as they have done in the past. But someone went and said it tied to a robbery off the rez… and folks, it’s a little harder to invent robberies off the rez than on. There are police reports from other agencies and that would involve too many other players, some of whom may or may not be on the ‘payroll’, but someone was bound to notice glaring discrepancies and there starts a chain reaction of dominoes falling all over the place.

All because they want to ‘teach that woman a lesson’.

And all these agencies and their political strong-arming to silence anyone who dares speak out. Shouldn’t we all start to be a little enraged now? Shouldn’t we all be demanding investigations into those agents and agencies?

Do you really think that this child rape, child trafficking happened overnight? Do you now see, with all these agencies and their henchmen moving to silence anyone that dares to speak out or report the crimes, are part of a much bigger conspiracy that has tentacles that reach into every hall of government from the White House on down to Tribal Governments and all points in between?

That is the only way all of these people could have been influenced to act the way they do. It’s a long-term, well-established syndicate of corruption that now openly feeds on children, handing them directly to the abusers, refusing to investigate the reports.

It Gets Worse

Elizabeth Morris who runs CAICW (Christian Alliance for Indian Child Welfare) who has also been following the details of the ordeal of raped and murdered children on Spirit Lake Nation Reservation and throughout Indian Country, went to see her Senator in Washington, DC today and her notes on that are stunning.
Her email is here:

As you can see, her encounter was shocking. Kenneth Martin, (D) who is on the Senior Professional Staff on the Committee on Indian Affairs for Senator Maria Cantwell (Senator Cantwell is the chair of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs)  lost his mind at the mere mention of Thomas Sullivan’s name, and began accusing him of being a ‘liar’.

He then claimed that Thomas Sullivan “Doesn’t even have a job anymore…” To which Ms. Morris insisted he did. Back and forth on that one, with Mr. Martin clearly rattled (and ill-informed). (He later claimed he “misspoke” and has no knowledge of any issues surrounding Thomas Sullivan. But clearly, he has and it has already shown in his discussion, manner & words.)

When Elizabeth wanted to discuss George Sheldon, who has recently abruptly left his ACF Acting Assistant Secretary post (now running for Florida AG) had, directly forbidden Thomas Sullivan from issuing any further Mandated Reports, Kenneth Martin again lost his mind, saying that was a lie because 'it would be illegal for George Sheldon to do that…'

Precisely the point, Mr. Martin. It was illegal and George Sheldon did exactly that. Which is why we have not seen any further Mandated Reports issued by Thomas Sullivan, who, if he disobeyed even an illegal order, could be terminated for insubordination, and ACF is looking for any excuse to rid themselves of him as he has, with all his degrees, years of service, stellar reputation and those ‘annoying Mandated Reports’ become a real thorn in the side of the Beast that is floundering to maintain it’s death grip on the children in Indian Country, and all the government and corporate and underground money that can be squeezed out of their exploitation.

But, ACF also dare not terminate Sullivan because when they do, they have to murder him (make it look like an accident? Natural causes?) because at that point they will have no way to muzzle him and he can speak to anyone he chooses.
Presently, they have done the equivalent of moving his desk into the supply closet, with a bare light bulb, no windows. They have refused to allow him to perform all but the most basic clerical aspects of his job.

As you can see by their email thread here, they made great sport of finding ways to only clear him for travel when it was humanly impossible for him to make the reservations, pack, get to the airport in the tiny window they left open, less than 2 hours. The goal of that game is to be able to say they ‘approved the travel’ and it was not their fault he didn’t make the trip.

Mr. Martin was probably informed after his blown-up meeting with Ms. Morris, that she was someone he might want to use a little more tact with. She also has a blog and a very informative website: Further, she forwarded to Mr. Martin an email from Mr. Sullivan to Marrianne McMullen. (Web version only)

Playing With Words or Playing With Fire?

You can see by his follow up email that he is desperate to backtrack on his earlier statements claiming he ‘misspoke’.
I love the art of Word Play. “Misspoke” was conjured up as a political get-out-of-jail-free card, or more accurately, a ‘Get-Off-My-Back-So-What-If-Lied?’ card.

To be clear: A “misunderstanding” is when you hear “They wasted ours” when what was said was “they wasted hours”.

“Misspeaking” is when you improperly pronounce a word or accidently say “ass” instead of “Associate”.

“Lying” is when you make a statement that is clearly false and argue the point even after you are caught.

He was slandering Mr. Sullivan. Slander is not in anyway ‘excused’ by playing the pathetic “Excuse me, I misspoke” card. He is in this up to his Armani suit.

Her follow up letter to him has yet to receive a response that I know of.

How can any Human Being, once they are aware of the horrors inflicted on these children, go to such extremes to silence the reports and harass both victims and anyone that dares file a Mandated Report?

Given that Mr. Martin erupted before Ms. Morris could even state Mr. Sullivan’s title, clearly, he has been informed and he has chosen to protect the predators over the children, and with gusto. Mr. Sullivan’s name triggered an angry little monster in Mr. Martin.

The Monster

This monster we are all battling, those of us making these reports, blogs and getting information out to the rest of the world, is something well-known and well-groomed by those in office, elected or appointed, as well as their aides.
The face this monster wears as a mask are several. You don’t know it’s the monster until you hear it speak the Monster’s words, or see it do the Monster’s bidding.

Sometimes the face is that of a rapist, laughing at the crying child. Sometimes the face is that of political appointee, slandering and smearing anyone who dares report these abusers, their crimes or speak out for the children or the women, consumed by this violence.

The Monster has been grooming them and they have been grooming it, and now, as we each stab at the tentacles on this thing, it recoils violently and rattles through the marble halls of government from the lowest to the highest, and it’s minions are forced to act on it’s behalf, lest they lose their fragile grip on their careers in politics and all that that can provide for them. They do this at the expense of the children.

They do this at the expense of all of us, not only now for all that is stolen from us, but for the future we’ll never have as Human Beings, as babies, are treated like garbage by those in law enforcement and government agencies, who protect their predators, and none of the gifts they came to this world to share with us, will ever be known.

Instead we have their broken bodies to bury, their suicides, their addictions making them wander down cold unforgiving alleys and into rooms no Human Being should ever have to see, much less lie down in. We have their anger, confusion and violence.

Give Thanks

We can thank the Indian Affairs Committee for their exploitation. We can thank the BIA for their corruption. We can thank everyone in government who has harassed, threatened, intimidated, ridiculed, slandered and libeled anyone who dared try to save those children, or save the future we could have, that resides in each of them.

When you hear about a child being raped and murdered, thank Marrianne McMullen, James Murray, George Sheldon, Scott Davis, Senators Hoeven, Heitkamp, USAG Timothy Purdon, The FBI, and Governor Dalrymple.

When you see a scary looking Indian, a thousand mile stare in their eyes, looking for their next fix, or holding a gun to the head of store clerk in a strong arm robbery… When you hear of a suicided child or young person from the rez… be sure to remember that they were once infants, babies, children whose cries for help were ignored by those who seek your vote, your campaign donations, and who will shake your hand, smile in your face and then throw these children at the feet of predators. Connect those dots.

But something is bothering that Beast. Something is causing it to rattle and panic. And when that monster rattles and panics, it calls into service, it’s minions who serve its darkest appetites and commands they shelter it, as it shelters them, one hand washing the other…

And those minions were never very bright. They could never have climbed so high on those political ladders on their own and they know it. They are depending on the monster to carry them on its scaly back, all the way to the highest places… and when they are pushed into service, to keep even one precious domino from falling… to keep even on woman from protecting the children she cared for…”teach her a lesson”, False charges, false documents, nothing is too great for the minions that serve the Beast… except perhaps calendar math.

Oh, and one other thing: The Truth

That is clearly the one thing they are all fighting, trying to silence. The Truth is the one thing that clearly is causing pain to that Beast. The Truth is stabbing at it, over and over again, making it bleed more lies, more libel, more slander and more smears… and the Truth keeps coming at it.

It’s running out of places to hide. It has been forced to reveal those who serve it, over and over again, more and more.

Speak the Truth, no matter what happens. The Truth is what that darkness fears. The Truth is what will bring it down. The Truth is what will bring Justice to Indian Country. The Truth must never be silenced.

That Beast has been feasting on the blood and bodies of children all across the land. Nowhere more so than in Indian Country, and spitting their bones out at our feet.

We see the wreckage of those who survive, and we condemn them as addicts, whores, criminals. We never ask: “What happened?” That’s the plan you see: discredit them by taking their dignity away from them, rain violence, degradation and humiliation on them from infancy to adulthood, and condemn them when they survive the only way they know how.

The Truth Hurts

There are those who would walk across those bones, snapping like twigs and never look down at the damage done. There are others who gather up those bones and put them in order, on display to reveal what the Beast has done and to reveal the monsters that have been protecting and grooming it.

There are laws in place that say we should never mention the children’s name or reveal their identities. “To Protect The Children” even after they are dead. Those laws protect the predators. Those laws protect the Monster an its minions who never need to see the face of innocence, shattered by their apathy and greed.

We can stop this. We know the truth. The truth draws blood from that Beast. Everyone know the Truth, use it. Grab onto a tentacle and stab away with the Truth that you know, and make it bleed. The children suffer, so should the Beast. Make it uncomfortable when it lies to you, at the very least.

Don’t protect them. They are not protecting you, or your children.

Never be silent. Never quit.

You know where to find me.




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November 21, 2013 Special Edition
Let The Children Suffer

(Additional Links: Tribal Council Meeting Sept 27, 2013 )

That seems to be the only message from the Administrators of ACF and the Multi-Billion dollar a year Children’s Bureau when confronted with reports of rampant sexual abuse on Spirit Lake Rez.

McMullen, along with now abruptly-changed-his-mind-and-quit-so-he-can-run-for-Florida-Attorney General George Sheldon, along with the entire cast of the BIA, FBI and USAG office, including Eric Holder (who was personally informed of the crisis these children were in and did nothing except praise those who have failed to do their jobs), they all, ALL made it a sporting game to obstruct and defeat any process of investigation put forward by Thomas Sullivan.

They have forbidden him from even making Mandated Reports. I guess the 13 they ignored were too many?

Behold: Thomas Sullivan lays out his case, taking it directly to the obstructionist in charge, Marrianne McMullen.

I will post additional documents and all the names and addresses where Good People Everywhere can contact the Children’s Bureau and ask them to prove any actions taken on behalf of the children of Spirit Lake. Apparently, according to McMullen, CB has had this in their wheelhouse for 18 months. Yet, they also failed to do anything to protect even one child on Spirit Lake Reservation from the known predators.

Children have been raped, abused and died in those 18 months of ‘discussion’ about ‘their goal of protecting the children of Spirit Lake’.

All it would take is for the current laws to be enforced and those who investigate to not be obstructed by political cronyism that may be very good for business, but which is clearly bad for the children.

For some reason, people in every corner of government that are supposed to be investigating and charging predators, have chosen instead to turn their backs, not even begin the investigations.

For them, it is an easy if not ludicrous out, that since there are no investigations there is no proof. There is proof. They merely refuse to look at it.

For them, the suffering of these children, the wrecking of the communities that they live in, and the subsequent costs to the entire nation for the ongoing and ever increasing damage to our society as a collective, is something they see that can easily, if they all stick together, snub their noses at, and turn away.

I can’t turn away. Neither can those who have actually had to make the reports and hear the stories and see the broken bodies. Can you?

I’ll sign off here, and you can read these emails and documents at your leisure. I will link to additional documents at the top of the blog for convenience.

You know where to find me.




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November 21, 2013 ---Printer Version (5)
The Ordeal of Marva Jean

Marva Jean Tollefson is not a complicated woman in the least. She is strong, she is god-fearing, she is compassionate and she is loving to the foster children she has homed and cared for.

She was courageous enough to stand up for them and with them when they went to court to fight being returned to their father, who had viciously raped all of them for years.

She had to fight the Tribal Social Services Director, Paul Hutchinson, who was dead set on giving the father absolute custody, despite the charges of rape and despite the FBI and the Psychiatrists reporting that the children had indeed been abused, raped, and he was the perpetrator.

She won. The kids won. Eventually, Paul Hutchinson was fired and enough noise was made that his license was also suspended/restricted and sometime this month the State Board was going to decide whether or not his conduct met the standards of Social Workers or not. He is a singularly vile man on all levels. If he meets the ND State Board Standards of Conduct, there is no hope for any child in Social Services in the State of North Dakota.

Before being fired, Hutchinson was very angry that Marva had supported the kids and she had won for them in court against their father. He retaliated. When she had the kids placed in respite care while she was recovering from minor heart surgery in May, 2012, he filed a false report declaring that she had allowed them to stay with pedophiles over the Thanksgiving Holidays… which made no sense because the report was never produced.

Despite there actually being no report (because the accusation was 100% false) he had the children that she had cared for permanently removed from her care and stripped her of her Foster Care license.

Enter Robert O’Keefe, equally inadequate for the job and just as willing as Hutchinson, to continue a vendetta against Marva Jean and her kids, purely for spite and as a message to anyone that might ever challenge, much less win in court, any abusive acts by Tribal Social Services, regardless of how much danger that puts the kids in.

O’Keefe does not have the MSW required to hold the job of Tribal Social Services Director, but the Tribal Council made an exception in his case because he is the only candidate they had to consider. When your Tribal Council is as corrupt as is Spirit Lake Nation’s Tribal Council, not too many qualified will apply. “Pickens gets purdy slim after awhile.”

This is O’Keefe’s first job in the field. I have no idea where he worked before or if he ever worked anywhere before. I do know that he is continuing the harassment of Marva Jean to the detriment of the Children who continue to run away to try and reunite with her, and because their current home is in itself, abusive to them all.

In keeping with the false reporting tactic that removed the children in the first place, O’Keefe has stepped it up a notch, claiming to have filed a 960 report on her for being a dangerous, unfit home because her home was raided by the FBI and guns were found that were used in a robbery….

No raid. No guns. All lies.

Read Marva's notes Here:(8)

Many times, over the past seven months, Marva Jean has asked Russ McDonald to step up and clear her name. That there are rules for filing 960’s and there is a 72 hr time limit for proving the charges, and for providing the report to the person being accused.

In concert with the BIA’s acting Director, Marty LeBeau, who also claimed to have seen the 960, Russ McDonald also claimed to have seen it, but in all these months, has never produced any 960, be it on pedophiles for dinner or some phantom raid by the FBI that never happened for guns that never existed in some fictional robbery.

When you read through the documents from Marva Jean Tollefson, you will see her frustration at being not only treated badly by Tribal Social Services and by Russ McDonald as well as the BIA Acting Director Marty LeBeau, but that the treatment crosses over into abuse and illegal intimidation as well as slander and libel.

Given that there is a time limit of 72 hours, an extension of 1 week possible in the filing of 960’s, Marva’s enduring more than seven months of this abuse is illegal on all levels.

I guess there might have been a time as recent as the near past wherein the FBI could be relied upon to fill in and file false reports retroactively to cover up these kinds of abuses. I guess that is what O’Keefe, McDonald & LeBeau were counting on?

Hard to say. Their lies against her were outrageous. And, as you can see in one document, their response to her was that their lying about filing false reports on her was ‘to teach you a lesson’. I can’t begin to tell you how criminal that is on all levels.

Filing a false report is one thing. To lie about filing a report and to act as if that report had been filed and disrupt the security of the children in order to ‘teach her a lesson’, is beyond the pale.

Still, she does not have the children back. No one is holding those who lied about her accountable. She is being treated as a ‘pest’ for trying to recover the children who have repeatedly run away from the home where they are to try and unite with her. To that, and to support their continuing vendetta against Marva Jean, Tribal Social Services is saying that the children are probably adjusted to their new home now.

Clearly, they are not adjusted to it. They have been begging to be returned for months.

The ordeal of Marva Jean is that of a woman whose heart is broken by the cries of the children she is separated from. It is their pain and their fears that she cannot comfort and that breaks her heart.

She gave them safety. She gave them love, and she gave them courage and support in protecting them from the predator who tried to grab them back. That act of protecting those children so angered the abuser, who is related to the last and the present Tribal Chairmen, that they take it upon themselves to prolong their suffering in order to ‘teach her a lesson’.

Listen To The Woman

The meeting that came with almost no notice yesterday afternoon, in the casino, had representatives from State and Federal Agencies as well as the tribe’s Tribal Council.

It was open to the public after all, and WDAZ showed up and got it all on tape. I am waiting to see that tape. The topic was Child abuse. You know, the crime of.

What I am told is this:

Robin Charbonneau (same woman who was in Kind Hearted Woman PBS Frontline Special earlier this year) stood up and asked: “Why is there no one from Law Enforcement represented here?”

Russ McDonald, who has perfected the excuse of incompetence throughout his career, sort of hung his head and said: “There was a miscommunication.”

“There seems to be a lot of that going on lately,” Robin said.

And then she proceeded to announce to the entire assembled group that Marva Jean had been wronged by--- and she put her hands on the shoulders of each person on the Dias, called them by name, detailed how they had violated the law, and then said there was a form that could be filed for civil damages from each person --- and she did this to every single person responsible for the ordeal of Marva Jean, on that stage.

When she asked the woman from the State about the form, the woman said she couldn’t recall the title of that form off hand…

“Let me help you with that,” Robin said, and she gave out the title of the form. She further stated that Russ McDonald will have those forms for anyone and everyone that has also been wronged by the abuses of Tribal Social Services, the BIA, etc… and that if he didn’t happen to have them on hand, that they could call her, Robin, and that she would come to their home, bring the forms and help them fill them out and file them.

(Oh boy, this is getting good!)

So, everyone on that stage was there to put on a show about being concerned about the crime of child abuse, child rape on the rez, but somehow, no one thought to actually have any representative from law enforcement there. How convenient. You see, if police agents are there, and they hear of a crime (and they would hear of many at that meeting) they would be duty bound to investigate.

Also, no one seemed to able to answer straightforward questions put to them regarding current situations which they have been informed about for months if not years, and no one seemed to know what could be done about it, except for Robin Charbonneau.

She has, in the past, stood up to her abusers. She has worked through some of the most difficult personal issues a person can work through and has been on her healing journey, which she shared with the world in Kind Hearted Woman. She has found strength and dignity by taking her life back from those who had robbed her, since childhood, of everything including her innocence.

She stood up in that meeting and in that meeting she was standing up for Marva Jean. She was standing up for the children. She was standing up for the entire tribe.

When she spoke, and she rested her hands on their shoulders, there was nothing they could do to stop her. She subdued them, named them and shamed them and showed the entire tribe what they needed to do to regain their dignity, and to take it back from the corrupt who have robbed them.

They were powerless in her calm confrontation of each of them and what they had done and what legal and civil consequences they were liable for, because of it. It is substantial. And, it is likely.

In that same calm way, The Good People of Spirit Lake Nation can stand together, support one another, demand their leaders obey the laws and the rules.

When I get the link to the WDAZ video, I will link it here.

Meanwhile, Marva Jean’s heart breaks and those kids of hers are being punished for refusing to return to their rapist. The community can come together and demand that be rectified on the spot.

The community can come together and demand that all the abuses by the Tribal Social Services, be ended immediately, and that the rapists be arrested. In that same calm manner, you can force the corrupt to their knees.

It will be the one thing all these abused kids will see and remember: “The time when the tribe fought for us”. Those children can then heal and grow into warriors who will stand up for, and protect their tribe.

Fail to stand up for these children and all the children and the price will be more painful than I can describe.

You will only know how much it has cost you when you realize, after coming together and protecting the children, and you see how they flourish and what gifts they bring to the tribe, for generations to come, and realize that all along, all these decades, you have been robbed of all that and more. Your heart will break for the losses as it rejoices for the gifts of dignity.

It’s time.

You know where to find me.



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November 20, 2013 --- Printer Version (2)
Which Way To Spit?

Turns out that the meeting in the casino today was OPEN to the tribe. They just didn’t want to give anyone enough advance notice to arrange time off from work to get there.

I am told that Dr. Azure is ‘researching’ along with people from Federal and State Agencies and that this looks ‘hopeful’.

I don’t know which way to spit on this one. I really don’t. I don’t get it. What is there to ‘research’? Arrest those who broke the law and the problem begins to go away.

It’s that simple. For some reason, all these best and brightest minds in government at all levels are trying to find a way to NOT arrest those registered sex offenders who have children in their homes.

They are trying to find ways to not investigate claims of sexual abuse as reported in the 13 Mandated Reports.

It’s blood simple, people. Arrest those who are violating the terms of their parole or release as sex offenders. Arrest those who illegally homed children, some of them infants, with know registered sex offenders. Arrest those who illegally ignored the 13 Mandated Reports of Sexual abuse, and the ‘problem’ starts to resolve through the legal channels already dug and delivered years and years ago.

Arrest those who stole the funds from the programs that were intended to help these children. That problem then goes away.

Without arrests for blatant violations of the law at all levels, the problem of child abuse, child rape, child murder and the corruption that made it all possible, will only grow and grow as we have ALL witnessed.

Baby Laurynn would be alive today had Timothy Purdon not ignored the Mandated Reports that showed she and the other children in that house, including her twin, were in danger. Hold HIM accountable.

The very idea that politicians and their friends get a free pass on all this is reprehensible. It says that the laws do not apply to anyone who is politically connected. We get ‘research’ instead of ‘arrests’ or ‘investigations’.

Let me know what the ‘research’ yields on this one, will you? My guess is that it will require hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars and take a few years. At the end, they will hang their heads as the names of the dead children are read off.

By then, more battered and raped children will have become teenagers, addicted and into prostitution or violent crimes to feed their habits of escape. The costs will be skyrocketing as everyone gathers round and round in a circle dance that has no last note for any of the guilty.

Meanwhile, Joel Redfox, a rapist from a family of rapists, is the key man in Tribal Council to oversee Tribal Social Services. He will never be ousted out of Tribal Council because he only needs 70 votes to stay in. Those he can buy or blackmail as many are his family members and if they don’t vote to keep him in, they risk being

investigated for rape and incest. The rest of Woodlake really doesn’t give a flying crap about how many children are raped or that they have a rapist for a representative. They don’t even try.

Russ McDonald is protecting Joel and will never remove him from his access to Tribal Social Services where he can protect both his (Joel’s) own cases and those of his family members from ever being investigated, and also protect Russ’s family from charges or investigations into their rapes and abuses. Joel and Russ need each other.

Russ is only half a degree better than his cousin, Weenie Boy, was. Weenie Boy was a murderer. Russ and his family only helped Weenie Boy and their other cousins get away with it.

You need to look around, Good People of Spirit Lake, and find a qualified leader who will actually do what is best for the community by doing what is best for the children.

You also need to look around and get better Tribal Councilors. Only one, Mardell Lewis, has shown any backbone or integrity and she can’t do this alone. Hopsty goes whichever way Joel tells her to go. Clarice is tied to the corruption in Tribal Social Services through her brother and mother. Clariice is tied to all the corruption out there, from the College where her Cousin Cindy Lindquist Mala runs it like her own personal royal kingdom (complete with 10 year celebrations of her tenure at the helm), and the Tribe deserves better.

The Tribe deserves better but won’t get better until you can run, support, elect and support better candidates for leadership. This record of allowing the lesser of two evils continue to rule is creating greater and greater evils, more and more suffering.

Oh yeah, do ‘research’. Let me know if you decide in all that, that not enforcing the laws on rape or child abuse was perhaps a mistake?

You know where to find me.




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November 19, 2013
Important Meeting No One Was Told About
---Printer Version (2)

*Link: Updated

Apparently, today and tomorrow are some big meetings regarding child welfare.  The meeting today was a surprise to me, being held in the Tribal Building (Blue Building).  Supposed to be Federal and State people there. Wouldn't it have been nice to notify the community so they could have some input? I still don't know the details of Today's nor Tomorrow's meeting--- which is supposed to be in the Casino, so I guess that means the Tribe is allowed in?

I have no time of the events, either of them. If you get them, email them to me. I will post.

If the Tribe is given enough advance notice, they can actually show up for these critically important meetings. I am really tired of Tribal Chairmen scheduling meetings and not informing the tribe, and then shrugging their shoulders and saying 'no one was interested. We held a meeting but no one came. I guess it's not that important.'

I'm really tired of that trick. So, start calling your reps, and Chairman McDonald and Sect-Treasurer Nancy Green-Robertson and get the time, location and the names of those Federal and State people that will be attending and then email to me so I can share with the rest of the class, ok?

I'll put out a printer version of this when the details are available.

By The Way: That online petition you are getting people to sign is making an impact. Every signature results in an email to those named in the header of that petition. They get to see that people are angry about the Tribal Chair and the Federal/State Agencies that are obstructing the investigations into Child Rape on Spirit Lake Nation Reservation.  So far, 300+ Emails have hit them! Keep getting people to sign!

*UPDATE:  Turns out it is a closed meeting because they are going to be discussing cases and files. I hope that ONE of the cases they discuss are Marva's kids and why the Tribe, specifically Russ McDonald as Chair, insist on lying about Marva and her home, for no other reason than to torment those children they keep away from her.

Has the Tribal Council or the newly minted Tribal Social Services Director done a home visit and review where the kids are stashed now? No, no they haven't.  Nor have they visited the kids who are living with sex offenders.

Yeah, big discussion time. Let's see if they actually give a flying donut about the kids, or if it's all about how much more money they can get out of the government on the pretense of 'fixing' the problem they seem dead set on not fixing. 

Tribal Social Services, a critical program for protecting the most vulnerable, most abused on the rez should not be used to bully, threaten and harass decent people while protecting the worst predators. 

It is wrong in all directions to have Joel Redfox overseeing Tribal Social Services given his own guilty plea to sexual assault, and his family ties to rapists and predators.

Until these issues are rectified, no one can take seriously that the Tribal Council or Tribal Social Services is concerned about anything but their own personal power plays, and ability to bully victims.

It's one of those meetings where we will never see a report.  Nothing will get done.

Prove me wrong.

You know where to find me.


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November 18, 2013 --- Printer Version (7)
Heckuva Job, Brownie

That phrase bring back memories? Conjure up an image of devastation and governmental failure on an unprecedented scale? It should.

Mike Brown, “Brownie” was a businessman and a whale of a fundraiser for the GOP. He was clueless as to what FEMA was supposed to do. But he had great ‘rapport’ with Big Business. Hence, the big bucks in the election cycles.

Gradually, over the past 4 decades, this has become the case throughout all of the Federal and State Agencies. The main qualification is party affiliation and how much fundraising you did for the party in power. Ability and expertise don’t even rate.

Lobbyists provide the ‘expertise’ at every level of government. We’re paying for it and we are getting screwed because of it, more and more every election.

Business and government have become so entwined that it has become government in service of business. As a fact, the minute government moves towards “the General Welfare”, in anything be it Social Security, Medicare, ACA, Infrastructure, Food Stamps, Head Start, Student Loans… it is portrayed as an anathema, a hated thing, and the recipients, regardless of circumstances and effort on their part, are vilified, mercilessly.

If you are not making a profit, you are a ‘taker’. Even if you’re working 3 jobs at minimum wage, trying to feed your kids, you’re the bad guy, while the super wealthy and the major corporations get more and more tax breaks, which means, they are the takers: They take Profit, they don’t pay their share of taxes--- and they are heroes in business, finance and government circles.

Business and government are two separate things and very different from one another and we have forgotten that. Running a government is not like running a business and running a business is not like running a family budget. But we are told, repeatedly, they are all the same.

All our resources go to businesses, and a few become extremely wealthy from what is intended to benefit the entire nation. We are robbed at the well-head and again at the pump, and again as everything we buy increases in costs do to the rising cost of fuel. That’s just ONE example.

Oil, for instance. It’s supposed to benefit the nation, but instead, it goes to a few well-connected corporations who pay no royalties, no taxes, and then on top of that get government grants in the billions of dollars, despite their obscene profits, and then they sell it back to us at rates that skyrocket on the whim of those who control the market. Fill up your tank lately? Or just put in $50 and hope that gets you through the week?

It doesn’t cost a penny more to get the oil out of the ground today than it did yesterday, and the workers don’t get raises on a daily or hourly basis, but the price of oil fluctuates every hour, and the cost to us is even greater at the gas pumps.

As we spend more and more of our hard earned income on fuel, we save less and we have less and we are condemned for not saving more. Meanwhile, fat cats in board rooms give themselves billions more in bonuses, and it comes out of our pockets.

But we do nothing. Government does nothing. Government is there to protect and promote business.
When Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast States, there was an opportunity for local and regional businesses to hire local people, put them back to work, rebuilding, but they were shut out of the bidding process, and Bechtel, Blackwater, and other Global Corporations came in, hired outside workers who worked for next to nothing, and three things happened: 1: There are, even this many years later, neighborhoods that are still in shambles, 2: the people in the area unable to get work even rebuilding their own neighborhood, became more poverty stricken and relied on government welfare 3: the Fat Cats at Bechtel and Blackwater became even richer.

Hundreds of billions of dollars misapplied, misdirected, never accounted for. That’s what you get when you let businesses dictate what government should do and not do. (Do: Give me the money. Don’t: hold me accountable for it.)

Business is the answer to everything. Our governments don’t plan for disaster relief at home nor abroad as a priority, but only as an afterthought. Business first. Tax breaks for businesses that outsource to slave labor nations, top priority. Fixing crumbling bridges, schools, hospitals, not so much.

If our tax dollars go to Big Businesses and Big Banks, that’s good. If tax dollars go to feed or house our poor, or educate our population, or take care of our elderly--- that’s bad. Military spending/contracting, by the way, is the biggest cost to our government and it is mostly to private contractors. Where does the money go? Don’t ask. Don’t tell.

Back to Katrina

Katrina revealed a lot of flaws in our business-loves-politics-loves-business model of government. Major Departments, such as FEMA, which had worked fantastically from Carter on forward, and which had at the helm, people with 10-25 years experience who knew what they were doing, was gutted when Bush 43 walked in the door, and decided that the heads of these agencies, rather than being people of experience and knowledgeable expertise in the areas most critical to the functioning and the mission of those agencies, would be replaced by political ‘allies’ and postings were awarded more as a reward for top fund raisers in the party, rather than people who have any clue as to what the agencies needed to run, be effective and to help the people, especially in crisis.

The result was an extremely late, extremely disorganized response to the biggest hurricane to hit our mainland in decades. People left to fend for themselves for over a week, while bloated bodies bobbed macabrely in the background of reporters touring on boats asking where was the help, when was it coming?

When FEMA did respond, it was pathetic. No food, no water, no first aid, mostly politicians holding pressers thanking everyone for doing such a great job when there was no job done at all.

Later, the trailers showed up. Another government reward to a contractor who made a fortune while the trailers, no place to put them, rotted in fields. No hook ups, nothing.

It was as if government was going through the motions, but had no clue how anything really did work or was supposed to work. Billions and billions of dollars wasted and misapplied, all in the name of promoting businesses, especially those that were politically connected.

“Heckuva Job Brownie” became the punch line to which no one was laughing.

I point to FEMA and Katrina as the example of how badly government can fail the people when those in charge of the agencies, and those heading the departments, really are just political cronies with no clue as to what is entailed in actually running critical aspects of our government, especially when there is a crisis.

They all know how to bring businesses in, especially big Global Corporations, because they think business is the answer to every crisis. The result is that every crisis devolves into a greater crisis and an escalating tragedy of horrors when things go wrong and are ignored.

Watching Eric Holder congratulate Tim Purdon for his great work in Indian Country, reminded me of Katrina, the political press conferences where politicians congratulated themselves and thanked each other for doing such a great job when clearly, no job was done, much less done well.

One of the key tools to success in business is good PR. Keep repeating that message of success over and over again, regardless of true or not, and people will think of you/your business as ‘a success’.

The whole time we have been following all the legal channels in reporting child abuses, and massive corruption on Spirit Lake rez, waiting for those in government to do their job, and they do nothing, except congratulate themselves on what a great job they are doing.

It has been over two years now since those Mandated Reports detailing urgency and crisis, started coming in, going right to all the people who are supposed to respond, within 24 hours, and yet to this day, as of this writing, not one child has been removed from the known predators who have them. Not one.

The children referred to in those reports continue to be raped, beaten, severely neglected, and a few have died at the hands of their abusers and neglectors. Still, nothing is done to rescue the children.

Instead, all these agencies, ACF, HHS, IHS, FBI, DOJ have turned their wrath upon those who issued the reports.
Tim Purdon said in one interview that he personally had checked out the Mandated Reports and found them to be untruthful, and no urgency or crisis existed…. And then another baby died. And then another child died. And the rapes continue, while he has refused to meet with and discuss the details of a single report with the man who filed them, Thomas Sullivan of the ACF.

That failure, by the way, is a direct violation of the protocol in place for responding to Mandated reports. Then again, not one protocol has been followed by anyone receiving the Mandated Reports.

Tim Purdon has failed to make one arrest for child rape on Spirit Lake Reservation. Rapes have been reported, the victims retaliated upon, but no rapists arrested.

Heckuva Job, Timmy. Holder so proud of you, he wishes he had more like you.

The retaliation against the victims and those who reported the crimes, continues to this day while Timmy takes a bow. The corruption continues. The abuse continues. The rapes continue. The Human Trafficking continues.
It’s time we raise our voices together and demand action on the part of the Federal and Tribal Governments.

Change. Org has a petition to bring this matter to greater attention. Bureau of Indian Affairs End the Rampant Sexual abuse of Children on Spirit Lake... You have to go to the website to click the link if you are reading the printer version. I urge all of you reading this to sign that petition. Change.Org, if they get enough signatures, carries the message to the greater media and makes the issue harder to ignore. I have signed several petitions from them and have never been spammed. Simply put: This petition is a demand to our government that they address this issue with action. It’s a start.

Money, Money, Money

Indian Country Today had an interesting story on Tribal Leaders meeting at this big whoop-dee-doo-dah at the White House this week. “Top 10 Tribal Desires at 2013 White House Tribal Nations Conference . I read through the top ten on their Santa Wish list. More money,… money,… more money… business… money…

Nowhere on their Top 10 priority was any request for the Federal Government to fix the broken Justice System in Indian Country.

Not one word about the children. Not one word about the Injustice that is at the root of all that ails Indian Country: Abuse, addiction, violence, murder, suicide, rape and corruption all of which cannot be cured or even begin to heal until the matter of injustice and corruption in the Justice System is addressed and fixed.

But all of these Indian Leaders are the new breed of Indian. They are the business oriented Indians. There is no problem they have seen that cannot be used to get more money from the government. Crisis is profitable. More suicides? More money! More rape? More money. More child rape? More money!

Starting a factory or a casino or any business in Indian Country does nothing to stop the abuses, rapes and the subsequent Human Wreckage of addiction and cycles of more abuse and violence. The only thing that will stop that is Justice.

The one thing lacking in Indian Country, that keeps the Good People on all the reservations from having decent housing, decent education, and a shot at life, is the Injustice that pervades all Tribal Governments and it is fed an nurtured from the Federal and State Governments on down. The corrupt are protected because they give the best deals to businesses that come in and want to take advantage of the Federal funding, huge tax breaks, lax pollution and safety standards enforcement.

If you start arresting the corrupt, businesses will suffer. Big businesses. They kind that make huge contributions to political parties (both, All, every). Violence, abuse, addiction, and corruption would subside, but hey, if it hurts business, it's baaaaad.

The corrupt are never prosecuted. The rapists, if they are connected to the corrupt, are never prosecuted. The victims are harassed until their lives are a living hell. They learn to just take the abuse, rape and violence and say nothing because no one, and this has been proved with the Thirteen Mandated Reports, whose job it is to protect you and enforce the law, will dare raise a finger to protect you or go after them.

People on the outside are left with the idea that “Indians are just like that, and they don’t want to change.”

If it was your community where the corrupt ran everything, and you had nowhere to turn, how would you exist?

What if it was your 7-year old daughter that was raped, and the rapist wrote you an apology note, which the USAG on your rez gave you the note, but failed to prosecute effectively, and let the rapist go free? And when you complain to that USAG she tells you that you got an apology note, you should be happy with that, how would your life suck?

If you think it is wrong to rape children, sign that petition. If you think it is wrong for those who rape children to not be prosecuted, sign that petition. If you think it is wrong for those who steal, embezzle millions of tax dollars to be allowed to be given millions more by the same government that ignores their corruption, sign that petition.

Until there is Justice in Indian Country, we all pay. And we all live in the aftermath of decades of failure of Justice in our lack of safety and security in our own lives.

Those who have been appointed to the positions where they are supposed to protect the children in ACF and HHS don’t see their job as protecting children. They see their job as silencing the victims, and pushing money out to ‘businesses’ and ‘foundations and orgs’ that also do not believe there should be Justice in Indian Country, just more profit for Corporate Bigs.

They are on a PR mission to smile, praise and thank those who do nothing and have done nothing for the children. The dead bodies of children and babies are bobbing in the stagnant floodwaters of corruption, while the praise and thanks take the spotlight. The rest of us are asking “Where is the law enforcement coming?”

These people were appointed, sadly, with no interest in the stated mission of their agencies. They were political players, big fund raisers, and they hired and appointed those just like them to work under them in critically important positions without a thought nor care as to what would happen if they failed at their job.

They have failed. They have failed to protect the children. They have failed to rescue the children. They have succeeded at draining tax dollars and funneling them to political allies, making political hay… but they are either clueless as to the mission of their agencies and the laws themselves, or they are deliberately obstructing both in what can only be the unholiest alliances on the planet. There is no middle ground on this.

Brownie was incompetent at his job. But I’ll give him this much. When Katrina hit, he tried.

So far, all I am seeing from Marianne McMullen, Tim Purdon, the Entire BIA and FBI is worse than no effort at all; but rather a full court press to silence the victims and bury the reports. George Sheldon had an abominable record as head of DCF if Florida—the worst in the country, but he was promoted to higher office as a political payback. It had to be. No one could look at the record of the man who in 2009 had the highest mortality rate, fully one half of the dead children in government care in the nation, from his state, Florida, and on his watch, and said: “There’s the guy we need to deal with the crises of rampant child abuse and child rape on Federal lands (reservations). Unless they wanted more dead children….

Sign the petition and force them to deal with the Mandated Reports. Two of the children mentioned in the reports are dead for their lack of action. The rest remain in the clutches of their abusers and rapists. Others we have lost track of completely. No one, not even their mothers know where they are.

Sign the Petition and say “Heckuva Job, Timmy.” People will know what you mean. The same way people see the desperation and death in Katrina’s aftermath when you say “Heckuva Job Brownie,” let them see Dead children, dead babies, rape victims under the age of 13 being incarcerated for reporting, when you say “Heckuva Job, Timmy.” Let that follow him and his political aspirations all the way to his last breath on this earth.

You know where to find me.




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November 15, 2013 ---Printer Version (8)
The Plot Sickens

A few corrections to the previous blog: You already saw that I scratched out the “they got beaten up” part. I was glad to hear that Adam Ladwig and his crew were not physically assaulted like the crew of Valley News when they showed up to do some scene shooting after baby Laurynn was murdered and Hope was arrested. Equipment was damaged, however, and the BIA cop forced the crew to delete their footage.


Violence is how the corrupt and the guilty solve all their problems out there. The BIA encourages or becomes part of that violence, always protecting the corrupt.

I am also told that there was footage of this latest incident that was saved and here’s the deal: (Let me know if this needs to be changed again, ok?)

1. The fire was at Cap Cavenaugh’s garage—Not Rod Cavenaugh’s. The father, not the son. So, if for any reason Rod claims he kept files there and they are burnt up, it gets a little less plausible.

2. The voices of the women who attacked and damaged the camera are Peggy Cavenaugh and one of her daughters.

3. Peggy “Piggy” and her family are currently under Federal Investigation so whatever was in that garage was an attempt to thwart that investigation. You can bet on that.

Since it is the FBI doing the investigation and previously, the FBI swarmed on the Blue Building and found tons of incriminating evidence of long-standing and ongoing crimes, but charged no one, I don’t have a lot of faith in this investigation going anywhere, fire or no fire. I think the bad guys are just panicking because there might be an agent in the group that has integrity.

Don’t worry, if they find an agent in their ranks that has integrity, they will transfer him out or isolate him so he quits. That’s how they do. That’s how they’ve always done.

The FBI agents might have themselves suggested the fire for the convenience of all concerned. I know they are not happy about Congressman Cramer looking over their shoulders to see if they are actually doing their job.

It’s harder to fake a failed investigation when someone is checking in. Previously, until there have been so many public FBI scandals, everyone was content to believe that the FBI was impeccably altruistic, heroic and well-trained. They may well be in some areas, but never in Indian Country.

In Indian Country, they have to find ways to not find criminals who are politically connected, and to find ways to frame for murders, those who had nothing to do with it. The Turd Clan could not have pulled off the Murder of Eddie Peltier and the framing of eleven innocent men who had nothing to do with it, or each other for the most part, without the help of the corrupt FBI, corrupt judges etc.

In Indian Country, the FBI works WITH the criminals, not against them. So, this fire, for what it’s worth, may have been a desperate attempt on the part of the Cavenaugh clan to cover up their crimes and a relief to the FBI who has been trying, very hard, to not find evidence of those crimes.

If they are the same FBI that found all those boxes, and I mean thousands and thousands of credit cards that were taken out under the names of tribal members, some newborns, some elders, who had no idea their personal data was being used to get credit cards—which were then maxed out and never paid, if this is that same FBI cluster, nothing will come of any of this.

Those credit cards they found? Box loads of them? They gave them back to the people who were using them. Nothing was ever done about any of that. Nothing. That was over 2 years ago. They gave them to Richard Yankton. I guess he knew what to do with them? Maybe he stored them in Cap Cavenaugh’s garage.

Back To The Fire

So, there was this garage burning, and the guy who owned the garage was one of the people currently under investigation. His family then attacked the reporters. His family is also connected to the ongoing scandal that is Cindy Lindquist Mala, president of the tribal community college.

Cindy recently threw herself a party to celebrate her 10 years of stealing from the community. She did a Kickstarter campaign to raise money and she also took funds from the budget to throw this huge “Look at ME!” celebration. She said it was to both celebrate her ten years and the college’s 40th year which all happened to coincide in the same year… except it doesn’t the College has only been around for 38 years. This was Cindy, all about Cindy.

Maybe she had something temporarily stored in that garage too? I have a feeling that, as time moves on, and investigations need an out, there will be more and more ‘stuff’ that was (oh *SNAP!) ‘temporarily stored in that garage’ and eventually, if anyone does the math, we’ll see that garage had to be 3x the size it actually was.

I have the feeling that garage fire is going to be the mythical clown car of failed investigations for a long time to come. Let’s all watch the FBI and BIA and DOJ and HHS and ACF all collectively shrug their shoulders and say there is nothing more they can do. They all ‘tried’ but those darn Indians are so much smarter than all of them….

No, wait, that makes the government look really stupid. Let’s all watch them say that there were some problems but that everything is all better now. *Applause.

Let’s watch Heitkamp and Hoeven, Dalrymple and the rest of them all take a bow. Hey, I know ! We can throw a celebration party! I know just the woman who can put it together. She’s done it before.

BIA Corruption & Abuse Continues

Meanwhile, the BIA has in place, a replacement to Rod Cavenaugh who was Rod Cavenaugh’s apprentice. Mark LeBeau (not sure of the spelling) on behalf of the BIA, along with the Tribal Social Services Directors, both previous and current, leveled charges against Marva Tollefson, without any proof whatsoever. They did it to intentionally do harm to her and to the children.

That was six months ago and they still have no proof, but that did not stop them from removing the siblings she was caring for from her home and putting them into miserable circumstances—on a whim. It is ‘sport’ to them, nothing more.

This was clearly illegal. It was clearly to retaliate against both the kids for testifying against their rapist father, and Marva for standing up for those kids and protecting them.

So far, the State of North Dakota is fine with Social Workers, who have no proof, going in and snatching children away from safe homes and sticking them into inferior, or dangerous homes, strictly to intimidate any foster parent who might, just might, point out the corruption in the system and how it is hurting children.

I don’t know why the State of North Dakota issues these licenses. They should just issue a set of brass knuckles, nunchucks, and duck tape. They obviously care nothing about how much damage is done to the children when their Social Workers collude with the corrupt to abuse the children and protect the predators.

Billions of Federal Dollars go into the Children’s Bureau alone. Eight Billion a year. That is only one agency in HHS that oversees all of this. Ever wonder where that money really goes? Not one single child has been rescued from their rapists on Spirit Lake in the past 2 years. Remember: Tribal Social Services homed many of these children with known Registered Sex Offenders.

Now, one woman who dared to stand up to that evil, is without any outside support or help, struggling to both clear her name and to have the children who desperately want to return to her, come home.

How fake are the charges against her? So fake that she has never been allowed to even know what they are. Supposedly, a 960 was filed on her for abuse and that was over 6 months ago, but she has never been allowed to see it.

Russ McDonald says that the new Tribal Social Services Director, Robert O’Keefe, who has been there for six months, and who knows he was replacing a corrupt predecessor, “Needs more time to prove his charges against (Marva)”.

That means there is no proof. They filed a 960 on that woman with no proof whatsoever. Russ McDonald also says that he has more important business to attend to.

What is more important than the safety and safe keeping of the children on Spirit Lake Rez to the Chairman? Clearly, smearing an innocent woman, terrifying and emotionally torturing the children she cared for is merely sport for him. He has ‘real’ business to attend to.

Fire Sale

The Cavenaugh’s under Rod & Piggy, Cap and the rest of them, pretty much took what they wanted from the tribal lands and funds. They didn’t keep it all for themselves. They shared it amongst their friends, and those with political ties. That’s how they stayed in power all this time. Same as any mob family.

As the oil boom began and Federal lands were up for sale/lease Rod first sold these critical sections to his family members for a few dollars and then, a short time later, re-sold them to Oil Companies for an extreme profit. This was not just where the oil was being drilled & fracked out, but along the way, parcels of land that went to family members or well-connected friends, that just so happened to be right where the roads would be cutting through… sold and re-sold or leased.

Hundreds of millions of dollars, which should have gone to both to the tribe and to the Federal Government, was given away at Fire Sale prices.

I’m sure a politician or two found their portfolios fattened up just a wee bit more on some of these strategic ‘buys’ and ‘sells’. They must have. They work so hard to protect the obviously corrupt, they must be in on it. No one is that stupid that they can’t see it. They have to protect the corrupt to protect themselves.

And, if the corrupt want to hurt children, rape children, murder children, well that’s just awful, but they will look away because --- they don’t dare rock that boat.

If you don’t think that the corruption on Spirit Lake, in all levels of government and administration, affects you--- think again. They are robbing you as much if not more than they are robbing the Good People of Spirit Lake.
What is happening is Spirit Lake is not just happening in Spirit Lake. It couldn’t happen in Spirit Lake if it were not happening throughout the system of reservations and how the Federal and State Governments allow, even feed off the corruption and abuse, for personal and political gain.

How do you think these government employees become so rich and powerful? They do it by hurting tribes, keeping the people impoverished and denying them simple justice for crimes reported and proven. They do it by the buying and selling of children. They do it by robbing all of us, and leaving us with the Human wreckage of those who survive the abuses and rapes, and grow into adults who are without options in this world except addiction, abuse, violence and suicide.

They don’t just do it to American Indian Children, they do it to those in poverty all over the country. They merely perfected the posturing in Indian Country.

Add to all of that, how the national resources are being ripped off and fortunes made by a few who pay nothing, get tax breaks for ‘doing business’ in Indian Country, and follow no standards of employee safety, environmental pollution, or even fairness. They don’t have to, in Indian Country.

The more we allow Foundations and Orgs whose main contributors are mega corporations and most of those resource extraction companies, to push their way into ‘Nation Building’ by bringing more and more exploitation to regions that have no justice, the more we empower those who rob us, hurt the children, create generations of violence and addictions that cost every one of us in two ways:

First, the obvious cost of someone who can’t care for themselves and who is either incarcerated or on welfare.

The other cost is even greater but cannot be actually measured because it is the cost of our future if these same people had justice, protection and a fair shot at life. They could be the ones to cure cancer, write symphonies, solve energy problems, build that flying car we all thought we’d have in the 21st Century, but instead we still rely on the same fuel as we did when the first Model T rolled out.

We could have actors, teachers, artists, musicians, doctors, lawyers, innovative leaders, but instead, we have Human Wreckage. We have criminals. We have addicts. We have abusers. We have to buy more security, more locks, more guns, build more jails and prisons. And still we are not safe.

We will not be safe until we make the children, today, there, in that place, safe. We change how things are in Spirit Lake, we change how they are everywhere, even in our own communities.

Until we can see the whole picture and connect the dots, we are all lost. Once we see the connections and realize what we can do about it, we begin, collectively, to make a better future.

Media, the Press, did not keep us informed so we didn't know this was going on. We must demand they do their part in protecting our freedoms by keeping us informed. Decades of celebrity gossip, cute chit chat, have left us ignorant and vulnerable to allowing this to perpetuate throughout all levels of government.

We are ALL Related. We are ALL Connected. It is up to all of us to rid ourselves of the corrupt and the corruption. Merely buying into the drone of ‘we’re making it better’, without proof and without Justice, makes us all accomplices in our own insecurity, our own fear.

Government was designed to work for People, not corporations. We need to take that part back. We need to take the profit out of corruption. We need to stand up for those who are being victimized by the corruption, regardless of where they are. Because they are connected in this world to us and we are connected to them.

It’s time to reconnect. We will, all of us, realize how much stronger we are when we understand that connection. We will all of us, become stronger, when we become, individually and collectively, proactive and demand Justice.
Spirit Lake is a small enough place for us to start if we work together, with the Good People of Spirit Lake and in our own communities. You have seen how it shakes up those in power, and those behind the scenes, when we look in and see what is going on.

They panic. Lizards drop their tails. George Sheldon abruptly quit his position to go run for Attorney General of Florida because he needs to be in a position where he can stop investigations into the corruption and failings of the department, DCF, which he formerly ran and which had more than half the child deaths in the country, coming from Florida in 2009.

George Sheldon and Marianne McMullen, worked and still work, to suppress any investigation into the child abuses at Spirit Lake Reservation. By now, you have to be asking yourself “Why?” and wondering who all is involved in something so evil that it feeds off of the rape and abuse of babies, children and attacks anyone that dares to try and protect those children.

Suddenly, Eileen Noseep, who is at the core of most of the corruption in the BIA throughout Indian Country, scampered off, abruptly quitting her post with no reason given. She was not even on my radar before she did that. Now, tons of info are pouring in on her and her family. It’s shocking.

You have to wonder how many other powerfully politically connected people are involved.

I know you don’t want to know. I know you’d like to shrug it off as “government incompetence” but clearly, it is not. This is government working in concert, towards the simple goal of protecting the corruption it feeds off of, at the cost of children. It has been this way since the beginning of Indian Country as a region of government. It has become increasingly more evil since Nixon’s era. It crosses all party lines.

A lot of people get very rich by looking the other way. That’s not ‘incompetence’, that’s corruption. You have seen the email threads and you have seen their inaction and their obstruction in USAG, HHS, BIA and ACF.
Children are homed with registered sex offenders and this has been reported and known for over two years. Yet, not one child rescued, not one sex offender arrested and no investigation into those who do this.

Yes, Heitkamp is taking $2M tax dollars to get a committee together to ‘study’ this. She gives it 3 years… so, let’s just sit by and watch these children being raped for 3 years. We’ve watched them be murdered, so why not?

We have the laws we need. We just need those laws enforced. We need those who pointed out the corruption to be protected, not threatened, intimidated, fired, attacked, smeared by the very government agencies and officials they reported it to. We have seen the corrupt protected, defended by those who should have been protecting the children.

Nothing is fixed anywhere until the children in Spirit Lake are safe. Until there is justice meted out to those who committed the crimes against these children, nothing has changed. Until those who thrive on this corruption are brought down in Spirit Lake, nothing anywhere has changed and we all continue to be robbed.

We all continue to live in fear because of crime. Violent crime. Extreme crime. Think about where that comes from.

Now, get to work. It’s time we quit letting organized criminals run our agencies and departments. It’s time we quit rewarding politicians who are pro-business but refuse to pursue justice for past or ongoing corruption.

Allowing businesses to thrive in places where there is no justice turns the entire nation into a Third World of poverty, abuse and neglect & insecurity.

Rewarding the corrupt by bringing in more businesses for them to do business with creates incentives for more corruption and more abuse.

It’s time we look at what it is WE are allowing to be done, in our names, as a Nation and with our Tax Dollars. It’s time WE got our money’s worth from government and demand there be Justice.

We start in Spirit Lake because that is the one place that no Federal Agency dares to step in and do their job.

They’ll do it everywhere else, if you force them, but you cannot get Timothy Purdon to arrest a single child rapist in Spirit Lake, despite his taking high praise from Eric Holder for his ‘fine work in Indian Country’.

Spirit Lake is where the worst of the worst thrive. We break it there, it falls apart everywhere else.

We have to want a better future for ourselves and our children and grandchildren to do this. We have to open our eyes, shut off the rhetoric, and see what is really happening.

Marva Tollefson is just one woman fighting for her kids and being attacked, smeared, and threatened. The Tribal Chairman sees her as a pest, and the safety of Children is very low on his priorities.

The State of North Dakota has allowed her to be smeared and false charges leveled with no proof. Their standards are that low.

This is not ‘incompetence’. It’s corruption. The pattern is clear. It’s organized corruption and it has many layers and many levels. It thrives because they can eventually, by ignoring it, make you tire of it and move on to something else. They want you to forget. And you do, until the next little child is murdered in some horrific situation that never should have been allowed to happen… and then you forget again… distracted by news that isn’t news, celebrity gossip, Canadian Mayor on Crack, filling your TV while things that actually affect your life, your future, are ignored.

The Smell of Smoke, The Stink of Corruption

The Corrupt are angry because people are looking in. People are seeing a little more each time.

A simple garage fire became an attack upon the news crew video taping it. They don’t want us to see anything they are doing. They are so afraid we will, some of us, connect the dots. They’re afraid we will start to remember the last time and the time before that. They don’t want us to connect the dots of that child being murdered and those reports being filed saying she, and other children were deliberately taken from safe shelter and put into harm’s way.

They don’t want us to connect the dots. They want us to think it was ‘unavoidable’ and believe they are ‘doing all we can’. They want us to forget.

When the dots are connected, we will see that this has been going on for a very long time. We will see some of our politicians made their wealth off of it. Ultimately, we will see that we had a fire sale of our children and our future, and we are all the poorer and worse off for it, and it stinks.

You know where to find me.





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November 14, 2013  --- Printer Version (6)
Where There’s Smoke

Adam Ladwig and his WDAZ newsies showed up to report on a garage fire on the rez. That would have been the end of it, and maybe it would have been 5 seconds of the newsreel that evening if nothing more important had bumped it.

But things changed drastically. Adam and his crew were attacked, first by two women and then by two men, and they were beaten up, their camera damaged. The BIA agent on the scene assisted--- the attackers. BIA Officer

LaRon Greywater demanded that the news crew destroy their video.

Now, why would they do that? I’ll give you a few facts and you draw your own conclusions. Your conclusions will be all that is left to any of this on this because it is unlikely that the corrupt BIA will investigate and the FBI, from what I have seen out there, where they blame the 13 yr old girl for being raped by the 38-yr old man and incarcerate her while he is still walking free, gives me little confidence in any real investigation by the FBI on any assault or any crime on SLN.

Let’s look at what we do know:

1. Garage on fire in the afternoon. (Wonder what was stored in the garage?)

2. News Crew attacked

3. BIA Officer demands the video be erased (because?)

4. BIA Officer LaRon Greywater is married to (wait for it) Fireman Dennis Greywater.

5. Garage belonged to (this is where it gets interesting) Rod Cavenaugh, former BIA liaison officer for BIA

6. Rod Cavenaugh recently was fired after 20 yrs of corruption, never having filed a report on a single crimecommitted on the rez, etc.. They threw him a ‘retirement party’ to cover the fact that he was fired.

7. Rod’s sister, Peggy Cavenaugh and several other in their family recently came under Federal Investigation (corruption runs in the family).

We seem to have a lot of ‘Cavenaugh’+BIA+Fire Department+Fire involved in this scene, don’t we? I’m assuming there was same damning evidence in that garage that needed to be dealt with simply because of who was involved and their history. And then of course, having the BIA side with the attackers and demand that the video be destroyed. Video is evidence of a crime so the whole scene, from start to finish sounds to me like ‘destroy evidence of past and current crimes’.

Don’t you really want to know what it was that Rod had stored in that garage, maybe some files? Bank records? I’m sure the fire will be ruled ‘accidental’, just like the assault on the newsies will be ruled a ‘mistake’. No one will go to jail on this. They never do.

Oddly enough, WDAZ is owned by the same parent company as the Fargo Forum. You remember some of the Forum’s more memorable puff pastry pieces offered up by now retired Chuck Haga about how safe and fun the rez is?

Remember: This happened in the middle of the afternoon.

Good job idiots. Your little fire would barely have made a blip but now, because you attacked a news crew, destroyed property and demanded evidence of that attack be destroyed… now, you have a whole lot of attention.

While I have your attention, can anyone tell me why Eileen Noseep up and quit her post at SLN? She was the BIA’s spear point or bottleneck, depending on how much you know about BIA and the Noseeps. She abruptly left. No clue (yet) where she went to. Something must have spooked her. More on her and her colleagues in later postings. Stay tuned.

Retaliation & The High Cost of Telling The Truth

Marva Tollefson is still fighting to clear her name and save her foster children.

False charges were leveled against her, false accusations made against her and a 960 filed on her that she was never allowed to see, or even know the contents of and is not allowed to defend herself.

It’s been months and months of retaliation which is hurting the foster children she is not allowed to regain, but their suffering is breaking her heart.

Robert O’Keefe, the new Director of Tribal Social Services, is as worthless as all his predecessors. He’s an older man who only gained his degree a month or so before he was hired to replace the abusive, lying Paul Hutchinson who initiated the war against Marva Tollefson because she dared to try and stop him from reuniting her foster children with their rapist father. Hutchinson threatened, harassed and bullied her.

Yes, he saw his job as placing children with the vicious rapist, while he was being investigated by the FBI and while 4 years of charges were being investigated, and while reports from professionals detailed how dangerous he was.

The retaliation against her is because she dared to try and protect the children. The BIA retaliated against her. The Tribal Chairman retaliated against her, and now, Russ McDonald, the new Tribal Chairman is continuing that retaliation and using the incompetent novice, Robert O’Keefe.

O’Keefe really needs this job. He’ll do whatever the Tribal Chair and the BIA tell him. It’s a paycheck, not a calling. I don’t know what he did for work before this, but clearly he lacks the backbone to do the right and legal thing. No wonder they hired a novice. Easier to control.

See the attached documents in this link here, and  here and decide for yourself.

Other Ongoing Retaliation

The man who reported Cheryl Ironhawk having sex on the job (Ambulance Driver) which explained why a 3-7 minute response time often went into 3rd calls and handoffs to Devil’s Lake Ambulance, or just extremely late (half hour or more) arrivals, is dealing with ongoing retaliations himself.

He did everything right. He reported her, repeatedly. He even reported her and her co-worker parking the Ft. Totten Ambulance at the Day’s Inn in Devils Lake as the new rendezvous location since it was getting too obvious at the ambulance garage.

He reported her to the woman who hired her: Peggy Cavenaugh. Yes, that Peggy, “Piggy” Cavenaugh. (Back to the fire?). Piggy got fired after Feds were forced to investigate overwhelming evidence of her corruption.

Things have gotten stranger and stranger for him. Two non-enrolled, non-native employees at the school where he also worked, one driving the bus, who are very tight with Peggy Cavenaugh (among others) have made it their mission in life to harass me.

The one that drives the bus came at him and tried to run him over. When he reported it, nothing was done. The victim reported this to George Longie, Sr. (you’ll remember him from the Petitions & Election Board fiascos), who promptly fired the victim for doing the write up on his (George’s) friend, the bus driver. Seven years of employment vaporized for daring to file a complaint.

Now they say he drove past the bus while the red lights were flashing. (I don’t know if he did or he didn’t. For argument sake, let’s say he did). It’s a moving violation. You’d expect a ticket, right?

Not if you are a target for retaliation. Tribal Prosecutor, Joe Vetsch is pushing for a 6 month prison sentence. Think about that for a minute.

Corruption so rampant on the rez and throughout the government agencies all the way up to the White House (where USAG yesterday gave high praise to Timothy Purdon for his work in Indian Country, despite being personally aware that Purdon has failed to file a single rape charge or child abuse charge in Spirit Lake Nation despite 13 Mandated Reports detailing abuse and predators. By the way, his ignoring of the reports that contained reports of abuse and imminent dangers to twin girls under the age of three, directly led to one of those twin girls being murdered in that dangerous home, months later.)

Corruption is in every single agency that deals with the programs and funding in Indian Country, without exception. Proof of that is getting harder to ignore. It’s becoming expected.

A woman fighting to protect children from a violent rapist is slandered, libeled and smeared as false charges, which she is never allowed to see, are lodged against her and the children she protected are thrown into substandard care, just for good measure.

A man who reports Cheryl Ironhawk for her having sex on the job, which puts lives in danger at the most critical of times, is harassed and retaliated against. Now, the Tribal Prosecutor is using his position to come down on him in the most heavy handed way possible, while Cheryl Ironhawk not only still keeps her job, as does her boyfriend, but she now packs a suitcase to work: Change of clothes, perhaps a few sex toys, all the things she’ll need while ignoring the alarms saying someone’s life is in greatest need.

Then we go back to the fire, and the assault, and the BIA officer siding with the attackers. They don’t want anyone looking in at any of their dirty laundry, not even when it’s on fire.

They don’t want anyone from the outside knowing what is going on. They want media to only report the story as they, the corrupt, tell it. If you write those sweet, puff pastry pieces about how safe it is for children, how safe it is and what ‘good things’ are happening on the rez, right in the middle of a huge child abuse scandal and crisis, you get the permission to ‘report’—just don’t ask questions.

And when something is on fire, and you dare to report there is both smoke and fire, you will be attacked and the Federal Government will help those who attack you. Reporters who actually do their job are not safe on the rez.

This was in the middle of the afternoon, kids. They were clearly identified as ‘press’. Freedom of the Press is one of the last bulkheads we have between us knowing about corruption and us being kept in the dark about it.
This was just a fire. But it turns out, it was way more than a fire. Someone doesn’t want you to know what that smell is.

I will tell you: It’s corruption, and it’s killing the children, and putting people’s lives in danger. Nothing has changed.

The Good People of Spirit Lake are fighting this corruption and they need us to know what they are up against. They need us to speak out and support them. They need us to stand up with them.

We need to stand up with them. It’s billions, hundreds of billions of our tax dollars feeding this monster corruption, and we are the only ones who can change that, but we have to work together.

We have to demand answers of everyone involved in the harassment and smearing of Marva Tollefson. Demand answers as to why all the Mandated Reports have been ignored. Demand answers as to why Thomas Sullivan has been obstructed from his entire agency, when it is their stated mission to protect children.

We have to demand answers as to why, even after more than 2 years, not a single child rapist has been arrested in Ft. Totten, and yet the threats from those in government agencies towards the victims and the reporters, is more prevalent than ever.

WE have to demand answers and action from those whose salaries we pay with our tax dollars. WE have to demand a full accounting of how our tax dollars are being funneled into the pockets of the corrupt and their cronies.

Hundreds of Billions of Dollars go into Indian Country and is not accounted for, every single year.

You see people living in shacks like Haiti or the Third World in Indian Country. You think that is their fault? Or do you get it that they have been robbed and we have been robbed along with them?

I understand that SLN doesn’t want ‘bad press’. Don’t rape children, cover up the crimes, and beat up newsies and you won’t get bad press. It’s not the people of Spirit Lake committing these crimes: It’s their leaders.

The Good People are fighting to get the corruption out of their tribal politics and their programs. But the corruption at the State and Federal levels is overwhelming and it can’t be done unless we step up and do our part.

To do our part, we have to become aware of what is going on. To become aware, we have to have reliable reporting in media to carry the stories accurately. We need to hold law enforcement at all levels, accountable both for their bad actions and their inactions.

We have to rise and support those we know are doing the good work and fighting the good fight.
We, collectively, have to demand there be Justice. Where there is no Justice, corruption thrives. Where there is corruption, violence grows.

The Good People of Spirit Lake and elsewhere in Indian Country don’t need more corporate enterprise to come in and exploit what corruption has crippled. They need and have a right to JUSTICE.

Save your ‘committees’ and your Foundations and Orgs that never mention Justice even once in their mission statements. They are vultures in suits and pearls, come to pick the bones of the nations being wasted by corruption.

Fix the failed justice in Indian Country and you diminish the levels of fear and violence in the whole nation.

Let the reporters come in. Let them see and let them report. Only the corrupt don’t want media showing you what is happening.

If we are to begin to heal as a nation from the fear, violence, addiction and corruption, we have to realize that we are all in this together.

The violence comes from injustice. There is no greater injustice than the abuse, rape and neglect of children and the smearing, intimidation and attacks on those who try to protect them.

We have to not be afraid to look, not shrink away from what we see, and work together.

Take a good look at Marva’s struggle. Take a good look at the way Joe Vetsch has joined in to retaliate against a man who reported both that the ambulance driver is having sex on the job and dared to report when the bus driver, who is friends with that woman, tried to run him over.

Now, look at that fire in Rod Cavenaugh’s garage and ask yourself what was so important that the news crew had to be stopped from filming it and why it was that the BIA also acted criminally against that crew.

Now, when the Corporation that owns WDAZ ends up doing nothing about this, ask yourself why not?

I realize that takes us into the future, but from what I have seen from Forum Communications, they will be very anxious to bury this and never see it mentioned again. Where’s Haga when they need a sweet pastry to wash this all away, eh? Who knows, maybe he’ll come out of retirement. If nothing else, to attack the messenger.

The corrupt don’t like messengers. Burning down a garage won’t do it. In fact, burning down Aberdeen won’t do it.

Noseep panicked, cut and run, so something is scaring the lizards. I would not have heard about the garage fire had there not been an assault on the newsies. I would not have heard of Noseep, and her family, had not the dried leaves rustled when she scampered out from under her rock.

There’s a lot of fires out there, don’t ignore the smoke. Children are dying out there, don’t ignore the reports of their abuse. Protect the protectors, hold the corrupt accountable. Or pretend nothing is burning.

You know where to find me.




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November 11, 2013 ---- Printer Version (5)

I’m still hooked on Judge Erickson’s words at the sentencing of Hope Tomahawk Whiteshield.

"The fact that no one sought help for this child is unfathomable," Erickson said.

I wonder if he was aware that he was speaking of those above Thomas Sullivan in the ACF/HHS? Was he aware of how many times people had reached out to save Laurynn and her twin sister as well as over 100 other children?

Was he aware that Tim Purdon himself said he had read and investigated each of the 13 Mandated Reports, which would include the ones where the home which Laurynn and her twin were forced to live, were reported?
And fresh off of this latest unnecessary death of a child on the rez, George Sheldon abruptly up and quit his position just under Marianne McMullen (I know, the visual image on that is icky. Just go with it) to run for Florida Attorney General.

I’m reading his FB page and all the praise being heaped upon the man for his ‘outstanding’ work and especially so when he was the Director of Florida’s DCF.

It’s astounding to me on two levels: One, that a man with the horrific record he had at DCF, wherein children were neglected and murdered at such an escalated rate that in 2009 Florida had the highest incidents of child deaths while in the system. Fully more than half the deaths in the entire nation, occurred in Florida.

The second level of astonishment was that after he achieved this horrific record, with notable cases such as the little girl, brutally abused, raped, and then murdered in a way that horrified all who read the story, even after all of that, George Sheldon was tapped to join Marianne McMullen at the top of the Federal heap in Washington, DC, where he performed even worse, acting as Chief Obstructionist ignoring Thirteen Mandated Reports from the rez, including those detailing Laurynn’s dangerous environment, and further, obstructing Thomas Sullivan’s efforts to have rescue, intervention or relief for Laurynn and her twin, but all the other children detailed in those reports as well.

Now, having not rescued a single child in crisis on the rez, having ignored the reports, and having several more child deaths because of his ‘fantastic work’, he is being promoted by the Democratic Party for Florida Attorney General.

As Attorney General in Florida, he can easily thwart, obstruct or refuse to investigate any cases that might reflect back on those earlier child murders or any abuses that occurred under his policies.

Someone needs to ask Mr. Sheldon why he has obstructed Thomas Sullivan’s work and does he feel responsible for the death of Laurynn Whiteshield. Ask him over and over again, until he gives a real answer. He is, after all, aspiring to Attorney General. What kind of obstruction does he have planned for that office?

When people rise to positions of power, and they use those positions to either hurt children or to allow children to be hurt, there is something else going on that we can’t fully see, but the form of which comes more and more into shape as we examine the true record, in this case, of Mr. Sheldon.

Mr. Sheldon’s FB page deletes any comments, regardless of how politely they are posed, that alert the readers, those supporters and potential supporters, to the real life outcomes of Mr. Sheldon’s work. The comments are deleted within minutes if not sooner.

So, if you look into Mr. Sheldon’s FB page and you pose serious questions politely, or refer people to links either in my blog or in the CNN story that ran last month, which shows the results of Mr. Sheldon’s incompetence and or neglect (I am being polite here, not calling it ‘criminal obstruction’), please do as one reader has done and screenshot your comment and send to me for future reference.

I’m a die hard Democrat. But when I see someone as bad as this come down the pike, I would be ashamed of myself if I did not do everything in my power to wake people up to what he is and how bad he has already been for Florida’s Children, and children on Spirit Lake Reservation, and how bad he will be for Florida, and a black-eye for the Democratic Party overall.

I have no love for the GOP in general, but so far, let’s face it; the only member of Congress to lift a finger to do anything for any of the children on SLN has been Kevin Cramer, (R) of North Dakota.

Heidi Heitkamp, gotta love her, has found a way to do nothing, but set up some committee, corner $2M taxpayer dollars which I can guarantee you, will go nowhere but into the pockets of pals.

There is nothing to ‘study’ about the urgency of children being forced to live in abusive homes or forced to live with sexual predators. It’s a crime. They need to be removed from those homes right away, and the predators need to be arrested for parole violations. So far, despite two years or more of these reports coming in, none of that has happened.

Tim Purdon has failed to arrest one child rapist. Heitkamp wants to ‘study’ as if somehow child rape is ‘different’ or perhaps so prevalent it’s harmless? Study what? Study why the police won’t arrest? Study why corruption is fostered and protected? Study what?

Take your time, Heidi. No hurry. Children are being raped every day out there, you go ahead and get that committee up and running, and you all hold some meetings, and maybe write a paper or two… but whatever you do, don’t actually do anything.

Thomas Sullivan has been forbidden by his superiors, Sheldon among them while he was still in ACF/HHS, to write anymore Mandated Reports. See? Problem solved! Don’t allow reports so that makes the problem go away.
Does that sound like the kind of man that should be elected to such a crucially important position as Attorney General for Florida?

Making the paperwork disappear doesn’t make the problem go away, but it does allow those who are the cause of the problems, the most corrupt, to breathe easier and it allows those in government to dine with them, do fund raisers with them and to accept donations from them, without that pesky problem of their crimes against children messing up the photo ops.

Politics has become a game, a sport if you will, of style over substance. It used to be the rare misfit, but now, it’s become more and more overall, the herd.

Anyone that can praise a man like George Sheldon, despite the suffering he has caused, signals to me that we are completely without any media that will actually inform people. Most “news” is not brought to us by ‘journalists’ but rather ‘performed’ by ‘newsreaders’ that are telegenic, and will mindlessly read press releases offered by the very persons they are supposed to be researching.

So many ‘written by’ stories in newspapers are word for word lifted directly from the press releases, with the paper putting a writer’s name on it, to make it appear as if there was really a reporter out there, doing research, interviewing, etc… We are all being cheated out of well-researched real information. In its place, we receive clichés, unsubstantiated high praise of those who are, at their core, incompetent, corrupt, inept.

Media, print and TV, become complicit in this ‘sport’ which is played for ‘ratings’ and nothing more. Integrity? Not this century. It’s out of ‘fashion’.

Politicians support and enable corruption. The corrupt enable and support the politicians. Rarely, very rarely, one rises above it all. But so far, they’ve only made speeches, latched onto money, held meetings.

Tell you what, Ms. Heitkamp, when it is you or your child that is raped, instead of an arrest, I’m going to suggest we form a study group, a committee, and that we pay ourselves a couple million dollars and we discuss whatever and perhaps, three years later, such as with the expiration of your study group, we might issue a report on your rape. But don’t expect an arrest.

In fact, if you’re a child on the rez and you are forced to live with a rapist while these committees and meetings go on, and millions are spent, you can expect to be raped until the rapist either gets tired or you, or kills you. Imagine that being you, any of you. Now you see why I’m not impressed with Heidi’s ‘Committee’ that has yet to state a goal or a mission, that everyone is applauding, and why I cannot ‘fathom’ the wild warm-up comedian happy talk surrounded George Sheldon.

The fight to rescue these children and to stop the ongoing rapes, prevent the next child murder, carries on, in earnest, by those who have, at great personal and professional risk, sounded the alarms and made the reports.
It is ‘unfathomable’ that none of those who have the power and the authority, and indeed, the obligation, to act, refuse to act and who instead, deliberately obstruct those trying to rescue these children from the predators and abusers.

I wonder if Judge Erickson knew when he said “no one sought help for this child,” that those who were actively, fiercely seeking help for that child and for other children are being opposed by those whom he probably admires in the political echelons?

I wonder if he realizes that the people he was condemning were those in ACF, the USAG, HHS and Tribal Social Services?

I think he thought he was condemning the family where the sweet precious little girl was murdered. I can’t condemn them for not helping. They are themselves so damaged from multi-generational abuse and untreated PTSD, that the abuse seemed ‘normal’ to them.

They were so incapable of caring for and protecting children that the children had been removed from them Eight times. Who is responsible here? The people deemed so irresponsible and incapable that their children were removed Eight times? Or those who forced them to take on twin baby girls they had no capacity to care for?
Bear in mind, those girls were removed from a safe, loving, nurturing home that had rescued them from previous abuse and neglect. Who did that? Is not that person or that agency at all responsible for this horrific outcome?

Or do all these agencies, high and low, have no responsibility whatsoever for the damage done when they place children into known dangerous homes? Is he aware that there are more children in exactly or worse circumstances right now? Is he aware that he is also now, in a position to ‘help’?

Judge Erickson, are you ‘outraged’ on any level, by those who ignored those reports? By those who lied about investigating her case and the others and said there was no danger? By those who have harassed, threatened, intimidated, ridiculed and smeared those who have, with every fiber of their being, sought help, rescue for that little girl and for so many others?

People were doing everything they legally could, short of kidnapping her (and a hundred others) to save her. Do you have any praise for their efforts? Will you do anything to assist their efforts? Or shall we just wait for the next horrific, gut wrenching murder of a tiny child, and go through this whole act again?

Judge Erickson, you are now in a position to do something meaningful in the name of “Justice” for Baby Laurynn. You are now in a position to do something that could possibly save the life of the next child, already in danger, already being horrifically abused. If you do nothing to help, will some future judge condemn your inaction, however indirectly, as ‘unfathomable’?

Judge Erickson, if you are truly as appalled as you sounded at sentencing, and if you want the those who loved Laurynn to feel any sense of ‘Justice’, you would, in your capacity as an officer of the court, demand that those who are responsible, who are paid from our tax dollars to do this job and protect our children from these monsters, and who instead, fed that little girl, and others, directly to the monsters, you would demand an investigation, at a criminal level, into their actions and their failures to act in the face of clear evidence of danger and abuse.

Otherwise, Judge Erickson, you’re just another player on the stage, feigning outrage, hoping political favors will rain down upon you as those who actually caused this, climb their political ladders into those heady ethers of greater and grander things to come.

I’m sure they will invite you to their fundraisers. I’m sure you’ll cut a check. But I wouldn’t attend and I would not make a contribution if I were you. Because, knowing what you know now, that would be, dare I say it? “Unfathomable”.

You know where to find me.




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UPDATE: Computer is all fixed now. *whew!* Blog will be posted on Monday. It pays to back up your computer, folks. 16 hrs of tech, but worth it!

NOTE: I'm posting this from another computer. My computer is bricked up and it will be up to a week before I can get it fixed. I can respond to emails from my phone, but documents will not open, etc... so send them, but don't expect quick responses.  I can't log onto any of the Social Networks so reaching me there is futile as well.

Blog postings will be spotty at best. Don't worry, it's just a technical issue. I'll post a note when I am up and running again.


November 8, 2013 --- Printer Version (5)
Creating Hope

Sometimes this blog is really hard to write. I avoid the page. I go run errands, I do the daily chores and today, even went out, in the rain, to rake the leaves… nothing I did could take my mind off this stack of notes, sitting next to my laptop. Nothing I did could take my mind off the emails, the reports and the verdict handed down to Hope Tomahawk Whiteshield, and how that changes nothing that is still happening on the rez.

Hope was given a 30 year sentence. I’m fine with that. I would have been fine with a life sentence. She murdered a child.

From the Grand Forks Herald:

"The fact that no one sought help for this child is unfathomable," Erickson said.

Assistant U.S Attorney Janice Morley said Tomahawk Whiteshield had been charged for child neglect offenses eight times in tribal court, including one case in which a 3-year-old was found wandering along a busy highway after Tomahawk Whiteshield forced the child to get out of her vehicle.

Hope was raised with the same abuse and worse than what she delivered to that little girl, and her sister, and her other children. Hope was once a little girl herself, suffering the abuse, rape, neglect… and you see what she became. She’s a ‘survivor’ of the abuse. She was created by abuse, neglect.

None of that excuses anything she did. I tell you this to remind you that while we look at Hope as the monster for the monstrous thing she did, and we are righteously outraged as we should be, we must remember how she became that. We must remember that there are children now, still being subjected to the same neglect, abuses, rape and the complete indifference of Tribal Social Services (which still punishes the children who spoke out against a vicious rapist by preventing them from returning to the stability and security of the only loving, caring, protective home they ever knew. Standing up to power is punishable by torture, terror, abuse and indifference).

I want everyone to remember that while Hope is sitting in prison, shamed for her heinous murder of a tiny child, the system that only protects itself, and which has been protecting predators, harassing, intimidating, threatening witnesses and victims, is hard at work creating even more Hopes that will horrify our future.

Depraved Indifference

Hope did not do this alone. She and Freeman Whiteshield had children removed from their unsafe home several times. Tribal Social Services, then under the direction of Paul Hutchinson (you remember him, don’t you?) decided that Laurynn and her twin sister should be, at not even quite 3 years old, should be placed with a woman who had been charged EIGHT TIMES including recently, with neglect and endangerment.

Further, Suna Guy, a registered sex offender, child rapist, lived right next door and was a member of the Whiteshield household frequently visiting, even though he was never to be around children again.

Despite the warnings from those familiar with the household, and despite the Mandated Report detailing the situation, it was allowed to continue without so much as a visit.

This is one of those “Mandated Reports” that Timothy Purdon waived off as ‘already investigated’ and which he found no urgency or even potential for crime…

Sue Settles also got that report and did nothing. She got all the reports and did nothing.

Why are not any of them, the ones who removed the child and her twin sister from a safe home and put them into that snake pit, a known danger, why are none of them investigated as criminally responsible?

It is as if all of them took that child and her sister from a safe home and put them on railroad tracks and then did nothing. When people sounded the alarm that this was dangerous, they did nothing except harass, ridicule, threaten, intimidate anyone who tried to bring rescue and remove the children from danger.

And then, the inevitable happened: A woman with no self-control, a vicious temper, and who had hurt and endangered children before, horrifically abused and murdered that little girl.

Hope did not want the responsibility of those children. She did not ask for those children. They were forced upon her by those who knew better. Why is there no accountability from any of them?

And even after this murder, this latest murder of a child, none of these agencies has done anything to rectify the ongoing dangerous situations that the children they are responsible for, are in.

They are holding meetings. They are starting up committees. They are asking for more money. (They always ask for more money). But they have yet to call law enforcement and remove children from the homes, including Suna Guy’s home, where children are not supposed to be living.

Tribal Social Services, now under the direction of Robert O’Keefe, has continued the punitive practices of traumatizing the children who used to live with Marva, but were taken away from her in what can only be seen as retaliation for her standing up for them and with them in court as they testified against their father. The children are desperate to be returned to her, but O’Keefe and the Tribal Chairman, who is related to the children’s father, threaten her if they continue to run away and seek her out.

Those children are being denied stability and good care. It’s arbitrary. Another child ran away from his new foster home to return to his old foster home, and that woman there, at the old foster home, was told to just keep him because he was happier there. That’s been going on for over 8 months now.

But if Marva’s kids try to get back to her, they are arrested, thrown into a police car and hauled off.

Now you can see, just a tiny bit, of how Hopes are created in a system that defies logic, common sense, refuses to follow the laws and protocols. A system which continues to protect the predators, punish the victims is how Hope was created in the first place.

She’s not alone. There’s plenty more where she came from. And more being created everyday, and so you see why I cannot cheer the sentencing of Hope Tomahawk Whiteshield.

Those who are truly responsible continue to take paychecks, give speeches, pat themselves on the back, and form committees. It’s not over. The problem is not solved. They haven’t even begun to address the problem.

They have continued to ignore, ridicule, harass, threaten, intimidate and ignore anyone within their ranks who dares, DARES to report the crimes, or offer legitimate solutions.

They do this, the Sue Settles, the Tim Purdons, the Tribal Social Services Director De jours, as if they are heroic in their efforts. They continue, all of them, to fail to follow the protocols for investigating Mandated Reports.

How different would this world be if the Mandated Report regarding the children living with Suna Guy and Hope and Freeman Whiteshield, had been handled according to protocol?

I guarantee you, I would not be writing about a woman who received a 30-year sentence while those more culpable and responsible for this crime, take a bow and congratulate themselves on prosecuting the outcome of the crime they themselves set up to happen.

Maybe there would still be laughter and Laurynn and her twin would be singing the alphabet songs, and dressing up for Halloween and maybe there would have been two little girls sharing a Happy Third Birthday Cake instead of just one.

Meanwhile, those responsible refuse to accept responsibility. They refuse to change anything. They refuse to rectify any of the mistakes or criminal behavior of their predecessors.

What can we expect?

More Hope. Different names, different faces, the same tiny coffins, the same trials and same outrage…

But when the judge says he hopes that the sentence gives those who loved Laurynn a sense of Justice, he is wrong. Until there is actual change, and the rest of these children who are in harm’s way, waiting for that train to come down the track…

Until we see those in Law Enforcement, the Justice Department, and Social Services stepping in to stand with the victims, stand up for the victims, and listening to and acting on the Mandated Reports that come in… until that happens, there is no real Justice. There is just all of us holding our breath, waiting for the next horrific story of abuse, neglect and murder of some child who never should have been put in that home to begin with.

I hold Hope responsible for what she did. But I also hold Tim Purdon, the entire BIA, The ACF Administration, and Social Services responsible for making it the only outcome that could happen.

The ACF continues to throttle Thomas Sullivan. Even as children are being raped, neglected, murdered, they work to thwart him, obstruct him and prevent him from doing the job he was hired to do.

They see as their job, Marianne McMullen, James Murray and whomever replaces George Sheldon all, to prevent Thomas Sullivan from doing his job. For some reason, despite the severity of the reports, the urgency of the reports and the outcome of ignoring these critical reports, they continue as if Sullivan is the enemy and the predators are the victims.

That is an Agency that is over-funded, top heavy with incompetence, unwilling to act to protect a single child on Spirit Lake Nation. In fact, their actions serve only to protect the predators.

Like I said, this is how HOPE was created in the first place.

Look at all those little children tied to those railroad tracks. The ground is shaking and the whistles are blowing, but those agencies, including the FBI and DOJ, form a wall between those children and the laws that are supposed to protect them by attacking those who report the dangers, the criminal corruption and cite the laws.

Penn State, Sandusky was peanuts compared to this. The horror of what happened to those kids was compounded by the fact that so many knew about it and for decades, did nothing. They protected the predators and silenced the victims, intimidated the whistle blowers. One man watched a child being raped in the shower and did nothing.

LaurynnThis is happening now, and we are all watching it. Shower stall, train tracks, … silence.

We know who is failing. We know who is protecting the predators. We know their shrugging this off as Sovereignty is pure crap.

For this to be ‘sovereignty’ the tribe would have to have written into their laws the rape and defilement of children. Even that would not stand.

Felonies are the jurisdiction of the Federal Government. Period. There is no confusion, no conflict.

There is only the political dance card they all want to keep filled up. Those who stand up to the corruption and abuse don’t progress through the ranks or receive promotions. Those who enforce the corruption, abuse and neglect see their careers rise like helium filled balloons, far exceeding their abilities as they bob around in that rarified atmosphere where politics trumps Human Decency and where Depraved Indifference is the Golden Ticket to higher office.

Hope is in prison. She will never hurt another child. I wish I could say that this is the end of it; that changes have been made; that it will never happen again… but I won’t lie to you.

Nothing has changed until children are made safe.

Nothing will change until we hold those in these agencies, behind the curtains, accountable. Nothing changes until we make it change.

"The fact that no one sought help for this child is unfathomable," Erickson said.

That’s not true. People did try to prevent this. They were opposed by Timothy Purdon, Sue Settles, Marianne McMullen, James Murray, Paul Hutchinson, and a whole list of government heavyweights. People tried. People are still trying to prevent the next tragedy and they are meeting the same opposition.

What is ‘unfathomable’ is the opposition.

You know where to find me.




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November 7, 2013  --- Printer Version (4)
If You Know The Cause You Know The Cure

Looking around at the poverty, violence and degradation in Indian Country one can easily assume that the cure for all of this is ‘Enterprise’ and ‘Nation Building’. All we need to do to end this horrific cycle is to bring in more businesses.

And there are foundations and organizations out there by the score that are raising hundreds of millions of dollars to do just that. Most of them are in league with corporations that do resource extractions: Oil, gas, fracking, minerals, uranium, asbestos, and casinos that bleed out the poor.

They come in with banners, throw parties, sometimes live music, and lots and lots of fanfare. They have smiles, and they have money. Oh, and they are doing the poor Indians a favor by coming in and offering all this… crap.
There are politicians whose first thoughts always run to ‘profit making businesses’ and they talk about how much they can ‘improve’ life on the rez by just bringing in more enterprise…

See? All you need is more and more and more money! They address everything from child rape and suicide, as requiring more funding and more funding comes in…

Things get worse. There are hearings and meetings and they work tirelessly to ‘bring in more businesses’…
Picture it this way: You are assaulted by a gang of thugs, repeatedly, for all your life. You keep reporting these thugs who beat you up, steal your money, rape you and all you get in response is “Let’s bring more businesses in to your neighborhood!”

What you want is Justice. What you get is ignored. Then you learn that your plight is being used to bring in more businesses, more government funding, grants and loans, and all that is going to the very people you have been reporting as beating up, raping and robbing you.

That’s what this is.

No one is doing anyone in Indian Country a “favor”, an unearned blessing if you will, by ignoring the causes of poverty, degradation, violence in Indian Country. They are exploiting it for profit.

People in Indian Country want and need Justice, not more exploitation.

If giving more money and more enterprise to a criminal group would solve crime, the Mafia would have been given government loans, funding and tax breaks rather than prison sentences.

The Crime Rate in Indian Country is due to the government willfully ignoring the crimes when those crimes are committed by those connected politically, financially and socially to elected and appointed officials.

The government’s response to reports of corruption where tens of thousands, even millions of dollars are stolen is not to investigate, charge and send to trial--- rather, it is to politely ask that they stop doing that, and then give them additional funding, sometimes up to treble the original amount stolen, so they can ‘fix’ that problem without making any changes in who gets to access the money.

When you or I report someone broke into our house, and it is the Mayor himself and his gang, we can call the police and expect they will arrest the Mayor, his son, and his gang or whomever was with them. If the Mayor or City Councilors or any of their family members commit rape and are identified, we can expect they will be arrested and tried.

But if it is the Tribal Council that is ripping people off, beating them up, stealing from them or even raping the children, the federal government, which has full jurisdiction in these matters, sovereignty notwithstanding, they ignore it. If anyone is going to be incarcerated, it is the victim of the crimes.

Now, without any of that changing, tell me how, exactly, bringing in more ‘enterprise’ which only puts more money and more power into the hands of the corrupt, will fix anything?

When the USAG personally refuses to investigate or personally lies about investigating these reports of child rape, there is no Justice. When the victims of those rapes are further intimidated, threatened or assaulted, it sends a clear message straight from your Federal Government to you: No Justice in Indian Country. Shut up, let us bring our businesses in there to take what you have and make ourselves, our friends and our cronies, very, very wealthy.

Until there is Justice, there can be only worsening violence, poverty and degradation in Indian Country.
Why should the Federal Government single out Indian People as not worthy of Justice? Because it is highly profitable to every resource extraction corporation, every gambling enterprise for them to do so.

Worse than that, there is an equal if not greater fortune to be made in Child trafficking, kiddie porn, and drug sales.

You think of the criminals behind those enterprises as being grimy, sleazy looking, and generally unclean. What you don’t see is whom they are connected to and where those billions of dollars go. Much of it goes back into the pockets of those very polished politicians, their friends and supporters.

If they were not making a profit off of the crimes they ignore, they would have, long ago, addressed those crimes the same way you and I would expect any law enforcement agency to address them.

Not solving abuse has become a mega billion dollar enterprise for government insiders. How can the Children’s Bureau, for instance, have an $8B annual budget and refuse to investigate the obvious in Indian Country? They are an arm of the ACF. Children is supposed to be their job… so, why don’t THEY do something?

There are 13 Mandated Reports out there, and not one has been investigated, and not one has followed protocol. Not one child on Spirit Lake Nation has been rescued by that agency. Not one.

It’s going on more than two years now. What are they waiting for? More and more reports of rapes and abuse come in every week… all are ignored.

Let’s look at Marrianne McMullen Deputy Assistant Secretary for External Affairs, ACF. She knows of these reports personally, and has, along with recently resigned George Sheldon, used all the power and authority of her office to squelch the reports and to not allow Thomas Sullivan to investigate nor to continue reporting.

George Sheldon, who was brought into ACF in May 2011, should never have been allowed anywhere near anything to do with children. His record at Florida’s DCF was appalling. In 2009, Florida had the greatest jump in child deaths on his watch. Of all the reported deaths of children in government care, 120 that year, Florida had fully half of them with 64!

Some of the stories of the horrific abuses those children suffered while they were deliberately placed with unsuitable guardians, should have run alarm bells on a national level. But, instead, he was rewarded with a plum job in Washington, DC where he and Marianne McMullen, so it seems, worked only to silence the victims and to protect the predators. What else would you call it?

The praise that Kathleen Sebilius, Secty of HHS, heaped upon Mr. Sheldon upon his being brought into the top job, and upon his departure “to seek the job of Florida Attorney General” makes me wonder if she had a clue as to what his record was, and how horrific his policies and lack of ethics are, or the damage done?

In government these days, it matters not if you do your job well or even at all. Just that you have the title. Praise is heaped upon those with titles. No one looks to see if in fact they are doing the work or if they are doing the damage.

I am being contacted by various groups in Florida regarding George Sheldon. I have responded to almost all of them by now. I’m hoping they will share the information with others and prevent that monster from ascending to Attorney General where he can cover up the investigations and crimes committed during his tenure at DCF or by his predecessor, who abruptly resigned less than a month before.

Indian Country doesn’t need more ‘Corporate Enterprise’ moving in and taking their resources, paying off the corrupt, taking advantage of tax breaks, government funding and lax pollution enforcement.

They need and are long overdue for Justice. That is all they are asking for.
When there is Justice, the violence will subside, victims can heal, communities can unite and become strong.

They can if they are not robbed, raped, broken, threatened and intimidated, grow into an educated society and bring their own kind of enterprise, under their terms, for the benefit of the entire community, not just the powerful politically connected few.

One of the ‘solutions’ being offered to Indians is ‘why don’t you just move?’ Sure, to where? With what? How? And wouldn’t that just leave wide open and up for grabs all the Federal Lands Resources for the corporations to just walk in and take without even asking?

That is, the idea. It’s a slo-mo genocide. Remove the people or make them so weakened they can’t fight back or stop the corporate taking of all that is theirs and all that is ours. Government is not working for us. Government is working for the monsters at all levels.

We all get angry, we all feel powerless and then they use racism to make us fight each other rather than making government ours again. This affects all of us.

Bring Justice, not more exploitation and corruption. Throw out those foundations who never mention the word ‘Justice ‘ in any of their propaganda. If they aren’t going to help the community get Justice, they don’t care about the community. It’s that simple.

Corruption has caused the poverty, the violence, the addictions, the desperation and degradation in Indian Country. Justice will cure it.

If you know the cause of your cancer is smoking, you stop smoking. You don’t throw more cigarettes onto the table. Your doctor doesn’t say, “You have lung cancer, here, try these cigarettes instead.”

Indians are not stupid people. They did not choose to live this way. This has been forced on them for generations. Generations of government punishing those who report the crimes and protecting the predators. We ALL must come together to fix this. We ALL must raise our voices and be heard.

Stop applauding the praise of accomplices, accessories, and the incompetent. Start demanding Justice.

You know where to find me.



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November 4, 2013
It’s a Joke
  ---Printer Version (9)

Q: How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb?
A: Just one, but that Light Bulb really has to want to change.

Bigger Joke

Q: How many agencies does it take to ignore child rape on the rez?
A: All of them.

And now we have Heidi Heitkamp, who could not manage to confirm a meeting date with an established group seeking to get an investigation into the child trafficking, rapes and corruption at the rez, waiting over 45 days to respond to the request, taking the stage as Drama Mama, saying how affected she is from an encounter with a woman who was abused as a child on the rez.

And for this, she gets $2Million of our tax dollars to set up a committee to ‘study’ the problem. This will be distributed most certainly, to her political allies, none of whom has yet to give a flying crap about these children who are still being housed with known registered sex offenders. They have yet to raise a finger to investigate or rescue a single child who has reported being raped, molested, abused. That’s politics for you! No crisis goes to waste. They are all an opportunity to make more political capital and to scoop more taxpayer monies into their own pockets.

When Betty Jo Krenz and her group finally got a response from Heitkamp’s Secretary, saying how sorry she was but that she would not be able to attend that meeting a month earlier… (better late than ?) Betty Jo responded that she would make herself available to meet with Heitkamp, anytime, anywhere. That has now been over 4 months and Heidi, for all her drama and how ‘important’ these children are to her, has yet to respond.

Politics makes a joke out of child rape. Politics makes a sport out of dodging protocols for investigations into heinous crimes such as child rape, child trafficking, delaying, stalling, thwarting, ridiculing and threatening anyone at any level who dares to try and do their job or seek investigation or rescue.

It Takes A Village of Idiots

No single agency, be they Tribal Social Services, The BIA, ACF, none of them could by themselves, thwart, harass and threaten those who demand investigations and rescue of children without a tremendous inter-agency effort to do so. The FBI has to refuse to investigate or act. The USAG has to refuse to investigate or act. The ACF has to harass and threaten their only Director who is raising the alarm.

The BIA, which does have decent people working in their ranks, sadly, has no one of integrity anywhere near the Administrative level.

The Department of Interior, which oversees most of this if not all of this because it all happens on Federal Lands, is such a scandal ridden agency, it should come with a saddle and whip.

In case you think none of this matters to anyone outside of the rez or that it is an isolated problem, think again. There are reservations all across America, and they are all on Federal Land.

Federal Land is where most of our national resources are: It’s where the oil, gas, minerals, timber and ranch lands are located. It’s where the water supplies are susceptible to diversion, poisoning or polluting. All that and then some, is there and all of it is susceptible to corruption and that costs US ALL hundreds of billions of dollars in lost revenues every year.

In order for the raiding of our resources and the control of our waters to continue to be in the hands of the most corrupt, the most powerfully connected families and corporations with no accountability to the taxpayers or the people on any level, there has to be an organized and sustained effort to keep the Good People of Spirit Lake Nation, and tribes all over, oppressed with corruption, abuse the subsequent loss of credibility that assumes anyone that has suffered both the legacy of abuse inflicted by both the government/church and their own social environment, battered for a lifetime, appear to those outside of that vicious circle, as less than believable.

Rabbit Holes

All these Agencies, especially the ACF, has so many rabbit holes they can send this down, make sure it gets lost and costs millions if not billions, it would stun you. Where do you think this thing is now? Where do you think it will be in three months? Six Months? A year? Where have they tangled it up and strangled it down in the past two years?

Every agency creates rabbit holes to hide, mislead, deceive and lose that which they don’t want known, uncovered, or reported.

That’s why we get these ‘commissions’ to ‘study’ crimes rather than the straightforward work of investigating them.

There Be Monsters

They appear angry, broken, addicted. They are. As a child, you are raped, beaten and told to keep quiet. You speak up and tell of horrors and those you speak to dismiss you as ‘imaginative’ because the tales you tell are so horrific, it’s hard to believe anyone would do that to any child…. And then there are the horrific rape, mutilation and murders of tiny children such as Destiny and Travis DuBois, Jr. , and civilized minds, shocked and stunned want to believe that is not happening. That it had to be a very rare monster, and there are no other monsters….

And as these children come forward and report horrific sexual abuse, even after all of that, they are dismissed as ‘imaginative’. And then another child is murdered less than a month before her third birthday… and we see yet another ‘monster’ and we think there are no more monsters….

We don’t want to believe these things are happening. They stun the mind and stab the heart. How could anyone allow this to happen?

And then we see how. We see that not one Mandated Report was investigated according to the protocol which demands that the person making the report be questioned for details and that the case itself, the victim, be first removed from the danger and then questioned for details.

The Sovereignty issue is a lie. Federal Government has sole jurisdiction over any Felony committed on Federal Lands and it matters not if it is a tribe or not. The laws are clear and clearly not being followed by everyone who has received these reports (and the list grows).

Yes, there are monsters who commit horrific crimes on these children. Most of them look pretty ugly and if you were to see them in a mug shot, you’d say they look like scum.

But the other monsters wear suits and ties, high heels and pearls. They refuse to meet with much less talk to those who have made the reports of rapes upon children.

Heidi has refused by method of ignoring, Betty Jo Krenz or anyone in her group, and yet she gives an interview to Indian Country todaywhere the reporter, Rob Capriccioso obviously sucking up makes a statement that “Native children are obviously a huge priority for you, what other Indian country issues will you be taking the lead on?

I have to ask Mr. Capriccioso where he sees this ‘obvious priority’. I have yet to see her make this any priority at all. She is establishing a ‘commission’ to study, and of course, get $2M, and coincidentally ends just around the next election…

She’s using the suffering of these children to forward her own career, nothing more. She has done nothing to rescue a single one. She seems mystified from her previous experience as Attorney General, that none of the programs in place for juveniles in detention seemed to alleviate the problem. Gee, really? Do nothing while children, babies, are being raped and abused, but when they become addicted or commit crimes themselves, then wonder why ‘programs’ aren’t working?

If the laws in place, which are good laws, are not applied to the rape of these children, it is clear that the law has no respect for these children. Do you expect these children, if they survive, to grow up and have respect for the law? And will you be mystified when they don’t respond to your ‘programs’?

Every day these children have proved to them that there is no rescue and there is no justice and that no one cares what horrors they have to endure. After awhile, they stop reporting the abuses because, it only gets them dismissed by the very people who are supposed to rescue them, and increases the abuses they suffer by angering those predators with whom they are forced to live.

By middle school, they’ve learned. Say nothing. Nothing will be done if you do. Things will only be worse if you do. Say nothing.

And that’s just the way all those Agencies like it. Keep the communities broken by not allowing any Justice, not even for child rape.

Not one case of Child Rape reported to Timothy Purdon on Spirit Lake has ever been investigated. That girl who had only hours earlier turned Thirteen and was raped by her mother’s 38-year old boyfriend, was ruled ‘consensual’ by the rapist telling Special Investigator Bentley GreyBear that ‘she wanted it.’ That was good enough for Bentley. That was good enough for Tim Purdon. The girl was then incarcerated and her rapist still roams free.

Then, recently, a 26 year old teacher was arrested for raping a 14-year old American Indian Girl. But she was from a different rez where he was a teacher. He said it was consensual but Purdon’s office says that no one under 15 can legally consent to sex. (Unless of course, it’s on Spirit Lake Reservation and that girl is just turned 13, in which case, incarcerate her. She’s the problem.)

What is it about Spirit Lake that has Timothy Purdon afraid to make a move without the approval of the rapists and the corrupt?

Purdon is a monster. He’s the kind of monster that protects the other monsters.

Expertise is Required

Because all the people who have first hand knowledge of the crimes against children on the rez are being forcefully excluded from any meetings or hearings regarding these reported abuses, we know that no one who presently claims in any of those agencies, or the politicians that polish their images with them, have any interest much less any intention of resolving the crisis of child rape on the rez.

If you want to solve a problem you don’t ignore, exclude, harass the person or people who have brought the problem to your attention and who have the best insight into the problem.

You don’t keep punishing/penalizing the kids who have reported abuse by keeping them from the security of the only home where they have ever felt safe and cared for.

I will believe there is genuine concern and interest in resolving this when the dancing stops and the real work begins and those who are experts on these critical ongoing crimes are brought into the conversations and not excluded from them.

We need ‘Experts’, not politicians, and not Department Heads that harass and intimidate anyone that points to the exact problem and states the exact remedy required by law. Those politicians and Department Heads only have expertise in using any issue to further their careers, create streams of money that end up increasing their political power and widening their connections amongst the powerful.

“Expert” is defined as: noun
a person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area: experts in child development | a financial expert.
Adjective having or involving authoritative knowledge

In this case, the ‘area’ is child abuse on the rez: How and why it happens, who is committing the crimes, who is allowing the crimes and who is protecting the predators and what can be done about it and how.

I would also add that an ‘expert’ is someone that also knows the solution and how and where it is to be found.

Under that definition, I would have to say that Betty Jo Krenz is an expert in this area. She identified the problem and she reported it to the authorities who were supposed to act, but refused to act.

All of Heitkamp’s ‘Commission’ has no ‘expert’ in this area. No one who is or has been directly in contact with these victims and no one outside of her and her group seems to actually either know the legal protocols and how they should be applied. If they did, they would have demanded it long before now.

Or they are pretending to not know, in which case, they have no intention of resolving the crisis, only in promoting themselves politically and financially and using the crisis as a vehicle to do so.

When the only people allowed to speak on this or address this to the authorities, are those who know nothing about it, one has to wonder.

I think it’s time that Spirit Lake Nation start involving the Experts again. At least the one that is nearby and who has, despite the harassment, threats, intimidations, and who has endured personal slander & attacks by those involved most directly in the corruption that allowed these children to be raped, beaten, trafficked and murdered; the one who has, despite all this, not quit speaking out about the crimes against these children, nor the logical and legal obligations that would put an end to it.

And yet, they avoid her.

I think I know why. This kind of sick criminal enterprise that has gone on for so long has some very important, very powerful people attached to it. It’s just part of a greater, more wide-spread corruption that involves people at all levels of government.

They are afraid to arrest the rapists because the rapists know the dirty secrets of those higher up and in the Halls of Justice as well as throughout the Federal and State Government. Secrets involving not just the rape, abuse and trafficking of children, which, throughout the country is a huge black market enterprise, but also in the other areas where the Department of Interior allows corruption: The massive scale of mineral/gas/oil/mining leases which his hundreds of billions of dollars unaccounted for every year.

When you start getting into the billions of dollars and who controls them, who steers them, who benefits from certain rulings and from having people in key positions, you get people who will allow anything to happen to not rock that boat. They go to extremes to protect themselves, each other and the corruption they all feed on.

Politicians who can’t be bothered for months, to say a word about the child abuse, and then, clutching pearls, a slight catch in the voice, say how important it is to them… and get $2M on the spot.

You see a USAG who has political aspirations that seem to depend on the most corrupt in Spirit Lake, and perhaps elsewhere, never being investigated, no matter how heinous the crimes they commit against children.

You see an agency, such as the ACF, who threaten, harass, intimidate their own Director because he dared to do his job and file reports. The ACF top Administrators are all appointed. These are political jobs given as political rewards to a few strategic people who will do whatever it takes to protect the system from scrutiny.

Taxpayer money that goes into corruption, and which washes through back channels, into the hands of the corrupt who then support and make big donations to the politicians who then get elected, make appointments to key positions…. And around and around we go.

Anything that upsets this, anyone looking into any part of the corruption, is a threat.

So they all act like they don’t know the laws and the protocols for proceeding when a child reports molestation, rape or abuse. They all just start dancing, waving their hands, clutching their pearls, all while deliberately ignoring those who filed the reports.

After this dance subsides, they will declare that they have investigated. There will be no proof of any investigation. No rapist will be arrested. No child will be rescued. Millions of dollars will have disappeared.

I know this because it has been over 2 years now, and not one child rapist has been arrested or investigated on SLN. Not one child has been rescued from dangerous illegal placements. Children have been raped and murdered. The only Expert in the area is ignored or libeled, slandered by everyone from the Tribal Social Services Board Members who are complicit in the child abuse, to the USAG himself, and Heidi Heitkamp, Governor Dalrymple.

It’s time for the Tribal Council to rectify this. It’s time for them to bring in the expert that knows and work with her to rescue these children. Their children.

It will be hard for the Tribal Council to do this given that Joel Redfox himself, as a Tribal Leader, is a known rapist and drug dealer on the rez and is not in the least interested in any of this being addressed directly. His family is involved.

If the Tribal Council cares about these children, their community and the future of that community, they will overcome the embarrassment of having Joel on the Council and they will do whatever it takes to protect these children and now, not three years down the road, but now.

They will call in Betty Jo Krenz as the expert in this area. They will work with her and they will support her as she has only one goal: Protect these children.

Isn’t that the only goal that anyone involved in this should have?

None of these agencies and none of these politicians has a clue. Right now, they are all angry because they are revealed as weak, incompetent or connected to the corrupt. That embarrassment drives their desire to cover this up.

She alone has the expertise and the desire and the courage. Surely, there must be in Tribal Council, others with courage and integrity. This one decent thing for the children surely cannot be that hard for them to find common ground.

It’s not Betty Jo that is causing embarrassment to the Tribe, it’s the attacks on her as she has spoken out and those who attack being connected to the corruption. It’s the corruption, so bad, it allows this to go on, and more children to die.

It’s the hopelessness it gives to the whole tribe when a child grows into addiction, abuse, suicide. It has to be stopped. It can only be stopped if it’s faced, with courage and integrity. It’s time to call in the Experts. Real ones. The loudmouths have had their day. The politicians have had their day. The corrupt have had their day. It’s time for the children. It’s time for Justice.

If we can’t get justice for these children and save their lives before they are lost, we can’t get justice for anyone. If we refuse to help these children in real, tangible ways and now, we have failed as Human Beings on every level.

Do this for the children and do it now. Let the dominoes fall where they may. Let the house of cards come down. What we will have left is what we need to work with to make this world a better place for all of us, starting with the children.

Stop protecting the system that is hurting the children, robbing us all of the future we deserve.

The government, the system does not want to change. We can make the change despite the odds, but we have to work together or it only gets worse.

This is bigger than you know. It’s on every rez, It’s how those in power control everyone else, by keeping the tribes from being healthy and thriving. They pour more money into ‘programs’ which never reach those who need it and only increase the crime and poverty and corruption. This leaves the resources of those tribes & Federal Lands vulnerable to exploitation without anyone to speak up or protect them. Without anyone to at least, get a fair payment in exchange or for damages caused.

Change how these children are treated by the tribe and by the government and you change everything about Indian Country. You change the future for every child and beyond. You gain dignity and respect on all levels.

Spirit Lake Nation is where it has to start. Other tribes are looking to Spirit Lake and seeing how they either take the lead on this, or submit the pattern of corruption and fail. What Spirit Lake Nation does will have a direct impact on every tribe, every community, far and wide. That’s why the pressure is so great. That’s why the opposition is so great. That’s why it has to happen.

The government treats the crime of child rape like a joke. The Tribal Council can do better than that. Until they do, they remain the punch line in a really sick show.

It’s time for SLN Tribal Council to take the lead and do the right thing. It’s their children. It’s their community. It’s their future. No one in government else cares. No one else will do this. It’s time.

You know where to find me.




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