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Eddie Peltier, Richard LaFuenteI do my best to deliver factual information. The "Documents" pages are there for you to look and see for yourself. An innocent man is in prison for crimes committed by the corrupt, who run the reservation the way a criminal organization would run a city if they had all levels of government supporting and protecting them.

There are many more Good People in Spirit Lake than there are corrupt, evil people there. It is the system that is corrupt, evil and I expose here all that I can.

I can be reached at this email:  Contact Cat  . I respond to most of my emails, however, I reserve the right to not rspond to whack jobs. I keep all information confidential. For those who wish to attack, you'll either be ignored, or, if you are really clever, you'll end up on the Moron Squad page.  Some insults are more entertaining than others. I share with the class.

For those interested: The 13th Mandated Report is out. No government Agency has yet to properly reply to any of them.



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October 31, 2013
Let’s Study This To Death, Shall We?
---Printer Version (2)

We know that predators are raping children on the rez and that those predators have not been arrested.
We know that Tribal Social Services trafficked in children, creating false identities and also selling or giving newborns to people who would not qualify to adopt or foster any child. And we know that no one in Tribal Social Services has been arrested.

We know that children have been put in extremely dangerous homes, homes that were known to be dangerous, and that some of those children have been murdered or died because of it. And we know that those dangerous placements continue to happen, and no one has been held accountable for them.

We know that rape and child rape is against the law. In fact, it is a felony, and considered a heinous crime. We know that it is solely the jurisdiction of the Federal government to investigate and trial those cases. We know that, despite the rapes, the Federal government has refused to investigate or try those cases.

We know that there are 13 Mandated Reports and those Mandated Reports require a protocol of investigation that requires those receiving the Reports to begin their investigation within 24 hours and to discuss the report with the person(s) reporting. We know that has not happened.

We know that it has been over two years and that nothing has been done to investigate, arrest a single child rapist on the rez.

Now, Heidi Heitkamp announces that she is commissioning a ‘study’ of the violence on the rez.

Really? The Good People on the rez need an ‘investigation’ not a study. There are children being raped by known sexual offenders, every day, and she would like to pull that old government tap dance of ‘studying the problem’.

If your child was being raped, and you called the police, would you want them to rescue the child and arrest the rapist? Or at least investigate? Or would you want them to ‘study’ it for a year or two before deciding if it is a problem or not?

Clearly, Heitkamp either has no clue or no intention of ever investigating the corruption that has allowed the rapists and the corrupt to abuse the entire tribe. Perhaps they are friends of hers and she doesn’t want to rock that boat?

Is she blissfully unaware of the laws that specifically lay out which arm of government has jurisdiction? Or does she feign ignorance and wave her hands and mutter ‘sovereignty’ and hope that no one who hears that knows it’s pure bullshit?

She wants to ‘study’ this to death. And what will that ‘study’ reveal? Rape is a crime? Child rape is a crime?

Failure to investigate or arrest perpetrators creates more crime?

Perhaps she wants to know if ‘enough children’ are being raped to make it a problem? Seriously, what is there to ‘study’?

If your house is on fire and you call the fire department, do you expect they will send someone out to put out the fire? Or to ‘study’ it? How about: Put it out first, then study it.

How about investigating these rapes, child rapes, assaults and corruption, make some arrests and have some criminal trials--- and then ‘study’ it all you want.

I’ve ‘studied’ this for a long time. I’ll save Ms. Heitkamp and the taxpayers a bundle. The problem is that rapes, violence, corruption are aided and abetted by the State and Federal Government that refuse to investigate or make arrests, and instead, increase the amount of money that goes directly into the hands of the rapists, the abusers and the corrupt. It has created a lawless region that breeds more violence and causes more deaths. … As it would ANYWHERE if the laws that exist were not applied to the crimes committed.

We have enough laws. We have exact protocols. We have well-defined jurisdictions. We also have corrupt politicians who enable, encourage and support those who commit the crimes, both violent and corrupt.

You’re welcome.

Hey Heidi, study this: *flips the bird*

You know where to find me.


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October 30, 2013--- Printer Version(7)
Boo Who

Where to begin? Let’s start with the ridiculously outrageous, shall we? Cindy Mala Lindquist, President of the Community College, loves to put on airs, and costumes and call herself a full blood Dakotah.

You can see her in full costume here in this Kickstarter video. She wanted to raise $10K for an Art Showing project: Voices of Spirit Lake. Which, despite the title and the description, has nothing whatsoever to do with any Artists in Spirit Lake. They all come from thither and yon.

The video of her in costume, dancing with the little kids, seems to have nothing to do with the ‘Art Show’ she is begging for. Just a chance for her to show off her costume, surrounded by real Indians, who, because they are 6 or 7 and short of stature, are compelled to ‘look up’ to her.

She raised the money, so let me know who her donors were and how this art show. IF it even happens. She’s getting really tricky about money these days.

Her latest, if you don’t count the online begging of $10K, is the $66K she took from her programs or others, to throw herself a congratulatory party celebrating her being president for 10 years.

I wonder where that money came from? I’m not alone. A lot of people are not impressed with her throwing that bash, at tribal expense, without approval from anyone.

That’s the problem with the programs out there. Money should be used for the programs but end up being the personal piggy banks of those trusted to run the programs.

The Tribe had given her $150K for the college and those programs. She was demanding an additional $66K for the bash, and the Tribal Council refused. I guess she just took it anyway, right? After all, the logic is that she can take what she wants and do what she wants and the Tribe will have to make up the difference in the programs so “No” means “Go ahead, we can’t stop you.”

Then again, she’s getting push back from the community. Turdmother, who desperately wants to regain a place of leadership and respectability, is leading that charge… or just louder than the rest. Ignore Turdmother. Others questioning Cindy and her corruption are more credible. Turdmother is just all mouth and a trail of barking spiders.

Typically, someone stealing anything over $5K would be considered a felony, an embezzler, but Cindy thinks she’s untouchable.

I wonder if she showed up wearing her Indian Princess Costume? It’s so close to Hallowe’en, it would be hard for her to resist. You’ve seen her license plate where she declares she’s Dakotah… she’s not. It’s just part of her ‘costume’.

So, do send in the details on that little episode as they come in, won’t you?

Trick or Treat

Aren’t they cute? They are dressed up as Feds. The Cavenaugh Ranch is now under investigation by the FBI. They actually showed up at the ranch and surprised, “BOO!” the Cavenaugh crooks. They are ‘suspected’ of hoarding tribal lands and funds to enrich themselves during the 20+ year tenure of Roddy Cavenaugh (who liaisoned in the employ of the BIA and never filed a single report of any crime, anywhere anytime nor did he ever read any of the reports that came down about the rampant, wide-spread child abuse perpetuated by Tribal Social Services, then under the guidance of Kevin Dauphinais Brownshield, good long-time friend of Scott Davis, Governor Dalrymple’s pet Indian who prevents meetings or discussions of crimes against children as his “job”). (You see how everything is connected out there? Tribal Corruption is always aided and abetted by Federal and State Government. The connections are even more involved and wide-spread, but for now, we leave it here).

Meanwhile, back at the ranch: Cap Cavenaugh, Noreen, Peggy and the rest of them are now, and have been for awhile, officially under investigation. It won’t be hard to find 30-50 felonies on them and send them up the river for a few decades… but remember: We are dealing with the FBI here. The same FBI that had, years ago, uncovered major crimes in all the departments and programs, and prosecuted none of them, arrested no one, stopped nothing.

This is probably just going to be another dog and pony show by the FBI. We know Timid Purdon is terrified of investigating any major crimes on the rez. He has still not arrested ONE child rapist despite multiple reports. Not one.

Speculation as to why Purdon refuses to touch any of the major crimes on SLN abounds. Political Ambition is one of them. He’s so blinded by his own desire to gain even more political power, he refuses to rock the boat that holds too many high powered politicians and party players dirty laundry, lest it stink up the waters around him and he drowns.

The other explanation would be that he is somehow personally involved with or profiting from the abuse and trafficking of these children. If he expects that allowing these children to suffer rapes and abuse will gain him political power, he is literally selling children for personal gain.

Then again, maybe he has proclivities we know nothing about?

I do know that he is very, very nervous about the investigations and the noise coming out from that one rez. He has allied himself with the worst evil out there and now, their fortress is crumbling around them.
Will they bring him and the others down with them? What do you think?

So, although I cheer on this investigation, and I’m happy Feds are investigating the Cavenaughs as major criminals, I have little or no faith that there will ever be charges laid or a trial.

Remember the hundreds of thousands of dollars in Fuel Oil that was ripped off from both the taxpayers and the tribe? They found Tribal officials involved. No one did jail time and the fines were a laughable fraction of a pittance.

Whom do you think made all that go away? Who would have the power to influence the judges? Does that judge now expect that as Timid Purdon climbs the ladders of power, he too, will go up a rung or two?

It cost more to file the paperwork on those cases than was recovered in fines or penalties from those who stole the heating fuel and funds. That’s the record Timid Purdon is so proud of.

He and Weenie Boy were uncommonly close during WB’s tenure as Chairman. My guess is that there is a muddy money trail going from the Tribe to Tim Purdon’s pockets.

All I know is this: If the FBI does their job and investigates the corruption and thieving of the Cavenaugh clan, it will lead to more investigations, and directly to the Turdclan, and from there, outward, to the Halls of Justice, and the leather upholstered thrones of politicians and their appointees.

Tim Purdon is just the one fish on that line of plenty. That’s if, IF the FBI does their job.

Which is why I suspect the FBI will not do their job. No one in their agency, or above them, wants them to do it. It will uncover corruption, Human Trafficking, Child Trafficking, and murders… all connected with a sticky web of power, lies and money.

This is why WE must never let this rest.

Because while all these games are playing out, children are being raped, bought, sold and buried. Government keeps kicking them back into the snake pit every time they try to crawl out and be heard.

They don’t want us to hear about these kids. They want us to wait until they grow up and pull strong-arm robberies in our local store, or break into our homes, or violently assault us or our loved ones… and then we hear about them, but they look mean and ugly by then, so we have no sympathy. We buy more locks, more guns and pray harder that our children will come home from school without any extra lead in them.

We can stop our fears and the violence here and now if we act, here and now.

The Good People of Spirit Lake only need Justice. That’s all they have been asking for. They don’t need more ‘enterprise’ that puts more money into the pockets of the corrupt. They need rapists arrested, murders investigated and corruption punished.

Is that too much to ask?

Voices of the Children

How about we do another ART PROJECT. One that features the notes and posters of the children from the rez.
One where the children are begging to be a family, safe and sound with the foster mother and father who were the only Human Beings ever that protected them, written out in their own handwriting, their own words. Would that be a worthwhile project?

Why are the foster children of Marva Tollefson still not reunited with her? Why are they still being punished for asking that their rapist father be put in prison? Why has Russ McDonald, as Tribal Chairman, done nothing to assist reuniting those children, as a family, with the foster family that rescued them from the monster?

Why is Tribal Social Services, now under the direction of Robert O’Keefe, still traumatizing those children by not allowing them the only home they ever felt safe and loved, to be their home again?

These are questions The Good People of Spirit Lake need to demand answers to in their GA’s and District Meetings, along with all the other important issues. Don’t forget the children. They’ve been through so much. They need the community to stand up for them.

Show you will by standing up for Marva’s kids. Stand up for all of them, but start with Marva’s kids. Make Tribal Social Services accountable for the emotional harm it does, deliberately does, when they, along with the Tribal Chair, retaliate against the Foster Family that risked everything to protect those children and the tribe, from a monster.

He was only one monster. There are more out there. More than a whole parade of Hallowe’en costumes. But if you lose those kids to violence and addiction, you lose a lot.

They have no voice of their own because they are not allowed. But everyone else has a voice. Make it heard.
All they want is to belong, like family. The Tribe needs to show those kids and the others, that yes, absolutely, they are important to them. Important by action, not by tallying up how many there are and how much money can be made, legally or otherwise, off of them.

Until those children are placed back where they belong, the message remains that if anyone, be they an abused child or a protector foster parent, if either speaks up to point to a rapist, they, not the rapist, will be punished.

It remains a chill upon those who would come forward, report the crimes, that if they do, they will be punished, and their family, the family that protects them, will be ripped away from them.

Until those children are ‘home again’ with Marva, they remain an example of the deliberate punitive torture delivered by those in power, accountable to no one for the harm they do.

Until those children are back where they belong, Tribal Social Services has made no corrections, fixed nothing, and is still there to protect the corrupt and the abusers.

Robert O’Keefe, I fear, is just another puppet of the corrupt, doing their bidding as have all his predecessors. It doesn’t take this long to file the paperwork and make the corrections.

Russ McDonald vigorously opposes allowing those children to resume any kind of normal secure life. He needs to be replaced. But first, the tribe has to get rid of Joel Redfox, the rapist and drug dealer. And replace Joel with someone of integrity.

Joel remains the Vice-Chair. What does that tell you about the Chairman? Same as Weenie Boy, only different name.

Before You Sign Another Petition

Before you sign petitions, make sure you and the rest of the community have a replacement that is not the same or worse. Get organized, and stay proactive. This battle is a lot of work.

Make sure that the petition checks out: states clearly and precisely the violations that are cause for removal. Don’t sign anything that is vague or unsubstantiated.

I know there are good people, qualified people of integrity out there. There’d be nothing worth fighting for if there weren’t. Put aside the petty feuds and gossip and find them, support them and elect them. Then, hold them accountable.

Building Houses, Building Lives, Building a Future

Kudos to Nancy and Lori Brown for putting $2M towards housing. Now, let’s see how many houses get built for that.

One of the things you want to consider in housing and the best use of funds is this: Use the building of houses to train your own young people to become carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc. You will employ, train and raise the standard of living for everyone involved.

Another thing to consider is the straw bale construction and geothermal heating/cooling. Research it. Share it.
Take the Housing funds and build not just houses, but lives. Make the Tribe stronger. Give the young something they can learn besides corruption, addiction, violence, isolation and heartbreak.

Make the building of homes more holistic and involve more of the tribe in their construction. They will gain respect for themselves, one another and their community. Build more than houses. Build a future.

Don’t let these funds go into someone’s ‘party’. Don’t let a dime of this go into the pockets of any politician. Demand itemized accounting every month.

Demand itemized accounting every month on every program. Have them post it online or where you can easily access it.


One of these days, when the Tribe is strong enough, you can go after the accounting on the Casino. You’ll find Myra and Carl WalkingEagle are still screwing you over with the deals they made with Ronin and your casino.
But that’s another time.

For now, think about those kids.

Demand they be shown they are valued… not just a price per capita.
And go build some homes, lives and respect.

Everyone, everyone reading this blog, contact your elected officials, from the Mayor to the governor, the Senators and Representatives and the whole crew at the White House, and demand responsive Justice for the crimes and the criminals, regardless of whether they wear a suit or cowboy hat. Contact Timothy Purdon’s Office.

Contact the State Social Services Board and demand they be held accountable for the corrupt, abusive whom they license.

Make government work for you.

Meanwhile, Cheryl Ironhawk is still driving the ambulance despite multiple reports of her having sex on the job.

Try not to need an ambulance. As you can see, still so much work to be done.

No one has been arrested for ripping off the tribe on the fuel contract. Over $300K in ‘loans’ that have never been repaid. Over $250K in contracts paid for, but not delivered.

Hiding Their Faces

As long as there is no penalty for stealing, raping, child rape, and you can pin murders on people other than the murderers, as long as all of that is still allowed to carry on with the blessing of those in government and law enforcement, we have to ask ourselves: Who and what are these people in government?

We know they are beholden to corporate masters, and it’s profit over people, but surely, even in those dark, greedy bloodless hearts must be a spark that if they were to see these children would compel them to act.

They are safe from that. The laws they say are there to protect the privacy of the children are really designed to make the children nameless and faceless as they suffer and as they die. No one in power has to be afraid they will actually see the face of any of these children. No one has to worry that you or I will be posting pictures of these children so you get to know them as real Human Beings. They remain, at best, faceless statistics, numbers on a report, less than Human.

Elected officials sleep at night not haunted by any face of any child they allow to suffer. The faces of the children are hidden from them.

If you ask me, the politicians, the USAG and some of these judges should be the ones hiding their faces, in shame.

You and I can make these kids count. You and I can hold all these people accountable. Contact them, constantly. Show up at their chats, town halls, rallies, and anywhere you know they are speaking or attending fundraisers.

Show them YOUR face.

You know where to find me.




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October 28, 2013
  ---Printer Version (6)

Congrats to Nancy Green-Robertson who battled back successfully against a recall that was being pushed by Joel Redfox and his cronies. She presented a power point slideshow that debunked all the points that were brought up against her, including her bloodline. I had heard the blood quantum/blood line one myself so I’d like to see the power point.

Main thing is, she persevered, responded and the vote went in her favor because enough of the Good People of Spirit Lake came together, again to battle for what they believed and to support the one they believed in or trusted most.

Now, Nancy, about those minutes? Do get that part of your job right. It’s as important as anything else you are doing and the Good People are relying on you to do that. Also, now that your position is safe for a year or more--- get that information on Joel’s financial crookery out for The Good People to see for themselves.

And with Clarise back in as the Ft. Totten Rep, now would be a good time to expose all the financial shenanigans she pulled when she was in office last time. Especially her giving away gas cards and writing checks around election time.

Get the information out there. Let the People see how much they have been getting robbed. The only way the community, the tribe can make progress, is to be able to have the info to make better-informed decisions. Get it out there.

Ballots, Not Bullets

The Tribe has, time and time again, become more and more involved and gotten more and more done. Time and time again, with petitions to carry and sign, and votes on those petitions, you’ve all shown up and made your vote and voice count. A lot of people in most communities would groan and moan about ‘having to go fight it out again’, but you all just keep standing up and it is making a real difference.

Personally, I’d like to see Joel and Clarise in jail for their thieving, and worse. That day will come. But until then, you have to keep the pressure on and stay involved. Your kids are seeing this. They are seeing that you think they are worth fighting for and that the community is worth fighting for.

You’re talking to each other, debating and more and more, you are listening to one another. You’re coming to solutions and demanding information and accountability. That alone means SLN has it all over most of the surrounding communities, or communities anywhere in the country for that matter, where less than 20% show up to vote on issues and elections that determine the future.

It’s not over. It’s just beginning. Don’t quit.

Coffee With Cramer

Apparently, one of those constituent chats that happens from time to time, this time in a coffee shop, got Betty Jo Krenz’s attention. It’s harvest time and she was on the combine pulling in corn or wheat or whatever it was and she heard that he was available for questions.

So, jumping into the truck, in her farm clothes, shows up to make a comment and ask questions. Most of the gathering was concerned about the Farm Bill and the Government Shut down, and your basic, generic political back and forth.

As always, Betty Jo was concerned with what is happening regarding the child abuse and child trafficking on the rez. She asked when there would be an investigation into the reports of abuse on the rez. She got, at first, a generic kind of answer.

“Blah, Blah, important, blah, blah, sovereignty, blah, blah..” actually, Cramer was attentive to the question, but I only got parts of it from the You Tube posting. The relevant part for me was how Betty Jo stopped the political mumbo jumbo part and asked if it was not the Jurisdiction of the Federal Government to prosecute heinous crimes on Federal Land. Cramer agreed it was.

“Is not rape/child rape considered a ‘heinous crime’?” she asked.

Cramer agreed it was.

Betty Jo, who worked for the tribe for a little over a year-and-a-half said that she heard of at least one child rape a week (from different children) on average when she was there, and yet Tim Purdon, despite ALL the Mandated Reports (I count 13, but others say only 12. No matter, 1 should have been all that was needed) Tim Purdon has prosecuted “0” of those rapes.

Cramer said that was because Purdon was not looking at this problem the way she was. He was looking at it “politically”… and Betty Jo went off again, saying something to the effect that “Rape is not a political problem, it is a Human thing.”

So, why has Purdon refused to prosecute a single case of child rape on Spirit Lake Nation? Politics? What else could it be? A man who thinks that allowing children to be raped and tortured will somehow improve his chances politically, is to my way of thinking, one of the greater evils in this world.

So, whose favor does he seek by allowing these rapes to continue, for years, after they have been reported to him? Who else is involved, and at what level, that he must protect them so they can politically, support him later? Are his ambitions all the way up to the Supreme Court? Does he think that his tenure as ND USAG won’t follow him?

More Political Ambition Than You Can Swing a Dead Child At

Purdon is not the only one with high hopes and grand ambitions staked through the hearts and stepping on the necks of children. All that is required is to do nothing to rescue the children he knows are being raped, trafficked and tortured.

Who is this other evil? Remember George Sheldon? The Acting Assistant Secretary for ACF, who previously was Director of Florida’s DCF, which he left in such abominable condition that his successor recently just flat quit. How many children died under his watch? Some counts are 30, but I say we’ll never really know for sure.

Yet, somehow, failing miserably to help the children in Florida, not a single success to point to except that the Food Stamp program was more efficient, and I suspect that had nothing to do with him or his doing, he was given this top post in Washington, DC where he has, over and over again, thwarted any investigation into any of the (13) Mandated Reports issued by Thomas Sullivan, into the rapes, abuse, trafficking of children in SLN.

George and Marianne McMullen (She who must be obeyed), the Deputy Assistant Director to ACF, have made a game, or ‘sport’ if you will, of the childishly creative ways they could prevent Thomas Sullivan from pursuing investigations and from even being allowed to attend meetings regarding either his reports or the issues raised in them.

James Murray, Thomas Sullivan’s direct supervisor has happily agreed to be their hatchet man in implementing those childish tactics. The latest of course, was in delaying for over a week, permission for Sullivan to attend a conference that was being called to discuss the issues he raised. Not responding to emails or phone calls, asking trivial questions and then ignoring the answers for days, only granting permission after it was too late for Sullivan to make travel arrangements, go home, pack, get to the airport, and catch a flight in time to make the meeting. They gave him less than 2 hours advance time.

The game, the sport if you will, is for McMullen, Sheldon, and Murray to all say they ‘granted permission’ and make it look like Sullivan ‘failed to attend the meeting.’. Big laugh everyone. I’m sure the three of them were slapping themselves on the back and laughing so hard snot came out their noses on that one.

George Sheldon, out of that slap happy trio, suddenly wants to return to Florida to run for Attorney General of that State. As Attorney General, he will be able to, much as Timothy Purdon as USAG in North Dakota has, refuse to investigate the crimes that could, very likely in this case, lead back to him and his previous tenure as Director of DCF.

Tim Purdon has political ambitions. He thinks all he has to do is protect the abusers, the child rapists and the child traffickers long enough, and he’s got his ticket on up that political ladder.

George Sheldon, on the other hand, seems more driven by the need to cover up any loose ends he left behind when he accepted the position of Acting Assistant Director of ACF.

I’m just guessing on all this, but his track record is up for anyone to view. His climb into the bowels of Washington, DC came from his political power plays, not his accomplishments in the department he was supposed to be running.

The children of Florida suffered and died under his Directorship. The Children of SLN are being silenced in their cries for help under his Direction at ACF. Now he wants to go back to Florida and take a key position, the only position that could, if he were at the controls, steamroll any attempt to investigate or find answers to crimes committed and incompetence or corruption committed by him or his office just a few years ago.

If Florida elects him or allows him to become Attorney General for that State, they will never know of the crimes against these children, much less who is responsible directly or indirectly, through ‘political’ channels of power and corruption.

The cycle of violence created when we continue to allow these children to have no justice, and allow their abusers to remain immune, is evident all around us. All this violence we see, all the anger, the addiction, the corruption and the fear that drives us to double lock our doors, Lojack our kids, drives our insurance rates on car, home, life to skyrocket… all that comes as the end product of children who were abused in the past 50 years, who even if they reported it, got no rescue, no justice, and they became the angry, the addicted, the violent and the rapists and child molesters we see today.

This violence comes from those who were ignored when they were being abused, and they survived, and they only know violence because that was all that surrounded and impacted them. The most violent win. To survive, one must be the most violent.

They only know addiction and alcoholism because that is all they grew up with and that is all that ever took them, even for an hour, out of the constant Hell that was their childhood.

They only know corruption because those who were the most corrupt were the most protected by those who were supposed to be enforcing the law.

Political Pattycakes

By us, all of us, allowing the corrupt in the Halls of Justice and the Seats of Government, to protect the abusers, ignore the rapes and the abuses of these children, we are guaranteeing our own future will be darker, scarier as crop after crop of unrescued children who survive the horrors, become the creators of horrors beyond our nightmares.

Not holding accountable every single one in the chain of protocol that was supposed to act, according to protocols, within 24 hours of receiving any Mandated Report, we ensure more suffering, more child murders and the cycle ever expanding until each of us is touched by it in some horrible way, at the end of the day.

There is no excuse for George Sheldon, Marianne McMullen and James Murray deliberately thwarting Thomas Sullivan’s investigations. There is no excuse for Timothy Purdon refusing to investigate one single reported case of child rape on Spirit Lake.

Their excuses are unfounded. They lie to all of us. They promote themselves and their only goals are to forward their own personal political ambitions for higher office.

They smile, glad-hand and backslap with the power players while stepping on the necks of children. They threaten, intimidate and harass anyone that dares to bring this to their attention.

And we, all of us, everyone who says nothing to them, everyone that says nothing about them, allows this.
They are stepping on the necks of these children. They are kicking their tiny bones out of their way as they claw their way into more and more political power clubs, and we do nothing to stop them.

You know their names. You know how to reach them. Demand they take action on these (13) Mandated Reports. Demand they show proof that they have investigated. They can’t. Because they are all, every one of them, in violation of the protocols they are, by law, charged to enforce.

Just like the Good People of Spirit Lake, rising again and again to participate and act politically to determine their leadership, despite the family feuding, despite the hardships of getting to the meetings (not all have vehicles) and despite the risks and threats they face, they keep on standing up to the corruption. They keep standing up to support those whom they trust and believe.

No one outside that rez has any idea of how courageous that is, not to mention exhausting, fatiguing and often confusing.

If The Good People of Spirit Lake can rise up to fight the snakes that have infested their politics and leadership for generations, then the least we can do, is email, phone, fax and messenger those whom we elect and those they appoint, and make it known to them that we are holding them accountable.

To do anything less is us playing political patty cakes while they wink and nod, hang out with, promote and protect the ugliest evil that exists in any civilization. It becomes our covenant with the Devil because we know, and we do nothing.

We, like the Good People of Spirit Lake, must organize in our communities and among our families and friends, and make outing and then ousting this corruption our mission. No matter how busy we are, nor how tired, we must educate ourselves, get real facts and pursue, like packs of lions, every corrupt, every incompetent agent, elected or appointed person whose job it is to protect us and protect those children.

If we don’t protect these children, no one will be able to protect us. We stop the violence, we break the cycle, or we expect and shall receive more violence, more heartbreak and more fear.

Those monsters committing those atrocities on those children were once children themselves. They were, every single one of them, abused and no one helped them. Now, look what they do.

It’s too late for them, but not too late to stop them. Demand it. Don’t quit.

Email, phone, fax, messenger. Show up at the fundraisers. Show up at the rallies. Show up at the town halls. Show up at the “Coffee Chats”… be civil, have your facts, and make your voice heard. Demand real answers.

Don’t quit.

Fight as if your life depends on it, because everyone you love or care about, does depend on it. The corrupt and their protectors are afraid of you. Afraid of you and others like you, uniting. They are fearful of your questions and your demands. They have nowhere to hide. Not even as they pursue greater political advantage.

Do not get discouraged over slowness or setbacks. Just don’t quit. If they can make you quit, they win. Be heard.

Silence protects the corrupt. Be heard, over and over again until those children are heard, and rescued. Demand Thomas Sullivan be allowed to pursue the investigations that will make us all safer. Make the elected, appointed and their cronies, hear you, loud and clear.

Let none of them rest until every child on that rez is in a safe home and can sleep without monsters grabbing them out of their beds. We’ll all be safer for it.

You know where to find me.




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October 23, 2013
From Under Rocks & Other High Places
---Printer Version (9)

Been awhile since I’ve had the inclination to write about Kristi Whishinsky and recite her list of child abuse crimes. But, since the CNN Story aired Monday evening, she’s had her panties in a wad.

First: Let us remember that Ms. Wishinsky was convicted not only of felony drug charges, but also of felony child abuse. Her children were taken away from her. It was highly illegal for her to be working in Social Services or making placements of children. Also, let us remember that Ms. Wishinsky stole a child, a newborn, from it’s mother, and gave it, either as a gift or a sale, to friends of hers who would not qualify either as foster parents nor as adoptive parents.

I was a tad surprised, given that she had all this baggage, that she would poke her greasy head out from under her rock. But she did! And she brought along friends who think she’s just simply the greatest!

Ann Wadsworth was another one I thought would never poke her head out either given that she was on the Board overseeing Social Services when Betty Jo Krenz brought up the dangerous and illegal placements and the corruption and missing funds.

At that time, Ann Wadsworth, along with the rest of the Board, and the Tribal Council, felt is was best all around if Betty Jo was fired because that is how you solve the problems of illegal placements, felons working with children in Social Services and of course, the corruption in general. Ms. Wadsworth has much to answer for if ever there is a full on investigation into the crimes against children and the missing money, as well as will the rest of the Board who were more than happy to allow an entirely unqualified man, Kevin Brownshield Dauphinais, with no credentials, run such a critical agency.

Behold the outrage from Wishinsky and the applause from Ms. Wadsworth:

Kristi FB CNNInteresting that she claims the Herald and the Forumn had to “learn the hard way”. As I recall, the Forum/Herald in with a puff pastry piece penned by Chuck Haga, gave Ms. Wishinsky a very sweet write up, totally ignoring her criminal history and felony child abuse and drugs record.

Allowed her, without even a follow up question, to praise herself for the ‘one placement’ she was so proud of. That would be the child she stole and sold or gave away, mentioned earlier. So, what she ‘schooled’ them in, I have no idea.

Perhaps she is now planning, despite not being mentioned at all in the CNN piece, to ‘school’ them as well? I think it would be a great idea for CNN to interview Ms. Wishinsky, since she clearly has so much to say, don’t you?




And, while they are at it, let’s bring Ann Wadsworth fully into the light of day so everyone can see what she did or didn’t do, when she was on the Board of Social Services, shall we?


Another posting from Wishinsky, who is clearly riding a high horse condemning anyone that speaks out on behalf of the children and the victims of rape:

"Kristy Wishinsky...Kris Wishinsky Dont these people
have lives? Get a damn hobby for fk sake... and get a clue.. and if u
think sexual abuse is some phenomenon that is only happening at SLN or
other reservations... ur a moron! Its rampant in the whole child welfare
system in every single state and county! Statistically only 33% of crime
is reported on a national level. In 2011 653,000 kids were placed into
foster care. One study states 28% of those kids were sexually abused while
in foster care. Thats nearly 183,000!! And thats only the 33% that
reported it! The whole damn system needs an overhaul! I dont see CNN,
hoevan, heitkamp or anyone else banging on Congress' door demanding a
complete overhaul.
This is a race issue and as far as I'm concerned its no
different than before ICWA was passed. "Oh the poor little native babies
need to be saved from their families, savage ways, reservation and choked
w someone elses religion" Bullshit!! Remember civil rights movement...
Native people need to have access to the same opportunities and treatment
in life that non-natives have, not the scraps they (govt) kick to them.
Yes..yes, I remember what color my skin is...but I know where my heart and
loyalties lie and it isnt with hate mongering limelight sucking people of
any race! My kids are enrolled members of SLN and WE are proud of it! ·
Like · 1

Her kids were taken away from her for felony abuse. Again we see the excuse that if we don’t first clear up the rapes and child abuse everywhere, we cannot be allowed to address it on SLN.

She even cites statistics (this makes her smarter than anyone she knows), and her solution to that? Call it racist. Yes, if you see a problem such as child rape and you speak out, you are racist. That was a desperate move from Wishinsky, if ever there was one.

Other people are addressing child abuse and rapes in other areas. No one person can do all of them. I, and those I hear from, are focused on making it better and safer for the children on Spirit Lake.

These horror stories are not coming from outside the rez, they are coming from inside the rez. Are the people reporting the rape of their children ‘racists’? All they want is someone to hear them, and for investigations and justice. Wouldn’t you?

That has infuriated the child abusers such as Wishinsky. Yes, her attitude is that if you try to stop child rape on the rez, you are racist. Keep in mind, she was a Social Worker on the rez with that attitude. What does that tell you?

Clearly, her comprehension has suffered from her past or even present drug use. Betty Jo Krenz never claimed to have worked for Social Services for a year-and-a-half. She said she worked for the Tribe for a year-and-a-half, and she did. But facts and details never were Ms. Wishinsky’s stock and trade, so let her rant on. I can’t wait for the next episode, with or without her medication!

Also smearing Thomas Sullivan? Wow, she’s got some cajones! Mr. Sullivan is a consumate professional with many years experience, and all the necessary credentials to match. He obtained his information, which he relayed in his reports, not from my blog, mind you, but from actual Mandated Reporters.

Also, preposterous is the claim that Betty Jo Krenz is somehow making all this up for fame and glory. No one pursues Child abuse, or tries to rescue children in a community that are being endangered by predators for Fame or Glory. It’s gut wrenching to hear a child describe their own molestations and rapes.

It’s not glorious to be harassed, threatened and intimidated by every agency that is supposed to protect the children, but who instead, choose to protect the predators who are connected to the political and business interests of people in high places.

I’ll show you Betty Jo’s FB posting in a second. But I want to say one more thing: It takes a really ‘special’ kind of person to attack, smear and libel those who are doing gut wrenching work of protecting children from predators.

One would think that a child in danger would raise in every Human Being, a need to act to protect them. Clearly, that attribute is not present in everyone. Protecting children is how we know we are Human. Silencing victims, attacking the messengers is how we know where the evil resides.


Clearly, CNN has touched a nerve and now some of the slithering ones are very, very nervous. Fake outrage has always been useful as a defense in the past. I just don’t think it will fly with CNN. Clearly, if what Wishinsky says is true, then the Herald and the Forumn were easily snowed down and cowed by her. Not surprised, really.

It would, however, explain that puff pastry piece by Chuck Haga, awhile back. I hear he’s retired now. Too bad. Wishinsky needs him. Maybe he’ll do a guest piece? Something that overlooks her criminal past and the fact that she was illegally working at Tribal Social Services? Put in a request, Kristi. Like last time?

Also, the CNN piece quoted Dept. of Interior saying that all the Mandated Reports issued by Thomas Sullivan were investigated by BIA and FBI. Well then, when can we expect some arrests? Or, with rape and child rape rampant on the rez, can we assume everyone is lying?

We know who is lying. There has not been one investigation into one of the Mandated Reports. There is a protocol specific to Mandated Reports and that includes actually talking to the person who filed the reports, and interviewing the victim, and the witnesses or mandated reporter(s). That has never been done. Never. Not once. Ergo, not one Mandated Report has been investigated.

The Federal government has done nothing to help the victims and everything to silence them and make this go away. Anyone that tells you they are doing anything, especially ‘a lot’, needs a follow up question: “Tell me what they have done.”

Let me guess: “Meetings”? Don’t make me laugh. It’s been over two years, and not one child has been rescued. More children are living with predators, more children have been murdered… so, please, tell us all what have they done?


Frank BlackCloud Chimed in on FB:

“Mahpiya'sapa CourtFrank Black Cloud

“They make it sound like we're all a bunch of predators. No solutions to a problem that is rampant thru-ought America. This isn't a reservation problem it's a WORLD WIDE EPIDEMIC. I'm not making excuses for the sick bastards that do shit like this out here, and may each and everyone one of them rot in hell, but don't create and publish a story that makes all of us look guilty on these heinous crimes.”

I love a pity party, don’t you? He’s afraid that the story run by CNN makes the whole tribe look bad? No, it’s not the story that makes the tribe look bad, it’s the rapes that go univestigated and unprosecuted.

And that doesn’t make the whole tribe look bad, it makes the rapists look bad and it makes the Federal Government look bad. But Frank is confused. He doesn’t know that he’s not the Federal Government.
Nowhere did CNN say the whole tribe is doing it. They are pointing out the corruption, including Joel Redfox, himself a rapist and convicted sex offender, who is allowed to be a Tribal Councilor, and oversees Tribal Social Services no less.

This is how it is with abuse. The victims are blamed for reporting the abuse. It happens in families and communities. The predators are protected but those who speak out are the ones ‘making us look bad’.
Let me clear it up for you Frank: It’s the rapists and the child murders that make the tribe look bad. Yes, they happen everywhere. So the option is do nothing until all the rapes all over the world are stopped?

It starts where you are. It starts in your family, your community. If you choose to wait, or overlook it until all the other rapes on the planet are solved, then you choose to do nothing.

If you choose to do nothing, you are part of the problem. You are a big part of the problem. You are the one demanding silence from the victims.

Think about it Frank: Do you want these rapes stopped now? Or will it only become an issue when it is your child or your wife that is raped? Or do you think that by being one of those who demands the silence from the victims that those predators you are protecting, won’t harm yours?

CNN did a lot of interviews. This first part was just the tip of a very ugly iceberg. This was the least of all the information they gathered for their story and look at how the slime squirted out from under those rocks!

Those who would protect Child abusers, or silence the victims, are the reason that the rapes, abuse and corruption have gotten out of control on SLN.

Russ McDonald, after one of his meetings with the economic slant pushing the agenda, came back and declared, even as one double child homicide trial was going on and another child homicide was being plea bargained down to a minor felony, that things weren’t so bad on SLN…. Because they were way worse on other reservations.

In other words, he saw no problem that needed to be addressed. Child rapes, as long as they are fewer than on other reservations, meant that everything was just fine. He has never put as his mission on Tribal Council, seeking any kind of justice through the system for the many, many victims of rape and abuse.

Rather, he is focusing, as all Tribal Chairmen are encouraged to focus, on ‘enterprise’. You know, bring in the big corporations and give them all the advantages of doing business in Indian Country: Tax breaks, government grants, and little or no oversight on pollution or safety standards.

All that would do--- in fact, all it has done just about everywhere it has been put in place, is put more and more money into the hands and under the control of the corrupt. Corruption grows with enterprise. Enterprise does nothing to address injustice or corruption. Rather, it thrives on it.

The Mafia and every criminal organization for that matter, thrives as a business model. So, business and justice don’t get along.

The Good People of Spirit Lake, and everywhere in Indian Country do not need ‘enterprise’, they need Justice.

Justice allows healing. Healing creates strength, unity and American Indians are perfectly capable, given the chance, given a fair chance, to improve their own communities through enterprise that is created by them, not dropped on their heads.

American Indians are no different than anyone else. Allow them the Justice that is the fundamental Right of every American Citizen, and they can thrive like anyone else.

I for one, am sick of the image of American Indians being portrayed as pitiful and somehow unable to speak for themselves, requiring a corrupt leadership to market them and the resources of their tribes out to corporations that really care nothing about the day-to-day lives of the people.

Just like any city, any community, if there is Justice, the people are secure and can thrive. If there is no Justice, the community weakens, and the future grows dark.

Before more ‘Enterprise’ comes to Spirit Lake Nation, bring first Justice and Healing and make it safe for the children to grow up and the Elders to grow old. Then let the people decide who comes in and does business with them and under what terms.

Everyone living outside the rez needs to imagine living in a community where the mayor, the cops and all or most of the city councilors are corrupt. Imagine that when you come home, you find you’ve been robbed or your daughter or wife raped by one of the family members of the corrupt. You try to report it, but the cops say it didn’t happen. You then try to reach the governor, but his appointee won’t talk to you about this unless you stay off the topic of the person you know committed the crimes. You contact the USAG and he tells you that he’s investigated (without ever talking to you or coming to your home) and that it never happened.

What if your job or lack thereof depended solely on the corrupt allowing you to work at one of the ‘enterprises’? If you speak up, you lose your job and join the 80% unemployed.

Once you are unemployed you have to rely on these same people in the same system to allow you funds to live under a roof, have fuel for heating, and food. They can, on a whim, cut you off. You and your children.

Now, imagine you have lived with this style of ‘leadership’ for multiple generations.

You try to vote out the corrupt, but their families are too big and the vote is rigged.

You get violent? That only gets you killed or thrown in jail. Who protects your family when you are dead or in jail?

C’mon all you tough guys, tell me what you would do?

Now, here comes The New York Times and they do a series of in-depth articles on your plight, and the plight of your community. Nothing changes.

Now comes CNN, and they just highlight some of the lesser crimes, and the whole nation gets to see how the corruption is keeping the Good People of your community down… and then you read postings from people you personally know, who say that all this is none of their business.

Now what?

Generations of this and the options are cut off to just violence, addiction, suicide or becoming part of the corruption. Would you want your children to have those options and no others? Or would you do everything in your power, with every fiber of your being, to seek Justice and give your children a chance at a future?

The options for too many are narrowed down to just that.

I’ll tell you what in this case: We don’t quit. We keep beating those drums. We keep telling those stories and we keep pointing brighter and brighter lights of media onto the corrupt at all levels, from a rapist thieving Tribal Councilor to the USAG, the BIA, the DoI, the FBI and the entire can of alphabet soup all the way to the White House.

So, rant on, especially you who are convicted of felony child abuse. If you think that gives you status in your community then you don’t know your community. Your community, despite being under the heel of massive government corruption for decades, is made up of decent, hard working people who deplore the actions of their corrupt leaders and who are fighting to get the Truth Told, no matter who doesn’t like it.

Crow all you want, Wishinsky, but I am making it my personal mission to have you exposed as a baby stealing child abuser. That child you stole and homed in an unqualified home, along with your prior convictions, will, when finally investigated, put you behind bars for a very long time.

You think you are immune? Maybe you were before because all this corruption was kept silent. But now? Now you are exposed for who and what you are. Go ahead, call the Fargo Forum and tell them your sad story of how all this is just wrong. See if they send you another flattering journalist to do another puff pastry piece where you can praise yourself without questions being asked.

Better yet, when CNN comes to town, sit down and give them a full interview. You’re not afraid, are you?

I mean, so brave with Ann Wadsworth backing you up on FaceBook. Not sure what Rena Little-Lohnes was chiming in for, but hey, bring your posse!

This was not about you, until you made it about you. I hope that the family you gave that baby to knows you are bringing that attention to them as well. Bet they are really happy. How is that little girl doing? Or do you care?

After all, child abuse is everywhere, why bother looking at any of it in Spirit Lake Nation?

Pipe up again, stupid, show everyone, everywhere, who and what you are.

Here’s Betty Jo Krenz’s posting on FB just prior to the airing of the CNN story:

BJKFBCNN PostingShe’s right: The Haters came out and tried to make it about her. About her, about everyone and everything except what it is about: Children being abused. Children needing rescue. The Government refusing to do their job. The scandal is the government. Stay focused.

It’s about children who need for us to remember we are Human Beings and when we know they are being hurt, we have to do all we can to stop the hurting and protect the children.

The sideshow of those yammering ‘racist’ and ‘it’s everywhere so don’t look here’… all of those are distractions.

We know what the right thing to do is and we know that silence doesn’t protect the victims, only the predators. It’s not the reputation of the rez that’s at stake, it’s the safety of the children. Priorities, people, priorities.

All those screaming for this to go away, or that it doesn’t exist, are hoping you will agree with them. They are hoping you will ‘like’ them on Facebook. Go ahead. Show the world which side of Child Rape you stand on. It’s a free country.

This is not going away. This is getting bigger and bigger. People who did not want to see it have to see it, have to look at it, have to hear it.

We can all work together. Demand Justice. Without Justice, no one is free. Spirit Lake has not had Justice for a very, very long time.

It’s time now. It starts with the Children. If the Children are not safe, there is no future where any of us are safe.

These stories are not coming from outside the rez, they are coming from the heart of the rez. These are the voices of the victims telling their stories. You’ve seen the abusers demand their silence, call them names.

Spirit Lake Nation has exposed, through it’s struggles, the absolute corruption running rampant throughout every level of government. Spirit Lake is just the tip of the iceberg.

What is being revealed will shake this country to its core. You think the haters that came out on FB are nasty? Rank amateurs. Wait until you see what comes screaming down the marble hallways when more of this story is told.

The abusers and their protectors want to be the first to plant their flags on Mount Outrage. They think that will keep them safe from anyone knowing what they did.

You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

You know where to find me.




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October 21, 2013
Evil v Everyone
--- Printer Version (4)

Ahh! The petition against Nancy Green-Robertson is out. What’s the complaint? Apparently, she has broken no laws. She is late on the minutes… but she does get them out which is far better than the last 4 or 5 Secty-Treasurers.

If it were me, I’d replace her with someone who was better at taking minutes, and more accurate… However, let’s see what’s lined up behind this petition and what that will leave the tribe with, shall we?

Joel Redfox is the one really pushing to have her out. Gee, I wonder why? Apparently, part of the Secty-Treasurer job is to oversee the Finances and the Finance Department (currently manned by Lori Brown). Lori Brown is doing a great job. She’s uncovering, along with Nancy’s help, the crooked dealings of Joel Redfox and several others. Including that house that Joel had the tribe build for him which he is now taking over as his own, without paying back a dime.

Yes, and there are other illegal financial dealings we are just now beginning to see come into light… and that might put Joel in jail if ever the government decides that the tribe should not have to reward the corrupt.

So, who does Joel have in mind to replace Nancy? Noreen Cavenaugh. Oh my! Let’s see: Noreen has been put on the Land Use Board, something she has zero qualifications for, but she pushes the agenda that helps out Joel’s friends, the Smiths and a few others. Sort of a “Gift” now and then for those well-connected, while legit stakeholders are given the shaft.

Noreen was also one of the big pushers of the petition against Mardell Lewis. Noreen is friends with or related to everyone that Mardell Lewis brought up to be fired for incompetence, insubordination or corruption—including the Morin family of thieves.

Noreen would be the one to either fire or replace Lori Brown--- because that is where Joel is most at risk. The idea of getting Nancy out is so that Noreen can replace her and fire Lori Brown or someone else can get in and fire Lori Brown and replace her with the Joel Redfox friendly Noreen Cavenaugh.

That is the same as putting Joel in charge of the Tribe’s checkbook. You’ve seen and we are just now discovering how badly he abused the tribe’s finances last time he had unlimited access, imagine what he can do now?

Just as a District Rep, he has used the financial hammer to subdue his rape victims so they dare not file charges on him lest he cut them off from housing, food and fuel. Imagine how many more rape victims he can create if he is in control, via his puppet, of the entire tribe’s finances?

Joel, Lately

He doesn’t care how old his victims are, either. He’s looking for younger and younger meat, if you know what I mean. You can either vote to keep Nancy in now, or keep your silence later when it is your wife, daughter, grandchild that he rapes.

Rape is not all Joel is known for. He’s becoming more violent. Personally, I think it’s the drugs. CNN showed up at his office last Wednesday and asked a few basic questions. Of course, Joel crapped himself, locked himself in his office and refused to answer any questions…and then that evening, still angry that someone dared to even ask him about his most recent rapes, including the sexual assault a year ago on Halloween night, so upset that he went out to the bar in Warwick and beat up Jesse Butts, a man well into his sixties or seventies, who also has a terminal illness (Many of you have been to his fundraisers), and Clarence Morin, son of thieving Andrew Morin.

Now, jaws and noses were broken, but no one is filing charges against Joel because A: The old man needs housing assistance and can’t afford to be thrown out, sick, into the cold so Joel has him silences. B: Andrew’s kid Clarence is being kept quiet and no one is sure what that relates to. Was he bought off? Clarence took over the thieving part of the Fish and Wildlife Department when he daddy was fired for stealing thousands of dollars worth of equipment and hocking it.

I’ve heard that Clarence, despite his big fat paycheck, also takes housing assistance. Whatever it is that is keeping Clarence quiet, rest assured, it is because Joel has crimes he can reveal on him as well.

So, that’s Joel lately. Raping, beating up terminally ill elders, and refusing to answer the questions from CNN as to why he has a conviction for sexual assault and is allowed to sit on Tribal Council and why he was given the Tribal Social Services, where the rape victims go for assistance, as his to control.

Do you really want Joel to have even more power? If you do, then get rid of Nancy and hand Joel the keys to all your money and your women and girls. Throw in a few elders he can smack around while you are at it.

Joel Scared

Nancy oversees and directs ALL the finances of tribe. She also directs the finance manager-Lori Brown.  
Nancy hired Bernadette "Punky" Brown as her administrative assistant.  Punky was Wood Lake Rep recently, and her husband Craig Brown, (I hear he is a decent guy) was Joel’s competition in election for Woodlake in 2011.  

Now Punky & Nancy are seeing the corruption Joel and past council had going on, and that makes them dangerous to Joel, because they’re telling Woodlake people about his money laundering and embezzling and checking into his using tribal funds to build himself a house when too many of enrolled members need a house. Punky is a threat to Joel getting re-elected because Punky and Nancy have access to Joel’s records and tribal finance records.

Now you know why it has become urgent for Joel to get rid of Nancy, and put in place, someone he knows will help him get away with all of it.


Tribal Council is a mess. But things have to be done in an order so that things don’t collapse around your ears. Unfortunately, Clarice Brownshield got back in as the Fort Totten Rep. She has a large family and there were not enough Good People in Fort Totten to keep her out. Yes, your choices were bad and worse and you chose worse.

Weenie Boy has some files on her that should have sent her to prison. She had files on Weenie Boy that should have sent him to prison. But sadly, the FBI is there to make sure none of the corrupt go to prison. So they took the information and hid it in their files, never to be investigated.

The FBI protects the corruption out there. It’s better for ‘business’ if the corruption is in place. Or should I say, it’s easier for businesses to exploit the cheap labor and abundant resources if the corrupt are in place. Which is why all these organizations and foundations you hear about want to shove businesses into the rez, but never support any form of Justice for the people that have been wronged.

Business gets along better with the corrupt than they do with the educated who have integrity. Keeping the people down is how you keep profits up.

However, The Good People of Spirit Lake can do something about the corruption. But they need to keep in place those who are doing the job the right way, and get rid of those who are corrupt.

You must be very careful when you go to oust someone that they are not being replaced by someone even worse. Working through the corruption in an orderly fashion is how you get better choices and better governance overall.

Getting Rid of Nancy now will be a setback because of who is behind it and who is to follow her and what happens next.


Chess is a game of strategy. You have to think 4, 5, 6 or more moves ahead if you want to win.
Nancy in place keeps Lori Brown in place, keeps the investigation into the corruption ongoing. Remove Nancy, and it all stops and then it gets worse.

She’s not perfect. But she hasn’t done anything illegal. She’s your best choice for now.


We haven’t had time to discuss in this blog some of the more recent deaths by murder and suicide. We’ll get to those later this week. We can’t think of murder and suicide or death by extreme neglect as ‘natural causes’ in Indian Country. We have to become a healthier Nation within a Nation that is not that healthy.

People have to matter. We have to see one another as Human Beings, not just statistics.

The CNN report on the rez is supposed to air on Monday (today for most of you) but I don’t know when. Check your local listings. Or just turn on CNN and leave it there.

I know the crew was shocked by what they saw and heard out there.

I have to commend the very courageous women who came forward and told their story so that they would not be a part of the silence that allows these horrific abuses of rape to keep happening.

If the government does nothing, then it is the job of the media to point out that government is at fault for allowing, despite reports and documentation, the corruption, the violence, the rape, the human trafficking, the drug cartels to continue thriving right under their noses while the victims and the whistleblowers are subjected to threats, intimidation and harassment from the predators and the government agencies alike.

It is important that each and every one of you who is eligible to vote that you also help get to the polls any of the elders or disabled or people without transportation, so they can also vote to save the Tribe from more evil.

The clean up process is slow. It takes time. It takes honest people. It takes all of you standing up, together, over and over again, to clear it up. It’s fragile and setbacks are even more costly. So, get out there again, and do it right. Make sure no ineligible are allowed to vote. Make sure all eligible get out and vote.

You know where to find me.



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October 14, 2013 --- Printer Version (8)

*Blog corrected. I had mistakenly named “Hoeven” (the past governor) as the current governor. Corrected to read Dalrymple

Def: adjective proceeding in a gradual, subtle way, but with harmful effects.

Things happen slowly. We are not really aware that they are happening and that’s why they keep happening. We do nothing to stop insidious things because we don’t perceive them as a threat, or we don’t know they are there, until it is too late.

Cancer and Diabetes are ‘insidious’. Cancer goes undetected often until it is too late. Fortunately there are now screening tests, which can alert us well in advance of any cancers that may be, quietly, unfelt by the body, growing inside of us. We can stop it, treat it, and stand a better chance of recovery. We must heed the warnings and take the necessary, even painful steps if we are to have a chance to survive.

Diabetes is another disease that afflicts us. The symptoms are more pronounced and diagnosis comes earlier and we can, if we follow a strict regimen, live a fairly normal life. It takes work, discipline and consistency.

What is most insidious about these diseases is that they are so commonly accepted now, as part of our lives. Everyone knows someone with diabetes or cancer. Everyone knows someone who has survived or has died from one or both.

It didn’t used to be this way. It used to be rare.

The causes are ignored, for the most part, and I suspect some of the main causes are ignored because it would, if known, cut drastically into the profit margins of some very large corporations. It would require drastic changes that ‘cut into profits’.

Corporations that tamper with genetics, creating livestock and poultry that are nothing like what they were 50 or 100 years ago. Creating produce that is less nutritious, and which requires and contains more chemicals than we are allowed to know.

And then there are the Resource Extraction Mega Corporations: Mining, Oil, Gas, who pollute our air and our water, leaving behind a landscape more toxic and dangerous… and then while still toxic, homes, entire communities are built on them, putting every man, woman and child at risk. If only they were told ahead of time…

It’s all a big secret. Profits before people. Our government keeps quiet and allows this to continue, while we get sicker and we pay the costs. We watch our children wither from diseases we’d never heard of, and which only exist because of the toxins we are now surrounded with.

We all expect that government will protect us from the obvious dangers. We have laws that are supposed to protect us, but all the teeth have been pulled out of every well-intended, public safety law ever written. They’ve become a joke. We have the laws, we just don’t enforce them. We don’t need new laws. We need enforcement.

Even the economic safeguards that were put in place after the Great Depression in 1930, the Glass-Steagal Act, which kept our economy safe from predatory practices, for decades, was killed off in order to ‘increase the Free Market profits’. Immediately thereafter, we had Savings and Loan Scandals, in the 80’s, and more bank failures than any other nation, since then.

One would think that government is here to protect us, but it is not. It are here to protect those who make the most money, and who pay them the most money. Otherwise, the laws that protect us from unsafe farming practices, Pollution and Economic Predators, would be enforced and we would be safer, healthier, and a more prosperous nation over all.

Instead, we’ve become weakened by economic predation. We’ve become sickened by the very foods we eat that should nurture us. We are then blamed for becoming weak. We accept cancer, diabetes and economic scandals as ‘just the way it is’.

We have no sense of security. We wait to see which gets us first: Cancer, Diabetes, or bankruptcy.

We could change all that, but we would have to become aware. We would have to educate ourselves and not be caught up in the emotional, illogical rhetoric of pundits and those who make their living off of spreading lies and misinformation. We could do it, but it would require we work together, for our own mutual benefit, and it would make the future a lot brighter for our children. Is it worth it?

We would have to unite to support what is good and what is needed for all of us. But all the political rhetoric out there, all the hate speech, is designed to keep us separated from one another. Politically opposed, unable to trust anyone other than those who look just like us. We become louder, weaker, and unable to stand up to any kind of threat.

We often don’t have good political choices. We have to work our way up to being able to deserve good choices by showing we can work together to treat the social ills that plague us all. Often, we have to choose between the lesser of two evils, and hold accountable the ones that get in, whether we voted for them or not. We have to make it uncomfortable for them to act in anyway that is against our collective best interests.

It’s like curing cancer or doing a daily regimen to treat diabetes. You can’t stop or skip because you don’t feel like it. If you do, all that you have done before, will come undone and it will be worse than it was when we started.
Fixing anything requires persistence and consistency. Fail to act in a persistent and consistent manner, and you fail yourself, and the body politic gets sicker.

Fort Totten had some good choices and they made a couple of really bad ones. Shelly Lugar and Clarice Brownshield are in the run off.

If the laws that are supposed to protect us from crime were enforced, Clarice would be in jail now. (So would most of the other Tribal Councilors and current and former Tribal Chairs.)

Clarice is the most dangerous to the tribe because she and her family are the ones who profited most from the child abuse, child trafficking. She has protected her brother, he uncle, her mother and several other family members as they drained millions of dollars out of the tribe and put it into their own pockets and into the pockets of their cronies either through outright theft and embezzlement, or by channeling funds into business ventures that profited only them, and the tribe saw nothing. The children’s funds were robbed, children were literally bought, sold and traded into dangerous homes, and many have and many still are, paying the price.

There are laws against what they did and are still doing. But those laws have never been enforced on the rez. Government chooses to look the other way because there is more money to be made for the politicians and their cronies, if they allow these practices to continue. How much of that money makes its way back into their pockets?

Hard to tell. The circulation system of dark monies, is as complex as blood flow and just as important.

The Good People of Spirit Lake Nation live in a system of corruption and abuse because Bad People in Government choose to let them suffer, and choose to do nothing about it. In fact, government has chosen, in each instance, to attack the victims, attack those who reported the crimes.

People inside and outside the rez have come to accept that the corruption is rampant, getting worse, and children are being raped and murdered, as ‘just the way it is’, when it doesn’t have to be.

In order for us to change that, we have to be persistent and consistent on all levels of government, and make our voices heard. We must demand proof that those who are in power are taking real steps, not just a juggling act of incompetence, corruption and political protectionism. What have they done? Nothing. It has gotten worse.

What would we accept as ‘proof’? How about the arrests of those involved in the child abuses? The Child trafficking and the Embezzlement of millions of dollars? That would be a start. None of that has even started. Too many political connections would catch fire and too many politicians and people in high places would get scorched if that were to happen.

But happen it must. If we can’t enforce even one of these major laws, if we cannot protect the children on that one reservation, then no one, except the criminals, are safe.

We must consistent act to ensure that we have done all we can, including getting educated on politicians and issues (please, don’t think TV is educational) and that means that as we learn new information that disproves what we thought we knew before, we have to accept that and adapt and move forward.

Ignore all extremist talk shows and websites that require a mistrust or hatred of anyone based on race, color, creed or religion. The more they can divide us, the weaker they keep us, the easier we are to control. Lies divide us. Truth unites us. Seek the truth. It may not look like you want it to, but that is where we have our real power: Truth and Unity.

We have to unite and become a greater voice, a greater force for our own good.

The results of our doing nothing are this: Things will get worse and worse on the rez. Those children who survive those abuses and who have no rescue from the very laws that are supposed to protect them, will, if they survive, become the violent that plague our communities.

They will cost us more as addicts and as abusive parents themselves. They will commit crimes in our communities and we will have nowhere in this world that we are truly safe. Only the super wealthy have fortresses. The rest of us? We deal with the Human Wreckage created by those who saw greater personal, political and corporate profits in not protecting us.

The Good People of Spirit Lake are struggling to overcome extreme abuse and corruption in all levels of their existence. This is not something they did to themselves, this was forced upon them by a government that ignored reports of crimes and punished victims and witnesses while protecting the criminals.

Those who are the most connected to the corruption, remain immune, protected by the politicians and agencies with whom they have a corrupt, symbiotic relationship with. They need each other. They feed off of us.

This creates a social cancer that feeds on its host, just the same as cancer feeds on the Human Body. Those victimized by corruption have no recourse. If they become violent after repeated failures to get laws enforced, they are arrested for being violent.

What becomes clear to all who must endure this snake pit is that the corrupt are protected. If they want to survive, they must either become corrupt or they must do the bidding and stay in the favor of the corrupt. No one else is safe. Everyone else just waits until the cancer of corruption touches their lives, or takes a member of their family. Laws are not enforced. Violence is not an option.

It’s not our fault we did not know about these crimes and this rampant corruption. This was hidden away from our view, and it festered in those remote, unseen places the same as cancer would, undiagnosed, unscreened, invisible.

It could have been screened out had the laws been applied. The laws were deliberately being pushed aside by both law enforcement and law makers. We assumed they were doing their jobs. They were not.

Now what? Continue to ignore their literally becoming accomplices to the child rapists and the embezzlers? We know they are politically connected. Do we let those we elect continue to ignore these crimes?

Do we continue, for instance, to let Governor Dalrymple keep in place, Scott Davis, who himself is politically connected to politicians and to very wealthy foundations, all the while Scott Davis makes as a condition of him holding a meeting about the abuses in Spirit Lake, that no one be allowed to mention Scott’s friend, Kevin Dauphinais Brownshield.

Kevin was never qualified to hold the position of Director of Tribal Social Services. He accessed the funds that were designated for the children, and that money is gone. Hundreds of thousands of dollars, gone. Is that a crime? He ignored the dangers he put children in with illegal placements. Is that a crime? He stole at least one baby and gave it to a friend of a friend. Is that a crime? Children he placed in homes with up to three registered sex-offenders, is that a crime?

Hush! Scott Davis will hold no meeting if it could point to Kevin. (Kevin could point back to him?)

It’s all still going on. None of that missing money has ever been sought, much less recovered by the government despite their being well aware for years that he took it. All those children are still in those homes that are criminally dangerous to them, and no one in government, no one in Law Enforcement, has taken a single step to rescue a single one of them. Not one illegal placement has been rectified.

Baby Laurynn is dead because of these practices. Other children died because of these practices. Other children are being raped, because of these practices. Other children will die because of these practices. There are laws to prevent these practices, but they are not enforced, ever.

And there sits Scott Davis, throttling any discussion of these abuses, to eliminate any chance of his good friend, Kevin, ever being held accountable.

And there sits Governor Dalrymple, keeping Scott Davis in place. Protecting Scott while Scott protects Kevin. You can chain these political connections both upwards and outwards in all directions. They are all connected.

And they are all connected to others we don’t see yet. Take them down and the others become obvious. That’s how you cure corruption: You punish the corrupt. You don’t reward them with political positions and greater fundraising status.

Why is it that the Good People of North Dakota tolerate even the most obvious, the Scott Davis obvious and the Governor Dalrymple obvious?

It’s like finding out we have cancer or diabetes and choosing to do nothing about it. Even when it shows. Even when we can feel the lumps behind the political skins.

They are tumors now. Political tumors, and just as deadly if left intact with no action to rid ourselves of their malignancy.

We’re so used to the cancer of corruption we can’t remember when it was not expected to be rampant in our political system. It wasn’t always so. But we’ve been politically sick for so long we can’t remember what it feels like to be healthy.

So what if children are abused, raped and murdered? (It’s always been this way) (No it hasn’t)

So what if those who survive become violent and that violence carries over into our own communities? (It’s always been this way.) (No, it hasn’t)

Can we really claim to be victims if when we had the chance, we did nothing?

Scott Davis is very wired into the mega donors of wealthy foundations. His family has a lot of clout. Is that what Governor Dalrymple is trading for? Influence, access and campaign donations in trade for a few hundred American Indian Children?

Scott is using his position in the Governor’s Cabinet to create a power base for himself. He has protected one person above all, who should have been criminally investigated, years ago, but never was. What is Dalrymple using Scott Davis for? His connections to the Bush Foundation? Other wealthy, powerful connections?

Is Dalrymple now obligated to protect the man who is protecting the man who robbed all those children and who sold them, and who placed them in homes with registerd sex offenders?

Is the Bush Foundation also immune from the stain of Scott Davis’s connections to people who rob children and who hand them over to Registered Sex Offenders? Remember: Bush Foundation is about “Nation Building”. They want corporations to have access to all the benefits of doing business on the reservations: Low wages, low or no taxes, huge Federal grants, and no oversight or pesky regulations to hinder profits.

The Bush Foundation and others similarly engaged, need this cancer to grow. If the tribes become healthy and strong in mind and body, they would not tolerate the economical, environmental exploitations that come with “Nation Building”. It is clear to me that the Bush Foundation is not the least bit concerned with what is happening to the children on SLN or any other reservation, or they would not employ Scott Davis as their spokes model to sell this snake oil to the tribes.

Scott Davis has an Indian Face, so that’s important if you are selling out your people, that they see you as one of their own.


At what point can we expect those we elect to do the Right Thing? Clearly, they’ve managed to convince everyone that it’s not that important. Oh sure, when publicity goes prickly, they say the safety of the children is their number one priority. Yet, in over a year since all this has been revealed, and almost two solid years of Mandated Reports, reports that point directly to criminal child abuse, nothing has been done to remedy any of it.

Bad and worse Directors have been appointed, dismissed, and appointed. But no one has been arrested.
How much will it take? Whose child has to be raped or killed or kidnapped for there to be real action? Who among us is waiting for it to be our child or grandchild?

By making sure there are no consequences to those who are politically influential and connected to those who are politically influential, we are witnessing a cancer metastasize in our own communities, and we are doing nothing.

It takes root in Indian Country, but it spreads throughout our entire nation the way cancer spreads through the body Human, when unchecked, untreated or ignored.

By doing nothing, those who commit these crimes are emboldened. They have the protection of people like Scott Davis and Scott Davis has the protection of Governor Dalrymple.

You and I? We’re a joke. They put on their serious face, they say this will change… and then they hope you forget. When you remember and you ask them, they say they need more time--- for you to forget.

If we don’t take down those we know are corrupt and those we see are protecting them, how can we expect anything to change for the better anywhere?

You know when they go down, others will be exposed and we can take them down as well. But we have to start treating this disease aggressively, where we see it emerging. Ignoring it makes no one safer. We must all become politically pro active. We must phone, write, email, fax and speak out. We must show up every place they go to raise money or give speeches, and call them out.

We must demand our media do their part in protecting our democracy by informing us of what is or is not being done. Just ‘reporting’ what a politician says, without any fact-based research to prove or disprove it, is not ‘reporting’, it is stenography.

Media says it’s giving us what we want to know. That is worthless. There is information we NEED to know if we are to make changes or become a healthier nation. Giving us what we ‘want to know’ is ‘entertainment’, not ‘information’. We need reliable information. Demand more of your TV, Newspapers and their sponsors.

There’s a lot of money at stake here. The corrupt have built an empire founded in our ignorance of what they do and how they do it. They built it with our money and our permission. When we deny them permission by holding them accountable, we start to take the power back.

It’s been a long time. It will feel strange at first, but it’s how we were made to survive in this world: by working together. It’s our greatest strength. It’s the power they don’t want us to remember we have. It’s the power we gave to them by trusting their words. We can take it back. We must take it back if we are to survive.

Helping one another is instinctual in all of us. When someone is in danger, we move in to help them. It’s a Human Instinct. We must become more Human if we are to save ourselves. That means, what happens to someone else is important to us. It does matter. And we can speak out. We must. Or we perish in our own willful ignorance.

If there is no penalty for those who won’t even enforce the laws that are supposed to protect children from rape, then, what are we as a community? As a nation? We must demand enforcement.

What we do to ensure that those kids in SLN are safe, we do for ourselves and our posterity. But we must be persistent and consistent if we are ever to heal as a community and a nation, or this cancer will overtake us entirely.

Right now, the corrupt feel strong because of their political connections. Their political connections feel immune because they think we won’t do anything. It’s time to let them know that we won’t allow cancer to overtake us without a fight, and that we fight this fight together. Because, we are stronger when we remember we are connected to one another.

We are all connected.

You know where to find me.



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October 8, 2013
The Art of Disempowerment
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The Future

I want you to look at this picture. We’ll get back to it in a bit. It all comes down to everything in this photograph: “Justice for the Victims of Abuse”, Who Is Looking Out for Us Kids?”, “Who is looking out for the KIDS of Spirit Lake?” and “Children ARE the Future.”

Now, I want you to go online and read this article in Havre Daily News. It is an excellent article by Justin Pritchard and P. Solomon Banda: “Tribal Troubles: Funds Stolen, No Punishment”.

It brings to light the plight of people living under corruption in just a handful of tribes, but it turns over that nasty rock that reveals that this IS the policy and the Practice of the BIA, HHS, and the DOJ throughout Indian Country. (And you thought it was just Spirit Lake Nation?)

It talks about funds being stolen by those in Tribal Power or running Tribal programs. Tens of thousands, even millions of dollars, and the government being fully aware of it, but doing nothing.

The excuses the government gives for taking no punitive action against the perpetrators is mind-bending, at best. One minor example:

Altogether, employees drained at least a half-million dollars from the coffers of a tribe whose members have a median household income of about $16,000 a year.

Federal agencies questioned millions more dollars the Northern Arapaho government spent, but decided not to recover any of the money - and even increased funding to the tribe.”

Did you catch that? “Increased funding to the tribe.”? Not unlike the SMC Scandal where the FBI and DOJ, acting on documents and tips from Whistleblowers, had to raid the SMC plant back in 2005, because they were deliberately falsifying records of quality while actually reducing both the thread count and adding extra resin to ‘make up the weight difference’ in the materials used to make Body Armor and shielding blankets for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. This practice, of course, made the armor not only brittle, but worthless. Do you think any of our troops were killed because the armor they were wearing wouldn’t stop a rock, much less a bullet?

No one went to jail. No one was fired and the government allowed SMC to sue the whistleblowers, who had no protection (like that body armor for our troops) from the government.

Again we see the pattern of corruption being reported and the only ones to lose their jobs are the ones who spoke up. They were then sued for speaking up. They won their case, mind you, but at what cost? Who paid for that?

Even as the raid was going on, and the FBI and their Ninja suited assault team were raiding the plant, (then) Senator Byron Dorgan was hard at work getting their contract secured at triple the previous amount because “they had to fix” what they broke.

Who paid? The Taxpayers paid for the original contract which was handed to the corrupt. We paid for the ‘make up’ contract which was 3 times as great. The whistleblowers lost their jobs and had to defend themselves in court.

Oh yeah, and troops were equipped with inferior, dangerous armor. No reports of troops dying because of inferior armor? That’s because the government would not allow those reports to happen.

Fast forward to the Child Trafficking and abuse scandals now plaguing the rez. Millions and millions of taxpayer dollars went into the hands of the corrupt who pocketed it and have never worried for a minute they would be in court--- unless of course they decide to sue the whistle blowers.

Children are being raped, children are being murdered. Children are dying. None of the culprits are worried they will go to jail. They can expect and have received, additional funding.

The article has nailed down the government’s excuses for all of this corruption going unpunished in a couple of sentences:

“Fraud and theft occur across the range of nonprofits and local governments that get federal money. But tribes are five times as likely as other recipients of federal funds to have "material weaknesses" that create an opportunity for abuses, according to the review. Overall, 1 in 4 audits concluded that tribal governments, schools or housing authorities had a material weakness in their federally funded programs; the rate was 1 in 20 for nontribal programs.”

Why? Because:

"It's basically a reluctance to take on tribes. The Department of the Interior bends over backwards to be their friends," said Earl Devaney, the former inspector general at the department that houses the bureaus of Indian Affairs and Indian Education. "It's 'make nice,' and what you don't know, you don't know."

…Among grant programs with a significant track record in a government database of audits, tribes ran 16 of the 20 with the highest rates of rule-breaking. …. Most prominent were programs funded by Interior's bureaus of Indian Affairs and Indian Education and the Indian Health Service, under the Department of Health and Human Services.

And then there’s the ‘We Pity the Indians’ as I call it, excuse:

“Even when auditors raise concerns, there is no guarantee that tribal leaders will be investigated or prosecuted. Several auditors said their contracts were not renewed after they uncovered self-enrichment by tribal leaders.
During her years as a lawyer at the U.S. Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, Allison Binney said she heard some agency officials say they weren't interested in recovering funds because of "how many times a particular tribe was taken advantage of by the federal government.'”

…Another justification for inaction Binney heard: A tribe is too poor to pay back federal funds.”

You really must read that article. It’s thoroughly researched and it has so much more in it.

Now, look at those excuses: “They aren’t interested in recovering funds” is key. That’s because so many of these programs that are corrupted not only enrich the program Directors and their families and cronies, as well as the Tribal Councils getting their cut, but the money also goes into other directions they don’t want anyone looking.

Corrupt Tribal Governments are the perfect vehicle for laundering billions of taxpayer dollars through them, unaudited, not tracked, not pursued for recovery. You think some of that money is not going right back into the coffers of some of those very well established politicians and their associates?

They are the ones stopping the investigations. It has nothing to do with the tribes being too poor to pay the money back. It has to do with empowering the corrupt and disempowering anyone that would challenge them or the system that breeds them.

The mafia never paid back any of the money they stole from their rackets. But they went to jail. Sending people to jail is supposed to discourage them from criminal enterprises. If you refuse to send them to jail, and in fact, you increase their funding, what behaviors are you encouraging?

For those in government to act as if there is nothing they can do, when clearly, all they have to do is send people whom they know are stealing, raping, murdering, to jail, is because the government is complicit in these crimes themselves. They are involved in making sure that the criminal enterprises continue, without the stress of ever having to go to jail for stealing millions, child trafficking or any other racket they want to run on the rez.

I found it fascinating, one last quote here, and this one boggles me for the one element that is missing:

"Sergio Maldonado, a Northern Arapaho member who is diversity coordinator at Central Wyoming College in Riverton, said tribes generally are just finding their self-governance footing after years of being under federal control. He said there are four goals for a successful tribal government - "academic preparation, professional experience, a collective consensus for the benefit of the tribe and an ethical set of guidelines."

You see? It’s all about business. It’s about attracting businesses. You know, so they can take advantage of the huge tax incentives, the lack of any oversight by any government agency. He talks about “ethical guidelines” but he leaves out the most important element needed for any community to succeed: “Justice”.

Without Justice, you have at best, a highly successful criminal operation. Without Justice, the people are disempowered and have no recourse. Corruption not being penalized only encourages more corruption.

“Ethical Guidelines”? Really? Without Justice, where’s the incentive? Word noise.

Bring into this mix, even more government money, either directly or through grants given to foundations which in turn “Nation Build” –code for “Make it business friendly” which is code for “unregulated, unaudited, little or no taxes, cheap labor, no government oversight on pollution or safety…” You know, the things that ‘get in the way of profits’.

And those “Businesses” have a lot of power in the Halls of government. They have lobbyists who write the laws that make government the lap dog of abusive, greedy businesses. They make huge contributions to the elected, to keep our government in gridlock and chaos so they can, while we’re all worried where our next paycheck is coming from, sneak in more tax breaks for themselves and more deregulation so we can’t see what damage they are doing and when we do, we can’t sue them for it.

Money going in, by the millions and billions, with no one watching over how it is used, spent, misused, stolen, is not a recipe for ‘success’. It is the framework for an Enduring Criminal Conspiracy.

You think that what happens in Indian Country doesn’t affect you and me out here? You’re very wrong. It is the tunnel through which billions of dollars, both from our taxes (because we pay), and from corporate profits which are shielded by the corrupt practices, go into the hands of those who then tell our government that we can’t have health care, we can’t fix our roads and bridges, we can’t pay our troops a livable wage and they have to go on food stamps (which we also pay for), while they shut down women’s health clinics, try to make laws that require women to inform their employers of what birth control they are taking and when their cycles are, and the employer can fire them if they don’t (Yes, they tried to make that a law)…

All this insanity where we are chasing and yelling at each other, the “Make them Fight one another” strategy, up to and including both an unnecessary shut down of government (because they want a law repealed that both saves us money and gives us healthcare at affordable rates), and now are threatening to literally default on the debt and throw the global economy into a tailspin.

Now, if the economy goes into the toilet, people will have to sell everything they have, for next to nothing, just to survive. The banks, which have not been punished, only minor fines, for having illegally foreclosed on homes in the last economic crash, are poised to do it all again.

The billionaires that are promoting all this will scoop up all the properties and resources that are sold off at fire sale prices or for free if they can steal them, while we are scrambling to put food on the table in homes we lose to fraud and theft.

There are people who want this economy to weaken so they can overtake it. Where do you think they get the most of their money? It comes from us. It is funneled through the corruption in Indian Country. There it is protected from anyone ever seeing what happens to it because the government, controlled by these powerful interests, often disguised as ‘foundations’ and such, have decided for some reason, not to allow justice in Indian Country.

These ‘foundations’ and such, which declare they are there to encourage enterprise, receive most of their funding from huge corporations (Oil, Gas, & other resource extraction entities) and from Government Grants (for their ‘good works’) and they pay no taxes because they are ‘non profits’. (Non Profits is a huge misnomer. They are extremely wealthy. But they don’t call it ‘profits’ because they don’t produce a ‘product’. )

Indian Country is the perfect vehicle for all this money, especially our tax dollars, directly and indirectly, to be laundered back into the hands of the very powerful, and those in government who are controlled by them.

The excuses for not prosecuting and imprisoning the corrupt in Indian Country, are weak and illogical. It only makes sense if you realize the goal is to maximize profits and keep the people disempowered so they can never, ever, alter that working model of money laundering.

There is no greater tool for disempowering people than to take away from them any hope of Justice for crimes committed against them individually or as a community.

And when you factor in the kind of damage that can be done to a person’s life by allowing them, from infancy, to be raped, abused, neglected without any penalty to those who commit those crimes against them, or to those who enable and allow those crimes, you get generations of Human Wreckage with no sense of self-worth, and whose options in life are limited to violence, suicide and addictions.

No, the tribes don’t need ‘Nation Building’--- they need Justice.

Now, you see how government is the tool of powerful moneyed interests that have a huge stake in keeping Indian Country out of sight, out of mind.

You’ve seen our own government become so gridlocked and dysfunctional that we are staring into the abyss of a global economic crash which will benefit a few very powerful families in this world, and you can start to put the pieces of this puzzle together.

If we don’t demand Justice for those in Indian Country, we will never have Peace or security in our own daily lives.
You see the children being abused, murdered and you hear the stories of them being raped and no one goes to jail. Especially if they are connected to the corrupt.

The article quoted earlier details how the government refuses to enforce the laws or bring justice.

If you want this to change, you must, we must all of us, pressure our elected, from the PTA to the Presidency, to stop enabling the corruption in Indian Country and to allow Justice for the people who are speaking out and struggling to overcome an overwhelming force of systematically encouraged abuses of children, resources and money.

Until we see that there are real consequences, where the corrupt are dealt serious prison terms, and the children are again safe in good homes that care for them… until we can see that there, nothing in our lives is safe or secure.

Kiss those retirement funds goodbye. Those 401Ks that took a dive in the last economic meltdown? They’re almost back to where they were 5 years ago before this? Hah! They’re going down, baby! Those financial institutions you trusted? They don’t care about you. They have multi-billion dollar bonuses to hand out as they tank.

We are ALL Connected. The powerful that get away with this are very much connected to the powerful that encourage the corruption and who prevent any Justice from entering Indian Country.

Justice is how we thrive as a community and as a nation. Enterprise thrives for all of us when there is Justice. Without Justice, only the most powerful thrive, and they take everything we have.

Meanwhile, those kids at the beginning of this blog, holding up those signs? Think about it. If you want things to change, you have to make it change for them first.

The corrupt will roll over on each other and it will be an avalanche of corruption rolling down that mountain of bullshit that has been keeping all of us down for decades.

We are going to have to hold on tight, to one another, to survive this when it does. We are going to have to stick together and demand Justice in all corners--- especially those dark corners in Indian Country where the worst of this has been thriving --- out of sight, disguised as ‘enterprise’ and ‘business’ and “Nation Building” for all this time. It’s time to scrutinize all foundations that take our Tax Dollars & huge corporate “donations”.

We are going to see some of our heroes revealed as corrupt and they will fall. We will see some who were maligned revealed as shining examples of integrity. Everything will change.

Or we can do nothing, and everything will get worse, for all of us.

It starts with Justice for those kids. Especially those still alive who are being abused, trafficked and ignored by the very powerful people in BIA, DOJ, HHS. Those powerful people are corrupt. They protect the corrupt.

We dismantle the monster one tentacle at a time. We must do this together. We start in Spirit Lake, we look everywhere.

Demand Justice. Demand Action.

Don’t ever quit.

You know where to find me.



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October 7, 2013--- Printer Version(3)
You Know Them

Aside from the Election Board having had 2 weeks to get the list of candidates out to you, they waited until two days before the election; they removed one or more candidates, (I still have no clue why, I hear one dropped out and the other was not a voluntary drop), they have kept on the ballot, Mary Cavenaugh who declared on the St. Mike’s recall petition that she was a resident of St. Mike’s, but now, she’s running as a long time resident of Ft. Totten.

I suspect the Election Board, which was appointed by the previous Chairman and who, for the most part, until they were overwhelmed by signatures, did his bidding in arbitrarily deleting hundreds of names from the petitions over the years, is not really an on the level Board. Just based on the Mary Cavenaugh issue alone, and they KNOW where she lives. So, either they were biased against Mardell Lewis and were allowing fraudulent signings on that petition, and fraudulent voting, or they have in their hands, her signing a statement declaring she lives in St. Mike’s and they are allowing her to run for the Ft. Totten seat, regardless.

Tara Yankton. Apparently being a serial DUI offender is not good enough reason to keep her off the ballot, but it is a really good reason to keep her off of Tribal Council. When the notorious chronic drunk, Brian Pearson, aka “Zit Puppet” was Secretary-Treasurer, aside from helping his mother, Myra, who was also chairman at the time, raid the financial resources of the tribe and make themselves and their family, friends, happy, he ran up multiple DUI’s, not to mention his daily/nightly runs into the ditch and needs to be towed out event. Or the time he stole a woman’s car from the parking lot at the casino, and totaled it. He got off because a worthless tribal court judge said that he was too drunk to be responsible for what he did.

The tribe also paid for his multiple DUI arrests, some involving drugs and minors, and the tribe paid his fines, his court appearances and all his legal costs. With 7 convictions outside of the rez, and possibly several more that I could not find in my search, that cost the tribe a ton of cash that could have, in my opinion, built at least 4 families a decent home.

So, if you want a repeat of that, Tara Yankton is your girl.

I learned that Cheryl Good Iron is also known as Porky Cloud and she’s Myra’s sister. Porky assaulted a Head Start Director who fired friends of Porky’s who were never on time, were not doing their job and jeopardizing the program. Walked up and punched that woman in the face, twice. She is a violent woman with no self-control, and she is abusive. She got away with it because her sister was Chairman. She also feels entitled to whatever she can get her hands on. Let her in, and you go backwards faster than you can send a petition around to get her out.

Dale Alberts has more children than he can count and he can’t even spell. So put complex, important issues in front of him, what do you think he’s going to do? He’s proud of the fact that he has gotten so many women pregnant. He thinks making babies is how you prove you’re a man. He supports none of them. Is that what you want representing The Fort? He thinks that the responsibilities of fatherhood are a joke. Imagine how he would treat the responsibility of important issues and decisions for the district and the Tribe overall.

Doug Longie, appointed by Weenie Boy to run the Election Board, seems to be picking and choosing on signatures and qualifications.

Some of these candidates have really big families and they are looking forward to getting their hands in the piggy bank and they will vote as a block. The rest of you need to get behind a candidate that is qualified and has integrity and will do the work.

You need someone like Mardell Lewis helping to clean up the mess left by the corrupt and the incompetent that have preceded and to overcome the corrupt and incompetent that still hold seats.

If you want to make your life better, you have to work at it. You have to come together and you have to unite behind a candidate that do what has to be done and treat you fairly.

The Good People of St. Michaels voted in Mardell Lewis and they showed up and supported her in a very close recall vote, and they won. It was so close that every vote counted. The other side allowed illegal signatures and illegal votes, but still, the Good People of St. Mikes prevailed because they were united.

The Good People of the Fort have got to do the same thing. You have great odds to overcome because the corrupt and the incompetent have big families and make a lot of wild promises to reward those who vote for them.

I think things are changing out there. I think the Good People of Fort Totten will do the right thing. They won’t sit home. They won’t forget. They will show up and fight with their ballots to get what they know they deserve in representation.

Tick Tock, Time’s Running Out

Chairman McDonald has put himself on the side opposed to what is right and decent for the Children of Spirit Lake by retaliating against those who seek help and relief from wrongs done to them by his relatives.

Everyday he wakes up hoping he won’t be tied to the murder or suicide of a child that he could have prevented. Every night he thrashes in his bed, wondering if he will get the inevitable news the next morning and be blamed and shamed to the end of his days.

It was Chairman McDonald who assigned a convicted sex-offender to oversee the operations of Tribal Social Services. It can’t be more clear than that, which side he is on and where his values are.

He has done everything in his power to make it even worse than it was. You may think that is an extreme accusation, but what we have seen of his actions, including that sex offender who has threatened his own cousin’s daughter that if she spoke up, she’d be sorry--- while she was in the ER because she had been so badly assaulted, is proof of his alliance and loyalty to all that is evil out there.

You need to find a qualified person, with courage and integrity to replace him, and you need to do it fast, or the next murdered child, the next child suicide, is on all of you.

Don’t petition him until you have all your ducks in a row or you will get someone even worse.

While you are at it, see what you can do to replace that Election Board. They act on their biases, either way, and they are worthless at protecting the integrity of any election or recall.

There’s a lot of work to get started out there, and it’s up to the Good People of Spirit Lake to get it done.

I know there are issues of questionable enrollments and outright fraudulent enrollments and status cards. Anyone that can believe Carl WalkingEagle is 4/4 Full-Blood when he has not a drop of native blood in him, is proof of how much work needs to be done.

Enrollment needs to be cleaned up also… and that is going to be even more difficult because of the fraud, forgery and corruption involved in making that mess. You will need the brightest minds to work on that. You will need the highest integrity teams to work on that. It will have to be done in a righteous way, not a racist way, but it will have to be done.

Who you elect this Tuesday is as important to that as they are to the children of the tribe, as they are to the prosperity of the tribe and the fairness to each member of the tribe. VOTE.

Talk to your friends and your family. Give rides to those who need it. Bring ID and vote. Don’t let anyone stop you from voting and speak out if you see someone who doesn’t live at the Fort voting, or in line to vote. Protect your future by being proactive. It’s not easy. Corruption and complaining is easy. This Good work is a struggle and it is worth it.

How that vote turns out will be the difference between the Fort being respected or ridiculed. From what I see, you have one really good candidate out there. Educated and who has integrity and grit. Allyson DeMarias-Bartlett. I'd never heard of her before... but so many of you are writing in telling me how impressed you are with her. I hope you stand by her in this. From Flyer . The rest of the field, from what I have seen so far, is just so much noise and nothing.

You know where to find me.


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October 6, 2013 ---Printer Version (9)
What’s in a Name?

The list finally came out of who all is running for the Ft. Totten Seat. The Election Board, in their wisdom, saw fit to remove Robert Old Rock from the list of candidates. There are issues surrounding that which we should and will discuss at a future date.

Meanwhile, another name that remains on the list of candidates that the Election Board should have never allowed is Mary Cavenaugh. Mary Cavenaugh signed the petition against Mardell Lewis as “residing” in the Mish, and clearly, she either did not live there as she is running for the Ft. Totten seat--- and because she so recently declared herself a resident of Mission District, she should be removed from the list of candidates. At the very least, she is already lying to people. How many of her relatives are on the Election Board? They either never should have allowed her to sign the petition and vote against Mardell Lewis, or never allowed her to run for this seat in yet another district other than the one she claimed just a week ago.

I see Arliss Krulish is also running. This is a woman who so badly beat her 12 year old daughter, that the girl was hospitalized. This while Arliss was running Early Childhood Tracking. Is that the person you want representing Ft. Totten?

Clarise is running again. Gee, I guess she didn’t steal enough last time? You did look at the financial statement showing how much she ignored the spending limits, right? And all those gas cards and all that cash she gave out to bribe people to vote for her last time; has she made those same promises again? Is that what you want to go back to?

George Longie, Sr. I don’t know anything about him.

Marty Alex (Michael T.Alex, Sr.) whose wife stole funds from Headstart, and who misappropriated funds by the carload when he was running departments… Yeah, put him in. That’ll make it really good, right? His own family disowned him, for a reason. The rest of you should also.

Deborah Little Bendickson – I know nothing about her.

Tara Yankton – hmm, let’s see, from a druggie, pillhead, raping, murdering family… yeah, definitely vote for more of that. Let me guess: “She’s the good one.” Hah!

Cheryl Good Iron – I know nothing about her.

Lorraine “Josie” McKay – oh Yeah, That Josie McKay??? The one that was the convenient sex toy for Carl

WalkingEagle? The one that he took with him to all the travels and trips? A Bimbo by any other name…. Does she even know the alphabet?

Shelly Lugar --- didn’t we have her in before? She had a rapist boyfriend whom she gave the contracts for construction and maintenance, and he got the keys from the home owners, and when the men were away, or the women home alone, he let himself in and raped them along with his friends, the Smith Brothers? They were a rape crew, but only her boyfriend took the fall. She kept bailing him out and paying his legal bills and, oh yeah, making the rape charges disappear for years. She never stayed anywhere near budget, because she needed most of that money for her drunken lazy family. Just wrote them checks like it was nothing. Sure, put her back in. What’s that? She’s changed now? Gee, let’s let her at that checkbook one more time, shall we? She had her chance, and she screwed over the tribe, in more ways than one.

M. Yvonne Longie --- fill me in. I never heard of her.

Allyson DeMarias-Bartlett Hearing nothing but good things about her. She sounds like another Mardell Lewis. Given what Mardell has done in such a short time, I can only imagine what this woman could get accomplished, and she would probably surprise me at that.

Vanessa DeMarce – nope, nuthin’… never heard of or about her.

Lisa Marie Burdick – the name rings a bell, but honestly, I can’t remember how, where or what.

Erich Longie – Give me a break. Should be enough of you out there to remember how he screwed over the tribe in the past that he should be laughed off of the ballot, not voted in.

Dale Alberts—I got nuthin’.

Clemence Charbonneau – no clue.

Yeah, the list is finally out, and oh yeah, voting is Tuesday.

Participation is Imperative

Get behind your candidate and stick with them. Here’s the deal, some of the worst candidates out there have big families and with so many running in the field, they might be able to game the vote by dominating the ballots. You don’t need more corrupt, more lying and more violently abusive in your tribal council.

It is important that you vote and that you hold your elected accountable. You cannot, regardless of who gets in, just shrug it off and say there is nothing you can do. We have seen some of the worst abusers tossed out by vote and by recall, despite the corrupt and cheating practices they tried to use to stay in.

As long as you are in the game, you have a say and you can make things change. Shrugging it off and complaining is the easy way to make things worse, while standing up and speaking out, holding onto what is true and right, is the only way the changes have happened, and things are changing, is because you got in there, dug in there, hung in there and did not quit.

You have relied on yourselves, and you have relied on one another, and YOU are the reason things are getting better in some areas, and will get better overall, if you make the right decisions an participate.

There is so much work to be done. Critically important work. Hard work. There is still too much corruption and too many people are being abused and neglected by those in positions they should not be allowed near.

For Instance

Joel Redfox. He’s a drug dealer, abuser, and rapist. He’s a high school drop out. He protected his own cousin by telling his cousin’s daughter, while she was in the ER, to keep her mouth shut about the abuse, sexual abuses her dad (his cousin) was doing to her.

He knew, back in 2011, about the Tribal Social Services faking their paperwork. He and Duane Jackson went to Betty Jo Krenz’s house and watched a video she obtained of the tribal council and Tribal Social Services, along with the BIA, discussing how they could fake the paperwork and get away with it.

He and Duane Jackson did nothing about it. They did sucker Betty Jo Krenz into attending a meeting where she was told she would be able to tell the people what she had found out, and what needed to be fixed in order to help the tribe.

When she got there, she was not allowed to speak. Roger, and the rest of them, ran their mouth and lied about her. They even accused her of trying to ‘blackmail’ the Tribal Council with the video.

Two things on that, aside from it being a complete lie: 1: IF they felt they could be ‘blackmailed’ by that video, that meant they were guilty of a crime they did not want exposed and 2: What earthly benefit would Betty Jo get from the Tribal Council through blackmail? Was she going to force them to treat the children with concern for their safety? Was she going to force them to stop robbing their Social Security and IIM accounts? Was she going to stop them from committing crimes against these children? Does that even make sense?

So, their allowing the problems to continue, and more children to be raped and murdered is their way of ‘standing up to some fictional blackmail’?

They’ve had two full years and then some to fix the horrific issues in Tribal Social services. Joel is still there, and for some twisted reason, Chairman McDonald put the only convicted sex offender on Tribal Council, in charge of monitoring that Department.

There is, at this point, no intention on the part of Joel Redfox, nor the Chairman, to make any corrections and resolve the burning, issues of child rape, abuse and murder AND Suicide, on the rez. They are just waiting for their friends at friendly news outlets and those connected to business friendly foundations to make this all go away. Not fixed, just not in the news until of course, the next dead baby. You and I are supposed to not connect the dots when it is an Indian Youth who is arrested for strong arm robbery, rape, or assault, that that criminal grew up and survived horrific abuse and had all other avenues in this life cut off from him.

We’re supposed to think he was ‘born bad’ or ‘made bad choices’.

We’re not supposed to look at those who hurt and abused him. We are not supposed to look at how he was systematically threatened and intimidated every time he reached out for help. We’re not supposed to see how he was cut off from every advocate, every protector and left on his own. We’re not supposed to see who stole his money that was supposed to be available for him for his education and to get a start in life after foster care. We’re not supposed to see that he was just cut off and thrown into the streets and told to figure it out on his own.

We are not supposed to see the corruption in Tribal Social Services that has perpetuated this abused-child-to-criminal-or-suicide. We’re not supposed to see how all these agencies; the BIA, ACF, DOJ, HHS, USAG all, ALL for over 2 years have had this laid out in black and white in front of them and let it happen--- and are still letting it happen.

We’re supposed to be shocked when the dead babies show up on the news; appalled when the kid becomes a violent adult; terrified when it’s our home, our business our family that is victimized by the now grown up victims.
We’re supposed to revert back to the stereo-types we were raised on. We’re supposed to rely on our ignorance and racism to make it not worth our time to actually look at how this could have been stopped, if only those who knew, those whose job it was to address it and fix it, had bothered.

I want you, all of you, when you see the next dead child or the next mug shot of a violent American Indian Criminal, to see the shining faces of your governor, your USAG (all the way to DC), Yvette Rubidoux and all in the BIA that have, for decades, fostered the corrupt and the incompetent and ignored the screams of children. I want you to see Marrianne McMullen’s face. I want you to see James Murray’s face--- right next to them.

And when you see an American Indian shuffling down the street, looking for his or her next fix, and some young girl selling her body, I want you to know WHY it came to this. I want you to look in the mirror and see that you did nothing when you could have raised your own voice.

I want everyone on the rez to see the faces of your chairmen for the past 30 years. I want you to see their corruption was not a joke. Not just something you spit at when you talk about it. I want you to see how they hurt those babies, how they made those monsters you cross the street to avoid.

If you don’t see those faces and know, you will be forever mystified by the rising rates of crimes and the brutality of it. You will always be unable to figure out why any child or young adult, takes their own life, which had become worthless to them after being treated like trash and dirt from infancy.

You will always be very proud of your elected officials who stand in front of cameras and, reading from notes, or having memorized the standard condolences, begin with: “Today, our hearts and prayers go out to…”

We don’t need their ‘hearts and prayers’. We need them to do their job, and do it now, or be removed and those who know how and are willing to do it, be put in their place.

Chairman McDonald continues to retaliate against the Foster Mother who was so mistreated by both Tribal Social Services and the former Tribal Chairman, and he continues to retaliate against her by making her heart break by not allowing the children she rescued and nurtured, to be returned to her. Instead, he is allowing them to be kept by a family that didn’t even bother to report the boy missing for three days in sub-freezing weather.

The former Chairman, Weenie Boy, was protecting his nephew who had raped and abused his kids horrifically.

The foster mother had to fight against Tribal Social Services, in Tribal Court, to prevent the kids from being forced to reunite with their abusive father, who was at the time, and it was known, under investigation by the FBI for child sexual abuse.

She succeeded. And, the USAG was forced to actually arrest him and put him in prison, despite them having had the file and the investigation open on him since 2007.

Tribal Social Services retaliated against the Foster mother by yanking her license and removing the kids. Putting them in an unsuitable home.

True, that Director was forced to face a State Review Board, and their standards are extremely low, so he thought he’d coast through it. But because too many people were ‘interested’ and ‘watching’, the hearing was held publicly and he had his license restricted and he’s on probation until next month when they decide if he abusive, illegal style is enough to have his license revoked permanently or not.

The Tribal Council, because of the publicity and the interest, was forced to fire him for clearly abusive behaviors.

The Foster mother regained her license.

If you thought the new chairman would Right that wrong, you are mistaken. You see, the father of those kids, who was the nephew of the previous corrupt Tribal Chair, is the cousin of the present tribal chair.

Families retaliate against anyone, even their own flesh and blood, harshly, if they dare to speak out about sexual abuse. Both the children of that abuser, and the Foster Mom who protected them, are subjected to the wrath of that family, now via the cousin, Chairman McDonald.

To top it all off, he put the only convicted sex offender on the Tribal Council, to oversee the management of Tribal Social Services.

He cares nothing if that boy who keeps running away, kills himself. He cares nothing if he survives and grows into a very big, very violent, angry adult who has been cut off from all guidance, all advocates and all help, all his life. He says ‘no one can know what he (the boy) will do.’

Yeah, it will be a real shock an surprise, right? Like those meteors that fall out of the sky that we never saw coming.

Dotted Trail The Map is Clear

But this is one we see coming. We see the course it is being forced onto and we see the Chairman cutting off his options and penalizing, threatening and intimidating anyone that would change the life map of that one child and his siblings, to anything but the despair and desolation that the Tribal Council, Tribal Social Services, the BIA and the rest of the Alphabet drippings have forced him to consume, every day since he was taken away from the one home that was safe for him.

There is no will nor intention on the part of Chairman McDonald to make any positive changes to Tribal Social Services. In fact, he doesn’t think that the child abuse on SLN ‘is all that bad’. He even said so, even as one woman was on trial for the death of baby Laurynn and another man was being railroaded in court for the vicious mutilations and murders of brother and sister Desiree and Travis DuBois, Jr. .

Chairman McDonald says that ‘it’s a lot worse in other places’. Yes, it’s everywhere. Therefore there is no reason for him to clean up the mess in his own community. Child abuse is now the ‘standard’ for Tribal Governments. Expect it.

The only way they have tried to ‘fix’ the problem of child abuse, rape and murder, is to silence those who speak up about it, retaliate against those who work to end it. To Chairman McDonald and his new circle of political and corporate palsie walsies, the problem is not the suffering of the children—it’s those loudmouths that keep demanding it be stopped.

Their only goal is to stop the voices. Stop by threats, intimidation or retaliation until there is no one left to help or speak out or advocate on behalf of one child or his siblings.

If they were ever serious about fixing the child abuse, rather than protecting those who profit from the abuse in ways you don’t want to think about, they had their chance in 2011 when it was brought to their attention. They chose to harass, intimidate and threaten the ones who spoke out.

They are protecting the child rapists, to this day. They are protecting the sex offenders, to this day. You have to contact every elected official and demand to know why they have done nothing. They have talked about it, but not one actionable move has been taken against one child abuser on the rez.

The State and the Federal Government continue to pour in money which is used to protect the corrupt and the abusers, and they continue to pose for photo ops with those same people. How long do we all tolerate this?

They are hoping we forget. They are hoping we give up. If we do, then when it is our car that gets jacked, our child that gets abducted and raped, our home that gets invaded, our business that gets burned down, we have to admit, having done nothing to prevent it except more locks and cameras, we had it coming.

We knew they were only going to protect the predators and make more monsters to bring us more fear in our own waking lives when instead of listening to and acting on reports by Betty Jo Krenz, they fired her and attacked her. When instead of listening to and acting, according to law, on any of the 13 Mandated Reports by Thomas Sullivan, they marginalized him, isolated him, ridiculed him and buried his reports.

They literally violated the law by not responding to the 13 Mandated reports as the law dictated they must. They broke the law to protect the predators. Can you believe they still have their jobs? They do, because this goes waaaay up the political ladders of influence and corporate ladders of business partnerships in Indian Country. They are protecting each other—not the children.

This can change if we participate and make our voices heard at all levels of government.

This can change if at the tribal level, the people demand it.

Until those children are reunited with their foster mother, as a family, the retaliation remains in place. The future is darker. For them and for all of us.

Until the Tribal Council accepts and embraces the rightness of Betty Jo’s advocacy in this and other cases, nothing changes. It only gets worse.

Until there is a clear and decisive move to include those who have been advocating and assisting, not excluding and harassing/intimidating and threatening them, nothing changes.

They can talk all they want, but you know what it takes for them to be believable, and right now, they are nowhere near it. The Tribe is going the wrong direction, so many ways, with Tribal Social Services. The children are paying the price now. We are paying the price both now, and later, we just don’t know it until we learn to connect the dots. We can’t change it until we, like The Good People of Spirit Lake who are fighting without help from the outside, to clean up the mess made by decades of systematic governmental abuse.

They struggle against corruption and lies. They struggle to make SLN a safer place for Children to grow up and for Elders to spend their later years. They fight against those who have been supported in their corrupt, abusive and criminal behaviors, by the government we all vote on and elect.

They have one courageous Tribal Councilor now and they need more. They might get one with this next election. They might not. But they are not giving up. Neither should the rest of us. They fix it in there, we fix it out here.

Eventually, we all get a better future. Eventually we all get a safer, more secure future. Eventually we can come together and accomplish even greater things, but only if we see that we are all related and what happens there, in the middle of nowhere, affects all of us, everywhere.

There are some very powerful people in very powerful places that don’t want that to happen. You see them and know who they are when you see how they do nothing when they could and they should. You see them when they oppose those making the efforts. You see them, and you realize what they really are.

At that point, all that is ugly and all that brings us fear in our daily lives, shows its face and we know their names. Use what you know now, to find out more and to do more.

Had the first Mandated Report been addressed according to the law, baby Laurynn would be alive with her twin sister, to this day, in a safe, loving home. Baby Deborah would be alive instead of cold in her tiny grave.

13 Mandated reports later, and the battle is between those who should be taking action but refuse to, and those trying to get action being shut out and shut down at every turn. There is a battle between Good & Evil. Clearly, those who continue to allow these children to suffer and be murdered, are on the side of Evil. I can think of no greater evil than that of protecting those who abuse children. Can you?

Chairman McDonald made it clear he wants the children to be hurt and not helped when he put Joel Redfox in charge of the Tribal Social Services Monitoring.

At the very least, let him know how you feel about that. 701-350-2440 and by email, as often as you like: . He likes being the man in charge. That means he’s accountable. Hold him responsible. These decisions of his are not made by ‘accident’. He knows about this stuff Joel does, even more than I do.

While you’re at it, pay close attention to which businesses are looking to invest in SLN and what kind of breaks they get. It’s about money, not about helping. If it was about helping, they’d insist that the child abuse be cleared up first. Scott Davis from the Governor’s Cabinet is interested in getting tax breaks and government loans for corporations seeking shelter in Indian Country. He gives not crap one about the child abuse, crimes against children. Cancelled the meeting on short notice to go do photo ops at the college, and talk about ‘businesses’. Maybe I should post some contacts for Dalrymple? He put Scott Davis in a position to cut off any discussion at a higher government level, where this needs to be on the record. He’s part of this problem at that level.

A Lot of Good People Read This Blog

If you consider yourself a Good Person, you cannot stay neutral in this and you cannot stay idle as this continues to play out. You must take a side and you must participate in making this right. It won’t be easy. It will break your heart and it will disgust you and it will appall you when you see who and what you are up against. People you thought you could respect. Don’t quit, regardless of what you find out and who you learn is on the side of Evil.

If you quit, those children don’t have a chance, and your children, your own future, is less secure, less safe.
You don’t have to know these children to see the value in protecting them. You are making the shape of your own future, today. What happens tomorrow depends on what you do today. We are not meteors, we are all on a path.

It becomes clear from a distance. It become clear in hindsight, it becomes important we see it now, when we can make a difference.

We have to work together, even if it is individually, for the same purpose. We have to use our greater numbers to our own advantage and protect ourselves from the very few who are doing all the damage, and those who are promoting them, protecting them and participating with them.

I am just the messenger. I’m telling the story of a Nation within a Nation. I’m telling the story of how we belong to one another, and how we can and we must care about what happens, in our name, with our tax dollars, to people near and far, even in the middle of Nowhere.

We have to remember that we are all related, all connected and we all have our say. Our silence condemns us all. Raising our voices together, powers us all forward to a better day.

You know where to find me,




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October 5, 2013 --Printer Version (6)
Whose Business?

The more I think about it, the more I steam. About that kid who was hauled away for running back, in desperation, to the only home he ever felt safe in, or cared about, and how Chairman McDonald arrogantly shut him down, had him hauled off in a squad car, like a criminal.

There is a backstory to every dead child, every brutally abused child, every murdered child and every child who commits suicide. We never get the backstory. We get somber faced officials reading from their notes about how ‘tragic and unforeseen this was’ and how he or she ‘just slipped through the cracks’ and my favorite: Children are our priority and we will study this and do whatever it takes to make sure it never happens again.

Nothing changes, it happens again. Officials read from notes. “Sorry”.

When this all went down the last time, and Betty Jo Krenz called Chairman McDonald to advocate for this child and his siblings to be returned to the only home they ever felt safe, wanted or cared about, he was furious with her. You see, it is the image of the agency that is most important to him, not the well-being or safety of the child.

Their conversation went thusly:

She told Chairman McDonald: “Every time  this child runs back to Marva it is a gift as he WILL SUICIDE if thrown against a wall much more.....”

His response? "You are not working with a tribal entity and you have no way of knowing what this kid will do, you DO NOT WORK WITH this tribe in any way."

Let’s assemble the facts that are already known to Leander Russell McDonald, shall we? And after we do, you decide if he is incompetent, corrupt or gives a crap at all about these kids in Social Services, mmmkay?

He knows that this boy was savagely, brutally raped and abused by his father. He knows that he also had to endure watching and knowing that his siblings were going through the same thing. This went on for years.
Finally, he was placed in a loving, caring home along with his siblings. He felt safe, they all felt safe.

And then, for reasons unknowable to any decent Human Being, (then) Tribal Social Services Director, Paul Hutchinson decided to reunite him and his siblings with that same abusive father.

The Foster mother fought for those kids, even obtaining an attorney to speak for them in court, which resulted in the father, who was under investigation at the time for child abuse, to be taken to prison.

Yes, Paul Hutchinson tried to reunite those kids with their rapist father, while he was under investigation by the FBI for child rape and abuse.

This re-traumatized the boy and his siblings. Nightmares returned. Fear returned.

The Social Services Director so angry that his plan fell through, he retaliated against the Foster Mother by having her license yanked and the kids removed, placed in a home in which they neither feel safe nor cared for.

Repeatedly, that boy has run away and each time he has run to the Foster Mother’s house. This last time, in 30º weather, he left on Friday and they didn’t even look for him or put out a bulletin.

He had been sleeping, hidden, in the Foster Mother’s backyard. He was afraid of getting her in trouble by him being there. Finally, on Sunday night, it was too cold and he was too hungry, and he came to her door.

Tribal Social Services was closed. They don’t answer their phones after hours. There is no emergency number. They don’t care.

The Foster Mother had just gotten her license back after the Tribe, so embarrassed by the antics of Mr. Hutchinson, fired him, and after a new Tribal Chairman was seated. That would be Mr. McDonald.

She called the only other people that the boy trusted, or felt safe around, and one of them was Betty Jo Krenz.
You see, the Foster Mother was concerned for the boy’s safety, well-being and knew that he was panicked, afraid of Social Services (for obvious good reasons).

In an attempt to get help for this kid, and his siblings, Betty Jo Krenz phoned the new chairman, and received that lecture noted above.

Yes, none of us knows what this kid will do. However, I don’t think it requires a crystal ball.

A child who has years of suffering brutality and abuse, is abused further by the agency that is supposed to protect him, the only person he feels safe with is punished, loses her license for protecting him and his siblings (which deeply embarrassed TSS, the BIA and the rest of the Alphabet Soup Gang), he is put into a home that even when he goes missing for days, in sub-freezing weather, does not look for him, even though, all they had to do was phone the Agency and inform them or even phone her and tell her that he was missing and this is probably where he will show up. ( I think it was predictable as to where he would show up given that he had done it before on more than one occasion, don’t you?).

Then this kid is scolded, hauled off in a squad car and his rescuer foster mother is threatened to never contact the one person she relied on to help her in times of crisis, or lose her license again…

This kid who only wants to be in the home that saved him, cares about him and protected him, is being treated like a criminal, and cut off from every tie to safety and sanity he ever had, just what do you think a kid that is that damaged and cut off from all hope is going to do?

You add threats and intimidation to him and the person he cares about and you don’t think his desperation overload limit is on the horizon? You cut off anyone that he has ever felt supported him and you leave him dangling in a system that doesn’t care enough to report him missing for two days or more in freezing weather? His options are all gone now. You took the last of them away. Do you not feel responsible for what is to come? How is this being a ‘leader’ of your tribe?

So, the next suicide is on you, Chairman McDonald. Don’t say you weren’t warned. Don’t say you tried. Given that the person you put in charge of monitoring social services is himself a rapist, a high-school drop out, a drug dealer, it shows you really don’t care what happens to any of those kids in the care of Tribal Social Services.

….And the next, and the next… until the system is purged of corruption and people who care are within reach and able to advocate for these kids and families, and until competent people are in charge of oversight, not rapists, drug dealers and HS Drop outs, will this begin to go away for you.

You know what happens to kids that are abused and who know that no one cares about them? Or if someone cares about them they are punished?

You had that kid returned to the home that never even reported him missing for days. You consider that ‘responsible’?

What is coming next is not ‘unforeseen’. It’s the only path for a desperate kid who has had all the other avenues cut off from him.

He’s not ‘falling through the cracks’, he’s being shoved through boards by corruption, mediocrity and arrogance.

It would seem to me that to begin to resolve the horrific issues in Tribal Social Services, you might actually hire someone who is competent and who gives a crap. You might even want to look into retaining the very person who had the intelligence and the guts to bring those horrific conditions to the attention of the government that seems to only resent her for doing the right thing. But no, you insist on further isolating those who trusted her and who trusted their foster mother, so that the agency doesn’t suffer the embarrassment of admitting they were wrong; admitting there was corruption.

You can’t fix a problem if you don’t want to know it’s there.

Bottom Line, Leander Russell McDonald, you’re trying to bury past crap with more crap and it stinks worse and worse. You, the BIA, the ACF Undersecretary and her minions, all trying to make the embarrassment go away, not by fixing the problem, but by removing anyone that would speak about it or try to remedy it.

You’re doing this at the cost of the lives of your tribe’s children. The Tribe’s Children are the Tribe’s future. I know you’ve fallen in with that crowd that wants to make all the tribes into rebuilt nations where businesses can thrive because big corporations can get huge tax breaks and government funding if they invest in Indian Country. It’s a rip off, but you will make a fortune if you promote that.

But in order for that to sell, you have to make sure no one really looks at what is going on in your tribe. No corporation is going to want to tie their brand to a place that is known for child rape, abuse, trafficking.

You need a ‘clean image’ for those photo ops to happen. The only way you know how to do that is by intimidating those who are trying to make it better, go silent. Intimidating those who want to protect the children that if they speak up, they will lose their license.

Proof is that the family that didn’t speak up and even mention the kid was missing, did not lose their license. They would never embarrass the agency, right? That makes you look good for the corporations that want to partner up, right?

Given that the Governor has put Scott Davis, his token Indian, in charge of burying this mess, and Scott Davis is real big on ‘Nation Building’ (code for corporate take over), and given that Scott Davis has yet to find the time to allow a meeting on the subject of child abuse crisis in Spirit Lake Reservation, and you and Scott are on First Name Basis these days, I think, Chairman McDonald, your priorities are for your own self-promotion, glorification and you either care nothing for the children of SLN, or you think they are expendable. Or worse, you see their desperation as annoying and interfering with your political climbing.

Governor Dalrymple has only given lip-service, no action on this matter. Scott Davis suddenly cancelled meetings so he could go promote his Bush Foundation agenda at the United Tribes Technical College.

And now you, Chairman McDonald, are doing all you can to not help that one kid. You could easily advocate for him and his siblings to be returned, but you choose instead to brow beat him and the foster mother and you are dismissive of the other voices that advocate for him.

You, Chairman McDonald, have cut this kid off from any hope of a safe and caring home.

No, we can’t predict what he will do. But we have a map that pretty much leads down the only path left to him.

I can’t say I am looking forward to you giving your statement to the press when this all goes down that last available path. But I know you’ll not be able to look at the camera. I know you’ll be reading form notes. I know you’ll say it was unforeseen. I know you’ll say things will change. I know nothing will.

And I know you will continue to put all your effort into posing with politicians and business moguls for those photo ops you can hang on your wall.

I’m making it my job to be your waking nightmare. These kids have to live their waking nightmares every day and night while you play political idiot. I’m yours and I will plague you, swarm you, surround you and you will not get another good night’s sleep no matter how many of those pills you take.

You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. (somebody request that song on the radio for me, will ya?, Dedicate it to Chairman McDonald--- from me.)

The Children are the Future of the Tribe. You don’t care about the children, you don’t care about the Tribe.

I hope that kid survives. I hope he makes it. If he does, it will be no thanks to you or anyone you work with. If he does, with his shattered psyche, I shudder to think of what kind of an adult he will be. I fear for where all that anger, frustration will vent when he is big enough and strong enough.

All the kid wants is to be returned to the home that rescued him, protected him, advocated for him, loved and cared about him and his siblings. That’s all he wants, and that makes you mad.

Again, I remind my readers that this is an arbitrary decision on the part of Chairman McDonald and the Tribal Social Services and the BIA. There is another case where the child ran back to a former foster parent, and she has received no help from Tribal Social Services for over six months. They decided to just leave him there. He seems happy enough.

That was the right decision even though it lacks the required follow-through. But that kid did not embarrass the agency by refusing to be returned to a rapist abusive father who was under investigation by the FBI.

The corruption in Tribal Social Services is the embarrassment, not the kids who are desperate for a safe caring home.

Get your priorities straight.

Then again, you are either too corrupt or incompetent to care.

Trust me, when it all goes down, you’re going to have to fake it like you cared and no one is going to buy it.
Time is running out. Both for that child and before the next blog hits.

I’m just getting warmed up. Wait till you see what’s coming next. You think your image is suffering now? Wait until I turn over a few more rocks. Some of them have blood on them.

I promise to go after any corporation that does business on the rez. I will inform them, publicly, on every forum and this one, exactly what it is they are walking into. If they choose to tie their product or service brand to the crap pile, so be it.

Burying your dead children won’t absolve you of the responsibility for the callous neglect and disregard for their dignity that lead to their deaths.

I consider a child’s cry for help, EVERYONE’S Business. I’m making this kid and his siblings, MY business. You can’t stop me. You can’t intimidate me and you can’t shut me up. I’m not alone.

Thousands of people read this blog everyday. They might want to make it their business too. You might just hear from them. If not now, then for sure, when you are reading from notes, not able to look into the camera.

You know where to find me.



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October 4, 2013 --- Printer Version (4)
Foxes & Henhouses, Predators & Social Services

One thing that was previously done right in Tribal Social Services, but which has been undone in 2013 is this: Overseeing/ Monitoring Tribal Social Services Issues used to be the provenance of a Board which consisted of one member from each district.

When a case came up that had to do with a Board Member’s family or their district, they were recused, not allowed to participate. That accomplished two things: It removed the element of bias and it prevented anyone from having to be the one to charge their family.

Given the size of the communities and the size of the families, there’s bound to be a major conflict of interest no matter what, to each of them, sooner or later.

Under the new Tribal Council Program Monitor List Tribal Social Services is now monitored by one person and one person only. In this case, it is Joel Redfox, who is himself, a sex offender having been found guilty/pled guilty to sexual assault about 2 years ago. (Remember Halloween, Joel?)

Worse, Joel’s own cousin’s daughter is in the system because her father, Kyle, so viciously abused and molested her she had to be protected. When she was hospitalized last year, after one of these vicious attacks, Joel rushed to her bedside to make her shut up and not file charges. Think about that. This is Russ McDonald’s pick for monitoring Social Services. Clearly, he has either no clue what it takes to fix that broken system, or he likes it being as broken as he can make it.

That young girl was one of the children taken away from a foster parent who is being to this day, retaliated against for standing up and daring to defend the children in her care from a violent rapist. That foster parent also lost her license on some contrived excuse by the previous Director, Paul Hutchinson, who was angry because she was trying to protect the kids he was trying, in court, to reunite with their rapist father.

When she was stripped of her license, she lost all the kids, including the ones she protected. Her license has been returned to her, but not the children. One keeps running away from the home he is in, which is by all accounts, inadequate, uncaring and even though he was missing for 3 days, they did not file a missing person report until 48 hours later.

That boy keeps running back to his previous foster mother, and had, for 3 days and nights, huddled in the cold behind her house because he didn’t want to get her in trouble. He finally couldn’t take it anymore and knocked on her door. It was a very cold Sunday night.

Russ McDonald threatened the woman again with the loss of her license. He immediately had the boy forcibly removed by police, which adds to the trauma of a young teen already so brutalized he’s losing his grip on hope. Russ McDonald then tore into Betty Jo Krenz, because she is the woman that the Foster mother called out of desperation, because the Tribal Social Services system is still so broken, no one knows what to do. Betty Jo called Russ McDonald to have him intervene on behalf of the boy, and instead, he attacked the Foster mother, Betty Jo and had the kid hauled out as if he was a criminal.

The Foster mother has been trying to regain that boy, and his siblings ever since they were removed from her and put in a home where clearly, they can be missing for days before anyone notices. He ran back to the only place he knew was safe, the only person that ever protected him and the foster mother reached out to the only person that ever tried to help her in a crisis.

Russ McDonald threatens anyone that might seek help from the one person who ever cared about how Tribal Social Services is run, and the only person still fighting to get changes to make it more humane, and to rescue children who are, despite two years of Mandated Reports, still in the hands of predators, many of whom are registered sex offenders.

Russ McDonald sees no problem with the obvious conflict of interest in having Joel Redfox, who is both a convicted sex offender, and who has one of the most serious cases of child abuse in his own family, overseeing the Tribal Social Services.

People may think I am being harsh on Joel and Leander Russell McDonald here. They might say that there are rules and protocols that if not followed, the system cannot work and it is up to all of us to follow those rules and protocols.

I could not agree more. For instance, the rules and protocols for responding to any Mandated Report have yet to be followed by anyone in the Tribe, the BIA, The FBI, The DOJ, the USAG and the ACF with the exception of Thomas Sullivan, who has issued the 13 Mandated Reports.

Come to think of it, Leander Russell McDonald, as Chairman, has yet to respond to the very same rules he demands and threatens others to be held to. The Rules must be followed by everyone. Especially those in a position of authority who allow sex offenders to monitor Social Services.

Allowing rules to be selectively enforced, strictly to punish or demean anyone that has spoken out about the abuses and corruption, is in itself, furtherance of those abuses, and that corruption.

Further, to prove this is an arbitrary retaliation on the part of Social Services and Chairman McDonald, there is another case, almost identical, where a young teen boy ran away from one foster home and returned to his previous foster home, where he felt safe and protected.

That foster parent called the Tribal Social Services, the BIA and none of them did anything. In fact, I doubt she has even received compensation for his upkeep. However, they decided to just leave him there because he was happier there.

It's been over six months. And I agree, he is better off with that foster mom. But why can't that same latitude be granted to the other Foster mom? One is treated like a criminal, the other gets a shrug off.

There were no squad cars pulling up to yank him out and throw him away. There was no chairman calling up to threaten both the foster mother nor Betty Jo Krenz.

But then again, that foster mother didn’t have to go to court to prevent a rapist that was being encouraged by Tribal Social Services, to seek custody of the children he had raped. She never ‘embarrassed’ the predators and their enablers, so she gets to keep the child, protect him, nurture him and raise him.

But those still angry that this abuse and corruption was brought into the light, still have the power to continue the nightmares for these children and their Foster mother.

And who is the one monitoring it? A man who pled guilty to sexual assault. A man who also brags that he can rape any woman in his district that he wants, if she is on Social Assistance or Housing Assistance, because if she complains or files charges, he’ll cut off the assistance and throw her and her family out into the street.

This is why we need two things: First, remove Joel Redfox as Monitor of Tribal Social Services. He is clearly unfit. Second, replace this monitoring position with the board that once had oversight and run it by those common sense rules.

There is a third thing you can do. Remove Joel Redfox. Why the Chairman keeps him as Vice Chair is a mystery, unless they have more in common than is presently visible.

Russ assigning Joel to Social Services shows he is either corrupt or incompetent. You need to find someone of integrity and competence to replace him. You can’t go backwards to previous corrupt Tribal Council Members and expect any changes, except for it to get worse than it already is.

The rest of us, outside the rez, we can demand that the parties in charge, all of them, immediately respond to the 13 Mandated Reports issued by Thomas Sullivan. DOJ, USAG, HHS, BIA and the Governor whose token Indian, Scott Davis can find time to attend photo ops and to promote Bush Foundation Projects, but won’t hold a meeting on the child abuse issues because he has more important things to do? They are all wasting Taxpayer dollars if they can’t, in this one small place, protect the children from their friends and political cronies.

Without the people in charge following the rules and protocols, the system is just plain unworkable. It starts at the top. If it is corrupt at lower echelons, it is only because it is allowed and encouraged from the top.

Out of Nowhere

These abuses in Indian Country, on every reservation, have been allowed to fester and multiply because they are generally remote communities and in the middle of nowhere, so government can indulge itself at the expense of Human Beings who only have laws that punish them, none that protect them.

Many have prospered and become powerful and wealthy while abusing the people they were supposed to protect, or by allowing others to abuse at will. They don’t want this fixed. WE do.

NOTE: The more it’s broken, the more there are suicides and the more suicides, the more pathetic the plea for more Federal funds to funnel into Spirit Lake, and into the pockets of those who get to decide, with no government oversight, where that money goes.

We saw that in one month alone, Peggy Cavenaugh gave $65K in illegal severance bonuses to members of her own family. That is a fraction of what she has embezzled, appropriated, squandered. And she is just ONE of the corrupt who was running programs.

When the people running the system are the ones breaking it, we should all be concerned. The violence we see today is the violence we turned our backs on when they were children, crying for rescue.

Nothing “Just Happens”. Even meteors don’t “just fall from the sky”. Everything is set on a path long before the event happens. If you can see that path now, you can change the future, or just wait until the violence strikes your home, your loved ones, ‘out of nowhere’. These are not ‘meteors’, these are children being badly abused today and sent onto a path of violence, suicide, law-breaking.

We can see it. We can change it.

You know where to find me.



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October 3, 2013 --- Printer Version (6)
And On The Sixth Day…

I guess Leander got the message. He decided to allow himself to follow the Tribe’s Constitution. There will be NO RE VOTE. Let the liars and haters regroup in 1 year’s time. By then, much will have changed. Some of them may even be in jail or on trial.

What I find most appalling about this “vote, revote, no revote” fiasco is either Leander was, as Chairman, woefully unaware of process and the constitution, or he knew about it and was considering it optional. It’s never “Optional”. A leader would know that.

Start looking around for a qualified replacement. Someone with the integrity of Mardell Lewis, because Leander won’t be chairman for long at the rate he’s going. He’s proved he’s either corrupt or incompetent. He’s pissed off the corrupt because he could not deliver what they wanted (vote, revote, vote again until they get the vote they want on the recall) . Many of them were already pissed off because he took over Weenie Boy’s spot when he (Weenie Boy) got ousted.

Those people will be bringing their pitchforks and torches looking for his head first. Mardell’s supporters, many of them, think he’s being supportive of her. Ahem, why would he ignore the Constitution for 6 days then? He could have read it in a few hours if he needed to bone up his bonehead.

But when those who supported Mardell see a few more screw ups on Leander’s part, they may disabuse themselves of the notion ‘he’s just incompetent’. Once both side align, he’s toast. Burnt toast.

So, get busy and find someone who is both competent and has integrity. You are getting an idea of how much can be done by someone both competent and with integrity, just from Mardell Lewis.

The Minutes Take Days, Weeks…

The Recall Vote forum allowed 15 minutes for the petitioners to say whatever they wanted. The charges they leveled were ridiculous, but they applauded themselves and their side as if genius. (It’s all about optics, you see).

However, Mardell apparently was not the hot topic despite the meeting being called for a recall vote. Leander caught flack he was not expecting and Nancy Green Robertson, the Slowest, dumbest, Secretary-Treasurer ever, got her bell rung. People have been demanding the minutes, which she apparently is incapable of assembling, transcribing and accuracy is an issue overall for her work.

Like a panicked rabbit, she runs around distributing copies of minutes, still in draft form, still with errors and omissions, to appease the unruly villagers calling for her removal.

I have posted minutes from August 2 until September 27 of this year. If you get minutes, scan them at a 150 ppi/dpi and save as a .pdf and send them to me and I will post them. I will also post the revisions, and final approved minutes if I ever get my hands on those. You send ‘em, I’ll post them.

Take A Minute

Now that we all have in our hot little hands, those copies of the minutes, I have a few questions about some of them.

Open your hymnals to September 10, 2013 and look at the Severance Pay discussions. Why is Joel Redfox, who is still a sitting member of the Tribal Council, getting $5,833.24 in severance pay? Did he lose an appendage? Severed from what?

Now, turn to September 17, minutes. Mardell proposes that Bonita Morin be fired. No Second? Had to settle for her being suspended for 3 days? Really? For helping her brother cover up felony theft? Three whole days is all? And some opposed it? Really?

By the way, Bonita’s excuse for ‘giving’ her brother the $5,900 generator (brand new, still in wrapping) was ‘because he didn’t have any electricity at his trailer and he needed it…’ however, as we later learned, the theft was only discovered because he hocked it for $400 and the person he hocked it to saw the Tribal Identification tags and turned it in. I guess he didn’t need the electricity so much after all, eh Bonita?

And there’s more. Apparently, he also stole a laptop computer. I guess he needed that for ‘heat’?

Finally, on September 27, with so many screaming for the corruption to end, The Tribal Council voted to actually allow for the crimes to be turned over to criminal investigators at the Federal Level, which is where they should have been the day they were discovered--- not debated in Tribal Council.

Gate Keepers

If Tribal Council can debate which felonies they will allow to be investigated, and which they will not, there’s a hella lotta trouble up ahead… and no doubt, this has been the practice for a very long time and that means a whole lotta lookin’ into the past practices of both the Tribal Council and the criminal element that has been free grazing on your dime and mine for decades.

It may very well be one of the core reason so many child rapes, rapes, rapes by BIA and rapes by those connected to politically powerful, along with other crimes such as drug manufacture, drug dealing, human trafficking and embezzlement have never been prosecuted.

So, has the Tribal Council been the gate keeper preventing investigations? We’ll see. Clearly, someone like Mardell coming in and asking for criminal investigations has rattled all the cages.

I remind Tribal Council of this: Withholding information of a felony, especially one involving theft of Federal Property or property from Federal Programs or occurring on Federal Lands, is itself a felony. Misprision of a Felony, Accessory After the Fact and Conspiracy to conceal a crime. I would advise they seek legal advice on past and present practices and rectify, ASAP, any errors in that direction. Know what I mean, Jelly Bean?

That is most likely what led to the recall petition. Look who was running it and look at their connections:
Petition on Mardell Lewis 

Real Reasons behind the Desperate Players

Bonita Morin (Sister to Andrew Morin, Cousin to Cindy Mala Lindquist, Nephew of Gloria Jetty Green)

• Conspiracy to steal $6,000 generator with her brother, & laptop
• Illegally wrote him a cover up letter for the theft
• She is (now) under Federal Investigation

Andrew Morin (Brother to Bonita, Cousin to Cindy Mala Lindquist, Nephew of Gloria Jetty Green LeftFoot)

• Stole a $6,000 generator
• Pawned it to Cliff Reeves Salvage Yard ($400)
• Conspired with sister try and fake a cover up letter
• He is under Federal Investigation

Gloria Green Jetty (Mother to Cindy Mala Lindquist, Aunty to Bonita and Andrew Morin, also related to other players, but you get the idea).

• Abruptly resigned last week
• Mad because her niece-nephew (Bonita, Andrew) got caught by Mardell
• Mad because her daughter Cindy Lindquist Mala is exposed for gravy and power train on the funds of the Enrolled members of Spirit Lake. She’s worried Mardell Lewis will look into claims made on Cindy Mala, wants protect her daughter, and her own little kingdom by preventing any investigation into misuse, corruption.

Cindy Mala Lindquist Daughter of Gloria, Cousin to the Morons and to Noreen & Peggy Cavenaugh)

• Upset because her cousins Andrew and Bonita were caught by Mardell
• Furious because her gravy train of money is exposed, worried she will be investigated and brought down like her cousins were. (Hates the Blog, btw)
• Angry because her cousins Noreen and Peggy Cavanaugh fired

Noreen Cavanaugh

• Was fired by Mardell for nepotism, stealing tribal property and destroying files
• She is under Federal Investigation

Peggy Cavanaugh (see above familial ties.)

• Blames Mardell because Mardell backed Leander to fire her for nepotism, audit findings, paying huge, highly illegal, severance payouts to her mom and dad. I think I counted $65K for her family alone, in one month? From 638 Funds, no less!
• Stole and destroyed tribal property, forced staff to destroy files.
• She is under Federal Investigation

Erica Cavanaugh

• Throwing a tantrum because her uncle Roger Yankton is out they blame Mardell
• Angry because her drug operation is exposed
• Furious because her staff are telling about the corruption she commits at work, exposing her abuse of power

Elaine Guy

• Furious because her sex offender son Suna Guy is not getting handouts and a trailer from Mardell. Previous Rep had promised him anything he wanted.

• Upset because she cant get or keep a job. Was lucky enough to get a job she was completely unsuited for (in Tribal Social Services no less. Whose bright idea was that? She allows her sex-offender son to babysit children. She belongs to the family that did nothing as two-year old twins were being abused and seriously neglected, with one of them being murdered last summer.)

• Psychotically mad because her family was exposed as neglecting children, letting sex offender and dangerous criminals babysit and being the beating death of her grand daughter found to be “murder” instead of "SIDS"

Pauline Yankton Greywater (“Turdmother” to those who know her)

• Spitting & cursing because her son Roger Yankton was ousted, blames Mardell.
• Furious because Mardell fired her grandson (Weenie Boy Junior) from his job at Utilities for theft
• And because Mardell fired her daughter Paulette for theft and insubordination

The list could go on, but those who were carrying and pushing that petition, all had a grudge to settle because they got caught or their Gravy Train got derailed by Mardell who is cleaning up the corruption where she can, as she can, with little or no help for the Tribal Council.

Let’s see what they come up with next year, shall we?

This is why it matters that you all have, despite the lean pickens’, despite the aggravation and despite the choices often being either Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Really Dumb, or the Lesser of Two Evils, you have engaged in legitimate politics and voted.

You became engaged and involved, and you stayed with it. You signed petitions to oust Weenie Boy, over and over until the crooked judge was over ruled and the recall stuck.

You sent this latest batch of lying, corrupt hypocrites packing when they came to your door with lies, and she showed up and stood by the Representative that is standing up for ALL of you, and you WON!

You did all this without violence. You did all this without threatening anyone. You did this the RIGHT WAY and that is why it is sticking and you are gaining ground.

The Law is Not Optional

This is why it is important that each of you learn about your Constitution and what rules and laws apply. So you could do what you did and demanded, day after day, that the Chairman abide by the Constitution.

Knowing the facts makes us all stronger. In this case, it prevented a travesty. You get to keep your win and claim your prize. You’re scaring the crap out of the corrupt. They know you are not afraid of them anymore.

But there are more battles to be fought. There is still a lot of darkness to overcome.

You know how to do it now and you know that you can do it.

Word of Caution: Don’t be too quick to oust bumbling Leander until you have a safe, quality candidate to replace him. Anyone brings around a petition ask before you sign, what their plan is. Always have the next step ready. It’s how you don’t lose your balance. It’s how you keep your momentum.

Don’t quit.

You know where to find me.


PS: Keep checking the Elections Page (link at top of this posting) for updates. So far, I only have one flyer on Allyson and a few FB posts from Robert. If there is anyone else out there, and you feel they are qualified, send them my way. I will post them. Stay involved.


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October 2, 2013
In Crisis, Do Nothing
---Printer Version (4)

Political insanity has taken over and the government has shut down. That means that the BIA is not responding to calls for Tribal Social Services and apparently, there is no emergency plan in place by either the BIA or the Tribe, despite the fact that this was forewarned.

So, if you are a family in crisis, a child being raped and abused, and there is a crisis, no one is going to do anything. Remember this the next time they tell you “The Safety of the Children is our first priority.” Clearly it isn’t. It never has been. If it was, they would have responded to the 13 Mandated Reports. They would have responded to the First Mandated Report. They would have, by now, knowing this shutdown was coming, put in place an emergency protocol, and emergency plan. They haven’t.

That’s not the only agency shut down, but it is the one we’re most concerned with at this point.


It appears Leander Russ McDonald is incapable of following the Constitution. The constitution clearly states that for a recall to succeed, the recall has to get a majority of the votes. They did not get a majority of the votes, as required by the Constitution. The recall FAILED.

In violation of the Tribal Constitution, Chairman McDonald has decided to have yet another vote next week. He wants ‘closure’. No, he doesn’t. He wants his cousins and the corrupt to oust the only Tribal Counselor who has ever shown integrity and intelligence.

Violating the Tribal Constitution is grounds for recalling McDonald. Do it. If this goes to a costly lawsuit, the tribe will lose thousands it does not have to, just so he can keep rescheduling votes until he gets what he wants.

He also allowed in to vote, people from out of the district. That Mardell Lewis prevailed, despite his antics and those of his friends, has put him in a position where he has to make a decision: Follow the Constitution, or start making up his own rules.

According to the interview on WDAZ, which featured, of all people, Elaine Guy who lets her Registered Sex Offender Son, Suna Guy, babysit children he’s not allowed to be around, McDonald thinks he can just make up his own rules.

That was an excellent opportunity for Adam Ladwig to ask Elaine Guy about the child her family murdered. Baby Laurynn. Ask how the abuse could go on for so long and no one ‘notice’. And how a child with a crushed skull appeared to her as ‘SIDS’.

The horrific mess that was and still is Tribal Social Services is one of the things Mardell Lewis is trying to clean up. No wonder Elaine Guy is so ‘outraged’. Someone might hold her family responsible for child abuse, endangerment. But not if they get rid of Mardell Lewis.

There is a solid foundation of corruption infesting the Tribal Government and the services provided for the Tribe. Mardell Lewis is clearly a threat to all of that.

I am so proud of the 93 people who legitimately stood up for her at that inconveniently scheduled District Vote. You now must, all of you, demand that Leander Russ McDonald follow the Constitution. He does not get to make up new rules to ‘satisfy’ his need for her to be ousted.

A lot of people are not happy with McDonald and a lot of people are not happy with Nancy Green Robertson and her sloppy work as Secretary-Treasurer. She needs to go. He needs to go.

The next vote he has scheduled is illegal and a violation of the Tribal Constitution. The Constitution is clear. Let him know it. 701-350-2440 and email at: . Tell him that the Constitution is the Law of the Tribe, not his need for pleasing the corrupt. Be polite, but firm. No threats. Threats is their game, not ours.

As it stands now, I think he should be impeached, regardless of whether he decides to follow the Constitution or not. He has proven he is incompetent, incapable and or corrupt.

I’m not alone. A lot of people at the GA on Friday were pretty upset that Joel has not been investigated for crimes, and for using tribal funds to build himself a really nice home. What’s the answer to that, Leander? Any reason why, with all the crimes uncovered by the Forensic Auditors, you have refused to allow any criminal investigations of Peggy Cavenaugh, Joel Redfox and the others?

Why, Leander, can’t you manage to do the job you were elected to do, but insist on doing the dirty work for the most corrupt and abusive on the rez? I guess you don’t have enough time to do both, eh?

Next time WDAZ does an interview accusing Mardell Lewis of abusing her power as a Tribal Councilor, perhaps they will ask for a truthful example, just one, that would validate that charge?

Not What You Were Expecting

The war between Good and Evil, most people imagine is a war with flames, angel wings, thunder, lightning and roaring from the bowels of Hell. Monsters and Demons fighting Super Heros and Angels, yada, yada, yada..

It is not going to be fought with all the sound and fury, and it is not going to be fought by others while you and I sit on the sidelines, eating popcorn, waiting to see the outcome.

The battle is being fought by Good People v Corrupt People. It is being fought at every level, with Good People demanding what is right and the Corrupt trying to beat them down with lies, smears, threats and violence.

This battle, the one being fought at Ft. Totten, just in this recall alone, showed you the faces of the corrupt, and it showed them you’re willing to stand up to them. They tried lies, they tried threats and they have tried sending around a petition based on lies, carried by the most disgraceful members of the tribe: A Child rapist and his family, who are also responsible for the abuse and murder of baby Laurynn. And by Piggy Cavenaugh, who has raided every program and stolen money from them to fatten up her family and her bank accounts. And by Cindy Mala Lindquist, a Sociopathic liar who along with her family connections, has been allowed to overpay herself, her hired help, and build a financial kingdom off of the tiny college intended for the Tribe’s Education.

Let’s not forget Cindy Mala’s Lindquist’s cousins, Bonita and Andrew Morin, both of whom should be charged with Federal crimes, for stealing property worth thousands of dollars from the tribe, but thanks to spineless Leander, and the majority corrupt of the Tribal Council won’t even fire Bonita, much less have her criminally investigated.

These are the ‘foundation’ of corruption that Mardell Lewis’s integrity is a threat to. Leander knows it is only a matter of time, and not much of it, before he is taken down that long echoing hallway, into an interrogation room, to answer for his own corruption and crimes, if he doesn’t get rid of Mardell Lewis.

So this is where the battle between Good & Evil is fought. Vote by vote, phone call by phone call, standing up, over and over again. This is where you decide how this turns out. This is where you, each of you, say “Enough.”

This is where you plant your stick in the ground and from this point, you do not budge. This is where you decide to make the future better for your children, your community and your country… just in this one small place, this one outrageous fight.

You don’t quit. You don’t be silent. You make your voice heard. You make your vote count. Or you give up and you let all that is ugly, all that is vile, walk all over you, the children, the future.

There is one warrior standing, and 93 warriors by her side. We need more. We need action. We need the Truth to win this time. We need the corrupt to know you are not just going to let them do what they want as they have for so long.

Corruption is why the children have been abused with no rescue. Corruption is why the IIM accounts are empty. Corruption is why children are being raped, murdered and why no one is reading the Mandated Reports.

Corruption on the rez is where a lot of evil, a lot of pain and a lot suffering are caused.

The corrupt are angry, afraid and willing to lie, even on TV, to everyone. Elaine Guy, of all people! She should be too ashamed to show her face in Walmart, much less on local TV! Wait, doesn’t she cry that her family is “still grieving” anytime someone puts up a picture of Laurynn? I guess they’re over it now, eh?

Make Leander hold to the Constitution or everything he does will be illegal if that is what it takes to get his way. Demand, demand, demand. It is your right. It is your fight. How it turns out is up to you.

Federal Government is non-functioning. The insane are running the asylum.

Tribal Government is infested with corruption, and there is only one voice between resuming the corruption making it even worse, or cleaning it up, and making it possible for a brighter, safer, healthier, future.

Integrity is a threat to the corrupt. Look at the 93 who voted against Mardell Lewis. Some of them not even from the Mish. The corrupt, for the first time, are seriously afraid. You’ve made them show their faces. You know who they are and what they are: Rapists, child molesters, thieves, liars.

If you quit, they win. If you stay silent, they win. You know what to do. This IS what the battle between Good & Evil looks like. It’s up to each of us, each time, to take a stand.

It’s not cinematic, not glamorous, not romantic, but it is the most vital, important fight you can make in this life. It’s also what you teach the children about what they are worth to you.

There is no parade at the end of this battle. There are no medals awarded. But nothing is more worth it. I promise you that. In Crisis, do something.

Again, I am so pleased that 93 of you stood up against the lies. You are Warriors. You are to be respected.
When this story is told, this will be a big part of it. They were not expecting you. They will next time. They will bring in more outsiders. Make them accountable.

If Leander ignores the Constitution, illegal as it will be, you need to stand by Mardell Lewis. Standing up for her is standing up for yourself.

Leander, think you can just throw out the Tribal Constitution? You think the people of Spirit Lake Nation are so dumb they don’t know what’s in it? Did that surprise you? The Good People of Spirit Lake want Justice. They don’t want more corruption. They don’t want you. You picked the wrong side. You picked the wrong side, a long time ago. That story is still being remembered. Turn your phone off. Sleep well.

You know where to find me.



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