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Eddie Peltier, Richard LaFuenteI do my best to deliver factual information. The "Documents" pages are there for you to look and see for yourself. An innocent man is in prison for crimes committed by the corrupt, who run the reservation the way a criminal organization would run a city if they had all levels of government supporting and protecting them.

There are many more Good People in Spirit Lake than there are corrupt, evil people there. It is the system that is corrupt, evil and I expose here all that I can.

I can be reached at this email:  Contact Cat  . I respond to most of my emails, however, I reserve the right to not rspond to whack jobs. I keep all information confidential. For those who wish to attack, you'll either be ignored, or, if you are really clever, you'll end up on the Moron Squad page.  Some insults are more entertaining than others. I share with the class.

For those interested: The 13th Mandated Report is out. No government Agency has yet to properly reply to any of them.




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August 29, 2013
Now You See Him
---Printer Version (2)

About a month or so ago, Paul Hutchinson emailed me and gave me his phone number to call him and talk to him “if” I could be ‘civilized’. Given how the reports of his misrepresenting and lying about conversations and meetings he’s had with others, I decided not to even attempt it. I told him he could email me like everyone else. I thought it best to get whatever abuse he had to lay out, in writing.

Any Human that can misrepresent a Foster parents deep concern for a profoundly traumatized child who suffered not only rapes and abuses from his father, but also witnessed his siblings being similarly abused, and who had always a profound and immediate humiliating reaction to even the mention of his father’s name, as ‘a laundry issue’, is not the sort of person I think I can have a ‘civilized’ conversation with under the best of circumstances.

This is a man of extreme ego and very poor judgment to say the least. His license is under review, he is being investigated for lying to and abusing clients, and he takes to his FaceBook page, which he holds under his dogs’ names because he had to delete his personal account when he was being considered for position he is now or soon to be terminated from.

So, he takes to the FB page of his dog, Clifford, and behold:

Doggy Style

Really creepy how he uses his dog’s voice to say such vile, perverted things. I can only imagine what kind of strange, weird conversations and ‘meetings’ he had with clients who challenged his abuses. The puppet shows must have been surreal and ugly.

Is this the kind of behavior that the State of North Dakota expects from their Licensed Social Workers?

He says he’s not fired, but Joel told him the night of the meeting how it went. He knows it’s time to pack his bags. And with this kind of display of mental instability, he is only embarrassing both North Dakota and the Tribe that hired him, more.

He either has no control over his behaviors or thinks he can get away with this sort of thing if he talks in a doggy voice. What he said was vile. How he used a doggy voice to puppet it, was bizarre. It would appear he could use some professional help, although, I doubt there will be a treatment that will work for him.

This is how he acts out. This is how he talks to people he disagrees with. This is how he responds to being outted for his behaviors. Is this really the standard for North Dakota Social Workers? Do they screen or do background checks at all? How many more like him are out there?

So, hello new readers from Paul Hutchinson’s creepy screaming screed. Now you can read further and get to know who and what Mr. Hutchinson really is. Creepy, creepy.

Now you can see why I only wanted to have written correspondence with him and will not speak to him personally. I want evidence. This is it. Oh yes, there’s more. Now you get an idea of what his clients have to deal with ‘everyday’ they have to deal with him.

And no, I’m not screaming, not saying vile things and I am using my real name and my real voice. It’s how normal, “civilized” grown ups do it.

You know where to find me.




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August 28, 2013
Strange Bad Fellows?
---Printer Version (5)

After the Political Ballet fiasco, where Scott Davis seemed unable to comprehend either his job, or the urgency of needing to make drastic changes at Spirit Lake to prevent children from remaining in the hands of their known predators, a meeting of sorts was arranged for the 29 (tomorrow) after weeks of dancing around who has to invite who, and certain ‘terms’ of the meeting, i.e., no one can ask “Why isn’t Kevin Brownshield (Dauphinais) arrested yet?” or why any of the other known bad players have yet to be criminally investigated, but could only discuss “how can we work together to fix the problems in Social Services in Spirit Lake?”… after all of that was finally worked through and arranged, yesterday, abruptly, Scott Davis pulled the plug on the meeting he tried so hard not to have in the first place.

Turns out he suddenly has a “previous” date at United Tribes Technical College (UTTC). Funny how up until Tuesday, he didn’t have that conflict on his calendar.

And what, pray tell, at UTTC can be more urgent than the ongoing rapes and abuses of children in the hands of their predators at SLN? Mardell Lewis, Russ McDonald (two Tribal Councilors) and those who had worked in TSS, plus Thomas Sullivan (I think) and member of Congress, all got the last minute brush off because of something far more ‘urgent’ at UTTC?

All of this seems so ‘governmenty’ and incompetent, pretty much what we have come to expect from government. But I learned long ago that government is not incompetent, they are corrupt and they use the mask of incompetence to cover over that – so we can watch late night comedians make sarcastic jokes about government inefficiency… but no one loses their job and no one gets investigated.

Maybe that should change. Word now comes down, and this brings the picture into clearer focus, that Mr. Scott Davis and the former TSS Director Kevin Dauphinais Brownshield, who was trafficking children, embezzling and worse, are “Close Friends”.

Well, that explains why Mr. Davis didn’t want anyone to pursue criminal action against Kevin. It also might be one of the key reasons Kevin Dauphinais Brownshield got away with that much corruption for that long. He had at least one friend in high places. I’m sure he had/has more.

It also explains why Mr. Davis is paralyzed stupid at the thought of having to have a meeting with the very people who can lay out for him, in detail, the horrors that have been ongoing because of that corruption – which is still ongoing.

It’s time to look more closely at Mr. Davis. I think his connection to at least one of the key players in this ongoing criminality against children out there, bears an investigation of its own.

Now, who else is connected? I’m sure that as the rocks are turned over, more will be revealed. Let’s see: Scott’s sister works for Hoeven, right? Maybe she could shed some light on this? Maybe Hoeven has something he wants to share with the class? Who else?

This isn’t going away. And nothing will get better if we don’t have a full on criminal investigation into past and present crimes. None of this ‘erase the slate, start over clean’. There are children raped and dead from this. There are millions of dollars stolen, no one is getting a free pass if I can help it.

Besides, how can you ‘fix’ something if you allow the criminals to walk? Doesn’t that just set the precedent for the next batch of criminals to do the same thing? Do we really want this to keep happening? Do we want more tiny coffins? More Human Wreckage?

It’s time. There are phone numbers and email addresses on the Political Ballet Piece. Use them. Contact them and demand answers. Don’t quit. It’s everyone’s kids and it’s everyone’s money. Be involved.

Waiting For a Warrior

I have been posting on this blog for a very, very long time. There was seldom any good news to post. People would stand up and fight, but no one would stand with them, and things just kept going from worse to Hell and lower.

I don’t know how you all did it, but you did. You kept signing that petition against Weenie Boy, even when it was illegally thrown out, you kept signing and you kept carrying it. You kept standing up at the meetings. You kept sending me information.

You began, along the way, to put aside petty and large differences and you began to come together as a community. You began to think about what was best for the community and what was the right thing to do and you began to work together.

And then, by some twist of fate, you elected a real Warrior into Tribal Council. Mardell Lewis, with her education, and integrity, has pushed through, despite the threats, the harassment and is cleaning up not just her district, but the entire Tribe’s financial messes.

She’s done things in just a few months I never thought I’d live to see out there. And now, apparently, still ‘cleaning house’, she has managed to terminate a whole raft of cronies and nepotism job holders who were not hired through proper protocol or did not meet the criteria for the job… and now all those jobs are being reposted.

People will actually have a fair shot at getting a job out there. This is a really big step in the right direction, and frankly, it will be a beacon to other tribes looking to clean up their own messes.

The firings include the Fire Department, including Administrator Vincent Littleghost who was given the job. Jennifer Black still has her Admin Assistant job because she was actually hired through HR and proper protocol. Her actions should be up for review once the Fire Department stabilizes.

No, they didn’t just fire everyone and leave the tribe without fire coverage. They kept a skeleton crew on board. This is just one example of how intelligently the process is being guided through, and that has to be because of Mardell and her using the kind of know-how that comes from education and frankly, wisdom.

I waited a long time for a warrior to take a stand and do what needed to be done. She’s the warrior we’ve been waiting for.

And now, even more amazing, is how many people are, for the first time, looking at what can be done and done right in their community. I have a feeling, there are more warriors being inspired to not only support the work that she is doing, but to actually do that work themselves.

People are participating. People are coming together. You have no idea how that scares the crap out of the bullies and the criminals that have, for decades, mowed that tribe down to dust.

They never thought you’d stand up together. Now they are scared. Apparently, so are those people outside the rez, in public offices and other places. Scared crapless. So scared they fake incompetency, and break meetings on short notice.

They can’t stop you. No one can. You’re awake now. You’re together now. You are strong now and getting stronger.


Two Days ago…

Josie Lawrence called an Emergency Meeting of the Elder Advisory Board: (Josie Lawrence, Richard Yankton, Violet Smith, Bonnie LeftBear, Catherine Howard, Lorraine GreyBear, Vern Lambert.) Vern Lambert is ‘technically removed’ from that Board because of his felony conviction, but he keeps lurking around trying to participate or act like he is still ‘in charge’. I don’t know if Sam Merrick, who was also removed, was at that meeting or not.

*Note to Hopsty: You need to replace Vern Lambert with someone both qualified and honest. Yeah, step up and do your job or get recalled. People want real leadership now and they know what it looks like. So far, you aren’t it. There’s still time. Move on it.

Josie is married to Clarice (Yankton) Lawrence who runs the Bingo out there. The plan was, get this, to ‘support’ Andrew Morin and force the Tribal Council to give that thief his job back. Oops! Looks like they couldn’t get a quorum on that Board once a few of the Board found out what the agenda was.

Besides, it’s a violation of the rules to hold a political event at the Bingo but there was Clarice (Y) Lawrence, hosting it! (Let’s see how long she gets to keep her job, shall we?) She and Richard Yankton, Josie, and Gloria Green (Cindy Lindquist’s bat crazy mother, and aunt to Andrew Morin) think they are an army. They are a clown car.

The Elderly Advisory Board could not get a quorum, because a few of them actually know it’s idiotic to support Andrew the Moron.  Richard Y, Josie Lawrence were the ones trying to get meeting together. The rest figured it out.

More On the Moron


Andrew Morin filed another restraining order (just like the one that got thrown out last time). He and Vern brought documents to Joel Redfox Tuesday, they wanted to be distributed last night at General Assembly.
Get this, file a restraining order, then, expect to show up at the GA? He was fired for THEFT! GRAND THEFT no less and he is making demands?

I guess some people take longer to figure out that the days of outright corruption and idiocy are over.

I dare say SLN will be the model for how other Tribes pull themselves together.

There’s a lot to be proud of in SLN. There is still a lot of work to be done as well. A lot of damage to be fixed. Everyone is needed. Everyone is important. Whatever you can do, matters, so do it.

Weenie Boy’s Appeal

Was going to be held in UND Law Class but that got changed and was up in the air, but word is that it will be held in Aberdeen – but not by the BIA as some had assumed (including me). It’s where the Appeals Court is Headquartered and where they have access to the courtroom and court time that they will need. It makes sense.

When UND backed out, it really was too short of notice for other courts locally to redesign their entire dockets to accommodate. I trust this will be legit. But I will be watching it closely. I can foresee no legal or logical reason for Weenie Boy’s Appeal to succeed.

It will be good to have this behind us, and get the Leadership issue stabilized.

Still don’t know who the new Tribal Social Services Director is. When you know, let me know.

I do know that in July, Paul Hutchinson bought a couple of new vehicles; one for himself (an Explorer, I believe) and one for his Boy Toy. I guess he either is independently wealthy, or he got an inheritance from his mother’s passing a few months ago… or he really didn’t take seriously the complaint being brought before the State Board.
That was a big cash outlay and a real show of over-confidence if you ask me. But, that’s his problem now. He’s no longer the Tribe’s problem except where he removed children from safe homes and put them into homes where they were beaten, neglected, raped and oh yeah, murdered.

I wonder if he’s delusional enough to think Weenie Boy will get back in and he’ll be rehired? Dream on!

I wonder if he was also ‘good friends’ with Scott Davis? Nah! That would be really stupid!

With Respect

Keep up the good work. Keep standing together. SLN is getting stronger and the future is looking better already. It’s not perfect. It never will be, but it will be workable and it will be a lot more fair. Everyone will have a chance to live and work in their community and make it a good place to raise children, and to grow old.

It’s worth it. You’re worth it. Your children are worth it. And now, I can see it happening.

I’ve always known there were more good people than corrupt out there. The problem is that the worst corruption is outside the rez, in State, County and Federal levels.

While The Good People of Spirit Lake clean up that mess, it’s up to the rest of us to go to work on the rest of it.
If they can do it, so can we, right? (Can I get an “Amen”?)

You know where to find me.


PS: When you see Mardell, give her a Thumbs Up from me, okay?


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August 26, 2013 Supplemental
Breaking News!
  --- Printer Version (1)

The Good People of Spirit Lake have fired Tribal Social Services Director, Paul Hutchinson. He’s gone! Outta there!

The evidence of his incompetence, bullying and abuse was overwhelming. He now has to find work elsewhere while his license is under review until November at which time he may lose it permanently.

The children he removed from the safe and nurturing home of Marva Tollefson should be returned to her immediately. Mr. Hutchinson smeared, lied about and bullied Marva in retaliation for her not relinquishing the children back into the care and custody of their abusive rapist father.

The next person to be fired on this debacle, if you ask me, is the Suda woman who backed up Mr. Hutchinson’s lies and bad behavior in her statements. If she did not back him up as he claimed she did, he should be held criminally liable for falsifying/forging statements from others.

Time for Mr. Hutchinson to pack up Clifford, Java & Pip and move back into his brother’s basement. It’s going to be a long cold winter and there will be no one for him to bully and no paycheck for doing it.

Also, anyone seeking to hire Hutchinson will have his complete record available for review. I’m thinking Dishwasher, or Recycle Worker at this point. Thoughts?

There is still more work to be done. Mr. Scott Davis at the State Level has conspired to thwart any kind of a meeting unless Thomas Sullivan is directly insubordinate by formally inviting the very people his superiors have forbade him from contacting.

This move on Mr. Scott’s part can only be seen as a deliberate design to thwart the meeting so that he will not have to be personally informed as to the details of the ongoing crisis for the children of Spirit Lake.

As we celebrate this one small victory for the Foster Children of Marva Tollefson, we must be aware that there are still whale to fry and that Hutchinson was merely a small fry in that sea of corruption.

Perhaps the new Director of Tribal Social Services will have a plan to investigate the abuses and crimes against children.

You know where to find me (doing a little happy dance),





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August 26, 2013 ---- Printer Version (4)
The Shorter Version

I’ve decided to just give you the shorter version of the 18 Page “Political Ballet” piece. You can click the link and read the thing in it’s entirety, and I really hope you do, but for most, treading through an 18 page blog consisting mostly of email exchanges, is a bit much.

So, the shorter version is this:

For over two-and-one-half years, authorities at the Federal, State and County levels have been informed of the critical urgency of children being put in harm’s way by the corrupt and the incompetent that have been Directing Tribal Social Services for over a decade now.

Each successive Director is as bad if not worse than the one before them. The BIA put on a super PR show about ‘fixing’ the situation, but really, all they did was allow the dangers to continue, while doing a few tricks to make the paperwork look legit. Essentially, their mission was to prevent any investigation of a criminal nature, into any of the incidents that have been reported before them and up until this issue of this blog.

In that meantime, more children have died from drastic abuse and neglect. Federal officials have not removed one child from the homes where they know registered sex offenders live, and in one home, there are three registered sex offenders who have control over the children and have for over 3 years. None of the sex offenders is a blood relative to those children.

Officials like to dance around this calling it a ‘condition’ rather than a ‘ongoing criminal child rape’. They call it a ‘situation’ rather than ‘child rape’.

But in that time, ever since these crimes against children were officially made clear, not one child predator has been arrested, not one child rescued, and more than a few have died at the hands of their abusers.

Millions of tax dollars have gone into that effort, but no one is officially keeping track of where that money has gone or is going. Some think crimes against the children should have been enough to mobilize every level of law enforcement to rescue those children, and wonder why nothing has been done by those whose job it is to authorize and oversee such investigations.

Others see the money as the motivator. If people don’t care about American Indian Children, maybe the thought of millions of dollars going into the pockets of those who either do nothing, or who criminally aid and abet those who do the harm to those children, might move their dial just a bit.

It is akin to having the government fund the gangsters who then run the towns and rape the children at will. No, wait, it is exactly the same as that. I can find no difference.

Those who survive a childhood of relentless abuse and rape, become angry, damaged adults and many become abusers themselves. Most of the prostitutes, drug addicts, and violent offenders you see or hear about, come from a childhood of relentless trauma. We create criminals.

If the law does nothing to protect them as children, especially when their cries for help are brushed off by every agency and law authority, and they survive, they will have no respect for the communities nor the laws that had no respect for them.

Think about it. How can you expect someone who received no rescue and no relief from those in law enforcement or the Judicial System, to grow up and have ‘respect’ for either the laws or the system?

A few of us remember a time when there was no need to lock our doors at night, and many left the keys in their car ignitions, and no one thought twice about it.

Now, homes are locked up, even during the hottest days, and there are bars on the windows. Cars have security systems that rival Fort Knox. There is more violence, more addiction and more ‘fear’ out there and it is getting worse because we continue to do nothing now, when we could begin to turn this cycle of abuse and violence around, and we don’t ‘get it’ later as to how ‘they got this way’.

Abuse is a legacy. If we allow the abuses of these and other children, we reap a future of fear from those who survive it, and what their behaviors towards others are.

It’s great for those privatized prisons that bleed 6 times more money from our government to house the convicted, but it’s lousy for those of us who are victimized by the victims who are ‘all growed up’ and become violent abusers themselves.

We think the laws are there to protect us. But if those in charge of enforcing those laws fail to act, repeatedly, and worse, if they throw obstacles and hurdles in the path of those trying to get rescue and relief to the children now, that means that the laws do not protect, they neglect.

Thirteen Mandated Reports and not a single one has been investigated properly nor acted upon. All have been dismissed as if ‘nothing’.

And now, those who are in charge, from the State to Washington, DC, are arguing over who should be allowed to ‘hold’ the meetings and trying to prevent the only person who has collective working knowledge of those reports, from being present at any meetings.

What I don’t understand is why they even need meetings at this point. I would have thought that the First Mandated Report would have yielded a multi-faced, multi-level criminal investigation.

Instead, it revealed a system that is bent on protecting the abusers, keeping silent those who report, and which uses threats, intimidation and Political Ballet to thwart, discourage and neutralize all cries for action.

I knew we would eventually get an email exchange that revealed exactly this, and we have. I can only imagine how desperate the people are who have tried, futilely for almost three years, to get a criminal investigation when the protocols are clear and precise that is what should have happened, only to witness the predators laughing, walking free, while the child victims are blamed for their own rapes.

I can only imagine how, after so many reports, this latest funeral for Baby Laurynn who was just weeks shy of her third birthday, is a nightmare without end in that the people who have any authority over these matters refuse to act on behalf of even one child.

It’s not like those involved in dragging this out to the attention of the willfully blind authorities have not been patient and thorough. They have used every legal avenue available to no avail and to be ridiculed and dismissed as if ‘actively imagined’ – all with no investigation.

One would think that the latest funeral, in a string of dead baby funerals, would be ample enough proof that children are being criminally abused and the agencies responsible for them are continuing to downplay the crisis and the fact that it is “Criminal”. One would think that something, the face of yet another dead child, a death that could have and should have been prevented, but instead was put into play; one would think that alone would jar them into actually acting.

But it has not. Neither did the deaths of the children before her and neither will the deaths of the children after her. They continue with ever more fervor to downplay the crisis, the dangers and shrug off their responsibilities.
They continue to display profound indifference and ignorance of what their role should be. They continue to intimidate and thwart those who would bring this crisis in clarity, to the table.

In short, they continue to ensure that the crisis of child rape and abuse, as well as the corruption that robs the children and taxpayers of millions of dollars, will continue.

Who are they protecting? It’s not the children. It’s not the taxpayers. It can only be that they each have some connection to these crimes or the criminals, and they are desperate to ensure that the obvious don’t fall, for if they do, they will drag down with them, people in higher places who wear nicer suits and who are ‘well-respected’ in their community and who are presently either climbing the ladder of power and influence or who are far enough up that they feel they can never be seen much less touched by the nasty things they’ve done.

Nothing else makes sense. People in high places are threatened by the possibility that people in low places will reveal them.

No other reason can hold other than they are protecting themselves from exposure.

It’s costing those children everything.

It’s costing us our security and our future.

Imagine being a child, reporting that you are forced to give blow jobs, or that you have been horribly raped, and the system comes down and beats you up again and again.

It’s going on three years. It’s not government incompetence. It’s deliberate and it’s criminal.

You want government to work for the people? Or the criminals? It’s up to us. We have to make a stand. We have to be heard. We have to force them to listen and to act.

Either the laws mean something or they mean nothing. If they are not used to protect or rescue the most helpless among us, the children… they mean nothing.

There are emails and phone numbers on those email exchanges. Use them.

This, so it seems, cannot be trusted to the appointed in DC nor at the State Level. This is our work to do, to force them to be held accountable for their part in the neglect, abuse, rapes and murders of these children.

Ride those emails and phone numbers like rent horses and don’t quit until they drop. Ride them and force them to respond to you. Get your money’s worth from their salaries, benefits and pensions. You own them. Let them know it.

I will post your emails and their responses or failures to respond, on this site.

You know where to find me.



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August 24, 2013
Mother of Invention
---Printer Version (3)

Necessity is the mother of Invention.” – Originator Unknown.

I like to paraphrase that into: “Need & Greed are the parents of Invention.” One or the other; either or both.
There’s another kind of invention that is practiced by those who have a different kind of ‘need’; the need for attention.

When Ted Mala said that he found many of Cindy Mala’s behaviors ‘appalling’, I can only guess what those behaviors were, and I really don’t want to. I can imagine how humiliated he must have been when she pulled some of her more ‘public’ stunts.

One reader recalls that in the spring of 1987, the Grand Forks Herald carried a story about Cindy Mala Lindquist, (at that time still married to Ted Mala). In that story Cindy was talking about her childhood and how she remembered The Buffalo Hunt, and following behind the travois as the meat was brought in, and fighting with the other kids to grab a piece of that meat.

For this to be true, Cindy had to be over 100 yrs old at the time. Several of the Elders who read that story laughed and shook their heads. Back then, the GFH didn’t actually check a story to see if it was true or not, or in this case, even possible. I kind of get that same feeling about some of the stories run in the GFH these days. Somethings never change?

So, Cindy was, even back then, inventing lies about herself and her life to make herself seem more important. I’m sure a psychiatrist could unravel the kinds of mental illness that woman exhibits; I won’t even try.

Imagine how appalled they were as that woman, mostly by sleeping with married men in positions of power, climbed the ladder of her career and ended up as the president of their community college.

This was not a one-off thing with Cindy. She has told other inventive stories about her life to make herself seem more important or more brave or more anything… one of those other stories is how, as a child, she raised her younger siblings. As told to several others:

"I raised my younger siblings, we used to roam from place to place, I didnt have a good home life, my mother was absent and I carried our cooking utensils in a pillow case, we would stop and catch wild game and cook it and then wash up the dishes and move on, I want to get back to those ways"

I guess her mom, Gloria, was really lousy at parenting. They seem close now. I mean she did that whole honoring party for her mother, filmed it and all, and of course, billed the Tribe for it.

She has told people, frequently, that she is full-blood Dakota. She’s not. That’s another invention. She’s ¼ Chippewa, some French and of course, Norwegian. But she keeps inventing herself.

I have also learned that she has made 6 Vice Presidents of that tiny community college. SIX!!!

During the media blitz surrounding that pipe bomb incident, she put out Lane Borgan, one of the Six Pack VPs, to talk to the media, answer questions. She was punishing the Penny Machines in the Casino that evening. Yes, her priorities were clear. In times of crisis, amuse herself while some overpaid unnecessary VP takes the media heat. That way her face is never associated with anything negative about the College.

Either that, or she was afraid she could not keep a straight face if any reporter asked her if she knew of anyone that might want to do such a terrible thing… you know, she might smile or something? Or, she’s just incompetent and shirking her job.

More Inventors

Weenie Boy wanted Vern Lambert to be an ‘aide’ to him when he took over the chair. He used his ‘Chairman powers’ to issue a document that stated that Vern Lambert was the official interpreter of the Tribal Constitution.
Now, he is planning to bring Vern Lambert into court with him to declare that Weenie Boy is the only legitimate Tribal Chairman.

That’s not how it works, WB. Just because you invented a title doesn’t make it real. Vern is not a Tribal Judge, nor is he a legal scholar. The Tribal Courts are also “interpreters of the Tribal Constitution” by definition… and the Appeals Court is, by extension of that, is also an Interpreter of the Tribal Constitution and what is legally binding.
One cannot just invent a position, and have that position invent laws and have those inventions not be laughed out of court. Weenie Boy’s inventions are born more out of ignorant desperation than from anything else. He has a massive corruption organization to try and keep from being investigated. His being forced to do this in a real court of law has rattled him.

He has managed to buy and blackmail judges in the past. I wonder if he has made any offers or overtures to the judge that will be hearing his case at the end of the week. All I know is, there is not one legitimate reason for him to be reinstated. The petitions (all of them, even the ones thrown out by a crooked judge) were legitimate. The vote to replace him was legitimate. He violated the General Assembly rules. He abused his position and he was thrown out. Legitimately.

We’ll all be watching that one.

Part of his response to the appeals court is to lie outright and say that no one had ever used a restraining order to block an elected Tribal Council member before it was used to block him from entering the Blue Building or going anywhere near his office.

Just a few weeks prior to his ousting, he had arbitrarily suspended Clarice Brownshield from her Tribal Council seat--- and he had obtained a restraining order against her to prevent her from coming into the Blue Building.
So, when he does it, it’s fine. When it is done against him, it is a violation of his rights. You get the picture.

We’ll all be watching.


Prepare for a very large blog on Monday. 18 pages. Here’s a link to the printer version.

I will, in the web posting, be posting links to Rob Port’s ‘Say Anything’ Blog and a posting by “Cranky Nana” or some such, which carries even more information.

Many of you have already read about all this on FB and on that blog. My posting will be in detail and documented, which is why it is 18 pages. It sounds like a lot of reading, but it goes fast. I have paced through it to make it easier to read, and in chronological order.

I will also encourage everyone who is as outraged by the lack of action on the part of Federal and State Government, in either removing children from the registered sex offenders they’ve known about going on two and one-half years now, or for them investigating any of the corruption involved in the ongoing abuse and neglect of children by the Tribal Social Services, I will urge you to contact on the information as posted, those individuals directly responsible for thwarting any action or investigation.


Meanwhile, I’ll be digging through the Cindy Lindquist Mala files and bringing you whatever new and disturbing tidbits I find therein. I also have about 3 files deep on Chelly Veer.

Yes, Cheryl Ironhawk is still working as the Driver for the Ambulance. That tan pickup truck, that belongs to her co-worker from Grand Forks, is parked out there and the doors of the garage are locked up tight. Nothing has changed. The Tribe continues to get screwed. You know who’s screwing you. Let’s get them OUT.

You know where to find me.



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August 22, 2013
Birds of a Feather
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Some of you have asked why I put Cindy Lindquist in with Cheryl Ironhawk in that last blog, under the same section heading.

Patience my friends. I was getting around to it. Unless you want to read 9 & 10 page blogs as a regular ordeal, you have to watch how these things evolve.

First off, remember that license plate? “DkotaWina” (Dakota Woman). She’s not Dakota. She’s Norwegian. When you start off with a fraudulent claim on a vanity plate, there’s really nowhere else to go but lower.

The difference between Cindy Lindquist and Cheryl Ironhawk is actually very small. Cheryl will sleep with anyone, and Cindy prefers married men who can move her career forward, even over the more qualified candidates.

The stories of her sexual exploits began long before this blog, and I can assume they carry on to this day. It would explain perhaps, how she managed to get a position where there was a much more qualified candidate being considered, and for a salary and perks that exceed the Superintendent of Schools in Devils Lake, who has many times the responsibilities as does Cindy.

I really can find no other explanation that makes any sense, and the stories of those whom she has cheated and abused along the way all point to her being bullet-proof, employment wise because of her sleeping with her Supervisor in Aberdeen back when she was the Health Director.

Back then (Late 80’s) there was an epic blowout when one of the Staff who had been creating and running several successful Health Education Events with no input much less direction from Cindy, found in her file, Cindy had inserted letters, backdated, where it would appear the programs were Cindy’s creation and she was directing the woman who had been doing all the work, to do exactly what she had been doing.

This was Cindy’s way of taking credit for the work of another. The woman was furious and confronted her, tore up the letters in front of her. Another staff member, observing this, got hold of her own file and found Cindy had done the same thing to her as well.

All the while sashaying around, making no secret of the fact that she was dating the Area Director, all the while flirting with the men, all of the men in the Aberdeen office. Kind of like “Take a Number boys, I’ll get around to you.”

Her ex, Ted Mala, found so many things about her as ‘appalling’ that he split from her as fast as he could. Her own daughter, Isabella, found it safer and saner as a teen to run away and live on the streets. Isabella, for those who are wondering, seems to be doing well enough for herself in life and is going to have a life long project of dealing with the damage that Cindy did to her.

Neither Cindy, nor her mother Gloria, really had any parenting skills. They love the drama, the center of attention, and the fainting couch hysterics, but not the fact that a child that has learned how to speak can defend themselves or call bullshit on the lies and behaviors of a narcissist like Cindy.

Like I said, I’ve been watching her for a very long time. She and Piggy Cavenaugh have a mutual protection “friendship” going on and both have, especially through their nepotism and corruption, caused big harm to the Tribe in critical areas: Health and Education.

Now that Piggy is being audited and can’t run back up for Cindy, now is a good time to drag them both out from under their smelly rocks and into the light.

I don’t have time to sit in Felix’s Bar night after night and listen to Chelly Veer spill her guts about Cindy and how she has her right where she wants her. But others do, and they’ve been giving me notes and updates for a long time.

Now is the time to clean up that little rat king, while the goin’s good, as they say. Once the corruption starts to crumble, the whole stinking wall starts to cave in. Cindy and Piggy are a big part of that wall. There will be more light come in on both of them, I promise you that much.

“Dakota Woman” my ass.

At least now you know why I lumped Cindy and Cheryl into the same heading in the previous blog. It made Cindy really mad. Typically, when not in bed with some married man, she was at the casino, maxing out the penny machine.

Watching the reels spin while her wheels spin. I expect she’ll be burning rubber – and any other evidence, soon enough. <wink>

Penny For Your Thoughts

Some of you don’t like Lori Brown. I’m working to try and substantiate claims and gossip against her, and so far, from the history I have found, I can’t. If I find something, I will blast it all over this blog. You know I will.

But, perhaps I have uncovered the source of a lot of the negative feedback about Lori Brown. No surprise, it goes directly back to the Turdclan.

You see, Weenie Boy, when he had the controls and levers, hired his niece, Penny Yankton, hired into the Finance Department, but she acted more like his assistant. She even ran meetings for him. The man can’t read much more than his own name, so no wonder he had everyone else doing his job and doing it badly.

Penny didn’t really have to do her job in the Finance Department and she had access to the checkbooks. Now that her uncle is in limbo, Penny sees it as her job, not to do her job or to help the tribe, but to sabotage Lori Brown and get her fired or make her quit.

Rumors and Gossip are Penny’s specialty. It’s a Moccasin Staple. Here’s the thing: Think before you carry it forward. You may believe the person who told you, but when you learn the root of a particular story, you might want to think twice. (Trust me, I don’t like posting retractions).

The Tribe is struggling to overcome corruption and incompetence, and Penny sees her mission in all of this as being the one to spread rumors, sabotage the efforts of the person coming in to clean up the Finance Department.

There has to be a special kind of name for a person like that. I just haven’t thought of it yet.
Send in your Dakota Language words, I’ll work from there.

In fact, I’m thinking of getting a little Cultural Corner to put into this blog from time to time with words in small doses, so that we can all, by the end of my next 18 years on this blog, be fully fluent in speaking Dakota. Sound good?

You know where to find me.



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*August 20, 2013
Blue Moon Supplemental Edition
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Bomb-A-Rama Drama

Now we hear that a pipe bomb was found in the Community College (weight room) where Cindy runs everything. It didn’t go off and the entire campus had to be evacuated. Gee, who could want to plant a bomb in a college that is rife with corruption and where people are looking at forcing Cindy Lindquist to resign?

Let’s ask her brother, James Green. He’s got anger issues, beats up on women, and keeps an arsenal to where he can ‘reach any rifle, handgun or automatic weapon within 10 seconds’. He’s a loner type that lives on the property next to his ma.

Oh yes, and he’s also the guy his sister, Cindy Lindquist (aka Cindy Malah for those who know her by that name) hired as the Head of College Security. Let’s ask him questions and see if he can be of any help, shall we? He’s also Facility Director, so he’s getting at least two paychecks. Let’s see if he’s worth either one of them, shall we? Hmmm?

What’s bubbling up from the community around all of this, even before the bomb incident, is this:

• People are saying Cindy should resign be terminated

• Her incompetent brother should be terminated from both of his positions. He terrifies the women out there and is openly abusive. (good job raising that monster, Gloria)

• The community wants to bring back Mike Leaf, former Security Director who, for years who ran a good program, but Cindy and James ran him off so James could take over all Facilities and Security

• Mike Leaf is a trained cop and EMT he built the security program and it was run extremely well until he was terminated abruptly.

The reason Mike was terminated had more to do with his catching Erica Yankton and her husband, Chris Cavenaugh (son of Bernice Cavenaugh), on security cameras, doing drug deals in their vehicle right in front of the college.

Cindy and Bernice decided it was a ‘mistake’ and it was time for him to go. You can bet there’d be no bombs on that campus if Mike Leaf was still around. And if one was put there, he’d know who it was and they’d be arrested by now.

People who actually do their job out there, do tend to lose their jobs. And then be threatened and harassed by those in power or authority. Gee, anyone surprised that things have turned to nothing but crap?

As you can see, nepotism and cronyism are dangerous to people and to property. Whomever left that bomb is an unstable person and a danger to the community.

Those who use violence to distract or to destroy and who risk maiming or killing random targets, are terrorists. Leaving a bomb in a public place, even building a bomb, is an act of terrorism.

Please tell me that FBI Agents Cima and Trout are nowhere near this one. I’m weary of them destroying and concealing evidence that leads to family and friends of the Turdclan, aren’t you? Bad enough they destroyed and concealed evidence in the murder of the DuBois children. By the way, one of the murders, if not both in that case, are still on the loose.

Whining Isn’t Winning

I see Weenie Boy is pleading his case all over the Grand Forks Herald. Another Chuck Haga exclusive.

Through his lawyer, Weenie claims there is no evidence of any wrong doing. Hmmm, let’s see:

• Refusing to hold General Assemblies for over 5 months, that’s a wrong do.
• Lying about and using falsified voter numbers, another wrong-o
• Allowing the Appeals Court Eligibility to lapse, oopsie
• All those contracts issued without going through Tribal Council? Oh boy…


• That missing $23 Million Dollars—hmmm, a wrong do?

That should do for starters. There’s a whole raft of Wrong Doing by Weenie Boy. I do find it funny that he declares that the Tribe made their own ‘Appeals Court’ which is not in the least independent from Tribal Chairman and his buddies. Also, there is no proof, no resolution saying that the Tribe runs it’s own appeals since 2012. If there were such proof, the tribe could be sued by people who were denied access to those appeals when they were told there were no appeals. That could be a double wrong-o for Weenie.

And then, if it were not comical enough, where does Weenie go when he doesn’t like a ruling? To an appeals court! And where is he now? In Appeals Court!

His claim that his being ousted is what has caused all the turmoil on the rez is laughable. The turmoil was caused by decades of corruption reaching a boiling point. It was Weenie and his thugs, especially his pill poppin’ family and their abusive ways, that got the tribe into ‘turmoil’ and got him thrown out on his ear.

But as long as he wants to whine about it, I’m sure Chuck Haga will give him as much ink as he wants. I have no idea what Chuck will write about after Weenie Boy is tossed out again, but it would not surprise me to find more ink wasted on him in the future, something to polish him up and make him look respectable.

Newspapers are great for cleaning and polishing a lot of things: Mirrors, glass, chrome, and turds.

The Good People of Spirit Lake are standing up, doing things legally and ethically, to oust the corrupt and clean up the mess left behind. It would be a great story for some newspaper looking to write ‘Good Things’ about Spirit Lake to get in there and do, but it’s not likely to happen.

Newspapers seem not too interested in acts of character and courage on the rez. They do however, love those puff pieces that make no sense at all.

Let’s see if any reporter will show up that has in the past, defended their puffy pieces as ‘needing to report something uplifting’ about the rez, and do this story as it is unfolding.

It’s a battle finally being fought, out in the open and it is a battle that the Good People are winning. If that doesn’t make people on the rez, and everywhere feel Good, I don’t know what will.

Call it ‘turmoil’ and try to make it sound negative, but it’s something bigger and better than we have seen anywhere in a very long time. It is courage, character and integrity winning over corruption. Deal with that.

No act of violence, no threat of harm and no bombs in the college can stop this.

The Truth will come out: High and low, near and far, deep and wide.
The Truth will bring Justice.
Justice will bring Healing, Reunion and Peace,
And the Balance shall be restored.

You know where to find me.


*[ CORRECTION: Earlier post said “2 pipe bombs” there was only 1]


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August 20, 2013
Blue Moon Edition
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Blue Moons are rare. So it seems, is the chance that there can be justice or even fair play in a system that repeatedly rewards corruption and punishes both victims and whistleblowers of that corruption.

Well, today is the Blue Moon and this week is already shaping up nicely for those who have struggled to out the corruption and unite the community to fix all that has been broken.

Diddims Have a Bad Day?

Monday morning the Board held an open-to-the-public hearing on the charges against Paul Hutchinson that could revoke his license permanently.

Paul strolled in, cocky, and rather amused by it all. He sort of waved his hands and asked that the charges be dismissed, and seemed fully prepared to go out and have a nice breakfast with his friends afterwards.

Not so fast. The Board is taking the charges, very serious charges, seriously. Paul Hutchinson’s attitude showed he really didn’t take the Board or the charges seriously.

He does now. They said they are putting him on a short leash, and the terms of his license will be posted online within a week or so. Be sure that when it is posted, I will link to it here.

The Board said that they are going to meet again in November and decide at that time if they are going to permanently revoke his license or not. First, they would like to talks some more with Sister JoAnne Streifel, whose reports on Hutchinson are the most thorough and the most damaging.

For some unknown reason, Hutchinson seemed surprised that Sister JoAnne would be discussing anything with the Board or that they wanted to meet with her. Sister JoAnne, from what I am told, is looking forward to answering any questions they may have.

So, Paul can go rethink the damage his has done, and the children he has put at risk, and maybe even decide that taking children from safe homes and delivering them into the hands of their rapists or murderer was not really a good idea after all, regardless of what the Tribal Chairman ‘wanted’.

The first and foremost priority for any Social Worker should be to protect the children, and to keep children safe--- not to make the Tribal Chairman his best friend. Know what I mean, Jelly Bean?

His threats, his filing false reports and his placing children in danger, will have consequences. For some reason, he never thought people would notice or care.

Another Moron, Another Bad Day

Looks like the idiot circus that is Andrew and Bonita Morin (brother and sister) has hit the big time. Federal charges against Andrew for theft/embezzlement are being filed.

It was so nice of his sister, Bonita, to deliver herself into that scheme as well. Her writing and signing a letter giving her bro the ‘permission’ to take thousands of dollars of equipment to do with whatever he wanted, was about as moron a move as ever there was.

Bonita better start looking for both a new job and a good attorney. Hopefully, it will be an attorney much smarter than the two of them put together.

More Bad News For Bad Girls

Cheryl Ironhawk still has her job at the ambulance. But now, her sex partners, excuse me, her co-workers have to give her rides to and from work. The Suburban is no longer her car toy, portable motel.

During the week, at the ambulance garage, the door is open, and there is always someone there washing things down, doing maintenance, except on the shift where Cheryl works. The doors are shut down, you never see anyone and if you ring the bell, bang on the door, it takes her and her bed buddy a little time to get their clothes on and respond.

Gee, that trip to Las Vegas that the Tribe paid for even though she’s not qualified as an EMT, must have made her think she could do anything and no one would dare say Boo to her. She came home from that trip bragging what a good time she had and she was the only driver there. I wonder if there’s any pictures of that one? I hear she poses.

This guy from Grand Forks that is her most frequent bed buddy, is he married? Anyone know?

And why are there narcotics at the Ambulance Garage when there is no one there qualified to administer them? Anyone know that one either?

So, why does Piggy Cavenaugh keep Cheryl on? Cronyism. It’s everywhere out there and it’s at the heart of the corruption that has robbed and blinded that Tribe for too long.

Piggy Cavenaugh, who was never qualified to run any of the departments she runs, has had a long-standing bargain with the Devils out there, and Cheryl is just a symptom of that symbiotic poisonous vine.

Up until recently, Joel Redfox and the rest of the Tribal Council, have always protected Piggy and her corruption. But she got greedy. Well, more greedy.

And now, Joel has opened up an allowed a full forensic audit on Piggy and her programs. Piggy will probably be the next one to have Federal Charges filed on her.

Piggy is considering immediate retirement to try and salvage her pension. I don’t think it will do her any good in prison. I think the tribe should force her to forfeit all her properties, and holdings, in order to recover a fraction of what she has stolen over the years. The damage she has done to those seeking help, cannot be repaired so easily.

The audit has begun.

And Cindy Lindquist is having a bad hair day, week, month over at the college. She is losing people left and right. She has responded to the pressure of being exposed as a grossly overpaid fraud, by becoming even more abusive to employees and staff.

Those once loyal to her are walking away. Done with it. Done with her.

Chelly Veer continues to cook the books to cover up her crimes. She’s paid over $80K altogether, for a job that should only pay about half that. She has leverage over Cindy because she knows the secrets and where the financial bodies are buried.

Chelly can’t help herself though. She’s a drinker and a spiller. Just about everyone at Felix’s Bar has heard her detail out on Cindy’s corrupt practices. I wonder if there is an audit happening on Cindy yet? If so, Chelly better look for a new job, really quickly.

Then again, keeping crooked books is a crime. She might look for something that will keep her out of an orange jumpsuit. It would look just terrible with her hair and complexion.

Cindy has earned the reputation of sexual harasser of the males she works with. Those who don’t comply that is. Those who do say they’ve had better. Boys, here’s a pro tip for you all: Never complain about a lay, no matter how bad it is. You’ll end up having to take matters into your own hands more and more if word gets out. Know what I mean (say it with me) “Jelly Bean”?

And to think that Joel and Natalie were that (*thumb to forefinger) close to bringing Chelly Veer in as Finance Director for the Tribe. Oh dear, this could get messy. Joel better take the high road on this one too, and fast, or it will come back and bite him.

Day In Court

Weenie Boy gets his day in court to settle the question of whether he can be Chairman despite being ousted 6 ways to Sunday, on August 30th. He’s claiming to be a victim. I always laugh when bullies cry they are the victim.

Someone said he’s staying at The Wakefield House and it is expensive. I’ve never heard of Wakefield House and have no clue as to why he would be staying there or for what. I’m sure that from the missing millions, he can afford it.


• Paul Hutchinson’s swagger has been deflated and he now faces the fact that he could and most-likely will, lose his license. If that is all that happens to him, he will be fortunate. I’d have him up on charges of Child Endangerment and worse if it I was on that Board.

• Andrew Morin didn’t just lose his job, he’s looking at Federal Charges. Bonita should be right in there with him. They really need to change that ‘I’ in their last name to an ‘o’ because writing a letter or using a letter that gives permission to steal Federal Property is about as stupid as it gets.

• Cheryl Ironhawk still carrying on, but no longer has the keys to the Suburban. She no longer struts around the Blue Building like she owns the place, but neither does she keep her pants up.

• Piggy Cavenaugh is now being forensically audited and her time as the Queen of Corruption is coming to an end. She still hangs out at the casino and she is planning on revealing all the dirty secrets she has stored away on people whose files she violated at the Health Center. I would not do that Piggy. Adding Extortion to your charges will bring a harsher sentence.

• Cindy Lindquist can’t keep staff or employees scared enough to be silent any longer. They are tired of the abuse and are walking and talking.

• Cindy’s special overpaid bookkeeper is no longer safe from audit either.

• Weenie Boy’s case against the Tribe and all common sense and decency will be heard or ruled on August 30th.

Yeah, once in a Blue Moon, things start to turn around. The Good People of Spirit Lake are working together and working hard to bring better days to the whole tribe, and to the children, who up until now, had no future in their tribe.

It is because of Good People standing up against corruption and Evil, that things are getting better in SLN. That is something everyone involved can be proud of. I hope someone is keeping track of all this out there. It’s going to be a story worth telling to future generations.

You know where to find me.




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August 18, 2013
Turning Over Rocks
---Printer Version (3)

Don’t forget boys & girls that Paul Hutchinson goes up for review of his license to work as a social worker, much less as Director of Tribal Social Services tomorrow morning (Monday) at 8:30 AM in the Bismarck Comfort Suites. The BIG Conference room. The hearing will be marked and easy to find.

It is open to the Public and that’s you, me, all of us. I’d love to hear how he defends uprooting children from safe and caring homes to be placed in dangerous and sex offender homes. I’d love to hear how he justifies placing Baby Laurynn and her twin sister, as well as other children, in the care and keep of a woman who was known to be abusive to children and who had her own children removed from her care.

How many ‘mistakes’ of Paul Hutchinson have been buried? How many have just been abused, raped and neglected? This is a man who went to court to fight to return three siblings to the father that had raped and abused them. Not sure how North Dakota licenses their Social Workers or what standards of care and protection they deem necessary, but this will be a good time to find out.


Back in March, while she was still in school getting her MSW (Masters in Social Work) Erica Yankton boasted that she was going to be the next Director of Tribal Social Services. She planned on taking over March 1st. It was a ‘done deal’. This despite the fact that she did not have her license, and that she failed the Board 3x. When Turdclan takes over, everything is a ‘done’ deal.

But, not so fast, girly. Looks like the petitions in March dashed her plans. Well, put them on delay. She’s still in school and still confident that the job is hers for the taking, soon as Weenie Boy gets back in. That’s the plan.
So, how does someone get a Masters Degree and then fail the licensing exam three times? Makes me wonder who took her tests and did her homework in college.

I am told that there are some strings that have been pulled in the past and are still being pulled these days with some influential people at the college and that it’s not that hard to get a degree or two if you want one. More on that in future blogs.

The Pew Report

Looks like the gang that was so often in the Church, missed a sermon today. No Cap Cavenaugh, no Noreen, no none of that unholy cluster showed up for church today. That was a first.

I guess that being revealed as the reason the church is being investigated for violations of their 501(c)3 tax exempt status, was enough to drive those cowards under their rocks. Preacher said that the church was misused for their purposes without his knowledge.

Maybe so, maybe no. Here’s the thing: Unless he has their signature on any agreement saying what they would and would not be allowed to use the church property for, he is, and the church is, responsible for the uses done.
One cannot simply hand over the keys to their car and then declare they are not responsible for any violations, or accidents, or vandalism caused by those who use that car.

My theory is that Padre did not want to know and by that willful ignorance, thinking that if they ever did get caught, he could shrug and say “I know nuthink” much the same as Colonel Clink from the old Hogan’s Heroes TV show.
It would be different if the keys had been stolen or the windows or locks broken for the wrongful behavior to commence. But no, it was a handing of the keys. That makes the Padre and the church responsible.

Irresponsibility is not an excuse.

Would have been nice if the child rapist and his friends had shown up in church to respond to any questions the parishioners might have had regarding their abuses of Church property.

These are the cowards taking the petitions around to try and remove Mardell Lewis and Nancy Green-Robertson. Not an ounce of integrity among all of them.

But now, the Good People of St. Mike’s have to deal with the damage they have done to their church. The Good People of Spirit Lake will have to deal with the damage they do if their petitions gather enough signatures.
Think, People, think.

New Finance Director

Lori Brown steps in and the new Finance Director for the Tribe. What I am hearing about her is that she is highly educated and has integrity. The other thing I am hearing is that she is walking into a major mess left by the greedy, the incompetent and the totally unqualified.

She’s going to need a lot of support and active assistance to begin to get the Tribe’s finances in order.
If she has as much integrity as Mardell Lewis, I am confident she can do it. But it won’t be easy and it won’t be cheap.

Clean Up Crew

A lot of rocks are being turned over. What is being found underneath is not pretty. In fact, it is downright ugly. But it needs to be seen, aired out and cleaned up. This is work only the community can do by working together.
SLN has already shown a coming together and a sense of Community that I must say, has been lacking for decades. In fact, I can truthfully say that the level of unity and community can-do and will-do is surpassing what I have seen in just about any community. SLN is coming up from a dark place where nothing but corruption and abuse were known and bringing to that a light so bright that it is getting attention far and wide.

If SLN can pull together and clean up a mess this horrendous, I would think that other communities can look to them and see that it can be done and they can do it too, in their own communities and regions.

There is still so much to be done. But for the first time in ages, I can clearly see that it can and will be done. I have always maintained that SLN did not cause this mess, that it was put upon them by a corrupt system all the way up to DC and far and wide from there. We can all support the efforts, and be there if they need our support and help, but it had to be, if Spirit Lake is to survive as a Tribe, they have to be the ones to do the hardest, scariest work as a community.

We can help by giving our support and by holding the elected and appointed at State, County and Federal levels accountable for their actions. We must do this much and do it diligently if we are to both support the courageous efforts of SLN and to prevent these corruptions from taking root in other communities.

My guess is that we will find, when the corrupt are cut out of SLN, that there are pockets of corruption and influence connected to them that have taken root in our own communities and governments.

We can take a lesson from how The Good People of Spirit Lake are turning over rocks and cleaning up the mess, for how we must do this in our own communities as well.

You know where to find me.




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August 16, 2013 ---Printer Version (7)
First, The Good News

How do I know things are going to get better for The Good People of Spirit Lake? Because what I am seeing and hearing about people standing together and supporting one another in first signing the petitions to oust one of the most blatantly corrupt Tribal Chairmen the Tribe has ever seen. And given the string of corrupt Tribal Councilors and Tribal Chairmen, that was saying something. Weenie Boy was one of the most vicious.

The illegal and dirty tricks he and his Pocket Judges tried to use to hold on, did not discourage those brave enough to carry the petitions and to sign them.

He’s still trying illegal and dirty tricks to regain his seat, but if the judge is honest, he will not be allowed back in.
Despite your choices not being the best, you showed up, you stood up and you spoke up. It’s how things get better.

You are also not being fooled by the corrupt little gang carrying around a petition on Mardell Lewis. I’m hearing stories that Suna Guy and the rest of them are being thrown off your property, out of your doors if they try to bring that pack of lies in for you to sign.

I’m hearing and seeing people stand up for and show support for Mardell and her family. You can see the good work she is doing and that means something to you. You ask me what you can do to help her. I tell you to ask her. Apparently, you are and that is how the community begins to get stronger: Throwing out the rotten and protecting and supporting the good.

You won’t see your local/regional newspapers carrying that kind of feel good news about Spirit Lake. They are limited to cheesy PR about a new roof on the police department and an anti-smoking program, or even more comically, interviewing someone who lives in Devils Lake about how good it is to live on the rez, and his mistress who had multiple child abuse felonies against her, talk about how safe it was for children on the rez.

That’s not what the people need to hear. That’s not what makes people feel good about the rez. Knowing that people are standing up to the corruption and supporting one another speaks of courage and respect. Real respect. Respect is the word that is spreading out there.

There’s still a lot of work to do, but something tells me it can and will be done by the Good People of Spirit Lake, and the lies, bullying and threats won’t stop them.

That is something ALL People can respect. That is something that makes a difference in a community healing.
I am even hearing that Kojak Thompson, who ran against Mardell Lewis in that last election, and his entire family, have come forward to say that she is doing a great job and that they support her.

Wow. I wish I could see as much integrity in politicians outside of the rez! That’s how important the community is to Kojak and his family. That means more and in more ways than I can possibly list here. That should tell everyone there is real courage and integrity to be found in that up-til-now very dark place.

WhiteTail FBMany are offended by the lies being told by the Whiteshields and Suna Guy’s family. The Whiteshields did nothing as little twin girls were being starved and abused. No one was charged in the murder of baby Laurynn. Timothy Purdon all but reduced it to a misdemeanor for the grandmother who actually murdered the child, and no charges against any of those who lied about what had happened to her, calling it “SIDS” and “Natural Causes”. (I maintain that Timothy Purdon would have been able to prevent this death had he followed basic protocol in responding to any of the THIRTEEN MANDATED REPORTS which pointed to the dangers in how children were being shuffled around and placed in dangerous environments)

Suna Guy, a violent rapist, carrying around a petition against Mardell Lewis, is in itself, offensive. What is Suna up to lately? Take a peek at FaceBook.

Apparently, he’s still being violent to young girls. These are his family members, mind you.

This is the guy pushing the petitions against Mardell Lewis and Nancy Green Robertson.

Now, couple that with the other drivers of those petitions:

Cap Cavanaugh, Maryann Cavanaugh, Bonita Morin, Gloria Green, Peggy Cavanaugh, Noreen Cavanaugh and a few others whose connections to the corruption and abuse that has for decades, robbed and terrorized SLN.
They and their family members have profited from the corruption and they want to keep the corrupt in power.
Allying with a violent child rapist like Suna Guy is no big deal to any of them. The dark irony of all this is that their meetings where they were promoting their petitions and asking for signatures, were in the Church at St. Mike’s. Even during services, they were passing around the petitions!

Which has led to an IRS Complaint being filed.

A Reminder, Padre

Churches are supposed to be where people go to get spiritual guidance and teachings. Churches are where people go to find support and strength to do the right things by their actions in their family and community.
It’s where people go to collectively celebrate joyful occasions and to grieve and mourn on sad occasions.

Churches are tax exempt so that people will have a place to worship. Churches have, sadly, more and more, become corrupt on all levels. From the rape of children, to financial fraud on behalf of the corrupt. Further, churches have more and more violated the line of separation between Church and State, actively campaigning, from the pulpit, to support some of the most vile, hateful, corrupt politicians.

St. Mike’s is among the fallen. St. Mike’s had nothing to say when they knew that the Tribal Chairman and his family were raping and abusing children, robbing the tribe blind financially, and abusing every aspect of power and position.

Yet, when the people began to come together to overthrow the evil and corruption, then the Church began to spew admonishments against those standing up and speaking out against evil, telling them to stop ‘tearing one another down’. Declaring that Satan is stirring up the people out there and making all this unrest, was about as far as one can go into the Dark Side, if you ask me.

The only ‘tearing down’ I see out there is the tearing down of the systematic corruption, and the bringing down of the corrupt and the evil. If that so disturbs the Padres that they preach against it, and that they allow political petitions based on lies, carried by violent child rapists to be passed around in the congregation, then it becomes more clear what St. Mike’s is and what it is not.

Now, for a simple, straight-forward explanation of what the 501(c)3 (Tax Exempt Status) is for those not familiar with Tax Codes and such:

Condition of non-profit status, the United States Internal Revenue Service tax codes prohibit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations like churches from endorsing any candidate. Even the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops, in their guidelines regarding “Activities to Avoid,” state the following: “In order to avoid violating the political campaign activity prohibitions, parishes, other church organizations, and their representatives should remember these guidelines: Do not endorse or oppose candidates, political parties, or groups of candidates, or take any action that reasonably could be construed as endorsement or opposition.

This group (Cap Cavanaugh, Maryann Cavanaugh, Bonita Morin, Gloria Green, Peggy Cavanaugh, Noreen Cavanaugh et. al) over the weekend at St Michael church were presenting and collecting petition signatures on Nancy Green Robertson.  They have had several partisan politic meetings.  This is a pattern of violations,

October 2012 ND State Senator Mathern filed complaints against the Bismarck ND Bishop Kagan for partisan politics and urging parishioners to vote for the republican candidate Rick Berg over democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp.

IRS Complaint

So, Padres, it would appear that not all of your flock are mindless sheep. Some are highly offended at the blatant abuses in how the Church is using its position.

Let’s talk about ‘Satan’ some more, shall we? Or no?

Ambulance & Fire Need To Be Fired

I hear numerous complaints about the outright abuses of funds and hiring practices on both fire and ambulance. Cheryl Ironhawk is notorious as the instant lay in the ambulance garage. She’s just the driver. No training even in basic first aid, and yet, when there was a conference on and the EMT’s had to be sent there for a few days, the guy she was laying requested she be sent along so, the Tribe paid for her to go on an all expense paid trip where all she did was screw.

I know how she got the way she is. She is the daughter of a registered sex offender notorious for raping his own children, including a child with multiple handicaps who was wheelchair bound.

I know how Cheryl became the sex toy of any and all males. I get that. But she should not be hired in at a critical service with no training and no self control and no supervision.

Another perk she enjoys is that because she doesn’t own a vehicle so Piggy Cavenaugh has okayed that she be allowed to drive the Suburban which is intended for official use only, as her private vehicle.

The Suburban was seen earlier this week, pulled over on one of the back roads. No, it was not out of gas. It was Cheryl and some 20 something EMT was giving it to her in the ass.

As soon as they were spotted, he pulled out of her, jumped into the driver’s seat and tore out of there. Damage done, son.

The next day, the Suburban was pulling out of the Ambulance area, and Cheryl was the passenger. The driver ducked down and hid his face.

Anyone dating any man that works for the Ft. Totten Ambulance in any capacity, as an EMT, Janitor, gardener, anything… go get yourself checked for venereal diseases. The woman is not clean and the men, apparently, not picky.

The Fire Department firing, ahem, “laying off” the only qualified firefighter as retaliation against the auditor who uncovered volumes of corruption in their practices, is further evidence that there is a lot of work to be done out there.

Meryl Ironhawk (there’s that name again) was caught stealing from other firefighters, and from the department itself, but he gets to keep his job. Boyd Herman (another Turdling) who has a DUI, gets to keep his job.

Firefighters are told there is not enough money to supply them with equipment, and they have to buy their own gloves, but Vincent Littleghost and Jennifer Black seem to enjoy their jobs as Director and Administration Assistant. They get to hire and fire whomever they want.

Apparently, the missing money, the corrupt hiring practices being exposed, put them on the spot. So, as the corrupt do, they retaliated for the Auditor’s report. Yeah, that made it all better!

Jennifer Black’s father is Wayne Black. (Scott Black is Iris Black’s father). Wayne Black and his wife, I am told, are really decent people. I wonder if they raised their daughter this way or if she decided she didn’t need the values she was raised with? If they are the decent people I am told they are, Mom & Dad Black might want to explain to Jennifer how her corrupt behaviors do reflect badly on the family. Given that Scott Black and Iris Black have already blackened the family name, they may want to take care of this little issue sooner rather than later? Just guessing.

But, if you think you’ll never need Fire or Ambulance services, or if you do, you are okay with having thieves and drunks showing up, or under equipped fire fighters, or an ambulance that may or may not show up depending on whether the driver is screwing someone at that critical moment or not, then ignore all of this and go on with whatever you were doing.

If you do think that Emergency Services such as Fire and Ambulance should have some sort of standards and integrity in whom they hire and how they are equipped, then, you might want to get on this one soon as you can.
Instant Appointment

Joel Redfox can’t be bothered with holding meetings to take care of Tribal Business during the week. He dodges his responsibilities like a pro. But, anything for his friend and pal, Andrew Morin.

Andrew Morin was canned for theft and embezzlement from his position as Fish and Wildlife Director. That despite his sister, Bonita Morin writing him a permission slip to steal.

Joel Redfox managed to make an instant appointment to fill that position… with Clarence Morin, Andrew’s son. Keep it in the family? Millions of Federal Dollars go through that Department. Nice to see Andrew will still be close to it.

Don’t worry if Clarence steals equipment or vehicles. His auntie Bonita will write him a note to say it’s okay.
Time for Joel Redfox to go. Not sure how much more damage his actions and inactions the Tribe can afford.

Burning Questions

I hear that Bentley GreyBear abruptly resigned after being questioned by investigators regarding his horrific abuses of his wife, Melissa. He was then heard on the phone to her, detailing to her how he was going to beat and abuse her when he got home.

His fling with Baby’s Momma, Monique, all done with? What a man, Bentley. Beat up the wife, hospitalize her, but make sure you also abuse and abandon the mother of your child? Hard to be a mistress out there, eh Monique?

Considering how she and Melissa Merrick (Victims Assistant Director) protected Bentley by trashing the reports of spousal abuse by him, I’d think he’d show a little more appreciation.

His quitting abruptly (still looking to verify but appears to be true) means that he can’t cruise around in big bad police vehicles, picking up girls and raping them. He also can’t protect the child abusers/rapists in his own family. He needs that badge, gun and authority.

The other question is for Myra and Weenie Boy.

Myra proudly proclaimed last month that there was a $23Million surplus in ONE tribal account when she left office, and that it was emptied within 3 months of Weenie Boy taking office.

First: That $23Million was news to all those who had sought assistance for medical, fuel, and food and were told that the Tribe was broke, routinely during Myra’s term—so where did that money come from? What programs did she rob to get that cash?

Also, where did that money go?

So, Myra; where did that money come from?

Weenie Boy; where did that money go?

How many politicians, bureaucrats, judges and others got paid off? I’d love to see that list. I bet Timothy Purdon’s name is right at the top.

I can’t think of any good reason why Purdon ignored Thirteen Mandated Reports of Child Abuse, rape, endangerment, but a big fat chunk of cash would factor in to that equation, nicely. It would also explain why, despite multiple witnesses ppoint to Weenie Boy’s nephew as one of the killers of the DuBois Children, Purdon never allowed him to be investigated and the FBI agents on the scene, deliberately and actively destroyed evidence and ordered evidence to be destroyed.

I wonder if Judge Patrick Lee, who made so many bogus rulings in favor of Weenie Boy, got a chunk?
$23Million in missing cash could factor into all of that, and other bizarre and corrupt official actions the way no other explanation could.

Someone has a list. No one puts out that kind of cash outlay without holding onto something to guarantee mutual protection. No one. Not even Weenie Boy would let something that golden slip past him.

Imagine being in a suit, polishing political aspirations as high as one can go, and knowing that the keystone to all if it is the silence of the most corrupt, who essentially, own you? Bet someone is having trouble sleeping at night.
I’m sleeping just fine. Then again, no one has bought me off. My mistakes are honest and can be retracted. Not so some of the suits. Their discomfort? What’s that smell? Something burning? Delicious. I’m not letting this go.

You know where to find me.



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August 15, 2013
Save a Criminal
---Printer Version (3)

Most of us would think that once caught stealing thousands of dollars worth of equipment from the Tribe would lead a person to hide their head in shame. Not so Andrew Morin.

First he gets his sister, Bonita, to write him a letter saying he can do whatever he wants with the very expensive compressor, which he then pawned. That was the equivalent of robbing a corner store and then getting your sister to write you a permission slip saying you can do whatever you want and it’s ok.

It’s not okay. It’s theft, and he was rightly fired for it. But having no shame and feeling as if the Tribe owes him whatever he wants, Andrew and Bonita, along with Suna Guy (child rapist) and their unholy gang, are carrying around petitions to oust Mardell Lewis as “Incompetent” and Nancy Greene Robertson and not Enrolled or not legally enrolled.

This way, Andrew, and the Rat King he is in, hopes to regain position and power. And, in a short while, also that sweet caretaker’s estate at Sully’s Hill.

First off: “Incompetence” would require some sort of proof. There is no proof. When Moron first filed the Restraining Order on Mardell, Wanda White-Trottier (Wanda is incompetent, but that’s another day) and the Tribal Council entirely, Joel refused to allow the Tribal Attorney to intervene and defend Tribal Council, Mardell and WWT.

Also worth noting that after he filed that Restraining order, he kept trying to gain an appointment to talk to Mardell, who had to run him off because of the Restraining Order he essentially filed against his own interests.
Joel declared it a “Personal Matter” despite the fact that it was a Tribal Business Matter. Joel doesn’t know the difference? So, Mardell, single-handedly, wrote her own response to the Moron Restraining Order and got it dismissed.

Does that sound like “Incompetence” to anyone? It sounds highly competent, indeed!

As far as Nancy Green-Robertson goes, let’s look at Carl WalkingEagle who served endless terms and had not one drop of American Indian Blood in him. No one raised a petition on him for that. He was not legally enrolled, either. He was enrolled and he carries a card around saying he’s a full-blood, but he’s not. He’s adopted from a German family.

Nancy Green-Robertson is the only voice to 2nd any motion that Mardell puts forth at council. If they can’t get rid of Mardell because most people are too smart to sign a petition carried around by a Child Rapist or the man who steals from them, nor his sister who gives him permission slips: then the next best thing is to prevent anything Mardell proposes from being carried out.

There’s a lot of clean up to be done out there. Take a look at the mess Clarice Brownshield left in her wake: Her district is more than $80K in debt. This is because, like Duane Jackson and Joel and the rest of them, she used the District Allotment ($1200/mo) as a piggy bank for friends and family. She used the gas cards to buy votes and never filed them so they have never been paid.

People who received those gas cards never thought twice about voting for her. A few did, but most did not mind being bought off with their own money and allowing her to carry on robbing them, flying first class and casino hopping all over the country.

Now, Ft. Totten has nothing but debt and it will be 6 months, well past Christmas mind you, before they can start spending on things like Medical Travel, fuel, Emergency repairs, funerals, etc. And that’s if NOT ANOTHER DIME IS SPENT by the Fort’s District for at least Six months!

When you think about how you need this or that, or how there seems to be no money when you need it, remember how your money was spent by Clarice and her family and friends. Be sure to thank them as your pipes burst, your children go hungry, your Elders can’t get to their medical appointments and there are no meals for seniors. Be sure and thank Clarice.

I’m sure you will have more present and former Tribal Councilors to thank in the same way once more audits are done.

So, be sure, if you want the thieving to continue, and for you and your children to be robbed blind and your Elders to go without basic needs… be sure to sign those petitions going around. Make sure you make it so Mardell can’t get anything fixed. Make sure that the criminals get back into control.

And then make sure you write to me about how bad it is out there and how no one ever tries to make anything better. Go ahead. I dare you.

Carl WalkingEagle stole millions from the Tribe every month. He gambled it away, he put it into property in his name, and he bought businesses with it that are in his name only. Nancy is working with someone to fix things. Let’s not burn down the house to kill a spider, ok?

Also Give Thanks

St. Mike’s is now going to have to answer to an IRS complaint filed against it for violating the Church & State rule of Tax Exemptions. The Church cannot maintain a Tax Exempt Status if it actively engages in Politics.
Allowing political meetings to be held, with or without payment, in their basement is considered a violation of that rule.

When the Church property is being used to write up petitions and plan political strategies, the IRS can take away their exemption and they will have to file and pay taxes, including past years, if that violation is provable. Ooopsie. It is.

So, once again, let us list whom we thank for that one, shall we?

• Noreen

• Cap Cavenaugh

• Peggy Cavenaugh

• Bonita Morin

• Andrew Morin

• Gloria Green

I’m sure there are others to be thanked equally as much. But for now, we’ll stick with the most active rats.
Yes, they don’t care who or what they damage as they pursue their agenda of greed and corruption. Taking down a Church is nothing, they and their Rat Kings have been taking down an entire tribe, for decades.

So, when you see those petitions come to your door--- think about it. Mardell may just be the most competent person out there and she’s fixing things, making it more fair, and bringing light into those dark places. Some are very unhappy that she turned over rocks they were hiding under. That’s their problem.

If Nancy’s Enrollment status is an issue to you, put it on hold until there is more stability and more integrity on the Tribal Council. The same people carrying that petition around on her, for that reason, had no problems

whatsoever with Carl WalkingEagle and his lack of legality.

No Magic Wand

If there was one, I’d wave the magic wand over the tribe and everything would be fixed all at once and y’all could just carry on. But there isn’t. It’s a bumpy, uneven process of rock turning and light shining that is being opposed by the very corrupt that are being exposed. It’s going to take some time and a whole lot of support.

You know where to find me.



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August 14, 2013 ---Printer Version (7)
Rat King

A cluster of rats joined together at their tails, tangled together or because of caked on excrement. They travel together, even dragging their dead. They will fight each other, but they must stick together, mostly because of what they have in common: caked on shit from which none of them can break free.

It’s a real thing. Google it. The images are disgusting. I will not post them here.

I did a blog posting with that title long time ago. I thought it aptly described how nasty, vicious and intertwined the corruption on the rez is; not just within it’s own borders, but with everything those connected to the corruption touch.

Look more closely at the Rat King and you might see some faces you did not expect to see, involved, tangled up, permanently connected through mutual shit.

There might be a judge or two or six or seven or more. There will for sure be a USAG or 2 or three or more. Lots of FBI permanently connected. There are sheriffs, court workers, people who work at all levels of government.

If you look at it one way, it’s all one big cluster. But if you look at it another way, it’s a lot of clusters, all joined up. For instance: All those who actively ignored the Mandated and Urgent Reports from and about Spirit Lake Tribal Social Services and the abuses, rapes, corruption therein… all those faces can be attached to the Rat King.

So, as we examine different areas of blatant corruption, we are, in this blog, merely looking at a more in-depth, more detailed aspects of how those in positions and power, on the Rez, enjoy abusing both, and the people who have no choice but to put up with it.


I have been collecting material for over 15 years on some of the players out there. Some of it I can’t use for years simply because I need more to make it solid, or because other topics become more urgent or topical.

From the beginning, I have been aware of how the corruption out there forms, and how it is connected at all levels. I keep files that I go into from time to time, just to see if there are newer or stronger or more urgent connections requiring I paste it all into a blog. Then I find I have too much for just one blog, and I end up doing a series.

Awhile back, when I went after Cindy Lindquist, I wanted to stay on it, but there were other things that kept taking precedent, and I had to keep filing her file back into the box to wait another time.

Lately, all those emails sent long ago, and some more recently, are all coming into play.

By seeing where Cindy is connected to her particular cluster, her own Rat King if you will, she has now jumped to the top of the pile.

You see, it’s not enough to just see the corruption and the thieving that goes on out there. You have to realize that none of this would ever be tolerated if it was not supported by other rats, some local to the rez, others more distant but still able to skim a benefit or two from the whole process.

And now, all tangled up by their tails, they become visible as they stir in their discomfort.

Allow me to lay out the file on Cindy Lindquist. It intersects and connects with files on so many others, but here are the most predominant ones currently in play:

Natalie Hunts Along (Merrick) and Cindy Lindquist

But, isn’t it interesting that she was able to conceal her past offenses? Were there no valid background checks done before hiring someone into a key position in Court Administration? Or did she somehow, perhaps with the help of someone else in her tiny Rat King, erase her record or mask it with bogus information?

You see? It’s hard to look at a Rat King and not see more and more shit. The trick is to say focused on the high points so you don’t get lost in the cluster.

Cindy doesn’t do anything because it is a stalemate between them, Natalie is gone from Little Hoop so Cindy happy and she won't push the federal travel dollars owed because Natalie knows so much on Cindy.

Cindy brings down Natalie on criminal charges, Natalie can do the same or worse to her.

Bonita Morin and Cindy Lindquist

She was the Director of Wiconi Ohitika (Suicide Prevention). She had a donation scam running where funds came directly to her home address and were never seen in the program.

This is how Rats work. A Suicide Prevention Program being embezzled on by a scammer. This is perhaps one of the greatest reasons suicides are so high on the rez; people like Bonita using tragic circumstances to run a scam on donors. It takes a special kind of person to do that. Someone that fits neatly into the Rat King where you find Cindy, Chelly, and Natalie.

There were good people on staff and they found out. Bonita was let go eventually, however she escaped any charges because CIndy would not allow it to go that far. Why? Because they are friends? Or because they have so much mutual shit caked up holding them together?

Bonita and Cindy are first cousins, so Bonita got off from federal charges, because Cindy protected her. Family, as they say, commits crimes together.

It was Bonita’s letter giving permission to her brother, Andrew Morin, to steal major, expensive equipment from the tribe that triggered most of this. Finding out Bonita’s trail of programs and people she was involved with is what led me directly to Cindy’s file, once again.

And what did I find in there? Emails from over the years. Cindy has made a lot of enemies, even in her own undulating Rat King. I’m sure that some of them have kissed and made up by now, but too bad. Others, I know, have held their grudges, especially those who were abused by her and her Rat King Cronies, and I’m sure there will be fresh meat in the inbox when I get back.

Frankly, I have more emails than I can use… so expect there will be many future episodes of Cindy.


Cindy was well on her way to taking the Heritage Log Cabin building as her own, and having the tribe also pay to have it renovated into a home for her, when it got out (*Blogger Curtsies*) what she was up to. (Oh *Snap!)

Cindy did a whole filming, brought in guest speakers for the honoring of her mother. However it was billed to the tribe as an honoring of all the Elders. The other elders that are honored just get a meal and blanket. No close up, no video unless they were applauding her mother being honored.

Gloria Jetty is another piece of work. But for now, she’s way down my list unless she does something spectacularly stupid.

I’m running out of room here and there is much more to catch you all up on.

Another Murder

Hernando K Jerome was found burnt to death in a car on the rez last month. He was 32 years old. I know, let’s call it a ‘freak accident’, so no one has to look any closer, shall we? The rez is famous for ‘freak accidents’ that seem to conveniently solve someone else’s problem.

Fire & Ambulance

We’ve already discussed in detail (as much as I’m willing to go) about Cheryl Ironhawk, the Ambulance driver not responding to calls in a timely manner or sometimes at all, because she’s too busy having sex with her co-worker(s) and or their friends in the garage.

Peggy Cavenaugh, often told about this, always acts surprised as if you’re the first to mention it to her. Cheryl is a member of the Turdclan, Lemon Longie’s kid, so no one can fire her.

Peggy went on this big mission to ‘investigate’ the charges, and even told several people that having sex on the job was cause for immediate termination… but not so much with Cheryl. Her solution to the sex problem is to make sure there are TWO males on duty with Cheryl. I guess that way one of them can drive while the other is ‘drilling’?

So, it’s costing you more but you are absolutely getting less. That’s how Cavenaugh’s little Rat King runs those critical services: Clinic, Health Center, Ambulance, etc.

Now, from a posting on FB under the Voice - Spirit Lake:

The Internal Auditor (intern, majoring in accounting at UND) for the tribe performed an audit on the spirit lake fire department.

There were findings of corruption, fraud and embezzlement on behalf [part] of the director, Vincent Littleghost, and the administrative assistant, Jennifer Black. There were also findings of drug usage in the fire trucks by some firefighters and the director and administrative assistant have also know about it.

There is an employee who has a DUI, one that has stolen from the fire department before and was fired but is now working there, and one employee has been charged with assault of a minor.

To retaliate towards the internal auditor, the director and the administrator decided to lay off the internal auditor’s fiancé who is the only certified structure firefighter and had no part in any wrongdoing.

That’s why they couldn’t fire him because they had nothing on him.

The only thing they could do was lay him off without cause.

The audit came out on Friday and he was laid off on Monday. “

So, there you have it. Little Rat Kings all over the place. Stealing money, equipment, having sex on the job, embezzling, and retaliating against anyone that reports wrongdoing or tries to fix it.

Joel Redfox needs to call a meeting to fix this situation, but as per usual, when the tribe is in any kind of crisis or distress, the best buddy to Weenie Boy and his best buddies are all ‘traveling’… spending the Tribe’s money, lavishly on themselves.

You need a real Tribal Council. Start that process and find good replacements. People with integrity and stand by them.

You have seen the crap Mardell Lewis has had to endure as she works at the job of setting the Tribe back on it’s feet. Don’t let anyone have to stand alone in this mess. They will be battling Rat Kings.


I am a little surprised that some Padres, from the pulpit, instead of denouncing the corruption and supporting those who are working to clean it up, both on the scene and behind the scenes, instead choose to condemn those efforts as ‘troublemakers’ and one even saying that Satan was behind the unrest.

They want it to go quietly back to where it was before. No one looking. No one doing anything to stop the Evil that has oppressed the Good People of Spirit Lake Nation for decades.

I would dare to say that, if that was heard correctly, some Priests and Preachers are feeling more sorry for the corrupt, and condemning the efforts of both warriors and messengers.

I may have to look into that a little more closely. I’d like to see whose friends with who between Church and Corrupt, if you know what I mean.


There are meetings being held in the basement of St. Mike’s Church. So far, maybe 9 or so meetings. Who goes?

Marianne (Peggy's mom)
Cap Cavenaugh
AND Bonita

They want to get rid of Good People and they want to put Weenie Boy back in charge of everything. They’re trying to figure out how to erase information. Cover their tracks.

How long before they no longer trust each other? Who will figure it out first?

Does Father Brian Moen know that they are using the church for meetings and not paying for it? He’s been on vacation for about 2 weeks, and Cap Cavenaugh has the keys.

That group not allowed to have free run of the Blue Building like in the good ol’ days, eh?
Seems so weird to be holding meetings in a Church Basement while planning how to protect the corrupt.

What an odd place for Greed & Evil to be consorting. A Church Basement.


I’ve dropped a few names in here that I would love to learn more about:

Tell me more about Vincent Littleghost and Jennifer Black. Is she related to Iris Black? The one who ran down the little boy crossing the street while she was crushing an Oxy and driving way too fast? The one whose daddy is a cop and also worked Security at the Casino?

Tell me more about Chelly Veer. She seems to have a sweet deal. Is the Tribe also paying her to house sit when Cindy is out of town?

Why is Cindy being paid to drive ALL THE WAY from Devils Lake to work?

Why does Cindy call the Board “My Board”? Why, regardless of how abusive and wrong she is, does that Board always vote on her side? What are their names?

Anyone have any clue as to how many “Permission” Letters Bonita gave to her brother and how much property is missing because of it?

For the Good People of Spirit Lake, I say, stand behind your Messengers and your warriors. Don’t tolerate retaliation against the auditor that uncovered corruption and abuse. Unless of course, you prefer corruption and abuse to run your tribe.

Respect starts with courage. Corruption starts with a wink and a nod.

I’m not expecting perfection, or even perfect people. I am expecting people to come together to throw out the Greedy and Corrupt and find among yourselves, decent people with integrity to replace them.

You know where to find me.


[Correction: Chelly Veer's name was incorrectly spelled: "Shelly". ]


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August 12, 2012
Open To The Public
--- Printer Version (6)

Paul Hutchinson goes up before the Review Board to respond to complaints filed about how corrupt and incompetent he has been as the Director of Tribal Social Services. Some of the stunts he has pulled, mainly his falsifying reports and his putting children into dangerous situations (after first removing them from safety) may mean he loses his license, and preferably, loses his credentials all together.

He is the one that directed that Baby Laurynn and her twin sister be removed from a safe and nurturing home, where they had been brought back to vitality and good health after their birth mother had neglected them to the point where they needed to be hospitalized before they could be placed. You remember Baby Laurynn, right? Paul Hutchinson is the one that placed her in the home where a woman had a history of child neglect and abuse and had her own children taken away from her. She murdered Baby Laurynn and badly neglected and abused her twin sister.

She’s not being charged with murder, because it was only an Indian Baby, and besides, given that Timothy Purdon could be held as an accessory before the fact due to his deliberately ignoring and mishandling all 13 Mandated reports prior to her murder, which explicitly addressed children being taken from safe homes, placed into unsafe homes… well, a reduced charge will keep Purdon from being named as co-defendant.

I digress. Paul Hutchinson made many such placements. Children are being abused, neglected and raped because of his unwillingness to perform his obligations to protect children and to make mandated reports--- and to act on mandated reports he is presented with.

Don’t worry, there is plenty of evidence against him. Anyone that has a concern about, or has had a conflict with Paul Hutchinson is urged to attend the Public Hearing:

It’s   August 19th, 8:30 AM, Bismarck Comfort Suites, Big Conference Room (It will be marked).

I know that it is a 4 hour drive and most of you will not be able to attend because of time and money constraints, but I urge those of you who can get there, to absolutely do so. Best bet is to overnight in Bismarck so you don’t have to drive 4 hrs in the dark. I am hoping that the general public, as well as the few Tribal members who can afford the trip and stay over, will attend. The Children being horribly abused in Spirit Lake need for you to look at one of the people directly responsible.


The former Director of Tribal Social Services managed to get his domestic assault case in court, with a jury of idiots, reduced to ‘theft of a phone’. The jury completely ignored the police reports and the photographic evidence, and the statements by the police and by her son who witnessed the abuse. Theft of a phone. A-effing-mazing.

The Moron Siblings

Andrew Morin, who was fired for theft, but then produced a note from his sister saying he had permission to steal the generator, is going door-to-door with his petition to both oust Mardell Lewis, and to get his old job back.
Many are refusing to sign his petition. I guess he should bring a note from his sister saying he has permission to get his job back?

His sister, Bonita, had at the time of his firing, been working on getting rid of the current Sully’s Hill caretaker. For those who don’t know, Sully’s Hill is a beautiful park where the buffalo roam free and are protected.

There’s also a sweet caretaker’s home there that Andrew Morin has his eye on.

Andrew used to live on SLN, but after his sudden divorce from Brenda last year (it was her home) and his new marriage to wife Debbie (is this your third? Fourth? I can’t keep track of his marriages and affairs), he moved to Fargo.

He’s been driving the company truck back and forth, every day, to work. Sweet! Doesn’t have to buy his own car, pay insurance or gas! The Tribe pays it all! Now, he really wants that caretaker cabin in Sully’s Hill. So, if you don’t think the Moron Siblings have stolen enough from the tribe, go ahead and sign their petitions.


Overpaid Underworked Ciny LinquistA few years back, I did a posting on Cindy Lindquist. She was hired over a much higher qualified applicant, to the post of President of CCCC also known as Little Hoop Community College. (Cankdeska Cikana Community College).

She wanted the sign on bonus that would have gone to the other applicant, as well. It was approximately a $6-7K moving allowance as he was from another State. She “settled” instead for the college, on top of her salary, also paying her rent and other expenses. It comes out to waaaay more than $7K/year. I’ll break it down for you in a bit.

At the time of the previous posting, a community heritage center had just been built. An amazingly beautiful log structure that was supposed to serve as a cultural center for the tribe.

Cindy, with Myra’s help (Myra was such a crooked Tribal Chair, but she knew also how to construct and maintain a solid web of corruption around her) had plans to have that structure remodeled (it was brand spanking new, mind you) into a home for the President of the College (that would be Cindy) and moved to another location more suitable as an estate?

That, of course, would leave people without the cultural center and the Federal Government would once again, been duped into creating luxury for one person at the expense of all others. (Gee, why does this keep happening?)

Apparently, the blog messed up her plans. She was furious. That’s when she got the free rent expenses.
I suppose the $120K per year that she makes as the President of a community college with approximately 250 students, was not enough for her to pay her own way in this world? By the way, she is the highest paid person in that position in the State and probably in the region and she has the fewest enrolled to be responsible for. The Superintendent of Public Schools in Devils Lake, with 1500 students and their president makes far less in annual salary and has to pay his own home & utility expenses.

Cindy has been free-riding on the backs of the Tribe for far too long. Myra gave her that salary, and those perks. Her benefits package is a whopping 35% of her annual salary. Keep counting. We are adding up to about $400-500K per year just on the Cindy Gravy Train. She’s paid even more than the Tribal Councilors, and that is shocking. Well, the corrupt ones steal a lot so we can do that math when the reports come in. Just the same, kids, that’s outrageous!

She also gets the paid travel and she travels 4-5 days a week so, who knows? Anyone seen any itemized expense reports? My money is on “they don’t exist”. Remember, this is a Myra Crony. Nothing but the best for the worst and nothing for the rest of you.

I’m really curious about those Bank Statements Myra was throwing around at that meeting where she proved that there was $23 MILLION as balance in one account for the Tribe when she left office, and 3 months after Weenie Boy got in, it was emptied.

I believe her. I believe he stole at least $50Million from the tribe, most likely lots more. But, I do recall Myra telling Elders that they could not be transported to their medical appointments because the Tribe was Broke. There was no fuel for the elders or the poor with freezing children and busting pipes because the Tribe was Broke.

I remember how she accidentally revealed to the tribe, while stating they were broke, that she had put $9 Million of the Tribe’s funds into Ronin (and she was also on the Board of Ronin, along with WalkingEagle and a few of their thieving pals).

So, where did that $23 Million ‘surplus’ she was bragging about and rubbing Weenie Boy’s nose in, come from? Any guesses?

So, maybe it is time for Ms. Lindquist to go. Her salary and benefits package need to be looked into and methinks that without itemized expense statements, she should be forced to pay back to the tribe, at least half of what she has stolen.

Cleaning House

Mardell Lewis continues to do her job. So far, she is the first and only Tribal Councilor I have seen that actually works to make things better for the whole tribe, and especially within her district.

I am hearing that there are non-stop threats many phoned in on blinded numbers because people who threaten the lives of other people are so brave they don’t want you to know who they are. We know what they are: Cowards.

The slow drive-bys of her home are also supposed to be intimidating to her and her family. I’m sure all of this is having an impact on her, but she carries on, just the same.

If you want to keep good leadership, especially the likes of Mrs. Lewis, who is the only one attempting to clean house of corruption, waste, fraud and abuse, I would think you need to do at least 2 things: One, show your support for her and stand with her. Attend meetings and make your voice of support heard. Two, find more as qualified as she is, who also have integrity like she does, and get them to run for office and support them.
Report any suspicious activities around her home, whether she is there or not, to her. If you know of anyone making threats, tell her who it is and what they are saying. Name names. This corruption has thrived for decades because no one wants to speak out and tell the truth, the WHOLE TRUTH. Don’t protect the cowards.

Don’t sit idly by and see what and how much she can do for you before she gets knocked down. Get in there and help! This isn’t a show, this is your life and your community.

This is the first bright spot to emerge from that snake pit in all the years I have been blogging it. You want good news? Make it happen!

You know where to find me.



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August 7, 2013
--- Printer Version (3)

For some reason, Joel Redfox does not want to do his job. He refuses to call meetings that need to be called to get Tribal Business done. I think he’s hoping that Roger will be able to just step back in and the Gravy Train for him and his pals will start rolling again.

There was the matter of the Restraining Order filed against the Tribal Council, and others, by Andrew Morin, who, ironically, while he had that TRO in place, was trying to make appointments with Tribal Council Members to address his issues. SMH (Shaking my head). Is he that stupid? (Dumb Question).

Mardell Lewis is apparently the first educated Tribal Councilor the obstructionists have ever run into. She used her education and training and wrote her own legal response, quoting the Tribal Constitution and bylaws and whatever else was needed, to get the Restraining Order thrown out.

Also, without Joel Redfox’s participation, she managed to get Noreen Cavenaugh fired for insubordination/Mutiny against Tribal Council given that she only wants to do what she wants to do, violating both Direct Orders and protocol.

Noreen will be looked into further for questionable practices connected to Clarence Green and Peggy Cavanaugh for contracting fraud etc...KLJ and Wally Johnson are also somehow connected to Clarence in a way that could bring down even more poop from the sky, if you know what I mean.

Piggy Cavenaugh has failed repeatedly to do her job. She keeps Cheryl Ironhawk (a member of the Turdclan) as an Ambulance driver, even though she has no EMT training whatsoever, often doesn’t show up for calls or is half an hour & longer to get to a call that should take no more than 7 minutes. The reason for that is because Cheryl Ironhawk is screwing the men she’s on shift with.

Many’s the time when people have reported seeing her and one (or more) of the men coming out of the bunk room, pulling up their pants & panties. She has been reported numerous times, but yet, Peggy Cavenaugh does nothing about it. Turdclan cannot be fired by Turdclan. Neopotism that can cost someone their life. In fact, it probably already has.

Piggy Cavenaugh did nothing for years about the rapist that was working the EMT Shift. He raped a few of his co-workers and Peggy just told them to find another line of work if they ‘didn’t like it.’ Expect rape.
But, I digress. Peggy’s program and her spending will all be looked into and much bigger crimes than Cheryl Ironhawk will be uncovered.

I wonder how much funding flowed from Noreen Cavenaugh’s program directly into Piggy’s paws? We’ll just have to wait and see.

And since Joel seems not to have any time to conduct meetings and Tribal Business, but seems to have plenty of time and unofficial meetings to support Weenie Boy; and since Mardell got the legal matter all straightened up without him, it really appears that Joel is not needed in any capacity on Tribal Council. What say we petition him off? All he is doing is sabotaging or trying to, whatever progress and housecleaning is being done. He clearly does not have the Tribe’s best interests at heart.

Joel and his family are running a petition around to get Noreen back her job. I guess they need to keep as many of the corrupt in key places as possible. Here, sign this petition to get a woman back into a job where she siphoned money off to her family and where she only helped her friends get cash for alcohol, drugs, gambling…. Yeah, put your name on that one!

Joel trying to save Noreen. Joel & Natalie Hunts Along using corruption and influence to enrich themselves and their cronies, how long before Joel is brought down and with him, Natalie and with her, everyone whom she is connected with?

This is going far beyond the rez, my friends.

The Turdclan is still running the Casino, but they are like zombies over there. Not just from the drugs, but from the forensic auditors looking into things. Yes, no one ever counted on being caught, now did they. (Not a question).

If just ONE Educated, courageous Tribal Councilor with the Integrity factor can do this much in such a short time, can you imagine how much better things will be for the tribe if you had 2 or 3 more?
Support the one you have for all you’re worth. She’s working to make it better, more fair, more healthy and helpful to everyone out there.

And start coming together to oust the rest of the corrupt and replace them with more like Mardell. And then stay on them to be sure they are not being seduced by wealth and power.

I think it’s doable. Don’t you? You’ve seen the difference ONE can make. Be ONE yourself. Make SLN a place of Pride and Progress.

You know where to find me.


Newsflash: Just as I was going to post this, I heard that there was a police chase and a rollover on the rez. A man and a woman. The woman was taken by ambulance, which got there in TWO MINUTES (Because there was an EMT Training Course going on so Cheryl had no choice but to keep her clothes on and do her job). The man ran off into the woods. Fill me in when you get details.


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*August 6, 2013
Birds of a Feather
  ---Printer Version (4)

I’m getting flack from one reader who thinks because he likes some of the Smith family, doesn’t especially like others, that I am being unfair.

Let me be clear: The Smith family has in it: a Rape Crew that has never been charged even though the 3rd party to that gang rape of a 17-yr old girl, whom they tied to a chair, and raped for hours, was charged and is doing prison time. They have a (now) adult who, as a teenager was drunk most of the time, and who hit and run down an old man on the road, and never faced charges even though he was caught at the Marina or his grandmother’s (doesn’t matter which) washing the blood and hair off his truck; They have Darrel who lives with Noreen Cavenaugh and she’s on the Township Board, put there by drug dealer, sex offender Joel Redfox, and she pretty much gives the Smith family anything they want as far as land deals, right-of-way, etc, at the expense of other farmers and ranchers in the area. They have also the member of the family that was (and is again) the Athletic Director for Four Winds who cheated at Basketball games and got caught with at least one ineligible player, and that resulted in the team losing that trophy and being banned. No one else applied for the job after he was let go for disgracing the team and the school, so they hired him back. Sweet, eh? Gets to be a ‘sports hero’ with no standards whatsoever.

Drugs are everywhere in that family Tree. Yet, no charges? They can run the Township like a personal gang, but this one person thinks that the members of that family, all whom share a family stake in their ranches, is not a criminal. They are all part of a criminal enterprise, so they are all criminals. They all protect from any legal consequences, the Hit Run Driver, the rape crew… that does not make them “good people”, that makes them a criminal family. They all benefit mutually from the shady connections regardless of their direct personal participation in the crimes themselves.

You don’t like it? Tough. They are all in the same toilet, they all stink of it. You cannot separate one or two out and say they are clean when they also benefit, and they also cover up or protect the criminals. They also cheer on the coach who cheats. Really high moral standards in that family.

There’s a big difference between “Not being perfect” and having a family that engages in or protects criminals from investigation or prosecution, as well as using a person with a major conflict of interest to further their land benefits at the cost of those around them. They are criminals and they are bullies. But I bet those trophies look great at the big barbeques.

*Permission To Steal From The Tribe

Give me a break! Andrew Morin was fired for stealing and pawning a very expensive generator. His wife sister, Bonita Morin,, to get him out of the jam, has issued a letter that appears to be back-dated to 2012, but she talks about the Generator being given to him (past tense) to do with as he pleased.

She doesn’t have the authority to give away Tribal Equipment to members of her family or anyone else, for that matter. So, I say she should be indicted too. And lets say this letter was not ‘back-dated’. Let’s say she wrote it back in 2012. What other equipment has she given away and to whom? I think her whole history of employment with the Tribe should be explored. Investigate her as an accomplice to embezzlement, theft of property. Or, for creating false documents. All of those are chargeable offenses.

To beat that, Andrew Morin took out a restraining order on the Tribal Council to “prevent harm” from the Tribal Council. I’ll wait until you stop laughing. Perhaps everyone should take out bs restraining orders like that, eh?

I hear he barged into Mardell’s office with Bonita his wife, Debbie and a camera to film her while she was working, without her permission. So, where did the camera come from? Which department was that stolen from? Since when are Andrew Morin and his sidekick documentary film makers?

He goes off trying to harass a member of the Tribal Council but takes out a restraining order on the Tribal Council? Is this insanity making your head spin? It is mine.

For too long, the Turdclan and their relatives (an Morin is a relative by marriage) have just taken whatever they wanted, stolen, hocked, or kept for their own personal use, at great expense to the tribe.

Putting a stop to theft and the unqualified felons holding down positions on the board, has been the trigger for some of the most bizarre behavior on the part of those who never thought the gravy train would come to an end.
It’s all about families. It’s all about corruption in families. It affects everyone. On and off the rez. Those who use the corruption of the rez to further their own criminal immunity from consequences, are no better than those on the rez who rob the tribe blind.

Denial Is a River

You don’t like it? Pick better friends.

I’m not asking for anyone to be ‘perfect’. I’m asking for integrity and honesty. Don’t give me a line of crap about how one turd stinks less than the others. They don’t.

Don’t pretzel yourself trying to overlook the obvious in order to maintain a state of denial. Nothing gets fixed. Nothing gets better if we don’t take a good hard honest look at who these people really are. Pretending that those who benefit from criminal behavior in their own family are not as guilty, because they are. You cannot benefit from stink without getting stink all over you. Hold your nose and close your eyes, but don’t try to sell it to me. I’m not buying.

Denial is a river that will drown an entire community. Everyone gets tangled up when corruption is not challenged and the corrupt are not held accountable.


Some crimes are small. Some crimes are horrendous.

The enduring criminal enterprise that is at the core of Evil in Spirit Lake Nation, where babies are raped, murdered, stolen sold; where children are accused of enticing their rapists; where the Elderly and the disabled are told there is not enough money for them to have transportation to care or doctor’s visits; where violence is so common some houses don’t have walls that don’t have holes; and where there is rot and sickness, addiction and abuse while Tribal Councilors and Chairman go casino hopping, spending millions of Tribal dollars--- none of that could exist and thrive the way it has without being surrounded by ‘lesser’ criminals and allowing lesser crimes to go without accounting, a wink and a nod.

People have tried to go through channels for decades and been stymied by corrupt elected officials at all levels; corrupt police on and off the rez; corrupted Judges and Corrupt USAGs who use their office for personal gain and political climbing, and who use the corrupt FBI as enforcer thugs.

People have made these issues known for decades and been shut down by corruption large and small in all directions. It’s a web of corruption and these smaller “lesser” types of crime, are part of that whole web. They all know each other, and you all know many if not most of them.

Do you close your eyes and believe their lies? That all this talk of ‘corruption’ is just rumors and jealousy? Or do you figure out that all that core of evil on the rez has a vigorous support system? It could not thrive, it would not have gotten this bad, without help. Lots and lots of help from people who think that the criminals they know are not so bad,that crimes committed by those they know, are not the ‘bad ones’.

So what if their kid gets away with drunk hit and run driving? So what if their brothers are part of a rape crew? So what if they have unfair influence over how the land is used? So what if he’s a cheating coach who disgraced the school and cost them the championship? So what if he stole a very expensive generator? It’s not like they are hurting anyone, is it?

These ‘lesser’ criminals cannot do it without your approval or denial. The corrupt who rape and murder children, manufacture and sell drugs, create the violence and abuse, could not do it without their help.

We are all connected. We are all responsible. Denial helps nothing get better. Avoiding the ‘bad guys’ but hanging out with their immediate family members, kind of makes you one of them, in a way. If you are comfortable with that, fine. A better person would not be.

Some are Evil Criminals and their crimes sicken us. Others are lesser criminals, and they get away with it, too. It’s all a matter of degrees. Some people don’t even feel it as they are getting closer and closer to the fire. And then, when they get burned, they are stunned, shocked.

Meanwhile, they don’t want to hear about it.


I’m not looking for perfection. I won’t find it and I don’t have it to offer anyone in return. I’m asking for people to respect integrity and to allow fairness by not standing by and supporting the corrupt at any level, to any degree.
Just because it’s gone on for decades doesn’t mean it can’t be stopped. But stopping it starts with us. It’s not okay. Not even a little bit. It leads to only worse because that’s how things grow. Get away with a little, get away with a little be more. Then more, and more and more… and pretty soon, you’re taking money to look the other way, not do your job; or your stealing equipment and cashing it in, because ‘everyone else is doing worse things’.
Then one day, children are murdered and you’re the FBI agent destroying evidence that leads to the family that owns you, and you’re the USAG ignoring the 13 Mandated Reports of horrific child abuse.

Nothing gets better until we make it get better. Do you stop corruption while it is small? Or do you ignore it and wait until, you know… ?

I have never seen anyone step into Tribal Council and immediately start tackling corruption until Mardell Lewis showed up. I’m hoping it inspires more people to stand up and speak out. I’m hoping those who have been praying for relief from the oppressive Evil that has sickened that tribe for decades, sees that she is the answer and they do their part and stand by her.

Prayers, I am told, are always answered by showing us what we must do, not by what is done for us while we do nothing.

We are ALL Related. This is ours to do. All of us, together, and individually, in ways large and small. Sometimes it will require that we re evaluate our definition of ‘friends’ and whom we consider to be our friends.

You know where to find me.


[Correction 08-07-13: Bonita Morin is Andrew Morin’s sister. Incorrectly stated that it was his wife. Also, it was Andrew and his wife, Debbie, who filmed Mardell like documentarians. Still, would like to know where they stole that camera from]



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August 5, 2013
Taking a Stand, Making a Difference
--- Printer Version (7)

Mardell Lewis is apparently turning over a lot of rocks and what crawls out from under them, forced into the sunlight, is not happy.

Joel Redfox has tried every way he can to not do his job. He wants to stall the installation of the judges so that the Tribe will have no legal standing, and recent decisions can then again be thrown out on some technicality and the corrupt can again install judges like June Gourd who hangs on her wall a certification for completing a 3 or 6 month course on how to work in an office. She had her ‘credentials’ (a high school diploma, and that other one) framed on her wall as if people would be impressed by her ‘education’. Well, only if they never look, right?

Mardell is highly educated and not afraid to do the right thing, despite the threats and attempts at intimidation.

They’ve tried slandering and smearing her with lies and gossip, and that has not worked. They’ve lied about her ‘sleeping around’, made more laughable by the fact that they tried to tie that to Roger and Joel; and they’ve lied about her home and how she got it and paid for it. Mardell always brings the facts in, and that makes the Turdlings look like the vicious morons they are.

Noreen Cavenaugh got caught on working hours, using Tribal Office materials, files, and equipment, making copies for Weenie Boy to use as he pleased. She also along with her relative, Peggy Cavenaugh, illegally called a meeting to support the ousted Turd. So, she got fired for insubordination and corruption.

She does not want to follow the laws or the rules. None of the Turdclan ever thinks the laws and rules apply to them or their friends. After all, they have gotten away with murders and rapes, even bragging about it, for decades.

Noreen Cavenaugh, along with other crooks, drug addicts and offenders, is also on the Law & Order Committee, which is a made up committee that Noreen thinks can, without anyone being elected to it, run the tribe for their own personal gain and protection. That L & O committee has to go. Not one person on that committee has any law degrees or legal expertise. They only have a list of friends, and enemies and people they can get money out of through blackmail and extortion.

Which leads me to think that maybe some of those files that Noreen was copying were confidential files, on some patients at the clinic where Piggy Works, that they can blackmail into doing what they want in order to stop the clean up that is being brought in by Mardell Lewis.

Whatever it was, Noreen had no business in those files nor copying them and handing them over to the ousted Weenie Boy who was not even, by Restraining Order, allowed in the building. It’s not like she didn’t know.
Getting fired was a shock to her.

I bet it was a shock to Darren WalkingEagle as well. His job was a made up job that essentially ran the Tribal Chairman’s Office leaving Weenie Boy time to go out and drink and rape, rob and slobber. Darren is the one who can read and write.

Unfortunately for him, his job description required him to do his job. He wasn’t doing it, so Mardell Lewis had him fired.

You know, no big fat cat salary? How much money has she saved the tribe already? Tons!

Andrew Morin was shocked that his pawning of Tribal Equipment and keeping the money for himself, finally got his ass kicked to the curb. It was just common practice for him, and the others, to steal from the tribe. He is, by the way, related by marriage to both the Yanktons and WalkingEagles. No one ever touched any of them. And when they did get caught, the pissy wrist smack ‘penalties’ handed down by the weakest judges in the State, were laughable. This was going to be just one of those things?

Remember: After Justin Yankton got caught stealing fuel from the poor? Thousands of dollars worth of fuel? The judge gave him like a $100 fine or something ridiculous and then the Tribal Council, with Joel taking the lead, voted to give him ‘back wages’ for being fired for over a year?

And then Roger gave his brother, James back pay for over a year, and back pay on vacation, sick time and whatever else he could think of when James, the pillhead he is, could not pass a legit drug test?
Is Andrew expecting the same thing?

Joel Redfox, sex offender, embezzler, gave his g/f, Natalie Hunts Along a $35K Tribal loan to start her hair salon business. She got a brand new car and so did he. That was right around the time they also had the tribe give them a loan for the house he had custom built in Ross Acres. $140-180K total on that one.

Joel then immediately had the loan to Natalie, ‘forgiven’ so that she would never have to pay back a dime. No, the ‘salon’ never took off. It was just a vehicle for them to steal money from the tribe. She’d actually have to show up to run a business and we know she does not do that.

Then Joel came up with that ‘Conveyance’ scheme to just sign over all the houses to the people living in them to ‘save the tribe’ money… but really, it was just so he could have his house built for free and just handed over to him.

What is really weird about Joel is that we know he is a sex offender. There is a court case where he pleaded guilty. Natalie Hunts Along was also the Court Administrator and somehow, Joel never had to register as a sex offender.

I’m beginning to wonder if she had anything to do with Mark Little Owl’s convictions being erased as ‘clerical errors’ recently. If anyone knows, let me know. It doesn’t matter about Mark now because no sooner was his record erased than he did it again. Assaulting his girlfriend and in front of her son.

What’s In A Number

There was something strangely familiar about the number of signatures required on the petition to oust Weenie Boy. It seemed very high to me. I remember back to when Myra used to have petitions on her thrown out for not having enough signatures… and it turns out she was not basing the number on actual enrollment, but on total number of residents, in Ft. Totten, many of whom were not American Indians, but just non-Indians who own or rent property there (used by the census to calculate residents, not how many are enrolled)… and how many would be adults based on how many worked at SMC (which hires more non AI than AI) and essentially was just a very high number, pulled straight out of her butt.

Then again, the enrollment could have boomed in the intervening years. But it turns out, once again, the magic 540 number arrived at was based on a total population number of 2700 that Darren WalkingEagle had just pulled right out of his ass. The real number is more like 1800, so the total required is around 350, which, even if you allow Weenie Boy and his puppets to throw out the additional 100 signatures as they wanted (which were all legit signatures, btw), there were still more than enough to make that petition stick.

Good Bye Darren WalkingEagle, fired for incompetence and corruption.

Joel Redfox, the Vice Chair of the Tribe, had the correct numbers and he chose instead to go with the over inflated numbers to make it even more difficult. He needs to be petitioned out or at least investigated for corruption at this point. Now that you know the true numbers, getting his butt thrown out won’t be hard. Woodlake is a very small District. Mostly his family, but my guess is that many of them are going to be in jail soon enough anyways.

Joel has never really quit his drug dealing ways either. He must be getting really nervous now if those guys doing the flagging on the road construction jobs, pushing his product to the traffic they stop, ever get caught. Suna or latah, they will be. People are looking, seeing and speaking up.

People were duped in the past because previous petitions also had more than enough signatures on them. Puppet Judge Patrick Lee should never be allowed to rule on another tribal case, forever. In fact, I’d like to see his investment and real estate portfolios. Know what I mean?

Duane Jackson also knew better and he, as well as Joel Redfox, conspired to protect the corrupt Weenie Boy, by illegally throwing out valid petitions.

You might want to call Joel Redfox and ask him a few questions. You know, get ‘his side’ of this story. His cell is: cell 701-381-1069.

Lorna DuBois WallkingEagle lied under oath about the signatures. She is corrupt. She must resign. Actually, I’d like to see them all be criminally investigated. Give me her cell phone and I’ll post it here.

Lorna was an officer on the Election Committee and she did nothing to correct any of this. If she tries to claim she didn’t know, then she is admitting she is incompetent to do her job and always has been. It’s her JOB to know the number of eligible enrolled members.


The Law & Order Committee has, for too long, subverted any good policing in the community. They decide who gets charges filed against them for what crimes, and who has the charges against them dropped and the paperwork disappeared.

They have no legitimate voice to speak with, but they have prevented arrests, and prevented Justice and left the Tribe in disarray for too long.

Why so many felons on the Committee? Because they can because the BIA never did anything to stop it. Not even when people complained. Not even when child rapes were being reported and ignored.

They are all either drug addicts, rapists, child rapists, murderers, drug dealers, felons, etc. Most are a combination of all of the above.

Vern Lambert was removed from the Law & Order club because he is a felon. He’s strutted around like he owned the place and everyone in it for far too long. He’s tried to switch sides a few times when he saw the walls closing in on him, but no one is buying it.

When an Elder woman walked into the offices and saw Weenie Boy there and asked what he was doing there, because he had been ousted, he yelled at her that he was going to take her house away! Bullying is all he knows. It’s all any of them know. Bullying and Abuse.

But all that is changing now. Change is not just ‘on the way’ but in progress.

None of this would have gotten started, much less this far, if not for Mardell Lewis. I’m telling you, Good People of Spirit Lake, she is someone you can all be proud of. She represents the Good People in the best possible way. I know of many tribes that would love to have her in their Tribal Council, or even as their Chairman, to clean up their messes.

You want good news for the Tribe? She’s it. She’s the courage, the intelligence and the integrity that make for good news. It’s the way she is bringing back fairness and fair play. Something the Tribe has not seen in three generations.

If you want a reason to be proud of your community, look at Mardell and the Good People working with her to get this done. She cannot do this by herself. She needs all of you to stand up for yourselves and to stand with her, and make the community whole again.

The Unknown Number

Over the years, Roddy Cavenaugh illegally made land deals (among other crimes) that benefited himself, his family or their friends and political allies. Given that some of these land deals are worth millions of dollars, it’s anyone’s guess how many were made and how much was stolen both from the tribe, and from the US Government (that’s Taxpayers, you me and all the people on the rez who also pay taxes, in case you were wondering)

Especially as the oil boom was gearing up, he became very active. I would love to have a list of those deals. Oh wait… you can’t burn a paper trail.

Many who made legit bids on parcels and who were high bidder have no idea how they were cheated. They will once that gets exposed.

The US Government can do themselves and all of us Taxpayers a very big service by investigating even this one aspect of his criminal enterprise, and regaining hundreds of millions of dollars in stolen revenues. I would also like to see the people who participated in this scheme, arrested and tried. Don’t we deserve that much at least?

No wonder he was allowing child rapes, pedophiles to have access to children, abuses, and murders. No wonder he was able to ignore all the reports both from child advocates and from the office in Aberdeen. He knew he had political protection.

I see there have been, over the past 6 months, some abrupt ‘retirements’ including Roddy. And recently, even higher up the ladder, as the chain comes unraveled and links break away.

News Flash: Cutting and running now won’t erase the crimes of the past. Cutting a deal might get you a break, but I wouldn’t count on it. When it comes to the rape and murder of children and the embezzlement of hundreds of millions of tax dollars, people might not forget so easily. They might demand action. We’ll see.


Roger Yankton, Jr aka “RJ” fired for theft and corruption.

Noreen Cavenaugh fired for Insubordination and Corruption

Andrew Morin fired for theft and Insubordination

The wall of corruption is eroding fast. The Good People are standing up and now they are gaining ground… and there is more to come.

Let there be a Warrior in Leadership. Let there be Warriors in support.

Something tells me you can feel the pride welling up, from the ground you stand on, all the way up your spines.

People are going to respect Spirit Lake Nation because Spirit Lake Nation is respecting themselves.

Feel it? You will.

I’m starting to enjoy posting this blog again. It feels good.

We are all connected. We are all Related. This we do together.

You know where to find me.



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*August 2, 2013
Joel Redfox Wants Failure
---Printer Version (6)

So far, we have ONE Tribal Councilor working to bring fairness and restore Pride to the SLN Tribe: Mardell Lewis.

We have another Tribal Councilor doing all he can to sabotage that effort: Joel Redfox.

When Mardell won her district election, she should have also been able to claim the title of Vice Chair, which was held by her predecessor. It was clear from the start (Just look at her level of education) that she had too much integrity to ‘play ball’ with the gang of thieves and rapists.

The role of Vice-Chair was therefore conferred upon Joel Redfox. In the absence of a Tribal Chairman (which is where the Good People of Spirit Lake find themselves presently due to frantic manipulations by the thrice ousted Roger Yankton) Joel is the one that is supposed to keep the business of the Tribe, operational and running.

He refuses to do this, opting instead to obstruct all Tribal Business in order to both sabotage Mardell’s efforts, and at this point, to obstruct the appointment of Tribal Judges (with Law Degrees) and retain their own preferred brand of Puppet Judges, in the person of June Gourd (No Law Education).

He does this in order to both obstruct the Tribe’s business and prevent fairness from moving into that dark, creepy place where Justice is a joke at this time, and to prevent any legal action against him for his outright theft of Tribal Funds.

By the way, that really generous “conveyance” of tribal housing to the people that live in those homes? That would leave most of the poverty stricken dwellers completely responsible for all major repairs as in plumbing and roofs, rotted flooring, etc, but it would also give a nice fat bonus to Joel for the house he had specially built in Ross Acres, for himself. He used over $140K of Tribal Funds to build that home for himself. Now, if he can manage that ‘conveyance’ scheme, he can sign it over to himself and never have to pay back a dime! Neat, eh? You betcha.

Joel’s duty is to call meetings and keep the Tribe’s business running during the interim while the courts look at this ‘leadership question’, which would not be a question had not crooked judges sided with Roger and illegally tried to throw out signatures on the hard won petitions that went around.

Let’s have a look at who and what Joel Redfox really is and see if the Good People of Spirit Lake want to pursue him to force him to either call these mettings and do the Tribe’s Business, or petition him out.

The Judges need to be conferred or the Tribe will once again go back into Joke Status, as puppets run the system doing whatever the corrupt tell them to do.

Being Joel Redfox

Money Laundering for Embezzlement

• Wood Lake Rep Joel Redfox (sex offender, drug dealer) has a small district population size
• Joel issues "Assistance Checks" to people, they cash them and give him half back

It is an easy way for him to launder and embezzle, however the drug addicts, pill addicts, alcoholics that are so easy to find for this scheme, also talk very easily about this scheme in bars and at parties, and anytime they get mad at Joel.

Joel’s Fancy New House & The July Meeting

At the July 30, 2013 community meeting at the tribal building

Community members were angered at the cover-up of the home of Rep Joel Redfox

• A new construction house was built for him

• The community allege that he used Tribal Housing funds, and historic political puppet (Walt "Tubby" Lang)Director of Tribal Housing, now back at Spirit Lake Housing due to a lack of funds in the tribal housing budget, so he is back the HUD housing where he was a professional puppet there as well

• He is involved in talks to give tribal housing units to the occupants to get maintenance and operations burden off the tribe, which would give him his own home free and clear. A BRAND NEW HOME!

Joel has plans to not just steal from the Tribe as he has been doing, but to ‘legally’ cover it up with this ‘conveyance’ scheme he’s trying to work. That scheme won’t fly in a legitimate court, but June Gourd would put a stamp of approval on it faster than Joel’s Girlfriends go down on him. See the next section for a rundown on how that man rolls and who rolls with him.

Rolling in the Hay & Baby Mama

Longtime girlfriend, Natalie "Hunts Along" a.k.a Merrick

• Mother of his 4 children

• Was illegally appointed by Joel as the Tribal Judicial Executive

• She was Fired a few weeks ago after HR Expert Mardell investigated the crumbling court judge structure and identified the hiring was improper. (See? Having a Degree in these things makes a difference!)

• Joel tried hard to save Natalie because he knows she is "crazy jealous" and is always assaulting one of Joel's many one night stands

• This keeps her busy as she has plenty of women to hunt down therefor her legal last name ("Hunts Along") very fitting for her.

Natalie is now focused on Mardell with full wrath and rage, not for being a bed buddy of Joel’s (a rumor he himself started to sabotage her efforts), but because Mardell is looking into a lot of the illegal financial dealings Joel has done. One of them is Natalie’s Salon business, which took Tribal money, paid back nothing, and failed.
Joel has orchestrated and got Natalie elected into the Township Board, where she and Terry Smith (drug user, rancher) are running the township and driving the hardworking fair farmers and ranchers over the edge.

• Natalie knows nothing about farming, ranching, or land issues in county and townships, yet she is a township board member, ridiculing and harassing the good backbone farmers and ranchers in the township

• Natalie sides with Terry Smith, to do as they please abusing right of way accesses and harassing anyone that opposes them, all while not being a tax payer herself...yet she is spending tax payer money!!!

• Natalie does not even own land in the tax base, yet she spends the tax base money
Here is the connection: Terry Smith is the brother to Noreen Cavanaugh's common law husband-Howard   Darrel Smith and brother to the famous Duane "Galen Robertson Rape Team Member" Smith. The Galen Robertson Rape Team which consisted of: Galen, Duane, Billy Dean Cavanaugh, yet Galen is the only one that went down. We are still waiting, over 5 years now, for the others to be charged… oh, wait, they have money and connections, so, no, it won’t happen.

Joel’s Business is Everyone’s Business

• Natalie and Joel started a salon business. This is not their first business though, they are entrepreneurs selling drugs, and running a thievery operation. Give them $50 bucks they would steal you $100 worth of merchandise, this included close cousin to Natalie, Kayla Merrick who is now, thanks to Joel working in the Human Resource Department.

• So they started "RedFox Salon". Natalie thought she could do her work whenever she felt like it method, and the business quickly folded, or rather never really opened in many peoples eyes.

Now they owe a business loan. It should be paid back. This was a hot topic by the people at the community meeting July 30, 2013. People are angry at being robbed.

The people are demanding accountability and they won’t get it unless Joel is forced to hold these meetings, install the proper judges, or be fired for failure to meet his obligations to the Tribe.

Just ask his most recent string of girlfriends:

Recent Girlfriends:

1. Iris Yankton (James Yankton daughter).
2. Leslie Yankton (Roger Yankton daughter).

Natalie went and assaulted Iris on working time, while she was the tribal court executive when she found out about Iris and Joel, she was charged.

People think this is why Natalie was fired, however the illegal hiring of her preceded the assault, so termination was based on her background.

It’s Been A Long Journey

Good People of Spirit Lake, it has been a long, hard journey to be able to tout good news about the Tribe. Mardell Lewis is your good news. She is going to bring respectability back to the Tribe in a big way, but she can’tdo it alone.

With the other Tribal Councilors obstructing her, especially Joel Redfox, she needs your help. (NOTE: I don’t know anything about the newly elected Tribal Councilor, Nancy Green so she is not included in this in any way at this time.)

The Good People of Spirit Lake have needed an ally in Tribal Council, not an opportunist, for decades. You have one now.

Go to her, talk to her and work with her to form a plan to make these changes work.

One of the ways I know she has integrity is that using her HR Education and skills and firing people who never should have been hired in the first place, or who have failed to do their jobs, or because of their previous felony convictions should not be holding any Director or Board Member positions, Mardell also fired her own dad, whom she loves, mind you, from his position on the Elders Board.

Nepotism will be a thing of the past and the Tribe can all count on being treated fairly, if we can keep Mardell in and we can stop the others from attacking and sabotaging her efforts.

We need honest Tribal Councilors. We need honest Judges, we don’t need corrupt criminals like Redfox and his ilk, oppressing the entire community and robbing it blind.

This is everyone’s chance for SLN to have a way forward and better days ahead.

Do your part. We are all connected. We are all related. It means something.

You know where to find me.


[ Correction: 08-06-13: Noreen Cavenaugh lives with Darrel Smith, not Howard Smith. My apologies for picking the wrong drug dealing Smith. ]



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August 1, 2013
One Woman Warrior
  ---Printer Version (3)

Mardell Lewis is making quite a name for herself. In the two very short months since she has been elected, she was gossiped about, smeared and of course, has a petition against her being carried around by a Registered Sex Offender with a history of violence – Suna Guy; written and rewritten by Melissa Merrick, and supported by Drug Dealer/embezzler, Joel Redfox. Yup, the Victim’s Assistant Director, a corrupt Tribal Councilor using a child rapist to carry their petition around for them, against Mardell Lewis.

His complaint on her is that she lacks the ‘backbone’ for the job.

Well, let’s have a look, shall we? *Pulls up X-Ray of Mardell’s ‘backbone’*

First, her Education is outstanding. (See Election Brochure). But in the past 2 months she has already:

Her term began with a 15,000 deficit based on abuse of funds during election cycle... which should not have been allowed to happen because the assistance fund for each District is only $12,500 monthly so her first month she was more than a month in deficit, which has angered the handout people and drug people and appears to be, given those who have instigated it, the root of petition, lies and rumors about her.

That is the most impressive whirlwind I have ever seen in any elected office anywhere, and there she is, in Spirit Lake Nation, of all places! Of course the corrupt want to push her out. She’s not only doing the job, she’s turning over their rocks and shining sunlight onto their squirming greedy, evil ways!

I have more on what she has uncovered as far as the financial abuses by the Turdclan and others, and how she put a stop to it. Weenie Boy Jr was fired for theft and it was more than just the gas he got caught stealing at the Marina (Filled up his truck and several gas cans and never paid nor logged it). His excessive overtime at the Tribal Utilities was legendary, even by the corrupt standards of previous administrations. (Next blog: More on that and more on more… stay tuned)

Restraining Order

See Grand Forks Herald article by Chuck Haga. It seems that is the only person Weenie Boy likes to talk to. Even Chuck couldn't polish this turd for him.

New Chief Judge Hopkins, with a Juris Doctorate Degree no less, has issued a restraining order barring Weenie Boy from any Tribal business or the Chair Office. You can put that in Mardell’s column if you ask me. She’s the one who pushed for it. Now, to get BIA to enforce that. I would push for a contempt of court citation if any BIA cop refuses to do that job. Also, I’d push for their supervisor to be fired.

signingNonetheless, WeenieBoy and Administrator, Darren WalkingEagle, (who, by the job description was really doing the Tribal Chair work since WB can neither read nor comprehend. Darren’s job was a newly made up one, both as a political reward from WB and because he can read) this morning tried to muscle in on the signing of an agreement reached during a joint meeting between county, state, tribal, BIA and FBI to sign new working agreement.

WeenieBoy showed up tried to sign. Mardell told him “NO” he’s not legitimate.

He told Darren Walking Eagle to sign and Mardell said “NO”.

Darren and Roger tried to push up to table, Mardell said "I am signing as legitimate council member". And so, it was done. Weenie Boy lurking next to the table, as pitiful as a dog hoping for the leftovers.

She is only one standing up against this evil and she needs all help she can get from State, Federal and County officials. So, we have to find people in State, Federal and County Agencies and Offices who also have integrity and who have not been stained by the greed and corruption that surrounds all things SLN these days.

At this rate, SLN may just, in less time than we can imagine, become one of the most respected Tribes. But there is so much work to be done!

I suggest that we all do what we can to support Mardell Lewis, and her efforts to not only clean up the mess and the corruption, but also set a more level playing field for ALL the Tribal Members. If Justice is ever going to come to Spirit Lake, it will be carried in by all those who stand by and support people like Mardell.

It’s about time. This is our chance. This is the last chance the Good People of Spirit Lake, and their children, will ever get.

And, as if you need a reminder, there was a body found burned beyond recognition in a vehicle on the rez. It’s time to end the violence.

You know where to find me.





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