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Eddie Peltier, Richard LaFuenteI do my best to deliver factual information. The "Documents" pages are there for you to look and see for yourself. An innocent man is in prison for crimes committed by the corrupt, who run the reservation the way a criminal organization would run a city if they had all levels of government supporting and protecting them.

There are many more Good People in Spirit Lake than there are corrupt, evil people there. It is the system that is corrupt, evil and I expose here all that I can.

I can be reached at this email:  Contact Cat  . I respond to most of my emails, however, I reserve the right to not rspond to whack jobs. I keep all information confidential. For those who wish to attack, you'll either be ignored, or, if you are really clever, you'll end up on the Moron Squad page.  Some insults are more entertaining than others. I share with the class.

NOTE: I am currently updating the entire site. It's going to take awhile. :) The Nav buttons are all not connected yet, and they are lame, but I expect they will be by the end of the month. Thank you for your patience!

For those interested: The 13th Mandated Report is out. No government Agency has yet to properly reply to any of them.


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*July 29, 2013 ---- Printer Version (4)
Suna Or Lady?

There are some threads that seem to weave through the entire fabric. Corruption has its own threads. You start to see a pattern emerge after they show up, over and over again, throughout the story.

Suna Guy, child rapist, registered sex offender, is one of those threads. He seems to have shown up, repeatedly, in what is coming from the rez lately.

First, there was the murder of baby Laurynn. It turns out that Suna was living right next door and she was a member of his family. He wasn’t the one who murdered her though.

However, he is one of the two men who jumped a cameraman who was on the public road, setting up to film for the evening news, that particular story. Suna Guy and another guy came tearing out of the house, swearing, and threatening and then jumped the guy, knocking him and his camera down. Of course, he will tell it, and has told it, that he politely asked the cameraman to leave and that he was clearly on private property, and that the cameraman, with about $70K worth of gear in one hand, was the one that threw the first punch. The really stupid will believe that. Gee, I wonder if there is a police report anywhere? Or even better, film?

That was last month. This month, he’s on a mission with a petition to oust newly elected Mardell Lewis, Mission District Rep, who replaced Duane, to-stupid-and-corrupt-to-get-anything-done, Jackson. Apparently, for no good reason whatsoever, (except perhaps as a campaign promise?) Duane had promised Suna $1000 loan to buy himself a trailer. Mardell denied him that little reward.

So, as is his way, Suna is out spreading lies about Mardell to get her ousted before she has even begun her work, so he can get someone in who will give him what he wants. More on that tactic later.
However, Suna is not the brightest bulb on the tree and the petition he brought around had numerous flaws and people would not sign it. “Ok,” he told one person, “I’ll take it back to Melissa (Merrick) to fix that up.”
There it is, Suna Guy, and all his credentials, working hand in hand with Melissa Merrick to oust Mardell. Now, why does Melissa Merrick want Mardell out? Because Melissa does not do her job and Mardell does not just let her get away with it.

Melissa allies herself with the most corrupt evil that is out there. It’s how she gets her paycheck. It’s certainly not by working for Victims of crimes. More on her later in August. I want to keep this blog under nine pages if I possibly can.

All In The Family

Word came in about a shooting in the early hours of July 25th. Every kind of cop was out ‘looking for the body’, I was told. Turns out, it was a victim, who survived the shooting. His name is the same as his father’s. Therein came some confusion when some did not realize that father and son were living in the same house, as it had only been a short while.

When I was given the name, one person thought it was the father who was shot. The father had been tangled up in one of the all too often faked prize drawings at the casino last April. His girlfriend, Jackie Jessica Blackbird, ran the marketing department and she arranged for him to know which envelope she was putting the big $10K prize in. She was also arranging for his name to be picked. Suna was there, witnessing the whole arrangement and had expectation that he would get his ‘cut’ out of the deal for his part. I assume ‘his part’ was in keeping his mouth shut.

Well, the prize draw was such an obvious fake, even the tourists saw through it. The man did not share his prize with Suna. Suna demanded he get his money or he get meth or he would rat out the arrangement. The man apparently was one of Suna’s meth suppliers. The “Minneapolis Connection” if you want to make movie out of it.

True to his word, receiving neither money nor meth, Suna wrote up a statement within a week and Jackie Jessica Blackbird was fired. (Who knows? She’s probably back at work. Firing is another fake show put on by the Casino and the corrupt.

There’s Suna again, with that paper revenge he’s so good at. The Gaming Commission never really follows up on this stuff. It’s run by mostly the same people as run the rez. Is Myra still on that?

So, when the word came down about this shooting, the first thought was (again) that Suna had done it. But no, it wasn’t Suna. And it wasn’t the father who was shot, it was his son. And, as it turns out, it was either the 16-yr old’s father or uncle that shot him. Sweet, eh?

And you thought that Milton Green Jr.’s funeral was a hoot what with his father and brother beating up on the mother of Milton’s kids, Hattie Goodsoldier, at the funeral, not unlike the fight that broke out at Willy Herman’s funeral where the Turdlings beat up on their own sister, Celeste, as she buried her son, their nephew. I’m talking Hair Pulling, punching in the face, cracked ribs, chairs being thrown. Milton Green’s funeral was something like that. Indian Funerals can go very bad on the rez.

*(Correction: Originally stated name was “Jackie” Blackbird. It is Jessica)

So Can PowWows

Come for the feathers, stay for the fist fights.

This year’s Ft. Totten PowWow was a real family event. Fights broke out left and right. One of the dancers attacked a judge because he didn’t like the score. Another fight broke out behind the announcer’s stand. Oh, and Milton Green’s sister attacked Hattie Goodsoldier – (again) – just in case the beating at the funeral was not traumatic enough for her and her kids.

Patty & The Past

Patty Longie, last week, out at the Blue Building, let it out. She told how, when she was 12-yrs old, Roger, who was married to her aunt at the time, raped her. She told everyone. She was telling everyone in the hallway, in the offices… everyone.

You see, forensic auditors have been on the site for awhile, combing through files and looking at money-in/money-out. Roger, who had been bounced out of office so many different ways he should wear a rubber helmet, had locked himself into the office he was trying to reclaim, and was deleting files off his computer, while people just watched. (Not much else they could do, legally, at that point).

Patty was sick of him, and sick of keeping that secret all these years. I am assuming more victims will be coming forward as Roger preferred the under 14 age group, almost exclusively, with a few 6-yr olds thrown in for good measure, back in the day. Let’s see if they show up, shall we?

It was a brave thing for Patty to do. But people eventually get tired of being terrified and terrorized by the same people, over and over. (Note to Timid Purdon: You may want to keep your daughters away from your best friend, Roger, now that you know for sure… )

Piggy Cavenaugh, against the specific orders of the Tribal Council, (see memo), held a meeting for only Roger and his supporters (family) that same weekend, to decide how they are going to get him back into office. Surprisingly, most of his family did not show up for this huddle. There were, in fact, very few cars out there and most of them are too fat, too stoned and too drunk to waddle over.

Now, Put a Bow On It

So, let’s tie this all together, shall we? What thread runs throughout all of this mess that can connect what appears to be violence, rape and abuse? Corruption of course. The corruption that has been reported time and time again. The corruption that is protected by the FBI and Tim Purdon and just about every USAG and politician before them. All have become fabulously wealthy playing See No Evil, Hear No Evil and photo ops where they are being honored by the rapists, the embezzlers, murderers and worse.

But just an extra little bit of irony, all in the family style, if you will. Suna Guy is not supposed to be around children, and he was reported many times. Why was nothing done? Because he has children with Roger’s daughter. Yup, she got a step “UP” in life by going with a child rapist.


Corruption and violence are common the rez. It leads to poverty and despair. Those who report the crimes are harassed and abused by the very agents and agencies that are supposed to be helping them. There is no sense that there will ever be justice as long as people like Tim Purdon are so easily corrupted.

When the laws don’t respect the children who are abused, raped, robbed, those children who survive, grow up to have no respect for the law. They know it is a tool for the powerful to commit crimes against the vulnerable and the weak.

Violence becomes the short-term outlet wherein nothing gets resolved, and it only leads to more violence. Take away the feathers and the fancy and you get an idea of what everyday life is like for far too many on the rez.

Corruption is the only connection to anything better than nothing. Telling the Truth will get you killed.

Gangs don’t make families; they break them.

Kids get beaten and shot by members of their own family, over drugs, money and loyalty does not exist except through fear.

Children don’t forget about being raped.

And we should not forget about the children. They can’t fix this. They didn’t break this. It was designed to fail the entire nation.

It is slo-mo genocide through corruption and violence, and it won’t get better until the Truth comes out and is told, in a court of law. The laws have been bent. We need to make them straight again or we can all keep locking our doors and windows on hot nights; we can all fear that our children will be taken; because all that is evil is becoming more obvious.

Give the Good People of Spirit Lake Justice, and they can grow and heal. Continue to deny them Justice, and eventually, we’ll all pay, while men like Purdon polish their ambitions for higher office, ignoring the warnings to children until they are murdered, and then he issues statements, but never seeks the truth.

We are all related. We are all connected. This affects all of us. Find a way to work together. Or live in fear of one another, resenting every stranger you ever meet that has a face not like your own.

Contact everyone whose job it is to bring Justice and hold them accountable. Don’t let any elected think this is not their job.

You know where to find me.




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July 22, 2013
Turn, Turn, Turn
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To every season… a time to laugh, a time to cry… turn, turn, turn…

There have been some horrific events having occurred on the rez lately:
People suiciding, babies being murdered, and now a strange accident… which I still don’t have all the details on, but am looking into.

It seems like chaos with a tune playing as an overlay, out there these days.

The Good People of Spirit Lake Nation struggle within the boundaries of legal avenues to regain control over their reservation, and oust the corrupt, all the while those who are in position to enforce those very laws and restore the balance, seek instead, to thwart all legal actions.

Thirteen Mandated Reports have been improperly ignored by every agency, director, and even the USAG, to whom the abuses and rapes have been reported. All seem bent, not towards following the law and protecting victims; not towards justice and Truth, but rather towards the protection of one of the most corrupt criminal enterprises, and at it’s center, a family of rapists and murderers, from ever being held accountable.

There is no reasonable explanation for Timothy Purdon to ridicule and intimidate witnesses and those who report child abuse and rape, or even murder. But he does.

He thinks he is protecting a system which can forward his career far beyond the desolation of North Dakota and in a couple of election cycles, perhaps into the Federal Appeals Judgeships, or even higher.

He seems to think that those who control billions of dollars in unaccountable funds, every month, are his allies and by them and them alone, he will achieve his ambitions, regardless of the evil they do.

He conceals the truth. He has friends who are in denial and they still think that he will, or that he is, doing the right thing, when in fact, there is not a shred of proof that he is doing the right thing, and much more proof that he is, in fact, doing the wrong thing, the evil thing.

Denial is not reserved for those living on reserve, suddenly finding their own family tangled in child abuse and murder, and wanting, to this day, to believe that a child with a crushed skull and broken ribs and worse, died from SIDS. No, that denial is on a self-preservation level and it runs rampant on the rez.

There is another kind of denial, and it has to do with good people in the system, who have no idea how evil their ‘good friends and colleagues’ really are. They don’t want to believe it because they think they knew that person. They think that person is like them and has integrity… and they don’t want to admit that someone they thought they knew, had deceived them and is deceiving them, and there is no reward at the end of the loyalty tunnel, only disappointment. Even though the creeping realization that they have been used or misled or lied to or deceived… makes itself evident, that evidence can be outrun by denial, over and over again… until, until someone hits a wall, and the reality they have been running away from becomes the very thing that is surrounding them.

What they do at that point is probably nothing. The hardest thing any person of integrity can do is to stand up to someone they think is their friend, and confront them with the Truth. They want to believe the lies.

Lies feeding denial are like potato chips. You think you’ll only consume one or two. Before you know it, you’re at the bottom of the noisy bag, licking your fingers, mopping up crumbs, hoping for one more taste--- and then, when you look in the mirror… you can’t.

You think you’ll quit eating the bullshit… and then, that friend, the one that lies and deceives, brings you a new bag of chips… and they taste just like the lies before them, and the ones before them… and now, again, crumbs.

Your Political career is going nowhere, Purdon. You can take that to the Bank. Take it to Western Bank. You can feed your friends bullshit, but you live in fear that next time you offer them a bag of bullshit, they might, just might, see you for what you are, decide they want nothing more to do with you, decide they never really knew you, and that the promises you made or implied, the rewards for their loyalty to you and not asking you the questions, that those were all then and moreso now, worthless.

You were careless Purdon. You made mistakes. You allied with people you should never have allied with. You’ve been dancing with the Devil since before you were appointed, and now, as the Good People of Spirit Lake Nation struggle to overcome obstacles you yourself put in their way, do you see a way out for yourself? How do you undo the damage you have done?

You look at your own children… are Indian Children worth less than your children? Baby Laurynn was murdered because you refused to take action. You protected those who removed her and her twin sister from a safe foster home, and you allowed the most dangerous to take them in.

Who were you protecting? Roger and his family? The Continuing Criminal Enterprise? You were not protecting the victims. You were not protecting the children. How many times have you found yourself using your office to protect murderers and rapists; child pornographers, pedophiles; the corrupt and the powerful.

The laws are supposed to keep the powerful from crushing the vulnerable… and yet, there you are, clearly, unequivocally siding with, working for, protecting the very evil you swore to fight on behalf of the vulnerable, the victims, and the Truth itself. How cynical has your life become that you cannot see how obvious it is?

You keep handing out bags of chips, political chips, junk food promises to those already loyal to you. What will you hand them when they get a bad taste in their mouth and no longer believe you stand for anything they thought you stood for?
So, on one hand, you are protecting the evil. On the other hand, you are pretending to be the man of integrity that your most long time, loyal friends think you are. There will be a reckoning. What you say and what you do will collide.

You have been careless TQ. And you know it. You crossed the line so many times… do you wait for that phone call, that email, that message carrying your biggest fear: That you have been revealed?

You know it is out there. Don’t you wonder why it is taking so many smart people so long to figure it out? Maybe, just maybe, they already have? I bet that makes you just a little jumpier these days, a little less smooth, a little more sweat on your upper lip, a little more raising of your eyebrows when you are lying… must be hard to monitor all those things all the time, while waiting for that next call to cover up for crimes committed by those you have been protecting…

You think you are politically too powerful? You think you cannot be brought down?

Keep thinking that. I’m counting on it.

And now, despite your best behind the scenes efforts, Roger is being revealed as corrupt, as a murderer, as a rapist, as a pedophile, as a child trafficker…

FB Slams WBAnd the good people fighting the good fight, are not giving up. They are not turning to violence, even though that is what you want them to do, to justify what you do next… they are not turning to violence--- they are turning to FaceBook and they are laughing.

They are fighting, and they are winning. Roger is going down and he will take you with him. The Good People know they have more fights ahead. But they know the truth, and it

makes them laugh at the very man you are the most afraid of right now.

What on earth made you think this was the key to your ambitious future? And why were you so willing to sell your soul to him, to get where you think you are going? FB Slam on WB

All your education, and you’ll be taken down by a man who can barely read, but who has you on a very short leash and #3 on his speed dial. I’m sure he’s going to be phoning you in the middle of the night more often now. You don’t dare turn him down, even as he clumsily thrashes about, making more obvious with each thug move, that he is part of a very big, very corrupt enterprise… and he owns YOU.

Not even if Cat West Backed you!How does that feel, TQ? Hmmm? A rapist, child rapist, murderer, thug, thief, owns you. This won’t end well. Worse for you because everyone already knows the truth about him. You, now that’s a different story… but it will be documented.

It’s going to be hard on your family. I feel for them. I do.



There is a time for Truth to be hidden… a time for Truth to be told. You can’t stop the Truth, and you can’t burn a paper trail.

All in good time.

You know where to find me.




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July 15, 2013
Teddy Bear’s Picnic
---Printer Version (8)

The lyrics and the tune were always just a little spooky to me. I like spooky.

If you go down in the woods today you're sure of a big surprise
If you go down in the woods today you'd better go in disguise
For every bear that ever there was will gather there for certain
Because today's the day the Teddy Bears have their picnic
If you go down in the woods today you better not go alone
It's lovely down in the woods today but safer to stay at home
For every bear that ever there was will gather there for certain
Because today's the day the Teddy Bears have their picnic …

Some of you will read more into those lyrics than others. That’s fine.
Today is going to be an interesting day in all directions.

Weenie Boy has, with the help and assistance of Noreen Cavenaugh, set up an appeal to appeal his ouster. That hearing is supposedly today. Which explains why Noreen was trying to rush through the appointment of a new judge.

Well an old judge, recycled. June Gourd was, the very day that Roger was ousted, suddenly put in place again as judge. Not just any judge but the Chief Judge. Her credentials have been about as thin and toilet paper and worth just about as much.

She first became a judge, years ago, when she threatened to file a complaint on Tammy Yankton for the death of her second nephew, Joe. Joe was a triplet. One of his triplet brothers was killed less than a year earlier after leaving an underage drinking party at Tammy Yankton’s house. June was crushed. She loved her triplet nephews. Then, in no time at all, it happened again, same house, same circumstance, drunken teenagers driving home, vehicle rolls over… 2 down, one to go.

June was determined to have a full investigation and vowed not to rest until the Yanktons were called to account for all their underage drinking parties and… and…. Suddenly, Myra Pearson, (Naked Lawn Ornament) appointed her as a judge!

Silence. Yanktons and underage drinking parties? No problem! Dead Nephews? Who cares? There were three copies of them, right? Disposable.

She was a judge for awhile and there were nothing but complaints about her. She was then fired as judge… and now, miraculously, she re-emerges with an even better judgeship appointment! It’s a miracle!

In the meantime, since we last saw June, she has fully embraced the Turd Clan. Last winter, she married the biggest meth and other assorted drugs dealer, Kalum Yankton. She’s having his baby while he’s in prison. Or, she’s just had it.

And Weenie Boy needs a friendly in the big Judge Chair and Noreen Cavenaugh is pushing or has already managed to push, June Gourd into that position. June Gourd, Chief Judge, married to the biggest drug dealer who also happens to be the incest brother/nephew to Weenie Boy. (Kalum and Weenie Boy and Kalum’s Mama all have the same father, so you figure it out).

No conflict of interest there!

I’m sure the BIA, no doubt taking a very serious interest in all of this, really sees no problem with any of this.

Kind of like having a Mafia family run your government, & the Federal Government acting as their enforcers. Kind of funny in a creepy way, doncha think?

BIA has made a joke of itself from Top to Bottom.

If Your Election Lasts More Than 4 Weeks…

Adding to the circus ambiance, Russ McDonald (Elected to replace Weenie Boy) has either today or later this week, his hearing on his appeal of the election that he won from Clarisse, and then Clarisse appealed and the Tribal Judge (Cain) gave it to Clarirsse, despite the fact the Election Board had given it to Russ. The Election Board had Russ’s relatives on it, and the Judge was a relative of Clarisse’s.

So, now, wouldn’t it be funny if Clarisse was out again and Russ won that seat and is the Tribal Chairman? There would have to be yet another election.

The Tribe would be in a constant state of election. (I hear that can be painful.)

Speaking of Painful

Mid-August is going to be interesting as well. Seems that the BIA Strike Team put a real winner in as Director of Social Services in the person of Paul Hutchinson. (Call him a ‘Bear’, he likes that.)

Paul Hutchinson went to court to fight a Foster Parent in order to force her to send her foster children back to the father that had raped and abused them.

He was aware of the Clinic Psych Report, and he was aware that the FBI was also looking into this, so, until there was a guilty verdict, he saw it as his job to make sure that the children remained in their father’s custody--- you know. “Innocent until proven guilty” (and also ‘one last chance to rape and abuse the kids’? )

Anyone ever hear of any Social Services demanding the children be placed in the sole care and custody of the person who is under investigation? Does that even make sense?

Well, yes, if you want the children to feel like they have nowhere to turn, no safe place and that they can expect that if they report abuse, they will have no refuge from their abuser(s). That will cut down on those pesky abused children disclosing or reporting rape and abuse!

Is that the way Social Services is run in ALL of North Dakota? Or is it just something extra special for the abused children of Spirit Lake Nation?

When the Foster Mother objected to the ‘plan’, (and what sane person would not object?) Mr. Hutchinson proceeded to berate her, and insult her and shove his finger in her face and tell her she’s behaving like “A hostile Indian”.

After being insulted, and him using racial slurs, she got up and left the meeting. He then reported that she was ‘uncooperative’ and used her walking out of the meeting as if to prove she was the one putting children in danger.

He has told any number of lies about her and has managed to get her Foster Care License taken away.

Yes, there is retribution to anyone that dares to stand up for the children on the rez. It comes in the most sadistic ways possible. Forcing a foster parent to surrender a protected child into dangerous homes again, and feeling powerless to protect them. Being forced to know that those children are being hurt, abused, neglected is the punishment for any Foster Parent who dares to speak up against any of the corruption or abuse that runs rampant through Tribal Social Services and which serves only for the sexual amusement of the powerfully connected.

The message to children is that there are no laws to protect you. Laws that protect other children, can be shoved aside on a whim, by those who want to retaliate against you, or your Foster Parents, if you dare disclose sexual abuse, or financial abuse.

Who among us can bear to hear a child in pain and terror? Yet, that is the very pit into which these children are tossed. And the BIA, the FBI, the DOJ, HHS, IHS, and the rest of the power alphabet, ignore.

This is why I tell you there is systematic corruption in Indian Country. Nowhere is it more prevalent, more obvious, than in Spirit Lake Nation.

There has to be some vile, filthy laundry all the way up the chain in order for this kind of rampant child abuse, child rape, child murder, child trafficking, to go on, and the most powerful government on the planet can’t or won’t even look?

I am tired of politicians going out to the rez for meetings with leaders and photo ops. I want to see them spend a day and go door to door and see what the conditions are, on the ground. Knock on the doors, go sit inside and ask the people you meet what they need done.

None are asking for handouts. None are asking for free anything. They will tell you they want elections that are on the level. They want the Federal Agencies to be audited, they want the laws enforced. They want Tribal Police that are not thugs and goons, rapists and thieves.

If we can’t, as the most powerful nation on the planet, fix this one reservation, and make it so that it is safe for children, and safer for children to report harm, then what business do we have with boots on the ground in any other nation?

If our government can or will only support abject corruption and ignore the will and the needs of the people they govern, then you can figure it is that way everywhere we send our troops, shed the blood of our sons, daughters, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters.

If government is only capable of corruption, we must see it for what it is, and we must hold our government accountable.

It’s not a short-term battle, it’s a generational war between good and evil. We have to become aware, educated, and pro active. We have to learn about the issues, whether it is the PTA or the Presidency, and everything in-between and we must vote, demand accountability from those in office, and proof that they are doing what they say they are doing.

The BIA has been giving itself glowing reports for their work on the rez. Timothy Purdon more than happy to buy the fairy tales as gospel. But not one Pedophile, not one Registered Sex Offender has been arrested for the raping of children.

Children have been punished for reporting. Foster Parents have been penalized for reporting or for even questioning, and the rapists, the pedophiles, carry on, knowing that they have someone like Paul Hutchinson fighting to return children to them, should they be taken away.

But now, Paul Hutchinson has been reported and the reports are being taken seriously enough for him to be called to defend his LSW status.

Think of it as a Teddy Bear’s Picnic. If he doesn’t have some close friends with a solid conflict of interest in key places, his license is gone.

The man deleted his Facebook Page back in September because he didn’t want anyone snooping into his extra curricular activities. At this time, I have no idea what those activities were or why he felt it was necessary to erase his past and present.

There are ways to recover everything that has ever been posted on FB. Nothing is ever gone. (Hello? NSA? LOL). What would be found on those pages? What did he think was so dangerous to his career?

Seems guilty to me to just announce that the page is gone so no one can go snooping. So, what happened in September that made that necessary? Stay tuned. When I get it all sorted out, I’ll share with the class.

Since this corruption has been so long standing and permeates Indian Country in general, it would not surprise me to find that there are key players in place on all levels, including the State Social Services Board.

We’ll see. If they support Hutchinson keeping his license after his pro-pedophile, anti Child Safety actions…

If after they review how he has placed children in danger and removed children from safety, and if his reasoning is that the pedophiles or rapists had not yet been found guilty so they deserved to have unlimited, unsupervised access to their victims…

If the rights of the rapist are more important than the safety of the child, and they let him keep his license… The Good People of North Dakota need to take a long hard look at how children are being treated, in general, by the State.

How he has gotten this far in his career is a wonder to me. Either North Dakota does not audit or investigate complaints against Social Workers, or they have such loose standards, there is no barrier to the furtherance of more abuses, more ruined adults emerging from that system, which means more crime and insecurity for everyone.

Dots. Connect The Dots

It’s hard to respect any laws that are ignored by those in power in order to amuse those in power, at the cost of children, at the cost of our future. Children grow into adults if they survive. What kind of adults will they be?

If we don’t protect the children, we can’t protect ourselves when they grow up, angry, twisted, and with sure and certain knowledge that the law keepers are corrupt. That makes for more anger and more violence.

It’s the reason we can’t leave our windows open during the day and never for sure, at night. It’s the reason we lock our doors, even during the day. This is all the result of children we left in the keeping of abusers, generation after generation, and whose cries we ignored.

This is not something that will happen. This is something has is happening and has been happening for decades and which is getting bigger and getting worse every year.

This is where we can begin to stop it. This is where we can begin to make ourselves safe. By making these children safe, giving them safety and protection, we can start to change what this world is becoming and make it more the world we want it to be.

But we won’t get there by coddling the corrupt. We won’t get there when someone like Paul Hutchinson sees his job as protecting the rights of the rapist over the rights of the children.

The Price of Despair

Milton Green, I am told, committed suicide. I’m told he hung himself from a tree. He was 25 yrs old. His family is part of that Human Wreckage that comes from generations of abuse, and a system that offers no respite, no refuge.

I know little to nothing about him. He probably wasn’t a good guy by any stretch. I doubt he ever had a chance, from the time he was a baby, to grow up to be anything but what he was and to do anything but what he has done.

They don’t really investigate deaths out on the rez so we’ll have to take whoever’s word for it that it was suicide. We’ll have to assume we know why or not care.

All I know is this: We’d better start caring and we’d better start doing. This only gets worse if we do nothing.

Personal Note

It’s not enough to just carry a sign and do interviews on the TV. When it turns out it is your family that does the abusing, the murdering, you have to stand up and do what is right.

No one has the perfect family. No one can expect anyone has a perfect family. There is scandal enough to go around. You have to stand up for your family by standing with them as they face the charges. Denying their guilt, believing their lies, doesn’t do them any good and it sure doesn’t make anything change out there, except to add your denial to the pile of corruption and denial that is already out there.

Find your strength to stand and admit the truth. It’s painful. It will tear you apart, but it will make you stronger.

The most love I ever saw was a father whose son, in a drunken rage, murdered another man. The father was devastated by what his son had done.

But, instead of covering for him, making excuses for him, he stood by him, everyday in court, and he stood by him as he admitted his guilt and was sentenced, and he visits him every week in prison.

He loves his son. His son knows he is loved. Lying and believing lies was never a part of their relationship.

It devastated him, but it did not make him love his son less. I can respect a man like that.

Dances With Skeletons

I cannot respect someone who thinks they can cover the stink of abuse and murder with silence, lies and denial.

I don’t think that a person who hides in denial, can respect themselves. And that will affect how their children grow up and what they become.

One need not abandon their families when they know a crime is committed by one or more of them. They can help them to be stronger and to stand up and do what is right, regardless of how much it hurts.

Many people I hear from have families that are truly messed up. My sources love their families. But they don’t feel they can speak up because someone will use their families skeletons against them.

That’s what happens when you use denial, silence and lies. You collect skeletons. Those skeletons keep you from doing what you know is right. They keep you from protecting your children or any children.

The more skeletons you have, the weaker you are, the more easily you are used and abused… and you teach this to your children.

Your skeletons will force them to dance until they are exhausted.

We are all in this together. We are all connected.

Those who keep the secrets, tell the lies, protect those who hurt the children.

You know where to find me.



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July 8, 2013 ---Printer Version (6)
Blood and Lies: The Ties That Bind

Last week saw Weenie Boy thrown out on his ear and replaced by Russell McDonald. Weenie Boy tried everything to prevent this last petition from going through, including bribing and bullying to get people to remove their names. Several did, but there were still enough valid signatures left and so he had to face the people and he lost.

It had been over Five Months since Weenie Boy had called a General Assembly. The rules say they are supposed to happen no less often than once a month. But rules never mattered to the Turd Clan.

But now Weenie Boy is trying to find rules that will work for him. He was ousted in the morning and by late afternoon he was already in Noreen Cavanaugh’s office trying to get the Election Board to throw out the vote, the petition or whatever.

He’s now trying to call in favors he says are owed to him by people in the BIA. I can’t wait to see how that turns out.
Russell McDonald, aside from being a creep, and we can argue if he is more of a creep or less of a creep than Weenie Boy by virtue of the fact that they are cousins and Russell and the rest of his family have all that they have because Russell’s sister, Mary McDonald, has never recanted the lies she told that keep Richard LaFuente in Prison for the murder committed by Weenie Boy and his family of thugs…. Russell McDonald, I am told, is enrolled in 2 other reservations, perhaps even three other reservations and that alone may disqualify him from holding office on Spirit Lake.

In other words: It’s still a tangled mass of mess out there. Russ McDonald is just as corrupt as was Weenie Boy and they are both tied, by blood and lies, to the murder of Eddie Peltier.

Until Mary McDonald speaks the Truth, Richard stays locked up. As long as Richard is locked up, everyone on that rez is locked up in a prison of their own. As long as Mary McDonald keeps silent, the Evil that has raped and murdered babies out there; The Evil that has driven the young to drugs, violence, despair and suicide, will only grow stronger.

She is the key to this whole thing. She would have to find courage beyond courage to stand up to her fat filthy family, and reveal the truth about what happened and how she was given to the Turdclan, as a plaything, and forced to lie.

She would have to have a lot of support from the entire community if she finds that strength. She was just a kid when they did that to her. Her father and mother sold her in a bargain with the Devil Himself.

Ironic that Daddy is a Preacher and Mama sings at all the funerals for the dead babies, isn’t it?
Meanwhile, the corruption continues. It has only changed names of who is running it. Nothing has changed.

The Mighty Heidi

Senator Heitkamp has made tentative plans to come to the rez on the 24th of this month, or sooner, to listen to the people of Spirit Lake to see what she can do for them.

Frankly, we’ve already had the dog and pony show of “Listening” from Timothy Purdon who shared the stage with well-known domestic abusers and rapists last time.

He put on one hella show, didn’t he? But not one child was rescued from the registered sex offenders and not one registered sex offender was arrested. The Elder woman who wanted to get help from him for the young boys she has repeatedly reported as having butt sex in her front yard/back yard was hushed up so she could not speak publicly. He did say he met with her, ‘privately’ after the meeting and got all her information… He is, after all, a Mandated Reporter, so for sure he got something done to remove those boys from the sexually abusive home they are in (Weenie Boy’s relatives)… and he assured those who asked that the situation has been dealt with… except it hasn’t.

Those boys and other children still live in that house. They are still having sex in public… after Purdon ‘took care of it’, whatever that means.

Oh yeah, and another little child was brutally beaten and murdered by a woman known to be dangerous to children but who had unsupervised custody of her and her twin sister, plus other children.

Can’t wait to see what kind of show the Mighty Heidi puts on.

Marva Tollefson, a Foster Parent on the rez, had her children taken away from her by the present Director of Social Services, Hutchinson based on false claims, by him, that she allowed the children to spend time with sex offenders.

Anyone that knows Marva, knows that is absolutely a lie. Hutchinson fails to back up his charges with any documentation or witnesses. Nor does he show up in court, but the children were removed while she was recovering from minor heart-surgery, and she has not been allowed to regain them.

She has been the only safe, secure and stable home for that group of siblings, and she has fought to keep them from being returned to an abusive home. She even went to the personal expense of getting an attorney to speak up for her and the kids in Tribal Court when the crooked judge wanted to give Weenie Boy his way and have those kids returned to a nightmare.

The children testified on their own behalf against their father. He ended up going to prison for what he had done to them. And he thought he was going to court to pick them up and keep them?

So, removing the children was an act of retaliation against her for protecting them, and against them for speaking out against their abuser.

Yeah, can’t wait to see what the Mighty Heidi will be saying about all that. My guess is it will be clichés backed up with no action, but there should be some great photo ops for her “Look At Me and the Indians” page.

Hoeven is equally as worthless. He had his chance to take real action and he handed it all over to the very source of the problem, the BIA. The problem is that the BIA is corrupt, head to toe. Not an inch of clean on it… but Hoeven was more than happy to give them complete responsibility (without consequences) to straighten this out.

Like telling the Mafia to get their bookkeeping in order so the taxman doesn’t get upset.

By the way, this latest child murder happened under the ‘powerful’ watch of the BIA and their “Strike Team”. So did the removal of Marva’s foster children as retaliation. Good Job, Hoeven.

You’re up, Heidi. Let’s see what you’ve got.


Kevin Cramer remains the only elected official to take a serious and proactive approach to protecting the children on the rez. He’s getting hit, repeatedly, by Melissa Merrick, (get the fainting couch, she’s gonna swoon), who has made a legend of herself by claiming his ‘violent language’ (“I want to strangle the Tribal Council”) so offended her as a woman, as an Indian… blah, blah, blah…

She has never said a single word about protecting the children on the rez. She has failed, repeatedly, to do her job or even show up and act like she’s doing her job. She has never failed, however, to collect a fat paycheck.

She continues to hound Cramer on his FaceBook page. He wants to talk about the effort to protect the children, she wants to talk about how insulted she was as a woman, and Indian, blah… blah… blah…

She comments on his page that he never apologized (he did, thoroughly and without equivocation, several times, for his use of ‘violent language’) and she even commented asking ‘WHY he had refused to meet with the leaders and the Elders of SLN as they had asked???’ and while she was taking a bow for that broadside, he politely informed her, complete with pictures of the meeting, of when and where he had met with them and what they had discussed.

You know, if she had bothered to actually show up and do her job, she would have known that. But she’s too busy dragging her fainting couch behind her as she claims, over and over again, to have been victimized by such harsh language.

One would think she had been brought up in only the finest of Country Clubs, rather than the rez, where that language is the least offensive of all the slang and figures of speech that get tossed around there. Oh her delicate ears!

She remains furious that he would dare insult the Tribal Council! Yes, that same gang of corrupt, thieving, abusive thugs, how dare anyone say they want to strangle them! They rob the people blind, they cheat the State, Federal and Municipal governments out of funds, they hire thugs like Mark Little Owl and Hutchinson to traffic in babies, and they ignore the crises of rape, addiction and violence as they pay themselves liberally, to go casino hopping all across this great country of ours.

How dare anyone not show them respect!

Well, Cramer doesn’t need my help. He’s a class act. Melissa on the other hand, makes an ass out of herself every time she opens her mouth. Those who believe her lies and champion her legend, frankly, must be just like her. SLN is not the only reservation where corruption and thuggery rule. It’s just about everywhere. The BIA likes it that way.

Think on this one fact: Billions of dollars every month, go through Indian Country. Billions every month. Is this a problem worth fixing?

I bring up the money aspect because, to some, what happens to these children, and the Human Wreckage that results from multi-generational PTSD, governmental and religious abuse, is not something they care about. They’d rather blame the broken spirit than to mend it, and protect it while it’s young.

So, for those who don’t care about children and can’t figure out that the broken people they see were once children abused, misused, abandoned, neglected; for those who don’t know how to connect the dots with crime, insecurity and violence… I offer you the no-brainer about how much money goes through Indian Country.

Now, think about this: If you had control over that amount of money, could you maybe bribe a few key people or a hundred, to maybe just maybe, not fix the problem?

Marva doesn’t know what has happened to her Foster Children and they don’t know what has happened to her. How long before they show up as suicides? Murders? Or will they grow up to be adults who only know that the law and the system of government never cared about them.

Will they only know that people in positions of authority lie, and those lies put them in danger. That powerful people protected their abusers and retaliated against them for speaking the Truth. What do you think they will grow up to be with all that already working on them? How many more like them are out there in the same circumstances or even worse, while their elected leaders protect the abusers and Melissa Merrick can’t show up at meetings, too busy dragging her fainting couch around, just in case someone wants to hear of her trauma of someone ‘insulting’ her Tribal Council.

We have to, all of us, on and off the rez, regardless of race, color, creed or religion, use our voices to demand real action from our elected leaders. They MUST hold accountable, they must hold criminally liable, those who have caused these tragedies and those who protect the abusers.

If we don’t, then the next murdered child, the next raped baby out there, is on us.

Timothy Purdon needs to be removed from his office and tried for Breach of Trust or whatever charges can be put on a man who failed, repeatedly, to follow legally required protocols in dealing with Mandated Reports of Child Abuse, Endangerment and Sexual exploitation.

Had he acted, I have no doubt that little Laurynn would still be alive today. He had plenty of time, but he did nothing.

Nothing but ridicule and dismiss the very reports that could have and would have prevented those children from A: Being removed from a safe and loving foster home and B: Placed in the home of a woman known to be dangerous and who had had her own children removed from her for that very reason.

He could have stopped this, but he did NOTHING.


Weenie Boy is out, but he might get back in.

Russ McDonald is more of the same, only he can read.

The BIA is still protecting murderers & Child Rapists

Tim Purdon is a waste of Government Paycheck

Tim Purdon should be tried as an accomplice to whatever crimes they charge the woman who killed Laurynn with.

Melissa Merrick is touring FaceBook and any other friendly venue, declaring her wounds greater than any other, but she remains unaware of what goes on because she doesn’t really do her job.

Marva’s kids are out there somewhere, removed without cause by a man who wanted to retaliate on behalf of the (now) ousted Tribal Chairman’s family.

As illegal and dangerous as removing those kids was, no one in Government gives a crap about their nightmare.

The corrupt are still protected.

The vulnerable are still abused.

Nothing has changed except the names on the letterhead.

Money, drugs, Human Trafficking, government funding, our tax dollars at work…

….And Mary McDonald holds the key that could free an innocent man, and with that, her entire community… but she keeps silent, nurturing the lies that made her family wealthy, now powerful, at the expense of every dead and broken child. The Deal her Daddy made with the Devil more important to her than all that is right and good in this world.
Until she finds the courage to speak, this suffering not only will continue, it will get worse. She has always held the key. She’s not a kid anymore.

We are all connected. What happens there, to those children, to people whose names you will never know, will affect our lives, more and more, and until the Truth is told, no one gets out unscathed. The Blood and Lies that bind that rez to the corrupt and evil, bind us to them as well. We cannot be free of this until they are free of this.

This is as much ours to fix as it is theirs to fix. We can’t do it without each other. We have to see them as US or we, by willful blindness, remain the keystone to the problem, unable to see that by not helping them, we cannot help ourselves.

We are all related.

You know where to find me.



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July 1, 2013
He’s OUTTA There!
--- Printer Version (2)

The Vote today went well. Twice as many didn’t want Weenie Boy as those who did. A big family is one thing, and scheduling the vote at a time when most people would not be able to attend is also a trick, but there you all go…. 144 voted to keep him, and 284 voted to kick him out the door. I guess dead babies do bother the most of you. I guess being robbed blind and threatened can only bully people into silence for so long.

The entire community owes a debt of thanks to the warriors who carried that petition from door to door, at great personal risk to themselves, their jobs and their families.

I guess now Clarisse Brownshield will have to find a new BFF, eh?

The nominations are in for his replacement. They are: Skip Longie, Sr., Russ McDonald, and Robert Thompson. Which Devil to replace Weenie Boy with, so it appears. I don’t know anything about Robert, but the other two? *spits.

I am surprised but not surprised that the Elders put forward Russ McDonald. When he was in charge of the Elder’s programs, he botched every single grant and they lost programs, but he made sure he got paid additional ‘win’ money as if the grants were written on time and had won approval. Skip Longie Sr. has held this job before. I heard nothing good about that regime. That leaves Robert Thompson and I don’t know anything about him. Good luck on this.

Whomever you pick, be prepared to petition their corrupt ass out.

I noticed that Kevin Cramer’s FB page regarding this vote had some of Melissa Merrick’s spite and vileness in it. She and her pals wrongly state that Cramer never apologized for his use of violent language (which so offended Melissa she is unable to actually talk about anything else, except what a great job she is doing while never actually doing her job). She demanded that he meet with the Tribal Leadership as they had requested!

And then came his gentle response that he had, in fact, already met with Tribal Leadership and I guess she didn’t get the memo?

Cramer’s concern on this issue has been for the People of Spirit Lake to have a voice to change the blatantly corrupt leadership that has led to the death of yet another tiny child last month. Melissa Merrick’s whole agenda, well, that’s about Melissa. She clearly does not keep up on anything else but hair and make-up.

I’ll keep you posted. This is only the first step. We have a long way to go.

You know where to find me.


Update 1

Well, they made the voting to get Roger out as long and tedious as possible. Many, especially those with a job, had to leave right after the vote to throw his sorry ass out. Most thought the Election would be announced and you could vote on which of the three (above) you wanted in as his replacement. When more than half of you were gone, they decided to hold that vote on the spot.

Russ McDonald got 190 votes

Robert Thomas got 52 votes

And Skip Longie Sr., the master of Tribal Corruption, got a mere 51 votes.

Congrats to the man who robbed and raided the Elder’s program, and who abused his position at the college to only hire and high pay his relatives, for becoming your new Tribal Chairman.

Expect more of the same or worse. The corruption has not ended, it has merely changed hands.

Stay Tuned




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