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Eddie Peltier, Richard LaFuenteI do my best to deliver factual information. The "Documents" pages are there for you to look and see for yourself. An innocent man is in prison for crimes committed by the corrupt, who run the reservation the way a criminal organization would run a city if they had all levels of government supporting and protecting them.

There are many more Good People in Spirit Lake than there are corrupt, evil people there. It is the system that is corrupt, evil and I expose here all that I can.

I can be reached at this email:  Contact Cat  . I respond to most of my emails, however, I reserve the right to not rspond to whack jobs. I keep all information confidential. For those who wish to attack, you'll either be ignored, or, if you are really clever, you'll end up on the Moron Squad page.  Some insults are more entertaining than others. I share with the class.

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For those interested: The 13th Mandated Report is out. No government Agency has yet to properly reply to any of them.



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June 28, 2013 **
-----Printer Version (3) Update 1 Update 2  Update 3

Despite all the efforts to trash the Recall Petition, attempts to bribe or bully people into taking their signatures back, there were 547 legal signatures. So, Joel Redfox as Vice Chair, has no choice but to carry on. (See Document)

So, the next trick is to make people think that there will be no recall (so why show up) But we know there will be a recall.

So, let’s make it so that people have no chance to make plans to call in from work or even know when/where to show up.

They make it at 10:00 AM on Monday Morning, in the Gymnasium at 4W High School.
The BIA is also sending in additional officers (6) to maintain order and Turtle Mountain has been put on alert to provide additional assistance should it be required.

If you are tired of the abuses, the corruption; if you are tired of the Chair and Tribal Council robbing you blind, and if you are tired of seeing babies get raped and murdered, abused, and if you are tired of all the pedophiles in Roger’s family getting away with child abuse… you must show up and you must STAND UP and vote Roger Yankton OUT.

Men and women have risked their lives to take that petition around. This is your chance. If you don’t stand up then and there, you are saying that you accept even more and worse abuse, even more abused, raped children, even more dead babies. You either take this first stand against Evil or you become the reason it thrives.

Take pictures, especially of anyone trying to bully or harass anyone, or anyone trying to prevent anyone from entering to vote. DO NOT give anyone your devices or your memory cards. If they want ‘Evidence’ send them copies later.

Feel free to share with me any images, inside or outside the gymnasium/meeting.

You know where to find me.


Update 1

Roger has already hired another crooked judge to replace the last crooked judge (the one who placed Baby Laurynn in the home that murdered her). I don’t know who it is yet, but he has filed an injunction against the recall in Tribal Court. He will do anything to thwart the will of the people. I guess he could not bribe nor bully enough people and now he resorting to even more corrupt tactics.

Stay tuned. Still plan to show up just in case this has to go through despite his creep thug tactics.

Also, I will be blogging more about Baby Laurynn in a later blog and all the crap that is going on around that. For now, this is foremost.

Stay Tuned. As soon as I get more information on the Recall, I will post it here.


Update 2

Roger had to file a petition with a Judge appointed by the BIA since there are no active judges in Tribal Court at this time. He has hired a new judge, not sure who it is yet, but since He Alone appoints Tribal Judges and Fires them and controls their pay, and since he made it impossible for there to be any appeals of any decisions, ever, it is not likely any Tribal Judge would do anything but that which the Tribal Chair wants.

However, in this case, he was not allowed to do that for some reason. Judge Conklin was assigned to this case --- see the enclosed Petition to dismiss the Election Board’s ruling.

Notice Remi Yankton is one of his witnesses as is Deanna McKay. It also states that for some reason 3 people decided to remove their names from the Petitiion to recall him… gee, I wonder why?

He also says the Election Board’s decision was a Draft. I see ‘Draft’ written by hand, clearly on their ruling. How many people write ‘Drafts’ on letterhead? How many hand-write ‘Draft’ rather than typing it into the header? Are they that sloppy and unprofessional? Or was it tampered with after the fact? Whatever it is, it’s becoming more and more obvious.
Word is that Judge Conklin ruled AGAINST Roger’s pathetic petition to invalidate the Petition.

I also hear that KABU is telling everyone that the meeting is on Tuesday, not Monday. The official documents, including Weenie Boy’s Petition all state July 1st, which is a Monday.

I know they will try to confuse you with conflicting information. The reason they are holding the meeting at 10:00 AM in the first place is to prevent all of the working people from showing up. With an unemployment rate of approximately 80% or higher on the rez, the choice becomes: Lose a day’s pay or your job to vote, or keep your job and Roger gets to keep his. That’s how it works when the corrupt get to make the rules. All of the rules.

Stay tuned.

PS, I know the files size on Roger's filing is huge. I can't make it any smaller. (11+ MB) It can be viewed online and printed 9 Pages


Update 3 Sunday, June 30, 2013

Why Congressman Kevin Cramer is AWESOME!
See his FB Page Congressman Kevin Cramer's FB Page

From FB
Congressman Kevin Cramer · 834 like this
5 hours ago near Bismarck, ND ·LINK

To the citizens of Spirit Lake Nation; I want every member of the Spirit Lake Tribe in ND to know I am thinking about and praying for you this weekend as you prepare for a very important election on Monday. Regardless of who you plan to vote for, it is critical you have a fair, transparent process. After receiving several calls of concern about potential intimidation, I called officials at the BIA and FBI to make them aware of possible problems. BIA officials have pledged several extra officers that likely are on site already, to ensure your security during the process. I am a strong proponent of Tribal sovereignty and trust the people of Spirit Lake to govern themselves with integrity, as long as the process is fair. I am also aware of the fact that every constituent of a ND Tribal government is also my constituent and therefore I share responsibility for your safety and liberty. Know I am with you in spirit and look forward to being with you in person soon. Freedom is precious, use it judiciously.


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June 24, 2013
Here We Are Again
---Printer Version (7)

With the arrest of 31-yr old Hope Tomahawk-Whiteshield, the step-grandmother to 35 month old Laurynn Whiteshield, and the tale of horrors that she told about how she killed that child, we now have a ‘Bad Person’ to direct our anger, shock and disgust. We can blame her.

Let’s look at her history so we know how ‘bad’ she is, shall we? She had her own children removed from her home because of abuse, and they were placed in Foster Care. It was clear to all those in charge of these things, she was not capable of caring for children and she was a danger to them.

Yet, one of the last things Kevin Dauphinais (Brownshield) did in his capacity as Director of Tribal Social Services, just before he departed that position, leaving a wake of corruption and scandal which others have gladly wallowed in since, one of the very last things he did to cover his tracks, was to have Hope’s children returned to her, despite her not wanting them returned, not being capable of coping with them.

He did that to cover his embezzlement of funds. Most of the children that were placed in Foster Care received none of the monies or services, the Federal, State and Regional governments funded or provided.

He instead, took that money for himself and his family, and friends. Millions of Dollars went missing under his watch, and the BIA and their much ballyhooed “Strike Team” have done nothing to investigate where the money went, nor what happened to the children.

In order to cover up what he had done, he simply dragged children out of safe homes and returned them to their abusive homes, and destroyed, shredded paperwork regarding them. He admitted that. He said he was ordered to shred important documents by Chairman Roger Yankton. That also has not been investigated.

So, Hope is just one of many cases where children were returned into very abusive, neglectful, dangerous homes…
She was violent and she had no coping skills. And there she was, with a houseful of children ranging in age from 14 to Toddlers. Tribal Social Services cared not what happened to those children, nor any other children placed in her care. They only wanted to make the “Paperwork look Right” so that the investigation would not go more than an inch deep into the abyss.

And then, after two years of warnings, and 13 Mandated Reports, all the Dog and Pony show put on by the BIA and their ‘Strike Team’, USAG Tim Purdon vouching for the ‘career professionalism (like his own) of the BIA’s handling of the take over of Tribal Social Services … last May, these precious little twin girls were also placed in Hope’s care and keeping.

Yes, they did it. They took the little girls from a safe, loving, nurturing home where they had gone after suffering such abuse/neglect that they required a week’s stay in a hospital, and those little angels thrived under the love and care… and the BIA Strike Team which was in charge of Tribal Social Services did exactly what Kevin and the others since him had been doing, and removed those children and placed them in Hope’s care. I’m sure it was the easiest, quickest way to make the paperwork look right.

And here we are again, burying another tiny, defenseless child who suffered and died a horrendous death while in the care and keeping of someone who was known to be a danger to children, less than a month after being removed from the safety of the loving home.

So, while we have outrage and fury over how this child died, let’s make sure we hold those accountable to set it up. Let’s hold accountable and demand answers from all those people in suits and ties who absolutely knew this was wrong, but did it anyway.

Hope will doubtless look pitiful in her mug shot, and in court. People will look at her and conclude she ‘looks like someone that would murder a child.’

The irony would be if it was Tim Purdon acting as prosecutor, for he is as culpable as she is on this, if not more so. He ignored the 13 Mandatory reports. He ridiculed the urgency of the cases in those reports and the predictions that there would be more deaths and serious injuries because of the corruption in Tribal Social Services.

I would love to sit in the courtroom if he is the prosecutor. Or anyone in his office. He needs to be sitting at the Defense Table, in shackles, right next to Hope.

And while we’re at it, let’s put a few other well-heeled political appointees and Agency Directors at that table with her.

I am not here to defend what she did. It sickens me. But I know how it happened, not just the details of the crime itself, but the whole thing of how it was set up by those whose job it was to protect the people, protect the children and chose instead to protect their friends and political connections.

Laurynn paid the price for this. Her funeral is at 10:00 AM this morning. I know it’s short notice, but I would like to see the whole community show up for this. It’s too late for Laurynn, but it would make a statement about the other children still at risk, still being abused, neglected and raped on that rez.

I only ask, regardless of how you feel about this tragedy, that you show respect for the privacy of the family. You don’t know what their lives have been like. You don’t know anything about them except this one ugly flash insight into the nightmare they themselves had no control over.

Until the corruption in Tribal Social Services, The BIA, The USAG’s office and all of the Tribal Leadership is thoroughly investigated as a Criminal Organization, there will be more babies murdered, raped, neglected, abused… and they will grow up, those who survive, many of them addicted, without coping skills, knowing only violence, unable to keep their own children safe, nor yours.

This is all connected. The corruption and the murder of children cannot be untied from one another. By the corrupt protecting the corrupt, and the Federal & State Governments looking for excuses not to investigate, rather than doing their job, we can only expect more tragedies.

This one could have been avoided. Easily. It never had to happen. None of those children should ever have been placed with Hope, but they were. And we don’t know where those other children are right now.

I know the Twin is safe, for now, returned to her Foster Parents, who once again, must rebuild her sense of this world, now, missing the one person she was closer to than any other, her twin sister.

Kevin Cramer, who has been the ONLY elected official, from what I have seen, who has done more than give lip service and photo ops, but who has passionately, (and he was thoroughly trashed for it as his comments were taken completely out of context) he has passionately and diligently pursued the cause of making it safe for the Women & children of Spirit Lake Nation. He is the only one that has questioned the credibility of those in charge, and he is the only one that has looked hard and asked real questions about what is really going on out there.

He was the driving force, from what I have seen, behind the return of the twin to a place of safety and security. He was the only one who thought about what was best for that child, while others batted her around like a political ping-pong ball.

She needs long-term stability. She will have that in the home where she was raised until last May. She will need a lot of help in recovery, not to be treated as a symbol of sovereignty. If the BIA or the Federal/State or Tribal Governments take any measures to again remove her, it should be considered an act of Child Cruelty and wanton disregard for her well-being.

Late For Class

When I was in high-school, I had three classes with one of the class clowns named Frank or Fred. Let’s call him ‘Frank’. Frank was always late to class, sometimes by 20 minutes. He would show up at the door, and stage an entrance bordering on stand-up comedy. He would lean in, and self strangle himself, as if he was battling a bad guy.

The class would laugh. We couldn’t help it. It was disruptive, yes. Very. “the Frank Show” as my teachers called it, would go on for about 2 minutes. It was pointless to try and stop him or even shame him. We always applauded his act.

The only way Teachers could get on with it, was to wait for it to end and say: “Take a seat Frank, you might learn something.” And he would. Class then resumed.

Heidi Heitkamp has decided to finally step up and make a statement about the death of the little girl on the rez. She was so full of bluster and outrage, you’d think she’d been on this from the beginning.

You’d never guess unless you were following this issue and her record closely, that last week, after this child was murdered, was the very first time she ever made any official statement about the situation out there.

I myself, felt like applauding. Take a seat Heidi. You might learn something.

Try showing up ready to work next time. Yes, sadly, because of the neglect of those we have elected, and those they have appointed, there will be a next time. And a next and a next.

The only reason she’s showing up now is that people are calling, emailing, faxing, and phoning her office and wanting her official response. Now, let’s see if she, now that she’s in class, can work with Kevin Cramer, and get a full investigation at every level: Tribal, Local, Regional, State and Federal, into the corruption that is absolutely murdering children out there, and using millions of our tax dollars to do it.

Let’s see what the Mighty Heidi actually does, shall we?

Senator Hoeven also made a dramatic entrance into this one. He had, early on, tap danced his way onto and off of the stage, and moved onto other things. When a constituent received a phone call from his office regarding her email to him months earlier about the corruption of the BIA and Tribal Social Services, a mere few days prior to this most recent child murder, he waved her off with the comment that “The BIA is taking care of that.”

It was as if he was not even listening to the question.

Take a seat, Senator Hoeven, you might learn something.

The good people of Spirit Lake, and all over North Dakota, as well as from other states, are watching how this is being handled. We want to see, actually see proof that there is action. We want to see full-on investigations to this snake pit of corruption. We don’t want ‘assurances’, we want proof. We know there is ongoing criminal activity. We know it is woven throughout the entire Tribal Leadership, past and present, all the business enterprises, all of the elected and appointed officials who deal with the tribe.

We need to see arrests. Not just of the one woman who murdered a child, but of everyone in anyway connected to all of the agencies involved in making that happen.

We want to see arrests of past and present BIA officials, all the way up the line, as far as they go. If you have to pull down a dossier on a past politician or elected official, or a few judges, tribal, municipal, Federal, then, by all means do it.
Because none of this changes, none of this gets better, until you rip the core of the corruption and those who make it profitable, right out into the light of legal action, and show us you are doing something that actually counts.

This is not going away. We are not going away. The next dead child, the next raped child, is on you all. You have the power and the authority to fix this. No one else does.

Play Victim

It never ceases to amaze me how, when the Tribal Chairman, The Tribal Council, are asked for a statement, even on something as horrendous as the murder of a child, can’t manage to say anything unless they portray themselves as martyrs. I was neither shocked nor surprised when the Tribe’s Statement to the Grand Forks Herald, June 20, 2013,

The council also objected that “some are using this tragedy to attack the tribe” and said it has “a demonstrated record of its commitment to improving social services programs.”

No one is attacking the Tribe. No one. It is not the Tribe that is at fault. It is the Corrupt Leadership of the Tribe, and another murdered child is the result.

As far as their having a ‘demonstrated record of …commitment to improving Social Services programs’… I’m sure that ‘proof’ is in the paperwork that looks much neater now that the BIA Strike Team has been on it for all these months. But clearly, given that children are routinely and often taken from safe homes and put directly into harm’s way, it’s hard to see what exactly the ‘commitment’ or the ‘improvements’ are.

Nothing has changed except the signatures on the orders to put children in harm’s way. Nothing. Until there is a full investigation, arrests, and millions of dollars in stolen funds are recovered, nothing has changed.

The Tribal Council likes to pretend they are both the victim of ‘negativity’ and the martyrs standing up for the tribe. They are no such thing. They are thugs, and they rape and they kill and they place in harm’s way, tiny babies who cannot defend themselves, all the while the Tribal Council, Tribal Chair, are taking millions in government funds, and casino hopping all across the nation, traveling first class.

The Tribe is the victim of the Tribal Chair and the Tribal Council. They even end up paying excessive salaries and bonuses to those who were busted, long ago. They end up paying salaries and legal fees to those who are busted. It’s a bottomless piggy bank for them.

So when they put on their sad, stern Serious Indian Faces, try not to laugh. It’s a tragedy that they are not all in jail.
This is about another baby being murdered. It’s not about how ‘victimized’ the Tribal Council feels that all this ‘negativity’ is pointed at them. That’s where it should be pointed.

There are mostly Good People in Spirit Lake. But they have no voice. The Tribal Council passed a law that if any of them ever speaks to media, regardless of if it is on their own time, they will not be able to hold a job on the rez. They can be fired for talking. I’m sure there are other penalties for those who speak up. I’ve seen it and heard it.

Perhaps the Tribal Council should engage their favorite newspaper writers and do a ‘feel good’ article again about how safe it is on the rez, especially for children. You know, something ‘happy’ and ‘positive’, so people won’t be thinking that all this corruption and all these dead babies stacking up like cordwood, are a problem.

Perhaps another interview with Kristi Wishinsky will do the trick. She was not qualified to be a Social Worker. She stole babies and gave them to homes that were not qualified. She and Kevin Dauphinais set up this whole mess long ago. She does great interviews. All upbeat and all.

Can’t wait.

Meanwhile, one of the official pall bearers for that tiny casket today, is a registered sex offender.

Yes, that is what is going on out on the rez. The corrupt don’t like that we are looking in. The elected, with one exception (Kevin Cramer) don’t like us making them do their jobs. They don’t like us demanding they prove they are acting to change the unbridled corruption out there. They don’t like it, but I don’t care. They have to do this.

Being elected is to serve the people. The People of Spirit Lake need them to act, not just Photo Op wearing a blanket and being given an Indian Name. The oil companies don’t need the politicians as much as the people of Spirit Lake need them right now. Put the lobbyists on hold for as long as it takes and fix this.

The Good People of Spirit Lake don’t have a lobbyist. The children are being murdered.

Now, show us all that you are reading and acting, according to protocol, on those 13 Mandated Reports. It has to start there.

None of us can stop until this is done and done right.

“When Will This End?”

I am asked that a lot. I think you know the answer. It will only end when those who murdered Eddie Peltier are brought to Justice. They are the vortex of the evil that is killing the children of Spirit Lake Nation. They are protected by fear and secrets that need to be told.

When they are brought to Justice, the stinking blankets of rotting fear and corruption, will fall away and the Sunlight will purify all that is left. From that point forward, the healing will begin. Not before.

My Prayer

“I pray for the Truth to come out, High and Low, Near and Far, Deep and Wide, and for the Truth to bring Justice, and Justice to bring Healing, reunion, Peace. And the Balance will be restored.”

You know where to find me.




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June 17, 2013
Known and Unknown
  --- Print Version (7)

One of the 3-yr Old twin girls died. There is a lot of speculation as to how she died, and given the family history, I can see why the first conclusion that is jumped to, is that she was abused.

We don’t know.

The FBI and the BIA were investigating as soon as it was reported, early Thursday morning. The BIA and the FBI, the very ones who should be nowhere near this case, are investigating. The same FBI that destroyed evidence and ordered others to destroy evidence at the Dubois children’s murder scene. The same BIA that has ‘taken over Tribal Social Services’, ‘Strike Team’, and the same BIA that has more domestic abusers and outright rapists on their payroll, is ‘investigating’ this death. Anyone trust that the outcome will be the Truth? My expectations are very low.

What we also know is that this child, her twin sister and other siblings were in Foster Care up until a month ago. Their mother and father both in prison up until a month ago. The mother had been arrested for Felony Child abuse and it was horrendous. The twins in 2011, just infants, so badly neglected or abused that they had to be in hospital for two weeks before they could be released to Foster care, where they were lovingly nursed back to full health, vitality and had a chance at being healthy happy kids.

The mother and father are somewhere. I don’t know. My understanding is that they were not living in the home where the children were. They were in Fargo or Bismarck or somewhere. The Children were being raised by their grandfather, and no one has yet to contact me with a bad word to say about him.

What We Know

It will be awhile before we know what happened to the little girl. Her blood family is grieving this, and her Foster family must be sick with grief over the loss.

It was just about a month ago when they had the children they had so lovingly cared for, ripped out of their homes, the way the Tribal Social Services likes to rip kids away. No notice, not transition, no reason --- gone.

I know that no grandfather, regardless of how much he loves his grandchildren, is going to be able to keep up with twin 3-yr olds day in and day out. No matter how he tried.

We know that Suna Guy, registered sex offender and blood relative to the children, lived right next door.

I know that no child would be placed in an environment where there is not both adequate care and one which no registered sex offender would be permitted such close proximity to vulnerable children.

Did Suna have anything to do with this? WE DON’T KNOW.

The remaining children were removed from the home, at around 10 PM that night, over 12 hours after the report of the death. Bentley GreyBear, an abuser himself, walked into the home, without so much as paperwork, and said he was taking the kids. He didn’t say where he was taking them. The family didn’t get to say goodbye. The children were dragged out of their beds and into his vehicle and driven away in the night.

Think about that. The children had just been traumatized by the death of their sister, and then, in their sleep, they were roused and packed off without so much as a hug goodbye. Tell me how that shows any consideration whatsoever for those children?

And, what IF, just IF, it turns out this child died from something that had nothing to do with the household? That family was just traumatized even more by not being able to say good bye or hug those kids to reassure them as they were leaving.

The kids out there? Ripped and flung around like emotional rag dolls. Good Job, Bentley. I always wondered what went wrong with your nephew, Linden GreyBear, and the more I get to know about you, the more that picture is coming into focus as well.

Does the BIA not even care to attempt to show professionalism in any aspect? Sadly, not.

Now, the blood family knows what the Foster Family went through. More trauma, more abuse, and they were helpless to so much as comfort the children, crying and screaming as they were being dragged away. Despicable.

So, right now, until we know, there’s not much we can do except to wait for the autopsy results, witness statements, and whatever the clown car investigators come up with.

A news crew from Valley News came out to do a report on the death of the child and to interview people regarding the safety of children on the rez.

The cameraman, a ‘ Six-foot-six Black Man’ had just set up his camera for an interview when he was jumped by… Suna Guy. Not sure how all that went down. I heard one version that I consider preposterous: It basically said that the cameraman was looking for a fight and threw the first punch.

What I find laughable about that is that no cameraman would do that. That camera is a BIG Ticket item. It is handled with care. I can’t imagine any cameraman, regardless of how big or black he is, putting that kind of equipment at risk.

Cameramen never let go of their cameras. No one ‘starts a fight’ with one hand holding onto several thousand dollars of camera.

Plus, given the size of the man, it’s my guess that if he ‘threw the first punch’, Suna Guy would still be trying to guess what day of the week this is. That story just doesn’t make sense to me.

Their claim that the Cameraman was trespassing makes no sense either. If that were the case, the Tribal Police would have moved them. Attacking was strictly an attempt to intimidate the news crew. They don’t want people looking in and asking questions.

They don’t want you or me or anyone else to know what kind of a place they are running out there.

Suna was arrested for the assault and Weenie Boy called up the cop shop and talked to Mary McDonald (the same Mary McDonald) and told her he wanted Suna released. A few hours later, Suna Guy, Registered Sex Offender, who had just assaulted a news crew, was released on his own recognizance. Yeah, Tribal Judges and Tribal Chairman, they can do anything.

Anyone who buys Suna’s version of this debacle, I have a bridge to sell you.

Why was it so personally important to Weenie Boy (Roger Yankton) to have Suna released without bond?

People are upset and so am I. We all are.

Who To Blame

I’m looking at this from an over 2 yr view of now, 13 Mandated Reports from Thomas Sullivan’s Office, describing exactly the kind of dangers these children are being put in by the scam artists at the BIA, State, and Federal Officials, including Timothy Q Purdon, who assures us that there is no problem out there, and the children are safe because the BIA are ‘career professionals’ like himself.

They all ignored all 13 Mandated Reports and never once followed up, according to either protocol nor the law. I hold responsible the following:

Tribal Council: Their corruption and incompetence as well as their history of abuse, led to this latest child’s death.

Tribal Social Services: Whose corruption and disregard for the safety and the well-being of the children has been well documented and remains ongoing. Their abuses of these children by taking them away from safe homes, putting them into the hands of the unqualified and the deviant, as well as selling or giving them to homes of ‘friends’ is well-documented.

The Regional Officials: who also ignored the complaints of corruption and child endangerment, as well as the ongoing documented and witnessed child sexual abuses. They have backed up Tribal Social Services and the abusive, downright crooked Directors of that department, without fail.

The State: who also shirked their responsibilities to both the children and to the taxpayers by allowing this to go on, despite reports, Mandated Reports, and pleas to stop allowing these children to be abused and neglected, raped and murdered. The State likes to shrug their shoulders in response to these reports, and say “Sovereignty”, but that doesn’t cut it. The State has absolute jurisdiction over every minor child that is in their program or any program funded by taxpayers, for their care and welfare.

The BIA: Where to begin? They are corrupt. They are incompetent. They are abusive. They assure us that their “Strike Team” has made things so much better out there… but they have never investigated the corruption in their own ranks, nor have they pressed charges against any of the child traffickers, and those who ripped off millions in taxpayer dollars, still unaccounted for. There are still Foster Parents who have NEVER been paid nor compensated for the children in their care. Many have gone into their own funds to cover medical needs and clothing. But those funds are going somewhere… and it would not be that difficult to do a forensic audit. The BIA has been complicit in these abuses, corruption and putting children at risk, deliberately. They have even, along with the Tribal Council and the Chairman, removed children from their families as retaliation for those members of the family who have spoken out about the abuses they have witnessed. Those children are then ‘given’ to ‘friends’ of the Tribal Council.

The Federal Government: Which has failed to act on any of these 13 Mandated reports for over two years. They have white-washed, thrown more money in, made the corruption even worse, but they have ignored these children.

USAG Timothy Q. Purdon: Who has assured us that the Mandated reports have all been ‘investigated’ but has never provided proof of a single investigation nor has he followed any of the legal steps he is supposed to follow in regards to a single mandated report. He has ridiculed the ACF Director, Thomas Sullivan, for making these reports. He has claimed that ‘many’ of the allegations in the reports are false… but he cannot and will not name one so-called ‘false’ allegation. He has assured us, repeatedly, that the children are no longer in danger.

Senator Hoeven: Who has given only lip-service to the issue, despite his own staff reporting to him how shaken they were by what they learned. It was only last week when he responded to a months old email from a concerned constituent that he was not the one to talk to about these reports because: “The BIA is handling that.” The problem IS the BIA. And they all know it. It is corrupt to the core and he has done nothing either when he was governor, nor in his capacity as Senator of ND. Nothing, except issue assurances that it’s being ‘handled’.

Senator Heitkamp: Who has yet to issue so much as a single statement regarding her concern for the safety and well-being of the children of Spirit Lake. Not once. She has posed for photo ops out there, has a blanket wrapped around her and a big smile. The corrupt treat her like ‘one of their own’.

All of these people have been told, repeatedly, what is going on out there. They have been pleaded with as to how urgent the situation was. All this after the murder of the DuBois children, and yet, not one of them has lifted a finger, set up a task force and all have been happy enough to move on to other business because, “The BIA is handling this.”

Not Responsible

I cannot hold the mother responsible. It was clear in 2011 that she was unfit, and that no one in the family was able to take on the raising of the babies, for whatever reason. The mother is an addict, was just released from prison, and is not living near her children. Nor is the father. If any of this is wrong, let me know.

She is not capable of taking care of herself, and anyone in government that decided she should, with assessment, without parental training, be suddenly responsible, is out of their minds.

The father was also, far as I know, completely removed from the scene.

Yes, they are awful parents. They are seriously damaged people. They are part of the Human Wreckage you get when you allow multiple generations of PTSD go untreated in a community and you allow and support the most corrupt, despicable elements to run the place. This is what you get. They can’t help themselves, they can’t be held accountable for what all the suits in government do. The suits are accountable.

I don’t know if this child died from neglect or abuse or ‘natural causes’. SIDS does not occur in children over the age of 1 yr. (See: Kid’s Health and other related articles: ).

Something happened to her.

What, how or by whom, we don’t know.

What we DO KNOW is that there are children still in dangerous and abusive homes out there. The Tribal Council is corrupt, the BIA is corrupt, The FBI has failed to investigate the crimes against children for over 2 years of official notification. The USAG’s office has failed to even try to protect these kids.

That child’s body should be laid at their doorstep. They could have prevented this. They chose not to. Worse, they chose to ridicule, harass, threaten those who have been, for years, reporting the crimes and corruption, and especially the danger to children, for all this time.

Direct your outrage in their direction.

If they find that this child was murdered or worse, they will happily trot out the perpetrator (unless it is a close friend or relative of the Tribal Chair and the Tribal Council). We will all be expected to boo and hiss, and condemn that one person. They will be looking down at the ground, they will be in shackles, they will look dirty and they will look just like the kind of person that would do such a thing.

As despicable as this is, the most despicable are those in offices, wearing suits, going to power lunches and meetings, and giving press releases about how their offices have been ‘working’ on this for …. And vowing to ‘prosecute to the fullest…’ I say, prosecute them all. Especially the suits.

Now, let’s all wait and see.

It’s almost assured that before we know what happened this time, there will be another.

There will be trauma, outrage, outpouring of grief, denial and more outrage.

You know where to direct your outrage. It’s time they have all been held accountable for both breaking the system and for lying about it being broken. Hold them accountable for failing to protect, to investigate, or care.


A 3-yr Old child is dead

A news crew cameraman got jumped as they were out there to get the story.

The Tribal Chairman had the attacker released from jail without bond, within hours

The children were removed from the home in the most brutal way the BIA could conduct such a removal. It is as if hey enjoy traumatizing babies.

We don’t know the cause of death.

But we know it has happened before and it will happen again until the BIA, the FBI, the State, County, Federal as well as the Tribal Chair and Tribal Council are finally held to account for their corruption and abuse.

Until the Mandated Reports are treated according to protocol and the law, nothing will change.

We know all these agencies and Departments had the chance, for the past Two Years, to prevent this... and they didn't.

There are more children out there, in much worse situations.

You know where to find me.



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June 10, 2013
Keeping Secrets
---Printer Version (5)

Summer’s here. Old memories beginning to stir. Secrets kept for far too long, struggle to be free, and take us all into a better place. But they are kept down by fear. The community watches as babies they remembered being born, become suicides, addicts, abusers. They become killers or are killed. Babies they remembered… being born.

Watching from where they keep their secrets, they see the children being raped, beaten, neglected. They go to the funerals, their secrets strapped to their backs, like hungry demons, gnawing at them, breaking them down.

Anger and violence so common, corruption so wide spread, that it is expected that there will be no justice for victims, regardless of how small, how young. It is expected that those wearing badges can rape and beat anyone they choose, especially their own families, and no one will take away their badges or their guns.

These are the ones Tim Purdon holds in high esteem, as his equals. These are the ones he tells the beaten and the battered, the raped and the incest victims to report to, knowing full well evidence will be destroyed or not gathered at all, and only the criminals will be protected. It all goes into the annual reports on why they decline such large numbers of cases. They blame the victims and the witnesses, not those who intimidate them, and not the police or FBI who ridicule them.

How did it get this bad?

Summer’s coming hotter and harder, and old secrets might remind you, whisper in your ear: “You watched the murders, the rapes and the lies. You watched as the innocent were framed and the guilty walked around like they own the place. You kept the secrets and now the secrets keep you. They own you.”

Did anything get better by your silence? No. It only got worse. How many have taken their secrets to the grave? Too many. They failed to speak out, tell the truth and free themselves. They are still owned by the secrets that they took with them. They are still being gnawed by those demons they fed with their silence.

Everything they could have prevented, by telling the truth, they allowed to thrive by keeping silent. They died in fear. They died in anger. It was never a ‘Good Day To Die.’

And now, here we are, surrounded by evil. Evil that feeds on silence. Evil that has only one fear: The Truth.

Stay silent about the murders, then you must stay silent about the rapes, even if it is the babies. Stay silent about the rapes, especially those of the children, you become the silent accomplice. None of this can be done, none of this can exist without every single accomplice holding quiet.

And further up the food chain, where the corruption is most protected, the USAG’s office, every person in it, especially Tim Purdon, now finds himself keeping the secrets.

He finds his job is to maintain the silence and allow the Evil to do what it will, when it will, to whomever it will. Purdon knows the children are being raped. But he keeps the silence. He finds ways to close his eyes and pretend those children are lesser children. “Those People” are lesser people, he tells himself. He must tell himself that, or something far worse, to justify the extremes he has gone to ignore the reports, ignore the truth. He knows the truth. He stays silent. He keeps others silent. He wishes it will all just go away. He hopes you and I will tire of this and move on to something else. But we don’t.

Purdon’s fears are different than those who speak out. He doesn’t live on the rez. No one is coming to threaten him. His fears are the fears of a coward. He has the position, the authority, and he could end this all by saying to those who have told the Truth: “I believe you, and I will protect you.” He could do that, but he doesn’t. He tells himself that the Truth is the Lie and the Lie is the Truth.

He bought the Lie first, so he’s sticking with it. We let him. We don’t demand he listen. We don’t step up and tell him, while making him look us in the eye, the truth that would shake him to his core and send the lies running and screaming to the horizon. We could make him listen to the truth, but those who hold their silence, keep the Truth a prisoner. They make themselves prisoners.

They make the children suffer for their silence. As if a silent pact between those who know the Truth and those who are afraid they will have to hear it, the Truth dangles on a thread, suspended from the ceiling, in every room where those who know and those who know they know, do this dance of saying nothing. The Truth is here, there, everywhere, waiting. But the dance continues, in silence. “Don’t speak, I may have to listen! Once I know, and you know I know, I must act. Hush!”

Children they remember being born. They can hear them screaming, crying, and the terror in their eyes becoming the emptiness in their lives, becoming their graves. Still, the silent dance continues.

Silence only serves Evil. We must, all of us, find a way to stand together, watch over one another, as the Truth is told. We can do that. We can refuse to be prisoners of silence. We can free ourselves, our communities, and clear the names of the innocent who were ridden into the ground.

When you speak the Truth, you will not be alone. I know who will stand with you. You will be heard.

When the Truth is told, there will begin a surge of power through the community unlike anything anyone can remember. The cowards will hide behind their doors, under their rocks. Everyone who has been afraid to speak will begin to find their voices.

The Truth is coming. The Truth will bring Justice. Justice will bring healing. Healing will bring reunion. Reunion will bring peace.

The community is weary of Evil and weary of the fear that has fed that Evil for over 30 years. The Truth is going to make the community stronger. It’s going to disempower the corrupt and empower the good and decent people who have been there all along, wanting to help their community to heal and thrive. Wanting it to be the ‘Home’ they know it can be.

But it is up to those who know the Truth to set it free. To set the community free. To set themselves free. It is up to all of us to stand by them as they do. I already have names of those who will stand by, and who will listen, and who will push it forward.

Fear has been running everything out there for far too long. It rides the community with barbwire whips and blood cutting spurs. It has bent over those who keep their silence as it rides them, flogging them with anger and threats & fear.

They can’t imagine not being afraid. They don’t believe they can feel strong because they don’t remember what it was like, long, long ago, when they were strong and they were free. But the Truth remembers, and the Truth wants OUT.

Once the Truth is freed, it will spread like wildfire, rooting out the evil, and putting the murderers and rapists on the run.
For too long the murderers and the rapists have been running the place. For too long the children have been sacrificed on the altar of silence, as if they are of less value than the rapists and the murderers.

The Truth, when it is told, will raise the voices of others who have, all this time, kept silent, lived in fear, anger and self-loathing. Others will shed their silence like filthy rags, all thrown into a heap for the world to see, and stand there, for the first time, in all this time, clean of it.

The Turdclan fears the Truth coming out. Once it starts, they know it won’t stop. They want you to keep your silence, even as it eats your spirit, gnaws at your knees. They want you to believe you can never be free.

But the Truth wants out. It wants to be free. It’s rising up in this one and that one, those over there… it’s everywhere. It’s knocking at your door. It’s sitting next to you, it’s chasing you through your dreams. It’s time. It’s you.

Remember that a documentary is being made about Eddie’s Murder and the trial. Remember that there are people who will hear you when you tell the truth. It’s not like it was before when there was no one, except for the corrupt USAG, the Corrupt and complicit FBI. Now when the Truth is told, it will be heard. Now is the time.

As long as you keep your silence, you are a prisoner and they can do with you whatever they want and you can do nothing. They can steal the children, they can rape the children and you can do nothing because the Truth has not been spoken.

Until you speak the Truth, those who rape the children, rob the children, those who murder them and those who steal their money, and those who steal from the Elders, and the schools; until you speak the Truth, you and your silence are protecting only the Evil. The children are suffering for your silence.

You know it. All of you holding your silence know it.

Those who know the Truth, have the power. The power to make the Evil dry up like so much dust, and be swept out of the community, away from The Good People of Spirit Lake Nation, away from the children, forever.

The Evil knows this too. If you don’t act before the Evil does, you will take your silence to the grave, where it will gnaw at you, for a long, cold eternity.

Evil is helpless when confronted by the Truth.

Purdon will have to act if you speak the truth and you do it in such a way that those who stand with you while you lay it all out, can then hold him accountable to the entire world, if he fails to do his job.

He will have to act. The world will be watching.

There are steps you can take that will protect you if you are willing to tell the truth. There are people who will take your statement and seal it until you are ready. Once you tell the Truth, no one dares take you down because they will be the first suspect, and the world will be looking at them. Not just me and my little blog, but the whole world.

Up until now, the world was only getting a peek here and there, a glimpse through this blog, but beyond me and what I am doing here, are others and they are doing even more.

All of this has made this the time for you to come out, tell what you know, and free yourself, your community, and give those babies you remember being born, a chance, a real chance, at a real life.

Fail to step forward, and you are, with your silence, protecting the evil and protecting those you fear.

Step forward and it all begins to change. You will feel it, like thunder, knocking down the prison walls. An innocent man will go free. When he is free, the guilty must answer. When the guilty are made to answer, the community will be free.
All this began long before the murders. All this corruption has been in place for a very long time. The corrupt FBI, the corrupt USAGs, the Corrupt in every agency and at every level of government, will be revealed as the onion is peeled, layer after layer… this healing will go far beyond anything you can dream of.

It has to start in Spirit Lake Nation. That’s just the way it is.

It’s time for the Good People of Spirit Lake Nation to find their strength and courage and speak the Truth.

You know where to find me.


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June 3, 2013
Without Justice
---Printer Version (6)

Trust in our government relies solely on our belief that if we are wronged or a crime is committed against us, directly or indirectly, that the system, especially law enforcement and the courts, will investigate and arrest, bring to trial, those who have committed the crimes, especially the most violent or the most damaging crimes.

It’s the reason we don’t ‘take the law into our own hands’. We trust our government. We trust our system.

But, what if the system; law enforcement, and the courts and any of the agencies involved along the way, say, Social Services, Victims Assistance, were all corrupt?

You would not expect that, would you. You would, if you reported the rape of your just turned thirteen year old daughter, and the police ignored you, refused to take a report, or a rape kit, and the rapist is still walking around, despite your identifying him, your daughter identifying him, you’d do what? Nothing? Or would you start raising a stink with the other agencies, such as the FBI that hangs around your community because you live on the rez. Surely the FBI would want to investigate the rape of a child, right? And they for sure would be upset that their pals in the BIA had not investigated the rape of your child, right? She contracted a venereal disease from him attacking her. She needs assistance.

And then you find that you are the one being arrested for ‘neglecting’ your child and allowing that 48-yr old man, who is the Tribal Chairman’s nephew, to rape her while you were out.

Well, at least now they will investigate that rape, right?

What’s this? They’ve arrested your daughter? What did she do? Oh, it’s not really an ‘arrest’ arrest, they’ve just hauled her off to an institution in the next state where she is held, against her will, the same as if she was one of the juvenile offenders she is housed with. Well, at least now, NOW they will investigate that rape, right?

Oh? They did finally go talk to the rapist, but according to him ‘she wanted it’ so he was the victim, not her. Well, that explains why the mother and the child were arrested. They ‘made him rape her’ by her … what? Existing?

So, when people get upset about this, and the rapist is still out there, still raping, and the mother is arrested and has to go to court, and the daughter has no rights, people ask the USAG Tim Purdon about it and why it has been allowed to turn out to where the rapist is not even arrested and he sort of waves it off with “Well, there’s two sides to every story…”
Do you feel that the system is one you can trust? Do you feel that the people who should be investigating are instead, looking for reasons to not investigate?

This is what happens in Indian Country. This and worse, daily.

When the Elder came forward at Purdon’s Dog and Pony show of ‘caring about the community’ and she tried to report, for the third, fourth or fifth time, about the children under the age of 10 who were having sex in her yard, she was shushed up and hustled away from the microphone. Tim Purdon can’t say no one is reporting this stuff if he actually has to hear a report from an actual witness.

When asked about it, he assured that he had discussed the case with her after the show, and that it was taken care of.
Tell that to the Elder woman and the others who report that the children were less than a week later, reported having sex with each other on the school bus. They’ve been reported multiple times by many people.

So, what is ‘taking care’ of that situation mean? Ignoring it? Those boys are also related to the Tribal Chairman. They are still in the same sexually abusive home that they have been in all along. None of the protocols have been followed by any of the agencies, and none have been followed by Tim Purdon and his office.

Thomas Sullivan has issued 13 Mandated Reports of multiple instances of child rape, sexual abuse, assault, neglect and children in extreme urgent danger. Not one report has been followed up according to the Justice Department’s own protocols.

So, the children remain in danger, continue to be raped, abused, neglected and endangered.

A recent call from Senator Hoeven’s office to a constituent who had, months earlier, contacted him with her concerns over the reports that are being issued and the lack of action by Social Services, the BIA, and the USAG’s office.

Surely the Elected Senator would, since he had been actively involved in bringing this to the attention of those very agencies, surely he would be able to answer as to what progress has been made.

His response? “The BIA is taking care of that.”

The BIA? When has the BIA ever done it’s job on that rez? The BIA? The ones who said that the 13-yr Old rape victim “asked for it,” ? That BIA? The one that makes specious land deals that create wealth for family and friends with the sale and lease of Federal lands, that BIA? The BIA that fired Roddy Cavenaugh who failed to even open his mail or issue a single report in the more than 20 yrs that he held that position? That BIA? They let Roddy pretend he ‘retired’ and they are giving him a fat pension and he is also asking for hundreds of thousands of extra dollars from the Tribe, as if he were an employee of the tribe… That BIA?

Clearly, Hoeven has as Senator, decided to do the politically expedient thing and just ignore it, and it will go away. Sure, he made a lot of noise, waved his arms around… danced a little to the left, then to the right, put his left foot in and then took his left foot out… put his right foot in and then took his right foot out, did the Hokey Pokey and he turned himself about… So, he’s clearly not interested in pursuing any further investigation into the multiple systematic failures of every agency and department that have left children, for over TWO YEARS of solid non-stop reporting, in danger and outright abuse.

Children have been sold, traded like playing cards and poker chips. Babies have been raped, and murdered… but if we all close our eyes, and just listen to that dial tone, it will all go away.

Where does that leave the people who have to live in the total corruption that is Indian Country?

Taxpayers are being robbed to pay for this. We are being robbed of billions in lands and resources. Fat cats, well connected to the elected and the appointed, are getting great deals, illegal deals, and some are getting children as playthings. These things are all connected.

Someone very high up has to drive all these agencies, including the Department of Justice, to NOT investigate clear crimes against children.

Someone very high up doesn’t want to upset the applecart because if you go after the people who are raping the children, they will, because they know who you are, and what your crimes are, turn on you and there goes everything that had been going so quietly behind the scenes for so long… out the door.

This is massive corruption of our government at key positions involving lands, resources (Oil, Gas, Timber, Water, Minerals) and they are trafficking in children, feeding the very lucrative Black Market for child sex, child rape and child porn. To keep the wealthy safe, they ignore the crimes against the children. They ignore the murders, the assaults and the escalating violence in Indian Country.

If they are willing to ignore it in Indian Country, I guarantee you, your children are also not safe if one of these well-connected types wants your child, they will go missing and they will never be found because no one in any of those agencies will be looking because someone at the top of their food chain is pressuring them to NOT act on the information.

The corruption in Indian Country is obvious and easy to see. The Chairman of the rez appoints the judges and the judges throw out the petitions against him. There is no appeal to any decision rendered by any judge in Spirit Lake because they refuse to allow it. The judges are not ‘law-trained’. All they need is a high school or GED diploma. That’s it.
They are not there to render ‘justice’, they are there to prove there is no justice. And all the Federal and State Agencies up and down the line, back them up.

The ludicrousness of all this is the blowout between Clarisse Brownshield and the Chairman, Weenie Boy. Both were handing box loads of files to the FBI detailing the crimes of the other. The FBI did nothing.

Chairman violates the Tribal Constitution by failing to have any General Assemblies for over 6 months because he can be recalled if there is a popular vote at the General Assembly. He can be thrown out for not having General Assembly meetings, but the BIA won’t enforce that. So the people have nowhere to turn.

Yes, they’ve started up another petition, and they have more than enough signatures, but that will be thrown out by the corrupt judges, and everyone that signs then has to wonder if their house will burn down that night or the next; or if they will lose their job, or if their kids will be beaten up by the Chairman’s family, who like to gang up on kids and the elderly, especially.

The Ft. Totten District was a run off between Clarisse and Russell McDonald. Clarisse had been suspended by the Chairman and if the FBI had bothered to read the files on her, she’d be behind bars--- then again, so would the chairman, so they opted to ‘do nothing.’

Clarisse lost the election to Russ. He had his off reservation family come in and vote. That’s a violation of the rules (what rules?). But the Election Committee which has Russ’s family on it, declared it was legal. (Why not?).

Clarisse was not happy with this so she went to the Tribal Judge, Judge Cain, who is her family member. Tribal Judges have no say in Elections. But that didn’t stop Cain from declaring that Clarisse had won.

So, there will be another election for the Ft. Totten District this week. Meanwhile, it comes to light that Russ McDonald is not eligible to run for office because he’s enrolled in at least two other tribes! The story is that he got Tino White drunk one night, about 10 or so years ago when Tino was Chairman and had Tino sign the papers that made him an enrolled member. (What rules?).

Russell McDonald is also Weenie Boy’s cousin. They are pals. That’s why Weenie Boy was not concerned about it if he got ousted. Russ would take good care of him and nothing would change.

Russ and his family are key to the Turdclan staying out of jail. They have their sister Mary, whom they sold off to the Turdboys as a sextoy for a few days back when she was in her teens. She went from virgin to gang raped, but when she got home she agreed to testify against an innocent man and accuse him of the murder committed by the Turdclan.
Now, if this was how you had to live, in your community, where would you go and what would you do to fix it?

The police are corrupt. The FBI is corrupt. Social Services is forging adoption papers, selling children and protecting pedophiles. The USAG’s office thinks there are two sides to every story and they only believe the rapists and the murderers. And all the elections are rigged. The courts are a joke.

Now, what do you think your life would be like?

What if, as you and your family, your entire community try to struggle against all of this, you are facing 80% unemployment? What if the programs taxpayers paid for to help you survive and get on your feet, were being robbed by the people running them, most of whom were not qualified and who only have the jobs because of nepotism?
Now, as you watch your children grow up in this mess, and you try to protect them from rape, assault, bullying, addictions and gangs… what do you think of the government?

Those who keep silent, inside and outside the rez, allow this.

Purdon has made his choice. He cares nothing for the law except how to manipulate it to protect the most vile of offenders who are politically protected. His career depends on him NOT doing his job. He’s fine with people being intimidated and threatened, harassed and abused for reporting crimes, especially crimes against children. He has picked his side and the children are not on it. But there is a great career ahead of him. Nice suits, staff, office.. as long as he never upsets the applecart. And as long as he makes sure none of this ever sees the light of day.

He’s only the most recent in a long line of Corrupt Appointees. And he’s falling in line just like they did. He knows the truth, but he refuses to act on it. He’s seen the evidence and the statements and he refuses to act on it.

He allows the rapists and the murderers to carry on. He calls them his ‘friends’ and his equals. “Career Professionals” like him, he says.

I wonder, when he looks at his own children, and they look at him, if they can see that he has sold his soul, and maybe theirs as well? I wonder if he feels anything except the silky sweet paycheck between his thumb and forefinger, the price of souls is not as high as you’d think it would be, but it is enough for him to be sure that no one upsets that applecart.
I wonder if he ever hears the screams of those children being raped by his friends in the Tribal Chair and Tribal Council. I wonder if he pretends it’s just the wind.

It ‘annoys’ him that people bring this up. It annoys Hoeven. It annoys all of them.

They want those photo ops in Indian Country. The ones where they are ‘being given an award’ or something. They all want that. But people are figuring out that Indian Country is just the biggest money laundering operation for the biggest criminal syndicate the world has ever seen. It’s been that way for a very long time. Federal dollars, by the billions go in, and are never seen again. Because no one is looking.

Just Photo Ops, that's all. Or do some of them get a little something extra? Campaign donations? Perhaps a really good deal on a land investment you and I never even hear about? I wonder what their investment portfolios look like? I wonder how many bank accounts they have? Is it enough? The price of a soul? The selling of children? Is it enough?

You and I, we think that if our house is broken into, or our children are raped, or our car is stolen, we can report it to the police and there will be an investigation, a trial, and we will have Justice.

It’s an illusion my friends, an illusion. If it were true, and there were Justice for anyone, there would be Justice for All. Especially, there would be justice for the children.

Not one child has been removed from any of the reported homes where sex-offenders reside. The little boys are still being raped and having sex with each other.

Babies are being raped and their deaths staged to look like something else.

Finger to the lips, hush, don’t upset the applecart.

Politicians put on shows, tell lies… it is up to us, each of us and all of us, to change this. If we don’t do it now, it will be our turn before too long. This sort of thing does not go away if it is ignored, it spreads.

We must hold our elected and appointed accountable. We must demand PROOF that there has been action taken. We must see arrests of the pedophiles who are hurting these children and arrests of the officials that protected the pedophiles.

We must, by our individual and collective efforts, pressure all of them to do their jobs and do it now.

Those who hold silent on the murders past, allowed this to happen. Those who hold silent on the crimes against these children and who don’t demand their rescue and proof of their safety, allow this to continue.

The Truth must be told. The Truth will lead to Justice. Justice will lead to healing. Healing will lead to reunion, reconnection and Peace.

We weary of wars and abuse. We weary of political distractions. We weary of lies. It is time. The Truth is where it all begins to change. Speak the truth, demand the truth, settle for nothing less.

Purdon knows the truth. Make him speak it.

You know where to find me.




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