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Eddie Peltier, Richard LaFuenteI do my best to deliver factual information. The "Documents" pages are there for you to look and see for yourself. An innocent man is in prison for crimes committed by the corrupt, who run the reservation the way a criminal organization would run a city if they had all levels of government supporting and protecting them.

There are many more Good People in Spirit Lake than there are corrupt, evil people there. It is the system that is corrupt, evil and I expose here all that I can.

I can be reached at this email:  Contact Cat  . I respond to most of my emails, however, I reserve the right to not rspond to whack jobs. I keep all information confidential. For those who wish to attack, you'll either be ignored, or, if you are really clever, you'll end up on the Moron Squad page.  Some insults are more entertaining than others. I share with the class.

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For those interested: The 13th Mandated Report is out. No government Agency has yet to properly reply to any of them.

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April 29, 2013
In Justice
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We have laws because we want to think of ourselves as “civilized”. We view lawbreakers as those who “have no respect for the law”. We hold them in contempt.

Law Breakers are reported, arrested, tried and sentenced. This makes our world go ‘round, and all is well in the realm.
But when law breakers are reported, but instead of them being arrested, the person who reported them is threatened, harassed, assaulted by the very agency to whom they have reported the crime, it becomes obvious that the laws are arbitrary, and have no meaning and we really are not, ‘civilized’.

When the Justice System protects abusers, supports, promotes, protects the corrupt, the criminal we find we are living in a perpetual state of “injustice”. We can neither depend on the laws to protect us, nor on law enforcement to not be used against us, abusing their authority.

Imagine if that was the perpetual state of your community, for generations?

Welcome to the Rez. The murderers, the corrupt, the rapists are reported, and the victims, witnesses are punished, threatened, harassed.

A vicious cycle of abuse, anger, addiction, assault thrives where injustice is allowed to rule.

Where the most corrupt make the rules, and the elections are as crooked as a dog’s hind leg; where the BIA hires, keeps and protects rapists, domestic abusers, bullies, thieves and the corrupt, and the FBI backs them up every step of the way, you have, on this rez, and on just about every other rez across the land, a thriving criminal operation of bootlegging, drug manufacture and sales, Human Trafficking and Child rape.

The FBI at the very top of their food chain is aware of how bad this is, who is doing it, and how long it has been going on. The Department of Justice and every single Attorney General in Washington, DC, has known of these crimes, in detail, and moved only to protect their legacy, their own image, at the expense of victims across the age spectrum from infants to Elders. The cost to taxpayers has been in the billions, and it continues to go on this way, because we have yet to find a way, to come together as Human Beings, and demand that there be Justice in Indian Country.

Indians did not do this to themselves. The corrupt system did this to them. We on the outside, bought the stereo-typing, the lies, the misrepresentations of not only who and what Indian People were, but how they got into such a mess.

We did this. We did it by allowing it. By not questioning what we were being fed by Press Releases, lame journalists who failed, miserably throughout history, to do their job, with rare, notable exceptions.

Rape and child rape is so common on the rez, that children who have not been raped by the time they reach the age of ten, expect to be raped before they graduate High School. In fact, many don’t expect to graduate.

The Evil we have allowed to thrive and grow in Indian Country is no longer contained in Indian Country.

How do you think Sandusky got away with raping those children for decades? Do you think none of them reported it ever? Don’t kid yourself. He was protected. Protected by a system so corrupted that it’s mission is to protect the abusers, and silence the victims and the witnesses by intimidation and by force.

Do you think for one minute that Sandusky was alone in what he was doing? Hardly. Child rapists are not solitary types. They are very social. They like to share with their friends. Friends, mind you, in high places. Friends who can then protect them, cover for them, and they can keep on raping well into their old age.

People don’t connect the dots. People don’t even know there are dots. When USAG Ray Gricar abruptly disappeared, his boss, Tom Corbett, said nothing that showed he was concerned. Rumors floated immediately that Gricar was a strange duck, and the implications were that he had a ‘secret life’ and was probably gay or kinky and that he either suicided or may have met with foul play on a sexual rendezvous.

How freaking odd that the minute a man disappears, before he is known to be dead, or declared dead, he is smeared and slandered. Clearly, those who ‘leaked’ the smears and slanders to the media early on, knew he was dead. He was safe to smear. He was never coming back to clear his name or reputation.

Ray Gricar was investigating the Penn State child rapes. The case apparently languished after that as Tom Corbett saw no reason to really assign anyone else to it. Coincidentally, Tom Corbett was running for Governor of Pennsylvania and heavily relying on Penn State, Joe Paterno, the whole sports/college/ Second Mile social circles to help him fund his campaign and support his run.

Those kids paid for Tom Corbett’s ambitions. Ray Gricar very likely paid with his life.

And now, now we have Rape Culture. Rape as a sport amongst young men, especially those in the upper echelons of sports in High School and colleges. Victims are ignored, or harassed and threatened for reporting their rapes. Many are suiciding as images of their rapes are being passed around on social media, for those who enjoy such ‘sports’.

The concern is not for the victim, and not for justice. The overwhelming concern at the political, social and too often, the justice levels, seems to be with protecting the rapists, their reputations, and their potential future earnings as sports celebrities.

It used to be common only in Indian Country. Now, it’s come to your doorsteps. Child trafficking is not taken seriously. We see documentaries and TV specials that depict children being pimped out, held as prisoners in rape brothels. We see law enforcement, men in badges, protecting the brothels and those who run them.

Those seeking the truth, getting the story out, have no protection from law enforcement. What does that tell you? Are we living In Justice? Or with Injustice?

You think it can’t happen to you, or your child, grandchild, or anyone you know? And then it does.

You see these people on TV, showing pictures of their deceased children? Were they that different from your children? Were they that different from you? What will you do when it is your child? What will you do when you are mocked and ignored by law enforcement? What will you do to seek justice? To whom will you turn? The Media? Who will listen?
If we don’t come together now, today, and demand answers from our elected officials, the clowns they appoint, and everyone in the Justice System, we cannot expect that when it is our turn, or someone close to us, that there will be any support.

We have to demand answers and accountability from every single one of them. We have to keep demanding it. We have to make their lives miserable, morning til night until we get visible, provable action.

Until we turn this system around and make it serve all of us, make it protect the victims, support the victims; until we do that, it is working against us and our turn is coming.

BIA Problem Solving

Rod Cavenaugh has failed to file even one report as the BIA Liaison Agent/ Supervisor for Spirit Lake in all the years that he has been in that position. He has run land deals that are corrupt, but from which he and his friends, perhaps more than a few politically connected have benefited at the expense of both the tribe and taxpayers.

He has never filed a single report of rape or child rape. He has ignored all the audits and deficiency reports.

On Thursday, he got to ‘retire’. The BIA, like the FBI, never fires their failures. That would leave them open to lawsuits for the incompetence and the corrupt. So they let him “retire”. He’s not even 50 years old, but he gets to retire and collect a pension.

That is how they solve that ‘problem’. They have to keep his corrupt ass happy, or he will reveal the extent of his own corruption, and by default, the failure of the entire agency, from Washington, DC down to Aberdeen and every point outward from there.

The Agency, in order to avoid ‘scandal’ on that monumental scale, instead of investigating and charging him, is allowing him to not only keep all that he stole, they are giving him early retirement and the Golden Parachute, while the Tribe and taxpayers get the Green Weenie.

On top of that, Mr. Cavenaugh is asking that the Tribe pay him the ‘retirement’ that the Tribal Council voted for themselves under Naked Lawn Ornament’s regime: $5,000 per year for every year they held office (and robbed, raped their way through with no fear of any investigation or charges being filed.) Cavenuagh is expecting over $100K in a payout from the tribe--- even though he never worked for the Tribe: He was a BIA Employee.

He’ll get it. He has enough to blackmail every Tribal Councilor that votes against him. He fixed every election to come out the way they wanted, and by golly, they will pay him for it.

Programs will again be robbed to pay him, but who cares? The BIA I am sure, cares nothing. They protect no one unless they are corrupt. They sure don’t care how much it costs the taxpayers nor who gets hurt, robbed, raped, beat up, burnt out of their homes.

This system of perpetual injustice on the rez, is creating more and more survivors who will know that the laws and those who enforce them, are not to be respected. And when they become part of the Human Wreckage that lives outside the law, or they become predators, addicts, or suicides, we’ll all act shocked, disappointed and surprised.

If we don’t have people in the Justice Department or Law Enforcement that respect the laws, we don’t have ‘civilization’. We have an illusion of civilization that can crumble at any moment. One rape, one robbery, one protest infiltrated by violent agitators (who knows who they work for?) will have a cumulative effect and one day, you and I, we wake up and realize, there is no Justice, there is no civilization. There is only the corruption and the rest of us, waiting to become victims.

If we don’t think that it is important to support, stand with and learn what is really going on in Indian Country, we will for sure learn about it when it’s on our doorstep.

Eric Holder, Tim Purdon, they know the Truth. They know everything, and yet, they want us to believe the fantasy that ‘everything is on the right track’ and things ‘are greatly improved’, and in general, everyone is doing their job, the system is working.

But you know better. We all do. We see the result of Injustice all around us. It’s the reason we lock our doors and hold our children tighter to us. We don’t have ‘civilization’. We have fear-based, hate base, ignorance based illusions, and we think we are helpless.

We are helpless. As individuals, until we connect with our fellow Human Beings, we are powerless and helpless. Once we do connect, we are the Force they have to reckon with.

Tim Purdon could make a real difference in Spirit Lake and every other Rez in his jurisdiction. But he would have to give up his fictional legacy. He would have to step out of his comfort zone. He would have to pursue the very people he has been covering for and protecting; not just on the rez, but in his own department, his own agency.

He would have to summon courage and character beyond his ability at this point. He just goes along to get along, like everyone before him. Has he been compromised like those before him? I don’t know.

What I do know is that he is protecting Evil. He is protecting murderers, child rapists, Human Traffickers. He is ignoring mandated reports, sneering at anyone that reports child rapes or abuses. And I know he knows better.

He’s not stupid. He’s just a coward.

But, people can change.

I have seen some of the weakest, most fearful on the rez; those who have been a part and party to some of the most shameful low points that did harm to their own community; I have seen them find their better self, and stand up to the corrupt at great personal risk. I have seen people care more for their community than their own personal safety, take a stand.

If they can do it, so can a pasty white man in a suit, with all the authority of the US Government behind him, surely he too, can find the path and start walking it.

If he doesn’t, he will be ridden and haunted by the Evil he has protected, until the day he dies. He knows the truth. He’s seen it, held it in his hands. He has to make a choice: Either he stands up to all that is Evil, or he is consumed by it. I guarantee you, it is gnawing at him and he feels it.

Remember: Sandusky had help, cover and protection for decades. He did not do this alone. Those who covered for him did so because they got something out of it. And it only got uglier and uglier. You know it is going to come out some day. All of it. They know it too. They just plan on being dead when it does. They leave the disgrace to their children, grandchildren. They always leave the consequences of Evil on the backs of the children. Both the victims and their own children. They also leave it on the rest of us. If we don’t see it for what it is and continue to let it thrive, it’s on us.

This is our work. We were kept in the dark, but it’s time we figured it out for ourselves. We must stop buying the cute stories and the lies. We see the results: The desperate, the addicted, the violent, the angry, the ‘burden on society’. That doesn’t come from anything but sustained injustice, perpetrated and protected by those who hold office.

Don’t be silent. Don’t be still. Get involved. Get connected. Become proactive and determined.

My prayer is for the Truth to come out. The Truth will bring Justice. Justice will bring Healing. Healing will bring Reunion/Reconnection, and that will bring Peace.

Maybe not in our lifetime, but in our children or grandchildren’s lifetime, there can be Peace, but only if we do our part today.

The Truth Speaks Through Strangers

I have an uplifting story to share with you. It comes from a friend of Richard LaFuente. One of the prison guards came up to him last week and told him that when he (the guard) went to church that previous Sunday, the sermon was about Richard LaFuente. He was compared to Joseph who was falsely accused and imprisoned in the land of Egypt. And that he was freed and he led his people out of slavery. The preacher kept saying that the stories were parallel and that Richard LaFuente was an innocent man.

Something is moving. The Truth is stirring, and possessing people to speak it outloud, High and Low, Near and Far, Deep and Wide. People are hearing the truth and they know it when they hear it. They won’t settle for lies anymore.

The preacher did not know Richard. Never met him. Never spoke to him. But he was the point of that sermon that Sunday.

Richard is not a man of means. He is not someone I have ever met or known. But the Truth is that powerful that I have been on this quest since 1996. People know the truth. People who could do something about it. Something that would end the reign of evil and remove the blanket of darkness from the heart of Indian Country. People who could put an end to the Corruption, the abuse, and begin to clear the path to healing. They know who they are. They have no idea how powerful the Medicine of Truth can be and how things will change the minute they step forward.

There are others who know what is wrong, and they know they have to stand with and support those who are protecting the innocent, the children and speaking the truth. They know what they have to do.

Before there can be Justice, and the Balance return, many people on the rez and in High Places, have to summon their life’s courage, and do what they know is the only right thing to do, whatever the cost, whatever the risk. They must do what is right and true or be mowed down by those who will and do.

The rest of us owe it to ourselves and our children, to become aware, educated, and ready to demand accountability.
The Truth never changes. It only becomes more and more revealed.


Injustice can only lead to more injustice. Justice will lead to healing.

Corruption has been protected, from on High, for too long.

Rape has become a rite of passage for those who have privilege and position, and our children pay for this because we allow a ‘culture of rape’ to thrive. In allowing injustice and rape culture to thrive, we create for ourselves and our progeny, more injustice, more danger, more addiction and more violence.

The BIA ‘retires’ it’s most corrupt, rather than investigate, charge and try them in a court of law. The System protects itself by protecting the most corrupt.

Tim Purdon has to make a decision, or it will be made for him. Child rape is not okay. Murder is not okay. He can protect the Evil and become a part of it, or he can be the one to take a stand. He has to look at his own children and decide what kind of man they will learn he is, when they grow up.

The Truth is being spoken about a man that everyone thought they could throw away and no one would care. Richard LaFuente has more respect in prison than any of our elected leaders or their appointed henchmen, because Richard has always told the Truth, even when a lie would have set him free, decades ago.

It is up to us. All of us. We are all connected. What we allow to happen to others, happens more and more to us and to those we know. We can break that cycle or we can leave it on the backs of our children and grandchildren.

I’ve been at this a long time. I’m not quitting.

You know where to find me.




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April 22, 2013
Nothing Just Happens
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*[Added “PS” at conclusion of this posting 4/22/13 9:50 AM|

I’ve said that many, many times. We always act ‘surprised’ when man-made tragedies strike. They didn’t just “happen”, a thousand things led up to them.

That Fertilizer plant blowing up like it did, was not an ‘accident’. It was willful and sustained greed. They had over 1700 times the amount of explosive Ammonia liquid on store as they were allowed to have by all the safety regulations.

But we’ve been gutting government in the name of ‘Free Market’, for decades. Cutting budgets to the very departments that keep us safe. Allowing companies to ‘self-inspect’ as if they would never do anything like cut corners on safety to make a few thousand more dollars in their pockets.

And then we blame government for ‘not doing their job’ when it blows up. Worse, they will get a tax write off for their ‘property’ loss in all of this. They will also get a tax write-off on all the lawyers they pay and all the court cases they lose and all the survivors they have to pay off. Tax write-offs. Free Market. ‘Small Government’.

Government, when it is functioning the way it is supposed to, stands between all of us little people, and the reckless greed of large corporations who only desire more and more money, while paying less and less for their workers, creating more and more dangerous environments.

Pipelines rupture and destroy neighborhoods because they were ‘self-inspected’. Our waterways, wetlands, and the air we breathe, ruined for generations to come just so no pesky regulations came between some fat cats and their pursuit of the almighty dollar.

They are not ‘job creators’, they are destroyers of our way of life. Consumers create the demand for products, and consumers are the Job Creators. That’s you and me. We buy the appliances, electronics, vehicles, homes, food and supplies. We do that, when we can afford, because of fair wages, a decent standard of living.

We have got to stop cutting our own throats and chanting the slogans of greed. We have got to start looking out for each other, because we are all we have in this world.

“We”, means all of us. Not just your buddies at your job, or in your neighborhood. But all of us. This thing only works when we know we can take care of ourselves and that others are watching out for us, and we for them, so that we can, all of us, be safer in our homes, where we work, where we go to school and where we travel in this Great Nation of ours.
We can’t just look at a person who is failing and blame them. We cannot assume we know what they have been through or why their mistakes were so devastating. We don’t know what was done to them in their lives that made it so hard for them to survive, find opportunities.

We have to start caring. It has to matter to all of us. Because the more we think that we are every man for himself, the more we disconnect from our greatest strength in this life: “Unity”.

The more we buy into bigotry or racism, the more we isolate ourselves from knowing what has happened, and we leave ourselves deliberately blinded to what is to come. Then, we are all shocked and “surprised”.

A fertilizer bomb took down the Alfred P Murrah building in 1995. It was a rented truck full of fertilizer, parked next to the building. It was that powerful. Now, look at the size of that fertilizer plant. It was 500x or more, bigger than that rented truck.

That was always a bomb waiting for the circumstances of greed, one too many cut corners on safety, waiting to blow up. And what was a stone’s throw away? A school, an Old Folks home, apartments… who allowed for those things to be built so close to a bomb? The ‘FREE Market’.

Free Market means no regulations to slow down profit taking. It doesn’t mean more jobs. It doesn’t mean good paying jobs. It means profits without restraint or fairness.

Stop and think. When some politician tells you they are for “Small Government” that is what they are for. Not for you. Not for me. Not for our children. Not for the good of our country, but for profits without restraint.

There will be more man-made tragedies. That Keystone Pipeline is the darling of so many bought and paid for politicians… don’t worry about the spills. They have ‘state of the art technology’ they say, to deal with any of that… besides, it will never happen because… they say so.

Pipelines are spilling more than 6 times a month and it takes months to clean up each spill to where it looks right. But it never is right again. Mayfield, Arkansas will never be cleaned up. The Exxon Valdez mess was never cleaned up. They made it look better, but it’s still poisoning the waters, the fish, the animals and the people who depend on them to live.
That ‘cutting edge’ technology they assure us is there if we need it? Paper Towels. Trust me, if they had ‘cutting edge’ technology, they would have used it on the other spills. All they have is paper towels and worthless booms.

They want you to think there are jobs in this pipeline. There are not. Nor will the price of gas go down. All of this Pipeline is not for us, it is so that a few oilmen in Alberta, Canada can ship their foul bitumen across everywhere so they can ship it to Asia and make even more profits. The risks to the environment are ours, the profits are theirs. In case something ‘unforeseen’ happens: Paper Towels.


Our land is us and we are the land. What happens to us happens to the Land. What happens to the land happens to us. We are connected to the land, and we just don’t realize it.

Our economy is being bled dry by banks that violate every law. Laws are rewritten to make them less and less responsible for what they do to us. They recently tried to settle for stealing peoples’ homes through fraudulent foreclosures, in the millions of homes, mind you, for as little as $300 to people whose homes were wrongfully foreclosed. People who lost everything, being offered a paltry $300.

And our Politicians congratulate themselves on how ‘much’ they got that problem taken care of. Fat campaign donations and gifts from the lobbyists to the politicians that do their bidding; paper towels to those who have lost everything.
We could stop all of this. We could hold corporations and banks accountable, but we are divided by racism, bigotry, and the hair-on-fire shout downs that if we let people get married who are in love with each other, we will somehow, destroy the marriages we have? This from politicians who are on their 3rd or 4th marriage?

We are given so many targets to hate and fear: Other religions, other lifestyles, other languages, other, people, other, other, other… like a rope being cut into smaller and smaller ‘individual’ pieces… we are told that the individual is all that counts, not the well being of all of us as a collective.

How strong or useful is that rope now that it has been chopped so small? How do we pull ourselves up? How do we help each other? How do we get stronger? The corporations are getting bigger and stronger. They are swallowing up smaller companies, smaller networks, smaller radio stations, smaller banks… they are getting really huge, and we are getting smaller and smaller, angrier and angrier at ‘the other’.

What is going on with the Child Trafficking and the murders and the blatant bold outright embezzlement of funds, in the millions just on that one rez, is enabled by each of us that thinks that somehow, “those people” did it to themselves. Or, “they let it happen”.

We don’t see that they didn’t do any of this to themselves. This was done to them for generations, by a system where church and state conspired to destroy them as a people, as Human Beings.

A system that wanted all the resources: the Water, the Timber, the Minerals and the gas and oil, plus all the best farmlands, for their wealthy powerful friends who write fat checks to the politicians they own.

This was done to them, and we allowed it because we believed they were ‘other’ than us. We wanted to feel somehow safer, smarter, better, so we believed they were less, and worth less.

The Good People of Spirit Lake are the best, the bravest, the most heroic in their daily lives trying to protect their children from a government that sells them. Trying to survive in a system that is rigged against fairness, styled and supported by corruption all the way up to Washington, DC and all points in between where fat cats take their cut.

We allowed this, and they are struggling. They haven’t given up. They haven’t died off. They haven’t quit.
They are the mirror of what will happen to us if we don’t join with them and with each other across this land, and care about what happens.

They have an election coming up. They have ousted Weenie Boy, despite his threats and his thug family showing up to intimidate them.

Weenie Boy and his family are guilty of more murders than we will ever know. They are guilty of rape, embezzlement, child rape and worse. Yes, worse.

They are the foul, toxic outcome of years of our neglect, our trusting that we were better, and they were ‘other’.

Rock & Hard Place:
When Bad Choices Are All That Is Left

Now, the petition has gone around and the signatures collected to make the ousting or Weenie Boy stick like glue.

Whom do they get to replace him? Leander Russell McDonald. He has not, far as I know, murdered anyone. But his family helped Weenie Boy’s family both commit the murder of Eddie Peltier and cover it up. McDonald’s traded in their daughter/sister, Mary McDonald, as a teenager, to purjor herself, in court, and point the finger at Richard LaFuente, whom she claimed was her boyfriend, but whom she had never met and could not recognize

To this day, she holds that lie and an innocent man rots in prison for the murders committed by the Turdclan. To this day, her family has prospered as favored relatives because her lie is the only thing standing between the lies that keep an innocent man in prison, and the Truth that would set him free.

That Truth would not only free an innocent man, it would remove the most toxic family and their cronies, from the rez, and make it possible to have Justice. Her telling the truth would bring down that whole house of cards.

But she is a broken spirit. She lacks the courage to tell the Truth.

The only thing the Turdclan fears is the Truth. The Truth never changes, never goes away… and it’s always waiting.
Until we can work together, stand with those who are fighting the good fight, the choices will only be Fire or Frying Pan; Rock or Hard Place, for all of us.

Their choices are a murderer, or the man whose family thrived from helping murderers get away with it.

But they are trying, none-the-less. Can we look ourselves in the mirror and do anything less than our part?

It looks like Weenie Boy was wrong when he assured the media that more people wanted him to stay than to go. He came in Third out of a field of three. (I could be wrong, I have not gotten the Primary Runoff results yet. I know he came in third, but not sure how many were running).

Unfortunately, the ballots were given to the BIA Superintendent at the rez. The BIA, without whom, none of this would have ever become so corrupt, so foul, so toxic. Yeah, that’s who they have to ‘trust’, with this Rock, Hard Place vote.

The Outcome Is Obvious

What are we expecting? Will we be ‘surprised’ when there are more suicides, more murders, more addictions, more dead babies? Will we be appalled when we learn the scope and magnitude of how much money, our Tax Dollars, were stolen from us by all of them? Will we demand action and have our politicians return less than a penny on the hundred dollars like they did for the homes that were stolen by the banksters?

Will we still be squabbling over who is allowed to get married because somehow our marriage is so fragile that if another person gets married, ours is forever broken?

Will we continue to chase down and beat up people who are Muslims because we think they are ‘all the same’ as the guys who commit acts of terror? Notice how when it is a white Christian man such as Timothy McVeigh, or Eric Rudolf, we don’t assume all Christians are terrorists, do we? Strange how we are that way. Ready to divide ourselves rather than to join in strength. Easily conquered, always surprised.

Will we be so distracted by rhetoric that we don’t even look to see if what they are saying is true or is actually being done? Will we be too weak to ask for ‘proof’? Or will we just settle for a nice Power Point Presentation that is fictional, but oh so soothing?

What are we going to do to help each other become stronger? What are we going to do to help the Good People of Spirit Lake overcome the evil and corruption they have been battling alone for decades?

Will we wait until the human wreckage resulting from people surviving the nightmare that is abuse, corruption, murder, rape and racism, show up to share the nightmare in our town, our home? Will we be ‘surprised’? “Shocked”? Or will we do something to join with them now, to make a stronger rope that can lift them and lift ourselves as well?

When Do We Remember We Are All Human Beings?

The elections on the rez are going to be a joke, but they have to play out. Clarisse by her move of challenging Weenie Boy and his family, has insured she will be re-elected. That’s nice. But she is the one who has been covering for her family, and especially her brother, Kevin, who has been stealing millions from the tribe, especially from the children, and selling the children. She is responsible for that.

And she is the best choice they have?

They will make a choice. If the elections are fair, it will be a bad choice or a worse choice, there are no good choices out there. There are names running for offices that I don’t know anything about. I can only hope they are less corrupt. It is too much to hope that they are good, decent and strong.

Watching the choices dwindle between Murderers and their accomplices, or someone who traffics in children … is hard to watch.

But it has to be done. Whomever gets in must be held accountable for every dollar, every dead child, every battered wife… and we must help them to do that. We must stand by them.

We must demand of our same elected officials that they root out the corruption, not just tie a bow on it and have the Fargo Forum write a piece about how everything is improving. We don’t need worthless Paper Towels.

We need proof.

We need the child rapists arrested. We need those who sold and who gave those children to pedophiles, arrested. We need the children to be rescued and in therapy so they can recover from our neglect of their community.

We don’t need these children hauled off to another money making venture group home. We don’t need them sold again.
We can stand with Spirit Lake by demanding the BIA be held accountable. The State and Federal Agencies ALL be held accountable. By that, I mean people who failed lose their jobs and don’t get fat golden parachutes on their way out the door. Some should go to jail for fraud.

If we force our elected officials to do their job now, we might, just might find ourselves much safer in our own homes, own neighborhoods, on down the line.

If we don’t, we can all be ‘surprised’ when this blows up in our lives.

Nothing will change if we don’t act together to make it change. We have to educate ourselves. We have to ask questions and question answers. We have to let go of the self-righteous racism, bigotry and other garbage that blinds us. Or we perish.

My constant prayer is that the Truth Will be heard. That the Truth will lead to Justice. That Justice will allow us to heal and reconnect to our spirit, our communities, Mother Earth and the Great Mystery. And that our Reconnection will bring us PEACE. But it all starts with the Truth being told, being heard, and our demand for Justice.

Nothing creates more anger, resentment and brutality in this world than constant, sustained injustice. We can fix that. But we have to realize one important thing: We are all connected. We are stronger than we realize. Injustice to one hurts us all. We can do better. We must do better if we ever want to expect our lives, and the lives of our children, to be better.

You know where to find me.


[PS: Looks like I didn’t get it right on Weenie Boy. I just heard this morning that he was not running, that in fact he remains as Chairman until after the Election. That makes no sense. He was thrown out of office by acclamation and that should have been enough.

What I need is the Primary Election Results. Who was running, how many votes did they get? Which Districts, etc.
But since they are in the hands of the BIA, under whose corrupt system all this has come to crisis, I have no faith in the accuracy of what they say the votes are. But still, send them to me anyway.


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April 16, 2013**  Updated 4/16/13 10:31 PM
----Printer Version (2)

Good thing the BIA "Strike Team" (*Slide whistle) is on the rez. Good thing they are all "Career Professionals" like Timid Purdon claims, just like he is... because they don't do crap while the rez is going to pieces. They do NOTHING.

They never lifted a finger to keep order while Roger and his thug family tried to take over the office he had just been legally booted out of. 

Last night Roger's 30 something daughter, Zsa Zsa Jackson(I know, go figure) and her teenage cousin, Trenda Littleghost, jumped Clarice Brownshield's 15-yr old daughter and stomped and kicked her. Yeah, that cowardly streak runs through that family like a sewer.

The 15-yr old was badly beaten. Ambulance was called. I'm sure the police report will play it down, but those two need to go to prison for assault on a minor.

The Primary Voting takes place today. All the ballot boxes are supposed to be taken to the Police Department the night before the voting. Sissy McKay decided to not do that with the Ft. Totten District Box. She kept it to herself. And now, the voting begins.

*Frank BlackCloud is cross-checking the voter sign-in sheet to make sure that there are not more ballots counted than people voting. That happens a lot out there. It's how Weenie Boy got in in the first place. It's how NLO ran things for years. (*Corrected from earlier posting that said "Terry Dunn is cross-checking...")

And, where is the BIA? Do they care about the people they are supposed to be serving? Don't make me laugh.

They have been protecting and covering for the corrupt out there for so long, they would not know how to do the job they supposedly are there to do, if their own lives depended on it.

Stand together Good People of Spirit Lake. Stay strong. Don't let the corrupt steal from you this time.

And show up in court to make sure that the Bimbo Squad of Zsa Zsa goes down for assault on a Minor and for cotnributing to the deliquency of a minor (her cousin) and Trenda goes to real Juvenile Hall so she gets a taste of what being a thug in the Turdclan is all about.

You're tired of this crap, and you've been angry for a long time. But now is your time to stand up, speak up and hold together.

There is a buzz going around about Bernice Juarez, at the meeting, telling Turdmother to sit down and shut up. Turdmother usually rants on, and on, and on until she's said everything ten times and is tired of hearing her own voice. This time, she started up, Bernice told her to "Sit!" and she did!

Yes, the Turdclan is big and mean, but as you can see, they are cowards.  If it takes two 30 bimbos to attack a 15-yr old girl, then surely they cannot be anything but afraid of the rest of you. 

Start getting your petitions of complaints against the BIA on the go. I will post them here if you want. While you're at it, put out one on Timid Purdon for a "No Confidence" petition. 

Smoke Signals

Supposedly the FBI is going to take down someone for a sex crime out there. They have 'finished their investigation'. Gee, that would make one out of over 100 that they have ignored. Which rape did they finally get shamed into investigating? What took them so long? Will they really do it or are they just blowing smoke again?

Stay safe, stay together, stay in touch.

You know where to find me.


[This posting was corrected to reflect that Trendy Littleghost is also a teenager. Previous post had her as the same approximate age as Zsa Zsa Jackson, "30 something". My bad. All fixed now. Take them to court.]

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April 15, 2013 UPDATE
Battle With Signatures
--- Printer Version (2)

Weenie Boy not only was too cowardly to show up at the Emergency General Assembly, but he refused to leave his office. This morning, Terry Dunn and a group of men with him, lined up outside the office of the Tribal Chair and refused to let Weenie Boy in.

Weenie Boy, after making his bluster and fluster, went home and got his family of degenerates to retake his office. The usual murderers, rapists, embezzlers, drug dealers. Tribal police finally showed up and reluctantly escorted the Turdclan out of the building.

The groups split up and regrouped and it went round and round like that for awhile until...

After a few hours of that nonsense, Russ McDonald was sworn in and Weenie Boy was given only a few minutes to clear out. He vows to fight the ousting.

Darren Walking Eagle is clearly on Weenie Boy's side of this mess. Darren was given the job by Weenie Boy that carries most of the responsibility of the Tribal Chair's job at a ridiculous rate of pay. Darren can read, Weenie Boy can't read so Darren was given the responsibility, essentially of being the 'shadow Chair'.  He needs to be fired, soon.

Weenie Boy is saying that his ousting wasn't legal because (wait for it) there was no General Assembly where a petition could be presented. Because... Weenie Boy had not allowed a General Assembly for over five and a half months.  See? Don't allow it legally then complain that it wasn't done legally. What a perfect plan! Who thought of that? Weenie Boy? Or his Shadow?

Previous petitions, some of which had twice as many signatures as required, were arbitrarily thrown out by some of the corrupt, inept, poodle Tribal Judges.

There is now a back up plan to this ousting backed up. A petition is again being carried around. I urge everyone to sign it. Nothing changes if you don't show overwhelming unity on this. You only have until tomorrow afternoon to get your name on that petition. Do it. Do it because you are tired of the corruption and abuse. Do it because you want the children to be safe. Do it because once you start rooting out the Evil, you can't stop or they will overtake you and your community again. SIGN YOUR NAME.

Feds Have A Problem

Their problem is that Junior Yankton (Poopsie), Weenie Boy and QBall are losing control. They are going to go down. The Feds and others in high places know that if they go down, they will take everyone with them. They are watching this situation right now, hoping, I am sure, fingers crossed, that someone takes down one or all three of them, so that they don't have to worry about them anymore.

Whatever you do, defend yourselves but do not, REPEAT: DO NOT touch those guys. We need them alive to reveal all they know when they go down for their corruption, rapes, and murders. They will rat out every single player that helped them. They have promised that much.

Just remember that.

Defend yourself, but do not start any violence and keep your cool. You are winning, right now. You may not realize it, but you are. Once the dust settles, you'll see that this was the moment that turned your entire tribe around.  There is still much to do.

I am hoping that anyone that has pictures will send them in for the blog. Anyone who has videos will post them to You Tube and send me the links. I will share with the class.

This is winning. Stay vigilant, stay safe, stay non-violent and stay together. And do, stay in touch. If you need something posted, let me know. I will post it.

Now, go sign the Petition.

You know where to find me.


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April 15, 2013
Once You Stand Up
---Printer Copy (5)

…For yourself, for others, for the children, you cannot sit quietly still again. The Good People of Spirit Lake are standing up.

Weenie Boy was ousted as Chairman in an Emergency General Assembly. I am told he did not attend his own funeral, nor apparently, did the rest of the Turdclan. Vote was 114-3 in favor of removing him.

He had just got done saying, off camera, to Reporter Adam Ladwig, the day before that more people wanted him to stay (and the rest of the corrupt Tribal Council) than wanted him or them to go.

That was at a contentious District Meeting, that had cameras and news people there. You could see Weenie Boy’s hands shaking as he held the papers in his hands that he cannot read, in that video.

He had brought about 30 members of his very large family with him to that meeting. All the greats: Lemon Longie, Child rapist, Jr Herman, child rapist and worse, Q Ball, all of them to glare and stare down anyone that dared to speak up.

But, speak up they did. People are sick and tired of being terrorized in their own community.
Weenie Boy wants to defy the vote that ousted him saying that it needed to be done with a petition and in a Regular General Assembly Meeting, but the catch is, he gets his Pet Poodle Judge to throw out the signatures, or make up rules, and if people still pass around petitions, he refuses to have a General Assembly meeting, in this case, for over 5-1/2 months.

No meetings, not Petitions on the Agenda. A simple plan from a simple mind. The BIA ‘Strike Team’ (*Heroic Chord, Horn Section*) had also ignored the people’s complaints about Tribal Leaders not holding their meetings nor the General Assembly Meetings. (Professional Career types that Timid Purdon likes to say are just like him).

I’m glad they got this done in a meeting. If you continue to cut off every legal avenue for people to seek redress or legal recourse, and you continue to say that everything is fine, and ‘On the Right Track’, eventually, people give up on legal means and turn to illegal or violent avenues.

That is something the BIA, FBI, DOJ, HHS, DOI and the rest of the Soup Factory have got to consider. They have been enforcing the corruption, cutting off the legal avenues for the people for decades.

I know they are hoping for another Wounded Knee where people on the outside have no clue what’s going on on the insdide, and they can bring in their government tanks and sharpshooters and get rid of the real leaders, the voices of concern, and bring quiet Evil back into power as they have done so many times before.

But it’s different now. The people have a voice. They have social media and they have also started to learn to come together to overcome the tyranny of Federal and State supported tyranny.

They want the corrupt OUT. They want JUSTICE. They want to be heard. It is that simple.

And now, despite his family of thugs, bullies, murderers, Weenie Boy was afraid to attend even that General Assembly. He and they were afraid to show up.

Russ McDonald was installed by acclamation of those assembled, to serve as interim Tribal Chair. He’s just as crooked as Roger, but at least he can read.

The election is next month. Expect there will be more ballot box stuffing and attempts to steal this election like all the others have been stolen.

Get a game plan to scrutinize the ballot boxes and the counting so that they can’t steal it this time.

Rough Week For The Crooked Man

Bernice Juarez is the one that called the Elders’ meeting and invited the media. She had it in the Casino. She paid for it out of her own pocket, although I don’t think anyone should have to pay for their own meeting like that.

You saw that one on TV as well. It got a lot of attention.

Weenie Boy stormed into Paul Matheny’s office after that meeting and threatened that if he ever rented out for another meeting like that, without his (WB’s) approval he was going to be fired on the spot or worse.

Weenie Boy was in a firing mood. He suspended Clarisse Brownshield without proper protocol and then he threatened the Casino Manager without any grounds. The Tribal Chair is not the Manager of the Casino.

But it gives you an idea of how power went to Weenie Boy’s head. He thought he OWNED the rez.

He is responsible for the corruption, baby selling, embezzlement, and all the destructive dysfunction of every department he appointed friends and family to run, so he’d better OWN that, but he’s a coward and he won’t.

Way Back

I got a phone call back on the night where Roger and his family stole the election for him. They were boasting, anonymously, would not give their name, afraid of a little ol’ blogger like me, that Weenie Boy was the man in charge now. They even admitted that the numbers didn’t add up, but that didn’t matter.

“Can you hear the Thunder, Cat?” he said to me. There was no thunder, just a drunken braggart on the other end of the line.

Little did he know that was just where I needed WB to be. A place where the light could shine directly on him and his family for their criminal acts.

So, now he’s ‘ousted’ as they say. I wonder if he can hear the Thunder?

Something has him hiding under his bed and wetting himself.

The Way Forward

I guess he plans to steal the next election, but I have a feeling it won’t be so easy this time.
Whomever you get to replace him, and the rest of the corrupt Tribal Council, HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE.
Do not rest thinking that after you vote, your work is over. It isn’t. There are still murders to be solved, missing children to be searched for, millions and millions of missing Tribal Funds to be dug up, and oh yes, a few people that should be arrested for crimes against children, rapes, embezzlement… you know. Justice.

House of Cards Falling Down

So, with all this getting fresh air, it kind of puts the lie to Purdon and Moos joint editorial last week of how things are getting better, and working with Tribal officials is going so well, and things are ‘on the right track’… all that Happy Horseshit.

Don’t let anyone in government get away with lying to you or about you, ever again. In fact, hold THEM accountable for the job they were supposed to be doing but never did.

This corruption could not have gone on for this many decades without Government Officials and Elected Politicians participating in the crimes and the cover-up. People all the way up the line, and I do mean “all the way up” have been profiting from the corruption and abuses in Indian Country.

That’s why they were supporting the worst of the worst, not just in Spirit Lake, but throughout Indian Country. That’s why they ignore the more than a dozen Mandated Reports of horrific child sex crimes, neglect and abuse. It shows them for what they are.

Now that the voice is being heard, become more unified. Become stronger. Deal with your differences and make a difference in your community and get the RESPECT you deserve from one another and the Government.

Give your children something they can learn from you that is about them and for them.

Now is the start.

Petty Is Not Pretty

Melissa Merrick has no business running Victim’s Assistance. She has used her position to personally harm/abuse/neglect those who need services, but whom she has a petty, vindictive feud with.

She is going after her own Uncle, Sam Merrick, because he was advocating for the woman who was beaten, stomped and bitten up by her BIA Cop husband, Bentley Grey Bear. Melissa Merrick refused to give her any assistance whatsoever. She allowed Bentley’s mistress, to ‘lose’ the file, the complaint, and leave the battered woman and her grandchildren, without any services whatsoever.

Her Uncle Sam Merrick, who was trying to get help for the woman and her grandchildren, who are also his grandchildren, and Melissa Merrick got pissy and put out a Restraining order on him, not for any act of violence, mind you, but because he was ‘trying to get her fired.’.

I find it ironic that she would use the authority of her position to give herself and advantage, but would do nothing for Bentley’s wife.

Bentley is still a cop. Still has a badge. Still has a gun. Most of the BIA cops (the “career professionals like myself” as Purdon likes to say, are Domestic batterers, & rapists.

Melissa Merrick has used her position to take unfair advantage of people in her own family that she is miffed at.
Here’s her demand for a restraining order.

No violence. Just one man telling the truth about how she is misusing her position and trying to get her fired. So she says. He’s telling the truth and she doesn’t want it heard.

If you complain about how she abuses her position and authority, she screams for a restraining order. Think about that.

Still think she’s a ‘Victim’? I say she is playing the victim card a little to long. She needs to be removed from her job. She needs to be investigated.

Whatcha gonna do to me, Melissa? Take out a restraining order to silence me? Doesn’t work that way. Everyone knows how you run that place. You’re a petty, vindictive little snipe.


Weenie Boy started off by 'firing' (suspending) Clarisse Brownshield, then threatening to fire Paul Matheny for allowing a meeting-- and ended up himself, out of a job. Perfect Karma, yes?

Weenie Boy is out (I guess more people wanted him gone after all) Russ McDonald now owns the rez and will hire only his family to key positions, just watch, it’s what he did at the College. Remember, he & Weenie Boy are cousins.

People are standing up, the threats aren’t working.

Purdon looks like a chump.

Moos looks like she’s had her head up her butt the entire time.

The BIA Strike Team was a flop, a fraud upon the people of the rez and the United States Government (*slidewhistle*).

Melissa Merrick and her many claims of ‘being a victim’ are kind of laughable if you look at what she thinks is cause for a restraining order of the most ridiculous magnitude.

You have an interim Chairman, but he’s a jerk. At least he can read. And, as far as I know, even though his family conspired to frame 11 innocent men and gave cover to the Turdclan all these years, and they were well-paid for it, and they got all the good jobs and paid for work they did not do… as far as I know Russell McDonald has not himself personally killed anyone, so there’s that. Call it ‘on the right track’. I hear the media loves that kind of happy talk.

Now that you have raised your voices and you have stood up and you did all of these things legally, and by the rules, don’t quit.

Don’t Ever Quit.

If there is ever to be Justice, don’t ever quit.

Justice leads to healing. Healing leads to reconnection of Mind, body, spirit, one another, Mother Earth & the Great Mystery. And therein we will all find Peace.

But we must seek Justice. All of us.

You must stand together and we must stand with you.

What you were once is not what you are now. Now you are more than you knew you could be in this world, in that place.

Now you are waking up, as a community, and as a Nation.

Can you hear the thunder? :)

You know where to find me.



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April 14, 2013
Emergency General Assembly
---Printer Version (2)

Happening now. I will post details as soon as they are available. Suffice to say that the Good People of Spirit Lake are finding their backbones and their voices and making it known.

Weenie Boy was voted OUT as Tribal Chairman, despite his having his thug Turdclan with him. You know, the usual: child rapists, regular rapists, a few murderers, drug dealers, all making a show of force in the previous meeting that was held (See WDAZ Adam Ladwig's video) where what the cameras did not show was how the Turdclan, about 30 of them, showed up and stood at the doors and were glowering, staring down anyone who might speak out against Weenie Boy.

Russ McDonald was voted IN as interim Chairman. Just as bad in my book, but at least Russ can read. (Every time I see Weenie Boy stomping around with papers in his hands, I know he can't read what's on them, so I'm guessing it's cartoons or Pictionary for his talking points?)

Roger is defying the Will of the People and refusing to accept the vote that ousted him, saying that it needed to be done with a petition.  I recall the previous petitions were thrown out and ignored for no reason or for made up reasons, aided and abetted by Tribal Court Judges who are not Law-Trained (whatever that means) and who do and say what the Tribal Chair tells them to do and say.

This is still ongoing so will update this and fill in the details later.

Note, the April 10th posting has been updated with Facebook Comments and a printer version.

With what is taking place, right now, Weenie Boy's comments about more people wanting him and his corrupt band of thugs Tribal Council to stay than wanted them all to leave, is put to shame as the people are no longer tolerating the Evil and corruption.

What is astonishing in all of this is that for some reason, the BIA Strike Team (*Heroic Chord, Horn section*) Nor the FBI and all their mental midgetry, nor Tim Purdon and his "investigators" seemed to be able to find any 'corruption' or 'crimes committed' by any of that bunch, nor their departments and programs. Not one arrest. He seemed SO CONFIDENT that all this was just being made up by outside agitators (*raises hand*) that he is either too incompetent to hold down that job, or he is lying not just to the People of Spirit Lake, but to all of North Dakota and to the Federal Government. He needs to go-- NOW.

I'm sure Chuck Haga and the ever delightful Fargo Forum have their Turd Polishing Team on overtime trying to wash this one away.  Perhaps that really good Public Relations Firm in Alaska, the one that writes Ms. Merrick's missives, can lend a hand.

I'll be back later, with the details. Do stay tuned.

You know where to find me,




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April 12, 2013
Can Open, Worms Out
---Printer Version (7)

So, Thursday, the Elders held a meeting. You know how they do their meetings. Very private. Just them. No one under 55 years old allowed in.

But, this meeting was a little different. They invited the press, TV Cameras and they had something to say: The Tribal Council is FIRED. They all, or most, raised their hands and voted to disband the Tribal Council for corruption.

The Tribe’s infrastructure and the homes, the programs, the people all suffering because everyone on Council treats the Tribe like a piggy bank they can take what they want, do what they want and no one sees, so no one knows.

Everyone suspected, and people knew money was not going where it should. It was obvious what they were doing, but for some reason, the BIA and the FBI along with Timid Purdon couldn’t seem to find any evidence of the corruption. Of course, they investigated by asking the crooks if they were crooked and they all shook their heads “no”, so what could the FBI, the BIA and the USAG do? Investigate?

But then along came Clarisse Brownshield, and her pile of documents, and her being suspended (illegally) by Roger Yankton for “misusing her powers” by evicting his nieces who had Tribal Housing but never paid rent… the usual.

Clarisse is painting herself in heroic colors, but she’s as crooked (and so is her family) as the rest of them. So whatever set her hair on fire about evicting Roger’s kinfolk had to be something really bad. I’m guessing that she saw they were stealing more than she was and they were not sharing the pot of Gold with her, so she decided to ‘misuse’ her powers and actually do her job?

Word on the Street is that she took a truckload of documents and ‘evidence’ to Fargo Thursday, to hand over to Federal Investigators. She also stated that she had already tried everything, including talking to the FBI before she took the actions she took, so I am not sure IF she took anything anywhere. Why take to Fargo that which you said you already gave to them and they did nothing?

I found her statement about having already informed the FBI of the corruption in the past and they didn’t do anything, worth noting.

All this comes on the heels of Tim Purdon and Janelle Moos jointly putting out a statement about how VAWA protects the offenders’ rights in Tribal Courts, and them saying or falsely implying that Tribal Courts are “Law Trained”, when in fact they are not.

Warning: Political Alliances May Be Closer Than They Appear

Heidi Heitkamp said she’d feel perfectly fine if she had to go to Tribal Court… so I guess she has no clue about how they really operate and how much of a joke they really are? Or does she consider members of the Tribal Council her personal friends? I’d like to know. What makes her so confident?

Which brings me back to Congressman Kevin Cramer. He seems to be the only one that had strong reservations about how Tribal Courts were run. But of course he was dog-piled by the Perpetual Victim of Melissa Merrick (who really should be ashamed of herself for her personal conduct and her abuse of her authority) and naturally, and the media in general has been lapping up the spilled milk she’s been crying over.

No one wants to look at the courts. Not “Law Trained”. WTF is “Law Trained” defined as? They can’t say “Degree in Law”? Because a degree in Law is not required. And there is no Appeals Process.

Maybe Purdon was talking about some ‘other’ courts in ‘other’ tribes. The question was about Spirit Lake, but he often deflects into generalities when the particulars make him look foolish.

Tribal Courts are run by judges who are appointed by the Tribal Chair. They can be hired or fired without notice, and for no cause whatsoever. So, VAWA is no protection for anyone in Tribal Court unless they are a personal friend of the Judge or the Tribal Chair. If an outsider who is a personal friend of the chairman or the judge comes in and beats a woman, he can skate through with nothing more than a smirk.

If an outsider breaks up with say, the Tribal Chair’s favorite relative, and she charges him with assault, what chance would he have?

Women, especially abused women, have only been further abused by Tribal Courts. It’s not about ‘Justice’, it’s about Power. Power is how the corrupt protect themselves. VAWA does not protect victims in Indian Country. Period.

They could fix the court problems by re-establishing the Circuit Judges, but they won’t do that. That would be a step towards real justice for everyone in Indian Country.

Without Justice, laws mean nothing. There has been no Justice in Indian Country for over 100 yrs. That has to change if you want anything to get better out there. The truth has got to count for something. The Laws have to stand for something.

Goon Squad

Having domestic abusers running the police department is nothing short of a Goon Squad. They can rape, beat, even kill someone with no risk of arrest. They protect their own family and friends who are rapists, child molesters, child rapists and violent abusers. They protect the corrupt. The corrupt protect them. It goes further up that ladder of government than many realize. They’ve been closer to each other than most people realize. Like that warning in the side-view mirror. What you thought you were seeing, the distance between the corrupt and the enforcement, has been an optical illusion.


Making something appear to be what it is not. Making something appear to be not what it is;, is just a matter of ‘optics’, in political jargon.

Make it look good. Imply, misstate, deflect, and if necessary, act angry, or annoyed, to bully down any criticism/questioning of what you are offering. (NOTE: By the time they try to bully me, I know I’m winning. I know they know they are losing. No one would resort to bullying if they thought they were right or if they thought they were winning. That’s a Fact.)

Purdon and Moos put out this glowing report of how everything is just fine and there is too much ‘misinformation’ (You may call me Ms Information) out there surrounding this issue. Clearly, the fictional cloud and perhaps a Power Point Presentation that Purdon and Moos are leaning on, is full of holes.

Comments on FB about that were “Our courts can’t treat our own people fairly. How much of a chance would an outsider have?”

No one is buying the Smoke Purdon and Moos were selling. At least, no one that lives on the rez.

People have been talking about the corruption and abuse and have been ignored and waved off by politicians and the DOJ, FBI, BIA, HHS, DOI and the rest of the alphabet soup gang, and now, they go on a constant PR Propaganda Offensive to convince the very people who see and know the truth that what they are seeing, living, and know is all wrong—“Here, buy this freshly polished Turd.”

Purdon has, along with the rest of the soup, ignored the protocols on all of the 13 Mandated Reports. Why?
He, and his friends in the press (who - don’t – have – subpoena – power – so –they - can’t – do – anything – but - tell - us - what - they – were- told - by - the – people – they – asked – softball – questions - of) have been dismissive of the real problems, even expressing anger and insult towards those who keep trying to get the Truth out.

Witnesses are dismissed. Social Workers, Psychiatrists, School Teachers, and other legally mandated reporters are dismissed as not reliable with the same casual air that one would send back a bad steak to the kitchen.

However, no sooner do Purdon and Moos come out with their well-crafted Editorial, very slick in fact, and backed up by the echo chamber that is Chuck Haga in his piece that followed so close on the release of Purdon/Moos, that if Purdon/Moos had stopped suddenly, Haga would have rear-ended them, no sooner had that tail gaiting party rolled out than all eyes turn to Clarisse Brownshield. (*Oh Snap!)

There she was, on camera, spouting off about how corrupt the Tribal Council is, how corrupt the Chairman (a favorite interview darling for Haga), and how she’s going public because she’s tried to follow channels and protocol, even giving information to the FBI… whoops!

So, the FBI has been told DIRECTLY from a Tribal Councilor that there is rampant corruption? And that was how long ago? And they and the BIA “Strike Team” (*Cue the Power chord from the Horn Section) knew … but did nothing? She said she tried all the channels kids. I believe her.

So, did she go to Fargo with a truckload of documents and evidence? I don’t know. I do know that if she tries to dump it on Purdon’s desk, he’ll find a way to bury it. It would be so embarrassing, humiliating even, for him to have to come out and say that all this corruption he has been denying, is actually true and somehow he’s missed it, wouldn’t it?

Can’t wait for his next Editorial. He can ask Haga to help him write it. Haga used to be known as a “Prose writer.” He can shine a turd if anyone can. I’ve seen him do it. Yes, it still stinks, but that’s only if you get close enough for a follow-up question, which he never does.

House of Cards, Meet the Elders

And so now, on Thursday, the Elders took a public stand to declare they want the corrupt Tribal Council and their cronies, fired. That just sucked all the wind right out of the carefully crafted Purdon/Moos Editorial and the echo chamber that is Haga.

Can they really do that? Well, they did it. However, as you suspect, the corrupt won’t go easily. The Elders will take their complaint to the BIA Administrator. If that is Rowdy Cavenaugh, it will rot in his inbox until he gets it to the shredder. If it is to anyone in the Strike Team from the BIA, they will ignore it.

What is their second step? What is their back-up plan? I don’t know. I don’t know if they even have one.

What I do know is that a can of worms has been opened up and more and more people are speaking up. It’s causing a strong breeze where the House of Cards was built.

People are not buying the spin by any of the suits, or their pet reporters. Real reporting, straight forward, undoes their entire house of cards. Watch Adam Ladwig’s report on WDAZ. Seeing is believing.

Secrets have been kept for generations. Secrets that hurt the children, hurt the tribe and only protect rapists, murderers and the corrupt. People have had enough. People are speaking out.

People on the outside are not just looking and listening in, they are joining in.

I have always said that this will only change, this Evil will only be chased out when the Good People of Spirit Lake find their voice and run it out. I think that is starting to happen.

I think the Good People of Spirit Lake, many who thought no one would ever listen to them, are finding that they can be heard over the noise and be believed for speaking the truth over the fictional spin.


I sense that there is an even greater Restlessness stirring on the rez. The dead children are not quiet in their graves. The wounded spirits are not walking away, they are joining with those who are finding their courage to defy the abusers and call out the corrupt. People are standing together.

You have no idea but this is the greatest fear of the corrupt: People supporting what is right and standing up to their abusers. Truth will not go quietly away. This is getting bigger.

This is going in more than one direction. Eddie’s Restless Spirit has been getting stronger. The People want Justice. That is not something special, that is an expectation we all have.

I think it just might happen. And when it does, I can put down this Restless Blog, and go putter in my garden, visit old friends, and enjoy the setting sun.

But, until there is Justice, not just for Eddie Peltier, but for all the murdered, all the raped, all the robbed and until ALL the Children on the Rez are safe in their homes, with no fear of judges handing them to monsters who rape them, until that time, we carry on. You, me, all the Restless Spirits seeking Justice; we don’t quit.

Now, People Know

The worst part for Purdon and the rest of them with this latest blow to their fortress of fiction is that people who scoffed at those speaking out now can see that what we’ve all been saying for a very long time, is true. Moreover, everything they have been told by the Politicians and the DOJ, FBI, HHS, BIA has been lies.

Now that the people know who’s telling the truth and who has been lying, it’s a whole different ball game, isn’t it?

My question is this: If a lowly blogger such as myself, can find the truth and put it out there, why couldn’t the Fargo Forum? The New York Times found it and reported it, and they are way over there….in New York. Fargo Forum is right around the corner.

Will they change their tune and start running ‘in-depth’ pieces with follow-up questions? Will they do investigative reporting? Or will they continue to be the echo chamber the corrupt and the inept have counted on for decades?

These are only the latest breaches in the fortress. Betty Jo Krenz spoke out. Dr. Tiller Spoke out. Thomas Sullivan has been relentless, despite the threats and harassment, to get the truth out.

People have been coming forward and declaring what they know and what they have tried to do to fix the problem following channels, protocols only to find that the system itself is corrupt. It protects the abusers because it is connected to the abusers. If the system goes after the abusers, they will be brought down in a crapstorm the likes of which this country has never seen before.

Some very well-connected, very ‘respectable’ even ‘honored’ people will be brought into the light of corruption, child trafficking, and worse. The bad guys have promised that if they go down, they will take everyone down with them.

The system protects itself, not the children, not the people, not the country; just those in the system who want to keep their secrets hidden from the rest of us.

But many of those secrets are going to come out. Because the people on the rez and off, have had enough. And now they are learning that what they’ve been hearing from us, all of us, is the truth.

The weight of that fact is burning its way through every floor of the alphabet soup factory. It’s not just happening in Indian Country. This kind of corruption affects all of us, and until we see it ooze up from the ground we thought was safe, we won’t realize fully, how foul and dangerous it is and has been, all along. We’re only getting whiffs of it now. It won’t be long.


It’s like that mucky oil sludge coming up in those nice neighborhoods where people had no idea that it was there, running under their homes, their lives, all this time. Life is symbolism.

What is happening with that oil spill, the one they cannot make disappear with stories about car chases, celebrity gossip, is that it is showing what a corrupt system, built on lies and corporate propaganda, eventually bursts through the ground and everyone can see that they have been, for decades, deceived.

There it shows up as sludge on the ground in pretty Mayfield, Arkansas; An idyllic neighborhood, turned into a man-made nightmare.

What is happening in Indian Country is showing up in Spirit Lake Reservation, as corruption pours out into the public where it can be seen by everyone. It too, is a man-made nightmare. It too, stinks. It too is going to cost all of us, but we can’t afford to do nothing.

Human Beings have been living in that nightmare, struggling in that nightmare, suiciding and freezing to death in that nightmare.

Now, maybe, just maybe, now, we can see that it is real and we can work together to root out the corruption, protect the children, rid ourselves of corruption in Government Agencies that until now, most of us thought were protecting us… and take back our sense of community, brotherhood, national pride built on the Truth.

The Truth is, we can do this. And now, we know that, too. We are, as a Nation, worth it.

You know where to find me.



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Updated April 14, with FB Comments. It took awhile to run them through Photoshop and make them viewable. Thank you for your patience. Feel free to send more screenshots, any time. A lot of conversation takes place on FB. I'll share it here.

April 10, 2013 EXTRA
Boom! Goes the Dynamite  --- Printer Version (9)

Update 1: 4:20 PM:

Clarisse went on the 5 PM news, interviewed by Adam Ladwig, and fired the first shot in what is going to be the blow down showdown that brings everything we have been saying here, in this blog, out into the light.

I understand many of you are blowing up the FB pages with comments. Screen capture those comments and send them to me as a .png or (preferably) a .pdf format file and I will post them in here as they come in. I won't do a "Printer Copy" until I have enough for one day. Additional that comes in will also be posted here.

I will keep adding to this posting so check the date at the top of the page and the time stamp to see if anything new has been added.

Also, the FB comments about Purdon and Moos assuring us that everything is just fine in Tribal Courts for VAWA. Some of those were priceless.

This crap is blowing back at them before the ink is barely dry. I'm loving it.

Let's see Haga put a Bow on that pile of Turds.

So, let 'er rip!

You know where to find me.

UPDATE With FaceBook ScreenShots Sunday, April 14th, 2013

facebook Screenshot

Facebook Screen shot

Facebook Screenshot


Facebook Screen shot

Facebook Screenshot

FB Screenshot

NOTE: I only blocked out the identities of those who were Individuals and may have private pages. This is a public page, Voice of the Spirit Lake Nation, so I kept it intact.

FB Screenshot

As you can surmise, there were many more comments and postings, but you get the gist of it. This is coming from INSIDE the rez, not from outsiders. I've been saying all along that it is the Good People of Spirit Lake Nation that are wanting the corruption and the evil out of their midst.

You know where to find me.


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April 10, 2013
Buckle Up, Buttercup
--- Printer Version (1)

This promises to be a doozy.  Yesterday, Clarisse Brownshield was suspended by Roger. Her phone was taken away, her email and computer, gone.  Roger was mad because Clarisse, who is in charge of housing, evicted Roger's nieces for not paying rent. (None of them pay rent, btw). She had the houses boarded up and the meters pulled.  This was not Clarisse finally doing her job. NO. This was Clarisse taking part in a feud between her relatives and those freeloaders.

So, Roger suspended her. And she decided to call a meeting today, 5PM at the Ft. Totten Rec Hall.

She was going to call it a "District Meeting" but Roger said she couldn't do that because she was suspended.  "Okay then, it's just a 'Meeting', and anyone can come."  She informed Roger that she has a list of all the crimes committed by all the Tribal Council Members, AND Roger, and she intends to give them a full airing at that meeting.

Clarisse, a good idea would be for you to scan all your documents and email them to me in a .pdf format. You know I will put them to good use.

So, everyone SHOW UP!

I'm sure the TC and Roger will have their list of her and her family's crimes to share if not immediately, very soon after all of this.

I think Media should show up for this one. You too, Chuck Haga. The Tribal Council and Roger will want someone to put a pretty bow on this one.

Popcorn anyone?

You know where to find me.



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*April 9, 2013
Beneath the Surface
  ---Printer Version (5)  (*name correction: Suna Guy, not Guy Suna)

(*2nd correction coming: Guy Suna's crime were violent rape, but I'm being told that the girl was not 13, more like 15 or 16 and that he did not break her leg. I'm waiting on the details & will updated when in)

Look at the oil spill in Arkansas. A pipeline ruptured below the surface and over 40 homes had to be evacuated and can never be lived in again. The media doesn’t cover this sort of thing with the same fervor as they do Celebrity break-ups or scandals.

In fact, up until this weekend, there was a ban on media publishing or televising the pictures of the damage and the clean-up process. They didn’t want us to see what real damage is being done and what everyone along the Keystone Pipeline, which is being pushed by both Canadian and USA governments can do.

They want us to accept that everything is safe and this is good for the economy. But there are major ruptures and spills that can never be fully cleaned up, happening with an alarming frequency. Media is reluctant to buck their corporate masters.

But the mess became so huge, it could not be ignored. So, photos, a slide show of the clean up process, and some of the scope of the damage is starting to come into view, if you know where to look for it.

You’ll see trucks, pipes, crews clad in white throw away suits… and they are essentially, throwing paper towels onto the Bitumen (which is not classified as “Oil” by an act of congress, so the Oil Companies don’t have to pay for the clean up, nor contribute to the clean-up fund (1¢ per $100).

People are shocked, horrified, stunned. Let me explain something to you: This is the least of it. That pipeline ruptured far below the surface. By the time it bubbled up to where it is visible to the rest of us, and the futility of throwing paper towels onto it, what is below the surface is thousands of times worse. They just don’t want you to think about that. Ever. There is money to be made. Power is bought by money. Politicians become bagmen taking our tax dollars and our resources, and handing them over to people who are not accountable to any of us by special rules and laws passed to allow this kind of destruction for which we all pay, but only a few profit.

Keep that image of that ‘spill’ in mind. It’s not a spill, it’s a rupture, and it is destroying the ground, the ground water, and will seep into the streams, into the oceans, and destroy the wetlands. Oh yes, and your homes. Are you insured for Oil Spill? You better be. Oil Companies are exempt and they will fight you with all their lawyers, until you die.

They have bought many of the courts as well. Now you see why fairness and voting was important?

If you think it doesn’t matter unless it is your home, you’re wrong. What we allow, comes around, like that oil in the fishing streams, the wetlands and the oceans, and eventually, even to the rain that falls down upon us all.

Before The Rains Fall on Us All

Now comes yet another Public Relations piece by Chuck Haga on Tribal Courts. I don’t know why Haga doesn’t seem to be able to ask a follow-up question. I asked him once and his response was that he doesn’t have ‘subpoena power.’ He ‘just writes what people tell him.‘ He was pissed off that I called him a ‘stenographer’. But he defined stenography in his rant, as being what he does.

It doesn’t require subpoena power to ask a follow-up question.

He talks to Judge Shirley Cain at Spirit Lake, describes her office and artwork on her walls, and how modest it is. When he asked her about the allegations of sex offenders having children living with them, she denied it. Sort of. She said she had a list of sex offenders and she does not (personally?) send children to those homes.

She then claimed, as we have heard from Purdon and a few others, that ‘all of the allegations in Thomas Sullivan’s Mandated Reports have been thoroughly investigated and many claims were found to be false’. But like Purdon and the others, none of them ever says WHICH charges were found to be false, and Haga never asks the follow-up questions that I would think would be searing through the minds of any journalist worth their salt.

Nor does Haga ever ask why no one in that whole chain of protocol ever, as Protocol for Mandated Reports requires, actually discussed these, any of these reports with the person who made the Mandated Reports.

**It is common knowledge that Suna Guy, a registered sex offender, who broke the leg of a 13-yr old girl and raped her, and she became pregnant from that rape, that Suna Guy has children living in his home. *Here's the correction:

She was a 14-yr old virgin. She was babysitting his kids. Instead of driving her home, he kidnapped her and raped her and she became pregnant. He did not break her leg.

Just the same, the terror and the rape for a 14-yr old young girl is despicable.

Alfred “Lemon Longie” who repeatedly raped his daughters, one of whom is severely disabled and in a wheel chair, and who was only 5 yrs old at the time of the report, now has children living in his home. Why does Clifford Littlewind, have children living in his home?

Why does Judge Cain seem to not know any of this?

Many of these children were ripped out of safe and loving qualified Foster Homes or from extended families, on and off the reservation, and given to these pedophiles, these rapists, these monsters.

This is just what is on the surface. This is just what is visible to those who know where to look and what they are looking at. These are the things that some in the business of reporting, for some reason, don’t want to look or find, or even ask.

Heitkamp Interview

Heidi Heitkamp in her interview with Chris Berg’s Hot Box segment on Valley News made some astonishing statements.
She has never put out an official statement on the Child Abuse of Spirit Lake. But she claims to be very involved in protecting the children. When asked what she was going to do to protect the children, she said “Everything!”

Shades of Sarah Palin not being able to name a single publication she read and declaring “All of them!”.

To be fair, Heitkamp did say she was monitoring the agencies (BIA and FBI) to make sure they were working as they should… but you and I know they are not working as they should so I’m not sure how far that goes.

She says the BIA is supposed to put out a report on every complaint. But are they? Given that they have never consulted with the person who issued the Mandated Reports, how thorough or accurate are these Reports or how enforceable these "Mandates" she put out to the BIA’? Sounds great though, doesn’t it? It’s paper towels. It’s nothing more. Clearly, that is an acknowledgment that none of this was done before.

She says “It doesn’t cost anything to love your children, and respect your children and keep your children safe.”
Yes, yes it does. It requires decent housing, food, healthcare childcare and a lawyer if your child is stolen by the tribe and given to a sex offender like a puppy.

It costs money to rehabilitate the damage done. So, that little platitude is just air. We have to look at the cost of what is to come and decide to do it now, or wait until it can’t be done at all, no matter how much we spend on it. Throw our money, like paper towels, onto that oozing mess.

Then she offered something that was not asked. At about 6:29 into the video, she starts talking about the Grand Jury system. She started out by saying that all this was too complicated for North Dakotans to understand how the Federal System works (*I think you understand it. I gave you a simple chart that they actually put out as to what is a felony, who has jurisdiction. It wasn’t that complicated and it sure as beans should not be taking years for these children to be pulled out of the hell holes of pedophilia.)

She talks about how the Grand Jury system is secretive and how she doesn’t know if one has been convened in this issue or not, but she assumes they have and that there will be some action coming out of that Secret Grand Jury System and the USAG’s office ‘very soon’.

So, she’s either very knowledgeable and has information which she is denying she has, or she’s blowing smoke up everyone’s butt. I’m guessing the latter because if there had been a Grand Jury convened on any of this, those Mandated Reports (“Now serving number 13! Number 13? Hello, 13? Your Grand Jury is ready.”) would not be still being issued asking for action on the very cases that started the series, as well as new ones being reported and added. Nice try Heitkamp, but you have nothing whatsoever to back that up, and there is ample evidence and indication that it is NOT happening. Sounds good though, right? Paper Towels, anyone?

When It Surfaces

What do you think is going on below the surface? How much uglier, how much worse is this thing?

You think it does not affect you? Where do you think crimes of violence come from? What do you think abuse, torture, and the futility of seeking justice, fairness or protection does to a young person who is enduring this?

Like that thick, stinking ooze that has saturated the ground above and below, when the results of our allowing this to go on, out of sight, out of mind for so long, surfaces, we see:

Addictions and alcoholism and all the pain and deformaties that go along with pregnancies carried by the addicted.
We see rapes, violence, thefts, anger, more abuse.

Children are molested and raped and trafficked like puppies, handed over to the worst people just to get them handed off. Sometimes they are sold. Sometimes they are traded for whatever reason. But they are not safe.

The cycles of abuse, violence, addiction continue. Outside the rez you can feel it: You see the prostitutes, the drunks and the addicts wasted on the sidewalks and allies; you feel insecure in your homes and lock the doors or live behind gated walls.

You fear your children will be attacked or killed because there is so much crazy out there.

Your insurance rates go up. Home, car, everything costs more to ‘keep safe’ from ‘them’: the violent, the addicted, the damaged and the crazy.

This is the Human Wreckage of destroyed lives, damaged psyches, violence, abuse, trauma and no rescue.

Do you think that person will not grow up to also become a monster and hunt down your children? Do you think they will not, in the throes of their addictions and anger, rape, rob, burgle your homes? Think they won’t become the prostitutes you sneer at, who spread diseases to those nice men who take a ‘nooner’?

We have all seen this damage surface, but we just didn’t realize what we were looking at. Nor did we ever consider where it came from or how to prevent it or how to fix it. We must, if we are to save ourselves, save one another. We are all connected. We are all related. This is ours.

What goes on below the surface is monstrously worse than what we see on the surface and it is going to, one way or another, precipitate down on all our lives, for generations to come.

We must, all of us, become involved. If we care about our children, we must care about their children. We must care about them as people. We are not “Other” to one another, we are our Brother’s and Sister’s keepers – and they are ours.

But right now, they like to throw paper at it, as if somehow, that fixes it.


You know where to find me.



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April 8, 2013
Hunky Dory Story
  --Printer Version (6)

I just love it when I see a piece written by Chuck Haga about the tribe. You just get that ‘everything’s all better, problems being solved’ kind of feeling, don’t you?

All that nonsense about children being raped, Tribal Social Services being abusive and corrupt, none of that is really a problem. It never was and now that they have fixed or are fixing it, it really isn’t now.

Makes me wonder why the BIA had to send in their sequin festooned Strike Team (*Heroic Chord*) in the first place, doesn’t it?

And given that all the same people are still working in Tribal Social Services, and Mark Little Owl with yet another charge of Domestic Abuse against him, is still running Social Services while he awaits yet another trial hearing. (I swear, that man is the most misunderstood of them all. A little pushing, shoving, threatening, slapping and slugging never hurt anyone, did it?).

First, they are really concerned about all these children living with registered sex offenders (see Mandated Reports 1-13) but instead of rescuing those children and arresting the Registered Sex Offenders, they purchased for the Tribe a Mobile Fingerprinting Machine which they held up several times as the solution to this problem.

I guess no one was buying that except maybe some intrepid reporters with an eye towards Feel Good Spin.
Haga portrays those responsible in his stories as being the victims of harsh scrutiny. Yes, ask Penn State about how ‘harsh scrutiny’ can ruin your whole reputation.

This has put the Tribal Social Services and the corrupt Tribal Council under a whole lot of pressure. Yes, it must be terrible for them. Can’t imagine how awful that must be. Here, try knowing that toddlers and infants are put in homes of sex offenders and that the entire system will do nothing to rescue or protect them. In fact, try being harassed by the FBI and receiving threats over the phone for reporting it. Try being run off the road in the middle of the night, or having your front door kicked in by thugs. How about someone throw a rattlesnake onto your front porch?

Yeah, I can’t imagine how all the pressure of being watched as you ignore Mandated Reports, (Not one official has yet to discuss any of these reports with the Regional Director of the ACF who has issued them. Not one has followed any of the Protocols for handling a Mandated Report. Not ONE.)

And then the Kind Hearted Woman documentary came out on Frontline. Ouch, that must have hurt. We know that because Melissa Merrick, who runs Victim’s Assistance was miffed that her department was exposed for their role in not only protecting a sexual abuser father, but in laying false charges against the mother, accusing her of being the abuser. (Don’t worry, they didn’t show up in court. So when they do make charges, they don’t show up in court. How does that sound? Corrupt.) Even better when the judge in that case, Judge Gipp, had to ‘think on it a little longer’ and so left the children with the sexual abuser father for another 5-6 months… yes, Tribal Court is such a ‘fair and just’ venue for any case.

No wonder Congressman Cramer (R) said he would not feel like he could get a fair trial there. No one can.
Merrick and her cronies are really big about trying to paint Cramer as an abusive person because he made some passionate and albeit violent statement about how he felt about the Tribal Council (wanted to wring their necks and slam them up against the wall) and she was so offended that she refused his sincerest apologies.

Yes, harsh language is so offensive she went on a publicity tour touting her victimhood. Yet, she did nothing for a woman who was not only beaten, stomped and bitten by her BIA Cop husband, she allowed that husband’s mistress, Monique (also named in the movie as the one who made false charges against Robin Charbonneau) to handle the case--- which meant that the wife got no protection, no assistance.

But dare you say a harsh word in front of Melissa Merrick and you will be pilloried until the end of the Earth! Just you watch out!

In a separate article, also by Haga, Ms. Merrick sneers at my reporting by saying that I am “unfair and ill-informed.”
I have to ask: Am I as unfair as Tribal Court?

Will You Dance With Me?

Now, a real journalist would have asked a follow-up question: “Where did she (yours truly) get it wrong?” You see, I can prove what I claim. If she feels I got it wrong, let her state it. So, shall we dance?

I stand by what I post here. I keep an open line to anyone that can prove there is an error, and I have made corrections in the past. So, if you don’t want to jump right into the boiling water of open court, send me your proof that I got it wrong. I will be more than happy to post that.

Yes, no one reads the blog. Well, according to Ms. Merrick. I can prove that wrong also. You see? I stand by what I say.
Now, if Ms Merrick will get her fashionable fanny back to work and start actually helping the victims of domestic violence, perhaps removing some of her own staff who use their positions to abuse victims, I think we would see some real progress in that one tiny corner of the Ballroom.

Or, was that too harsh? If so, I apologize, profusely.

I hear music to my ears.

Old Chums

The latest Hunky Dory Story is that the Tribe and the outside agencies (Regional and County) have decided to talk to each other about the emergency situation that exists on Spirit Lake.

Wait, I thought there was no real problems with child abuse, sexual molest, child rape? What emergency are we talking about now?

Why, yes, it is about the children. And they’ve all gotten together and:

“We and the people at Lake Region Social Services (serving Ramsey County) talked with the tribal leaders and others and said, ‘Let’s not worry about who has jurisdiction here,’ and together we all took responsibility,” he said.” -- (Tom Rime, director of social services for Benson County, which includes most of the Spirit Lake reservation.)

So, Jurisdiction is not a problem! * Cue the Confetti Rain. *

That’s nice. Now, how about you go in and rescue the children who are living with the Sex Offenders? How about you get them into treatment and therapy? How about you arrest those sex offenders? (Not happening kids).

Roger Yankton is thrilled about it. Not so thrilled that he will allow any of the members of his own family that beat and rape children be arrested, mind you, but really happy because …. According to the GFH article by Haga:

Tribal Chairman Roger Yankton said last week that Benson County’s governing body held a joint meeting recently with the Tribal Council at Fort Totten, and there is talk of relocating county social services there.

“That was historic, that meeting,” Yankton said. “I know those people. I grew up with them. We all have the same dreams, and we’re saying we’re not dealing with ‘yours’ and ‘mine’ — the children — but ‘ours.’

These people are friends of his. From childhood. Oh goody. Given what I know of Roger Yankton and how children are traded like baseball cards on the rez, that last sentence just creeps me right out. I know it’s not how they intended it, but it is really creepy. (Am I being too harsh and badly informed? Email me at 1800 HOWSMYBLOGGING?)

Nice to see they are no longer declaring the Mobile Fingerprinting machine as their Excalibur Sword of Child Safety. But seriously folks, just read the Mandated Reports and do your jobs by following the Law and Protocol for dealing with Mandated Reports of Sexual Abuse against children.

Rime does offer tacit acknowledgment that personnel turnover is a problem. Yes, firing the people who are trying to fix problems The Chairman and the Tribal Council are trying to keep hidden, does create a ‘job turnover’ problem. He sort of acknowledges that. No biggy.

“I know they’re trying to hire people,” Rime said. “They’re always posting, always looking. But they’re having a really hard time getting qualified social workers to apply. That’s a problem in all of rural North Dakota.”

So, this level of corruption and intimidating whistleblowers is a problem throughout North Dakota? Really? Oh my!

I know for a fact that some of the most dedicated, qualified, hard-working people have worked at Tribal Social Services.

It’s just that they are the ones that the Tribal Chairman and the Directors of Tribal Social Services DON’T WANT.

It’s not for the lack of Good and Qualified people, it’s because of the corruption and abuse that those same people don’t want to become either a part of or a victim of. But they don’t seem to get that. “Good Help is Hard To Find” must be a running joke out there, yes?

All these shows and Hunky Dory Stories, the lack of child rescue, no sex offenders arrested, a complete phony running Victims’ Assistance Program, Filing false charges against a mother who reported her ex husband’s sexual abuse while protecting him, happens way too often to be anything but corruption and constant crisis.

Roger is no doubt happy that he has his old childhood friends working in the very agencies that should have been protecting those same children all along but who have been very happy to buy whatever Roger and the Tribal Council have been selling them for years now.

Enter Kate Kenna


In the past year, nearly 1,000 Indian clients received such services as alcohol or drug evaluation and treatment and mental health care, said Kate Kenna, regional director of the Lake Region and Northeast human service centers.

Kenna’s statement is somewhat misleading. I’m sure she didn’t intend to obfuscate, but since we are talking about Spirit Lake specifically, this makes it sound like 1000 Indians from that Tribe have accessed these services.

That would indicate on the face of it, that the problems are HUGE in SLN (which is what we have been saying all along). I suspect, and she can correct me if I am wrong, she is referring either to the entire region or the entire State. Which then begs the question: How many from SLN have received or accessed these services?

I would have asked the Follow-Up Question, but then again, I didn’t go to school to become a journalist like Haga did. I’m assuming he did. He can correct me if I am wrong.

Trying to put Kenna’s statement into perspective with the topic of SLN is a little bit impossible without further clarification. But it sounds really GOOD if you don’t try to do the math.

Her next statement is rather surreal: Again, from GFH

Kenna said she is “very optimistic” about conditions improving at Spirit Lake. “I believe the kids will be safer and safer as we work together,” she said.

So, the kids who are presently being raped and abused by Roger’s relatives and the other sex offenders, have how much longer to wait until they are actually ‘safe’?


Roger has his old friends that he grew up with, working with him on this whole Child abuse thing.

It’s hard to maintain good qualified help if you fire, threaten, intimidate anyone that reports child rape, abuse, neglect. But you can keep your own abusive employees forever.

Ms Merrick likes her fame, refuses to accept any apology by Cramer, and she feels that I am ‘badly informed’. Yet, she refuses to help victims of domestic violence nor fire her abusive employees (because help is so hard to find?)

The State and Regional Districts think that the problems are being solved and the Tribe is on the Right Track, it’s just that the train is not moving yet--- but it’s ON THE RIGHT TRACK. All aboard?

No children have been rescued.

No Sex Offenders have been arrested and charged.

No one has followed-up on any of the Mandated Reports with any of the Protocols that are supposed to be followed.

Oh, and ‘no one reads the blog’ except maybe Chuck Haga, who quotes it more often these days.

Everything is just Hunky Dory. Or at least it’s “On the right track” to Hunky Doryville. All aboard!

You know where to find me.



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April 2, 2013
The Outrage Machine Backfires Again
---Printer Version (4)

You may think you have seen the bottom of the barrel that Spirit Lake Nation digs up to counter the criticism, but you haven’t.

Behold this from Melissa Merrick and her fainting couch:

Melissa Merrick
Yesterday at 9:54pm · 

Kind Hearted Woman (KHW) airs on PBS next Monday, April 1, and Tuesday April 2nd. It is a five hour-long film presented in a two-part series. KHW is funded by the support of PBS and is part of a Frontline series.

KHW is intended to be a documentary, portraying the life of a Native woman who overcomes the challenges of alcohol addiction, child molestation, and domestic violence. Although the film shows the courage of Robin Charboneau in overcoming these challenges, it also unfortunately raises broader policy issues regarding the role of media that will challenge viewers. In particular, issues regarding the role of media in the lives of child victims of molestation and rape, identify disclosures in the film and promotional materials, and accuracy / objectivity considerations in reporting coverage of tribal communities, courts, etc.

In an effort to draw lessons and to use the PBS broadcast as a teachable moment, we encourage dialogue according to the following points:

1. Does Frontline, and in the broadest media context, have an ethical responsibility to engage tribal communities in the development process of such films? Should Frontline / PBS financially support such films that fail to engage the community and/or to utilize experts to guarantee accuracy? What would be your recommendation for community engagement before, during and after such a project?

2. Should Frontline / PBS have a funding and broadcasting film policy on case details and child victim identify disclosures? In KHW, three minors are used in the film. When filming began, the daughter was eleven and the son ten. A third victim, Robin’s foster daughter, is about twelve when Robin’s ex-husband rapes her. Frontline / PBS obtained legal consent, but is there an ethical line the film crosses that is not in the best interest of or promoting privacy for child victims? What would be your recommendation on a media policy regarding interviewing child victims of molestation and rape victims?

3. Does the USDOJ federal prosecutor have an ethical duty to refrain from discussing on camera the case details involving child victims of molestation and rape? In the film, the prosecuting attorney discloses intimate victimization details of the girls while the camera shows video footage of each girl in front of the courthouse before and during the criminal trial. What policy would you recommend to the USDOJ in responding to media inquiries from entities such as Frontline / PBS? When, if ever, should such details concerning cases of minors or adults be used in such films / the media? 

4. What policies should Frontline / PBS adopt regarding the funding and broadcast of films to promote accuracy and prevent the denigration of tribal communities? The film sends a clear message that the tribal court is incapable of rendering a just decision in Robin’s case by the attorney statement at the end of the film: “I can’t guarantee you anything in tribal court because the judges on the Spirit Lake are appointed by the tribe, are not elected and are not law trained.” A couple days ago, David Sutherland, Film Director, stated on Native American Calling, “the problem is that the only requirements to be a judge is that you must be 25 years old and not have a criminal conviction.” A basic inquiry would reveal that states also do not require judges to be law trained; in NY most state judges are not law trained. Other inaccurate statements are made such as educational walks cannot happen at Spirit Lake because abuse is not talked about. What policies would protect against this inaccuracy and other inaccuracies in the film?

5. Funding for KHW is provided through the support of PBS viewers, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and The LEF Foundation. Given a portion of the funds are federal funds, should usage be mandated by guidelines developed in coordination with the communities impacted by the broadcast?
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Kind Hearted Woman – FRONTLINE

See? Outrage. Everyone is doing it wrong. It was wrong to film this and wrong to show this. It was wrong to not consult with the Tribal Officials because after all, the Tribal Council “owns” the people, right? They can’t speak for themselves?

She’s so worried about the ‘damage’ being done to the young children… that she personally posted this tripe on FaceBook.

I saw in this lengthy rumbling, a single word of outrage over how badly the tribe and the system treated Robin.

No outrage over the fact that Monique, who works in Victim’s Assistance, deliberately lied and accused Robin of being the one to molest her children, while supporting the father’s side of this case, despite there being an FBI Forensic Report/Interview that showed it was clearly the Father who was being investigated.

No outrage over the fact that the Tribal Court, despite the accusations being false and no one from Social Services (who filed the charges against Robin at the request of Victim’s Assistance –Monique) didn’t even show up for court to make their case, the Tribal Judge, knowing the children were in the custody of the pedophile father, wanted to ‘think on it’, before issuing a ‘verdict’. And months went by with no ‘verdict’ and the children being in the hands of their father --- no ‘outrage’ over that, eh Ms. Merrick?

Just outrage that the Tribal Council didn’t have direction over, nor veto power over anything that went into that documentary. So, you see? The Tribe, and Ms. Merrick don’t see the problem as being the abuse, the child rape, or the corruption; they see it strictly as someone getting the information out about their child rapes and corruption.

Since they fire, threaten and harass anyone within the system that tries to fix it, or bring it to their attention, they cannot claim that there are any other avenues for this to get out there.

Now that it’s out there, perhaps the Agencies involved will see how they look to the rest of the world when it is the safety and well-being of children involved and we can all see how they, instead of protecting the children, support and root for the abusers.

We can all see how they talk all these strings of outrage, but we can also very clearly see where their priorities are: Image only. More funding. No Accountability.

I know Ms. Merrick has easy access to one of the best PR Firms in the nation. Why she did not consult with them before putting together this mindless hash of ethical outrage that only belies her own worst behaviors, is beyond me.

Why she posted this to her FB Page is beyond my even guessing. Can’t wait to see what Merry Ms Merrick comes up with next. That jalopy she’s revving the engine in won’t hold up under much more scrutiny.

I would have said that she should have quit while she was ahead, but clearly, that was long before she opened her mouth.

Do watch the show. It’s riveting and it’s an eye opener. You’ll see why Merrick and the rest of her gang hate it so much.

I’m guessing that Ms. Merrick is too stupid to realize that the attention she is asking for with all of this faux ethical outrage, is not really working out the way she wants it to. Someone, somewhere in that snake pit must be applauding her.

I know there are some really good people struggling against the very odds with the same or worse issues as Robin Charbonneau was portrayed, and they are really happy this is coming out.

Now, at last, people can see for themselves.

You know where to find me.



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April 1, 2013  --- Printer Version (5)
Much Ado

I am going to open with Congressman Cramer’s (R) ND Statement on the much publicized statements of Melissa Merrick regarding their meeting last week:

"I recently met with members of the North Dakota Council on Abused Women Services regarding the new Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) reauthorization, and my passion concerning some of the problems I fear may exist with this legislation.  Critics of this Act have expressed due process concerns in regard to some of its provisions.  I therefore voted in favor of an amendment designed to address this potential harm.  Unfortunately, my efforts were not supported by my Congressional colleagues. 

Because VAWA protects victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking by streamlining grants, improving investigation, prosecution and victim services, as well as enhancing penalties against offenders, I voted in favor of this legislation. 

I am quite open about my passion regarding helping those within our society that are exposed to violence.  I believe my Congressional floor speech concerning VAWA, in particular, demonstrates my personal connection to this issue, as well as my apprehension in regard to the legislation I helped pass.  Certain statements I recently made regarding my frustrations with VAWA are under scrutiny.  This is deserved as, in hindsight, my tone and rhetoric was better suited for active debate in Congress (or a floor speech) rather than my true intention; requesting guidance from the peers of this important issue. I apologize.

My intent was not to disparage anyone.  I want to end violence.  I truly appreciate Ms. Merrick’s statements, specifically relating to this issue, because it is a pointed reminder of what I love most about my country; equal protection, balance of power, due process.  And, most importantly, unfettered free speech, which is not only unopposed in its ability to humble its leaders, but its capacity towards inspiring debate.  But, I want to make clear that successful court challenges to all, or parts, of this legislation are always adjudged by our Constitution, notwithstanding the best intentions of its proponents.  Overturned convictions will revictimise the very people we are trying to protect. 

I am encouraged by the considerable energy available to fix the serious, societal problem of violence (against all victims).  It is my hope that improving lives is always our upmost focus.  Since VAWA 2013 is only the beginning, I look forward to working with all stakeholders to improve it."      

I, for one, am stunned by the over-reaction of Ms Merrick over this whole matter. She not only takes personal offense to something that was passionately about fairness, she calls for the fainting couch and the Tribe ramps up their Indignation machine to “Outrage”, calling in the PR Firm (in Alaska, no less. I hear they are excellent) and despite Congressman Cramer going on radio to apologize without any conditions or any ‘shared blame’ and without the offensive “If anyone was offended”, it was to my way of thinking, a real apology, but she turned up her petty little nose (yes, I said ‘petty’) and refused to accept his apology.

So, right off the bat, I’d like to thank Congressman Cramer for bringing up the Elephant in the room: The fact that Tribal Courts are not fair, they are political and they don’t even require anyone to have a law degree to be a judge. Who among us wants to roll those dice?

Unfortunately, he couched his statement in personal terms that he would not feel safe if charges were brought against him in Tribal Court. Who would? How many times has that very same Tribal Court literally stolen children from their homes, taken them away from their mothers, and given them to sex offenders? Too many!

If you watch the upcoming PBS Frontline Special “Kind Hearted Woman”, you will see this very thing as it happens. You will get a really clear idea of how corrupt and incompetent as well as unreliable, Tribal Court is.

No man nor woman has any reason to feel safe in Tribal Court or that there will be any degree of fairness or even legality in the proceedings. The only people who benefit from Tribal Court are generally those connected to the Tribal Council and to the Tribal Chairman. If you go up against one of their relatives or friends, you lose. I don’t care what kind of proof you have.

I listened on the radio show where Cramer again apologized, and he was interrupted many times by the host who was saying how educated Ms Merrick is, and how highly thought of she is, not just in her community, but in other surrounding tribes…

Oh give me a break!

She was so offended by the violent words Cramer used that she just had to post it on Facebook, and every other publication that would take her at her word.

She’s an abuse survivor, so that backs up her outrage?

Let’s take a look at one particular case Ms. Merrick, as Director of Victim’s Assistance, dealt with, shall we?

The wife of one of the BIA Cops on the rez, that one “special cop” who gets to decide that a 13 yr old child was not raped by a 37-year old man because the rapist told him she wanted it,(It was ‘her’ fault)--- that cop, was having an affair with one of the employees under Ms. Merrick’s supervision. He got that young lady pregnant.

When his wife confronted him on it, he beat, bit and stomped her. The wife filed for assistance to get away from her BIA Cop husband, and she was still bruised and broken when she handed her letter to Merrick saying that she felt it was unfair that she had to have her husband’s mistress handle her claim against her husband.

Of course the claim handed to the mistress was round-filed. And Ms. Merrick? The Abuse Survivor who is so outraged over harsh language? Did nothing. Not one penny of assistance. Not one direction to go. The wife had to move herself and her children, grandchildren out, on her own. The staff member who was having the affair with the cop, has moved in with him, and still has her job.

So, tell me again, about how well thought of Ms. Merrick is in her community. Tell me again at how she’s so offended by harsh language. She is clearly very protective of the abusers in her tribe.

Where Was She?

In fact, this is the first time Ms. Merrick or her department has said anything about any abuse since all the Mandated Reports have been coming in for over a year now. She has never responded to one Mandated Report on Child Rape. Where was she?

Where was she when the wives, partners, children of the Abusive BIA Cops show up and ask for help?
Where was she when her staff member was reported for not properly handling the case where there was clearly a conflict of interest? Where the heck was Ms. Merrick?

Was she off duty? Was she out getting more respect from other tribes?

But here she is, all full of outrage over Cramer’s statement that he didn’t think the Tribal Courts would be fair to any outsider. What makes him think this? Perhaps he has heard of how unfair Tribal Courts are to those in the Tribe. Ya think?

I don’t know. He manned up an apologized without equivocation. That is rare these days.

We have yet to hear any apology from Ms. Merrick over the many failed instances where she played politics and refused to do her job.

Her feigned outrage, to my thinking, was pure politics. Everyone following her around and singing her song, you’re being duped.

Hidey Hole

And where has Heidi Heitkamp been in all of this?

And where has she been during all of this? Her office has yet to issue one statement on the safety or lack thereof, for the children on Spirit Lake Nation Reservation. Not a peep.

Is she in some little dark cave somewhere? Has she not read these Mandated Reports? Or does she simply not care?
It’s not often she pokes her face out of her hidey hole and makes an appearance. Maybe someone can ask her what her priorities are in cases of extreme abuse.

Maybe, just maybe, Ms Merrick has blown this thing up for personal attention at the expense of getting any real issues discussed and resolved. It is nice to see she’s made an appearance. Now, if we can get Heitkamp to even acknowledge the issues out there. I think she sent a staffer, so perhaps, in the not too distant future, we can get a statement from her office on the issues of violence and abuse on the rez?

Perhaps at least, an applause track from her office for Merrick turning a discussion on Violence Against Women Act into pure political theater? Something. Anything.

Oh, do stay tuned!

Purdon’s Pride

I still chuckle when I remember Tim Purdon tying his professionalism directly to the career professionals in t

he BIA and FBI. Let’s have a little look at one of the more recent “Professionals” he’s tying his reputation to, shall we?
A drunk driver, the daughter of Michael Cavenaugh Jr, and Adel Johnson, who is also the sister to Pernell, the woman beater of our previous blog, ran over a woman who was the daughter of Debra Herold.

The BIA cop arrives on the scene, the ambulance takes the victim away, and the cop starts to leave when people asked if he was going to arrest the visibly drunken driver.

He shrugged his shoulders and said he would but he didn’t have any handcuffs with him, so no. No Arrest.

Gee, why didn’t he bring that “Mobile Fingerprinting Machine” with him? I hear it solves all their problems. Surely, if getting that device means they don’t have to remove children from predators, it will magically mean that no charges, no arrest in drunk driving cases of Cavenaughs. Just hold up that machine and say: “See This? Problem solved!”
That’s just one of the many “Career Professionals” Timothy Purdon says are just like him.

I’m starting to believe him.


Ms. Merrick is dragging her fainting couch from publication to publicist claiming outrage. Somehow, that means no one should look at how badly she does her job and how corrupt she is.

Cramer has apologized. Heitkamp says nothing about anything. And drunk drivers get to walk away if the Career Professionals in the BIA don’t bring handcuffs to the scene of an accident.

This is life on the rez. Anyone want to take their chances in Tribal Court?

You know where to find me.



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