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Eddie Peltier, Richard LaFuenteI do my best to deliver factual information. The "Documents" pages are there for you to look and see for yourself. An innocent man is in prison for crimes committed by the corrupt, who run the reservation the way a criminal organization would run a city if they had all levels of government supporting and protecting them.

There are many more Good People in Spirit Lake than there are corrupt, evil people there. It is the system that is corrupt, evil and I expose here all that I can.

I can be reached at this email:  Contact Cat  . I respond to most of my emails, however, I reserve the right to not rspond to whack jobs. I keep all information confidential. For those who wish to attack, you'll either be ignored, or, if you are really clever, you'll end up on the Moron Squad page.  Some insults are more entertaining than others. I share with the class.

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March 25, 2013
Everything Old is New Again
---Printer Version (5)

First, I want to make sure everyone knows about the documentary that will be airing on PBS FRONTLINE in 2 Parts: April First is 2 hours, and April Second is 3 hours.

The documentary is called “KIND HEARTED WOMAN” and it follows the life of Robin Charbonneau PoorBear and her family, for three years as she comes to grips with her life, her situation, and she decides to fight against both her own addiction and the abuse she experienced growing up, and during her adult life on Spirit Lake Rez.

You will see deep inside the rez, behind the doors of ‘one of those houses’ that you would typically drive past and not want to look into.

It took monumental courage for Robin to agree to do this documentary, and for her children, who also had to come to grips with what was happening in their lives.

This documentary is going to trigger a lot of strong reactions in people who have walked along that same bumpy road, suffered the same abuses, and dealt with a corrupt and uncaring system.

There will be outreach available after the showing. The information will be provided on air. I strongly urge anyone who watches this, especially those on the rez, many of whom are going through this same cycle of abuse, corruption, addiction, anger, hopelessness, to have a pen and paper handy so you can write down the contact information in case you need it later.

There has been great interest generated in this documentary. The New York Times has done some fantastic write-ups in the lead-up to April 1 & 2nd showings.

This particular documentary is going global. Countries all over the world are going to be watching this. It will give my readers, who have never set foot on the rez, a real true-life depiction of what is all too common on the rez: abuse & corruption.

And, you will see a woman who thought her life was hopeless, find her courage, her strength and her purpose in this world as she struggles to overcome unbelievable opposition and obstacles.

The challenges that she meets, and how she deals with them, and how her life has changed because she didn’t give up, is an inspiration to anyone, on or off the rez.

To check for viewing times in your area, go to:

And to view the show live streaming:

Meanwhile, the same cycle of abuse, corruption continues to play out in the everyday lives of young and old on the rez.
I received this email, and I will let it speak for itself:

I wrote to you a while back I think it was in January some time. I wrote to you about my daughter and her boyfriend Pernell Cavanaugh when they broke up and Pernell used physical violence against her.
He hit and kicked her. He really bruised her up and we called the P.D and officer Terry Morgan came and took photos and told her that she did not have to sign a complaint on him, that a domestic assault like that was a mandatory arrest and  jail time.

Well that little Bustard was never arrested and all the photos some how vanished.

My daughter went to court on Wednesday the 13th.

Ever since they broke up, Pernell was always calling her and threatening  her so she had his phone number blocked. But, when she went to court he lied his ass off saying he was just trying to talk to his daughter (who is just now two years old and is just now barely talking) so the judge told my daughter to unblock his number so he can communicate with his two-year old daughter.

That little S.O.B never spent an hour in jail thanks to that fucken woman beater himself Leon LaRock pardon my French. The woman judge (I don’t know her name) but she just would not let my daughter tell her what really happened.

Terry Morgan was supposed to take the police report that he made that night to the court house that day but he never showed up. Later he told the judge that he was looking for the photos and the report but misplaced them and could not find them.

It is getting to that point that the ones who are sworn to uphold the law and protect the innocent are protecting the bad guys instead. And the way I look at it is those that are suppose to uphold the law break the law them self’s then there is no law just a fight for survival.

So, you see? The BIA never files any reports of domestic abuse, rape, child rape. They ‘misplace’ their reports and photos. They mislead the victims.

This is not an isolated case, this is the pattern, the constant.
For those who think the name Terry Morgan rings a bell, it should. Years ago I blogged about how he, as a BIA cop, was having sex with an underage girl, while his wife and children were later to find out, he got her pregnant.

He dumped his wife, his kids, and married up the teenager, and they are still, to this day, married and have at least 2 children.

So, you see? As a BIA Cop, the ones that are supposed to be reporting rape, assault, underage drinking, are the ones going out and having sex with the underage girls. No penalties.

Bentley GreyBear, a vicious domestic abuser of his wife and grandchildren. Ray Cavenaugh, another domestic abuser. Rowdy Cavenaugh, who never turns in any reports, never reads any reports, and ignores then shreds serious and relevant documents, are just the tip of the incompetent and corrupt BIA.

The Director of the BIA doesn’t even make an attempt to supervise, oversee any of the agents. The higher up you go in the BIA, the more you see people NOT doing their jobs.

How can anyone expect, with standards that low, that anything is being fixed or improved on the rez now that the same BIA is, via their Strike Teams and other PR Jokes, ‘taking over’ Tribal Social Services.

They like to blame troublemakers such as those who report the abuses, for their inability to ‘make substantial progress’ on the rez. I beg to differ. They both claim they’ve made substantial strides (Mobile Fingerprinting Machine is the symbol they like to point to, despite not having removed one child from the Registered Sex Offenders or abusers that are currently enjoying the BIA’s form of non-policing, and then they blame the whistle blowers for making it hard to hire and keep qualified people out there.

I know that there are qualified and dedicated people in the field who would look at the situation in Spirit Lake and take it on, in a heartbeat, because they are good at what they do and they really want to help and they have the qualifications and credentials to do it.

Nothing I say in this blog, nor what anyone else says on TV would discourage them. They are like Fire Horses. When they hear the Alarm Bells go off, they chomp at the bit to get at it.

It’s not the ‘loudmouths’ that are discouraging them, it’s the corruption. Imagine showing up to dig in and fix this mess, only to find that the very people who made the mess are still running things, and in the same way. Imagine finding yourself unable to accomplish anything you are trained to do, because those who are in a position of power, are thwarting you, sabotaging you and making it impossible. Would that be a little more the reason why people won’t hire in or won’t stay?

Think about it and get back to me. I’d love to hear it.

The Slumber of Denial

Now, think about this: Reservations are on Federal Lands. Federal Lands have the Resources that Resource Extraction Giants want to consume: Oil, Uranium, Minerals, Water, Timber.

National Resources are supposed to be under the purview of the Department of Interior. Again, I remind about the scandals of the chaos at the Department of the Interior where it turns out that major leases, grants, permissions to the resources that are supposed to be our Nation’s Wealth, were instead being traded for hookers, blow and the occasional microwave.

How many billions of our dollars were we, as a nation ripped off by those antics? No one was fired. No one went to jail. The BIA is under the Supervision of the Department of Interior.

There is very big money involved and our resources are gifted away, and they need for Indian People to have broken spirits, and to give up on the lands and themselves, so that they can continue to rape the resources, profiting only a well-connected few, ripping off the rest of us.

And our Tax Dollars are going to pay their salaries as they rip us off. We pay for them to not do their jobs of reporting abuses, child rape, violence.

It is important to some that the people never have a chance to heal, and they never have justice. For once Indian People stand up, face the evil, they become stronger, and they can make demands, and they can reveal the truth, and some very, very important people, with very powerful life-long political connections, will go to jail.

When Indians start to stand up, others take note. Soon, more are standing up. And then it is not so easy to give away the lands, the resources, and we will all know who is doing what, and where, and we can ALL, ALL OF US, protect our future together.

Meanwhile, the abuses against women and children, the trafficking of babies, goes on, because the ultimate resource to sell is the Future. And selling the Future, those babies, to abusers and rapists, is still the one rock they don’t want anyone turning over.

They saw the national outrage over Penn State Scandal and Sandusky. If anyone thinks Sandusky did it alone, you’re kidding yourself. You’re in denial.

If anyone thinks that these abuses of children are not part of a bigger, greater evil that affects all of us, you too, are in deep, slumbering denial. You stir in your waking sleep, uneasy, angry, frustrated and fearful and you can’t really figure out why. Something is wrong and you know it, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.

Slowly, like that alarm that wedges between your dreams and your waking, you are hearing bells go off and you know that your world is about to change into the real world. You may try to cling to that dream where ignorance is bliss, but it is melting from your fingers, dropping you like newborn, into the cold reality of where you are now.

We need each other if we are to have a chance to change this and what it does to all of us.

Wake up. We have work to do. We are all late for work. But our future depends on it. In fact, what we do now, how we act on what we know, will determine the future. Our failure to act has led us to this dismal, evil place where children are traded like baseball cards, mothers are beaten up, and the abusers are protected by men in badges, in suits, and in high places.
What I say disturbs you, makes you angry. You want it to go away. But it won’t because it can’t. It is real. You are being pried out of your ignorance is bliss. You know the Truth when you hear it. And you know when you are being lied to.

Fiction won’t work on you like it used to. You’ve tasted the Truth. You know what is real.

We, together, can make those high places quake. We must. Nothing in us will allow us to do nothing. We are Being Humans again. We are remembering what that means.

You know where to find me.


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March 18, 2013 ----Printer Version (8)
Child’s Play

One should not have to fight the Department of Justice, the BIA, the FBI and HHS to get them to actually do their jobs.

More than a dozen file Mandated Reports, delivered to all of the above, and not one of them has followed the most basic protocols demanded by law, for following up those Mandated Reports.

According to their own legal handbook, DEFINITIONS of who is an Indian Offender and who is a victim and who has jurisdiction, is clearly laid out:

IHS/BIA Child Protection Handbook-2004 (IHS/BIA Child Protection Handbook-2004) Yes, their OWN handbook: Pg.

Indian Offender: enrolled or recognized as Indian by community of origin.

Who is the Victim: Victim Crimes, Indian (enrolled or recognized as Indian by community of origin) , Indian
What is the Crime: An offense against the person or property of a victim:

If the Crime meets the Major Crimes Act definitions: i.e., Murder, manslaughter, kidnapping, maiming, sexual abuse, incest, assault with a dangerous weapon, assault resulting in serious bodily injury, assault on a person less than 16 yrs. old, arson, burglary, robbery, theft under 18 USC § 661 (Authority: 18 USC § 1153)

Who has Jurisdiction: FEDERAL

Where does Tribal Jurisdiction hold?

If the Victim was Indian and the crime falls under the heading of All remaining crimes contained in tribal code: (Authority: tribal code or 25 CFR Pt. 11, if no tribal code).

There is no ‘Sovereignty’ issue in the way of these investigations, only corruption and incompetence.

Further, there is a precise, unambiguous protocol in place for dealing with Mandated Reports. From the BIA IHS Handbook (in place at least since 2005)
The following:

Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect in Indian Country

Each tribe must have an established procedure for reporting child abuse and neglect in Indian Country. Tribes may develop, through their own jurisdiction, tribal laws that can enhance Public Law 101-647 and 101-630 to provide more specific guidelines on reporting and who is mandated to report. In Public Law 101-647, the Crime Control Act of 1990, mandates that, “Personnel with knowledge or reasonable suspicion that a child was abused in Indian Country or that actions are being taken or will be taken that would reasonably be expected to result in the abuse of a child in Indian Country must immediately report such abuse or action to local child protective services or local law enforcement.” Public Law 280 covers tribes that are under state jurisdiction and are required to follow state law regarding who must report and who to report to.

Who is required to report?

Individuals hired in positions involving children are required by law to report any suspected child maltreatment. The law designates certain professionals but every individual (citizen) is required to report any suspected child abuse and neglect concern. Mandated reporters include the following professionals but are not limited to these positions:

A list of who is Mandated to Report:


ALL Healthcare Personnel:
¥ Physicians
¥ Surgeons
¥ Dentists· Nurses
¥ Dental hygienists
¥ Optometrists
¥ Medical examiner
¥ Emergency medical technician
¥ Paramedic
¥ Health care provider


Education Personnel:

¥ Teachers
¥ School Counselors
¥ Instructional Aides
¥ Teacher’s Aides
¥ Teacher’s Assistant
¥ Bus Drivers
¥ Administrative Officers
¥ Supervisors of child welfare and attendance
¥ Truancy Officers


Child Care Personnel:

¥ Child day care worker
¥ Head Start teacher
¥ Public assistant worker
¥ Group home, day care, or residential facility worker
¥ Social worker

Mental Health Personnel:

¥ Psychiatrist
¥ Psychologist
¥ Psychological assistant
¥ Marriage, family or child counselor

Law Enforcement Personnel:

¥ Law enforcement officer
¥ Probation officer
¥ Juvenile rehab or retention workers
¥ Employees of public agencies responsible for enforcing statutes and judicial orders

Receiving a Report In Indian Country:

Any tribal, federal, or local law enforcement agency or respective child protective services agency that receives a report alleging abuse shall determine how immediately it will initiate an investigation of such allegation and shall determine what immediate, appropriate steps are necessary to secure the safety and well-being of the child or children involved. Most agencies have a priority or assessment system which will determine the promptness of the investigations and the validity of the report. According to P.L.101-647, it states that "upon completion of the investigation of any report of alleged abuse in Indian Country that is made to a local law enforcement agency or local child protective services agency, such agency (BIA and IHS) shall inform appropriate officials of the other child protection agencies, and within 36 hours, prepare and submit a written report to the other agencies on such allegation and immediately notify the Federal Bureau of Investigation if the abuse occurred in Indian Country and involves an Indian child or the alleged abuser is an Indian." (*Emphasis, mine)

I know I am taking my readers through a primer of the laws and procedures, but trust me, this will make clear why I, and several others know that these cases are not being investigated properly, and are in fact either being ignored or covered up. None of these protocols, as laid out, have been followed. NOT ONE.

I would say it is incompetence and we’d all roll our eyes at ‘Gubmint Red Tape *spit* and elbow the person standing next to us, but given how Purdon has boasted on his other investigations and convictions for Child Trafficking and sex offenses, he obviously knows how it is done and how to do it. Why then, does he not do it in Spirit Lake? What is so different about Spirit Lake Reservation that suddenly makes USAGs, over the years, decades even, become the acting defense counsel for those accused, rather than the prosecutor and investigator?

Dennis Fisher/Fischer also acted as Defense Counsel for Weenie Boy (now known as Chairman Yankton) when he was arrested for massive embezzlement of the HUD Funds. Dennis Fisher ran down to the arraignment proceedings to stop them before the ink was even dry on the charges. He also ran down to the Social Services office in Bismarck to prevent a Social worker from filing charges against James Yankton, Jr. for raping his daughter, when she showed up there with a split lip and told how she had refused him sex, and how he had been raping her for years. The Social Worker was forced by his superiors to drop the case. Again, you see how long Social Services at all levels, and the USAG's office have been colluding to protect the rapists and incest rapists of Spirit Lake? This is not thing new.

Now, Tim Purdon’s office is not following the basic protocols on Mandated Reports, and is dismissing the Mandated Reporters (listed above) as if they have no standing and have no business making these reports because they are not ‘witnesses’. They are MANDATED REPORTERS, just like the Law Enforcement Officials and for the same reasons. Crimes are either reported to them, or they see evidence or signs that crimes are being committed against those children.

Purdon has personally cast aspersions on the character and professionalism of those who have made these reports, and he has done so professionally and publicly. Whose side is he on? It’s certainly not the side of the Law.
What good are laws if the very people who are supposed to uphold them ignore them? How does a society hold itself together when the very foundations of law which are supposed to yield fairness and protection from harm, are laughed at and ignored by the people charged with the authority to uphold and carry out those very laws?
What is left for the Good People of Spirit Lake Nation when their own government and the agencies under their control are corrupt? What is left for them when the children are raped and murdered and those who are supposed to enforce the laws that are supposed to protect those children, are flouted and those who make reports are ridiculed, derided and their safety, career and security are threatened?

When the laws are ignored, the laws are rendered useless. What is left? How would we survive, any of us, if those who had control over our jobs, our homes, our food, our schools and our law enforcement, we have no protection, no security and no future.

No one chooses to live like that. Corruption is wrong, and it is not the fault of the victims of corruption that they are oppressed and denied by it.

Purdon thinks he can continue to pretend this has all been attended to. It has not. NOT ONE REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER WHO HAS CUSTODY OF A CHILD HAS BEEN ARRESTED.

The general outrage over months and years of urgent reports and seeing only retaliation against people who report, and now ridicule and character smearing by Tim Purdon himself against those who have filed those reports reaches a surreal climax when, after all of this, his pronouncement of ‘progress’ comes in the form of “Look! We have mobile Fingerprinting Machines!”

Children are being raped, and he’s praising a fingerprinting machine as ‘progress’.
It’s a non sequitur of the highest magnitude. It makes no sense. And yet, there he stands, waiting for applause from the assembled masses.

I don’t know how many people living in North Dakota are impressed with his performance. How many feel that if they report a child is being raped or living with a predator in their neighborhood, would rejoice and be at ease if they see he dealt with the problem by purchasing a mobile fingerprinting machine, but failed to remove the children.
The rez is no different than any other community. They all want their children to be safe. They all want things to be better. They want to not be afraid that if they speak up, they’ll lose their job, their home or be beaten up, their children stolen from them and sold, or their homes burnt to the ground with them sleeping inside…

They want that when they report an assault, burglary, drug dealing, kidnapping, rape, incest, that they won’t be ignored or retaliated upon.

Further, they should not have to know that the Federal Agencies that are responsible will, instead of fixing the problems, be the ones retaliating upon them, or covering up and defending those who do.

If you or I go to the police to report a crime, we expect an investigation. Why does the most powerful law enforcement agency in the USA operate just the opposite of what we expect in Indian Country? Because they are corrupt. And, with the way they have handled these child rapes, incest and murders in Spirit Lake, it shows, clear as day.
Ask Purdon how many children have been rescued from the Registered Sex Offenders. He cannot and will not tell you. I will. Zero.

Also from the BIA IHS Handbook:
Is the name of the person who initiates the report disclosed?
According to federal law governing Indian Country, the identity of any person making a report within the boundaries of Indian Country shall not be disclosed without the consent of the individual, to any person other than a court of competent jurisdiction or an employee of an Indian tribe, a state or the federal government who may need to know the information in the performance of such employee’s duties.
What happens if a person fails to report?

Failure to immediately report the abuse of a child in Indian Country, or actions being taken that would reasonably be expected to result in the abuse of a child in Indian Country, to local child protective services or local law enforcement is a federal crime. Most states laws also require penalties for individuals who do not report child maltreatment. According to P.L.101-647, mandated reporters who fail to immediately report to local law enforcement or local child protective services agency shall be fined not more than $5,000 or imprisoned for not more than 6 months, or both.

Any supervisor or person in a position of authority over a mandated reporter who inhibits or prevents that person from making a report can also be penalized. (Emphasis mine)

And this next part goes directly to how illegal it was for the Tribe to hire Mark Little Owl in the first place:
The Indian Child Protection and Family Violence Prevention Act of 1990 states that no person who has been found guilty of, or entered a plea of nolo contendere or guilty to, any offense under federal, state or tribal law that involves crimes of violence; a sex offense, more specifically sexual assault, molestation, exploitation, contact or prostitution; or crimes against persons shall be employed in a position having regular contact with or control over Indian children. Also, an offense involving a child or drug felony may be grounds for denying employment or for dismissal from a position with regular contact or control over Indian children. This law also mandates the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Indian Health Service, and tribes establish minimum standards of character and to conduct background investigations for all employees in positions having regular contact with or control over Indian children to ensure that potentially abusive individuals are identified and precluded or removed from those positions.

And yet, with the BIA Strike Team and their Leadership looking on and nodding their approval… there he is. No sooner had they ‘cleaned up’ his previous convictions as “mistakes” than he committed another violent offense… but has not lost his job as Director of Tribal Social Services.
It goes on… and on… and on.

Purdon can sweat it out on interviews all he wants. He’s a pompous ass. He can condescend, dodge, lie all he wants, but what he has done and what he has failed to do, is clear. The children are not rescued, not protected, not safe, but they do have a fancy Mobile Fingerprint Machine so someone made a buck or two.

It’s like being told there is a gang of arsonists, and presenting a freshly baked cake as proof that you have ‘done something’.

We are not done. Clearly, we have so much more to do. We all want justice. If we can’t bring it to Spirit Lake, we can’t expect it for ourselves. We must hold them all accountable. ALL ACCOUNTABLE. All the way up the ladder to the marbled halls and dark corners from which issues the worst offenses against children, our future and our nation.
We are all related. We are all connected. This is our work. This is where we define ourselves as Citizens involved, aware and unwaivering.

This blog has never asked for a dime in donations from anyone. All I ask is that you act: Phone, email, fax, write, speak out. They work for US, the people. Not the corrupt. Not the crooks. Not the rapists. If you don’t like their answers, it’s because they have forgotten that little detail.
You know where to find me.


NOTE: The Blog is showing it’s age. It’s crumbling structure more of a pain to patch up than it is worth. I will be revamping the entire site over the next few weeks or longer to make it a little more current and stable.
While I am doing that, there will only be ‘Printer Versions’ of the blog available and some of the navigation buttons may not work. (we’re revamping the entire navbar while we’re at it.)

I’m hoping this doesn’t take more than a few weeks (I work on other things as well and no end to the small and major chores around here.)

Don’t worry if it is ‘down’ for a day or two.

Thank you all, in advance, for your patience.


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March 12, 2013
Happy Horseshit
-- Printer Version (2)

I used to work with a gentleman who almost never said "Bullshit". He would listen to the corporate propaganda coming down the pipe, full of flaws, errors and omissions, while the "suits" as he called them, blathered on as if everything was peachy, when in fact, people were getting sick, dying, needlessly.  They weren't there to listen to anything we had to say. They were there to ignore everything we had to say. My friend would get up at the end of the propaganda lecture and say: "What a load of Happy Horseshit that was," and we all went back to work, facing the exact same issues that were never addressed in those 'meetings'.

I just read the Roberts & Purdon combo piece in the Grand Forks Herald where they give their cheery, upbeat, positive version of everything that they think went on at that Town Hall meeting in Spirit Lake. All I could think of was: "What a pile of Happy Horseshit."

Keep in mind, them telling you is them giving you second hand information, according to Purdon's standards. Yes, they were there, but you weren't so you are, according to Purdon's logic, getting all this 'second hand'. If professionals who witness first hand and report what they have seen are considered to be rendering only 'second hand' or 'third hand' information, then so are the professionals who delivered the Roberts & Purdon Happy Horseshit piece in the GFH.

One can totally miss by his 'report' that the people of Spirit Lake are not all happy about all this 'help' they are getting. They are angry about nothing being done to protect the children. Period.  The people are 'alleging' in their complaints that the BIA is corrupt. Given that Rod Cavenaugh has never read the reports that are sent down to him by his bosses, and indeed, leaves them unopened on his desk for months before shredding them, unopened, yet he still has a job? He is one of those 'career professionals' that Tim Purdon likes to tie his reputation to?

All this talk about 'mobile fingerprint machines' is mind-blowing. Not one word from Roberts or Purdon that any of these children who are KNOWN to be in the custody of KNOWN sex offenders, has been removed. Not one word, but wow, there must have been a cheer go up in that crowd when he talked about "mobile fingerprint machines"? Are you kidding me?

The people have seen things only get worse under the direct involvement of the BIA, which is only there to cover their own asses, not to help the people.

The BIA is accused of several serious crimes-- so whom do they send in to investigate? The BIA!  The wife beaters, the child abusers, the drunks, all get to investigate themselves and send their reports directly to the King of Happy Horseshit himself, Tim Purdon.

Infants grabbed from their homes in direct retaliation for that family speaking out against the corruption and child abuse--- with the BIA DIRECTLY involved. But, since the BIA doesn't report their own crimes, there is nothing to investigate. No 'evidence' is gathered because the BIA doesn't gather the evidence against itself.

Of course, in that Happy Horseshit Happy Meal, Purdon and Roberts both say they take these 'allegations seriously', but not seriously enough, mind you, to actually investigate them. Only seriously enough to move in, corral any of the witnesses, take away the newborns of anyone that dares stand up... clear message to anyone else who might have a complaint, and not arrest ONE SINGLE REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER.

But they are really pleased with their progress. They have a mobile fingerprint machine on site. They've hired people like Mark Little Owl and given him huge long term contracts, even knowing that he has assault charges, serious assault and child endangerment charges, (reduced to 'corruption of a minor') pending against him.

They have not charged any of the previous 'social workers' who had felony child abuse convictions against them. Nor have they recovered the child who was sold or given as a gift to a friend of Kristi Wishinsky when she was working for TSS. That child was stolen from it's mother. How many more stolen children? How many more sold? How many more who still don't have the paperwork to prove they even exist? 

But, if you can't stand to think about children being raped while the suits pat themselves on the back, participating in these crimes, covering up these crimes, ignoring these crimes, there is a really nice piece in the Grand Forks Herald to make you think everything is just Peachy. Happy Horseshit, y'all.

You know where to find me.


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*March 11, 2013
Purdon Puts On A Show
  ---Printer Version (8)

Watching USAG Tim Purdon on Chris Berg’s Valley News “Hot Box” segment was incredible. Also “Uncredible”. Valley News, Hot Box (go to the link for Purdon’s interview) *The You Tube video is now up and running. Go directly to it HERE.

Previously, when he was chatting with Haga, he seemed to have readily at hand clear numbers on how many cases he had filed in the past two to two-and-a-half years: “24”. For some reason, he was much less clear when Chris Berg asked him. He didn’t have ‘exact numbers’ on cases, complaints, but he had exact percentages (which requires a more complex math).

I guess saying an increase of 80% sounds a lot more effective than “24 convictions”. I guess his predecessor had only 14 or 15 convictions? (Drew Wrigley was a real slacker, eh?)

Purdon had no 'exact numbers' on how many cases had been referred to him for sexual abuse (from Spirit Lake) but had exact percentages that somehow included ALL cases, including other rezes. So, when asked a direct question about something he should, given all the public interest recently and in the past week especially, he should have some facts and figures that pertain to Spirit Lake Nation, but chose instead to dodge by referring to total numbers of all the reservations, etc.

It only makes him look weak. But wait, in a few minutes, he looked even slimier.

(Increased over 80% from all Rezes) So, what was the starting number? Considering that the BIA routinely fails to open cases on rape and abuse, an "80% Increase" sounds better than maybe 4,10, 24 cases? Numbers count.

If the '80% increase in all cases" is any indication, does it mean his predecessor failed to open most cases? Or that crime somehow magically jumped an additional 80% in 2-1/5 yrs? (Drew Wrigley, did you even show up for work?)

Saying that his office is "investigating ALL the Allegations" along with FBI and BIA, and yet, the rapist of a 13-yr old girl has not been arrested, charged and is free to continue raping. However, the mother has been punished for reporting, and so has the daughter. The daughter has been removed from the mother's home, and is locked up in a facility in South Dakota. What message does that send?

Again, I marvel at how he had specific numbers of cases prosecuted when he talked to Haga but doesn't have them now? Is 24 too high of a number to remember? He could have said 24 over the past 2-1/2 yrs, like he told Haga… or is one of them is lying.

I think Purdon was lying when he said he didn’t have the exact numbers. I think he can remember “24” as well as any of us can. I think he was anticipating a follow up question of how many cases/complaints of rape and felony abuse had been referred to him. Just on Spirit Lake that was over 54, so saying “24” sounds weak, and vaguely saying an “increase of 80%” sounds great, but it is only a fraction of the cases that are reported, and those are only a fraction of the cases that are occurring.

So, overall, that was an awkward dodge on Purdon’s part. We all have numbers that far exceed Purdon’s ability to justify.

Crying “FALSE”

Purdon is, apparently, very comfortable relying on both the FBI and the BIA to investigate themselves and the complaints against them. He calls them “professionals” and praises their work.

And by not discussing any of the allegations in any of the 12 Mandated Reports issued by Sullivan, with Sullivan himself, he is more than happy to dismiss most or many of them as “false”.

I find that astounding. It goes right back to the 37 yr old rapist of a 13-year old girl saying that she wanted it, so the BIA and the FBI (that Purdon is so proud of) determine that by the rapist’s own words, he is innocent and no charges filed. Case Closed. (We’ll come back to this a bit later).

So it follows that if the complaints of assault, abuse, and failure to do their sworn duty are lodged against the BIA and the FBI, Purdon does as they do and asks them if it is true. They say no, so no further investigation of those agencies is warranted. Case Closed.

When Purdon was confronted on the undeniable facts of that particular rape: He was 37, she was 13, she was drugged (or too drunk to resist) and she got gonorrhea, and even though it was reported immediately, no rape kit was gathered, and no one even interviewed either the victim or the perpetrator for weeks… and then, of course, “without evidence” as Purdon likes to claim… and that works out so well! Don’t investigate, don’t gather evidence, declare there is no evidence… (You can and many do, get dizzy following those circles people like Purdon like to spin in), and round and round we go!

But, they did lock up the girl in another state. The mother has been threatened and the rapist is, all these months, waltzing around free as a bird. Of course, being the nephew of the Tribal Chairman has something to do with this. But I am sure that those “Professional” Investigators that Mr. Purdon stakes his reputation on, saying they care about this as much as he does… about says it all, doesn’t it? They don’t care. Neither does he.

Purdon then dodged more questions about that rape after he made the comment that not everything we’ve heard is true… so, what part is NOT true? The rape? Her age? His Age? That she contracted a serious STD from the RAPE? That the investigators didn’t bother getting a rape kit? Or even questioning the man for weeks? WHICH Part of what WE’VE ALL HEARD From credible witnesses is NOT TRUE, Mr. Purdon? Are we ALL Liars? Or are you simply incompetent, weak or corrupt?

Purdon ducked the next questions saying he could not comment on open cases. Really? It didn’t happen, no evidence, no charges… but now, suddenly it’s an ‘open case’? How long does Purdon intend for this rapist to be allowed to roam around free, on or off the rez, while he cogitates on whether there is or is not a case?

If there is not a case, due to lack of evidence, who will he blame? The Victim and her mother who reported it immediately? The ACF Director who reported it? Or one of the crack professionals he’s so proud to be working with?

Condescending Minimizing

Purdon had so many excuses for not discussing the reports and which allegations he actually investigated and found ‘false’ with Sullivan himself by saying it wasn’t Sullivan’s fault because “He’s not a witness in any of these cases” he’s getting all his information “second hand”…

Ok, so doesn’t that make every police officer who takes a witness statement for a crime that the officer themselves did not personally witness, “Second Hand information.”? Do we dismiss every police officer’s report? Every Social Worker’s report? Every Doctor or Nurse’s report? Or just anyone that reports rape and assault, child rape and worse, on the rez?

He admitted he went over Sullivan’s head saying that Sullivan “doesn’t speak for the department”… which was astounding in that Sullivan is the Director of his Department… but Purdon went to the head of HHS and talked to them--- about Sullivan. Not about the charges in the mandated reports, because they did not make those charges, Sullivan did. So Purdon, went over his head for one reason only: To shut him up.

The Flip that Flopped

He later claimed that he didn’t discuss these charges in the Mandated reports with Sullivan, (wait for it) because Sullivan was or potentially was a “Witness”.

First, he doesn’t talk to him because he was not a ‘witness’ and then claims he didn’t talk to him because he was a ‘witness’. Okay, so, if you don’t talk to witnesses, or those officials who report these crimes… whom do you speak with? Oh, right—their overlords.

You could see the sweat building up on Purdon’s lip from the very beginning. If you look quickly, you can see in one of the breakaways that he reaches up to wipe his upper lip.

He later spoke about Sullivan’s reports as “third hand information”. So, he could not dismiss Sullivan enough saying he did not speak for the department he runs, gets his information second hand, then third hand… but he does speak to the head of HHS whom I am sure, is present for every crime reported and thus, can say he is ‘investigating’? I don’t get it.

Investigate Yourself

Purdon is saying that his information on whether or not the allegations by Sullivan in the 12 mandated reports are 'false' (most of those allegations are directed at the corruption and failures of the BIA, mind you) Purdon is very comfortable with the BIA essentially investigating itself and saying that some or none of these charges, so far, are true. Where but in Purdon's mind does having an agency investigate itself, lend either credibility or confidence?

You simply MUST watch that video for yourself.

Note: At 02:28 Purdon declares that Sullivan is "not a witness to a crime" and emphasizes that his information is coming "2nd hand" but neglects to say it is coming from Nuns, social workers, Doctors… "2nd Hand" just sounds so much better when you are trying to discredit someone, doesn't it? (watch how later, Purdon says he's doesn't talk to Sullivan because he may be a "witness". It's mind boggling that he would only go over Sullivan's head to talk to his supervisors (as noted by the harassment Sullivan is receiving from his supervisors) but will not talk to the man himself? His excuse is that A: He is not a witness and B: He is a witness (See 08:18 - 08:49)

Purdon is happy to state the the FBI which has been renown for it's corruption on the rez, and the BIA are 'Career Professionals' and he considers them to be just like him. With what we know of the BIA and the FBI on the rez, we now know more about Purdon.

Purdon is 'comfortable that ALL those allegations have been investigated'.

He 'absolutely' believes the FBI and the BIA are doing their job on the rez.

Easily Purdon ignores that Bentley GreyBear, who gets to decide what is and what is not a crime, is himself a vicious domestic abuser. But then again, so many of the BIA Tribal Cops are themselves the worst abusers, so why not accept their word for it when they say they investigated themselves and found no wrong doing? (If only ALL Criminals had that option!)

Purdon also says that he worked with the same FBI/BIA agents when he was in Private Practice. (We should find out more about his 'private practice') Vogel Law Firm was his employer; One of the biggest in the region. I just lost a whole lot of respect for them. Your reaction may vary.

Purdon referred to the BIA officers, including Bentley GreyBear as "Outstanding law enforcement officers"? Really?

Purdon then claims that not everything about the rape of the 13 yr old girl is accurate. He has to deal in "evidence".

So, by not gathering evidence, he has nothing to deal with? No rape kit was done. The girl contracted STD from the rape… that alone would be evidence, would it not? But if you ignore the crime, gather no rape kit, you can say it never happened? I am still dumbfounded by that coming out of his mouth. Ignore the reports of Social workers, victim, witnesses and take the word of the alleged rapist? His version, I am sure, makes everything crystal clear. Right?

Remember: the rapist is one of Roger Yankton's nephews.

Dismissing The Relevant

Purdon claims that Sullivan "does not speak for the ACF? Sullivan is the Director of Region 8! He acts as if he is a file clerk!

Purdon indicating that Sullivan's reports are (now) 3rd hand, so we've devalued the 2nd hand and gone to 3rd hand. Considering that when a woman stood up at the Town Hall meeting and attempted to report 1st Hand to him, he and the rest of the panel, shushed her up.

Second-hand reports, not acceptable. Witnesses trying to make a First-hand report, silenced.

How does that man still have a job? WHOM does he work for? Certainly not the People of North Dakota or the United States… well, maybe some of the people… a very select few, one of whom is related to at least 2 child rapists. The rest of us don’t really count, do we.

This is not acceptable. Purdon’s dismissals of all/most of the reports, not investigating clear cases of rape, make him an accessory after the fact, negligent in his duty.

Further, remember the FBI that he is so proud of working with, actively destroyed evidence at the murder scene of Destiny and Travis Jr. The man he is accusing of the crime does not match the witnesses’ description of the murderer. Yet, he takes that one to trial. Go figure.

He is perpetuating the abuse, enabling the abusers to run free, ignoring the professionals who are reporting major crimes, and crimes against children, and sinking ever lower into the abyss of minimalizing, all those reports, all those crimes.

We ALL Pay

The Human wreckage that you encounter; the drug addicts, prostitutes, brain-damaged, unemployed criminals that you see, and you assume they are Indians who ‘chose’ to be that way, I want you to think really hard on this:

If rapes were laughed at, corruption enabled, and those who report it were harassed, threatened, had their homes burnt down with them in it, and you had nowhere to turn, no way out, how well would you or your children turn out? What would be your life or career options?

You see someone like Purdon minimizing these tragedies, acting as if nothing reliable is being reported by those whose job it is to report, while allowing those accused of the crimes to define themselves as innocent.

Whom do you think is more responsible for the Human Wreckage that makes everyone’s life a little less secure or safe? Is it the life long multi-generational victims of violence and corruption who ‘did this to themselves’? Or is it the pompous, arrogant Authorities who enable this Hell to continue without interference, at least, not from him?

Ask Timothy Purdon whom he works for. Ask Eric Holder, whom he works for. Eric Holder has heard about this, personally. The Great and Powerful Oz, is a fraud.

The only way this will stop escalating is if we, ALL of us, demand from our congressional leaders, our President, our Elected officials at every level, that they ACTIVELY investigate not only the crimes that Purdon is happy to ignore, but also the behaviors and activities of the Departments that are supposed to be responsible for this and have only, encouraged more rape, child rape, murder and corruption.

This is not an accident. This is not an isolated case. This is indicative of a system-wide corruption from agencies that define themselves and have no oversight by anyone, report to no one.

(NOTE: The Department of Interior Scandals of Hookers, Blow, microwaves in exchange for Oil & mineral rights did real damage to our economy and the environment, but no one was arrested, despite mountains of evidence. Dept of Interior is in charge of Indian Country and the Indian People, as if they were cattle or a resource. Given the high rates of child trafficking, maybe they are, just that)

Billions of dollars every year are at stake in every single reservation in the USA. Not only in Government funding and grants, but in businesses and resources (Timber, Minerals, OIL & GAS, WATER). Those resources belong to ALL of us, but we never know what is going on with them because no one is accountable.

The same people not accountable to us on the sale/give away of all those resources, as well as the threats to the environment their unregulated extraction yields every month, those very same people are in charge of everything in Indian Country.

Now, do you see why they want to keep us from looking in there?

We are being robbed, the lands and waters ruined, and, as long as no one looks into what is going on in Indian Country, no one sees WHY it is going on in Indian Country.

That’s why they want to keep it quiet. That’s why the want it to go away. They don’t want any of us to start looking at the rapes and assaults because we will see the corruption. If we see the corruption, we will see more and more and more of it…

Some very powerful people who own our elected politicians, want this all to go away.

Why else would a man in a position of USAG, hearing about these rapes of children, do nothing but try to shut them up? Powerful people in his professional and social circles, I am sure, put the pressure on him to do the job they want him to do--- not the job he is supposed to do.

If Purdon has a better excuse for his wanton disregard for the facts, the victims and the Mandated Reports, and his inaction on the charges against the BIA and FBI, I’d like to hear it. But if his upper lip sweats as badly as it did during the interview, I’ll think he’s lying.

I’m only guessing, but my opinion is that Purdon was chosen for the job because he’s a weakling. He can’t even keep his lies straight. He will never stand up to the very powerful interests that want all this to go away. He will cater to them, using every inch of his authority and position. He’s already proven that.

Watch it for yourself. Let me know what you think. Better yet, tell him. Tell his boss. Tell everyone.

You know where to find me,




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March 4, 2013
The Show ---Printer Version (4)

The show went on, right on schedule, at 10 AM when most of the working people would not be able to attend. At first I was told that Heidi Heitkamp's office sent a rep, but apparently, by second report, she had not. So, clearly, she has no interest in helping the Good People of Spirit Lake Nation. Takes a special kind of person to turn their back on this, but so be it.

Purdon put on a very dramatic show and if I didn't know better, I would have applauded.  He left the stage to come down to talk to same, face-to-face so he could 'look him in the eye' when he was talking... Bravo!

One woman hollered at Mark Little Owl who is awaiting trial on charges (again) of domestic violence. So, why is he sitting at the table? Because he's still employed! The trial can take a year or more... and instead of suspending him, they keep him on the payroll because having someone who is domestically dangerous is not a disqualification for Tribal Council and Tribal Social Services. 

Most decent communities would wait until the charges were cleared, especially since this is not the first nor second time Mr. Little Owl has been charged with domestic Violence. Tell me again, how he got those last charges and convictions 'corrected'? Anyone?

People who were there, in the very brief time that was allowed, had their say, except for one Elder.  She got up to speak, to report then and there, about what she saw happening in her yard.  Suddenly, everyone on the stage was talking over her, telling her to discuss this later, afterwards, not now...

Funny thing is, she had reported this incident several times. It involves children, sexual abuse... and why has nothing been done. She's a witness and she reported it, why can't she get anyone to investigate? Oh, that's right! For the same reason she was not allowed to speak: She wanted to report Chairman Yankton's family and the behavior she saw. 

Purdon said that if there was a credible witness out there (define 'credible' since apparently none of the reports by a Doctor, Social Workers, or even a Nun is considered 'credible' to Purdon's office) to report to the Police (again, the police who rule murders as 'accidents' (got to keep those homicide stats low, you know, so murder is judged on the spot to be an accident or suicide when clearly, it was murder); the same police who decided that the drugging and raping of a 13 yr old girl by a 37-39 yr old man (again, a relative of Chairman Yankton) was 'consensual sex'... or to the FBI who have a strange habit of not just not investigating crimes, but of harassing and intimidating anyone who reports a crime... so, this Elder woman, after months and months of trying to get what she saw reported, to Purdon himself... was not allowed to finish speaking; not allowed to say what she saw, who it was she saw, and what happened when she reported it.

So, for all the dramatic stage leaping 'I care, man' gestures, silencing that one woman told the whole truth about who and what Tim Purdon really was and is.  That he didn't want her to speak means he knows what the woman was going to say. And he knows he has not investigated that case. I guess it's not in his pile of 24 cases "originating in Spirit Lake".

None of the Tribal Council's corruption has been investigated, so why would their sex crimes? Why would their assault crimes? Why would their crimes against children?

But Purdon wants to be taken seriously, he just can't or won't do his job. What would be the worst that would happen if she had been able to finish speaking? He would not be able to say he didn't know. He would have to investigate. Worse, he'd have to investigate Chairman Yankton's family. Oh my!

Of all the murders on the rez in 2010, Purdon's office only mentions the murder of the two little children. Here's a short list. Remember, these are only the deaths, not the assaults, not the rapes. But, if you have Bentley GreyBear, the one man band who looks at the rape of a child as 'consensual sex' and closes the case, looks at the blood and guts from a murder and says 'accident', and you have Rod Cavenaugh making sure no reports get read nor filed, and you are Tim Purdon, USAG, you can sort of just rock back in your chair, lace your fingers behind your head and marvel at the low crime rates on the rez, and be very, very proud of 24 whole cases investigated on the rez in two years.

So, where do people go when they are a witness or a victim of a crime? Where do they go to report this stuff? Where do you go when your newborn is stolen from you by Tribal Social Services and given to complete strangers, as retaliation for you speaking up about what you saw, what you know and what happened? The police won't help you. The FBI threatens and harasses you. And Tim Purdon and his stage act, don't want to hear it. Where do you go?

You tell someone who will listen. Someone who will tell others. You do what you can. And then, Purdon's office will ridicule you for going to a 'third party' (*curtsies*).  The joke's on you, Spirit Lake. I don't know why no one is laughing.

The Truth Is Heard

An organization that I highly recommend you get to know is Whistle Watch Org . They are listening to the whistle blowers who are telling the Truth that Purdon, the BIA and the FBI don't want to get told.

The people of Spirit Lake, despite the threats, intimidation, retaliation, are finding their courage and speaking up. They are growing stronger.  I want each of you to know that what you are doing is having an effect.  The opposition does not like it. It is making them squirm, sweat and spin.

The BIA keeps putting out lengthy missives about what they are 'accomplishing' in Spirit Lake. Notice that anytime you read any of their back patting reports, they never once mention that children have been removed from the homes of Registered Sex Offenders. They never mention that children who are reporting rape and incest are being removed from those people.

I find it glaring.

And remember, the BIA proves all their good work by making a Power Point Presentation to show to the politicians. Well, who wouldn't believe that? Don't have to look and see for yourself, watch the Power Point Presentation.  See all the pretty words? Good Doggy! Good Boy! Here's a cookie. *Head pat*.

But the Truth is getting out. You are being heard. Even when they lie to you, try to shut you up, you are being heard.

Keep getting stronger. Stand together, support each other. The more you speak out, the more you tell the whistle blowers what you know, the stronger your voice becomes.

The system is corrupt. The system abuses people. The system does not protect children. The system protects the corrupt. They system is corrupt.

We hear you. We see you. This is not going away. Every one of the agents and officials who has protected the corrupt, lied, intimidated witnesses and victims, they each will be named and called out.

This is not going away.

I wish I knew exactly, what it was after years of the Penn State Scandal being thwarted by the USAG's office, and others who were politically, powerfully connected, I wish I knew exactly what it was that forced that scandal out into the light.  Sandusky had been known for his behaviors as far back as the late 80's and probably earlier... and he always got away with it. He was not alone. That type run in packs. He had powerful connections protecting him and vice-versa-- but something became the point of no return, the trigger, and all the King's horses and all the King's men could not put Sandusky together again. His reputation was shattered.  Whatever he held over others for all those decades, lost power and the ugliest, most vile face was revealed beneath that mask of respectability, at last.

I wish I knew what it was that made that happen.

I wonder if it was people no longer remaining silent? I wonder if it was someone actually doing their job and listening? The USAG who stalled that investigation became the Governor of Pennsylvania.  Now, the heat is on him.

I guess the lesson for those involved in this is that the Mighty will fall down, regardless of their position, power and influence. They will fall down and they will bring others with them. 

No wonder the opposition is sweating. No wonder they are spinning their stories to the press.

Speaking of the press, I do find it interesting that Purdon has found time to sit down and discuss this with the media and the papers. From what I have read of the twelve mandated reports, he has yet to find time to talk to Tom Sullivan.  I guess that when you rely on Bentley GreyBear to declare Consensual Sex in all the rape cases, accidents in all the murder cases, you can pretty much call it anything you want. You don't really need to discuss it with the person whose job it is to report these crimes.

I still say Purdon jumped the shark when he declared that the reports by Sullivan's office were 'false'.  That is Slander and Libel. I find it odd that he feels so comfortable doing that while Thomas Sullivan's office is forbidden from talking to any media.  So, I guess Purdon can say anything he wants knowing that Sullivan is not allowed to defend himself in the same media, right?

If one side can talk, and the other side is gagged... don't you begin to wonder why?

Think on that for awhile.

We have work to do. This is our work to do. We are all connected. We are all related. We are all paying for this with the waste of our Tax Dollars and the Human  Wreckage this ongoing corruption leaves behind. This is ours. They are ours.

You know where to find me.


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