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Your Chairman is a murderer. Good luck with that.

Your Chairman is a murderer. Good luck with that.

NOTE: "*" indicates a corrected or ammended posting.

Ronin's own Website The most basic money laundering/ponzi scam rivaling Maddoff

Free Peltier Now Worth a read


Write to me if you have any thoughts you'd like to share, information you want me to have or a correction to any information you see here.  I respond to all emails.  CAT  NOTE: I reserve the right to NOT respond to whack jobs that waste my time.

Eddie's GraveIt is as much about the ongoing events and behaviors of those who murdered Eddie Justice Freedom by Racual Hiebert(and others)  on the Fort Totten Reservation, North Dakota today as it is about how it was that night Eddie was murdered.  How the ongoing criminal enterprise continues to flourish unabated and without a single response from the Justice Department.  Well, not surprising on that!  They would have to investigate themselves and how some of their elite were directly involved and have prospered from the corruption that exists, protected and funded by US Tax Dollars.

Even if you don't live on the Rez, it's your money, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.  You owe it to yourself to peek in once in awhile and see what you are paying for

Texas Monthly Magazine has done a feature on this case. Here is the Latest story: December 2011 Read the October, 2006 Issue.  OR, go to the online version.  Michael Hall went to the rez and saw for himself.



The Documentary being made about this murder, focusing on the investigation and the trial:

Incident At Devils Lake  Watch the trailer. Donate to get this made. We Can do this! Everyone who pledged last time, please, come back and do it again. We KNOW we can make it this time! Thank you! And, Thank you Todd Trotter for putting this project on the go!


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February 27, 2013  ---Printer Version (8)
Questions, Slander and a Vicious Circle Walked Into a Meeting

The meeting was held at 10 AM Today, in the Casino. I guess a few people showed up. Possibly a few more than either the Tribal Council, BIA or Tim Purdon had hoped.

Notes came flying in and one set of notes is already posted on a Facebook page, maybe more than one Facebook page. I’ll get those links and put them at the end of this posting.

These are the rough notes, summarizing some of the comments back and forth during the meeting. As I get more information, I will fill in with more detail.

Hopefully, the Pez Dispenser was there, since he’s following this so closely, and he’ll spit out 6 or seven articles on this and we can have an even more thorough narrative. (He’s a professional, doncha know?)

2.27.2013/11:54 a.m.

RE: Child Abuse meeting at Spirit Lake. Senator Hoeven sent Chief of Staff, Don Larson. Senator Heitkamp sent a field representative. Also present: 2 U.S. Attorneys + BIA...
They are making a statement right now that a lot of the allegations Mr. Thomas Sullivan put in his report are just plain false.  

U. S. Attorney Purdon now speaking. Says the number 2 BIA official is here, also top Justice attorney. They are here to listen, but also to tell us progress. 

Long term professional FBI are investigators on these cases. "This is very personal to me. I have a nine-year-old daughter. I pay close attention to allegations."

"We need witnesses, not rumors third hand. I will be here all day to listen. It can take a long time to do a thorough investigation."

Tribal member: says an FBI agent that they will not investigate due to tribal council and government to government relations and "Senators have no say."

Member: I want to talk about my case…when I started to question handling of our case, I was told, "We can't do anything about it," then I was scolded for asking questions and my kids were taken from me.

"I am ashamed of my council up there talking about what is best for our kids. Weren't you in the paper for abusing your own wife? How can you be sitting up there.?

2.27.2013/12:27 p.m.

Molly McDonald, former tribal judge, says that the whole process is broken and how many BIA police officers are working here? Nine. But no one is answering police calls 

"I worked with Tom Sullivan and Dr Tilus. They reported the sexual abuse and nothing was done. Why?" 

Woman Attending (not sure who, Molly would know): "Why did you set this for only an hour and a half…when this should be an all day meeting." Applause. "Stop hiding behind confidentiality. Help the children." 

"This is why a lot of people don't come forward. You don't Listen. Nothing is done. You guys sing and dance but nothing is done. You come for a couple hours and think you have done something." 

"I want to see less kids hurting. I am tired of this dancing and nothing being done. We are going to start using the media. You don't help our children. You haven't done anything. You are lazy. You just want to draw your big salary."

"Mark you owe this tribe an apology." Chairman now trying to cut the tribal member off and end the meeting. Member: "Mr. Hoeven sent rep to listen to us people, not you guys (the council).

"Officers don't show up. There aren't enough police. Someone just got laid off. People just come to observe. Send someone to help!" 

BIA Guy…"This issue is highest priority at the Department of Interior." 

Devils Lake School Administrator: "Very little has changed. Problems continue. System doesn't work."

Member: "All you people are here today because of all the 960s that Dr. Tilus filed. He was fighting for our kids, why aren't you?"

2.27.2013/1:32 p.m.

"Jobs have been threatened, lives are threatened for coming out and saying something. Girls think that all they are good for is sex and to beaten. Thank You for coming to listen to us finally."

"I am an elder, full blooded. This summer everyone got their money…I looked outside and saw something…I called police…nobody has ever come and asked me about it. Nobody came." 

I’m sure there was much, much more. Feel free to send in your notes and I will put them with the others that I already have, and post them here.

So, why, on an issue of Child Rape, Abuse, Trafficking and Corruption Crisis that is so prevalent in Spirit Lake, did they only want to carve out an hour and a half for people to be talked to, and then, if they were lucky, to ask questions?

Further, Tim Purdon has really jumped the shark here. He has, to my knowledge and from the gist of all the 12 Mandated Reports, never once even consulted with Mr. Sullivan’s Office regarding any of these allegations and yet he openly declares that many of the allegations are ‘False’.

I would say that Mr. Purdon had better back that up, really fast, both to Mr. Sullivan and publicly to the rest of us. Can you spell “S.L.A.N.D.E.R.?”

Mr. Sullivan got wind of this in a big hurry and issued the following letter to Purdon:

“----- Original Message -----
From: Sullivan, Thomas (ACF)
Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2013 01:13 PM
To: 'tim.purdon@usdoj.gov' <tim.purdon@usdoj.gov>
Subject: You claim many of my allegations are false.

Mr. Purdon:

I understand during a statement you made today during the hearing convened at Spirit Lake today you said something to the effect that "Many of Sullivan's allegations are just false."

Since you have not given me the courtesy of identifying which of my allegations in my twelve mandated reports are, in your words, "false", I am now requesting that you immediately provide that information to me.

If you wish to repudiate those words attributed to you this morning, please do so in writing.

If you fail to repudiate your words or provide the documentation I have requested, it will simply be another example of your failure to protect the women and children of Spirit Lake.

Thomas F. Sullivan
Regional Administrator, ACF, Denver”

Looks like Timid Purdon will be taken to the woodshed on this one.

Purdon says that he takes this case personally because he has a 9-yr old daughter? How low are his standards for his own daughter? Remember: a 13 yr old girl was raped by a 37-yr old man and there was no investigation. Bentley GreyBear declared that the girl had wanted it because that is what the rapist told him. Is this the standard by which Tim Purdon would like to see protecting his own daughter?

I am appalled.

Again, he’s asking for witnesses? Why is he ignoring the witnesses and reports filed by them? What exactly does he want to do with these witnesses? Victim statements not enough? Well, no rape kit, no investigation, Timid can just shrug this off as if it is a ‘rumor’? Is he willfully blind or profoundly stupid?

Credible witnesses have given statements on this case and on others over the duration of this issue and have been ignored, threatened, harassed. Yet, Purdon acts as if nothing is really happening because there are no ‘witnesses’?

If Social Workers, Nurses, Doctors, Victims, and eyewitnesses don’t count as ‘witnesses’, what and who exactly does meet the standard?

The man is up to his neck in his own crap and he swears he can neither see nor smell the problem.

Riders On The Horizon

There are agencies and organizations becoming more and more involved in this. I will put the links on this posting and (later) on the Contact page. I urge you all to take them and bookmark them and keep them for both future reference and to keep yourself updated on this issue and the facts surrounding it.

First, I will post the press release about this case, put out by The Christian Alliance for Indian Child Welfare (CAICW):

Christian Alliance for Indian Child Welfare

P.O. Box 253                                                                                                     (ph.) 701-430-9210
Hillsboro, ND 58045                                                                                           (fax) 701-636-2211
For immediate release: February  25  , 2013
Child Abuse Continues Unhindered On Spirit Lake Indian Reservation
Known Sex Offenders Have 24/7 Access To Young Children

Grand Forks, ND – About 40 reported cases of children in abusive homes has been ignored and possibly covered up according an interoffice report of the Administration of Children and Families in Denver. This report was recently leaked to the Christian Alliance for Indian Child Welfare (CAICW), in which details horrific, ongoing physical and sexual child abuse, which appears to have been consistently covered up by various federal and tribal officials. To see the full report, visit www.CAICW.org.
In the report states “almost 40 children returned to on-reservation placements in abusive homes, many headed by known sex offenders, at the direction of the Tribal Chair. These children remain in the full time care and custody of sexual predators available to be raped on a daily basis. Since I filed my first report noting this situation, nothing has been done by any of you to remove these children to safe placements.” according to the Twelfth Mandated Report concerning Suspected Child Abuse on the Spirit Lake Reservation which was filed by Thomas F. Sullivan.
Elizabeth Morris, Chairman of CAICW, has informed the state’s U.S. legislators of these atrocities and she is appalled that “The same atrocities that have been occurring for years and were reported last summer - are still going on, and apparently, according to this report, our federal government is doing nothing about it…Are Russian children, who the entire Senate voted to support on January 1st, more important than children suffering domestically?”
The staff of Senator John Hoeven (R-ND) responded that a town-hall meeting is scheduled at Spirit Lake Casino and Resort on Wednesday, Feb 27th, but the meeting time has changed several times and now leaders are talking about closing the meeting. Last year, at a similar meeting a teacher named, Betty Krenz, with information regarding child abuse was blocked from even entering the meeting by a tribal guard.
CAICW is concerned that since this abuse has occurred under the oversight of tribal leadership that many tribal and foster parents will not feel safe to share openly at a casino. CAICW publically demands that the meeting be moved to a neutral venue where parents can safely share their concerns. Children and families are far more important than politics.
The Christian Alliance for Indian Child Welfare (CAICW) was formed for charitable, religious, and educational purposes as both a ministry and advocacy group. CAICW been advocating since February 2004 for families at risk of harm from the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA). Our advocacy has been both judicial and educational, as well as a prayer resource for families and a shoulder to cry on.


Christian Alliance for Indian Child Welfare

P.O. Box 253                                                                                                     (ph.) 701-430-9210
Hillsboro, ND 58045                                                                                           (fax) 701-636-2211



Also, a first hand account of the brutality of life on the rez, salvation and empowerment, is a book by Beth Ward, “Dying In Indian Country” . You can read the blurb here: http://dyinginindiancountry.com

I believe the book is downloadable to Kindle or some other pad device.
And Do NOT miss this one: Whistle Wach Organization is huge, and they are all over this. http://whistlewatch.org/2013/02/hhs-management-fails-to-act-to-protect-children-causing-deaths-retaliates-against-whistleblowers/

Here’s a FB page you might want to “LIKE” https://www.facebook.com/ElizabethSharonMorris It’s carrying these notes and more from the meeting today. Plus you get all the great comments.

Read that posting. Book mark that site as well.


It’s amazing that Tim Purdon can’t seem to ‘find’ credibility in the now 12 Mandated Reports. Kind of makes you wonder, doesn’t it? It’s almost as if he wants the public to believe that there really is no problem out on Spirit Lake, that all of this is just nasty rumors and false allegations drummed up (for some unknown reason) by Social Workers, Doctors, Judges, Nurses, and the Director of a Federal Agency: Administration for Children & Families.

It’s all just a very bad dream, right? It’s just people on the rez gettin’ all silly and stuff. You know how Indians get, right? You do have a whole rolodex of stereotypical Indian Behavior that you were fed your whole life through schools and media, right? Put those images in front of you so that what Purdon is saying will sound plausible. (barf)

All anyone has to do is tell their Tribal Police, the BIA, or the FBI if they had any ‘real’ crimes, right? Who is Tim Purdon protecting? It’s not the children of Spirit Lake, that’s for sure.

This scandal is already rocking the BIA, Dept of Interior, HHS, the DOJ and the FBI. It’s not going away. We are not going away.

The Puppet Masters can try to minimize all of this, ridicule it and lie about it. They can even slander those who report it, but the Truth is becoming, more and more every day, self-evident.

It has become sickeningly clear which side of this Good v Evil that Tim Purdon, despite his having a 9-yr Old Daughter, and the DOJ and the rest of the Alphabet Soup is on, with the sole exception of Thomas Sullivan, the ACF is also in that soup. 

Treating people as if they are stupid does not make them stupid, nor does it make this go away. I know that has worked for you in the past, but this is a new day. We talk to each other and we support each other.

This is our work to do. Hold them all accountable.

We are All Related. We are ALL Connected.

You know where to find me.



Your time is not so valuable that you cannot spare more than a couple of hours on an issue of this magnitude. It is insulting that you deemed it only worth a couple hours when so many had so much to say, and worse, that you scheduled it at a time when most of the working people could not possibly attend.

It gives all the appearance of looking like you are doing something when the truth is that you are doing all you can to NOT do anything. You say you want to hear from people but you schedule at a time and place where it was impossible for those who have a job, to attend.

At best, it was political grandstanding. At worst, it was pathetic display of impotence and arrogance.




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February 25, 2013 ---Printer Version (11)
Breaking Shadows

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident………

Those who operate in the shadows, controlling the levers of power at all levels, seldom reveal themselves. They get others to do their bidding, carry out their orders and, when it goes south, take the fall.

Eventually, we all get, at one time or another, an uneasy feeling that what we are being told is not the truth, not the whole truth, and we feel powerless against the lies. It’s a cumulative discomfort that we almost begin to expect, losing trust in almost all that controls our lives.

We expect advertisers to lie to us. We expect politicians to lie to us. We expect those in government to lie to us. We want it to be true, so we try, hard as we can, to make it ‘seem’ right in our minds. But it never quite fits.

We know that we are being lied to by those whose faces we see, and a bigger part of us is afraid to ask the question: “Why would they lie?” We know we are being lied to, but we don’t know why. That discomfort is always with us, just below the surface, growing, making us squirm, making us angry.

Anger is created when we feel betrayed, lied to and helpless. We push it down, it pushes us down.  It's always there. We can feel it, but we can't explain it.

Be Careful What You Ask For

Mostly, we don’t want to know. We fear the answer will cause us to have to make real changes in how we think, and what we do about it. We just don’t have the energy, the time and we feel powerless.

We get angry at anyone that seeks the truth, because they are, if they are successful, going to shatter the already shaky illusions that are held together by gum, pins, spit and mud, that forms the foundations of our lives.

Truth Seekers are trouble makers. Many are ready to jump on them, ridicule them, if what they present is not A-Letter perfect, handed to us whole, without flaw or missing dates, even though what we already have is full of illogic, wholes and contradictions.

We ignore the weaknesses in our own beliefs in order to cast stones at what is presented to us that is, despite our resistance and our discomfort, the very Truth that will, when it is embraced, set us all free.
Those who hold the strings that control the puppets that pull the levers of power are so removed from our awareness, we are afraid to look.

And when the Truth comes in, bold and unafraid, we sense a disturbance in the Shadows, as strings are jerked, levers are over sprung, and puppets become panicky, and resort to ridicule, contempt, and denials that, had we not heard the truth, made sense, but now, they seem obviously what they are: Monsters who have, all our lives, lied to us.

They want us to believe these lies are for our own good. They cloak themselves in the mantles of power and prestige. They demand that we accept their broken lies same as if they were whole truths. They portray themselves as heroic in their efforts, burdened by those questioning their integrity.

They are bothered by those who don’t believe. They are terrified of those who speak the truth. They resort to anger and become indignant when faced with questions they don’t want to answer.

It’s just not working. The more the puppets panic, the more they get tangled in their own strings.
They have help in their efforts. There is an entire industry that feeds us the stereo types of White Hats and Black Hats, Cowboys and Indians, Cops and Robbers. They create illusions, and the willing want to believe.   No one wants to see the real monsters.

Some allies are willing, others are just too stupid to know they are being used. Every once in awhile, one wakes up, sees what is taking shape, some find ways to help, others just step away from the game. They don’t want to help, but they don’t want to get tangled in those strings that are already leaving so many puppets, dangling awkwardly akimbo on the stage. Other puppets, who were once dazzling in their gestures, now slumped over, strings cut, silent.  A warning to the others.

Those who like being used, feel privileged to have access to powerful people, agencies and offices normally off limits to the rest of us. They foolishly think that this ‘access’ will somehow make them ‘respected’, but the truth of it is, it only makes them a tool. Those who think they can have power by doing the bidding of the powerful, learn too late that they are only being used and will be discarded when no longer useful.

Enemies are those who look behind the scripting, bring the facts into the light, and share with the class.
At first, no one feels strong enough. Individually, we would not survive, but collectively, we are far more powerful. Once you overcome your fear of knowing the Truth, your world changes. You find you are not alone. You find you are not weak.

You can never go back to the illusion again. Lies just don’t work any more.

This disturbs the otherwise smooth flow of corruption. This opening of doors, shining of lights, breaking of Shadows.

What is revealed is far worse, far more wide-spread, and far deeper into the bowels and guts of our government and Justice Departments than we want to know. But know we must, if we are ever to find comfort and security in our own lives, free of the Shadows and their minions.

Send In The Clowns

Cue the Magicians to bring out the smoke and mirrors. But even they begin to flail.

At first is it startling, then it is sad to watch once adept magicians and their tricks failing on the very stage where we used to applaud the show. The Scarf trick gets hung up in their sleeves; the hat fills with water and drenches their heads, and rabbits escape, running everywhere and Magicians’ Assistants, flee the stage in hasty exits. We are not impressed.

Abrupt resignations, transfers, and other vanishing acts, reveal more about the players in this than they would like. Those kinds of moves are supposed to quiet us, make us think all is well, not lead to more questions. It’s not working the way it used to. Everyone becomes a ‘loose end’. The Shadows are unraveling.

So many in all these agencies, from the cops to the Halls of government, have become a part of the mechanism by which the Shadows control our lives by controlling what we believe, by feeding us bullshit, that many do not even question why they are doing something they know is wrong and illegal.

They are afraid to question it. If they do, they will have to admit what they have been a part of, and how much harm has been done, to so many for so long. They may not be able to live with themselves. They may feel compelled to do something about it, like speak up. If they do, they know they will become a target of the very monsters that had been grooming them all along. Life becomes more difficult when you fall out of the warm foggy embrace of the Illusion. You can never go back.

Twelfth Mandated Report is filed.

The 12th Mandated Report was filed on Friday Feb 23, 2013.

It’s even more damning than the ones that preceded it. It shines an even greater light on what has been going on in Spirit Lake and what has been going on at the agencies charged with overseeing the welfare of the tribe, and of all the tribes.

Turn OFF That Light!

This has made some in the Shadows panic. They keep looking for more corners to hide from the light, hoping it will not reveal them. They’d like to counter it, but all they have is more lies, and those just aren’t working like they used to.

Tim Purdon seems a little sweaty and hot under the collar with all of this.

Forum Communications, home to The Man Who Calls Himself Chuck Haga, fired off 3 stories in less than 4 hours trying to both get in front of this fast moving story, and steer it into some calmer waters where Purdon can be viewed as a man who has done a terrific job, as he pats himself on the back for charging out 24 cases ‘that originated in Spirit Lake’ (whatever that means), while 54 sexual offenses have languished for over a year without him touching them.

Haga put out so many stories so fast, it was hard to keep up with him. I felt the poor man was out of breath from all his sprinting to file 3 stories in just a few hours.

One of his stories seemed a little obsessed with the 'undated' 12th Mandated Report. I know, the report was filed, but not dated. God only knows when that could have happened! It’s a clerical crime. *faints*

All he had to do was phone the ACF office and ask when it was issued. Others did. But, if you want to be picky… we'll get to that later.

The 12th Mandated Report, 8 pages long (I’m obsessed with how many pages) Details once again:

That there have been no children removed from the homes of registered sex offenders and no sex offenders have been arrested in relation to those children.

Also, that 40 children removed from safe homes and placed in homes that are known to be dangerous and abusive.

No sex offenders/abusers have been arrested in connection with these placements.

Told in clear timeline how the BIA's own reports go unopened, for months on Rod Cavenaugh's desk, and then are shredded without ever being opened. (I think he was referring to the report that came out more than a year ago that listed over 50 serious ‘deficiencies’ within Tribal Social Services. I saw that one, but can’t remember where I put it. There was another one last year, in April that again lists the same issues and adds a couple more… )

Talks about the rape of a 13 yr old girl by a 37 yr old man. The complaint was filed immediately with the BIA (Law Enforcement) and no rape kit was done. It was weeks later when the BIA decided to ask questions about what happened. At that time, the rapist said that the girl wanted it (sounds like what a rapist would say, doesn't it?) and the BIA Agent determined he was being truthful and called it 'consensual' so no charges were ever filed.

I found all of these items more relevant than the fact that the date had been left off of the report. But that’s just me.

Given that the BIA agents/cops on the rez are known domestic abusers, Bentley GreyBear being among the most vicious, yet, they all still have guns and badges.


How is this the BIA doing their job? Remember: Strike Team is present. Big, Bad Strike Team.

And Rod Cavenaugh is the man they put in charge of 'cleaning up the mess'? Giving him full access to all the evidence, his accusers, etc? Does this even sound smart to anyone?

Hi, we have a problem. We know there is criminal activity, wrongdoing and straight up incompetence. How should we deal with it? Let’s put one of the guys we know is either a criminal or totally incompetent, as the lead on this thing. *High Fives*

How does the BIA investigate itself? What could possibly go wrong with that brilliant idea?

You'll have to read the entire 8 page report. It's "undated" but those who are a little more resourceful can tell you it was issued on Friday, February 23, 2013.


I noticed a few items myself, and I was not alone. Someone commented that Haga was 'spitting out stories like a pez dispenser', and indeed he was.

First story was filed 2/22/13 2:38 PM (Town Hall)-- (it was dated. <wink>)

We learned about the Town Hall meeting that was supposed to be held at a date, time and place where everyone could attend, but---apparently, Tribal Council decided to schedule it for a day when the BIA Director Mike Black, who was part of a “strike team” could not be there because of a scheduling conflict.

It was going to be at 1:PM in the casino A time that ruled out the working people who would not be able to attend, and in a place where surveillance could easily zoom in and read everyone's cell phones, notes, texts, etc. People don't feel safe knowing that the cameras are spying on them and can zoom in to extreme focus)

In summary: at that writing, meeting was at 1 PM, but the BIA Director who was part of the Strike Team, would not be available. Given how useless the BIA has been all along, I'd say this probably would change nothing. They could probably get more pertinent information out of the Ice Cream truck, anyways.

What's in a Word?

He also, and I feel it was slanted to the negative, referred to Betty Jo Krenz's trip to Washington, DC by defining her not as an advocate for the children, which would connote a positive and in my book, more accurate description of what she did, but rather, as a 'critic'. Critic just sounds whiny, doesn't it?

Does anyone think that what Betty Jo Krenz is doing on behalf of these children and their families is 'whiny'. Perhaps The Man Who Calls Himself Chuck Haga can get a Thesaurus for his birthday? I'm sure it was just the very first word that popped into his head.

He quoted from the blog, which is nice, but why didn't he contact her to get his questions answered or get a first hand comment on this? Most journalists don't comb blogs when they have the contact info for the person and have interviewed them in the past.

He made at least 2 attempts to contact Roger Yankton even though he did not get a response back from him by the time he went to press, or ‘post’.

It just seems lazy to me. Not as criminal, mind you, as leaving the date off of a document that gets time/date stamped when it is received. I'm sure Thomas Sullivan will be demoted for leaving the date off of a document. It's very serious.

Oh well, why contact someone for a first hand quote when you can comb the blog. I'm here to help. *Gold Star*

Second Story Was 2/22/13 3:59 PM (No Evidence of Progress)

(Geez man, it had only been an hour and a half!) And this one discussed the Undated Report and reminds us, in case we forgot, the copy he got was 'undated' leaving us to suppose he lacked the resources to check with the office where it was issued from to get the date of issue. (Whispers: Veteran Journalist, *nose tap)

Note: He never mentioned contacting Sullivan’s office for clarification, inasmuch as he did mention contacting Roger Yankton, I can assume he did not attempt to get this ‘important’ detail clarified.

He again covered much of the same information in the 12 Mandated Report (undated) (can't forget that part). Given that the previous article was already an hour and a half old, many of us had probably forgotten those details.

He then quotes Timothy Purdon, USAG (I guess he didn't mind phoning him up to get a statement, eh?).

Timmy hopes to attend the meeting. "Hopes". Love that word. It's the same as "Maybe" but with a cheerful, optimistic chirp to it.

Purdon takes "seriously any allegations of crimes against children at Spirit Lake or anywhere else."

I find that odd. Or should I say "Hopeful"? Up until now, Purdon has done nothing to investigate the charges laid out in any of the previous (dated) Mandated Reports. Nothing. Wait, that's wrong. He's ignored them, dodged them, and ducked them. That took some effort.

I would think that 'taking these charges seriously' would entail contacting the person who made the reports. That's just me, I'm sure.

He's done nothing about the evidence being destroyed at the murder scene of those two children, on orders from FBI Agent Trout. Trout is still Purdon's 'go to' guy. So, destroying evidence at the scene of a double child homicide is just fine with Purdon. Makes his job easier?

Purdon says his office has opened 'some cases' mentioned in the previous 11 Mandated Reports.

Really? Why only 'some'? Why has he not coordinated his investigation with Thomas Sullivan who is the one filing the reports? Wouldn't that seem logical? (There I go again).

How long does it take to look at two lists: One of Registered Sex Offenders and their known addresses, and the other of young children placed in homes, and the addresses of those homes, and BINGO (favorite word on the Rez) you have a list of children in the homes of registered sex offenders!

I know, it seems obvious, but we have seen repeatedly where the obvious has eluded the Department of Justice, the BIA and just about everyone involved with cases involving children. So, I thought I would help out. *Curtsies*

The part I had to laugh out loud about was this statement from Purdon to the People of Spirit Lake: "If you have evidence, if you are a witness, call the FBI or Law Enforcement and…" [and there the quote ends “and …”] rather than pushing allegations through a third party. " (and the quotes start up again.) I'm not sure if Haga combined two statements into a badly punctuated structure (it happens) or what he did.

In my book, that's worse than "undated". Undated can be figured out with a phone call. Haga's punctuation can is an enigma.

(Remember: We are being picky here. I'm sure a veteran journalist like The Man Who Calls Himself Chuck Haga knows how to punctuate a sentence. He just chose not to. Then again, these stories were coming out rapid fire… Less than 2 hours apart. I think in journalism this is like birthing twins prematurely?

And right under that sentence, where Purdon wants you to call law enforcement… Haga's contact info in inserted. See? Sloppy. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

What struck me about Purdon's last statement was I wonder which FBI he would like people to call? The one that never follows up on charges of rape? The one that destroyed evidence at the crime scene? Perhaps the one that harasses the whistle blowers and witnesses? Would it be them?

Or, "Law Enforcement"… let's all have a sad little laugh at that one. Law Enforcement? "She wanted it, so it was consensual." Yeah, Purdon, I hope you do show up at that meeting. People might want to ask you a few things. Or tell you a few things.

Purdon happily showed Haga "more than two dozen convictions obtained by his office in the past two years, originating in Spirit Lake." Whatever that means. Do they start there and move elsewhere?

So, he'll talk to Haga about this, but not to Thomas Sullivan? And he has made arrests and gotten convictions in SLN? Wow, that means he knows how to do it--- so why isn't he doing it?

Why are there still children in these same dangerous homes as outlined in the now 12 Mandated reports? Is 2 Dozen a high number in a place that is rife with corrupt Tribal Council, Tribal Chairman, Tribal Social Services? Or is 1 a month enough? Consider that 54 complaints have been lodged. Serious complaints. People out there don't bother unless it is serious because they are used to being ignored and harassed for attempting to report… 54 and not one charged out according to SORNA? And Purdon is patting himself on the back for 24 or so? How many of those 24 prize cases were pled down to misdemeanors? How many resulted in a slap on the wrist or less?

Here's an idea Purdon, talk to Thomas Sullivan and coordinate these investigations with his office so you can get this resolved. Shoving files at a reporter who is no authority on the matter is not nearly as efficient as actually talking to the man whose job it is to protect Children in your region. Unless Haga has a second job I don't know about.

Bragging about the arrest of Valentino Bagola in the murder of those two children is hardly a conviction at this point. That is the case where FBI AGENT TROUT failed to swab DNA off of people in the house, and he ordered the clothing laundered.

Are you sure you have a case against that kid? Real sure? Apparently, you can arrest anyone you want… but your investigation team is hardly top notch, or even third rate. I'd consider them to be buffoons. Good luck in court. Chances are, you don't have the right guy and you know it. Bet you can convict a Ham Sandwich, eh?

The joke convictions you have gotten such as the Fuel Scam, was laughable. Whose idea was it to give them all joke sentences? Yours? Or the Judge? They're doing it again you know. Then again, why not?

No, Purdon, 1 case per month is hardly a record to be proud of. Your convictions are a joke. At least in the court's eyes.

If you think you can redeem yourself by convicting Bagola and ignoring the witness statements as to who was involved, think again. This one might bite you on the ass more than anything you have ever screwed up before.

Wait! It’s Triplets!

Haga’s Third story was 2/22/13 6:26 PM (No word Yet if Public can attend Town Hall)
3 hrs after the second story, Haga files yet another story…

Changes the time of the meeting from 1 PM to now, 10 AM. For SURE no one who has a job will be able to show up. And the Tribe is still trying to keep the meeting closed, and in the casino where they can monitor your every note, text, phone number.

Hoeven's office is not happy about this from what I have heard. BIA is probably thrilled.

So, as it stands (so far) the Town Hall Meeting won't really be an open forum for the Public, as the name "Town Hall" implies, it will be a restricted access, time prohibitive, location undesirable mostly closed meeting where few of the people who have something to say can show up and say it.

So, it's not really a "Town Hall" is it.

(Let's see if Haga spits out any more “Triples” in a 5 hour span. I’ll be watching for them. Stay tuned. )

Haga, again, in this article even though the heading title is different, refers to Betty Jo Krenz's trip as "Critic in D.C."

Okay, now this is important: Tim Purdon's office is doing a great job because they've had over 2 dozen convictions in 2-years (1 per month on average) and Betty Jo Krenz is a 'Critic' because she knows what is really going on and they haven't been able to shut her up. And they have tried, believe me, they have tried.

He does quote her from an interview Forum Communications did with her last July (Sounds more solid than saying 'In an interview Pat Springer and I had with her last July…' which sounds more personal, as in person to person, rather than 'corporation to person' like a lawsuit or something.

So, unless he lost her phone number, email address or home address, he was just being lazy in not contacting her directly as he did with Purdon, Hoeven's office, and as he tried to do with Roger Yankton.

He tried contacting everyone except Sullivan’s office and Betty Jo Krenz. I’m sensing a pattern here, are you? I dunno.

Now, remember folks, if you live on Spirit Lake and you witness or are the victim of a rape, or your daughter is… contact law enforcement. However, if the rapist says you, or your child 'wanted it', case closed.

And the FBI, which has done nothing but harass witnesses, really wants to hear from you if you are a witness. Yeah, right!

Well, that’s just me being a Critic, being critical. That’s what being a critical critic sounds like. Nit picky. Whiny. Fun, wasn’t it?


Think about this: The government is using all of it’s agents and influence to silence the whistle blowers in Spirit Lake. Why? Why would they not want to clean up the monsters that are raping children, selling children, abusing children and stealing from children?

Why would the USAG’s Office resist and resent these Mandated Reports rather than take them seriously enough to work with the Agency filing them, to get them investigated?

Why is it that the Whistle Blowers are portrayed as the Problem? Which is worse? Child rape, or telling the authorities about it and expecting them to act?

If this was just Spirit Lake and nowhere else, there would not be a unified effort throughout the BIA, DoI, FBI and Justice Department to silence the ‘Critics’.

That effort and those actions on their part can only mean one thing: This monstrous behavior is pervasive throughout all of Indian Country. The system itself is supporting the criminal behavior, protecting the pedophiles at the expense of the children.

If this was only happening in Spirit Lake, they would have fixed it. But they can’t because it isn’t. It’s everywhere. And there is huge money involved. Don’t tell me they are doing this for sport, they wouldn’t and they aren’t. This is bigger than Penn State’s Sandusky scandal and I dare say, bigger than the Catholic Church and Vatican Scandals.

People in high places don’t want this fixed. But we do. Every story, every document, every witness who stands up and tells their story is a flashlight shining in those dark places, breaking shadows and revealing the tiny, ugly monsters that have been, for decades, hurting the children for power and money.

We are all learning a truth so ugly it sickens us. A truth we’d rather we never heard. And it is rapidly becoming more self evident with every lie that is told to try and cover it up.

This is our work to do. All of us.

We are all related. We are all connected.

You know where to find me.



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February 18, 2013
Absurdity As Policy
  ---Printer Version (9)

For too long, we have been a sleep walking nation, weary from the labors of war, grief, economic tyranny, betrayal, unable to fully rest, unable to dream. Worse, afraid to dream because those dreams will be crushed by the machines of the powerful who suck the life blood out of us, turn us against one another, distract us with politics of bigotry, fear and ignorance.

In this moaning slumber, this constant twilight, our eyes never quite open, many, many evil things have been done with our uninformed consent.

Lands and resources have been stolen on such a scale that we have not even been allowed to guess. The Department of the Interior, which controls access to all Federal Lands and Resources, had been, from the very beginning, a vehicle by which the powerfully connected few could obtain all the resources they wanted, for whatever they wanted with seldom any resistance from above, and all resistance from under their reign, was crushed, time and time again.

The cost to the buyers? Hookers and blow. Huge oil and timber leases, mining and more, went out the door for anything from the cost of a microwave, to a hooker, all the drugs went to those whose job it was to oversee, protect our National Resources.

The Cobell Ruling, gave a pinhole glimpse of the oil losses alone, in the Tribes of Montana and surrounding States. It was Hundreds of Billions of Dollars that went, without any accounting, and ripped off all the tribes. This had been going on since the beginning, but the fact finding would only allow a small window of time to be considered. After all, crimes that have gone on for generations can’t all be blamed on the last criminal, can they?

No one went to jail. No one lost their job. I hardly consider being forced to retire at a sweet government pension and full healthcare, ‘losing a job’.

That was just oil and just in a few places. The settlement was fractured down to a splinter of what it should have been, but hey, it came at a time when our economy was in free fall and we really couldn’t afford to pay off all those Indians. We had banks to bail out, financial institutions to bail out and all those huge bonuses they were taking.

I review this for you because it is this same Department of Interior that oversees the BIA. The BIA is essentially a department of government that says to all who understand it: “We exist because Indians were so mistreated, so many treaties broken that if we were to live up to even ONE Treaty, the Indians would … would what?

We don’t have a Department of Jewish Affairs, Italian Affairs, Irish Affairs… why do we have the BIA? And why is it under the auspices of the agencies that is in charge of our resources? Are Indians a ‘resource’? Are they ‘property’?

Or is the BIA more of a Jailer of sorts? Zookeepers on an open range? Sort of. You see, they are in charge of the cattle, the buffalo and the Indians. Permanent babysitters?

All the money that is supposed to to go Indians, first has to go through the DoI and they of course, take their cut for handing it over to the BIA and they of course, pay themselves, and then, they have absolute say over who gets how much and when.

No one supervises the BIA Agents. No one. Rowdy Cavenaugh has submitted no reports, on anything. He has made seriously questionable land deals, sales which just so happen to benefit his family and friends--- at our expense. All of us. Not just the Indians who are getting ripped off, but the Taxpayers who are losing who knows how much cash on each deal.

Look how NLO Myra Pearson, on her last year as Chair of the Tribe, sold a worthless fragment of her land for over $100K. She sold it (wait for it) to the Tribe!

Simple Plan For Simple Minds

The BIA has existed not to aid and assist the Tribes in getting funding, making programs work, but rather as the Bagman for a Godfather, making himself and his criminal family, mafia style, very wealthy, at the expense of the tribe and taxpayers. The BIA police are the thug enforcers, not the protectors of the tribe. They have the authority and the guns.

Those above Rowdy, for some reason, have no problem with him never filing reports of sex crimes, assaults, child rapes… no trouble at all. What is Yvette Rubidoux’s job Description? Sue Settles'?

Collectively, they have all ignored the issues of corruption in Spirit Lake. Further, they have ignored the issue of Child Rape on a scale that is mind-boggling. Why?

Why have they backed up and supported the criminals, retaliated against the whistle blowers and AS OF THIS WRITING, still not removed ONE child from the homes of the registered sex offenders? There are more sex offenders and sexual offenses out there, especially against children.

We are a nation of laws and we are taught to respect the laws and not take the law into our own hands. So reports are made, filed, made again, filed again, year after year, horrendous credible reports of child rape, over and over again… and all that paperwork is ignored.

The BIA is really proud of their Strike Team. They should be. They are just as shiny and well-paid as the FBI--- and they do nothing to help the children. They do nothing to stop the violence. They do nothing and they get away with it.

For some reason, those in government were able, for decades, to ignore any complaints or reports, admonishing anyone who stepped forward to ‘follow protocol’ and ‘file paperwork’.

This Strike Team pretty much the joke out there. The fact that R. Cavenaugh was clearly the bottle neck, the one who stopped anything from going any further than the boundaries of Spirit Lake, to them was all the more reason to give him ALL the authority over the very crimes they were supposed to be investigating.

Keep in mind, they are not investigating his nor his family and friends’ criminal enterprises nor the land deals nor the missing funds from the clinic and the EMT program, nor the funds missing from HUD, none of that.

They are not even looking at the fact that almost every cop in the BIA on Spirit Lake is a known Domestic Violence offender, rapist, abuser, drug user or worse. Some of them are either Child Molesters themselves, or they protect the known child rapists in their own families. Gun, Badge, authority. Do what you will.

Tunnel Vision

No, the Strike Team are looking if you will, as if through the empty tube from a roll of paper towels, at one problem and one problem only, as if it is not connected to the rest of the criminal enterprises that thrive on the rez with complete immunity from any investigation. No, they are only looking at the Tribal Social Services Department.

They claim that tube is their ‘focus’ and it is really ‘focused’. They don’t want to see anything that connects to the crimes or the criminals. Focus. That way, you can look at the isolated issue, ignore the connecting tissue that surrounds it, shrug your shoulders and say you are doing all you can. But you can’t really say you’ve done anything besides ‘focus’, right?

The abuses and the incompetence for some reason, only got worse since they took over. But, they proudly proclaim they are getting new ‘fingerprint technology’. Wow. For what? Children are being raped. (I know! Let’s get a fingerprint machine! First, let’s get the funding for the machine. Then for the training… what was that you were saying? Something about ‘children’?)

Neither the FBI nor the BIA took any steps to rescue any of the children, ever. And when Desiree and Travis DuBois, Jr. were brutally tortured, raped, sodomized, mutilated and murdered, FBI Agent Trout did all he could to destroy evidence on the scene. Why? Whom are they protecting? It’s not the children.

USAG Timothy Purdon’s office has not tried one case of any registered sex offender having contact with a child. He doesn’t have to. He knows those kids are living in dungeons. He knows they are living in horror. But ‘legally’ he doesn’t have to ‘know’ because… (drumroll) Rod Cavenaugh has never filed a single report for him to investigate.

See? It’s actually a very simple plan. It’s not really bright. Then again, it needn’t be, the corruption has been around for a very long time. Go ahead, be obvious, no one is going to investigate—ever. At least, they haven’t investigated for over 50 years. “We got a good thing going…”

Revealing Involvement

There is a very, very complicated web of criminal activity out there. It has been supported by the BIA. I would like to say, BIA incompetence, or apathy, or something else, but I can’t. Because when the BIA received direct and credible reports of extreme abuse out on that rez, they moved very quickly to retaliate against those who reported it, and those who supported those claims.

They would not do that unless they were, at levels outside the rez, very high up in our government, involved. What they did was reveal that they were openly protecting the criminals, and essentially, that means they were protecting themselves. Therefore, they and the criminals are one the same. There is no other reason. None. System wide corruption on a grand scale that dwarfs anything we’ve seen so far.

Now, this has been going on for decades. It was easy because no one on the outside looked in. Those on the inside knew to keep their mouth shut or they’d suffer. Those who found the courage to speak up had nowhere for their voices to be heard. Corruption in Tribal Government, Corruption in Federal and State

Government, Corruption at every level, gave them nowhere to turn.
Some would speak up, but their voices were lost in the maze of bigotry, ignorance and the all powerful stereo typing of who and what Indian People are.

Speaking up always meant a price would be paid by the one raising their voice.

Politicians always had a neat and clean out by doing photo ops with the leaders of the tribes and thus appearing to the outside world as if they were there ‘for the people’. They were not. Those were photo ops. And they never strayed from the clean rooms, banquets, and speeches to see what was really happening just the next block over. They never looked to see how the programs that were supposed to be funded, were actually running. Don’t rock the boat. Keep the donors, keep the votes.

I think they were afraid to know. There are powerful connections both in the tribe and in the connecting webwork of agencies and Directors, Donors and Lobbyists. Don’t rock the boat. Get elected, stay elected.
Above all, never ever ask questions you don’t want the answers to. Once you get the answers, and you see that you have, directly and indirectly, been a part of the network of corruption and abuse, you will sicken yourself.

Depending on how deep in you are, how much you owe, how much they have on you, you can find yourself awakening to the fact that the same Evil that rapes children, is telling you what to do, and threatening your sense of security one way or another.


Appearing to have power, like a Clydesdale, all groomed and pretty to look at, applauded when you come on the scene, but you realize that you are heavy with reigns, harnesses and pulling someone else’s wagon, don’t you?

That’s what Evil does. First it smiles, and it treats you well, opens doors for you, and then it makes you its bitch.

I’ve watched this for decades. It works this way not just in Spirit Lake, but throughout the entire system where the Department of Interior answers to no one, and the BIA answers to no one, and billions of dollars in Federal lands, resources, programs slips through many fingers, unaudited, un taxed, unseen.

And when it does, by some quirk, become revealed, no one goes to jail, pays anything back or loses their job.
In those dark places, with that much money and power, Evil sucks the life out of our nation, one child, many children at a time. Leaving all of us, on down the road, with more human wreckage, and we are broken but no wiser.

If we cannot as a nation, protect our children from such huge open-market pedophile rings and Government sponsored theft of funds, who are we?


There is a worrisome stirring in those vast dark caverns. People are looking, asking questions, demanding answers. Some are shining flashlights, piercing the apathy.

Politicians want to put a stop to the noise that is now demanding they do something. The claims of abuse cannot be so simply dismissed. They cannot just go about their day, meetings, lobbyists, photo ops, strategy for the party… people are asking what they are doing about the children.

They used to be able to dismiss all of this with a wave of their hand, eye rolls, or even a smirk. But, not any more.

Penn State changed all that. The powerful, the elite, the well-connected, well-respected became Pariahs over-night when the outrage, not just at what was done to those little boys back then, but rather by how many knew and did nothing.

Now, here we are, peering into the darkness with our tiny flashlights, glimpsing monsters and demanding answers.

You, my friends, all of you who have written, phoned, faxed, emailed and demanded answers from your senators, governor, representatives at all levels, YOU are forcing them to actually, despite their hesitation, turn on the lights and reveal what has been dwelling in those dark places, and the damage that has been and is being done.

You have not subsided in your outrage over the abuse of children, the theft of babies, the Human Trafficking that goes on.

You have been demanding that answers be found. Don’t stop now. You’re making a difference whether you know it or not.

Going Deep Into The Belly of The Beast

The Good People of Spirit Lake Nation, those who have risked so much I can’t even imagine, and who have been fighting to get the Truth out into the light and force the government to see what they have done, have, along with you and your persistence, moved this issue into a much bigger arena: Washington, DC.

I am including an essay by Betty Jo Krenz, who, last week, was invited to speak before a Senate Committee about the issues surrounding Spirit Lake’s corrupt Social Services Program.

In my book, she has courageously stood up and fought along side the people who are standing up and fighting for themselves and their community, and for the children.

I say courageously because she didn’t have to. She could have walked away and had a nice sweet life. But, because she is a Human Being, she could not.

I don’t know any Human Being who could hear the things and see the things that have gone on out there and not be driven to do something about it. Make a real difference.

You all keep doing what you are doing. Don’t stop now.
I sure hope Betty Jo Krenz can keep doing what she’s doing because there are some really amazing,

courageous people in Spirit Lake Nation that have her as an ally.
We all do. What she is doing is exactly what the government and their investigators should have been doing. Don’t quit, any of you. Don’t quit. The Evil that has been spitting the tiny bones of the children at our feet and laughing at us, is now choking.

What I learned in Washington DC
by Betty Jo Krenz

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Washington DC and meet with North Dakota Law makers regarding the issues I have witnessed on Spirit Lake Nation. First I would like to say hat's off to these folks who choose to come here to do this work. It is a nice place to visit for a few days but there is no way I could ever get used to so much concrete and traffic.

I compiled a large amount of documents and personal statements from enrolled members of Spirit Lake and had the opportunity to go over my concerns with [the lawmakers].

I was shocked of the lack of knowledge these folks had about the current issues. It is obvious that our senators have a lot on their plates but the only facts they were aware of [regarding the situation in Spirit Lake] was the information the BIA has given them for their updates.

I DO NOT have any faith that these updates are a true picture of the horrible situation that really exists. Rod Cavanaugh was in charge of monitoring the program while the tribe ran it and it ended up a disaster. Why would his reports of progress be noteworthy now?

It has also been noted that Rod hindered information from being sent to Aberdeen so again why would he be upfront now?

If anything giving him the entire program gives him more ability to hide the truth. I showed of letters sent back in 2008 where problems were addressed and he [had] dismissed them.

Tony Eberhardt and Elizabeth Frie from Senator Hoeven’s office were very engaged. They asked a ton of questions, some of which I really assumed they already should have known the answer to, some that showed they did their homework and really read the statements from the enrolled members that have been given to them.

Traccee Sutton from Senator Heitkamp’s office was a little more distant and didn’t ask many questions, she just retold me the same things that the BIA has reported publicly (which I do not have any faith in).

It was very clear to me that NOBODY understands the separation of powers in Indian Country. Everyone assumes or assumed the BIA is being transparent and forthcoming in their reporting. I showed everyone the BIA report done in August 2011 (reported in November 2011) where the BIA made the statements that these concerns were not addressed in previous years.

I also showed them and highlighted Mark LittleOwl and the tribal councils outright lies in the meeting in September with the strike team, they stated, “no children were in present danger and no children were in the homes of sex offenders”. I then proceeded to show them documentation of children living in the home of XXXXXXXXXXX home and also gave them his sex offender notification sheet with a statement from the mother of the children living there.

I asked the direct question “ if I am able to see this why hasn’t anybody taken the time to check the homes of at LEAST the registered sex offenders homes?” Nobody had an answer.

Tony Ebehardt asked me the question “ who determines what crimes are investigated on the reservation?” This is a question I really thought our countries law making folks should know the answer to. I informed him not only is that the million dollar question I would also like to know, how many charges have been filed and by who in the last two years regarding sexual abuse of a child on the reservation.

My information shows that there were 54 substantiated reports of child sexual abuse on the spirit lake reservation in 2010, how many have been charged out. According to the SORNA website “zero”.

We went over many personal statements and cases I have been very concerned about. I tried really hard to make these guys understand that this may be a complex situation because of the jurisdictional issues but it is simple on the humane side of it. These kids need help NOW, this has been going on a long time and there is not time to hash out silly political ideals. I understand that there will have to be laws changed or simply clarified but while that is happening somebody needs to save these kids NOW!

We discussed the importance of hearing the issues from the people that live there. Not behind closed doors with guards so the meeting is one sided. But instead, an open forum held at a time that is well known throughout the community, at a time where working people can attend.

I also showed documents that tell of enrolled members who are afraid to come forward with their complaints thinking if they do the tribal government will retaliate against them.

Friday afternoon upon parting I was informed that Senator Hoeven hopes to have a senate hearing on the matters at Spirit Lake Nation. I believe we need to encourage this because if there are really that many grey areas regarding the charging out of serious crimes on the reservation all parties involved should want this clarified.

Don’t Quit. We are all related. We are all connected. This is ours to do.

You know where to find me.



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*February 11, 2013 --- Printer Version (10)
Saving One Child

Bravo to the FBI for leaping into action in Alabama, to save one child. They pulled out all the stops as the nation, and indeed, the World watched, could barely breathe as a deranged man held a young boy captive for 5 days.
We watched them, in their gear, with all their guns, megaphones and spokes people, surround the bunker, negotiate, and finally, when all else failed and they thought the situation was deteriorating rapidly—Flash Bang! Boom! Bang! Bang! He’s dead and the child is rescued.

It is how we have come to view the FBI--- especially when the life and safety of a child is at stake. It’s what we expect them to do. It’s what we expect our government to do; Act swiftly and decisively when there is a child in danger.

Imagine how outraged we’d be, if instead of doing what they did, they instead held meetings, issued press releases stating they were changing who’s in charge of what departments, and took months, even years and were asking for more funding, and discussing how they were doing all they could while that one child was in constant terror? Imagine our sense of outrage if, at the end of that year, they stated that they were getting a new fingerprinting machine, updated technology, training, and doing all they can to make sure this never happens again.

Can you see the contrast? Things in Indian Country are more surreal. Government is more laid back, feigns more outrage, releases nonsensical statements, takes umbrage with anyone questioning their lack of action. And, it’s not just one child--- it’s thousands, all throughout Indian Country. Specifically, it’s at least 30, as many as over 100 on Spirit Lake Reservation.

I guarantee you, these children are in as much if not more danger than was that one sweet little boy in Alabama.

In Alabama, for a White Child, they go after the predator. In Indian Country, where children are not so pale, they go after anyone that tries to rescue the children, or point out that the predators are running the place. In Indian Country, the predators are protected with the full force of every government agency involved.

Isn’t it time we demand that the children become the same priority as that child in Alabama? Isn’t it time we demand that those who have protected Predators, be investigated and held accountable? What, pray tell, are we waiting for?

Ahhh! A Town Hall!

Hoeven and Heitkamp have released statements that they are planning a Town Hall Meeting with the members of Spirit Lake. They don’t give a date, place nor time, but, so far, that’s the next big “plan”. I strongly urge ALL to attend and bring your questions and make them stay until they are answered. I will have a few for you in this blog.

If he lived on the rez, wed be hearing: “They still haven’t rescued the little boy in Alabama. However, they are planning ‘sometime in the future’ to hold a Town Hall Meeting.” Would the Nation be impressed? Would you? Would anyone?

Baby Steps

I can tell you with certainty that Heitkamp knew about these issues when she was running for election. Her brother, Joel Heitkamp, who was running her campaign, had hours long discussions with those directly involved. She then decided that she would not address this issue. In other words, “Don’t bother me with Indian kids being abused.” Now, she’s ready to (sometime in the future), hold a Town Hall.

Baby steps, Heitkamp, baby steps. Babies are being raped, trafficked but we sure don’t want to get you upset by the goings on. Really sorry you have to actually get involved. Those darn kids!

If that is not your attitude towards this issue, prove it. Walk out of that Town Hall with the FBI and go to those homes and pull those children out and put them in safe Foster homes. Not all of them, just the ones that are living with the Registered Sex Offenders. Baby Steps. We’ll get around to the others later.

We’ll get around to arresting the Registered Sex Offenders, later. We’ll get around to investigating and criminally charging those in Tribal Social Services, The Tribal Council and the Tribal Courts and the BIA who enforced this system wide child abuse ring, and protected the predators, embezzled the funds… we’ll do all that later. Baby Steps. Babies.

No rush. Just babies. Hold some meetings. Talk about Fingerprint machines, technology, more funding that will never reach those it is intended for. Meanwhile, in Alabama… Flash Bang! Boom! Bang! Bang! All in a day’s work. Take a bow, FBI. Take a bow.

Now, there are so many other children that need you to rescue them. They are not in a bunker, they are in a snake pit. You know where they are. You know who has them. You know what is being done to them. You know you are protecting those who are hurting them, raping them, killing them, trafficking them. Is that what you signed up for?

Fake Ceremony Solution

The Hunka ceremony is commonly known as an ‘adoption’ ceremony. Up here, we do it with a Potlatch, but it is essentially the same thing. There is a lot of preparation that goes into it. Both families, the ones that are related by blood, and the ones they are ‘adopting’ into their family or clan, have to be present. It is not considered a “legal” adoption. It doesn’t adopt the way non Indian People see ‘adoptions’. It’s a ‘making relatives’ ceremony where you don’t leave your blood family, but you are added to another family.

Up here, the Potlatch is performed by the heads of the family of the Clan that is doing the adopting. It’s a way of saying: “Our clan is bigger now. We have more people.”

Hunka Ceremony should be performed by a bonafide spiritual leader: Medicine Man, Yuwipi Man. It is not the taking of a child from anyone. Rather, it is the adding of family to that child, or person. They never leave their family.

The reason I have explained all this is to give you an idea of how, when the corruption of Tribal Social Services became an issue, and there were so many children that were not accounted for in the system, or ‘misplaced’, then ‘Director’, Kevin Brownshield, aka “Dauphinais” decided to solve his paperwork problem with an act worthy of P.T. Barnum.

Right this way, suckers! We’re having a Hunka Ceremony! We can erase all these ‘problems’ by ‘giving these children away’.

Kevin, who had no business performing the ceremony, used it as a ‘legal’ adoption, which it was not, and gave children, about 40 of them, to families. Some good, some not so good. And none of these families has the requisite paperwork they need to get these children immunized, enrolled in school, onto insurance… nothing. Nor, are any of them getting the dollars the government is so gladly handing over to the Tribe for their care.

The parents of these children did not consent to their children being given away. One of the families that got a child would not qualify in a legal adoption, but they were and still are, very, very close friends with Kristy Wishinsky. Who cares if it was legal? If you have connections to people in high places, you can buy a child. It happens all the time.

I think that might have been the “placement” Kristy was bragging about being so proud of in that Puff Pastry Piece written by “the man who calls himself “Chuck Haga” awhile back. (He gets all pissy when I say he writes “Puff Pastry Pieces”, or I call him a “Stenographer” or “Cheerleader”: <wink> )

How do I know it happens all the time? Because I get the stories, from families who have had their children stolen from them, and given to strangers. Because no one is stopping it. How much does a newborn go for these days?

Oddly enough, that Hot Shot Strike Team sent in by the BIA, praised by Hoeven, didn’t seem to notice? It was July of 2011. You know, most ‘Strike Teams’ or even beginner Strike Teams, might notice that one day there are over 40 or so children abruptly disappeared from the paperwork, off the roles. Then again, this is the same Strike Team that didn’t think repeat Offender, Mark Little Owl, would be a problem as the new Director. Yes, the charges were outstanding at the time.

Say “Strike Team” and I get a “Team America” image, complete with bad acting, and marionette strings. A joke. A bad, sad, worthless joke. Let’s see if the kids are laughing, shall we? Nope, Not funny to them. Still crying.

Questions For Town Hall

Some of the Questions people should ask, when that Town Hall meeting happens, (and I will let you know soon as I know, unless The Man Who Calls Himself Chuck Haga, beats me to it. <wink>) are:

1. People should question the court appeal system, or lack thereof.

2. I think it would be interesting if someone would demand to know if Mark Littleowl is still working there, if he isn't, is he still being paid administrative leave?

3. People should also demand to know the legalities on Kevin Brownshields Hunka ceremony, these children have no legal paperwork yet?

4. Why was that ceremony allowed?

5. Why has there been no follow up?

6. When is the expected date that the children who are known to be residing/placed with known and registered Sex Offenders, will be rescued?

7. Will any of the sex offenders be arrested?

8. Will any of the claims of child rape, molest, incest ever be addressed?

9. Does the Government see First Nations Children as lesser people? Are they entitled to the same

protections and efforts to protect and rescue as say, a non Indian child in Alabama?

10. Will there be any investigation of the claims of Chairman Yankton’s relatives raping their children? Or are Tribal Chairman, Tribal Council families exempt from the laws?

11. Why has nothing been done to rectify the issues laid out in the Department of Interior’s own 11 page report issued April 20, 2012, covering the period from February 27- March 2, 2012?

12. Ask Hoeven and Heitkamp both individually if they had heard about any of these issues on Spirit Lake Reservation prior to being elected as Senators?

13. How many reports of rape and child rape, has the BIA Liaison Agent, Rodney “Rowdy” Cavenaugh filed in the past 10 years?

14. How many reports of Rape/child rape, has Bentley Greybear filed in the past 10 yrs?
There will be more questions, I am sure. But those should do for a start.

The Ugly Truth

We are faced with an ugly ongoing truth about child abuse, child rape, child trafficking in Indian Country. We are faced with an even uglier fact that the very government who is supposed to be protecting children, is in fact, aiding and abetting the criminals.

The Good People of Spirit Lake and other reservations are not only dealing with the corruption in their own leaders, but a Federal, State and Local law enforcement agencies that act not as Law Enforcers, but rather, as protectors of those committing the ugliest crimes against children and women in those communities.

The problem is not just limited to Spirit Lake. It is in almost every reservation in North America.
The same pattern of political corruption, Government indifference or worse, government hammering down anyone who tries to report these crimes, exists, like a template, everywhere.

The problem is not one that will be solved by the Tribe having new elections. None of the elections are credible to begin with. Pleas for the government to intercede on behalf of the people, are met with contempt and insult or mere indifference.

The people cannot ‘fix this problem in their community themselves’ because they did not cause this problem in their communities themselves. It is systematically Government enforced corruption and abuse.

Until we get absolute marked changes in ALL the agencies involved, from the TOP down, it will only get worse. We have evidence of those who retaliated against those who made reports of grave concern.

This, after ignoring reports that followed protocol, for decades. Those people in those high offices, are corrupt. It is clear.

Something you may not be aware of is how, in places of high power and authority, these abuses are not just tolerated, they are relished. They are global. Google: “Irish Laundries Sex Scandals” and you will see how children were mistreated, abused, raped, murdered, for decades in Ireland. All the while, those running those ‘Laundries’ (workhouses for poor and orphaned children) were considered “Pillars” of their community; honored, and revered.

Penn State, same thing. The predators and their protectors were worshipped as sports icons, political heavy weights, honorable men and women.

This doesn’t happen without people in very high places being involved. It can’t. They are the protectors of the perverts. Those without political protection are arrested and frog-marched in front of the cameras.

Reports to the government agencies were systematically ignored, for decades. They still are.
People in high places can protect their friends. Their friends can supply them with vulnerable children. Children are the currency of the powerful. They are the stacks of chips on the table while those elected, appointed and hired, trade, gamble, bet and indulge in them amongst their ‘peers’.
They procure for those whose favor they curry, or who demand it as job-keeping duty.

How else can this have become so ingrained in the system of the most powerful? What other reason for them protecting the predators, ignoring the children? Why? Can anyone answer that?

The Irish Laundries were closed for over 30 years before the stories were allowed to be heard. Suddenly, the government does a huge “mea culpa” and acts like they never knew. They knew.

England is reeling from the pedophile and necrophilia scandals attributed to just one man, Savile, who was the most popular man in show business over there for decades. No one touched him with an investigation while he was alive, but within a week of his death, suddenly, lost reports were ‘found’.

Reports came in, but investigations never happened. Why? Because people were connected in very high places, and they protected the abusers.

They didn’t dare risk taking him down while he was alive. He would have revealed too much about too many in high places.

Action is Required

We have got to change our priorities as a nation if we are to have a future with less crime, less rape, less addiction, less violence and less abuse. We have to make protecting the children a priority.

Not a speech, not a ‘mandate’, but action. We must insist that every claim of abuse is investigated. False claims must be thorough enough to clear the wrongly accused. Righteous claims must result in the arrest and trial of those accused.

These perversions only grow bigger and more wide-spread until they are taken down. It will take generations for this to heal. We’d better start now, or our grandchildren and their children will be the ones paying for it.

If we don’t even make the attempt to protect the children, especially after repeated, credible reports what are we expecting from those children? What will they become if they survive into adulthood? Addicts? Abusers? Criminals? Violent? Rapists? Drunks? Prostitutes? Suicides? Are we really expecting them, if they survive, to respect the same society that abandoned them and ignored their pleas for help?

Hundreds of Children on Spirit Lake Rez; Hundreds more on other reservations nearby; now, multiply that by all the reservations in North America, and even if you deduct the very few places where these problems are addressed appropriately and swiftly, you are still looking at tens of thousands of children, just on Native Reservations, being raped, beaten and abused, daily.

None of this would be happening if there was any legitimate enforcement of laws pertaining to children, domestic violence, or sex crimes.

We expect to see the FBI knocking down bunker doors to rescue children. We don’t expect them to be harassing people, intimidating people who report child sex crimes. But that is what they do in Indian Country. They protect the abusers. Like a mafia enforcement squad, they intimidate, harass.

We don’t expect our government to threaten, harass and intimidate those who make these reports. We don’t expect to see them treated as if reporting the problem is the problem.

The problem is the FBI, BIA, DOI are all Corrupt. Indian Country offers every delicacy and delight: Gambling, underage sex, child trafficking, drug trafficking… all making a lot of money and all that money buying a lot of powerful friends in high places.

If they are not being bribed or blackmailed, then they are, collectively, the most incompetent, unprincipled and unqualified to hold any office or badge. There is no other argument to be made for how this problem could be so wide-spread throughout Indian Country, so long term and ongoing, if not for corruption.

We have seen the Department of Interior exposed for incompetence and corruption. It wasn’t incompetence, it was corruption. Billions of dollars a year in our nation’s resources were given away for hookers and blow, to powerful corporations who made trillions off the leases over the decades.

Money we will never get back. The biggest robbery of the American People next to the Banking and Financial Institutions Scam, and no one has ever gone to jail for that. Get caught with a joint and do 10-20 yrs. Think about that.

The people we elect are out there, making stupid, horrendous laws that inflict insanity on us as a nation, and yet, they weaken the laws that are supposed to protect us--- because they personally and politically benefit from it. We lose, but they become millionaires over and over again.

These are the people who are overseeing the very agencies that are supposed to be protecting these children. But they are too busy protecting their donors and distracting us with horrendous laws they enact that protect no one.

Laws That Make Things Worse

Making abortions impossible to get, won’t stop abortions, North Dakota. It will just mean that more women die from the desperation of trying to get one. The poor women, that is. The ones that cannot afford another pregnancy for health or financial reasons, they will suffer and die. If that makes you feel good as a person, I pity you.

The ones who were raped or suffered incest, those are the people those laws are going to hurt. The wealthy will always have safe abortions. They always have. They always will.

Abortion was not made legal to cause abortions, it was to keep women from dying from illegal abortions. Women in desperate situations, trying to survive, making hard decisions, now, will risk dying horribly – because they are poor.

There will be more abortions, I can guarantee that. Closing Planned Parenthood, the sole supply of Birth Control, disease control/treatment and cancer screening for poor women, guarantees it.

Three friends of mine had their children through Planned Parenthood. Services they could not afford at the time. One was high risk pregnancy. All delivered healthy children who are now themselves, parents. Demonizing those who do the work you do not understand, is not you protecting children or babies. It’s you inflicting suffering on those already burdened.

Meanwhile, we have living, breathing children being tortured and tormented, raped and killed… and government really can’t be bothered with that. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Reality vs Image

But everyone in high places knows the secrets of others in high places. Judges know politicians, know police, know FBI Directors, know State Officials… the chain of corruption has many links.

This is what we have become. A nation that wants to believe the FBI is the one that rescues a little boy in Alabama, but the overwhelming evidence is that they are something else entirely. Something much darker. Something that, if not evil themselves, the puppets of pure evil.

What do you call it when they laugh at children being raped? What do you call it when they try to silence the whistle blowers? If that is not pure evil, the worst kind, tell me what is it?

Are there two FBI’s? One that rescues little boys in Alabama and the other that protects the child rapists in Indian Country?

Flash! Bang! Boom! In Alabama. Not even a knock on the door in Indian Country.

This is ours to do. We are all related.

You know where to find me.


PS: Hoeven's office will put out a new release either Friday or Monday. Seems people on the rez don't know what a 'Town Hall' means. (Everyone comes, not just specific few). Typically, the Rez calls them 'Assemblies' or "General Assembly". Way to know your Tribes, Hoeven. Remember: He was governor before he was Senator. You'd think he never stepped foot on a rez before.  His next release will be more informative and give date, time and place.  I urge EVERYONE involved in this issue, and especially everyone living on the rez, to show up.


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February 4, 2013  --- Printer Version (6)
Shaken Senator Syndrome

I watched Chris Berg’s “Hot Box” show on January 31th ( 630POV ) where he interviewed Senator Hoeven. Hoeven seemed very relaxed talking about the usual sort of things, and then Chris Berg asked him about Spirit Lake children and what has been done. He referenced the fact that there are now 11 (count ‘em E.L.E.V.E.N.) Mandated Reports issued by Tom Sullivan’s office now.

Now, I’m sure Senator Hoeven would have loved to be able to say that the children had finally been rescued and the Registered Sex Offenders who had them in their custody, had been arrested… but of course, he can’t say that because, well, they aren’t.

Hoeven, I swear I could see his upper lip bead up with sweat, the look of panic in his eyes, defensively (in my opinion) began to recite how they were working on it and the BIA had taken over, “Strike Team!”, and they had new fingerprint machines… but apparently, no political will to go in and rescue those children they KNOW are residing with up to three Registered Sex Offenders, in at least one case, and it is becoming more evident to everyone that NOTHING has been done to rescue any of those children.

It’s like watching a house burn down, calling the Fire Department and then playing croquet with them, but not even laying out the hoses so someone else can put out the fire if they want to. Worse, blocking any access to any other vehicle that would rescue those children.

And you thought Penn State was shocking? This is hundreds if not thousands of times worse. But like Penn State, very strong political connections guarantee the investigations will stall, stop, be thwarted.
Now ask yourself why they did that in Penn State’s case. Then ask yourself why they are doing that now, in this case.

You’ll figure it out. The answer will become more and more clear each time you ask it, each time you read some story about how they are ‘making progress’ “Strike Team” and now “New Fingerprint Machines”.

Be careful. Once you ask that question, the answers will come. You won’t like them, you won’t want to see them, but there they will be, standing right in front of you, sitting across the table from you, on the phone with you… you’ll know. Once you know, you can never ‘unknow’.

Truth is, none of the agencies want to rescue those children. Not the BIA which just funnels money into one corrupt Tribal Council after the other, never caring really, where any of it goes. Not the State, which pretty much does the same thing. Not the USAG’s office which, for some reason, despite websites and data bases that show them where the sex offenders and the children live, really don’t want to be bothered with them, until something really embarrassing happens, like they ‘get themselves murdered’ after being sexually tortured for hours – and their bodies show up.

Even then, they do their best to not investigate, to destroy evidence. Nowhere is this more evident than Spirit Lake Nation Reservation. It’s already happened there. It’s still happening there.

Thomas Sullivan seems to be the only person in all these agencies that is even trying to get something done. He appears to be the Lone Ranger on this, getting no help, but a lot of resistance from the very agencies he is reporting to--- over and over again.

How do I know this? Because we have the reports posted. We know to whom they have gone to and we know they have done nothing. We have seen those who have spoken up, after years and years of trying to pursue protocols, be retaliated upon.

The retaliation alone, should send up alarm bells in all of us. WHY would our government retaliate against anyone reporting a situation of corruption and abuse? Why did they ignore the reports that went through protocol all those years?

Simple: They are protecting the pedophiles. Not your run of the mill pedophiles, mind you. Those have only gotten lucky because the Feds, the State and the USAG is terrified of opening that can of worms, lest the dominoes start falling (I love to mix my metaphors) and lead right up the steps to some of the most important, most powerful people in our government.


Unless you can give me a reason, other than the one I just stated in ALL CAPS, this is the only conclusion that can be reached.

It is not beyond plausibility. A few years ago, a District Attorney in Texas blew out his own brains as the take down team was waiting outside his house to serve him a warrant for Child Luring. He thoroughly destroyed his computer’s hard drive just before he shot himself.

Who told him? Who gave him the Heads Up? Had to be someone in his department, the police department or the Judge’s office where the warrant was signed.

I suspect that if his hard drive had not been destroyed, someone along the line would have managed to lose or destroy it on orders from higher up. Maybe a lot higher up.

These things go on. We have to face it. It’s becoming very apparent that some very powerful people outside the rez, but in the machinery of our government and Justice System, are making sure none of those worms gets out of the can, none of those dominoes fall.

The price of protecting their reputations, and our need to believe they are good and decent, maybe even heroic individuals--- is children being raped, being sold, being stolen, being murdered.

They are paying the price so we don’t have to see either what is and has been going on, nor those who have been doing it.

If this was just “Indians” you can bet your last dime, this would have been over and done with, Day One.
Despite it being a snake pit of corruption and abuse, I must remind those who may think it’s hopeless; it is not. How do I know? Because of the courageous people who are risking their own personal safety, well-being and even their family’s safety by coming forward, speaking out. These are the heroes who want to save these children. These are the heroes who won’t shut up. Most of them live on the rez. They tell me there are good homes on the rez. Those children could be well-taken care of, nurtured and protected, but for the corruption that has apparently, turned agencies such as the FBI, which is supposed to be our last good guys, our ‘Elliot Ness’ times 10, 000, into enforcers for the ugliest of all crimes, hurting children, selling children, protecting the darkest of evils; pedophiles who enjoy the endless, easy access to any child they want, for as long as they want.

What we have on Spirit Lake Nation is True Evil. We also have True Good, battling them, but the government is not on the side of Good. They want to act like they are doing all they can, but I think, by now, we all can see that Hoeven and the rest of them are just doing some song and dance.

The lyrics of their tune never answer the questions. Those steps they show off, never go anywhere.

Tell me: If you knew that there was a house down the street where Registered Sex Offenders were holding children for their own entertainment, and you reported it to the police, what would you expect and how long would you expect for it to take?

Would you phone up weeks or months later and be told that they are doing all they can and they have a new ‘Fingerprint Machine’ to make sure this never happens again, while it is still ongoing and you can see it?
No. You would have expected, by now, all of these agencies, especially the FBI, to suit up, go to those houses, pull those children out and put them into a safe home. A real home.

Money Makers

Children are worth money. Lots and lots of government money. That’s where the corruption comes in. There are children, at least 30, perhaps over a hundred, who are still unaccounted for on that rez. What happened to them? Where are they?

Shall we accept that it is just ‘bad paperwork’? Not with the child selling that goes on. They must be found. Or their bodies must be found. Tribal Social Services had those children in their care, on their books, and suddenly, they were gone. There for one report, missing the next with no explanation.

And now, I see, in South Dakota, there is a huge group home for children in Foster Care. WTF? Yes, a huge complex where children are essentially ‘dormed’ like cattle, only with carpeting and a few amenities. A prison environment. Why do I say that? Because these children belong in Foster HOMES, not in massive institutions, funded by government, where children are warehoused. There are homes for these children and there are especially homes for these children on their own reservations.

Suddenly, a business model pops up and takes Indian Children in? Away from their homes, their culture, their communities? Does this ring a bell folks? It should. It’s just another, more sanitized rendition of “Residential Schools”. It’s wrong. And trust me, if the BIA is overseeing this, from what I have seen of their active corruption, those kids are not safe there.

But, someone is making a whole lot of money off that head count.

It would not surprise me to see some of the very same names on that paperwork as I have seen throughout this whole slog of child abuse. Prove me wrong.

You can’t. The BIA has to be involved. So does the State. We have seen the BIA at work. We know what they do.

I see that Kevin Dauphinais is using his “Brownshield” name and posting on FB “Incident At Devil’s Lake” page that he and his family have been wanting this case (Eddie Peltier’s Murder) to have the Truth come out for years. I laughed and laughed and laughed! He is so involved with the Turdclan and the corruption out on that rez, the last thing in the world that he wants is for that house of cards to have even a slight breeze on it.

In fact, given that he has been the most corrupt of all the Tribal Social Services players in this, the Tribal Council, chaired by his best friend, Roger Yankton, they never refer to him by name when they talk about the problems that are embarrassing them now with “People asking Questions”. They only refer to him as ‘The Director’.

I guess they don’t want that name: “Brownshield” out there where it can be Googled and connected to other ‘incidents’ such as his uncle ripping off the LIHEP and tribal funds with his propane business. Or the fact that his sister, Clarice, is on Tribal Council and is aiding and abetting his corruption, even to this day. And then there are an assortment of odd ‘businesses’ that might show up with a Google Search… all of them very questionable in my book. In any book.

He steals millions from the government but has no fear whatsoever, of being investigated. He did at first, but clearly, he can now carry on, go where he pleases, carry his bag full of cash from bank to bank. And of course, standing ‘united’ with those who are trying to free an Innocent man, Richard LaFuente.

See how all this gets tangled up together?

The Turdclan and their friends, murdered Eddie Peltier. They concocted a bizarre, ever changing scenario of what happened, where, who was there, was not there… and framed 11 innocent men for their murder. They had help from some powerful, greedy, corrupt people in government.

Now, those same people freely run the rez, taking millions in Tax Dollars, answering to no one. Those same people and their families and some friends, are raping children, murdering children, selling children.

And those same powerful government agencies don’t dare make a move against them for this. If they do, the Turdclan whom they are now protecting, will turn on all of them, revealing some of the most vile and corrupt behaviors of powerful people in high places.

We don’t know who they all are. But it is my guess that when they are revealed, we are all going to be vomiting in disgust, and betrayal. They will be people we thought we could respect. They may even be very prominent citizens. They are, all of them, cringing every time this blog comes out. Always afraid that someone in their ranks, or in their families will decide that today is the day they quit protecting them.

Worse, they know that if the Turdclan is held accountable for Eddie’s murder, and other murders, those vile cretins will reveal everything they know. Poopsie has promised / threatened that “If I go down, I will take EVERYONE with me.”

And he will.

Recently, Todd Trotter’s Documentary on Eddie’s Murder and the Trial, “Incident At Devils Lake” www.incidentatdevilslakemovie.com has posted ALL the Trial Transcripts.

They are all in PDF format. You scholars can download them and read them for yourselves. You can see this was not a fair trial. You can see that the judge was heavily biased. You can see that the ‘witnesses’ were coerced, lying.

Now, if you want to bring down the Octopus that has, for generations, murdered, abused and robbed, and is now raping and killing babies, you can get involved in several ways:

You can continue to put heavy, demanding pressure on the elected officials, Hoeven and Heitkamp as well as Tim Purdon’s (USAG) office, and anyone else you can think of and demand they rescue those children, arrest those pedophiles. They have the reports, they know who they are, where they are.

You can do that. Public Officials are paid by us. They are elected by us. They answer to US.
The other thing you can do, is shake up their world from the other end: Donate to the Incident At Devils Lake Movie so the documentary can be completed.

Either way, you’ll be making them all sweat bullets. Those of you who can do both? Even better.

You know where to find me.

~Cat West


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