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Your Chairman is a murderer. Good luck with that.

Your Chairman is a murderer. Good luck with that.

NOTE: "*" indicates a corrected or ammended posting.

Ronin's own Website The most basic money laundering/ponzi scam rivaling Maddoff

Free Peltier Now Worth a read


Write to me if you have any thoughts you'd like to share, information you want me to have or a correction to any information you see here.  I respond to all emails.  CAT  NOTE: I reserve the right to NOT respond to whack jobs that waste my time.

Eddie's GraveIt is as much about the ongoing events and behaviors of those who murdered Eddie Justice Freedom by Racual Hiebert(and others)  on the Fort Totten Reservation, North Dakota today as it is about how it was that night Eddie was murdered.  How the ongoing criminal enterprise continues to flourish unabated and without a single response from the Justice Department.  Well, not surprising on that!  They would have to investigate themselves and how some of their elite were directly involved and have prospered from the corruption that exists, protected and funded by US Tax Dollars.

Even if you don't live on the Rez, it's your money, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.  You owe it to yourself to peek in once in awhile and see what you are paying for

Texas Monthly Magazine has done a feature on this case. Here is the Latest story: December 2011 Read the October, 2006 Issue.  OR, go to the online version.  Michael Hall went to the rez and saw for himself.



The Documentary being made about this murder, focusing on the investigation and the trial:

Incident At Devils Lake  Watch the trailer. Donate to get this made. We Can do this! Everyone who pledged last time, please, come back and do it again. We KNOW we can make it this time! Thank you! And, Thank you Todd Trotter for putting this project on the go!


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Rube Goldberg
Reuben Garrett Lucius "Rube" Goldberg was an American cartoonist, sculptor, author, engineer and inventor. He is best known for a series of popular cartoons depicting complex gadgets that perform simple tasks in indirect, convoluted ways. Wikipedia


January 28, 2013 ---Printer Version (6)
Making It Complicated

Rube Goldberg, as the Wikipedia describes him, was a genius at engineering worthless contraptions. They all “worked” in that the Sun would come up, the rooster would crow, the Hen would lay an egg, which would fall into a holder, which would then spin 180 degrees, trip a lever, which would release a spring, which would hit a domino, which would send a chain of falling dominos over ramps and even around corners, the last one hitting a switch, which would turn on a light.

He could take the most simple task that would only take 1, 2 or 3 steps to complete, and create a dazzling, mind-bending array of moves, 20, 30, 50 steps required… probably more. It was an art form. It was a mental exercise. It was totally silly.

That sort of deliberate, methodical complexity was breath-taking in its day. In a way, it still is, only we call it by other names; Waste of Time, Waste of Taxpayer Money, Smoke & Mirrors… all in all, the same series of wild motions, each with the sole purpose of NOT going directly at the problem. Further, each step costs money because each step is managed by even more bureaucracy and redundancy.

The only real difference between a Rube Goldberg contraption, and the song and dance artists at the BIA, FBI, DHHS, IHS and the rest of the Alphabet Soup is this: Eventually, Goldberg’s motions all accomplished a simple task, while all these movements by a very corrupt system are designed to not accomplish anything, but rather, to exhaust anyone trying to navigate the curves, turns, switchbacks, chutes and ladders.

When I hear anyone from the Tribe, BIA or any of the State, County or Federal Agencies, in response to the Question: “Have you rescued any of the children you KNOW are housed with REGISTERED SEX OFFENDERS?” Or: “HAVE YOU ARRESTED EVEN ONE OF THOSE SEX OFFENDERS?” give a long, boring, detailed description of what they ARE doing: “Applying for more funding, so we can get new Fingerprinting Equipment so we can stop this from happening in the future…” I see a Rube Goldberg Contraption that will never ever complete the simple task.

They are refusing to rescue those children. They are refusing to arrest known sexual offenders. They are refusing to investigate charges of child rape, child abuse, assault, domestic assault… but they do want more money so they can get a new fingerprint machine, so they can ask for more money so they can train people on how to use the fingerprint machine, so they can… wait… what? Over there, in that house, Three Registered Sex offenders have children, small children, living with them… how complex does opening a door have to be?

These same, overly complicated minds find no problem in showing up at the homes of people who are protecting and caring for children, and snagging them out without warning, without hearings, without cause.

We saw last month where an infant was stolen from a family by the Tribal Police on orders from the same Tribal Social Services who can’t find the Registered Sex Offenders (addresses listed on State Websites, and on Police lists), can go into a home and grab an infant as ‘retaliation’ for that family standing up and standing behind another family member who DARED voice a complaint against the Tribal Chairman or any of the other Corrupt, over-paid despots.

Be convicted of child rape? No problem. You can keep your kids and we will give you more children. Speak up about the corruption? Well, we can go into your home and steal your child and really, there is nothing you can do about it. The BIA, the FBI, they are the thug enforcers and they just laugh at you. Now, hush.

Shaking The Tree of Corruption

Mark Little Owl’s arrest earlier this month shook up a lot of people who had, all these decades, been able to rely on the general apathy of the public at large to not notice, nor care if they did, any crimes committed by those who draw their power from the rez.

Since True History has never been taught in any of our schools, no one really understands what is going on in Indian Country. Stereo types and assumptions will do just fine. People have no idea how ignorant they are when they say things like “They chose to live there..” as if people living on the rez should expect to be mistreated and the rest of us should condemn them for being mistreated, rather than all of us coming together to teach and learn what is really happening, how it got this way, and what we can do, collectively, to remedy the problems.

Those who benefit the most from that ignorance are the first to yell “Racist!” at anyone that is digging to get to the truth. Anyone helping to turn over the rocks and revealing the stink beneath them, is a threat. Many people decide they don’t want to be called racist, so they back off.

Never let a lie about who you are, what you are doing or why you are doing it, stop you from doing what you know is right.

The greater media attention has brought more light and sharper focus to the issues in Spirit Lake Nation, White Earth Reservation, and a few others. We are, collectively, beginning to see a pattern of corruption, supported not by an inept system, but rather by a strategically corrupt system that acts inept, in order to deflect guilt.

If the problems were only in one place, only one time events, we might be persuaded to believe that. But we can see, in all these reservations where these issues exist, and they exist in most of the reservations, not just a few, that the government at all levels, responds to cover the crime, protect the criminal, harass, intimidate the victims, and “keep the lid on” so no one outside looks at this and sees what it is.

The BIA and their “Strike Team” were one such hoax played upon ND and all taxpayers in general. What did they ‘strike’, exactly? Certainly not the front door where children are forced to live with registered sex offenders. And, under their amazing on-site presence, Mark Little Owl was hired. A man with a criminal history that had not yet been cleaned over. I’d still like to know how he got those convictions erased. For an ‘innocent man’ his repeat behaviors have been legendary… and earned him yet another arrest.
Meanwhile, he sits in a hotel room that costs the tribe $200-300 per day. He pays no rent.

Think about that.

And he gets paid while he waits for his trial. Think about that.

Tribal Council claims they are not using the Tribe’s Attorneys to defend him… but have they hired outside council to defend him? Who, exactly is paying his legal fees? They’ve hired outside council in the past, despite having one or more law firms on permanent retainer, so that would be nothing new.

Then again, at $200-300 per night, roughly $6,000 – 9,000 extra pocket change per month for mister Little Owl, what’s the difference? Oh, at that multi-year contract? What’s that going to cost the Tribe if he goes to jail? It won’t be cheap.

Tribal Council never posts any of the expenses they incur. No one ever gets an accounting for how their money is spent. No one.

But now, somehow, this time, this arrest, people on the outside heard about it. Light is squeaking into those dark rooms. Doors are being pried open and snakes are crawling, writhing in discomfort at being discovered.

We are, collectively, less and less dazzled by the complexity of going nowhere. We want answers. This system of corruption follows the same exact pattern in every Reservation where there are government agencies unwilling to even pretend to do their jobs.

I am disgusted with Bentley Grey Bear for his abusive behavior. His Father’s Ghost should have a word or two with him. That he, as a police officer, decided that a 13-yr old girl who was raped, had consensual sex because the 30+ yr old man said she ‘wanted it’, and refused to investigate it as a rape, gives me even more insight into that slimy core where once a man was growing, but instead, worms took over. It’s not rape if the Rapist says she wanted to be raped? I gave up on Bentley, long, long ago. I think he gave up on himself, long before I did. He is an abuser so naturally, he would take the rapist’s side in this.

He is but a twig on a giant tree of corruption. He’s small fry. He’s so bad, he stinks, but he is far from the worst out there.

I can’t find who said it, but the saying goes: “Many will strike at the branches of the tree of corruption, but few will strike at its roots.” I think it was Edmund Burke. Not sure.

None of this would be happening on the rez, on any rez, if people in powerful positions of authority were not desiring it to be exactly this. And if those who like to keep the power, also like to keep us ignorant of our own True History, so we don’t see:

1.) How this all began
2.) How this affects all of us
3.) Where this will all lead--- and most importantly,
4.) Who benefits from this by power, position, and great wealth.

Think about it: Who hangs out together? Whom do these politicians and Government Agency Heads socialize with? Whom do the Judges socialize with? Who is at these big shiny fundraisers?

You think they don’t know what is going on? If they didn’t, by now, especially after Penn State, they would be trying to find out. Especially since the crimes are the ugliest kind and affect every aspect of our future: Economically, health, and safety.

They know. They are the ones pushing the levers telling the FBI to go out there and shut this thing up. They are the ones telling the BIA to silence the whistle blowers. They aren’t saying “Fix this! Protect those Children!” Because if they were, it would have been done by now. They are the ones with influence. They cultivated that influence over years, decades, generations. It’s what they live for.

Somebody wants us only to look at Fighting Sioux Logo as the only resonating issue within the First Nations Community. It isn’t. Those who are leading that charge, beating that dead horse, if they are fighting for a logo, are doing so with far more energy and vigor than if they were fighting for the life of a child. Notice how the Fighting Sioux Logo team never speaks up about the children?

Doesn’t that just seem weird? Never. About. The. Children. But, they will fundraise and use Tribal Dollars to fight that logo in court. Lose that battle, appeal it, lose that battle, dig it up and try and ride that horse again… all of this costs money.

Media is happy to put cameras and microphones in front of them. If they are lucky, they get to see feathers, and hear them drum and sing an Honor Song. Wow.

Widow Stalking

Delores Yankton is the recently widowed woman, who, unfortunately for her, was married to the Uncle of the Turdlings. Giles Yankton passed away and right at the funeral, Jackie Yankton started yelling in Delores’s face.

Shortly thereafter, Roger started making threats that he’s going to take all the property for himself, and Giles had a lot of property. Nice property.

But Giles had watched the Turdclan in action back when his brother, their father had passed away. James Yankton, Sr. had been split up from Turdmother for 28 years or so, and married to Pearl during most of that time. Pearl was in her 80’s, in a wheelchair at James Senior’s funeral. James pushed her around and was quietly making threats to her, starting then. He and his brothers fought to take every last dime from that old woman. They have enough corrupt government agents and I am sure, judges, that they made what was left of her life, hell on wheels.

Giles saw that. He was, apparently, no fan of the Turdlings. He took his wife to the lawyer and they put her name on everything he owned. EVERYTHING.

But that is not stopping Roger from making threats directly to Delores about how he’s taking it all. How he’s going to grab her around her neck and throw her out of her house and take it for himself. He’s the chairman, he can do that. Who’s going to stop him? Bentley? BIA and their laughable ‘Strike Team’? (I always think of that puppet movie, “Team America” when I hear about the BIA and their ‘Strike Team’)

How do I know all of this? Because I’m hearing it from people I know and people I have never heard from. So many of you have sent me the face book postings by Delores, and told me the story, and it all matches, that I have to believe it is a real threat.

“Delores Yankton 3 hours ago ·
I think i should share this with my facebook friends just in case something happens to me,,"like an accident of any kind" Roger Yankton approched me at the casino yesterday and informed that he was coming to my house and "throw me out in the yard" well, for 20 yrs i shared this house with my husband and he put my name on everything we own. I also have recording surveillance cameras in both of my front and back yards. I think I will start posting



She can’t stay locked up in her house forever. She has to get out, do her shopping, socialize. She knows they will kill her if they want to. I guess being that close to the Turdlings, all these years, she has seen what they do, and how easy they get away with it.

Many of you have asked me to post those two items. There are several more, but those two convey it pretty well. Thank you all, who have contacted me to give me the details.

So, really, no one is safe out there. Not the children, not the Elderly, not the recently widowed.
You sort of get an image in your mind of what life is like for those who survive long enough to be terrorized when they are again, most vulnerable.

Is that what we are paying all those government agencies to do? Protect that kind of violence?

The Rooster is crowing, dominoes are falling, levers are being pushed hard, … will the light switch come on?

It will if we demand from our elected that they do a full investigation of the corruption, violence and involvement of the very agencies that should be protecting people, them and us, from the violence; then, now and the future that results from their actions.

We are ALL Related.

You know where to find me.




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January 23, 2013---Printer Version (6)
Bad Lighting

Sorry that the lighting was so bad in my Skype interview with Chris Berg's Show last night. I should have moved everything to the kitchen. Also, the bandwidth hog has been lectured so I can have a better connection, should the opportunity arise again.

I think it is very important and very relevant to all of us, not just those who live on the rez under the oppressive corruption which seems to thrive with Government Agencies not only covering up that corruption, but encouraging it and funding it; and not just the surrounding communities that are affected by the Human wreckage created from decades, nay, GENERATIONS of that corruption, but to us as a Nation, and as a society as a whole, that we actually become proactive in pushing all levels of government to take action that serves to improve the lives of people.

As well, in order to do that, we must keep media on a standard of informing us so that we can educate ourselves and research issues that have an effect on our lives and the lives of future generations. Ignorance is not bliss; it’s confusion.

I am always grateful when I see any media covering issues that require real research, real digging and real courage in standing up to some of the most powerful in Corporate circles or Government itself.

In A Bad Light

NOTE: GFH leads their story with this little gem:

“An internet public records site operated by the state incorrectly showed a 2004 assault conviction for Mark Little Owl, director of Tribal Social Services at Spirit Lake. That case was dismissed, as were two similar charges brought in 2009, according to the clerk’s office at Grand Forks District Court.”

Hmmmm…. Really? So, it was standing as convictions when he was hired? But has since been ‘corrected’? Sure. It still means he was, as far as anyone knew up until now, convicted. Why was he hired before this was ‘corrected’? How long before the current charges result in a conviction and then later ‘corrected’? I’m keeping an eye on this one. I’m a blogger. I can do that.

That is a correction from their earlier lead, which made no mention of Little Owl’s previous convictions. Talk about needing to do ‘research’ before you post an article! Very, very sloppy, Fargo Forum. Very.

Both versions are, as of this posting, continuing to run. So some people will see the updated version,

Others will see the previous version. (http://www.grandforksherald.com/event/article/id/254634)

Here’s hoping they fix that so no one ‘gets confused’, by the time someone reports this blog to them. (Honestly, boys, I can’t keep doing all your work for you! <smile>)

Today, GF Herald has a story about Mark Little Owl being arrested. Mark Little Owl has a history of violence, abuse, stalking of women. It’s a well-known behavior and history, which, for some reason, Tribal Council and ‘Chairman Yankton’, chose to ignore when they put him in charge of Tribal Social Services. It was also ignored by a Writer who calls himself Chuck Haga, when he either did no research on his subject or decided it was not relevant to his story when he did that huge write up on Mark Little Owl’s great work at fixing the ills of Tribal Social Services.

Haga likes to say that he writes what he hears from people. (Sounds like a blogger to me. <wink> ).

He first became very annoyed with me when I called a piece he wrote on how great it was to live on the rez, how safe it was for children, by doing a story on Paul Matheny, who does not live on the rez, nor do his children attend the schools there.

He included in that piece, Kristi Wishinsky, a mistress of Matheny, and who has a son by him, praising her own work in Tribal Social Services--- all this without mentioning that Ms. W had a criminal history (see documents page of this website for Wishinsky’s rap sheet), which included Felony Child abuse, neglect, drug convictions, etc. She sounded positively noble in the piece he wrote, despite the fact that she, as a convicted felon, and with Child Abuse no less, was disqualified from having that job in the first place.

I called his work “Puff Pastry”. Apparently, that lit him up. He didn’t seem to think that her ‘ancient history’ was relevant to the story.

Same way as he didn’t think to mention in his “Walking Tall” descriptor of James Yankton, “A burly man, former tribal police officer..” that he was in fact, more like Jabba the Hutt, had been fired for corruption from the Tribal PD, and was fired from the casino for failing drug tests.

I guess it interfered with the narrative. Haga used to be a “Prose writer”, whatever that means, For the Star Tribune before they went through a massive layoff and restructuring. Unless of course, there is more than one Chuck Haga out there and the other one worked for the Star Trib.

In his closing piece on Mark Little Owl, Haga puts in that little dig about how Little Owl claimed (and since then, Haga has claimed)

“Little Owl faulted what he said were “false allegations” and negative media reports for making it more difficult for the tribe to address its acknowledged deficiencies. He said it had hampered recruitment of the professionals the tribe desperately needs.”

I’m not sure, but I find the irony and hypocrisy in that one statement to give me fits and giggles.

I suspect, and I may be paranoid here, * looks around, lifts cushions, looks under chair * I think he’s talking about how the blog is ‘fanning that divide’… you know, by exposing the rank corruption and demanding action at the Federal/State levels.

Ok, so, if it’s my fault (me being the Blog) that Tribal Social Services hired another criminal, who later only recently had his record ‘corrected’ but who is again accused of the exact same behaviors from those previous charges, conviction-corrected, because my blog made it difficult for them to recruit… I’ll accept that. I know it is hard to recruit a qualified parade when someone warns people that the road ahead is a minefield. Smart people tend to stay away.

So, whose fault was it that Kevin Dauphinais was hired? And Kristi Wishinsky and a whole string of other criminals? Blame the Blog because you are in a bad light now? Or did you put yourself in a bad light long before I ever hit the keyboard?

If, for some reason I am the one responsible for Mark Little Owl or his inability to do his job, who was responsible for his predecessors? Who is responsible for his behaviors? I see a sea of collective shrugs coming from the Editorial Staff at the Fargo Forum. It’s probably ‘not relevant’ to anything they are doing right now, anyway.

And, running a slam fest on the blog, as Haga did last weekend, though he claims that the ‘center of his piece was the ‘11th mandated report’, served as a way of distracting people, in general, from the fact that we now have 11 MANDATED REPORTS OF SEXUAL ABUSE, CHILD ENDANGERMENT on the rez.

He chose a petty, unprofessional path and is now stewing in his own sauce over it. I am relatively certain that since the charges against Little Owl were most likely already fed via law enforcement press data base of some sort to the Fargo Forum, Haga knew this story was coming a week earlier. I wonder if he was trying to set it up to where somehow, he could point the finger elsewhere? Why does Haga always seem to feel it is important to minimize the criminal past of people he reports on, given that their positions would make it a ‘need to know’ item about them and their qualifications? Why does he need to blame or ‘insinuate’ that the blog is ‘fanning the divide’ which somehow is the cause of these problems on the rez?

How does any of that make sense? How does exposing child abuse, child rape, rampant corruption, make me or any writer, in any way, responsible for the difficulties that come therefrom?

I don’t know. We’d have to ask him, and his editors at the Fargo Forum as to why they chose to go that route, rather than to cover the story directly.

Now, when I see Haga’s name on a byline, I see an overgrown man, with a beard, in a cheerleading outfit, pom poms, and a megaphone cheering on the most corrupt and despicable individuals with boundless energy. I wonder if he feels he belongs to their team? He may not be running the ball, but he sure is selectively cheering them on.

When I asked him about his accusing me of ‘fanning the divide’, his excuse was that he ‘hears that from some people’. I’m telling you, the man should be a blogger! He doesn’t question how, or even try to make it make sense… he just prints it because ‘he hears it from some people’. (I smell Pulitzer Prize!)

It’s all a distraction, like the pickpockets that work the crowd with silly antics while their accomplices rob the distracted audiences. This is not about Haga and it is not about me, or my blog.

The focus should be on the fact that there are children on the rez now, this minute, being raped. They are in the clutches of REGISTERED SEX OFFENDERS who are known to the Tribe, the State, and the Federal Government.

Either The Man Who Calls Himself Chuck Haga doesn’t know what he is doing and should not be taken seriously--- or he knows precisely what he is doing and should be looked at very closely.

The absolute stupidity in Chairman Yankton, whose own relatives are allegedly the ones hurting many of these children, saying that he is doing all he can, but he needs more funding… and going on about getting new equipment, fingerprinting, helping in the future… what kind of unmitigated nonsense is that?

THEY ALREADYT KNOW WHO THESE PEOPLE ARE, WHERE THEY LIVE, AND WHAT CHILDREN ARE IN THEIR CUSTODY. It doesn’t take ‘more funding’ and ‘new equipment and training’… but, there is no crime out there to which the Tribal Council will not twist into a request for more money.

While we are on the subject: Mark Little Owl was never hired because of anything I said or did or wrote. He is, however, a very close friend with Ericka Yankton, and she is also a ‘social worker’. Would any of that ‘Ancient History’ (present day) be relevant to the topic of corruption in the Tribal Social Services? Anyone? Guesses?

Turning On Lights

ALL this corruption, and the pattern of hiring criminals, goes way back. Our Tax Dollars have been funding this corruption and our Government Agencies have refused to oversee, audit, or enforce any of the regulations and laws that would prevent it, stop it, or investigate it, for decades.

So, you see, the problem is not the rez on its own. The problem is System-Wide. It runs like a muddy flooding river, touching every community, every pocket book without exception.

Someone, or several “someones” are profiting from this. This is not ‘incompetence’. This is clearly an ongoing, system-wide criminal organization that reaches into every level of government, politics, and Justice.
This is not ‘racism’. Anyone who tries to play that card is full of crap. This is not about the Good People of Spirit Lake being corrupt. It is about them being horrifically oppressed and abused by the most egregious, corrupt Tribal Council with the backing and support of the FBI and the BIA.

The best, the brightest, and the most courageous people I have ever met or heard from live on that rez. It is full of good, decent people struggling against overwhelming odds of government protected, enforced corruption, and they are the ones getting the information to me. They are the ones risking everything, including personal safety, to get this information out. We owe it to them, The Good People of Spirit Lake, and to their children and our own, to get into this, clean it up and fix it.

Lights are being turned on, and ugly abuses, horrendous crimes are coming into view. We are seeing the shapes and forms of corruption, and the slime trails that connect throughout the system and we must act to clean this up. It’s ugly.

Many would rather just go behind us and turn the lights off. They don’t want to see. They can’t wrap their minds around what is really happening and I don’t blame them. It is overwhelming. But one thing we should all know is this: It is not beyond our ability, collectively, to not only turn on these lights, but to hold accountable, everyone in government by constant pressure of our voices, media and Social Media, until they act to clean this up.

We don’t need clown shows of GOP trying to smear Obama with these stupid ass ‘hearings’ that are based on utter bullshit and hypocrisy. There are real, substantial issues that can be brought out into the light of day and put on the Hot Seat.

Yes, it will also affect both parties. It will be revealed that this has been sanctioned by the most powerful in our government, for decades. THAT is what needs to be done.

Heidi Heitkamp is the new Senator for ND. She has pretty much turned her nose up at even looking at this issue, much less taking a stand on it. But, she works for us now. ALL of us. I don’t care which corporations, or special interests funded her election. She answers to us. Start contacting her and demand that she order, schedule, promote a FULL SENATE HEARING on the 11 MANDATED REPORTS.

Let’s start with something small, like Child Rape. More will be revealed as the rocks are turned over. We can do this together. We cannot do this alone. Nor can we do this divided and fragmented by petty politics. We cannot do this by name calling and we cannot do this by waiting for someone else to do it for us. This is OURS to do—all of us.

This is where our focus should be. Forget the Fargo Forum and the petulant prose writer. Forget the Blog. It’s not about me. This is about ALL of us, and what we can do now.

THIS is the issue that affects our lives, and determines whether the future is better for all of us, or if it is much, much scarier.

We’ve been in the dark long enough.


You know where to find me.


PS: I hear that Spirit Lake Nation was chosen to Represent by marching in the Inaugural Parade, and that the Tribal Council received funding for the trip, and for their families to go with them… and they took the money and never showed up. The blurb about it had to be taken off their website. Can’t even show up to Represent? I’m sure there is a very good reason for that, and that the money will be refunded by those who took it. <sarcasm> Just another embarrassment for the tribe.

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January 21, 2013
Pickpocket Programing
---Printer Version (5)

The Street Performer picked his target: a man in a suit, wearing glasses and looking pretty darn intelligent. He fast-talked him, the crowd giggled and laughed, and the man kind of liked the attention.

The chatter, most of it meaningless, was distracting as was the performance which appeared to be bumbling as the Street Performer, a 3rd Generation pickpocket Artist, deftly removed the man’s tie, watch, wallet, one of his shoe laces and changed hats with him, in deceivingly slick, smooth moves that the target never felt, realized so there was no way he could know how he was being made a fool of.

The crowd roared with delight as at the end, the Performer revealed, one-by-one, each item that had been removed.

They were all returned to him, and the audience applauded.

The Art and skill of Misdirection is key to all deceptions.

Easy Targets

We are, by design, easily deceived. We believe that what we perceive is in fact true, and we never question it. So we really know. Unless that is, we bring ourselves to question what we are being told on media and what we are taught in school, church, or by our social groups.

Few of us will take the steps to actually question the validity of assumptions taught to us, which then become our assumptions, taught to others, because the very act of asking pertinent questions strikes a discordant note among our peers or in any group we are seeking respect from.

This is how, for the most part, we believe a false history of our own nations, and our biases against ‘others’ is cultivated to separate us from connecting to others. We lose the ability to think critically; criticize constructively, or even discuss in a meaningful way, opinions based on facts.

We become less informed, separated from our awareness by subtle moves designed to mislead us into more assumptions or to not look where we need to look because say, for instance, instead of news, we are fed details about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s pregnancy.

I never knew nor cared about them. I never watch reality shows. I know that being famous for being famous has replaced any kind of status for accomplishment or talent, and yet, I know they are pregnant because every media has to find the time to inform me.

I do not know about the many oil spills, pipeline ruptures, government corruption, outrageously insane remarks made by judges, nor about the laws being proposed to ensure that a rapist has the say over whether or not a woman he raped can obtain any medical help that might thwart a potential pregnancy--- unless I put myself into an environment and have the time to research what is really going on, that affects real lives, including mine and those that I care about in this world.

I have to, we all have to, if we want to know or understand or have our questions about any of the relevant issues/information, take it upon ourselves to research and get more information, get that validated by primary sources. Most of us do not have the time. We are, therefore, easily led.

We are fed emotionally charged nonsensical rhetoric, combined with other nonsensical rhetoric, none of which is even questioned. Anyone who dares ask a relevant question is shouted down and the question is never, ever answered.

What does having the rich pay their fare share of taxes have to do with taking guns that should only be used in combat, out of circulation? The NRA conflates the two as if equal, and then makes the senseless argument that the President’s children should not have protection of the Secret Service unless all children have the exact same protection.

Those who applaud such Performance Art have just been separated from their senses.

We elect legislators to make laws and keep a balance of justice and fair play in our country, but too many of them not only do nothing, but do damage to the infrastructure, safety net, civil support systems we have. They declare that government is not working and then set out to make sure it can never work.

Meanwhile, they try to say that women cannot get pregnant from rape unless they wanted to be raped or wanted to be pregnant. Paul Ryan just sponsored a bill to ensure that a rapist has the right to deny his victim any access to health care that might thwart any potential for pregnancy that rape would convene. Women vote for that ass?

We are in a state of economic fragility brought on by a squandered surplus, which was taken from us in order to make sure the super wealthy pay less than we do, and get way more in advantages--- and then the media barks that the man who comes to put out the fire is responsible for the arson.

Facts and charts do not have any effect on that mindset. They have a lot of anger over being robbed, and they don’t want to risk being rejected by their circles of like-minded non-thinkers, so they misdirect their anger and have some of the most vile, obscene media personalities to drive it for them.

Rush Limbaugh, the day after Sandy Hook shootings of little kids: “Excrement happens.” He then mocked the families and the children when Obama (that really EVIL OBAMA) signed into law, by Executive Order (Because Congress is obstructed and will do nothing) sweeping changes to the Gun Laws. No one gets one gun taken away. No one. All guns that are deemed ‘Assault Weapons’ that are presently owned, will be grandfathered in. But the owners must register them. Oh the horrors! And worse! They have to pass a background check to be sure they are not felons, not mentally unstable. AGONY! So, do you want felons and the mentally unstable to have those weapons?

And now, as we continue to beg Congress to pass the Jobs Bill that they refuse to pass for over 3 yrs now, we all applaud because, after only 80 days they managed to pass a relief Bill for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. They wanted to cut Social Security and Medicaid to ‘offset’ that relief because ‘spending’ is a problem--- not ‘revenue’ which they cut by trillions.

We reasonable people say ok, if you want to cut entitlements, lets start with the Oil Subsidies, which are several times greater than all the other welfare to the poor, disabled, veterans and children, combined. NO!!!!

And now we see lands being taken from private owners, without their consent, and pipelines installed without regard for the environment, despite the piss poor record these companies have on pipeline safety, which we never hear about because we have an endless stream of celebrity gossip that is much more vital, from Paris Hilton (so yesterday!) to Lindsay Lohan (always a crowd pleaser) to now, Kardashian knocked up. You were looking over there, but over here, your shoelaces were being untied!

We see protests over the abuses of the environment which concern us all, and they are given what? 45 seconds of airtime a week? Or none at all? Don’t blink, someone is stealing your wallet!

Indians are rising up and rallying against economic abuses (Trust me, you have no idea how misinformed you all are on that one) and environmental abuses and welcoming ALL who want to stand together against these abuses. For instance, Fracking. Really safe, clean energy? Then why were the extraction companies and all their subsidiaries granted waivers from the Clean Water Regulations and Laws? Wake up! There goes your Tie!

After reporting on a Round Dance Flash mob, one reporter asked a participant if this kind of violence could be expected at all the events they staged. I kid you not. Round Dance. Violence. Straight faced. Real question. We have such a long way to go. First, getting past this whole ‘Them and Us’ between people. That is a big part of what the #Idle No More movement is about.

Divide, Forget, Conquer

The damage began when we were separated and forgot that we were all Human Beings.
We were then divided from one another by gender and who is superior and who is inferior; and by Race, and by Religion and by Region, and by and by and by… we found ourselves weaker, less able to stand up for ourselves, and this made us angry.

And, since we had lost the ability to work together, we turned to media personalities to aim our anger for us, and they pointed everywhere but to where it began, and to whom or what was the cause of our pain, and they divided us by Political Party and by which Media we watched… and we became more disempowered, and our anger more misdirected… and at the end of this whole show, my friends, none of our stuff will be given back to us. Misdirection is key to undoing us and keeping us undone.

We are being laughed at by those who perpetrate the hoaxes on us, generate the anger and then misdirect it. They profit the most from our inability to gather and collectively solve relevant issues.

Why make the rich pay their fair share when it is so much easier to take from the poor & middle class and then have them fight one another over the scraps? Best of all, they will be so busy blaming one another, they’ll never even notice what we are doing, or how much we are taking.

By the time they notice how much damage we have done, we’ll tell them that to repair it, they’ll need to take more from each other to ‘offset’ the expense. We’ll make them feel that the other is the ‘greedy’ ‘lazy’ one.
Now, for more ‘comical news’ let’s see which talentless celeb is knocked up or in jail now? Over to you, Bob.

Cue Big Smile, whitened teeth, botoxed forehead. Go!

What has been done in Indian Country to remove all political and economic power from the people and leave them at the whim of outright corruption, a system of injustice that sees child-rape as ‘normal’, is now being done to all of us.

If we can’t see it, it is because we think we are starring in our own show, when in fact we are the targets of multi-generational slick manipulators who know how to rob us with a smile.

Educate yourselves as much as you can. Not by blogs, but by Primary Sources: AP, Reuters, CBO, and non partisan agencies. Learn to think critically, and don’t be afraid to question the misinformation you are being fed. Become more aware so that when you are being fast-talked and bumped at the same time, you can grab back at the hand that is stealing your tie and taking your wallet while untying your shoes to trip you up if you try to chase them. Awareness is key to our protecting ourselves. We must first Awaken from the Noise and hear the signal. Separate the signal from the noise and you can never be misled again. By anyone.
Idle No More. Misdirect your anger no more. Be their fool, no more.

Don’t be discouraged by imperfection. Don’t stop because of a mistake—learn from it. We have to learn to come together, work together if we are ever to beat this system that has become so corrupted that Child Rape, the outright warping and stealing of our future, is ‘normal’. So normal that we protect those who commit it and profit from it, while attacking those who report it.

We have to go back to where it started with our government and us. We must go back to Indian Country and find a way to reconnect with those who have survived our ignorance, our blindness, our recklessness, our cruelty all these many generations.

They are also imperfect now. Damage has been done. And it shows. In fact, it’s hard to miss. This is us. All of us. Reunite and the rage will subside, the healing will begin and we will all work together to make a more just, fair, balanced and safer world for our children and grandchildren. We all want the same things. That is where we start.

Don’t worry about who to trust. Know that your intentions are good and trust yourself that if you make a mistake or if you are betrayed that you will survive and you can continue to move forward. You can adjust. You can learn from your mistakes. You will not be paralyzed by any imperfection into doing nothing. You will not fear “Other” people because they are, more than likely, just like you, only different in ways that add to, not detract from, the collective endeavor of fixing what is broken in our societies, our nation and this world.

Once you know you can trust yourself, Trust never becomes an issue again. By that I mean it will never stop you again.

You know where to find me.


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January 20, 2013
Man Your Battle Stations!
--- Printer Version (3)

(Claxon sounding off) The Blog is under attack!!! How? The most recent missive by a man who calls himself “Chuck Haga”.

Relax everybody! Strike the Claxon… it’s only Haga. (*Sad Trombone). I’m a little surprised, for a number of reasons.

1.) He has my contact info but never bothered to contact me for my comment on the article.

2.) He doesn’t like me and even threatened in the past that I had ‘better be very careful’ because he was keeping a log of all my blogs. (I sure hope that “Printer Version” posted with every blog was helpful.)

3.) He said he never knew my blog even existed before he found himself featured in it and someone, I assume ‘everyone’ told him? But now, apparently, he is an avid reader.

I found his descriptions rather amusing: James Yankton was “a burly former reservation police officer”. That brings to mind Beuford Pusser in “Walking Tall” doesn’t it? James Yankton must have been working out a lot since last I saw him. Back then, he looked like Jabba the Hutt, and I hear he has gotten worse. For those who don’t know, Mr. Burly former reservation Police Officer was fired from his position as Chief of Tribal Police because of corruption, and immediately took the position of ‘Surveillance’ in the Casino. He was then fired from that when he failed repeated drug tests. So much for that whole “Walkin’ Tall” imagery, eh?

He also describes Roger Yankton as ‘irritated’ by the blog. Geez! I would hope so! Roger supposedly doesn’t read the blog. Roger is functionally illiterate, so I doubt that he reads much of anything. It has to be read to him.

Roger is also painted as “Grappling” with the problems of child abuse on the rez and I am painted as ‘reflecting or fanning’ ‘divisions’, which implies to me that the problem is not the corruption, child abuse, child rapes, but rather, the blogger who reports these issues and brings them to a wider audience than just the quiet few in government: BIA, FBI, DOJ, TSS, DHS, etc… who have, to this day, done nothing to rescue the children.

They have done a lot of fancy footwork in covering up the corruption, embezzlement and in harassing and intimidating the whistle blowers, while ignoring every single Mandated Report that is issued by Thomas Sullivan’s office.

For those keeping count, as of last Thursday, the 11th Mandated report has been issued and is being ignored.

So, when it was just the whistle blowers who were being actively designated as the problem that needed to be done away with, people scratched their heads. Surely, they would, all these elected, appointed, designated lawmakers, protectors of our children, enforcers of the laws that protect children, surely they would take action. Surely they would have rescued the children, arrested the pedophiles, investigated the corruption, right?

Don’t hold your breath. Penn State’s Sandusky had been reported more than a decade before anyone, anywhere actively made a case on him. It was not for lack of credible reports, either. It was because of political interference and probably, from what I have seen here, with rare exceptions, media indifference.

So now, I am in August company indeed if I am one of the ‘problems’ or ‘the reason why they won’t step up and do their jobs’. I am in the company of Dr. Tilus, Betty Jo Krenz and Thomas Sullivan. Indeed! I walk with Giants!

That Eleventh Mandated Report came out last Thursday, and here comes Haga with an article that focuses on me and my blog as the problem. Pretty amazing, yes?

He says that ‘she calls herself Cat West’. Yes, yes I do. Guilty as charged. So did my parents, my brothers, my sisters, my neighbors, my classmates and my husband.

Then I thought perhaps since “calls herself Cat West” was put in there that maybe we were talking in some Indian Speak. I will now refer to Chuck Haga as either “The Man Who Calls Himself Chuck Haga”, or “The Writer Who Calls Himself Chuck Haga” or “Chuck Haga Who Calls Himself a Writer”.

I would have thought that with all the information available that The Man Who Calls Himself Chuck Haga, would have focused on the issues, not tried to take pot shots at the messenger while polishing the turd that is James Yankton and his ‘Grappling’ brother.

Then again, I have been wrong before.

He uses “wild stories” to describe both the recanted testimony that convicted 11 innocent men as well as the counter reports, document based, that I have used to make my case that the Yanktons and their friends, some of whom worked in or for the Justice Department and BIA, in a way that makes it sound like both are a problem, but leaves one with the feeling that “yeah, they definitely convicted the wrong guy, but why bother reopening that case?” Maybe it’s just me. But from the emails I’m getting, it’s not just me.

Anyone can watch and judge for themselves “Incident At Devils Lake”, a documentary trailer, that is being made using the same documents and references that I came across and which inspired this blog, more than 15 years ago. DOCUMENTARY . Judge for yourself. Wild? Or well supported?

The Documentary being put together by Todd Trotter can show you in just a few minutes, what it would take me, weeks and weeks in print. Hey, even Grappling Roger can watch it and get it. No reading required!

Haga wrote the article and lacked the courtesy of providing a link to the blog he wants to slam. So very professional on all levels! No seeking a comment, no link. I think the man is upset for some reason. I cannot fathom why. Perhaps in his next blistering article, he will share with us more of who and what he really is.

My Monday Blog is already ready to go, but so many of you have written about this I feel it is easier to just post my response in this way.

You know where to find me. You too, Man Who Calls Himself Chuck Haga. >>> Courtesy Link



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I was told in my darkest hours, "The Awakening has begun."

It has, and we are all, whether we want to be or not, a part of it.

January 14, 2013  --- Printer Version (6)
Systemic Corruption

When the system itself is the core of the corruption, the protector of the corruption, no good can come from that system.  We, as civilized societies, need 'systems' and 'government' to provide us with all that makes us civilized.  That means, we must, like a sick patient, sickened to our knees with corruption in our government, diagnose the problems, and pursue courses of action that will cure us of the sickness.  It also helps to get a second opinion, especially if the first opinion is too radical or not well-thought out.

I ran across an article back in June that I recommend for anyone that wants to understand the role corruption played in devastating our economic system, and what can be done about it, posted in The Guardian/The Observer:

'In corrupt systems, decent people have two options: conform or be crushed' ~Vince Cable

The article is written by Fintan O'Toole.

We need the system but we need for it to NOT be corrupt. That takes effort on our part, as well as diligence. It also takes us to be united with others, for strength in those efforts.  The current corruption is very strong and it grows stronger, the more it can divide us by racism, bigotry, hatred, fear & mistrust. We are not by nature, our own worst enemy, but we have a design flaw wherein if we hear the same lies over and over again, we believe them, even though they don't even make sense, and we become reactionary.

We must research information to make sure it is accurate. Lately, I have been living in Snopes.com debunking no fewer than 20 different 'hoax quotes' attributed to everyone from Lincoln, Jefferson, Madison, and even Hitler.  Social Media is a blessing in many ways, but it is also the quickest way to spread lies and misinformation. So, the more passionate you are about something, the more likely you will be misled at some point, and you need to backtrack, double-check and make sure, much as you can, that what you are forwarding on is both true and makes sense. Thank Heavens for Snopes and other 'debunking' sites!

The Quote above, about the corrupt systems, is about Banking, but it applies to many other aspects of government as well.

Speaking of Corrupt Systems, I ran across yet another great article on the BIA. I'm going to post it here, with permission from the author, whose name and email are included. It is one of the most comprehensive and clearly stated articles on the BIA as I have seen.  The focus is mainly on the Cobell Settlement and what did and did not happen there, but it should clear up some of the fog that lingers in the minds of people who think Indians are just fine and the BIA is an honest broker between the broken treaties and the ongoing issues in Indian Country that leave American Indians at the mercy of one of the most corrupt government agencies on record. When you see the Millions and Billions of Dollars involved, and the complete lack of accountability, you will see much more clearly how much more profitable it is to a few very well connected types to keep the corruption in place.

We are ALL Paying for this: Whether it is our tax dollars going to everything from lawsuits, to criminal deterrent agencies (which do not deter crime) or to the damage done in our society where, for some reason, we don't see that most of the crimes are committed by people who survived horrendous abuse as children, and who have seen the corrupt system up close and personal, defending and protecting their abusers, and then later, discrediting the victims as a 'drag' on society, or 'trash'.

We have the power to change this, but first we have to recognize that our malaise comes from specific corruptions within the body of government-- and then, we have to, collectively, work to excise that which is sickening our society, and allow for Justice and healing of our nation to begin.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Blog, I give you, Tim Giago.

Tim Giago's article as a separate item here:

Tim Giago: BIA: Bureau of Incompetent Asses
Originally Posted: January 8, 2013

Notes from Indian Country

When measuring incompetence in the federal government where does one begin?

An excellent starting point is with the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The acronym BIA is as familiar to Native Americans as FBI is to all Americans. Both Bureaus have had their faults, but the evidence making the BIA the largest incompetent is overwhelming. In fact, BIA should read out as “Bureau of Incompetent Asses.”

It finally took a lawsuit filed by Eloise Cobell, a Blackfeet Indian woman, to take the BIA and its parent, the Department of the Interior, to task for more than 100 years of the most destructive behavior that damaged the lives of thousands of Native Americans.

The total acts of incompetence by the BIA would take volumes to illuminate requiring much more space than can be crammed into this small article. But let’s start with a few of the trust responsibilities entrusted to the BIA for its wards, the American Indians. First and foremost was the mismanagement of the land owned by tribes and individual Indians. On those lands were deposits of gold, silver, copper, zinc, uranium, cadmium, forests filled with virgin timber, water, natural gas, oil and more. All of these resources were managed or mismanaged by the BIA for more than 100 years.

The judge initially assigned to handle the lawsuit was District Judge Royce Lamberth. He was told by the accounting firm of Price-Waterhouse, the keeper of the Oscar envelopes that $50 billion had been ripped off from the Indian accounts. Judge Lambert became totally frustrated with the dallying and dodging of the Secretaries of the Interior that he twice cited them for contempt before ruling in favor of the plaintiffs. He became such a powerful advocate of the Indian people that he was finally removed as the judge in this case.

Prior to his removal he said, “This case serves as an appalling reminder of the evils that result when large numbers of the politically powerless are placed at the mercy of institutions engendered and controlled by a politically powerful few.”

After 13 years of litigation the case that became known as the Cobell Settlement is now history. Just before Christmas of 2012 checks were sent out to some of the 390,000 Indians who were plaintiffs in the settlement that eventually was pared down to $3.4 billion.

Attorneys for the plaintiffs were awarded $85,383,749.16 and the Native American Rights Fund and Mark Kester Brown, received $13,616,250.84. This means that $99 million went to the lawyers. The $85 million went to Dennis Gingold, Thaddeus Holt, Kilpatrick Townsend and to the law firm of Stockton LLP.

But consider this: The 390,000 plaintiffs, those individual Indians who had given up the most in land and resources, received a settlement of $1.5 billion while a larger amount of $1.9 billion went back to the BIA or Department of the Interior, to be used by tribes in attempting to consolidate the fractionated land on the Indian reservations, lands that became a fractionated mess because of the very incompetence of the BIA, the agency overseeing the tribal lands. Another $60 million was set aside to provide scholarships for higher education for American Indian and Alaska Native youth, never mind that a part of the many treaty agreements between the tribes and the federal government always included financial provisions for the education of the Indian youth.

The Bureau of Incompetent Asses had nearly 13 years to get the names and addresses of the 390,000 plaintiffs so that when it came time to actually mail out the payment checks they could be assured that they would be received. It seems that incompetence is hereditary within the Bureau. Hundreds of Indian plaintiffs not only did not receive a settlement check, but thousands of checks were sent out to non-existent addresses. Those checks were bounced back to the Bureau for further consideration and are now fodder for further BIA incompetency.

And now those unfortunate individuals who did not receive their checks because of this  are being told that they have until March 1, 2013 to file for payment and, of course, that complaint will be handled by the very Bureau that messed it up in the first place.

Eloise Cobell, the lead plaintiff in the case, would have been awarded $2 million for her efforts. She passed away, a victim of cancer last year. Three other plaintiffs received payments ranging from $150,000 to $200,000.

How $50 billion in actual accounting losses dwindled down to $3.4 billion over the course of the lawsuit boggles the mind. Across America untold numbers of boxes containing unreadable accounts of Indian individuals were found in warehouses, garages and sheds - records so badly damaged that they merely added to the gross injustice served upon the American Indian for more than 100 years.

My award for gross incompetence goes to the Bureau of Indian Affairs and they still hold that first place honor after more than 33 years of my reporting and the sad thing is that their incompetence has hurt so many impoverished American Indians. The BIA’s place in the Hall of Shame is assured.

Tim Giago, an Oglala Lakota, was born, raised and educated on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. He was a Nieman Fellow at Harvard in the Class of 1991. He was inducted into the South Dakota Newspaper Hall of Fame in 2007. He can be reached at unitysodak1@knology.net

Now, you can see why when people report child abuse, predators being given access to babies, why it is the BIA does nothing except protect the predators. It is because they need a crippled nation, spiritually broken, sexually exploited, unable to compete with the well-heeled government types that come to take the lands.  There is also a lot of money to be made through the selling of babies, child pornography, and there are a lot of people willing, by bribe or blackmail, to look the other way. 

Now you see how corrupt they are, just the tip of the BIA Iceberg, FYI, you can see why they ignore Mandated Reports of sexual abuse and child endangerment. Now you can see why they threaten anyone that attempts to rescue the children or stop the corruption. The BIA is Corrupt. Congressman Issa won't investigate something that is really corrupt. I'm assuming he has too many friends in that agency and their subsidiary agencies and will never want to turn over those rocks, stir that pot, etc. If he really was after corruption, the BIA is very low-hanging fruit. It has been for decades. Perhaps all these wild geese/red herrings he drags around serve their purpose too: Distraction from the real issues.

It's becoming more and more of a dark circus and he is one of the most deformed looking clowns.  But we are a civilized society and we can demand, collectively, or one at a time, that the BIA be fully investigated. We can make noise about it. We can make it more difficult for them to just step on our necks as they sell children to rapists, take billions of our dollars, shovel our resources into the pockets of their friends. 

This is a sick, corrupt part of society's body. Sick, corrupt part of our government. We must begin to use our collective strength and outrage to demand accountability and a complete overhaul of the BIA, Department of Interior, Indian Health... all the agencies associated with the corruption and known to have covered up the corruption.

It didn't-- we didn't, get this sick overnight. It's killing us. All of us. Our sense of security, our future, our ability to make a prosperous environment through good health, education, security. We need to start coming together to fix this. It's not just Indians-- it's ALL of us. It's not just your pancreas that gets cancer, it's your whole body.  Look at other cultures, other tribes, other races as part of one body. We can't attack our own body and expect to get well. We must help clean and cure that which is sickening us.

Government isn't the problem: Corrupt government is crushing us. It's taking the good among us, and crushing them so they can't fight for us, work for us, or help us. We must support those who are in there now, fighting FOR us, or we will have no one.

What I am saying is that we need to root out the bad, but keep the good. Mistakes will be made, but if we do this right, we'll be able to look at our imperfections, our mistakes and fix those too.

Or, just looking at the BIA, we can see both what has robbed us in the past and is robbing us now, and will absolutely take from us, our future, one defenseless child at a time.  Make it stop.

We are ALL related.

You know where to find me.



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January 7, 2013 ---  Printer Version (5)
Decades of Child Abuse—The $100 Million Dollar Question

Recently, I came across an article about child sexual abuse in South Dakota. All the same elements were there, including Corruption at the BIA level, and the FBI working, not to protect the children or to arrest the corrupt or the child abusers—but to harass the Social Workers who were bringing the issue to the attention of authorities.

There is video with the article and you can hear the discussion of how the FBI is going to intimidate and threaten the Social Worker in order to make her stop protecting the children.

Also, according to the report, little children were brought in and interrogated as if they were criminals, without any advocate being present with them, so the interrogator could get them to shut up about their claims of abuse, or worse, to accuse the Social Workers who were reporting it, of ‘forcing them to lie’.

The main reason? Hard to tell. There are politically well connected pedophiles, and of course the criminal conspiracy to create sexual slavery, traffic in children, and child porn, all very lucrative and especially so if you have the FBI running protection for the rackets.

At the very core of it, however, is the $100 Million Dollars that runs through the State which would be cut back severely if children were safe at home. It’s a complex issue, but safe to say that people in power, and who have authority have found a way to both please and satisfy child abusers while getting millions in Tax Dollars while doing it.

Whistle blowers are not just exposing child abuse, child-rape, and all that horror, but they are threatening a corrupt system that markets on children and which is covered up by every politician who touches it. Every Single One of them.

Don’t expect anything out of Heidi Heitkamp. Her campaign team spent hours trying to get funds for her campaign from those who were trying to get her to promise to act on this if she got elected. She declined. Clearly, she knew what side her bread was buttered on and she was not about to risk anything that would perhaps displease some of her donors.

Her republican opposition was just as bad or worse. She’s all show, no go. It’s not about Party, not about People, all about Power. She is exactly as bad as Conrad and Dorgan. She may even be worse.

People have to contact their representatives, including Ms. Heitkamp, and everyone listed on the “TO” in the emails from Thomas Sullivan in his now, 10th Mandated Report.

Yes, 10th. I’m expecting there will be an even dozen before January is out.

Keep in mind that the FBI is not breaking any pattern in their abuse, threatening and harassment of whistle blowers in the Spirit Lake Nation case. This is exactly how they do it all throughout Indian Country. I would not be surprised to find they are each, personally, paid a bonus by the child pornographers and child rapists they are protecting.

A lot of people want the FBI to be the stereotype image of a good guy that we see promoted on the TV crime shows and in news reports. But they are not that. They are, not just bad in one Reservation. They are corrupt and they are bullies, and they are the reason these children are being exploited, raped, murdered.
And, clearly, as you can see by the 100 Reporters site  this has been going on for decades.

The FBI is mostly corrupt, not mostly good. If they were mostly good, they would have dealt with the corruption in their ranks, ages ago, but instead, they have allowed it to grow, overtake almost every aspect of their agency. Child rape, murders, whatever makes money and can be kept out of the public view, as is mostly the case with any American Indian issues.

When issues do start to raise their ugly heads, we immediately find we are misdirected, detoured by total nonsense, such as the Fighting Sioux Logo, or how wonderful it is to live on the rez as told by people who do not live on the rez, but who, despite their own criminal backgrounds, have been able to make big bucks from the rez.

News outlets that carry ‘too much’ information about the horrors ongoing on Spirit Lake Nation or any other Reservation are suddenly quiet, and we focus on everything but those horrors. We go immediately to sports, the opiate of the oppressed masses, and to celebrity gossip, its own drug.

Penn State was a horror, and a shock and it tied itself like an anchor around the necks of sports fans who were dedicated to Football as if it was the one true religion. People were horrified! But that’s all taken care of now. But it’s not. Only Sandusky has gone to prison. He was not alone. You know that one man could not have done all this without the help from those above him and those around him and those who should have been investigating him, but slow-walked it (absurdly so) in order to forward his political career and become governor of Pennsylvania.

A USAG went missing and was likely murdered, while investigating this, and he was immediately smeared with suggestive remarks from his own boss, now the governor of Pennsylvania, that he was ‘strange,’ and ‘very private’ and implying that he was perhaps ‘meeting someone’ for a sexual rendezvous of a homosexual nature. Why was that? To keep people from looking at him, the case he was investigating and what it was about. Possibly, it was just a case of a male hooker killing his John? I dunno, but that was the suggestion. And it took years more for Penn State Sex Abuse scandal to break. Why was that?

And now, we have in Spirit Lake, 10 Mandated reports, maybe more by the time you are reading this. What has been done about the children who needed rescue? Nothing. But the harassment of those bringing this issue to the attention of the people who should be concerned, is relentless. The reports, so far, are ignored and even ridiculed by the US ATTORNEY’s office.

Eric Holder knows about this. But he’s leaving next month. Will he do anything? I doubt it. He’s a politician’s politician. He’s there to bury the bodies, not stop the crimes. He’s done nothing so far. Not one thing. Who’s next? How long will the GOP try to hold up that nomination? How long after that do we ‘maybe’ get to bring this to the attention of the New USAG? And of course, it will be ‘start at the beginning’, Square One, start over… yes, yes, I see, um hmm…. And then --- nothing.

What is happening in Spirit Lake Nation makes Penn State look like a day at the beach. What’s happening in South Dakota is just as bad. The one common factor in all of this is the FBI bullying the children, the Social Workers who dare report it, and all the rest of the ‘Officials’ covering up the crimes.

One other element: MILLIONS OF TAX DOLLARS that fund the corruption. Don’t you at least want to know where those millions go every year? I find that people who don’t care about children, do care about money. So, this should at least appeal to that pale humanity. Don’t you at least want to know where Millions of YOUR TAX DOLLARS go? Are you happy that they go to protecting child rapists? That they go to politicians and appointees who cover up their crimes? Are you okay with that?

You have their addresses. You can contact them yourself. Let them hear from you. Make them answer to you. Or STFU forever on how government is ‘wasting’ your money, and how you want government to stop spending.

Maybe you just keep your mouth shut because you know that even though they are stealing Millions of Dollars from you now in forwarding this ugliest of criminal conspiracies (trust me, they work together on this, it is a conspiracy), they will in fact have to spend a lot more on fixing this problem, which only grows larger by the day.

You were appalled at Penn State? Why? If you do nothing about this, you are all talk and you really don’t have a core of decency.

Penn State was forced into the light and it was ugly and it is expensive.

This is a thousand times worse, and you are afraid to look. It’s all around you. It’s in your governor’s office, your Senator’s office, your Congressional Representative’s office, your State Representatives Offices, your Mayors, your judges, and every cop that turns to look the other way while some child gets raped.

Now, how blind do you have to be to not see this?

Do you not think that it will ever touch you, your life or those you love? It already has. You will be outraged when you find out, but yours will just be another ugly story and your outrage will go nowhere. You could start to stop it now, but you will wait until it matters to you.

The FBI is protecting child rapists because they are protecting themselves. They don’t want the smudge of corruption that is already on their agency from the murders they have covered up, the child trafficking they have covered up, and who knows how much worse, they don’t want any of it to show. But it’s all over them. All of them.

The Turdclan murdered Eddie Peltier and others. The FBI covered that up. Okay, so that is no big deal unless you personally knew Eddie or gave a crap about Justice. Racism and stereotyping American Indians made it easy for that to not matter to the general public. Just another dead Indian. FBI? Who cares. We like the shows they are on. We like that they have integrity. Except they don’t. They have power.

Now, we know what they are doing to these children. We know they are protecting the child rapists because they are afraid if they go down for these crimes, they’ll point their fingers back at the FBI and how they covered up murders and other corruption.

Everything is connected. One thing leads to another. Nothing ‘just happens’. Even an asteroid that hits the planet was on a trajectory for its entire existence that put it on that collision. All of this I am telling you adds up to more and more, worse and worse, and there will come a time when it can no longer be contained by distractions of Sports, Celebrity Gossip, or cute kitten videos going viral on You Tube.

You are doing your part to cover this up by pretending there is nothing you can do. You know what it is, but you just don’t want to do it.

You see people organizing all around the world, and standing together, raising their voices to end the corruption, and to listen to the people. Find the courage to add your voice to their songs, or you will certainly add your voice to the mournful cries of wolves howling at the moon when it is your child, your home, your loved ones that are touched by this steaming pile of ever increasing stinking evil.

While you have a voice, and while there is still time—speak up, step up. Or know when it comes to your door, you let it in. You called it with your silence and your cowardly apathy.

Find a way to join with others, support those who are doing the work on all levels, or add your silence to the compliant side of your own demise.

This is not a problem that guns can solve. This requires courage. This requires intelligence. This is not a time for violence, it is a time for determination and resolve.

This is your time. This is our time. We are all related. Get involved, it’s your only chance.

You know where to find me.


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December 31, 2012  --- Printer Version (3)

The ‘NINTH MANDATED REPORT’ is out. It tells the story of a child being, literally, abducted from her natural home, by a BIA Social Worker named Gabrielle.

Gabrielle gave no reason for taking the infant. The mother was given no reason, no warning, no justification. Only that infant was taken--- none of the other children in the home were taken.

When the mother and other family members tried to find out what was going on and where the child was being taken, they were threatened with arrests. The mother walked in on the Tribal Court, and there was Judge Cain, ready to rubberstamp any lies told by the BIA, and would not listen to the mother, nor to the Grandmother and had them forcibly removed from the hearing.

Gabrielle swore, under oath, that the mother had no interest in the child or in the hearings. Swore that she had been notified, when in fact, she had not. Gabrielle perjured herself with such ease, one can assume she was well-practiced in the art.

Judge Cain duly handed over custody and the child is now gone and no one knows where.

The mother had stood up for her relative in a case of domestic abuse. She had given a statement as to the facts of that case. Her child was then taken from her as a way of both punishing her for speaking up, and as a warning to anyone else that would dare speak out.

This is your Federal Government kidnapping a child, committing perjury to make it look legal, and a Tribal Court Judge putting her signature to it.

Read the Report. See for yourself.

The report asks what kind of benefit those who stole that child got from it. I will speculate that since selling babies is very profitable, they got a chunk of change for it. Some desperately unqualified parent or parents, now have an infant kidnapped for a price.

Apparently, the BIA can just walk in and remove children without any due process whatsoever, and the Federal Government looks the other way. They have done this so many times in the past, no one even thinks of it as taking a professional risk.

That is how you know the BIA, from the very top to the very bottom, is corrupt. They steal, sell children, and they easily commit perjury and no one worries that this will end their career much less land them in prison.
Further, they leave children with Registered Sex Offenders, and claim that they are ‘working on’ the issue of their safety. It has been over a year. No one believes that lie.

When some self-promoting Senator such as Kent Conrad steps into the scene, they all put on a big fancy show, that is nothing but smoke and mirrors. He never once went to see for himself, what in fact, was actually going on. He knew better.

They showed him a Power Point Presentation that said everything was all right, and that was good enough for him.

Meanwhile, children are being abducted, left with rapists.

And, what is the buzz around the rez? What is it that has so many of them up and arms and fighting mad? You’re going to love this. It’s even better than the whole crap show about the Fighting Sioux Logo.

Devils Lake City Council, tired of Tribe not paying their share of expenses for the drunks and druggies that are pulled into the city’s jails (and yet, strangely enough, the tribe does bill the government for these services, even though they don’t provide them, nor do they repay the municipalities that are owed).
Devils Lake, tired of bearing the entire costs over the years put out a Do Not Sell or Serve List with a list of those who have been arrested Five or More times in the past year, for DWI or other alcohol related offenses. Surprise! Most of them on that list are from Spirit Lake Nation!

And they are outraged! This is “racist”! They are all over their FaceBook pages with how brave they are in speaking up (on FB) about this ‘injustice’. Not surprising, Mark Little Owl’s kin are the biggest mouths in the pile.

Anyone remember that Spirit Lake is supposed to be designated as a “Dry Reservation”? But this is their cause and this is what they want the Tribal Council to fight for on their behalf. I have no doubt that the Tribal Council will do exactly that.

The Tribal Council loves to show outrage. Outrage over the Sioux Logo, and I guarantee you, outrage over the DLCC Proclamation of Do Not Sell or Serve. But they will never say a word about the Children they themselves abuse. They don’t have to. They have the BIA and the FBI thugging for them. Judge Cain has adapted nicely, and I am sure she is paid better than she has ever been paid before.

The Government at all levels sacrifices integrity, decency, fairness, Truth and honor. The Tribe sacrifices children.

What Good will come of this?

You will see, as many already do see, the results of this kind of corruption and free abuse of children and babies. The survivors grow up damaged, broken and a ‘burden’ on society by incapacity, or crime. Few survive beyond that. They are amazing stories, but they are rare.

Many more will be the ones who become what was done to them, predators of your children and their own.
This is where higher crime rates come from. These are the addicts you condemn as ‘weak’ or ‘stupid’ when you see them in public or read about their arrests, or worse, their ignominious passing from this world.

You think of these women as indecent and having no morals when you see them prostituting themselves, for drugs, for money to buy those drugs, to make the nightmare go away, but it only gets worse.

You don’t realize that what you are looking at, what you are condemning are the children who survived into adulthood, the sexual indignities, rapes and abuse.

You can change that. Not today, but for tomorrow, so your children and grandchildren are less at risk. This did not become a constant living nightmare overnight and it will not be vanquished in the near future, but we can set into motion, by direct involvement, contacting everyone elected who is answerable to us, and demanding they FIX this and NOT just with a Power Point Fable.

There must be children rescued, returned to safe and loving homes, and there must be arrests of those involved in hurting them—INCLUDING the FBI Agents and the BIA, all the way to the very top.

There are NO BIGGER FISH TO FRY. This is OUR Future. If we ignore this, any of us, for any reason, we make it worse down the road for our children and grandchildren. We are ALL Related. That is a fact.

You know where to find me.



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