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Eddie Peltier, Richard LaFuenteI do my best to deliver factual information. The "Documents" pages are there for you to look and see for yourself. An innocent man is in prison for crimes committed by the corrupt, who run the reservation the way a criminal organization would run a city if they had all levels of government supporting and protecting them.

There are many more Good People in Spirit Lake than there are corrupt, evil people there. It is the system that is corrupt, evil and I expose here all that I can.

I can be reached at this email:  Contact Cat  . I respond to most of my emails, however, I reserve the right to not rspond to whack jobs. I keep all information confidential. For those who wish to attack, you'll either be ignored, or, if you are really clever, you'll end up on the Moron Squad page.  Some insults are more entertaining than others. I share with the class.

For those interested: The 13th Mandated Report is out. No government Agency has yet to properly reply to any of them.



Election October 8, 2013

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*September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013 ---Printer Version (2)

Update 2

Russ either doesn't know the Constitution and Bylaws or he is ignoring it. He has verbally stated that there will be yet another recall vote. THIS IS ILLEGAL.

Russ should be called out on his unethical behavior and actions. He is clearly corrupt and inept. Then again, being Weenie Boy's cousin, no surprise.

Again, it is ILLEGAL for Russ McDonald to allow yet another recall vote. They had it. They lost. Mardell Stays.


It's time to get a petition on Russ. But first, get someone you know will be a good Chairperson. Don't go back to Weenie Boy or Myra or Skip or Erich Longie or any of those that set up this chain of corruption to begin with. Find a person of integrity and competency and then start that petition on Russ rolling.

Phone, stand up, demand they follow the constitution.

This was a recall vote that failed. This was not a 'reinstatemet' vote.

It's time for Mardell to stay and for Russ to go.


*Mish Mash—Recall Vote Update

Heads up everyone. The vote to recall Mardell Lewis was a tie: 93 to 93. That means the reall FAILED. They needed to get a majority to oust her. They did not get that. Any additional votes to try and get that are illegal.
You need to stand up on this and not let them change the rules to push you around.

I am stunned that 93 of you wanted to return to the corruption and the shame of it all by voting against her. But then again, that’s what made the Whole Tribe a laughing stock to other tribes for so long.

The Petition should have been ruled invalid to begin with: There was not a single valid incident cited as a wrong on her part. Those who carried the petition were the corrupt and they lied to people to get them to sign. Several signatures were in the same handwriting, and one person lived off rez, another was enrolled in Ft. Yates, not SLN.

Allowing them to keep voting and keep pushing this is a travesty.

Stand up now. Demand the rules be followed.

You deserve legitimate government, not this corrupt BS. Demand it.

A majority required to get elected. A majority required to oust. They did not get a majority, the recall failed.

What Are They Up To?

Clearly, the Tribal Council doesn’t like Mardell Lewis coming in there and showing what real work for the community looks like. They are shutting her out from any information regarding the recall.

Here’s what you need to do:

Stay in the building and physically stand by Mardell after you cast your vote so there can be no doubt where you stand, literally, and how your vote must be counted.

Spread word, call people, give rides, most of the people struggle for transportation.

Be on Time 9:45 am.

Dont leave building, stay there until the votes are counted fairly.

Demand the police be present to prevent threats or violence.

I was stunned to learn that the procedures were being kept secret from Mardell Lewis. Why would they do that?Isn’t this supposed to be an above board Tribal Council?

It seems the engineering by the corrupt is in full swing. My concern is that the good work already done and begun by Mardell Lewis, will be undone, quickly by the corrupt if there is no one there to call them out and to let you know what is going on.

This is very important. The Tribe has a choice to make: Move forward with courage, or go back to the corruption and the abuse. The Tribe was just starting to get recognition from other tribes in the area, and from so many readers who have, for so long, been hoping and praying for good news and a change of direction for the Tribe.

Those who have been robbing you, and who have turned their backs on the child rapes and abuses, are gearing up to take away your first and maybe your only chance at a real future. Don’t let them.

Also, keep checking the ‘Election’ link at the top of the page here so that you can keep up with (so far only two of the 20) who is running and what they have to say.

You know where to find me.




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September 28, 2013 ---Printer Version (2)

Not a lizard tail dropping this time. More like lizard droppings dropping. Gloria Jetty Green quit her job as Healthy First Steps Director yesterday.

Oh how I love the smell of resignations in the morning! *Inhales deeply*

Gloria is mother to the Tall Tale Telling Cindy Mala Lindquist. No one expected Gloria’s abrupt resignation. Then again, with George Sheldon rapidly exiting the the building, a lot of strings will be snapping. Healthy First Steps is one of the programs he covers.

Late yesterday I got word that there was supposed to be a GA yesterday evening at 5:00 PM. No one was expecting that either. So, why was it so important that there be a GA on a Friday, without proper notice to the community? And why are you still scheduling GA’s at a time when working people can’t get to them? Oh yeah, that’s the intent.

Gloria’s abrupt departure has raised more than a few eyebrows.

The Imaginary World of Tim Purdon

I hear Tim Purdon has a piece in the papers that declares things are ‘much better’ at the rez now. I’m wondering in what way? Those children are not yet removed from the registered sex offenders who have custody of them. The rapists are still walking around free while their victims are incarcerated. No criminal investigation into the child trafficking or massive embezzlement that took place with Kevin Brownshield Dauphinais in charge at Tribal Social Services. He has yet to properly investigate a single one of the Thirteen Mandated Reports of Sexual Abuse and child endangerment… so exactly HOW is it that ‘things are much improved’ on the rez?

They fix nothing. They simply pronounce them ‘fixed’ and you all, we all, are supposed to take their word for it. Meanwhile, nothing has changed.

Felons With Friends

Bonita Morin committed a felony along with her brother, Andrew, and no one has arrested them or charged them with theft or forging an instrument (the note she gave to allow her brother to steal the generator, valued at over $5K, because he needed it) but somehow she never filed that note anywhere… just magically appeared as he got caught.

But the Tribal Council, with the exception of Mardell Lewis, lacks the common sense or spine to even fire Bonita from her job.

How about, to be fair, everyone that wants a generator, brand new, still in the box, gets one? Along with a note from Bonita, that is. Sound good?

She gave him the generator because ‘he needed it. He had no electricity at his trailer’.

I wonder if she also gave him the government vehicle to drive back and forth to Fargo. He lived off rez and it is expensive to drive his own vehicle (or maybe he didn’t have one?) so he drove the government vehicle as if it was his personal vehicle. Maybe he got a note for that too?

That was also, a Federal Vehicle. But hey, with Friends like the weakling Tribal Councilors who won’t second a motion to fire a thief, and with someone like Tim Purdon who just pronounces things as greatly improved, who needs reality?

Criminals like Andrew, Bonita, and Kevin Brownshield Dauphinais have friends they can rely on. Big important friends who, reliably, do nothing.

And you all wonder why it’s so hard to get corruption out of the rez?

Ahhhaa –HOoooOAA YAAAAA!

Coyote laughs and laughs…

The children are crying.

Don’t quit.

You know where to find me.


PS: I understand that a lot of Kojack Thompson’s supporters signed that petition. Kojack, if you are half the leader they think you are, you will convince them to do the right thing and support the woman who is fighting to make their lives better. You said you respected and supported her, and that she was doing a good job. Now is the time to show that support. Show your integrity. Show you mean what you say. Talk to your friends.



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September 27, 2013
Top Shelf Lizard Drops a Tail
--Printer Version (3)

Undersecretary ACF George Sheldon abruptly resigned this week. His final day will be October 18, 2013. That still leaves Marrianne McMullen and James Murray to obstruct the efforts of Thomas Sullivan as he battles to bring serious, pro active action to bear down on the increasing horrors of child abuse, rape, murder and human trafficking on the rez. I will have more names, contact information and with luck, photos to highlight the chain of obstruction that seems determined beyond all reason, to allow the predators to carry on with no fear of repercussions in Indian Country.

Kevin Dauphinais Brownshield and most of his family, should have been arrested long ago, as well as the people to whom they have trafficked children, and the predators who have had unfettered access to infants, toddlers and young teens. There is no progress, no serious effort on the part of the ACF upper echelons, nor the BIA, HHS, IHS, and DOJ until there are some real arrests, real convictions and real consequences for the rape and robbery of children. Until there are criminal charges, not just abrupt resignations (with, I am sure, hefty Golden Parachutes), the ACF remains firmly on the side of the corrupt, the abusers and the deaths of these children is blood on their hands.

So, that being said, Marrianne, isn’t it time you put forward your resignation? You know, to spend more time with the family? I’m not even half-started on you. You’re tougher than George. I could see that in your eyes. You’re more tied into those foundations and organizations, aren’t you? This is more about protecting them and their connections than it is about the children, right?

I only say that because I can see no reason for you, for all this time, along with the others, to contrive the obstacles you have to thwart Thomas Sullivan’s efforts to heal an ever worsening spiral of child abuse, and corruption in the agencies associated with that abuse.

There I go again! Calling it “abuse”. That generic, vague term, ‘abuse’. Allow me to rephrase: The ongoing serious, violent, vile crimes against children. That is what you have been protecting, vile, horrific, never ending nightmares of sexual violence and murder of children.

Surely you are aware of those crimes against those children, right? You have been reading those 13 Mandated Reports, right? That is your job, right? So you do know what it is you are protecting by not allowing any rescue, respite, relief, common sense, or criminal charges for the corrupt, right?

Have a nice day, Marrianne, we’ll chat again. I think people should get to know you and your deeds, really well, don’t you? Perhaps we’ll even get to know more about your connections and the foundations you work for, and maybe some of the speeches you’ve given. I’ll be digging.

Meanwhile, back at the Recall Petition

….that for some reason Russ McDonald thought was good enough for his standards, despite there being no example of the things that Mardell Lewis was being accused of, and besides, it really appears that some people have signed for others, and more than once and yes, that one guy from Fort Yates, not even an enrolled member, all those signatures and the format, which was vague and false, all that seemed good enough for Russ McDonald. Petition

Russ, where’s your head these days? How far up your ass? So, how was your visit with Scott Davis and the other “Bushies”? What kind of things did they say you had ‘potential’ for? Are you thinking you’re going to be a team player with that group?

You’re not going to last long in this gig, may as well make more friends elsewhere, eh, Rusty Butt? Hmm?
Well, be that as it may, I have more faith in the Good People of Spirit Lake/Mission District showing up to fight for retaining Mardell Lewis than I do in the lying, scheming reptiles trying to tear her down and stop her from doing the kind of work that the Tribe has needed for decades.

Those who passed around that petition are angry because Mardell uncovered their schemes and corruption and the TC had to fire them. Piggy Cavenaugh is most upset because she needs a completely corrupt Tribal Council to stop the criminal investigation that is coming her way.

They steal from you, they lie to you and they want you to put out the one person they can’t buy, can’t threaten, can’t stop from doing what it takes to make Mission and the entire rez, a better place to live.

Got this note from FB sent to me by a reader who follows Candidate Robert Old Rock from Ft. Totten:

Robert Oldrock

I hear the words corrupt? many people do not know what that word means. Here it is a way of life as it is in a lot of small countries. But there is the opposite and it is called hard work and honesty. To stop corruption you put yourself between people who consider that being a tribal member means to get everything you can get out of the tribe with no effort and if you have to lie and cheat your way in, it is done with no qualms of conscience. I feel for Mardell who happened to see that there were some things that needed changing and started to change them and upset people who feel that they deserve everything they can get by hook or crook and now they are out to push her off the TC. If a person steals, no matter why or for any reason then they should be fired. It shouldn't matter who they are, who their family is, or how long they worked in their fake lives. They need to be held accountable and let go, and face charges if the amount they took is high enough. Look deeper into why Mardell is being harassed and why people are trying to get rid of her.. I know she was just elected and did not take anything from the tribe and has been working at Little Hoop for the past several years, and she has an education to hold the job that she had there. Now that she is on the tribal council she should be given a chance to show what she can do to make things better for all of us and our children and their children.

I posted that on this main page because it is not a campaign speech, but a comment from someone also running for office who wants things to be better and for the Truth to mean something.

So, Monday morning, September 30, 10 AM, St. Mike’s Rec Hall, show up and be heard. Let those who have been ripping you and the rest of the Tribe off for all these years, see you standing up to them, and for yourself, and make it bold! Standing up for Mardell Lewis is standing UP for your community.

Let the corrupt, the thieving corrupt know, you’re not laying down for their lies and letting them get away with crimes any longer. You’re keeping your warrior woman.

Mardell Lewis has been inspiring. Her former opponent has come out and supported her, along with his entire family. Never saw that before. One, maybe more candidates for the Ft. Totten seat, are posting support for her on their FB page. Never saw that before either. People are writing to me from other reservations saying how they wish they had Mardell Lewis fighting for them the way she’s fighting for you. NEVER saw that before, either.

Other tribes are looking at SLN with more respect for the first time since I’ve been working on this project. NEVER thought I we’d see that!

She has given me the first really positive, genuinely upbeat and inspiring topics for this blog. People read the postings about her, and tell me it lifts them up, gives them hope for the future for their family and friends who live on the rez.

No one can stand up for you unless you stand up for what is right. Dignity. Mardell Lewis is to me, a sign that the Good People of Spirit Lake are finding their strength, dignity, courage and it shows. She’s there because you’re ready to take your place at the table of respect.

If not for all of you, she would have moved on, long ago and you never would have known what it is like to have a real fighter, a real Warrior in leadership. A warrior can only lead other warriors. You are all warriors and I bet you can feel it in your spirit, in your heart and in every breath you take.

You know where to find me.



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September 26, 2017
Why It Only Ever Gets Worse
---Printer Version (5)

Today is going to be a double posting because both issues relate to Spirit Lake, the Corruption that makes things worse, and the sabotage of those who are, for all they are worth, working to overcome all this and set us all on the right track. The opposition is great in numbers, long-entrenched politically with very powerful connections that reach far beyond their own departments, agencies and well beyond the Tribe itself, but which are all made manifest in a way we can see, in Spirit Lake Nation.

Both of these concurrent events and the issues of crime and corruption involve very courageous people fighting for those who need it most: The Children.

In their fight, their goal to stop the abuse, they have to first deal with the corruption and cronyism that has plagued every level of our government from the PTA to the Mayor, to the Governors to the State legislatures and the Federal Government, all of which have, over the decades, put in place people of low or no integrity who gladly go along with the corruption in order to maintain or forward their own political careers and ambitions.

These two warriors are fighting enormous odds and an opposition determined to protect a system of corruption that runs high and low, near and far, deep and wide. Both of these warriors, and those who directly and indirectly support them, need us to get involved.

The violence that is escalating in our society now to the point that no one is safe in kindergarten, going to a movie, a shopping mall or in their own homes; not safe driving down the road, going to the market; all this is because we are living in the future we did not protect when it was a baby, crying from abuse and neglect and needing our help to both rescue it from the abusers, and to apply real consequences to those who preyed on them as well as those who enabled and allowed the predators to act without challenge.

The future we are leaving for our children is now coming to light as we see more child trafficking and nothing be done about it. We see more corruption, abuse and outright criminal activity related to child trafficking, and we do nothing.

The purest sign that a system is corrupt emerges when no matter how many times children are raped, beaten and murdered, nothing changes.

There is an overall effort on the part of the system to not only not recognize the rot and the stink of it, but to overpower, remove and silence anyone that points it out.

Think of Society as your body. You’re getting sicker. You’re getting weaker. You’re becoming more vulnerable to random violence. You cannot protect yourself. Some doctor comes along and says: “This thing on your back,” and they point to an ugly cancerous welt that is eating away at your flesh, “is what is making you sick. We need to get you to a doctor and have that removed so you can become healthy and strong again.”

Then, the person that tells you that is attacked by everyone around you that you thought was there to work for you. The attackers tell you there is nothing to worry about and that the welt will go away by itself.

It gets worse. You get sicker. But you find that that doctor is not allowed to see you or talk to you. All these other doctors are holding meetings and they won’t allow you or the good doctor to attend these meetings.

They decide that what they need to do is go on a PR tour, talking about how much better you are and they expect you to agree with them, but you keep getting sicker and you can see and feel that thing eating away at you.

You know they have the tools (laws) to remove that festering disease, but they won’t allow you to have treatment. They further attack, ridicule and sabotage the Good Doctor so that you and he cannot even work out a plan to have that thing removed.

Would you accept that? Would you allow yourself, or anyone you loved to become sicker and weaker while those who could and should be helping are pushing you farther and farther away from that one person who was working to get you healthy?

Would you be silent if you saw that thing growing on the back of your child? (The future) Would you accept doctors (politicians) silencing the people who are working to reveal and heal what is ailing you (society).

If you love your family. If you love your community. If you love your country, then you need to act to save it now. That ‘thing’ on your back is violence fed by corruption and it is eating the children (the future) and getting worse.
The dual blogs today are about Thomas Sullivan fighting the corruption and incompetence at the Federal and State levels, and about Mardell Lewis, fighting the corruption at the Tribal Level. Both are being sabotaged, lied about, threatened and both are not letting that stop them. Both are working to heal what is ailing us all: Corruption and Abuse.

So I run these blogs simultaneously so you can see the effects of Federal Corruption on just one of many Tribes in the USA, and what Herculean effort it is to overcome it at the local level and from within the system itself at the Federal Level.

Thomas Sullivan has, for years, been gathering and reporting on abuses --- nah, ‘abuse’ is such a mild generic term, let’s call it what it is: “Violence against women and children, Child rape, Rape, and corruption” and those above him in the chain of command have given only lip service to the urgency he has conveyed. His reports are going either unread or ‘immediately forgotten’ as they are not responded to.

None of the Legally Required Protocols for following up on Mandated Reports have been followed by anyone, including the USAG’s office, for all Thirteen Mandated Reports on Spirit Lake Reservation alone.

He has been excluded from meetings and not allowed to speak to those who are his witnesses and sources, and also forbidden from speaking to anyone in Congress about his work.

Does this sound like the ACF, BIA, IHS, HHS, FBI and the rest of the alphabet soup want to work to resolve this issue they all posture and declare to be ‘the highest priority”? He is not even allowed to know who has attended these meetings! He is never allowed to see any of the minutes from these meetings.

This, mind you, is all supposed to be about his work. What are they doing? Why is it so important that he be excluded when it is his work and his sources that have brought these vile, ugly welts to the attention of those who have the tools (laws) to heal?

They are protecting the corrupt and they are protecting the corruption. It is clear. They have put in monumental effort to silence the voices. That kind of effort on behalf of the very powerful who, for some reason, are afraid that when these crimes against children are exposed, they will come crashing down, through the glass ceilings from which they have been watching it all happen, for so long, and we will see who they are, what they did, and how much we have been robbed.

They are all afraid of Thomas Sullivan. They are all afraid of Betty Jo Krenz. They are all afraid of you and me knowing who they are, what they have been doing, what they have been allowing--- and who they are protecting.
But it is obvious now. They are protecting the predators because it is in their mutual best interests. There is no other explanation. Read this amazing string of emails and ask yourself “Why are they pushing against Thomas Sullivan?” (Email Chain Link)

And we must redouble our efforts to make contact with them, demand action, demand responses, and go on up the line to every elected official, from the PTA to the President, to demand that those who have the courage be allowed to do their work and heal that one community and all communities connected to them. That my friends, is everywhere. That’s you and me, from coast to coast, north to south and across all borders.

We are none of us safe until this thing is taken off the back of Society. We are none of us secure, until those who protect the corrupt are removed and the path cleared for the healing to begin.

It didn’t get this bad overnight. It has been generations of corruption, often following political and wealthy family lines. Their goal is to keep us so weakened, so fearful, so mistrustful of one another that they can raid our resources at will and destroy the air we breathe, the water we drink and the land be worthless to us. They raid another resource: Our future. They traffic in children to both keep us weakened and terrorized at all levels by the violence that comes from that, along with the addictions and the rest of the Human Wreckage, as well as turn an underground profit in the trillions as child trafficking, kiddie porn are bigger industries than all the other resources combined.

All that ill gotten money flows freely through the sewer channels of corruption on the reservations and back into the pockets of politicians and corporations, often carried in the vehicles of respectability, such as foundations and charities, tax exempt, back into the pockets of the wealthiest, most corrupt in this nation or the world.

That is the only explanation. There is nothing else. There is no other explanation. They have been dancing around the shape and the form of this thing for so long, it has become visible.

The corruption on the rez has thrived, not because the Good People of Spirit Lake have allowed it, but because every time they rose up to throw it out, greater forces from the State, Federal side, have moved to protect and reinforce the corrupt, who are a vital part of this chain of criminals and cover ups.

Now, Mardell Lewis steps up and begins to clear up the corruption, throwing out some of the biggest schemers and their pals, by using the protocols in place in the Tribal Constitution, laws and policies. She has worked legitimately through each step using the Tribal Council for what it was intended, and this has not only angered those who are thrown out of the jobs where they were outright thieving from the tribe, but their families and friends who also have been bleeding the tribe anemic for decades, are furious at this, and they have conspired to use every dirty tactic in the book, including lies, threats, attacks, to remove her so that she cannot get this ugly festering welt of corruption and abuse off of the back of the Tribe.

I am linking to the flier regarding the recall vote that is to take place now that a petition with no ‘reason’ or ‘statement of cause’ was somehow accepted by the Tribal Chairman against Mardell. If you want this ugliness off the back of the tribe, you have to show up and support Mardell, overwhelmingly and let the corrupt know that their day is over, and a new dawn is on the horizon for the Good People of Spirit Lake.

I will be posting more documents like this one on Peggy Cavenaugh, where you can see she was trying to cover her tracks when she was about to be fired. She wrote a letter to the Expressway Suites to close the account because her program had been ‘sabotaged’. Given that she was the one running that program and giving millions away to her family, I guess that was an accurate statement. As you can see, it didn’t work and that account is still active and can be investigated, forensically.

The circus that was the District Meeting the other night gave a good showing of who the loudmouth bullies are, and what lies and to what extremes they are willing to go to stop anyone from healing the Tribe of it’s back breaking corruption.

False accusations, outright lies, shouting and screaming is all they have left. Mardell is there to work for The Good People of Spirit Lake who want this mess cleaned up.

I will have more documents ready this week and will let you know when they are posted.

Remember that behind the local bullying is a whole corrupt system of criminal enterprise at all levels of government from the PTA on up.

We on the outside, can help Mardell on the inside by contacting the names on that string of emails and demand to know what they have done to fix this.

What, besides posturing and bloviating, and doing photo ops, have they actually done? It’s been years. Still, not one child predator on the rez has been arrested and Tribal Social Services is still isolating and excluding those who fought to protect the children. Not one child has been rescued and too many have been murdered as this political exercise of Running in Place is carried out, going nowhere.

By working to support Mardell and the Good People of Spirit Lake, we are helping ourselves to continue pushing into the darkness where all the corruption has thrived, and bring a light to show us all what we don’t want to see, but we must if we are ever to heal ourselves as a community and a nation.

Mardell is pushing up from under the corruption of the Tribal Council and their cronies, and Thomas Sullivan is pushing from inside the system that is trying to smother the cries. We can all add our efforts to theirs and you know we can win. It will take a long time, but we can’t quit. We want this thing off our backs, and off the backs of our children.

Tom Sullivan and Mardell Lewis are each doing this because it is the right thing to do. They are doing it for all of us. They cannot do this without our support. Get involved.

We don’t need more laws and more studies. We need the current laws enforced. Simple as that.

Meanwhile, please send in more information on the candidates that are running for the Ft. Totten seat. I have only Allyson and Robert’s information so far. If you have any other candidates you think are worthy and who don’t have a record of corruption already, send them in and I will post them. Both Allyson and Robert look good at this point. I can only imagine a run off between the best of the best instead of the lesser of two evils as has always been the past.

You know where to find me.





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September 25, 2013
When Good People Believe Bad People
--Printer Version (5)

The Tino Bagola trial is over. Jury found him guilty. Somehow, the prosecution convinced them that the father, who concealed the dead bodies of his children for up to three days between the box spring and mattress of his bed, was only ‘falsely confessing’ to their murders because he was binge drinking at the time of their murders. And we all know that drunks are never violent, right?

Further, they believe that Tino Bagola, the uncle to the children, BTW, did all that horrific mutilating, raping and murdering by himself.

I wonder what evidence was produced by the Prosecution? Could not be DNA or Blood Evidence because the FBI instructed the Advocate on the scene of the murder to destroy that evidence and they did not sample any of it.

And that Advocate, Betty Jo Krenz, who had given her statement to the Defense Attorney long ago, was never called as a witness by either the Defense or the Prosecution, despite the fact that she heard information, at the scene, and saw critical events at the scene that quite frankly, would have made a guilty verdict on Tino Bagola impossible.

So, why did neither side call her? Because she could put to the lie all that the FBI said they did, and how they did it. She was there. She saw. I think the Defense just laid down on this one and let them get away with it. I sure hope he gets a real fancy promotion or is rewarded by a cushy job at a law firm somewhere for selling out his client.

The surviving child said, over and over again that there were two men, one of them was a bald man, but that would be Jr. Herman, and he was the nephew of the then Chairman, Roger Yankton and we all know you can’t arrest a Yankton and keep them in jail for any length of time lest they start talking about other crimes and who all covered them up. You know, other murders.

I hope Tino gets to file an appeal on incompetent defense and I hope his attorney from this trial gets disbarred for violations of ethics. But that will never happen. We live in a time where the corrupt get away with anything they want and railroading an Indian into jail while letting the real culprits roam free is just how it has been for so long, how it is now, and how it will be for a very long time to come.

The system is corrupt. The father concealed the bodies for days. The father lied to the mother about where the children were. The father confessed… but, that confession, did it by chance come with the name of his accomplice? Well, throw that out, let’s go find a teenager to pin this on. It’s a plan that has worked flawlessly on that rez since the railroading of 11 innocent men for the murder of Eddie Peltier that was committed, again, by the Yanktons.

Juries are very willing to believe anything the FBI tells them. Clean FBI Guy versus Dirty looking Indian Kid. No brainer.

The Petition Against Mardell Lewis

This is a really strange one. The petition that was signed had no reason for the recall stated on it. I thought it was a rule that the petitions had to state a cause or reason for the recall.

Apparently, those carrying the petitions lied about Mardell saying that she was going to take away the Social Impact Payments. She wasn’t. Nor could she. She’s not in charge of those. But, people believed it.

It came from known liars such as Cindy Lindquist. More and more stories about Cindy keep coming in. This from someone who knows Cindy very well:

cindy, cindy, cindy...
cindy must mean something awful in another language... ha.
cindy has been a bag of lies... from being a full blood.. to being a law student. to be on faculty at the und medical school... to name a few.. oh yeah, being a good mother and housekeeper.. in good housekeeping, no less.
cindy writes her own articles and gets them printed in magazines, papers. etc..
she once wrote that she was in law school... when, in fact she was trying to get into the pre-law program at Albuquerque, New Mexico
Then, she had an article taped on her wall… that she was in the program..

and.... being on faculty at the UND medical school.. not an ounce of truth... she was put there... by her unethical friendships at Aberdeen... to be out of the Aberdeen office... and had an office space by the Indians Into Medicine Program... which is in the UND medical school north building... they literally had to remove her from the building.. as she was saying she was on faculty... and she was not.

Yeah, sounds like our Cindy all right. I’m sure that people such as Jim Davis, however, caught onto her lies very quickly. Um hmm.

The Mission District Meeting

What a rude scream fest that was. All your favorites were there, including Turdmother. Turdmother screaming at Mardell:

“I signed that petition on Mardell because she signed one on Roger!”

It was pointed out that that was untrue. Mardell, being ethical and knowing she would have to vote on that petition, did not sign it. Okay, that lie didn’t work, let’s try another, shall we?

Continuing Turdmother: "I lay awake at night worrying if the people are gonna get Christmas money"
Anyone believe Turdmother ever lost a minute of sleep worrying that any of you would not get your Christmas money? Seriously? And No, that was only another lie and Turdmother knew it. So did the people who used that to get people to sign.

The General Manager of the Casino, Matheney, said yes, the Christmas Money is there and everyone will get at least $300. Let’s hope that settles that question for awhile, shall we?

Ok. That lie didn’t work so Turdmother tries yet another tack: "I dont care about the christmas money, I need my house fixed" (See? I told you she didn’t care about the Christmas Money.)

Now, given that her son was the Chairman for over two years and her daughter is on the housing committee, why did she never bring it up to them?

She sputtered and muttered a little more and then ran out of steam. Fake outrage is so hard to maintain. I bet she was exhausted.

Rita Leaf sort of lost her mind about the FB postings by Mardell letting people know they could remove their names from the petition if they felt they had been lied to and were misinformed. "Why did you post on Facebook about removing names?  You cant remove names from a petition!"

To be clear, Mardell was not the one removing the names. People could have gone in and removed their own names. But funny how when Roger went through and scratched out names on the petitions against him, himself, that didn’t bother Ms. Leaf one bit. Roger even had a judge who would have no way to verify any signature, chop off a hundred signatures in an attempt to invalidate the petitions against him. (Boy, the whole Turdclan is furious that didn’t work!)

And yes, it was legal to remove your own name until the Election Board convened, and that was yesterday evening so no, you can’t remove your name now.

The Petition was accepted by Russ McDonald and now, if you want to keep Mardell as your Rep, you have to show up and support her with your vote when that meeting is held. If you don’t show up and you don’t support her, you deserve the crap you get, and you know it. Show up, support her and keep Mission District moving forward, cleaning up the corruption, or stay home and go back to as bad as it was and getting worse. I’ll let you know when the meeting is.

The people pushing that petition were people angry that they got fired for corruption or that their family members were fired for corruption or for being unqualified, and they want the corruption back because that was their gravy train.

Tribal Social Services

I’m not getting a good feeling about the new guy, Robert O’Keefe as Director of TSS. Not sure if he has any plans in place or any idea what plans need to be in place.

I also have no clue as to why Wanda White-Trottier, the pillhead is still running HR. But Wanda apparently hired Elaine Guy to work in TSS and promised her $18/hr.

Several things are stunning on this. First, Elaine Guy has no qualifications. Second, Elaine Guy Illegally allowed Suna Guy, her Registered sex offender son, live in her home with small children also living in that home. Yes, related to and living right next door to where Baby Laurynn Whiteshield was murdered just a few weeks before her third birthday.

Why on EARTH would anyone think that a woman who committed that fundamental violation of child safety would be suitable for hire in Social Services of all places?

Elaine had been screaming that the children are important (words don’t match actions) and that she, as an Elder needed a job and Wanda handed that one to her.

Robert O’Keefe was willing to go along with all of that, except for the salary. He said it would be only $14/hr. Well, Elaine would have none of that and refused the job offer.

Mind boggling. Does anyone do any kind of background checks on who gets hired into Social Services? Even yet?

The problems are far from over in Spirit Lake. The danger to children is far from being sanely or even competently addressed. There is still a lot of work to be done.

You are going to not only need Mardell Lewis in there, you are going to need a lot more like her to make this change, and to make Spirit Lake a healthy place for everyone.

The corrupt are running scared. They are trying to get The Good People of Spirit Lake to buy into some of the dumbest lies.

Many of those lies come from a woman who has lied about everything in her life, from her childhood on up. I can’t wait to see what fantastic stories she has told lately. The ones she told in the past were simply stunning. She’s an embarrassment to the tribe and to academia in general.

On the faculty of the UND Medical School. Full Blood. Buffalo Hunts. Travois. Pillow Cases with pots and pans… there is no limit. Anyone know if she was ever an astronaut? Good friends with Jacque Cousteau? Was she at Lincoln’s bedside after his night at the theater? Is that her in the background of the painting of the signing of the Declaration of Independence?

That is but ONE of the ‘brilliant’ minds behind the petition against Mardell Lewis. Think about it.
Meanwhile, rest uneasy. Another murderer has gotten away with it because the USAG’s office is as corrupt and incompetent as ever.

And a woman who allowed her child rapist, registered Sex Offender son to live in the same house as her and her little grandchildren was offered a job in Social Services. The only thing that stopped her was she wanted $4 more. Mind boggling.

We ALL have our work cut out for us.

You know where to find me.




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*September 23, 2013 -- Urgent Notice (*updated flier)

Apparently, the petition against Mardell Lewis was signed by a lot of people. People who were lied to and told that she was planning to cut off the Social Impact checks. The people carrying that lie are angry because they and many members of their family were fired by Mardell who is cleaning up the corruption out there.

I was sent this notice by one of the people who heard that lie and have gone to the chairman's office to remove their name.  All of you who wish to remove your names from that petition, which didn't even state a reason for the recall, you can go to the Chairman's office at 8 AM and remove your name. Now you see the lies that are used by the corrupt to stop anyone from fixing what they have been breaking for all these years.

When someone of integrity, such as Mardell comes on the scene, it forces those who are corrupt to reveal themselves to all of you, when they try to stop her. Now you know.

You know where to find me.



September 23, 2013
It’s Mourning in America
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Again we are shocked by the violence and needless loss of life through mass killings. We’ve had so many shocking mass shootings, we think it is normal. We think there is nothing that can be done to prevent it. We think we are helpless. We’ve gotten used to it.

We are fed nonsense about “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” No mass shooting as ever ended by a civilian good guy with a gun. Not once. The ‘Good Guys with guns’ are the police, and they are trained for these situations.

But we continue to believe government is helpless, and we have to expect more and more violence, and of course, by more and more guns, but never, under any circumstances allow background checks which would prevent the insane and the criminals to legally and easily buy assault weapons, because “That’s gubmint takin’ away our guns.’ We are programmed to reflexively think that by preventing the insane from having assault weapons we, the not insane, are threatened.

So, we wait for the next mass shooting. And the next. It doesn’t matter how many there are, gun manufacturers see sales in assault weapons skyrocket every time there is a mass shooting, and we make sure the insane, the criminals can have all they want, and as many rounds as their mega magazines can handle… and somehow that is supposed to make us feel ‘safer’?

I don’t get it. The sanity, the logic, the common sense, is missing. It’s a topic I’ll discuss with anyone that has a fact-based argument, not radical talking points, anytime.

Who’s Watching The Children?

The same ignorant reflexive mentality seems to be at work when it comes to our children and Social Services or Human Services at all levels. We’ve come to expect failure.

Children are being abused and dying at an alarming rate under the care and supervision of the very agencies that are supposed to be protecting them. Each time, we are shocked to learn that some child who has been reported, numerous times by many family members, neighbors, even Social Workers and authorities, seem to “fall through the cracks” and end up brutally murdered or enduring savage abuses throughout their young lives.

It’s “shocking” and we “mourn” and we vow to never let it happen again… and again, and again…

We have to look at how these agencies are run, how they are funded and who their masters are.

Seeing the failures of all the agencies from Tribal Social Services on up to the Federal Government, ACF and BIA, IHS, and HHS, tells me that there, in that system, the very same one that has harassed and threatened those who report the crimes against children and the abuses, intimidates those who dare to point out those who have positions for which they are not qualified for, and who have criminally conducted themselves, is the reason children are often in more danger within the system that both fails to police itself while protecting the very people who are enabling those who harm children, because of political connections more important than the safety and well-being of the children.

The system has, at all levels, become a political power structure, not designed to help or protect children, but to promote those within their ranks, those with connections, higher up the ladders into greater political arenas.

To that end, anyone that points out flaws or the need for corrections, is considered a threat to that power climb.
Some of the best, most decent people I know who have entered the field of social work, have left because of the unwillingness of the Directors and Administrators to correct practices or policies that are putting children in greater and greater danger.

Betty Jo, who was not a social worker, but who worked in that agency for the Tribe, when she pointed out corruption in the ranks, and where children were being put deliberately in harm’s way, she was not thanked, and corrections were not made, and children were not rescued, but she was fired.

Does one protect their job? Or does one protect the children? You cannot do both.

All Fail Up

I look at George Sheldon, who is Acting Assistant Secretary at ACF and I see the pattern of failing upwards is still firmly in place. He was hand-picked by the Obama Administration (code for “political buddy system”. Don’t worry, every administration is chock full of cronyism. Democratic or Republican, makes no difference.).

And where did they find Mr. Sheldon? He was the then Director of the always scandal plagued Florida DCF (Department of Children & Families). His big accomplishment during his tenure at Florida DCF? Improving the Food Stamp error rate.

Notice it didn’t say anything about him improving the lives of the children? It does not mention anything about improving the system for reporting and rectifying abuses? Would that be something that you’d be looking for when choosing an Acting Secretary? Someone who has a real grasp of what these families and these children are going through and what is needed to rescue them, help them recover and move back into the main stream of society?

It is not. They are looking for Yes Men who keep the political connections happy. Those political connections are very tied in, along with Charities and Foundations that raise collectively, billions of dollars in both privatedonations and from Federal Funding. That is where the real focus is: Making, collecting money and using that money to increase both political and personal power.

Mr. Sheldon left the Florida DCF in no better shape than he found it. In years since May 2011 when he was promoted into the Federal hierarchy, another Director abruptly quit. Oh yes, and another child, with frequent reports of being in danger, has been killed. We’re shocked, we mourn, we vow it will never happen again. You know the drill.

Nothing will change until these agencies are excluded from all political practices and not allowed to participate with any fundraising for any organization or charity. They have to return to doing the work of protecting children, helping families, and nothing else.

I don’t have (yet) the stats on how many children were murdered, died of neglect or abuse or ‘disappeared’ under Mr. Sheldon’s watch in Florida DCF, but I do know that many have been murdered, died of neglect, abuse and are ‘disappearing’ under his watch at the Federal level, just in this one tiny reservation in North Dakota.

The efforts of his agency, under his direction and that of Marrianne McMullen, has not been to remedy any of this or rescue any of these children, but to silence those who, on behalf of these children, point out what is happening.

No agency is going to get better if they put the full force of their authority into silencing those who point out the dangers and suggest corrections. The only reason they work that way is because they are protecting a political ally, their own corruption or are themselves, predators.

All those under them, such as Thomas Sullivan, merely a Director of Division VIII out of Denver, if they make any effort to actually help these children, well, you’ve seen how they are, by their higher ups such as James Murray, and George Sheldon and Marrianne McMullen, harassed, intimidated, threatened and denied permission to work on the very issues they have brought forward.

Keep in mind, this is all happening over the past (almost) three years while it has been known, at all levels, that there are children placed with Registered Sex Offenders, rapists, abusers and in homes where they are unwanted, and mistreated all the while there are good foster homes out there that are systematically stripped of finances, and had children they have nursed back from the abyss, snatched away from them and placed in unfit homes.

Even with the murders of these little children, horrific murders, nothing moves Murray or Sheldon or McMullen to actually act to remedy any of this. They move ever more determined to silence Thomas Sullivan and anyone that would report these crimes. They also move sever all connections any of those seeking help have had in the past, with anyone that has advocated for them, by threatening them, harassing them and threatening the safety of the children they care about.

It has become a criminal operation, top to bottom. The only people who climb that ladder such as Mr. Sheldon and Ms. McMullen, are those who protect the money makers and their political alliances fiercely at the expense of every child in the system.

Our future becomes more violent. We become more fearful. We buy more guns. A mass killing, a strong arm robbery, a crack whore dies, weather and sports is next. Sometimes, we mourn, sometimes we shrug it off. A tiny child is murdered despite multiple warnings over months and years to the very agency that is supposed to protect that child, and we are told they fell through the cracks, and vows made that it will never happen again…

There are no cracks. There are only the criminal and the incompetent at all levels in that system and it is driven by politics and big money fundraising. It’s time to demand these people, at least in this one reservation, allow these children to be rescued, allow the families to recover.

But if it can be done in this one place, it can be done everywhere, and THAT is a threat to the political money machine that dresses up lackeys in suits and pearls, and gives them titles and all the power they need to make sure not one child is heard.

We are stunned when the rapist of a 13-year old girl is walking around free while the girl is incarcerated.

How stunned are we when a woman who pointed out the criminal abuses and the corruption in Tribal Social Services was fired, and the Director who was robbing millions of (Taxpayer) dollars from the tribe and the program, is still allowed to roam free and claim his work (for which he had none of the basic qualifications, mind you) on his CV.

The question becomes: Do we want to end child abuse and neglect and make our own future, and that of our children safer? Or do we want to keep applauding the political machinery that is grinding our children into bloodstains?

A Note From Betty Jo Krenz

To the People of Spirit Lake Nation:

I want to thank all the folks of Spirit Lake Nation who have supported the children.

The last 27 months have been difficult and trying for many folks of all ages on and off the reservation.

However, with a new tribal government in place and a new director of social services we have to now "trust" that the children's best interest will be their focus.

Until it is shown otherwise we all need to believe that calling the people that are in place to assist in cases of emergencies will be a positive experience for all involved.

We all need to move forward and believe that positive change is happening. No system is perfect, it will take years to regain the trust in a system that was so broken but there must be a beginning. If you find it isn't working, speak up, demand change.

I have developed very close bonds with so many of you, and I cherish our friendships. You were there to support me when I needed it and I tried my best to do the same for you, in doing so you all have touched my life. 

I am not abandoning you, but without a position in the system, I cannot directly advocate for you. I will continue to hear your stories and to advocate on your behalf in the larger areas where I am allowed.

I now continue to advocate for the rights of children at a national level, people from reservations across the Country have stepped forward to tell their stories, and we have a group of congressman who are actively looking at making big changes in the way child welfare is dealt with in Indian Country.

It will take time and patience. Although I am not able to help with you directly I can help on a larger level. We need to hold people at every level accountable and demand they do their jobs.
Remember government at every level really does work for you. Be a responsible citizen and hold them accountable. Do not be intimidated by smoke and mirrors. If you feel strongly that the best interest of a child is not their priority them go to the next level. 

Many, many thanks to you

Betty Jo Krenz 

I guess that means that those in charge have to be held accountable. There are Thirteen Mandated Reports that have yet to be responded to according to the law and the protocols by any of the officials in the Tribe or in ACF, HHS, IHS, or the DOJ.

I guess that is because, over the decades, they have fired anyone and everyone that would have actually acted on behalf of those children. There should be legal consequences for those who ignore these policies and practices. They should be held accountable for every death they made inevitable.

They should, at the very least, be made to attend both the funerals of the childen that were murdered by their inaction, and the trials of those children who grew up to be violent in our society themselves. I would say that they should attend all the funerals of the people murdered by those who grew up violently because of their policies, but there is not enough time in the day and nothing would get done.

Nothing is getting done now, but you know, fundraising, political schmoozing, connections, all that stuff would have no time left for any of that.

Let’s Make It a Long Blog, Shall We?

I would love to meet Cindy Mala Lindquist someday. I would love to hear her say how she is a full-blood Dakotah woman, and how she remembers the Buffalo Hunt and her and the other kids chasing after the travois, fighting over the meat… (stop laughing, I’m not done.)

I’d like to hear how she is claiming to have made the successful $6Million Grant that she is bragging about. She’s always taken credit for the work that others did. In this case, that grant was made by Loretta Hall out of Aberdeen. Cindy had nothing to do with it.

Note to Cindy: Keep pissing off Aberdeen, they love this blog. They have known you so long and so well, you’d be surprised the stories they have to tell.

Cindy’s imaginary life has some real life big time friends. Or so she claims. Heidi Heitkamp and her probably have girl time chats you know. Heidi believes all of Cindy’s lies. All these big time politicians, The Governor, Senators, all of them come to her for the real story on what is happening and she is their confidant and their guide.

Legislators call her. They need her. She’s heroic. (STOP Laughing! I’m not done!)

If that is true, all they know about the Buffalo Hunt is what Cindy has told them. She looks remarkable for a woman of over 148 years old, doesn’t she?

And they are all friends with Cindy and Cindy’s cousin, Peggy Cavenaugh, and all her pals, like Noreen, they all have the ears and attention of all these political prizes.

According to Cindy. *eyeroll*

So, which is more outrageous? The Buffalo Hunt? The dragging her pots and pans around in a pillow case as a child, stopping in the wilderness to cook what she and her siblings hunted? Or that latest and greatest $6 Million Dollar triumph? How does anyone keep a straight face around that woman?

Her political connections are probably real. From what I have seen, they all like a good story and they really don’t want and are not interested in anything that has to do with the children…unless of course, they can raise money off of it, tax-free.

Cindy and her mother, and the rest of her gang, including Noreen are the ones pushing the Recall Petition against Mardell. I wonder if they are getting any help from their pals in high places?

One of her more local political/professional trophies is Jim Davis who is the president of Turtle Mountan College.

It just so happens that Jim Davis is the father of Scott Davis who works for the Governor as the Executive Director of the North Dakota Indian Affairs Commission, and of Jamie Davis who worked for Senator Conrad.

If Mr. Davis is as close a personal friend to Cindy as she claims he is, that is where all her connections come from. I would think he could do better. I would think he would know better.

Then again, it’s Cindy we are talking about. Anything is possible, and most of what she claims is a lie.

This is where you can find Jim Davis: Jim Davis, Turtle Mtn, College Good looking man. Bet he’s smart too. I doubt he thinks she’s a full blood anything, much less a Dakotah. That would get him laughed at by the locals. Surely, what she has told you about her and him can’t be true. He looks like a real Indian to me.

I wonder if her cousin, Bonita Morin, wrote her permission slips to steal Tribal Property the same as she did for her brother Andrew Morin? I wonder if that was the plan for the Heritage House that was built that Cindy wanted for her own? I can only guess at this point.

There is such a crooked, sticky webwork of corruption out there, The Good People of Spirit Lake have a long hard road ahead of them to begin to clean it out.

Clean Up Crew

That brings me to the elections. The upcoming Ft. Totten District Election is October 8th. I’m getting a brochure from people on one candidate they like and FB postings on another candidate that others like. So far, they both look good. There will be good choices to be had. It’s a start.

I will be creating an Election page and linking it to the blog page so you can all follow along and keep informed. I expect, time permitting, to have it up tomorrow. Keep sending me whatever you get from the candidates or about them. I will post them.

Mardell LewisThe people you elect are the clean up crew for this mess. Keeping Mardell in there is imperative. She’s the first warrior I’ve seen in Tribal Council. Because of her, The tribe is regaining respect from others.

We have seen what happens when those who don’t care about people are in charge. It will be decades, generations even, before we can begin to heal from that.



You have seen what happens when someone with integrity and courage is in charge. It’s a whole different feeling. This work requires integrity, intelligence, courage and compassion.

Mardell Lewis

And it requires that we all work to make sure that those are the qualities we allow to make our laws, run our agencies, and take our community, our Nation forward.

This is your work. This is our work. We are all related.





You know where to find me.




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September 22, 2013
On Their Watch
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LaurynnThis little, tiny, precious little girl, Laurynn, was snatched by Tribal Social Services from a safe, loving home that had nurtured her and twin sister from abuse so horrific they both had to be hospitalized before they could be fostered, into happy, cheerful, bright and loving little girls, and forced them into a home where the woman had lost custody of her own children because of abuse. Less than two months later, and just a few weeks shy of her third birthday, Baby Laurynn was murdered in an escalating pattern of abuse and neglect by Hope Whiteshield, while the rest of the family did nothing, and even tried to claim it was SIDS death.

All this time, as both girls conditions rapidly deteriorated, Tribal Social Services under the now fired Director, Paul Hutchinson, did nothing. Put them in the hands of an abuser and turned his back. One month, she went from this smiling, laughing happy child, to a tiny, malnourished, battered corpse.

Hope is standing trial for neglect and endangerment, when it should be for Murder, but USAG Tim Purdon wants to keep ‘child murder’ stats low on his watch.

Further, all of this could have been avoided if the three main players I talked about last week: James Murray, George Sheldon and Marriane McMullen had done their jobs. Further, there have been more deaths and more child abuse and rapes under their watch and still, all they do is dance around, waving their hands in the air like the final dance number in a Broadway Musical, not only throwing obstacles in the path of Thomas Sullivan, the only Director of the ACF actively trying to rescue the children, but in blatantly contriving to deny him access to victims, witnesses and Mandated Reporters.

Someone should file a Civil Rights law suit on behalf of Baby Laurynn and name those three among the defendants in that case. It was their job to follow protocol and their job to fix this, but all they did was protect their political and Social Organization Allies by both ignoring the fact that these are ongoing crimes against children, not “Issues” and not “situation” but criminal activity, and by harassing, intimidating and threatening anyone that attempted to get them to do their jobs.

The most recent example is that Cavenaugh kid who was arrested for a strong arm robbery in town. A kid who was also a victim of the ACF doing nothing while he was being abused and his funds were being stolen from him by the very people that the ACF is protecting by refusing to criminally investigate either the rapes and abuses of children, their deaths, or the missing millions of dollars (from taxpayers, mind you. That’s you and me).

How different would the path of life have been for the Cavenaugh kid or hundreds, maybe thousands like him, had the ACF acted responsibly towards protecting both those children and the millions of dollars that are stolen from him and children like he was, all over the Spirit Lake Rez and all over the nation?

We live in a violent world mostly because children have been unprotected, their cries ignored, and the laws only used against them when they grow up and become violent themselves.

Some people can remember a time when no one locked their doors and their cars were safe with the keys in them. Times didn’t change, but the neglect and abuse of children became rampant and predators endorsed by both the inaction on the part of major agencies who chose to support political goals rather than protect the children, and who actively stalled, stopped, threatened, harassed and denied support to anyone in their own agency who was working to change all this.

If you want less violence and fear in your future and the lives of your own children, you must take action and demand, constantly and stridently, that these three stooges be not only removed from their jobs, but charged with accessory to murder and child rapes. I want them gone. Not transferred to some cushy little outpost, not moved into a cozy seat on some Charitable Foundation’s Board of Directors, I want them gone, charged and denied pension or severance pay.

They didn’t care what happened to the children, I don’t care what happens to their careers, their pensions or their lifestyle.

The first to go will be James Murray. The other two will throw him under the bus to save themselves. First, they will try to get him to transfer out, or promise him a soft landing in one of the many Social Organizations they affiliate with, but as soon as he steps out of his square, they will drop him as the hot potato.

By the time he decides to step up and be a man, it will be too late. They will have used him and discarded him. I bet he’s already finding it harder to get them to return his phone calls, messages and emails. They will ride him like a rent horse and leave him where he drops. He was not hired to ‘do good work’. He was hired to be their hatchet man, their gatekeeper and prevent any of this from reaching them.

He thought he was climbing the political ladders of success and acceptance. He was wrong. His loyalty to them was by far greater than his concern over the well-being of those children whose stories were written up in the now 13 Mandated Reports issued by Thomas Sullivan. His loyalty saved Sheldon and McMullen from having to expose their powerful alliances with darker elements that snake through these agencies, sucking the bulk of funds for ‘administrative costs’ which are never well-defined or itemized, and which allows crimes against children to now have reached epidemic proportions in our country.

Child Trafficking is the most vile of all Human Trafficking, which is already the most evil crime Humans can commit upon other Human Beings. The ACF should be the agency stopping the abuses. But they won’t even allow Thomas Sullivan to clean up the child abuse ring on one tiny reservation in North Dakota. Why?

If they cannot or will not correct the blatant abuses on Spirit Lake Nation Reservation, can you imagine how many more and how much worse it is on reservations across the country?

Can you imagine how it is in Social Services Programs and Agencies across the nation?

And you wonder if you are safe in your beds at night? You fear you are not safe at work, shopping, going to the movies, or sending your kids to school? You think this fear is ‘just the way it has always been?’

You think if you buy a gun you’re safe? Your children are safe on the playground or at school? Don’t kid yourself. Violence is here and it’s everywhere around us. We think of those who commit these crimes of robbery, rape, murders and mass shootings as ‘subhuman’.

Maybe they are. But we know how thousands of them got that way, now don’t we? So, do we protect the children? Or the politicians? Which do you think will make us safer in the future, and which do you think will create millions more survivors of horrific subhuman abuse and come to your town and turn your life upside down?

You have seen their emails. You know they have known. You know they have actively worked against protecting the children. Now, start contacting them, your elected representatives at ALL levels of government from the PTA, the Mayor & Councils to Governors, Senators, and all of them should be asked what they are going to do about this and when they are going to do it, and they should be told that you are not going to stop until they take action.

While we are at it, let’s not forget Scott Davis. He’s the Governor’s pet Indian. He is a good friend of Kevin Brownshield Dauphinais who has not only defrauded the government, but has actively trafficked children into the hands of registered sex offenders. Mr. Scott has more important things to do than to attend a meeting that might lead to the eventual criminal investigation of his very wealthy, very crooked friend, Kevin. If Kevin goes down, he takes not only Scott Davis with him, but everyone they are both associated with at all levels of government.

Scott Davis has seen his job not as taking crimes against Indian Children seriously, but as a promoter of corporate exploitation of Native Businesses and the tax loopholes therein. He sees his work for the Bush Foundation as far more important that stopping child rapes, child trafficking on the rez where his buddy gets all his money from.

Elections NOTE:

As soon as I can get all the names of everyone running for the Ft. Totten District Seat, I will start posting on that. I have about half the names so far. A lot of old trash trying to recycle themselves back onto the Gravy Train. Heads up Good People of Spirit Lake Fort Totten District, you need someone with the courage, education and integrity of Mardell Lewis on your side. Get a good enough, strong enough Tribal Council and you can through them, rid yourselves of the crimes, cronyism and nepotism. You can expect fair play in your lives and assistance when you need it if you work to put in a person of the caliber that is Mardell Lewis.

Spirit Lake is stepping out of the shadows and into the light. This is your work to do. And my money’s on you doing it right. There are going to be, from what I have seen so far, at least two very good, very qualified candidates to choose from. Wouldn’t that be great? A run-off between Great and Better rather than picking the lesser of two evils?

Send in the bios of those running and I will post them. Don’t bother with Clarice Brownshield, Shelly Lugar and their ilk. We’ve already seen how they damaged the Tribe. No one wants to go back to that.

Spirit Lake is just now starting to be looked up to by other tribes and by surrounding communities, where it counts: In the minds and hearts of the citizens, not the political pandering photo op elected idiots, getting blankets wrapped around them.

Mardell cannot do this all on her own. She needs more Tribal Council support and you can elect that for her and for yourself.

Spirit Lake is just now starting to hold their heads up with real pride over real accomplishments. It feels good, doesn’t it?

Help make Spirit Lake a place where children are safe to grow up and Elders are safe to live out their years among their people and in their culture.

We have a lot of work ahead of us, all of us. Those in Spirit Lake and those of us who know what is happening there.

The Good People of Spirit Lake walking tall is, for some reason, scaring some very powerful people who never thought you had it in you. Who knows what you will accomplish as you go further? Whatever it is, we are all in this together.

Mitakuye Oyasin!

You know where to find me





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September 21, 2013
Clerical Error
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Returning now to events on the rez : Don’t worry ACF, I’m not yet done with you all. But for right now, let’s look locally and see what is going on.

During Weenie Boy’s rampage wherein he and his family were making threats to Tribal Councilors who had thrown him out, and there was a restraining order put on him, one of his sillier stunts was to file a claim of false imprisonment against those who put the restraining order that prevented him from going into the Blue Building.

Essentially saying that because he was restrained from entering the Blue Building, he was being held ‘prisoner’ in some fashion.

As soon as the verdict on his appeal of being petitioned out of the Chair was in, and he was absolutely OUT, the Tribal Council dropped the restraining order so his complaint was, essentially, null and void, not to mention insipid to begin with.

One is not ‘imprisoned’ if one is locked out of a building. Unless logic does not count.

His contention that it was illegal to put a restraining order on any elected official to ban them from the Blue Building and how it had never been done before…. Except of course when HE had illegally fired Clarisse Brownshield and locked her out of the Blue Building only a month or so before. And where he had filed a restraining order on Justin Yankton a couple of years before that. (I have a copy somewhere and will put it in documents and attach to this blog later when I find it. FOUND IT!) So, legal when he does it, illegal when it is done to him.

There is an interesting note on that document (header of page, large letters, almost childlike scrawl) saying “Leola to send Cat”… hmmm, was that supposed to come to me? It did.

Meet Leola White, Clerk of (Tribal) Court

Leola has not only illegally been accessing information for Roger Yankton, she connived with him a scheme to allow him to sue the Tribal Council and the Tribe. For Roger to have any kind of footing for a lawsuit, based on the restraining order, which was rescinded upon the Appeals Court ruling against Roger in his Appeal of his ouster, because it was no longer necessary.

But Roger, Weenie Boy, was desperate and Leola was desperate to please him. On her own, without permission or authority, she re-filed the restraining order against Roger so that he could maintain a lawsuit.

This was a dazzling act of insubordination on Leola’s part, all to aid and assist Weenie Boy is efforts to attack the Tribe.

Tribal Council got wind of this and immediately put a stop to it.

This is how corruption flourishes, even after you think you’ve gotten rid of the corrupt leader, those loyal to him continue to take orders from and act on behalf of him.

Timeline of Events:

Leola re-issued the restraining order on Roger on her own. Here is why:

1. Roger civil rights federal case was filed on grounds he was "imprisoned" from being at his tribal building.

2. When Appellate Court ruled in council favor, council immediately moved to dissolve the restraining order.

3. This took away and resolved his claim, gave him the relief he was after. (Oh *Snap!)

4. This would basically ensure the case went no where even in the unlikely event the federal court took the case, they would say relief sought is already received.

5. Tuesday, Leola re-issued the restraining order on her own without any approval or direction.

6. Council sprang into action, and stopped it before Roger got served.

7. Roger would have used this as more ammo in his attempt at federal case.

8. None of the Tribal Judges knew anything about what Leola was doing.

Amazingly, Roger, Vern and Richard Yankton all said Russ and Mardell violated Roger’s Civil Rights, and that a restraining order on council member had never been done. Again, I refer you to the one Roger did by himself, for the exact reasons Russ and Mardell did.  But, Roger, Vern and Richard Yankton, all Scholars (sarcasm), and adept at posturing for media, kind of forgot that ‘other time’ which is amazing since they all had a hand in that restraining order as well. You get the picture.

Leola is coyly saying it was a mistake. You know, Clerical Error? Something like:

“I was doing some filing and decided to file a restraining order without any direction or authorization. I have no idea why…”

What she did could have seriously jeopardized the Tribe’s legal position and left them wide open for a big expensive, long drawn out court fight and lawsuit. Leola is not there to help the tribe. Leola is there to help the corrupt. She needs to be fired.

Leola was appointed to that position by Joel. She was good friends with him and his girlfriend, Noreen. Noreen got appointed to Law and Order Committee. Noreen knows less about Law or Order than anyone else on that committee and I dare say, anyone this side of Grade Three.

This just in, as further comment about the Tribal Court system:

Did you know that Michelle Myrick, niece of James Yankton is working for tribal court? She makes over 20 dollars per hour, has no degrees whatsoever AND she has been involved with one of the biggest meth busst in ND (with Cory Baker) and sells drugs to little kids even her own young son but of course she never raised her kids she abandoned them for men and drugs. Now that's the kind of people we have in our court system!

The Good People of Spirit Lake don’t need any Organization or Foundation coming in to bring them “Economic Development”. They need to get the corruption out, and to be treated fairly and equally under the law. They need fair and equal access to the courts just like anyone else. Their courts need to be free of cronyism, nepotism and corruption.

None of these fundraising Foundations that pretend to bring solutions to Indian Country, even touches on the core of all that ails those who live in Indian Country: Corruption. In fact, they act as if it does not exist.

They are not bringing solutions and opportunity, only more exploitation. Send them away. Tribes do not need “Nation Building” or “Nation Rebuilding” (how cute is that?). I remind all my readers that the Constitution of the United States that we are all so proud of, was based on a system of laws taught to the White Settlers (or call them “Invaders”, same-same) by First Nations.

They need to know that when they report their 13 yr old daughter was raped by a 38-yr old man that the man will be arrested. In this case, the man is still walking around free --- and the girl has been incarcerated! Think about that. And it is typical. THIS is what needs to be fixed out there, and the Good People of Spirit Lake are perfectly capable of fixing it if they have fair treatment under the Law.

They don’t need corrupt officials throughout the system, supporting, covering for and running defense for the predators. There are plenty of laws and protocols on the books already, and they need to be followed and enforced. Screw this “Nation Building” crap.

First Nations know the concepts of “Nation Keeping” better and longer than anyone showing up with sponsored ‘gifts’, I can guarantee it. It is the corruption that has crippled them and it is the corruption that must be removed.

Without the corruption, the People become very strong, and their communities heal and become very healthy. For some reason, some very powerful people in government don’t want the Good People of Spirit Lake to have this for themselves. Are they afraid that other Tribes will want the same? Are they afraid that if other tribes see that it can be done, that they will also do it too? What then? Who loses?

Again, you have to look at who has been profiting from the corruption and dysfunction of a people so broken by abuse they can’t fight back, have no funds, cannot trust each other enough to fight back against corporate exploitation.

Look at the Cobell Settlement. That woman and her team of lawyers fought for over 10 years and they proved they were owed hundreds of billions of dollars, but they had to settle for a fraction of that.

Those hundreds of billions were pure profit for the Oil companies that exploited their resources for over 100 years without permission or compensation from the land holders. That money was owed by the Oil Companies, but the settlement came from the government. Oil companies are immune. Taxpayers pay. Now you have an inkling as to a small part of who profits by Indians being kept crippled by corruption.

Yet, for some reason, all those in power and authority at all levels of State and Federal Government want to stop one man from rescuing the children of this one little Reservation. What is it that our Bigger, more Powerful Governments fear about one Reservation being able to rescue their own children from rape, abuse and murder? Why is it so imperative that one little reservation in North Dakota, not be allowed to stop child rapes?

Local Corruption Queens

Trying to unknot the web of corruption involving Cindy Mala Lindquist and her family takes some doing. So, from time to time, I’ll just post some of the antics and you decide for yourself if that woman needs to be removed from her position, and possibly investigated at a criminal level.

Keep in mind, she is President of a very small community college, makes more money than the superintendent of the entire School District for Devil’s Lake, which has way more students and staff to be responsible for. Her expense accounts and perks are ridiculous. She’s still angry that this blog spoiled her plan to have that newly built heritage cabin deeded over to her as a personal home. I make it my hobby to ruin her day.

She claims she’s really close friends with Heidi Heitkamp. If that is true, that explains a lot about why we can’t seem to get Heidi to do a single proactive effort on behalf of the children in danger on the reservation. Birds of a feather, ya know. Ms. Heitkamp is free to deny this friendship and I will post that. Otherwise, it stands.

She also has 6, count ‘em, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 vice presidents on payroll, and her lunatic bipolar brother runs security, and spends most of his time glaring at the young pretty girls, making them very uneasy.

Which reminds me: Did they ever find out who left the pipe bomb there? It easily got past their whackadoodle Security Chief.

Let’s look at Bonita Morin, cousin to Cindy:

As you recall, Bonita is the one that wrote permission to steal Tribal Property notes for her brother, Andrew. Who knows how many other people got those nifty permission notes?

So, let’s look at Bonita’s Charity scam of days gone by, shall we? She could not pull it off without Cindy’s help.
In 2008-2009 Bonita Moron was Suicide Prevention Director.

As such, she solicited corporations, organizations, for cash and merchandise donations.

She used college federal ID and tax info to set up collection center at her home, she had access to all info needed to set it up.  

Cindy Lindquist provided all info and contacts to her cousin Bonita to setup the fraudulent collection center at Bonita's house.

One of the Vice Presidents, Toni Halsey, caught this fraud and reported it to Board of Regents. Cindy controls her puppet Board, and she took them on a trip, fluffed up their ego and convinced them she had it under control. Cindy rules her puppet Board, they do whatever she says like bubbleheads.

So Bonita got off, Cindy covered for her and this major fraud was never reported. Bonita should have been arrested and the funds returned.

Soon after, Toni Halsey the VP that reported it was fired as “reduction in force” by Cindy.

That’s what you get if you do your job. That’s what happens when there is no legal system to report crimes to that is not also part of the corruption.

Cindy’s latest boy toy is Lane Azure. Isn’t he married? Isn’t her name Sharon? He follows Cindy like a puppy. Let me guess, she hired him? Well, his job is safe as long as he never does it, whatever it is. (Note to Sharon: Get him tested. If he won’t go, you should. It’s your health.)

So you see, both Cindy and her Cousin, Bonita, need to be fired. You need a Tribal Council that will have not just the one person to make the motion, but a Tribal Councilor with enough spine and integrity to second that motion and get rid of this kind of Tribal Trash. You have the chance in the upcoming Ft. Totten District Election.

Upcoming Election

Many of you took me very seriously when I suggested you find someone to run for the vacated seat on Ft. Totten District. Almost 20 people signed up! Get your Bios and statements to me and I will post them. Let the people choose.

You know where to find me.


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September 20, 2013
Corruption is a Dance
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Corruption is bad, agree? Agree. Raping, murdering, abusing, neglecting children is bad, agree? Agree. If you knew about a place where children were being raped, abused, murdered, neglected, robbed etc, you would do what?

• A: Notify the authorities and have those children rescued, criminal investigation begun into those who committed the crimes and those who covered them up/enabled them.

• B: Protect your friends and social/career connections by pretending to pick up the phone, but not really dialing.

• C: Use your position/office & political connections to make sure no one is ever charged for those crimes and the children remain in danger.

If you picked A, it would appear that your reaction is very, very different from the Governor, the governor’s lackey Scott Davis, all of the US Senators, USAG Eric Holder, his underling, Timothy Purdon, the entire BIA from Washing DC down to it’s lowest corrupt minions on the rez, and all of HHS and the Department of interior.

You will also be very far apart from all of Thomas Sullivan’s superiors who have gone to extremes complete with nonsensical logic, as they maneuvered for the past three years to hold meetings without him or his input, deny him travel to the region to attend meetings, threatened his job, intimidated him in the workplace, all the while acting as if this is very important to them, but they all, ALL (for some reason) have to be at one giant meeting, together, before anything can begin to begin. All the while saying that, and I quote James Murray, directly above Mr. Sullivan:


Thanks for your patience. ACF’s response to the concerns at the Spirit Lake Nation will have to be generated through a collaborative effort by leaders from multiple ACF offices. Representatives from those offices will have to be included along with you in meetings like the one proposed below, to maximize ACF’s response. Your leadership will be critical in the work of the larger ACF group to address the issues. That being said, I have to deny the travel request at this time. We can revisit the topic once ACF has a chance to mobilize the larger leadership group to begin moving things forward. Let me know if you’d like to discuss it further and I can set up a conference call for tomorrow or early next week.


James Murray || Acting Director || HHS/ACF/ORO || Desk: (202) 401-4881 || BlackBerry: (202) 253-0217 || Fax: (202) 401-3449 || Email:”

Doesn’t that strike you as ‘odd’? Mr. Sullivan is ‘critically important’ buuuuut, they won’t let him attend the meetings.

Last week, Mr. Murray did okay Thomas Sullivan’s travel to a critically important meeting… he okayed it just before the close of business, leaving Mr. Sullivan with less than 2 hours to get home, pack, get to the airport, clear security and get on the plane. Never mind that the request was more than 6 Days ignored by Mr. Murray.

(NOTE: See "Baby Laurynn" for other examples of Mr. Murray's dance steps)

But by okaying it at the close of business, Mr. Murray made sure of two things: 1: It would be physically impossible for Mr. Sullivan to make it to the airport, and 2: If anyone asked why he denied Sullivan this most important travel, he could deny that he denied it and say he approved it. Those who pretend to be really stupid will of course, nod in agreement. “He okayed it, so he’s okay.” (Circle thumb to forefinger, give a big wink).

Meanwhile, it’s only been three years of children being raped, beaten, robbed, murdered, so when Mr. Murray, and those who pull his strings, Mr. George Sheldon and Marrianne McMullen, are doing this dance that has no movement and goes nowhere.

We have seen that Thomas Sullivan “critically important to this issue” (not an “issue”, it is criminal acts upon children. It’s ‘crimes’) not allowed to hold or attend meetings unless EVERYONE even remotely connected to ACF is present, guaranteeing chaos and disruption, however, meetings can be held without Mr. Sullivan by those who think his attendance is not required in that he is the only one actually working to get both the children rescued and to have criminal charges filed against those who are abusing them, as well as to have removed, those in the Tribal, State and Federal system that are not doing their jobs and are putting, knowingly and deliberately, these children in harm’s way.

Only one congressman from North Dakota, Kevin Cramer, has made any effort whatsoever, to get these crimes against these children addressed directly, and he has also been shut down and shut out at every turn.

This is generally the point where some cartoonish character strolls in, chomping on a cigar, looking like a used car salesman (or just on the inside) and chuckles telling us: “Gubmint incompetence.” And we are all supposed to think that all this is happening because all these people are just plain incompetent, unable to do their jobs, running around like Keystone Kopps, getting nothing done.

But this is not ‘government incompetence’, my friends, this is how corruption looks when it is dancing out of the light, trying to get away.

Each and every one of them could, if they did their job, put an end to the nightmare for those children. But each and every one of them is refusing. All the way up the line. They are also using every tool at their disposal to intimidate, threaten, harass and silence both the victims and their reports.

They all fall into line and know their steps well because they have done exactly this dance, over and over again, for decades. If they want to keep their jobs, those kids will just have to suffer, die or grow up to pull strong arm robberies in your local businesses, or sell their bodies for crack.

All these agencies want to do is find more ways to coordinate more commercial value out of every reservation. All these foundations want to do is to pave the way for more ‘economic development’ which is a nice way of saying: We don’t care about the corruption, in fact, we need it. It’s the main appeal to those who want to do business in Indian Country, especially for non-Indian corporations that will get both easy access and almost no oversight to their resource extractions from Federal lands (Gas, Oil, Minerals, Timber, Water, Uranium) and a big fat tax benefit to boot!

Think about it: Bringing in more money to communities that are racked top to bottom with corruption doesn’t help anyone except the corrupt and their business partners.

Bringing in more money only means more violence and more reasons to be on the side of the corrupt.

Until the corruption is rooted out, none of these communities stands to benefit from any ‘economic development plan’ and children who are not safe today, will become the predators we fear tomorrow.

But, Foundations and fundraising is in itself, Big Business. Tax Exempt, “Non-Profit” but making their Boards of Directors extremely wealthy, and taking in donations from suckers like you and I who think we are donating to a worthy cause.

They are politically well connected at every level. If they had the best interests of Native Americans at heart, they could have, long ago, when they saw what was going on, instead of turning their backs or backslapping the corrupt as old friends, put a stop to it. Not another dime until the corrupt are removed.

But there is more profit in keeping the corrupt in place. It’s having a mafia type enforcement to keep the people from questioning, or voting down any proposals to strip mine their lands, frack their tar sands, and spoil their air and all the waters that ebb and flow…

And if all the children get raped, beaten, abused and robbed, they’ll grow up angry and damaged and who ya gonna believe? That dirty Indian over there telling you that his children are being raped by a politically well connected gang? Or that nice clean shaven gentleman in the suit over there, looking benevolent and shaking his head in denial?

We don’t see their faces associated with crimes committed against these children, but perhaps we should. We should, however, know who they are and start looking for them. We should seek them out and call them out because they could stop all of this today, if they wanted to. But it would not make their corporate sponsors and their political connections who rely on huge donations from those corporate sponsors, very happy. They would find themselves out of a job.

There is a genocidal push coming from all levels, aimed directly at the children in Spirit Lake Nation and other tribes. It comes from businesses who want to operate under a blanket of tax exemption and sovereign “immunity” when it comes to laws regarding safety, Clean Air, Clean Water, and it comes from their political allies who have committed crimes against children, enabled crimes against children and do not want their connections exposed in the same way that Sandusky’s connections were almost exposed before he took the fall.

No one ever looked beyond Sandusky to see who all he was getting money from, giving money to, and who else was tampering with children under the care and keeping of his great charitable organization, Second Mile. They got the wriggly, ugly lizard’s tail, but the real meat absconded and no one even sniffed out that trail.

Of all the legitimate ways that businesses can make money, even more money if they do it on the rez with the total compliance of those leaders hand picked by sponsors, who do as they are told, there is even more money to be made on the darker side: The Selling of children. Child trafficking and child porn. Is that what they are afraid we’ll find if we keep digging?

That and the drugs that are hubbed in reservations: manufactured, distributed, all this also, tax free. No one declares child trafficking, kiddie porn seller or illegal drug manufacture and sales on their tax returns. But it makes people very, very rich.

And when they are rich, they have access to, power and influence over, politicians who appoint the people they are told to the positions necessary to stop anyone from ever getting close.

This is the Dance of corruption. When you look at the ACF stonewalling Thomas Sullivan at every turn for over three years, and you look at the BIA not even following the most fundamental of its own rules and protocols, and you see them all aligning themselves against those who are speaking out, what you are looking at is corruption.

This is not “Government Incompetence.”

This is not “Broken Government”.

This is corruption and these are the dancers who pull the strings on those below them and who have strings being pulled by powerful, rich people above them.

It’s time to meet the Dancers:

First up:

James Murray, ACFJames Murray He’s a Success Story hand picked from organization that is about Successful Dads.
His Bio Reads:

James Murray serves as the Acting Director for the Administration for Children and Families (ACF), Office of Regional Operations (ORO). In this capacity, James is the principal advisor to the Assistant Secretary regarding field operations; and provides executive leadership and direction to ACF’s ten regional offices on the integration and coordination of ACF human service programs to promote the economic and social well-being of families, children, individuals and communities.

Prior to becoming Acting Director, Murray served as the Deputy Director with broad oversight for the planning,

direction, and timely execution of ORO activities. Before serving as Deputy Director, JMurray was the ORO Executive Officer. In that role, he provided leadership and direction for the effective, uniform, and economical accomplishment of management and administrative functions across regions.

Murray began his professional career in the non-profit sector focused on Responsible Fatherhood. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development from Howard University; a Master of Public Administration degree from Bowie State University; and is the married father of two children.

Mr. Murray has stonewalled Thomas Sullivan at every turn. He has not supported him in his efforts to rescue even one child. I find that ironic given that the organization he came from was all about being a Dad.

He has a nice job, nice title and a nice paycheck. He’s not about to risk that by helping anyone under his supervision rescue any child on Spirit Lake. He will, however, approve travel arrangements only when they are conveniently beyond all human possibility of being realized.

I think he is happy and ready to do the bidding of his masters and show him how much he appreciates the opportunity to work for them. He lacks spine, integrity and character. But he looks good on their wall, as if diversity more important than integrity. “Responsible Fatherhood” my ass: He’s a trophy.

Here’s a hint that what I am saying is true: He has had reports of children being raped and murdered for over three years and he still finds himself unable to approve or allow Thomas Sullivan to attend meetings or set them up where these crimes can be discussed, either as ‘issues’ or as ‘crimes’. I want you to see that face the next time you read or see on TV, some Native American Child has been raped to death, or has grown into an adult who only knows violence, and has robbed a local business. See this man’s face alongside of that child or that violent criminal. He’s the reason it is still happening.

Let’s meet his Masters, shall we? The ones ‘from above’ who give him his orders and who demand that he prevent Thomas Sullivan from gaining ground for the past three years. Not an inch.

George Sheldon, ACFGeorge Sheldon He has even more authority and access to power than Mr. Murray. Mr. Sheldon has also been advised, over the past three years by Mr. Thomas Sullivan, of the crimes ongoing against these children. He’s even seen the reports of their deaths. Mr. Sheldon is a church-going man who loves children. Raised a few of his own. I wonder how he would feel if he knew his children were being raped and abused and no one would stop it?

His bio reads:

George Sheldon is the Acting Assistant Secretary for the Administration for Children and Families under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Prior to joining ACF, George Sheldon served as the Secretary of the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF). During his time in Florida, George oversaw the state’s child welfare programs, fostering a 36 percent reduction in children in out-of-home care, and integrating mental health, substance abuse and domestic violence services throughout the Department…. Before his service at DCF, George was Associate Dean for Student and Alumni Services at St. Thomas University School of Law. In addition to more than 12 years as a practicing attorney, George also served as Deputy Attorney General for central Florida, …

He’s not new to this dance. He’s been at it for a very long time. For him suddenly or only in this case, seem unable after three years, to allow meetings or follow protocol on Mandated Reports, and who instead refuses to support his District VIII Director (Thomas Sullivan), getting his lackey, Mr. James Murray, to do his dirty work for him.

This is a man who knows the system better than anyone else. He pretends he wants to do something, but for some reason, after being notified over three years ago about children being forced to live in snake pits of pedophiles and abusers, he has not managed to think of one step to remedy that, but has made several steps to stop the one man who is trying to remedy that. Don’t you wonder why?

I want you to see his face when you hear of more dead babies on the rez, brutally murdered. I want you to see his face alongside the face of the violent youth offender who just robbed a local business. He is protecting someone, maybe even himself, who knows? But he is not protecting the children.

He is not alone. Meet his dance partner:

Marrianne McMullen, ACFMarrianne McMullen: Her Bio reads:

Marrianne McMullen is the Deputy Assistant Secretary for External Affairs. Prior to joining ACF, McMullen worked with the District of Columbia Public Schools, where she served as Chief of Staff for the Office of Family and Public Engagement.

Prior to DCPS, McMullen spent 10 years working in labor union communications, with the last two years spent as senior aide to then SEIU President Andy Stern. Nationally, she anchored SEIU’s work in environmental issues and public school reform. McMullen authored the first-ever green negotiating guide for union locals, detailing contract provisions that would benefit both union members and the environment, and served as SEIU’s delegate to United Nations climate talks in Poland in 2008. On the school reform front, McMullen formed a coalition of school reform and union activists to launch a pro-union charter management organization, Union Park High Schools, which opened its first school in Chicago in 2009. With foundation and key education reform leaders, she helped develop a national template for an alternative school union contract that would allow broader latitude for school innovation while still protecting hard-won teacher rights and benefits.

She’s a mixed bag. Her work with SEIU seems both wise and noble. No one can work in the schools without being aware of how abuse affects children and how many children are being abused and how bad it is…. Yet despite the urgency in Sullivan’s Mandated Reports, she has only moved to stop and stall him. Why?

I guess she did her time for the public good and now, well, now she has to look out for her career as she climbs that government employment ladder. Hard enough for a woman to gain ground even in government, so yeah, selling out the Native American Children is a small price to pay.

I wonder what her excuse is for doing nothing but stalling and using her authority to stall and thwart any meaningful meetings much less any criminal investigation into the ongoing child abuse over these past three years would be? Surely, she can’t say she was not aware. Surely, she can’t say it was a ‘priority’.

Again, I wonder who it is that she is protecting? Is it friends? Family? Political connections? I don’t know. But I do know it’s not the children of Spirit Lake Nation.

She’s even fostered children, but yet, seeing the reports of these rampant abuses and corruption in Tribal Social Services, and knowing that children were ripped away from safe Foster Homes and handed over to abusive, murdering caretakers, has not moved her in any direction except to protect something evil at the expense of little babies like Laurynn, deceased, just a few weeks shy of her third birthday. Her twin survived. I wonder how a caring Foster Mom can not be moved by any of this to do anything to help even one child on Spirit Lake Reservation? I wonder how she can look at herself in the mirror as she applies her make-up, and likes what she sees, knowing that each time she stalls and thwarts the efforts by Thomas Sullivan, children continue to suffer horribly. How do you do that Marrianne?

So, see her smug and smiling face when the next time comes that a baby is raped and or murdered out there.

See her professional image, looking sharp right next to that of the next Native Youth Offender who had all his choices in life taken from him when he was a baby, and know that it was her, and the others, who make these ongoing crimes against children and by the adults they grow into, possible.

These are the faces of corruption. These are the faces of those who enable and cover up the crimes of corruption and child abuse.

Three years. Not one child rescued. Too many have died in the meantime. More will die. Those who survive will only be known to us when we are terrified of them and how violent they are in a gentle, civilized society we think we live in.

These are the faces of the people who are doing all in their power, along with others, to prevent anyone from rescuing a single child out there on the rez, or from pursuing criminal investigations into those who have raped, beaten, and robbed them, or those who have enabled it and covered it up.

Don’t expect violence to go away anytime soon. We are growing more of it on the rez every day. But as you have seen, the violence that survives doesn’t stay on the rez.

If you want less violence and fear in your future, take the violence and fear out of the lives of helpless children. Demand these people at least, support the efforts of Thomas Sullivan.

And if they don’t, demand from all of our elected officials that they be fired. They are worthless to our country. They only serve to protect the evil that is ruining our future.

You know where to find me.




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Bonita, Gloria, Cindy – Connect the Dolts

You all remember Bonita, right? She wrote notes that gave her brother Andrew Morin permission to steal thousands and thousands of dollars worth of Tribal Property? Take a look at who she is related to that is also part of the corruption out there. Her auntie is Gloria and Gloria is the mother of Cindy Mala Lindquist. They have a plan.

Their plan is simple: Scare people, lie to people, or get people too drunk to know what they are signing, and get them to sign a petition to oust Mardell Lewis. They are out for both revenge and to save their cushy over-paid jobs. Andrew Morin already lost his job for thieving. There needs to be criminal charges filed against him and soon. Unless it is okay with everyone in the Tribe that Andrew (also cousin to Cindy, nephew to Gloria) stole thousands and thousands of dollars worth of Tribal Property that the Tribe then had to pay to replace.

Criminal charges need to be filed against his sister, Bonita, as well. I’d like to see how many of those permission to steal letters she put out to the rest of her relatives. I wonder if she also put them out for her cousin and aunty? We’ll never know until there is a criminal investigation.

Meanwhile, Cindy and Gloria are the push behind the petition to get Mardell ousted. They must be very afraid she’ll uncover something on them, equal to or worse than what they found Andrew. Given how freely Cindy has spent the Tribe’s money on herself and her friends, there’s got to be something in there she’s terrified will be the end of her gravy train.

Why has Bonita not been fired? Is the Tribal Council, consisting of Joel Redfox a sexual offender, Yvonne “Hopsty” DuBois who lacks spine and integrity, and Nancy Green-Robertson who many are ready to petition out because she does not meet the basic criteria qualifications to be elected and who is more concerned about funneling funds to her family and friends than in really doing her job (Yes, you told me she was that way. I was just hoping she wasn’t) Mardell Lewis (who can’t do this by herself) and Russ McDonald who can’t vote unless there’s a tie (so I’ll give him a pass on this one)… can’t get a woman who signs a letter of theft, fired, then I say, take the next logical step --- get her and her thieving brother arrested. The value of the property stolen exceeds that needed to qualify as a felony.

That they have yet to be arrested makes them feel stronger. They are carrying around petitions, hoping to find someone drunk enough or illiterate enough to sign them to have Mardell Lewis thrown out. Yes, the integrity of Mardell Lewis is a sharp contrast to the rest of the Tribal Council.

This is why you need, all of you, to not only petition out the failures that are either robbing the tribe and you, or unwilling to stand up to those who clearly are stealing from you, or both; and to nominate, elect and support a person of integrity and education who will do what is best for your district and for your community.

As the community gets stronger together, everyone gets stronger and healthier. It’s what the Tribe is craving.
So, instead of waiting for a lame tribal council, held back by the corrupt and the weak, to find the necessary spine to second a motion to fire the crooks, demand that the crimes of theft be investigated and that the criminals and their helpers, be arrested.

If you can’t fire her because the TC lacks spine or bladder control, you can have them arrested. That would send a clear message to the rest of the crooks out there who are counting on a crippled TC to keep them in business as they rob and rape their way to riches while you and your family wonder how you’ll get through the winter.

Go to your District Meetings and demand your elected Tribal Councilors do their job. Make sure they know you think getting rid of someone who proudly steals from the tribe and is so confident in the weakness of the Tribal Council they put it in writing, make sure they know that you are NOT happy with their little game that is costing you money.

And Another Disturbing Thing

Joel Redfox is a sexual offender. He pled guilty to sexual assault, yet for some reason (and I suspect his girlfriend, Natalie Huntsalong who worked as a court administrator, tampered with records) he does not have to register as a sex offender.

I have heard stories that he has raped again and is trying to both bribe and intimidate the victim. Guess what? Joel assigned himself, as Vice-Chair, to be the one who oversees Social Services! Check out the list.

Given that so many abusers, and unqualified have been in charge of Social Services; and given that the children being abused by Social Services are not getting help or rescue and more than a couple have been murdered or died because of it, do you think we could, at some point, have someone involved at the top levels of Social Services for the Tribe that is not a sexual offender, not an abuser, not a rapist?

Further, Joel’s own Granddaughter has been the subject of several of the Mandated Reports. So, add to the rest of it, a firm conflict of interest?

Joel needs to go. If you must sign a petition, sign one against him. Enough.

Hopsty is next to worthless, sign one on her as well. She has decided that instead of seconding any motion to fire Bonita Morin, she’ll side with the corrupt and stonewall any effort by Mardell Lewis. She chose to support the most damaging and the most corrupt.

And Nancy Green Robertson? As bad as you all said she was. She has decided to quit pretending to support anything or anyone doing any good work.

So, how does this work? Is Bonita signing letters for all of them to steal Tribal Property? Or has she already done that and is holding it over them? We know Cindy and Gloria are fake everything and corrupt. And we know it runs in the family.

How about you put them on notice?

I am heartened to hear that so many Good People of Spirit Lake are showing their support for Mardell Lewis in emails to this blog. She’s going to need more of you as right now, she is out numbered and out-gunned as she fights the good fight.

It’s great that you show support for the warrior. Now, you need to show your disapproval towards those who seek to bring her down. And you need to show your disdain for your Elected Tribal Councilors and Secty-Treasurer who, instead of working on your behalf, have aligned themselves clearly on the side of those who have been, for decades, turning Spirit Lake Nation into a stink hole; easily robbed, and children not safe in the system nor out of it.

Connect The Dots

When I read about crimes being committed by youth from the rez, I wonder who knows their story? Who robbed them? Who raped them? Who stole everything they had from them and left them with no way to get an education, or to support themselves?

These crimes you hear about, they started when that youth was a child, and the crimes were committed against him, and no one stopped any of it. Now he is the criminal. He’s in your town, and he’s robbing you. Do you care now? I bet you do.

Think about the future. Stop it now, or expect it later.

I’m not excusing anyone who commits a crime. I’m just pointing out the How & Why it happens, and perhaps give some insight for all of us to find a way to make it stop happening. That kid pulled a strong arm robbery. He’s a bad guy. But what about the ones that committed crimes against him? Why are they not arrested? Why are they not plastered all over the media as criminals? Do you think he’s the only one?

If the Law cares nothing when crimes are committed against these children, do you expect those who survive the abuses to care about the laws, or you, when they get older?

If Laws don’t protect children, they don’t protect any of us from those children who grow up. If you want this to change, you have to be willing to call it out; in your community, your county, your State and your Federal government. If you don’t, you get more like him. In fact, you get more that are even worse. Now you know.
That kid is 19. Where was he 5, 10, 15 years ago? Where will the kids who are suffering under these abuses and being robbed of their funds and future going to be in 5, 10, 15 years from now? Now you know what you are looking at.

Remember this when you see the next criminal with an Indian face. Remember this when you see a woman selling her body for crack, getting beat up, but protecting her pimp. Know how the story begins and you know what to expect and why.

Getting rid of the corruption is key to not only fixing all that ails the rez, but that which plagues the rest of society as well. It takes work. So far, all we have seen is a forced sense of denial.

We see the same results over and over again, but we assume they were born that way or they chose to be that way. They were not and they did not. All their choices were taken from them. Human wreckage, anger, violence is about all that is left.

These events don’t “just happen”. There is a long, tortured road that is visible to us all now that we know where to look, that lead exactly to this and to nowhere else. It’s up to us to restore choices before it’s too late, for them and for us or for those we care about.

The Rez doesn’t need ‘Nation Building’ that brings in more corporations. They need a system where they can get rid of the corruption. They need a system where they don’t have to fight the very government agencies that are supposed to enforce the laws but which instead, actively thwart any effort to voice the crimes, and support the corrupt.


James Murray, Director ACFMy Blog tomorrow will reveal how, much higher up the ladder, there is a clear effort to make sure that no one who commits crimes against children on the rez, is ever called out.

I want you to see this man’s face when you read about or hear about or are the victim of a violent crime committed by a Native American who survived such corrupt practices. Don’t look at the face of the latest arrest, look at the face of the man who made sure he had no help as a child, no choices as an adult. James Murray, Director ACF. A “Success Story”.

There is work to be done on the rez by the Good People of Spirit Lake. And it is hard work. There is work to be done by the rest of us because we can connect the dots and don’t like the future that comes if we do nothing.


You know where to find me.




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September 17, 2013
Network Net Worth
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Journalism used to not only report events but tell us HOW and WHY they occurred. Nowadays, we just leap from celebrity scandals, political radicals spewing insanity, mass shootings to sports, weather and traffic reports.

Much of the news is ‘hidden advertising’ disguised as ‘news’. When we get ‘reports’ on a new album being released, a new store opening, or which products are ‘changing’… we are being sold, told, but not ‘informed’.

What happens in this mess is that lies are, regardless of how ignorant and outrageous, treated as equally valid as are facts. The public, in general, is numbed, aggravated, unable to figure out ‘what just happened’. Our intake of data is so disorganized and mixed that all we can retain is where to shop and what to buy.

We are stunned, horrified and mystified by crimes on a mass scale such as shootings, or ‘natural disasters’ most of which could have been prevented had our government been more focused on cause and effect of policies rather than how much money their sponsors, the corporations that own our politicians, can make and how much

they will in turn, give back in the form of donations and gifts.

We are especially horrified by crimes against children, such as Sandusky and Penn State. Notice how in all of this scandal, they never explained ‘HOW’ or ‘WHY’ Sandusky was able to get away with raping children for decades?
They never connected the dots between Sandusky’s crimes, the charities and foundations he was affiliated with and the very powerful politicians and corporations those were connected to. We never got the whole picture. In fact, we never got anything except the handcuffed Sandusky, the disgraced Paterno and the artist courtroom sketches.

A Lizard’s Tale

How can we stop or even slow down the ever increasing sexual exploitation of children, even infants, if we don’t take a look at all the connections that made it possible, kept those who were doing it protected, and who profited directly or indirectly from the exploitation of children?

The problem can’t be solved and it is bound to continue happening, if we don’t know the whole picture, and we are not only not allowed to see the whole picture, we are not allowed to discuss it. We can’t recognize that which is concealed from us. We don’t even know where to begin looking, most times.

A lizard, when cornered will drop off it’s tail, which in turn wriggles and attracts that which is hunting it, thinking that wriggling belongs to a living creature. The lizard meanwhile, scampers off to safety far away from that which was seeking it out, and grows another tail. The keen-eyed hunter snatches up the tail as if it is a trophy, and leaves the scene thinking that is all there is.

Sandusky was protected by people, foundations and organizations that were also protecting themselves. Often, very good organizations and foundations get caught up as part of the ‘mask’ that criminals wear.

For Sandusky, Second Mile was both his hunting grounds and his mask. He appeared to be doing good works and he was connected to some very powerful people. Some of those people were also doing very good work, and others were doing exactly what he was doing. It also brought in tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of dollars over the years that it was in operation.

Those millions buy some very big politicians and those politicians can be very protective of their cash cows.
It comes to a point where the Good Guys have to protect the Bad Guys because they have such a long -ime and far-reaching relationship with them that if the Bad Guy goes down, anyone and anything associated with him will also crash and burn.

That can both shut down some bad front organizations and some very good organizations, all of which in turn will cut off the flow of millions of dollars that are tax-free because of their charitable status, and that means that some politicians won’t get their bonuses.

Politicians, it turns out, are not really picky as to where their campaign donations and gifts come from. They can be shocked and stunned when a vile connection is revealed, and then promise to pay back that part of the donation we know about, and they walk away clean. They drop a lizard tail.

Further, media pursue none of the details as to how everything is connected, and focus just on the monster that was caught, at long last, but what they are looking at is also a Lizard Tail. The bigger and badder monster is long gotten gone and is already growing a new tail. No one follows the trail that would lead to the nest of serpents that writhes so close by, you can hear them hissing.

In the case of Spirit Lake Nation, media has given no attention to the political and social connections involved in the ongoing exploitation of children. They have not, in general, cornered any of the parties involved to demand why nothing has been done to rescue even one child that has been reported as in danger, or residing with predators.

There have even been Newspaper Writers, one of whom is retiring at the end of this month, who have attempted to wash it all away by posting a ridiculous story about how great it is to grow up on the rez, by a man who does not raise his children on the rez. That was done to erase the public perception that there is a crisis on the rez, crimes against children, and smooth it all over with a happy “Puff Pastry” piece that makes it seem as if that is not really a big problem after all. Have a bite. See?

Now that Chuck Haga is retiring, I wonder who the next Pastry Chef for the Fargo Forum and GFH will be? I know what they will be serving --- and whom. I expect, at best, more wiggly tales, while the real meat absconds.

Those in politically connected positions, tribal, county, State and Federal are all tied into this mess. They ridicule the witnesses and the mandated reports, play down the ongoing criminality by labeling it ‘a situation’. No. Being locked out of your car in the rain is a ‘situation’. What we are talking about here are “crimes against children. “

Scott Davis, it turns out, not only is part of the Governor’s Cabinet, a job he is very well paid for, but he is connected to one very high profile foundation. The Bush Foundation. Here’s the link to the Wiki on that: and here is their blurb for those who don’t have the time or inclination to learn about them:

The Bush Foundation was created in 1953 by Archibald Granville Bush an American businessman primarily involved with 3M and his wife, Edyth Bassler Bush. The organization awards $40 million a year to philanthropic organizations,[1] primarily located in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest.[2] The current president of the foundation is Jennifer Ford Reedy (appointed in July 2012), who previously worked on the Itasca Project and the initiative at the Minnesota Philanthropy Partners.[3]

And here is the link to their website:
What you will find on their site is a mission of ‘nation building’ for the tribes. For those not familiar with the code, “Nation Building” is another way of saying: Taking away people’s culture, systems of Law and Governing and imposing your own.”

“Nation Building” is what we are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan. Oh how well that is working out!

It seems both benign and benevolent unless you ask yourself the question as to ‘why’ it is even being done. In my opinion, it’s not being done to remove corruption, but rather to impose a system that will allow more corporate exploitation of resources with less control by or value to the people’s whose lands are being ‘utilized’.

No one is giving this foundation enough money that they can dole out $40 Million a year, because they love Indians. This is mostly if not all, a corporate funded mask that in the guise of doing good works (and some very good works are being done, mind you, especially in education) is also insinuating those connected to the foundation and beholdin’ to it, into positions of government over those tribes.

Ya think those who donated hundreds of millions of dollars to that foundation might want to see something for their money?

I could be wrong. In fact, I could be way off base. But what I see is a man named Jaime Pinkham, VP to the Bush Foundation, going around giving speeches and doing interviews with Scott Davis as his sidekick.

They are a team. I see the Bush Foundation under the light of the scandal at SLN because Scott Davis, who is a very good friend of Kevin Dauphinais Brownshield, refused to hold a scheduled meeting on the crisis of crimes against children on the rez unless there was no talk about it being ‘criminal’ or ‘why hasn’t anyone arrested Kevin Dauphinais Brownshield?’.

I see Scott Davis, through his position in the Governor’s cabinet, protecting a man who was unqualified to hold the position of Director of Tribal Social Services, allowed and possibly profited from the sale of stolen babies, and who snatched children from safe homes and delivered them to dangerous homes and to homes with registered sex offenders, just because he didn’t want anyone tracking the funds he had embezzled (millions) from the program. (SEE: Political Ballet)

I see the Bush Foundation and its millions, closely allied, their VP connected at the hip, to the man protecting the man whose criminal conduct has caused the deaths of several children and the ongoing rape and abuse of many more, and no one in government wants to look at it as a ‘crime’, because one of the key players responsible is protected from investigation or even any discussion of criminal investigation, because of Scott Davis, among others.

If the Bush Foundation has no part in this, they need to drop their lizard tail and move on. They need to disconnect from anything and everything that is connected to Scott Davis who is connected, from childhood, to Kevin Dauphinais Brownshield.

Now, I am wondering if there is any way to track how much money came from the Bush Foundation into Spirit Lake and who got that money and what was done with it?

The Bush Foundation and their “nation building” and “nation rebuilding” is not about the core problem in Indian Country: Corruption, it is about making governments easier to work with. Translation: Making tribes and their resources more easily exploitable by Big Corporations.

I’m sure their donors want to not be dragged into the light shared by Scott Davis, Jaime Pinkham and Kevin Dauphinais Brownshield. If they are completely naïve and innocent in this, it can only cause them great embarrassment. But, that’s what happens in the Big World when one is not picky whom one allies with. Best to drop some tails now and avoid, a little longer, any unnecessary scrutiny.

At this point, dropping Kevin into the hot lights to wriggle and squirm might just draw enough attention away from all the other connections, much like dropping Sandusky off did. Everyone will be so mesmerized and shocked at his crimes they won’t even be looking at the rest of his connections.

The problem in Indian Country is not that there is not enough of it for sale at a profit. The problem is the corruption that is imposed on Good People and a State and Federal System that keeps that corruption in place by ignoring it and letting babies be raped and murdered.

American Indians are not stupid. They don’t need anyone to come in an build them a new nation. They need to be allowed to thrive and grow like any other community, with their own plans and their own aspirations. Being more marketable for corporations has done nothing but create more corruption. Get the corruption out. Make it a safe place for children to grow up and for the rest to grow old and they will make their own way, just fine, thank you.

They need to have control over their own lands and resources and not be robbed by corporations and to have corporations backed up by force of military or any other agencies that work not for the people, but for the corporate masters.

Spirit Lake was one of the worst reservations in the country. The corruption is deep and the damage is profound. But look at how, by just electing one tribal councilor with education and integrity and who cares about the people of her community as much as she does her own family, look how much progress has been made in just a few short months!

This is not a tribe, nor is any tribe, needing ‘nation building’ or ‘rebuilding’. They just need the support of one another as they work to rout out the corrupt and put in place a system of fairness and equality.

I know Spirit Lake Nation has much greater days ahead of it. So can all tribes who are struggling under the same systematic genocidal oppressive political network that is now in place.

But it is urgent that everyone involved at every level of governing acknowledge that there are ongoing, sustained, horrific crimes against children that need both to be urgently stopped and for those involved at every level of enabling those crimes to be criminally investigated.

Criminally investigated ALL the way up the lines and ladders of their networks. Those networks are worth billions of dollars and we must hold them accountable for enabling and being an accessory after the fact--- or it will, regardless of who goes to jail on this one, just grow another tail and keep on committing crimes, taking in more money, and we will never be informed by those who want to serve us pastries of fictional safe place for children, happy times, celebrity scandals, sports, weather and traffic reports.

You know where to find me.





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Defining The Problem

Key to solving any problem is to define it. No one can fix that which no one understands clearly.

So, depending on which side of child abuse “problem” you are on, you will define the “problem” differently.

For instance: We on this side see that even after 3 years of Mandated Reports (13 to date, perhaps more) there has not been a single child removed from the predators that hold them, and no one who has facilitated these crimes against children has been investigated, much less arrested and not one child has been rescued, while several have been murdered or died from neglect.

Children being sexually abused should be the highest priority for Law Enforcement and the Department of Justice. Removing children from danger should be the first step. That step has not been taken.

The reasons are becoming ever more clear by the day as to why the ‘Problem’ has not been approached in what would seem to you, me and all the rest of the normal world, the appropriate way.

The ‘Problem’ seems to be defined differently by those at all levels of government. The problem to them is not that children are being stolen, sold, raped, abused, neglected and tortured… the “Problem” for those agencies is “People Reporting about it.”

To that end, the very people who could have, long ago, put a stop to these abuses, and prevented the abuses, even the murders of these children, chose instead to protect the predators, and to protect the corrupt who are profiting off of the system that allows them to sell these children to their abusers, all the while being paid big bucks (from our Tax Dollars) in government checks and on top of that, all they can steal.

None of this would have gone on all this time if it were only one or two people doing it. It requires a network. A network that requires corruption, loyalty and above all, it requires silence.

Scott DavisThe Network thrives on a chain of silence. This is where the men in suits come in, and cover it all up. This is where people like Scott Davis, Appointed by (then) Governor Hoeven, in 2009: Executive Director of the North Dakota Indian Affairs Commission in April 2009 by Gov. John Hoeven. In his position, he serves as liaison between North Dakota's state and tribal governments to address issues regarding education systems, court systems, economic development, law enforcement, transportation, healthcare systems, veterans and youth.

He made it a condition to the meeting (which he later cancelled at last minute because he had something more important to do at UTTC United Tribes Technical College that became more urgent than the ‘problem’ of children being raped, millions of tax dollars going ‘missing’ from Tribal Social Services) a condition that no one talk about a criminal investigation on Kevin Dauphinais Brownshield or any of the others involved.

This seems ‘odd’ to those who see what is happening to the children as a crime. Why make it a condition of a meeting about ongoing crimes against these children, that nothing about criminals or their crimes be discussed?
And then it turns out that Scott Davis is a long time, very good friend to Kevin Dauphinais Brownshield.

Kevin looks like a moron. We call him “Toy Story” because he has a pinhead and he wears a huge cartoonish cowboy hat. Scott Davis is but one of the many ‘well-dressed suits’ that protects him.

How many are running protection? Hard to tell at this point. But we know it runs all the way up the ladder to the Governor’s office, and beyond that, we know it runs all the way up and past Timothy Purdon’s Office in the DOJ.

And now we know that Thomas Sullivan’s boss, James Murray, is doing all he can to thwart any meeting that would be set up or attended by Mr. Sullivan. Now, why would someone whose job description has to do with the health and safety of children, go to such extremes as to outright thwart the Director of Division VIII? Who is above him that is making it imperative that these reports of crimes against children, go no further?

There are some very big, very important, very powerful people who have something very dirty to hide, and it requires that those who have been reporting the abuses of the children, the embezzlement of millions of dollars, not be heard.

This is our problem, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, and it’s huge. But here’s the good news: They are afraid of us. They are afraid of us being heard. They are afraid of you knowing. Most of all, they are afraid that the little toads they have working on their behalf, just an inch from their shoes, will be criminally investigated and roll over on them. Their careers, their ‘investments’ are at risk.  The Good People of Spirit Lake are making huge headway and progress in cleaning up the corruption out there. I have never seen a dynamo like Mardell Lewis, despite the threats and obstruction, plow through so much crap so fast and bring it to daylight.

The investigation into Piggy Cavenaugh’s corruption is a bigger fish than we know. One of the charges against Piggy is “Tampering with a Master Contract”.

Do you think Ms Piggy will be quiet when she’s facing a 10 x 6 cell for the next 40 years? She and her family, including her brother who was until he was fired (he called it retirement and Piggy somehow found $100K bonus to give him, despite his not having ever worked for the tribe, but for the BIA) have been part of a wide-spread network that stole millions of dollars from both the government and the tribe, every year. Not just in cash, but in resources and lands they stole from Tribal Members and the government and sold to ‘friends’ at drastic discounts, all profits pocketed, and shared with those on up the line who have until recently, been running the silence machine for them.

Much has been uncovered by the team of independent auditors out there on the rez. Crimes have been uncovered. More will be uncovered.

Here’s thing: All of this was already uncovered in the big FBI investigations that went on out there, more than three years ago, and some of it long before that. They uncovered all that is being uncovered now, and then some. But what did they do? Nothing.

But along comes someone who is not part of the corruption network, sets up a team of forensic auditors, and boom, firings, investigations and big changes.

Lots on the go there and lots more to get the go. But a bigger Question remains: Why did the FBI do nothing? Who were they protecting? It wasn’t the children. It wasn’t the Taxpayers. Who was it? Who is it?

All of this is going higher and wider up the government ladders than anyone ever expected. Unless of course, from the outset, when whistleblowers were being harassed, intimidated and threatened by the very people supposed to be protecting and assisting them, raised a suspicion in your mind early on in this as things began to play out, and things crawled out from under rocks.

And now, even more obviously, they have to outright maneuver in blatant ways, to stop anyone from proceeding to either rescue these children, or report further on the abuses they are enduring.

Thomas Sullivan is being told by his superiors, that they don’t want him attending any of the ‘meetings’ that are scheduled that have to do with the very reports that he has been pushing for going on three years now.

Had even the First Report been followed up on in the protocol defined in the Mandatory Reporting Laws, how many children could have been saved from rape and abuse? How many children would not be dead now?

As the heat and light get too close to some of the key players, their minions, often the weaker ones who would be the scape goats, fall guys when things go south, get panicky. Many have abruptly ‘retired’ or asked for transfers, or just quit.

Those still standing, holding down their fort against those of us who are ripping down their protection and ripping off their disguises, are getting scared. Lies won’t do it any more. Questions must be answered and they don’t want them asked in the first place.

This is where media, especially investigative journalism, should be stepping in and looking further and asking the hard questions of those in high places. Media should be penetrating their walls of secrecy and demanding answers. Sadly, only a handful of reporters actually do that kind of work anymore. Most media sells their soap by celebrity gossip, and radicalized political shilling. That is all there to distract us, get us talking about that instead of what is going on, right under our noses, to all those children.

If you think this vile mess is confined to Spirit Lake, think again. This has to be as widespread as the jurisdiction of all those government agencies that are trying to cover it up. It’s got to be worth billions to key players who pull the strings.

It’s up to all of us to not let them get away with it. It’s up to all of us to demand they come clean, and that there are real, hard hitting criminal investigations, and children rescued, predators put in jail.

Children are the future. What they become later, as adults is what we allow for them now. If government won’t protect them, won’t even follow their own protocols for protecting them, don’t expect those who survive to have any respect for the laws that mean nothing to them and for the government that exploited them.

We also need to call on media, TV, Newspapers, Radio, and urge them to delve into what is going on out there and reveal to all of us, what they find. No puff pieces on how nice it is to live on the rez and what good memories of childhood people have out there. That does nothing to rescue one child who is being raped while some journalists make it their job to do PR and serve up Puff Pastry to dull any alarm anyone might be feeling.

We each have to make contact and let them know we are watching them: In Government and in the Media that is supposed to be keeping government honest.

The Good People of Spirit Lake are overcoming tremendous odds. They are working to rout out the corrupt while the corrupt are relying on ignorance, silence and help from above—not heavenly, but the puppeteers who pull the strings on them from higher up in all the agencies’ ladders.

Getting them out is one thing. Keeping them out quite another. Latest I heard, Clarice Brownshield (Kevin Dauphinais Brownshield’s sister) is, along with Weenie Boy Roger Yankton (recently deposed Chairman) both running for the now empty Ft. Totten Tribal Council Seat.

It’s comical in some ways. Both Roger & Clarice threw down files on one another, to the FBI, detailing each other’s corruption and crimes. FBI of course, did nothing. Crime is not a priority with them, it seems. Weenie Boy has a restraining order on him forbidding him from coming near the Blue Building. So, who in the Ft. Totten District who is not part of his criminal syndicate, will vote for him? Who will vote for her?

Ft. Totten District needs an Honest Rep. Surely, there has to be someone in Ft. Totten that has integrity and an education and is not already part of the criminal enterprise that has been running, up until recently, the entire Tribal Council.

There are still the corrupt already on Council and they need to be outvoted until they can be recalled or arrested. If you want a better, safer community, and fair play, so that you and everyone else has a fair shot at a job, decent housing, or any kind of future for your children, The Good People of Ft. Totten will nominate, support and elect someone of the same caliber as is Mardell Lewis. Imagine what can be accomplished with two like her on Tribal Council!

Meanwhile, the rest of us, everyone in ND, or any state for that matter, start getting on the elected, the appointed and start demanding answers. Real Answers.

Don’t settle for the “We’re looking forward” excuse for not pursuing a criminal investigation. All crimes happened in the past. “Looking Forward” is the code for “ignoring crimes. Protecting criminals”. Don’t let anyone get away with that.

We have more power than we know. But it only works when we work together. They are afraid we will. Just the handful of us that are, has them rattled. Rattled is not enough. We need to bring down the corruption and make sure it doesn’t get a foothold again.

We can’t save those who have already been killed or are so badly damaged they’ll never reconnect, but we can save our future, one child or a hundred at a time. This is where we make our stand.

We are close enough to count coup, we are close enough to bring them down.

You know where to find me.




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September 10, 2013
Buh Bye Piggy, Buh Bye
---Printer Version (2)

Piggy Cavenaugh has left the trough. I repeat, Piggy Cavenaugh has left the trough.
Fired this day for insubordination and nepotism and the investigation into her corruption is ongoing. My sense is that she’s going to do some heavy jail time once it’s all added up.

She was never qualified for the job to begin with… so this dirt trail will probably lead in all directions up and out.
The irony being that she was so busy protecting the sex maniacs at the ambulance garage, she didn’t realize a rider was coming up next to her and counting coup.

How much of the Tribe’s money has she stolen, squandered and lost in the slot machines? We don’t know yet, but I have a feeling, we’ll find out.

She just spent a small fortune on putting cameras up all around the Ambulance garage, which just meant that Cheryl and her boy toys had to go to the Day’s Inn to have sex, like a common prostitute… only with the ambulance there with them.

Who’s going to protect Cheryl and that guy from Grand Forks now?

The Parade of Uglies is being frog-marched out of their positions of power and authority so fast, and furious, it’s hard to keep up. Good job Mardell Lewis!

Still Looking at the Fire Department

It is still a FACT that Jennifer Black took money that was not authorized by Tribal Council to donate to her kid’s sports team. She took it from the same Fire Department that claims to not have enough money to buy even the gloves or boots that the Firemen need to do their job, but hey, a little extra for the kids, especially her kids, why not?

I say it is a FACT because it is in the certified report. Anyone arguing against a report should take it up with the auditors, but until that is changed, it remains a FACT. Any more flame wars in email from anyone’s kid, I don’t care how young and stupid you are, will fire up the Moron Squad again and we can all have a giggle.

That the auditor’s fiancé was canned from the Fire Department after the report, despite his having done no wrong doing, shows that the spirit of retaliation is alive and well throughout the administration of that Fire Department.

The Fire Department is not anyone’s personal kingdom. They are not allowed to not fund the basic tools needed to work fire protection and they are not allowed to take the funds they claim they don’t have, to donate to their kids’ sports teams. Firing the only certified fire fighter in retaliation shows how piss poor the attitude at the top is.

The Fire Department is a critical life and property saving department. It is imperative that only the qualified, the sober, the ethical be allowed to work there and that they have the basic equipment they need to protect the community in case of a call out.

Fire fighters should not have to buy their own gloves, boots, or not have enough gas in their fire trucks to get to a call out. Let alone having some admin assistant write checks for her kids sports teams.

All donations from the tribe must be approved by resolution through the Tribal Council. Jennifer Black knew that. It is my understanding that she still has her job because she was the only one hired through HR instead of nepotism. That’s fine. Make her pay back the money--- with interest and never let her near a check book again.
Then, look around and see if there is someone ethical that can be hired in her place. Corruption should not be rewarded by being able to keep your job. A mistake is one thing, but corruption is another and for too long, in all levels out in Spirit Lake Nation, there has been nothing but corruption.

It looks like that is changing now.

Still a lot of work to be done.

Don’t quit. Continue to support those who are doing the clean up. Continue to aggressively find candidates who can run for Tribal Council who are of the caliber and quality that you have in Mardell Lewis. A few more like her, and that tribe will be the shining example for all tribes, all nations. I kid you not.

There is a special election coming up for the seat in Ft. Totten District. Get on that. Don’t let the corrupt fill that seat. Put in a person of education, ethics and energy and watch what happens next.

You know where to find me.



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September 9, 2013  ---- Printer Version (3)
Counting Coup

It was, back in the day, considered the highest act of courage and skill to count coup on the enemy. A coup stick was used to tap the enemy, not kill them. It meant that you could have killed them because you were close enough and you could touch them, but that you spared their life, but took the honor of counting coup on them.

These days, people have lost the sense of that and think that killing the enemy is how you defeat them. It’s not. Killing is killing. There is no honor in Killing. Killing is a failure to count coup. Counting Coup is taking honor.
The enemy’s failure to keep you from getting that close means they were unskilled and lacked wisdom.

When the Good People of Spirit Lake bring me information and documents that reveal the corruption and other crimes, they are counting coup on the evil that has been robbing them of their honor and dignity for generations.
Every time the Good People of Spirit Lake stand up for what is good, and stand up against what is wrong, their coup sticks become stronger.

This is why I encourage only non-violent tactics. It takes more courage and skill. I was told a long time ago that ‘Anything done in anger will become undone.’ We have to put our anger aside and keep our vision clear.
When one acts in anger, they are being misled and lose the greater and longer lasting coup stick moment.

The Turdclan has thrived on the image that they are unbreakable and no one can touch them. They take what they want and laugh at anyone that tries to take it back.

They are not laughing any longer. Three times Weenie Boy used illegal tactics to dismiss the petitions against him. (Same as NLO did on the petitions against her), but you persisted. People of courage took around the petitions and people of courage signed them, over and over again, more and more each time. Even though the first time was legally enough, and illegally thrown out, you did not resort to violence, you kept standing up.

And now, he is out. Gone. And the illegality of his tactics (and NLO’s for that matter) are revealed for all to see. (Can you hear the Thunder, Weenie Boy? Does it make you afraid? Yes, yes it does.).

You all counted coup on him and his gang of Black Road Medicine is falling apart.

Already, because of a change in the Tribal Council, namely Mardell Lewis bringing in a brand of integrity and courage not seen in decades, there is a clean up in process.

Those who were not qualified to be on Boards are being fired and removed. When that woman removed her own father, I knew she had the kind of chops it takes to bring that Tribe out of the snake pit and into the light of a better day.

Still, the corrupt are trying to take her down. Most of you are standing up for her, and many have seen revealed, just who and how corrupt those who petition against her are. Now you know more about her. But more importantly, you know more about the people who are against her.

It’s up to the whole tribe to keep standing up. This is just the beginning. There are auditors still on the site and still uncovering criminal financial activity in most of the programs, and at the core of that corruption are the very same people who have always been at the core of that corruption.

There will be more and more firings as this goes along. But we need more than firings or ‘abrupt retirements’… we need criminal investigations and prosecutions. You cannot discourage corruption or even route it out if you allow someone like Roddy Cavenaugh to rob the tribe blind, even stealing lands from people to give to his friends or to make a profit from for his own pocket, for over 20 years and then allow him to ‘retire’. Worse, to allow his sister, Peggy Cavenaugh, to gouge out another $100K for him as ‘Severance Pay’ when A: He did not ever work for the tribe (He was employed by the BIA) and he was ‘Fired’ for corruption.

Where is the disincentive towards corruption if you can get away with it for 20 or more years and then only have to ‘retire’? The consequence has got to be severe. He has to be (along with others) criminally investigated, prosecuted and forfeit all lands, property and possessions including his real estate and portfolio holdings.

The same for the rest of them. The tribe could easily recover another couple hundred million dollars just from five of the players out there who have been robbing the Good People of Spirit Lake, and those working with them to rob the tribe.

Criminal investigations need to begin in earnest, against those who have abused the children and those in Tribal Social Services who facilitated that abuse. You can include those such as NLO who when reports came to her about the abuses of Kevin Dauphinais Brownsheild in his department, she didn’t even respond to the reports. She was in a position of authority and she protected him as he was sending children into the hands of pedophiles and murderers.

Take a closer look at Mark Little Owl and his friend Natalie HuntsAlong, and see if there is a connection between her being a court administrator and his getting multiple records of abuse, domestic abuse, etc, expunged from his record.

There has to be a long list of criminals that need to be brought to justice. To do that, it will take a long-term committed effort by the Good People of Spirit Lake to not become discouraged, and to keep on demanding what is right and what is rightfully theirs.

It will take State and Federal Agencies with either the courage and integrity to do the right thing, or the profound fear that if they don’t we, the Good People of Everywhere, will call them out and reveal them and demand forfeiture and investigations.

The Good People of Spirit Lake have counted coup again and again, and the Darkness is being revealed as weak and unwise. Don’t stop.

We all need a USAG with the courage and integrity to do the right thing. Timothy Purdon is not the one. He doesn’t even have a stick-- nor the balls.

The children are not safe yet. Our work is not finished. Every time you bring down a bad guy, and take away his power and authority, you are counting coup. Every time you Count Coup, you are gaining more dignity, respect and strength.

There is still an innocent man in prison, and murderers running around, raping children, selling drugs, stealing from the Future of the tribe.

The Tribe will not be truly free until the innocent are free and the children are safe. It can be done. You’re doing it. Don’t Quit. Keep counting coup.

You know where to find me.





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September 6, 2013--Extra
Court Ruling --- Murderer is OUT

The court ruling that was delayed by a week is in. Weenie Boy, the murderer who was Chairman, is OUT.

I have highlighted a couple of points at the end of the ruling. Why WAS  Judge Patrick Lee ever assigned to hear Weenie Boy's claim? And since Tribal Court has no authority to throw out or dismiss any petition, his ruling was both in error (and he knew better) but it also means that his tossing out earlier petitions was also in error.

I submit that Judge Patrick Lee is corrupt and should be removed from the bench and disbarred.

No printer version of this blog, just the Final Court Ruling.

Still much work to be done.

You know where to find me.


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September 6, 2013 ---Printer Version (3)
Silence Protects Abusers

Those who work in the fields of Social Work, specializing in Child abuse, Domestic Abuse will tell you that the victims are, most of the time, forced by threats and coercion to keep silent.

Those who commit the abuse need the silence to allow them to commit more abuses and to continue to walk among us as ‘respectable’ persons. Children who are raped either by relatives or strangers, are forced to stay silent to ‘protect their families’ from the ‘shame’ or from retaliation by the abusers.

Organized Crime works in the same way. Shopkeepers & workers are extorted of their profits, and even their savings, and one word to the authorities and their businesses will be vandalized, burned down, and they will be assaulted, or their families will be attacked, their homes no longer safe.

Rape victims, victims of violence whether it be targeted or random are all given the threat to remain silent. It’s how violence thrives.

Police claim that the lack of ‘witnesses’ coming forward or ‘victims’ willing to give a statement or testify, is why they can’t put a stop to, or solve most of the crimes of violence. We call that “Thuggery” and “Racketeering” and “Vice”. We also call it “Criminal Behavior”

So, what do we call it when people stand up and come forward and reveal massive crimes, such as Child Trafficking, child abuse, and the theft of millions of dollars, and it is the government and their agencies that seek to silence both the victims and the witnesses?

What do we call it when even ONE government agency or Director demands that the complaints be silenced and that the reports be ignored and the proof be ridiculed without even testing?

What do we call it when many government agencies work together to intimidate and harass victims and witnesses into silence?

What do we call it when those who have been involved in investigating and disclosing the crimes against the children, and theft of millions of taxpayer dollars, are both not allowed to ask for a criminal investigation and then not allowed to attend the meetings held by those seeking to silence them?

Is our political system so corrupt that it models the same behaviors as the mafia and their thuggery? Is it so openly disdainful of the public in general that it seeks to protect those involved rather than rooting out both the criminals and their accomplices?

What do we call that?

How is that any different from mob tactics? How is not allowing the witnesses, mandated reporters or even the victims of these crimes to seek justice through legal channels and government agencies we thought were there to protect victims and the public, any different than what Organized Crime does?

The individuals and the agencies that are determined to silence those who have been speaking out, loudly, for almost three years now, can only be doing this to perpetuate both the crimes of rape and abuse against children, and to protect those who commit and profit from those crimes.

Whatever influence can be bought with millions of dollars of missing funds just on that one reservation, adds up to a Justice Department rife with corruption and unwilling to bring down those whose influence they are under.

We need a full congressional hearing on this. We need for the State of North Dakota, and its governor, to answer to the people as to why they have allowed this kind of a protection racket to thrive for so long that it is now openly costing the lives of small children, brutally murdered, who should have and could have been in safe homes.

Many were in safe homes before the BIA and their friends in Spirit Lake Tribal Social Services decided to retaliate against anyone that spoke out about the missing money or the missing children, or the abuse. They even pre-emptively struck out at foster families that were possibly in the future able to bear witness against them.

Such was the case of Baby Laurynn when she and her twin were snatched from the safety of their loving, nurturing foster home and placed in a home where the woman already had her own children removed (recently) for extreme abuse.

Laurynn’s murder was attempted to be passed off as ‘SIDS’, because the authorities like that. It’s a clean sheet. They like to be able to look the other way.

Other children have died at the hands of or neglect by their abusers. But the government, at all levels, from county to State to Federal, demand silence and no talk of any criminal investigations that would both explain how these things keep happening, and remove those who enable it, over and over again.

But, it’s the Domino Theory. If you take down one, the rest will fall and eventually, sooner rather than later, dominoes come crashing down on people in high places who have unsavory connections to those involved in both the abuse and the thefts.

This is criminal. It’s costing us everything. It’s time. How does not naming the criminals behind the crimes either solve the crimes themselves or prevent further crimes from happening?

Why is it so important to so many who hold public office that none of these criminals be named and investigated?
How does ignoring their criminal behavior protect anyone but the criminals?

What changes if there are no consequences to those who committed crimes against these children? What changes if we allow those who enabled these crimes in the first place, to protect the criminals they enabled?

Is this the government we expected when we elected those who campaigned on improving our lives?

I say we demand investigations and we hold everyone involved accountable for their part. It’s the only way this will stop and the only way anything will get better and the only way we can make a better future.

Use your voice, your vote, your email, your phones, your faxes and if necessary, stand out in front of their offices, their speaking venues, their homes with signs shaming them.

You know where to find me.



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September 5, 2013
Members Only Meeting
---Printer Version (2)

Scott J. Davis was appointed Executive Director of the North Dakota Indian Affairs Commission in April 2009 by Governor John Hoeven. I wonder if Hoeven is aware that Scott is very good friends with one of the key players in the Child abuse/trafficking and social services scandals, Kevin Dauphinais?

Last we talked about Scott Davis, it had just come to my attention that he and Kevin were very good friends. That clarified why Mr. Davis was so emphatic that no meeting about child abuse and social services scandals (including the millions in missing money) could touch the topic of criminal investigations.

Even after all the parties had agreed to his strict terms (which of course meant that no one would ask for a criminal investigation into Kevin Dauphinais Brownshield’s criminal conduct while he was Director of Social Services), and all they wanted was to bring the details of the crisis to his attention; and many had gone through many hoops to set up their schedule and their travel arrangements for a date that had previously been agreed upon; Mr. Davis abruptly cancelled the meeting saying he had something more important to attend to at United Tribes Technical College ( UTTC), and we never found out what that thing of greater importance was.

Apparently, Mr. Davis has managed to arrange a meeting tomorrow with ACF and a few others, but he failed to notify until today (too late to make travel arrangements) the key people who wanted the meeting in the first place. Thomas Sullivan who has issued 13 Mandated Reports was not informed and is not invited. Congressman Cramer who has been driving this issue in Washington DC, was not informed and not invited.

Mr. Sullivan’s superior, the one that jacked him around on travel arrangements earlier, Mr. James Murray, only last minute today informed Mr. Sullivan about this meeting between ACF and Mr. Davis’s office.

One would think that this meeting which by design, excludes those who have been driving this issue, is not about resolving the crisis of children being in danger on Spirit Lake Reservation, but rather, about resolving the crisis of bad PR and how do we deal with people like those excluded?

So, who is it that ACF thinks needs protection? Surely it is not the children as those who have advocated for them to be rescued are not included. The only terms under which Mr. Davis would previously allow a meeting was if there were no discussion whatsoever about criminal investigations which of course, would lead to his friend, Kevin Dauphinais Brownshield.

Suddenly, Mr. Davis, who previously didn’t want ANY meeting unless ALL the “Stakeholders” were at the table, is quite happy to oblige a meeting where the key stakeholders are excluded.

I kind of wonder what exactly is at ‘stake’ here for this exclusive club that is meeting? What and whom are they trying to protect?

It becomes more and more clear each time one of these events comes into focus that the corruption at Spirit Lake Tribal Social Services goes much farther up the chain than merely those on the rez or in the surrounding communities. It goes WAY up that chain.

There is no reason to exclude these key people unless the meeting is more about how to cover it up, than to protect those children. None whatsoever.

You can reach Mr. Murray at James Murray, Acting Director
(202) 401-4881
BlackBerry: (202) 253-0217
Fax: (202) 401-3449

Do ask him why he works against the Regional Director who for almost 3 years now, has been trying to get this crisis resolved. Ask him if he feels the children are in danger, or the politicians and their pals.

Tell him the Blog sent you.

Oh, by the way, the same day as this meeting? The UTTC is having their big Pow Wow. I wonder why Mr. Davis didn’t seem to need to cancel the meeting in order to attend that function?

When you find that the key people are not only obstructed, ignored and harassed but also excluded from key meetings where it seems only a cabal of insiders whose interests are not really transparent, we can say we have a big problem in government.

And you all wondered how Sandusky got away with raping kids for over 20 years? Get the picture? It’s all about connections. There is a protection racket being run in government, and it’s costing these kids, this community, and everyone else, an entire future.

You know where to find me.



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September 2, 2013
Afternoon Delight
---Printer Version (3)

Last Wednesday, August 28th, if you needed an ambulance you’d have to call the Day’s Inn in Devil’s Lake because that was where it was parked. Yes, it was Cheryl Ironhawk and her bed buddy coming out of that parking lot awhile later.

So, you are paying her salary AND HIS, to leave the rez, go to a no-tel mo-tel, get their jollies off. Meanwhile, if you needed an ambulance, say, life and death situation, cardiac arrest, you’d be getting the answering machine.
My only other question is this: Who paid for the room? Was the Tribe on the hook for this as well? Does she have access to a credit card?

And why does the tribe continue to keep on the payroll people who have no concern whatsoever for the seriousness of a job that requires an ambulance? Piggy Cavenaugh has no concern. She’s been told many times about this. She’s always ‘surprised’. It’s always ‘the first she’s heard of it.’

While you’re auditing Piggy Cavenaugh’s spending… take a look and see if there are some cash expenditures that go out regularly on Cheryl’s days on shift.

While you’re at it, Tribal Council, fire her and fire her bed buddies. All of them.


I guess now, the last of Paul Hutchinson’s lies are exposed: Yes, he really was fired and yes he really knew he was fired, and the tribe has hired a new Social Services Director named Robert O’Keefe. I’ll let you know what I think of his work after I see it.

Meanwhile, by now, even Paul Hutchinson’s ‘friends’ can see he also lied to them. Let’s hope this is the last we see of him unless and until there are investigations into his putting children in harm’s way, resulting in the death of at least one child and who knows how many other children are raped, abused, neglected because he removed them from safe homes and put them into snake pits.

That man should never have been allowed to practice in the field of Social Work; Ever. I personally hope they yank his license and no state ever gives him another one.

Let’s see if the new Director will look into the most serious cases, or if he’ll want to start with a clean slate and just ignore all that has gone before?

Seriously, our government at all levels has developed a laziness that says they don’t have to investigate or prosecute the worst of crimes if a shredder will give everyone ‘a clean start’ and of course, allow the people who hurt children to get a free pass, over and over again.

Penn State is still dealing with the fallout from decades of doing just that where Sandusky was concerned. Sandusky was just one man. What he did sickened and shocked the nation. Sandusky is small fry compared to what has been going on, and who has been protecting the predators on SLN.

And you know that it is not just going on at SLN. The reason they want to keep it all off the radar, out of the courts, is because it goes on throughout Indian Country and it’s destroying lives and communities while political wheels smoke cigars and go on ‘junkets’ and give speeches, but do nothing.

Occasionally, the Tribe can get lucky and get someone with ethics and integrity. It happened when you elected Mardell Lewis, and I never thought I would see an honest person in Tribal Council, but she has turned out to be a warrior not just for her district, but for the tribe in general.

And yes, the restraining order filed (a-gain) by Moron and his mental midget team, was laughed out of court. Andrew, sit down and wait to be arrested. You aren’t fooling anyone with your tantrums and antics. You stole from the tribe. Your sister Bonnie helped you steal from the tribe. It’s substantial enough to ring a felony bell or two for both of you.

I guess there are still sleaze balls taking around a petition to get rid of Mardell. I have heard from several of you that the only people whose names you have seen on that petition are Whiteshield’s and Suna Guy’s. I am happy to report that most of you have run them off of your property and told them where they can stuff that petition.

Good on you! If you want people of good character, education, intelligence and integrity to lead the tribe out of the snake pit, you have to stand with them when they run for office and keep supporting them once they are in.
Otherwise, the only people that will ever run for office are those who take your money and run. Only the corrupt will run and take office if you fail to stand up for those who ware standing up for you.

I am seeing a real shift out there. People are waking up, standing up, speaking up.

I am seeing people do their part, large or small, just to make it right. Don’t stop. We have so much to clean up both on the rez and throughout the system that has, for generations, corrupted both those inside and those outside the rez. The system, from the State to the Federal levels is corrupt. That is the work we all must do together.

This is where all of us have to do our part and not quit until it has cracked open and the oozing corruption is exposed.

Finding out that Scott Davis, at the State Level, is a good friend to Kevin Dauphinais Brownshield, tells us all why there was no ‘political will’ to investigate Kevin for his millions of dollars in embezzlement and worse.

One of the conditions Scott put on the table before he would allow a meeting about the children in crisis on Spirit Lake was that no one look for any criminal investigation on past Directors. Gee, now that makes sense.

And now we know why. Who else is tied into the corrupt and their evil out there? Will anything be done about them? Would Kevin have been able to steal babies, steal money from babies, and put children into the hands of Registered Sex Offenders without being investigated, even after he admitted to shredding documents… if it were not for ‘friends’ in high places running cover for him? I doubt it.

I think the Tribe should not only investigate the crimes of all the former TSS Directors, but they should sue both the State and Federal Government for failing to act, and as accessories to the crimes against children, and the embezzlement.

And when everyone agreed to not pursue a criminal investigation into the child selling, child rapes, embezzlement and worse… even with all of that, Mr. Scott Davis abruptly, last minute, cancelled the meeting. He suddenly had to go to United Tribes Technical College for ‘something’ that was obviously more important that what is happening to those children and to millions of dollars of taxpayer money.

So, anyone know what the big deal at UTTC was for Mr. Davis on the 29th? Anyone? Buehler? NLO? Anyone?
And he gets away with it because he was appointed by Hoeven when Hoeven was governor, and with the new governor being as witless as the last, he’ll continue to draw a fat check and do nothing.

If you want these crimes against children investigated, you have to phone, fax, email and show up at their offices. Show up individually and in groups. You have to demand answers. This is OUR work to do. The Good People of Spirit Lake are doing their part. This is our part. Don’t quit. Don’t make it easy for them to cover this up and keep doing it.

You know where to find me.



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