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Your Chairman is a murderer. Good luck with that.

Your Chairman is a murderer. Good luck with that.

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Ronin's own Website The most basic money laundering/ponzi scam rivaling Maddoff

Free Peltier Now Worth a read


Write to me if you have any thoughts you'd like to share, information you want me to have or a correction to any information you see here.  I respond to all emails.  CAT  NOTE: I reserve the right to NOT respond to whack jobs that waste my time.

Eddie's GraveIt is as much about the ongoing events and behaviors of those who murdered Eddie Justice Freedom by Racual Hiebert(and others)  on the Fort Totten Reservation, North Dakota today as it is about how it was that night Eddie was murdered.  How the ongoing criminal enterprise continues to flourish unabated and without a single response from the Justice Department.  Well, not surprising on that!  They would have to investigate themselves and how some of their elite were directly involved and have prospered from the corruption that exists, protected and funded by US Tax Dollars.

Even if you don't live on the Rez, it's your money, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.  You owe it to yourself to peek in once in awhile and see what you are paying for

Texas Monthly Magazine has done a feature on this case. Here is the Latest story: December 2011 Read the October, 2006 Issue.  OR, go to the online version.  Michael Hall went to the rez and saw for himself.



The Documentary being made about this murder, focusing on the investigation and the trial:

Incident At Devils Lake  Watch the trailer. Donate to get this made. We Can do this! Everyone who pledged last time, please, come back and do it again. We KNOW we can make it this time! Thank you! And, Thank you Todd Trotter for putting this project on the go!


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December 31, 2012  --- Printer Version (3)

The ‘NINTH MANDATED REPORT’ is out. It tells the story of a child being, literally, abducted from her natural home, by a BIA Social Worker named Gabrielle.

Gabrielle gave no reason for taking the infant. The mother was given no reason, no warning, no justification. Only that infant was taken--- none of the other children in the home were taken.

When the mother and other family members tried to find out what was going on and where the child was being taken, they were threatened with arrests. The mother walked in on the Tribal Court, and there was Judge Cain, ready to rubberstamp any lies told by the BIA, and would not listen to the mother, nor to the Grandmother and had them forcibly removed from the hearing.

Gabrielle swore, under oath, that the mother had no interest in the child or in the hearings. Swore that she had been notified, when in fact, she had not. Gabrielle perjured herself with such ease, one can assume she was well-practiced in the art.

Judge Cain duly handed over custody and the child is now gone and no one knows where.

The mother had stood up for her relative in a case of domestic abuse. She had given a statement as to the facts of that case. Her child was then taken from her as a way of both punishing her for speaking up, and as a warning to anyone else that would dare speak out.

This is your Federal Government kidnapping a child, committing perjury to make it look legal, and a Tribal Court Judge putting her signature to it.

Read the Report. See for yourself.

The report asks what kind of benefit those who stole that child got from it. I will speculate that since selling babies is very profitable, they got a chunk of change for it. Some desperately unqualified parent or parents, now have an infant kidnapped for a price.

Apparently, the BIA can just walk in and remove children without any due process whatsoever, and the Federal Government looks the other way. They have done this so many times in the past, no one even thinks of it as taking a professional risk.

That is how you know the BIA, from the very top to the very bottom, is corrupt. They steal, sell children, and they easily commit perjury and no one worries that this will end their career much less land them in prison.
Further, they leave children with Registered Sex Offenders, and claim that they are ‘working on’ the issue of their safety. It has been over a year. No one believes that lie.

When some self-promoting Senator such as Kent Conrad steps into the scene, they all put on a big fancy show, that is nothing but smoke and mirrors. He never once went to see for himself, what in fact, was actually going on. He knew better.

They showed him a Power Point Presentation that said everything was all right, and that was good enough for him.

Meanwhile, children are being abducted, left with rapists.

And, what is the buzz around the rez? What is it that has so many of them up and arms and fighting mad? You’re going to love this. It’s even better than the whole crap show about the Fighting Sioux Logo.

Devils Lake City Council, tired of Tribe not paying their share of expenses for the drunks and druggies that are pulled into the city’s jails (and yet, strangely enough, the tribe does bill the government for these services, even though they don’t provide them, nor do they repay the municipalities that are owed).
Devils Lake, tired of bearing the entire costs over the years put out a Do Not Sell or Serve List with a list of those who have been arrested Five or More times in the past year, for DWI or other alcohol related offenses. Surprise! Most of them on that list are from Spirit Lake Nation!

And they are outraged! This is “racist”! They are all over their FaceBook pages with how brave they are in speaking up (on FB) about this ‘injustice’. Not surprising, Mark Little Owl’s kin are the biggest mouths in the pile.

Anyone remember that Spirit Lake is supposed to be designated as a “Dry Reservation”? But this is their cause and this is what they want the Tribal Council to fight for on their behalf. I have no doubt that the Tribal Council will do exactly that.

The Tribal Council loves to show outrage. Outrage over the Sioux Logo, and I guarantee you, outrage over the DLCC Proclamation of Do Not Sell or Serve. But they will never say a word about the Children they themselves abuse. They don’t have to. They have the BIA and the FBI thugging for them. Judge Cain has adapted nicely, and I am sure she is paid better than she has ever been paid before.

The Government at all levels sacrifices integrity, decency, fairness, Truth and honor. The Tribe sacrifices children.

What Good will come of this?

You will see, as many already do see, the results of this kind of corruption and free abuse of children and babies. The survivors grow up damaged, broken and a ‘burden’ on society by incapacity, or crime. Few survive beyond that. They are amazing stories, but they are rare.

Many more will be the ones who become what was done to them, predators of your children and their own.
This is where higher crime rates come from. These are the addicts you condemn as ‘weak’ or ‘stupid’ when you see them in public or read about their arrests, or worse, their ignominious passing from this world.

You think of these women as indecent and having no morals when you see them prostituting themselves, for drugs, for money to buy those drugs, to make the nightmare go away, but it only gets worse.

You don’t realize that what you are looking at, what you are condemning are the children who survived into adulthood, the sexual indignities, rapes and abuse.

You can change that. Not today, but for tomorrow, so your children and grandchildren are less at risk. This did not become a constant living nightmare overnight and it will not be vanquished in the near future, but we can set into motion, by direct involvement, contacting everyone elected who is answerable to us, and demanding they FIX this and NOT just with a Power Point Fable.

There must be children rescued, returned to safe and loving homes, and there must be arrests of those involved in hurting them—INCLUDING the FBI Agents and the BIA, all the way to the very top.

There are NO BIGGER FISH TO FRY. This is OUR Future. If we ignore this, any of us, for any reason, we make it worse down the road for our children and grandchildren. We are ALL Related. That is a fact.

You know where to find me.




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December 23, 2012 ---Printer Version (5)
Who We Are

Clearly on display in every tragedy, be it a Natural Disaster, or Massive Act of Brutality, is who we are. We come together. We give strength and support to those we know and to those whom we have never met, regardless of nationality, regardless of distance, regardless of any differences in color or religion.

That is where we find our strength. That is where we find our way out of the horror. And that is the way we find healing as individuals, families, communities and as a nation.

We realize in those moments where we are frozen by the horror, that we need each other for we are fragile upon this earth and we cannot do anything just for oneself, we must, if we are to survive, do what we do to

make it safer, better, healthier for everyone.

We are fragile upon this earth.

The Awakening

Those who would control us, steer us away from one another, do so only to weaken us and leave us less able to overcome disasters, and injustices. We are slowly becoming aware of the mindless distractions and outright lies. We are waking up to the levers of racism, bigotry, and smears that misrepresent the actual viewpoints and purposes of those who are working for or against us.

The simple test is: Do we gain suspicion over our neighbors? Or do we find ways to work together to make our communities stronger, safer? Are we being sold fear in order to drive us into purchasing more and more weapons? We are.

Logic dictates that those who tell you you must have automatic weapons, explosives, hi capacity extended magazines because you ‘can’t trust government’, that none of those weapons will serve you if in fact your government is coming to get you.

How armed would one person, or a team have to be to overcome even a tactical SWAT Assault? How does it end? SWAT gives up and walks away? Think about that. SWAT never shows up because they are afraid of you? Do tell me about that.

If you fear Dictatorships, don’t live in one. We have Democratic Elections here. In the Middle East, where they had Brutal Dictators in place for 30 or more years, those Dictators were overthrown by the people uniting against them.: People of courage and intelligence. They did not have weapons. None of the protesters had guns. Not one.

Yes, many died. And, they remain unstable as nations even a year later. But that is how Revolutions work:you unite, you overcome, and you struggle. People always die, and they are martyrs or heroes and they are remembered. What works is the people maintaining a united purpose. The government is always going to have heavier weaponry, superior military. All we have is determination—and that works.

Revolutions take years, sometimes decades, determination and intellect.

Your puny little weapons caches, which cost considerable money (money which could better be spent, if you ask me, on advanced education) are nothing against the military of any government.

We have a Democracy in the USA. We elect our leaders, we don’t have coups. We are the example for the rest of the world. We are there. They are trying to get to where we are.

There is no reason in the USA for anyone to have weapons designed for military purposes that is NOT a part of (as the Second Amendment specifies) Part of a “Well Regulated Militia”. That “Well Regulated Militia” was designated at a time when we were not yet a nation and did not yet have a military to protect us.

I don’t care about hunting. No one hunts with automatic weapons unless mindless slaughter is their only goal. I don’t care about personal defense. I am talking about the mindless slaughter machines that seem to be falling into the hands of those who feel they must slaughter as many people as possible to make their pathetic lives leave a stain on as many families as possible.

If you feel you need a military style arsenal for personal safety, get help.

That is NOT who and that is not WHAT we are as a nation.

The Best Protection is Prevention

I believe that all the sane people reading this can agree that prevention is the best protection. For that, we need awareness. We need to see how things, great or horrific, don’t ‘just happen’, they are the logical conclusion of a chain of events, most of which were put in motion years earlier.

Therefore, if we can recognize in our environment, a danger taking shape, forming and growing, we should, if we have reasonable opportunities, be able to redirect those events to less harmful if not preventing tragedy altogether.

If we could have foreseen any of the events in the chain of events that were leading up to the massacres, would we not have spoken up? Would we not have sounded the alarm? Of course! To ignore what we see and are aware of is a clear and evident danger taking shape, we would be complicit in any tragedy if we failed to act.

The problem is, most of these events, these chains of events, take place behind closed doors in homes and too often, in the sanctuaries of offices where people are supposed to be helping protect us, but are instead, for reasons unknown to us, working to protect those who are doing harm, creating future harm.

My purpose here, is to make us all aware, therefor better able to prevent or protect ourselves and our communities in the future from the harm that is shaping up and taking form, and which remains relatively unseen behind closed doors where pedophiles rape children, and where our most powerful government agencies refuse to rescue those children or arrest those pedophiles.

Instead, these powerful government agencies do all within their power to silence the whistle blowers, harass, intimidate and outright threaten and retaliate against anyone that points to where the problem is.

There may have been a question as to whether they knew or were aware, in the past. It could have been argued that because of gross incompetence and lack of foresight, they were unaware.

But now, after the EIGHTH MANDATED REPORT, they cannot claim, under any circumstances, that they have not been made aware and they have actively moved to protect the criminals and the corruption over the safety of our children.

Those who survive these atrocities will know that no one came to help them. They will carry scars and anger so deep, it will warp and twist how they treat themselves, their children, and other living things. They will show up in our line of sight as broken, angry people, discarded and annoying. Or, they will act out, violently, towards those around them, or maybe to a neighborhood, shopping mall, school, church, movie house near you.

Unless you plan on dressing yourself and your children in full body armor and arming them with who knows what kind of weaponry, 24/7 and even that will not be enough, the thing to do is to act now.

Phone, fax, write, email everyone on the list who has received these, especially this last MANDATED REPORT, and demand they take action.

If they tell you that they have, make them prove it. They can’t. They can’t show you any child by any designation, that has been rescued, nor any pedophile they have arrested.
They are relying on a fictional “Power Point Presentation” conjured up by the imagination of the BIA StrikeTeam, showing that everything is all better now. It’s fiction.

I found it ironic and amazing that Leon Panetta became personally involved because there were children in a Military Day care that were being molested. He was outraged and moved to have those molesters arrested and the children rescued.

Clearly, it can be done. It can be done at a Federal Level. IF the FEDERAL Government knows about crimesagainst children, they can and apparently do move to rescue those children--- everywhere except Spirit Lake Nation.


I could argue that because the Chairman and his family have gotten away with murders in the past, with the help of Federal Agencies and the Department of Justice, they now have not only that Department of Justice, the FBI, the BIA in a tough spot: Arrest any of the molesters, most of whom are friends with or family of the murderers, and a domino effect begins that brings down others, who will in turn reveal their corrupt connections to people in high places: Local, State & Federal.

There is no other explanation for why the government seems to be acting completely contrary to what they claim to be, their mission is, or what we always thought they were.

The “Incident at Devils Lake” project which reveals so much of how this particular chain of corruption started, is struggling to get funding even for the most basic parts of work that need to be done.

It is clear, from the trailer, that it will expose so much of what happened not only that night, but during the investigation where the murderers were actually put in charge of ‘investigating’ and had unfettered access to every ‘witness’. It is one step in exposing to the light of day, where it went wrong, who was involved, and once you see that, you can more clearly see how things got to be so ugly on the rez.

Once you become aware, you can’t unknow what you know. You become harder to fool. You know when you are being lied to, by whom, and what they hope to gain by it, be they Local, State or Federal.

We need to be aware of the chains that were made, how and by whom, when and where. We need to be aware of the chains that are being made now.

In this case, they are all tied together. Breaking either one of those chains, will break the other, and possibly even more we can only guess about at this point. But these two chains, I see clearly after doing this for over 16 years, are very much tied together.

So, if the thing that was stopping you from questioning why so many in positions of power would have a motive for not saving these children, I can tell you from what I have seen, their motives are in protecting themselves, their positions and their friends in high places.

The children are paying now being tormented by rape and abuse. Our children will pay later, if we don’t act now, collectively, consistently, sustained on demanding answers and action to protect the children and ourselves NOW.

I guarantee you, none of us will have enough armor, enough weapons to protect ourselves or our children in the future. This is our only chance. This is the snake pit we are aware of. There are Good People in Spirit Lake Nation, and they are struggling against corrupt agencies and our apathy and lack of awareness. They cannot do this alone. They need us: you, me, everyone.

We must become proactive now, or expect only more and greater horrors in the future, closer to our homes, our loved ones, our families, in the very near future.

THIS is how we arm ourselves. This is how we protect ourselves. We do it together, or we remain apathetic, confused, divided.

You decide which way makes you feel more safe, more secure.

Moron Squad

The Moron Squad Section of this website will be updated and a link placed here to cover what I think is the biggest collection of stupid I have seen come out of Spirit Lake Nation since the Fighting Sioux Logo debacle.
Once you read it, you will see why it is that so many Good People in Spirit Lake Nation need our help. They won’t find it amongst their own ranks. They are already lost in a sea of stupidity, corruption and ignorance.


Meanwhile, keep in mind our obligations to those we love includes our obligations to those we don’t even know, to ensure that we can, all of us, live in a safer and healthier society.

Our awareness must be maintained. Our bonds with our fellow Human Beings must be strengthened. We must not be irrationally divided by racism, bigotry, greed, politics.

It’s our only hope. We are All Related.

You know where to find me.





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December 18, 2012--- Printer Version (4)
Tunnel Vision

Our lives are stressful enough. We often don’t have the leftover time or energy to attend to issues outside of our immediate family and circle of friends. As a result, we rely on corporate media to inform us on events they see as relevant. Too often, these are not in-depth cause and effect deliveries, just the most sensational parts. “If it Bleeds, it Leads”.

Because of this, we’ve become somewhat anesthetized by the drone of crime stats, economic collapse, ranting politicians, extreme weather events, car chases, and the like.

We were blitzed beyond numb by the relentless barrage of political ads, some so blatantly false we’d assume they could not be aired, but they were only one of several, dozens, hundreds of extreme false smears, claims, lies… and there was nothing we could do about it. We don’t have the time, most of us, to fact-check this stuff, and media no longer hires fact checkers because ‘facts don’t matter’ to one Network in particular and they get sky high ratings—so why should anyone go through the time, effort and expense to fact check and present to us, information that is factual, and relevant?

It’s gone on for years now. Like a hypnotic droning in the background. “Wildfires, Hurricanes, Spending Cuts, Taxing Millionaires, Going over the cliff, … and now for the weather and sports.”

We hear about horrendous crimes, and see the picture of the criminals, usually the pathetic ones. They look like they’ve been thrown away, forever. Most of them have. We seldom get to see the pictures of the Crooked Bankers, Financial Managers who did the most harm to the most people. Those are not the criminal ‘type’.

This becomes an endless river of noise where each event is not connected to the other, nor to any other events that we know of. Murders, robberies, rapes, assaults, all serious, but somehow ‘other’ and aside from shock and horror at some of the most appalling behaviors, we remain unaffected. We can’t relate.

All these horrors seem only to chain together by a series of advertisements and frothy banter. We don’t know them, but they don’t look like anyone we’d ever know so it’s not our problem. Our life is complicated enough. News is supposed to be entertainment, not informative and not educational.

We go through our lives, guided by the invisible rails of media that tell us what we need to know, what we need to buy, where we can get it, and how we can help if we want to donate.

Nothing seems connected to our personal life or life as we understand it. We are disconnected from these events, from the victims and from the people who commit these crimes.

Basically, we have Victims and Monsters, but no way to understand how either became what they are in that particular event.

Until it happens to one of us, or to someone we know, or someone we can identify with.. and then, we rage.

Then we want to know, to figure out, how it happened.

But then it is too late. We don’t connect the crime, regardless of how horrific, to any events prior that led up to that moment. Maybe because we don’t want to know, and maybe because what we find will enrage us even more. We will find that all along the way there were signs and signals and “SOMEONE SHOULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING TO STOP THIS!” But no one did. A lot of no ones, all in a series, with the occasional, well-meaning, courageous individual or individuals who did try to do something, but who could get no support from the community, the government, or any agency that is supposed to help.

They are the ones I hold responsible for the constant river of horror and sadness. The ones who knew and did nothing, and those whose job it was to protect us and who looked the other way until it was too late.

They never get called to account. The Victim will suffer. The Perpetrator will be hunted down and caught, and hopefully, if there is Justice, they will suffer, but none of those who were in place, who were warned, who ignored the cries, will ever even have to answer one question.

Everyone gets Tunnel Vision. No one can see what led up to the catastrophes, the crimes because no one feeds that information into the stream to connect all the dots on how horrors come to be.

With few exceptions, every murderer, every rapist, every addict, every abuser, every criminal were not born that way. They were made that way. They were made that way by any number of variables in their environments. We can never know for sure all of them.

But where we KNOW of serious harm being done to a child, or to children, and where we KNOW that those whose job it is to protect the children from crime, or to arrest those who commit crimes against children, or whose job it is to rescue children, where we KNOW they are doing nothing, we can bet that the children who survive, and who become bigger and stronger, will be wounded and angry and they will be disconnected from compassion because they survived by killing off a part of themselves that connected them to the pain, indignity and suffering.

They will survive in their own Tunnel Vision, where either they cannot feel pain, or care nothing for the pain of others because that part of them no longer exists. They will self-medicate with addictions, act out with promiscuity, self-loathing, aggression towards others and an inability to relate to their own children, perpetuating the cycle of abuse, neglect, violence.

When they are the victim of a crime, they will have no credibility because of their addictions and behaviors. “They put themselves in that position,” we’ll tell ourselves. We can’t imagine why, but they did it to themselves so we need not invest in trying to help them. Besides, they are surly, and push people away who try to help, just ‘look at them’, you can see… right?

When they are the perpetrator of the crime, we cut them no slack. We can’t. It would only encourage them to commit more crimes and then claim they had a bad childhood. We can’t encourage that. We blame them.

But we never hold those accountable whose job it is to respond to the more than HALF DOZEN MANDATED REPORTS, but who chose instead of rescuing the children, instead of arresting their rapists, instead of arresting the corrupt who embezzled the funds, and who sold, stole, ‘misplaced’ babies into fatally flawed environments; chose instead to silence the whistleblowers, threaten and harass anyone that pointed out these crimes against these children were happening; all with the immunity of being Government Officials.


I don’t know what drove the madness of these mass shootings over the past 4 years, especially lately, and most especially the slaughter of 20 innocent children, their teachers, and other school staff. I have no clue. I don’t know if we will ever know.

But it gut punched the nation, and we had almost become matter-of-fact about ‘another mass shooting’, be it in a Church, (yes, even where there is GOD, they shoot) a Temple, a movie theater, a shopping mall, or a high school, admit it, we had begun to become accustomed to it. But this time, it was the slaughter of little children.

We are still reeling. There is no greater pain to the spirit than a heart breaking over the death of a child. It hurts so bad, it touches everyone. It touched us all.

I don’t know what happened in that deranged young man’s life that made this his plan, but if we did know, if we look hard enough, we will find where he was, and most likely his family was, failed all along the way.

This did not ‘just happen’, it was led up to by a series of events in his life that made it happen, and equipped him to do it.

We might become really angry if we find out that there were times help was sought, but none given, for whatever reason. All we know is that somebody’s baby grew up to be a Monster and that Monster killed all those babies and their protectors.

I tell you now, the Future holds more monsters. I don’t know where most of them will come from, or how they will be formed, but I do know where some of them will be from and how they are being made, today.

By the FBI, BIA, DOJ, USAG and every County and State agency refusing to stop the child abuse on Spirit Lake Reservation, we are guaranteeing monsters in the future, so horrible, so disconnected from the gruesome acts they commit that no one will ever forget the images, nor the cries of hearts breaking, and the silence of tiny coffins floating down that endless stream of noise that gently guides us, telling us what is relevant, what we need to buy, where we can get it, and what we can do to help, where we can donate.

We are guaranteeing that level of horror for our children and grandchildren by doing nothing. By allowing all of the above to do nothing, we are guaranteeing a future filled with horrors that will haunt us for Seven Generations.

We need to hold accountable those whose job it is to protect the innocent, especially the children.
I talk about Spirit Lake, but it is happening on most of the reservations. How do I know? Simple: I hear about it. I have read about it for years. Nothing has been done. The corruption continues, the threats, intimidation continue… very few brave voices rise up to demand something be done… but without the community coming together to demand this be done NOW, and holding accountable those who enable it, we should just sit back and wait for the next horrific mass killing, child torture murder.

Meanwhile, houses are being broken into, cars stolen, people getting mugged, the disabled attacked, fires set, and we are gently guided along those rails. We are entertained more than informed. We have lost the ability to seek information and to take action. We are easily herded into the shoulder shrugging apathy that is expected of us.

Until it happens to us.

We can’t stop all the horrors, but rest assured, we have the opportunity now to take action and prevent hundreds if not thousands of them in the future, where our children and grandchildren will be safer for what we do now.

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Is it an approaching train? Or is it a brighter future?

Demand answers.

We are all connected. Everything is connected. We are ALL Related.

You know where to find me.


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Dec 10 2012 --- Printer Version (7)
Rainbow’s End

I am hearing that the Feds are finally, after decades of the IIM Accounts being ripped off by the Tribal Council and their pals, investigating the Western State Bank Accounts.

Normally, I get really hopeful when I see the Feds “investigating” anything… but I have learned what it really means: They will find the corruption, they will cover it up, and no one goes to jail. It’s my guess that a few people continue to get a little richer, all cash and land, at the end of that rainbow. No one recoups their missing funds. No one gets answers. Someone says “Paperwork” or even “Sloppy Paperwork” and then, my favorite: “We’ve made changes so it won’t happen again,“ and it continues to happen again—only with neater paperwork.

FBI is showing people checks and asking if they signed them. “No, never saw that money and that’s not my signature.” Apparently, the IRS wanted to investigate these same people for not reporting their ‘unearned income’ – now the FBI has to investigate Kevin Dauphinais Brownshield. Oops. They’ll fix it up. Just wait.

Probably, what they will do is get a special grant from the Feds to cover the missing funds, pay everyone off, and then say they’ve ‘fixed’ it and “it won’t happen again.” (A phrase we hear more and more as it keeps happening again and again).

Something to consider in this as well: Who gave Kevin the signing authority on those accounts? It had to be Myra and her ugly thieving son, Brian Pearson, when they were the Tribal Chair and Secretary-Treasurer, respectively. Will they be investigated as well?

Kevin would be up for forgery as well as theft and embezzlement. The bank would be in poop soup for not asking for ID (and pretending so many similar signatures were never noticed). This goes from Kevin’s embezzlement, forgery, to Myra and Brian being complicit, falsifying documents, and oh my! Yes, someone send in a Strike Team. They’ve been so effective in the past. *Snark*

USAG Tim Purdon cannot be bothered with sending any of his friends from Spirit Lake to Jail. I’m sure they are his friends. They have to be. It is the most corrupt Tribe in the region and he has yet to send one child rapist to jail. He has yet, despite years of “investigations” into the corrupt practices of the Tribal Council, the Tribal Social Services, or any of the other programs that receive Federal or State Funds, to find anything worthy of an arrest. The occasional pill head, yes. Major crimes, Rings of pedophiles raping children, stealing their money --- not so much.

Weenie Boy has told the Tribe that because of some suicide threat last Halloween, he was cancelling Christmas. No one knows how any of that makes any sense. We do know that the Tribal Council has been casino hopping, sometimes for months on end, and that costs money--- and by cancelling the Christmas bonuses or just ripping off the greater part of each payment, for the Tribe, meager as it has been for the families that need it and are entitled to it, The Tribal Councilors can pay off some of their gambling debts. Or, perhaps, take a few more junkets on both the Tribe’s cash and any Federal Funds they have managed to rip off.

So, no Christmas gathering for the Tribe this year. You are, however getting the smallest Christmas Bonus ever: $300 which you were supposed to get last Thursday, unless someone stole those checks too.

The Foster kids did not get those checks. They were supposed to be in their accounts. Now what? Let me guess: Sloppy paperwork. We’ll fix it. “It won’t happen again.” (Now with even more “serious face”)

The Tribal Council & Kevin don’t seem to be the least bit worried by the IIM accounts in Western Bank being “investigated”. Why should they be? Timid Purdon has yet to remove one child from the hands of the sex offenders on the rez; yet to make one single arrest for child rape despite mountains of evidence, statements and complaints; so why would a little missing cash from a friendly bank be any kind of a problem?

I wouldn’t worry either if I was Tribal Council. Having a murderer as Tribal Chair, he and his family can flaunt their crimes of abuse, neglect, rape, child rape and outright take all the cash they can scoop up--- no one will do anything. No one. Especially not the USAG, Purdon. He’s the Leprechaun at the end of their Rainbow, guarding their pots of gold.

Enrollment Theft Ring

Winona Fox, who was supposed to be a ‘Treasured Elder’ of the tribe, was running the Enrollment Department for the tribe. People who did not come in and pick up their monthly checks were supposed to have them mailed to them.

But that’s not what she did. Instead, she had her granddaughter and grandson take all those checks over to Clifford Reeves, who runs the wrecking yard, and he was supposed to cash them for those two.

They brought the stack of checks to him and he told them to leave the checks with him and he would gather up the cash and bring it to them. Ok. So they did. Clifford then took all those checks and turned them in to someone at the Blue Building and told them what had happened.

You were expecting arrests? Hah! Winona was supposedly fired. But when people went to pick up their Christmas Bonus checks, there was Winona, handing them out. So, not even fired? Crime pays! Those who did not get their checks should probably go check with Clifford Reeves to see if he has them?

I don’t know to whom he turned those checks in, but it was evidence enough of a felony crime… and Winona didn’t even lose her job and her kid’s kids are still sitting fat and sassy.

Let me guess: “We’ve made changes and fixed the problem and it will never happen again.”? Seriously, we need to make that into a song. It’s a refrain that deserves a melody at this point.

Facebook Fans

Melissa Merrick, niece to Sam Merrick, is the Victim’s Assistance Advocate/counselor. She hears some really juicy stuff. She can’t wait to put that stuff on Facebook. When people complained about her doing that and reported her, she filed restraining orders on them. Yes, in order to get a restraining order filed, some idiot judge in Tribal Court, and there are many, has to sign off on it. And they do.

Imagine going in, reporting a rape that will never be investigated… and finding that the person you have reported it to, has put it on Facebook, for the world to see?

She even had a restraining order filed against her Uncle Sam, who had told her what se was doing was wrong. We reported on that last month. He was ready to go to jail for reporting her.

She still has her job. She still has Facebook. Nothing changes.

That’s why, with BIA and Senatorial ‘Strike Team’ being on site, these things going on, nothing is changing, and those who report are threatened, attacked with the assistance of Tribal Government and BIA--- this is why I have no hopes that the big bad FBI will do anything with its investigation into the embezzlement of any of the IIM or the other funds.

Hey, FBI! This is what you signed on to do? Be the enforcement arm and the clean up team that covers up the crimes of people who rape children, steal from everyone and victimize victims? Is this what you signed up for? Please, review your job descriptions. Show me where you lost sight of who the criminals are.

Shhh! Quiet!

Quietly, last week, Fast Eddie, as many call Ed Brownshield, had his propane business shut down. Over $250K in unpaid loans owed to the tribe, I suspect it was just a front for other corrupt practices. How he got the contracts makes no sense. Also, the number of ‘Odd’ Businesses he seems to be involved in in Florida and other States, makes me wonder: Is he himself educated and smart enough to be masterminding all these corrupt businesses? Or is someone else just using him, his name and his business licenses and he gets a bit now and then for the loan of his name, ID and business licenses? Or does he even know? Does he care? I don’t think so. That I am pretty sure of.

So, they shut him down—but they have not arrested him. Why shut him down if there is no crime? Why not arrest him if there is? Hey, Timid, what exactly happened with that?

As long as Kevin Brownshield continues to have access to unlimited (apparently, unlimited) sources of cash, and has access and signing authority over the Foster Children’s funds and the IIM funds, as well as other sources, I am sure, the Brownshield family has nothing to worry about.

But, it appears that Tribal Councilor Clarissce Brownshield panics from time to time. I am told that Betty Jo Krenz last week brought in a Tribal Member to the Blue Building and Clarisse was seen, hiding under her desk, on all fours. The Tribal Council is afraid of Betty Jo Krenz, but not Timid Purdon. Go figure.

Then again, I don’t know if Clarisse gets down on all fours when Tim Purdon comes to visit the office, so I really shouldn’t just assume she doesn’t, should I?

What’s Left?

If no one is protecting these children, and the Government is protecting those who abuse them, what happens when a child is raped or beaten? Do people then take the Law into their own hands because the Law has become the Enforcement Arm of the Abusers?

Do those who then strike back become the ‘criminals’? Do those Foster Families that protect the children become ‘Criminals’? Do the advocates beating on the doors of the US Attorney General and every agency involved, only getting harassed, threatened, intimidated--- do they eventually go silent?
Or does no one do anything?

Then what? Millions of our Tax Dollars continue to fuel the most horrid abuses of children, and our political system is geared only to protecting their abusers in Indian Country--- what does that make the rest of us? Are we not enabling them by our apathy? Our silence? We are.

And when the children who survive this are old enough to venture into the world, as addicts, perhaps as rapists and child abusers themselves; as criminals that prey on our children or our grandchildren; When our cars are stolen, our houses broken into, our loved ones slaughtered; or when we just watch some drug addicted, belligerent Indian shouting incoherently on our way to wherever we are going, what do we think? Or do we?

We have so many generations of neglect and abuse, it’s going to take many generations to heal and fix this. If we don’t start now, we leave it to our children and their children, and it gets bigger every generation.

Sandusky Was Small Potatoes

Sandusky is the horror of Child Rape Personified. But overall, our government does not care. Overall, the very people who should be investigating, arresting and putting on trial, monsters a thousands times worse than Sandusky, are having cocktail parties, and giving out awards to themselves.

They are being successful at protecting the abusers, and one has to ask “Why?”. Is child rape the last taboo? Is it not a sign of power, of having arrived at a status where you are above the law, if you can rape children, and be protected by the very government that is supposed to be protecting those children?

How many in government offices, elected or appointed, judges, police, officials, all, are indulging in this perversion personally? There must be many if not most, and that is shocking. The reason I conclude this is that there has to be a ‘reason’ for people to ignore the evidence, the complaints, and harass, intimidate and threaten those who come forward.

Is it possible that Spirit Lake Nation is where most of these perverts feel safe? Is it because there were so many murders, including the murder of Eddie Peltier, committed by well-connected families who were protected by rogue elements of the Justice Department?

Now that one of those murderers is Tribal Chairman, is it possible that the End of Their Rainbow has been made manifest and they are all, at rates never before seen, raiding the funds, raping the children, because now, NOW, everything is in place to make ALL THIS POSSIBLE?

It would seem so.

Sandusky was protected by people higher up and part of the very government that later imprisoned him. He felt safe. He had the money to buy them off. He probably had more than that. He probably had evidence of their involvement in such forbidden practices. We won’t know because he never spoke at his trial. He seemed truly stunned that he was arrested, found guilty. It is as if he is still expecting his powerful allies to swoop in and make this all go away.

He blames the victims.

Political Gain

A USAG investigating this case went missing and is presumed dead. But, for some reason, the USAG’s office is not really looking. They are not looking into everyone involved in this case or surrounding it. They are not looking at Tom Corbett who may have had reasons of his own, financial or personal, for not pursing the case when he was USAG, and he is now the governor of Pennsylvania.

Corbett had much to gain, and would have everything to lose if this investigation ever looked at him. No worries. He’s up there. He’s safe. He can do what he wants. Just guessing, mind you, but there seems to be no downside for protecting Child Rapists.

Unless he wants to declare he was extremely incompetent and that was why he was able to make upward career moves. There is no downside to protecting Child Rapists. None.

That means there are only benefits for those who look the other way, intimidate, harass and threaten anyone that brings forth complaints.

It happened in Penn State. If you think Sandusky was the only one, you’re kidding yourself. He could not have gotten away with it if he was the only one.

It’s going on in Indian Country, right now. No place is it worse or more severe than Spirit Lake.
Eric Holder is personally aware of this case. Let’s see what he has done, shall we?

Oh, looky here! Tim Purdon was invited to the White House! He’s was the “Moderator” for the Panel Discussion at a conference with hundreds of Tribal Leaders, on the topic of Violence, Drug Conspiriacy, and Human Trafficking on Reservations along with possible solutions! (Just don’t arrest any child rapists on Spirit Lake)

I wish I could have been there to see that crock of poop!
He then pats himself on the back and says that he’s done such a good job that is why he was given the honor.

Nervy, eh?

Given the topic of discussion and his complete non investigation, lack of rescue for children he KNOWS (or should know—unless again, he feels he can, despite the more than half dozen Mandated reports, declare himself incompetent), one has to wonder what, exactly, he sees as his ‘job’ that he has ‘done so well’? Protecting Child rapists? Well done! You moderate a White House Panel!

Put that on your resumé, Timid, you are going places! Yes you are!

Yup, that Rainbow leads to more honors, more bigger and better things for those who protect, refuse to prosecute, investigate or arrest Child Rapists, embezzlers, or other major criminals on Spirit Lake Nation.
I wonder if Eric Holder gave him a plaque or a ribbon or something?

Meanwhile, the future is writhing in terror and agony, and no one can help. Anyone that tries, will be shut down, intimidated, threatened by the Full Force of Government.

Anyone that takes the law into their own hands? Well, they’ll deal with them. They’ll go to prison. You can count on that. No doubt, Timid Purdon will take a bow and give himself an award.

The System protects itself. You and I? We’re on our own. Those children? They’re coming to a mall, parking lot, tragedy near you.

If it looks like it’s getting worse, more corrupt, it’s because it is. Either that or they’ve always been this bad, only now it shows. You pick.

The End of the World is coming, so say the Doomsday Preachers. Maybe we have it coming. I know that if all we had to do was care about the children, make them safe, we’d have a future. Maybe we don’t have a future. Maybe this is why. It was never important to enough of us to save ourselves.

If all we had to do was protect the children to ensure a future, we’ve already failed at that. There is no other test that carries as much import as that, and we have failed.

You know where to find me.

PS: I am expecting the Blog to resume in January 2013 End of the World or not! We will be off for the next 2 weeks unless something major breaks. Enjoy your Mayan Calendars Ending. I’m expecting a new Calendar. But it would be so amazing if I could say that I blogged til the end of time.


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December 3, 2012  Printer Version (5)
Like Water & Poison

I’m on Twitter. We talk about a lot of things there. I am often impressed with the intelligence and observations of others, and at other times, I am stunned at the depth of ignorance, meanness and lack of awareness displayed by common ‘trolls’ or even an everyday person who simply has no clue.

One well meaning, outraged person tweeted to me that they were just finding out about the BP ‘Dispersants’ that were used during the oil rupture in the gulf and how it made the problem worse, the toxins more penetrating, and added even more to the disaster… All of which I already knew and agreed with.

And then came this: “At least they only did this in the Gulf of Mexico, in their own waters. Hopefully they will learn from that and not let it happen anywhere else.”

Jaw, meet floor. The many levels that this is wrong are stunning. In brief: This kind of environmental destruction has been going on since before the Exxon Valdez mess, which is still, despite all the propaganda to the contrary, still an environmental disaster to the waters, to the people and especially to the Native Bands (we call them Bands up here, same as “Tribes”) who depended on those waters, those animals, those lands, for their livelihoods and for their cultural heritage to be passed on to future generations.

It’s also happening all over the world. Wherever there are resources to be extracted and major corporations move in, cut costs, take shortcuts, maximize profits at the costs of safety and the environment. Media just doesn’t carry those stories at the same cadence with which they pound into our senses the need to buy this, that, or whatever political garbage, witch-hunts they can wave in front of us, like Toreadors waving red capes in front of herds of bulls.

But here’s the worst part of that misconception in that statement she made to me: These waters in the Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific, the Atlantic, all the rivers, lakes, creeks and ponds; even all the aquifers are all connected in a circulation in the same way our blood circulates in our bodies. You cannot poison the foot and not the entire body.

The poison in the waters flow through and eventually touch, contaminate all the waters, everywhere in the world.

The radiation from the Fukishima disaster did not stay in Japan. The poison in the Gulf of Mexico is spreading outward and it is affecting all the life that depend on it, live in it, near it, or feed off it in the Chain of Consumption that ties this world into one continuous, interconnected, interdependent system we call “Life”.
Poison in the water, eventually affects all of us. We all depend on, come into contact with, water.

Like Future & Violence

We are revealing in here, a series of horrors that are happening to the children of Spirit Lake Nation. Spirit Lake Nation is removed from the surrounding communities by a very short distance. You may think the problems are isolated to that one snake pit of corruption, but in the back of your mind, behind all the noise and the cadence of propaganda and commercialism, you know it isn’t.

You know that children anywhere, suffering, is unacceptable. Even as remote as a foreign country, we are appalled when we see those sad-faced children, and we want to help; we want someone to do something—we want it to stop.

Imagine now, it’s within driving range of where you live. It’s in your State. It’s in your Country. Now what?
Nothing, that’s what. Nothing. The Government does a dance that pulls curtains, hides and conceals with double-talk, and propaganda lies, that there has been action taken. Serious action. Strike Teams. BIA, FBI… but all it is nothing.

The FBI cannot seem to prioritize the rescue of children from known Sex Offenders, over harassing those who have reported these situations. They can’t seem to do that. It’s not that long since the Penn State Scandal shocked and horrified not only that community, but the entire country--- and yet, the most powerful law enforcement agency we have, the FBI, harasses whistleblowers full time, and cannot be bothered withactually rescuing one child, much less arresting those who have brutalized them.

Where’s the outrage?

The children who survive, and their numbers are many despite the murders, deaths from neglect, and suicides; the ones that survive become what? Drug Addicts? Alcoholics? Offenders themselves? Parents who have no idea about boundaries, cannot bond with their children? And the cycle continues… do you think this violence on these children, who then grow into adults if they survive, never touches your shores? Never affects your lives? Never costs you a dime? Never touches your children or grandchildren? Where then, do you think all those bad things that happen to good people come from?

You know children are being abused, and you know nothing is being done; the proof of that is that you have not heard of one arrest in this whole scandal--- not for neglect, abuse, rape, embezzlement; and by default, you know NOTHING is being done to make it stop, clean it up, nothing.

It’s like watching that oil slick spread out and knowing that below the surface there are more toxins, even worse than what is seen or being shown, permeating every aspect of life around you. It’s touching you. Now what?

This violence is the poison. It’s multiplying. It’s spreading.
The mess is already so huge, no one wants to look at it. But look we must. Insist on Truth and insist on Action. We must not accept Excuses. Excuses mean that they don’t want to change anything. Excuses are the reasons for things never getting better.

Like It Never Happened

I am appalled, but not surprised by Tim Purdon’s Office determining that the death of Baby Deborah, last July, was SIDS. The report contradicted itself to the extreme by saying it was SIDS, that “neglect” may or may not have played a role. They don’t see how they can bring charges, so this will never go to court.
Despite family members, for months, trying to get this child out of the care of the mother who was clearly, by all reports, unable for whatever reason, to care for her. Reports of neglect, mind you.

This child died, alone, while the mother was away and no one was at the house, a trailer, in sweltering hot weather, dies.

Here’s the beauty of Tim Purdon’s decision, based on 5 months of intense investigation:
There will be no trial. The mother will never be tried. Neither will any questions be brought up and put on the record about how Tribal and State Social Services ignored the problem, so none of those players will have to worry about answering for their own actions, inactions.

No one will look at any of the problems with a dysfunctional and corrupt Tribal Social Services, rendering it incapable or unwilling of doing the single job of protecting children, while those running the programs seemed to have all the cash they needed for extraordinary purchases of ranches, equipment, vehicles, expensive horses, and lots and lots of travel. No one will ever look to see if maybe the problems of corruption extended beyond SLN and into the State, County and the BIA. No one.

You would think it would be a simple case. Bad mother. Was sitting at the casino, in front of slot machines for hours, while her child, neglected, in that hot, hot trailer, expired. She’s American Indian. She would not even likely look coherent at the defendant’s table. She would never be able to afford a proper lawyer. It would be so easy to get a “Guilty” verdict.

Time was when that would be all that was needed to assuage the general public and put this whole thing behind them and look like they had ‘done something’.

But this time, it was too risky for that. Multiple reports of neglect filed. Who failed? The Tribal Social Services? The BIA? The State? They could all be called to the stand to answer for their part. Not likely, but there was a chance if by chance that Bad Mother got a Good Lawyer.

You see? They could not take that risk. It wasn’t just a Bad Mother who would be on trial, it would be all of them. And they are all connected to the Power Grid that is our Government, in ways seen and unseen. They all protect themselves by protecting each other. So what if some little Baby died? It’s not like she was famous or anything.

If Tim Purdon’s Office had done this ‘intense investigation’ along with the FBI, as they claim, by now, they would have had everyone in Tribal Social Services and the BIA on site, arrested for failing to act to protect this child.

Worse for them all? The Bad Mother herself. They all have good paying jobs, drive nice cars. She could barely cope with getting up and combing her hair. How did she get that way? Someone might ask. Something might be revealed.

So, another child is buried. Another problem ‘solved’ and no one in charge has to answer for a single thing. No one. No one is investigated for their part.

For that investigation, we have to wait for another child to die. And then we have to wait several months or a year (or longer) for the USAG to find an excuse to not investigate further, not arrest, not put on trial, anyone.

Like Waiting For Heartbreak

And so we wait. Some of us wait for that heart smashing phone call, email, text message that delivers the news: Another child raped, no investigation. Another child dead, I’m sure it was an accident. Another Suicide. Another, and another, and another… into the future we go, all of us, towing this violence with us, and unable to see that it’s there, holding us back as a Community, a State, a Nation—as Human Beings…
All the while we hear the cadence of how things are being done, things are improved, and we are told to butt out. As if this does not affect us?

The media Cadence drums products, gadgets, and consumerism into our brains to the point we find ourselves humming Christmas Carrols even when the radio is not on. We stare, glassy-eyed at sparkling displays, and we willingly sit through TV ads that assault us with things we cannot afford but want, and which will be obsolete by the end of the season.

We see a drug addicted Indian, unruly, causing problems at the Mall, and see him or her, neatly removed from our view by Security. A panhandler approaches and we decide, like life or death on a casual basis, if they deserve anything from our pockets. Somewhere, out there, lurking in the parking lots, someone is breaking into our vehicles to steal from us to support their drug or gambling habit. We will be so angry when we find out. We will feel so violated. We will file reports. We will be outraged.

We cannot see where these failures originated, we only know that they intrude on our ideal life, which is already a struggle. We think they are BAD People. We think they failed at their lives, or that they didn’t try. We have no idea as we become a player in their running nightmare, and they star in our worst dreams, how all of this is connected, and how, if only we knew about it, we could individually and collectively, stop it from spreading.


So far, with the exception of Thomas Sullivan, from what I have seen, no one in government has anything but excuses, lies and the FBI has no concern for the safety of children. At least, not in Indian Country.

It’s like watching that crude oil and that toxin they injected into it, crap all over the ocean we all depend on for life on this planet. They made it worse by trying to make it look like it was going away. They made it more toxic, more dangerous.

The analogy of that BP blowout, which they called a “spill” (to make it sound less disastrous), watching that video of that crap billowing and blackening and creating an environmental disaster, overlays perfectly with watching what is going on in Spirit Lake Nation.

Here’s the kicker: It’s not just happening there. Think about that. As long as they can get away with raping children, murdering children, killing children, and being paid unaudited sums of money, endless streams of money, and no one gets fired, it will never stop happening. Indian Country is our Gulf of Mexico.

We have to fix what’s wrong where we know it is wrong, or we can expect bad things to happen in our lives by random people we had no idea we would ever encounter in our lifetime, jumping out from behind one of those curtains so neatly raised by reports of “Improvements” and “Changes”. Until we see arrests, we know, despite the Christmas Carrols looping in our brains and the cadence of buy, need, want, we KNOW it’s getting worse.

Call, write, confront everyone in government that is elected or appointed, and demand real answers, not Press Releases, not Propaganda. Do not let Tim Purdon get away with covering up this crime. It’s bigger than the tiny coffin of Baby Deborah. It’s creating a slick on the surface, and we know that beneath that, it is worse, much, much worse.

Now you know where it comes from. Now you know how it happens. Now, it is up to each of us to find a way, to make those we elect and those they appoint, accountable. They are accountable to us. We are accountable to one another.

Refuse to accept the Lies. Make them tell the Truth. This is our job. All of us, together. We are all Related. Be relentless.

You know where to find me.



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