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Your Chairman is a murderer. Good luck with that.

Your Chairman is a murderer. Good luck with that.

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Ronin's own Website The most basic money laundering/ponzi scam rivaling Maddoff

Free Peltier Now Worth a read


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Eddie's GraveIt is as much about the ongoing events and behaviors of those who murdered Eddie Justice Freedom by Racual Hiebert(and others)  on the Fort Totten Reservation, North Dakota today as it is about how it was that night Eddie was murdered.  How the ongoing criminal enterprise continues to flourish unabated and without a single response from the Justice Department.  Well, not surprising on that!  They would have to investigate themselves and how some of their elite were directly involved and have prospered from the corruption that exists, protected and funded by US Tax Dollars.

Even if you don't live on the Rez, it's your money, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.  You owe it to yourself to peek in once in awhile and see what you are paying for

Texas Monthly Magazine has done a feature on this case. Here is the Latest story: December 2011 Read the October, 2006 Issue.  OR, go to the online version.  Michael Hall went to the rez and saw for himself.



The Documentary being made about this murder, focusing on the investigation and the trial:

Incident At Devils Lake  Watch the trailer. Donate to get this made. We Can do this! Everyone who pledged last time, please, come back and do it again. We KNOW we can make it this time! Thank you! And, Thank you Todd Trotter for putting this project on the go!


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November 26, 2012 --- Printer Version (2)
Accounts, Accounting, Accountability

The FBI being so tightly woven into the criminal processes ongoing at the rez, and having done so many major ‘Investigations’ should have, by now, uncovered so many things:

1. The Pedophiles, registered Sex Offenders, who have custody of Children.
2. Who it was that gave them that access
3. Too many crimes against children to count (at this point)
4. Missing money: Not just ‘accounting errors’ but major Millions-of-Dollars Embezzlement.
We were all expecting arrests by this point. There have been none.

The Sex Offenders and knownpedophiles still have unlimited access to defenseless children. FBI Approved.
The same people who gave them access, even to the point of ripping children out of good, safe homes, are still not just running around free, but many of them still in the same jobs (sometimes different names/titles) with no fear of any consequence or of missing a paycheck.

Clearly, the FBI has not gotten around to investigating Crimes against Children on the rez. They’ve been ‘very busy’ but we have no idea what they’ve been busy doing for over a year now. Two years in fact. We do know they have harassed the caregivers, the whistle-blowers, and those who are actually doing their jobs and demanding accountability—those people have been visited by the FBI, but apparently, not one sex-offender.
The LIHEP scam that went on, is again going on. Anyone that doesn’t go along, loses their job. That was a few million dollars over the years by just a handful of people. Their sentences were such a joke, that they are doing it again. I hope the Judge’s houses are nice and warm.

The funds that go missing from Tribal Social Services is boiling down to ‘Let’s just start over’ and being somehow erased, rather than investigated, and the funds are not only not accounted for in the past, they continue to go missing.

Further, does anyone know who gave Kevin Dauphinais Signatory authority over the Funds that have nothing to do with Social Services and to which he still has access?

When Indian Children manage to survive until they are 18, they are supposed to get a lump sum to help them with college, or job hunting, or whatever they want. The amount is supposed to be in the thousands of dollars. Around $25K. But over the years, for some reason, the cash has been diminished to less than $1000. That money is going somewhere and Kevin has access to it. Who else has access to it? Why has there been no investigation?

I see the FBI is very busy, knocking on doors; just not the right doors.
The children are still being hurt. Good homes are still threatened. Tim Purdon has done nothing but join in the dance, squat and throw dust up in the air, and appear professionally indignant when asked simple questions.

If these were White Children, would the FBI get away with this?

If Tax Payers cared that their millions of dollars, that they thought were going to solve urgent needs on the rez, would our elected officials be able to get away with just acting outraged? Or would they actually have to do something?

Heidi Heitkamp is newly elected. She credits Indian Country with her surprise victory over her Republican opponent. So, who in Indian Country does she owe for this? The voters? Or the top dogs who handed her cash? I would like to know.

I also know that she has been, for a long time, keenly aware of this issue, this dire situation, and has offered nothing. I am going to make it my job, and so should as many of you who live in North Dakota, that she actively get involved and report to everyone, what she has done to hold the FBI, the USAG, the BIA, and everyone else, ACCOUNTABLE.

The election was not for Prom Queen, not for Homecoming Queen, not for Ribbon Cutter. It was for someone who will be held accountable for how government acts or fails to act, in the best interest of The People.
You know where to find me.




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November 19, 2012 ---Printer Version (7)
Systematic Abuse

Are you sure there is no “Pedophiles Welcome” sign as you enter the rez? Are you sure? There should be. It would be more honest.

Among the horror stories that have been coming out of the snake pit that is the rez, are cases of children being deliberately put in the hands of known pedophiles and registered Sex Offenders.

The children, even after all these months of Mandatory Reports, (Seven Issued as of this writing) those children remain in the hands of their rapists.

We are told “Progress” is being made. Sen. Kent Conrad was very impressed with himself for having sent in a Strike Team which turned out to be a Clown Car more than any kind of legal help for the children.

I would think, if these were White Children, in a White Neighborhood, and it was known that this was going on, the Police would be sent in to raid those homes and rescue those children. Conrad sent in paper pushers. He had no intention of saving any of those children nor of arresting any of their rapists. Not one rapist has been arrested. Not ONE.

You can get your heart broken by hearing an animal yelp from abuse. But for some reason, all these government types, Strike Team and all, are not moved an inch from their swivel chairs at the knowledge that children are being raped, even though they know who the children are (Or should, since they have all the records, right? “Strike Team”), and where they are.

Conrad was made uneasy by this question being put to him. Uneasy as if he personally was being attacked, rather than asked. Interesting reaction. Children are being attacked, Senator Conrad, you are merely being questioned.

Even though there is plenty of evidence of misappropriation of funds (millions of TAX DOLLARS) and the shredding of documents, no one has been arrested. No one has lost their job.

We were told that last month, the BIA was taking over the entire program… but for some reason, Mark Little Owl, Monique, and all the rest of them, still had all their jobs. Mark was still going out trying to take children who had been removed from dangerous homes, and putting them back into those still dangerous homes. I only know of the cases where the Foster Parents were able to fight back and stop him.

The question remains: Why was he trying to take children who were finally safe, and put them where he knows they will be hurt or neglected? And why was he trying to do this without the proper paperwork?
Perhaps that old scheme of submitting reports of children being in care, getting money for them, but in fact the children are either not in care, or the Foster families are not being paid a nickel towards that child’s keep, perhaps that old formula is still operational in the Tribal Social Services? It is one way they were able to misdirect the funds for years and years before…

And then, last week, I heard that the BIA was taking over EVERYTHING, all the services for Tribal Social Services.

That was Good News/Worthless News because the BIA has been the problem on this all along. Ignoring pleas for help, reports by authorized personnel as to what crimes were being committed. There was no reason to believe that the BIA was doing anything more than staging ever more grand productions, but only rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

The BIA itself is either completely corrupt all the way up to Washington, DC and the Department of Interior, which has scandalized itself for decades—or they are completely incompetent and never had any intention of solving any of these basic issues, much less arresting anyone who has raped a child.

But they made this grand statement. That is good news only because it makes them liable for every incident that happens to those children out there, from that moment forward. They can’t say: “There was confusion and we thought they (TSS) were handling it and they thought WE were handling it..” *shrug “And I guess more children got raped, committed suicide and got murdered and went missing… but not our fault.” They can’t skate off so easily now. They are accountable both as a department, and an agency. Moreover, they are each, personally responsible. They can be held personally liable for failure to protect those children. (At this rate, that will only take another 20 years, but it is a start).

BIA is totally accountable. Which brings me to one remarkable incident that happened last week, supposedly AFTER the BIA had taken over, Strike Team, Full Responsibility, Yadayadayada …

Don’t Say Bad Things

Paul Hutchinson, a Social Worker for TSS told a Foster parent that the children they were taking care of, that had been so violently sexually abused by their father and possibly others, would have to surrender those children to that father by the end of the day.

The Foster Parent protested and he insisted and even became insulting.

Okay, how did Paul Hutchinson get his degree in Social Work? Does he have one? Is this his idea of protecting children? Who is responsible for his actions?

Further, how many other children has he done this with?

Can you imagine how terrified these children are? These are the authorities that are supposed to be protecting them, telling the person who is protecting them that they should stop saying bad things about the father or mother who abused them? So, reporting crimes against children is ‘saying bad things’?
Personally, I think Mr. Hutchinson needs to be investigated for aiding and abetting Child rape, Child Abuse, and Child Endangerment.

What does he get out of all of this? I have no idea. Does he get a bonus for every child he can take off the books? Does he have some really dark past of his own? What would drive a Social Worker (supposedly) to hurt children or to take away their safety? What would drive him to protect the abusers by condemning reports of crimes against children as ‘saying bad things’? What is HE getting out of this? We need to find out.

He also took a 4-month old baby away from her foster mother, who had gotten her shortly after she was born to a meth-addicted mother. That birth mother has never taken rehab, won’t take drug tests, and Mr. Hutchinson placed that infant back in her care.

These are real stories. These things are really happening. I personally resent any of these PR Stunts that come out of local press saying how ‘safe’ the rez is for children, Just ask someone who doesn’t live there, and how wonderful these placements of children are… just ask his mistress who herself has horrendous child abuse felony convictions and should be investigated for baby stealing/selling.

I don’t want to hear what great things the tribe is doing by fixing the roof on their police station, and how well their Not Smoking Program for young people is going.

You go to their casino, you put money in their pockets and they are raping children and the Government, especially the BIA, The FBI and Tim Purdon’s Office are using all their authority to deter anyone from investigating, much less making any arrests.

Our Federal Government, despite outright fraud and cheating they found on the SMC Contract which deliberately made faulty armor for our soldiers in the Middle East, instead of arresting those who had both stolen the money, created the fraud and who knows how many soldiers were killed, -- turned around on the spot and gave an even bigger, more lucrative contract to SMC! And you thought this cheating, stealing, and corruption didn’t affect anyone outside the rez, did you?

Crime and corruption have always paid off for the Bad Guys in Spirit Lake. Always. And anyone who reports it, is a ‘Troublemaker’. “Troublemakers” are pursued with all vigor. Intimidation, abuse, harassment. Much of it supplied or supported by your friendly, dedicated FBI.

A woman who reported her Nine-Year Old daughter had been raped, was herself arrested—but not the rapist. Do you get how bad it is out there? Do you not wonder about these Cutesie stories coming out in local press about how normal everything is on the rez?

Let me put it to you another way. A way in which everyone can say it is their business: MILLIONS of our State, Local, Federal TAX DOLLARS go into that rez, one way or another, and it is not accounted for. Tax Dollars are in fact supporting Child Rape.

If this was Penn State, Famous for its Football Team, you could understand how creepy it was for people to protect the rapists for that long of a time. Why would decent men and women protect child rapists? Because they got something out of it. They were either directly involved at some level, or they themselves were rewarded, paid off, to protect the rapist. I am sure that in Sandusky’s case, he was not the only one. They rarely are.

So, what is the motivation for protecting the rapists on the rez? Look at all that money that goes in there and is never audited. You don’t think any of that washes up or splashes onto the politicians? You don’t think people can be bribed or blackmailed?

All of this would have come out years ago when Steven Bruce Cartier was arrested for having the largest Kiddie Porn Stash, over one MILLION Images and over 4,000 videos of child rape… but for some reason, the USAG office at that time, decided to stop the investigation at just ONE man, and did not look into any of his co-workers, family or friends. Many of those, by the way, are registered sex-offenders.

And they never would have busted Cartier if the Spanish Police had not insisted on reporting and demanding progress reports.

Lemon Longie (Alfred Longie) is out of prison now. He’s hangin’ with his brother the Tribal Chairman this week. Want to bet he will have a good paying job (Our Tax Dollars again) before the week is out? He won’t have to show up, just to get the check.

This is what happens when you put murderers and rapists into positions of power and influence. This is what happens when you take away entire communities’ right to seek legal redress for the wrongs committed against them by their own leaders. Forcing the people to seek permission from their Tribal Council before they can get an investigation into their tribal council for documented crimes they’ve committed is like the rest of us being told that we have to get the Mafia’s permission to file a complaint on the Mafia.

And then people in office shrug their shoulders and say “Yeah, but they elected them.” Sure, but was it a real election? Those have been rigged from Day One. But, it does make for a convenient out for all those government agencies that don’t want to do their jobs. Call it, “Sovereignty” and walk away.

In fact, the FBI instead of protecting the children, threatens, intimidates and investigates as a form of harassment, anyone that would dare, DARE report a crime being committed against a child on the rez.


It takes a special kind of man to put on a badge, and protect child rapists, and murderers. Real special.
Yes, the FBI wants us to think they are infallible and Integrity is core. It is not. It never has been. And those in the FBI who try to silence the Truth, are lying to you. At some point we have to demand more accountability from those to whom we give power or authority.

There are good people in the FBI, but they are not doing a thing to clean up this mess. Not a thing.

What’s Wrong & What’s Written

Everything that is wrong in our society, in our system, is magnified wrong in Indian Country.

You want to write a story about the rez that makes everyone feel good? Want to write a story about the rez that makes people stand up and cheer? Write the one that tells us these children are rescued and the rapists are in jail. Write that one. But you can’t, can you. You are too busy trying to make a ‘happy balance’ out of pure crap. That’s where the term “Polishing a Turd” comes to mind.

Until you can write that story, that ONE Redeeming story that will bring us all together, you keep pumping out mindless garbage. Do me and all of us a favor if you are not going to do real hard-hitting journalism on an issue that clearly needs local support in a hard-hitting way: Go back to writing about the Fighting Sioux Logo. It looks like you ‘care’ about what happens to Indians, but you really don’t. But hey, I’m sure we can get a press conference, complete with smudging, drumming, and Serious Indian Faces singing an honor song. It will look so authentic!

We can’t wait for hearings and ‘studies’ and ‘Strike Team’ Clown Cars. We have to push, now and until there is tangible results, every elected official. We cannot accept from our media any story coming out of that Snake Pit that is not about the real issues and what is or is not being done about it.

A lot of powerful people got tangled up with these snakes back when Eddie was murdered. They are still tangled up. They have the threat of exposure hanging over them like a sword on a thread, ready to be cut, if any of the guilty are brought down. IF any of those connected to the Yanktons Crimes go down, they’ll talk. IF they talk, make that “WHEN” they talk, they’ll bring down that entire crime family, who will in turn, to save themselves, bring down the entire syndicate of co-conspirators, accomplices, and oh yes, name the names of everyone involved, past and present, in their crimes.

I am told that Brian Pearson got nervous when the investigation into TSS and the way the money was handled was looking like it might come to his door. He made the threat that if anyone came after him, they’d better be careful and remember that “I know what really happened to Eddie Peltier.”

This man, who knows enough to free an innocent man and put murderers and child rapists behind bars, is using that information to protect himself from being investigated for crimes he may have committed (most likely if you ask me) while he was Secretary-Treasurer and he and his mother were robbing the tribe blind.
He brags about it! And he has friends on FaceBook who think he’s a great guy. Can you imagine? He covers up crimes and brags about it. He has ‘friends’ on FB, who see this, and who know there are children being raped on that rez, but they are somehow happy that their ‘friend’ is withholding evidence that could put the monsters behind bars, because it is to his advantage?

His ‘Freedom’ is purchased, by the day, by the hour, at the cost of children being raped, murdered, and the funds for their upkeep being stolen. And he has ‘friends’.

Brian Pearson, whom I call “Zit Puppet”, is no longer in office, but neither is he in any danger of being investigated for the crimes he committed while in that office because he can hold what he knows about what happened to Eddie Peltier, over the heads of anyone that tries.

He can withhold information about a murder to gain leverage. An innocent man is in prison, and the guilty walk free, making monsters safe on the Rez, and he feels ‘powerful’ about that. And he is only one of many, dear readers. Only one of many.

And the price of that corruption, those cover ups, is that the innocent suffer at the hands of monsters, and we are told how much better everything is out there, even though nothing has changed.

Somewhere, a child who thought they were safe, is again in the hands of their abuser. A child who thought they were safe, is now living in fear that they will be handed over to that monster with no notice. And the children are screaming.

The ones who have stopped screaming can tell you, from the time they are in in kindergarten, how to give a blow job.

And nothing, nothing, nothing is being done.

The bad guys are worried. The Politicians are Dancing around like they are doing something, but really, all they are doing is squatting and throwing dust up in the air… there is nothing changing. They are doing Squat.

Heidi Heitkamp just got elected. She said she owes her win to the voters in Indian Country. She had better get on this. I am flat out of patience with politicians.

You know where to find me.


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November 12, 2012
Rearranging the Deck Chairs on the Titanic
  ---Printer Version (4)

All this “Bad Publicity” the Tribal Council keeps complaining about, as if the “Bad Publicity” was the problem, rather than the children being abused while Tribal Social Services dances all around the problem.

If the problem is “Bad Publicity”, that makes the Tribe a victim of bad journalists, and bad News Media in general… The real victims are the children and the families that are suffering through the corruption. Bad Publicity is a result of people speaking out, reporting, and bringing eyes in to see for themselves.

What is bizarre about all of this is how what I am reading in Fargo Forum seems to go along with the story that the Tribe is ‘making progress’ and the BIA, having brought in all of these Social Workers, and responding to all these calls (over 100 incidents between October 1st and now), is somehow making the children ‘safe’ out there.

How can anyone declare, state, imply, pretend that the children are safe? We know for a fact that children are placed with Registered Sex Offenders. Those sex offenders have never been arrested for this, and those children have not been rescued. How are they measuring ‘success’ or ‘progress’?

What’s really weird is how they do math. Over 100 calls, but only 90 children currently in the program. Betty Jo Krenz, when she was there, had 126 children in her case load, and it was growing daily. So, where did 36 children suddenly go when they fell off those rolls? Thirty-six children is a lot of children to suddenly go missing from accountability.

But they want us to think everything is “Progressing”. I wonder how much of this “Progress” the victims of the Sandusky rapes had to put up with and for how many years, and by how many agencies, before he was arrested. And Sandusky was only one that they were looking at. On the rez, there is one house with three registered sex offenders who have at least three children in their hands. No one seems to ask about them, ever.

I wonder if Pat Springer, when he wrote that article, actually went out to the rez and saw for himself, or if he just took dictation, reporting without questioning, as the Forum has so often done lately, whatever is fed to them by whomever they are talking to. Then again, can a reporter actually ask anything and still get access? You tell me: Does his story sound like he took it over the phone? Or like he was out there and saw what was going on?

The Tribe is feeling the heat, only because we are watching. They are throwing puff pastry at us, thinking we will eat that junk and think we’ve gotten to the meat of the issues. The questions remain: What has happened to at least 36 of those children who are no longer on the rolls; why have no sex offenders been arrested? And how is any of this ‘great progress’ in any way, making the children safer? I mean, isn’t that what the “Bad Publicity” is about in the first place? Is Bad Publicity the problem? Or is it the outrage over children, even after all these months, all these mandated reports, being left as the playthings for child molesters the real problem? There should be a sense of urgency here, and it should have been, long ago, directed at getting those children out of danger, not in covering the asses of those who put them in danger, rearranging the filing system, and complaining about Bad Publicity as the problem.

They still can’t point to one child being rescued. Not one Sex Offender has been arrested. But wow, those deck chairs, in that arrangement.. NICE!

As a footnote to how serious Tim Purdon’s office takes crime on the rez: The Devil’s Lake Journal proudly reports:

“Brandt Richard Yankton, a/k/a Brandt Richard Jetty of Fort Totten, N.D., pleaded guilty on Aug. 27 to a charge of assault on a federal officer resulting in bodily injury. Yankton, 24, pleaded guilty to biting the right forearm of Bureau of Indian Affairs Chief of Police, Raymond Cavanaugh, while Chief Cavanaugh was arresting Yankton for a traffic violation. The incident occurred in April of 2012 on the Spirit Lake Indian Reservation. The charge of assault on a federal officer resulting in bodily injury carries a statutory maximum penalty of 20 years imprisonment. Sentencing for Yankton has been scheduled for Nov. 15.”

Wow, bite a cop, especially one known for brutality, and you will be dealt with swiftly! Rape a child? Not so much. Why is that? Is it because, as a BIA Cop, Ray Cavenaugh reported this ‘crime’? He doesn’t report Child Rapes, or any rapes for that matter. I guess if he was the one being raped, he might report it.
So far, Tim Purdon has not seen anything out of order that needs his attention on the rez.

When We Are Watching

Sam Merrick went to jail. Sam’s not a favorite of mine. He’s been such a good little soldier for the Turdclan all these years. They have so many good soldiers like Sam. Give him directions, tell him what to do, and he does it, goes along with it. Did he think the Turds were his friends? Allies? Or was he just too weak to stand up to them? It’s a story you can find just about around every turn on the rez. The corrupt get what they want with a lot of help from willing or weak ‘helpers’.

But Sam has a problem. Sam has a conscience. Sam also has relatives who are suffering under the abuse in this corruption. He has tried to stand up for family members who are being beaten and abused. He has seen the Victims’ reports thrown in the trash and ignored. The victims then are harassed or even battered some more, just to ‘teach them a lesson’ about complaining.

When he demanded that one Victim’s Advocate actually file the reports she was given, (she has her eye on Bentley when he is done with Monique. Wow, Bent! Really lining them up in your old age, you fat drunken wife beater you!), Sam found that the Victim’s Advocate (who protects the abusers, not the victims, so right there you have a problem, don’t you, Tribal Social Services taken over by BIA Strike Team, Specialists, blah, blah, blah,) had filed a restraining order against him and that he was not ‘legally’ allowed to report her to anyone.

When Sam made his complaint about her to Tribal Council, he was arrested and hauled off to jail. Yes, you can be arrested for complaining about someone who is not doing their job. I’m sure Tim Purdon see’s nothing wrong with these arrests, either. It’s like having the Godfather running the place. Making up “Laws” to intimidate, threaten, harass, and jail anyone that gets in the gang’s way.

So, there was Sam, sitting in jail, finding out who he really was in this world. He had refused offers of bail, and was willing, at long last in his greatly flawed and imperfect life, to stand up, speak up, and not be shut up.

Sam has started to find something in himself that is worth it: Family, children. Sam is starting to find the Good in himself. Sitting in jail, as the thugs who used to be his friends, now fear him. They fear him because he is standing up. Nothing more. It is a sign of their grip on the rez, slipping away.

If something can spark a fire in Sam, it can happen to anyone. It is not just the Good People in Spirit Lake that are fighting this fight – but it is the GOOD IN PEOPLE that is waking up.

No one is perfect. This was never going to be a battle fought with an army of people who had never done anything wrong, or bad, or shameful. There are few or none of those types out there, nor anywhere for that matter. We are all a collection of every mistake we have ever made and what we learned about ourselves from all of it.

The strength comes not from perfection, but from facing who we are, what we have been through and were that we can do to change how things are now. There is good in everyone. When it wakes up in you, you realize how strong you really are; not because you are not afraid, but because your fear can’t stop you from doing what you know is right and needs to be done. It is a powerful awareness… and it comes to each of us in the times when we least expect it.

There was Sam, sitting in jail, waiting for one of Judge Cain’s unintelligible rulings to come down on him when he was marched into court for ‘violating’ the ‘restraining order’ by reporting a woman who had placed others in danger by not doing her job.

… And there was someone else in court. A reporter. I am told they were from WDAZ. Suddenly, Sam wasn’t the person on trial, the corruption was. Just a little corner of it, but it was being looked at from the outside, like a ginormous eyeball with all of us behind it.

The case against Sam was dismissed. No discussion, nothing. Anything they said would surely have been held against them. Further, it would give record to Sam’s complaint.

That would all fly in the face of this PR Tourism the Tribe is running where they dance around, look important and serious-face-Indian and tell us that “Progress” is being made. It’s just invisible if you were expecting it to make the children safer.

It’s the story they want you to hear, as they arrange deck chairs on the stinking ship of corruption. “Don’t mind the smell, watch your step, we have a lovely view of the ice fields from the Starboard rails… hang on tight.”

Yes, it is embarrassing for the Tribal Council as they resort hop their way across the land, and people want to know if they are from that tribe where those children were murdered and where children are given to Sex Offenders, and where the BIA claims progress, but where nothing has changed…

But something is changing. It’s not in the TSS which is a joke with a capital BIA. Nor is it Tim Purdon’s office where he can point to a man being arrested for biting a BIA Officer who himself has beaten up his wife & kids, and who often beats prisoners for sport… he can point to that guy being arrested for biting that cop. Bet there will be a really heavy sentence. We are taking all of this seriously, right?

But no, that is not where the change is forming. It’s in the Good Soldiers who just went along to get along. It’s the heartbeat getting stronger in people who thought they were too weak to ever stand up against people they feared. It’s in the spirit of the people of Spirit Lake who have, good or bad, had enough, and whatever they did or were in the past, they are walking away from that and becoming someone who cares about what is right and who can no longer stand the screams of children being pawed over like raw meat by people who roam the rez, protected by thugs disguised as Government.

If it’s happening in Sam Merrick, it’s happening in others. Can you imagine how that terrifies the Turdclan? Their friends in high places who have counted on the silence and cooperation for decades?

One Reporter sitting there, in that courtroom, witnessing was enough to turn that whole day around and send the bullies running for cover.

Imagine if more reporters showed up? Real ones. Imagine.

You know where to find me.




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November 7, 2012
The Question
--- Printer Version (4)


That is the question. Who is looking out for the kids? Not Tribal Social Services, we know that for a fact. Their idea of making improvements has to do with getting more money, but not in removing children from those very same predators they gave custody/guardianship to.

They don't believe in telling the truth.  Mark Little Owl got up and lied ON CAMERA saying that there were no children in the hands of Registered Sex Offenders.  We know it is a lie because we have several Mandated Reports saying they were in the hands of known sex offenders, and we have Weenie Boy himself saying that nothing in Thomas Sullivan's reports was a lie. Nothing. Get it?

We have recent reports on Mark Little Owl attempting to grab children from safe homes as an act of intimidation and retaliation for those Foster Parents speaking out.  He would, in order to retaliate, remove children from safe homes and put them directly into danger. In fact, there are recorded current cases when he has done exactly that.  What do we call that? Child Endangerment? What do we call it when someone puts a child in the hands of a pedophile? Accessory to Child Rape?

What do we call it when the BIA from TOP to BOTTOM has allowed, covered up, aided and abetted Child Rape? I would call it Criminal.  I would demand a full Senate investigation of that agency and all of it's Directors... including Sue Settles, Marcus Babbit, Yvette Rubidoux... they are all gladly and enthusiastically assisting pedophiles and registered sex offenders, known domestic abusers and worse, to have unlimited access to children.  They are, each and every one of them, while being paid from our TAX DOLLARS, using the full authority and force of their offices to intimidate, silence and retaliate against ANYONE that tries to stop them from sacrificing these children.

People think I am being extreme when I compare the Child Sacrifices of Ancient Civilizations to what is going on today.  But I am not. If you have another name for what is being done to these children and another explanation as to why, and why the government, instead of protecting these children, instead of rescuing these children, is attacking anyone who would protect or rescue these children, let me know. I'm curious.

Power & Corruption

Not everyone in a position of Authority or Power is corrupt, but everyone that is corrupt seeks Power.  Power enables them to indulge in excesses and strange appetites, such as taboos in sexual cravings, or pilfering of resources and plundering of treasures.  Their appetites are boundless.

One of the biggest taboos and therefore one of the most craved evils of the corrupt is the exploitation and ravishing of children.  We turn away, we are repulsed and we don't want to think about it, but it is there.

We have seen it in judges who have misused their robes to obtain sex from children under the threat of being sent to jail, and we have heard lurid stories of 'parties' where the main course is a serving of young children to the powerful who feel, especially after years of establishing a network of corruption and incompetence to surround and protect them, immune.

They crave and they indulge in this knowing that if we hear about it, we will reflexively go into denial because it is such an anathema to us.  We will recoil from the stories and assume they are lies or drastic exaggerations, because we, in our nature of nurture, especially towards our own children, cannot believe that such evil resides in anyone that we know, or anyone that we would trust in authority or power... but it does exist.

Proof of that is in how this has been allowed to go on in so many levels, throughout the nation, for decades and decades-- all over the world, since the beginning of time.  The scandals of the Catholic Church, the BBC, Penn State... we think these are all isolated aberrations.  They are not. They are the pinnacle of corruption and they must be looked at, squarely and pulled out by the roots... and those roots travel all the way up the back channels of government at every level, that have allowed this, protected those who do it and who have harassed anyone, intimidated or murdered anyone that would dare speak out.

You and I, ALL of us have to realize that this is not an isolated case of horror here and there-- this is a root system that runs high and low, deep and wide and it touches all of our lives in one way or another.  If we don't protect the children, we cannot be protected from what they become if they survive.

If we continue with the denial that this is the epidemic in this country that it is, and that the appetite for it is growing exponentially, our losses will overwhelm our capacity to rescue and to heal.  Nowhere is this system more in evidence than in Indian Country. Nowhere is this epidemic more clearly defined than in Spirit Lake Nation. Nowhere is there more clear and obvious evidence of how all of this goes on, is protected by the system than in the disclosures coming out of SLN in the Mandated Reports (currently up to 7), and in the protests outside of Tribal Buildings, with signs held up by young children, in the freezing cold.

The question becomes: WHEN are we, all of us, going to Demand ANSWERS? When are we going to demand the TRUTH?  When are we going to demand arrests of everyone involved since everyone named in those Mandated Reports has, according to the Child Welfare Laws,  been complicit in committing these crimes against these and numerous other children?

FundraiseIf our laws are just paper, and have no power behind them, no one is safe.

The very same people who murdered Eddie Peltier, the very same people who covered up the real murderers, and who framed the innocent, are all involved in this.  They cover up the crimes they know are being committed against children, against babies, because they are protecting their own guilt from covering up murders in the past.

It is all connected. The signs are obvious. The Signs are all around us-- literally.

We are all connected and if we don't demand action, real results, we are agreeing that child rape, child murder, all corruption is more powerful than we are as a nation, as a society, as a Human Being.

If we don't demand Justice and if we dismiss the Truth as inconvenient, what 'values' do we cling to?

We have to, all of us, decide who and what we are. Each of us has to do something to protect all of us, and thereby protect ourselves. Each of us has to work for Justice. Push, demand, donate.

Don't accept the silence of, nor the glossy "Great things Happening in Spirit Lake!" memes from the very media that are supposed to be informing us, but instead, tell us that we can move on, nothing more to see here.  Do Not Look Away. Not until these children are safe, and we have PROOF in the arrest of those who hurt them and those who helped them are arrested. ALL OF THEM. All the way up the line. All the way to Tim Purdon's office and to the offices of his predecessors, all who knew and did NOTHING.

Worse than Nothing, they sent out Federal Thugs to silence the voices of Truth and information. What does that make THEM?

People are standing out in the cold, holding up signs... so you can't miss what is going on. They shouldn't have to. We should be seeing it on the front pages. But it's apparently up to us to inform one another. Spread the word. Help.

We are all related. We are all affected. We all know.

You know where to find me.



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November 5, 2012---- Printer Version (6)
Strange Dances, Strange Songs

From where I stood, on that far hill, I looked to the village in the valley below and what I beheld puzzled me then and it puzzles me now. I heard children in one circle crying, and I saw people in funny suits dancing around them, throwing dust, money, papers and ringing bells. The more the children cried, the more the dust was thrown, the more they rang the bells.  And then they began to sing, those strange dancers in their strange suits, "All is Well! All Clear!" They shouted over the cries of the children. "All Clear! Don't look too close! Nothing to see here!"

One by one, two by two, many by many, the children were dragged from their circle and put into holes in the ground.

I heard the crying of the Elders, I saw the anger of the Grandfathers, and I watched as silly men sang strange songs, rang the bells, until there were no children left in that circle... and the village disappeared, swallowed by a lake of water that had been rising every time the children cried for help and none was given.

Slowly, all the sounds faded, and only the sound of rising waters, lapping at the shores could be heard.  And then they came up, one by one, two by two, many by many... the bodies of little children up from their graves, floating on the surface, in the sunshine, at last.

In the last, before the sun went down, a bell rung loud and clear. "Don't believe a word you hear!"

Strike Farce

I watched Chris Berg's show. Kent Conrad would like for us to believe that the snake pit that is Spirit Lake Nation is much improved and that the children we have told you who are living, deliberately placed in the hands of Registered Sex Offenders, are safe now. He didn't come right out and say they were safe. That would be a lie. Not One Child Has Been Rescued. Not One Registered Sex Offender has been arrested for violating parole/terms of release.

When asked about the children still in the hands of Registered Sex Offenders, Conrad became visibly hostile and claimed he was being attacked as 'window dressing'... (pretty stupid, but he was defending the indefensible).  "I sent in a Strike Team!"

What comes to mind when you hear "Strike Team"? Military precision? A-Team rescue? Law and Order Restored?

How about "Keystone Kopps"? That so-called 'Strike Team' is the most incompetent passel of bunglers this side of a silent comedy clip. They were on the rez a full two weeks and didn't understand why women were going into neighboring towns to have their babies.

"What do you want them to do?" asked Betty Jo Krenz when they asked her that question, "Go out in the backyard and squat behind the shed?"

That is the caliber of 'Strike Team' on the rez. They had been there for over two weeks and still had no idea there was no hospital. How bright is that?

They also, despite Conrad's boastful claim that the Government had 'taken back the program from the tribe', made no changes of any merit to that program or how it is run. Still the same people running it. Still the same unqualified crew. The only 'change' appears to be more money than ever before has gone into that program, but it is still being handled, apparently, by Mark Little Owl and Roger Yankton with little or no oversight or audit from Strike-a-Heroic-Pose-Team. *Camera angle up, cartoon avengers hands on hips, capes flapping in the breeze. It is breezy high up there in Government Land you know. Very breezy. A constant wind, if you will.

Now, it has been months, and still, not one child removed from the clutches of a Registered Sex Offender. The FBI has not arrested one Sex Offender. No one has been investigated for shredding vital documents in the Social Services Office. And, I am just guessing here, they still think there is a full-service hospital where the gentle ladies of the rez can go have their babies.

All this and more, has led to a 6th Mandated Report from Thomas Sullivan's office. Followed Sunday by a 7th Mandated Report  so clearly, things are not getting 'better' and no matter how much Kent Conrad or any of the Happy Media Stories portraying a "Good Things Happening" on the Rez try to ring the "All Clear" Bell in our minds, we know better.

If the Strike Team sent in my Conrad were in any way competent, the children would have been removed from Registered Sex Offenders FIRST.  But instead, they got all the paperwork lined up to the liking of different agencies who don't care if they are getting the truth or not, just as long as the paperwork looks right... and they got over a MILLION DOLLARS of OUR TAX MONEY in addition to all that extra "Help" and extra funding.

Yes, the money is all intended to help the people and I am such a bad person for slamming them for getting it. However, the money is ALWAYS intended for the good of the people. The problems come with the corruption that is unmoved by any Federal, State, or County Dance-a-Thon. That corruption takes that money and it goes into the pockets of the corrupt. 

Nobody checks to see if it went to where it was supposed to go. They are incapable of that. How do I know? Because they were onsite for over TWO WEEKS and still did not know there was not a hospital on the rez! How blind do you have to be to miss that?

Throwing Dust

Just when you thought it could not get more ridiculous. Weenie boy issues a memo that sounds almost out of breath. "EMERGENCY DECLARATION!"  Not kidding. "HIGH ALERT!" Issued on Monday the 29th of October saying that (get this) two days earlier, the Tribe had received a 'threat'.  So, waiting 2 days is how you treat an 'Emergency'?

Here's what happened: A phone call came in to the casino from a blinded number (on Wednesday-- the 24th, actually, not the 27th as Weenie Boy stated) saying that there was a group of young people that were going to mass suicide at the Halloween Masquerade Powwow the next day, Thursday.

The call was taken seriously enough and relayed to the FBI who determined that the call came in from the rez, from a teenager's cell phone, and that it was just a prank. No biggy. I mean, no one even got a door knock on this one, so how 'URGENT' was it?

Further, the memo demands an emergency meeting with the Directors of various departments-- in which Weenie Boy never disclosed what, if anything, the 'THREAT!!!!!' was about. Nothing! But, because it was a 'THREAT!!!' he was canceling Christmas.  Yeah, two months from now, you all won't be getting your Christmas Checks because Weenie Boy used this as an excuse to cancel that meeting, which was entirely unrelated to the nature of that THREAT!!!! (Sorry, I have to shout because it is so URGENT!!! *giggles).

So, all your Christmas Checks will now have to stay where they are safe and sound... with Weenie Boy.

Interesting to note that not once, not even when the children were murdered, did Weenie Boy call any kind of an Emergency Meeting of anyone. But this way, he can say he has called 'Emergency Meetings', Plural, and that too, will look good on paper. Right? Right.

Other Crimes

So many things I want to get to but we can't really get into it all too deeply until these children are rescued. The bogus land sales of Federal Lands to friends and family for a song or less while higher legitimate bids are lost.  Those lands then immediately can be sold for millions because they happen to be on the Right of Way where the Oil Companies have to (with State and Federal money, mind you "READ: TAX DOLLARS") build roads to get to those oil patches that are apparently going to make Governor Dalrymple a very wealthy man while the State picks up little or no royalties.

Rod Cavenaugh is making these deals day in and day out. It's one way to slip someone some extra cash, if you know what I mean. That's why I wonder if Dalrymple's bogus land deals are tied into SLN Bogus Land Sales.  Dalrymple has, for a very long time, known in detail about the rape and abuse of the Children on Spirit Lake--- but he has done nothing but make noise, throw paper, dust-- but actually managed, with a very serious government face, to do nothing. Corruption tends to seek its own kind, if you know what I mean.

The corruption on the rez could not have gone on for all these decades without others, especially those in government positions of authority, knowing about it and covering it up. The murders, the rapes, the embezzlement, the destruction of documents, forgeries, all of it... a lot of people are involved.

And those people hold the reigns of the FBI and that is why the FBI, from Denver to Fort Totten, Grand Forks and beyond, instead of rescuing these children--- have focused their efforts on silencing those who tell the Truth. If there is another explanation for this, let me know. I'd love to hear it.

Don't try to convince me that "Government is just incompetent", because it isn't. There is a difference between corruption and incompetence.  Incompetence is incapable of reaching into all these departments and getting them all to do the same song and dance while accomplishing nothing.  That takes a lot of organization and know-how.  And to keep these secrets for decades? That takes structure and enforcement.

There are other land deals I am looking at that tie certain players in SLN to puzzling looking land/property/real estate sales in other states, such as Florida-- but until we get these children out of the slimy hands of their rapists, I can't go too deeply off into that direction. It's millions of our Tax Dollars and we really should have that investigated... but later.

From Their Eyes

Ever stop to think how much hope and now how let down are these little children who thought that because big bad Senator Conrad and others were involved, and all this noise was going on, that they would be rescued, feel?  How dashed are their hopes as newspapers pull the very people who are responsible for crimes against children into the "Good things happening on the rez" stories, as if we somehow need to 'balance' an emergency, an ongoing crisis of this magnitude, with 'Happy News'? 

What are the options left for these children? Read that 6th Mandated Report. It's 23 pages long. It will sicken you. It will break your heart. I hope it makes you angry enough that you demand and continue to phone, email, fax, write, speak up and protest on their steps, every government official who is drawing a salary to create for us all, a silly dance, throwing dust to make it look like action, and ringing those 'We're here so it's all clear" bells to turn off our inquiries, and lull us into thinking about other things, like shopping, or going to some casino for a nice steak dinner... knowing what we know, can we be so easily thrown off?

Remember Penn State. Remember the Horror of knowing not only what happened, but that so many knew for decades and allowed it to keep happening. What do we think of those people? What is their character? Fortunately, more of the higher-ups are being investigated and charged.   Penn State President, once a pillar of the community, revered almost, politically a heavyweight, is now going down in flames.

We have the names of everyone in government who has received these more than half-dozen Mandated Reports. We have proof of their intimidation and harassment of those who file the reports. We have them ringing bells for 'All Clear, nothing to see here'.  And we know they are lying.

While they are lying and playing all their political cards to stall this investigation-- those children are being raped.

This is our job. We must not let them get away with covering this up. There will be more deaths. There will be more suicides. There will be little children with treated or untreated venereal diseases, and there will be more murders.

This is what happens when you and I drop the ball and allow the corrupt to get away with it. This is what will continue to happen if they get what they want by dancing around and doing nothing, until we all just shrug our shoulders and say "Oh well, I tried", and then we go shopping.

Know this much: If our great and powerful government cannot protect those little children on the rez, where they KNOW who has them and they KNOW what is being done to them, can you really trust that any of us are safe if the payoff to them to look the other way is worth it?

Do you think that if your child goes missing and it turns out that one of these or several of these pedophiles on the rez have them, the same monsters they are protecting now, do you think they will go in and rescue YOUR child? Or will that child be forever a mystery, missing, while something in you knows your child is alive and is being hurt? 

We must force our government to act in OUR best interests. The corruption is High and low, deep and wide and near and far. We have to start somewhere to bring it out, fix it. We start at Spirit Lake or we fail to protect our children, our future.

The children are crying, the waters are rising and the men in suits are dancing, ringing bells. Don't believe a word they tell you. Don't stop pushing them, even if they threaten you, don't stop pushing them to do their job.

We simply must stand united on this. We must put whatever effort we can into fixing what is broken on Spirit Lake Nation if we are to fix anything that is broken anywhere else. As long as we allow this level, this kind of evil to thrive in our midst, no one is safe.

Remember: None of those cases are isolated incidents. None of them are aberrations from the norm. They are all part of the same corrupt power system that is draining our economy, damaging and killing our children. They are all connected.

Don't rest until those children are rescued, and all those responsible are arrested--- all the way up to Tim Purdon himself.  Boy, would I love to see that! That will be when we know we have taken our power back. When we force them to answer to the laws that are supposed to protect this nation.

We are ALL Related.

You know where to find me.


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