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Your Chairman is a murderer. Good luck with that.

Your Chairman is a murderer. Good luck with that.

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Ronin's own Website The most basic money laundering/ponzi scam rivaling Maddoff

Free Peltier Now Worth a read


Write to me if you have any thoughts you'd like to share, information you want me to have or a correction to any information you see here.  I respond to all emails.  CAT  NOTE: I reserve the right to NOT respond to whack jobs that waste my time.

Eddie's GraveIt is as much about the ongoing events and behaviors of those who murdered Eddie Justice Freedom by Racual Hiebert(and others)  on the Fort Totten Reservation, North Dakota today as it is about how it was that night Eddie was murdered.  How the ongoing criminal enterprise continues to flourish unabated and without a single response from the Justice Department.  Well, not surprising on that!  They would have to investigate themselves and how some of their elite were directly involved and have prospered from the corruption that exists, protected and funded by US Tax Dollars.

Even if you don't live on the Rez, it's your money, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.  You owe it to yourself to peek in once in awhile and see what you are paying for

Texas Monthly Magazine has done a feature on this case. Here is the Latest story: December 2011 Read the October, 2006 Issue.  OR, go to the online version.  Michael Hall went to the rez and saw for himself.

The Documentary being made about this murder, focusing on the investigation and the trial:

Incident At Devils Lake  Watch the trailer. Donate to get this made.



The Documentary being made about this murder, focusing on the investigation and the trial:

Incident At Devils Lake  Watch the trailer. Donate to get this made.


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October 28, 2012
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The fall of once great, thriving civilizations is marked, to our horror, by the sacrifice of their children. Literally, they killed their own future as the Priests and the Powerful futilely clung to their dying empires. Even more appalling is how their societies allowed it. "We dig them up and wonder: "What were they thinking?"

Masks, masking are to make something or someone appear to be what they are not.  If the mask is worn long enough,  people accept as the identity and many, if not most, forget what is really behind the mask.

So far we have identified, often in graphic terms, the real problems and dangers that reside in Spirit Lake Nation:

Child Rape, abuse, incest, murder

Domestic abuse

Drug addiction, manufacture, sales


Low Education

High Unemployment (up to 80%)

Corruption that prevents remedy or prosperity

Government complicity, at all levels, in preventing corruption from being rooted out.

Because these problems are wide-spread throughout Indian Country, and have been for decades and longer, we have seen generational decline, high poverty and unemployment percentages worthy of a Third World Dictatorship; a dysfunctional array of issues that lead to one of the highest suicide, homicide, addiction and imprisonment rates that are all growing exponentially and affecting surrounding communities, regions and the nation as a whole.

It is a drain on our economy, and a misuse of our well-intended tax dollars. Billions of Tax Dollars go into feeding the problem, fighting the cure.  The problem is corruption. The cure is Justice.

Sandusky Syndrome

The outrage over Penn State resided not just in the monster that raped those children, but in those who kept silent or who actively protected him.  They all made money off of, or politically gained power/position by by covering up the crimes, making it the scandal of continuing to allow child rapes.

As far as we know, Joe Paterno, who built his career on Sandusky's coaching, never himself, molested a child. But he died in ignominy, and his legacy torn down in disgrace, erased from every public place because he KNEW and did nothing.

Together, Paterno and Sandusky wielded enormous influence by virtue of the heroic masks they wore.  Like so almost every civilization that ever existed or exists today, we take our sports seriously. They are the opiate of the underclass, the leisure of the ruling class.

It took decades of courage, persistence on the part of people who had no personal political clout, no connections to politicians, no social clout, to rip those masks off and reveal the shriveled monsters that had been so well-concealed for so long.

It did not start nor has it stopped with Sandusky and Paterno.  These things never do. There were investigators and law enforcement who knew and there were people in high places who shut them down.  Those people were protecting the corruption-- not the children.  Those people are never themselves, investigated for their part in all of this. Their masks remain firmly fit.

And you know that people above them, were backing them up. Didn't we all feel a little less secure and certain of our Law Enforcement and Justice System when we realized that despite those who were doing their jobs, reporting/investigating; someone (or several someones) above them were actively shutting them down?

Despite the unmasking, shaming of Sandusky & Paterno; Despite the conviction of unrepentant Sandusky-- don't we all have a lingering unease, "dis-ease" about others in positions of authority, Political or Social influence who have NOT been fired, much less investigated, for their active complicity?

How can we trust a system that protects the most corrupt and those who commit the most vile crimes against children? When Evil is highly placed, it seems to have a perfect immunity. It sacrifices the exposed and putrefying limbs, while the monster itself, remains intact. 

We are ALL at risk.  We are all affected.  NO CHILD IS SAFE.

Sexual Abuse Scandals in our beloved Sports is an outrage. It has happened in Hockey, football, and other organizations such as the Boy Scouts and in so many levels, the Churches. The list goes on. From Churches, sports, to forgotten children of poverty and neglect in a system that protects, above all, itself from scrutiny.

Our outrage seems to dim as the prominence of the victim lessens. Outrage meters redline at sports, but barely register when it is American Indians. Why is that?


And so it is with Spirit Lake Nation.  After months, even years of specific, credible Mandatory reports of rampant corruption, child neglect, abuse, rape and murder--- the System now flexes all its muscle to silence those who would rip off the masks of monsters and reveal who they are, what they do.

All the County, State and Federal Agencies involved have not investigated one of many reported cases of children being placed in the hands of Registered Sex Offenders.  There are still no investigations into the scores of missing or 'misplaced' children.

I have seen no investigations into any of the corruption or abuse, but I have seen outright intimidation of those who have reported it-- repeatedly, not only by those actively participating in the abuse of children, by their Enforcers in the FBI.

The Tribal Council and their ilk in the County, State and Federal Agencies see the Reporting of Abuse and Corruption as a threat. They have moved high and low to silence the whistle-blowers. Can we ask 'why?' Or do we allow ourselves to be lulled into complacency thinking we have already done all that we can?

"Oh well, at least I tried." Ho-hum.

I am certain that the same tactics were used successfully for decades in the Sandusky Scandal.  And because there is no thorough investigation into politicians/law enforcement who enabled or covered up, silence alarms; The System that Protects, Enables and Partakes in the corruption and child rape, remains intact, and opaque, both in Indian Country and the Hallowed Halls of our Finest Institutions.

Bad Publicity

Reading Puff Pieces put out by the Fargo Forum and their affiliates, wherein the "Problem" is identified as "Bad Publicity" I see what should be journalism digging into, investigating and reporting the results of those investigations-- the resulting facts, turn instead into a megaphone for the abusers to claim they are in fact the real 'Victims'.

Bad Publicity, is not the problem. It is the result of ongoing scandal of child rape on the rez.  Child Rape is the problem. Raped children are the Victims. Get it?

"Bad Publicity" is what you get when after months and years of reported abuses, you do nothing and the corruption and abuse continues.

Bad Publicity is what you get when County, State and Federal Agencies put on a show and lie to the Public about "Progress" and whine about "Sovereignty".  Show me ANYWHERE in Indian Country where the tribes have voted to make Child Rape NOT a Crime. Sovereignty is not the problem here. Get it? The fact that none of those agencies has lifted a finger to rescue even one child from the known Registered Sex Offenders who have them; have done nothing to rescue or even tried to find the missing/endangered children-- that is your problem. 

Bad Publicity is what happens when people reporting crimes against children refuse to be silenced despite heavy-handed, frequent if not constant intimidation by the FBI, the BIA and other agencies.

Bad Publicity is what happens when some journalists, like Timothy Williams of the New York Times, reports on the corruption and crimes against children. He is doing his job. So many others are masking.

The Scandal has not ended. It has grown. The mask of "Victim" being worn by those who are committing the crimes, is an outrage and should offend every thinking person who read that article.

The Tribe has identified the "Problem" as "Bad Publicity" and asked for and received even more Federal and State money-- OUR TAX DOLLARS -- despite not meeting the criteria for receiving those funds. Can we ask "WHY?"

They complain that people inside and outside the Tribe are the cause of their "Bad Publicity". Yes, people reporting crimes, child rapes, can be so inconsiderate!

They want you, me, all of us to see them as the victims, not the children.


We cannot fix any problem until it is correctly identified. Then it must be reported because no one person can do this alone, it takes for us all to be aware, involved and proactive for anything to change. We must become aware and stay vigilant as a Community, as a Nation, as a Civilized Society, and aggressively pursue the remedy to the real problem.

We must remain steadfast in our determined pursuit, in this case, investigating reports of child abuse, rape and arresting those involved-- AT ALL LEVELS.

This is not some vague, all encompassing issue of Child Abuse. These are specific cases, methodically and frequently reported, that have yet to be resolved. Can we ask "WHY? WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG?"

If we fail to pursue this, not only to the unmasking of the monsters, but also of revealing their protectors -- NO CHILD IS SAFE.

We have already seen it in Churches, Sports, Colleges/Universities and now in Indian Country, in a specific Rez.  We know it thrives in Indian Country and nowhere does it flourish more than in Spirit Lake Nation. That tells us that there is indeed, a system in place that protects the corruption, the monsters and their friends, while sacrificing children into that vicious snake pit.

From Sandusky, Sports, Churches and Cults-- the exact same system protects the corrupt, the very monsters that devour our future, thrives in Spirit Lake Nation.

We may have thought, because we were led to believe, that all these putrid scandals were 'isolated instances'-- but they all hold the exact same patterns of corruption, cover-up, intimidation and political influence. The same patterns of intimidation by the same agencies. Think about that.


Penn State complained about "Bad Publicity" being their unfair burden. Someone told me that it "Unfairly hurts the Innocent." -- And Child Rape doesn't??? Whom do you feel empathy for? The wounded, battered child? Or the wealthy, elite, politically connected Big Shot who has to find some other monster to feed now that Sandusky is gone? Seriously!

The Innocent are the ones who get hurt by the corruption and Child abuse. They clearly are still being hurt and will continue to be hurt unless we keep the pressure on to force the investigations and the arrests of the monsters, and their keepers, ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP. 

Those who are abusing children, those who are profiting from marketing/allowing it, and those who take our tax dollars to cover it up; ALL must be taken down, investigated, arrested and tried as the criminals they are.

We cannot allow ourselves to be lulled by false, unsubstantiated reports of "Progress" which remains deliberately vague and does not include removing any of the children from the sex offenders. That is not 'Progress'. That is Bullshit.

Yes, people inside and outside of the rez are 'causing problems'.  We are coming together to help one another as decent Human Beings in a Civilized Society would be expected to do. That is a problem, isn't it?

Again, I am reminded of how repulsed we are when we see that towards the end of every once great and thriving civilization, they sacrificed their children to appease their gods.

And here we are, repeatedly watching children being sacrificed on the altars of corruption, politics and power. Those are the gods of modern Civilizations in decline, are they not?

You know where to find me.



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October 21, 2012
Stand UP
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*Programming Note: There may not be a blog for a week to 10 days because I am updating some software and hardware and it takes time. Being dyslexic, it can go horribly wrong. Don't worry, we'll be up and running again in no time. I will do a catch-up blog at that time.

Meanwhile, a couple of photos just grabbed me: One, the new one at the header on this page, put together by Raqual Charbonneau which sums up beautifully, what the Good People of Spirit Lake Stand for.

And this picture:

FundraiserIt shows,a woman standing out in the cold, holding up a sign for a fundraiser for the Incident At Devils Lake movie at Kickstarter.  The Documentary will expose the injustices that led to 11 innocent men being framed for Eddie's murder, and convicted in the most blatant miscarriage of justice possible, in the most bias courtroom possible. We need to get this documentary made.

The injustice that was carried out then, leads directly to the greater, even more horrifying crimes on the rez today. Crimes against children, corruption and abuses of every kind, which somehow seem to be protected by the very government that should be investigating and bringing to justice the criminals.

Yet, we find that despite over half a dozen Mandatory Reports filed by Thomas F. Sullivan, Director ACF for the region, and despite several reports filed by Dr. Tilus, and others, the USAG in North Dakota, and the FBI who may or may not be working on behalf of that office, have not investigated ONE single case of child abuse from those reports and have, instead, focused their rage and authority on the whistleblowers.

There is still the "mystery" of the two tortured and murdered brother and sister, what appears to be a scapegoat arrest in that case, and witnesses who saw or were ordered by FBI Agent Trout, to destroy evidence in that case.

Injustice does not lead to Justice unless we all do our part in turning it around. Eddie's murder put into play some very powerful, evil and corrupt people who have only grown in strength since that time.  They have not been satisfied with dominating the crime aspects on the rez. They have spread their tentacles into every level of government, every program, every elected or appointed official, directly or indirectly.

Those on the inside know the terror directly. Those who live off the rez often see the end results of it, or are victimized or horrified at what they see happening that relates back to the rez, but they often can't really connect the dots.  So much remains hidden.

And in that darkness, in that hiding, more and more crimes are committed. And, it seems, the Justice Department seems more and more interested in shutting down any investigation than it is in opening any investigation. One has to wonder why.  Millions of Tax Dollars go through that one rez. Billions go through all of Indian Country. How wide-spread is this?

I have a burning question: What does Poopsie mean when he owes money to all his drug dealers and he tells them they will get paid when his 'Oil Money comes in'?  Is he also tied into the brewing scandal over Governor Dalrymple's curious Oil Deals that make him a wealthy man, but rip off the State? Or are they both onto some similar path?

I'm telling you folks, this is BIG and goes High and Low, Deep and Wide. It's apparently all happening right under our noses, and we are not informed.

Do what you can to get this movie made. It will expose so much of the root work of the corruption out there, and it may, it just may be the unraveling of criminal network that has, up until now, masqueraded as our Tax Dollars at work.

It's costing us money, it's taking lives, destroying lives, making all of us more unsafe by the day. We owe it to ourselves to work together to bring the truth into the light, kicking and screaming, wearing expensive suits, flashing their badges.

Do what you can. Take that day, week or month's worth of Bingo money and put it towards this project. Bingo will still be there when you go back. I'm looking at you, Lorraine Grey Bear. This was what Melvin wanted done, and so far, you have done nothing but bad mouth me. Now, get off your ass and put some cash into this project.

The rest of you know who you are. The rest of us, do and give what you can. If we have to make this one bake sale at a time, so be it, but do it. The links to the project are at the top of this blog and the top of this entry.

An Innocent Man is still in prison, The Guilty still walk free, and the Children are still their playthings.

You know where to find me.



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October 15, 2012
Theater of The Absurd
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So, picking up from last week, that huge Swat Team Raid on the Blue Building? Netted 10 People. Among them, Poopsie & the Flycatcher (James & wife, Cathy Yankton). Meth bust. Ninja style. Sort of. Suits, vests, guns... whatev.

....And two hours later, everyone got their ticket and a court date and released on O.R.

Funny thing, major operation like that and not a peep in the local media. If they reported on such a big operation (how much time, effort, planning goes into such an operation? How much does the Taxpayer spend on this?) they'd also have to follow-up, before the ink was dry, with-- tickets, court dates... and now, for the weather...

It would make the FBI look like a total joke. It would even be embarrassing, on several levels. One, putting on a big show like that only to have the ending be a yawner in some sleepy judge's courtroom, and Two; people might wonder why no 'raids' were ever brought down to pull children out of the homes, yes, they are still in those homes, where Registered Sex Offenders live.

Ask Kristi Wishinski about the children placed in homes with sex offenders. She likes to talk about her 'good work' at Tribal Social Services. Even though with her felony drug & child abuse convictions, she had no right, in fact, it was illegal for her to be working in that agency... but ask her. I hear she's big on giving interviews. She's placed children in homes with sex offenders.  She's even stolen children to give to people she likes, but who would not, under any circumstances, meet the criteria for Foster Parent, much less Adoption. Ask her about these placements.

In fact, you can ask anyone working in TSS about these placements. I know, I know, the Big Bad BIA was supposed to take it over--- put out press releases to that and all, but all the same people are still working there, including Monica Lambert, who now has Bentley Greybear all to herself (sort of).

Bentley is one of those BIA Cops that people are supposed to call if there is a problem like a rape, or violence... and he has been violent, on many occasions, to his own wife, children and grandchildren. But he has a badge and he gets to keep it.

How many BIA Cops are also domestic abusers? Anyone have the records for that? So many that it actually would gut the Police Force if they all had to answer for it. BIA is a joke, a very bad joke. They take our Tax Dollars and they protect the worst offenders, and leave the children in the snake pits, hoping we will take their Big Bad Word For It that everything is under control now.

Not one child has been rescued from their rapists. Not one Registered Sex Offender has been arrested for having custody of children. Not one TSS worker has gone to jail for placing very young children in the most dangerous possible hands... and not one BIA OFFICIAL has had to answer for any of the crimes committed by their agents, or for their outrageous lack of oversight, over the very tribal agencies they are supposed to be monitoring and directing.

Bentley Greybear gets to keep his badge. Poopsie, despite being busted a few times for meth and pills, and his family members also being busted for drugs, stealing fuel, etc... Poopsie still runs the Law & Order Committee. Not kidding.

That L & O Committee also decides which cases, complaints or crimes will actually be investigated and which will go into the shredder. What could possibly go wrong with that plan?

Can't wait to see the next big show put on by the FBI. Will they raid the Daycare? Make the babies cry?

Guys, did you really sign up for this? To be a joke? To look like total asses? To protect the pedophiles while children are locked in horror chambers? This is WHY you joined the FBI? Who raised you?

Hire a Rapist

Nepotism is always a problem in Tribal Affairs. Giving jobs to relatives is one thing, but giving them jobs they are not qualified for, never show up for, and paying overtime? Well, that's just the way it goes. And, the Turdclan is full of jobs for family and friends since Weenie Boy became Chairman. Although it seems he's deeded out most of his responsibilities for that position to Darren Walkingeagle. Everyone wants to know how and why that job got created, not posted, and he got hired--- but never mind.

Weenie Boy so scared these days, he's hired a full time Body Guard. You can bet the overtime on that is huge. His brother, Q-Ball, who also holds that Sewer Department Job he is not qualified for, doesn't show up for, has mismanaged... has become the body guard for his brother.

Now, the irony of that is that QBall killed their brother, Scott, and his nephew Willy. So hiring him is kind of like aiming the gun at your head and having him pull the trigger.

The family needs more and more of the Tribe's money to meet their spending habits, so why not? People with no record can't get jobs out there because they aren't connected. But connected ones? They get all the jobs.

We can laugh, but, all that money? It's our tax dollars kids. Hundreds of thousands of our Tax Dollars every year go into just ONE of these departments. Now, by creating new positions that no one has ever heard of, that drives the dollar amount up more and more. BIA doesn't care, as long as the paperwork looks right.

Fear of Cakes

The movie being made about Eddie Peltier's murder, the bogus investigation that was done and the ugliest misdirection of our Justice System that resulted in 11 innocent men being framed for his murder while Poopsie and his family reaped all the rewards of corruption, even unto this very day, can only be made if good people everywhere do something to help it get made. Incident At Devils Lake is struggling to get the funding because, let's face it, it's a Political Year and a lot of people are tapped out on donations.  Also, because it is about Indian Country, people tend to want to ignore it. People don't want to know.

To this day I have people who ask me "Are there still REAL Indians living??" (They mean it. Yes, our schools have played down 'that' pesky part of our history to the point that people have no idea that Indians still live and breathe.) 

With very few exceptions, media have avoided discussing any relevant issues that have to do with Indian Country. You get the occasional funzy Pow Wow PR, or some dedication involving some quaint ceremony. There was what... two, three years of Fighting Sioux Logo as 'political' flap.  All the while the Child Abuse was ignored, and Big Bad Indians held Important Press Conferences where they sang Honor Songs and discussed where they stood on the Fighting Sioux Logo BS...

And then the murder of those two little children, sort of rose up and fell down again... Fighting Sioux Logo, honor songs, ink, microphones...

And then the child abuse roared to the front of the line...for awhile... and now the coverage seems to have moved on, deliberately, to change the subject.

But people are aware and we can, all of us, step up and do something, big or small and push to get Justice.

Because behind all of this is the nagging fact that of all the reservations, Spirit Lake seems to be the only one that the USAG's office is afraid to deal with.

People are aware of Eddie's murder and who really did it, and who is running Spirit Lake. People know why that corruption is there. They know why the children are being hurt. It's because we didn't act together to make anything change.

The corrupt were safe. For a very long time. Not just on the rez, but everywhere their tentacles could reach: County, State, Federal. Appointed officials, elected officials, judges and banks, all played their part. All took part. All partook. "All who partake of evil sicken those they touch."

And now, they are all scared that this thing, the child abuse, pedophile thing, and that other thing, the murder of Eddie Peltier, won't go away. They fear there is a merging of forces, where the Truth leads to more Truth coming out.

Those who felt safe don't feel safe any longer. They get nervous. Too many people getting involved, becoming aware.

If that movie comes out... they will have nowhere to hide. It will bring down the murderers, their accomplices and they will in turn, bring down everyone that ever helped them commit and then conceal their crimes.

Times are tough. Money is tight... and there was a bake sale. All the funds from that bake sale are donated to the documentary, Incident At Devils Lake.  It was a great success from what I have heard.

And it made some very bad people, and their very close friends, very uncomfortable. The community is starting to come together. People heard what the bake sale was for and it sold out.

There was a time, not long ago, that no one dared to mention there was an innocent man in prison, and that the corrupt who killed him and covered up their tracks with corruption, were walking free. People were afraid, and that made the corrupt feel safe. It made them powerful.

But now, even if people are afraid, they are speaking up, speaking out, telling the truth and doing what they can to make sure that the movie gets made.

Those baked goods? Made by the best people you can find out there.

You want to know what is good and decent on the rez? Take a look at the effort people put in to come together, create a bake sale, in the name of Truth.

In a place where speaking the truth, or even standing up for the truth can cost you your job, make you less safe in your home or on the road, people are coming together.

The first sign that the end is on the way is people uniting for the common good. People sick and tired of being scared, cheated, threatened and laughed at.

People who know that there are decent, strong and good people on the rez and that the corrupt have no right to take away from them their dignity as Human Beings, are showing themselves.

Those who have something to fear from the truth coming out, are also showing themselves. They are snarling, like dogs, trying to intimidate those who speak out... but those snarling dogs know that their biggest fears are those with whom they and their families have allied with for all these many, many years.

Those are the ones that will bring them down. The Snakes will turn on each other. The Truth will come out. The community will rise up and it will exorcise itself of all the ugly, evil, that has for too long, darkened who they are, where they live, what they believe.

A Bake Sale may not seem like a big deal to a lot of people--- but if you knew what it meant to those who put it on, the effort it was supporting, you would know how far that community has come--- and they will never go back again.

The corrupt drive by, see what is happening, and something in them, something dark and cowardly, cringes in pain. They tell what they have seen to the rest of their ilk, and they too, get that queasy feeling in their core. It spreads like that. Their fear. They are afraid of the Truth. They are afraid of cakes.

Imagine: You say “Cupcake” or “bread” or “pie” and a Turdling loses bowel control, grits their teeth, pretends not to know what you mean. But you know they know. They know you know they know. It means people are standing up together, against them, one sold pastry at a time.

They're losing control. Losing power. The Truth is getting stronger.

Once you start standing up, once you start coming together, you can't ever quit again. You just can't.

Keep your eyes open for the next Bake Sale or any collective effort to support the Documentary. Donate. For as little as $5 you can add a small part of your strength to the growing unity of some of the most courageous people living under the heavy darkness of cowardly murderers for far too long.

You cannot have Truth and Corruption in the same space. It is impossible. The more you support, defend, and nourish Truth, the stronger all of us become. We can't do this alone. We must do this together. Time is short. Kickstarter has limits on how long you can have your project up for bids. Don't wait. Watch the 5 minute video and tell me what you think of it.

You too, Spring Loken. I hear you have something to say. I dare you. Try me.

You know where to find me.


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October 10, 2012
Cartoon Activity
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Yesterday, many of you saw the winds come from Three Directions and you commented that you had never seen anything like that before. Apparently, several of you saw it. Remember the Prophecy of the Four Winds? You must. You named your school after it. Yeah, I know, "Impossible!". But that was what you said when you saw it come from three directions.

Things are shaking up out there. As much a ground moving underfoot (had a small quake recently) as the winds beginning to stir.

What scares the Turdclan and their friends the most? Well, several things:

  1. People standing up to them, not going along with the corruption, disclosing past crimes.

  2. People on the outside, looking in, seeing where the serpents strangle the children.

  3. The "Incident At Devils Lake" Documentary is getting funding and if it comes out, will expose it all, from where it went wrong, 30 years ago. (Your help and donations are still needed to make this happen)

  4. And this one scares them the most: People on and off the rez, throughout the entire region, not buying the frame up of Tino Bagola. 

That last one, the last two, actually, are really bad for them because the evidence links directly to Jr. Herman as the culprit. Jr. Herman, once he is arrested, probably before he ever goes to court, will talk to anyone that will listen, what he knows about the murder of Eddie Peltier. 

Down comes the house of cards! The Turdclan, the McDonalds, Belgarde, the BIA all the way to Washington, DC, the FBI and the USAG--- and further, because there were State and Local officials who have had their fingers in the pie, before and after.

Their options are limited: Kill Tino Bagola before he can be released from prison and declare the case 'Closed'.  Or, if Jr. Herman looks like he's going to be arrested, he'll have to meet with an unfortunate end by suicide, overdose, The Slough, or 'Assailant(s) Unknown'.

Now, if Jr. Herman has any sense at all, he has already figured out that his family is not his ally, and that if he wants to save his own life, he's going to have to get the information out ahead of anything else happening. 

He's not that bright, but he might have enough basic instinct to save himself. But time is running out.

All this activity happening, again reminds me of those old cartoon dust balls where everything is flying in and out and no one can see what is actually happening in there, but it has to be damaging.

Look into their eyes when you see them. They may avert their gaze, but you can see, if you know what you are looking for, dustballs behind their eyes.

Big Raid or Big Joke

And today, as a meeting of Headstart was being held in the Blue Building, everyone's cell phones quit working. The land lines were also cut off. Outside there were seven government Suburbans and fully loaded suits surrounding the building and closing off all the exits.

Wow! Big Raid, Right? People were held inside for a couple of hours or more and not allowed out and not told why.

Then the 'Official' story comes out: "It was 'JUST' a meth bust."

Seriously? There is meth being sold or manufactured in the Blue Building? How long has that been going on? Clearly, if that is the case, some of the Biggies would be getting busted, right? Nope.

Imagine also, how many meth dealers and manufacturers those big bad Suburbans passed, where the smell and the high traffic is a dead give-away, in order to go raid the Blue Building and um, er, make a meth bust.

They weren't after meth. Who knows what they are after? My guess: Putting on a show so that it looks like they are doing something dramatic, while actually doing nothing. Meanwhile, those meth houses just keep on cooking. The traffic in front of the drug dealers' homes keeps piling up... and all those Head Start teachers and helpers couldn't use their cell phones. Wow.

What's next? *shrug*. I'm not impressed. Are you?

I'm no more impressed with this faux "meth bust" show of force, than I was with the Puff Pastry about what is great and wonderful about and going on with, Spirit Lake items in the newspapers. Clearly, the Tribe is more concerned about its image than it ever was about its children. That alone, is despicable.

The casino hopping Tribal Council, abandoning the tribe during what is a real crisis to us, but merely a PR Issue with the Tribal Council.

Kiddie Porn King

Remember when Steven Bruce Cartier was caught and tried, convicted for having more than ONE MILLION child porn images and over FOUR THOUSAND Videos of child rape on his computers? I do. I found it startling that the USAG and the FBI decided that somehow, even though he was caught because of an investigation into a Child Porn ring in Spain, and despite the fact that he worked with and for several registered sex offenders on the rez, that somehow, he acted alone? They refused to even investigate the known Registered Sex Offenders whom he worked with on the rez.

How much of this could have been unearthed back then? How many children would have been rescued from the snake pits?

Sure, they would have had to investigate "friends and peers" on the rez. Sure, they would have had to investigate why so many reports of rape, child rape, incest and abuse had been ignored by the BIA--- and possibly opened up the files at Tribal Social Services and the Clinic, found not only rape and abuse, but embezzlement and fraud--- how much of this could have been done back then if the USAG, the FBI and the BIA had done their jobs? How many children would still be alive if they had not worked so hard to cover this up, intimidate and silence any whistle blowers? 

And yet, here we are. We know that hundreds of children are being abused or are in danger, many in the hands of registered sex offenders, in homes where rape is so common that children rape children, and the few children who are in homes that protect them, find those homes threatened by the authorities that if anyone talks, those children will be snatched from them and put in the worst possible environments.

And yet, here we go again: The Mandatory Reports are in, and still coming. Whistle-blowers are facing retaliation, intimidation at the hands of the very Government Agencies that are supposed to be protecting them as they do their jobs, and protecting the children they have reported on.

Who signs up to work for the FBI to protect pedophiles, embezzlers and child murderers? Yet, that is exactly what they are doing. Same for the FBI and for the USAG Office.



Nor will they ever-- unless we force them to do their job. Keep on the media. Keep on the elected officials. Write, phone, email, FAX. Don't let up. They want you to forget. They want you to move on. Don't.

It will bring down a house of cards that has relied on the foundation of government corruption, for decades. It is how we clean house. The arrests will lead to a cascade of arrests. But as long as we leave one corrupt official, one child rapist or the judges who protect them, in place, this problem will only get bigger and bigger.

The results are more murdered children; more child suicides.

The survivors that make it to adulthood will be the ones you sneer at when you see them in public; broken, addicted, angry, and tormented.  You already see them. You assume they got that way by being weak.

Now you know. It wasn't because they were weak, it is because we were weak. We let this happen because we thought there was nothing going on, and we never bothered to look.

Later, it will be because we were weak and we let this go on because we couldn't be bothered to pursue the monsters that eat children and spit their bones out at our feet.

When it comes to our lives, as a robbery, rape, murder... or watch our children become addicted, we will wail and feel sorry for ourselves and rail at the heavens and ask: "How Could YOU Let this happen to me??"

See the mirror when you ask that question.

Do something now, or wait until it is our loss.


Mitakuye Oyasin!

You know where to find me.



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October 8, 2012
Black Road Boom-A-Rang
---Printer Version (7)

Earlier, in the previous post, I apologized for saying Jake Arapahoe was a registered Sex Offender. I always retract when I make an error. Sometimes I retract just to keep peace amongst the families if the topic/issue is not urgent or relevant.

But I was not wrong about Jake Arapahoe (with an 'e') being Black Road, and that is dangerous. The community of Spirit Lake has suffered and is still suffering under the abuses of children and women, and the corruption that continues to rob them blind. They don't need a swaggering Black Road Practitioner coming to town to inflict Spiritual Abuse on top of all that is already broken, bruised and trying to heal.

Arapahoe's sister, a mouthy bitch, came running to his defense. After I had retracted what I had posted, she still wasn't done.  She's a bully, and she doesn't know when to back off. She and another family member, whose emails she kept forwarding to me for some reason, as if her own, were so indignant! He was doing the only healing work that poor young girl could get! How DARE I!  He's never been friends with Weenie Boy! Blah, blah, blah...

And then the truth started rolling in. Here's what I have learned about Jake Arapahoe: He's from Kyle, SD. I thought he was from Pine Ridge. He's a singer only, but likes to present himself as a Medicine Man. He and Kevin Dauphinais are good friends. Kevin, we know, is Black Road to the bone. So, right off the bat, there's a telling connection. But it gets worse.

Last spring, while Jake was staying at Kevin's, he threw a party. Some young girls came to the party, but only to pick up a friend who wanted to leave. Jake wanted them to stay. They declined, got in their car and drove away.

He chased them in his vehicle and rammed their car at (so I am told) 90 MPH. That shows he is a man of no self-control. It shows that his sexual drive goes into anger and gets behind the wheel, literally, to hurt anyone that says "No" to him. I am surprised he is not listed as a sex offender. A rapist would do exactly what he did: Ram the car to make them have to submit to him.

He's also stupid because ramming that car got him arrested. He could have killed those girls. He pled "Not Guilty" but never returned for court date.  Didn't have to. Clarisse Brownshield, as Tribal Councilor, protected him. He in turn, had 'made her son a Medicine Man too'. 

I guess it's like passing out badges to domestic abusers. He claims not only to be a Medicine Man, but designates others as such. I have never heard of anything so stupid in my life. I had heard about this last year, but I did not know whom it was they were talking about. (This is why I save emails. Eventually, pieces of the puzzles come together.)

Jake's sister, in her email, when confronted with his crime of ramming their car... tried to make it sound like the girls were hookers or some such. None of which was true, and if it were, it would not justify his using a deadly weapon, the car, to try and force them to submit to him. THAT IS BLACK ROAD. That is Criminal and for a Pipe Carrier, let alone "Medicine Man", that is BLACK ROAD.

I warned her that his doing these things, and him claiming Medicine Man status (which she denies he is doing, but seriously folks, this IS what he is doing when he performs an "exorcism" (which, btw, caused a lot of sickness because he does NOT know what he is doing and should not be doing it.) I warned her that the way it works when these very real Old Ways are mocked, is that the Grandfathers strike everyone around him that he loves or cares about until he has no one. That means, she is right in the cross hairs of his bad practices as are any other family or loved ones.

She was still arrogant, but a little subdued towards the end of our correspondence. But she was still, as was the other relative whose emails she was forwarding, in denial. I would not wish this on anyone. Ever. I have seen how it goes down. It goes down hard.

No man who runs around with Kevin Dauphinais or his family, or Weenie Boy and his family, can not be Black Road.  No one who drinks, parties, can even carry the C'anupa in a good way, much less, be Red Road Medicine Man.

No one who would chase down, terrorize and attack young girls who refused his generous offer, is anything but Black Road. 

It does not matter if he has any 'Powers' or not. What matters is that he is yet another layer of abuse, Spiritual Abuse, inflicted by the Tribal Council who now hail him as their "Spiritual Leader", onto an already suffering community.

He needs to be in jail for vehicular attempted murder, as far as I am concerned. He needs, at the very least, to go to court. It should be treated as a felony, not some *wink, smile* misdemeanor by the Tribal Court.

There are those moving to have him excluded from the rez. But you can bet money that Roger and Clarisse will shield him.  Black Road is their way. Is it yours? Be careful who you call your friend. Be careful whom you sweat with. Be careful enough to look at how they behave. Black Road is how things got so bad out there to begin with. It can be powerful or weak, but it cannot be good.

So, angry sister, brothers, go ahead, write to me. Show me how tough you are. I'm not impressed. I think it is your turn to apologize, if not to me, to the entire community your brother has inflicted himself upon.  As a family, in the Old Ways, you can do that. It might save you. Just a thought.

Heap Of Lies

Proof that there was no real consequence resulting from the wrist slap delivered by the judge in the LIHEP Scandal, partially the fault of a weak investigation by the USAG (who must be doing her nails more than investigating), here we go again.

Weenie Boy, for some reason, has been living at his daughter's place, a trailer.  I can only wonder what goes on there between them. So can you. You know them. You know what they are like. But that is not what this posting is about.

Apparently, this daughter, who can drive a brand new car every six months or so, put in for the Fuel Assistance Program. Why not? What is a little more corruption in a family that thrives on it? LIHEP, for those who don't know or remember, is where the government gives grants to make sure that the needy, the very poor and the elderly and disabled on the rez have enough fuel to heat their homes in the winter and to cook their food. 

Weenie Boy's daughter is by no measure, entitled to a dime from that program. But that did not stop her. Lavonne (sp?) Alberts, who knew Roger was living with his daughter, and he makes plenty of money, and steals even more, refused the application.

This infuriated Weenie Boy who had her fired. He then moved the LIHEP over to the bogus JOBS Department where he can put any old relative or friend in, and never worry about being declined again.  So, USAG, Govt. Watchdogs, they are doing this less than a year after being sentenced to a wrist slap. You going to let them doormat our tax dollars like that? You see them wiping their feet on you? We all do.

So, if the program runs dry, and the elderly and disabled have to go cold, hungry, without fuel; get sick and perhaps die, just remember: It is so that someone like Roger Yankton's daughter can have free fuel, along with all the other benefits of being from one of the most corrupt families on the rez.

No Child

You see? They are not afraid of the big bad USAG, the FBI, or anyone else out there. They are all considered jokes.

The FBI has failed to rescue one child from the registered sex offenders out there. Not one. You know why? Because if they rescue any of those children, they have to arrest the sex-offenders AND the people who placed those children in those snake pits.

The BIA has changed nothing. Not even the locks on the doors of the offices. People who call in, if anyone answers the phones, still get to deal with the same unqualified, who ran and who worked in the program before this big bad Huff n' Puff BIA and their laughable 'Strike Team' (Three Strikes you're OUT!) who still have no idea A:) WHY they didn't know there was not a hospital on the rez and B:) WHY they THOUGHT there was a hospital on the rez. It is as if the Stupid Never Happened. Only it did.

The Jurors in the Sandusky Trial had to endure some of the most stomach turning testimony from a mere handful of victims. They are hoping Sandusky gets a life sentence. So are we.

But what about those who ran Spirit Lake Tribal Services and who stole children, placed children in dangerous environments, placed them, deliberately with known child molesters, rapists, abusers, and worse? Yes, there is worse. That is how children get murdered out there. That is why some child/infant deaths are covered up to look like 'just neglect'.

The FBI, the BIA and even the USAG office has gone all out investigating and intimidating witnesses, and whistle-blowers. They have not investigated any of the crimes against any of the children. They want the story to go away so they don't have to.

They don't want to investigate because when they do, it blows up in their faces and they have to arrest people who are their friends, people who can turn them in for their crimes and complicity. It's a mess.

And it is only going to get bigger, uglier and worse until it is dragged, kicking and screaming, into the light of day and those children who are STILL living with Registered Sex Offenders are rescued and ARRESTS of those responsible are visible to all of us.

Imagine if you will, how much worse the Sandusky Penn State Scandal would rip at your gut if you knew that after the authorities were notified, after 5, 6 or even 7 Mandatory Reports were filed, Sandusky was allowed to keep on dragging victims into that shower stall, and to climb into their beds anytime he wanted to, while the FBI and the USAG aimed their guns at the people who were reporting it.

Puff Pastry

Peggy "Piggy" Cavenaugh and Darren Walking Eagle put out a bulleted list of everything that was 'good happening around Spirit Lake' in the Devils Lake Journal.

As if the annoyance of children being ravaged by pedophiles, at will, was not a problem they wanted to be bothered with, and neither should you. They want to balance out the 'bad news' by telling you about the 'good things' that are happening there, such as: The police building being renovated, and a youth anti smoking campaign... tripe like that.

So, for those who think any of that wipes out the screams of children being raped and murdered, go for it.

Peggy Cavenaugh runs the Clinic and has absolutely no qualifications. She has employed all her family members and they all get paychecks whether they show up for jobs they are not qualified to hold, or not. She has in the past, bought her whole family all new personal computers and laptops and other fancy toys, and put it on the clinic's bill. No one in the clinic got a new computer.  She and her family drive the government cars on personal errands, sometimes to South Dakota, to pick up one of the daughters' boyfriends, go gambling, shopping... our tax dollars at work.

Most if not all of the qualified counselors (mental health/addictions/abuse) had to quit when they found she was using a crowbar to open their files and read through them. She uses people's most personal information in order to keep anyone from firing her. She shares that information with those that can keep her in position. She has demanded personal files on confidential sessions and when they are not given, she takes them.

She and Darren Walking Eagle wrote that Puff Pastry for your consumption. Eat up!

And Darren. How did he get a job that was never posted? Where is the tribe finding all this money to give out more top paying jobs (and 4-year contracts such as Mark Little Owl's)? The job description also sounds very much like the job he is doing is the job that the Tribal Chair is supposed to do. So, did Weenie Boy just hire a co-chair? He already has a co-chair. Can he have a Co-Co Chair? A chair made of cocoa?

Those are the people who wrote that puff piece and posted it in the Urinal, er Journal. I guess they couldn't get a real journalist to do it for them. They must be on a diet these days, maybe?

So we wait.

Black Road Medicine is once again sickening the spirit of the Tribe while courageous Tribal Members and others, stand up against the terror, the tyranny and the FBI that tries to intimidate them.

Real Indians

I heard that Natasha Littlewind posted in Facebook, under her own name, a story of how, in 2001, she was fired for distributing copies of this blog on her lunch hour. She said she held her head up high and was proud to stand for the Truth being told.

In a community of 80% unemployment, that simple act took a great amount of courage. But the Tribe doesn't want to talk about her.

There are Foster Parents who have rescued children only to have them returned, sometimes within 24 hrs, to the dangerous environments, who have worked and stood up and who have seen horrors that you and I can not even imagine, and yet, they still have to fight because the FBI and the USAG and the BIA won't listen, won't do their job, and want to shut them up.  You want to know what a REAL Indian is like? That is what REAL Indians are like. That is who they are and what they do.

But, you won't find the Tribe bragging about them, and holding them up as the examples of courage and decency that they are. You will hear instead that the Tribal Council is doing all kinds of good works: repairing the police station, getting 3 of the FEMA trailers usable (after how many years of them sitting there, rotting?)

They will offer you Puff Pastry, but I want you to know there are some amazing, strong, loving, courageous people out there doing the only thing they can and everything they can, waiting for all of us to put enough pressure on the government agencies so that they finally do their job.

There is good out there. If there wasn't, there would be no purpose in me writing this blog since 1998. I do it because there are people like you and me out there, only braver, fighting to hold on, just hoping the world doesn't forget, doesn't look away.


And then, there is the whole Tribal Council who, after casino hopping for months straight while the tribe remains in crisis, took Columbus Day off as a Holiday. The irony of that I cannot even begin to express.

There is also Piggy Cavenaugh and Darren Walking Eagle, who, while the tribe is in crisis and neither of them is doing anything about it, serves up Puff Pastry to any who would read it, as if somehow, that makes all this child rape, murder, not so important.

There is a wannabe Black Road Medicine Man and there are his friends in the Tribal Council. There is a court date he never kept. Can this possibly get any weirder? I bet it can.

What We Can Do

That documentary that is being made (see top of page for Incident At Devils Lake) that tells the whole story of how this whole ugly mess began-- with the murder of Eddie Peltier. If the FBI had not been so complicit in framing the innocent to protect the guilty, NONE of this would be happening now. None of it. Think about that.  Do something about that. Donate.

It's time the truth came out. All of it. No child is safe until it is all told. Not the children of the rez, and not the children in your community, no matter where you live. It's that big.

Many of you are starting to become more aware. You are looking at how things are now and seeing more of how they got that way. That's a start. Once we know the truth, we must act on it. In this case, we can pressure the government and keep the media on this (without Puff Pastry), and we can donate to get the documentary about the truth of what happened out there, almost 30 years ago, onto film. Or we can sit back and say, "not my problem."

Trust me, it is your problem. It's all of ours problem. This is ours to do. It won't be done for us. It has to be done by us. Together, collectively standing for those whose names we may never know, but who are fighting the worst corruption and evil, seeking only justice in a place where the children are not safe.

You know where to find me.



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October 4, 2012
Stepping in It?
--- Printer Version (1)

Still Checking. (see notice below) I may have stepped in it by wrongly suggesting the Visiting Medicine Man was a Registered Sex Offender.

There is a registered sex offender from Pine Ridge with the name Arapahoe, but I am told that this man is named Jacob Arapaho (no 'e'), and is from Standing Rock.

I can find no listing for an Jacob or "Jake" Arapaho as a sex offender in any of the registries. This means that I have in all probability, falsely accused someone who does good work of doing bad work.

That cannot be allowed to stand. I will apologize here and now.

I relied on a good and reliable source who relied on (apparently) a mix up of names.

With all the Black Road Medicine that has been practiced on the rez, my skepticism got the better of me. With all the damage being done to children while the Tribal Council, BIA, FBI, County and State and the USAG's offices all play harrassment games, I moved too quickly to what I perceived as yet another threat/mistreatment of children.

With all the frauds that have been brought in and done more harm, I could not even imagine someone coming in and doing or even trying to do good work. I should learn to be more positive on what is actually 'possible' out there. I have seen miracles.

I have become too cynical because of all the harm I have seen done, especially to the children, lately. I have seen more spiritual malpractice than I even knew existed, and all of it to benefit a handful of corrupt, evil people.

This correction came because someone wrote to me, angry (understandably) that someone they personally knew was being smeared. Having the correct spelling of the name made the difference here.

Like I said before, I correct my mistakes.

And I mean it when I ask for more information and I mean it when I say I am human.

I wasn't sure, and I stated that. But still, the connection is hurtful.

Again, my apologies.


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*October 3, 2012
Something Wicked This Way Comes
--- Printer Version (4)

*See next blog for update and questions as to whether or not I have erred in accusing the Visiting Medicine Man of being a sex offender.

A new "Spiritual Leader" has been brought to the rez. His job? Exorcising children. Yes, I am sure there are demons possessing the children, and they need to be dealt with. How about those sex offenders who are flesh and bone who are abusing the children? Any idea what to do about them?

This Exorcist, 'Spiritual Leader', so I am told, is also a registered sex offender. He comes from Standing Rock. Last name, "Arapahoe".  I can only find an Emery Arapahoe registered and that was in Pine Ridge. So, if you have more info on this, let me know.

I guess that if this guy is a registered sex offender that if you call him your tribe's "spiritual leader" you can then 'legally' molest children under some sort of Cultural/Sovereignty Freedom issue?

At all levels, Tribal Government, County, State, Federal (that covers "all levels" right?) the 'problem' of children being abused, neglected, raped, and in the custody of registered sex offenders, can be dealt with, the problem solved by going after everything but those who hurt the children, are hurting the children, placed them in danger, are keeping them in danger.

Remember when the Tribe blamed the rising waters of the Lake for their not dealing with the problem of child trafficking? (NOTE: I call all this 'child trafficking' for two reasons: 1: people are making money from these children-- and it is not the foster parents who are caring for them, and 2: there is considerable evidence that children have been sold/stolen/given to those who would not qualify to be adoptive or foster parents. )

Apparently, Weenie Boy got on TV this last evening and defined the problems of Tribal Social Services as not being the abuse and neglect of the children, not the corruption and the embezzlement of funds, but rather lay squarely at the feet of those who reported ongoing neglect and abuse.

The Tribal Council was, over the weekend and Monday, continuing their casino hopping. This time, I hear, they were in Las Vegas. A lot of the Tribe's money is tied up in that town, under Carl Walking Eagle's name. I wonder if they got to visit any of it?

The tribe has been in Crisis and the Tribal Council is running up frequent flier miles. That's leadership!

Blaming those who did their job, and who risked career, personal safety and constant harassment to get the reports out to the agencies who should have jurisdiction, is pathetic.

BIA is supposed to have taken over the Tribal Social Services. They were supposed to fire Rowdy as the Liaison, but they decided they need him to stay on. (He has never filed one report in his entire career. What they 'need' him for, I can't tell you.)

This was supposed to make a difference out there. Many of us were skeptical. I remember watching interviews on the teevee where the hope was tempered with skepticism since the BIA seemed not to notice anything out of place prior to the scandal breaking, and their reluctance to investigate, but their urgency in retaliating against the whistle blowers.

Well, so far, no reports of any of the Registered Sex Offenders being investigated, the children removed from their clutches, nor of them being arrested for violating their terms of release.  You'd think there would be, by now, right?

What if the Penn State Scandal had broken, and Sandusky was still allowed to have access to those little boys while all the agencies had coffee, thought about it, investigated and harassed the whistle-blowers, threatened witnesses? 

Everyone who was expecting swift and direct action from the office of Timid Purdon, is still waiting. Let's all pretend we don't have 'Jurisdiction', shall we? Let's say it's 'complicated'. Above all, let's get the 'shoddy paperwork' in order so it doesn't look like a crime, shall we?

And, now, people phone in to Tribal Social Services this week, and can't get anyone to answer the phones. Gee, I thought that was taken care of! It was, after all, the primary concern of Mark Little Owl, who considers his primary mission as Director of TSS to get the program returned to the Tribe and regain the funding.

It was a stunning comment when I read it. I would have thought: "Protecting the children" or "Making sure these children are safe," would have been the expected statement of someone taking over a broken department that had been scandalized by child rapes, murders, neglect and embezzlement.  I was wrong.

And now, under the auspices of "Tribal Spiritual Rights" another, possibly dangerous sex offender, has intimate access to children.

This is how problems are solved? Ignore, dance around them, blame those who stood up? And by all means, 'Exorcism' by a Black Road Medicine Man. What could possibly go sideways there?

When I say it is Evil that is hurting The Good People of Spirit Lake, you might now start to get an idea of what I mean. 

Highway To Hell

Incident At Devils LakeHow did that whole stinking mess get to this point? You want the long story-- going back to Contact? Or the shorter story where the Turdclan seized power with the help of a corrupt FBI, after they murdered Eddie Peltier?

The shorter story is laid out in a new documentary. A documentary that is still in its infancy. It needs funding. The Film makers have uncovered the same documents and affidavits, same statements and court transcripts that I have, and more. They have the wherewithal to make a documentary, IF we help them. I can only post a blog.

I think that if this documentary gets completed, it will expose how all this ugly came to thrive over the dead body of Eddie Peltier. Highway 57 where they posed Eddie's corpse, has been the Highway to Hell for the Tribe. 

It has been the hub and the mainline of more corruption than any of us will ever know. I do know that it goes far beyond the rez, and reaches into several states, neighborhoods, and almost all strata of government. It affects us all.

You need to take a look at the trailer they have put together. Decide for yourself and give what you can to help get this project out there. It is one thing all of us can do to fight back against the corruption, the lies, the injustice.

A donation in the right direction will shine the light on the corruption that has been allowed to flourish on the rez, and now, takes the innocence and dignity from the children. It takes their lives and turns them into failures before they have a chance to make anything else out of their lives.  The worst part of all this is that our government pays them, our Tax Dollars feed the worst evil, and keeps all the corrupt in place.

Getting this Documentary made would be a dream come true for everyone that knows what price is being paid by the innocent, on and off the rez. As long as the innocent are not safe on the rez, no one is. As long as an innocent man languishes in prison for a crime committed by the Turdclan, no one is free of the Evil that takes what it wants, from whoever it wants, whenever it wants.

This is one way we can, even if it is just ONE DOLLAR, stand up against all that is wrong.

Eddie is still dead. But the evil that took him down, is very much alive. This is our work to do. Do what you can. We owe it to the Past, the Present and the Future.

You know where to find me.



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October 1, 2012
The Past Imperfect
--- Printer Version (7)

It's some sort of grammatical term that I never quite wrapped my head around. But I like the way it plays in real life. We all have imperfect pasts. No one has a perfect future. If you are waiting for perfection, you'll never find it. If you fail to act when you know you should, because you feel like your past is imperfect and you, somehow, 'have no right' to stand up now, your imperfect past will rule not only the rest of your life, but the lives of everyone around you.

If failure to do the right thing in the past is what is stopping you from doing the right thing now, you fail forward, and it is even uglier in the future than it is today, and baby, baby, it is ugly today.

The way out of the darkness that suffocates the future of the rez, is not going to be led by those who are perfect or who appear perfect, because those people do not exist.  The way out of the darkness will be by those who have lived in it, caused some or most of it, and who, for some reason decided that they, despite their imperfect past, will stand up and do what they know they have to do to make the future right.

We can't change the past. We can, however, have a lot of sway on the future by our actions and our deeds.

There are some out there who have really cruddy pasts. Some are quite shameful. Some worse than others, caused a lot of damage. None of them is secret. Everyone knows who did what. If that is how you want to be remembered, by every bad thing you ever did, then do nothing.

Your story will be told and you will have done nothing to change how it is told.

Or, you can own it. Face it. Stand up to it. Grow a Spine.

You can, when your story is told, and all those horrible things come out, change how it ends. Instead of "that's all he or she ever was" there can be "And then, one day, he/she did this, that, stood up, spoke up, and that changed everything..." People will remember how you changed in your life and that will be how you are remembered. But you have to give that change in yourself, to have that story become true about you.

You have to make that step. If you let your past hold you back, you keep the darkness stronger, and the suffering that continues is because of you. If you decide that as a Human Being, despite all that you have done before, you will now no longer be a slave to your past, you can stand up.

It is you that will bring that light. Because if you can do it, anyone can. And there is a lot of imperfect past living in the present and that is how the corrupt keep power. You can take that power away by doing what is right. They are afraid of you. That is why they try to be sure there is always the threat over your head that you, your ugliest secrets, somehow make you unworthy of doing what is right today. They will do whatever they have to, to keep you quiet, and keep you down and make you help them do it to others.

If you want a different ending to your story-- if you want something in there that shines and brings pride to those who know you, the family that carries your name-- give yourself the chance to do that.

I remember the story about Delvin Greywater. It all seemed like a good life for him at the beginning. Athletic, likeable, a bright future. And then it all went sour, one failure at a time, like stepping stones into Hell.

Drunk most of the time, drug addicted, suffering multiple health issues, ruined relationships, lost everything and was from poor health, losing his legs could hardly breathe. 

That would have been the end of his story. Another sad addict, bad behavior, nothing right about him. He could have ended his life as that loser, over there, slumped in the corner.

But he didn't. Despite all the imperfections in his past, everything he ever did that was wrong being thrown at him, he stood up. He called out the Turdclan as murderers. And he never stopped. He challenged them publicly, and his frail, lightweight body paid the price. He was attacked, beat up with his own crutches so many times I lost count.  They hated him standing up to them.

Spinal Tap

He lost one leg, and then the other, and still, he called them out, publicly, over and over again. They beat him up, threw him out of his own trailer, left him in the dirt, stole his crutches. And they could not shut him up. As long as he had a breath in him, addicted, drunk, or sober, he called them out.

There was more courage in that frail, broken body; more determination to speak the truth about the Evil that was ruling over every aspect of life on the rez, came out of him and no matter how they beat him, tossed him around like a rag doll, left him for dead, he made them angry and afraid of him. He did it and it gave him power over his present condition, because it took the fear out of him.

He knew what was coming. He knew none of you would stand with him or protect him. You all had the excuses not to. He had an imperfect past. He had done really bad things... you didn't want to get too close to him. Not sure why. It's not like his past would rub off on your present. Maybe you were just happy that he was the target and not you?

But I know this much, his courage, once he tapped into it, took the fear out of him. He was not afraid of the truth about his past, he was not afraid of the pain and he was not afraid to die.

He impressed a lot of people in those last few years. He made an impression. And if you all remember, what infuriated the Turdclan the most was that they could not beat the fear back into him. They were afraid of him. They were afraid of the Truth. They were afraid that more of you might get the bright idea.

He had found, before he died, the very thing all of you are looking for. He found the courage. He found he could do something that made him not hate himself. He couldn't change his past. But he could, before he died, be a man. He went from being kept down by his past imperfection to feeling fully like a Human Being.

You can write to me and tell me of all his imperfections and all his crimes, but you can't take away the glory that he captured, and hugged like a running back hugs a football breaking free for the goal line, over and over again.

If he could do that, broken as he was, so can you.


This darkness that has controlled life on the rez for all these decades, runs deep and wide. It reaches far beyond the rez, and into agencies, courtrooms, and politics and even some of the Pillars of Their Communities have a little stain of it on them, if you know where to look. They think it doesn't show. They think it will never be told. They think they've hidden these dark, squirming flaws, and that you would never believe it even if it you saw it. They sweat a little, if your eyes dart to the inconsistency, the movement as the darkness peeks out and you catch a glimpse.

Sandusky and Patrino sat upon pedestals of pure gold until the truth came out, and they came crashing down, destroying the trust of those who wanted to believe only in their decency, and then finding they had none.  Worse, finding they were part of the worst kind of ugly there is in this world, the abuse of children.

They have been erased from murals, statues have been removed, and all they thought was glory, turned into a window on very dark practices and became empty pegs where paintings and statues once held high honors.

Just as those with Imperfect Pasts can rise up and shine like Daylight, so can those who pretended to be honorable and decent, when revealed for what they have done, become forever garbage, and all their successes tainted by the stains of their abuses, when revealed.

There will always be True Believers, Cheerleaders wanting this all to be wrong, so wrong, a bad dream, let me remind you of all the fun times, the good things they have done... but people turn away from that. Something in those glazed eyes, fiery with denial, pompoms fluttering up a storm, convinces nobody, not even themselves. It's over for Penn State. And it's going to be over for everyone involved in covering up those crimes, especially those who took positions, appointments or political contributions that were paybacks for their silence. It's still unfolding.

There must be some high Pedestals swaying in the winds of revelation on the rez these days. They are moving all the levers, pushing all the buttons, and hoping all this will go away.

But screaming, abused, and murdered children don't go away. Even as the FBI has used it's considerable power and reach to intimidate the whistle-blowers, shelter the corrupt, it still shows. In fact, by virtue of the fact that they are trying to silence those who point to the crimes against the children, and have in fact, not rescued one single child from the clutches of pedophiles, made not one arrest of registered sex offenders who have violated terms of their parole, probation, release by having custody and free access to minors, by the FBI doing nothing about them while attempting to intimidate by investigating the Whistle-blowers, you know that some very powerful people, outside the rez, are afraid they will be revealed. Who can control the FBI? Who can make them their private enforcement? We need to look and find out. It's what the Mob would do. Silence those who speak up. Isn't it?


Special Agent Cima seems to be unable to do his job. Unless of course, his job is to intimidate, offend, and try to silence the whistle-blowers. Even at that, his attempts are only making people more determined to get the truth out there.

He wants to view all the embezzlement, evidence of embezzlement, the missing children, the falsified records as "no crime, just shoddy paperwork."

I guess you could say the same thing about Al Capone, if you really wanted to. Who, exactly, is Cima there to protect? It is not the children. It is not the Taxpayers who have millions of dollars missing. It is not the community as he has not investigated any crimes, only those who report the crimes are treated like suspects. So, who is Cima working for?

Cima and Trout are quite a pair out there. All this crime, under their noses, and they don't smell a thing.  Tim Purdon's office is not in the least interested in how Cima and Trout are doing their jobs. In fact, any complaints about Dumb and Bummer are met with a professional indifference.

Paper Blinds

At first it was as if the FBI was working under the Direction of Tim Purdon. Now I see he is claiming that they are not working under his direction. So, who, exactly IS working under Tim Purdon's authority? And who is Tim Purdon working for? He has seen no need to look for himself where these children are living, or who they are living with. He has been to the rez on a few occasions, and he could easily have gone and knocked on the door and seen for himself... but he chose to focus on paperwork. Paper Blindness.

If only the Tribe had not done such 'shoddy paperwork'. I'm sure there is no crime there. Just lousy paperwork. Nothing to investigate. Right? No Crime? Say it. I dare you.

Everything's Gonna Be All White

When it became public knowledge that Sandusky had been raping those children, the outrage drove him out of his position of power, immediately. There were investigations that opened up the horrors and they were NOT allowed to continue. None of the complaints were dismissed as 'shoddy paperwork'.

The fact that over a year and a half has passed since those two little children were horribly tortured and murdered, and no law enforcement has investigated the crimes against children that are systematically in place, to this day. They think that if they don't actually investigate, there will be no charges and if there are no charges, all this will go away.

It won't. Too many people know the truth. We want to know what it will take for Law Enforcement to move in and pull those children, all of them, out of the homes of pedophiles, out of harmful neglect.

Purdon's Office made that big splash with the Fuel Scam that went through the rez. And then came those pathetic, anemic charges for only a few thousand dollars here and there... and no real sentences or fines, just that slap on the wrist... you know, 'shoddy paperwork' excuse.

How did they miss that it was not thousands of dollars missing, but millions? How did they not uncover that? It's being uncovered now. Audits are being done in all the departments. Not just a month or two of bad paperwork, but as far back as they can go. And they are uncovering millions of dollars of our tax money that did not go where it was supposed to go, in any of the departments.

The FEMA Emergency Planning Department that had been run by Little Joe Alberts, the pedophile registered sex offender who played Santa Clause to the kiddies every Christmas (What is Christmas without a pedophile Santa, anyway?), was taken over by a man who, when he tired to get the books in order to get grants for the coming year, found more crime and corruption. He could not cover it up and get the grants, and he refused to be a part of the cover up. So he quit the position.

Ooopsie! NLO! You're back in the blog! Your boyfriend, Little Joe, that job you gave him, that office he ran, missing a few million dollars! Shoddy Paperwork? Funny how 'shoddy paperwork' covers all the evils out there from child rape, child trafficking, to embezzlement of millions of dollars. Funny, isn't it? Cima? Wake up, I'm talking to you. Is there a crime there? Yes?  No? Think you might want to look?

Tim Purdon, you think you might want to revisit that 'shoddy' investigation into the fuel scam? Who ya got workin' for you? I know it's not the FBI. Right? If they do wrong, they don't fall under your supervision?

Going to be hard to white wash all of this. I know they're going to try.

I know there will be more stories coming out about how great life is on the rez, as told by people who don't live on the rez.  People want this to be over, but it ain't over, Rover. We still have work to do. We have millions in tax dollars that have gone 'missing'. We have children who are unaccounted for. We have a child rape scandal hundred times worse than Penn State, and we have an FBI attacking anyone that would point out there is a big problem on the rez. They want all the corruption to be considered 'shoddy paperwork'. You know, "sloppy" not criminal.

But those who live on the rez, know better. They all remember NLO buying brand new furniture and appliances for her whole house every 6 mos or so. Where did she get the money?

They know that Brian Pearson invested in property on a large scale. Where did he get the money? They know Toy Story bought expensive horses, a ranch, fancy heavy equipment, vehicles, and more... where did he get the money?

Little Owl, Big Contract

Just before the Tribe ceded back the Tribal Social Services program to the BIA, ostensibly because they didn't have enough money to run the program, they gave Mark Little Owl a 4 yr. Contract. So, they had enough money to pay him for four years, but not to run the program for another 6 months?

Probably no crime there either. Probably just 'shoddy paperwork'. (I like how you all said that with me this last time!)


All of us have got to stay on this until those children are safe and we get our money back from those who stole it from the vital programs on the rez. We may not be in the news every day, but we must be on your mind everyday.

The rez was buried in apathy for over 100 years. We are awake now. We know what is there. This is our job, as Human Beings, to make sure that our lives are not just a collection of past imperfection. We want to be sure that when we knew something wasn't right, we didn't just let it lie there. Especially when it involves children.

If nothing else in this crazy world, we can all agree that protecting the children, the living, breathing children, cannot be ignored. If we can't make them safe, no one is safe. This doesn't stay on the Rez. Clearly, it has spread to people in high places who, for some reason, instead of protecting the children, attack those who are telling their story. As Human Beings, this we cannot abide.

You know where to find me.




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