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Your Chairman is a murderer. Good luck with that.

Your Chairman is a murderer. Good luck with that.

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Ronin's own Website The most basic money laundering/ponzi scam rivaling Maddoff

Free Peltier Now Worth a read


Write to me if you have any thoughts you'd like to share, information you want me to have or a correction to any information you see here.  I respond to all emails.  CAT  NOTE: I reserve the right to NOT respond to whack jobs that waste my time.

Eddie's GraveIt is as much about the ongoing events and behaviors of those who murdered Eddie (and others)  on the Fort Totten Eddie Peltier ArmyReservation, North Dakota today as it is about how it was that night Eddie was murdered.  How the ongoing criminal enterprise continues to flourish unabated and without a single response from the Justice Department.  Well, not surprising on that!  They would have to investigate themselves and how some of their elite were directly involved and have prospered from the corruption that exists, protected and funded by US Tax Dollars.

Even if you don't live on the Rez, it's your money, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.  You owe it to yourself to peek in once in awhile and see what you are paying for

Texas Monthly Magazine has done a feature on this case. Here is the Latest story: December 2011 Read the October, 2006 Issue.  OR, go to the online version.  Michael Hall went to the rez and saw for himself.




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September 26, 2012
--- Printer Version (6)

Look who's making complaints? It's our old pal, Vern Lambert! His little corner of Hell had a few cracks in the walls and now, it looks like it might all fall in on him. So, he's going after the BIA, Peggy Cavenaugh, and Rowdy Cavenaugh.

Notice the tone of professional, almost Indian-Like Concern he has about the BIA as he declares so many of the BIA Cops are under investigation for violent crimes, and how corrupt the Liaison Agent, Rowdy, has been... ?

And of course, he aims his "Open Letter" right square at Weenie Boy and the Tribal Council -- who seem to hold meetings everywhere except at the Rez, these days... oh wait, they had one meeting this week, and for some reason, Peggy Cavenaugh had Tribal Councilor Clarice Brownshield thrown out of that meeting.

Everyone wonders where Peggy Cavenaugh got such an authority... Tribal Council still has no idea how to do anything legally, so they just shrug their shoulders. Getting a straight answer from them is like trying to stop a Chinese Fire Drill before the light turns green. (Google it if you have to).

Back to the Open Letter. It's a Doozy. Vern laments how the Grandmothers and Elders had struggled to bring the Tribal Social Services program to the Tribe. How the BIA had abused poor little Indian Children, and now, NOW, (*sob, voice cracks, dab tear*) the Tribal Council just handed it all back to the mean old, corrupt, abusive BIA.

Vern had no concern over the children 'misplaced' by the tribe, forced to live with registered sex offenders, living in abusive homes, homes that sometimes leave them with broken spirits, broken bodies and dead... Vern was not concerned about all those, because the Tribe was getting the money for it. Vern wants the program given back to the Tribe that couldn't run it in the first place.

He speaks up now about the decades of corruption in the BIA on the rez. Now? He didn't care about the violence against those children before, but now? He didn't care and he never wrote a letter about all this corruption in the BIA Police... he wants to blame it all on the BIA and this Tribal Council.

(Psst! Vern! Remember NLO? Brian? Yeah, those two. Who hired Kevin? Whose sons are BIA cops? Hmm? )

I guess it was the mean bad BIA cops who forced Kristi Wishinsky and Kevin Brownshield to place children in dangerous homes, or to take them out of safe, healthy foster homes when the State started looking to see where the money was going. It wasn't going to the safe, healthy homes. It was going to Kevin's family and to Kevin. Blame the BIA? For what? Allowing the corruption that made it possible to trade children like poker chips? BIA made a woman who had a felony child abuse conviction apply for a job in Social Services that she knew she was not allowed to have?

Vern's letter is begging for an investigation into the corruption of the BIA on the rez. I agree. It's long past the time to investigate them. They've been corrupt for decades. But give the program back to the tribe so they can hurt the children while taking the money? Nuh uh. Kevin ever give back the money he embezzled from that program over the years? Maybe he should. Maybe he should be in jail.


Vern is kind of lashing out. He knows the winds are blowing from more than one direction. The documentary about Eddie Peltier's murder and the huge questions it raises about corruption throughout the system that framed 11 Innocent men, convicted them, sent them to prison, is also causing headaches for Weenie Boy and his family. Right now, they feel pretty comfortable that the fund raising on Kickstarter.com (Google "Incident At Devils Lake") isn't moving very fast. The Turdclan is hoping that it fails. The evidence the people making the documentary found is the same evidence that I found and it all points to the Turdclan as the killers.

I'm pushing for people to go to the Kickstarter site and make a donation. You can donate as little as $1.  It's your way of voting for justice. It's a way of donating to something that will break open the most obscene miscarriage of Justice in North Dakota, if not the Nation's history. 

*Disclaimer: I am not part of the Documentary. But I support it.

As long as the murderers are free to run the rez like they own it, no one is safe. And now that we see how children are just a commodity to them, to be abused, tormented and as tiny cash cows whereby the corrupt can use the children to drain money from the Government as well as use them, we push for reports, for action, for change, for Justice.

You want to see the Turdclan start sweating? Put a dollar into that project. If you can, put more.

Make the corrupt, make the killers out there, answer for everything.

I want to see the children be safe again. I want to see families able to live in peace out there. I want the chronic violence, corruption, rapes, stop. I want to see the open air drug manufacture and dealing, stopped.

I want to see Justice for the children. I want to see Justice for Eddie Peltier. I want to see, I want the world to see, what happened out there. I want the biggest light to shine on it. I think a lot of you want that too.

We can do this. We can make them answer for all of it. We can keep pressure on media to keep on the story and not give us the "All Clear" puff pieces about how great life is on the rez by interviewing people who don't even live on the rez and who don't send their kids to the schools on the rez, and don't have to worry about all the fundamental, dangerous failings of the rez. 

Intimidation Attempt?

I'm still stunned at the pieces put out by Chuck Haga. Was anyone convinced that someone who doesn't live on the rez is really the spokesman for how great things are out there? How 'safe' it is? Especially for children?

And then he does another piece on Mark Little Owl, and really, after reading it, I felt like Mark had done so much in a month of being hired on. He has people answering the phones now.  Remember, Mark got a 4-year contract mere hours before the Tribe, in one of those off-site Tribal Council meetings(?) handed over the program to the BIA.  Mark also seems to have self-appointed himself as the Liaison with the BIA for the Tribe. (Vern! Why didn't you mention that in your Open Letter?)

Let me tell you a little bit about Mr. Haga. He doesn't like to be critiqued or criticized for his work. He told me that I have to be very careful on how I, what was the phrase he used? Oh, here it is:

"Just read your latest.
I'm starting a record, so be careful how you use my name and how far you go in misrepresenting what I've done, how and why.
You really think you're being helpful?
As to the childish personal insults ... well, I'm not interested in getting into a pissing match.

Chuck Haga"

Yes he does. He wants a pissing match. In a previous email, where he again took exception to my challenging his work, he called me a "gadfly". You know, something 'pesky', small, annoying, hanger on sort of thing -- A "personal insult".

So he 'warns' me, that I have to be careful. Sounds like a veiled threat to me. He did it under his business email address so I assume his Editors and the Media Conglomerate that he works for are all on board with this. That gives it a lot more weight. Puts it into the 'really scary' category.

If they are not excited about having their liability profile raised, they may want to have a chat with him.

I giggled at the part of him 'keeping a record'. (Note: Printer Version available to everyone. Even Haga)

Can you imagine? A journalist trying to intimidate a blogger to prevent me from exercising my free speech? Well, he did say in the previous email, that he is very "thin-skinned".  I'm going to suggest that he stay out of the sun.

He also neglected to mention Mark Little Owl was hired despite having a criminal record. That does seem to be a running problem with Tribal Social Services: Hiring the unqualified and those with criminal records. (Like, Kristi Wishinsky who also starred in that puff piece he wrote about Paul Matheney.)

Maybe it's just me, but I think mentioning that Little Owl has a criminal history, would be relevant in that it shows the Tribal Social Services has really not changed, despite moving new players in. As long as the unqualified, and those with criminal records are given these critical jobs, the most vulnerable out there, will never be safe or even well served.

It's not just me. I heard from several people about this. I had so many emails with the subject line "WTF?" I thought I was being spammed. We are watching the deck chairs being arranged on the Titanic and no one has mentioned the iceberg.

Paul Matheney who runs the Casino, has a child by Kristi Wishinsky. I wonder if there is any connection between the corruption at Tribal Social Services and the Casino? I mean, they seem to be such good friends and all. Maybe some Investigative Journalist can dig into that in the future? I won't count on the Fargo Forum or the Grand Forks Herald, but someone who still thinks the problem runs deeper than just a few tweaks as to which corrupt agency is running the program, might find it interesting.

Then again, it might be nothing.

Let's wait and see if Vern Lambert puts out a letter pointing to the Casino's corruption, shall we? He knows a lot of the people he's pointing fingers at can point them back at him. I wonder who Vern will go after next?

I have said many times, and you all know that without the courage of good, decent people living and/or on the rez, none of these horrendous stories about abuse and corruption would be coming out. It stands to reason that there are good, decent people, struggling to make it better, safer for children and families out there. No one would care otherwise. 

They are not the blissfully smiling faces. They are the drawn, determined, living in terror, faces. They are struggling to make ends meet, try to keep their children safe, listening to the screams next door, seeing the children being broken by a system that hides in plain sight, on the rez.

You don't need puff pieces that gloss over the glaring pot holes to give the rez a shine. It doesn't need a shine. The people in there need help. They are reaching out and the light is coming in. They are risking their safety, their very lives to get this out there.

Turning off that light now, and walking away thinking that there is no more to see, will throw everyone back into the dark: The rez back into the snakes, and the rest of us, oblivious to what is happening, why it is happening or what we can do about it -- back into the very ignorance that allowed this to happen over decades. We all got here, to this point by NOT being aware of what was happening out there. We can't go back to that blindness again. Ever.

This doesn't get solved in three episodes. This is not a mini-series. This is real life, a real hell. And it is only because all of you have pushed that media showed an interest and government was forced to act like they are taking action. We keep on them, they'll have to do something for real. Clean out their own house?

It's not going to happen overnight. The corrupt are counting on us getting 'bored' with this, or wanting it to be over so badly that we will accept a puff pastry, and feel like the problems are no longer critical. Stay awake. Don't be lulled.

There are good, courageous people investigating this at the government level, but they are up against a wall of opposition. They too, need our help. They need us to keep the pressure on.

Puff Pieces that make no sense can try to polish that turd all they want. But I say it still stinks.

Until there are arrests for crimes against those children; until there are arrests for the embezzlement of millions of dollars of funds; NOTHING has changed. Until the real murderers of Eddie Peltier are brought to answer for their crime, nothing will change.

There are cracks in the walls of corruption. Secrets are teetering on the edge and threatening to break loose. They are turning on each other, because they have to. We know what is happening to the children, and soon, when that Documentary gets made (with our help), the vipers nest will erupt. We will see more ugly than we think we can stand, and we will have to stand up against all of it, root them out-- Every last snake one of them, and force them to answer to the Truth.

The only way out for any of them, because they see it coming now, the only way any of them can get a better deal is to tell the Truth. The Lies won't protect them any longer.

They know that. They have only one weapon left, to save themselves. They will have to tell the Truth: About what they know, what they saw, what they did, and who was with them. They will have to tell on themselves, because it is the only way they can ever be free of this thing that is riding them like an octopus, sucking the air out of them.

The Truth is all they have left. The Truth about the children, the corruption, and the Truth about the murders. All of them. They can't stand the light.

The Truth is all we want. Justice will follow. For all of us.

I'm going to keep calling the tripe "Puff Pastry". If Haga and his Heavies at the Conglomerate don't like it, tough.

If Haga is making these veiled threats against me on his own, his editors and others, need to step up and make that clear to me.  I take ALL threats seriously. Especially those made under corporate email.

I hope this has been 'helpful'.

You know where to find me.


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September 24, 2012
Rabbit Feet
---Printer Version (7)

They say (I love openings like that: "They Say").. They say a Rabbit's Foot is good luck, exceptin' of course, for the rabbit.

There's a lot of things that are chalked up to "Just lucky", or "coincidence", but after awhile, it starts to look like there's more than rabbit feet, or cosmic overlap, and a pattern of protection on several levels, starts to emerge.

Kevin Dauphinais, AKA "Brownshield" and his family, have a lot of rabbit feet somewhere. Kevin now feels perfectly safe, in the middle of the BIA doing their big time Strike Force, Investigation, Take over of the Tribal Social Services program, with just walking around-- like he owns the place, or he owns them.

Clearly, he's not worried about any investigations shining a light on him and his admitted shredding (*Zhrrrr) of vital documents. Whoever is running the 'investigation' out there, isn't looking very hard for anything except a way out.

I wonder if the Strike Force has, now that they have been told, figured out, "Oh yeah...." *looks around* "There is no hospital here."  Why has no one asked them what, precisely made them think there WAS a hospital there? It becomes very obvious that they have not stepped foot outside of the Blue Building, or they would have seen, clear as day, no such building exists. 

Perhaps, just perhaps, as they were trying to put all the paperwork in order, because, after all, it is about the paperwork, not about the children, their safety or any of that bothersome detail, maybe they came across some paperwork that had to do with a hospital or Grant Money for a hospital... old paperwork. So, of course, they 'assumed'... And they seem not the least bit bothered to find out that a hospital does not exist on the rez. (*Zhrrr) No problem-- anymore. Amiright?

There are so many questions about Kevin, and his embezzlement schemes. No one seems to want to ask them. Not the FBI, not the BIA and not the local journalists, who have problems of their own.  Looking for a hot story? Look at the millions of dollars that have gone into the IIMA "Individual Indian Money Accounts". From time to time I report on these 'discrepancies'.

It comes from a Trust Fund set up for every Indian child from the day they are born. When they turn 18 yrs of age (those who survive) they are supposed to get a lump sum that they can use for anything they want: Buy a truck, help with college, gamble or waste... it's up to them. The accounts used to deliver over $10K per individual.

Then, for some reason, the accounts started delivering less and less. There were a couple of years, under Myra Peterson (NLO Fame) and her bastard son, Brian Pearson, where those who turned 18 were told there was NO money for them in their accounts. Same years, mind you, that the Tribe managed to 'invest' over $9 Million in Ronin, which no one has ever seen again. (Typical questions for any budding journalists out there: What money did they use to invest $9M into a start up company? What programs were robbed? Why was there no money in the IIM Accounts? You know, "RESEARCH". C'mon, if I can do it, so can you!)

What is puzzling about this, even though I understand now that the kids get maybe a couple hundred dollars, (despite being owed over $10K) is this: How did Kevin Brownshield get Signature Authority over the IIM Accounts to begin with? Yes, he had it. He probably still does.

He was not in any way by job title, involved in that department. He had absolute signing authority, could take out money as he pleased, and he has done so, to the point where there was, at times, nothing for the kids. Further, what has he done with all the interest accrued in that account? Apparently, that is also gone? BIA could be investigating this as they like paperwork more than living, breathing, battered children.

Further, the question keeps showing up, at least in my mind: What happened to the Trust Funds that were set up for the Children in Foster Care? The Foster parents never saw any of the money they were owed. We know Kevin paid off his mommy as if she was a foster parent for several children, when in fact, she fostered none... so, where did all the money go?

And the Cobell Award money? Whose account was that all in while the Tribal Council stalled for months without distributing it? That was a huge sum of cash and it garnered substantial interest, none of which went to the Tribal Members, but rather, into someone's personal Account.

No one is asking. Some may have a little extra sumpin' sumpin' in their pockets, and that may be weighing them down a bit, keep them tilted away from Kevin Brownshield. Either they are completely corrupt or they are completely stupid.

I'm a big fan of Stupid, but even I know you can't get that many stupids into a single room unless you are holding a Tea Party rally for Sarah Palin. That leaves only, corrupt.

And that explains why Kevin now owns the place again, regardless of Job Title. He owns it and he owns them.

Now, who gave him Signature Authority? Let's turn our hymnals back a few pages to that good ol' favorite of all that is corrupt on the rez, NLO and Brian. Sing along, you know the words: "Birds of a feather" and "Scratch my Back, I'll scratch yours..." "One hand washes the other..." "Take Two Spiders and Call me in the morning" .. oops, my bad. That last one was left over from Turdclan Black Road Medicine Man Series.

Nowadays, it's Snake Medicine. That's Kevin and his mentor, John Chaske's specialty. Who needs Rabbit Feet?

The FBI won't look, the BIA just winks and nods... Government just keeps on funneling cash into the trash. Kevin keeps scooping it up.

So, who's going to investigate the FBI? No one. Who's going to Investigate the BIA? The FBI. Go ahead, laugh. I do. It's a sad little laugh. But it's all I have.

Paper Dollies

By the way, all this time out there? Ever see an old Indian Trick where you want to fool the enemy into thinking you are a thousand times stronger than you are? The enemy watches from afar, and you and a few of your buddies drag sage brush behind you, stirring up dust, so you look like a column of warriors... when you are really less than five. 

Same thing going on at Tribal Social Services and the BIA. They are just making motions, dragging around paperwork, stirring up dust so that anyone who interviews them, seeing how official they are and all (everyone gets a badge! A real one!) thinks that the horrendous ongoing abuses of children has been or is being dealt with.

I assure you, it is not. Paper Dollies, I call them. You can fold and cut up paper and then string it out and tape it together and viólà! Paper Dollies, and you would have done more for those kids than what is just a churning of dust by the BIA and their friends.  Children, even after all these weeks of "intense" "Strike Force" attention, are still with registered sex offenders, still being mistreated, neglected and endangered.  Complaints are still being ignored.

And the BIA thinks there is a hospital on the rez. Inspire confidence? Me neither.

Jack Rabbit

Now, with the BIA taking over full control over a department they never bothered to oversee, for decades, is anyone expecting anything to be any better? Show of hands. *counting* Zero.

Yup, they have replaced the Tribal Corrupt with the BIA Corrupt. Show 'em how it's done, boys. Keep those pesky reporters from looking in and finding glaring issues.

They sound so official, and questions are sidestepped so neatly, I suspect that the other thing they are doing with all their spare time, instead of rescuing the children, is watching old Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers movies. (*Step, step, step, slide, glide, slide. Step, step, step, glide. Now Twirl, and flourish... and..) Are you catching all this fancy footwork? What were we here for? Oh yeah, something about children?

So, I almost recommended that you might want to subscribe to the Fargo Forum. Let's step back from that a minute. This last article, where he talks about the BIA taking over as of October 1, he never questions why, Mark Little Owl, just hours before the Tribe announces, was given a 4-year contract. No one has ever had a 4-year contract for that department.

Mark Little Owl also makes two very interesting Statements: One is that his goal is to get the program back to the Tribe. I would think that his goal would be to make sure the children are safe. But, that would be a lie, so I guess it's better he sticks to the truth, eh?

The other, very ODD statement that went without question when Mark Little Owl said it was that he, Mark, intended to stay on (despite being "out" as Social Services Director) as BIA Liaison for the Tribe.

I did not realize that anyone could just 'self appoint' themselves to a position with the BIA. No one questioned it. No one asked if he had been appointed. No one asked about that special 4-yr contract, and who pays for it. (Does he get a lump sum in total now that he has been let go? Their other 'contracts' seem to offer these amazing Golden Parachutes in the past.) I would have asked those questions.

The other thing that was really amazing about all this, and I can't fault Chuck Haga for not having a clue, was how the Tribal Council managed to form and vote on a resolution to cede the program to the BIA, or to grant the 4-yr Contract, when they have not even been present, in the vicinity of the the rez for weeks.

Currently, the Tribal Council is continuing their Casino hopping tour/crawl in Slandreau, SD.

This is what every responsible Tribal Council will do when their tribe is in crisis, programs being jacked back to the government and children being forced to live with registered Sex Offenders.

I'm pretty sure Haga knows about the questions of Mark Little Owl's criminal record. I know he knows about stuff he never writes about. He got pissed off at me once. Said I was making his job harder by criticizing him.  He said he was asking all those questions, but not getting any answers.

I guess we can 'assume' here again, that he is indeed, asking all those hard questions, not getting any answers, so he never mentions any of it. I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt. I'm going to assume he asked about how the Tribal Council held a meeting without sending notice of the meeting, or being in the place where the meetings are supposed to be held.

So I am sure that questions about the resolution were asked. Even though he didn't say anything about it. We use our telepathy voice in our heads now, when we read his articles. He is, after all, a first rate journalist, even if it doesn't show.

In fact, we can assume he's doing all sorts of things he never puts into print. We'll just assume, shall we?

To be fair, I did contact Haga at his email. I'm going to assume he ignored it. But I did give him a chance to answer one burning question: His use of the term "unofficial" in what seems to be an amazing leap to minimize the issues:

"The tribe had assumed authority for foster care and other social services programs in 2001 under federal legislation aimed at enhancing tribes' control of their own affairs. But a string of official and unofficial reports of child abuse and complaints of inadequate tribal oversight and investigation led ultimately to the federal intervention." Grand Forks Herald, Sept 21, 2012

When were there any "Unofficial" complaints? There were a series of Official Complaints. I believe we are up to sixth or seventh Mandated Reports issued from Thomas Sullivan's office. (Forgive me, I have lost track of how many and really, isn't ONE report of rampant neglect, abuse, child rape sufficient?)

I would also like to know when or which "Unofficial" reports got the BIA's attention? They don't respond, for months and months to Official reports,  and then they only move to retaliate against those who make the reports, so who is to believe they would ever respond to "unofficial" reports? Who are these "Unofficial Reports" written by?

I have not heard a word back from Journalist Haga. I'm sure he'll get around to it. Or not. He's made it clear he thinks I am a "gadfly" on this thing. That my harping on these abuses and the lack of reporting is "not helping the children".  (Whereas, I am sure, his team ignoring it for a full year, was very, very helpful.)

Meanwhile, Mark Little Owl was able to point, with pride, to a major accomplishment: From now on, when someone calls, someone will answer the phones. Wow.

I am sure the BIA will get around to producing some real work reports on this whole mess. They won't rescue any children, they won't investigate or arrest any of the predators, registered sex offenders. They won't look for the missing monies. They won't fire Rod Cavenaugh. They won't even question how Peggy Cavenaugh, not qualified to hold her position, has hired every member of her family to work at the clinic and none of them qualified, none of them really have to show up. None of that will be looked at, but you can expect a lot of heads to nod, folders to be closed, and as much as they can, all of this goes quietly away.

This Just In

Chuck Haga is now the official Cheerleader for some of the most corrupt on the rez. In his latest article: he sings the praises of Paul Matheny, who is the casino manager. Shows how prosperous and happy he is with his family. I guess all is well on the rez, eh?

The Casino is the source of most of the corruption on the rez, but hey, if Paul runs it, and lives in a big house, and his children all smile-- let that be the face of the rez, eh?

He even quotes Kristy Wishinsky as glowing about how sweet it all is out there. Wow, Kristy? Really? Have you seen her rap sheet? She was a felon with convictions for child abuse/child endangerment and she was working at Tribal Social Services, 'misplacing' children, and this is whom he includes in his GLOWING Report on how wonderful things are on the rez?

Methinks the man has done drunk the Kool Aid!

And the Forum seems to be on a campaign to polish up the image of the rez, to no end. This is amazing to read. Beauty Amid Blight  notice how they talk about how happy the children are in all of these? Children playing, and Halloween is so much fun! Desperate to counteract the bad press lately? The real story coming out in the New York Times Articles were too truthful?

The Fargo Forum, and Chuck Haga, clearly on a Goodwill Blitz for the rez.  This one will be my favorite: Darren Walking Eagle . That is a piece of work, Forum. Darren was appointed to a job that was not advertised and the reason he was given that job, aside from being a payoff to his family, was to add another layer of insulation for Weenie Boy.

The Job is a made up job. But hey, you did your research so you already know that. So, what do we have today? All in one place? Many of those who have ripped off the tribe, proudly smiling in full color pictures, in the Fargo Forum, bragging about how good life is on the rez.

Indeed it is, if you are NOT one of the children that is still being raped, forced to live with predators. Just look at those smiling faces. Fat, smiling faces. Those who get the money out there, do live VERY well.

Where were your photos of the run down homes that children are forced to live in? You get any of those and we just never saw them? We can assume you have them, right?

Haga, I am blown away that you included Kristy Wishinsky. You can look up her criminal history, can't you? or, let me guess: for the purposes of these stories, it wasn't important?

Ladies and gentlemen, you now know the supreme definition of "Polishing Turds".

Everybody go home. The Fargo Forum has declared the emergency of child abuse on the rez is not that big of a problem. People answer the phones now. Matheny makes a lot of money. Kristy Wishinsky sings praises and Darren Walking Eagle has a made up job. There are some very, very lucky people on that rez.

Everybody smile!

You know where to find me.


PS: Save your breath, Haga. It stinks. Sucking up does that.

PPS: No rabbits were killed in the posting of this blog.

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September 19, 2012
Crumbling Walls Fear Of Daylight
--- Printer Version (6)


1983: The Turdclan (Yanktons) plotted to murder Eddie Peltier with family and friends and to make it look like a 'hit and run' on the highway. They murdered him, but the Hit and Run Scenario did not work.

1985: As investigations began to reveal their involvement, they pulled in every corrupt IOU on tap, and, with the help of corrupt FBI, both Helleckson who was posted forever on the rez, and Corrupt FBI agents throughout Indian Country, they managed to concoct a frame up of 11 Innocent young men, for the murders committed by the Yanktons & Co.

1987: A corrupt USAG Office, Corrupt Judge, Chaotic Trial of 11 Defendants tried simultaneously, despite many either not knowing one another, or actually family feuding with one another for decades, were tried en masse in front of a jury, not a single Indian in the Jury pool, were convicted.

Despite recantations of perjured statements and testimonies which freed most of the men, one man remains locked up for this murder, to this day.

The corruption on the rez thrived after the murder. There were murders before and murders since, committed by one or more of the same people who murdered Eddie, over the years. Those that were 'solved' were solved again, by framing the innocent. Those convictions also still stand.

Millions of dollars a week run through the casino like water. Millions every year, given to the Tribe for programs that never see the money, or very little of it, while the casino money and government loans and grants, lined the private bank accounts of Tribal Elite, and their friends. 

Corruption was/is so rampant that it has permeated every agency on and off the rez, including County Social Services, and at the State and Federal Level.  The BIA has been more than enabling in the ongoing corruption, they have been complicit.

The FBI remains, to this day, the thugs who intimidate, harass and attack whistle blowers who, especially lately, are pursuing the charges of abuse, neglect and corruption against all levels of Tribal Social Services.

And that is JUST ONE facet of the many corruptions on the rez, but it appears to be the weakest point because it is crimes against children, the rape and murder of children, and it strikes a chord outside of the rez because of the Penn State Scandal, which brought down a political powerhouse in that region.

A Big Brick Crumbles

Amazingly, Roman Cavenaugh has been designated by the North Dakota Supreme Court as a Habitual Offender, and his lower court appeal decision has been overturned and he now has to do 5 yrs in Federal prison.

You may not be familiar with him if you don't live on the rez. He is part of the Cavenaugh Family of thugs and thieves that connects directly to the BIA through Rod Cavenaugh, and his sister, Piggy Cavenaugh and the rest of her family, all of them including her not qualified to hold any of their positions, runs the clinics and emergency services on the rez. All embezzle. All get paid overtime, despite not even showing up for any work, most days.

For these and multiple connections directly to the Turdclan, when Roman Cavenaugh would beat his wife or babies so badly, they had to be hospitalized, he received reduced or minimalized sentences, mostly in the court of Judge Erickson, who seems to think just about every major abuse or crime on the rez is no biggy...

The Press Release on this event also stated that they were going to be looking into similar cases... that means, more of these lightweight sentences just might be looked into. I hope they also look into what if any, involvements the Judges who seem to issue these wrist slaps, have with some of the key players on the rez, or their partners in crime off the rez. There has to be a reason for it.

Roman Cavenaugh is a lightweight. He's talking. Trust me. That little diddy, as much as anything else that has happened, on or off the rez, is shaking up the tables out there.

Peek-A-Boo, We See YOU!

People are looking in, through cracks in the walls, to see what horrors stalk the daily lives of those children, and are becoming aware of the dangers, the risks taken by those who are risking everything to protect those children, rescue them from the slimy jaws of predators who have, mostly because of their connections again, to the Yankton Turdclan, been given free run, pick of the litters, no fear of retribution or consequences.

Roger became Chairman, and things got even worse for the children. And now, it's collapsing all around him, and his friends.  Media is on this, both locally and nationally. Thomas Sullivan, Regional Director, is on this like a pit bull, despite the many attempts by the FBI to intimidate him, harass him, or attack his credibility.

That the FBI is attacking him, rather than assisting him in his investigation, tells you all you need to know about whether the FBI in Indian Country is corrupt or not.

The heat is on. Daylight keeps breaking in to those always until now dark, demonic places.

Evidence is mounting, despite the FBI's and Tim Purdon's USAG Office's attempts to sweep all this under the rug, that chargeable offenses have been ignored, children are still being hurt, remain in danger and, worst of all, many children are 'missing'. Their whereabouts unknown.

The Walls of Corruption that has protected the Ugly, are coming down.

The corrupt who can read the writing on the wall, hear the hoof beats, and know the riders are coming for them, are realizing that only one thing can mitigate the consequences headed their way: The Truth.

And they are turning on one another, like rats fighting over a sinking raft. They are starting to reveal all that they know-- not just about Tribal Social Services, but about every scam out there. And more. Those who fear the thunder of hoof beats coming to their door, as they are revealed for their parts in these schemes, are willing not only to point fingers back at their accusers with even more crimes... but also, the Ace in The Hole: Telling what they really know about Eddie Peltier's murder... and other murders.

And Now, There's More

For the past year, Todd Trotter, a film maker/documentarian and his partners, have been researching the Kangaroo Court Trial of Richard LaFuente... and they have found all that I had found, and then some.  And they are putting a documentary together that will expose all of it. ALL of it.

You can find the trailer for the documentary here, at Kickstarter, which is a site for raising money to fund projects. They hope to get $50K by November to finish this project. They are off to a great start. You want to see the Turdclan shrivel up and cry? Donate to the project. You know they will be watching that gauge to see how close that goal is to being completed. When it is reached, and that documentary is completed, the reign of corruption and terror in Spirit Lake Nation, is toast.  And it will spread, like fresh air through an open door, throughout all of Indian Country, as Richard LaFuente's case ties directly to Leonard Peltier's case by virtue of every single player on the government side, doing the exact same terrorist stunts to force perjury and convict the innocent, in both cases.  You may not think so right now, but I know what is involved. I know where it leads and you will see it clearly, as will the entire nation.

The corrupt have a lot at stake here. Their decades of greed, thieving, criminal activities and the most heinous of all, abusing children, Human Trafficking, Child Porn, will drag them all into the daylight-- and the murders, corrupt trials, the innocent convicted, all coming down at once.

Billions of dollars run through that river of corruption. They have all been dipping into that river to take what they want. That river will now run dry. It is running dry. And they are thirsty, scared, and turning on each other.

Please Donate to the Project "Incident At Devils Lake" whatever you can. This is where we, each of us, can take a stand, do something that will have a direct effect on taking down the walls, letting in the daylight, healing a nation.  Even if you can't contribute a dime, watch the trailer. Then you will know what has driven me to take this up, blog about it, and pursue the causes in Spirit Lake Nation, for over 17 yrs.

You can also find the FaceBook page on this documentary and that would be a good place for some of you, you know who you are, to get in touch with the film maker, Todd Trotter. And of course, if you are on Twitter, "@DevilsLakeMovie" Do it. This is how we win. This is how the Truth gets out. This is how we restore Justice. WE. ALL OF US.

Texas Monthly, Michael Hall's comment:

Michael Hall did two fantastic articles on Richard LaFuente's case. That is what got the film maker's attention. Here is Michael Hall's statement on the project:

SEP 17 2012, 12:06 PM

Richard LaFuenteI’ve written many criminal justice stories for Texas Monthly over the past thirteen years, and many of those involved inmates who claimed they were innocent. Some, I’m pretty sure, were guilty; others, I became convinced, were not. Almost all of the deserving ones eventually got justice. Only one of them has never received his due. His name is Richard LaFuente and he was wrongly convicted of being part of the murder of a policeman on a North Dakota Indian reservation 29 years ago. He was convicted along with ten others and sent to federal prison, but every one of the others was freed long ago. Only LaFuente remains—and all because he won’t confess to a murder he had nothing to do with. All because he won’t show false remorse for something he didn’t do.

I’ve written about him twice; the first story, in October 2006, laid out the bizarre, hard-to-believe case against him. It’s a complicated story, but the short version is this: In the summer of 1983, LaFuente, then just 25 years old, went with his brother-in-law, John Perez, to visit some relatives on the Devils Lake Sioux reservation (now the Spirit Lake Nation), in North Dakota (LaFuente is half Sioux, half Mexican-American). While they were there, on August 28, a former policeman named Eddie Peltier was found dead on a rural highway, the apparent victim of a hit-and-run.

Two and a half years later LaFuente was arrested for Peltier’s murder. Witnesses at the rez said that on August 28 there had been a big party that led to a big fight. Four witnesses said they had seen a mob of men beat Peltier, while one said she had seen LaFuente, with assistance from Perez, run Peltier over in his souped-up El Camino. LaFuente, Perez, and nine local men went on trial for murder. Not a shred of physical evidence tied any of them to the crime, and all but one of the defendants had an alibi, but the four witnesses carried the day. All eleven men were found guilty, and the two Texans got the longest sentences: twenty years for Perez and life for LaFuente.

Soon, though, the truth began to come out. There had been no party that night and no fight. Two of the witnesses recanted and said they had been threatened by James Yankton, a Bureau of Indian Affairs cop whose large family basically ran the rez. Within four years of the verdict, nine of the defendants had their convictions thrown out because of insufficient evidence. In 1999 Perez was paroled, and only LaFuente remained in prison (by then he’d been transferred to a federal facility in Fort Worth). Thirteen years later, he’s still there. “He never had a fair trial,” I wrote, “the courts have said so twice. The truth is, like Eddie, Richard never had a chance. It would be a grand gesture if the government, which bent every effort to convict him, finally gave him one.”

I wrote a second story earlier this year, in January; this one detailed how bullheaded and unresponsive the federal system is for a man with such a perfect case of actual innocence. “It’s so overwhelming what they’ve done to me,” he told me for the story. “But I’m not gonna let them ruin me or destroy my life any more than they already did.”

Unlike many of the men I’ve done stories on, Richard LaFuente is a kind, decent person. He was the wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time—and he has paid for it with his life—26 years of it. He’s a grandfather now, and his daughters bring their children to visit him. He’s been turned down for parole so many times now he doesn’t keep track.

And now a man named Todd Trotter is trying to make a documentary about the case. Trotter has worked on a bunch of TV documentaries; Incident at Devils Lake will be his first film on his own. Trotter has been researching the case for a couple of years now and is ready to go to the Spirit Lake Nation in North Dakota to film the story. All he needs is money. Trotter just started a Kickstarter campaign to try and raise $50,000. For more evidence and information, visit his website.

You know where to find me.


PS: For The Record: I am in no way a part of the Documentary being made. But I support it as factual, accurate and 100% The Right Thing To Do

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September 17, 2012
Black Road Backfire
--- Printer Version (4)

Kevin Dauphinais back in town. Bad things happen when that Toy Story shows up. Things just go sideways and bad. He hangs with a Black Road Medicine Man, John Chaske, and he practices snake medicine against his enemies. But lately, it seems to be backfiring.

The BIA has taken over the Tribal Social Services. The Tribe knew this was coming and that everyone working in Tribal Social Services were going to be fired and replaced by people who actually know what the job is about.

Just before this takeover was announced on Friday, Tribal Council, in a phantom meeting, bestowed upon Mark Little Owl, an unprecedented four-year contract, which means that when he is fired, he is paid, four years of money, benefits, and all that that entails.

I say "Phantom Meeting" because only in full meetings can Tribal Council pass resolutions. No one has seen Tribal Council in one place in weeks. People have been lined up at the Blue Building waiting for any ONE of the Tribal Council to show up and conduct business, but they are nowhere. They hide. I suspect they all have their own rock and have crawled under it, to hide with the worms and the bugs and the slugs.

No meeting was announced and the minutes of that phantom meeting have never been taken. But, suddenly, mere hours before the BIA takes over the Tribal Social Services, they hand over a golden contract, and then also, in that same phantom meeting pass a resolution 'ceding' that same department over to the BIA.

Any questions on the corruption of the Tribal Council and the Director of the Tribal Social Services? Anyone? Me neither.

Frying Pan to Fire

So, now the BIA boldly steps in. Let's see what they do and how they do it. They have been content, for years and years, despite their own reports showing numerous dangerous and possibly fraudulent 'deficiencies' in how the Tribe was handling Social Services, only commenting that previously noted 'deficiencies' (code for children in danger and money disappearing and we really have no paperwork to show us where anything is being done), is now forced, mostly because public pressure has brought the media focus, and the focus of Governor, Senators and the Office of Thomas Sullivan, ACF in Colorado, Region VIII, relentlessly pushing for them to actually do their job at his insistence that children have been and remain in danger.

With three dead children in the past 18 months to back up the term "dangerous", and the horrendous reality that there are children actually placed in homes with known pedophiles, it is only a matter of time before those horrors, or greater horrors and more dead babies, prove the point.

And still, Federal Agencies, including the FBI, are trying to intimidate people into thinking Thomas Sullivan is under investigation. You have to wonder whose side the FBI is on, when they do that. Or, you realize whose side they have always been on, and it sucks the breath right out of your chest. The FBI instead of investigating the crimes against the children, pursue and try to silence those who speak of such crimes in Indian Country. Yeah, I know.

So now, the BIA, which when it was forced to look at the situation after practicing years of willful blindness, moved very swiftly-- not to rescue the children-- but to retaliate and threaten those who blew the whistle on the urgency of the situation, is forced to now take over that situation.

To this day, children are being placed in dangerous situations. To this day, children have not been removed from homes with up to three pedophiles living in them.  To this day, children who now rape each other, act out sexually towards their peers, their siblings, have not been removed from the homes where these acts were practiced on them. To. This. Day.

The BIA has been lacking, slow, and vindictive. Let's see if they can now, placed in that snake pit that they enabled for years, actually do anything to protect those children? Or will they continue only in practicing covering their own asses, silencing the Foster Parents, the Doctors and the professionals who have issued mandated reports and submitted documents to back up, in full, their complaints.

I for one, have no faith in the BIA.  Their Strike Force was present on the rez for over two weeks, and yet, they did not realize that there was no hospital there. They could not figure out why the women leave the rez and go to Devils Lake Mercy Hospital to have their babies. 

When that question was put to Betty Jo Krenz, she asked a question of her own: "What would you have them do? Go out behind their houses and squat?"

Two Weeks, Strike Force, Clueless. That is the BIA and how it 'functions'. I have no faith.

When Yvette Rubidoux moved to retaliate against Dr. Tilus, and in so doing, caused great harm to his patients, I lost any faith in her office being any better than Aberdeen. It seems to me that the BIA has some sweet deal going on, and they don't want anyone to rock their boat. Whatever this deal is, however long it has been going on, it has to stop.

People like Dr. Tilus, like Thomas Sullivan, like Betty Jo Krenz, all made reports to them as the Government in charge, and they not only ignored the reports, not only allowed children to be murdered, die of neglect, but they turned their guns on those who were trying to get help for those children. 

Now, they are 'taking it over'. I really don't think we can all rest assured that things will improve. I think we must be even more vigilant and not accept until we have proof, that all these children are safe, being cared for, and no, I won't "take the BIA's word for it' any more than I would take Weenie Worm's word for it.

Until there are criminal indictments of those who have been involved in the corruption, not only in that department, but the entire Tribal Council, and all their political and agency cronies, not only are the children on the rez not safe-- no one's child is safe. On or off the rez, no child is safe-- especially if you think the State or Federal government is taking care of things now.

The Tribal Council and Social Services felt pretty confident in giving Mark Little Owl a Four Year Contract just hours before handing over the department to the Feds.  Why? 'Friends in high places', that's why.

Dancing on the Dark of the Moon

Alex Yankton dropped dead Saturday night, Sunday morning. He was drunk (as usual) and dancing at his daughter's wedding, when he choked on a piece of meat and dropped dead. His family, will of course, mourn him. He was every bit as much a raving pervert and bully as his brothers and sisters.

But, on the upside, the family can sue the casino and get a whole ton of money because with family and friends running it, the Insurance Company will be glad to pay it out. Everyone will side with the family.  They will get a huge lump sum, everyone will buy more drugs than they ever bought before and that will probably be the end of that branch of the House of Greywater. (His mother's name is Greywater).  Just a thought.

Bet he had that really surprised look on his face. I wonder if he really choked on a piece of meat, or a chicken bone, reports vary, or if it was Eddie Peltier, stopping in to say hello.  My money is on Eddie. Why? Because that weird man that has shown up at the casino a few times; that dark haired, greasy, pale white man in dark glasses and all in black, the one who smells like he came from under the ground or the bottom of the lake and who shows up at the casino with a list of names, and then disappears from surveillance like smoke-- he's back. He was there on Wednesday. And he was calling names again.

He said he would be back to collect. Souls are due. I think he is the Collector. I wonder if that is who Alex saw just before he strangled and fell to the floor. We'll never know. But I bet Eddie's having a few words with him. You know, "Old Friends" and talk of murders.

It's not over. The Black Road is Back Firing on those who walk it. Time is running out. The Collector is checking off names on that list he carries.

Getting It

Chuck Haga at the Fargo Forum, if he keeps writing pieces like "These Are the Boogeymen" I might have to recommend you go and subscribe to that paper for the next year or two. Well worth a read. If you live in North Dakota, you need to read that article. If you want to understand how dangerous the Rez is for little children, you have to read that article.

I say 'subscribe' because this is just the beginning and I have a feeling that Haga will be riding that horse for a very long time, and we need to continue to stay informed and know where to go to get the information.

That and The New York Times, articles so far, by Timothy Williams, have been breath taking. I know there is more to come from both the National and the Regional Papers. This is not going away.

People are beginning to learn the horrors of what children have endured for decades out there, and that those horrors continue to this day. Now when you see a broken spirit, you have a better idea of how that happened. They weren't weak, they didn't fail, they just cried for help and no one came for them. Now, as we see this unfold, we are getting it.

Maybe, if we act together, and push for changes, demand rescue and accountability, investigations and indictments, maybe then we can start to fix this. We are getting it now. It's starting to make sense. We can understand better. People weren't born broken. They weren't born to be addicts, drunks, violent. It was done to them. It is still being done to them. This is our beginning. We can make the changes that will affect a generation now, and help to heal them and ourselves, and make the coming generations more safe, secure, healthy and productive. We are beginning to become more Human when we realize this is ours to do, not them, not theirs, ours. All of us.

You know where to find me.


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Bows & Arrows
September 12, 2012
---Printer Version (2)

A very good show of outrage from The Jamestown Sun in September 12, 2012 edition. It’s not signed so I take it that it comes from the Editor Directly.

They rightly call out Roger Yankton for his failure to act as either a leader of his Tribe or to protect the children, choosing instead, to attack the messengers and deny any serious wrongs have occurred or are ongoing.

The Jamestown sun praises their Sister Publications for getting this most serious issue to the forefront. They vow to continue the pressure on the tribe.

Kudos for all of that.

Now, for the other, what I consider “missing” elements of the editorial.

It is true that local media, since they got onto this thing, have stuck with it. But other media have been involved also: The New York Times was also doing major articles on the Tribal Social Services and deserves mention. In fact, NYT has been doing in-depth articles about horrendous failings of government in Indian Country, not just Spirit Lake Nation, for quite some time. They do take it to a broader audience.

Further, I thought it was the job of Journalists and Newspapers to bring us important, relevant, factual and insightful information in our own community, State and Nation. Taking a bow for doing the job seems odd to me. I am sure there is an award on down the road for this, but taking the bow now, before the job is finished seems somehow “off” to me.

Also not mentioned as the Sun was patting itself on the back, is the true heroes of this case: Those who risked their careers, personal safety and reputations, to carry this story, to the government agencies… literally, driving for hours to get in to see Senators, Governor, Agency Directors, Candidates for Office, State and Federal Representatives... and Reporters long before they drew any ink on this story.

Those people who were fired for, attacked for, harassed for bringing this story of crimes against children and families to all the legal authorities, political offices and yes, to the Media, delivered on a silver platter. (Go ahead, shoot at that).

These are the same unnamed people for the most part, who risk their very lives to get this information out to anyone that will listen and hope that government will act. These are the ongoing heroes in this battle, as far as I am concerned.

For a Journalist, and Editor, a Newspaper or TV Station to do their job of relaying the information is great and much appreciated, but hardly heroic.

There are many Messengers in this ordeal. But there are only a select few real Warriors. And those warriors have told me that they view the real heroes in all of this, the children who have endured unspeakable indignity and abuse, survived, come forward and told their stories. Their heroes are the mothers, fathers, grandparents and other relatives who have, against overwhelming odds, fought to save their own and other children and have done so for decades while media, for the most part, found other topics much more interesting.

Those are the heroes in my book. We Messengers, especially those of us, such as myself, as far removed from this danger as a flower from the moon, can take no bows. Those whose job and position it is to bring this information forward, are to be commended for doing their job, but keep in mind, they also get paid for doing their job.

None of the warriors are being paid to risk their lives, lose their careers, endure the relentless threats and harassment. They are doing it because it is the right thing to do.

None of the Children, their families who fight for them, even have, at this hour, a sense of security or safety and remain under constant—very real-- threat.

And, lastly, it is up to ALL OF US to keep the pressure on all fronts: The Tribe to come clean; The Government to do their job; and the Media to keep us informed and up to date.

This is on all of us to do. This is our job as Citizens, as Human Beings. We cannot ignore the horrors that will be revealed, nor can we accept any blanket statement that All is Well now, from ANYONE involved.

None of us can TAKE A BOW, nor should we, at least, not yet.

I love the tone of the Sun’s Editorial. I love the strength behind it. I love the real human emotion connection to the issue. But if we must include handing out accolades for our work before the job is finished, we may miss something very important. We may overlook those who are doing the hard part. Worst of all, we may forget that these are real flesh and blood children who remain in peril.

Stay focused. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as they say. So much is moving under the surface, you will be astonished, horrified. No premature back patting will serve any of us at this time, nor then.
There is so much more to be done. I thank you all for making this “your Baby”.

You know where to find me.

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September 10, 2012
As The Bigger Picture Becomes Clearer
--- Printer Version (7)

One of the things that has allowed corruption of the worst kind to thrive in Indian Country has been in general, a lack of interest by an outside nation raised on stereo-types that regarded Custer as a hero, and every other Dime Novel mythology, without question. 

Our history books don't include 'the other side', and that has left, for all of us, generations of accepting whatever media tells us, and carrying whatever the attitude is that media uses to tell it. If they use ridicule or code words for "silly Indians" such as "warpath", "renegade" we were easily walked away from the earliest signals heralded by protesters, who 'didn't look quite like us', that had we paid heed to, might have prevented not only the ills being suffered in Indian Country today, in in our nation in general. 

We are All Connected. We are all Related. Remember that whenever you hear any story about any people that are not 'like you and me' but are 'other'.  They are not. They are US. We are them. And here we all are today.

I am going to suggest at this point, for what it is worth, that every elementary school and every high school have, as part of it's US History Curriculum, mandatory, that there be a whole week where Native American Elders come in and tell the History they know.

We don't owe that to 'them'. We owe that to ourselves and to our future. 'WE' are owed that much.

Once we have the whole picture, we can begin to focus, as it becomes more clear, on what we can all do to both fix what is broken, and to be sure we never allow it to be broken again.

What I am going to be doing more and more here, is connecting events that happened in other places, to other people, and showing where they are the same, in pattern and damage done, to all of us. By reliving some past horrors in Headlines and stories, we can because we must, relate to what is happening on the rez right now.  We must see this through eyes that are not blinded by racism, bigotry, or unquestioning faith in our religion, our institutions, or our government.

Money & Power

Those who control the money, control the power. Those who control the information can be the gatekeeper that either allow/abets the corruption, or which reveals it and disempower it. Every source of information is, essentially, a gatekeeper: TV, Radio, Newspapers, Schools, Educational books, learning materials --- and those who live the events and can and will talk about them. The latter is the most reliable, but the least heard from by virtue of access to or being sought out by all the rest that preceded them on that list.

All are controlled by those who have the money to control them, silence them, or forward the lies to cover up the crimes.  We must learn critical thinking so that we are harder to fool.

Credit Cards

Over $3Million was tracked directly to the credit cards that were found in one box alone, when the FBI searched the offices back almost 2 years ago now. Those credit cards were taken out in the names of every man, woman and child on the rez, without their knowledge.  Debts were run up, not paid. People have had their credit ruined and still don't know it. There were more than 7 boxes of credit cards. Think about that.

Why, after all this time, has no one been arrested on that scam?  Roger is pointing directly at Brian Pearson and his mommy, NLO on this one.

Further, since most of the cards went to one zip code, why did the banks not send up a flag?  Because they get paid 3 times over when a credit card tanks: 1st: They get a write off equal to the debt and the outrageous interest rates lost (that is typically 5 x the actual/initial debt) They then get reimbursed by government grants to cover a large percentage of their losses. Further, they can bundle those bad accounts into good accounts that they then sell under the 'default swaps' we heard so much about as we learned what actually undermined our economy and crashed us back in 08. Those defaults are sold as if good, at a 90% or higher, and insured, by government insurance... so when they fail, we pay.

We really do need those banking regulations, kids. And we really need the FBI to start making arrests, or for some agency higher up to start arresting FBI agents who have found all this criminal activity and kept it quiet.

The FBI has, since the beginning, been an accomplice to unspeakable crimes in Indian Country. They have never been the Force for GOOD, but rather, they have been the thug enforcement that has had the information, and been the gatekeeper that prevented it from getting out. 

That has to change, from the top down and the bottom up. There are good agents out there. They didn't sign up to be thugs for the corrupt. Yet, here they are. Looking at millions of dollars in stolen credit, much of it taken from children... along with so much else that has been stolen from the children of the rez..

To The Showers

When a player messes up, the coach will, as punishment, send them 'to the showers'. Take them off the court or the field and send them to go clean up.

I want to send every Federal Official who has been holding meetings, and discussing and debating whether or not the children being raped, sodomized, assaulted, neglected, murdered on the rez -- to the Showers.

Mandatory reports are flying in at about one per week at the present rate. Yet, not one police car, not one FBI SUV has shown up to remove one child from any of the homes that have pedophiles, registered sex offenders living in them. Not one of those Registered Sex Offenders has been arrested for breaking the terms of their release. Not ONE.

We were all appalled that the Penn State Shower scene played out the way it did. We all swore we would have reported it, immediately. We all would then have expected police cruisers to pull up, yank that bastard out of the showers and haul him in while the child was rescued and taken in for treatment.

I now wonder if that would ever have happened. People who have a lot of money, and Political Power are not treated like criminals. They are treated like valuable access to greater riches and power for those with greed or political ambitions of their own. 

Further, as we have seen in the Hallowed Halls of government, a lot of perverted men seek and hold power. In order to feel safe in their compulsions or indulgences, they pay off, reward, or blackmail others into covering up for them. Given how many know about each other, it would not surprise me that either murder or suicide would be the option to keep those gates of information closed to the rest of us, forever.

Ray Gricar disappeared in 2005. He knew about Sandusky and the whole Penn State scandal before a whiff of it ever passed over the rest of us. He disappeared without a trace never having filed charges in the case. 

The Tom Corbett, scored a lot of political clout during his term as Pennsylvania USAG, from 2005 to 2011.  He seemed blissfully unaware of any charges or scandal at Penn State all that time. Odd, considering he is the one that would be most likely to have such charges reported to his office.  He is now governor of that State.

One does not get to be governor without having powerful friends. In Pennsylvania there was no one more powerful that Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky and their myriad organizations and corporate holdings.  No one seems to think Corbett needs to be looked into for his connections to, nor his campaigns connections to, the mighty who have fallen.

It is as if you can buy silence a third way. Murder, Suicide, or... Don't Rock The Political Boat. Protecting the people in power is in itself, a powerful position. It becomes the power behind the throne. The little man behind the curtain. It is how corruption thrives and affects all of us.

Let's say the Shower Scene at Penn State had been reported immediately. From what I have seen on the rez, there would be denials, ridicule, people who make the reports would be retaliated against by the very government agencies that are supposed to take action to protect the children.  There would be endless meetings and denials.  But children would still be getting raped until someone with backbone, or a community or a nation in outrage, forced those in government whose job it is to act, to ACTUALLY ACT.

Government seems more interested in protecting the reputation of the corrupt, than in investigating the crimes they commit, or rescuing the children who remain, to this day, terrorized and captive.

Purdon's office held a big meeting with all the Tribal Leaders from various Reservations NAIS last week. The notice came out on the 5th, and the meeting was the next day. Hardly enough time for anyone to muster up a response or plan to question the process.

I called it: "Mafia Summit". Why does he continue to invite those accused of the crimes, to meetings to discuss how to best help them deal with the way the crimes are being handled? He did not once invite Foster Parents, survivors or rape and incest, or any of the fired or retaliated against whistle-blowers to any 'summit'.  I am dazzled by his inability to grasp the criminality of what is going on right under his nose. Is he blind? Or is he involved?

His office has had, for over two years now, enough evidence to bring charges of RICO (Racketeering, Corrupt Influence Organization) charges against the tribal council and several of the Directors, and yet, he can't seem to move in that direction.  It took him over 16 mos to arrest one family member and charge them with the murder of those two babies. He still won't say if there was more than ONE perpetrator of that horrific crime! Is he waiting for the witness to die? Or be killed? Will it be 'natural causes'? "Accidental?"

He has had FIVE Mandated Reports on his desk, regarding child abuse on the rez. He has 'held meetings'. He has done nothing.

The picture I am getting of Timid Purdon is not pretty. It's very, very Political.

All's Well

Mark Little Owl, the new Director of Tribal Social Services, declared on the record that "no children are in danger."  A stunningly stupid statement for two reasons: 1) It is provably false 2) It makes him complicit in covering up the crimes when he declares there are no crimes.  Remember: Not one Registered sex offender has been arrested for living with children. Sound 'out of danger' to you? Not one person who abused, raped, sodomized, neglected or assaulted children has been arrested. Sound 'out of danger' to you?

I keep getting reports about how aggressive, pushy to the point of harassing women, Mark Little Owl has been. I hear of restraining orders. I need to see the documents kids. His last statement alone should be enough to have him removed from the position he has in TSS, but you know they won't act on that.

Kevin Brownshield Dauphinais has also returned to Crow Hill, and is again, working with TSS. How did that happen? Does Roger need more documents shredded and Kevin is the go-to man for that? Kevin has raided the program for millions of dollars and it looks like he is back for more. Let's have another meeting, shall we?

I remember when Pine Ridge was being touted last month as the shining example of top notch leadership. And then, lo and behold, information got out that all was not well in the landscape shat upon by Dickie Wilson and his goons. Lakota Elders have taken over the offices to clean up the mess of corruption.

In the past, the government, because we did not see or know what was going on, would roll in tanks and take down protesters who dared stand up to the corruption, such as they did in the Incident at Wounded Knee.  But now, the Gatekeepers won't tell you about the Lakota Elders taking over the offices, but neither can they stop you from finding out about it.

Oxymoron Acronym Soup

FBI, BIA, DEA, USAG, IHS, TSS... and the rest of the refrigerator magnets all spell one thing: Status Quo. They don't want anything to change in Indian Country. There are billions of tax dollars that go in every year, without audit or oversight. There are hundreds of billions of dollars worth of Natural Resources that are extracted with the same lack of audit or oversight.  Very powerful people with very powerful political allies, mostly in those acronyms, seek to keep their power and their flow of cash from being revealed or interrupted.

Sadly, for now, it has manifested in the protection of Child Rapists. Rapists who are given meetings, Press Releases, and whose victims can not yet see a light at the end of their nightmare.

Purdon is unconcerned, except that someone might actually challenge his lack of action on crimes that have been revealed to him, documented to him, evidenced to him. He will gladly point to his sterling record that exists everywhere except that one dark, sticky, prickly reservation-- Spirit Lake Nation.

It is as if he is proving both that he knows what his job is and how to do it; and that he is incapable or unwilling to do it in that one place.

He's now in the soup. And the heat is being turned up.

Hoeven said that he remains unconvinced that the children are safe in Spirit Lake Nation. He said he wants proof.  How long before he demands arrests and investigations?

(*tickety, clickety, clickity-tick...) Do I hear or Sixth? Or possibly a Seventh or Eighth Mandatory Report being created?

How far into "Urgent" before there is action? It's only going to get worse. It is not going to go away. We are all painfully mentally tattooed, sadly, with the shower scene from Penn State and appalled at how it was ignored, for so long. Will we stand by and allow this, a thousand times worse, be ignored? I don't think so.

Threats From Within

Brian Pearson seems to be the one that is being looked at the most closely in this credit card scam and other financial 'misadventures'.  The missing checks, missing funds, bogus invoices... all of that seems to be heading into a class A Felony.

The Tribe and the Tribal Council need a fall guy. They need someone to be taken down and taken down hard, to draw the heat away from themselves.

Sandusky went down hard, but none of those he did business with, none of those who also aided and abetted his crimes against children, have even been looked at.

Those in power know how this game is being played: Give them someone's head on a pike and they will carry it away like a trophy, and leave the Kingdom of corruption to carry on again, as if nothing ever happened.

Brian already has a huge record for Drunk Driving offenses, some involving minors and drugs... so, I guess he is the easiest guy to take down. Even his mother will throw him to the wolves if she thinks it will keep anyone from looking any further up the ladder.

Peggy Cavenaugh has pulled all her strings on her family and friends, including those in IHS and BIA, to give the public a trophy.  My money is that Brian will be that head on a pike, carried away by the crowds.

You know Sandusky was not alone in what he did. But he is alone in jail. Penn State is back to having games, and donors are slowly coming back to doing business as usual. Media, our Gatekeepers, don't do follow up. They give us a trophy to carry away, and with it, all our rage disappears. But nothing really changes.

Now That You Are Back, Kevin

You will understand these two things very, very well:

"It is not the bite of the snake that kills, it is the venom." (Methinks you bit your own ass)


"The smallest mouse in the corner may have the loudest voice in the Boardroom."

Everything will be revealed. There is no Gatekeeper here. We want to know. We need to know. We have to know in order to fix what is broken, and keep it from breaking all of us. The picture we have all been looking at, is becoming clearer. They want us to look away, but we can't.

You know where to find me.



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September 4, 2012
Waiting  ---- Printer Version (4)

Imagine, if you can, that it is your child or if you can, imagine you are one of the many children on the rez, being forced to live with child predators. Imagine that your urgent situation has been sighted and the call for help has been raised.

Imagine you raise up your tiny arms as new people show up, thinking they are going to rescue you... only they just pass you by as they go to meetings, make speeches, and send out press releases. Imagine the anger as you hear these people, over and over again, say that your safety and well-being is the most important thing to them... and then they leave again.  Drop your arms, give up. They are not there to help you. They are there to tell you how much they have helped you. They are there to pretend that you are being helped.  They are there to give more support and more cover to those who have already robbed you, and who put you in this horrifying situation.

Why do these children have to wait? It's has been months! Months and months and more months! There are safe homes on the rez, but that is not where these children have been put.  In fact, some of these same safe homes on the rez, is where the children have been dragged away from and put into perpetual abuse and neglect.

From the Rez:

To my relatives and friends:

You know the truth why do you not use it? There is a process going on here on the reservation where there are people from the outside looking in to everything.  The CORRUPT are afraid of it because they are looking into the truth.  I am here and have always lived here, this blog someone pointed out to me and told me about it and I looked into it and read what the blog was saying and I have not seen or read anything in it yet that is not the truth.

Growing up here I lived among people who were strong and fearless, they were independent and fought the elements and worked hard to survive. Life was hard work then and everyone was poor, but there are no memories of any suicides. Now those people are all gone, gone back to the stars where we come from and have been coming from since the beginning of time. Back then the war against our people was in the form of oppression and poverty, and still is for that matter. There are still survivors from those times living here still. 

Now this war is being waged against us by our own relatives and people who say they know and are concerned about making things better for our people. But don't be fooled! they have an agenda that has nothing to do with why they are here. They did not mention the police dept and all the Meth and pills that are being sold here.

In spite of knowing the identity of these people by the police force they are never arrested or charged. I know that too because you and others have told me you went to the police and they didn't do anything and started harassing you instead!! They are promoting cross deputization as the answer to the problems & jurisdictional issues?

But you know that RACISM is alive and well in the towns around us, and they want their police and sheriffs to be able to come on to the reservation to harass us like they do when we leave the reservation to any of the towns around us. You know that too, and have experienced it more than once like me.  I see the Highway patrol sitting by the junction of Hwy 20 waiting to stop us when we drive by. They are pretending that cross deputization is the answer they must be blind or think we are blind and stupid. And if our elected leaders think that is a good idea they should be thrown out of office. 

As a young person I joined others in the war against oppression and poverty, but stopped when I realized we were fighting the Government as well as the corruption.  How I realized this was that a lot of people I knew were murdered in this war, and the police (FBI) were not interested in who killed them or what happened to them because some of them disappeared and were never seen again. I know you do not say what you see and know because there is danger in what you know and have seen, and it is from the very people who say they are here to make it better. You know many people your own relatives who do not come back here because they will not get a job based on who their families are. They know who is NOT corrupt and those people pay for it by not being hired, and no program will help them even though they know they have the funds to help them. I know this for a fact too because that is what happened to me for speaking out as a young person.   

Have you noticed that there are people here who have high paying jobs without any education or experience? They live in homes that make your government houses look like shacks, they drive new cars. A lot of them do not have jobs and no means of showing where their money is coming from. Where do you think these people got the ability to do this? CORRUPTION!!!  What job on the reservation can help you end up with 400,000+ in your 401K? Why don't the FEDERAL OFFICIALS look into that.  Why doesn't the tribe pay back all the money that was taken from the children who turned 18 and got $200? who authorized the person that took their money? And since they don't know where to look why not WESTERN BANK they have all the records too, no one shredded those ones yet. And if they have been shredded you know the LETS PRETEND WE ARE THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT was already there.    

The people that are here now INVESTIGATING know this but will not tell you, not in public anyway.  I want them to get up in the General Assembly and say it. Each reservation in North Dakota and across the nation get money from the government for programs just like our programs.  The money is for the people from that particular reservation, in our case Spirit Lake Nation Tribal members. They are quick to say there is not enough funding to handle the problems? The Housing shortage with three and sometimes more families living in the same home. The IHS clinic where we sit for hours to see the Doctor, The contract health funds that pay for people from other reservations and tell you there is no money to help you see the specialist you need to live longer. the HIP program that spends all its money on only certain families and you know who they are too. The General Assistance program that they say has not enough money to help our people.  The Tribal employee Loan program. You know it because I have heard many of you say it and complain about it. Our enrollment is a joke, as long as you are related to or are friends with the enrollment clerk you can be enrolled! and that has been that way for decades now.    

All these things I have talked with you before and you are the ones that told me all these things. You know and have known all along what is wrong and why. While I write this letter I know for a fact that the CORRUPT, the people we put in charge are looking for someone to point the finger at and say they caused all the problems and that's why the Federal Officials are here pouring over the finance and Social Services. 

They are upset that the blog tells things that are true and want it shut down, but we need it to find out what our own people in charge are doing because they won't tell anyone.  Their favorite saying is "We have no funds". If you believe that then I wasted my time writing to this blog, and it will be the last time I do.  The last thing I am going to say about this is also the TRUTH, Stop saying the "Children are sacred", it was all those children that were being neglected and abused that brought this attention to this place we call our home, our Nation, and three of them paid for getting that attention for us with their lives!

Well, there's a perspective that can't be denied.  Truth be told, this statement sounds like a compilation of about 16 different people that I have heard from over the past year.

Again, the children are waiting for rescue, while bureaucrats 'do meetings'.

Holding Pattern

Let's close on a somewhat lighter note, shall we? While we 'wait' for something urgent to be done?

A story has come in about Pat Walking Eagle. All those years on the rez and as the Principal of the school and she never learned a word of Dakotah?

She wanted, for some reason, possibly because she was being put in as the Director of Head Start and she wanted to keep her full time job as principal (Puh-leez! Both, if done properly at all, are more than FULL TIME jobs!). She wanted to make a Public Service Announcement on Indian Radio out there.

She got Katherine Howard to coach her on how to say what she wanted to say, in Dakotah.
It was supposed to be: "You hold my heart in your hands."

But, once again, Dakotah is not a speed-read language.  And, if you don't have a feel for it, you probably should stay away from it. What came out of Pat Walking Eagle's mouth was: "You hold my genitals in your hand".

Elders were dialing up the station and telling them, between being mortified and laughing, to not run that PSA again and again.

The School Board told her that she could not take direction. And that she couldn't talk either! They did can her. She only gets one full-time job at a time. Greedy as the Walking Eagles are, she's canned.

I'd love to close this out by telling you that you hold my heart in your hands, but I'm afraid it would not come out right.

You know where to find me.


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September 3, 2012
Priorities & Purdon's Office
--- Printer Version (5)

It's almost as if there is a game being played on some level that I just don't get. Clearly, Spirit Lake Nation has been and remains in violation of the Sex Offenders Act which mandated that the pictures of sex offenders be posted in the public buildings on the rez.  Those pictures have been down for months.

Scandal over the abuse, murder, ongoing placement of children, some of them babies, being housed with registered sex offenders, other felons; babies being killed, appalling cases of neglect...

DOJ awards Dakotas tribes $1 million in grants

BISMARCK | The Department of Justice has awarded more than $1 million to four Native American tribes in the Dakotas to enhance sex offender registration and notification programs.

The North Dakota congressional delegation announced Thursday that the grants have been awarded to the Three Affiliated Tribes of Fort Berthold, the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the Spirit Lake Sioux Tribe.

The congressional delegates say in a news release that the tribes will use the money to help implement and comply with the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act of 2006, which seeks to close gaps and loopholes in sex offender registration and notification programs.

Is Timid Purdon NOT reporting on up the chain of command at all? How could a tribe be so blatantly, scandalously "OUT" of compliance, and be rewarded with a chunk of change like that?

Seriously, from here, it looks like the Department of Justice is doing all it can to not only NOT investigate the crimes being committed against these children (Thomas Sullivan has issued a Fifth Mandated Report), but no changes on Spirit Lake rez-- too many road trips, gambling junkets to attend to?

Not only do they not investigate, but out of the blue, here comes a huge bag of coins going to land right on their non-compliant/out of compliance Tribal Council. 

Government does not appear to be 'working together to protect the children' here. One side seems clearly to be supporting, aiding, abetting, enabling the pedophiles and abusers to carry on.

A Timeline

Grand Forks Herald did a good timeline of correspondence showing the BIA and the Tribe both being aware of "Issues" I urge you to read it. It covers essentially a 6 month stretch, but you get the idea. That's the online version from their website and you'll see a list of additional articles they have been inking on this subject.  The cumulative effect of all this, if you read it through, is that it becomes more and more clear that Department of Justice, Department of Interior, Tim Purdon's Office, The State of North Dakota, are all doing some bizarre dance that sounds so---how do I put this? Very concerned about the paperwork, not so concerned about the urgency of the situation with regards to the children who need rescue, months ago.

Note: If that GFH Link does not open for you let me know and I will see if I can retrieve it for you.

It all sounds so very official from the very offices who should be alarmed at the situation, but who in turn speak airily of things like, Children are Our Priority, and their Safety is most important... but in fact, they make no move to actually remove any child that they know who is living with a registered sex offender.

Was nothing learned from Penn State? In one case, according to one of the now almost half dozen Mandated Reports, the agencies are put on notice that there are 9 children living under the same roof as three registered sex offenders. No hurry? Get the paperwork in order? Recruit and train a few more workers? Get the funding in place? Accept every excuse from the Tribe, regardless of how demonstrably false it is? But, no hurry on removing those children from the clutches of REGISTERED SEX OFFENDERS?

I was not impressed with the Department of the Interior's August 27, 2012 Press Release

I was even less impressed with the Department of Interior's August 31, 2012 Press Release. It's 2 pages.

I took the liberty if highlighting and bolding the 5 bullet points they seem to think are the most important goals for the 'strike' team that will be headed to the rez for 2 weeks sometime this month. Bullet points that do not include :

  • "Removal of any child from dangerous home"
  • Placement of that child into therapeutic care

Nothing that would imply rescue. Sort of: Pull up a folding chair and watch that shower scene as it occurs. Really important that the Tribal Leaders not take offense to any actions that are being taken. Well, there you go. People are screaming and raising red flags to try and get these children out of harm's way, and government is looking at paperwork, discussing training of new workers...in which I find dark comedy:

"Hello new Social Services Trainees! Today we will not ask if you, or any of your supervisors have any history of felonies, being abusers, stalking, or sex offenses or child abuse charges in your past.  Today we focus on the basics of Social Services."

*Instructor holds up placard that reads: "Children Are Sacred!" The class speaks in unison.

Holds up another Placard: "Children are our Priority!" Again, the voices speak as one.

Holds up yet another placard: "Sex Offenders should not be allowed to have free access to children."

The Class seems confused.

"That's okay, we'll cover that another time. Here's your paper work and your forms. These must be filled out properly or someone might think you are not doing your jobs. Don't worry, we never come and check to see if the children you list exist; if the homes they are assigned to actually meet the criteria, and we never ever take Mandated Reports seriously... so don't worry about that."

*Looks around* "So, if there are no questions, let's break for lunch, shall we? Oh, and before I go, here’s your share of the $1Million grant! Yay!"

There seems to be no sense of "urgency" despite the nature of the Mandated reports going in.

The only urgency seemed to be in covering up, acting offended, finding ways to retaliate against the whistle-blowers, burying the evidence in tiny graves, and shredding documents so that the paperwork will either look right or the TSS can claim they were in chaos because of personnel shortages. (Firing people who do their job will create shortages, so that is understandable).

I see that a man named Don Laverdure is being sent in by Sue Settles.

Something just occurred to me: The BIA has claimed to have been working on this since 2011.. (as if they had not heard about the problems prior to that?)... so, has anyone seen any Mandated Reports issued by anyone in the BIA that has been 'working on this since April of 2011'? Anyone? Buehler? *crickets*

The State, The BIA, The DOI, the DOJ and the rest of the Alphabet Gang is more concerned with getting more money, but not with compliance.  Getting paperwork to 'look' passable, not really concerned about whether it is factual reporting or not.

Questions are being politely asked and the Tribe is being 'thanked' for cooperating with the DOI-- and it all looks like Political Ballet to me.

Can they not hear those children crying? Can they not see their broken spirits? Can they not figure out how this happened? Do they not care that it is happening?

We all must stay vigilant on this. We must all stay on the media to keep this story from turning brown like an apple left out too long, only to be thrown away as 'old news'. This is our Penn State times 1000. We must keep on the agencies to do their job.

If they continue to refuse to take proactive action to protect these children, get them to safety, get them medical and psychological treatment, and these children survive into adulthood, it is to our neighborhoods they will wander. It is our security that will be shattered as we see someone, like a Zombie, filled with rage, pain, fueled by addictions, comes and breaks into our cars, our homes, or worse--- acting on our children as they were acted on when they were children.

The cycle here, is visible. We break it here or it gets bigger. We make it mean something. We demand that these children be rescued FIRST and then they can have all their meetings, and discussions, and whatever other theater they want to parade in front of us.

We know what this is: It's Penn State Ugly and they are trying to make it go away without fixing it.

Don't turn away. Don't stop looking. Don't stop asking.

Those children-- have no one else but all of us.

We have to keep on this as we would if it were our child. As if they were OUR Children and we can hear their screams, and we want them rescued NOW.

If those in government cannot figure out how to prioritize the mass rescue of children from one reservation, just the children in the homes of predators.. if they can't figure out how to do that, they need to be out of a job tomorrow and someone hired in their place that takes the meaning of Child Safety, seriously.

There is more out of order here than just their paperwork. This is not the fault of Beauracracy--- this is corruption. And it is not confined to the rez.

There is a little girl missing/abducted. People who abducted her are known to authorities. If she is still alive they need to talk-- from jail. If she is murdered, they need to not be free. They need to be hauled in for any number of chargeable offenses. Making a joke out of child safety, the police not doing their job, leaves none of us safe, anywhere.

If it was your child, would you accept the police knowing who took her, but just shrugging their shoulders?

First, rescue those children. Another Avoidable Death is inevitable if you don't make them do their jobs now.

You know where to find me.



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