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Your Chairman is a murderer. Good luck with that.

Your Chairman is a murderer. Good luck with that.

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Ronin's own Website The most basic money laundering/ponzi scam rivaling Maddoff

Free Peltier Now Worth a read


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Eddie's GraveIt is as much about the ongoing events and behaviors of those who murdered Eddie (and others)  on the Fort Totten Eddie Peltier ArmyReservation, North Dakota today as it is about how it was that night Eddie was murdered.  How the ongoing criminal enterprise continues to flourish unabated and without a single response from the Justice Department.  Well, not surprising on that!  They would have to investigate themselves and how some of their elite were directly involved and have prospered from the corruption that exists, protected and funded by US Tax Dollars.

Even if you don't live on the Rez, it's your money, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.  You owe it to yourself to peek in once in awhile and see what you are paying for

Texas Monthly Magazine has done a feature on this case. Here is the Latest story: December 2011 Read the October, 2006 Issue.  OR, go to the online version.  Michael Hall went to the rez and saw for himself.



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July 30, 2012
To Swerve and Deflect --- Printer Version (7)

Déjà Vu all over you, Tim Purdon. You think you are fooling anyone by arresting the cousin of those children? Let me tell you why that won't work. Well, first, let me tell you when it did work:

Back when Eddie Peltier was murdered, beaten so badly his own father couldn't recognize him (and his body had been bathed and re dressed in Q-Ball's clothes, levis, which Eddie would never be 'caught dead in'... an outrage over the murder simmered on the rez. First, Poopsie and the Turdclan had staged it to look like a hit and run. "Just another drunken Indian, walking on the highway...poor fella.." but that didn't fool anyone.

Time went by and there were no 'breaks' in the case. How could there be? James Yankton was investigating a murder he committed.  But people were righteously upset about such a brutal murder going unsolved...

And so, to quiet down the masses, and to keep the local, fairly tamed presses from asking 'what about that murdered man found on the highway?'... The Turdclan and their corrupt, mostly drunken friends in the FBI and the USAG's office, concocted a fantastical story about a party in a location where clearly there had been no party, attended by a cluster of people who mostly were feuding with each other's families and would never have 'partied' together, and dragged 11 young men, some under 20, some barely over age 20, into the script and made accusations of murder, which they supported by beating, threatening, raping and abusing 'witnesses' until 'they told the truth'.

It was the screwiest courtroom ever, and the convictions came down from a jury that knew nothing about Indians, the rez, or the corruption of those 'investigating and arresting' people out there.

None of these young men had the financial means to defend themselves. A couple of attorneys were not Public Defenders as a couple of families went into debt to pay for them, and the attorneys worked for next to nothing.

A crooked team of investigators, a crooked USAG (named Lynn Crooks) and his team, and an extremely crooked and senile judge, and then the jury of the ignorant.

That, Timmy, is how the Turdclan got away with Eddie's murder (and a few others), and why an innocent man still serves time for a crime he never committed.

People didn't know much back then. There wasn't the internet. The newspapers only played the prosecution side of everything, and never asked a follow up question. Press Releases were the easy news back then, much as they are today.  Nobody really did their job.

Flash Forward to Present

The horrific murders of Destiny and Travis Jr., rattled the community and the surrounding communities. Purdon made the grand gesture of declaring 'An Arrest in this murder has been made'... in an attempt to deceive us into thinking everyone was doing their job. But no one had been arrested for murder. Travis DuBois (pronounced "Du Boyz") was perp walked to court, wearing body armor and a jail jumpsuit, and to all intents and purposes, 'appeared' to be arrested for or charged with the murders of his children.

But that didn't work. We knew better. But we waited and waited. Investigations take time. There was so much blood and other bodily fluids evidence in that house and on those children, it would take time to run those complex tests.  We all watch CSI shows, but we all know it takes more than a few hours, or days... so we waited.

...And waited....

Still nothing. A year went by. No charges, and most of the family had still not been interviewed. If the father was not charged with murder by now, he never would be. They had plenty of time to run those tests, decipher that evidence. Either he did it, or he did not. DNA tests take more than an hour, but far less than a year. We aren't stupid.

A rumbling, then a quaking on the rez and people began to ask: "Is the murderer still walking among us? Are our children safe? Are we safe?"

The details of that night and the shoddy investigation by the FBI had long ago leaked out. We knew there were 'two donors' as they say, and we knew who one of them was...The witnesses who had remained silent after giving their statements and being told to 'wait'-- just like in Eddie's case, began to smell a rat. Threats and intimidations pretty much put a lid on things...for awhile.

It appeared to all of us, on and off the rez, that nothing was being done. The lives of those two sweet innocent children, snuffed out and buried in some bureaucrat's file cabinet.

Tim Purdon, who, when he had first been assigned to North Dakota, had made quite an impression. Even I was impressed. But not for long. His investigations seemed to net jokes for sentences on crimes of corruption. But this, the murder of those children, he would take that more seriously, right?

People started to make demands for information. Wanted to know the status of that investigation. What was taking so long? Why had there been no arrests?

Purdon became annoyed.

And then the Tribal Social Services Scandal broke loose... and he did nothing. Watched idly as whistle blowers were fired, harassed, threatened... did nothing.

One damning report after another came out, and answers were being demanded. Corruption, child abuse, child rape, pedophiles having custody of and easy access to infants, toddlers, young children... of no concern to Purdon, to the State, to the Counties, to the BIA, to IHS... children being murdered, committing suicide. Nothing to all of them... but to the rest of us? It was time to demand answers.

Questions were being asked, media was doing interviews. No satisfactory answers were coming out of Purdon's office nor any of the other agency offices. People now were getting angry...

This is where that Déjà vu thingy kicks in.

Feeling the pressure and having no satisfactory answers, Purdon's office comes up with, all of a sudden, an arrest. An arrest that makes no sense. The arrest of a single individual. The 19 yr. old cousin to those children who has only minor offenses like shoplifting or theft on his record.

No further comment from Purdon's office. We know there were TWO who murdered those children. But Purdon's office arrests a single person. Will there be another arrest soon? He might feel the pressure and go arrest another kid that had nothing to do with it.

How do I know that the young man arrested probably had nothing to do with any of this? Simple: There were 2 donors. Why arrest only one person? If he was guilty, he would quickly give up the other party. But he would not have to, as there was plenty of bodily fluid on the scene to identify both murderers.

He arrested someone who is too young and unable to defend himself. Someone who has no idea who murdered those children and therefore has no way to point the finger at anyone else.

Déjà vu, Déjà vu, Déjà vu voo voo voo!

It was only after it had come out that Purdon's Investigators had botched the evidence at the scene, destroying key evidence, breaking chain of custody protocols, failing to gather all the evidence (including one of the weapons)... only after all that came out that he made this grand statement.

And now, we get a photo of a bewildered 19-yr. Old kid, in an orange jumpsuit and we are all supposed to say he looks guilty.  Going to have a hard time proving it, Purdon. No one is buying it. No one on the rez, and no one at the bank, at the beauty parlors, at the dentists' offices, at the grocery store... all those people who were so easy to convince back in the bad ol' days, are taking a real hard look at this one and you don't look good.

The 'Swerve & Deflect' moves, this time, land you on your face.

Hi Bill!

Here's a video posted the other day by a man named Bill. He's all the way over in Washington State. He also knows about the Spirit Lake Nation, the Corruption, and the murders of those two little children. And to give you an idea how far the moccasin telegraph reaches, he also knows about the one suspect everyone is waiting for Purdon's office to arrest. The Bald Man. Gee, I wonder who that could be? Hmmm... *balances chin on thumb and forefinger* Bill's Video. (*I've disconnected from the video. It was a good video, but apparently Bill now sees himself as some romantic hero in all of this, and claims the media are all flocking to him since his video came online. "Frontline, Sundance Documentaries,.." etc. I wish him all the good luck in whatever he does, but his claims of triumph are a bit tough to handle. I think he means well, but there are some levels of ego, I cannot abide. I await his fame and glory. He has apparently, almost single-handedly, solved this whole thing.*eyeroll* I have never seen anyone leap up onto a pedestal this fast in my whole life.

I cannot speak for Betty Jo Krenz in all of this, but it is clear that the writer who interviewed Bill for the romantic tour de farce never spoke to her and knows nothing of what she is or how she feels. There is no way to control how other people write about you. She said nothing bad about Betty Jo, but it was a horridly over romanticized portrayal that looked nothing like her. People have good intentions but absolutely no clue and do no research, can create mutants rather than accurate portrayals. This issue is about the Children who are in danger.)

We now resume with your regularly scheduled blog...

I personally wish he had laid it onto the Federal and State governments more than the People of Spirit Lake, but you get the general idea. I think he thinks that the Good People of Spirit Lake can channel their outrage into a constructive course of action if they all 'find a way' to come together and get this done. Is he right? I think so. I really do. There is no other way this is going to get done. The Good People of Spirit Lake need to find a way to come together... and those Good People outside of Spirit Lake, need to find a way to help.

Put the pressure on. Clearly, the Government is making panicky moves now. Their unreachable domains have been breached by the insistent curiosity of those of us who will not rest until there is Justice for the Restless Spirits, especially for those children.

And especially not until the child abuse on the rez is stopped. The system has to stop protecting the abusers, because the system is killing the children. Everyone in that system, Tara Mullhauser, Tim Purdon, Yvette Rubidoux, Arlene de la Paz, and so many more... are all guilty of doing nothing, and of protecting the perpetrators at the expense of tiny lives.

Remember: Reporting Child abuse is mandatory. People can be arrested, charged or sued if they fail to act and report.  Now, the reports have been in for months. In some cases for years, and yet, all the government seems to want to do, is harass those who reported, protect those who are guilty. This is playing out now as Dr. Tilus was abruptly removed from his station and his patients left without cover of another physician.

IHS lied about that too. They said there was a physician covering Dr. Tilus's patients. If so, what is the Doctor's name? How many of those critical patients have been seen? Have any experienced relapses? Crisis brought on by this shuffling of the deck with mittens on? If so, then the IHS, and Arlene de la Paz (Services Director for the Tribe)-- Not qualified, does not do her job, but made all the moves to remove Dr. Tilus and strand his patients, should be held liable and accountable for any injuries to these patients, or those they act out on.  Also, the families of these patients should sue for Patient Abandonment, which is a criminal as well as civil offense. 

Forcing a doctor to abandon patients is a horrific abuse in and of itself. Especially when those patients are the most vulnerable, the least able to meet their own needs.  The Jamestown Sun did an article on this. Interesting that by force of reflex, because we all know who is really running the rez out there, James Yankton is named as the Chairman of the Tribe, rather than his illiterate, dullard brother, Roger.

But this is how the damage gets done out there. Corruption covering up corruption. Catshit covering more catshit. Occasionally, a baby dies, like the 10 week old who was left alone in a hot house, while mother went to the casino for 4-5 hours. Baby died. Nice funeral.

Let's all condemn the mother who did this. Let's condemn all the mothers who neglect and abuse their children out there. Let's bring our pitchforks... or let's ask the question: What is so wrong out there that mothers and fathers cannot relate to being parents? How much generational damage is done to people that it gets to the point that children are left to die, used like meat, murdered, thrown in the trash?  These are very damaged people. They did not damage themselves. They were damaged by the system that is now moving heaven, earth and Dr. Tilus, to cover their corrupt asses.

For the people on the rez, there is no help. There is more of the same neglect, abuse, murder, rape, and worse... These are the very people we need to look in the eye and say: "I will help you." And we have to mean it. We have to reach out, again and again, over and over, until they find the strength to reach back.

They did not do this to themselves. This was done to them, for SEVEN generations. We owe it to each other to remember that we are all Human Beings.  Seven Generations of untreated, multi-generational PTSD, addictions, and abuse, is how people become so broken that they forget they have a child at home, in a hot house, dying.  This is their work to do. This is OUR work to do. We all have a part.

This won't end overnight. We must be committed to seeing it through, and teaching our children and grandchildren how it came about and what we have to do to help the healing of a wounded nation. Our nation. This wound is in the middle of our nation. If we continue to look away, or refuse to understand, what happens from here on out, is on all of US.

Watch the video. Read about Dr. Tilus being forced into exile. Tell me what you think.

Then remember the sham investigation that framed 11 innocent young men for the Murder of Eddie Peltier. And look at the similarities between that case and the arrest of a 19 yr old, for the murder of his Niece and Nephew.

He carried her casket at the funeral. Now is the time to ask more questions, not assume that Timmy Purdon is actually doing his job. He is not. And I can prove it.

We've seen this play before. We know the script. We know the lies. Hard to tell if Purdon is trying to cover for the Turdclan or for himself at this point. Or both. It doesn't matter.  The Truth will not be hidden this time. It will not be beaten, burned or threatened into being quiet. Not this time.

Yes, the cousin could be one of the murderers. But if he was, he never would have been arrested because they would then have to arrest the second murderer. And they never arrest the Turdclan for murders they commit. I think he is just a fall guy, with a Public Defender, in over his head, while a USAG tries to put out the fires he himself started by failing to do his job. Embers that roared back to life, when a year went by and he had done nothing. And now everyone is learning about the evidence destroyed, by whom, when and can figure out why. Everyone. Even those off the rez, have figured this one out. I'll be watching. We all will.

In A Whisper

Come closer, Weenie Boy, I have something you don't want to hear. I'm going to whisper it to you. *beckons* Closer. Closer. (whispering) Remember when you phoned me after you had stolen the election? Remember how you said: "Can you feel the Thunder?"

Well, can ya, Weenie Boy? Can you feel the Thunder? Hmmm?

*Regular voice* You look a little pale these days. I hear you spend a lot of time in the bathroom.  You put yourself in the position you thought would enable you to cover up the crimes of your family and friends... but look, it's all coming to your door.  Purdon can't protect you. He can't even save himself on this one. Janice Morley? Good luck with that. Say hi to Derek Trout when you phone him again. Better just meet in person, like Poopsie and Helleckson used to do, afraid the lines were tapped.

They might be. Someone might be listening; in your office or his; your phone or his; better meet on some windy hill, and make sure you are not followed. Your brother can show you how it's done. *smile* Too bad you can't read or write. You can't take notes. You're going to screw this up, really big. Really big. Still trying to steer people towards Myra and Brian? Well, why not. They'll never rat you out. Hah!

Ahaaa---yahhh Hoooo wa--- ya! Owwwooooooo--Waaah YAHHhhhhahahahaha! Coyote says "Hi". :)

You know where to find me.


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*Breaking News: Today, July 23: The FBI is going to announce they have made an arrest in the murders of Destiny and Travis, Jr. That they have someone in custody. Keep me posted and I will keep you posted!

** Arrest Article  What took you so long, Tim Purdon? If it was a close family relative, and this young man is their cousin, that would have shown up in the DNA over a year ago. Why did you lie at the outset, saying that "An Arrest Has Been Made..." when you arrested their father and then charged him on drastically reduced charges? You put Janice Morley in charge of this? Oh she has such a 'winning' record on the rez!

There are still more questions you have to answer about this botched investigation.  I hope you have the right person. I hope there is not someone else, out there.. and I hope you are not framing an innocent person to get the heat off of your office. It's not like we haven't seen it happen before. As in the FBI/USAG framing 11 innocent young men for Eddie's Murder.  Pardon my skepticisim, Purdon, but this still stinks.

We resume our regularly posted blog. (Posted on Sunday, July 22, 2012)

July 23, 2012 -- Printer Version (8)

When we watch those programs that take us into the journeys of extinct civilizations, we learn to our amazement, how much they were into sports. We learn, to our dismay, that many, despite being highly intelligent and Advanced Civilizations, all were into Human Sacrifice.  We are then horrified and disgusted to learn, towards the end, they were sacrificing younger and younger children, in hopes of finding power, wealth. 

The similarities between those 'primitive/advanced' peoples and our own, is striking.  Evidence of it being in progress is mounting. Those who are in high places, who have power, authority, wealth and fame, want more. Are we expecting a different outcome?

The System is corrupt when it is more important that you keep your job than that you do your job.

Corrupt when you are threatened, harassed, ridiculed for doing your job by those who want to prevent you from doing your job, and no one in authority will help you.

Corrupt when you have to fight those who are in power, who are trying to prevent you from speaking the truth. When they simply excuse themselves by not knowing what they don't want to know, and not listening when you tell them.

It is considered a criminal offense for those who are in a position of mandatory reporting to not report evidence or even strong suspicion of child abuse, neglect. 

Yet, those who have reported, over and over again, were met with resistance from higher and higher, deeper and deeper into the halls of power.  Whistle blowers were harassed, fired and exiled.

The public is told, repeatedly, that it is only a problem with the paperwork, all fixed now, give us more money, sovereignty... (barf).

Sovereignty is supposed to mean that Native American People's have a say in how their communities are run. If they want to allow gambling, they can vote on it and they can decide, as a community, that is what they want.

But, that is not how it has been used. It has been used to hide, protect, enable violations of Human Rights, violations of children, violations of Federal/State and other funding laws.

None of the people voted to make child rape legal.

No one voted to make stealing funds from housing, education, health, or any of the other programs, legal.

But there is no political will to pursue those who rape children, embezzle, steal, assault-- murder, because the County, the State, the Federal Government defer to the corrupt in the name of 'sovereignty'.

This is not "Sovereignty", this is massive "Oppression" and it is a form of genocide.

It is a form of Human Sacrifice. It is a form of Child Sacrifice. All in the name of Power and Wealth.

Penn State worshipped Sports. Their coaches were gods. They sacrificed young boys on the altar of Sports Worship--- and it went all the way up the chain of command, into the halls of Justice-- nobody dared take a look, lest their deities crash to earth, bringing all their illusions with them.

Penn State will not recover from this. This stain will keep their brand in the gutter, for decades, as well it should.  Penn State well on its way to extinction.  All the careers that were built on the sacrifices of these children, come crashing down to earth, where we can see how small, ugly and weak these former gods and angels of sports, of Justice, really are. Once powerful, now, objects of disgrace and disgust.

For so long, authorities and many in media have known that there were atrocious things happening to children on the rez. There were people higher up in the chain of command that knew for over a decade, these things were going on. There were people in government, people in police agencies, people in the Halls of Justice, who knew.

Dr. Tilus spent years trying to get action on these issues, and got nowhere.  He saw it getting worse and worse for the children out there. The pedophiles, the abuses, the neglect, the mistreatment, the suicides and then the murders.  Still, no one he reported to did anything. No child was rescued, no pedophile was denied access to vulnerable children.

Betty Jo Krenz stepped up and pointed to these issues in a direct and bold way. And, she pointed out where funds were being embezzled by those in charge, while those who needed the support, got nothing.  The State and the Federal Agencies that are responsible for the oversight of these programs, ignored her pleas to do something for the children. They did, when it became public, help the tribe 'get the paperwork to look right.'  They did not look at the face of one child. Not one.

There is a power system in place. That power system requires loyalty of the soul selling variety, and no one dares question those who benefit from the pain and suffering of these children. Those who do, are fired, harassed, their names and reputations are smeared, and no one lifts a finger to help them.  Their crime? Reporting the Truth.

Those who have committed these crimes against the children have not been investigated, nor arrested. Many still hold their jobs.

But what Truth Telling does, what reporting does, what making it public does, is bring a crack of light into a dungeon, and much more is revealed.

Connections to power become desperate for cover, and those in higher places, fearing the fracturing of their soulless foundation, the weak they have controlled so well starting to crumble, the possibility of being revealed for their part in this, get nervous. 

When they get nervous, they start turning dials, moving levers of power and control, to put a stop to anyone, anything, much less all of us, coming close to where we can see who they are, what they are and what they have been doing. They pressure those under them to protect them. Orders that make no sense, unless you understand the guilty panic, are issued, and whistle blowers are retaliated against, harassed, smeared, punished, while the corrupt carry on with no impediment.

The public is looking in. They see the cobwebs that have been obscuring insight into Indian Country and they start, slowly, to rend apart the layers of webs, lies, distractions. "Fighting Sioux Logo" was put up for over 3 yrs as the most important issue in North Dakota Indian Country. (Sports).  Ink was spilled by the bucket load, and cameras, microphones all aimed at the topic: "Fighting Sioux Logo!" 

They all knew better. They just didn't want you to know-- anything. And, if we are truthful, we can admit to ourselves, we did not want to know. Something in us wanted to be protected from ever knowing, how ugly it was out there. We really didn't want to know, so we did not look, at how children were being sacrificed for money, Power, for degenerate lust, for rage.

Then, Destiny and Travis, Jr. were savagely murdered in their own home. Still, only a ripple. We really didn't want to know. We trusted Tim Purdon when he told us "an arrest has been made..." he misled us. No one has been arrested for the murder. Not because they don't know, but because they do know.

That person they know that did this, is someone that can, if he is brought down, by virtue of his connections to the most vile, most corrupt family out there, and their connections to all those in all levels power, can shred the layers of protection from those at the highest levels, and bring down the whole tent on all of them.

Junior Herman is Celeste Herman's son. Pisster is one of the murderers of Eddie Peltier. Junior has something to trade for a quieter cell in prison, if he decides that's what he wants. The whole Turdclan has been protected by webs of lies and corruptions by people in all levels of government and society, by bribery, blackmail or their sheer incompetence, for decades. 

His was the first name to come up when the news of the horrors in that house spread like wildfire through the rez.

The father of the children was taken into custody immediately--- but never charged with murder.

Evidence was destroyed on the instruction of FBI Agent Derek Trout. Evidence was overlooked by that crack crew of investigators, and only 'discovered' by the cleaning crew, months later.

It's been over a year. No arrest, no one charged with murder. Tim Purdon says it is still an 'active' investigation and they are still 'looking at the evidence'... Still looking? How long does it take to run DNA? Fingerprints? Witness Statements?

And when will Tim Purdon's office and their crack team of investigators get around to questioning family members? I guess they figure that memory improves if you wait until a year or longer, before you interview people closest to the incident? To the suspect? To the victims?

Purdon's office has also requested that certain items of evidence or the destruction of that evidence be 'held back'. Oddly, he declares one of those pieces of evidence as of no value because ??? If it is of no value, why request it be held back?

He has also made statements about a key witness on the scene that smacks of pure incompetence on his part. He is denying that the witness was ever on the scene! Worse, he puts someone else at the scene who was never at the scene.  Clearly, Tim Purdon's heart beating as fast as a baby bird in the mouth of a cat at this point:

  • Misleading the public into thinking there has been an arrest.

  • Botching the investigation at the outset.

  • Failing to interview close family members

  • Both 'holding back' and 'dismissing' what is either a key piece of evidence (and incompetence) or of no possible value to anyone, much less an investigation.

  • Now, smearing of key witness at the scene?

How does one build a case from that?

They don't. They never intended to. They need for this to fall apart on 'technicalities' and the public, the family of the murdered children, their community, will only be left with suspicions as to who murdered those children, and the sure and certain knowledge that whoever did it, got away with it, and will probably do it again.

Purdon is one of those people being pressured to shut this thing down, tell people there is nothing to see. He is one of those in a key position to do something to stop the abuses and crimes out there, and he is either botching it because of incompetence at the most basic levels, or he is bribed, blackmailed or???

His office is on a PR Blitz to tout his going after Human Traffickers, on OTHER reservations... so we know he knows this is wrong. But we have to ask why it is he seems to be bumbling and fumbling, and outright lying about the events at Spirit Lake?

Which Came First: The Bumble or the Blogger?

Why does he say things now to indicate that the father of the murdered children is "serving a sentence for being drunk and child-endangerment"? Was there a trial I missed? A guilty Plea that never made the papers in this horrific crime? Who fell down on that? Media? Purdon's Office? Or were they trying to fly under the radar for some reason? It really makes no sense.

If his case against 'the real murderer(s)' (which I am sure he will imply) is so compromised that he can never get a trial, much less a conviction, whom will he blame? The FBI in destroying evidence, breaking chain of custody? Overlooking evidence? Failing to interview witnesses? Will he blame the blogger for reporting on his bumbling? Which came first? The Bumble or the Blogger?

Note: I waited over a year for him to make the proper moves and follow basic protocol. I'm not the one who messed this up. Pointing out that the Emperor Has No Clothes does not make me guilty of stripping him naked.

And who pays? Who suffers? The children. The community they grow up in, act out against, and where they or their children die... 

I consider Purdon's actions as trying to cover up the murder of those two tiny children with a bulldozer of abuse of authority, incompetence and deception.

One would think that people who speak out against the corruption, and who risk everything to try and get a light shining on the victims, and to bring a stop to the abuses, would be treated as heroes by our government. But they are treated as a threat. That is how we know that the corruption in Indian Country, corruption for which children are sacrificed, runs way up the food chain in government.

Dr. Tilus, I am told, was abruptly transferred to Aberdeen with no notice except 'pack up and go' for the next 120 days. I guess they hope this will all blow over by then? He was not only transferred so suddenly but he was also forbidden from having any contact with any of his patients, and there is no back up provider in place, to take over. That leaves people who are in serious need, who may have prescriptions, or scheduled appointments, suddenly, like kites in a windstorm, having their only string to this world, cut.

Who did that? Yvette Rubidoux, who is Director or in charge at the Rockfield, Maryland IHS Office. That makes her responsible for any harm done to any of his patients by forcing him to technically and practically, literally, abandon his patients. 

Yvette Rubidoux must have had some heavy pressure put on her for her to make such a reckless move.  The 'coincidence' of this abrupt transfer is that BIA Sue Settles was due to be on the rez and talk to people that day.  So, clearly, it was very important for Ms. Rubidoux, or someone over her, to have him and Settles not talk to each other, face-to-face.

One would think that our government would want to get this cleared up and instead of transferring out the key source of information, would be, instead, making him a protected witness, available for interview.

Clearly, the BIA and IHS do not want this matter to be investigated.

If I was Sue Settles, and I did not want to appear to be a part of this cover-up of corruption, I would pursue asking more questions and not stopping until I get answers.  I would not allow IHS to conceal from me, a key witness/complainant who was in fact making the charges that brought me out here in the first place.

But that is just me. I'm not Sue Settles. I don't know if it is more important to her that she do her job, or that she keep her job.

I only know that an urgent complaint was made and children are being tormented and their tormentors are being protected by people in power who have, so far, put more effort into silencing the alarms, than into investigating the real dangers, ongoing abuses and neglect. 

I only know that those children have no voice and there is a system wide effort under way to silence anyone who tries to speak on their behalf and get them rescue.

I can only imagine how much of a stressor this has to be on Dr. Tilus. I shudder to think of how his patients are going to be lost, hung out to dry, abruptly, so that someone can cover their political butt.

The Sacrifice of Children is going on, right now. It is being done to the knowledge and with the cooperation of those in Government, the Justice Department, and with all of us knowing about it.

Expect to hear lies, smears, slander against those who have brought this matter to your attention: Betty Jo Krenz, Dr. Tilus, Thomas F. Sullivan. Anyone that has tried to inform about the abuse, dangers to children will be ridiculed, lied about, harassed and we shall see if media goes along with it-- or if they become the journalists who actually pursue the facts and see for themselves, and then tell you what they see.

The easy way, of course, is to just recite the Press Releases coming from the Tribal Council, The Tribal Chair, Tim Purdon's Office, and the rest of them.  It's the follow-up questions to their actions, inactions, that drive them wild.

Somewhere, higher up the food chain, dials are being turned, pressure ratcheted up on those beneath them to close off the view; levers are being pressed, threats made... all to deny Justice for murdered children and a community on the verge of extinction.

I remind those who protect those who do these bad things: Everyone that protected Sandusky is now trying to protect themselves.  The outrage over that handful of abused children will pursue them and their family names to the end of the world. 

Those who protect those above and below them, whom they now know are covering up heinous, ugly reeking crimes, will themselves be running for cover until the end of the world.  I will never stop pursuing this until the crimes against all those children are investigated, the abusers and murderers in prison-- and those who stand in the way, obstruct and prevent Justice, will again and again, have to answer the questions.

Eddie's murder is not forgotten. Setting up and framing the innocent in a kangaroo court obscenity, did not stop the truth from getting out. Those same people who covered that up have to protect that same family again and again, from corruption, murder investigations-- and it gets uglier and uglier every time.

Are we one of those civilizations that when some future archaeologists dig us up, will be disgusted to find that we sacrificed our children for the illusion of power?

What does not get done this time, today, will be waiting for us all tomorrow. The people who killed Eddie and others, will not stop killing. It's what they do. And you will not stop covering up for them because you are in too deep. It's what you do.

I will keep revealing what I find in this blog.  What you all do with it, is up to you, and your sense of decency. Up to you and your sense of community and nation.

Children are sacred.

I am just the messenger.

It's what I do.

You know where to find me.


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"Upon suffering, beyond suffering. The Red Nation shall rise again and it shall be a Blessing for a sick world. A world filled with broken promises, selfishness and separation... a world longing for a light again.

I see a time of Seven Generations for a light again. I see time of Seven Generations when all the colors of mankind will gather under the sacred tree of life and the whole earth will become one circle again." -- Crazy Horse

July 16, 2012 --- Printer Version (6)
We Can Get There From Here

Nothing JUST HAPPENS. Everything that is happening now, everything we have or don't have, all that we are as an individual, a family, a community and a Nation is because of both actions and inactions of ourselves and of others in the past.

In the same way, the Future of us as Individuals, Families, Communities and as a Nation, will be the result of what we do, what we don't do; of our actions and our failure to act when we should have.

These individuals who are abusing and molesting, raping and killing children on the rez, are part of the legacy set in motion a long time ago. They were once little children, babies, abused, neglected, with no sense of self worth. It is Seven Generations of abuse by the system and those who find power in that system, that have brought us to this point.

It is up to us to end it, now. Up to us to find a way.

The revulsion over the Sandusky scandal continues to grow as it is revealed that even as the scandal was breaking, deals were being made to protect some of the major players in this thing, Paterno and others, to make sure they would have substantial take away from this ordeal, as if being rewarded for their silence, all these many years, while children were being abused and ruined for the pleasure of Sandusky. I suspect he was not alone in his indulging at will in the molesting of these vulnerable little boys.  I can see no other reason for people in high places to be protecting him, unless, they were in fact, protecting themselves.

We will never know how many were abused. But we can make guesses, and then multiply those guesses as more of the culprits are revealed.

They knew for years what was going on and did nothing to protect the children. That is the biggest part of this scandal, from my Point of View.

Everyone who protected Sandusky instead of the children, are now hiring lawyers to protect themselves. Everyone will be turning on everyone so it won't be "Just them" and the overall picture will be a disgusting overlay, collage of people wanting fame or power, or money or all three, looking the other way while children were being hurt and they knew it.  Was it worth it?

And then we come to the rez. And we know from documents, that EVERYONE now knows, and many have known for months, and some have known for years, about the abuse and neglect of these children. And yet, the politics of this thing stalls. Another child is killed while they argue over jurisdiction and sovereignty.

First they ignore it, then they cover it up, then they argue over jurisdiction. How soon before our outrage grows and they are forced, these people in government, these enforcers of the laws, how soon before we can force them to take action and RESCUE any of these children?

There seems to be no political will. As if it is okay and the children are without any protection as if they are not citizens of the United States. Not one child has yet to be rescued from known pedophiles who abuse them, despite the documentation, despite the proof. Not one.

We get Press Release type statements from those who should be charging in and scooping up these kids, removing them from danger and putting them in safe haven, but they seem more or less interested in the abstract view of this as a need to get paperwork in order.

Hoeven and the rest of them are in no particular hurry to do anything. Some talk about a congressional investigation... sometime later... August or later... but not a word about rescue. 

Of course we know how it goes when there is a panel of Indians in Congress. There is whining, and there is pleading and it's all very pathetic. They ask for more money for more programs... and they will get it. Everyone will pose for the photo op, and the money will go where it has always gone... into the pockets of the abusers, the corrupt... and not one child will be rescued.

Local "Journalists" seem to think asking a question of anyone in power is not what journalists do. Like stenographers, in their bosses offices, they dutifully take notes, and regurgitate the statements-- but never ask any follow up question such as: "What are you doing, specifically?" "What mistakes have you made?" Or "Do you think this is at all urgent?" I swear, they should all wear short skirts and heels and low cut blouses. Yes, I know they are men. I just don't see any gutsy journalism, or even standard journalism coming from them.

Yes, Sunday's Edition was more in-depth and it featured an interview, gut wrenching interview with Betty Jo Krenz.  I would commend them on that except for two things: One, they had in-depth, hours long interviews with Betty Jo months and months ago. They and the local TV Station. She gave a lot of her time to get this urgent story out--- months ago. And they all sat on it. Put it on the back shelf.  There were more important issues in Indian Country. More important issues mesmerizing their readers and viewers. There were press conferences with Serious Indian Faces singing an "Honor Song" at the opening, and it was about--- "Fighting Sioux Logo".  Oh yeah, that is way more important than any urgent situation where children are in danger. 

I hope they get a Pulitzer Prize for their in-depth coverage on that raging issue of high importance. They could have written and televised those interviews months and months and months ago.

No one has asked Tim Purdon's office, much less Timmy himself, why they have failed to charge anyone in the death of the DuBois Children. Was that foul, stinking house not full of evidence? What happened to that evidence? (Remember, Derek Trout? Yeah, him).

It's been over a year. Well over. Is someone waiting for us to forget?

Penn State is going to be sued, and so are the Board Members and everyone involved in the Sandusky scandal. That only brought out 7 or 8 who had been abused. We know it is more, but that was the numbers that came forward.

Whom do we sue in this case? The Mandatory Reporting has been done. Officials know. Nothing has been done.

It is provable that they have known for over a year. In many cases, several years. There are hundreds of children damaged every year and that legacy only continues to grow as those who survive grow up in a community that cares nothing for their anger, their damage, and they see those who hurt them in places of power and authority, and then they take it out on themselves with addictions, alcohol, dangerous behaviors, and then, many of them, take it out on others with violence and sexual assault... and then, they also have children...

And here we are today. Where will we be tomorrow?


There are fires burning out of control in Siberia. The smoke is visible and you can smell it from Alaska to Oregon, and moving into the more eastern regions.  Fires in Colorado are burning and the smoke is affecting Canada and other states. 

Nothing happens that is this destructive and it doesn't affect everyone around it, and those who thought they were safely away from it.

The damage done to the children will, one way or another, affect your life or the life of someone you know. It already is, from fires long ago, ignored, and you just don't see it. It's thicker than the smoke, and you just don't see it.

We must demand that Purdon's office do their job and charge those who murdered those children. Charge those who aided and abetted the abuse, neglect and murder of children. Charge those who embezzled hundreds of millions of dollars over the decades, that were supposed to go for the children.

Every time a child or young person commits suicide out there, it's on them. It's on all of us because we know that those who are supposed to be doing their jobs, aren't, and we are letting them get away with it.

It does not matter what color you are, what nationality you are, where you live, this thing, like the smoke from Siberia, is all over and you are breathing it in.

So, tonight, while Hoeven, Purdon, Conrad, Mullhauser, Settles and so many others are dining with friends, enjoying some company, planning their vacations, and laughing over old times... while they are not doing their jobs, children are being neglected to the extreme, raped and abused, tortured and killed by a legacy of inaction, in a system that wants to play Hot Potato with every child's life, dismissing their own responsibility with a wave of the hand and "Sovereignty". 

Let me know when you all get it figured out. Let me know when it becomes important to you. Let me know when you think you might find the time to take a child out of harm's way.

From Here

Where we go, as individuals, as communities and as a nation, from this place of authoritarian disregard, is up to us. It costs us nothing to make our voices and our concerns heard. The contact information for Thomas Sullivan's Office is on the Social Services Scandals page. He seems to be the only one who thinks this is urgent. He seems to be the only one in authority that is trying to get those responsible to take action. He can use your input, your support.

It's time we all stood up and demanded better from our leaders, at all levels. Better from our elected and appointed. Better from our Justice Department, and more from our media.  Once we realize that this affects all of us, and that we are all in this together, we will realize how much power we really have in unity. We can do this. We must do this.

Contact Purdon's Office, the Governor's Office, your Senators' offices (State and Federal) and demand that there be emergency, as in Right NOW, action to rescue the children that they know are in danger of abuse and harmful neglect.  Expect to be brushed off by them, but keep the pressure up. They hate it when they know you are holding them accountable.

Feel free to drop me a line and let me know how that contact went for you. I might be quoting (names withheld) your interaction with them.

Collective Responsibility

Nothing got to be this way without decades, generations of us all, not looking. We must look now. We must find the political will to work together to clean up this huge debris field of Human Wreckage if we are going to clear a path for the Future, the children, our future, to survive and thrive.

We are going to have to find a way to work together, and we are going to have to look this wreckage in the eye. We are going to have to face some of the most damaged, most broken people and find a way to work together to heal them and to heal ourselves. We must lose our fear of looking at the addicts, the drunks, the violent ones, and realizing that they got this way because of what was done to them and what was not done for them. For them, there was no rescue. For their parents, no rescue, for their grandparents... no rescue... but for their children, now, we must look this in the eye and give rescue and work towards healing. Not just the children, but their parents... all products of generational, systematic trauma, for the profit of a very select few powerful and influential people.

We must take a stand now and decide which side we are on. The powerful and influential will tell us lies we will want to hear: "It's just a few minor problems, we are taking care of them."  And when they want to dissuade you from looking or asking questions because they say you are racist or they have sovereignty, it will be easy to turn your back and walk away. Don't.

We have to look at people we have thrown away, discarded as Human Trash, and pick them up, help them to clean up, heal up, as best they can. We are going to have to suspend judgment, bias, and stereo typing and fix this.  But we must do this together. We must reconcile together. We cannot do this "FOR" anyone. We must do this with them. We must unite. Or we all fail. We all become the people who turned their backs on the children at Penn State.  Spirit Lake is Penn State Ten Fold. This belongs to all of us.


Weenie Boy is wondering if this whole stealing the election to get elected as Chairman thing is worth it. He gets to say whatever he wants and the media quotes him without asking questions, so that's a plus. But, the more heat gets put on him, and the closer things get to falling apart and all the scandals, and maybe some murders, getting exposed, the more he has to figure a way out of things.

Don't be surprised if he doesn't try to buy his way out of this by blaming it all on Myra Pearson (NLO) and Brian Pearson (Zit Puppet).  He has evidence, records and documents of their taking tens of millions of dollars out of the tribe, casino and programs, to put into various scams, such as Ronin.  He has had more than one conversation with Carl Walking Eagle lately. Carl has been very helpful. Carl is too sick to go to jail, so he has no worries about being investigated at this point. But he does want more money. Roger can do that for him.

I am told that the whole Tribal Council is squirming also. Each is trying to figure out whom they can trade in for a better deal for themselves.  My husband asked me the other night, whom I thought would cave first. I thought for a minute and I gave the following order:

Joel Redfox will go first. He is looking at major crimes convictions if he goes down.

Duane Jackson will go next. He's too stupid to tie his shoes and if they want to point at him, he's not smart enough to get out of it. They already have him writing and signing checks that went... ahem, somewhere.

Clarice will cave next. She will see the walls closing in on her. She's in this thing, and so is her family, especially her brother and her father, up to their necks. Where did those funds go? Who approved them? Her family might sell her out first. It's a toss up.

After those three, it will become really clear what has to be done.

That's when Weenie Boy has to cough up more than just his predecessors. He'll start turning in his family. He's going to nail them for everything, including Eddie's murder. He's going to say he was there, but that he never laid a hand on Eddie. He'll settle for lessor charges.

Where We ARE NOW

We are IN the Seventh Generation spoken about in Prophecies. We are the ONES. It is UP to us. We can do this. We can put on our boots, get our brooms and shovels and start cleaning up this mess. Not just in Indian Country, but all around where the smoke has blinded everyone, and all of us have been robbed of our money, our sense of safety, security, and our children's future.

Those who shout 'racism against Indians' are only trying to stop you from protecting those children and fixing what is broken. They didn't break it, the system was designed to fail. It is up to us, all of us, to fix it. We must find a way to work together. There have been and still are, a lot of excuses to turn away and not want to even try. But we are better than that.

We don't quit.

You know where to find me.


PS: I have seen some good journalism from the New York Times, Sunday before last. That is what real journalism looks like. Maybe the local media is just too timid to rattle any cages. Maybe the NYT cares more about the Children. You decide.

Note to Local Media: When you use documents downloaded from my website, kindly put in the appropriate attribution. It's how professionals do it. :-)

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July 10, 2010 ---Printer Version (2)
Building Reputations on Graves of Dead Babies

The repeated and determined attempt to white-wash what most of us would perceive as pure evil, is in full force.  The Mandated Reports are being ignored, literally, not responded to.

I promised you that if I got my hands on one of those, I would post it here. Here is the 12-Page letter originally sent by Thomas Sullivan to Sue Settles in the BIA. I also have Purdon's Response. In fact, I have a series of correspondence between those who are trying to pass this hot potato and the one man in government, so far as I can see, demanding someone take responsibility.

All Correspondence herein, amounts to about 29 pages printed. Worth a read.

What precipitated all of this? Another dead child. A 2-month old. While everyone who should have been responsible turned away and said "not my table", a baby died. More children are in danger. I suggest you have a bucket handy, this is about as foul as it can get when it comes to reporting child abuse, neglect, rape, murder, and reading how Tim Purdon especially, patting himself on the back, after reading the detailed report of abuse, neglect & murder of children, gave me the heaves. He is unfit or incompetent or both. And he's not the only one. Our Tax Dollars are paying these people to ignore the very crimes and conditions, that repulsed the entire nation when lesser was found at Penn State.

Sullivan to Sue Settles, BIA, June 14, 2012  (11 Pages)

Purdon to Sullivan June 19, 2012 (1 Pg)

Sullivan to Sue Settles, BIA June 20, 2012 (1 pg)

Settles to Sullivan, June 20, 2012 (2 pg)

Sullivan to Settles, June 29, 2012 (12 pgs) Redacted names. Bucket required.

Sullivan to Settles July 8, 2012  (2 pgs)

If this was Penn State, and these children were white, or belonged to families other than the Rez, would these officials, and I am talking about Attorney General Tim Purdon, would they be so dismissive? Would they be instead, shining up their reputation as if somehow, that makes ignoring the urgency of this situation, somehow, ok? 

Would we tolerate this if these were children WE knew?

Do we have to know them to be appalled and heartsick over this? We did not know any of the Penn State Victims personally, but we were repulsed by both the behaviors of Sandusky and the inactions of those who knew.

Now, the people who know, work for the government.

You know where to find me.


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July 9, 2012 ---Printer Version (6)
Where The Roads Cross

"The Grandfather had set the powers of the Four Quarters to cross each other. The Good Road and the Road of Difficulties you have made for us to cross, and where they cross is Holy. This is your crossing." ~ Ancient

Four Quarters

This is a time of reckoning. This is where the Roads Cross. This is where we know if we are doing good things in this world, or if we are abandoning those we know are mistreated, neglected, tormented. This is where we decide that we have the power to do something that will make a difference to all generations now and next, and it doesn't cost us a dime.

This is not a plea for donations. This site has never asked for a dime, nor have we ever allowed advertising. But it's going to cost you, many, many troubled nights, and days when your mind wanders back and you remember, Two Children Murdered and no one has done anything about it.

Take a look:

Meet Destiny. She was 9. And her little brother, "Baby Travis" who was 7:

Destiny       BabyTravis

They were viciously raped, mutilated while they were still alive, and murdered. Their bodies were found stuffed between the mattress and box spring of their father's bed. He was a known meth addict who bought a drug screening pass from Chuck Trottier, as so many others have before him and since.  The mother was given no choice, but had to leave her children with their father, for 'visits' despite reports of molest and rape because the Tribal Court thought they were whiners.

No one has been held accountable in the brutal violation and murder of these two children, nor is it likely they ever will, despite the witnesses who came forward, the amount of evidence that was available.

Why? Because, in Spirit Lake, where the most evil violations of children are ignored, and those who commit murders, rapes and who routinely raid the funds to fill their own lavish lifestyles, this is just another sad story, with no intention of finding Justice, nor any attempt even being made, by those whom you would think would themselves, be held accountable.

The reports have been numerous and graphic about the abuses of children, pre-teens, toddlers and infants, and yet, not one move by those in government.  Reports have been filed. Mandatory reporting has been done... but not one arrest, not one child rescued. And this goes all the way up the line. All. The. Way.

The BIA, in Washington, DC, has a report on their desk, sitting there, for over a week. If I get my hands on it, I am posting it here.

Murder Scene

The FBI, and the US Attorney General's who have been in charge of Indian Country territories, such as Spirit Lake and Fort Berthold, Standing Rock, etc... seem to have a knack for ignoring violent crimes against women and children. Harper's Magazine did an amazing, detailed article on Standing Rock, back in February 2011.

One would think that it would be different when it involves crimes against children. Given the uproar over the Penn State pedophile scandal, and so many with the University, and in Law Enforcement, were all involved with concealing and abetting Sandusky's pedophilia. There has even been speculation that one District Attorney, Ray Gricar, may have been investigating the crimes when he suddenly disappeared from the face of the map, along with his laptop.

It is assumed he was murdered, but even before his disappearance could be investigated, a smear campaign on him alluding to supposed homosexuality on his part (saying he was 'maybe' meeting a male prostitute). I can think of no reason for them to bring that kind of conjecture to a case, based on nothing, unless they wanted, in advance, to discredit anyone who may know anything about whom he was investigating or for what. 

From what I have seen of the FBI, especially in cases involving crimes against children where the suspects are either high profile or politically well connected, they will move mountains to destroy credibility and evidence in order to protect the powerful, at the cost of young lives. It would not surprise me to find that they, FBI, had something to with both his disappearance and the smear campaign to discredit him. Why? Because it's what they do, in high profile pedophile cases. They make it go away.

Again, I remind you all about Steven Bruce Cartier, caught with over 1 Million child porn images on his computer, and the USAG never once investigated his family, which had several pedophiles and registered sex offenders, nor any of the people he worked for or with, at least 6 of which are Level 3 Sex Offenders.  They concluded, despite all odds, that he acted alone, and did not even share files (which is what pedos do, they swap images because no one can get 1 Million images of children, most of whom they had never encountered, without trading and swapping). But the FBI and the USAG at that time, wanted to make sure that a wider investigation, even 1º of separation, were thwarted at the outset. They even sold his computers at auction. Imagine.

So, we come to the murder scene of these two little children. The mother and her surviving son, having just found the two bodies, butchered, mutilated and worse, covered in blood, and the FBI is on the scene. All is well?

Something Fishy FBI Style


It's already known who the father of the murdered children is. And it is already known who his best friends are, including child rapist, Junior Herman, who lives just a stone's throw from the house and who spent a lot of time at that house, with those children, supervised and unsupervised.

Witness were horrified at the crime scene, in fact, many were allowed to walk through it. Nothing was 'secured'.

By now, I am sure that the FBI already knew that Junior Herman was involved. I'm sure the phone calls were made to Poopsie, soon as the call came in, "Homicide, Spirit Lake, children.." Because the FBI makes no move without consulting with Poopsie in order to be sure no one, politically well connected, gets their toes stepped on.

Example: When the SMC Plant was raided, the FBI set up a war room in the Blue Building, maps and documents spread out on tables, and who was directing them as to where they could go and could not go? The BIA Captain? No. Poopsie. He was not even in Law Enforcement, but they were taking directions on the limit and scope of their raid, from him. Why?

The FBI does not make a move on that rez without consulting Poopsie. Just in case, such as in the case of those two murdered children, a call went in, and they knew what they had to do. Destroy the evidence, botch the investigation so that it can never be brought to court.

Derek Trout, seems to be the FBI Agent of choice for such missions. At least, if there is a case that needs to be mishandled, he is the go-to man to see to it that it never sees court.  It was Derek Trout who gave the order for the Social Worker on the scene, to take the mother, the surviving child, to go get them cleaned up. They were never tested or swabbed for DNA at the scene, nor ever.  They weren't even photographed. In fact, no one remembers seeing any photographing of the scene. Seems fundamental, doesn't it?

The Social Worker had carefully bagged the clothing so that it could be used for evidence (despite Chain of Custody being broken.) She handed the individual bags to FBI Agent Trout, who then handed them to an auntie, and told her to launder them.  She did.

People held onto this information for over a year. They were afraid that if it got out, then there could never be a trial and there would never be any justice.  They were sure the FBI and the USAG-- Tim Purdon, were going to somehow, magically build a case, so they stayed quiet on this.  One said that they were told that if they told anyone, it would be "Their Fault" that the case against the Father of the murdered children fell apart. "Their Fault" if Junior Herman was never brought to trial. "Their Fault," mind you, not the FBI.

The name Derek Trout has surfaced, time and time again, in cases I hear about. Always along the same lines. Always, the case is somehow 'ruined' and nothing gets done.  Trout is a serial screw up. But a screw up with a mission: Protect the Turdclan. Why? Because if anyone in the Turdclan goes down for a big crime, they might talk about what they know about other crimes committed, say Murders, and specifically the Murder of Eddie Peltier. Junior Herman is surely one of those protected Turdlings. His mother, Celeste Pisster Herman is the one who hit Eddie in the side of his head with a cast iron frying pan... knocking him to the floor, where her brothers kicked and stomped, James "Poopsie" Yankton, finishing him off with an aluminum baseball bat. Thud! Thud! Thud! "Stop hitting him James! You've already killed him!" the woman screamed... the whole neighborhood heard that blood chilling yell in the small hours of that morning...

Poopsie and his family, already had the FBI Agent, Helleckson, a falling down drunken disgrace, exiled to the rez to finish his career, co opted and in their pocket.  US Attorney General, Lynn Crooks, came on board easily enough, and Dennis Fischer, another USAG, more than happy to help frame the innocent.  The FBI assisted with beatings and threats to witnesses...

Well, you get the picture. Poopsie had them all jumping to protect his family because he promised them, long ago: "If I go down, I'm taking everyone with me." That sent chills all the way to Washington, DC. He can, and he will.

So, when Poopsie's nephew is involved in child rape, mutilation, murder, Poopsie knows he can count on the FBI. And it appears, in the person of Derek Trout, SAC, they have what they need. Evidence Destroyed √. No DNA swabs √, no photographs √, launder the bloody clothes √. √Done

I am not harming the case by pointing this out. It was never going to go to trial. The minute the Defense filed for discovery, it would become apparent that the case was hollowed out on the inside, by those who were on the inside.

Junior Herman went on to rape another young girl, a 6 or 7 yr. Old neighbor girl. Bentley Grey Bear, the local Go-To-Man for the Turdclan, made sure he mucked up the scene, and Janis Morley, the joke of a AUSA on site, failed to preserve, protect evidence and statements ... was able to throw the case away in court, and Junior got off, scot free, despite having written a letter of apology to the family of the girl he raped.

Good news, Justice Junkies! Junior Herman was found guilty on a charge: "Lying to the Judge". Yup, we call it perjury, that he lied about his whereabouts on the day the child was raped, but Perjury carries such harsh sentences... so the judge, in order to make a point, had him charged for lying. He was given a 1 yr sentence, mostly suspended, with only 6 months of 'monitoring'.  Well, that'll teach him!

So, you have all you need out there: Children trafficked for sex, funds intended for their care & treatment raided, Their educational scholarships stolen from them... and even murder, nothing really rising to the level of investigation by the USAG out there.

Reports are in, and Purdon's office responds by patting himself on the back for all the successful prosecutions they've had (the laughable sentences for the Fuel Oil scams) (and now, that biggy for "Lying")... So it was clear that Purdon's main concern was not the reports of children being abused, neglected, raped, murdered, but rather, his own 'shiny' reputation. I about threw up.

Of course, now, he is stating, publicly, that it is 'troubling'.

Really?"Troubling?" like a riddle or a difficult math problem? Not Critical. Not Urgent. "Troubling". Was he trying to say: "Mystifying"? Because he seems to have no sense that there is anything he, nor his office need to do about this, except observe it from afar, & ponder it, like a balloon carried aloft, disappearing into the bright blue sky. Gee.


I remind you, not that I need to, about the outrage over those who knew about Sandusky's indignities upon young children, who did nothing and who protected him, rather than protecting the children, by doing nothing. Nothing.

Now, there are people in position to know who have made detailed reports, declared the emergency, and those in the USAG who are supposed to be protecting the victims, are doing NOTHING.

They have a murderer in jail on a misdemeanor, and another child rapist, accomplice in those murders, getting his wrist slapped for 'lying'.  No one is protecting the children. They are protecting the pedophiles. They are protecting the guilty. They are protecting the corrupt.

Where's the outrage?

This is where The Good Road and the Road of Difficulties Cross. This is Our Holy Place. What we do here, and now, about this, will determine our worthiness to exist in any comforts, or to have any value in our lives. Do we gain value? Or do we just exist to protect the corrupt? The Pedophiles? Do we, as they do, just do "Nothing"? Does that absolve them? Us?

The Snake Pit that is that Rez, out there, has Innocents trying to survive. There are Good People trying to save the Innocents and rid their community of the Evil that runs the place, but they are surrounded by the Greater Evil: Apathy and Arrogance of Federal and State Government, their agents and agencies who will allow these children, in this critically urgent situation, to perish or bear unthinkable indignities, while they chat over coffee and pastries, as to who, exactly, they can pass it all off on. So far, every Agency has said it wasn't their responsibility. Every Single One.

Children are being raped, abused and murdered. Let me know when you think you might have a clue as to whose table it is.

This is your Holy Place.

Destiny    4 Quarters  Baby Travis

You know where to find me.


PS: PS: Pat Springer from the Fargo Forum & Chuck Haga from GF Herald are doing a story on this. I won’t give names of my sources, but if anyone wants to contact them to arrange to interview: pspringer@forumcomm.com






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July 2, 2012 --- Printer Version (4)
See Them As They Are

"The trouble is that once you see injustice, you can’t unsee it. And once you’ve seen it, keeping quiet becomes as political an act as speaking out." --Arundhati Roy

What came to light with the Penn State pedophile trial was, or should be eye opening. People that were looked up to, even revered in social circles, and political circles, turned out to be the worst kinds of monsters walking the planet. Pedophiles, and those who enable them.

The acts committed against these young boys, being told in court, from the mouths of grown men, still damaged, unhealed wounds upon their spirit still festering, was sickening to all.

How many people now look at Jerry Sandusky, and the others involved in this, and instead of adulation, adoration, feel revulsion and want to vomit? Most, I would say, most feel like vomiting. Most feel betrayed by a man that was in a position of Trust. 

Worse, look at the people in authority who were in a position of trust, and who, because they wanted to protect the pedophile, did NOTHING to save those boys, prevent more boys from being abused, raped, ruined.  They are, in my book, and I am sure, in most people's minds, just as guilty.

Not just the schools, but the police, the prosecutors, and everyone on up the chain of command at the university.

Now, we not only see Sandusky for what he always was, we see those around him, who protected him, for what they are.

Sandusky is a vile, slimy, degenerate. Those who protected him; weaklings who enabled a pedophile, who turned their backs on the children in order to keep their place, near the man of wealth and power. 

Now, that is all gone, and the stain of his ugliness, covers them all.

"Why didn't you do something to stop this!" is the question asked over and over again. "You knew and you did nothing!"

"It was reported to you and you did nothing!"

"Why did you not investigate? At least investigate?"

And the nation is outraged.

As we should be-- at Sandusky, and at those who enabled him, for decades, to rape those children. Even his wife, (she knew) is no longer welcomed at the fundraisers, the country club, and the invitations to dine, mingle or party--- vaporized, swept away by ugly, sooty smoke. Gone.

What Would You Do If You Knew?

That part of us that is human, cannot imagine, anyone who knew a child was being raped or hurt, neglected, abused, would not, for all they are worth, do something to stop it.

As bad as Sandusky is, and as vile as what he did, for as long as he did it, was-- it pales in comparison to what more than 100 children on the Spirit Lake Rez are enduring, and have endured, for almost 2 generations. Likely, much longer.

They are being forced to live with known pedophiles, registered sex offenders, abusers, and under circumstances of neglect that would, if you knew, drop you to your knees, puking.

And it is known. It has been reported, it has been witnessed and it has been reported again, and again, and again... newborns, toddlers, teens... raped, often brutally, sometimes drugged and raped, and nothing is done.

Everyone that is in a mandatory reporting position, especially the police, do nothing. The State has had reports and they do nothing. Dr. Tilus's letter has yet to receive any action from any agency, responsible for the safety of children.

The FBI Knows. US Attorney, Tim Purdon, Knows. Tara Mullhauser, Knows. The police in Devils Lake Know. Officer Bentley Greybear knows as does everyone who is a Tribal Cop, or works in the jail, or in the clinic, or in the school, or in any position of Tribal, State, Federal Government, including judges--- they ALL KNOW.  And they are doing NOTHING.

Children are becoming sick, getting diseases, being injured, suiciding and being murdered... and they all do NOTHING.

What do you think of these people? What do you think should be done to those people who have, all this time, known about these offenses, circumstances, and who have seen the children, and done nothing?

Now, you all know. You know it is going on. You know they know. Start phoning. Start demanding that they DO THEIR JOBS and they REMOVE those children from danger, and get them into SAFE KEEPING NOW.

Tara Mullhauser, the chronic coffee breaker, just rolls her eyes and says that because of 'sovereignty' the Tribe can, essentially do whatever they want, even to the children. Really? Pedophiles can roam freely, dragging their victims around, as long as it is on the rez? Registered sex offenders can do whatever they want and Ms. Mullhauser just shrugs her shoulders? 

People, it is up to us, all of us, to stand up for these children. It is up to us to speak out and demand something be done NOW.  Because those we thought were doing their jobs, protecting the children, are instead, covering for the pedophiles, enabling them, and many, I suspect, are sharing in the indulgences.

We must see them for what they are-- All of them.

And we must demand, and demand, and demand, until everywhere they turn, they see us, hear us, and have no place to run, no place to hide. Because, until they act, those children, those babies, have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and are dreading every minute of their existence.

It is OUR TURN to stop the ugliness. We would have done it if we had known about what was going on at Penn State, wouldn't we?

And Robbing Them...

Not only was Kevin Dauphinais, aka "Brownshield" robbing these children of the monthly stipends that were supposed to go to their care, and making himself very rich, he was also given signing authority over the Individual Indian Money Account, IIMA, which is supposed to be accruing royalty payments and interest during the lifetime of Indian Children on the Rez, and then, when they turn 18, that money is supposed to be given to them in a lump sum (and typically, the Yanktons would rob them of it that day or the next), in amounts that were $20K+ on average. It was supposed to help them with whatever they wanted in life: Education, a job, starting a business, buying a house, a vehicle... anything.

But Kevin was given Signing Authority by Myra Pearson, and suddenly, those kids got less and less money, to the point that if they were receiving now, only about a hundred dollars or so, each. Sometime ago I remember reporting that they were told the IIMA was 'broke' and they received, several, of them-- Nothing.

Where did the money go?

So, typically, children on the rez are raped and robbed, and no one does anything about it. No one.

It's OUR TURN. All we have to do is phone, email, and fax, and demand, demand, demand. Start with Tim Purdon's office. And go UP from there. I mean all the way up. Go to the heads of every Agency. Go to Eric Holder's Office. Go to the Head of the BIA.

And don't stop until we know that those children are safe.

It's what we expected them to do at Penn State, right? Once they knew?

Only our silence will enable these monsters to keep gnawing on the bones of the children.

When the story is told, will we be one of those slamming our doors and not wanting to talk to anyone? Or will we know that something we did, some action we took, brought the monsters down. Will we be able to hold our heads up? I hope so. I hope so. I really hope so.

They don't look like monsters right now. Neither did Sandusky. They look like police, USAGs, Judges, Senators, Governors, Congressmen, Tribal Councilors, ... they look like you and I, right now. But we know what they really are. And they are not like us. They are monsters, and they will cower and shrivel from the light of truth when you bring them down...

And so will everyone that enabled them.

This is what separates us from the monsters. Our courage to do the right thing, for the children.

I promise you, this will be the ugliest fight you have ever engaged in. It will sicken you, and it will make you angry beyond anything you thought you could feel inside towards another person. But, if you do this, you will have done at least one thing in your life that made a hundred lives better.

It's what we thought they should have done at Penn State. It's what we know we must do.

You know where to find me.


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