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Your Chairman is a murderer. Good luck with that.

Your Chairman is a murderer. Good luck with that.

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Ronin's own Website The most basic money laundering/ponzi scam rivaling Maddoff

Free Peltier Now Worth a read


Write to me if you have any thoughts you'd like to share, information you want me to have or a correction to any information you see here.  I respond to all emails.  CAT  NOTE: I reserve the right to NOT respond to whack jobs that waste my time.

Eddie's GraveIt is as much about the ongoing events and behaviors of those who murdered Eddie (and others)  on the Fort Totten Eddie Peltier ArmyReservation, North Dakota today as it is about how it was that night Eddie was murdered.  How the ongoing criminal enterprise continues to flourish unabated and without a single response from the Justice Department.  Well, not surprising on that!  They would have to investigate themselves and how some of their elite were directly involved and have prospered from the corruption that exists, protected and funded by US Tax Dollars.

Even if you don't live on the Rez, it's your money, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.  You owe it to yourself to peek in once in awhile and see what you are paying for

Texas Monthly Magazine has done a feature on this case. Here is the Latest story: December 2011 Read the October, 2006 Issue.  OR, go to the online version.  Michael Hall went to the rez and saw for himself.


NOTE: New feature for the site will be an overview of cases of murdered and missing in Indian Country.  If you have a case that you want posted, contact me and I will tell you what I need to be able to post. -Cat

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Note: Documents Page is updated w/Cobell Settlement information

May 30, 2012 ---Printer Version (5)
Root of All Evil

"Money is the root of all evil," Preacher Man says, striding across the stage, microphone in hand... and then gives you a phone number where you can donate your money... Every Church asks for donations. You get a smile when you drop in your currency; a sniff of contempt when you let that basket pass, putting nothing in. If Money is, as they say, the Root of all Evil, why do all the Churches want your money?

The Run-Off election for Secretary-Treasurer is done. April did not win. She's too much of a mess for anyone to be impressed or afraid of her anymore. She chain smokes, coughs, stinks like a garbage can, wears motorcycle jackets like she's tough, doesn't comb her hair, and was always threatening to fire everyone in the Finance Department, like in the old days, when she could get away with all of it.

People remembered her ripping off the Tribe for millions. Getting away with it. They voted for the 'other one'. She's no prize either. Duane Jackson appointed her. She's his relative. I heard there was a third person running, a real decent, hard-working man, but of course, the Tribe did not deserve him, so they made the run off between April the Hag and "The Other One".

See how your choices narrow? You allowed those who had decency and integrity and who stood up for what was right, to stand alone, be knocked down and run off. Your choices are getting darker and darker, my friends.

And, there is more money coming in. From the Cobell Ruling. It's going to be given to the tribes in a lump sum so that the Federal Government doesn't have to actually write everyone a check. They are giving out $2000 per enrolled member. You'll never see a dime of it because it will go through your Finance Department and your new Secretary-Treasurer, who will do exactly what Weenie Boy and his family tell her to do. Do the math. That's about $15 Million for the Tribe. 

Going to be a lot of new cars for Weenie Boy and his family. More fancy houses for them... lots of vacations. The rest of you can just beg for it. But you won't get a dime. The Federal Government, in their wisdom, decided to trust you 'elected' leaders with a huge sum of cash.

It was different back before the 1960s. Leaders were elected and they worked for free with the exception of General Assembly or District Meetings, for which they were paid $20.  They had to be working members of the tribe and support themselves, like everyone else, back in those days. But, the Feds passed a law, sometime in the late 60's that made it so that Tribal Leaders could be paid as leaders as if that was their job. So, with that authority, everything changed.

Before, when it was hard work and dedication to lead the tribe, very few wanted to do it, and those who did it were people of integrity.  After the law changed, the greedy moved in, in force, and with the power of bigger families, people were 'elected' that had no integrity, and the nepotism skyrocketed. They could name their own salaries, and appoint family members to key jobs, and pay them, regardless of qualifications, ridiculous sums, while the rest of the Tribe struggled in ever deepening poverty.

Tribal Leadership became more about personal wealth and less and less about taking care of the tribe, ensuring fairness. 

Now, we are to the point where no one in the tribe is safe. Especially the children. The future of the Tribe is disappearing, like smoke in the wind.

Worse, the abuses being done to these children, are being willfully overlooked. The Tribal Police take no reports. They would not even go look for the children when Mena Shaw complained that her husband had done something and she had not heard from them in 3 days... they laughed at her.

If not for the neighbors' complaining of the stink coming from his house, that unmistakable stench of death and rot, they never would have knocked on his door. They never would have found the bodies. They are badgers. Children know better than to trust them. They are what feeds them to their abusers and then turns their back when they start crying for help... and walk out that door.  Never to write a single report of child abuse.

Eh, Bentley? Remember all those reports you said you'd write? All those people reported child abuse, rape and worse to you, and you did nothing. Nothing. You even witnessed abuse, and ignored it. Something special in a person who can do that. Don't you think? You pretend there is nothing you can do, so you help those who abuse and rape these children. Something real special there. Now, you see what your children have become?

You know the rules, Bentley. You know what will be taken away from you. And you know why. Don't cry to me.

You've been a good dog to the Turdclan. I bet you get a new car.

You don't ask for much.

None of the badgers do. None of them. A more perfect collection of cowards you cannot find anywhere.

When the Cavenaugh kids got so beat up they had to be hospitalized, it was the ambulance drivers that made the report. And it was the Tribal Court that gave those kids back to Cavenaugh so he could beat them up again.

But lest the outside world think that all this stays contained in that snake pit, allow me to shatter your illusions. There are judges in the cities surrounding the Rez who help those who make money from stealing, selling and raping children. There are judges aiding and abetting baby selling and child trafficking.

I hope you all sleep well in your beds, thinking none of this will ever come to your door. But it's been going on for decades, and what has survived is all grown up now, and looking for children to abuse. Your children will do just fine. Just fine.

And when they get caught, if they get caught, the charges will be horrendous, but the fines will be a joke, and they will come back again, because they like what they have found, in your neighborhood, where your children go to school, where they play, where they camp or hike...

It's like the Evil out there can smell something sweet, and they are drawn to it. The rez has less and less to offer and what hunts for children, will hunt anywhere that they can be found.

Who is investigating this? No one.

The BIA wants to cover up what is embarrassing to them, but will not fire Rowdy Cavenaugh. Ever wonder why? Ever wonder what politicians, high up, are owned by bribe or blackmail that they will not uproot that stinking evil vine?

He remains, he protects Piggy Cavenaugh, unqualified on all levels to hold the job she has, hiring her daughters to do jobs they never show up for. One is the Ambulance Director, the other supervises the Garbage dump... neither shows up for work, but they get paid $30/hr and overtime, no questions asked.

What can go wrong there? Poopsie also gets paid to 'guard the garbage dump'. Well, now you know where to find the missing children. Why else would they put murderers and rapists in charge of the Garbage Dump? Perfect place to hide the stinking dead. No more embarrassing neighborhood complaints about the smell coming from Travis DuBois house.

Meanwhile, no one has been charged for the murder of those two little children. Charged with 'Child endangerment' which is one step above "littering", but not for murder. How awful does the murder of two little children have to be before Tim Purdon, the crusading US ATTORNEY GENERAL will lay a charge of murder? Ever wonder why he hasn't? Yeah, me too. That didn't take long, did it. Not long at all.

So, The Director of Ambulances can prevent reports from going to the wrong places (police, the State, etc). Evidence and victims can be safely disposed of at the dump, and that will make Tim Purdon's job a whole lot easier. No one can be charged if there are no reports filed, no bodies found, right?

Perfect Plan.

And now, about $15 Million coming into the tribe. Just what everyone needed, but only a few will get.

Money is the Root of All Evil. And those roots run deep and wide, under the ground, up through the cities, into the highest offices of Judges and elected officials, Department of Justice... like snakes.

And it's feeding time.

Congratulations on your newly elected Secretary-Treasurer.

You know where to find me.



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May 21, 2012 --- Printer Version (3)
Mexican Hat Dance

When I was a kid, and we are going WAAAY back, one of the cultural events held at our school and later in community centers, was a troupe of dancers from Mexico. One of the numbers was called "The Mexican Hat Dance".  They threw a huge, fancy sombrero down on the floor, the music started, was very loud, and the dance troupe danced around it, with thundering heel hits on the stage floor. Around and around they danced, hands in the air, clapping, cheering, whistling, but never touching the hat.

At the end of the dance, they all took a bow, the crowd cheered and applauded, they took another bow, and then they picked up the hat and walked off the stage.

We'll come back to the dance, a little bit later.

Today is the anniversary, 1 year, of Destiny and Travis Jr. being found murdered, tortured, and stuffed between the box spring and the mattress of their father's bed.  No one has been charged with their murder.  No one. Their father sits, humming mindless tunes to himself, staring at the ceiling in his jail cell, charged only with 'child endangerment'.  Tim Purdon still misleads the public by declaring, almost a year ago, that an arrest had been made "in this murder"-- but careful not to say "For murder".  Child Endangerment, which can be plea-bargained down to a misdemeanor, especially given some of the laughable sentences handed down by some judges who see the rez as nothing more than an inconvenience in their otherwise politically smooth life.

Tim Purdon has danced all around this hat, but has not even picked it up. He took a bow, the applause died down, the lights went dark-- the hat is still there.

Phantom Tribal Councilors

Ooopsie! The General Assembly had to be cancelled, on short notice because ALL the Tribal Councilors are again--- traveling. First Class, staying at high end hotels, eating like kings... but can't be bothered showing up for the General Assembly. 

This, on the day when the Question and Answer meeting is supposed to be taking place between the 3 Candidates for Secretary-Treasurer. I only know of two of the corrupt who are running, but now I hear there is a third candidate running. This might work after all. Let me know what you think.

But the Tribal Council can't bother to be in the area when it comes to something as important as who will be the next Secretary-Treasurer. What do they care?

You may as well have elected ghosts to Tribal Council. They might show up more often.

Ghost Meetings

Grand Forks Herald has no idea that they have reported on a miracle. Or, at least, a physical impossibility. This is what happens when you get media just reciting press releases instead of actually investigating or doing any real reporting: http://www.wday.com/event/article/id/63836/group/homepage/

Read it carefully. It's the Mexican Hat Dance. You see how 'seriously' the BIA is taking all this corruption at the rez? They are going to hire a new agent to go in and work with the tribe. They are not going to fire Rowdy Cavenaugh, who has never filed a report, but they will pay a second agent to come in and do his job.

That's part one.

Part Two of that mess is how seriously they are taking this that they are actually meeting with Tribal Council Members on Monday and Tuesday--- wait a minute! The Tribal Councilors are Traveling! They won't be here. They cancelled the GA, remember? So, where is this meeting taking place? Disney World? Hawaii? Las Vegas? It is NOT as they imply, taking place on the rez.

Further, their concern is the misuse or improper paperwork around how the funds are applied. Wow, for a minute I thought they were going to actually investigate the hundreds of crimes against children that are taking place because of the corruption in Tribal Social Services. You know, actually looking at these children, seeing for themselves... but no. They just want to talk about how to make that paperwork look better.

I can hear those shoes stomping the stage in rhythmic staccato, the hands above their heads clapping, and the whistles, hoots and hollers... they will never touch that hat. Never.

Some people were real excited about the BIA 'taking this seriously', until I pointed out to them that the cost in Human Life was of no interest in their Press Release-- just 'how to help the rez get their paperwork in order.'

Who wants to bet on how much additional Federal and State Money gets rolled in to 'help the Tribe' get their paperwork in order? It's what they do. Money.

What is needed is a task force to investigate crimes against children on that rez. Horrible, unthinkable crimes against children-- the money is gone, the Children are crying.

The natural impulse in any species is to rescue their own when they cry out in pain. Not so the Human Race. Not when it comes to children. Not when it comes to real life.

Staccato, clapping, whistling, stomping.... and all around a hat, they will never touch. All around the Children they will never look at.

You know where to find me.



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May 20, 2012 --- Printer Version (3)
Bent Twigs

"As the Twig is Bent, the tree inclines." -- Virgil

Children grow up. They don't stay children forever. If they are loved, nourished, educated, guided, they grow to be loving, nourishing, intelligent people who raise their children in the same manner.

If they are neglected, traumatized, abused, uneducated, mistreated.. they either grow up to be abusers of others; abusers of themselves through addictions and destructive behaviors or both. They can, on rare occasions, if rescued by those with courage and compassion, given the elements of compassion, caring, education, become amazingly strong survivors.  Sadly, it is rare to have those kinds of survivors. People don't want to get involved.

The Twig Snaps

Some will not survive their abuse, neglect, trauma and they will die at the hands of those who abuse and neglect them, or they will suicide, unable to endure it. The graveyard yawns in small ways, like a sigh, to take them in, while those who do these evil things, laugh at you while picking their teeth with tiny bones.

Heavy Lifting

I wonder which is heavier for those out there, who know the horrors of what happens to these little children: Picking up the phone and calling the Governor's Office? Or Heaving a tiny coffin, walking that last few yards to where an open grave waits; wooden cross that will fade and be forgotten, shining like an undrawn sword, "Put it here, where I am stabbed into the ground," you need not worry about being involved. It's like they never mattered to begin with... well, not enough... to lift up the phone... and try, one more time, one more person.  Giving up before everything has been tried, is somehow, easier?


The crimes against these children have been going on for generations. The bent twigs that survived and became bent, abusive adults, now slaughter the children, like so much meat for the taking, in horrors you don't even want to know, where screams are the last sound they ever make.

Children are not safe in your silence. They are still being dragged away from rescuers, taken from safe homes, and thrown into the pits of abuse. 

This is not just Tribal Social Services, it is the County enabling it by keeping silent, and the State ignoring the complaints because someone, in levels above and below, is getting money, or product, or being blackmailed about some past/current behaviors-- whatever it is, the top and bottom make it possible and the man in the middle just wants to keep his or her job..., so they look away rather than look into the neglect, abuse, rape, torture and murder of these children.  Judges are involved. They have to be. Look how they rule to protect the abusers. The BIA just looks the other way, and they KNOW it is going on, but as long as their agent on the rez never files a report, they have no obligation to act. And, Rowdy Cavenaugh has never filed a report.  Neither has Bentley Grey Bear, even though he personally, has witnessed these abuses. Not one single report. (Who raised you, Bentley?)

The clinic, still run by Piggy Cavenaugh, who has hired one of her daughters as the ambulance director! Her other daughter, Nina, who lives in Fargo, ND is director of the garbage department. Nina doesn't even show up for work and draws a full salary, $30 per hour or more, tax free. Piggy does the time sheets and Weenie Boy signs off on them.

More Corruption is on the way. You have an election this week for Secretary-Treasurer. April St. Pierre Longie and one of the Merrick's running for it. Outright thieves. There is no lesser of two evils here. They are pretty much equal.

And you can vote for them... whichever one you want to rob you now, because you have no better options. Your options all dwindled down to none as you did not show courage when the time was easier, to stand with those of good character-- you let the ones with education and integrity be run off, by bullies of no character, greedy and evil by Nature and Nurture.

Now, you complain about your choices. Where were you when you had a chance? Waiting? For what? "Someone is coming"? Perhaps with a red cape, boots and tights? That "someone" is you. It has always been you. It still is you. But you are waiting ... for it to get bad enough that you will do something? Or until it is too late?

You are being robbed of your money, your chance at life, your dignity... and your children, the very future of your tribe, are being bent and torn, tossed into the graveyard like beer cans from a speeding van, driven by a drunken Turdling, laughing at your 'discomfort'.

You make it easy for those who hurt children, by your silence.  They grow up to hurt your children, the ones you raised so carefully. The ones you were so sure would make it.

So I ask you now: What did you think would happen to the children that survived? How did you think their behaviors and the demons that chase them, would be acted out on your community? The community next door?

So I ask the neighbors of the rez: Do you think that all this ugly would be possible if not for your own racism, ignorance and biases? Your own assumptions about people you know nothing about, gave you comfort until, it was your child that got hurt, your grandchild that got abused, or killed. Now you wail in anguish and want to know "How could such a thing happen?"

Everything happens for a reason. Bad things tend to happen in a chain series of bad events, unbroken by anyone who watched it happening.

Have you ever questioned why some judges allow major crimes to be treated so lightly? Do you really know whom you are electing? Whom they are appointing?

Of course not! You just watch as things fall apart, and think it all started less than five minutes before it fell apart.

I am here to tell you all that it happened when it did, because it began a long, long time ago... and no one wanted to get involved. And those who did get involved, were made to stand alone, because none of you could be bothered to stand up and give support to someone fighting the battles that would have prevented all this sorrow from coming to your door.

Now is the time. Past time. Long past time. And, what are you doing?

Look! Up in the Sky! It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's... nothing.

Walking to the graveyard, despite the crying, sobbing all around, there is a profound silence that envelops each person wherein they can hear their own heartbeat, and feel it to their core, when they step on a twig.

I can hear your heart beating from here, and feel your shoulders shake as you walk through sorrows. You don't fool me, even if you do for awhile, fool yourself.

You know where to find me.



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May 15, 2012 --- Printer Version (4)*
Play Money

Ahhh! Money! Money! Money! If you need it to get to the doctor, or fuel for your home, or to feed your children or to fix your roof... we have none! Stop begging!

...But, if you want to take a lot of trips, travel First Class, go gambling? Tribe has plenty of money for that.

Where to start on the money jokes coming from the rez this past week:

The Driver for the Elders was laid off because the tribe had no money. So, old people, you can just hitchhike to your doctor appointments or to go shopping.

Then, the Driver, who was fired without notice, appealed his firing by filing a grievance ... and got his job back, with 'BACK Pay'. Apparently, Wanda White-Trottier's response to the Grievance Committee? She giggled and said: "Oh! That was my fault." 

Same Wanda as "LOST" Arliss Krulish's resignation letter. Same Arliss who is working in Early Childhood Development as was charged in the most severe beating of her twelve year old daughter, that ended up with her in the hospital to get treated... yeah, still working with 'Children'.  Notice how the Tribe does not protect the children, but rather goes miles out of their way to protect, over pay those who abuse them?  More on that later...

Wanda still has no clue on how to do her job, how to run or utilize background checks, (Say anything, claim anything, any degree or qualification, ignore your criminal history... Wands will get you the job), ended up both stranding the Elders without transportation AND costing the program double money. Typical incompetence from the pill head.

So, why did the program first "look like" it had run out of money, and then "look like it was not out of money"?  How does that even happen in real life?

And now, NOW, suddenly, another $300K for the College! Yeah! Wait, this money is not specified to go to programs or to teachers or materials... It goes directly into the pocket of ... (drum roll, please) Russell McDonald, to share with his family, spend as he sees fit.

Wow, money seems to magically appear and disappear out there. Perhaps they are all magicians?

Speaking of "Magic" ... Kevin Dauphinais showed up last week. He and his uncle Eddie, and a few other family and friends, still have strong connections to tribal politics and can still drain money from grants and loans... for their private businesses.  Nothing changes, except the money from right hand to left hand to pocket.

Kevin, that Black Road Medicine you practice? That is why your children are getting hurt. It's you doing it to them. I know, I know. You don't care. As long as it is not you.

So, what was it this time? You were at the Roundhouse again? Did you smear more pig blood on it? How'd that work for you last time?

Head Start Child on Child

A parent came in ranting that her daughter had been sexually groped/touched by another child. Keep in mind, these are little ones, 3-6 yrs old.  Children that age don't sexually offend, but they do act out what happens to them at home. 

The mother of the little girl wanted a sexual offense registered against the other child! Tribal Social Services investigated but found no problem and would not file. Not that they would if it had turned out to be true, for several reasons: 1:) they never do, not against children or adults because they see their job as protecting the predators, not the children (see their perfect record of doing just that).  2:) it's a CHILD.  3: TSS would not know how to investigate any crime. At least, they haven't so far.

So, here's what happened: That same complainant child, then touched another child, sexually. Yup. Now what? Shouldn't TSS be investigating that child's home and see if maybe there is not some predation going on there? Children do this behavior, the not just the usual children exploring incidents, repeatedly, if that is what is being done to them at home. (Or in an environment where they are in the trust or care of a predator).  What's being done about it? Nothing.

Chances are, given the lack of protection for children at risk out there, one or more of the children involved is being molested. But nothing will be done to protect them. They will grow up, if they survive, to face devastated self-esteem, torment, more abuse, addictions and violence. 

And you wonder why they die so young out there!

Did any of you call Barb at the Governor's Constituent Services Office? Any of you? Was the phone too heavy to lift? Were you going to right after Bingo? Did you just not want to get involved? What, pray tell, was your really great excuse for doing nothing when an option was provided to you? What prevented you from even trying?

Your silence is killing the children.

New Hires

Wow, congrats to The CEO of the Casino who gave his sister a top job. No qualifications, but hey, Okini, right?

And, *Dennis Meier, in the beleaguered TSS Program, has hired his sister-in-law to work for TSS. (CORRECTION: IT'S DENNIS MEIER'S COUSIN,PATTY, NOT SISTER. SHE HAS BEEN HIRED TO WORK AT LAKE REGION HUMAN SERVICE CENTER. Still, complaints of her working at TSS are coming in, so is she also working there? Let me know.)

Wonderful! What are her qualifications? She worked at a bank? In the Financial Services Dept? How did that work out? Oh, she was fired? Money was missing? Oh, too bad. But I am sure that any mistakes she made while working for the bank will not be repeated now that she is working for one of the most corrupt agencies on the rez, and for her Brother-in-Law who has maintained the highest level of corruption possible, while claiming to be a victim of others... but still threatening parents that if they talk about the abuses, the missing money, that their children will be taken from them.  So perfect!

There are still more jobs to be filled out there for the qualified. A lot of open Directorships... but, soon as people stop looking so close, family members will quietly step in, get over paid, make it worse.

General Assembly?

Word comes down that there was a General Assembly Meeting earlier today. No notice, just be there... the usual. This time, in order to stem the anger of so many on the rez, the Tribal Council wants to fire Peggy "Piggy" Cavenaugh.

It's an easy target: Everyone hates her. She has no qualifications for the job she has held for over a decade. She has abused the money, the vehicles (which she drives to SD to pick up her daughter's friends, while the Tribe pays the gas, insurance, and for her time... Yes, she bills for it!).  The same Agency car that is parked outside of bars or the casino, with Piggy inside, on a stool, slugging them down or dropping the arm of the slot machines... all perks..

Piggy is an easy target. The tribe might even think that the Tribal Council is being "Proactive" in ousting her... but don't be fooled. Her brother is the BIA Agent on the rez and he will make sure that nothing changes. It will be a little heated, but trust me, she isn't going anywhere.

The only way they would really be getting rid of her is if they investigated her for corruption, abuse, embezzlement (see all those new computers she bought for her family? They were put on the Clinic Expense Account)... they would have her criminally charged and put in jail.

Then again, if she got the right judge, the same one that all the Fuel Scammers got, she'd get a teeny tiny little fine, probation, and community service...

That's how Justice Works for Indians.

But don't let that stop you from Calling BARB in Constituent Services. Tell her about the corruption. Tell her about the children. Tell her about Roger ignoring the recall petitions. Tell her about the Tribal Council being corrupt.  She is actually in a position to do something about it.

Maybe you lost the number? 1-701-328-2200

I am just the Messenger. You have to make the call. You have to stand up. You have to find a way to come together and demand justice. YOU.

You know where to find me.



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May 7, 2012  --- Printer Version (4)
The River

"There is an underground River," The Old Man says. "It has a powerful current and cannot be stopped."

I wait, as his old eyes fix on a place both Future and Past; of this world and not.

"We must all drink from this river, or we will, like the parched the earth, in times of drought, crack apart, turn to dust, and be lost forever in the wind." 

He picks up his walking stick, gathers his full height and starts to walk back to where he came from.

"Tell them, that if they do not drink from this river, if they do not learn to swim in this river, their children will be taken down." He turned, slowly away, and started walking. 

Life Like

For some reason, people think that for things to change, all they have to do is sit back and watch. As if life is a TV, and 'change' means pushing a button and changing the channel.  Watching episodes of what looks like life, but which, in reality, is only life like. Scripted, directed, produced and played. What appears to be one person speaking their lines is actually the work of several people: Someone taught the Actor. Someone wrote the script. Someone Directed the action, someone did the make up, the wardrobe, someone worked the camera, the microphone, built the set, the sound, the music, the editing... behind what appears to be one life like person, is actually an army.

It is all presented as one person saying or doing whatever is said and done in that life like portrayal, is actually an army of other people supporting them, making it happen, to present to the world.  It's life-like, but not life itself.

We don't see all the activities that lead up to the moment presented and we, in our minds, often misconstrue what we see with what really is.

If we want to see something different, we change the channel.

Real Life

In the real world, a world so few actually are aware of, nothing changes unless we make it change. We make it change by first changing something inside our self. We change how we react to something that happens; or is said to us, or about us. It can be something that happens to someone else, and we can change how we react to that.

We can decide that we will say something. We can decide that we will stand up, and say something. We can decide that we will do something.  Something we have been afraid to do, or did not think we could do. But we will do something that no one expects us to do. We will do it because it is the right thing to do. We will say it because it is the truth.

Bullies expect to win by no one standing up to them. No one telling on them. No one even speaking out when it is someone else being hurt, harassed, or worse. And, after they train people to not react, not speak up, not stand up for another person, they move on to the next level: They win when people won't stand up and won't speak up, even for themselves.

And then, they start hurting the children. They take the money away from them. They take away their sense of safety. They hurt them. They rape them, and they murder them. And no one stands up.

And the Children are taken down.

And people wait for someone to stand up. And when someone stands up, they stand alone. No one stands up with them. No one speaks out for them. Everyone sits back, 'waiting to see what happens'.

Children are taken from safe places and put into dangerous ones. Children die. While you wait to see, what will happen.

People have forgotten about Real Life. People have become lost from who we once were. We used to know that nothing 'gets better' and 'nothing changes' if we do 'nothing'.

Expecting any outcome except the worst possible outcome, while changing nothing, is about as stupid as we can get at this time.

And those who do the evil that stinks up the tribe with corruption, and which kills your babies, addicts your young, and suicides your future; they count on you, changing nothing inside you, or about you.

There is, in all of us, whether we acknowledge it or not, a sense of right and wrong; of good and evil. We all know the truth, even if it hurts us-- we know the truth.

Nothing changes until we speak the truth. All of us. We each must speak the truth. We must tell what we know is true, and we must not be silent.  Every evil done out there, on the rez, is done with our permission. We give permission when we remain silent. 

We give permission when we make no attempt to connect to that person, or other persons connected to them. When we remain 'separate' from the truth that is emerging, we push our children further into the darkness, further away from the river that would nourish us all, give us all strength. Further from the river that runs inside each of us. And that is when the children are taken down.  The Innocent suffer.


Lies are everywhere. When the Truth is not spoken; when the silence smothers the Truth, only lies prevail. Children are not safe where there are only lies. It is toxic: Mentally, spiritually, physically.

Silence is a lie. The children are not safer when we are silent. We cannot protect them from those who hurt them, when we are silent, because we are cowards when we are silent.

We all know that. Those who tell themselves that they stay silent to protect the children, know they are not protecting the children. They are in fact, adding more lies to the already blackened, stinking pile of lies that is sickening and killing the children.


When someone speaks the truth, it catches everyone by surprise.  Especially when it is spoken directly to those who have been bullying the Tribe into silence for so long.

Once such event happened at a District Meeting in St. Mike's. Turdmother attended, and spoke -- which, since she is not from St. Mike's was wrong of her to do. But Turdmother and her family, have been bullying the tribe for 3 generations now, and she is used to her lies and her stink going un remarked upon.

She spoke out that she wanted to know why all those pictures of sex offenders were hanging in the Blue Building. Many of them are her own family, so, of course, she wanted to play the righteous victim role, not expecting anyone would speak up.

She said that if they were going to post all 'those' pictures, they should also post all the pictures of the embezzlers, and the murderers that were in the Tribe...

And that's when it happened: A young man stood up and said: "If I was you, I would be ashamed of my family."

And there is was, The Truth everyone already knew: Turdmother's family has not only some of the worst sex offenders, but also the embezzlers, and the murderers.

The jokes going around now are if the Yankton Family Portrait will be hanging in the Blue Building as a single sitting, or individually? 

She was so bold, she thought that even though everyone knows her family are sex offenders, murderers, and embezzlers, that no one would have the courage to say it, much less, to her face.

But there it was.

And in that moment, everyone felt it, sensed it, something had changed... that River was powerful, and it's current could be felt electrifying their own spirits: Courage.

But it's going to take more than one. It's going to take an army rising up, standing up, speaking out. Otherwise, it's just an actor with no lines, no make up, no wardrobe, no camera, no microphone, no music and not editing... it's nothing that can be presented.

Speak up, Stand up. And do it often.

Your Tribe is dying. The children are not safe. It is up to all of you, to find a way to come together and drink from that river.  Feel the power of it coursing through you. And never let anyone or anything make you silent ever again. Find the river and get into it.

You have the name and the numbers to call. You have a way. Connect with others. Find a way to stand up for someone else. Find a way to stand up for yourself. Stand together. You are a thousand times bigger than the few who bring the evil, and force you to eat it and be silent. You are more, bigger, and stronger. Just drink from that River, and taste your freedom... you will never accept dirt again. I promise you.

You know where to find me.



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New Page: Social Services. I will post all the documents relating to TSS, there.


May 2, 2012  ---Printer Version (4)
Fight For The Children

The corruption on the Rez is at an all time high. Weenie Boy openly flaunts his ignoring of multiple petitions recalling him, despite having no legal authority to ignore them.  The Tribal Council, complete with idiots, con artists, a couple of drug dealers, continue to spend the Tribe's money on one party after another in the form of paid vacations and 'conferences' which cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and rarely require anyone to actually attend, or even sign in.

The State and the BIA, The Federal Agencies including Tim Purdon's USAG office, continue to ignore the horrors that the children of the Rez are subjected to. They continue to fund, one way or another, the scams of Social Services, not even bothering to look beyond the lies on paper, to see if any, ANY changes (other than how they fill out paperwork) are actually taking place.

Weenie Boy gave convicted child rapist Lemon Longie, his older half-brother, $40,000 to put siding on the Elder's Center.   He never did any of the work. The money is gone, and Lemon is in prison again. I'm guessing he raped a child off of the rez, because if he had only raped children on the rez, no one would care. Well, no one in a position of authority, Tribal, State, or Federal, would care.

Weenie Boy outright lied to everyone in his response letter when he said that changes had been made in Social Services and that a new Director had been hired. No, No new Director. The State could have easily verified that, but Tara Mullhauser can't be bothered, nor can anyone at the State or Federal Level, be bothered.

Dennis Meier is still the Acting Director, and children are still being neglected, hurt, and families threatened with the loss of foster children if they dare to speak out. Children are still being grabbed, on no notice, and put into perilous situations.

People are afraid to tell their stories because they know that retaliation will be swift, and taken against the very children they are trying to protect.

Silence Protects No One

Parents are keeping silent, thinking they are protecting the children in their care... but that is a fatal mistake. The children are not safe.  Silence only protects the criminals. It always has. The State threatens anyone who speaks out about the abuses and corruptions, but will not take any action against those who are hurting the children. 

The STATE has threatened people who have come forward, revealing the gaping flaws that are, in essence, killing children.  The State is protecting the corrupt. The Corrupt count on the State. Silence is their only shield. Your silence.

But it will not protect your children. You have seen already, that as soon as the silence takes hold, and people in media move on to other topics, the Tribe snatches children from safety and puts them into deplorable conditions and the State aids and abets this child abuse.

Yes, you heard me: The STATE, which actively and forcefully threatens those who are trying to protect the children, is COMPLICIT in child abuse and all that that entails; Including but not limited to: Child rape, neglect, battery, kiddie porn and murder.  The State Pays for it and the State Protects those who are doing it.

So, those of you with children and those of you who know that the problems on the rez exist, you all need to find a way to come together and do the following:

List the crimes you know about, and the threats you have received.

Put in dates and times and name names of both those who have done these crimes, as well as the victims' names and ages.

List also the corruption by the Tribal Council, Tribal Agencies, and Tribal Courts

Take that list and march it to the doorstep of the Governor's office.

Tell the media who you are and what you are doing and why, and tell them to show up.

Call the Governor's office at: 701-328-2200 and ask for 'Barb' in "Constituent Services"

Log the date and time that you phoned her, including any 'wait time' on hold.

Tell Barb that you are an enrolled member of SLN and that you are asking for the State's Help in dealing with the rampant, blatant corruption on the rez.

Do not accept anyone, Barb or anyone's telling you that you have to go through your Tribal Council or Tribal Courts first. Those are the corrupt. It would be like the State funding the Mafia and telling the townspeople they have to get the Godfather's okay to step outside and ask for help.

You must, all of you, do this individually and collectively... and OFTEN. You cannot do this just once and then shrug and say you tried.

You must fight for the children while you have them, or try to fight for them after they are taken from you, and you have no control over what is being done to them. Which do you think will keep your children safer?

It's not a matter of IF your children will be taken from you, they WILL be taken from you.

Come together now, and fight to save your children, the Children of your tribe, or lose them all in that vacuum of silence that has never protected the children, and never will.

I heard a heart wrenching story of a woman who, stepping outside and finding an unsupervised toddler, covered in wood ticks. Some were there a very long time, others were newer, but all were dug in. There were over 100 ticks on that 1 yr. old child. 

That child had been removed from the safety of a Foster home, and placed with negligent parents, only in the past few months. 

As gut wrenching as this story is as it is, remember: This is not an isolated case of neglect. It is what is common out there and it is the LEAST of the neglect/abuse that goes on. It is the LEAST.

Enrolled Members need to find a way to come together and do this. To protect one another, support those who are fighting, and demand government, which so far as ignored, aided, abetted the crimes against children, step in and actively help.

Demand that the State and Federal Agencies form Active Investigative Task Forces that immediately, and actively, interview EVERY Foster Parent over the past 5 yrs, and every parent who has had children removed, or returned. 

Make the STATE actually LOOK at these children, not just shuffle the paperwork, echo the false promises and lies.

You must also, contact me with the following information:

Your full and real name(s)



Phone Number

Enrollment Status.

I can support you by putting you in touch with those I have found who are willing to support you in your efforts, guide you through the process. 

I cannot help you if you are hiding. You cannot help the children if you are hiding.

Yes, many people will be hurt. But if you do not stand up now, and do this with courage, NO CHILD IS SAFE.

The State Has Promised

Barb, at the Constituent Services Department (Phone number above) said:

If enrolled members come forward, and say, "Yes, our Tribe needs HELP" the State can "IMMEDIATELY step in and take over. " 

If you send me a copy of the information I have told you to gather, I can follow up and see who is doing their job and who is continuing to play Hide and Seek with the safety of the children.

For the Rest of Us

Those who are not living on the rez and not dealing with this huge fear and very real threats of retaliation by the Corrupt, their allies and accomplices at the State, we must also demand that the State immediately form an Investigative Task Force to protect these children and to protect those who are trying to protect the children, from any retaliation from anyone.

Because if we do NOT protect these children now, and there, no child anywhere is safe. These crimes, these criminals, do not confine their abuses and activities, their crimes and their killings, just to the rez. 

We need to support each other. To do that, we must ALL become actively involved.

Taxpayers in North Dakota: This is your Tax Dollars. Do you want it spent protecting vulnerable children and families? Or protecting Child predators who exploit them?

I'll know what you decide based on how many more media reports talk about "Fighting Sioux Logo" as the big issue in Indian Country. Shame on Media for pursuing that while ignoring the children. Shame!

No one will fight with your cause if you won’t stand up and fight for yourself.

You know where to find me.



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